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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  April 4, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.isf >> breaking at 5:00 a nightin out leaving three he people stabbed near ag g popular princ george's county restaurant andun lounge. we are live with the very t v >> plus mother nature wreakingtr havoc across the united states including damaging winds ing w our region. ou got a look at th
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efforts this >> speaking of the weatherpeak let's go ahead and take a look k outside.ts it is chilly this morning. mor though the winds are much calmer. cal what's in store for the restn st of the day? of course garyrse g will give us all the details. erin will talk traffic asraffics well. we that's coming unon the 5s. comin thank you for joining us. i'm holly morris alongsides ade wisdom martin and maureen umeh. >> three people stabbed earlyd e this morning in fort washington. happened on the 700 block ofn e0 katie drive. drive >> that's where we find fox5 wex melanie alnwick with the very latest on that situation. melanie, what can you tell us? >> ♪ >> reporter: treated for their injuries. turns out one of those who was s stabbed actually a security surt guard at the restaurant andt looks like martini'stini's restaurant here is where therere was a lot of police tape and a d police activity.ct there's also a sunday eveningng event that happens everyappe sunday night, it's fromt'
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2:00 a.m. and this was reported as happening shortly s after 2:00 a.m. we had some sources telling uset there was a very large fight lgf out here, a melee involving anvl crowd and that is when those people got stabbed. sta prince george's county policent even calling for additional units, additional backup toio try to control the good news, again, nonlife-threatening injuries ine on those stabbed but so far no n information as far as whethers h they have a suspect that they t are looking for or a suspect in can custody.anusto live in fort washington, i'masho melanie alnwick, fox5 local >> ♪ >> developing overnight i-270t back opened after a major a crash last night in rockville. . several people were hurt whenert five cars collided on 270 nearnr north near route 121 which is21w clarksburg road. eight people were taken to the hospital.sp one woman listed in serious sio all the victims are expected exp to survive. >> ♪ >> amtrak service resumesser today
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derailment outside ofilment out philadelphia. now, it happened yesterdayned st morning. two workers were killed andille more than 30 passengers wereers injured after the trainer t t collided with a backhoe on theo tracks. officials have confirmed thatven one of the workers was killedasl and he was operating that t backhoe. the train was headed from newedo york to savannah. sanna now passengers on board say the crash shook the train.he t >> felt like a car accident, aid like an impact and then it tn was -- it was a rough ride.waug it took a long time to stopoto and all you could see was a lot of dirt and debris flyingt r past the train and then theren was couple of sort of like of fire flashes and then we cameshs to a stop. s it was pretty panicky.icky. >> safety investigators havetorh recovered the black box from box the crash scene.the the national transportationnspo safety board is >> a visitation will be helde for a virginia state police trooper killed in the line of duty. chad dermyer was shot andas st killed last thursday during aasr training exercise at a greyhound bus station in richmd.
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today's visitation is opened to the public from three torom h 5:00 p.m. and then six to 8 p.m. it will be held at liberty baptist church inn hampton, virginia.irgi trooper dermyer's funeralun service will be held tomorrow. r also happening today, a big announcement expected on the future of the rfk stadium site. group events d.c. is due to unveil major plans forlaor redeveloping the 140-acre-acre site. si our matt ackland reported lastte week there two sets of plans were being presented one theresd includes a football stadiumall i and one that does not.onthat d.c. council member jack evansrk told matt do not expectt today's announcement tot t include anything about theuthe redskins moving back to d.c. d.c we do know the plans call for open recreation spaces, soccercr fields, also possibly an amphitheater. >> happening today a d.c.ap judge will rpeule on whether anh $15 minimum wage ballotage measure will move forward. last summer the former head of d.c.'s chamber of commerce sued the board of election ele after they approved the minimum wage measure.m wage m a judge ruled against theled
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the board filed a motion to moto reconsider. if the judge reverses hiserses i decision the measure would behew allowed to move forward on the ballot. ballo a recent poll found 87 percento of d.c. voters approve the appve wage increase.ree. >> the weekend's whipping winds have finally let uply let thank goodness, right.s, right wind gusts were so strong ing some areas that trees were trees falling and some people evenpl e lost power. lost power but no one had quite a night like judy wellard.rd. the 79-year-old was fast was f asleep saturday night in her springfield home when this large oak tree fell into her upstairs master bedroomairs masm landing about a foot aboveg ab her.r. thankfully judy was not hurt. >> ♪ >> all right, all weekend longht we were dealing with those crazy winds. it sounded insane outside. out >> i know.>> i started like that and it ended d like tha >> yesterday afternoon i wasterd out walking around and it wasout just like -- >> right. >> it was cool yesterday.wa >> the calm after the storm sosr to speak. >> yeah, rye right. >> hiresha
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snow to the north, raino e no showers trying to come across here. luck no snow for us, okay, butou it is going to -- it's going itg to be mild today and then it'snt going to be cold againto b a tomorrow.tomo we're going have some showers coming through -- look, loo there's a chance of a few showers this morning. mor primarily northwesternprimaril that will break up.. looking like most of us wills w get rain this afternoon intois the evening hours as theenhours actual cold front comesal cd frn across. so, later today we'll call for l some showers with breezy conditions. temperatures will make it upes into the up are 60's to righto around 70 this is briefly.this and then it will cool off int wi the afternoon with the rainh th coming on across. winds will be gusty. gus basically out of the southwest u 15 to 25 miles per hour with hor an occasional gust of about 30n or so. again, later on the showersho will be most apparent for allent of us. keep your umbrella handy.a ha i think, erin, the evening theve commute probably is going to be a little on the wet side. wet not a big deal this morning. moi >> on-time traffic brought tomet you by visit buy a for special offers.ecial off
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even though rain not a factor a for our monday morningr mony commute. grab an umbrella and have somee patience for your ride home as gary mentioned.gary mentioned. right now as you head out keep k in mind amtrak has canceled train 151. 1 that's as a result of the'ss derailment out of philadelphia t yesterday. mta has some options for you. find that information on mynfor twitter at erin fox5 d.c. aside from that this road workdk did clear in anne arrundel.r in things back to normal on route r one northbound. volume is really light as you la wake up in prince george's county five inbound and 301nd still very quiet. q no problems on the inner loopoo right now. i love what i'm seeing right here also a you head from fiveae across the wilson bridge.sori no issues. same story as you proceed pastrs the springfield interchangenterh into an things are also looking good g in tysons.inys we'll take a look at yourooat commute to the airport next. nex that's your traffic.our tra holly. >> thanks erin. this weekend's high winds made fork a chaotic scene atce the cherry blossoms festival.los national park service says strong winds caused two tents to collapse. this happened in the welcome area early sunday morning.or
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was closed yesterday whichye also was the tender's finalr's day of operation.ra the festival itself howeverow runs through april 17th. >> happening today, the happenid washington monument is set to reopen again for the second thec name a week the elevator hadelev to be shut down. dn. the national park service ser blames a power issuebl a pow apparently too much electricalhi current caused the elevator tout shut down automatic to protectop the public but they say they sae issue is now resolved and the t elevator should be back inac service today. tay >> ♪ >> coming up, less than twoha weeks after terror attacks rock the city of brussels itss airport reopens to passengers. r the extra security measures mea the airport is now talking, >> can candidates in bothdidatet parties taking shots at donaldta trump ahead of the crucialthcr wisconsin primary.n i'm kelly wright in new york.rir i've got the details coming up.
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>> frankly, look, nobody is going to do more for womento d than me, nobody respects women more than me and i took that ano answer and i -- i didn't likeike it 'cause i think a lot ofnk a l people didn't understand it. >> in the race to the white the house donald trump still onnaldp damage control following his controversial remarks about abortion. last night he once again tried to defend himself during a town hall event hosted by
5:10 am meanwhile candidates on both sides are taking shots at s donald trump. t ahead of tomorrow's crucial wisconsin primary.scn pr >> recent polls show trump sho trailing senator ted cruz inz the badger state.ger stat meantime senator bernietiator sanders is hoping to continuetoe his hot streak with a win overri hillary clinton.nton >> fox's kelly wright has the >> reporter: with the>> wisconsin primary just a day ryy away the republicans continuenu to fight over who would beho wod able to beat hillary clintony ci in the general election. elect senator ted cruz is leading indg the polls in the cheese statehes over donald trump. t >> it is possible forsibl f republicans to throw theto t election away and i think and t nominating donald trump wouldtrw do just that. poll after poll after polloll a shows that donald doesn't justds lose to hillary, he loses terribly. >> reporter: but donald haster: a more than 200 delegate leadega over cruz making it hard forar the texas senator to catch up. >> i'm leading cruz who would be a terrible candidate by thea way. >> reporter: on the>> democratic side, senator senator bernie sanders is polling
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slightly ahead of hillary clinton.clinto he's hoping to continue his winning streak and believes he's the only candidate thatat can beat donald trump. >> the democrats want to make sure that a donald trump doesmps not end up in the white househi which would be an unmitigatednmg disaster for our country. c you are looking at the strongest democratic candidate. >> reporter: meantime both campaigns continue negotiations over a debate inns new york. ork. before that state's primary'sri later this thi month. but clinton has alreadydy focused her campaign on theon te general election with hernh husband on the campaign trailigt in california this weekend, weed taking a shot at donaldt ld trump's mexican border wall.r w >> at least we have beenn having the same sensitivesi sensible debate on our side, right. the last thing we need to do is talk about building wallsuila when we need to be building buid bridges. >> reporter: after tomorrow's wisconsin primary, py the next major contest isn'ttest until april 19th in new york. yr in new york, kelly wright, fox x
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>> 5:11 is the time.1 is t t a top al-qaeda leader has beende killed in a u.s. air strike inei syria according to a terrorif÷st monitoring group. g group reports that abu fass zero al sewer rewas killed along with his son and severalnv other people. they claim the strike occurredrr in the northern part of the media outlets report syrian sia troops captured another town ton controlled by isis.y it comes a week after forces took back the historic town of palmyra.palmyr >> service continues at thevice brussels airport this the airport reopened yesterdayee just 12 days after suicideui bombers carried out a deadlyy however, only a few flightsligh took off and security was some passengers said it was a bit strange to be back at thee a airport where so many people died. but airport authorities sayties they are proud to get theo g airport back up and running. run >> still ahead, making the min grade when it can comes to airline passengersseng satisfaction.ti let's just say there are somests highs and some lows.his. we've got a look at the areas that
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unbelievable taste. oh it's real! enjoy i can't believe it's not butter! >> ♪ >> back at 5:15 with breaking:1 news from prince george'sro county. a house fire in capitol heights happening in the 1600he0 block of opus avenue.aven we're going to try to take a live look at that scene rightig now and you can see verycan ry active scene.acti sce firefighter there is with thati house fire again on opus opu avenue. the house looking to being to b destroyed from the flames, at f, least that top part of theart ot house. it's a two-story house thatse t caught fire. fir we're not hearing of anyt he injuries right now but we are we staying on the scene and t sce monitoring the situation.ituati if it changes, we'll be sure to give you an update on that,ha but again a house fire opus o avenue in capitol heights. >> 5:15 is our time right now. w let's go ahead and can checknd e in with gary and talk a little
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weather.weat >> look, today we're brieflyoday warm, okay.warm, we do have a cold front that'sdh going to be coming on in so ahead of the front temperatures are going to be g warming up.warm we're going to end up with a wit few showers later on thisn is afternoon as this front comes through. and unfortunately once thete one showers get through here, that t means colder air starts comingg in. so, we're going to haveto hav another blast of cold air that comes in tomorrow is going to be windy. w we're going to haveo hav temperatures in the 40's toesn h right around 50 degrees or so, , so again tomorrow afternoon'sftn going to just be uncomfortableoe out there as the winds come across. high pressure will build on through, so wednesday looksedsdy good. now, look, tomorrow morning as s the cold air comes in, there's e a freeze watch in effect overnight tonight and earlyght a tomorrow morning forng everybody. all of maryland, northernorther central virginia and out intonto the eastern shore as well, soo it doesn't look like any of usau will escape this next batch ofbc cold air coming on across.s. pickup time 45 to 52. we're going have cool conditions this morning.ns thisn there may be a spotty shower spt here or there but it looksbut o like most of us stay dry this
5:17 am
showers come in later on this os afternoon and into the eveninghi hours but again, today brieflyef we touch 70 degrees. tomorrow -- 50 doesn't sound- too bad but not50 only that but the wind is going to beoing t blowing not 50 or 60 but 25 to 30 with w gusts tomorrow.orro association it will beatioit wi uncomfortable out there, event e with the sunshine.unshin now, look here's the deal. dea this area of low pressure to the north of us, we'll havee'av rain on the south side of thatft but up to the north of that tha it's going to be cold with cold snow, okay, so the snow isnow i going across parts of new york, new you see by noontime we're dryre here but there may be a little t spotty shower out ahead of the t line and then the line swings through late this afternoon t into the early evening houhirs.s just some rain but there couldhe be a little bit ofb of thunderstorm activity as and then again once there comes through, the cold aird a starts spilling in overnightllg tonight and through the day tomorrow.rrow ly today we'll have of course cs the showers later on. o gusty wind ahead of the front. t temperature gets up to aboutobo 70 de
5:18 am
forecast. 70 today. chilly and breezy tomorrow,omoro 50 little warmer on wednesday.nesdy wednesday looks pretty good.d. thursday looks wet, openingpe day for the nationals.iols. sun and clouds on friday andnd this weekend it looks dry but b kind of cold again. a more cold air sliding in our direction. is it april? here's erin como como. >> i'm going to the nats gameo a on saturday this saturday it'sd' a 4 o'clock game gary and irynd don't know what to what it might be cold, it might begh warm. >> not going to be warm.oing it's going to be colds on saturday. >> just hoping it would be warm. >> wear your uggs a sweater and a coat on top that of. of. >> fashion by gary. >> dress in layers. >> layers necessarys ne unfortunately for baseball. road work did clear.k cle things back to normal on routeou one northbound in anneund n an arrundel.ndel problem free there for that tref portion of your ride. let's forward our maps and a show you prince george'srinc inbound traffic five northfiveth moving very nicely fromcerom brandywine road to the rd to beltway. four west at speed from 301 tom0 the beltway.tway i'll let you know whenever that changes.that and if you're wak cing up in
5:19 am
looking quiet.g quie 395 northbound moving well toelo the 14th street bridge.dge. let's go ahead and take a live v look outside. if you have an early morningni flight to catch, we'll showe'llw you a look at one of our at e of bw parkway outme by 32 on the northbound side, little bit of increased volume but for themeut most part you're moving alongg g just fine. fine. 95 northbound is also quiet.ui and if you're headed to reagan national or dulles trafficsraffc moving along without any accidents. that's what we like to see for 5:19 in the morning.ning speaking of airports, let'ss, lt see if we can flip that forp you. a new report finds airline a service is improving but b customer service is at a lowat l point in over a decade if you can believe that.can >> i believe it. [laughter][laughter] the report found that the tt percentage of flights thatge o arrived on time rose torose t 80 percent last year.cet that should be great news. that's up from 76 percent inn 2014.2014. the number of bags lost also dropped.dr the report found the rate opof bags being lost, stolen orr delayed dropped to 10 percent 1c
5:20 am
but -- i know despite all thellt improvement the number of passenger complaints jumped a whopping 34 that's the highest level since e 2000. over 15,000 filed with the0 fi transportation department justam last that's up from 11 percent in 2014 and you probably want tont know which airline had the most complaints, >> i bet i know. >> maureen you nailed it.en y those included spirit airlines e and front tear airlines.irline both had poor on time recordsecr and complaints of too manynt fees. >> yes, you get charged foretrg saying hello on that flight. >> maybe a glass of owt >> three >> now, despite being disgruntled more than t 670 million people flew onion pe u.s. carriers last yearri including all of us.of us. >> i mean, you have to. y have >> you don't have a choice.e >> necessary evil.essavil. >> traveling i've had all of all the above happen and you said yi you've had the same.ame. >> nothing fazes me anymore. an. i expect for something to t happen so i'm pleasantlyasan surprise when it does
5:21 am
>> you're delighted whene deli things go according to. to. >> plan.>> plan. >> don't try to fly on a holiday or in the wintertimeintt at all because you're asking asg for trouble.for roub >> if your flight is canceledgh because of a blizzard and they don't compensate you, spiritou, airlines i got a problem. >> absolutely. whether you have insurance orvei not its a wet event. e my question is though even en though it sounds like thingsli are up and up with the airlines is it ear yes to fileof a complaint because of e-mail.ei >> it's easier to file it but no one does d >> i've done that before and it's worked out. worked ou >> i have used twitter before br when i'm at the airline ifirlini something is going on and -- an- or at the airport and they'reane not telling you and i haveu i h found out via twitter what's wh' mapping at the airport thatat i'm at. >> nothing for frustratingstrati than sitting on the runway in rn that plane that is getting hot and you don't know what's know t going on. >> are you booking a flight flih soon.soon. >> absolutely. [laughter]ter] >> that's not going changet anything. >> all right, erin. >> that's why they win.y win >
5:22 am
so, forget batman versus vsu superman, it's car versusersu plane. down under in melbourneelbo australia yesterday was a dual d for the ages. age a qantas boeing 737 airplanean an tesla model s electric carar raced down a runway at an australian airport.irport. in the end, the 737 won the competition but not before getting a run for its money byy the tesla. tesla the purpose of this race wase s to test the innovation, skill and power of both machines.achie >> yeah. >> that was a waste.>> let the g we're hours away from openingm day for the nats set to take toe on the braves later today. toda. straight ahead how the team is getting fans pumped up this morning.
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>> we are just hours away fromjt the opening of the nationalsof baseball season. the run to the world series behegins in a couple of hours. >> uh-huh. >> i got crickets on that.ha today it's nats ace max max scherzer getting a start after r a season where he threw two thr no-hitters. new manager dusty baker is yet s to determine who is going to goo throw out the first pitch inpiti thursday's home opener.'s ho today's game in atlanta starts at 4 o'clock. olo the race for presidentsresit are kicking off opening dayay with another appearance atrace reagan national airport.port george, tom, abe, teddy and and bill, they're going to greet tog customers flying on deltaers airlines. it's all part of a new team partnership.part the event starts at 8:00 a.m. a >> i wonder if they can come visit us in they've done that in yearst ines maybe they can come say hi, aanc the least one of the the presidents.idts. >> they'll be a little busyll b today. >> no? >> maybe on thursday.n thsday >> maybe. >> maybe on thursday.ay >> they'll probablybe be busy be then, too.then, too. >> there will be time. >> they'll probably be at theroe ballpark on thursday. trsday. >> the game doesn't start gt until
5:26 am
>> my prediction you'll seeic them thursday morning on the t news at the ballpark. ballpark. are you part of that.partf th >> that's the same thing. t. it's the same thing, right.ame . >> are you part of weatherea day. >> i usually stay here and herea work. that's how that usually works.or >> way to bring it up, maureen.maureen. >> that's not until may,nounti >> okay. >> i think that's may, something -- i don't even knowve what the date s50 degrees dat0 right now here in the city. c you can see north and west and frederick at 32. so, that's definitely the coldol spot.sp. you got 36 in martinsburg andbua you have 50 degrees for winchester. 50 degrees -- 53 degrees there d for fredericksburg. here's your bus stop forecast. 45 degrees to 52 this morning.og cool. cool there could be a spotty shower s but it's not going to be a bigbb deal this morning. this afternoon a better chance t for some showers come onon across.acro really after 2 o'clock i think'c we havelo a chance for the for showers moving from west to wt east across the area. temperatures -- you can see, though, not too cold. c 63 to 68.63 it gets cold tomorrow, though. >> stop it.t. >> tha
5:27 am
>> let's go ahead and talk gea traffic now with erin como who is getting the very latest asatt we speak.we speak. >> that's right and right nowri we want to keepgh you updated on amtrak because of theec derailment in philadelphiant i over the weekend, there is ae is cancellation for amtrak train 151.1. mta letting you know they have options.opti you can find that information at erin fox5 erin no incidents reported fromid dale city to woodbridge.eny oodb congestion is spicing up butp so far we're not seeing any ofgn those major slowdowns sowdns that's good news. in stafford volume building byvo 610 as well.lu610 wel inbound traffic on five and four in prince william -- excuse me in prince george'sn county quiet. back to you. y >> we are following breaking news out of prince george's county where police are whe investigating a tripleata tr stabbing. our melanie alnwick will have the latest in a live report.
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>> ahead this morning, what went wrong? w >> it was pretty fan nicky. n >> as amtrak service is set too resume today, investigatorsestis are trying to determine whatmi w caused another deadly accident d on the rail line. plus, a sky high airlines setting recordngec ratings but it's not all n smooth sailing. and donald trump continues u on damage control just one dayda ahead of the nation's next primary.y. wild weather.wi wea mother nature wreaking havococ across the nation from damaging winds to springtime
5:31 am
snow.ow. and later, batter up.tter u the nationals kick off theirff e season in just a matter of of hours. fox5 news morning starts right now. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> and good monday morning toni you, i'm holly morriss alongside of wisdom martin andai maureen umeh.maur >> gary and erin will haved eri your weather and traffic w coming up atea 4:35. 4:3 i should say 5:35, excuse we're going start the 5:30, though, with two breaking newsg stories in prince george's county. first a house fire in capitol this is in the 1600 block of opus avenue. a our crews are live on that scene. you can see fire crews arere still there making sure th cereh are no hot spots. spo the two story house caught sto fire around 3:45 this morning. no one was hurt. was no word on how that fire started.te also breaking overnightve prince george's county police investigating a tripleatint stabbing near a popular restaurant and lounge in fort lu washington. melanie alnwick is on theal scene with thenw latest. l mel. mel. >> reporter: good morning,r: yeah, all quiet here
5:32 am
certainly witnesses describe ane large fight, quite a scenecene that happened out here in front of the popular bar and restaurant. we know that there was police pc crime tape here and peopleeopl calling us, told us that therehh was a large fight.ig it ended with those threehoseee people being stabbed. stabb one of them, prince george'sncer county police confirm to us iso a security officer, not aer, not police officer who was working i security detail but a privaterie security guard hired by the gua restaurant and club.ntnd clu now, on sunday night, the clubhc here does seem to have a regular event and postersosters promoting that event say it sayt runs from 9 p.m. until 2:00 u a.m. a.m. this stabbing incident and thede fight was reported a littlerepoe after 2 o'clock this morning,s r so that would steam to align sei way time when maybe a large a le group of people was leavings the club itself.e cl its the good news is that those stabbing injuries are said toto be nonlife-threatening.eani those three people were takenle t
5:33 am
at this point, though, princeugp george's county police have cout given us no information as totit whether there is a suspect in se custody or whether there ishe someone out there that theyther are still looking for. f live in fort washington, i'mngtm mel i wasn'tmelanie alnwick, foc >> developing overnight i-270hti back opened after a major a crash last night in rockville.ov several people were hurt whent e five cars collided on i270 i north near route 121 which is clarksburg road. eight people were taken to the t hospital.sp one woman listed in seriouserios condition.conditio all the victims are expectedxpte to survive. >> amtrak service is almosterce fully restored today afterod that deadly derailment outside right now we only know of one on cancellation which is train t 151. 151. the derailment happenedpe yesterday two workers were killed andd more than 30 passengers weresene injured after the train tin collided with a back low onk low the tracks.the tracks officials have confirmed one of the workers killed was operating the backhoe. the train was headed from new f york to savannah, georgia. grg >> also today, a visitationis
5:34 am
state police trooper killed in the line of duty. trooper chad dermyer was shot st and killed last thursday during a training exercise atrc a greyhounds bus station intioni richmond.mond. today's visitation is openedvisi to the public from 3:00 p.m.c f0 to 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. to pt 8:00 p.m.8:00 it will be held at the liberty r baptist church in hampton,pton virginia. virginia trooper dermyer's funeral isunas going to be held >> happening today, a d.c. a.c judge will rule on whether a o $15 minimum wage ballot measure will move forward. f the former head of d.c.'s d.c chamber of commerce sued theof c board of election after theyafty approved a minimum wageumag a judge ruled against theruleags board in january. jua the board filed a employees toet consider. if the judge recesses hiseces decision it would move forwardef on the ballot. >> if you stepped outside thiss weekend then you know firstw fi hands how fierce the windsin were whipping across the dmv. dv >> wind gusts were so strongwere in some areas that trees wereesr falling and some people evenplee lost power. pow but no one had a night quite
5:35 am
the 79-year-old was fast was f asleep in her springfield homeie when this large oak tree felllag right into her upstairs master s bedroom landing about a foot a above her. luckily judy walked awaydy walda without getting hurt. >> i was awakened by essentially having my ceiling h fall on me. i think i'm just amazingly lucky, just amazingly lucky. lky my house is a mess but i'm not.not. >> well, wellard is set tol, wee turn 80 next month.onth she says in many ways it wasitas like her birthday presentery prn came a little bit early.t ear >> you know, i'm surprised weis didn't see more damage likee dek that around the region. aro i mean, those winds weree horrendous. >> and they started just likeste that. >> i know they came out of theec blue it felt like. >> i just looked and the peakndk wind gusts for reagan nationalnl was 59 miles per hour andes p hu that's huge. that's huge for us.that'suge it doesn't happen very often. on like once or twice a year we a get something like t. i'm glad she was okay, too.y, to i mean, we can fix the house.
5:36 am
50 degrees right now. now temperature here in the cityin y has been bouncing around,ing aro upper 40's, lower 50's. gaithersburg is 45. annapolis 52.s still cold up in frederick, frei the cold spot this morningis mog sitting there at 32 degrees,de so definitely freezing.eezin listen, it's going to be really pretty warm today andoday we're going to warm we're ahead of a front andnd we're kind of allowing theowing warm front to come on through tu and as that happens, it will warm up into the 60's to touch u 70 degrees briefly todayay before we cool off a littlef bit. you can see the rain gatheringai a little steam back out to thetb north and west.d we eventually that will comelom through. we'll probably wake up thisake h morning to a little bit of sunshine.sunshine. temperatures will be cool.ures 53 here in town at 8:00 a.m. i think out in the suburbs ite r will still be in the 40's.0's. 66 by lunchtime, mostlymemo cloudy. sunshine will go away.wa then we're going to haveoave showers later on thisat afternoon really comingn real cg through this afternoon andh th this evening. again, temperatures today willl touch 70 degrees.0 degree most of the day the afternoon a
5:37 am
60's. . here's erin como. e it's monday morning. she'll give you all the dets. >> the low down on traffic.own >> the low down. >> 270 southbound delays,bo dely typical delays building fromelaf 70 to the truck scales soscal s watch out for that inhat frederick. frederic once you get towards tow gaithersburg you hit a little al bit of congestion but nothingoti out of the ordinary.inary. closure for you in saintur mary's county to be aware of.e r piney point road at draden lane. seeing slowdowns as you makeowna your way through accidenthroughd scene. 95 northbound congestionthbounds already building right nowbuil from dale city to woodbridgeo wi as we head towards 5:45 it's it' that usual zone of slow movingoo traffic south of that pointhapo out by 610 also some s congestion as well building.ldin twitter update to your asr as holly mentioned, amtrak train ta 151 is the only one that'sones canceled this morning as ahis m result of the amtrak derailment, the trainil, th derailment in philadelphian ph yesterday. any questions about yourtis abor commute mta offering trainsing s out of those locations at erinri
5:38 am
and right now 50 and the and the beltway still looking reallyealy nice inbound from maryland. marl that's your traffic.ra >> for those suffering from sufg heart disease surgery may be srm the key to leading longerr healthier lives. the details in our healtheah >> plus, good news for all of us coffee lovers.e even more reason to brew a cupop this morning. the new health benefit put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts.
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>> back now at 5:40.>> b in our health watch new proofrof that heart bypass surgery cans u lead a longer life.leadli new study find that is heart failure patients with clogged w arteries have a better chancee a of surviving 10 years if they t get bypass surgery plusgerylu medicine rather than drugsr rugs alone. one. earlier results from the sameomm research raised questions quest about the benefits of bypass versus medicine alone but aloneb researchers say the long term evidence clearly favors the surgery. the study is in the new england journal of medicine.edic and finally even more reason to reach for that for morning cup of joe.rnin turns out drinking coffeeoffe could cut your risk of colonk on cancer by as much as 50 percent.50 per new research shows the more m you drink, the more you reduceed your risk. r and it doesn't matter if youteru drink regular or decaf. decaf researchers say there is a protective effect released inea the roasting process. proce colon cancer is the third mosthd common form of cancer in the u.s.s. onha
5:42 am
be safe from colon >> on that note, n >> yeah, considering theeah, amount of coffee we drink,ri right.righ >> man, i'll say. thanks holly.>> still ahead a look at thed a ok stories trending right now inow our region including why weng wy could be one step closer to drone delivery.e de >> plus, the best of the best bs in country music take over sin o city. the highlights from lastlights o night's can country music awards.awards. >> but first gary and erin fir back with a check of yourf your weather and traffic on the 5s.
5:43 am
5:44 am
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>> happening now, fire crews are wrapping up their work at the scene anp early morningor blaze in prince george'se now, this is a liv e look 1600 look 16 block of opus avenue. anu it's in capitol heights. hgh two story home caught fireght f about 3:45 this morng you can see the damage there.age it is unclear whether anyoneny was living at the home at theat time.time. no one was hurt.urt. >> turning our attention to atti mother nature now, thenow, t calendar play say spring butingb residents in michigan got a wintry surprise this weekend.eed that storm dropped less thansha 2-inches of snow butter heavybu winds made it tough formadet to drivers to get several highways had to be shut down.shutow several accidents werere reported.. those drivers suffered only minor injuries. >> ♪ >> let's just wait on may, okay. okay. let's just wait on may. m april write it off, okay,, o 'cause it's going to be up and a down especially around we're going to be upia around 7 today. today. tomorrow is going to be thes 40's.go and then the weekend lookseeke like it's going to be coldso bes again.ain. wow, kd
5:46 am
place.d 32 in frederick right now. temperature here in the cityur is sitting ate 50 degrees. 50 r gaithersburg is 45.gait you can see a few of these showers and the clouds theree oe coming on across. acr they're to the northwest of us and we're going to end up withp the front coming across todayost and as the front gets closer c to us and comes across, that'shs when we're going have the -- t just the best chance of cf showers for just aboutr ju abo everybody will be thisybode afternoon into the eveninghe eni hours okay.hours kay. there may even be a thunderstorm that pops up asrm our temperatures are going toata be into the upper 60's by thes y time the front comes across. acr snow thank goodness, thats,ha stays to the north of us. i even hate to have to say pickup this morning for thehis kid december at the bus stopbus 42 you have to 52.2 you have to. it will be cool.oo maybe there's a sprinkle can.lec i think that would be confined to northern and northwesternwe neighborhoods. after school for the drop-offth better chance of showerse cha there, temperatures will be lower to mid to upper 60's around the region. r association today'today's high h 70 degrees for a time, that'
5:47 am
the 60's. 60's. cloudiness comes in and thenn at showers will get here for thiset afternoon and this eg tomorrow much colder and ith cor will be breezy, too, with wind gusts 25 to 30 miles per hour. here's that chill tomorrowill tw with the high pressure t building in from the north andom the wes and this, again, is comingom down right out of canada soanad it's going to be colds. col tomorrow morning we're goingni ' to end up way chance for someorm freezing can conditions. contio. i don't think we're going to'reg have a freeze here inside the i think the wind will stay upl s enough that it will keep thet i atmosphere rolling around andron keep our temperatures just above freezing but outlyingut oy areas yes i believe we canye touch freezing, maybe even as little bit below that beforengot it's all saihad and done so de tender vegetation, anythingeget you need to cover up or bringr g inside just so you know. kno this morning look where the showers are, pretty much north u and west.and west. looks like the best risk ofrisk showers comes through againough this afternoon into theernoon evening hours and right along i-95 maybe a thunderstormst before it's all said and done for later on today. tay nats kickoff home opener on o thursday looks rainy and
5:48 am
chilly. chilly. temperature of 63 and look at the weekend where we temperatures will fall offalff again. saturday looks really cold.ll c most of us will stay in the 40's.40's here's erin como with a lookithl at your monday morning morn traffic.afc. >> 5:48 right now and we havenoe some breaking news for take a look at the mess behind m me. really slow moving trafficic inbound 14th street bridge.tree there's a crash on the ramp toap eastbound freeway. freeway. because of that delays are are pretty heavy stacking back tog k gw parkway.ay factor in extra time. that's an atypical delay forat this time of morning.yp really big slowdowns. slowdowns we'll switch it back for aswit look at our maps. maps. aside from that we're dealing with some other slowdowns.lowdns red line right now delays from metro expect delays to shadyayto grove. there's a police investigationen at farragut north right now soto be prepared for that for ther oe red line and also taking takg amtrak this morning mtamorninmta letting us know train 151 amtrak train has beenraas b canceled. that's the only train canceled e that we know of so far thisar ti usrning because of the trainca derailment from yesterday. mta has opt
5:49 am
tweeting this information outmat for you at erin fox5 d.c.ox5 d >> thanks erin.ha a train and bus collideol overseas in thailand.n you can see the bus approachth h rail way crossing and then itt stops once it's halfway across.ross. that's when a train plows into s it there you see it and pushes p it done an embankment.mbanen sadly three people were killed cakilled, more than two dozen others wintry conditions are likely to blame for the 12 carhr pile upwhich included a bus.ludb several people were injuredenj but everyone is expected to be okay. >> ♪ >> happening today, jeopardyrd is filming in d.c. now, three tournaments including power players week the final rounds of the teachers tournament and theourn teen tournament are going tong o be taped in front of a live ought yens at dar constitutionst hall. as a result of this several thiv streets will be closed from 5:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. including d street
5:50 am
17th street to 18th >> also happening today, the washington monument is set to reopen again. for the second time in a weekndt the elevator had to be shutb s down. wn the national park service s blames a power iss. apparently too much electrical t current caused the elevator tort shut down automatically toical protect the public.ubli but they say the issue is nows w resolved and the elevators evato should be in service today. also today, marylandsood lawmakers will tour a water filtration plant in baltimore in this morning. senator ben cardin and a baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake wants tola spotlight the importance of safe lead free drinking water. i 33 say no community should beuld short changed when it comes tocs government responsibility toibil ensure clean drinking water.nk t the issue of drinking water has gotten a lot of attentionato lately in recent months aftercet the water crisis in flint, michigan.mich >> 5:50 is the time right now. e let's go ahead and take a look l at what's trending in ourndin i a fairfax county officer is on paid administrative leave this morning following a fatal f pedestrian accident involving a police car this week.his w police say a plan was wearingeai dark clothing when he walk
5:51 am
against traffic along beulah street in alexandria saturdaysaa night.night. next up hundreds rallydr outside the white house thissehi weekend calling on presidentidet obama to take marijuana offua o the list of tightly controlled substances.nces next up, republicanepubli frontrunner donald trump isru calling on rival john kasichas to drop out of the race sayingig he should not continue if he has no hope of getting the nomination. and a data leak accusingeak more than 100 of the world's wor richest people of evading taxes and money laundering byer hiding money in off shore companies.companies. while some world leaders madedem the list, no major u.s. leader e was named. named and finally, new recommendations could clearould the way for drone d. they are now on their way ton tt the faa for review. maureen and ways glom a newomew report finds airline servicee is improving but customer custo satisfaction at its lowestt itsw point in over a decade. dec the report found theortou
5:52 am
arrived on time rose tose 80 percent last year. that is up from 76 percentperc back in 2014.n 201 the number of lost bags alsoo dropped.dr the report found the rate ofat bags being lost stolen orle delayed dropped to 10 percent0 n last year but despite those t improvements the number of passenger complaints, thoses, t jumped 34 percent.ju that is the highest levele hight since the year 2000.0. the airlines with the most the complaints included spirit airlines and frontier andront airlines. both had poor on time recordsec and complaints of too manyto fees. more than 670 million peoplelioo flew on u.s. carriers lastrriert year. >> all right. interesting story but it isbu what it is. is. >> yeah.h. >> it's a necessary evil.necess we got to fly. we really don't have a choice. o >> and we go the to complain. ci >> we complain because we can and we have the means to do so. >> we didn't have the avenuee te to do it. the poor airlines they were upsr in every single category butca people are complaining more. >> exactly. exactly. some not so good news not ahead of the summer came in rio he. ri ticket sales are lagging with lg
5:53 am
only four months before thes bee kickoff. right now there is some majorer concere n over high crime ratest terrorism and the zika virus.kar the mosquito borne illness hasls frightened fans and evenven the paraolympics which followlo the main gains are strugglinge u to sell their tickets.he ticke they only sold 12 percent.rcen the opening ceremony for the cem olympic games son august >> hours away from the openingpe of the nats season.easo the nats take on the braves invi atlanta this afternoon at 4 o'clock.4 nats ace max scherzer gets the t start after a season where he he threw not one but two two no-hitters. manager dusty baker is jet to to determine who is going to throw out the opening pitch at thursday's home opener.ome open. >> last night marked the 51sthe5 academy of country musicryus awards and the biggest starsst in country music were in vegas g to celebrate the special the s night. >> this year's awards were hosted by luke bryan and derek brently. miranda lambert and jason
5:54 am
aldine took home the award for entertainer of the year.ea chris stapleton took homeoom the award for his hit no oneo o to blame. to b keith urban was honored foror his longstanding dedicationedato and service to the academy. >> i was starting to thinkin t this one just wasn't in the cards for me. m >> it was in the cards last night jason.night jason. let's take a look at ourook t facebook fan of the day. today is russell.sell hey, russell. rus it may be april but he's into i spring. >> yes, he, he might be in michigan. russell says it was 60 degrees0e when he snapped this photo onaps top of the p mountain.ntain. >> that's pretty cool. tha >> i love it.e it. >> for your chance to bence toe tomorrow's fan leave a commentom below russell's picture on ourn facebook page. >> i like action pics likee russell's way to go.y t g >> we like it when you take us on your travels so thanks foro h taking us on your
5:55 am
>> big smile, mr. russell. all right, i wouldn't bee surprised if it snowed hered ifd all of a it's like man -- >> don't say that maureen.t mau. >> i don't want to say it but iu you've been hindering that we're in the past --in t pas >> no, we're not. we've got cold conditionscolddi coming back tomorrow, we'vew, got cold conditions comingg back for the weekend. for >> was i really off? ieall >> i'm just >> no, you are off but we're we' talk about weather here. [laughter]r] >> wow. >> we ignore her.>> we ig >> it's all in fun, fur >> of course. >> well, of course. well, >> listen, here's what's goingsw on at your bus stop thistoth morning. 45 to 52 this morning. mng there's going to be somes sunshine but there's going to be clouds, c clouds will thicken throughhick the day. the showers afternoon and evening,vg maybe even a possible passinge n thunderstorm, one or two.torm it shouldn't be a big deal, okay. ok >> when do the locust arrive? ar >> you can see where the rain is north and west. w there's the snow, maureen,, m there's the snow. a few flakes flying arounds flyd manhattan this morning andtan especially up into the new u england states. so, thaten's where the coldestht of the air is. i don't see snow but there ise t definitely a freeze watch in f
5:56 am
morning for the entire area. are >> boo his. boo h >> so, briefly sen briefly 70 t. >> i keep scratching my nose.g . >> we're not putting ourur winter clothes away. >> do snot, no.t,o. >> duly warned. >> erin como. >> i will say it seems ay little unfair that we're dealing with allergies and icy roads tomorrow. tom >> icy roads. >> what a combination.nati. >> icy reds.s. >> you said there could be ice e in the area. the are >> freeze watch can whichanhi means temperatures could getmper down to 32 desegrees or so. >> clearly i need coffee.doffee. i made that more dramatic than it had to be. hado b >> don't go there.he >> sorrier. >> they'll have us in at 4:00 40 a.m. >> metro let's move o onto's something i can tell youn te about. red line delays to shady groveha investigation with police at pol farragut north.farragut north. asides from that 295 inbound i delays burroughs avenue toughs a pennsylvania avenue.nnsye. live look outside 14th streetst bridge is a mess on the i inbound there's a crash on the ramp toeo the eastbound side of thest delays back to gw parkway. parkw
5:57 am
few. holly, back to you. >> thanks erin. ahead at 6:00 a new ride sharing company that caterstat exclusively to women.omen the focus, safety. set why a former uber driverri decided to start the business. n >> plus we'll check in with w our kevin mccarthy who isthy wh live in l.a. in l he's about ready to hit the the red carpet for tonight's tight jungle book premiere.ngle >> he also satoo down with a lo of celebrities over theeleb weekend. typical kevin. all that coming up at 6:00. >> so excited for him.
5:58 am
narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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>> ahead at 6:00 a triple te stabbing overnighter in princevn george's we'll have a live update frompdr the scene.cene >> also amtrak back to normalk r service today less than 24ha hours after a deadly accident near philadelphia.lade federal investigators in theigao meantime are still on the on t scene analyzing data from thatoa crash. >> go ahead and take a live l look outside on this monday april 4th. it is a little bit chilly outt there.there. 50 degrees right now. degrees rg nice and clear, though. tho tucker of course will talkillal weather, erin will talk traffic coming up on the 5s up 5 at 6:05. 6 we say good morning right now,ng i'm holly morris in for i allison seymour.allison seymour >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m s welcome to fox5 news morning. first up at 6 o'clock let'sckets get you caught up on the the headlines. first from prince george'sm county fire damaging a home inmm capitol lights. this was on opus avenue.venu the flames broke out about 3:45 this morning.s mor unclear if anybody was living wl in that house at the time,t ho though.thou fire crews are wrapping upws their work at the scene right a now. also developing overnightini a triple stabbing near a restaurant a


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