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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  April 5, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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montgomery county ended with crash in district. two people under arrest where crews were out all night to make emergency repairs. a report live from the scene straight head. >> show down in wisdom martin voteers in another key state head to the polls today and results could have serious impact on republican and democratic front runners what you need know from both sides of the aisle coming up. plus,. >> seconds at mid court. >> gives to jenkins for championship. >> hit that three to win the national championship. what a buzzer beater for villanova. that's a local guy taking that shot. celebration continuing well into this morning. >> that was pretty. live lookoids on this tuesday morning april 5, 2016. cold one out. there we're dealing with springtime freeze this morning. temperatures dipping way down overnight. we'll have more on "weath
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traffic on the 5s" at 7:0 5. good tuesday morning everybody i'mal mall. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox5 news morning" temperatures in the 20s in many areas this morning. boy were they heating it upen the extort. that incredible finish from national championship game. villanova kris jenkins sorry about that we'll try get that shot set up for you. nailed a three pointer second left in the game. gonzaga high school graduate. >> that's ryan passing to jenkins and jenkins with the three and he graduated from gonzaga in the district. bob barnard is there at the cool this morning. we'll have a live report from him in a couple minutes. >> all right. now to a ditching story here at home fairfax country. stabbing near a mow till along route 1 talking about virginia lodge motel south of beltway. investigators say one person was stabbed 12:30 this morning and they have minor injuries and police are looking for a suspect. >> developing overnight
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police chase started in maryland and ended in d.c. with carjacking suspect causing damage in d.c. busy intersection. >> work crews were out and "fox5" melanie alnwick is live bening road and minnesota avenue with this story, mel, good morning. >> good morning, guys, i think we have good news to report here. they're making a significant progress. we have signal pole new one in place and up right and get new signals back on it and really i think by the end of morning here everything should be back to normal. what's up usual we had the jar kak ago around the 10:00 hour and 10:30 last night first avenue silver spring. 8700 block montgomery avenue. there was app carjacking of a bmw there and 12:1
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morning d.c. police spotted that dmw and there was a pursuit we're expecting a little more information from d.c. pil later today exactly what happened there. and then ended up here bening road and minnesota avenue when that bmw crashed. we know it hit the traffic signal and also we see crime tape around the area. looks like it also crashed by nearby building. so d.c. police said nobody was injured. and two suspects have been arrested. the person who the car was taken from also not injured in that incident. live in northeast i'm melanie alnwick "fox5 local news". >> mel thank you very much. let's turn now to what may impact your morning commute. earlier this morning a downed tree northbound fox hall road reservoir road in north west. right now only one lane getting by. southbound. it's going to be a big cleanup on northbound side. heavy winds in that area also causing problems and we'll keep you st
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able to clear that mess. >> irs headquarters downtown d.c. will be closed today following a fire in the building ees basement. this was the scene yesterday afternoon and the building remains without electricity and handling system inoperable. and there's other offices on today. processing of tax returns and refund will go on without any issue and that work does not actually happen at irs headquarters. >> 7:40 4 happening today final good-bye to chad d. rmeier a final service will be held 11 a.m. baptist church in hamilton fol a private burial after that. trooper was killed while prp paring in a training exercise in rich mopped last thursday. james brown iii shot and killed the officer after their trooper began talking with him. brown was also killed in this at case. >> and loudoun county a man accused of shootg
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his exgirlfriend due back in court last month. he was appoint aid public defender. he went to christina fisher's home and allegedly shot her. fisher had reenly taken out a restraining order against lewi lewis. friend and family held a vigil to remember leave behind three children. >> 7:305. tucker barnes insists on giving us feels like temperature. tucker --. >> he wanted to play outside where nice and cold and windy. >> you don't have to do it. >> i'm all talk i want to run backed in. >> you can notice i had -- notice i have cherly blossom pin on from last week. >> what i notice you didn't have other part of that jacket like the wind breaker part on. >> allison, because you know, trying to be manly out here. not really working. i'm absolutely freezing. wind chills now in the teens. police take it seriously. lots and lots of layers. watching people walk
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properly atired and it is lutely a wintery morning out here. look at that 31 in washington and 32 annapolis and leonardtown 32 for you and north app west we broke out 20 20s, 26 hailingers town and 27 fled rick and wind now blowing out of the north and northwest 20 to 30 miles an hour giving us those and those in the teen teens. . >> 16 frederick. it will be a chilly day even with sunshine and upper 40s daytime highs temperature good 15, 120 below normal across the area and yes, snow showers out west. out towards front royal and west of mannasas. band of snow is set up believe it or not. a few people encountered those along the way. they've been sticking. there you go. 4. breezy. sunshine. please again be ready for chimney afternoon and cold again tonight and watch early tonight and
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more on that is coming up. it's cold here. back to you. >> i'm happy i report traffic and not weather. you can hear the wind. look at parents and hair. bundle up for tucker come inside. warmer in the studio. under problem in stafford. heavy delays 610 to 630 and stalled bus blocking shoulder. use caution through that area. prince william dumfries road 2 234 north there's a cross of that location as well. use caution causing delays. up in montgomery county outer loop down to 16. upper loop cleared and traffic moving along long better 95 southbound icc to inner loop just a little bit of congestion and foyer inbound. there's a vehie
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there's a vehicle after do youer house road. typical delays now. southbound by 123 jamming up and seeing crash activity clear on 245, 35 northbound sfrid alexandria. slow-moving traffic belt way to 14 street bridge. we had earlier crash approaching 14 street bridge cleared to shoulder and out bound fox hole road. we've been tracking this all morning long and taking out all lanes reservoir road outbound side. steve. >> voters in another key state said witness ws is plague a huge role. . >> and today's primary could mean serious blows. maureen is in studio now. >> just a few months ago no one expected contest would be
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wisdom martin is living up to the representation. . >> it's hard to say who had more at stake today. ted cruz or donald trump. polls suggest he could block trump's run to win nomination outright leading to convention and the only point both seem to agree on john kasich only won a single state up to this point should drop out. . >> john kasich cannot be nominee he's mathematically eliminated. >> he should not be fair. he's taking votes. >> think about what this guy said. he said he needs to get out because he's getting my votes and i want to have my votes. this is not fair. . >> likewise democrat hillary clinton would like her rival bernie sanders to leave the the scene. her one time lead has he vap ited and is now cop he'ding the state. >> it's great to be no new yor york. >> she's already moved on to new york where she's trying to stave off
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he plans to use momentum from wisdom martin to fuel wisconsin. . >> don't tell i think we win here and we win in new york state and we're on our way to the white house. >> after today's primary a two week lull before the primary of hillary clinton and bernie sanders. meanwhile d.k. council will take emergency vote today to make sure sanders' name is on the bought local. this after record he missed filing deadline. all eyes in wisconsin today. it will be interesting. >> sure is. >> in other news five killed after sight seeing helicopter crashed into rocky mountains. >> they're looking into what caused the crash. it appears the helicopter came down the side of mountain crashing at the foot of it
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addition to responding to the crash crews had to battle a fire in that same area. >> the fire has gone from where the helicopter crashed and fire departments from around the county has been fighting that fire trying to get it under control. it's right now pretty smoky place. . >> people in that area say tour helicopters frequently fly over the area where the chopper went down and according to operator the company is covering tours since 1964. >> let's get update on deadly amtrak crash over the weekend in philadelphia and national transportation safety board said rain train was going 106 in 110 mile an hour zone in a speed limit that hit a backhoe on the track and killed the backhoe operator and track supervisor and engineer applied brakes five second before impact. ntsb will continue with
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>> fed up with dozens of motorcycles and atvs around the district. >> local high school fraud chris jenkins when the game winner from villanova what he to sato say about the final seconds coming up next
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wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way. but not with democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks. and when washington insiders wrote a loophole to let the nra spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons
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ities first. because to democrat donna edwards, the special interests aren't special. we are. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> 7:14 student at villanova celebrating well into the morning after last night's dramatic victory. as expected things got out of hand and police had to disperse crowd after students started a small fire it was game over for celebration. there were five arrest and 22 injuries during the celebration anticipates all classes on campus cancelled today. .
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>> in a couple minutes bob barnard will be live on campus. not villanova but gonzaga high school on the local student chris jenk whoynz hit the game winning shot and graduated from gonzaga. >> i don't have many experienc experiences with team winning championships and celebrations. >> does your shirt spontaneously come off. >> you have to waa yeah. >> and i think that's our primal thing to go back to the fire. >> perhaps that is. >> we're looking at the fire like we did it. >> can't believe that. >> maybe it was cool. >> 1985. >> i don't recall ever celebrating anything at any cool school i went to. >> choices. >> there we go. >> great game. >>. >> i think biggest factor is shock from 73 to wind chill of 19 now. >> how weird is th
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>> this time of year we occasionally do this. this is arctic chill out there this morning. temperature 31 >> in the teens. >> 13. pittsburgh 23. 20 detroit. it's not that warm. because whipped chills in all those places in the teens. >> they cancelled baseball games in new york and cleveland yesterday it may be tough to get them in today, too. >> i was thinking the same thing i wonder if cold will cause them to -- there's a live look at satellite and radar. arctic woundryes come through and winds pick up overnight. takes major difference if you have not been outside yesterday afternoon you're in for a shoc shock. dress accordingly. upper 40s for daytime eyes and generally sunny later today with cold conditions expected again tonight. in fact freeze watch for most of the area later tonight and early tomorrow morning. better tomorrow. unfortunately looks like rain for opening day on thursday afternoon. and i'm ho
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rain showers around a little bit and no promises and right now doesn't look good. >> nothing looks great on the 7 day i have to be honest i'm sorry but it's good to see you. >> welcome back. >> time for a look at roads, erin. >> it feels colder in studio right now. i don't know what happened. >> turned the air conditioner on. >> it is april one would think. >> grab a heavier jacket you will need it. 95 northbound, north of 630 within delay area heading to 610. watch for that n prince william dumfries road 234 north before callchester page drive. volume delays no crashes just a lot of cop juston. 295 north to malcolm avenue and usual thought from 5 to wilson bridge down to 13 miles an hou hour. and four has inbound delays as well dealing with a
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there's a lot of traffic backing up there in usual spot spots. stop and go conditions at fox hall road. keep in mind we're deal with a downed tree fox hall on outbound side. >> all morning we've been talking about local high school graduate chris jenkins whop hit the whip to win the national championship. >> live at gone zach ain d.c. where he began filling his hoop dreams. bob, good morning. >> good morning, allison and steve, winds howling and may be hollering in the holloways at gonzaga today because of what happened last night in houston. gonzag alumni hitting game winner at buzzer. >> gives it to jenk ipz for the championship
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three pointer kris jenkins and his wildcats win the ncaa basketball. here was chris jenk frinz gonzaga after the game. >> for him to be so un selfish and give up the fwal shows what type teammate he s and you know we put a lot of work in. you know this team and everybody has the copfy dense to catch and shoot. when he threw me the ball i took a one, two, step and shot it up. >> we did it as a team we fought the whole game you know fouls called against us, shot not going in this team is just you know we accept coaching and listen to joch wright and we've gotten better all year. for us to make
7:20 am
coach should take and to go out and compete we play hard this team we gave it all we had and today we were just luck dwroy hit the shot at the end. >> humble man that has interesting hollywood type story. chris jenkins was raised by single mom. she is basketball player and coach. and living in south caroline a she met a family free upper moreboro in kris's youth basketball days and asked that familiar if aly the bridge family of upper moreboro to raise.chris kris. britt's son nate joon orplayed at gonzaga and north carolina. kris beat his adoptive brother's team last night and britt family became local guardians of kris jenkins 9 years ago they went to gonzaga, competing colleges
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game last night and i want to talk about his adoptive son chris what his own son was nrik houston and we're here at the school perhaps speak to students her. big win for villanova. here at gonzaga high school. >> can't wait to talk to him later this morning. you know you'll have a championship in the house one way over the other. one second your one son is up and then your adopted son wins
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>> a victory for those trying raise the minimum wage in the disstring. it can be put on the ballot for november election. this decisions very versus previous ruling that would the block it from being fought a vote. supporters of this initiative would need to collect 22,000 signature and if it reaches they will be asked to decide if minimum rage should be gradually
7:25 am
2020. >> spring may be old but it always looks like a winter wonderland. some residents digging out of nearly a foot of snow yesterda yesterday. many say is that the amount is not normal this time of year and the snow or storm also causing a number of businesses to shut down for the day. . >> all right. let's check in with tucker. no snow out there. >> maybe a few flurries. p that's cold. >> lots and lots of people tweeting me out to the west this morning. we'll see if we can find them on radar. looks beautiful don't be fooled by morning sunshine. not a feel like giving us wind chill of 19 this morning. very, very cold conditions set up overnight. and it's a real shock to the system after the 70s we had
7:26 am
yesterday. there's snow shower activity west. kind of rolling along 81. it's fall ago part and pushes south and again might be a few snow fur flurries and west of mannasas down 29 there central virginia and maybe a few light snow showers. otherwise generally sunny and cool day high temperatures
7:27 am
>> it's sunny. >> silver lining metro for you a signal problem outside of west falls church. because the that orange delays in both directions. aside from that as you make your way northwest we've been tracking this since before we went on air. . >> there's a tree down blocking all lanes and the best bet this morning. and look outside now and show you what you're up against this morning inbound canal hole dealing with typical delays right there and as you can see that beautiful sunshine as tuc tucker mentioned grab shades you may need it despite the cold it's sunny. let's look at maps as we continue. we'll to to break now and we'll be
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he was flicking matches on me... for my life. my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side.
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♪ there's a look outside rightde r now. now. normally the river would lookhel nice and date looks cold.ol because the temperatures ares a below freezing.reez so just imagine what that waterr feels like. l we won't think about that. that. we'll focus on the sunshine and what's hot on the w stories you're engaging with right now. t first up prince george's countye police make arrest in a triple stabbing martini's restaurantesn and lounge we told you yesterd yesterday. flier old philip harrington facing first degree assault charges.ars speed limit raised from 65 too 70 miles an hour along most of the interstate. except between howard andow a frederick counties where thek co limb remains 65. possible trouble for d.c.'sd howard theater.heat the washington post reports mismanagement and poor ticket sales led to late rent and lonel payments. they owe thousands of dollars io back taxes.. and huge plans for the future of rfk stadium.di. the group events dc laid o
7:31 am
several ideas for what to dot o with the prime piece of real estate including a possible knew arena for the wizards and capsnp and nfl stadium fort skins. ski final al tough lesson in i geography for wal* mar the company selling theseellihe t-shirts which had university of maryland fans doing a doublea dl take. the shirt has the maryland logoo and the word terps written on the state of massachusetts.. >> wal*mart since apologized. >> now to fox5 exclusive thatsit has dc residents concerned.. illegal bikers rolling down thed streets popping wheel leaseel while they ride.they ride. >> we have exclusive video ofsio these bikers behaving in this ii manner near a police cruiserpole which is upsetting people evenee more. more holly joins us in studio with what all the fuss about. holly g morning. g mni >> if you're familiar with la bow hem in the shaw neighborhood that's where this video was thi actually taking.ak as you're watching you'll seel s the vehicle shows the illegal il bikers boldly driving right pasg the dc police cruiser. now, it is important to know that the person who took thiswht video says he does
7:32 am
an officer was actually inside the vehicle at the time of the incident.nt but residents there are still s concerned because dc policee chief cathy lanier says her officers were follow the no no chase policy in the district.. one restaurant owner near wheree this video was shot says he's concerned for his customertomer safety and he does want policeol to do more. >> most time to time when i can hear dirt bike, four wheeler i r most the time go outside andsida sort of watch over the patio t p little bit if somebody -- i canc stop it. stop >> in the video you can see the bikers recording themselves,heme jumping curbs and riding on botn sides of the road.d. the restaurant owner says he'ss even scene bikers go through ree lights. the video lasts just 55 secondsc in that time we can counseledoud arthritic now, many of us wonder, whyhy don't police do more to crack down on renegade dirt bikers and atv riders? should they go g af
7:33 am
chase policy was actually a instituted in the '90's after at police cruiser crashed into a bystander's car as officers werr going after a drug suspect.. several people in that car weree killed.ed. so we're asking you on twitter this morning, is iwit time to t rethink the no chase policy? y? right now, it's split. 50/50 between those who thinkhot the police should pursue renegade riders and those whose think it's safer not to go afteo them.them so we'll continue this polle throughout the morning.he m let us know what you think and d think it's hard decision because obviously the atv riders and tht dirt bike riders, they knowy k they're not going to be chased.c >> right. >> so they can be as brazen asab they want to be. yet at the same time it is thatt fine line.. they're already was an incidentt people were killed during aur police pursue. what do you do? >> it is aggression question and suppose you're a motorist caughh in all that mess. m it's hard to imagine what to doo at that point as well. >> if you're walking onhe
7:34 am
on to the street that would be b unnerving.un >> bad behavior.>> >> can we agree on that. >> behave behavior. beh >> thanks so much holly.nks >> plot county police arrested a this man theo robinson accusedn of starting several fires arounn an apartment buildingment b investigators responded to as rd report of several suspiciousou trash fires on walker house roaa in day later took him into custodyy week after the med star health a system was compromised by onomio like hackers word of dangerous fishing scam targeting people in montgomery county.montry c >> hackers sending e-mailsrs see pretending to be police. polic they stepped an e-mail claimingn that you've caught -- beent b caught on speed camera and thata you need to click on a link tok see your violation. well that link is not legit. it actually exposes youre y computer to harmful malware. happening today, there's,he road closures in the district dr officials can expect bridges and tums. some of the hold up today's wilu be around connecticut avenuee over rock creek parkway and and cathedral avenue. d.c. -- ddot will close the left lane in both directions from fm 10:00 to 3:00 today, and then tomorrow -- thursday rather ddod will
7:35 am
southbound side of capitolide op street over the anacostia river using bucket no lanes will be closed butbe cd could be some delays just headst up there. tre all righty.y. ♪ 7:35.7: let's get another check on our cold tuesday. tsd sure is, allison. allon in fact wind chills right now in the teens.the tee we had snow flurries out to thet west early this morning. morng few snow showers out there, anda those are your current numbers.e just about everybody justvebody tweeting just about everybody ii at or below freezing now.reezinw reagan national 31 what a shock from yesterday whee we were in the 70s. 29 out at dulles, bwi marshallal 28 degrees.egre wind chills in the teens. tee dress accordingly it is just not going to warm up a whole lot a l today. it will be in the mid to upper 40s so we will be well above abo freezing.eezing. however, we'll have a pretty persist 10 wind out of the nortn which will lock down the coolk c feeling even later thisat afternoon daytime highs about 15 degrees below there's your snow shower activity to the west of d.c.e w. fading off to the south there. e just general al few snow showere we're not getting a
7:36 am
is april the fifth after all. and certainly not going to feele like april out there laterhere today. 48 your daytime high. h with breezy conditions we have e breeze watch for later tonight l and early tomorrow morning. m do it one more morning and a gradual warmup on the seven dayn we'll look at that in just aust again, gradual warm up erin, hoh are roads. roads >> they're not good.hey're >> all right. rht >> chat with sarah fraser she'sr cheering things up. metro update.meupda signal problem outside westt falls church. c delays on the orange line in in both directions.irecon no alerts for the rest of your y lines. bundle up you need a much warmee jacket than you would think fori today. it's sunny but temperatures aree cold. taking a look at our twitter twr update for you walt says at saya least people can enjoy the nicen spring weather while they wait.i oh, never so as you can see 95 northboundd jammed up keep those windows wis rolled up you may even want to tucker am i over reaching when n say light heat on in the carn he this morning? mni >> like a seat warmer if you have t >> seat warmer would be idealeru much as you can see 95ee 95 northbound very jammed up.amd we're dealing with a disabled de s
7:37 am
stall bus north of 630 within 6t the delay area. aa 17 to 610, 17 miles per hour hou average.aver and taking a closer look in prince william dumfries road 234 north before coal cold chester r park drive a crash.. suitland jammed by south capit capitol. we're seeing very slow-movingy n traffic 270 southbound as youthu head down to the spur a lot ofrt stop and go conditions throughoh gaithersburg and rockville thiss morning. and don't forget about thiset at downed tree they're, working on gettingetting it cleared roadwas cleared at reservoir road. r you can take white haven parkwar to get around that.ha then in southeast, volume delayl prince george's county into alexandria inner loop down too about 13 miles per hour fromper five to the wilson bridge. 295 northbound the beltway to malcolm x. avenue watch for that one and we're seeing slow-moving traffic on the key bridge as yoa make your way into georgetown.e. typical congestion on m street e and wisconsin. don't forget as you make yourak way out into the northeast section of town typical slow s wn
7:38 am
secondaries. >> back to you at the desk. y >> we'll tell was food producto is beingfo pulled off storeto shelves this morning because of possible glass in it. in i also later on, could lazy co-workers be actual guilty foru the office?fice? >> see. scientists say they may actualll be helping instead of >> you're welcome. >> we'll fine out. 7:38. >> thanks, al. great time for a shiny floor wax, no? >> thanks, al. not if you just put the finishing touches on your latest masterpiece. timing's important. comcast business knows that. that's why you can schedule an installation at a time that works for you.
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♪ >> when it comes to heart healtm the size of your waist may bef more important than the numbers on the scale. researchers measured the waste circumference, total body weight and bmi in 200 men and women with type oneyo t or type twoyp diabetes.etes. now they found the heart'sea's primary pumping chamber gotmb g progressively worse ass waistlines got bigger.r. researchers say the abnormalorma function is a common cause of heart disease. meantime new research abouth high calcium diets in oldernld adults.adul experts examined theexamed t cardiovascular history of menaro and women over 50.0. they found those with highhig calcium diets may lower theirow risk for cardiovascular diseases but experts say high intake does not reduce stroke nor fracturee risks.s >> we have recall alert to pass along. emerald is recalling cash shoes due to the possibility of glassi in the packages. many consumers complained theypl found glass in the food. f so far no injuries reported.inrs the company says it'sy sa it' investigating the possibleing source. the packages were sold sol still ahead how should millennials deal with baby
7:42 am
boomers at work.t that's coming up in today's tuesday talkers.alke >> live look outside on thisn tuesday morning. i think fraser gave me afr gave courtesy laugh.ur weather and traffic on the 5's h and we're talking with sarah fraser next. put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'.
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narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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fill your family of four up, with eight pieces of delicious original recipe chicken and sides. it's a meal that's freshly prepared every day. court adjourned! colonel quality, guaranteed. ♪ >> that means american idol andm this is the 15th ander final fal season of american idol. the show wraps up this week andd then that's it all done.on tonight b
7:45 am
finale which honor past winners and judges before the final fin american idol is crowned. crownd since the show debuted sevened v idol contestants scored number one albums. album six of won a total of 13 gramm grammys. cary underwood season four sea winner the top selling idol. i tune in tonight right here on o fox5 for the first of a three-night finale.inal >> can't miss it.>>an't it's pop culture history. histo you've got to tune in. in. >> oh, yeah. yea it will be looked on at somet sm point looked back on with with success. >> tuck. >> huge success.>>su i'm going watch, steve. ste >> all right. r let's get to the weather. that is a cold map everywhere. we've now dipped at or belowt r freezing for just aboutbo everybody quantico 33.3. here in d.c. 31 degrees.1 ees. can't believe it's april. 32 in annapolis.. leonardtown 32. baltimore 28 look at the 20s ini the mountains winchestereste 28 degrees. 26 up in hagerstown.n wind chills right now in the t teens and our winds are gustingg
7:46 am
bottom line it feels much moreuh like winter out there than ithan has in weeks and weeks, and youy want to take the cold seriouslys headed out early this morning as that sort what it feels like current until washington. 19 skiers degrees witness windgr chill. 24 in leonardtown.leondto 20 annapolis.apolis. chilly day today.illy d highs only top out in the upper 40s and early this morning we'v' had a little bit of a snow sno shower activity break out to our west. west out towards front royal andalnd manassas a few snow flurries and snow showers thank you been youe getting some tweets of that sno shower activity out to the west. high pressure builds in overhe overhead. it's delivering a very very coll 24 hour period here to the mid d atlantic and we had a freeze frz warning this this mr we'll do a freeze warning againa later tonight and early tomorrow so 24 more hours withit unseasonably cold weather a bite of a warmup tomorrow.orro high pressure cold.e col breezy conditions continue. conu again, they'll start to shift out of the north and north and h east tomorrow that will allowal things to warm into the upper 50s but we'll keep the pattern t cool here for much of t
7:47 am
and well below normal. norma we should be in the low to mid m 60s this time of year.ea. you'll see on the seven dayhe s forecast we don't do a whole lot of that. of in fact the only day we do thato is thursday.hurs but we also introduce rainai showers unfortunately for the fr nationals home opener many there's your seven day.yo seven. 48 today. bring a a j you'll want it this afternoon ii will be breezy and very cool. c all right, erin is back, ut-oh,, rain over her face. >> rain cloud over top the natss sign doesn't look happy to me.e >> they're one and zero.nd zer >> that's great.hat's reat wear our ponchos to the game onn thursday or saturday perhaps a s winter jacket on saturday.aturd. right now metro problems.o proem signal outside west falls churcc causing issues.ues orange line delays in both in directions. rest of your lines no alerts tot report. we'll switch it over right nowor in stafford, 95 northboundorbo stalled bus north of 630 that ii within the typical morning delay causing additional problems.robm average speeds checking in unded 20 miles per p as you make your way 17 to six s tepp.te. dumfries road 234 northbound heads up here.he it has reopened after we were wr
7:48 am
closing the intersection.erct and then a stall also cleared cr for inbound after dowerhouseowus road. still dealing with residualg delays backwi to crane highwayhw heavy across the douglas bridge, the third street tunnel, 11thunt street bridge.streetdg 395 towards the 14th street strt bridge heavy as well, and then d outbound fox hole road a downede tree closing the roadway at reservoir road only one inboundb lane gets by. g b keep it to white haven parkwaykw to and watch for delays in these area. ar just got word from producer foxx hole just reopened.pened they were able to get that treee out of the way. w traffic should start moving sin there shortly. short we'll take look at the beltwayey next. xt that's your traffic. erin, thank. tha 7:48. it is tuesday. tueay >> that means sarah fraser isses joining us to chat about some ot the hottest topics trending tren right now.ow. first up, could those lazy co-workers really good for us?s? >> interesting study. >> it is. >> i don't like the word lazyd z first of all.rst >> you don't? >> we've all worked with lazy co-workers. >> hi, phrase. phras >> how are you.>> >> good. >> i wanted to talk about our t previous discussion that wasn't
7:49 am
that was even better. e >> we'll be talking abouvet it.i so we all have lazy co-worker we've known and thishi study says lazy co-workerso-work really have a place in yourr they did a study on ants andd they said that -- (laughter).(lauter). >> everyone is -- at any giveniv time in an ant cologne kneene there's a large population doind nothing and then the others aree really carrying the load. l but they say, you know, as people either leave, die out, ot you know, retire or whateverr eventually lazy workers will wil kick in. >> um -- >> which i thought was veryught okay. >> step up when the otherhethe workers die from over working. >> right. right that right there shoots a holesh in the theory.or >> a lot of times lazy workers e this is according to the study are very good at laying back and sort of contemplating biggerge picture issues. issue so they should be sort of o utilized in that way. >> right. >> on every day getting tasks done quickly, they're not goingi to be good at that. a t >> if it's a worker who is beini judged as lazy, but
7:50 am
they're kind of performing their work in a more i guess methodical pace. >> right. >> slowing down and focusing on the big picture as pop opposed p to being frantic and trying togt get all that energy out that'st one thing. if it's somebody sitting there e like playing games on their phone all day and notaly an contributing at all, that's la lazy. >> and other people will resente you. >> everybody else works. >> exactly. while everybody else works.y i thought it was an interestingg study i guess. >> if i was a boss it would betb hard for me to me accept acc somebody sitting around doingdng nothing and saying they'rehey're saving up their energy for whenr they're're >> when someone dies theneo die they'll work. >> exactly.xa >> i agree. >> i don't want to be the one to working all the time to die soes you can now take over my job. >> isn't that a crazy study? su why would they feel the need tod study that? that's interestings you need to go. go. >> we've all worked with workedh somebody lazy you just wonder what's their, dorks they not, r like this job? are they every e going to work? fascinating.cin. >> worry about yourself. abo how about that? >> seeing of work we
7:51 am
the generation al divides withit technology really makes that maa divide own more now between older co-workers and younger co-worker.or >> love this story from the la times. they actually focused oned on millennials.enni how they want to be treated --at erw baby boomers want to beom treated by millennials. and i said this is fascinating i learned a couple thing.hing most baby boomers have tried trd not to say they're good at it.di not to say they want to continui doing it.. but this story really says baby boomers would appreciate if youo don't come to them going, oh,ngo here's an iphone s have you seen this?hi >> okay. oka >> because most of the time -- >> couldn't did he sending.heen. >> they've seen it.hey' they've tried it maybe it's not for them.aythem. i also love, too, baby boomers e wanted millennials to approachh them let's see how we can tradea skills instead of looking atloot each other hey, you know, you'ry too old you don't know this andd i know this. t >> right. >> i'm too young. i i don't'm know -- vise i thought that was great way too look at it i do think there is i that age divide automatically as millennial you assume, upping--
7:52 am
>> they're slow. right. >> i can learn so much from f somebody older.somebody older >> i thought that was really. really great.ha g they also just said millennialsa like to just be approached asaca more of like, hey, list lis september, even if you don't d like my advice, just respective listening i thought it was basic skills like that. that. >> tips on how to open up theo e conversation.conversation. >> i thought that was great. tta >> i like it, too., too. >> i liked that story a lot.hatt >> best part is learning fromm each >> yeah, it is.>> y >> exactly.>> >> see, steve.>> s >> i know, al.>> i k sometimes i do listen. >> he's millennial.illennia i'm the baby boomer is what he's saying. >> really?>>eall >> okay. >> not what i'm saying at all. a >> any way, what else do you eeo have?ve >> we have tons of other stori stories. so your grammar miss tack.grr do you have anybody that faultsl you on social media always alway pointing out your grammargr mistakes. >> all the time. all >> oh really. oh real >> we should bring in tucker oni this >> is tucker the one.s tucker t >> new york he doesn't. doesn't. >> we get well meaning viewerswe that like to point out errors. >> i loved this. t people who are more likel
7:53 am
point out your grammatical mistakes are also crumb mudcru m jones to real life. lif they took personality tests.ty s people who point out mistakes me are more likely to be jerks. je. so now it's proof. now it's pr there you gooo. someone correct you online thata person wish you well.el >> never ever think to correct someone's grammar. grammar. >> you wouldn't?ou >> no. i won. won but i double check becauseck beu people do that a lot with usit s because i guess we're in a field where you should know this. thi we also speak in tv terms, too, that's not always good mat tieat klee correct.klee cor >> if it's something that we're doing as far as a news businessn yes, everything should be good g mat tickly correct.orct. if it's just like i'm sending a tweet --tw- >> as personal as you.personal >> then it's just like okaye maybe i was in hurry to do thatt maybe i didn't feel like i haded to have my sentence absolutelyot perfect. i'm just at that point trying to convey a thought as opposed too presenting a fact to you. fact >> but i like the story, because maybe it gently tells somebody y who migh
7:54 am
like a jerk that's the firsthest thing people think. tnk. they get it and -- >> if everybody on social mediaa wrote in perfect english it would be.e >> it would be. >> it would be like reading anga play. >> the people who mess it upplw make it colorful which is whatfh we need online. nee i agree. >> you're just expressing yourself.. >> your own flare andown flare d personality. >> when i mess up someone notices i usually double dowssnw and the next one i really spell the wrong t-e-h.-e that really fires me people up.u >> oh, do you?ou? >> we're opposite. w that's pretty funny, though.,ug i like that. come off like a jerk. jer >> if you come off like you really can't spell when do youhu improve people, upping, take notice. she's learning.arng >> but it's so obnoxious whenioe people do that.le do that. that's funny that you do that.ot i don't like people mad at me. m that's a different thing.hing steve is always like don't engage with >> i do say that a lot. lot. >> if you can just let it go,jut yeah. >> he's moon >> as your millennial conscieiec she doesn't listen to me.o e >> what a great littleit
7:55 am
>> i wish, right? >> thanks phrase. t check in with tucker barn.h get a look at what's happeningh' outside good morning.goodorni >> sarah, i have the oppositeppt problem.lem my father when he texts me it's a form mel letter written in 1786 with all the punk tuitionon perfectly correct.rre >> oh, my gosh.>>h, m >> and it's boring. >> it's strange.trange it's like reading a letter in ae text which doesn't make anyake sense. sens >> you get corrected a lot,orret don't you.ou. >> at some point we'll get to gt the text etiquette of people ppl that send one line for every word and you get a 50 line textx versus somebody that writes outi a whole story in one text. >> that's true.. >> equal al >> take it away, tuck.uck. >> we're up to 32 let's go right to the maps much it's cold out there.d t th look at that feel like how it i feels with the wind chill.d chil feels like 19 winds out north here at 22. 2 and it is going to be a veryer chilly afternoon.fton. yes, it's april the fifth but ii will never feel like with daytime highs only in the mid tt upper 40s.0s windhi
7:56 am
feeling like 30s throughout thee day.da yes, we've had snow. we'ad snow. i just got beautiful picture off the snow flying out to the westw it looks like on somebody's farm field.el enough to cover the ground outrd there. actually g >> will you scharr it?l >> yeah, i will. il. we'll put it up on the air in ar just a little bit.. there's your planner. 48 today. breezy conditions. dry the remainder of the day.def very cold tonight. we'll look at the seven day in just a minute.ut freeze warnings again earlyai er tonight and early wednesdayed morning. then we'll get a warmup byarmupb tomorrow afternoon much that'sha weather. he erin is back with roads. >> 7:56.>> even though you get novel textee some of my friends we do emojis little smiley faces back andley forth all day. it's entertaining. outbound fox hole pod road treee removed so traffic is movings mv through that location. several hours it was slowingit things down in northwest. north. volume and delays right now 2952 northbound from the beltwayay through malcolm x avenue andnue inner loop really slow as youw y make your way from five to the e wilson bridge. new crash. 395 northbound this is out by
7:57 am
if we can get a look at one of our cameras.. we're seeing big delays rightel there.there. a crash taking out the shoulderl from the beltway on through.hro. we'll get a look at that camerar next. unfortunately it's gone's we'll toss it back to you in thi studio. >> all right, erin, thanks veryy much.much. coming up at 8:00 o'clockat8 this morning getting our first t look at the new possibilities for rfk stadium and thehe surrounding area. aa >> plus, fresh off the redhe r carpet kevin mccarthy will joini us live from la with the stars s of disney's new jungle book. ♪
7:58 am
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♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. back now live at 8:00 a.m.0m on this tuesday morning. mning you might call it winter inn april.ri d don't want to.we most of us though feeling the te freeze quite literally withh morning temperatures belowel 32 degrees and wind chills winhs making it feel much colder. col so when did it warm up? whethee and traffic coming up on the 5's at 8:05. 8:0 good tuesday morning, i'm allison seymour.. >> i'm steve chenevey. ste another primary tuesday upon us. polls just opened in wisconsin.n the badger state now playing a huge role in both partiesties nominations. polls say ted cruz leads donaldn trump in the state by 10 pointst here's the key. if cruz wins today, that couldht block trump from winning the nomination out right. rally on monday donald pull his trump card his wife ma land yaa addressed supporters for theersr
8:01 am
first time called him honest, hn smart and tough.ou >> he's a great leader. >> yes! >> he's fair. fai as you may know by now, when you attack him, he will punch backac 10 times harder. (applause). >> after tuesday there will be a two-week lull before the nexthe important primary that new yorkr where drum many is heavily favored.vo >> on the democratic side s senator sander social securityro enjoy a slight lead over hillary clinton in wisconsin it seems ie that secretary clinton mayay already be conceding the statehe as her campaign moved on to new york which holds its primary ini two the two democratic candidatesane agreed that their next debateteb will happen on april 14th in i new york ahead of the primary. >> it was a really hard decisioc for me to leave the senate
8:02 am
i adored being your senator. clap.ap >> i loved representing new yok york. >> if we win in new york stateks between you and me i don't wantw to get hillary clinton more nervous than she already is.dy . don't tell her this. but if we win here, we win ine n new york state we're on our wayr to the white thete h >> d.c. council will today take emergency vote to make sure thar sanders name is on the ballot tl for the district's democraticrai primary in june this afterhift reports he missed the filinging date.da happening today a virginiai state trooper gunned down lastnd week in richmond will be laid to funeral for trooper dermyer atea 11:00 o'clock this morning.this it will be down in hamptonampt virginia that picture rightig there the man who allegedly shoy and killed him.lled h. trooper dermyer will be buried r in a private ceremony after thar funeral. he was killed whilele participating in trainingatin ta exercise at the gray how busyo station in richmond lastdas thursday after a man he was h talking to opened that shooter was also killed.. repairs underway today at t the irs headquarters buildin
8:03 am
downtown d.c. it's closed to employees after r fire there yesterday.esrd the building still doesn't havet the full electricity and the air system is not operating.ting emergency repairs also on a going this morning at a busyus d.c. energy after carjackingarcn suspects crashed into a light pole. they were being chased from maryland into the district.nto >> let's check in with fox5's melanie alnwick at benning roada and minnesota avenue inmiesot northeast now with more.t nowith how is the cleanup, mel? goodoo >> reporter: it's going prettyie well, guys. you can see here that it looks like the signal is most of the e equipment is in place and ilacei think now they're just going tot have to work on the wiring andia the signal timing. t but you can see why they wantede to get that back up here. h the damage, of course, was done early this morning when that car that had been stolen from montgomery county came around co the corner here and crashed intt that pole, and then landed lan several hundred yards away. now, montgomery county police p confirmed to us at 10:30 last30s night in silve
8:04 am
that bmw was they described it as an armed am carjacking but could not say nos what kind of a weapon was used. then at 12:15 this morning dc police spotted that same we understand gave some sort of a chase follow or pursuit. we're not exactly sure of exactly what transpired but the car then did end up over here at benning road andng rd a minnesota avenue northeast where it crashed into that signal po pole, and came to rest but can n tell you that d.c. police did arrest the two suspects. spe brought them into custody. also, nobody was injured inn either the vehicle that crashedh or as far as the driver of the car that was carjacked in theck first place.firs no injuries there as well.sel we do expect to hear little bitt more in terms of what transpirei with the crash from d.c. policee public information office latert live in northeast i'm melaniet alnwick fox5 local news.ews mel, thanks very much.s verc let's get to
8:05 am
out of fairfax county alexandrii area. ar a stabbing near a motel along route 1. ut talking about the virginia lodgd motel south of the beltway.elay investigators say one persons s stabbed there around 12:30 this morning.rnin minor injuries we're told.inries police still looking for ang for suspect. ♪ 8:05 right now. life look over the it's 31 but it feels much coldec out there.out th. >> yeah. feels like teens and i've been'b out several times this morning.i it does not feel anything likeil april the fifth.if >> feels like april 1st maybe.ay >> oh, yes.. or maybe february 1st.. >> i just meant april fool's. >> i got that, yeah. >> i don't know if you did orw f not. >> no, no.>> n no. (laughter).ghte >> let's get to the i want to show i was picture. pc can we see the picture? do wewe have now. now >> i like that picture.ic i want to show i was photographh of snow out to the west thist tt morning. >> so snowy.>> s >> maybe we won't look at it. >> either way, let's look at th cold. 32ow
8:06 am
32 in -- all right.ig here it is. i >> beautiful.>> beaul >> that is julie who sent me w n that picture from hunt, virgin virginia. enough sno w to court ground out l i don't know if you can quite see it or not. the roof of her place. >> the roof, on the grass.era >> on the grass, there you go. y check that out. >> that's pretty.>> t >> my goodness.>>. >> april the fifth and we'reheth getting >> i'm just looking at hering ah beautiful land.d. >> could do a zip trip off julie's that looks pretty.retty >> you guys are not keyed on my snow. >> it is beautiful film we're f' coming tout visit, julie.ulie >> we love the snow. yeah, snowing out to the westt w early this morning that's hows h cold it is out there.he 27 in gaithersburg.thsb thank you for tweeting me and me sending those pictures in. i 32 culpeper. culpe 30 winchester. wind chills that are in there teens much it's going to be vere very cool day highs only in thet upper 40s.0s with a wind out of the north anh north and west at 15, 20, 25 miles per hour later today.. so it just not going to get ao g chance to warm up later thiserhi afternoon in fact one more cold
8:07 am
wednesday gradual warmup byual tomorrow afternoon. satellite/radar is quite exceptt for the snow shower activity ouy to the west. we should be for generally sunns conditions later today.ns lat but again, take wall want it.ll want it it will not feel like april the fifth. it will feel more like april the first. >> i wish that it were just area joke but temperatures, theyre don't get that warm the all this week. >> cool all week. w we should be 63.. we'll kind of get one or twor days in the next week but most m of the week very cold. cool for this time of year.timef >> thanks, tuck. thanks, >> um-hmm. >> all right.>> let's check on the roads. hi, erin. hopefully better news there.on >> not mucthhere better news.. usually gets to tell us about ts sunshine i get to tell you slowo it's sunny but cold. sunny you can see how back up trafficf no crashes but 270 south we have volume from 121 to the split. just very heavy slow-movingw-vi northbound side really quite as you make yourer way up towardsds frederick this morning in rococ rockville you're just as so be prepared for that one.ha. once you get to the beltway thel outer loop does jam as well. wel 95 to new
8:08 am
spot we'll move it over for look at 395. 3 look at that.ha two crashes right now.. one on the inbound side at the 14th street bridge and then wene have a second crash down byn edsall because of that from thee beltway through the 14thhe street bridge up against a ton of delays right now. n so be pro paired for that as yos head out in alexandria orria o arlington you're basically parked on the on-ramicp there as you tried to get on from edsalls let's look at the maps.lo aside from those issuesok thisue morning there's closer look ateo that outer loop delay i waser l telling you about as i get outeo of the way you can see 95 on tht southbound side from the icche c down to the inner loop very very slow. slow. you're parked there as well.d that's your traffic.'s youtraf allison and steve. >> erin thanks eight minutest mt past the hour.. coming we'll talk bout nationala first game of the year and firsr win of the year.n of t yea off to great start.reat start >> love that. details on the maryland nativedv who helped villanova win their t first championship in 31 years.s we're back in just 30 seconds. 8:08 now. 's 's
8:09 am
>> 32nd at mid court.2nd atid c. arcidiacono gives it to jenkins for the championship. >> you talk about one of thek ab best finishes in nca championship history, two, three pointers in the last four and au half seconds of the game.econdsh that's the one that counter then most because that gave villanova the national championship.mpioni the man who let it fly krisri jenkins and he's a local guy. lg >> i love that.e t hundreds of villanova studentstt poured into the streets too celebrate this dramatic win.matc our bob barnard is live thishi
8:10 am
in the district where kris ks jenkins.. bob, good morning. morni >> reporter: allison and steve, good morning to you.ornig this story is fabulous on so on many levels. lel kris jenkins was student here. the story we'll get into it hert is pretty unique because his h classmate here at gonzaga lastgl night was playing for northor n carolina.roli. his classmate, his adopted brother. let's take look at that winning shot again as kris jenkinsenki passes it and gets the pass ands takes the shot. it was a three pointer buzzer bz beater. villanova wins men's collegeen'l basketball's championship 77-744 over north carolina. villanova's first championshipcp in 31 years after the game krisr jenkins talk about that play. >> i knew when i gave arf the ge ball he was going to be aggressive and you know theyou o were going to try to take arf t away because he's hit big
8:11 am
in his career, so when they ally followed the ball, i just new,t you know, if i get in this linen of vision he'll find me. >> with arcidiacono -- >> chris was raised by a raise b familiarly from upper marlboro r the britt family.ily chris had a single mother livinl down in south carolina.arol she was a basketball coach sooah started in along the way met the britt family playing tournaments up here in washington, d.c. andd decided that this would behis wo better life for him. lifr him and so the britt family legallyy adopted kris jenkins nine years ago. their son nate, jr., played herr at gonzaga with kris jenkins.en went to north carolina whenolinw chris went to villanova they ley last night and here among the ao student body here at gonzaga a thrilling night and inspiring >> yeah, last night when i washw watching were my family we wente crazy when that shot went off because after that first threeit pointer that tied the game up ge and then four seconds left, like, at the dossiers, he hits,h the s
8:12 am
crazy. snap chat, i was getting texts w from people saying oh, my godsam you see that shot? it was pretty hype.yp >> it came to high school gamecm when i was younger mine brothers were here and he hit a winin winning shot in the exact same s i knew as soon as he shot thes n ball it was going in.ll i just new because he's beene'sb hitting that shot since he washn in high such a crazy story of how he he came through the adversity to like really come into the the spotlight how about he had tow move up here because his sisters was in bad condition they were e constantly coming up to johns to hopkins.hopkins it just shows how the gonzaga meant for others how their how e family took him in. >> three seconds at mid court. >> kris jenkins biologicalcal mother knew that he would havee better life moving up to upperer marlboro living with the brittit family they domed him it's a it' great story. story. nate britt, sr., who was inn houston last night watching hish sons play basketball will joinaj us, guys, in the next hour aexou heck of a story with ties rightr here in the district to
8:13 am
high school.ool >> can't wait to talk to him tao next that's going to be exciting. goi one way or another they knewhe they were going to have aere champion in the household. >> that's like a movie.ha bob, thankt' you so much.. coming up we are getting the first look at the new at th new possibilities for rfk stadium s and the surrounding area. >> right now let's take look's outside on this tuesday morning. it looks innocent enough and harmless but you had better b bundle up this morning.or it is cold. isol it is windy. wind chills in the 20s. yup, it's april 5th. ♪ narrator: all that political mail might be overwhelming. let's simplify. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice
8:14 am
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8:16 am
♪ >> looking live picture kanosha wisconsin primary voting isotins already underway. implications beyond what peoplep expected when they put out theut dates for it primaries. priri today it is win wisconsin in thn national spotlight. s folks up there all bundled up, u too, tuck.uck >> it's cold up there. up t >> we saw the snow in the up i believe they call it upper penn nine sewell laugh michigan. mga >> yes. >> we had know out to our westow this morning.. >> some in have a have as well.. >> parts of upstate new york and southern new england land engla yesterday. yesterday. >> no records boeing brokenreco today? >> no, they're all kinds ofre an records being broken as far as unusual snows for april and col not locally.not locally. >> not locally, okay.ot locly, >> we have cuteness records? rer >> shall we do it time now for our favorite time of day. fox5 first five. fir f >> i have missed this so much. >> allison, we'll let you take
8:17 am
over. over >> that is cute smile. tha >> that face. >> we got jp everybody.. >> hey, jp. >> jp looks happy as can be ate 20 months old. >> aww. >> he's almost two.>> he's almot >> guess where he gets hiswo hes weather forecast probably so hey can go fishing, right? r >> you know he's going to grow g up right where that is on thatha lake or wherever that i >> that is so cute. tha >> that's adorable.e >> jp relies on the forecasterss here at the fox5 for the latests weather forecasts before heading down to the lake. >> all right. i rely on your cute and thosehoe little cheeks because they're s kissable. >> like a perfect pile. pile. >> um-hmm.>> >> i feel like when he's muchs m colder you'll be able to capture that same smile, that same looke >> that little face.ace >> that's his look. h >> having a super day.>>avin he's going to have big birthdayh coming up soon. >> yeah, he is. >> real big boy at two.biboy >> to send us your child'shild picture go to fox5 d.c. and fox5 first five.iv >> um-hmm.>> uhmm. >> yeah. >> steve roll past your past prompter. i want you to know it.nt to kn >> i thought we alre
8:18 am
part. >> 32 now in washington.. >> cuteness of jp. j >> threw no washington. >> he was cute.>> >> it's really a story oftory of extreme cold out there. i mean if it were january ite j wouldn't be extreme cold but fot april standards it does not feef like april. 23 in boston. b 27 in new york city.ity. canceled games basically because of cold in both new york and yod cleveland yesterday baseball games.s. it's going to be challenge latee today as their temperaturesra aren't going to warm up a wholee lot and very brisk northerlyskoy wind going to give the region rn wind chills in the teens later t today.da so plan accordingly make sure you got a coat on or big sweatshirt or a couple layers i you'll be working outdoors.worku there's your satellite/radar. a couple of snow showers early y generally sunny conditions today but remains extremely cool forlo this time of year. um per 40s for daytime highs. temps running about 15 degrees r below cold again tonight. freezehte warning for the and tyre johnd e for overnight tonight and earlyo tomorrow morning gradual warmori up. upper 50s tomorrow with less wind will feel a little better.t i wish i had better news for o
8:19 am
it looks plain old wet, periods of rain showers with w temperatures in the low 60s.e l6 we'll have to wait and see.nd maybe the timing of the rain will be conducive to baseball.. >> yeah.eah >> i watched six hour baseball game in baltimore yesterday.estd >> you did. >> they wouldn't. but they wouldn't.bu i watch it on tv. i didn'ti go to it. >> okay. >> yeah. all right. >> and then something else will happen.happ >> had a long day in your your temperature control home.. >> it's cold outside your bestoe bet. bet. >> hey, erin. good morning. >> i put in the time even if iti was at home.was atom first i watched the nationals game. >> nobody wants cold baseball. bundle up for the national homeh opener on tucker says it will bl very wet with outer loop 95 to georgia down tn 16 miles per hour. we're seeing a ton of congesti congestion. bw southbound backs up out by powder mill down to the beltway. 95 southbound icc to the inneroi loop really slow. reall new crash gw parkway on the so
8:20 am
then as you make your way outray lot of volume southeast. 295 inbound to malcolm x down to 14 miles per h and then on the inner loop ininn prince george's county, five tov the wilson bridge checks ins i about 13 miles per hour.our. those delays continue on then inner loop from the springfielde interchange that was annandale.. as we take look right now 95ow 9 northbound we had earlierarli stalled bus.stalle bus. that was not helping the delayhe out by 630. 630 17 to 610 still under 20 miles per hour heads up for my for m stafford commuters also takes let's take live look 395 is ak parking lot on the northboundth side as you head out throughgh leck lex and arlington look atok that.that sun glare grab your shades and s your heavier jacket.acket. we had crash by edsall and the a 14th street bridge that was be s causing some major jam ups. u you're still very slow on souths capitol as well as you make your way inbound you can see those 395 delays are pretty much every camera we have along thatng tha stretch.tch. back to you allison and >> erin, thanks.>>rin, we appreciate it so much. >> still no word what caused a e sightseeing helicopter to crasho in tennessee killing fiveling f people. this happened near the greatpene smokey mountains nationalp
8:21 am
one emergency crews got there there was in sign of life andigl barely any sign of helicopter. federal aviation investigatorsns are still on the scene. the sne local officials say it look labor the chopper came down thee side of the mountain crash atra the foot of it and burst into flames. es it happened in an area very v popular this time of year. 3 miles from dolly parton's dolly wood theme park. >> we have update on that deadly amtrak crash near philadelphia. nstsb said the train was goingog 10 sick miles per hour in as pen 110 miles per hour zone win thei speed limit there.he that's when it hit the backhoe c sitting on the track. it killed the operator of that piece of equipment and a trackrk supervisor.pervisor. we've also learned the engineer applied the brakes five secondsb before impact. thrae ntsb will continue witnese interviews today.od still to come this morninges wal*mart getting backlash thisah morning for a university of maryland shirt that showed thate everything but what it was was saying that it was showing. >> very unfortunate. u
8:22 am
the nationals first game of thee season. we'll be right back. 8:21. >> that was not it. but they wouldn't.
8:23 am
he was flicking matches on me... for my life. my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey.
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in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side. put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. roll it. and >> yeah.>>eah. >> fly ball deep right. >> what bryce harper does best. hit another dinger y
8:25 am
nats kicked off opening day with a four-thee win over the bravesb took 10 innings to get it done. daniel mur foe one of the newnee guys for the national new seconn baseman drove in the winninginni run. in the tenth max cher is he loul three hits in 7's innings.ings. murphy with big day in natsats debut solo homerun arc doubleoue and two walks and as you saw, s right out of the gate there, bryce harper homering in his first at bat of the season. sea >> don't applaud for the braves. >> now harper's fourth open heee opening day homer. >> the outfits look like thee nats.nats. >> let's go back.>> here we go. here's murphy's homerun. >> yay! >> hooray! now you can cheer,an tucker.tuck all right.all rig >> i like murphy's power.e muhys >> after the game yesterdayte bryce was spotted wearing a donald trump like hat that saidi let's make baseball fun >> that's his campaign.t's his p >> he talk in the espn
8:26 am
>> step it up a little bit.ittle i like that t-shirt, too. >> oy like those homeruns. her >> way to go bryce and the resty of the nationals.of t daniel murphy great addition so far baying off on day one.n daye >> great win because they didece look good late in the game.n e g >> that is true.>> thais t that is true. t always been a little suspectepe bullpen with this team has there not? not? >> yes. on and off throughout the years. >> >> took care of business when they needed to.theyded >> he's going back to --o >> let's go to weather. weather. >> that was hour ago.was i wasn't saying that.inat >> he was not cheering for thefe optimism of our team and focusing on the negatives.egat >> 32 in washington.ashingto >> long season, al.ason, a >> 23 in 23 in detroit this p morning. mi hey it's very out there.. take cold seriously. layers, wind chills right now in the the good news lots of sunshine. >> tucker, leave your little yol curl alone. >> really? >> in the back.ll in >> he's patting the back of hiso hair done.haire. your little curl pattern is kicking in and got little waveew back there. it doesn't matter.'t mat >> okay.>> >> um-hmm. >> good to have you back. >> yes. >> much more critical the other people. h ti 48 in washington.
8:27 am
58 tomorrow. tomorro we got a freeze warning againngn for tomorrow morning.. so again if you have sensitive i vegetation make sure you coverev it up.p >> his curl has been there allea week.ek we just never mentioned it.enti. >> can the people see it. the >> there it is.>> the when you turn your head. y tur turn it again much it's just itj right here. it's cute. it adds adds char >> thank you, that's'st >> very sweet.y sweet. >> erin como. >> it's your turn, erin. erin. >> i'm going say about two hourh ago what did we do with that.ha. >> we tried to ticket.o tke >> tried to flat iron. iro >> what did you tell me you werw going to wet it.going to >> did you do it.>> d >> i didn't get to it, yet. >> i think it's cute. it' it's adorable. arlington crash 50 arlington boulevard at fillmore street.e we have another crash.ra gw parkway on the inbound sideod at spout spo run that's causing big delays, theye continue to the key bridge asris you make your way from rosslynms into arlington.gton rosslyn into georgetown then thh outer loop right nowen 95 to georgia dips down to 16 miles per hour. heavy delays there. 29 inbound slow same story 95 sy southbound from the icc to the inner loop.oo
8:28 am
make your way from powder millwm on down is very jammed up.ammedu we got you covered any questiono at erin fox5 d.c.x5 keep it to fox5.o f we'll be right back. ♪ narrator: all that political mail might be overwhelming. let's simplify. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> hey everybody we're back nowo at 8:30. new plans are out to redevelop d the rfk stadium site.dium s now the public got a look atk last night's meeting hosted by e events d.c. several proposals on the table here to talk more about
8:31 am
big makeover is max brown m bro chairman and board of directors of events d.c. welcome to the studio. >> thank you. fanks for having me.ks >> can you just let folks know events dc and the relationship witness city.ess city. >> events d.c. is the official o sports entertainment and convention of the city. we derive revenue a portion of o the sales tax. we create great experiences fors residents and tourists alike.. >> d.c. is hot right now. n. >> d.c. is cool but it's hot.. >> it's both hot. h >> exactly. >> this meeting last night youen said you had about 400 folks00 come out >> 400 folks our fourth meetingm we rolled out sort of our ideas. >> right.>> rht >> we got from residents overoms the last six to nine months. mon >> what was the reaction? react >> hugely positive.itive because people saw in these in plans what they had been talkinl about wanting for this space.ce >> right. rig >> tremendous amount of greennd space, sports and recreationalna activities, right. we're talking about doing sortog of a chelsea peer >> right. r. >> families and kids and tourisu can come and
8:32 am
basketball, biking. bikin >> that's a destination.esnati if you've been to new york,o ney manhattan you know chelsea peers area is just -- it is at i a destination in itself.. >> completely. >> you are sharing with us somea ri the proposals right. tw po of them.hem. >> there are two concepts within each -- there's separate progr programming elements.emen >> okay. what are we looking at here. >> this is called the north nth south access concept. ccept so what you have here, this is -- we have three long-termg-m anchor possibilities one is nfl stadium, 20,000 seat a ren in an and no anchor at all.ll so within this program here, we have a track and field centerr this particular program has nfll stadium as a couldn't septemberr we have a sports complex that wa were talking about earlier for families and tourists to play basketball, golf driving range,i rock climbing and so forth. f then tremendous am of parkf par space. this programming increases thers green space by 300%. so it's a tremendous opportunity to leverage the waterfront
8:33 am
importantly connect thene the waterfront to the rest of the city west of us.f so all of this activity that's ' west of us we want to move east and then folks east of the rivev as you see we've connected with some pedestrian bridges becausea right now it's very challengingn to access this site.s >> that was going to be myhat question. because we, you know, we loveu e rfk but it was always like a bib of a hike to get >> exactly. exactly >> right film what we've done,il we created a pedestrian bridgen for people to walk up and down d covered roof here. her another road infrastructureruct transportation infrastructurerut and as i mentioned pedestrian bridges linking east of thef river whereas the other part of ward seven to this and one ofnde the ideas to have a market hereh right so people can actuallylly shop for fresh fruits andsh fit vegetables. >> we're talking 190 acres. >> 190-acre.>> 1cre. exactly.exy. >> okay. so this one has the football --b a whole another set of issues to get passed before we might seeis football here. her
8:34 am
>> there's another one that hasr basketball.sketll >> correct. >> it would basically replaced the verizon centerba in essencee >> potentially.otenti this is another option call thel sort of the stitch option, right.righ as you can see the armory is she still here.stil >> okay.kay. >> potentially 20,000 seat are arena. but irrespective whether there't a stadium or arena there arere things we want to do on thist tt site can't do on this site inhie the next two to five years.ea >> what's that red? is that a a amphitheater.itater >> this is a band show. you can see tens of thousands os people here for concerts. conrt >> right. r >> and you can see but the caneb capitol and the monument in the background. track and field, maybe a sciencs center or aquarium. right? again all the greenhe space and access to the river is down here below. b >> theirs another view thehe couldn't september this is their stitch concept as well, right.t >> exactly. what you see here is water parkk although it's chilly outsidey you've got indoor/outdoor water metro connectivity and again ain green space connecting to theto river. just a tremendous, this iss, really a once in generation gent opportuni t
8:35 am
campus.campus. >> max, you know what i don't wd see in either one of these? rfk incarnation at all.t >> d.c. united is leaving in two years. right so what do we do with theh stadium. this is the genesis of thiss oft effort. what do we do with this campuswa and this stadium? in two yearss there's no main tenant at rfk. k we all love rfk there's a history there we'll honor one hr way or >> all the concerts i saw there. >> concerts we both saw therertt and the redskins we saw there. e >> that's right.>> that's >> right exactly.>> >> this is progress i suppose,i, right? you know, actually it it very exciting.xc i hadn't really paid that muchh attention to what might go in that space.pace >> sure. >> but i got to tell you ito yu feels like another nationalnoth harbor it foles like just ifolee another exciting place toce tourists and locals can enjoy.oc >> that's exactly what we wante people to have a vision and oveo the notion to five years execute against that with this sportshio and entertainment complex forexf kids and families and their parents and tourists to play inn >> what's timeline here?e? >> so over the next two to fiv
8:36 am
years we'd like to get some s community soccer fields becauses there's -- we've heard from the residents capitol hill they need soccer fields. f this sports entertainmententme complex for people to play py basketball, swim, rock climbingb what have you, finally a markete a really substantial permanent a market for people to shop.ho >> all right. allight >> welcome to the new d.c.,the , everybody.ev max brown chairman of the boardb of directors of events d.c.nts thanks for coming in. for cing >> thank you. great to see seeou. >> we'll keep up to date on thep progress. ss >> thanks so much.>> >> what's going on over there. tucker, what was your favoriteoe rfk moment. >> i'm not going to lie i had ti great parking lot moments outen there i have to say.ay >> okay.ka >> let's go to the forecast. goo >> 32 at reagan national.iol dulles 30 bwi writ pre-gaming before theg concerts and the redskins gamess allison.alli bwi marshall 30 degrees. 30 dege it is cold out this morning. mor it is just not going to warm upm a whole lot today.e i mean we'll be in the upper 40s it won't feel like january or ja february but with the wind out of the north and north and
8:37 am
it is going definitely lock doww that cool feeling for theeeli fr afternoon.te there you go. snow showers early this morningi falling apart but enough to coac the ground out to the west out t towards front royal and west manassas.nass yeah, snow showers this morningo there you go. 48we today. tod hey, just a quick reminder itr t will be cold again tonight. overnight lows back beforek bor freezing for just about anybodyo freeze warning in effectze wnini overnight tonight and earlyly tomorrow. we'll be in the 50s tomorrow.w. seven day in just a mm erin is back with roads.. >> i'm very slow moving roads,is too.too. 8:37. howow slow? >> very slow.>> we'll take a look at our mapsurm and show you.sw you >> that is slow.>> t >> there you go.ou >> so slow. s right now we have crash activitt in arlington the on 50 arlington boulevard at fillmore street.lme that is causing some atypical al slow downs that was arlingtons right now. aside from that, i want to showo i was wide view of the area for your commute. commu covered in red right now. n 395 is backed up the entiree stretch from south of theouth beltway. the beltway is very slow acrossa bridge on the wilson
8:38 am
outer loop heavy 95 towards thes spur take look at this. t 95 southbound to the inner loopi and bw parkway north andth and southbound a lot of heavyhbou l congestion.congti in the district right now 295 both directions he can treatment many jammed and 50 is notamme looking so great. great. the outer loop as you make youro way up from richie marlboro alss jam. ja we have a crash i want to showis you live look outside on the lo freeway. the eastbound side between ninth street and the third streethirdt tunnel let me get out of the wt way. it's little hard to make oute with that sun glare. s gla grab your shades but it'ss b blocking that left lane.eft it's right near the overpassass you'll extra time on the freewaf like i said 395 northboundthbo remains completely jammed to thj 14th street bridge. bdge. we're slow on clara barton crasc on gw parkway southbound boythb spout run and you can see just t heavy traffic is on 395 rightht basically a parking lot there. e i've tweeted out all the all accidents and delays for you ata erin fox5 d.c. if you have any questions.on allison and steve.. >> got your mouthful, don't. >> sure do. >> stole my food again, didn'ti' you. >> i got caught. >> sure d why university of maryland
8:39 am
take on t-shirt from wal*mart. r ready yet? yet? >> okay.>> okay. >> later on, kevin will join usn live from los angeles fresh offs the premier of disney's the the jungle book. book >> now, i'm ready. >> time is up. >> we'll be right ♪ wall street.
8:40 am
they're powerful. they usually get their way. but not with democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks. and when washington insiders wrote a loophole to let the nra spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards, the special interests aren't special. we are. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. stronger is blasting without risking her bones. it's training her good cells... to fight the bad guys. stronger is less pain... new hope... more fight. it's doing everything in your power... and everything in ours. stronger, is changing even faster than they do. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
8:41 am
♪ general mills unveiling asnv set of new wheaties boxes todayy it's called the legend series. . the bocks feature olympic
8:42 am
were previously overlook.yve it all start width campaign toio put greg lou gain nass onn wheaties box after documentary n about his live aired on hbo in n august.aust olympic hurdler edwin moses and swimmer janet evans will also bs featured on the boxes which youh can buy in stores starting nexte >> i was so far off.>> i s i said maybe bruce jenner wasner one of the first athletes to beo on wheaties bock.s boc no. 1334 jack armstrong and lou gehrig first athletes to be onso wheaties boxes. bes >> okay.>> oy. >> right. >> went back way farther than it thought. >> all like relative in our i o lifetime.time bruce jenner. jne >> we remember.remeer. >> exactly.>> ely. >> cool. wal*mart is apologizing thishis morning for a university ofrsito maryland t-shirt. >> it's kind of a university ofd maryland t-shirt. oma has the m on it.t >> it says terps.ays t maybe it was meant for peopleasf who are like from bostonn i don't know. the maryland logo and terpsps written on the state off massachusetts.s now at first wal*mart didn'tid even realize the mistake.. the compan
8:43 am
have similar shapes.arha okay.ok. >> what? >> think about that for a minutt much that's why some peoplewhy thought the shirt was a mistake. no, wal*mart. you were wrong.rong the two states really aren'tly a shaped similarly and this and t morning wal*mart is apologizingg saying we're so embarrassed weod may never stick our head out off our shell again.. get it? i >> yeah. y terrapins. >> thanks for guiding this losts terra pip back to maryland. to . >> they don't have a shell. she >> i don't know what's worse.w s initial mistake or the initial response of saying, they lookhe the same you must have look at a it wrong. wrong. >> did wal*mart say that.mart s. >> yeah.>>ea >> yeah. yeah okay.ok. maybe they'll be collectorsle items. >> would you want to wear one? um-um. >> i would say knowledge kevin s joins us live from los angeles with more on lastay night's junl book red carpet we might have te roll out a red carpet for kevin one of these days because he's s getting more and more >> first before we talk to kevev like live outside on thisutsidei tuesday morning.tuesday tucker is back with yourr forecast next. nex
8:45 am
8:46 am
fill your family of four up, with eight pieces of delicious original recipe chicken and sides. it's a meal that's freshly prepared every day. court adjourned! colonel quality, guaranteed. ♪ aww this is honor of me,is o steve. thank you very much.k >> you're welcome. >> let me hear adam. >> yay.>> y >> thanks adam.>> >> wish it felt more summer like. like. >> makes you want to curl backa up on the couch.. >> chilly out there.. scaffolding on the nationalonhea cathedral is a permanent pne addition. it's been there for years.orea >> after the earthquake, right??
8:47 am
>> four years ago. ago. >> getting their money togethere >> it's tough.>> it'tough >> it is tough. >> the capitol scaffoldingcaoldi starting to come down. >> progress.>> p >> great. >> how about those rfk plans? amazing.. >> ambition and awesome if theys can make it happen.n maket happ. >> if they can pull it off.anul >> okay.>> okay >> all right. out there. er very very cold. sunshine looks bright and it it feels -- it looks like springe n out there but not so much. >> ♪>> >> allison, this is for you.on >> give me some barry whit, ee walking.lkg. >> uh-huh. >> i didn't know i was walkingkw but i guess i am. i >> do it, tuck. (laughter). >> it's good to be back.k. >> right.>> >> it's good to be back.k >> thank you.hank that makes it all right. rig where is the sinking? ski >> 32 in 28 in thank you.kou 33 in quantico.o. very very cold out there. temperatures these are airse arr temperatures but the real feelee the wind chill temperatures are hanging out in the teens.out ine it is just unbelievably chilly out there for april the fifth. f look at your c
8:48 am
37 here in washington.ashingto 30 in quantico.ntic 26 in manassas. 21 there in frederick and againa it actually feels like teens even in the 8:00 a.m. hour feele like 19 degrees right now.. i mean this is what we would w expect back in january andry february. 18 what it feels like inikn frederick. 19 dulles.19 dulles. snow showers out to the westhe w earlier this morning.or look at that band of snow thatnt developed overnight.ped ovnight fading off pretty quick, and qc, just a couple of flurries leftsf over you might encounter that ia you're headed down to the southu and west of manassas that's the way it's been fallinn for the rest of us generally gel sunny conditions it will be nicb looking day but it will not be t warm day. upper 40s for daytime highs, an, then cold again tonight. tight. that area of high pressure pss that's response al for the veryv cold temperatures not just there mid atlantic but upper midwest they got big time snowsimsn yesterday new england as wellw w very very chilly temperaturespe this morning. morni that will get park rightkig overhead the winds will lighteng up tonight, very other freeze warning through the area tomorrow morning.w mo gradual warmup around here. all r
8:49 am
not exactly sure what map we're' looking at. this is act a there's youra forecast for today.reca cold air returns.ur and again this area of highig pressure will slip off to ourslo east as we get into tomorrow ano that will allow temperatures toe warm into the upper 50's byy tomorrow afternoon little bett better. 48 today. mentioned the cold temperaturesm overnight. 58 tomorrow.58 thursday big home opener one everybody is very excited. i wish high a better forecast fs for us.s. it looks like showers are goingg to be in the for confident forff much of the day on thursday witw high temperatures in the low 60l at least temperatures will be be mild. but i can't guarantee that'seeha going to be good looking day. we'll touch gone whether or not we'll be able to pull that gamem off on thursday with rain r showers around. at least we'll be dry this ts weekend nationals are in town as well. we that's the latest weather. latte >> we want to check in with with holly and wisdom find out what't coming up on good day d.c..c. what's up guys.. >> fox5 over the local stories s this morning. >> carjacking leads to a policel chase in d.c.chas we're live at the scene. sne. >> one wait until you see what w one local business caught ones u me
8:50 am
to be done to stop it. it. the exclusive video only on goog day. da >> also at 9a, sibling rivalryiy played out on the hardwood lasto night the big dance came to a a nail biting finish. >> brothers faced off but the wildcats forward from maryland m that pulled off the astonishing win. the boys father joins us >> looking forward to that.orwa. but not as much as this for me.f coming up on good day at 10a, heaven, i'm in heaven. we are live with harry connick, jr. it's final few episodes left ofo idol this week.s wee we talk about the iconic show s and harry's new talk show. sho >> oh, boy.oy we getter have smelling salts oo stand by. don't pass out just yet. just y. just yet. et good day d.c. just a few minutet away. >> all right. guys. we look forward it to.ook thank you. in today's fox beat, we havh a super star in our midst our mo kevin mccarthy is featured intu this month's washington livetone magazine.magazine. >> very cool.>> v here's a little sneak peek righ now.w there's kev
8:51 am
in the loft. >> kev got -- he's all grown upu now our little kevin. >> aww. >> dished how he got started ing the business you can read all about it how about his careerisc blossomed into the man he isintt today. today. gave behind scenes look at whatt he enjoys most about coveringst the stars and just like out in t that picture that looks sooo hollywood kevin is in hollywoody this morning. morni kev, you have your feet on theet couch. do you realize that in theli picture the boss not happy. >> yeah, i'm aware of that when i saw that photo the first thint i thought about was, steveteve usually sits right around thatt area. so i'm sure that my dirty shoes there i very much -- i didn't d' know you guys were going toe got mention thato on air.. thank you for bringing that up.t >> emergency meeting has been hs called upstairs at 9:15 tisti morning.mog >> i just a text from my general manager.nage. >> expect to you call in on that one.on >> congratulations, kev. that's awesome.'s a it is awesome.. we know your history because wew work with you and friends with t you.yo for people who note realize whaw did you to
8:52 am
it's great read. >> i appreciate that steve itt e means a lot to i didn't know you were goingu wg mention that today.ntio thank you for bringing that up.. really cool article. i saw the e-mail yesterday abouy it. i was very impressed the way iti was shot and the way they wayhe interviewed it. it was very very cool. very ve i mean it's kind of cool to be on the other side of the othid interview considering i'm alwayw doing the interviewing, so it'si actually interesting because it gives you perspective what'stiva like to be interviewed.ed so it was very very cool.ry c i appreciate you guys mentioninn that. it means a lot to me. to >> we're proud you. w what do you have a tucks on foro this morning?or >> yeah. i was at the world pre mary lasp night for the jungle book whichw was amazing because obviously ww all know the '67 disney classica one of the greatest animate thee movies of all time but now johnj photograph row the director your know him as an actor fromrom swingers, we love him. but hely directed elf and now he's directing this movie hee directed iron man and i caughtr up with the stars last note onae the carpet. it was on hollywood boulevard in california and one of the thingi high to bring up obviously gary shandling very famous comediann passed away on march 24th andnd he's actually a voice in the
8:53 am
so at the end of the creditsreds they do great little memory element to gary shandling even wanted to talk john aboutlk joho working with him.wo what it meant to him.oim but first i talk to the littleht boy who plays mogley in they t check this us. >> it's kevin mccarthy i'my geeking out here in hollywood aa the world pre mary of the jungle book. rocking my tuxedo i got my got m chucks on. chucks o you saw the operate captainta theater the dolby theater acrosr the street where the oscar are r hell. opening running shot of thennin movie how many takes does thatoa take? >> we actually reshot that likek four times, and i think likehinl well we do like 10 to 15 eachac like usually so i did it like l four times.ur t like 60 >> wow. obviously at the end we se>>e mr. shandling's name on thedlinh screen. >> yes, sure., sure >> obviously just recently rectl happened. so adding that in. what he men to you and the roler in the movie. the kind of getting that on thehe screen at the end there.t th >> gary shandling was a very important person to lot of us i the hollywood community
8:54 am
he was -- i was lucky enough tog have him do a voice in this and, um, very sad to hear of his his passing i thought it was nice wc gesture for not just the people on this film but all of us who s you see the outpouring on social media to dedicate to do his memory, and hopefully we're introducing a new generation ton his work and this is a small a s taste of it but i encourage eou people to go out there, look ata larry sandersing look at thek t work did d look at his stand up appearancea f you're interested in comedyn y you're never going to find a ton greater genius more innovativeae with the forum, stand up orr television.lesion. >> it's part of ghandi still sti with you today? you played sold many great characters in yourran career. what as spec of ghandi are still with you right now?th yight >> i'm not so sure whether or o not anything stays.ta i mean that in the best sense ot the word. w because when i was a theaterer actor, if i can use rather rat clunky met for i thought of myself as a lapped scapeped s painter. now that i'm in film, i see myself as portit
8:55 am
you know the weird thing is you put your brush down and you andy leave the canvass and you say y there's the portrait, there's me. quite separate.quit >> wow! >> thank you so much.ha honor to meet you. you are one of the bestnk actorr of all time. >> guys that was sir ben kinglyl that is ghandi. ghand he played ghandi.g an amazingha a kind of cool to meet him andim a talk about the ghandi elementndn there but the movie opens uppe u next i'll tell you right now it's the best 3d i've seen in years and i'm usually against films in 3d3 this is one of best 3dtd experiences because they shot it in 3d you feel like you're righg there. it's pretty intense.nt i was very very impressed with john did and that little boy byy the way is basically actinging against nothing. i mean none of those animals ara really there.. so it's first time actor littlet kid who i was digged for the the role, and we'll have more fromro him and also director johnec photograph row right here onow r fox5 next week.x5 nt >> i can't wait to see thet set this take on it. thanks so much, kev.. congratulatns
8:56 am
>> thanks lot allison and steves i'll see you guys on friday. fri >> you got it, bud.t, b watch your feet. 8:55.8: let's neck with tucker and get look at the forecast.. >> steve big winds behind youin there at the white house.hite he very windy conditions.on very cold conditions much it'sit april doesn't feel like it. 33 at reagan national.atna dulles 31. bwi marshall wind chills in the teens.lls in can you believe it? and snowndo showers overnight right therehtt falling apart but enough to coac the ground in a few spots.. had a few viewers sent me sen m pictures. thank you. should be mostly sunny day uppep 40s for daytime highs that is ta about 15 degrees below normal nr for this date in april.n ail cold again tonight.onight freeze warning overnight tonig tnight. tomorrow remains cool but itemas should feel better with lessr w wind and temperatures 10 degreee warmer unfortunately we got soms rain for the day on thursday. ts of course we have the homee the opener there.. keep our finger crossed we cange hold the rainr off until aftera that game is over. but right now it doesn't look't great. i'm sorry about that. all right. that's a look at weather.eath i'll be back in just a minutein with the good day show. i'm going to at a toss back to
8:57 am
allison and steve. ste >> thanks, tuck.uc >> coming up, how the way your food comes packaged could bege making you overeat.vereat we'll go live to the fox medical team for some answers. also a family from uppery fp marlboro with a lot to celebrate this morning and maybe a littlel heartbreak, too.oo we'll see how the dad of villanova hero kris jenkinsen deals with the fact that, well, his other son was on the losings team last night.. >> they're both winners. >> we'll talk with him coming hn up. up. can't wait. ♪
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♪ straight ahead super nova. >> jenkins for the championship. yes!s! >> the while cats with theth t buzzer beater to seal their ncaa championship.. their first in more than 30 years. ye the hero and upper marlborooro native having a family reunion on college basketball's biggeste we'll have all the highlightsht and row action coming up. >> the badger state playing alag bigger role in the white house i race than anyone ever expected.d today voters in wisconsin hitnsh the polls and they could changea the state of the race for theor front runners.nner we'll tell you why. first, though, mother nature playing a late april fool's prank? temperatures take aak plunge and could stay pretty low. low. when will we see a glimpse ofmpo spring again? aga good day at 9a starts now. ♪


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