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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  April 4, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ state ahead a fight inside a nse prince george's countysou restaurant ends with three thr people stabbed. s one of them a security guard. g we'll have a live a l i will be so presidential,dt greta, you will be so proud of f me. i'm a smart guy.rt >> one day until the wisconsin primary and donald trump ismp making a last minute plea fora r votes. votes. right now, the gop frontrunner is behind ted cruz in the badged state and that could make it mai even harder for him to clinchm h the nomination.the nomi we'll tell you why. 2016 quest for world series crown begins today. tod. against the braves in atlanta. bryce harper to max scherzer to brand new skipper we'll takepert look what the nationals have inh their favor but first the boyshe of summer playing in what feels like winter.ter. when it will finally startly s feeling more like baseballikbasl season? good day at 9a startsrt ♪
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>> we were against the wind alld weekend. one major league baseball homee opener most pone. we'll get the details from f conduct tuck tucker in just a second. second. because of weather obviously. wr >> thanks for staying with i'm steve along withr holly,ol maureen and wisdom.m >> love fest at the i heart hea music awards for taylor swift. we'll have all the highlightss including justin beiber'sr's questionable new hairstyle. haie >> no question about that outf outfit. she looks hot. >> we're styling and profiling.i windy weekend made it feel i f little bit more like winter that spring sunday morning and even e more changes are on the way ohew including another chance for some rain. for details tucker barnes backs now with more.e >> it fell like late fall to meo yesterday.erday. >> yeah. >> very crisp. >> it did. >> and it was a little blusterye as well. >> heavy coat -- >> it calmed down in the the >> gorgeous this morning.ous i was outside a minute ago. a absolutely perfect.erct >> did you get a hug by the wayy >> well,
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>> i haven't bun turned down y yet. >> we haven't reached theeaed t election yet.ecti we're just >> gotcha. >> national hug a news person day and i'm going to be out with erin.erin. >> tucker, we'll tell you thatlt two years ago i got like 45ik hugs. >> did you really? didou r >> what? w >> absolutely. >> he counseled. h >> in a certain time period?me p >> for the whole morning show.w. >> wow.>>ow >> how many hours did we do bacc then?then? (laughter). >> all right. >> work cut out for him. >> wisdom, doesn't make me feele good. 58 in washington.58 59 i in annapolis.apol these temperatures bouncing quickly. believe it or not upper 60s 6 maybe a few us get to 70 degreeo over the next couple of hours bu early afternoon up ahead of our next front which is bringingri rain showers to places likesike pittsburgh early this morning.ay you can se te that cold frontdro right there just off to ourour north.h. it sags down and bring us cloud cover first and then period of d rain showers between about 3:00 and 7:00 tonight. maybe abe rumble of thunder as welch it's' pretty progressive. it will move quickly off to thek south and east, but the timing really not great as it wills w
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hour and the orioles kick offico their home opener today as 3:00 o'clock. o i think it will be a period ofbp rain during the middle of theire game later this all right.t. while we're talking baseballtall yankees just canceled their gamr up in new york.or why? it is wintry up there.up . snowing in boston this morningor three to 6-inches.reto 6 new york is on the southwes sout they are not looking at a nice day at all with rain and snow so showers expected later and veryv blustery conditions.. cleveland 32 degrees at game g time with winds out of the north and west blowing at about 20 to 30 miles an hour and maybe snowo showers in the forecast in the cleveland for their home openere so steve is right.. does not feel like summertimeime across the mid atlantic newantie england up to the upper midweste all right. right. freeze warning for us tonight. f real quick.. just tomorrow morning most of ms the region at or below freezingn could be some issues growing gro season officially starts apri april 1st. nothing will be growingg wi overnight tonight with thosewith overnight lows near freezing.ezg 70 today becoming cloudy. showers three between three and 7:00 o'clock tonight.'clock tong winds south and west 15 to 255 out of the north and west laters
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i'll have the seven day which features cool temperatures fortu this time of year in just a jus minute. anybody want to start off byo sf giving me a hug. h >> all right.. bet meddler.t meddler >> from a distance.rom st >> check our headlines on this i monday morning.orning autopsies will be connecties conducted on two of the amtrakwo workers killed in a train train derailment outside ofut o philadelphia. this happened yesterday.ned yesy this morning amtrak has resumedd normal service between d.c. and new york. york but train 151 will not bee operating.g. two amtrak workers were killedel more than 30 passengers injuredj after the train collided with a backhoe on the tracks.s. safety investigators have recovered the data recorder and forward facing video from the ft crash.ash. the 22 workers were one killedel more than 30 passengers injuredj after the train collided withole that peace of equipment.. we're following a developinv story in prince george's county. three people stabbed overnightve near a restaurant and lounge ini fort washington. fox5ss -- my apologies.pogi >> melanie alnwick here with tht latest. >> reporter: good morning, guys. gu
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people were stabbed believed to be three adult males that'seshas according to prince george'sto county police pio who we contacted early this morning.or. those people were taken to the hospital with non-life non threatening injuries and aresnd being treated for their what we can tell is you that wew first received reports of the shooting a little after 2:00 o'clock -- excuse mexce stabbing a little after lit aft 2:00 o'clock this morning. morng people said that there was a very large fight out here angryy melee as it was described, and d somehow in that three peopleeo were stabbed.ta. one of those according to prince george's county police was a security guard for thehe establishment.ent this is pretty popular pul restaurant here in fortnt he i washington.wash does seem to have a lot of nighttime events in its loungetg and there was a sunday eveningye event seems to be a regular reg thing that they have on sundayna night, it goes from 9:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m. so that would coincide with about the time people were
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getting out of the loungeheou restaurant or concert venue.. although prince george's countye police could not tell us whether it happened primarily outside or whether it was inside and a spilled outside. or how exactly the altercation began. at this point also we do notso o have any information for you ono whether there have been anyee a arrests officer whether there'sr any suspect information in thisi case. live in fort washington, i'mn, melanie alnwick fox5 local newsw >> thank you, mel. m down in rigid mon the finalf goodbyes for virginiina statetae trooper chad dermyer gets underu what day.whatay he was killed while participating in a trainingin exercise in the greyhound busoud station in richmond lastt thursday. james brown the iii shot and killed consider meyer. brown was also killed in theso this afternoon and evening ateoa visitation will be held foreld trooper dermyer at libertytib baptist church in hamp ton.p the public is invited to attend. he'll be played to rest tomorror morning follow beside a private burial.
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>> democrats and republicans ari bracing for what could be one oe most critical contests in thisni year's race for the white houseu voters in wisconsin head to thet polls tomorrow and the frontthe runners from both parties are starting to sweat. sweat. fox's doug luzader explains why. >> reporter: the numbers we've been seeing out of wisconsin are correct, donald trump is headini into this contest tomorrow in a strange position.eio he's the underdog. u donald trump in a town hall inn milwaukee making his final arguments to wisconsin votersnsr after what had been a toughgh week.week. promising to tone it down init n he's elected.he ele >> i will be so presidential,sit greta, you will be so proud of me. i'm a smart guy.m a sm g bees presidential is easy.l is e but you may get very bored roard report if trump loses tomorrow, he would still be ahead in the delegate count but it would make hit difficult for to ted cruz tc and jay kasich.. needs more delegates to do.oo.
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sick delegates out of wisconsins which alters his math to make ie he would have to win 60% of thee remaining delegates to get those 501. >> reporter: if there is a a convention floor fight, the heat of the republican party reluctantly admitted that it is possible even unlikely thate t someone not even in the runningg right now could emerge as the >> if you get into a multiti ballot convention where you gotu five or six or seven rounds it's possible that a person can beane nominated that's not one of thee >> i do know my campaign has has been really trying. t >> reporter: democrat hillaryhir clinton says she's opened to'spd another debate with her rival hl bernie sanders but the sandershe campaign thinks she's playing'sa games in their words.. acknowledging a lot is on the oe line tomorrow. >> if the voter turnout in highh we will win. w if the voter turnout is low, we, will likely lose.e. it's as simple as all of that. a >> reporter: that math mayt th m essentially be correct. cre if there is high turnoutur tomorrow in wisconsin among
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democrats and if young voterss especially turn out, sanders hah a big advantage.dvtage in washington, doug luzaderr fox news.ew >> nine past the hour. hou let's check what else is makingn headlines on this monday mda morning. morn >> residents across the dmv wils be doing a lot of cleaning up cn this morning after strong windsw blue through the area thishrgh e weekend. i know you felt them. t knot knock down trees evenees causing power outage in some som areas. meanwhile as many as 40,000s0, people are still in the dark inn the northeast after fierce windn tore down power lines across the tri-state and in the midwestst residents got a wintry surpriser there when a spring storm sto dropped about 2-inches of snow.. those drivers suffered onlyfereo minor injuries luckily.kily mass satisfy data leak panama based law firm revealed a worldwide tax evasion moneysi m laundering ring that allowedowed world leaders to hide funds in offshore counts that leakt l exposed more than 11 millionn 1n documents from hundreds ofs fr thousands of clients. the paper show some companies ci sheltered in tax havens beingin used for suspected moneyoney laundering also arms and drug
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deals.s. happening today a d.c. judg will rule on whether district ds voters will get to decide on a $15 an hour minimum last summer the former head ofdo d.c. chamber of commerce suedmec the board of elections after a they approved the measure. msu a judge ruled against the board in january and the board filed a motion to reconsider. r if the judge today reverses his decision the measure would behew allowed on the on thb recent poll found that 87% off d.c. voters approve the wageage olympic soccer star amy wambach apologizing this mornini after getting buffed for drivind under the influence.the influene she was arrested in oregon last night she importantly ran a redd light. she a field sobriety test anest breath test after her releaser a she took to facebook tooo t apologize saying in part "lastta night i was arrested for dui in portland after dinner at a friend' house. hou those no that know me know i kno have always demanded excellence from i have let myself down andf d others down. i take full responsibility for my actions. this is all on >> final al little
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big traffic mess on a californif bay bridge. brie. or california's bay bridge.ridg police stopped traffic to catchh a run away chihuahua it tookk officers about four tries to pick up the little guy, but they eventually got the dog wasn't hurt.'t hur the police are now trying toe nt track down his owner and for non the rescued animal has earn the name ponch eric he is sad toda today's character on the tv show chip.ip. >> that little dude has somelitt feet. fe >> they shut it down for theut f dog. >> for the little chihuahua. lit >> oh, my gosh.y g >> he was runnin running for the border.bord (laughter). >> how about a d.c. sibling rival real on the court in thert biggest court you can fine. tonight's ncaa championshipmphi game. we'll have the details when we t check in with the young keys aok little later.little later. >> major changes that could beeo coming to the area.a. colonelly that's the home of the rfk stadium.. we've got preview of today' as s announcement what it may mean for the redskins, caps and thene wizards as well. wl. time now 9:11.ow 9:11.
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aha! oof! weee!
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cinnamon. milk. cinna-milk. cinnamon toast crunch. crunch! crave those crazy squares. cinna-milk! ♪ >> 9:14. this morning we're talking aboul the future of rfk. >> as you know it's been abandoned for years but today we coul
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that prompt. promp this morning fox5's bob barnardd is joining us live fromrom northeast with the details. >> let's not say abandoned,oned, bock.bock d.c. united has successfullyssfu played there for many, many years but aside from that, not a lot has been happening there exception except for fewion concerts every once in awhile. . >> right. >> reporter: a college bowlge b game as w this is a memorial to robert f. kennedy who was presidentialde candidate when he wasidate h assassinated 48 years ago so it is the robert f. kennedyee memorial stadium.taum. former home of the washington wi redskins but if you take look, yeah, it's kind of fallingal apart, it's old, it would atould least need a facelift but you know what, the plans are reall reallied to something like tear this thing down. anybody interested in the potential redevelopment plans for the rfk stadium and its 190 acres here should go to thee d.c. convention center tonightit at 6:30 tonight.onight events d.c. is hosting an evente where they're going to show off basically six plans for thishi property along the anna
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ya river and east capitolitol industrial street next to theee d.c. armory.y. one of those would include a new pro football stadium and a possibly arena for the caps and wizards to play a dozen years ya from so now when their lease ate verizon zen wraps up. other plans would not include ae stadium but instead parks andnd playgrounds perhaps commercial development with shops andt wi restaurants.strants. d.c. mayor muriel bowser says s they just can't leave thisve t property the way it is. i we went along the h street stree corridor just a few minutes agos to ask people what they think. >> i feel like they're puttingtg shops and apartments and stufftm everywhere.enywhe so i feel like, um, they shouldl bring the skins back to d.c. >> bring the redskins back.sac >> is that what you'd like.. >> yeah.eah. (laughter). >> reporter: build them a newld stadium?adm? >> yes. >> reporter: get rid of the ride old.old. >> yup. >> they don't got to get riffedd old. old. just fix it up.. >> anything baud a stadium.dium stadium is only used five, six,, eight times a year. shopping, anything else, park even cou b
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and part of the neighborhood as opposed to just an eye sore. s >> park and playground would bel a good thing for it.. >> not new stadium for thehe football team?? >> got enough stadiums, don't dt we? >> reporter: you see opinions oi are divided here in the district as to what to do with this.hi. not only the stadium but 190 acres around again tonightgt if you're interested, head over to the d.c. convention center at 6:30 tonight.onight events d.c. hosting these evente they'll play out some of the plans that are being considered. guys?? >> interesting to see whatti people we put this out on on twitter.t. twitter poll if you'd like to lo vote go to fox5 twitter page and you'll fine the poll there. the so far, though, the majority off the people who have voted say they would rather see a stadium for the skins as opposed to another arena for the caps or c the wizards or, you know, some m things for families, kids, et cetera.. but, a lot of the people are pea commenting they would prefer toe not scenic sports related thereh at all. all. >> they want g
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>> well, i don't know what theon o'tptions are but it's zoned tht way that's zoned it has to beo e some type of, um, i guess either park space or -- >> recreational space. >> something. shing. >> it sound like it just doest d need to be something thatng tha everybody can use and not justus some big football company coming in there plot long down this nei stadium getting somebody else to pay 40 and then -- >> new field then. >> anything that the communitytt can have a part of. see, we pretend like theike community has a part in thesen t football teams.ball we really don't. d't. we pay to go. to g we pay to park. park. we pay to o it's really not ourr the benefit is all on the ownero >> when they win, we have hav community pride.prid >> we do. >> i know that when we win is a big caveat. >> hometown pride is worth a w a lot. >> let us know what you think.nk tweet us, hit us up on facebooko using the #gooddaydc.yd we'll share more throughout thet show as far as ideas. in the meantime
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off to los angeles without us. u it has replaced us with the cast of barbershop and he'll join us later on with what they have too see.see. >> i wonder if they took couple inches off the side as well. airlines are getting bettere at getting to you yourou destination at times. times however passenger complaints ars still surging. we'll tell you why coming upou w next. ♪ ♪
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>> surprise this morning fore baseball plans at reagan p national airport. if you're flying lat lanta lanta georgia where the nationals aret kicking off their season. aso four of the presidents were on hand to greet customers on amero flight to at land tam this isth not at the airport where you'rer seeing them. this is when they were auditio auditioning or trying outor t probably a getter word than wora audition. auditi it all started aboutll s 8:00 o'clock this morning.'clo the racing presidents are giving away signed merchandise ande tickets to future delta was recently named they ne official airline of the washington nationals. >> baseball season. sso >> um-hmm.>> >> every time i see them that'sa what i think i >> the run for the world series starts today. tay >> starts today. statoda >> all right. right >> no sarcasm in that. no in >> no, no, i'm being >> it does start. srt -- >> at least start the season'ths did you have. >> of course. next week -- >> i'm just kidding.t ki
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this story.this sto a new report finds that airlinei service is improving but customer satisfaction is at itsi lowest point in over a decade.. erin como joins us now live inin the loft and breaking this all l down for us why we're still complaining even though servicee barn system good.barn s >> that's right.ys>> better service but more complaints.ints something sounds a little offunt there. so let's take look at the statss and see how this all adds up. u the report found that percentagt of flights that arrived on timet rose to 80% last year. that's up from 76% in 2014.01 and the number of lot of bags also dropped much the reportepor also found that the rate of bagb lost, stolen or delayed droppedd to 10% last year. year but despite all this improvement the number of complaints jumped 34%. now that's the highest level lel since the two year 2000 sand. over 15 thousands complaintsomps were filed with theiled wh th transportation defendant last year. that's from 11,000 in 2014 and a know you
9:24 am
airlines had the most had tos complaints, right? well those e included spirit airlines and frontier airlines.s both had poor on time records rr and too many complaints aboutsbo fees.. despite being disgruntled moregn than 670 million peoplee including myself flew on u.s.. carriers last year.ea and we were talking and sayingg that we wonder if it's just jus there's more complaints or morer people are filing them onlinemnn now since it's easier.r >> i think both.nkh >> yeah.>>eah. probably. >> i would say both. w >> i think we complain by w nature. tu >> right. >> even when things are good, wg find something to complain abo about. >> especially when you'reia traveling usually it's for something exciting,ll vacation o trip you want to get there and nobody wants to sit on thesi on runway for few hours or dealingi deal with lost baggage.agge i've done that b it's not fun. f >> not a fun thing.. >> eye agreed. aee i personal val had more delays this year than any years i canrc remember.reme >> oh really? >> you fly everywhere. >> same amount of flights.ount . just more delays.ore deys >> jet setting steve. >> exactly.xa. >> okay. >> not a lot of flights. fghts jusmo
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>> still ahead, the stars of two upcoming reality shows. s one a wounded warrior helping people take their lives around. the other cooling up can you kelly row land. l >> fresh start for the national washington and the big dance d ends tonight.ight >> more weather changes on then way, too. tucker will be back with all thi details and we'll tell you wherw you can hug a news person today. 9:25. 9:25.
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he's begun forgetting words. forgetting where he lives. but when the day comes when he forgets who i am, i'll still know who he is. the first time we said i love you we didn't use words. we simply held each other's hands. we still are. i lost my dad to alzheimer's. preventing alzheimer's is within our grasp. let's double the budget of nih and get it done. i'm david trone and i approve this message.
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>> i dreamed again about heram last night.ed that dream we're in bed and they fly in threw the window. (laughter). >> all right.>> a wow. it was the worst kept secret in springfield now it's a secrett officially no longer.r spoiler alert for anyone whoho didn't watch last night's nig episode of the simpsons. sons after nearly three decades inecs the closet, whalen schmitters mr. burns loyal assistant cametc out as gay.ay. and the back story behind why ii a good one.ooone episode was inspired by the coming out of the 21-year-old song of long time writer -- son long time writer rob.e he toll the new york post that he could think of no
9:29 am
to tell his gay son he loved him than by writing a cartoon aboutt it. last night's episode schmitterst realized his boss will never be returned so homer tries to helpl him find a few love interest. >> i thought they had already done this.done t >> i thought they had, t >> that's why it was the kept k worse secret.ecre everybody already knew he wasa gay. >> i thought they had likey had reveal aw ago.e ago >> so did i.>> so i >> apparently not.>> >> i thought it was old >> it is nice of the writer to do that.t. >> absolutely.olutel >> it's more amazing how long has that show been on. >> 20 odd years.ea >> i thought it was even over oe 25. 25 >> it might be. >> it'>>s on a long >> all right. 9:29. 9:29. that's about tucker barnes tenure here at fox5, right?ig >> it's start ting to feel thata way. wa am ion? thank you.hank you >> we heard that, don't worry. >> good. >> we just didn't reaction. rct let's all. isn't let's go to
9:30 am
a lot of change changes. cng first it will be warm and not sn much this afternoon tonight. ton much colder air will rush inl ri here behind a frontal system. 59 in 58 in annapolis. 5555 57 in baltimore talk about the a orioles home opener atr 3:00 o'clock today. in just a second as i'm fearinga there may be some rain showersra for that game this afternoon. all right. there's your wind speeds out of the south and west. at about 21.ut 2 you can see the wind direction i there and the wind speeds and ss we'll have the winds that willtw pump in that warmer temperaturem for the time being.ei but behind a cold front which will slide in during mid to latl afternoon winds will quickly ank bruntly shift out of the northth west and very gusty tonight.onig not the 60 or 70 miles per hourh winds we had this weekend w however we will likely see windw gusting maybe 25, 30, 35 miles i per hour later today. sunshine, clouds will start towt filter in here pretty quick. qck rain showers out to our northurh all morning long and these willw sag down into our region mid to late afternoon that's why again
9:31 am
kick off there home opener att 3:00 o'clock there may be someam showers and heads up here takeae umbrella because all of us will likely see -- experience showerr activity in that time framet tim right in time for rush hour unfortunately might be a rumblem of thunder as a front comes aa r through and much colder airolder rushes in behind it and then be winds pick up in the wake of we that front later this afternoonn ton hey, it could be worse. worse new york i think steve just s j mentioned canceled yankees yke canceled their home openere o because conditions are not ideai to say the least.ea up in boston good thing theyhint don't have opener they'rerhe getting three to 6-inches ofnchf snow later today as it just iss not feel like baseball weatherlh across the upper midwest and mid lander here later this afternoor ton night with very colderyol temperatures in place for thepl very cold being. future cast, rain showers, thert we are at 3:00 o'clock.o'oc worse of the rain will movell mv through quickly between abouteno three, five, 6:00 o'clock:0 tonight could be an in additiont to rain showers thunderstormhu activity. a rumble or two of thunder and a it will quickly i was push off h to the south and east. et. we'll clear out tonight e
9:32 am
you earlier we have a freeze warning for the entire area byab early tomorrow just about everybody is going to wake up to morning temperaturess tomorrow right around freezely.z if you put away the coat for the year, i'd haul it back out forkf this wee it will be chilly.hi 70 today. that's our warm one this week. 50 tomorrow and our overnightven low early tomorrow morning again right around freezing then our daytime high only 50.nly do little bit of wednesday.ay. right now thursday our next nex frontal system comes through t with shower activity that's the' nationals home opener.. doesn't look great i'm sorry about that. and then very cold weather forer next wnd. highs only about 50 by saturdayt with lots of sunshine.unin so we're kicking off the month t of april really after today on n chilly note with daytime highs below normal here the rest ofes the week. w rain this afternoon between bete three and 6:00.0. quick moving but we'll likely l wet the roadways for the evenini rush hour that kind of thing,ofg guys.ys. >> back to you.>> b >> despite what tucker is sayinu about the cold weather coming uu our way it is opening day forniy baseball. opening day for the washington o nationals. they'll be in atlanta today
9:33 am
once expectations for the nats s high. the big dance coming to an end.. ville notify van unc. let's turn to the sports junki junkies. what's up, guys.what >> good morning. >> i want to talk bout nats anda basketball i want to throw i was curve ball, though, or in the spirit of the in caa a free we were talking earlier aboutine there's this meeting to night tn try to determine what to do witi the rfk stadium site in the future. do they put in a new stadium fof the skins, some fog wore the wiz and caps, park and soccer socce fields. fields. >> that was a curve ball.was >> i think ultimately, yorks gos an answer for you. forou >> redskins can move out ofn veo landover and take that spot i'm cool with the new stadium anddia the moat and everything. >> i think it would be amazing.l just get them back into d.c.k id if you can find a way to doay that, and personally keep thekp team name, that's the homerun. n the problem is that's going to be the issue. that will be the sticking pointi >> build another casino, ste
9:34 am
>> there you go.>>re y >> absolutely.. >> everyone can enjoy.can enjoy. >> that's right. >> for you nude need casino that has a sports book in it in d.c.c >> we can make that happen. >> every casino should have aouv sports book.orook >> that's my opinion. >> i agree with that. a that's a conversation we'll savo that one for the next day. let's talk villanova big game tonight.. unc about two, 2.5 favorite ini this game. do they win or does villanova va come out like they did against n oklahoma again?ga >> well, if they come out likeol they did against oklahoma then t unc is going to lose. lose. i think all of us tend to favorv north carolina because they'rest the most talented team andeaan throughout the tournament they've look the most impressivm to me. to >> no way jenkins and heart anda archie and all those guys can cn just keep banging threes likeees they did against oklahoma. carolina has annal let tim. tim they did good job againstinst syracuse on saturday night against the zone getting thezone ball in the middle of the lane i think their size and their t lender they'll cause problemsllo for
9:35 am
not going to shoot what they the shot in the oklahoma game.ahomag i like unc by five to seveno sen points.poin >> i'm going to waffle here.o w. earlier i picked carolina.a. i'm going to switch myy allegiance now -- now - >> all right. that's what i like to hear.t >>i they've been disrespectedse throughout the tournamenthouthet because of fire failures of ge t getting deep nncaa tournamentoum much look what they've done in the tournament. blasting teams, blasted iowa ouu of the building. they did the same thing withhe oklahoma. s especially if i were get bettinb man i would take villanovanova tonight plus the points.heoi the guy to watch out for is f chris jenkins, right? jason mentioned he's performed reallya well.ll. gonzaga kid i hate to mention t that the truth he's a good fromd the dc area from gonzaga highzah school if he has another big bib game that bodies very well for villanova tonight. tonight >> i just want a good dame.ooam the games on saturday wereaturda horrible.ib i jut want a good nationald n championship. >> that was the worst final fouf in history. hto >> i agree. a >> here's the thing.ere' yore's what you have to payt attention to.nt
9:36 am
everybody in the tournament.y it so has north carolina. so there's no way that villanova is going to shoot that high of a percentage again.gain >> right.>>ight >> i'm not saying whose going tt win. win. >> i'm just saying. i'm >> i tend to agree with you. y not going to shoot 71%. inevitable let down.northrt carolina has to play well, too.t that's a big state. ste. the entire world will be you got 18, 19, 20-year-oldye-o kids. how did they respond to that? a they might be tight. big it's very possible. possible. >> if you just watch that game a on saturday night carolina plays above the rim. tim they're so long and so athletic. bryce johnson when he goes upwh for a board his neck is aboveve the rim.e r >> right. >> same with jackson same with w meeks all these guys are so bigo and long they'll get a lot of o second and third.hi >> one thing we do we'll have some local connections no matteo which team wins. >> real quick. nats first game do night down in at land t ciarrocchi on theia mount. will he get another no hitterno sat some point this
9:37 am
>> yes.>>es. >> i say yes. >> i'm i would bet another noo hitter. the fact he had two last year unheard.unhe >> nolan ryan now.>> n >> i want him to stay healthy.. >> stay healthy pitch 220, 240 0 innings if you can. c. keep your era low.. get 16, 18 wins. w that's more important thannt thn anyone particular game.. >> zimmerman and rendon to staya health theme you need them in the lineup 135, 140 nights thisi season.on if that can happen, and bryce ad plays like he played last year, like the mvp season he had, youy got to like this team's chance.a >> what will be the wacky bit? b they're not doing the chocolatea syrup this year, steve.te what are they going to do afterr big games, after late innings heroics.ics. >> they don't have the chocolate they're taking away all the fun. >> i like the fact they're nothn plastered all over the magazinez and expected to make this big t world series run because now wew might actually have a shot. >> exactly. >> it might be good the pressuro is on the mets. of course the mets got
9:38 am
bad start last night.. matt harvey lost against kansas >> their ace already lost >> thanks, guys. t talk to you soon. junkies 106.7 the fans. f >> because he wouldn't go to the bathroom.bathro >> he did have that issue in i preseason. >> time now is 9:38. tno still ahead in the fox beatox b kevin sits down with the cast oo barbershop the next cut. c he'll join us live from la coming up next.
9:39 am
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what's going on, home hungry black folks? who wants wan non-profit gangster grub. soul food to save fools souls.l. >> ever delicious beef of beat helps keep a bullet off the street.. >> did she just say fleek.le >> don't make up words. wor there's a whole dictionary fulll of words. words there's library down the streets go in there and flip through thh dictionary.d you what and the won't see fleek in there nowhere. nowre >> don't worry that. i got dopey greens in theres t you're going to love them.oio they so good.oo >> that's a clip from barbershoo the next cut.xt c the third movie in theie the barbershop series. we sat down of course with threh of the stars right here in thein loft last month. month kevin wasn't here that day buttb of course he wanted to chance to talk to them he flew all the way to la to do it and that's where he is live e this morning. morni hey, kev.y, kev >> reporter: good morning,or holly.holly what's funny the day you guys h
9:42 am
entertainer and regina hall in studio awed barbershop chair inh the studio. and i think -- again i can't i c confirm this but when i got tont los angeles for the interviews yesterday, there were barbershop chairs all set up.. they had whole barbershop sethop up. i got a little haircut yesterdad during my press junket so i'm wondering if maybe we gave themt the idea for that. t they might have stolen that frot us holdly. >> i think we just go with it.o i think we confirm it right now. >> i agree. a >> the name of the movie isof te barbershop. >> wis, wis, wis. shh. >> far be it for me to be stucks in reality.lity >> snip it. speaking of of bab i'll let it go.i'et >> the movie itself obviouslyf v opens up april 15th call the next the third film. the first film came back ine ack 2000 wolf by the way interestini little piece of information. regina hall who studio with usot she used to work at the amc mazda gallery next to our o she told sold tickets andd kets popcorn. when she came in town to d.c. tc
9:43 am
they was doing the premier at aa movie theater she used to work w at when she was in high school.. >> wow. >> that is insane. >> just shows your dreams canam come true. that's it? >> i totally agree. agree i sat down with ice cube i c yesterday and cedric they an ced entertainer to talk about thisbt film and one of the things ie tg wanted to know back when the first ones came out how much ofc the actual haircutting andting styling are they actually doing onset but also ice cube his son was in straight out at a comptom last year i wanted to know whenw you're raising kids as an actor and you make r rated movies or r parental advisory music, when dd you let your kids see your r y rater material? check this out. >> how much of the haircutting and styling is actually actua happening onset? are you --ou - because there's a shot you shave a guy's head a little bit. b >> i mean those parts are, you know, but you know you do a do a little thing where you just hide everything back hyped the head. >> oh. >> you don't have to see it.'t s you just hide your han
9:44 am
i don't want to mess up nobody d hair. you know what i mean? we acting, but, we look good. >> one little bootleg trainingta for barbershop one.hop o that was barbershop one. one sips then we've been off ourn oo acting abilities ever so i wouldn't say the sit down and in either one much our muc chairs if that was the case. >> eddie i'm always messing upp people's hairs.airs. >> compton is one of my favoritr movies i've seen a in a longn a time. your son was bile 80 in a film.a i always wanted to do that.. you made r rated movies friday,a the music you made was parentall advisory.visory. at what point part in your son's life did you let him lesson toso those things.e t >> let him. i walked in one day he had thead whole friday collection on, thee songs. songs. i'm like man ya'll going througu ice cube history. histo you know, they took it upon they own.ow which is fine, you know, they ty me was at a cool age and then i was able to kick and watch it with them and explain it to thee and run it by them and i just i think that's what you need toee
9:45 am
you know, you can't be fake with your kids. k you know, they know when you you lying. they know when you, you know,w, just telling them good parentdar answer and not giving them the t real because not -- most of the time one of they dumb friendsb s then told them the real beforete they come tell you or talk to ol you about it they're looking for to be real. if you're not, you actually yout going to lose some ground with so the thing is, it's better for to you show them for you to be the one month expose them to all the crazy stuff so you can so explain it to them better than their friends who are going too mess their head up. u so i just started to have that e kind of relationship, and it's worked. >> i got deep parenting advicetv from ice cube there.e t i guess in couple of years whena i have kids, i'm going to haveoi to use that.tose actually reall really interesteg to be truthful with your with children so they know they'reth' not being fake.ak that was interesting advice as a parent. >> very sound advice.dv >> tell your kids the truth, t
9:46 am
>> yeah.>> y >> tell your kids the truthurs h haven't barbershop in place where they're talking about thee barbershop.. >> oh, with dom.h, >> i'm done, kevin.evin i'm done. >> all right. a the movie opens up on april 15th. i'll have more from the castcast including common and eve and cedric the entertainer and morer from anthony anderson more fromr the cast next week ton night i'm going to the world premier of the jungle book i'm very excitec about that. john photograph row will behoto there as well as lupita and the rest of the cast inn clueing sam am me. that's tonight in hollywood onwd hollywood boulevard and all ofld that tomorrow morning right herr on fox5. h back to you. >> by the way like your hair k it looks really good.. >> it's funny i actually got mym haircut last week in d.c..c. yesterday they trimmed me up. m i'm sitting in the the guy gave me nice littleli trim. it was awesome.weso >> oh, kevin, you always haves hair people when you travel ande jet set like that. t you don't fool us. >> you should have gotten
9:47 am
day shaved in the side of yourid head. >> next time. >> thanks, guys.>>nk >> bye-bye.-bye >> time now 9:46. coming up guilt free ice cream.. what? you can make right in mrg your own kitchen.wn kitch we'll show you how.ou how that's coming up next. up next.
9:48 am
9:49 am
9:50 am
♪ all right. we are in the good day kitchenit and if you have a sweet toothweo that just won't be denied ouried next guest has advice op how tow make desserts and other sweetert treats that actually good for you. i did say good for you. ashley cough a registeredtere dietician.ian. you may remember her fromremembo appearances on the loft and onnd dr. oz show.. ho we're making guilt free iceilt cream and smoothie bowls. >> good morning to you.d >> i hear ice cream there's nmon way this is healthy. >> write it off, right.. >> the first thing when the comes to health and ingredients. i can going to turn this off sof we can hear. h quantities does matter.tioes mat guilt free does not mean that dn you can get -- eat a ton.on >> i'm glad you're clarifying. . can i have this entire thing. tg >> exactly. exactly. >> no. >> the interesting thing i created this one for clients who could not have dairy who arey a having some digestive issues.
9:51 am
syndrome. >> one in six americans. >> yeah.eah crazy. i used real peppermint oil great for the digestion i used fresh mint in there cashews if you if have any nut allergies we can swap it out and use coconut milm i got to tell you one much migh have favorite tools for springi summer. all we're talking about 20 to 25 minutes.te >> wow. >> all these ingredients inhesee there. >> i put it all in there. the if you want to even do like an l official you can do it that way or -- or >> let me taste m this is mint chocolate chip. chi i turn it a couple minutesein sooner f i wan wanted it thickek would leave it on earlier. eli >> it's super pressure.e >> ingredients. >> there was research thates continually comes out thatt there's concerns about all hell have these binders and reallynda are asking me what to hey soy. y it really wasn't about what youu avoid. avoid. it's what you we focus on that part.t. the great part everybody likes ice cream flavored differently.e if y
9:52 am
your chocolate ice cream you cam throw it in there.thro you can mate how you want to hoo make it at home really fun toeal involve the kids, too. if you have young child they cad turn this on it's really safe. takes really easy on your part.p >> this is not the only treatnle you can make at home. you're talking about smooth these also.the al we've heard about smooth these. when you're working out or on a kick i'm going to have smoothiet you're saying this can be athis treat and make it very healthy.. >> two things happen along thene way with smooth these. sse people start to realize we canae drink really quickly and/or your get that freeze headache.each >> right. >> or we just decided we missed actually using a spoon and spo sitting there and going that way. i like the spoon and do that foa my clients you go a little bitib slower. >> i had never thought a thoht smoothie like -- you're saying n smooth knee in bowl.smoo >> this is one of the biggestneo f trends where this started irt don't knowed if you've heard the ross i.e. but that's not so easilyoas so i use frozen organic berriesi we have blueberries anderries a ra
9:53 am
one of the key things here i'm using a greek yogurt but you'llu notice i'm actually -- it'sy i empty because it's already inusr here i'm using a whole milk greek yogurt that will give me m the thickness but fat is back ii a good way. >> okay.>> o >> we want to get the milk ass it's found in name and then one of things to thick kent up this is actually a blend of hempemp seeds, cho ya seeds and oats.ndt >> okay. time out. o will i taste that in my food. >> you're like i don't want thaa part interesting thing i did i i put it in water and you actually let that sit for about 10bout 1 minutes. >> oh. >> you can do it the night d before. we have a video of it oneo instagram if you want to see iti it looks tota totally not like l anything want to eat.ythi in here it looks delicious.elics what that does, it pulls the the water together. t >> like a binder almost.ost. >> thickening it it will feellee thicker for you and you get the bowl consistency.sicy all that great fiber had willat help you feel full.. hemp seeds are a source ofeedsra protein so we've got the protein frominf the yogurt but the protein fromf the hemp seeds. see
9:54 am
you're not gorging on the and tire thing. let's not -- just because yearsy eating healthy doesn't mean youn can eat the whole thing.hi >> this is one serving. svi you could blown could bli we don't probably need to blendn it many. here's the really fun part.t >> i'll cheat and use the spoons i used before.used >> sure. i do have my handy dandy spoon over here a great thing to haveh in your kitchen. your kitch helps you get to the bottom ofom everything much this is oneng m serving. okay. >> this is one serving? >> wow that's deal pope.ea pop >> one of my favorite things i i is -- go ahead. hmm. >> you're not -- again you'reou tasting all of the fresh ingredients. i dave the berry.i i don't taste the oatsda and --a >> each piece, right. right >> i don't taste all of that. ot >> what do i feel like doing? d say i want chocolate the keyey thing was it's going the magnesium in there great for --r >> dark chocolate.cote >> it's dark chocolate when youe mix it in here you get the get t sweetness so what makes darkes d chocolate milk, milk and some sweetness.tness. >> right. >> actually when you mick iten c here you've got th
9:55 am
and it will come together.oghe >> this is you could do wherever your imagination takes you.ou. >> absolutely. >> with the ice cream and theic >> great part part about thisbot there are things put ings i processed foods that are totally fine for us. it's not an alarm on that part p but it's when we usually use the whole food ingredients and our kitchen it becomes simple to hee will join the things we all toet have all spring and summer longn >> i love when you do this youed can show your kidso , listen, f, can be healthy and >> right. >> and fun. >> yeah. you don't have them on thisheont cycle if it tastes good it's goi to be bad for me. me >> they shall know it takes a bit to make ice cream. cre >> you have to go through the gg work of it and saying ---- >> they're me. how much does this cost. this c >> i'm bought it online aboutut $60.$6 >> i have had -- this is one ofo my absolute favorites and i i'vi had it tested out some of thee t less expensive ones that you t kind of do this with that didn'd work so well he is he specials p whole you add certain things ini there and you can use it for --r you don't have to unites for ice cream you can do frozen
9:56 am
you can do -- do -- >> it makes quite a bit.t makes >> it does. >> this is delicious way to delt start the ashley could have thank you sohy much. see you next time.. >> i hope you get to enjoy some. it will be here for thehe 10:00 o'clock hour. h we'll start with a couple a cou accident took place of icent cream. t works for me.s for >> thank you.nk you. >> thank you. >> great way to start the hour.r >> looks good. looks once the hour gets started maybe you know him as us hammeramme veteran maybe from the cover of men's health magazine maybe ah a little show called dancing withi the stars.etars or maybe a brand new show on fo fox. either way noah galloway hasas done all those things by the wat and he'll join us here coming ug next hour. hou >> and both know i have huge hag affection for you, right? >> but -- >> today i might even show itige because you know what, it is hu a news person day. d but listen we actually zen out tucker and erin they're on the n streets in search of hugs. o h give them a little love. l we're going to check in withh them and see how that's all i'm a little nervous about it. >> first though it is coffee time on good day d.c. if want one of the ne
9:57 am
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>> 10a all over the hottestll o stories this >> taylor thank you and the biebs hair trending after ones n award show, plus, a soccer star arrested and batman versusn v superman versus theater goers. >> he's an army sergeant turnedd motivational even been on dance wig the stara and now ready to star in fox's american grit. know what al away live in thehe loft. >> she's a local singer goingr g after her dream.
10:01 am
part of bet's chasing destiny.ny will she make kelly roland all a new girl group? she's here li live. and sizzle this spring.zz what is hot right now we'll find out in our live fashion >> that is a lot to start thertt week with. the 10a starts right now.ow >> our stomachs are so happy we got good digestive -- >> this is the breakfast offa o champions right here.pions >> i'm telling you. >> you have on the same -- se >> are we wearing the same outfit. no. >> french connection.. >> they both have stripes on thi side. >> those are -- thanks forsor bringing it up.. >> as we eat. e >> we have stripes and circles. >> stripes and circles. >> a lot to get to on the show.o we've got a good show plan tod today. >> performance coming from talented local person who wehoe hope goes very far.
10:02 am
>> we have also have -- >> know what galloway coming in the loft.of >> he's done a lot with hisis young life. >> thanks for staying with usfo for the 10a today.od i'm steve alongside holly,ol, maureen and wisdom. wdom. >> we've been talking about thit all morning long.on today is your chance to show uss a little love.little come on in. o bring it in tight. >> it's national hug a newsnatin person day.. >> to celebrate erin and tuckerc hanging out in northwest desperate for attention.en harassing people i hear walkingg and look who they wrangled. wrae good morning, you g >> hey. we got hugs already. >> >> what's your name? >> can i have a hug? >> yay! >> you like that? see youee y later. la >> thank you. >> all right. >> i'm feeling a little bit sads >> gave you a nice hug before hf left. >> he was on a business call.. >> super sweet. swe hug a news person day.n day so far so good.oo >> we
10:03 am
but he was training and kind ofn ran away.ran aw >> he gave us a quick hug.. shopperred on the back of mythe leg. he was super sweet.erwe >> on my >> we loved him.>> w he was amazing. amazi we're on wisconsin of a of a northwest right outside the the station.stat come on by.y. wisdom said he got 45.ot so far we're at three. tee we'll be creeping up too competition, wis.ion, w >> i'll get on metro bus andoneo just start hugging everybody.dy maybe that will tie me up realll fast. i see people coming this way. tw we'll see if we can enticent viewers to document and saydocu hello. hell we love it. if you're in northwest northwe washington come out and say hiay to us.s give us a hug.a hug if you encounter news people,eol give them a hug. them i put on this jacket thinking ii would be a lot >> we'll go down and talk to t these moving guys see if weee i can't get them to hug us. i'll bet this guy will hug us. u >> you can always hold each alw other.other. >> erin was at three but they tt lose point for the guy that just ran away. >> bolted out >> he was on the phone.e was onp >> they are hugging each other.. >> there you go.>> >> keep your
10:04 am
>> all right. >> oh, man. >> four minutes past the hour. r here's some of the top storiesoo that you are engaging withre en socially on real time news te n tracker this morning. mni marcus vick the former virginiai tech quarterback who played onee game in the nfl arrested overteo the weekend down in newportewpo news, virginia he face at lot of charges including assaulting aan law enforcement officer. o that's all we know right nowe about the more information foabrou you asn as we can. closer to home fox5 has beeb all over this big trending trein story. three people stabbed after ale t fight in martini's restaurantesr and lounge in prince george's ig county. this happened overnight aboutovt 2:00 o'clock this morning. morng just as that restaurant whichhi apparently turns into a club onu sunday nights closed. clod the injuries we are told now not considered to be serious.erus also, police in dc need youd help finding a skate-year-oldd man who is missing moreor troubling, he's been gone for six but disappearance was onlyas recently repor reported.. dr. joe medicine crow the lastol of the planes indians chiefs has
10:05 am
crow who famously war war paint be 19 his world war ii uniformfo given the presidential medal ofo freedom in 2009.n009. he recently pass aid way at the age of 102. >> wow. and finally, female pilots from initial world war ii unit may ii fact be able to be buried at arlington cemetery after all.fta we recently profiled ad controversy over policies tos keep them out.hemut now a bill is moving through the senate to try to change that. t >> good for them. the >> let's talk about basketball.. college basketball. the ncaa tournament marchar madness coming to an end tonig tonight. but not before two brothers with local ties go head to head for r the very first time in theirhe careers. now, let's start off talking about north carolina nate britte and villanova chris jenkins. jei they are brothers by blood but britt's family actually adopted jenkins about 10 years ago. a the pair played on the same s youth teams and they both ty bo attended gonzaga high school inl d.c. and tonight they'll facee off for the n
10:06 am
championship.chpionsh the last time that unc and villanova played they met in tht final four back in 2009. north carolina won that game ane went on to win the national nio title. tle. villanova trying to win it's i second national title in schooll history but the tar heels areees favored by two points and going for sixth national championshipi tip off for tonight 9:00 p.m. >> that is so hard for theirhe parents.s. right?? >> it's cool.oo >> oh, man. m. what anguish. a >> treat everybody equally.very >> you know you have to consoleo one and celebrate the other.the. >> yeah. >> i think. >> it's an amazing story.mazi so not only that, just think about how many basketball players drud this area.rea. villanova roll represented.nt. daniel ochefu from baltimore bao playing with villanova a study u at center and hart from the sins very springs area we had to side well friends much this area isra rich with basketball talent.t. >> who are you pulling for. pulg >> north carolina.ola >> villanova. >> north carolina. northolin >> doesn't care. >> north carolina.
10:07 am
>> villanova. let's go wildcats. >> winner take all. wner ta when we talk badminton, it's on. >> hilarious. >> i thought cricket was your ct sport. >> hours away speaking of sportt from the opening of the of th nationals baseball season. today nats ace matt scherzercher gets the start after a season he through not one but two noo hitters. steven strausburg will pitch thh second game of the year oname oa wednesday.wednesday. manager dusty baker has yet toht determine who will throw in thursday's home opener. now, today's game in atlanta starts at 4:00 o'clock. look at this picture. >> i reposted this on my own my face bike i enjoyed looking atog it so much. s this is a shot that bryce harper -- of bryce harper andpe the team on the way to atlanta. harm per actually posted thiste photo to his own instagramnstagm yesterday. so far it has myeore than 36,000 likes. >> a lot of people googlingglin sunglasses.sunglass >> not too shabby. >> that's good looking team right there. >> that is.. >> among other things..
10:08 am
>> all right.>> allight olympic soccer star abby wambaca apologize fog are getting busteb under driving under the influence.e she reported ran a red light. lt she failed a field sobriety tess and breathalyzer after herr af release she took to facebook to apologize. last night i was arrested for di in portland after dinner at a friend' house. hse. knows that know me know i always demanded for excellence ofxcle myself down wonders down.nders w i take full responsibility foriy my actions much this is all on n me. >> taylor swift, well, she stolo the show again this year at thee i heart radio awards. ard not only did she win threeinhr awards, but her boyfriend, boyie calvin harris, he took home somm hardware as well.s w taylor won awards for female fem artist and album of the year. she also claimed best touresto honors for her 1989 world tour. during her acceptance speech shc thanked her boyfriend from thehe stage calvin harris wouldn't wld dance artist of the year.. >> she had pretty fierce out
10:09 am
she looked awesome.. justin beiber who perform at tha show also making entertainment headlines.s beiber was awared male artist os the year after his song with djj won song of the year. take look at his h i mean you probably look at it. your eyes are not deceiving youu he is indeed sporting dreadg drd locks. demi lovato and meghan trainoror performed.d the show was held at the forumhf in englewood. i don't love his dread locks. ls i'll go ahead and say it. aay i don't love them. the >> he's trying different things. >> what do you think, wis?nk, wi >> ya'll are funny. >> justin beiber story trying to get me all rialed up.iale >> he had his shirt on.e had but his pants were about to fall >> remember pants on the groundt >> feel like a fool.. >> that's what justin beiber just did. d almost on the >> another american idol class classic. >> country music biggest on one stage last night in las vegaseg for
10:10 am
music awards.wards. jason aldeen won the top award d the country star said he didn'th think it was in the cards foras him to within e intertainer of f luke bryant usually wins it.anul looks like the cards had other h he beat out bryant and mirandadr lambert for the award. chris stapleton the big winner n of the he cleaned um. cle album, song, mail vocalist and new male company vocalist of the year. year. >> the pop of the pageantry continued throughout night.ight. >> dolly parton.olly >> love me some somlly. >> entertaining match with dolld parton and katie perry. >> okay, katie what's going on.. >> that's one where you kind ofh have to learn from the master,es right?t? >> yeah. >> it's a theme. >> you have to give dolly the gt spotlight even though you mayn t have have a lot more twitter twr followers. dries in the bright sparkly b costume, big hair, high bootsigt they performed some of dolla dot jokes
10:11 am
>> blake shelton jumped on stage during bryant's performance.rmce everybody having a little bit og fun. >> it was a fun award show.. i hear miranda lambert stepped e out with her new beau.u. >> who is her new beau. b >> i don't know his name but heh is cute.ute. >> she made sure blake saw her. >> and she look good. and she l how do you like me now? former destiny child singer kelly row land putting together an all new girl group for the bet show bet chasing destiny. she'll join us live and and performing. >> looking forward to that. for hollywood super star gettinget divorced. iggy walks the red carpet sociao security she still wearing her h engagement ring? that's thein h question. we actually have the photo and taylor swift's bodyguard is not having we explain. expin celebrity dish coming up next.g.
10:12 am
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♪ oh, my gosh. g that is so funny. ♪ >> dread locks, got the shirt off.of >> are you trying to rhyme? r isn't i love that.. >> he's doing awry mick. >> remixing with beiber. >> dread locks, shirt always off, tattoos a
10:15 am
chasing women, getting drunk. du >> pants on the ground. >> don't you guys have celebritb dish to do?dish >> you know what -- a little with. with. >> time now 10:15.10:. >> thank you steep for being onb my >> maureen i'm with you. >> we need to move on. >> good day celeb did the dish. let's talk about batman versuss sun peer man they met cryptonitn over the weekend better bad reviews, super hero saga took ak big tumble at the box office. oc hauled in $52 million friday too sunday good enough for first for place but that's a skate% drop d from its opening weekendee earnings. so far the movie earned about $262 million domestic klee. kle analysts say it's still too soon to deem it a success or failureu i thought it was pretty good. gd >> i think the first weekend wed deemed it a success. >> right?>> right? >> kevin said it has to make $900 million.00 mil a that point they make a profiti unite now they're still sort ofo breaking even. en. >> wow. all right. rig zane flows
10:16 am
direct. so why that's funny state to tho top of the charts.has. former boyfriend member solo debut album mind of mind isind i number one on the billboardlboa charts. ch sold more than 150,000 units att its first week out and get this, there has not been a britishri male singer to hit number one on the american charts since george michaels did it with faith back in 1988.988. >> what? w? >> i had no idea.. >> wow.>> >> george michael -- he's lookso a little george michael in that video.deo. >> good for him. for h >> george michael is on anotherr level at the time.he t >> we know you're a big fan. bif >> that's right.>> that's >> i knoriw. >> careless whipper. car everything she wants.el >> i undererytstand.nderstand. >> everything she needs.rythin >> uh-huh.. >> we need to you move on. (laughter). >> next up it canker's legaleg battle with sony.h s she took to instagram to showho she was offered her freedom if we were to lie about being abo b raped. she made it clear she's
10:17 am
amenable to such a deal withealw this selfie an caption i got g offered my freedom if i were tot lie i would have to apologize publicly and say i never got got raped. this is what happens behind bin closed doors. d. i will not take back the truth. i would rather let the truth t ruin my career than lie for a monster ever again. kesha has filed paper work to at appeals court re-examine february's court decision thatit keeps her locked in her contract with sony and dr. luke. dr. l some sad news out of sadews hollywood this morning.orng drew barry more and her husbands of three years are going theiroe separate ways. ws. the two have two little girls together.togeer. released this statement tostat people magazine, sadly ourad family is separating legally l although we do not feel thiseelt takes away from us being as a family divorce might make one m feel like a failure butaire eventually you start to find f grace in the idea that life goes on. the statement addresses theirhe bea
10:18 am
children are our universe and wd look forward to living the restt of our lives with them as the first priority. >> all right. drew barry more struggled in heh relationship much i think that's like her third husband. hba >> might be fourth.h. >> yeah. >> let's talk about this.abouthi haters take note. because iggy is a azalea hit the red carp at the i heart radiotio move sick awards last night.astt it was her first public pub appearance since fiance' nick young swaggy pete allegedly alld cheating confession and while ai nick wasn't there, her engagement ring now in a red carpet interview ii before the award show iggy alluded her turbulent 2015 inspired her to write her next single team. >> we don't know what goes on behind close i hope success for them iff they're both happy.thap reality star caitlyn jennern is taking a crack at scriptedte television.
10:19 am
cast of the amazon streamingng series transparent.ranspare the show's creator jill, brokelb the news in an interview at thet glad media awards over thever weekend no word yet whathat jenner's character will be.cterl >> is thi-- this is a made up u show? because it says scriptede it has to be made up. >> it's scripted show.t's sced >> it's one like -- wontons anda tons of awards.wa >> is that right?ht >> jeffrey tam bore is the stars he play as transgender.nsgeder >> okay. >> i would think -- i could be b wrong but i would think caitlynn jenner would placate lynn lynn jenner. >> you never know. y >> you don't know.ou we'll see.we interesting to toee >> okay. let's talk about taylor swift'ss bodyguard. because the bodyguard takes hisk job very seriously.iously taylor swift her victoria secret angel friend lilly and her and h daughter hit disney landy l yesterday from what you're aboue to see the ay hit up one of thef parks roller coaster and enjoyed themselves.emse tailor's bodyguard veryer unimpressed.essed of course, the picture quicklyly went viral and people beganegan posting their own tag lines for
10:20 am
like taylor swift's bodyguard is all of us forced to go somewherw we don't want to. or when you're tailor swift'srwi bow guard and she goes to disney but having fun wasn't in yourn u job description.ipon >> he's got a job to do.t a j t. >> i think it's more the ladderd you know what i mdeean? mea >> kind of like are you seriousu about his job.abouhis he's all business.'s allusin >> he's like i'm going get on'mg here but i'm still in bodyguard mode. mode i don't get paid to smile.idsmie >> once that ride starts if re r there's somebody thate's successfully can get to her to h during a moving rollerr coaster --coaster >> that's impressive.hat's impre >> even more impressive.vere imp >> he also knows that all ofso o those roller coasters these days have the ability to takeoak pictures he's just staying int a his role. you see what i'm saying. saying. >> there you go.>> tre y >> yeah. >> hmm.>> hmm. finally, what many thought wasus an april fool's day joke turne r out to actual be the real thing. guns and roses fans will get to see the band play for just $10. >> what? >> fans in la weighted in longnl lines to score the tickets.ickes the surprise reunion gig will feature act sell rose, flash and dust, part of the non inth
10:21 am
lifetime tour. t guns and roses will also play at the cho cello festival thiss month.moh. they're tour begins june 23rd j in detroit and playing here locally at fed ex field on june 26th. 2h >> the thing we kept thinking ti tucker was doing mick jagger. he was actualing doing axle ros the whole time. i just noticed it.t. >> look.. >> nobody guns and roses looks r like that any more. >> that was my next question.t >> that was 30 years ago.ios 30 >> tha yt hair was very much ' '80's. >> yeah! >> yes. >> it was so good back then.. >> unfortunately for people whoy have to work on mondays that show at fed ex field is a sunday night.t >> oh, man. >> time now 10:21.. coming up later fox5 fashionon expert tam lee is here to talklk spring trends and she never, i r mean never, disappoints. >> plus the hug countdown is ons they were at three before. okay.ok that was so staged.. >> >> boo! >> my turn.>> get over here.get ov
10:22 am
first step before the camera starts rolling. 10:22. >> good luck.
10:23 am
narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott,
10:24 am
emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message. >> all right. today national hug a news persol today. we sent erin and tucker out onrt the streets of d.c. to get hugs and yeah okay, guys that last one the last three you got veryy staged we don't want to burst your bubble but come on.but they're working right next to us and
10:25 am
could hug up we're up to 10 hug1 right now. >> you don't credit for thoseret three. thre >> yes, we do. wane. >> give me a hug sam.. >> here's one and we have somed other friends from across thendr street coming on >> get over >> you know it's a hug day. it's national hug day. >> ahhh. >> give sam a hug. give sam a hug. h >> it's a hug fest.hugest. >> tucker and i notice theice te getting hugs is not that hardd outside of the studio.he stu right, tucker.. in fact i want to do a quick q observation. i'm getting a much easier time t getting a hug on the sidewalk sw than i do on saturday night. >> can you come over here andrer give me a hug. a hug i get that side eye.eye okay.ok >> erin has no problem gettingti hugs as you can probably gatherr i on the other hand have to do n little convince. >> that's a lime this is thes a star of our of >> new york it's not. n >> thank you for the hugs. you >> thank you.>>nk you >> thank you for the hug, man. >> enjoy your breakfast.refa >> we appreciate it.prec >> take care v a good v a >> you promised
10:26 am
>> a double hug, yes, sam, s, double hug.uble hug >> you see how that works? takk care,, s >> that's an extra hug. h we're up to 10, 11, 12, 13 hugs. 15 hugs.15 h >> 15 hugs.>> 15 >> you saw where we were on thet sidewalk bat ago hundred perer zen. one person comes by every 10very minutes. we haven't been denied yet. it's national hug a news personp day. if you see wisdom,da steve,ve maureen anyone out on the streets allison is on vacation. big old hug. >> this feels like a veryfeels a couldn't cocked holiday.ul't i didn't believe it was real when i googled the mash tag, al right then.righ >> bring it. >> we need hugs. hug we'll be -- are we on tv rightig now. i don't know. i think so. s all right. rht we're going to continue hugsonnu until 11:00 o'clock.lock if you're in northwestwest washington please come out andoo join u wisconsin at the corner ofat t r harrison it's a little windy. wn we'll warm it up way hug. h great big thank you to the 50 50 people who said yes so far.. >> thank y
10:27 am
>> special locations. locatio they're right outside ouroutsidr studios. >> it's one day holiday.olay this won't work this weekend.nd. next week, wherever he is. i >> one day today. >> take advantage every it.adva >> i like sam getting in on the action giving double hugs. h >> we see you,, we see y >> all right.ll rig time now is 10:27.27 still ahead at 10:00 a local00 girl chasing her destiny vyingni to be part of the kelly woe roww wand land's all girl group partr of new bet show. meet maya dyson. dys we'll talk to miss dyson comingc up in just a few minutes she'll perform as well and she's goingg to tell you why she wants to ben a part of the group.f the gro you're in for a treat once youe learn how to pronounce her name. miss dyson coming up next.
10:28 am
10:29 am
they say character is what you do when no one is watching. david trone banned the box so people who've paid their debt to society could have a chance. and fought so hard for criminal justice reform, they named a center after him. and because education was his way out david offered it free to employees. and over 14 years ago began offering them partner benefits. evening the playing field has always been david's mission. in congress it'll be his job. it's not how you run, it's how you live. i'm david trone and i approve this message.
10:30 am
>> our next guest d.c. native going to college in boston but b she's also chasing her destiny i as a contestant on the new bet reality show called chasinged ci now in this show, former destiny's child singer kelly row land putting together an all all girl group and maya dyson is on of those potential future super stars.stars new show debuts tomorrow night.. but first here to show us why she should win it all and perform her single i miss yous y please welcome maya dyson
10:31 am
♪ ♪ ♪
10:32 am
10:33 am
10:34 am
♪ i miss you (applause). >> mayah dyson. >> thank you very much for y coming to the show.mi we'll come -- welcome,ng welcom. come on over here and have a we'll chitchat for minute. minu. you sit right here.yosit right e tell me about the song. son. >> okay. so i wrote this song sometime st last year, um, at school i was at berkeley.key i'm wrote it about my aunt shehe recently passed away from czar c today doses.da we miss heroine wrote the songhe about her. >> it's very beautiful show. bet you're on this new show with wh kelly rowland. >> right. >> tell me about that.l first of all, how did you get -- even get to that point you weree even on the show? on thow? >> well, honest, somebody accepc me a screen shot of the flyer and they're like you shoulde yo audition. i was like, okay.kay. send in your i sent i
10:35 am
kept contacting me, bet kept contacting me. m send in your call back video.k d i sent in my call back video wed want to you come to new york tot audition for >> i met -- m -- >> you actually went to new yook york, met kelly rowland and whaw happened once you got in there.e >> i i was digged and made thead to the next round then had second part where we have tohere come together and, you know, puo our group together and audition. and i made it past that.ast t they were like we want to you wu come to la. >> okay.kay >> so they flew me out to la and that was w tha >> what was it like. le did you have any conversationvea with kelly? was it just it strictly an audition. >> no.. when i i was digged. i >> at any point.nyoi at any point.oint. >> kelly was much fun. f. she was so genuine and it was aw really fun to work with her. h and i just learned so much likee i took in everything that she t was giving me.nge. >> right. >> everything that her and frant were giving me and i just -- ini don't just made me want it more. >> okay. all right. because you want to be awa
10:36 am
>> yes you actually started when you were younger, you're still young, younger when you were inw church. you started singing at a churchc in the virginia area. >> mount calvary.ry >> that's how you got startedtat now you're in school in boston.n >> berkeley college of music.e s >> you're majoring in music. mus >> music business.s. >> what about music that makesam you say this is what i want to do. this is what i love, i can makem a career out of this.s. >> i just love to sink. >> um-hmm. >> it's something that i do every dthay.every i think about when i wake up.ak when i go to sleep.. it's just music is me. i m it's inside me. everything.erhing >> okay.>> >> yeah. yh >> what's next for you? >> you'll have to see tomorrow.o >> tune in tomorrow to see.w toe >> tune and see what happens.hae >> watch the show. watchhe s yeah.yeah >> now, look, how does this ds i work. is this going to be a group orgo are you going to solo or is this solo thing.. how is it going to play out or o can you say? maybe you can't't say. >> i can't say. >> that's
10:37 am
that's the way televisioneleviso programming works. >> you can tell me off no, i'm just (laughter).aughter). >> thank you very much for you coming in and talking with us. we wish you the best of luck with -- you got name for youroru group or do they name the groupo >> they name the >> all right. thank you very much.uch. we appreciate you spending time with us this us thisr >> thank you. >> best of luck and when you whn become big success, um cab backb here any time you want.ou want. thank you very the show is chasing defendant dn feature you see it right thereut on your screen tuesday apri april 5th. april 5th. that's it from right here. let's go back over to >> you are -- you need an olderd girl group to open for you we we have one call menopause we'llopw tell you about it later.ater >> matthew knowles is all overno us. us. >> discovered us.iscoved us >> mayah, seriously such a beautiful spirit and a gentle spirit. spir that song was beautiful and much continued suck success to you. >> thank you.ou >> that dress is everything. evy >> still ahead at 10:00 all 100 things spring speaking ofg sp dresses and what to we've got ourd fox5 fashion fai ex
10:38 am
today. look at her. >> fabulous.. from head to toe. >> ♪ find fantasy shows. when it comes to the things you love, you want more.
10:39 am
love romance? get lost in every embrace. into sports? follow every pitch, every play and every win. change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity.
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♪ because you are hot stuff,yoareo sister. all right. listen the weather may be havinv trouble committing to spring but your wardrobe shouldn't. sho joining us is our fox5 resident
10:41 am
fascination at a tam lee she joins us to show offspring'ring hottest trends because at some point it will be >> yes. >> i mean this weather thing isi a little crazy. >> i know.>> kno >> because we still wanting togo there. we want to --we w >> i wanting to there and put mt ugh up. that's what i want to do.t i wad >> i do, too.>> i d t >> i absolutely want to put my t ugh up.ugh we talked do you shows last shol week. >> now we're talking aboute' clothes. >> okay. >> so i'm going to show you somo of the hottest trends and somes of the hottest staple pieces yoe should have in your closet thiss spring. >> let's get to it. >> first we gotta mick today wearing off the shoulder blacktop with some -- boyfriendr jeans. jean let me just tell you if you don't, f you're not usedu to wearing your shoulders outhoe get used it to.t usedt t >> really. >> that's the hottest trend,th yes. yes. shoulders out.s cold shoulders exposed shoulderl that's what's'st's every store has these off the te shoulder cold shoulders topss much that's really hot rightot now. >> i know you say the shoulders are in but you can't do -- you-u can do it different ways
10:42 am
>> you can dress it up if youp f want.want you want to be date you can pull it you will. you if you want to be in show your shoulders.ld. >> really looks cute.>> r i actually have a pair of ripped boyfriend regular jeans i havees worn them out. i love them in the white. whi >> that's a staple piece thatiee you can you can wear that allll spring and summer long with anyt kind of cute top. i don't know if you can wearknow that in the office.e off >> maybe not. >> we'll wear it on the weekendn i love that look.i lot >> you are rocking it in the loft. loft >> shoulders look amazing.ulrs >> they do. the >> absolutely.>> a >> i have to make sure i don't d slouch when my shoulders aremy o out. that's my problem.em. >> helena, she has -- shears she wearing a jumper.r. >> it's a jumper. stop >> that's a comfy cute look. l i love this look because you can take this from the office to vacation. once you take the blazer off, o then it's your weekend wear.r. that looks so comfy, too. t now do you have to be rail thinl to wear it? >> no. no. i actually started to wear thatt today. >> really. >> anybody can wear thesebody c jumpers. they
10:43 am
>> it's flattering.>> it' >> they fit everybody. evebody again like i said you can throw a blazer on it to spruce it up little bit or you can just dumb it down and take the jacket offf you can wear slacks with it,h wedges with it it, heels with it depending on the occasion. >> i have to admit i think thata looks really fashionable if i saw someone wear wear t i'd be like -- lik-- >> i love they have pockets.e >> pockets are good.oc pockets are really good.ete i love that.t. >> up next -- >> i love this.e t i wish my stomach was set upomac like that, though.ho >> this does have limitations to it. >> no, you know, the crop pantsn that's totally in.otally you guys have got to grab a pair of crop pants i pick this up u from an express last night.ight. so the crop pant is good.pant g if your stomach is not set upom like that you can do theo t modified version and just wear j regular shirt.rt. (laughter). >> and cover it up.>> andov >> yes.>> >> modified version i love the e little coat.ttle that is really cute. is rely c >> if you can rock it that is ai darling shirt. >> absolutely is.olutels. it's really crafty, always knew pump many you guys remember i
10:44 am
pair of new pumps. >> nude patentor any nude.e >> any nude works. >> i do like the t p super cute. looking >> all right. we've got more models in. >> yani is wearing a cold c shoulder maxi and it has a hoodh on it. i love this look because this it another look that you can takeuk from day tonight.. if she wanted to wear a flat ala shoe she could do that or a a wedge.. good vacation peace because it u has pockets. psych that on the island.sland. >> maxi still good in >> maxis are definitely good. >> she's a tall drink of water.r i am tall but she's a tall drinl of water. w that looks looood >> we talk about exposedlk shoulders. >> i know. i'm seeing them again. >> get your shoulders -- stand up straight. up s get your shoulderstr >> let's bring in our last model this is -- >> this is my favorite. >> cute. >> i love this.>> >> so flowers are going to bes n big for >> um-hmm. >> there's always been were in e but doing them bigger andigge a boulder and track suits aretrk u coming back in.
10:45 am
>> you got your track suits andu then you got your track >> this is nice track suit likeu you can dress it up and of andf course you have the nude pump.up you can wear it this has ahi has jacket with a shirt up it but it picked that um from dara. look i actually picked one ofkee those up for me last night, too, i really love that. tha if you're not bold enough to dog both of them together break itri up and dot pants with solid top and jack with a pair of solidid pants.s >> bring all models back out soo we can see everything.verythin as always tell us where we canhe get your stuff.get ur s >> the jumper jumpers some of ts some of those items you canom gt on love hush youe.u know how i beat them all down. express, you know, all thosell t favorite little affordablee stores. so watch me on instagram and periscope, boutique hush i'mhusm talking all things fashion. >> those apartments are apa everything. >> i love these, too. >> all i'll check and see what sizeha s those are.thre you might not be leaving withngw those. you ladies are beautiful.dies a back on to you over. youver. that's what you need for spring,
10:46 am
all right.ig maybe feeling good is erin and tucker we sent out to nationalat hug a news person day. d. okay. you guys are alone you haven'toh lucked out with any new hugs ie take it. >> we had lot mr. hugs. h >> i think we got up to 45 hugsu maybe 55, >> it's been like a hug fest fof the past few hours.ou >> hug fest is a perfect wordere for it. >> very successful.ery susf batting near a hundred.dr that's of time -- we're like ---- >> our hug offer to hug ratio it really high.really hig >> way up there.>> up >> i'm not a math expert but i'b say we're doing pretty well.l >> we lure erin out ahead. >> wait a minute.t are you doing 10 for erin and 1d for you or,ing. >> no, no, no. >> we're combining the two. >> you are combining the two?ngo >> yes. >> is there anybody who justere hugged erin did not hug tucker?? >> no. no. >> yes. >> hey, hey. >> want a hug?a h? >> they cep going. g >> they want to give me a hug. a come on over.r >> this isn't good.oo >> we'll try to get there. >> stick to it.tick you got about 12 m
10:47 am
>> i'm going to give erin a hug. >> you've already done that've three times. >> every commercial break. >> did erin just shun him. >> yes, she did. did good luck. go chase her. ken forty seven.or seven real american hero movement ahh galloway will join us live. brand new fox coming up much muc it's fox's militarily teary inspired reality show. john cena of course hosting theg show. we'll see all the details coming up about american grit. it's 10:47. yvette: i was running for my life. he was flicking matches on me... my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated.
10:48 am
i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side.
10:49 am
10:50 am
>> i'm noah galloway retiredowar sergeant in the united states army. i actually was in college when september 11th happened and inei dropped out of school immediat immediately and enlisted in thet army. army once i got into the military and made that first dye employment o was like this is home for me.e. back my second deployment inloym 2005 i hit a trip wire ied while driving a i didn't wake up for about six x days. ys woke up christmas morning 200505
10:51 am
arm above my elbow and my leftyl leg above the knee.. >> unbelievable story and where his life has gone from there ise just as unbelievable much it isi a clip from the upcoming fox reality show call american grit 16 men and women will be trained by actual combat veterans andmbr compete in various challengesha the winning team gets a $1 million prize. one of the trainers co-host of f the show army sergeant turn turn motivation cal speaker noah galloway purpose hell hartree vip cent. c he works with john cena and a others.others. >> thanks for coming in andfo thanks for your service to ther military as well.sery you just got off the plain justj came into d. >> yes. >> you have a big night tonight premier of the show.r ofhe s >> there is.. you flipped this out west itut i couldn't have been any colder, rainy eighty three. >> perfect for the competition. >> what's the competition like? >> it all has military themedarm challenges.s. because you have me and infantry soldier nick irving that was
10:52 am
sniper, roy was a naval sealea commander and t hannibal wasas with the marines.. a lot of challenges are basedasd off out of backgrounds.ackg >> the contestants are nottestan military people.lita >> they're not. they're in good shape.'re they want to be pushed ande pusd challenged but none of them ever serve in the military.ility >> how realistic are some of tht these challengers to the new and your members -- co members of the military.thmilita >> it varies. it va it was very challenging on the competitors because what i lovel about it they were pushed physically haven't mentalav challenge and that's where it's like in the military because you have to be physically fit and bb able to challenge yourself butrf stay mentally focused and that'' where you saw where peoplere ppl became where this is -- it it became very stressful teamsfulea competition. so is it the old your team is aa strong as the weakest personst p type tng. >> i really pushed that on myt y team we needed to be as tight ag we can and that would carry us s as far as it would take us. >> but this should be nothingshu new to you. you've turned your life into lio motivation right now.ow not just yourself had
10:53 am
but motivating others as wells w watch tricks do you use to try y to moat slight 58 people in aig tough situation.ation. >> i try to get to know my teamt and relate to them because iau feel like you don't just take t any group of people and givendiv them the same spiel. it has to relate to them. t and that's where people respondd how much do you think whenever we find ourselves in a situatiot like the competitors on this thi show any time there's anhere obstacle in life it's kind of a little bit of set back it's a how much do you think that ourur minds are our bodies can endured beyond what we think we can. >> 100%.>>00%. there's that saying it's 10% and 90% how you react it to.o. our mind sets us back all thelle time.ti any time we have a set back. sec how you see it, how you view itt will take you to the neck levelv >> how is that for you after yot left walter reed here in d.c.ern you spent a year here inn washington. you went back home and now youko had to start your life this nexn chapter of your life again.gain how was that process for you.ssy >> it was hard.>> mentally i struggled for almostt five
10:54 am
and it wasn't until i made that decision that i was going tooi t overcome it and mainly for my f kids i want to be a betteret father that i decided okay i'm a going to make something of this. and you know, each year thatea went by there was more and more success and looking back i bk wouldn't change anything thathag happened to me.. because i'm so happy where i amm now and that was once inc i septembered my injuries and mynd fate and decided okay, thekay, future changed but now i'll makl it good future.ut >> it is what you make of it. was there anything in particulai that kind of like was that tript for you or i'm going to focus oo the positive now. i want to get my life togethereh and do things differently?rely >> one day i walk out of my wal bedroom my three children were d sitting there and my two boys i realized i was setting examplexp of what a man is and that's what they were going to grow up towp be, and then my little girll settinsetting example for what m needs to be and who she wouldhou look for one day and thatnd t terrified me. it still scares me so i new high to make change and had to happep immediately. >> you've had as you said thed i successes come but
10:55 am
don't come without newitut n experiences as well.ences wel one might expect someone whoxpe serve in the military to be in o great shape and on the cover of men's hell magazine. me. that may not have been too mucho of a surprise but dancing withci the scars how did that >> they called me and i wasn'tld going to do the show. sho they asked me to do it.o put me in a house in la and iand said new york city i can't door it. i got three kids here alabama.. that's not problem your danceren will come to alabama and that'sd what we d every week we wee w rehearsed in alabama, and, and traveled back and forth everyore week to la. >> and were you always bigays dancer or a terrifying >> this was terrifying.ri. i never danced even haven'tha danced since. >> did you your family andr fama everybody else proud when youele were on that show. no doubt about it. >> so as far as this particulara show we'll see people pushed toe as far as they can be >> we are, yes. there's even somebody that goest home in an ambulance, you know,o they don't ring out.g o they get carried out.ed o >> wisdom wants to know if johnj seen in a tough guy or he just plays one on tv. >> he's much bigger than i am sm i'm not going to say ny
10:56 am
bad about him.d abt him >> we wish you the best.e wi the show will be coming upbe ci shortly here on fox and i know you got a big thing tonight. ton thank you so much. muc do appreciate your service looko forward to seeing you on thein show and wishing your team wella >> thank you. >> we save the best for last fof national hug a newsroom anchor.o >> bring it on. i o >> don't forget about me.ort abu >> thank you. >> tucker, don't let him creep e you out. >> we thought you were in a ruso for the interview.the terv i didn't want to get in troublee >> thank you very much.hank >> thanks, guys. back over to you. >> all right. rht never miss a chance. uh-uh season tweets inform let'm read some of them.fhe good day d.c. steve cheneveyve virtual hug from me to you.. okay. >> i see you from sexy nicky, steve.ev >> okay. >> check this out.heckhis virtual hugs count. >> hey. steve, maureen and wisdom.reen s >> i got no hug. n hug. i'll take this one.ake this one holly looking faux fly thislyhi morning.rnin. i reconsidered that donut. i tweeted her back, eat the
10:57 am
donut and invest in spanks, snk sister.ster >> amen. good day d.c. back tomorrow. t always a jam packed show. hope you join us then. bye-bye, everybody.
10:58 am
 narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott,
10:59 am
ty with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
11:00 am
live from new york city it's t the wendy williams show. "wendy" >> wendy: my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight. >> now here's wendy. [ applause ] [ screaming ] . >> wendy: yes! thank you for watching. say hello to the co-host my studio audience. all right. how you doin'? i'm doing great. i have a lot to


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