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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  April 5, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ straight ahead super nova. >> jenkins for the championship. yes!s! >> the while cats with theth t buzzer beater to seal their ncaa championship.. their first in more than 30 years. ye the hero and upper marlborooro native having a family reunion on college basketball's biggeste we'll have all the highlightsht and row action coming up. >> the badger state playing alag bigger role in the white house i race than anyone ever expected.d today voters in wisconsin hitnsh the polls and they could changea the state of the race for theor front runners.nner we'll tell you why. first, though, mother nature playing a late april fool's prank? temperatures take aak plunge and could stay pretty low. low. when will we see a glimpse ofmpo spring again? aga good day at 9a starts now. ♪
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and it's in.. >> and it's in.t' i >> oh, man. >> what a >> he just stands there and takr it all in. good day d.c.ay it is just after 9:00 o'clock oc tuesday april 5th.a i'm holly morris alongside of maureen, steve and wisdom.. >> as you can imagine stillll celebrating in the philly areaya last night's one shining momentm delivered by maryland's own kris jenkins after unc tide the gameg there it is.ere is. there's your shot to win theur t game. the buzzer beating three gave ge the while cats their first ncaa championship since they beatheya georgetown 31 years ago. a that's the old coach massimino celebrating in the stands. snd fans took to the streets toto ts celebrate around the villanovaio campus park of marking that last second victory but alsoutls celebrating here in the d.c..c region. we'll show you how a littleit later this
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first though mother natureure playing a cruel prank on us.nk n we woke up to temperatures in the 30's the wind chills made ie feel even worse. so when exactly are we going tot tart feeling like it's spring again? hmm. hmm. >> for details tucker is back b with a first check on the c forecast.recast. hey. >> hey, guys not this afternoono only upper 40s for daytime highh and take look at my camera c behind me shaking here. her that's the wind which is blowini at about 20 to 25 gusting to 30 miles per hour with an airh a temperature out there right nown that is only 33 degrees. yeah, 33 now with winds out of o the north at 29. 2 so eighths very very blusterylur day. that is your wind chilld cll temperature 19 degrees. please take the cold seriously.y it is just not going to warm upp a whole lot today.e lo we shall be in the 60s this timt of year. we won't get out of the upper oh 40s for daytime highs and thatnt might even be a little optimistic for parts of the foro region. all right. there's your satellite/radar.. arctic high pressure building pr in. not just mid atlantic boll of bl new england very this morning. g back towards cleveland wherevele they had to cancel baseball
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because of conditions yesterdayy and up towards michigangan temperatures well below normalor and we're going to have to deald with it here for another 24 to 36 hours and then we'lle'll gradually warm it up here byer tomorrow afternoon.ftnoon all right.all ght. breezy, very cool for this timei of year, 48 your daytime hightig check out your gusty winds nortn and west at 15 to 25.15 to 2 make sure you wear layers iflars you'll be outdoors working inorg the yard that kind of thing a o tettle later this f all right. i'll be back with the seven dayd doesn't have much of a warmup. u we'll look at the nationals home opener forecast and -- yeah. (laughter). >> some groans.e groans. >> leave it at that. leave >> back to you guys.k toou guys. >> thanks tuck.>> first at 9:00 th te polls as open in wisconsin and voters inr the badger state will play al py bigger role in the race for wher it than just about anyoneju expected that's because thes cas state could strike serious blows against the republican and democratic front fox's doug luzader has the h t details. >> reporter: just a few monthsen ago, no one would
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that these races would be this competitive at this stage, and wisconsin is living up to itsts maverick reputation. it's hard to say who has more at stake today, ted cruz or donalda trump. cruz wins wisconsin, though, as polls suggest he can blockck trump's run to win the to wi nomination out right. rht leading to a brokered brore convention.conv the only point they both seem to agree on john kasich oz only on state up to this point shouldino drop out.ut >> john kasich cannot be the nominee he's mathematicallyy eliminated.eliminated >> esche not be allowed to run it's very unfair he's take our k votes will think about what guyg said he needs to get out becausc he's getting my votes and i wann to have my votes! he's -- this-i is not fair. f >> reporter: likewiseis democratic hillary clinton woull like her rival bernie sanders tt leave the her one-time decisive lead in wisconsin has evaporated and shs now appears to be conceding the states. ates >> oh, my gosh, it is so great g to be in new york. >>
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york where she's trying to stava off arising sanders there.he he plans to use momentum from wisconsin to fuel a monumental upset in clinton' as domed home state. >> between you and me i don'toua want to get hillary clinton more nervous than she already is.lrei don't tell her this.hi but i think we win here, we wini in new york state we're on ourre way to the white house.he w thank you all very much! >> reporter: hillary clinton'sit campaign manager meantime putimt out a memo yesterday to try to calm nervous supporters sayingg that hillary clinton has an almost unsurmountable fleeingeig delegates over bernie the is that so. in washington, doug luzader, fox 9:05 is the time.> 9: happening today a virginia stata trooper gunned down last week ii richmond will be laid to rest. funeral for trooper chad dermyer at 11:00 this morning inor hampton, then he's going to be buried ind private ceremony.y. trooper dermyer was killed whilw participating in traininginin t exercise at the greyhound busyhb station last thursday after a ts man he was talking to opened
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fire. fire. the shooter was also killed. kle now to a story with severale twists and turns.ists and tur car chase that started in silvee spring, maryland, ended inland,i northeast d.c.. police say after chasing twong o carjacking suspects.ct. >> fox5's melanie an like isike live at benning road and rd a minnesota avenue where the chase ended. she's got the latest details. mel?me >> reporter: good morning,d m guys. i guess the good news here is ne that no one was injured and also that everything has been repaired.. the damage happening overnight because of that crash and car ac chase and carjacking.jain now, montgomery county policeyol confirmed to us that the carja carjacking happened 10:30 last:l it was a bmw and apparently ita was carjacked at 8,701st 8 avenue in silver spring. sprin the victim in that carjackingja was not injured and montgomery n county police did not say not s although they said it was anit n armed carjacking they didn't sad what kind of a weapon was used u to steal that vehicle.ehle so an alert was put out about 12:15 this morning that's when s dc police spotted that car.
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pursuit, i don't know if we can really caw it a chase, we're not sure.sure. prying to get information fromto d.c. public information officeon about exactly what transpiredrad there. but we know it ended up here at the cornernd of benning road and minnesota avenue where that bmwb first knock over a trafficraff signal pole and then continued up the road where came to rest. also, crashing on a curve upp fortunately, nobody was injured. neither the suspect, twoct, suspects in the so it wouldn't have been thateet bad of a crash, and they were apprehended, also, we understann that the person whose car wasas taken also not injured in that t armed carjacking.arjackin live in northeast, i'm melanie alnwick fox5 local news. >> trouble just now on the roadr in northern virginia this isnia video from about 15 minutes agoo car overturned on route 50 nearn north fillmore street inllmo arlington.arli one person had to be rescuede ru from that tha c they're now at the hospital.ta crews just finish righting thatt vehicle and together it away buy might be some la
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on route 50.ou time is 9:07 now.ow. allison is back with on the other stories making headlinesdl this morning. m >> it's good to be be first up, still no word on what caused a sightseeing helicopterl with five people on board to brd crash in the state of tennesseee near the great smokey mountainst national park. p when emergency crews arrived on the scene, sadly, no sign of of life, barely any sign of a helicopter.copter federal aviation investigatorseo are on the scene now local l officials say it appears choppec came down the side of a mountait crashed at the foot of thattf t mountain then burst into names.. the crash happened in an areaa popular with tourists this timet of year and about 3 miles away from dolly parton's dolly woodoo theme park.. now to what appears to be a worldwide corruption casecorr involving the rich and famous. u it's called panama papersap scandal.scan came to light after million of documents were leak into thoseos top-secret documents manyy political, wealthy leaders all implicated including russian rui
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the saudi king and written's wtt prime minister us department ofo justice has launched ancd a investigation.. now to a fox5 exclusive. illegal bikers spotted thishis weekend in the shaw neighborhood boldly driving right past dc pt police cruiser. cis it's unclear if a police officec was in that vehicle at the timem now this video was shot by ay a diner sitting out in the pationt of a restaurant in shaw.. one restaurant owner says he's s fed up. fed up. he's saying he's worried someons is bound to get hurt. gur the dc police chief has made it clear, though, there is a no chase policy in the district. new feature coming tofeat facebook today.faceok t this one is aim at helping the t blind end visually up paired. this feature will interpret what is in picture. pture using a form of artifial intelligence that recognizeszes faces and objects. oec it works with the iphone it i works with the iphone's built in screen it must be turned on foror facebook's photo descriptions t be read. r facebook want to make sure thatm
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blind and visually impaired people can still connect withonw others on their social media site. site for now the feature will only bb available in english. and finally, the internet is remembering an actor best known for his contribution to thisiont classic moment in star warstaar history.history check it out.ut admiral we have a ship coming. it's a trap. >> that classic line was lin w delivered by eric bauers fieldee who passed away sunday at thedat age of 93.3. he voiced admiral objection barn in return of the jeddi. he was also the voice behindoicd java the hut's right hand man h bib for tuna. tuna. he made an appearance in starinr wars the force awakens just last year.year. >> it's a trap.>> i >> i was wonder hook was theas voice behind big tuna.g ta >> there you go. >> you'll be bip and tuna. >> oh how the
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don't back to you.back >> will they be honored whenor they pass with a classic linee allison? >> i don't think so.on >> it's a trap. (laughter). >> still ahead picture is worth a thousand words.. apparently it can add inches tos your waistline. we'll check in with the foxinith medical team. >> first love this story.ry. >> yes.. >> literally covering both sided of this story. this story one family from upper marlboro r has a heck of a family reunioneu in houston. two kids playing in the ncaa championship for different teams. one of them this morning a a national campus hero? the other, on the other team. we'll talk to dad coming up next.
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he was flicking matches on me... for my life. my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side.
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♪ to jenkins for the champion shim. yes! >> it's hard to find a better t finish to any college basketball game let alone the nationalnal championship game. >> right.>> rht. >> talk about an instant classic.classic. villanova winning its firstnnins national championship since be beating georgetown 31 years agoo thanks to buzzer beater by upper marlboro's kris jenkins.. last night' game in houston wasn in fact a family reunion for the wildcats forward with some som sibling like we told you yesterday,esrd jenkins facing of
9:15 am
brother north carolina's nateate britt.britt. now, the two college athletes ae aren't siblings by blood but britt's parents are jenkins legal guardians.l gu they grew up together.w togeth. so either way last night natenih britt, sr., was celebrating andg this morning he joins us live ov the phone from houston. good morning, sir. sir >> good morning, steve.te how you doing.g. >> i'm not doing nearly as welll as you are this morning ands mo beauty of this nate either way w we were going get tog get to congratulate you this morning. i but let's go back to laugh lgh night. five seconds left in the game.e. you're thinking, nate's team is going to win this game on thatnt three pointer and then a matter of seconds later, chris is theis one that hits the winning shotnt for villanova.r villano take me back in your mindur mind through the last couple ofthe la seconds of the game. >> well, marcus page just came c down and hit incredible three-point shot to tie the ga game, and at that point, we knew that -- i knew that we had like
9:16 am
five seconds and once theynce te advanced the ball and ryan wasn pushing the ball up the floorheo and chris was trailing, i toldol my brother, i said game is over. i said because if chris touchesu it now it gets half court he's t going to make it. and when they kick it to him anm once i saw it leave his hands, i just jumped up because i was like bucket, you know, we've been in the jim gym countless ct days and hours practicing and ha works extreme many hard i justds really felt good about it.bout it went through the net and itnd was just incredible. >> nate, i want to ask you this. going into the game, because while you were going to come oug a winner either way, you were in a difficult position.ositn. what did you wear to the game,, which section did you sit in? i and did you just basically cheer every time a basket went in onnn either end of the court? >> pretty much. the first half i was on the villanova side and i was wearing a gray shirt. shi i was neutr
9:17 am
(laughter).ghte. >> my kids already know how ino feel about that, and i supportst both of them. and i was on the villanova sideo for the first half and secondec half i went on the carolina si side. >> so look you went on theok carolina side for the secondecon half.ha. they lost.ey los so what do you tell little mr. britt?. brt? >> well, you know, they've ty' always competed against each e other and work outs anduts a everything we do in our house oh that's just one of those times.t nate you know he hit me after the game and he was just like,ul he was like, you know, chris bib time forever. and we used to always tease himh you know, when we were younger -- when they wereheth younger that, you know, you got to be prepared to hit big time shots.ots. and when i was coaching them aau ball, chris used to hit big-timg shots when he was at gonzaga heh hit big-time shots.ho that's something that he does.hd that's in his dna i >> nate, how are the two boyss feeling today? have you had aau chance to talk to them at lengte or how are
9:18 am
chris and nate?e? >> well, of course, you know, nate is waking up this morningsi he's not a national champion and on the other side of that is his brother hit the winning shot.. so, yeah, he does feel, you kn know, like it should have beenhe us but at the epp of the day iff somebody is going to beat you i might as well be your brother br because you know who he is.. >> yeah.h. >> and on the other side chris is -- it's bittersweet for chric because, you know, he's alwayssy been very protective of nate any way, and as they grew up, theyhy always competed together.og and this was theet first time opportunity that they had a chance to compete against eachst other on national television for a national title. so it was unbelievable, and he'' feeling fantastic right now and esche because he's put the workr in and he finish strong. >> in that moment for you as yos dad, nate, i mean, you're a you know how to stay calm andayd keep your head
9:19 am
this tournament came togetherogt and you were rooting for northnf carolina and you were rootingndo for villanova, when it startedta to look like these two couldould actually play each other for the championship, watching that gamm last night was that a lot different for you than watchingg any of the games leading up to s it? >> oh, yes. oh, no doubt about it. i had always thought, you know, as most teams -- both teams t moved along i was thinking welll it's just another game, and it i will be the championship and yod can just watch it but you can'tn you know, it was -- it was veryr difficult. my wife couldn't even >> yeah, see. >> i said that when i said dad i is willing to be interviewed. mom, she hasn't even like comeie out of the room because it had h done me in.n .> right. dad, i got one more question fof you. i know he's a junior.ow h that was a bige' shot.t that's probably -- that's a huge stage. can we start thinking about thea inform ba now are we not going g to talk about that yet. y >> no, we not talking about atba all. all. i want them to enjoying being ig college. >> good for you.>> >> the most fun part of theirpae
9:20 am
enjoy this win. being national championship. and we'll talk about the otherte stuff later, because really just more important to me.e. >> dad, let's end on soft note.t we had heard the boys weren't wt going to be doing a loft talkink to each other before the do they have words for eachvedsf other after the game? isme? is everything back in good andood brotherly again?brotherly again >> oh yeah. no question. you know, once the ball went wen through the basket i'm pretty p sure for that moment nate feltet bad and chris felt elatedla shortly thereafter once they han a moment to themselves, theyel texted each other and theyhe talked last night they were talking. as a matter of fact they were planning on trying to get on something to eat but it was tooo late, you know, so they're inn good. good they are good.ey areood. >> well, clearly the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.e you have raised two stellar young boys and kudos to youro yu wife as well.. and if chris wants to give us a call we'd love to chat with him, too, if you can but a pug in hih ear. >> i surely will try to do thatt kn
9:21 am
morning.morning. we'll definitely try.'l >> nate, we appreciate it.e, w you know what, nate, the d.c. d area wins with this one.s one. no doubt about it. a >> sure do. >> yes, sir, we surely do.urely. thank you very much.k >> thanks a lot. >> safe travels home.s >> thank you. >> that is awesome. that's so great.t so i love they wanted to get foodd afterwards. what brothers do.wh bro >> family fir >> right. >> family first.>> >> i bet you his phone, chris' r phone is ringing off the hook. k >> you know it is.w is. not just talking about theki regular phone. i'm talking about professional.o >> the future phone.>> the futur >> i think one of things that os made last night's game so greatg was the fact that on both sidest both of the teams had upper level classmen. c it wasn't the one and donees.. they had worked together andd te played together as team for ahea couple of years and the two bess teams were there and it was anns awesome gam >> i commented someone whoomme m doesn't follow basketball, youls know, at all, but something likl this you can definitely gety behind because this is the wayae you hope that championships end up.up. buzzer beating thrill shot atila the end and then to add it witht siblings the rivalry i mean thi is lik
9:22 am
>> it's a movie script exactly.t >> and three of villanova villa starters from right here in this room. ro two from this area and one from baltimore all great basketballkl >> chris had winning shot. hart and ochefu were amazing as well.we maryland represented. repreed >> 9:22 our time right now.ig coming up a little later, day one of idol's three-nightig finale. what to expect from the hitm thh reality show's swansong.wans >> first, though, what to doo with rfk stadium. developers laid out few ideas fe for the area and now it's up to the city to pick one.c have a look at the options and what's at stake coming up next. ♪
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>> 9:25. many questions about what to doa with the rfk stadium site. well now we're starting to seeba possible answers there are newwe plans out to redevelop that that sight.t >> right now it's home to theowi d.c. united and the occasionall but it sits on 199 ache commerc need of right vital redskins won 5nfc champions gamm at the now there's a plan to bring back the glory days and win thend wie burgundy gold and bring themnghe back to d.c. we got our first or look last night at meeting meeti hosted by events d.c. there are several proposals on o the table and some of thend somt proposals are for an nfl stadi stadium. a 20,000 seat arena.en an amphitheater.r. a water park. p or some
9:26 am
recreational space.. shopping, dining, options on thh table as well. wel events dc said it is their goall to make sure that the project speaks to greater internationall audience and the local dc dc community we spoke with max wh brown chairman of the board of f directors events d.c. this this morning to help break this allhl down. >> this is really a nuns generation opportunity toortu transform this campus. >> max, you know what i don'tu n see in one of these? rfk in any -- inn core nation at all.aa >> so d.c. united is leaving inn two years. years right? what do we with theh t stadium? this is really genesis of this effort. what do we do think with campusc and this stadium? in to years, there's no main tenant at rfk ir know we all love rfk there's the history there. tre >> right. >> worry going honor one way oro another. >> all right. r over the notion to five yearseas organizers from events d.c. sayc they'd like to get community cmu soccer fields put in place so, yeah,h
9:27 am
>> it sounds like it's gone.. >> from what he's saying.aying. >> rfk. >> it sounds like --t >> rfk will go away.y. >> it's definitely going >> the building itself is going away.. they'll have a memorial or or tribute to it but in essence --n >> you know how it w it sometimes they live a pillar up. >> keep one, exactly i think t everybody already knew that it e was going away.was just a matter of what's going tt take its place is the bigger question. >> they keep putting stadiums i there. i don't know if somebody isow i tipping them off what might gotg there. there. a lot of money on studies. money >> it will be interesting to se why the wizards would even be ii play because there's nothingre wrong with the verizon center and that's in the center of a hot --hot >> wisdom, a debate for anotherh day. sports stadiums last decade. >> your absolutely right.solu >> but the verizon center backrc when it was before it wase it w verizon center helped revitalizz chinatown which was an area that needed it.t it will be interesting to see. still ahead on good day wal*mart's geography fail. we'll show you the picture thatu went viral and tell how the company's twitter feed actuallyt tried to defend the mistake
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>> made it worse. wse >> bad move. move. first how the way your food f comes packaged could be makinga you overeat.u we'll go live to the fox medical team for some answers.. >> plus, feeling more likeike february. tucker will be back to tell ustu how long this darned cold snap there last. last. 9:28 is our time right now. ♪ find fantasy shows. when it comes to the things you love, you want more. love romance? get lost in every embrace. into sports? follow every pitch, every play and every win. change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity. thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some?
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♪ ♪ >> welcome back.>> 9:30 is our time right now on this tuesday. t it may say t
9:31 am
5th but it sure doesn't feel't f like it cold. >> like april fool first becausb it's april fool'. >> if only it were a joke. joke. >> right. r >> alas tucker i think no one ie laughing. >> no, not today.>> n i mean seriously cold out there. >> yeah. y after being in the 70seain t 70s yesterday, the fact that it's currently 33 degrees i thinknk that's the shock.hock >> brutal.>> >> we went from 40 to 33, eh. >> the fact it was 70 plus yesterday.stery. let's get it to.let' very cold temperatures to starts your day. going to be a very coolto b plan accordingly here as even ii you the sunshine even with bright sunshine we're not going to warm up. 33 now in washington.ngto 30 in gaithersburg.ur. the 9:30 in the morning. morni look how much of the area is tra still hanging out around the freezing mark. 32 in leonardtown. manassas 32. winchester 32.. a little swath of snow set up east of the winchester and front royal enough to cover thehe ground. got nice pictures. just extraordinary it's aprilt' the fifth and we're talkingan about snow. your winds gusting right nowd t
9:32 am
that does not make it feelt f pleasant.pleasa 32 in quantico.antico 28 dulles.. wind chills still hanging out ii the teens.ns 19 is what it feel like out there currently 18 in frederick. 18 out at dulles. obviously with wind chills likel that, it feels more like januarj and february. so if you're going to be workinb outdoors that kind of thing o tg later today take the coldtake seriously even with daytime dayi highs in the 40s it's not goingi to foal that warm with windsh w blowing out of the north at 20, 30, even 40 miles per hours per currently. we cleared out. there's that little band of sno set up overnigbaht.rn just extraordinary.ordinary enough to coat ground in a few w spots. s. otherwise it's about high h pressure and arctic highc h pressure delivering a veryreeliv chilly afternoon with winds that which will continue out of theof north north and west for much or the day. th winds will let up tonight the t cold will really set in as thatt area of high pressure getsur g parked overhead and we've gotanv another freeze warning for theee entire region for tomorrow torro morning. so again the sensitive tender plants, sensitive vegetationeg you're going to want to cover ur or
9:33 am
all right. r high pressure the good news it'' a mover.a ver. it's a quick mover and will getg offshore by tomorrow, and we'llw start to get the winds out of o the east tomorrow which will wil gradually warm things up withthu little less wind. highs in the upper 50's tomorroo should feel a lot more pleasants it will be cool week no doubt no about it with temperatures belo normal. average daytime high by the waye is now 63 degrees.grees but at least we'll start a warma up by tomorrow at this hour. hou all right. there's your seven day.even day 48 today. cold and windy this very cold tonight. some clouds late day tomorrow, 58.. let's talk about we have the nationals omaha per. huge day across the area and i'd sure the weather won't w cooperate. it looks like rain showers onino and off for much of the day on thursday.ay still a little early to callo whether or not that game might m get called because of rain.f ra. right now i'll be hahn never it's not looking great.king g friday looks a lot better withrh clouds around. aun but temperatures in the mid 50sd then a chilly weekend but rightr now both saturday and sunday sua look dry for baseball.ebal all right, guys. guy i'm thinking baseball. baseb
9:34 am
>> all righty. thank you, tuck.k. um-hmm. endometriosis a diseases aie disease that effects one in in every 10 women and can be a can extremely painful and havend h social and psychological effect. researchers are saying women who suffer from it might be atght be higher risk for the number one n killer in the country we'ree unt talking heart disease. disease for details turning to the fox medical team joe whose live in e tampa. tampa. good morning, dr. joe. dr. joe first of all, can you explain what endometriosis is and also a what the link is between it and heart disease.ea >> good morning.d morng. yeah, end dough metro i don'tett see happens when that initiate t your uterus it spreads to othero parts of the body so that's t b really, you know, you have youry men cease. c your cycles that tissue in otheh places can cause a lot of pain p and distress it can get aroundro the ovaries and the abdomen, the fallopian tubes and these women really do suffer. sfe some of them go in and have surgery to have removed otherss take hormonal therapy.he but by and large inn dou
9:35 am
i don't see is surgically surca diagnosed a lot of women sufferf for, long periods of time before they know what they have. >> what's link to heart disease, that's the new study or the newn finding isn't it? >> so part of that link istink because of the surgicall intervention so if you have youe i don't have reece removed ca can -- ovaries removed that cann cause premature menopause.. that's only 40% of these women.m you've got about 60% you're not really sure.e. there could be hormonal therapyy involved for sure but they also think that there are -- there's inflammation.flamma that inflammation can were youio because of the disease itselfts happens from emotional stress sr all the other things that womanw is going through when they looko at these numbers they found thau women under 40 were three timest as likely to have a heart tack t compared to women who didn'thoid have it they saw increased number ofr women who had chest pain orr angina also having stents and surgery and diagnosed with heara
9:36 am
disease. they believe that this -- theree is this link and they really dod think that perhaps these women should be screened.e look at more differently and off course educated to know that k they might be increased risk sok they can have heart healthy died and just remember to women tendt to ignore symptoms of heart of t disease.disease. so if they know they're atnow t increased risk just labor lor somebody with high blood pressure then it may help themit to get diagnosed earlier, earer treated and perhaps prevent pve something from occurring downro the line.m the one thing we don't ignoregn dr. joe is when our weight isght going up. up so they say picture is worth aoh thousand words but apparently ir seems like it might be worth w some inches to our weight line t as well.. >> it absolutely i mean this is like a sugarise cookie and on the sugar cookieoo there's frosting if you look atg the calories of course it crs doesn't include the frosting. ft or maybe it's a pancake bag andd this one has maple syrup andup butter but what theseha t researchers did they looked at e cake mixes. mixes. think about those beautifulose i pictures on the cake mix boxes.s it turned o
9:37 am
asked to estimate a portion size. size when they saw that picture ofre the frosting, of course thatours picture of the frosting that'sh' 134% more calories than what's ' on the side and these individuals served pieces that were 122 calories above that abe level when that picture was included the frosting. when they took the frostingg away, or just told them, hey,,ey remember the frosting is notg is included in those calories, thee served the appropriate amount. t and these weren't just ordinaryr people.ople these were food serviceervice individuals who should be wellol versed in calories.ries. so they think that this picture may cause some of us to overeate over estimate and when you see n all of this packaging you've goe the pancakes, and the cookieses and the cakes and all of those other things, that it may be m b something that can contribute tr the obesity epidemic and if we just educated about it we knowto about it maybe change some of these things we could help h people maybe avoid a lot of o extra calories and in thisn t particular case with the cake it was 122 extra
9:38 am
>> wow.>> >> all right. good information there.ormatihee dr. joe, thank you as always. >> i can totally see that. s t >> thank you.>> thank you. >> there's lot of foods whereot you look back o and just like ie used to eating this much. m that's like a serving and a half. ha you look what an actual servings is when you put it out, it doesn't look that much.t muc >> the amount of peanut butter r put on my sandwich compared topa the actual serving size.ving siz >> exactly. >> things to be aware of.s to still ahead at 9:00 o'clock0 o'k whoops sarah is here advice forf woman who accidentally sabotaged her friend's job interview.erew oops indeed. ind another edition of love and order coming up next.
9:39 am
9:41 am
♪ >> love stinks ♪ >> 9:41.>> it is -- whether or not you think love stinks it's time fore love and that's when sarah saah fraser shares e-mails andres-mai messages from viewers and we share advice that may or may not be taken seriously how to handle a bad job recommendation.ndatio. potential boss called to ask heh about friend. frien she said the question of is she always on time caught her off o
9:42 am
is what she needs to do. t >> hi, sarah.>> h sar >> hi, everybody.verybody. >> what's up? >> what would you do? would yoo tell your friend you call thelhe company back? i actually iua might try and call the companyom back i want to clarify one of my responses. >> won the company say why areaw you calling back to clarify?fy? >> you would think there wouldnk be a follow-up question i'm assuming that you said that'st' not one of her strengths maybe they would say, why, why -- or something like lik why do you say that. say t >> maybe they caught her off hff guard. maybe you followedgu up with something what one she needs to be somewhere on time she's very punctual in casual encounters -- >> i love that.ove that's good. i would use that and call backlk the company.. >> doesn't it give them -- the >> i don't know about calling k back. >> you don't call back what shet loses out.. you'll be guilt -- gui >> i think she lost out and youy need to foal >> you messed it up.essed p >> you messed it up. >> i'm with you, steve.teve. i mean, yeah, you can leave it alone.a i would try and save it.ave i >> if it was a good fri
9:43 am
think i would try to save it.toa >> if it was a good friend would you really say something like sg that. >> if i asked i was questions qn that's totally random and idom i would have perfectly -- >> you'd get silence for a longn time. is this thing on. >> i would lie saintly on myntln feet and say she's superuper i would never do anything to hur someone's job potential.. >> i'm sorry to say i've given false reviews for a friends. fen >> you know what i've done. >> i wanted her to get the job. >> she was great under pressurer this girl is a mad >> see, i wouldn't wou necessarily -- i wouldn't-- necessarily out right lie.ary ou i just kind of change it. i just kind of change don'tnge answer the question and divertiv the conversation in a differentt >> no. i lie. >> i don't think everybody canhk do that. >> everybody is as good at ---- yeah.ah. (laughter). >> call holly for jobob recommendation.mmen >> i will be your job w recommilendation. i'll really good at it. >> i guess
9:44 am
>> all right.ight. what's the second one?? >> helping husband's girlfriendi what's this. thi >> this is interesting.s int >> what do you think about this? oh, my god i don't even known where to start with this. t so a woman wrote to me, her husband -- she and her husbandus have been separated for yearsary and years and years but never bv officially divorced her husbandd passed away a couple of months m ago and has a live in girl g phlegm shelf has a couple of teenaged kids everything in then will went to the wife evene even though she had been estranged.rd so now she's wondering this thi girlfriend does need financialal should she help her because shes says you know my hub did care about this woman a lot. and she would love our advice ov because her friends run the gamg muddle absolutely not, you havee no oh nothing to this woman or o your husband. hba to if you want to help her, hell her.her >> your heart tells you.ou. >> if she's going feel guiltyl i about not doing it she should do something. make her feel like a richer person for giving to somebodyomy else she should do it. she i would caution about gettingtet too many lawyers involved in
9:45 am
you might lose everything.g >> i would caution into, you c know, if you startau giving, yo, know, giving a lot because thene people can start expecting.xpti i don't know they'rei do relationship -- they're relationship beyond what we'vede been told they can startthey s expecting more you give a littlt bit how about some more? yout o give a little bit more.or it keeps >> exactly. >> that's the only thing i wouli would be concerned about. >> to throw a little bit on tolt this topic the girlfriend wasris living at the husband's can do you continue to let her live there with her kids. >> what do you mean let her live there.there everything went to the wife w because they're stale >> in many case the woman these buy herth out. >> really? >> she's saying she can't. s she might -- that was poor ayplanning then. i think her heart tells you ilsy shall help witness kids or doit whatever but the husband shouldo have have been smarter. >> i know. i love this last one.his last oe let's do the last the lae this is i >> oh, the last one is reallye l interesting much these are aboue sisters dating the same man. so really wisdom.. >> wisdom, would you
9:46 am
couldn't pontificate.. >> go ahead ask the question. qe >> this is about two sisters. ss one of the sisters work with akh guy she was actually kind ofy nd hooking up with him. wit h they weren't really dating.eall but the other sister ends up e meeting him and they want to wao date. now, sister one gave her fullerl permission go ahead, date him.. but now she's changed her mind. >> it doesn't matter. m it doesn't matter. doesn >> what do you do? do you get ? rid of the guy they started in relationship?lation >> yes. >> or do you tell your sisterel you gave me the okay. >> she gave her permission.ermi. >> i don't care if the woman't c gave her blessings, no, you don't do that. tt. sisters, girlfriends -- >> they already did it.y alredi. >> they d i'm saying they'rehe stink stink stink sting.ti you don't do it. >> if she's okay with knowing ki that her boyfriend slept with wh her sister then --he >> that is the most disgustingst >> really?? >> let's not judge people here.r >> it agree. it maybe it's because i grew up ini maine.e. >> it sounds if she gave g permission first and it might be a little jealousy this guy is
9:47 am
sister. >> it tuned a real relationshipe where he only wanted to sleepo e with her.with her >> would you like to elaborate from live experience, wisdom.e,o >> chris said we're out of time. >> talk about the cousins.k abth >> i'll talk about after we gete past this next segment. sme sarah is still here. >> i say go for it.or i tell your sister calm down. d your sister is not going to g leave. come on. >> sister one meets some guy --- >> exactly.ctly she'll move on.e'll mon >> never. >> i'm with you cousin.h yo. >> they always do, wis.o, w >> that's right.hat' >> keep them com coming,, >> sometimes they walk into the light.. >> weigh in on good day dc letc me know was think. thi this whole thing no! >> all right. >> all fall short. short don't we. do >> all fall short of the glory, maureen.een >> we all fall short.ho >> we can all find redemption. 9:47 is our time right now.. coming up, sneak peek at tonight's idol finale kick off.. what is expect over the next
9:48 am
three nights as the hit singingi show gets ready for its swang song. yvette: i was running for my life. he was flicking matches on me... my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy.
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♪ all right. rht. peace of nashville right here ih the d.c. area it's what we call fox5 erin comb mow.. this morning she's found a taste of music city right here in washington's backyard. bky she's life in clifton, virginiai this morning to explain what wew are talking about.bout good morning to you, miss music city. >> reporter: good morning tod ig you. hey, wisdom you spent some time there sing.ther >> i spent quite some time in nashville, tennessee i know lotl about hot chicken.cken >> we're talking about -- that'' we're talking about food.. >> i'm at trummers on main and we have austin and daniel.aniel daniel you're in town from nassh nashville. >> yes, ma'am.>> yma'am. >> tell me how you decided to hc open up this pop up jail bird br here at trummers on main what mi was behind the concept.. >> austin called me and asked a him if i wanted to help him outm with this pop up hot chicken. austin came down went did allll the hot chicken in nashville wel were in a lot of pain f
9:52 am
day.y. so he's like you're going tooino come and we'll do this dinner. we'll do our different on it an make it differenitt.di i'm here to help him with that.a it will be great.ill be gre >> reporter: d.c. has a half aa smoke. philadelphia has cheesesteak.. folks out there are not familiaf with hot chicken, explain what exactly is this delicious spicyi >> hot chicken is the worstor thing in the best thing about at nashville at the same time. tim um, nashville is hot chickenhi fried chicken usually tossed ine a hot chilly oil right out ofhto the friar so it perm me yates me all those cracks and nooks and n then depending where you're at t boltons or hat tee b's or anywhere else --e -- >> princes in east nashvillevill where my nose just ran thest t entire time.ime i had the mild it was so hot. >> air all show hot. h shut the cluck up at hat tee b's and toss it with a spice blend b that goes over top of theer topt which really helps bring the brg heat everywhere.whe so you breathe it in. it's in your but the chicken stays moist. m
9:53 am
is just kind of there to wakeer you up on a long day. >> you offer here clifton you can get a variety of spice ospic levels. so to you can try a little bit of a milder taste. taste. >> you can go naked.. just fried >> okay. >> or little bit of hot or youio can go the next up super hot ort you can go just don't touch it.. but just depends how daring youu want to be that day.nt to be t >> reporter: youha offer lot ofo those authentic southern sidesid as well to go with it numb out u little bit of the spice.he s >> you have to balance it out.en so little bit of smoke troutmokt deviled eggs to cool it down. little black eyed to add a punch of acid and austin sin's house made hot sauce which is awesome. >> we'll try the house made hot sauce. sauc stick around neck hour i'll tryo the hottesurt of the hot hot chicken and i'll give you myouy full report and let you know hoh it stacks up against princeton and hat tee b's nashville.ash >> good >> looking forward to it. i all right. 9:53. 9: american idol coming to an end e
9:54 am
three singers of course chosenec to be the final winner. the three night finale begins b tonight.night >> caroline shively with aole sh preview from us from hollywood. >> reporter: the talent discovered on this show is mindm blowing from kelly clarkson tont cary underwood to the person whn this week will be chosen to beso the final american idol. ♪ >> reporter: along the way theay american idol produced big name artists. s. many of whom will performllerfo throughout the finale week. >> idol contestants have gone oe to have so much success. kelly clarkson, cary underwood,o even fantasia.even fta >> the show has come long way during 15 seasons quickly qui becoming a hit with hilarious auditions at the beginning ofheg each season. >> on the grounding like a fullf with pants on the ground.the g >> at the judge's blends ble comments especially those fromro simon cowell who may make a me return during the finale. >> simon is the classic americai idol judge. jge
9:55 am
replace he can hang with anybody. anybo we would love to see him. >> original judges eventuallynt moving on to other things in their careers.areers but one person stuck it outt out through all the seasons andso became the face of the show.. >> ryan seacrest has played ann inn integral role in the succes of american idol.of arica because in the beginning, he was also an unknown star as well.knw and then he grew and grew. >> the three night finale kickse off tonight with a lock back at all 15 seasons.easons then the winner will be declaree on thursday night. ty ni in hollywood, caroline shively,, fox news.s >> all right weevil be watchingn in the meantime -- look at thatt holly. >> he's looking at me, steve.e,. >> i think he is.>> ihink >> we'll get a chance to talk to him harry connick, jr. will joij us live on the ta with a preview of idol's three night finale whw he thinks has the best shot of taking that final vow. v it could come down to what youoy wear we're not talking about jc's suit and tie.. >> first thats interesting let's talk about coffee time on good o
9:56 am
now if you've been eyeing our cool good day mugs maybe notaybe that's what harry was doing he g was iing our mugs we have a new good day d.c. dunkin' donuts mum to give away. head to fox r facebook page at www.facebook d.c toox5t enter our mug contest.. one lucky winner selected byte b random drawing but you need tooe hurry you only from now until 11:00am to enter and right now n it's 9:56.:5 good day at 10a on the other o side of the break. >> ahh, harry. hry ♪
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
♪ oh, i know it had to be me,, harry. sing it baby. >> got little something there.he >> i know right. >> for your tiger beat magazine. >> you know harry connick is mys my number one. o he's my and so we're talking to him him today because this week is the t american idol finale, right. r we'll talk to him about that.boa he also has a new show that wili be starring in the fall we'llalw talk to him -- h >> a talk >> talk show. here's the deal. let me just do this. ahh! okay. oka i have to get it out now becausc i need to be professional when i talk to him i need professionala people.pele >> it will be more like thatll coming up. b >> i'll be professional. >> about american idol, harrydoh connick is involved. involve he's your number my number one was who. >> cary
10:01 am
american idol giving us love, lv lust. >> there you go. >> this song --g -- >> holly didn't hear a word youd guys said. sai >> what? were you talking? re y were you guys talking? let mel just put this up here.p here. if he walk in here right nowere holly.holl >> i would faint.>> w >> okay.>> >> but i'm highly confident he's mott he's got to do that wholete idol thing.. that-idol thing in la this week. whatever.. >> you'll see what happens witht holly.holly. thanks for staying wis for the e 10a today.10 gets day at 10:00 o'clock.:00 i've steve alongside holly, hly maureen and wisdom.. harry is slipping.. >> he's trying to do back to do his business.his business. >> amen, brother. bther >> let's talk about what'sbout trending now. now >> okay. let me focus. foc the other big story of the t morning other than us talking to harry connick the highlight ofet one player's college yearly also his brother's most part breaking down with time winding downow marcus page tied the game withit an mazing this amazing
10:02 am
>> really was. >> off balance three pointer. pr then they think we're goinge'oi overtime unfortunate just under five seconds left one lastas chance forville foe valve kris k jenkins gets the ball and shoota it. it's a buzzer beater. beate cats win, cats win, cats win! >> teammate who passed him the t ball ryan.ya >> arcidiacono. >> arcidiacono just like i saidd was named final 4mvp as hep as should have been. jenkins is gonzaga graduate froo upper marlboro his brother natee britt was paying for northor carolina but today only one ofne them is a campus hero. for sill novice the school's first national title sincenati beating georgetown 31 years ago. and for two siblings it was the first time they actually got too compete against each other justt happened to be for the nationala title.title. amazing story. amazing game.g gam bob barnard is live now outside of began gonzaga hoy school i'mh sure they are indeed celebratini as well. w y,
10:03 am
>> reporter: hey, guys indeednde this morning both nate and chric are beloved here on the gone san good but only one was going toyn win last night and it was thet w brother who scored the buzzeruz beater. let's take look again, guys.. >> second at mid court. cou he gives it to jenkins for theot championship.. yes! phenomenal. >> unbelievable shot. villanova wins 77-74.74 after the game, chris spokeke about the play and the >> so unselfish and gave up thee ball you know just shows whatws type of teammate he is, whats, w type of person he is. and you know, we put a lot of l work in, you know, this team and, upping, everybody has the t confidence to catch and shoot. so when arf through me the ballb one torque step and shoot them e up sweeping the street we did ii as t we fought the whole game, you
10:04 am
shots not going in. you know, we just -- this team t is just, you know, we acceptept coaching and list stone coachnec wright and our coaching staffst and, upping, we've gotten bettet all year, and the first half wew didn't play villanova basketball but for us to make the the adjustment that coach toll to u make and for to us just go outuo there and compete, man, we, we just -- we played hard. this team gave all we had, you,o know, today we're just, youus y know, lucky to hit the shot atat the end. >> reporter: of course, it's its the story off the court that has the nation with warmed heartsrmd this as you see there, chris wasis growing up in south carolina col with a single mother who was a basketball player and coach so h he had the skills. skill he'd come up here to the d.c..c. area to play youth basketballtb and he got to know and hisnd h mother got to know the britt tri family of upper marlboro. the son there nate, jr., also a great basketball player the twoe guys went to gonzaga together. t
10:05 am
in a sense adopted the parents, the britt -- the-he britt family becoming the legall guardians of chris and nate,nd n jr., both go to gonzaga. nate goes off to unc.c. chris goes to the first time they ever meet it the finals and it is a story a s that the people here the students and staff here at son gag know all about as well.. >> yeah, last night when we were watching with my family and weiw just went crazy when that shot t went off, because after that t first three pointer that tiedine the game up and then fourur seconds left, like at the buzzer, he hit the shot andho everybody went crazy.zy nap chat, i was getting techsett from people saying, oh, my god,g did you see that shot? it was s pretty hyped. h >> i came to high school gameooe when i was younger. was ynger my brothers were here and he hih a shot, game winning shot in thn exact same spot.amepot. so i knew as soon as he shot tht ball it was going in. i just knew because he'd beenn hitting that shot since he waste in high school. s
10:06 am
such a crazy story of how heow came through the adversity to like really come into the t spotlight how about he had to move up here because his sisters was in bad condition they were coming -- constant at that particular timely coming up toel john hopkins. it shows how like the gonzaga was meant for others how their t family took him in.ook m i >> throw seconds at mid court.rt jenkins. >> the story of chris and nate n will be legendary here at a gonzaga from here out, it is a how long windy dayay outside. there's, you know arc lot ofot o hollering in the hallway todayad here at gonzaga, guys a great gt story and it has ties here toere washington, d.c. >> and bob, can we just makeustm sure that we say you are the only one in the work pool to pot pick villanova as the nationall champions? >> reporter: i did and i'll andl tell was my niece is a freshmann there. her father my brother was a a senior in high school when theyy won it '85.. nobody heard of villanova. he got septembered and yes, i'mm going oh villanova his daughteru is there now
10:07 am
so and they a great season i sea pick villanova from the get go. and stayed up late to watch it h last night. >> awesome. >> so much like the brittch jenkins family l it's bitterswee for bob because he pick theeic winner but lost the pool. p figure that ncaa math out. >> fuzzy math, b we're hollering in the loft for you. just like they're hollering inli the halls of gonzaga. >> thanks, bob.ob like that political math going out out there.out out there. >> i know, right. rht crazy.. >> you win the big game but notb the overall pool. poo >> we heed to talk to bob next k year. >> see what family member wherew they're going to school.. >> let's stick with sports andti talk aboutck the nationals becau the nats season is off to a good start. great start. one game in.n. they won their opening day gamem on the road beating the braves four-three in 10 innings. bryce harper, well, he homereded in his first at bat. marks the 23-year-old fourthldou opening day homerun.erun daniel murphy had a big day in i his nats debut. deb he had a solo homerun.
10:08 am
a double and a walk. w he also drove in game winning run. max scherzer got the opening dag start he allowed three hits inin seven innings.seve now, after yesterday's game, bryce harper was spotted wearing a donald trump like hat in the n locker room it says make baseball fun >> we like t >> it's one game at a time. >> one game at a time. >> one win at a time. aa t >> the road to the world series started yesterday. yesterday. or last night. >> 161 games to go.oo. >> yeah. >> absolutely.ol >> all right. next up,ut wal*mart is apologizg this morning for university ofro maryland t-shirt, take a look. l you'll understand why.nderstwhy the maryland logo and the wordsr terps inside outline of thetlin state of massachusetts.ts. first wal*mart didn't realizeze its mistake then this morningor wal*mart started apologizing byg saying we're so embarrassed. never stick out head of our shells thanks for guiding this lostst terrapin back to maryland.
10:09 am
have similar shapes.imilarpe >> okay.y. >> yeah. and that's why some people w thought the shirt was a mistake. however the two states really ra aren't shaped similarly at all.t this is the outline marylandne you're seeing there. okay. so they tried to cover their coe tracks. didn't quite work. qui >> do they have access to goog google? >> right. >> how does that get passed, right? righ >> it's not that hard to find ho map of the united states andhe look up a stat ue. >> no. >> no. >> double checking things.hi big effort.fft >> measure twice, cut once.. >> sticking with clothe thethe t secret to being more productivev at work is wearing sweat pants. >> really?eally? >> or little sometimes -- somelm type of work out clothes.loes experts say while clothes are symbolic they have big he have e effect how we feel aboutbo ourselves as well as our work w and they they can influence ourr confidence recent laxation.en a study from 201562% of organizations allowed casualedas dress once a week.k almost two out of three. 36% allowed it every day.. almost one out of three.f more than one out of 20
10:10 am
employers allowed casual wear once week and only 19% everyry day. would you feel more productiveem if you can be a little moretle m comfortable if your >> let me think. let me think. since i wear my house shoes inn the morning. mni >> yes. . agree >> i agree. i agr i'll say a thousand per zen pern that's impossible a hundreduned percent i will agree. a i'm all in. >> you're all in. you >> day one. snuggie friday.ri >> there you go. you go >> snuggie friday in the loft.of social media backlash having a a racial under tone. uer people call the clothing company out saying they are showing a sg token black girl as an arm rest for a white child.ld the other girls were shown doini jim nat ticks. now the new ad is for ellen degeneres clothing line.ingine. the company apologized and promises to change the ad. gap isn't the only clothingloin company receiving backlash. so is american eagle it's lingerie line cultivated a reputation for being bod
10:11 am
positive.posi until the company announced its viral hash tag airing mainn campaign was people were not happy about it t and shared their emotions onn one person wrote, creating ainga campaign about men's body imagei april fool's reinforces the stigma that men shouldn't feeldf body anxiety. aty other wrote wow you just lost a long-time customer. i think people have validald points for both of thoseho campaigns but i still also thini that maybe we're just a littletl over sensitive to >> it seems like. lik you know what i mean?? >> initially with the gap one ie was like what's the -- i didn't see what the problem was as ile started reading comments i'momme like, you know, okay.ow i can see that. if my daughter were inclined tod look at that and see the only ty girl that looks like her as an a arm rest that's a problem. pbl change i i'm glad they're doing doi that's just my 2 cents.y c all right. al still ahead at 10:00 we know thw hit musical jersey boys. b what about the men behind the bd men? c
10:12 am
sitting down with some of the w stars of the d.c. production. first though tracy morgan openss up about that near deathth experience. nick carter dishes on his recen arrest and did rob k pop the question? 10:12. good day celebrity dish coming g up next. ♪ ♪ to the women who know what real values are, you inspire us to bring you real value every day.
10:14 am
10:15 am
♪ good day celebrity dish andi first up got update on actor and comedian tracy morgan in sitn in down interview with oprah winfrey for her super souloul sunday.sunday. morgan opened up about horrific car accident that claimed a c friend's life and likely almostm ended morgan's life as well. asw now following the accident,ccen, morgan spent eight days in a daa coma during which time morgan visited he says.ay take listen.. >> greatest story to tell, to t because you're one of the i think one of the blessed onesedo anybody whose been able to livel and go to the other side and come back. back. you have the greatest story to t tell. >> when you're in a coma forre f eight to 10 days you basically c knocking on the >> yes, you're knocking. >> i can remember -- i don't know if i was in the coma or inn and out of the coma or just camm but i remember just having likek
10:16 am
he had this green -- this green thing on. i just remember him saying i'mri not ready for you, son.on. >> really. >> i started crying so hard.. i crying hard probably harder than i cried at his funeral.s fr i just kept saying dad, becauseu he was my best friend in life. f >> once you've been to the other side, can you ever be quote q normal again. a. >> no. >> no? okay. >> no. i told my wife that the other t day. something -- something is different.ffer where i am with people somethine just different.just d >> he went on to say you'ren tou never the same in this world w once you've made it a visit to o heaven.aven. morgan's wife joined winfrey and her hub to chat about his aut h >> that's fascinating.fascinati. i would like to so that whole ta interview. >> amazing. a next up we have update on concern is a doctor luke and the sony legal back. dr. luke is lashing out at the singer after she claimed she wah offered a release of herf
10:17 am
rape kesha always has always been free to record and not presented facts to support her claim that doctor luke raped her.ped the statement goes on to keshank is not free to lie about dr. luke threw quote publicity stunts and outrageous smear smee that's a messy messy battle.e. >> >> all right.ol in other news, former back b street boy nick carter is nicr opening up about his arrestut hs earlier this year.rlr. now in a recent interview, carter described the drunkenheru arrest as a mistake. carter appeared remorseful whenn admitting to his wrong d he says he's focused on the o t positive things in his life. lif one of which is the impending in birth of his first child. c his wife is due to give birth b next week on april 12th.. right now we want to head td back on over to steve and maureen we got something big.n b >> we'll continue the celebrityy dish right now. with dc's latest celebrity celei because if you watch the ncaa championship game last night you
10:18 am
that game winning shot last l the man who took that shot lastt night and who made that shothato last night kris jenkins fromns o villanova we know kris is from upper marl goer went to gonzagaa we talk with his dad earlierarli this morning. and now kris is on the phoneonhp with us now. good morningwi kris. kri >> good morning.d how do you go. >> i'll tell was congratulatio congratulations >> how you doing. >> that was a shot for the ages last night. walk us through itco hot.. >> oh, man. it was pretty cool. c something that i'm happy that i was a part of. o i took the ball out of bounds in wasn't able to hit arf and he a was able to use the flat balllab screen to create a play and his aggressiveness was what got metg open. i was able to catch it in stride and let it fly.t ly. >> kris, your dad was telling uu just a few minutes ago as soon as he saw you come up the court and he was like you were a few minutes behind arf and he wasar like i know right now that krisk gets that ball in his hands thit game is over. or what did you and your dad talkak about after the game?the
10:19 am
him a hug and just told him, ho much i love him and appreciatept everything that he's done for mr and, you know, how fortunate i am to have him in my life, and, you know, i was still isn't shock, you know i'm still in'm shock i haven't gone to sleep and it's just -- it's amazing. i >> have you talk to your brother yet? yet? >> yeah, i talked to nate last night for about a couple of hours.hour you know, we talk about the game for little bit. b but other than that, that wasas just chopping it up having ap h good time doing what we alwaysey do.. >> how is he feeling?li? >> i mean, he's upset that theye lost, but he's extremely happy for me and proud of me and hownd far i've come since i got too college, and he did stress howow upset he was that they lost. lot >> laugh half. >> kris i saw your post game interview, and i loved your confidence when jim nantz askedk you, hey, did you think the shoe was going in and you said iou s think all my
10:20 am
is this really -- have you dreamed of this moment goingomeg down exactly like this? >> i don't think i could have h imagined it happening just likeg that but as a kid do you dream of hitting game winners and wins things like that but to do it ii national championship game it'si pretty special.ty speci >> we'll talk about that.alk t h when we grow up, any of us o u whether it's our brothers orther best friends and we're out onre the court or we're on thehe playground the field, and you,nd kind of do that moment you taket shot you're like for thee like e championship it's going in. did you and nate ever do that t growing up and then now all of sudden it was almost like thatit fantasy became reality lasttyas night?gh? >> yeah, we used to do that allt the time as kids. honestly we still do it inn college.lleg so to have it happen national ia don't mean sean ship gamemean against my brother and north carolina, you know, it justus shows how hard work andorknd dedication does. >> it is going to be so hard fo you to top that in college. col your phone will start
10:21 am
i'm sure pretty soon.oo you're going to have a decisiono to make. m you know what i'm talking abouta i'm talking about the nba in nba case you didn't know what i was talking about.lkin you probably haven't considerede that yet. at some point phone is going tog rink and you have to make thatoo decision. are you prepared to do that oroa you hadn't even thought abouthot that at this point. point >> i hadn't even thought about o that at this point. poi i'm just been so focused and a dialed into what we were trying to do as team that i didn't evee think about any of that.y tha >> kris, i have a great idea. i because i know you'll be askedek to this many times but we want w to be the first when you come yc back home, come in here to thee loft because we want to recreate that shot and have these two see if they can sing that same three pointer that you did.. >> oh, man, consider it done. i. i'm there. i'm >> all right.>> rig >> you're welcome.welco come on in.n >> kris, here the thing i'm thi going to actually guard you, unlike carolina last night.ig i'm kidding.iddi (laughter). >> i do have to ask you this, y kris. kr when marcus page
10:22 am
that was an amazing amazing three pointer clutch three pointer as well.poin was there any doubt at all in an your mind?in >> no doubt at all because inece our program we preach attitudeit and the next play and, marcusar hit a tough shot and there was e nothing we could do about it. he had made it. made called a the time out and we god our play from coach. and we were just focused andus d ready to go. we knew we still had time on thm clock and we had time, you knowo to win the game. game we were just fortunate.tute >> how does it feel to know that you're going to be one of the biggest names in villanova basketball history from nowow until forever? >> i mean it's pretty cool. you know, you never -- you nevev know what can happen.appe you just try to work as hard as you can and have faith inaith i everything that you're doing. dg so to have it happen, it's cra crazy. >> kris, we want to let you kno i'm sure you're already aware oe it we can tell you for fact thec are of there are celebrating yoi down at gonzaga high schoolhch od
10:23 am
getting the day started downe dd there with a big celebration and look whether it was or yourrou brother, we knew there was goins to be champio champion here in t washington, d.c. area.gton we're so proud of you and yourou teammates.tes congratulations from all of usso here at fox5.ox5 >> thank you i really appreciati it. thanks, kris. k come see us when you get back ii town but celebrate in the in t meantime. >> no doubt. no do >> he will be on open of ope tournament of the march madnessa tournament for like the next net decade.cade you know i mean it such a clutcu shot.ot >> great shot, great family,am great story.t >> i know.>> >> that's probably one of theobe biggest championship shots i've ever seen in limited basketball because -- that was, we're talkt championship at the buzzer. bze >> on the line. on the line. >> that was amazing. twas >> it doesn't get any better.ete >> a movie. >> 10:23.>> 10: coming up later yesterday welaye were all about spring today we're talking spring makeup. celebrity artist kym lee will join us live. us live.
10:24 am
he was flicking matches on me... for my life. my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side.
10:25 am
narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews
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>> happening right now at 10:26a let's take a look at the storiel you're engaging most thisoo morning on social media. it's our real time news tracker which tells us firstng upagme ak band veto virginia governornor mccauliffe would not approve a law to inform parents were books had sexual content
10:27 am
10 lawmakers voted to make the bible the state book.ook. tennessee ag says the measureheu goes against the statest theta constitution ban on legal leg religious endorsements.s. bringing it back home.e. d.c. mayor will be looking forof few people to lead saint elizabeth psychiatric hospitalpc because mayor hibowser's firstir pick james kyle resigned afternt just a month the on the job much his qualifications had beenee repeated the question since hish appointment. 43 republican senator joined ad lawsuit challenging thehe president's action onn immigration. the supreme court will hear itel late this month.late tmo checking the labels on milkabell cartons down in saint mary'sar schools because facebook postkot showed milk that appear to ber dated april of last year. several comments from parentsm r seemed to back up their kids have been serve spoiled milk wek just talk with the think say part of the stamp on p the carton is military time not the year of the milk.he m they say the milk is he
10:28 am
day. there's your stories that areurs trending.ding >> pretty easy to tell if thete milk is spoiled.ed >> ♪ -year-old mill wok not be good.go i think you would notice.u ot >> you know what is good in casc you haven't her we'll be talking with harry connick, jr. thisjr.h morning. in like 30 seconds.econds okay. before he joins us, oh, my god,g i'm getting the out of myy system. he's my crush, right.y crush, r he's my crooner, my everything.h now i'm it's a bittersweet week for idor fans as we countdown to the endt of the iconic series that will wrap up its 15 year run thursday night right here on fox5. it's a three-night epic farewell that begins tonight with a special tiled american dream som let's get to it. mr. harry connick, jr. are you, with us? >> i'm with you. how are you this morning. mng >> we are doing well.are doin we are doing well.l. thanks so much. it's just a little old me hollyy morris from washington, d.c. in case you forgot.t but any way, let's go ahe
10:29 am
talk about the next three nightg because we hear it will be epice can you give us a sneak peek of what to expect?ct >> it will be epic. e tonight is going to be be retrospective which i can't waiw to i haven't seen anything so it'ss going to be trip down memoryem lane i'm sure and pretty prey powerful show. s tomorrow night the last three la porsha trent and dalton will bei singing and it's going to be ann incredible night of performing.. and then on thursday night, it'i going to be the big finale. the final finale. i can't even imagine how emotional it will be in that tht room. i'm honored to be part of it.d a >> in your opinion, is there api frontrunner? >> you know, this is the truth t it really depends on how great e the performance was on thatn tha particular night. nht you know, i think performersform that have been leading have beee in the bottom and vise versa sos it's really impossible to tell t which is why it's very veryery v important that people vote
10:30 am
>> how has your experience idolo been. been >> when you came in you wereu co very enthusiastic you continue u to be enthusiastic about it.. i'm just curios uhow has your hu experience been.n. >> i've loved it.>> i think the hardest par it for r as performer to sit behind thatt panel and watch people performep without getting a chance to dodo it. it. but to sit and listen to amazing young talent who are clearly enthusiastic and very intent on becoming better in a veryy committed to their craft it'srai been incredible. i've been honored to be a partat of it.of you know, it's -- it's fascina fascinating. you know, doing research andh learning everything there is too know about the songs thatongs they're singing and trying too give spontaneous and honest critiques.ue i've loved every minute of it. >> harry, those of us here atet fox we've been with americanh ai idol since the beginning and we risen up with the high notes ant kind of rolled out through some of the the lower notes of thees show. >> we've stayed young the wholeh time. >> of course.
10:31 am
>> of course. >> but now that we'r>>e comingog down. this is the end.the end not just the end of the seasonea but this is the end and fox is i rolling out all the stops hereps with idol.dol is it important to you to realla make sure that we go out on topn here and we pull out all the the stops? >> i think it's just going tooit happen. it will be amazing three nights starting tonight, and the top three are incredible performers. so i think there's no doubt thaa the television for the next three nights is going to be ep epic. >> you know, we've talked tove t every eliminated idol here livel on our show each week and askedd everyone of them who gave themem the best critique -- gave themm the best advice and every sunven gel one of them every week saidd you.yo is there any --is t >> oh nice. >> is there anything you learneg from the y show? >> i learned that i was very ver lucky to get the education thatt i did because a lot of these t kids aren't, they don't have the access to the e
10:32 am
had.ha. so music education is paraara mount. it doesn't take a it way from f your passion like some peoplee o think it does. and i've learned that if i can i help them just a little bit, bit it's a job well done.on >> well american idol is going i away.. but some of us just can't getang enough harry.oughry i don't know who that would be.b it might be me.ig but any way, we hear that off of new talk show that we're goingre to be fortunate enough to airo a here on our show. sho can you tell us a little bita te about it? i >> well, i like to call it ann entertainment show because it b does have some talk were you it's not really a talk showho like, you know, george clooney o will come out and then, you kn know, taraji henson come out the. it's not like that as much as a crazy experience for an hource r every single afternoon with lif music and comedy and man on then street stuff and celebratingelra every day folks. fol i'm so excited about this.ut t i can't even tell you it's you ' called harry and it comes out on september the 12t 12th.. >> we'll air it here on
10:33 am
our other station w d.c. a. last february hard for me to me talk about little emotional imon had tickets to your show in strathmore and mother naturehe decided to snow and cancel thehe show. >> oh, no. >> so i want to know when you're coming back to d.c. >> i think we're coming -- youi- know i don't know.w. we're going out on the road inoi 10 days they never tell me where we're going.we're go check your calendar because iecu might be coming soon.oon. >> harry, let me just get this t in. holly loves you to death.eath can you do me a favor so that wt can all rest easy tonight. can you please below her a kiss. please below her a kiss so we s can finally document that, yes -- >> aww! >> that's for you. t for one girl out there.girl o just for youut.. >> she's officially fallen off. harry connick jr. you are the ja best. >> come see us in you're in >> thank you. >> all right.ig >> did you see him below me a kiss?ki >> yes, we certainly did.we c >> oh, my god!
tv-commercial tv-commercial tv-commercial
10:34 am
>> you're back. >> oh goodness. >> i was revised. revised >> all right. still ahead on good day -- >> can i get a copy of that.of a >> jersey boys sitting down witg the cast members from that hit t musical coming up next.up nex >> someone fan her. somne fan hr you okay? yo >> my gosh i just reached myy target heart rate. i'm just saying. ♪
10:35 am
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♪ all right. right you know their hit songs likeonl big girls don't cry and can takk my eyes off you and decembe december 1963 just to name a feu and now the tony award winningni musical based on the life ofif frankie valley and the four t f seasons is coming to theg t t national theater.heater. you can catch jersey boys fromsm april 6th through april 24t april 24th. but first few members of theme cast they stopped by the loft tt hang out with outh good morning to you. to >> hi there. >> good morning.oo >> always good to see you i'll t go over these names kristin -- yes. i've been practicing.
10:38 am
>> lesley -- yes.ley -- yes >> i'm getting good and 15 in a show went.ent. >> we're good to go. gooto we're good to go. go. look, again, thank you fornk yof coming in. co tell me about your involvementoe in the show. s how long you been doing this dos first of all? >> we've kind of all been doingi this different length of lesley has been doing it longesn of the three of us.f >> three years. thr >> three years.>> tee y >> yeah.>> yh. >> us two years for me and io y just got here. >> brand new. n >> yeah this is my third week.h. >> all right. third week. you're really brand new.ndew >> yeah, yeah. >> has anything surprised you about hang and out with your nee buddies right here at this a t point. >> i mean, well, it's a veryy close knit group especially with the girls, because there's onlyl four, you know, girl actors in r the entire show. so we got close really quick.. >> >> so all good things.s. >> all good thing. all >> yeah. >> let's talk about the costum costumes. >> a lot of costume changes?umcn >> yes. >> lots of costume changes? >> yes. >> any idea how many.ny i >> 52 among the three women. >> 52 costum
10:39 am
>> they're fast. t >> really fast. >> how does that work? one run off, does anybody run off at the same time. >> it's very choreographed.. >> we say back stage choreographer is almost moret mr important than the on stagege choreographer. >> which part is changing thengg actual performing.erformin >> the changing.hang >> i think the changing.hang >> why so? >> well, i for example have the if as test change amongst theng girls in the show.s in one of my changes is sevenn seconds. >> what? what? >> yes. yes. so luckily we have a great teamm of dressers that have all of my costumes and my wigs ready inn the wing so as soon as i run off stage, they helped me, you know, they basically dress me and putt everything on me and i'm ready d to go.too. >> costumes and wigs. ctume >> yes. >> everybody for everybody. foro >> yes. tell me about your the characters that you play.ha >> i play my main character thaa i play is mary delgado frankie'e first wife so it just e
10:40 am
guess their relationship ass whole.whe. so that's my main character.harr >> right.>> rig. right. >> i play francine which isine frankie valley's daughter andr she gets into little bit ofe b trouble so you kind of see her struggle with having such a suc famous father.atr. >> um-hmm.>> um-hmm. >> and just the things that she goesth through. >> okay.>> o >> i'm the swing in the show. >> explain what swing.xp >> i'm the understudy for all u the female girls in the show. gw there are only three of them. amongst they play many differene types of women.s of wen. >> gotcha i just fill in for any girls who are missing, sick, ouo of town.ow so this time i'll be playing lorraine who's frankie's f girlfriend he meets her sort off the peak of his success and a she's a reporter. >> right. rig wives and girlfriends. >> oh, yes. >> a lot going on. a goi >> this sounds like reality sh show. >> tangled weave. tan >> what is it like being with all these -- you know, theseke o guys on stage all the time? >> i think it's so fun
10:41 am
i always say that every girl hah such a different relationship with the guys on stage. and it goes very seen to scene.e so, you know, some scenes youe s like the guys, some scenes you don't.don't. (laughter). >> it really varies depending ov the second of the show thatarnd you're doing. ou'oing >> right. >> now, this is not only reasona that you're here, because onecao thursday you got a specialpe appearance the nats are openinge up and tell me you're going to g be at the game and tell us whata you're going to be doing when t you were at thato game?ame? >> we're going to be singing tht national anthem. >> wow! wow! >> nats opener national anthem.o you ready to go? you going to t nail it. nail >> heck, yes.. (laughter).r) >> hopefully your nationaleful anthem will god them to win. t w >> i hope so. fingers crossed.s crossed. >> fingers crossed. fingers absolutely. ladies, thank you very much for coming in and seeing us.veng >> thank you. >> put the information back upnr on the screen so everybody canbc know where to goan spend theirpt money and come and see jerseyy boys and see these beautiful bel women right there do theirght to thing. thank you very much.k >> thank you. >> thank you.>> >> thank you. t >> in talking with us.h maureen all on you now.. >> still ahead at 10 we'ret 10 learning the latest spring
10:42 am
kym lee.m le time now 10:41. don't go away. ♪nb life's morning multitasking for a growing family, and drawers with many layers, to show exactly what you need. life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event.
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♪ ♪ maxx life in store and online. find brands you love at prices that work as hard as you do. he was flicking matches on me... for my life. maxx life in store and online. my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated.
10:44 am
i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side. ♪ all right.ight just because they woke up toy we freezing tepp hers trust us it'' actually still spring and thisgt week we're helping you get ready for the season with some freshoh looks and this morning we'ree're making sure our makeup is justt right.righ that's the'she t
10:45 am
progress the spring' who testt makeup trend celebrity host winn and pout kym good morning to you.ou >> good morning. morng friend of the show.nd of the shw >> looking beautiful. loo >> you just say spring. >> i'm looking at this beautifuf models and so we want to geto started right away because theye do look fresh and spring like. >> yes, ma'am.>> they are definitely beautifulitl and listen this is a time for f the he is fear ya'll girl. my flower child she's just veryr natural very beautiful this is the season for you.. our first model is tall and fabulous and bronzy look will bl really hot.ot it was scene popularly -- thisl- is the look.. >> because she has makeup but doesn't look overpowering at a >> and burr bury did this perfectly with the bronzy look l this season it looks very very v very doable. doa >> how do you pick the right bronzer for yourself.f >> we have two bronzy i have my chocolate girl andirl indian
10:46 am
you have to actually choosey something that's going to wicko with your hugh if you areu are lighter in complexion i suggest something more pink and if your are, you know, darker in complexion maybe something thate has little more bronze. little more red it to.. >> someone like me i never thought i should use bronzer.. >> you absolutely k i'll talk about that.. >> our second look which i lovev this look is beautiful. one it beautiful plum lips plimp that sam pee look. loo sam pee is in for spring. spr >> is it really. >> absolutely.>> absolutely. sam pee cat eyes as well she's rocking two differ looks ofo course we know the pop a color e on your hair is really reallyeay chic.chic. her hair is gorgeous. gge >> her hair is on pop a color on the lip is goings to work really beautifully for f the ladies who are like you knoo what i don't want to do a wholeo lot of color put your shades on and pop color and you go. >> do we have to change oure lipstick for the >> you absolutely don't.olutely. >> do you have a shade you like you can still work with it.. >> this season has been a makeuu artists favorite we don't have to put anythin a
10:47 am
everything is working for thewoe spring that worked for the t winter.wi so that's what we're seeing here with this plum look.s plum look. >> i love it. >> i just love this it's just j beautiful beautiful look. beautiful gloss and for thoseort who matted it out for the wint wintering now take and put ag no little gloss on top of it and oi still be able to wear it. i >> it's doable then our next model she's wearing beautifulif pink it's very beautiful for for brides. br it will be great for prom.or pro also going to be wonderful fordf if you're going on date. on d if you have a date event.e eve it's just beautiful.. lots of shimmer this season. seo lots of beautiful soft shimmer. soft beautiful lips.. glossy pinks.syin just gorgeous.ous brows are very pronounced as well not comb over and very detailed and so they'll be t really really beautiful.if highlighted cheeks. cheek going to be a there's nothing really new. >> very very fresh.ry fresh our final model actually a play off of for my brown girls yes gr
10:48 am
you can do bronzer you can see her lips are bronze pink. you know bronze chic her on her cheek. her cheek are shim herring sheig look refreshed.shed. >> everyone is glowing.wi >> i know.>> everybody is glowing.ody >> if you're going to buy one thing, one piece of makeup thisp spring, what should you add toyd your kit. k. >> absolutely bronzer. bronzer will be hot and any kinn of a shimmer. shi if you have shimmer shadows youu know your shadows can transferr over to your cheeks. >> cheeks, eyes, lips. >> all out of one pot. pot. they did it all out one pot. p >> one pot wonder.on >> but they look good. but >> i'm looking at this palatealt this screams what you've done ow these ladiesha. colors so beautiful they screame spring. >> yes, they definitely sayinity spring you have your smokeys ans then you have your lighteryour colors for day so this is thes type of palate you want to gravitate to if you are in the t mall. i don't know which one to get.hh you get your smokey colors andod lighter colors and you combine i the two and it will be a good gd day.da >> beautiful. bea >> yea
10:49 am
>> one lip color i would say a a neutral color.or. lots of gloss, lots of shimmerhi it will work with you want to make sure that youky don't leave out your lashes. >> i was just going to ask that. >> they'll make a huge difference.dien lashes are building on everyonen on the runway. dolce and gallon ban in a took t it all the way out. top lashes, bottom lashes. these are from my friends atrien lash, these are ming lashes.g ls >> i was going to say ming. m >> put them on your back, can c you wear them? (laughter).r) >> wear them with our jewels. jw you can wear them up 30 times.3m if you're a girl who doesn'tl wo what to actually get the individuals put on you can haveh those and save them for speciali >> all right.. >> thanks. beautiful ladies. lad >> back over to you handsome m men. >> we do appreciate it is 10:49 righ at now. now you spent some time in nashvilll probably -- oh yeah a lot of- a time. >> nibbled on hot chicken. chie. >> i sure did.. love i
10:50 am
>> dining into the cuisine of of music city. c pop up restaurant right in the heart of d.c. it's 10:50. we'll check with her neck.
10:51 am
make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $3.99, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $3.99 today. america runs on dunkin'.
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10:53 am
♪ all right. it is taste of music city right in d.c.' backyard.icacky nashville hot chicken has come m to clifton, virginia.. as part of new pop up onon trummers on main that's wherere erin company know is there livev to test it out and see if it if lives up to her standards.ndards all right.alrigh erin, what do you got? >> reporter: that's right. rig i tried all the hot chicken and music city from prince's to hat pee bs jail bird the pop up herr at trummers on main. we have fresh chef daniel and stefan and chef austin so greatt crew here and we've been telling everyone about the hot chicken tell moo me about the spicehe s levels people can try whenry whe they're hair. >> we have plain hot chicken chn with spice in the marinade. me. we have our normal or medium,ed, our hot.. and then our super hot. >> this is use discretion it's
10:54 am
>> discretion. d >> they all come on peace of oae white bread you can put picklesl on top and traditional southernr sides as well.s as well. >> yes, ma' >> pimento cheese, country ham.m >> there you go.. >> chicken salad. great cocktails.kt great afternoon lunch.oon l. >> speaking of cocktails tell ml a little bit about your drinkrrk pairing for the different levell of spice. spice >> so we noticed lemonade, sweet tea, moonshine.oons >> got to have moon >> i tried to incorporate thatra in my drinks also like mentionen due to the spice level of thethe chicken for the non spice chicken i would recommend passion fruit lemonade.uit >> that sounds good. >> passion fruit. fru yummy.. then go up one level with thehe sweet tea, little bit of mint.t. >> can't go wrong with that.wit. >> absolutely. next one ginger. ginger settles the stomach. >> moonshine with peach infused
10:55 am
moonshine ginger lime veryime vy classic. >> i tried it it was delicious.. >> for the really really hot one milk is the best medicine for settling your stomach. >> for sure.>> for sur >> we got here vanilla infusedud milk with a little bit of bourbon and cog yack and that's it. >> you can pick your drink dri pairing to with the spice levell i noticed on the menu you have h deviled eggs. eggs. some additional little southern treats that you can order.yo >> exactly. exa we wanted to feature some of daniel's cooking. coo that's why we brought him to t collaborate on the menu.. we've got smoked trout. tro definitely eggs and we've got g grilled quail on a biscuit.. very traditional fare.e. kicks up a bit with some of his >> really exciting. >> i think we got to try hotry h chicken. >> you what and to grab a peacea and join >> i'm going for this one. one >> i'm going hot.. >> the best part about this isss medium one. o. it has the moist chicken but the really crunchy cayenne pepper kind o
10:56 am
hmm. >> the hot has hab bow nair row on it the mild is actually likel a cayenne pepper base just likee hat tee b's very authentic.ic >> right. rht. >> the hot has hab boner row and our extra hot -- we named it nasty hot after daniel whoho actually lives in east nashvil >> that's really good. >> so the east nasty has hab bow are in row peppers, chili's anda ghost pepper it is really high h on the union. u it's really spicy. spicy. >> i'm trying the hottest of tht hot and i'm loving it.ngt. this gets my seal of approval. we're going to enjoy this and our little drink pairings little taste of music city right herert in clifton. come on oil at a jail bird opene today through the end of may.eny trust me, this is amazing butzib i'm starting to feel the heat.h. back to you guys.. (laughter).. >> she downs the >> enjoy it erin. eri >> i love it but whew, when itn considers coming out.g o >> we can use heat today. tay >> tell you one place you wonpl
10:57 am
feel the heat.feel the that's outside. outsi. everyone is complaining. seven day forecast featuringcast upper 40s today.s today freeze warning tonight. tomorrow morning.
10:58 am
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. all due respect, have several seats. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chaser. ♪ >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> wendy: yes! yes! thank you for watching our show today. say hello to my co-host, my


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