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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  April 6, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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sdmrvr a fatal crash leaves one person dead on the scene. >> and big primary wins for senators barny sanders and ted cruz in wisdom martin. what that means now for party front runners. >> live look outside nowthon wednesday april 6 coldta
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we have in start rest day as far as if there's a warm-up in the immediate future and talking to erin cuomo about "weather and traffic on the 5s 5s". first thank you for waking up with us. good morning to you i'm wisdom martin alongside holly morris and maureen umeh. >> first at 5 d.c. police on the scene of fatal car accident on bike path. annie yu on the scene with the latest. hey, annie, what can you tell sglus good morning this accident happened around midnight and here we are hours later on the scene and we have a few police officers out here and currently they have a tow truck loading up this car if you take a close look it's a ball crushed like a things of tinfoil. still investigating what happened and this is 400 block 56 street northeast at the end of residential road in what appears to be a bike tr
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and faulking with neighbors here two people were ejected from the vehicle, d.c. police confirmed the driver died and second victim was loaded into ambulance ambulance and taken to the hospital. we don't know what kind of condition this person is in. police say the driver may have been intoxicated. so certainly just a very sad story. terrible story. >> let's talk about that now. >> back to you in the studio. >>. >> also developing overnight triple shoot in the district. three women were shot in the 2500 block green street southeast. injuries are non life-threatening all three women were taken to the hospital and right now there's no word on a suspect. >> gaithersburg where a townhouse fire became a focal point in awe merder investigation and they thought the fire was accident and now police say
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was murdered and flames ripped through the townhouse where he lived on wind jamer way. it is suspicious based on scene and autopsy. they'll be back at the townhouse today combing through evident. >> new this morning victim of stabbing in frederick monday morning died. brian graves 36 year resident of frederick was stabbed on north market street near old town tavern before 2 a.m. police say that incident is homicide and asking for anyone that may have been in the area and witness assault to come forward. . >>. >> d.c. residents are tired of dirt bikes on the street.. they're asking city leaders to keep the streets safe. "fox5" mel smell live in northwest d.c. to tell us more about suggestions, melanie, good morning. >> reporte
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we know this is not a problem just in the districts. a lot of problems in prince george county as well. but seemed sunday night the city was swarmed with illegal dirt bikes. there was video captured by citizens in two different locations including comer he on pennsylvania avenue. it certainly is alarming. you can see how it would frighten people. it's not clear if anything will get done. most recent video from sunday evening is on pennsylvania avenue as a group of illegal bikes are warm swarming downtown near 7 poinged on twitter saying what the hell d.c. police do something about these guys and same time the similar group of bikes road florida avenue the restaurant owner says it happens a lot. d.c. council members we showed video to had different idea to address the problem. . >> i
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doesn't like to chase with police cars and public safety issue. and current law will have to occur. >> fact of the matter they're illegal if we got a location for them to go how do we get them there and we thought about that. if we are able to provide the state has storage onsite so they didn't have the bring the pikes there. >> council member wants to provide a safe spot to bikes to ride and not clear if anyone will take advantage of that. a private company will have to step in and run and get the city and not responsibility for liability. it makes arrest and most offenders are not prosecuted right now it's a misdemeanor crime. council member kenon mc duffy would like to increase
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>> oh, boy it's cold again. >> i'm done officially done. >> mother nature what gives. >> i know. >> and cold again this weekend, too. >> all right, bye. >> clear the room. i can clear the room with this right. >> 34 in the is they. gaithersburg 27 degrees. baltimore is 24. it's not windy. i mean that's one good thing. we're not dealing with wind chill factors in the lower teens like what we had yesterday morning. come on maureen, don't be so critical. >> look at temperatures. >> you're entitled. >> frederick is 23 and mannasas you're the cold spot this morning temperatures right now are close to the upper teens and april 6ial come on what's going on. 348 a.m. and 12:00 today 51. clouds later today. i'm hoping
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long and get high-level clouds for beautiful sunset rain comes in tonight and tomorrow. there's the forecast. got have april rain that's just the way it works. erin cuomo. >> here it's her turn now for a look at wednesday morning traffic. >> visit via for special offers. >> isn't that the saying april showers bring may flowers. >> what does april cold sgleen sad. >> that's all that means grab heavier jacket. >> just wrong. >> metro on time now. if you walk to metro stop or bus stop i would describe a little heavier jacket then you think you need and warm shoes. 29 lee highway. crash inside from that dealing with inbound traffic looking nice. take a look in fairfax. 395 north beltway to king street movi n
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after the parkway 5 northbound congestion stafford and dale city and nothing to cause slow downs just yet this morning. roadwork still in place. clara barton parkway quiet. we're looking good across the key bridge. more traffic in a few. >> developing over nights a wildfire burning out of control in hoke oak take a look at video from woodward county where the plays is burping. >> irs read quarters will stay closed this week. the fire started in basement and damaged air handling syste system. irs officials want to assure you your tax processing is not affected bit closure you should continue to file returns as normal. . >> straight ahead. victory for two under dogs. senators sanders
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winning primary and how rivals are reacting this morning. >> local elementary students making a powerful video about renovations needed in their school. s on me... my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side.
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>> cruz called his victory a turning point at gop and democratic front runners overcome a major setback in the race for a white house. >> major victory in wiz con sin for sanders overnight. >> with our victory tonight in viktor torrey in wisconsin we have won them with landslide numbers. >> fox news can proj correct vermont senator bernie sanders will defeat former secretary of state hillary clinton. >> also in wisconsin beating
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>> tonight is turning point and rallying cry. it say call from the hard working men and women of wisconsin to the people of america. we have a choice. a real choice. >> cruz's wisconsin ability slows trump's ability to swlee is needed for the gop nomination ahead of the convention. >> that's what we will see now back and forth back and forth through june 7 if trump does not get to a firm 1237 delegates on first ballot she not going to be the nominee. >> wisconsin wins give cruz an sanders new momentum. front runners trump and clinton already moved on to campaign in new york. both front runners not holding events tuesday night. clinton tweeted congratulations to sanders and trump released a statement attack being cruz once again calling him "lying ted request"
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attempt to steal the nomination from him. >> after a bit of confusion d.c. lawmakers confirm bernie sanders will appear on d.c. preliminary ballot in june. his name was at risk of knocked included after a mix-up between the still sdwri democratic party and election board. sanders paid to beto get on the ballot and party submitted paperwork after the deadline. . >> coming up, george mason university forced to rename law school again. why tribute to late justice antonin skal lee attuned into a mishap. pretty chilly start. time 5:1 2. erin will have a check on the roads when we come back.
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>> happening today prince william county school board is expected to revisit the decision to rename a school. controversy stirred after the
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board decided to rename mills god win middle school after george ham top. he is african-american community leader and godwhip was governor of virginia fwhis late 1960s and mid 7 0s. residents and some school officials say they should have had more of a chance to weigh in on the name change. wednesday morning it's cold outside. the sun comes up and it will be gorgeous. we have fair skies. mostly clear out there. it's cold though and clear skies light wind that's allowing for these temperatures to get dhold morning. kind of high pressure on top of us. so everything perfect for just a cold morning. we will warm up a little more today than where we warmed up yesterday. 58 degrees. thank goodness it will be breezy though and chilly as well. rain showers possibility tomorrow and big question tomorrow is are we going to have rain shower activity all the way through the day. i think it's mainly rain in
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morning and then more showery in the afternoon so. not everybody gets wet in the afternoon. but it looks like we stand a good chance of getting pretty much everybody wet tomorrow morning as this line of showers and storms comes through. temperatures out there super cold to north and we've seep a lot of warming back out to the west and unusually warm. here's the setup. why is it so cold forever us here opt east coast. the real easy have because there's a big ridge of high pressure west and that's allowing warm temperatures to take hold there. so you get a big jump in the ridge or big ridge in the jet stream out west and then you get a big dip on east coast allowing temperatures to come in. winds today are up a little bit. it's going to be ten to 15 below normal that's where we had been the last few days and it looks like even this weekend we'll be another round of cold air comes through. 10 to 15 below normal and that means 40s on saturday hopefully we get up
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all right. future cast calls for good conditions today and a little on the cool side. this is rain tomorrow morning. maybe imbedded thunderstorm. best chance of thunderstorms will number this line tomorrow morning will be south of us. and looks like a wet commute. that moves in and you see showers popping up in the region tomorrow afternoon. nats play tomorrow. home-opener 4:00. they'll get it in. i think maybe a delay is possible. i'm lookinging to erin because you're going, right? >> saturday. >> saturday. >> scratch that you go to home-opener tomorrow carry umbrella and have warm kloms too. it will be a little chilly xeshl especially in the afternoon. 7 day forecast shapes up like this. 53 tomorrow and 56 sun and clouds friday. cold again. especially cold saturday. few showers around maybe each a few flakes of snow north and west. here's erin cuomo i thought i would throw nat why not. >> gary
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ticket i'm on twitter @erinfoxdc. >> you're ready to go. >> thursday. >> and saturday bundled up. >> i'm going to stay home where it's dry. >> enjoy from comfort of own living rooming not a bad idea. we have breaking news around the area 15 closed in both directions because of crash we were telling you about at lee highway. as alternate your best bet to get around old carolina road, jefferson and hey market. caution there watch for delays. as we look at fairfax inbound traffic looking nice right now. upper loop from springfield inlt change to annandale same story 66 and 395 metro on time that's traffic. >> thank you aaron. children in elementary school in washington d.c. calling on mayor muirial bowser not go back on her word. parents and students ofmerch elementary school northwest created the video you're about to see. they're asking the mayor to make sure the school is renovated most schools in
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on renovated in last 87 years and some scheduled for second and third renovations. march has never been renovated. >> here's what happened city leaders miscalculated what is needed for renovations and the project could cost 20 million more. in the video students that eat lun envelope hall ways and taught in trailers say bowser promised to fix their school back when she was campaigning to be mayor in 2014. >> 5:19 now let's check realtime news tracker and share stories you're engaging with in san francisco. first city in the nation to improve 6 weeks of fully paid leave for new parents. mothers and fathers san francisco now to miis
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so-called religious freedom bill the law allows religous group and private bisss to refuse services to same sex coupled based on religious beliefs. they're de announcing the bill. >> to the district pot smokers will not be able to light newspaper private clubs in city. d.c. council voted to ban such clubs which would allow people to smoke marijuana inside designated establishments without the risk of being arrested. >> and finalry george mason university tweaking new names of law school. gm awxt noumsed last week renamed school would be antonin school he aschool of law. in honor of the supreme court justice that employed off color acronyms. we'll let you figure that out on their own the official name will be antonin scalia law school. safer. >> walmart making a b
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popular grossy items. details in health watch. >> first there's most recognizable faces on television. where you can catch bud wires collides dales in d.c. today.
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the latest celebrity to shine and lip sync patle performed kol offers the wind from poke ahont us and the video has since gone swrirl over 3 million views on youtube. >> i love those. >> actually i think that's one of the more funny things she's done. >> here the thing her new movie looks hysterical. >> i loved her in bridesmaids and other things i didn't think she was as funny.
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>> that was pretty ledge sglit jimmy fallon and james core bin and jimmy kim. >> late night it doing good. >> if only i cannot see just the highlights of the morning news. >> speaking of highlights. all right. >> that wouldn't be the weathe weather. >> no, no. >> ghos won the championship in women's basketball? take a guess. take a guess. >> shocker. >> a team that can dominate. >> for the last ten years. >> uconn. >> celebrating their fourth. >> they should call it championship ucon. >> last night victory gives uconn coach his 11th national title most ever for helps or women's program. >> by the way syracuse men's and women both went to final four. >> doesn't uconn
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out opposition by double digits. >> yes if you get within 20 i consider that moral victory for all the other teams. >> geno still has not smiled ten years. >> still hoping to get the best of those ladies. >> come on. >> iconic clydesdale horses are making a pit stop in nation's capitol. >> for the next five days you can catch them out and about. your first chance to see them is later tonight at canteen amarina in southwest d.c. they'll be there 5 to 7 and from there they gal on on over to duffy's irish pub and then opening day the horses greet baseball fans alternates park and hit center field for national anthem and pose for photos at budweiser brew house and surprised, they're working horses. gives new meaning to phrase work horse and they end their whil wind tour. upload a photo and use #bud clydesdales do d.c.. they livea
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don't worri about them. >> you can ride a budweiser clydesdale. >> you sglnt i wouldn't. >> you could try. >> they're mathstic. >> they are? >> beautiful, beautiful. >> it's just cold. >> back to you. >> we're trying to avoid talking about the weather. >> look at this. in mannasas right now it's 21 degrees. in culpeper it's gotten colder it was 2. now it's 22. we're down to 34. we have not gotten to freezing yet at least not on the hour. nothing i can see. we'll wait and see. we might get down to it because we have clear skies out there this morning and light winds. perfect conditions to get colder. freeze warning in place until 9 a.m. for everybody. pick up time 25 to 35, 53 to 58 after school and breezy. >> lot of sunshine today though that's good. >> that's a good thing. >> better than cold and gray. >> all right. >> and on a good note erin cuomo over to you
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5:26 and taking a look at traffic. breaking news out of prince william and unfortunately all lanes now 15 closed north of lee highway for crash investigation and to get around that old carolina road, jefferson street and hey market is best bet and we forward maps to look in prince george county right now. inbound traffic looking nice. quiet conditions brandy twine beltway. delays to green belt on metro green line. problem outside branch avenue. watch for that. other lines now on time. that's traffic back to you. coming up at 5:30 a deadly night on roads in the district. a car plowing ton a bike path. what may have led to the tragedy next. >> plus d.c. mayor bowser weighs in on concerns over illegal dirt bikers and push to hold them accountable. time 5:27 back in a moment.
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>> this is "fox5 news morning". >> and good wednesday morning to you all i'm maureen umeh alongside wisdom martin and holly morris. >> werm and traffic at 5:35 first developing news we want to goat happening overnight. d.c. police on the scene of deadly car crash that occurred the drive may have been drinking. >> search is on for a person that shot three women late last night in the 2300 block of green street and there's still crime tape up at this hour.
5:32 am
all three women went to the hospital and their injuries are not life-threatening and investigators have not released information about possible suspects and to gaithersburg now where a up to house fire has become the focal point in murder investigation and officials first thought the fire was accident and now police say 63-year-old steven skullbrand was murdered he died agent week after flames ripped through the townhouse on wind jamer way. his death is suspicious based on the scene and his autopsy investigators will go through the townhouse today. >> bernie sanders and ted cruz last night cruz called victory a turning point in gop race. sanders outed his growing momentum saying real change only take place from the bottom up. front runners donald trump and hillary clinton have already moved on to new york. timer held events tuesday nigh night. clinton did tweet though congratulations to sanders. and trump once
5:33 am
cruz "lying ted." >> and story earlier this week a group of illegal dirt bike and aatv riders near parked police cruisers. >> they're concerning about pedestrian and motorist and leaders have a way to protect them. melanie alnwick is live in northwest to sell us what city leaders are trying to do to give residents piece of mind. melanie. >> good morning, guys, we know this is not a new problem but it's expected to get worse as the weather gets warmer. and there's a lot of different opinions as to what to do about it. the most recent video from sunday evening pennsylvania avenue as bixz swarmed downtown near 7 street and similar group of bikes as many as 50 regard up florida avenue. in d.c. riding illegal dirt bike is misdemeanor charge with maximum penalty 30 days in
5:34 am
and 500 fine and d.c. police union say most cases following arrest are not prosecuted. council members wants to increase pinties and mayor becauseer says new legislation is not necessary. >> motorist and pedestrians 1st and foremost as well as law enforcement officer so it's not issues specific to district we have issues around the region and we have exploring the ways to deal with. it we hope to be able to announce something soon her idea is to give riders own track to race on many doubt those dirt bike riders would want to do that they met last night and probably regularly scheduled meeting and one of the items on agenda was talking about growing problem of illegal dirt bikes and both areas. melanie alnwick
5:35 am
news". . >> and we have a lot of 20s in the suburbs. sitting at 34 here in town. we've yet to make it down to freezing at national. but everywhere else it's well below freezing this morning. clear skies along the east coast. high pressure in control. beautiful as sun comes up this morning and clear skies. nice and sunny most of the day few clouds late this afternoon and hopefully not anything more that high cloud that make for gorgeous sunset again later on today. rain will come back into the forecast for tomorrow. hi temperatures out there today. shaping up to be oh, well you know pretty chilly for this time of year. and we're going to have continued preezy conditions to too. so just watch out for that. we're talking about upper 50s for highs and he few 60s possible down to the southwest. winds coming in from the south today. that will help to warm things up a little mor
5:36 am
and where we were stuck in the 40s. there's forecast. i'll have the weekend forecast coming up in a bit. right now time to get to erin cuomo to look at wednesday morning traffic. >> and well 5:36 now taking a look at crash activity we've been telling you about in prince william. 15 remains shut down in both directions original norm of lee highway diverting traffic at that intersection. take old car line aroad, jeff son and hey mark tote get around that. inbound traffic on flour same speeds story five inbound no one of the usual slow doupz. if taking metro here's a heads up. we're dealing with switch problem outside branch avenue and delays to green belt on green line no arrests for rest of rail lines and met row buses on time this morning and as we look at fairfax 66 and 35 quiet and quick look outside on 270 where traffic is flowing absolutely freely and no problems as you make your way to gaithersburg and just a little volume increasing. back to you on the desk. >> still ahead miss
5:37 am
shootings in north virginia leaving homes riddled with bullets. >> any new parent knows police is a luxury when raise naiing born. it's not mom lacking shut eye the most we'll explain after this. >> first a check on stock markets asian and european stocks mixed and u.s. futures up this morning we're back after thi
5:38 am
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he was flicking matches on me... for my life. my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side.
5:40 am
. >> a daily dose of vit mip d improves heart function in patients. that parn ants in study were asked to take vitamin d one year those that took it had improvement in heart function not sneen those who took placebo. doctors believe it could mack a significant difference on ow to care for heart failure patient patients. >> and announcing plans to only sell cage free eggs. by 2025 it will require egg flyers to be certified and fully sxlint with united egg producers animal husband bandry and animal rights groopz pressed food industry to improve animal wel
5:41 am
general mills made the switch to capable free eggs. . >> and parents up right now watching our show well get this new study finds new dads may actually be the most sleep deprived. you may think mothers have it worse because they're source of food right science seems to tell us differently. fathers in one particular study got less sleep than mothers even though mothers got more sleep. their sleep cycle was disturbed more because of role in feeding. both parents reported feeling about the same level of tiredness and dads actually got less sleep overall. seems moms were able to catch up on lost sleep during the day something dads are not able to do. >> hm so moral of this is. >> feel bad for dad. >> no feel bad for both. . >> like you say they always say it's not necessarily quantity but quality
5:42 am
study that moms have more interrupted sleep. >> exactly. >> exactly. >> and with baby i you guys. >> all you new parents thanks for being up watching now that's the more all the story. >> we're always here for you in middle of night. . >> all right. thanks holly. still ahead. facing tough city sthix morning why some say she's too young for job. >> first gary has a check of forecast on this wednesday morning chilly start and erin cuomo will check roads. back nay moment.
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 . >> i'm annie yu liver south west green street morning where police remain opt scene this happened late last night 11:00 and three women recovering in a hospital after being shot. ghaun still on the loose. still ahead on green street evident marker surrounding the vehicle parked along the roadway. there a wildfire burping out of control in hoke oak. and crews say fire is quickly moving to the northeast. nor by businesses are being urged to
5:46 am
april at all temperatures in the -- most of us medicine 20s to upper 20s outside the beltway and inside the beltway it goes until 9 a.m. culpeper 22 and mannasas 1 and not too much colder north and to north east of us and 27 boston snow on the ground there 31 new york biping hamilton 18, columbus 34 i look to st. louis to see where that is and don't think gets here overnight it trends this way tomorrow. here's the deal. it looks like tomorrow there is going to be a rainy morning maybe even isolated thunderstorm possible but not a big deal. most of that will stay south along this warm front. as we progress through the day
5:47 am
takes rain with taken another front come is close tomorrow afternoon and that means perhaps a few showers throughout tomorrow afternoon and definitely thipd next front will be chilly and that sets the stage for cold air to keep coming in this weekend i see cold air saturday and sunday coming in just as cold as what came in yesterday with clouds and showers we're talking 47 in city and you know what north and west they're well i'll sayty don't know how to say it there could be snow showers coming down from north and west. nothing will stick but it would not surprise me to see it further north and west you go. high pressure and real nice when the sun comes up. still chilly today broozy, 58 or so wit
5:48 am
forecast looks like this. 58 today. 63 tomorrow. still cold sunday not adds windy and next week hopefully we'll warm up closer to 70. it's like feels good to say 70 degrees. here's erin cuomo wednesday morning. >> knowing home on ser thursday makes me feel like warm weather is around the corner. >> they play today rights. they play in atlanta overnight. >> right now crash activity prince william 15 closed in both directions norm of 29 lee highway because of that slow moving traffic on 15 around that intersection and diverted use old caroline road
5:49 am
jefferson street in hey market to get around that. right now volume building as usual prince william 95 northbound dale city to 193 slow moving traffic picking up and nothing sneen later hours and slow down right now. and as you head to prince george five up bound upper loop through the wilson bridge we take a look outside next. traffic back to you. we deal with transit agency back lock that announcement from general manager paul wheat feld earlier this morning he shet down the entire system and then said it's possible some lines need to be closed up to 6 months and that needs to be off the table now. and overnight, al
5:50 am
and overnight, also on weekends. >> happening today public safety officials talk in security for this year's boston marathon stepped up and people dead and nearly 300 hurt. officials say boss stop marathon is scheduled for april 18. >> closer to home continued bridge and tunnel work in the district officials out for routine up inspections and drivers get ready for traffic delays inspections today and going north and southbound over rock creek and be inspecting rock creek parkway and cathedral avenue. >> and his son officer noah liota was hit and killed by suspected
5:51 am
check point in december. it's part of every 15 minute program and challenges students top think of impact of drinking ago driving. a teenager is behind bars accused of stabing a pastor sheriff deputies were called for david jennings home and right now he's still undergoing treatment for multiple stab wounds and investigators say the suspect is pastors son. and loudoun county adult detention center. >> and struggling to explain shoot ningz woodbridge. someone shot two houses last week and another linden dale road. and over the weekend multiple people at the intersection shell casings and no one reported seeing the shooter.
5:52 am
someone heard gun shot and later in the investigation able to locate shell casings in a roadway or bull nets a home. . >> if you have any information call police. >> new york man that shot a gooe gee hod will spend nine months in prison. a judge in alexandria snapsed diaz yesterday and he pleaded guilty dwroyntd feerping with flight crew. ep the plane left dulles last march and he charged the cockpit and they were forced to return to dulles international sglaerpt a miss be man was last seen noon friday near the montgomery village shopping center and police are concerned for safety and say he often freak went downtown silver spring area and south east d.c..
5:53 am
call montgomery county police the search continues for bug lar that break into a wheaton home along whispering pine drive the homeowner said he was hit in the head and the thieves stole items. he's expected to be okay. the homeowner is not cooperating with the investigation. >> a 9-year-old pennsylvaniaian girl is firing back at critics that say she's too young to be a reporter. and she took her ben pep, pain erin cram to the scream and posted story online.
5:54 am
and she beat out the local paper. critics posted mean comments to third grader web site saying she was too young to report. and then her parents should not encourage her behavior. . >> we'll see you at the network in a few years. >> right. >> way couple of emmys in tow. >> good job young lady. >> it's nice she has a passion so early. >> very good. >> when you find it go with it. >> we're telling you no. in fact study laura and her dog jeepy. >> can we lose the ban to she with see the dog. >> i know. >> ah. >> i know of i love that. >> they watch "fox5" every morning and love our positivet positivety. >> that's rights laura tell us she isry tired from u.s. army thank you for your service. we say thank u thank you indeed for chance to be
5:55 am
leave a comment below laura tote to owe on our facebook page and jenna good doggy way to photo bomb mom there. >> they have the same expression like hey what you all doing over there. >> they're saying what's up with the cold weather gary. >> oh, no jeep alikes the cold. even she might want it warmer. . >> just a tad. . >> i know i do. >> that's cold at the bus stop layer up. 53 to 58 later this afternoon for pickup and breezy too. expect more high to thin level clouds coming in in the afternoon and evening and here the 7 day forecast 58 today and rain overnight tonight 63 for high tomorrow and rain morning showers afternoon sun and clouds friday and another cold shot comes in friday and saturday and
5:56 am
even snowflakes north and west. >> what? >> we don't like it. >> do over. >> hopefully not bad on the roads. >> erin responded. >> just pick it up. >> right now we have crash activity cleared good news for morning commute prince william watch for residual delays on delay well and klosh newer prince william volume building now and inbound traffic now beltway 5 moving well brandywine to beltway. landover keterring driver reports of crash that location upper par bowo caution there and how that's slowing things down. bottom side of beltway nice and quiet. >> 5:56 ahead at 6 curb appeal millions of homeowners plan to
5:57 am
is this a good sign for the housing market. >> plus you know how to twerk? >> serena williams showing us how to get that video coming up at 6 yvette: i was running for my life. he was flicking matches on me... my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him.
5:58 am
as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side. ♪ ♪ light & fit, 15 delicious flavors, each 80 calories. try to beat that!
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. >> a triple shoot in the district. the victims all women
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>> also more on dirt bikes and atvs flying down d.c. streets. what the mayor says she'll do about this problem. a freeze waerping remains in effect. weather and traffic on the five at 6:05. >> happy hump day everybody. i'm allison see more. >> developing overnight d.c. police on scene of deadly car crash it happened on bike path. this is 56 street northeast. there's a look at what happened to the car. this happened before midnight. the car overturned on the path. the driver may have been drinking. >> happening now the search is on for a person that shot three women late last


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