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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  April 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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in gaithersburg, the basement of the townhome reportedly lived here with two roommates, as you mentioned, friends says he's a good guy, told he recently joined the mormon church, excited about that new journey, despite suffering from some health challenges. >> i know that steve had a hard time maneuvering. he used a cane. his legs were not very strong. and because he had been in a accident, that damaged his shins. >> auto accident? >> apparently, from what i understand. >> the cause of death along with the cause of this fire, all remains under investigation. but, detective are describing it as suspicious. and police are asking anyone with information to call them. there were few arsons yesterday, and nearby neighborhood. we did
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about that information. they say there was arrest in those cases, but at this point it is not believed that that's related to this. >> keisha lewis, fox5 local news. we are following developing news right now out of prince william county. that is where police are trying to figure out who is firing gunshots into people's homes? at least two homes have been hit, in woodbridge recently, one shooting happened yesterday, on stockholme way, the other on linden dale road over the weekends. no one has been hurt in these, but the incidents have made residents very uneasy. paul wagner will have much more on this story coming up on fox5 news at 6:00. >> police in fairfax county are looking for three men, accused in a attack near a motel. police say the victim says he was stabbed, while walking along route one in alexandria around midnight. the victim was found virginia lodge motel. his injuries are not considered serious. if you have any information, you are asked to call police. meanwhile, the fbi is asking for your help tonight to ida bank robber known for
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>> unusual indeed. nicknamed the bandage, he wears a neck brace, and bandages, trying hide his face. the suspect is wanted in connection with nine robberies, across maryland, they happened between october of last year, and most recently just days ago, on april 1st. each time the suspect handed the tell area note saying he was armed, and demanded money. the fbi is asking anyone with information to please give them a call. >> a lot of people including some dc leaders are talking about this story we brought you last night at 10:00. the video here shows group of illegal dirt bike and atv riders going down florida avenue. many residents have had it, asking leaders to do something about it. >> fox5's matt at glenn showed that to several council members, and he's working northwest with the story tonight, matt? >> reporter: yes, i will say most council members have heard about this problem. it is not a new problem. it seems to be picking upstream now that it is warming up. that video that so many people are
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right here, along sixth and florida, in fact, across the street, there is a restaurant, and that's where the owner shot the video, and we were able to get ahold of it. but, it certainly is not the only video, not the only instance here at the park. in fact, it is being recorded across the area. we took that video to council chambers to ask council members what they plan to do about it. what the expletive. dc please do something about these guys. that was the written message on twitter from jeff johnston. as he shot this video from the side of pennsylvania avenue sunday evening. we showed this video last night. at 66th and florida northwest, group of riders, some popping wheel east, roared through the sent he can sean -- intersection. we took the video to the council member that represents the area, brianne van dough. >> i would say that, you know, ima
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concern me. >> in the middle of the day. >> council member brandon todd is more than concerned. he wants chief cathy lanier to taking. >> what do you think should be done? >> i think has to forfeit. i know it is tough. she said she doesn't like to chase them with police cars, they can be a public safety issue, but i think enforcement of our current law is what's going to absolutely have to occur. >> council member may, who represents ward eight, said she's worried about her constituents, has been searching for a way to fix the problem. even approaching dc park, to find a location for riders, to legally operate. >> the fact of the matter is even if we get location, how to get them, there we thought about that in conversation, right, that if we are able to provide, storage on site, that they don't have to bring the bikes there. >> but council member may says one problem is liability for the
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she is hoping a private company. >> once again, it is important to point out that this is just not a problem here in d.c. other agencies, prince georges county, other places of maryland, virginia, also seeing the same problems with these illegal bikes. in fact, tonight, i was able to find out that the police chief from here in d.c., and in prince george's county, are meeting together tonight and on their agenda, how to deal with these illegal motorcycles. live in northwest, matt ackland, fox5 local news. >> just day after the ramada board chairman same some lines might have to shut down up to six month for repair work metro general manager is saying not so fad. >> paul said he's crafter ago aggressive plan to deem with metro backlog of repairs but
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is not part of the plans. fits joins us live. >> for up to six months, a possibility floated by one board chairman, jack evans, in response to this deluge every backlog repairs. the gm of metro today, paul, made it very clear. that is not an option. >> where you are in the moment, what you can tell the public. >> sure. >> you know, i'm not considering, you know, that extensive a shutdown anywhere. >> but i am looking at, again, how we've been delivering what we have to deliver, and what makes the most sense. >> generally got high marks for the montgomer
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council. he said on the red lion, metro still has a very serious water leakage problem that needs to be fixed. but there were also sharp questions from lawmakers about the short notice on last month's one day shutdown, as well as other safety and security concerns. warned while closing down an entire line for six months, probably will not happen, metro can't lee deuce its repair backlog by doing short spurs, overnight, or on weekends, some cases one, two stations may have to be shutdown to get this work done. >> chair, jack evans warning of those six month shutdowns, may have been alarming, may have been an over estimation. but, says, it also served, just how serious metro's problems are. >> i think what mr. evans, who is the board chair was tin
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to convey, is that the system has a lot of hard decision toss make. and i think he perhaps guilded the little a little. and describing that scenario. >> spokesperson for councilman evans told us today that his remarks were designed to be a framework of possibility, of what could happen, if metro does not get on this list as soon as possible. in the end, evans' office says that the chairman will support whatever the general manager ultimately decides. liver at the rockville station tonight, tom fitzgerald, fox5 local news. >> so, fits, so many people are concerned about this issue. how soon could we learn what the plan is to fix this backlog? >> we had an opportunity to speak with the general manager, lawyer, a after this session concluded today. he says he's working on a plan, he will have that out within a couple of weeks, as far as what form that will take, whether it will be a speech, whether it wil b
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some type after dress, other for up the, they haven't decide that yet right now. but they are putting together exactly what needs to be done, and when priority needs to be taken care of. >> all right, it is a relief to hear him say six months close something not -- >> at the same time, whatever we need to do to get it working. so thanks so much, appreciate it. >> did you see the gloves on fits? >> yes, i did. >> and the warm coat? >> and the 45 degrees it says on our tv screen right now? >> it is awful out there. sue palka, what's going on? this is not spring like. >> this is so crazy. did you know we also had some report of snow overnight? >> oh, sue! >> at reagan national, and i'll show you a picture from facebook, from around the pits ville area near saulsbury. bay effect and river effect type of snow from the wind that was coming in last night. and check out this number. we dropped to 30 degrees, last night at reagan national. first of all that is the coldest low temperature we've had around here since march 30th, and, it is the ol
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temperature, since april 8th, 2007 when we dropped to 29. soap, crazy, our average low should be 44, notice, trek rick dropped to 27, 28 at bwi. yes, little bit of april snow, this is actually the picture from facebook, pittsburgh maryland, down toward saulsbury, looks substantial, doesn't it? >> i hope she didn't just play an april fools joke on me, but wow, and guess what, guys? another freeze tonight, now, you know we've had problem with wind all day today. but, as the sun goes down, the winds has gotten much lighter, already lighter, and when the sun goes down, i think they'll go pretty calm. so, in some spots, it could be as cold or colder than last night. and you can see, that the freeze warning, which will go into effect at 11:00 tonight, until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow, is much more widespread than it was last night. and that's because the winds are going to be a lot lighter. so, we're thinking, we could be heading down to the upper 20's, low 30's again tonight. we're at 45 degrees now, that's probably the warmest we've been all day, to be
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40's, and to gave you a idea that those winds are really settling down, down to about 10 miles an hour now at reagan national. so, ought to be pretty sunset, and did you see all of those phenominal rainbows yesterday? how about this great picture that was sent to us by dick lawson, sunset tonight 7:36. temperature should be right around 43 degrees, and again, overnight, thinking it will be mighty cold again. probably going to be just about as cold as last night, reagan may say few degrees warmer at 33, so, do what do you have do to protect anything you planted or bring in those outdoor plants that have been residing on your porch. they might not make it through the night. all right, we have a lot to talk about a little later, home opener for the nats, as well as when we can maybe finds some warmer air, all ahead with the seven day forecast, sarah, laura, back to you. >> we'll need our thickest coats for that home opener. >> i know, right? definitely not baseball wetter. >> not at all. coming up: singing not only booze z your mood but can also help you beat cancer. surprising new research
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singing in a choir helps the body fight off disease. >> and america may be counting kids out. startling new statistics reveal an important topic being left out of our kids curriculum. and how the problem is starting to add up. >> plus, sketchy on line sellers are making a living tricking custom nears buying items that are much different from what they're ad promised, the warning signs that you should say no to the dress when we come back.
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>> tired of worrying about those old gutters?
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virginia governor vetoed a bill that would allowed parent to keep their children from reading books signed at school that macon tape sexually explicit material. >> example of book that may be too graphic for some children. says stayed law is unnecessary, because, the virginia department of education is considering changing its policy to accommodate parents' concerns. >> student in the united states are lagging behind when it comes to learning how to manage money. because in many classrooms, it just isn't being taught. new study by price water house coopers found the majority of k through 12 teachers are not including financial education in their curriculum. only 12% teach personal finance, even though 92% think the topic should be included. so, skills like how to use a credit card responsibly, take out a loan, o
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or manage a bank account frequently, are not being address in the school. on line shopping, you know, how easy and convenient that s just few clicks, could you have brand new outfit on it way to your house. but there are times when you should just say no to that dress. fox5's caitlin roth here with some on line shopping horror stories. >> horror stories. >> i know, i've never experienced that, just so pleasureable, on line shopping. >> but some, yes, you have, but some of the ads i'll see like $20 for this dress, and you're like come, on, really? >> like everything else in life, sometimes too good to be true, sounds too good to be true, usually; specially site ultra discounted clothes that now we are hearing have been using stolen images from across the web. let's take a look sat some of these example. posted to the facebook group knock off nightmare, rose gal, i believe that would be the one on the right, and the wrinkle dress that showed up, just on the left, now, not only is it wrinkled it, looks muc
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that was detect dollars on the website. and the colors also are not the same. i would said one on the right sort of like a sky blue color background, then it is like an off white, yes, very different. so, not nearly the same dress. >> no. >> here is another one. >> that looks hideous. >> both actually. but you can see, the one on the website photo on the left, what they're modeling, and then, what is that on her chest? >> that's awful. >> oh, my gosh, looks like a pajama costumes when it showed up. >> that's horrible. >> i know? and, unfortunately, yes, not exactly the same pattern and fit. the person who posted this, says, it was purchased from the website mod lilly. so, maybe don't use that one either. >> oh, i've seen that being advertised. >> you have heard of it? >> i have. >> also this example, the buyer says comes from dress lilly. maybe toss the lilly sites. dress showed up shiny, that would be the one on the right,
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on the left what they are use to go ties. not only is it shine at this looks different color, also looks pretty wrinkled. very different from what they are getting now it is easy to get swindled by the promise of great dress for cheap, i know i have clicked on them before. so before you buy, read the reviews, the number one tip we can give you. many of these shady websites have a long list of complaints, if you do a quick google search, also, know your measurements, check out your size charts before ordering, or better chance at getting the right fit, and make sure you take a close look at the return policy. so some of these shady sides, sites, in particular, charge fees for returns, or only gave you a credit for the site. big red flag, all of the major outfitters right now, you know, usually return for free, never a problem. >> usually what i do, take the name, put in whatever the name; mod lilian scam, and it will turn up from there is a scam there, or if there have been complaints about it. >> oh. well, here is a dress that
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ordered. and it looks great on line. >> yes. >> but it came like this. >> oh, nice. >> all wrinkled. now, the dress was $23. >> right. >> and i thought i'll take a chance. i didn't like it, so i let them know. and they said well we'll give it to you for $8, we'll just credit your account. i said i'll keep it and see if it looks good on tv. >> but for $8, doesn't even matter. i know i've bought the 20 to $23 dresses, too the only thing i've noticed, it just looks cheap, the material. >> yes. >> totally cheap. >> i should by the 20-dollar dress, as my bank account would like me more. >> yes, another scam out there. >> all right, well, thank you. appreciate it. >> we've been warned. >> yes, coming up, work out clothe aren't just for the gym any more. >> new crop of fashion forward fitness apparel has women wearing their gym clothes to the grocery store, out with friends, even to work. but our work out clothes okay for the office? we are weighing in. straight ahead. >> and dc woman is not only keeping up with the cards ash yan's, she is becoming one. new details on rob
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kardashian's engagement, and just how much he paid for that extravagant rock. >> and tonight, donald trump is getting called out for one every his winning campaign tactics, the song he used during a rally that i some say resonates with wisconsin voters. we'll explain how, and who is upset about it when we come back.
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narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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>> oh, one of dc's own one step closer to becoming a cards ash yan. rob kardashian reportedly popping the question, to black china, just last night. china was born here in the district. she posted this photo on instagram, sportin
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ring, with the caption: yes! now, according to "tmz", rob spared no expense on that ring, going to one every kanye west's favorite jewelers, ben ball nerve los angeles, and he reportedly spent $325,000 on the seven karat rock. >> oh, that's beautiful. gorgeous. >> well, last night the couple was spotted out celebrating along with black china's mom, also from the district. as for rob's family, they might not be as supportive. his mom, sisters and their families, all boarded a plane and flew out of town yesterday for a family vacation. >> please welcome the next president of the united states, mr. donald j trump. >> ♪ >> donald trump might want to pack it up and pack it in when it comes to playing the song, jump around, at his rallies. the rapper blasted trump for
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recent campaign stop. words, we can't say on tv, and, also, told billboard magazine, quote, the smartest businessman in the world should know that you have to license this music, if it makes appearance on tv with you. and, they are making appearances on tv. >> the rapper said he's not considering legal action against trump. beyond a cease and desist letter saying suing him would be a quote, scumbag donald trump move. and that he doesn't want any of trump's money. >> guess we know how he feels about trump. >> i think he's made it very clear. it is suspected trump chose the song jump around, by the way, in preparation for the wisconsin primaries, that's the song played at the university of wisconsin football games between the thirds and fourth quarters. >> we always seem to have these controversies, every election cycle. someone always says don't play my song t happens. >> and it has happened with trump before in election, too. >> true. >> now it the democratic presidential race, voters in the distct
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polls in june, now able to choose between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. the city council passioned emergency legislation today that will allow sanders' name to appear on the ballot. his name was going to be left offer because dc democratic commit de not shit his name to the board of elections in time, that happened because sanders waited until the 11th hour smith a 2,500-dollar check to the state committee. soap, he concert philadelphia international airport as a candidate. >> in maryland, larry hog and held his general assembly this afternoon. >> ronica leary is live, with that story, hey, ronica? >> hi, well, governor larry hogan, who you should vote for in maryland's primary. he has little advice for you. we'll have it after the break. back to you. >> and tonight top democratic senator calling for an investigation into this new handgun. that can fold up to look like a smart phone. >> scary stuff there. facebook has created
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tool to help blind users see photos. we'll explain how it all works on the other side of the break. >> ♪
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> this is fox5 local news at 5. the maryland general assembly's 2016 seg almost over. and today governor larry hogan, a republican, spoke about the a moves by mostly the democratic assembly. ronica clear i is life in yap last with what he had to say today. >>reporter: hi, lay did is in just six days the 2016 maryland legislation session is going to woman to an end. end during governor larry hogan's remarks today, he chatted
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reason for the early passage of the budget. our most important priority wasi the budget and i am am incredibly pleased that not onlt were we able to get a budget passed, but our budget was exposed in both on uses and onse both sides of the aisle with wi very little debate or disagreement. and we didn't even need to wait until the 11th hour to get it done. instead, we actually adopted a budget more than two weeks early. best of all for the second year in a row, our budget includes no new taxes. ta > well, even with no new taxes, govern hogan, he urged legislators to focus on passing the across the board income tax reductions in these final six sx days. it has passed in the senate, bu, not yet in the house. when the event opened for questions i wanted to ask the te governor about the
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maryland as he prepare for the upcoming primary at the end of the month since he said he is disgusted with campaigns on both sides. >>reporter: governor, i know i you probably don't want to talkt about this today, but you said a you're not engaged in this th election process, but the people of maryland, they do have a a primary coming up. what would you encourage peoplee to do who feel maybe the way you do. >> i've done this multiple time and i don't really like talking about it because i'm veryer frustrated with the process. i'm not taking a positionment i'm not getting involved.ti i thinkng a lot of people feel e same way.. something you think you can do, is there a candidate that you can vote for with your yo conscious. we took to twitter to ask you, about 630 percent of you say no. so make sure that your voice is heard. you can vote in the poll as well. it's on my twitter page at ronica cleary at
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> an actavis who is running fo mayor of baltimore is bringing i his campaign to the district tonight. door amaces on is holding a fundraising event at his hope. he's holding an event in the district because he wants to seo a new course for cities across our country. maces on is one of a dozenone candidates seeking the bid. the democratic senate is callins for an investigation into a new handgun that can fold up to look like a smartphone. we first told you about the gunt known as the ideal conceal last month. now senator chuck schumer is is slamming that weaponing it's a disaster waiting to p happen. he wants to know if the gun gu manufacturer is violating the law by making that look like ane every day item. ite the gun is concealed so people can safely carry in their pursep or clipped to their side
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as many of you know states across the country have officiao symbols supplant as the state s flower, a tree orbier. state lawmakers in tennessee have approved a bill that wouldh make the bible the official symbol. it conflicts with the state sta constitution that says no preference should be given to any religious group or type of worship. other opponents say making the e bible the state's official book trifle liesing it by lumping it with the state's flower and other state symbols. sym right now the governor opposes the legs, but hasn't said whether he will see to it. a facebook feature has been be created to help the blind and visually impaired using a form o of artificial intelligence that recognizes faces and objects. then the description cans are described to the facebook user. facebook it says he wants to make sure the world's three million blind and visually
5:35 pm
impaired can still connect with others on the site. > now that theç redskins don't need burgandy and gold to bega their quarterback he has decided he no longer needs a home. list price $2.75 million and thl home includes a theater room, wine solar and an elevator. griffin is now playing for the browns in cleveland where real estate is a lot less pricy. > jim is here let's talk about' the ncaa title game from last ls night. >> wow. and that all because of a hometown guy. > and what a great story behind it, too. >> everything is amaying. am it's definitely going to on as a night that everybody is going to remember. the celebrations, if you saw it, itself slew crazy.razy last night's busker beating b three pointer that sealed theeal deal for villanova a play that will go down in history. hi marcus page, north
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players and a kid who i feel like is a son. a i just feel like a proud > isn't that great?reat >> last september georgetown football player tie reload aneurysm suffered a catastrophic spinal injure. he'sur back to classes twice a week, but rehab is not easy, and insurance doesn't cover the exercises at home. they presented him with $25,000 worth of equipment. equ williams joined with the other thans of bmw of sterling to make the announcement. ann how would he describe the support he's received. >> up lifting. having people to help you a along something like this realls makes all the difference in the world. we found out what the price tagi was and then we decided that de we're going to try to raise ra enough money to make sure thatke he gets the he equipment that he needs so he can work to be able to get out of the wheelch
5:38 pm
walk. > a little victory for him to be able to get up and start moving once again and he's going to be able to do it with some wi help from the players. >> great stuff. > when it comes to cancer, dr.. are syncing a new tune. why they say syncing in a choiri could be the cure. > and a firefighter faces fa discipline for posting a picture of his wife breast feeding in fe his gear.ear > and workout clothes are not just for the jim anymore, as you know. more women than ever before aree wearing them to work. is it okay to wear gym clothes to the office we asked you to weigh in and you certainly did. >> hey. blue sky behind me, piss tour ovechkin, high temperatures,high struggling to get out of the th 40s. it's currently 45 with a brisk wind. another freeze warning in effecr tomorrow. we'll have the forecast for your wednesday coming back when fox5 news at 5 returns after
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if you love to sink, you are actually making yourselfyour healthier.he that's according to a new studyt out of london. researchers who found people who sync at least an hour a dayay boost their immune systems. it reduces a person's immune system. >> it makes sense. musical therapy has been around forç quite a long time so that part is not new. > it explains why some of thef people in the news room break out in songs.
5:43 pm
>> spontaneously. > i don't know how good -- howd well we're going to be able to maintain our health when we've got these up and downnd temperatures. >> it's hard to know what to wear. brace yourselves when you walk e out, if the precipitation isprec going to be rain or snow becausw we registered a trace of snow overnight around the airport and many places of our area started off with a dusting of no in northern virginia and ind in maryland. >> doesn't the calendar knownow it's april. >> what's wrong with mother nature? always throwing usthro curve >>. it's april 56789ette couldnd look prettier outside. everything is starting to bloom despite the cold temperatures and the waves of wind. that doesn't seem to matter. the sun angle l is stronger in april. it's probably heating up yourr car inside a little bit moretle than it would in say december or january. once the sun sets all bets arebs
5:44 pm
night of plummeting temperatures. freeze affect in most of theth area for tonight. morning temperatures to be in the 20s and 30s. 33 in washington, 28 in gaithersburg, 27 in frederick, 29 in dulles, yes, all the kidss they might be grumbling about iu but they need to wear the heavyy winter coats out to the bus stop yet again tomorrow morning. we start to turn more seasonable tomorrow afternoon and we've and been talking about rain on thursday. nats opening day.ts we'll get to that o in a membera look at this satellite picture release by noaa earlier today and it shows a swath of snownow that brought several inches to boston. it usually shows the cloudsow durings the daytime hour as white. mr. were no clouds across the northeast. this is just snow pack. you can clearly see the finger lakes. close to a foot in some spots of central new so an unbelievable early april for them. luckily
5:45 pm
here and we have quiet conditions all across the northeast with high pressurepres firmly in place. is the departing storm movingovn offshore but leaving us cold inn its wake. > all the counties in this aqua color that's basically our whol viewing area. as the growing season beganbega april 1 so we are expecting another night of theof temperatures to hit 32 grows or blow. this morning 30 at reagan even colder than we thought, 29 at dulles and 28 at bwi, just so chilly all day long. we lost the bitter wind chills as the wind eased a about it, ab but i didn't do anything for our air 45-degrees right now in washington, 43 in baltimore, 45o in stevens villian yet again we'll see the temperatures fallr yesterday we started the afternoon in the 70s and fell into the 40s overnight. we're already it's more of a slower drop intoi the upper 30s by midnight when it comes to our temperatures.eme all across the country we've gov this pocket of cool air
5:46 pm
northeast, 30s and yes 40s.40s. getting out of the way look atok how mild it is. 85 at which taw, west coastich about to really heat up. 70s and 80s now, but they'll bey in the 90s in parts ofof california. they're getting the big, bigig heat. we're getting the frigid cold. high pressure is in control. cold temperatures and a very chilly start to wednesday. but with some more sunshine and high pressure moving offshore we'll get a little bit milderlit than today. i think we're at least into the 50s for high temperatures. by thursday, the warm front arrives and temperatures keepesk risingment however, it brings rain. timing this out for the nats homeowner at 4:00 and it does look right now that the bulk ofk the rain is in the morning andrn should move out by game time. the problem is we're looking att a secondary front that's going to swing through and bring somee showers. so while the heavy rain might be over, clouds and showers, 63-degrees for the highgh
5:47 pm
it's probably going to be a weta afternoon at the ballpark andand probably a very tough call for the nats as to whether they're going to postpone or cancel that one. tonight, 33-degrees under clear skis. not as windy for tomorrow. blue sky again should be expected. it should be a very nice today.y 59 with that wind picking up yet again. it feels like every other day we're in the wind. beautiful sunrise note on. sunrise now at 6:44:00 a.m.6:44 63 thursday with the rain.n. we do clear out friday and then we told cold for the weekend. it's still getting cold. that is no showers on saturday.s we'll have some breaks of sunun but with the real cold air coming through, 47 and flurries. there's another nats game on g saturday.. 50-degrees there on sunday.un we warm things back up by next week. your seven day forecast, lauralr and sarah back over to you. > a followup now from a storyto that we told you about yesterdao as a result of a fire that breae out in the basement of the irs headquarters theyil
5:48 pm
remainder of the week. the fire in the buildings'uild basement affected the air handling system. the employees will be working remotely and tax processing will be not affected by this closure. > let's head over to tony and shawn for a look at what's wh coming up next at fox5 local news at >> very interesting. thank you very much. > pennsylvania community is criticizing a reporter whoepor claims she was just doing her job. ahead 569 hear why people are outraged about her report on a recent murder.urde then hear how she responded topd her critics.tics also coming up tonight at 6 a recent update could leave you all iphone users vulnerable.vuln it's convenient to use a virtual doctor when you're sick, but do they really get the diagnosis right? what you need to know
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care online.on it's all ahead tonight at 6. yvette: i was running for my life. he was flicking matches on me... my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side.
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a firefighters in new mexico iss taking some heat for a i photograph of his wife. >> the picture shows the womanoa breast feeding while wearing her husband's uniform. the fire department in loss crew says is identifying the case. the firefighter who did not want to be identified could be put on unpaid leave. it was shot from a photographert who wanted to show a woman canan be a full-time mom and still work a full-time job. >> it is a beautiful > she's not the firefighter, though. >> s that he eat thing. it's kind of deceptive. the photographer took a creative license, but at the same timetie it's kind of deceptive. >> if she is doin a
5:53 pm
job outside of the house. > if they were a firefighter. >> either way, it's a beautiful picture.pi > so and there's nothing wrongi with breast feeding. >> absolutely not. that's a great picture. > our leggings and workout clothes acceptable at theat office. >> so it's becoming a debate asa women are investing more moneyon into our workout gear. have you seen the prices. >> fitness and how long wear isg also becoming a lot more stylete issue, even beyonce is getting into the active wear chain.hai women who are pro work out wear at the office says the outfits can help motivate them to gogo exercise after work than a thetn clothes make it easier to move o if they have to perform physical tasks at work. some women sneak active wearr into their office wardrobe by for instance taking leggings ang then dressing up them with a nice shirt, and
5:54 pm
this woman. >> i think that's fine. > the full on gym version with sneakers, a workout top and a pony tail. >> i don't have a problem with that. it depends on where you are working. >> we asked you to weigh in isn it okay to wear leggings at the office.of >> 34 percent of people say it's okay, but 57 percent say not okay. there's still time to sound objection to the form you can f find us on twitter at fox5 d.c.. and weigh send us your vote.ote. > i mean on a casual day maybe. but the problem is people take it too far and then they're wearing this tight stuff.uff. >> right. maybe it's not the best appropriate to be wearing. >> in the workplace. >> perhaps it depends on where you're working. what if you work for the health magazine and that's your thing and that's the culture they've created, that's different.t's
5:55 pm
commonsense, i think. >> totally. i do think it's okay to dress us the leggings like we in the first picture. make it look a little more professional. > consider the environment.t. >> right. the white house is turning up for turn up. >> the funny video with michelle obama and nba star steve on curry.
5:56 pm
he was flicking matches on me... for my life. my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side.
5:58 pm
turn up, for what? there's thee first lady dancing and she's joined forces with stuff and i sheesh yeah curry in an attempt to encourage people of all ranges to live a healthier lifestyle. she release this with the caption in honor of turn
5:59 pm
being planted in the kitchen garden >> is it sad when i first looked at it, i thought the first lady was holding a donut. it looked like a donut with somi purple frosting. >> that defeat the purpose. > thanks for joining us tonight at fox5 local news at 6 starts right now. >> this is fox5 local news at 6 right now at 6 investigators arr stunned with a random and mister just shootings, bullets in homes and cars. > amtrak, a major rail shutdown. what's really going on and isnd the system wore ' all riding really safe? was it a simple mistake or messy politics? d.c. leaders are feeling the burnhe tonight after a mixup on the d.c. primary ballot. fox5 local news at 6 starts at right now. > it is good to have you withou us tonight at 6, i'm shawn yancy
6:00 pm
new tonight, prince william police are struggling to explain a string of shootings in the woodbridge there have been five such shootings since last friday with two houses and a car hit by gunfire. that's not all. fox5's paul wagner starts us off from prince williamliam headquarters. >>reporter: there have been at least 10 homes hit by gunfire since mid-february and at this point it's very fortunate thato no one has been understood withed. to get this to stop, prince william police say they needpo some morlie help. the gunfire has been reported at different times of here on stock home way thereere have been two shootings, one friday night around 11 in which a number of people called police to report hearing an argument and then in the same block three days later the homeowner called police to say his home had been hit by gunfire, perhaps thee, p night before when he


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