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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  April 6, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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they're not charged with anything. >> d.c. police union responding to cries for more to be done about illegal dirt bikers in the city and how the mayor is reacting to it all and deadly montgomery fire a murder investigation. why the victim's death is suspicious and later, how long is too young. >> a man technically murdered his wife. >> a 9-year-old aspiring journalist. "fox 5 news morning" starts right now. >> it's a good wednesday morning for you alongside wisdom martin and holly morris. >> temperatures in the 20s and 30s should feel a bit bet they are afternoon we'll talk weather and traffic tonight for 4:35. first breaking news in the district. police trying to figure out how a car got on to a bike path with deadly kons quepss. >> this happened before midnight 56 street northeast. "fox5" annie yu is live there with the latest
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hey good morning to all of you and hours after this accident occurred i want to take a look. it's quite the scene out there. it looks like this is at the 4 400 block 56 street northeast and what appears to be the back path right behind homes at the end of 56 street and looking at the condition this vehicle. and it's crushed like tip foil not exactly sure how it ended up on the trail because there's metal posts out front here not damaged and there's a sign no motorcycles beyond this point. i'm assuming looking atlantic city at this where you see the police cruiser is where or how it entered on the block over. perhaps the car drove around the grass. there d.c. police confirming one died. we're told by investigators and the scene they
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boughty and waiting for investigators to do a thorough investigation. they're scourerring the area now as you can imagine it's dark out here. you can't see a whole lot. there are reports that the driver may have been drinking however investigators on scene will not confirm that's it's termly to tell and hopefully we can gather more information and bring you the latest in a few. back into you. . >> a triple shoot in the district. three women were shot in 300 block of green street all three women were taken to the hospital and no word on a suspect. >> gaithersburg now where a townhouse fire became the focal point of murder investigation. officials first thought the fire was accident. now police say that 63-year-old steven skalbring was murdered died last week after flames ripped through the townhouse on wind jamer way and his death is suspicious based on scene and
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investigators will be back at the townhouse today combing through evidence. >> big primary wins in wisdom martin for senators bernie sanders and ted cruz last night. cruz called victory a turning point in gop race. sanders outed his growing momentum saying real change only takes place from the bottom up. front runners trump and hillary clinton have already moved on to new york. neither held events tuesday night. however clinton tweepted congratulations to sanders and trump released a statement attacking cruz calling him "lying ted". well the story we brought you earlier this week a video showing a group of illegal dirt bikers and atv riders popping wheelie as long florida avenue. many residents have h it and asking city lead others to do something about it. "fox5" melanie alnwick is live north west to tell us what they're saying. good morning, mel. >> good morning, yes, sunday
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was swarmed with dirt bikes. citizen cameras caught large packs of them in two locations including along pennsylvania avenue in northwest now. as you mentioned, somewhat stricter laws -- some want stricter laws but mayor bowser says that not necessary. you see these bikes down town when a similar group was doing the same thing in shaw neighborhood of northwest d.c.. here in the district if are you arrested for riding illegal bike you're looking at misdemeanor charge with maximum penalty 30 days in jail and 500 type. d.c. police union says most of the recent 100 case two-thirds of them were never charged following arrests or simply dismissed and remaining third of offenders who did fashion a judge got off with absolute nroy jail time and that is frustrating to police officers. >> the offic
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cunning and we out start them all the time at gas pumps, stop lights and we make arrests all the time. we see the vehicles and put people in jail. at the end of the day they're not charged with anything. >> safetive motorist and pedestrians is 1st and foremost as well as law enforcement officers. so it's not issue specific to the district. we have some issues around the region we're exploring a way to deal with it. on the agenda there was a what what to do. coming up fox morning news 5:00 we'll tell what you local lawmakers want to do about thi this. back to you guys. 4:35 is the time now. let's get a check of today's forecast with gary mcgrady.
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gary, yesterday in the afternoon we were outside and it was not terribly bad. it was chilly, not bad. we had a little practice yesterday. >> thank goodness the winds dropped off a little bit probably 5:00. and that was about baseball practice time right wisdom 5bg or so. >> we started 5. >> bundle up and get to. it you can't let the weather keep you from things like that. 33 in town. i suspect we're going to drop off a little colder. freeze warning in place for everyone this morning rightfu rightfully so, okay. because fredericksburg is 27 degrees. culpeper, mannasas, coldest spots. and i don't want to say that. 21 degrees in mannasas. it's so cold there. and hey guys we're told to start. i think we'll drop off a little bit and then be right around 34 to 35 sunshine 8 a.m. that's cold and 20 suburbs and 51 degrees lunchtime that's chill chilly. breezy. it will be a breezy afternoon. not quite as gusty
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not quite as gusty as yesterday. temperatures this just sounds better we'll be close tos 60. i'll leave it at that. more details coming up. here's erin cuomo. it's wednesday morning. sorry. i don't want to take a day awa away. >> definitely don't want to do that. wednesday morning now 4:37 crashorted 15 between lee highway and 66 use caution there first crash reported of the morning. paving operation construction upper loop watch for that slowing you down little river and gallows road and good news traffic is light right now in annandale and we're not seeing major slow downs. outer loop very quiet as we make our way through fairfax, montgomery county no issues yet on the beltway. more roadwork on the parkway and montgomery county and caution there. aside from that 270 frederick to gaithersburg quiet there. that's traffic. back to you wisdom. >> let's talk sports uconn celebrating fourth straight national championship. huskies capped off another season blowing
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season blowing out syracuse 82-51 brianna stewart was named most outstanding player for nourj year in a row. last night victory gives the coach his 11th national title that's the most ever for any men's or women's program. they may as well call it tournament the uconn invitatio invitational. >> exactly. >> that's ridiculous they don't lose in regular season or playoffs either. >> it's double digits too usually. >> con grates. >> good for their dynasty. >> coming up unfortunate mishap for george mason university. the late justice antonin ska lee aand texas tarmac why a flight attendant is out of a job.
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>> hot on the web now. stories you're engaging with most online. first up mississippi is latest state to sign a so-called religious freedom bill it allows religious group and private businesses to refuse service to same sex coupled based on religious beliefs. acu is de noupsing the bill
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>> hot clubs will not be allowed in the district following a vote for d.c. council and clubs would have allowed for peopleo toke marijuana inside designated establishments without the risk of being arrested. >> and the newly renamed george mason law school has a new game again the school was especially named to the an toe tin scalia school in honor ever the late supreme court justice and twitter was tlit point out the acronym would be shall we say not safe for work. we'll let you figure it out. now the school says the official name will be an owe tin official law school to avoid any unfortunate gasps. a down grade for both of you, i .
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>> all right. happening today prince william county school board expected to visit the decision to rename a school. last month controversy stirred after school board decided tory name mills god win middle school after george hamilton an african-american community leaders. residents and officials were upset saying the public should have had opportunity give input. milt godwin was governor of virginia late 60s and mid 7 0s. >> still ahead. serious shooting to northern virginia leads to several homes riddled with bull elingts and why they're having a tough time tracking down the shoot aernz first gary has a check the forecast on wednesday morning. we have a chilly start some say cold we say chilly erin cuomo has a check of roads time 4:43 we'll be back in a
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>> had:445067895 sceechb deadly car crash annie yu is on the scene crews just pulled right side up. driver killed may have been drinking. . >> it is cold, cold, cold out there wednesday morning and you know what it's going to warm up more so today than what it ended up warming up yesterday. temperatures today just to put a positive spin on the whole thing. closer to 60 today. yesterday close to 60 temperatures out there reagan national 36 it came up a couple degrees in the 5:00 hour there. and dulles well below freezing and bwi marshall well below freezing freeze warning in effect until 9 a.m. for thevrn
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outside the beltway for all location this morning. here the deal high pressure east of us and bringing in a southerly flow. temperatures will warm as winds column from the south instead of northwest like yesterday. eventually this area of pressure gets closer to us that brings rain tomorrow. gusts today could top out 30. i think that's going to be about where they get to and it will only be one or two of winds getting up to 30 miles an hour. otherwise 10 to 20 out of the south today. 58. cool. high clouds increasing late this afternoon and we'll be cloudy later on this evening. rain tomorrow. question about tomorrow is, will the rain come through and get out of here before the afternoon hours. looks like rain for the first part of the day tomorrow and showers for the second part of day tomorrow. i'll show you how future cast does that.
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a lot of sunshine until the clouds come in. this is tomorrow morning, 7 a.m. wet commute. could be isolated thunderstorm in this as they come out across and in the afternoon, see how it looks showery. not a soled line across. it looks like a couple showers around in the afternoon. rain to start. and then showers popping up late in the day. 7 day forecast still shows well unfortunately more cold air coming our way. we're 58 today. we're 63 tomorrow with rain. sun and cloud on friday. few showers saturday but notice temperature only 47 degrees. we just can't turn the corner we tried to and can't get ther there. here's erin cuomo. >> 4:48 chilly out this morning for sure. >> definitely cold. >> in addition to that if you head out wednesday morning crash reported 15 north by 29 lee highway. caution there. we'll let you know if it causes any slow down this morning. fairfax, paving inner loop between little river turnpik
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and gallows road. that's blocking the lane. look at the green on the map. it's not causing my slow downs yet. that will be cleared by the 5:00 hour. we'll keep you posted on that one a side from that inner loop clara barton parkway. outer loop squiet moving along long type and clara barton is congestion free now we're not seeing slow downs through frederick and 66 eastbound through virginia and cente centerville looking good and inbound moving north brandywine to beltway. got you covered if anything else pops up metro is fweering up for five that's on time, maureen. >> metros is a long time shut down will not be necessary to deal with transit agency backlog of repairs and that announce m came from general manager paul wheatfeld. and wheatfeld shut down the entire metro system one day and said it is possible some lines would need to be closed 6 months. now that option is off the table. but he cautioned that met row cannot
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backlog doing work overnight and weekends. >> happening today continued bridge and tunnel safety work in washington d.c. officials will be out for routine up inspections and that means drivers get ready for traffic delays. up inspections run today from 10 to 3. officials will shut down the left lane going north and southbound on connecticut avenue over rock creek and they'll also be inspecting rock creek parkway and cathedral avenue. if you plan ahead crews will work on south capitol street over anacostia river and p street and potomac tomorrow 10 to 3. >> also today a powerful day ahead walt whitman nice bethesda and father of noah liotta will talk to students about making wise choices behind the wheel. it will be two days of education about the drivers of driving under the influences of marijuana and alcohol his son
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struck by a drunk driver prompting call for stronger legislation of driving under the influence in maryland. >> typeal goodbyes to a state trooper in the line of duty killed. khod was shot and killed by a gunman at a grayhound bus station last week. james brown the iii opened fire and other troopers shot and killed him. the trooper leaves behind a young wife and children. >> sheriff deputies were called to the pastor's home monday afternoon. he's undergoing treatment for multiple stab wound. investigators say the suspect is pastor's son. 19-year-old jonathan jannie he's held in the loudoun country adult detention center. >> this morning police are struggling to explain a stripping of shootsing in woodbridge. someone shot two houses one stockholm way and other linden dale ro
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over the weekend multiple people called police to report gun shots at bow neat afitzgerald ride and shell circle. . >> we don't have any begunpmen or vehicles or suspicious persons in the area like i said the only thing recovering at this point is fact that someone heard gun shot and later through investigation we're able to locate shell casings in roadway and bullets in a home. >> latest shootings come months after someone fired rounds into 6 different houses in banjo court. if you have anything call police. >> a new york man that shot a jihad on new york airline's flight will spend nine months in prison. david diaz was sentenced yesterday he pled guilty interfering with a flight crewch the plane left dull hees and headed to denver when he charged the cockpit and yelled jihadch the plane was forced to turn around and return to
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>> check this out united airlines flight attendant is off the job this morning after she did this. she was caught there she goes. sliding down the plane's emergency slide even though there was no emergencych the plane landed in houston. still unclear why she deployed the slide. ty a look at this picture as well. have you seen this man. his name andre bernard o'brien and police say last seen noon friday near the montgomery village crossing shopping center. they're concerned for his safety and says he freak went the downtown silver spring area and southwest d.c., if you have seen mr. o'brien call montgomery country police. >> nrs montgomery county this morning the search continues for a group of burglars that broke into a wheaton home it happened yesterday afternoon whispering pine drive. homeowner told police the suspect hit him in the head and stole items in the house and took off. he's expected to be okay. the homeowner is not cooperat
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the homeowner is not cooperating with the investigation. 9-year-old pennsylvania girl is firing back at critics who say she's too young to be a news reporter. hilda kate lisiak received of a tip about heavy police activity in a neighborhood she took pen, paper to the scene and posted this story online♪ . >> hi. reporting from the orange street 600 block where a man suspected to murder his wife. i'm working hard on this ongoing investigation. >> tirnz out the story was about a murder and she beat out the local daily paper. her commitment to news did not sit well with some. critics posted mean comments to the third grader web site saying she was too young to report and her parents shouldn't encourage her behavior. >> are i kidding me? >> why shouldn't they. >> two things first of all her breaking news graphics look
4:55 am
like ours. >> impressive. >> and second of all, you know, what you keep on keep on get used to haters they'll be out there. >> when you work the news. >> i was in grade school i wanted to do think was 4 years old when i watched news in chicago and said i want to do that ape started writing blushes and whatever. keep doing. it you're on to something. >> i would be a little concerned she's going to the scenes and she's so young. that's the only thing i would be concerned about. >> her parents --. >> they can take care of it and talk to her about it. >> you written your own household. >> how they do us they're keeping her ten miles down the road nor near why anything is happening you have to sneak in. >> she's smaller she can sneak in closer goes unnoticed. >> what's not going unnoticed is weather though. it's cold, it's april 6. >> something is wrong here that's all i got to say. yeah. april 6. here's where we are. more cold is coming
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i'm not going to try to talk about long range. i'm not going to say yeah this is it. not going there. not taking the bait so to speak. 34 now. temperatures stopped a little fwhit hour. mannasas, 21, culpeper 23, it hurts to read some of these numbers. dubz down to 25. erin cuomo agrees with me. frederick is 23 and win chest ser 30. we have clear skies this morning and light whips. there's not a winds chill factor. wind kicks up today. breeze yes, i cool, temperatures warmer than yesterday, close to 60. winds south, 10 to 20. at least southerly winds kick in that warms us up a bit. lower 60s tomorrow. rain tomorrow. that's the forecast. let's check to erin cuomo she has traffic. >> i'm wearing rain boots now. >> your warm huntser rain boots those are fancy. >> they have police socks and
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april. >> crash reported wednesday morning lee highway turn laing blocked 15. use caution there in fairfax right now. this paving will be cleared within the next few minutes. upper loop little river turnpike and gallows road. secondarys good. problem free northbound as you head to springfield ipt khaevrping and 395 northbound quiet beltway to 14 street bridge. we have you covered this morninging with traffic. maureen. . >> it's more dangerous situations to chase them aroun around. >> coming up at 5 city leaders going to cry to those who want illegal dirt bikes in the city to be held accountable. >> and fatal house fire in montgomery country now a murder investigation. we'll tell you why the victim's death is suspicious. .
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sdmrvr a fatal crash leaves one person dead on the scene. >> and big primary wins for senators barny sanders and ted cruz in wisdom martin. what that means now for party front runners. >> live look outside nowthon wednesday april 6 coldta


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