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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  April 6, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> also more on dirt bikes and atvs flying down d.c. streets. what the mayor says she'll do about this problem. a freeze waerping remains in effect. weather and traffic on the five at 6:05. >> happy hump day everybody. i'm allison see more. >> developing overnight d.c. police on scene of deadly car crash it happened on bike path. this is 56 street northeast. there's a look at what happened to the car. this happened before midnight. the car overturned on the path. the driver may have been drinking. >> happening now the search is on for a person that shot three women late last
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the latest now good morning. >> hey good morning allison and steve. police are serving for the suspect and the gunman that left three women injured late last night on green street and southeast here. if you look up it's a very active screen here on green street d.c. police focusing attention on car pashing on roadway and you see evidence working surrounding car and investigators trying to find clues to help them figure out what happened there are three women hurt and this happened 11:00 last night and there's still a are the of questions and what we don't know from police and we're told all is conscious and breathe when we are taken to the hospital and expected to recover.
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it will be closed off as the investigation continues. that's the latest back to the in the studio. >> in in frederick monday morning died and police are tracking down his killer. brian is 36-year-old resident and was stand near the old town tavern 2 a.m. police are investigating this incident as i homicide and they're asking for anyone who may have been in the area who witnessed this assault to come forward. >> new video to show you person of interest wanted for 2600 block of martin luther king avenue march 13. the man in the video is wanted tore sexually assaulting a victim before 3 and 4 a.m. anybody that recognizes this person shi should call d.c. police. and based on evidence have the scene and autopsy re
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now believe 16-year-old steve ep scalabran was murdered and his body was found in a home he rented on wind jamer way. they will be coming through residents. . >> now city leaders are addressing concerns. melanie this morning live in norm west to tell us what they're satisfying. mel, good morning. >> good morning. sunday night at about the
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time a similar group of bikes regard no florida avenue. in d.c. riding illegal dirt bike is misdemeanor charm. maximum penalty 30 days in the jail and 5 0 0 fine. d.c. police un wron says officers are making rest and most of those cases they simply are not prosecuted some council members wanted to increase penny its. >> safetive motorists and pedestrians is first and for most. and it's not issue specific to district. we have issues around the region and we're exploring ways to deal with it. . >>. >> they want to reveal the track for bikers and they want to do that. and riding out in the streets and seeing if police can catch up to them. leadership in the
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department met last night and among many things they discussed is what to do about illegal dirt bikes. live in north west, melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". . >> another morning in april. i have a rule after april 1 you don't have to run the meet. >> i learned important lesson. >> 34 washington. real cold out there. 31 annapolis. look at the 20ser mean no doubt about you definitely need the heat. dulles, 27. let's see winchester 27. we're under 21 in mannasas now an
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numbers for april. and we'll be in for a warm-up today. yesterday we didn't make it out of 40s. today upper 50s. step degrees warm erin less wind. winds gusting today out of south. we'll start to pump in warmer air and looking at sunshine for the first half of the day. eventually clouds tonight. we have rain in the forecast tomorrow. of course big baseball game tomorrow as well. we will talk about that combination coming up in a little bit. there's forecast for today. mid to upper 50s plenty of sunshine. dry day, too. >> once we get through the morning sglold again cold this morning if you head out now. >> okay. say good morning to erin cuomo looking at the roads this morning. >> good morning, 606 now and you need a jacket and patience right now. metro outside boston no alerts now across the rest of rail lines. as we look at our roads
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now land-over road keterring drive and shortcut road a live look outside now traffic on 270 starting to pick up jammed by truck scales and more volume now making your way 121 to the spur. we have you covered. wednesday sounds better than tuesday morning. it's lady's turn on the hardwood. who took home the ncaa tight. >> two front runners in tris white house may nurse election hangover this morning. serious blows to donald trump and hillary clinton we're back in 30 seconds.
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. >> a turning point in gop race. meanwhile sanders swept nearly every count gli wisconsin and lost milwaukee to -- what donald trump is saying this morning. . >> a major victory in wisdom martin for vermont senator barny sanders tuesday night. >> with our
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wisdom martin we have now won seven out of eight of the last caucuses. >> and we have one almost all of them with overwhelming land slides. numbers. >> his win big enough to call as soon as the polls closed. >> and also in wisconsin republican ted cruz beating out party front runner donald trum trump. it's a call from hard working men and women of wisconsin to the people of america. we have a choice. a real choice. . >> it slows trump ability to get the votes neated for the do. op nomination. >> that's what we'll see back and forth and back and forth all the way through
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frump does not get to a firm 1237 delegates on the first ballot he will not be the nominee. >> wisdom martin wins give cruz and sanders new momentum ahead of new york up coming up primary. front runner trump and clip ton already moved on. clinton did tweak congratulations and calling him lying ted. trump saying cruz is used by gop party boxs in attempt to steal the nomination from him. in new york, jackie ibanez fox news. >> boston har sthop later this month and security has been stepped up significantly since 2013 when comes cleared killing three people and injuring more than 200. >> in oklahoma crews are battling out of control wildfire look that video a man escaping in time for a tractor to get stuck this fire is
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by downed power line. so far burned 40 square miles and forced hundreds from their homes. >> shocking confession from retired soccer star abby woman baulk the 35-year-old admits she once tried cocaine kane pot ten years ago going this according to court documents revealed monday. wall walk baulk was arrested for driving under the influence. yesterday her attorney entered not guilty plea. she retired from sockner december and her next court date is april 26. >> four nay row for uconn lad ladies huskies dominated syracuse in ncaa final and their 7 5 straight win brianna stewart named mvp for the fourth straight year. >>ville never ariding high following thrilling champio championship win over north carolina in men's final and couple days the team gets a victory for rated philadelphia. city officials say the celebration runs along market and center
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p.m. on friday. . >> all righty still ahead new for sports fans yahoo and twitter sets live stream baseball and football. details ahead. >> a live look outside seeing peeks of sunlight and daylight. it's cold out there this morning. 20s in most places. weather and traffic on the fives next.
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>> 6:14 maybe people gotta wakened early on the move. >> trying to stay warm. >> let's start as early as we do. that may be one of the only six perks. >> exactly. >> and then the other perk is traffic gets worse. >> you get home early. >> that's it. that's a perk. >> there's the bus stop forecast. it's very, very cold throughout
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yesterday. overnight lows in the 20s norm and west. and little warmer today. mid to upper 50 daytime highs and that feels more comfortable than yesterday. 31 in annapolis and look at all 20s north and west frederick 25 and dulles and mannasas and extraordinary here april 6. 22 culpeper and 27 this morning in winchester and locking at sunshine. high fresh eyre parked ahead adds we speak: and that's why we're cold out there this morning. it's why the winds died out overnight and that area of high fresh eyre slips further east allowing southerly breezes this afternoon. cold next couple hours and then we warm it up. it will be more seasonable this afternoon. with highs in the upper 50s. let's focus on tonight, tomorrow, of course nationals home-opener tomorrow and this cold front gets in early tomorrow. the first half of the day and brings us period of rain a
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then we'll got a bit of break midday tomorrow and secondary front comes through during the afternoon to bring us showers. so as far as that game tomorrow will be cloudy and on again off again showers during afternoon hours. heaviest of rain comes through morning. fingers crossed we can get the game in tomorrow afternoon. let's look at future cast together watch the rain come until noysh eyes dry this afternoon highs upper 50. rain shower activity by tomorrow commute. there we are 6 a.m. break and rain redevelops and showers redmech afternoon with secondary front. so as far as whether or not they get the game it it will be a close call. at least possibility are. there yesterday looked like total washout. 58 today, 63 tomorrow. and with showers and rain around. and then we get chilly for the weekend. look like a few more snow showers north and west. saturday with daytime highs in the upper 40s. one more round of cool weather before a nice warm-up next week. looks like upper 60s
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next week this will not last forever sglaern good. >> i like the sound of that. >> all things come to end what do she say. >> all good things must come to an end. >> that's what they say. >> that's not what i was looking for. >> jammed up no crashes to report and very heavy volume outbound 50 moving along long fine and things good westbound and watch from 234 to beltway you will hit a lot of slo slow-moving traffic. a look at maps now aside from that slow moving traffic we also haveelier crash on 15 out in prince william that cleared north of 29 watch for just a little bit of residual delay at that location. aside from that forward maps now and show you a look at volume building. things getting a little stuck right there. as you make your way to montgomery county i can tell you about serious crash we're dealing with med pedestrian hit by a car intersection of true ton parkway falls road a little caution there and in prince george county now more crash activity
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drive upper marboro and 301 north mc ken dry road another crash some delays this morning on road. new carlton orange line and glen mont on red line because of malfunction. raeingt of lines have no alert. that's good news. we'll let you know how those delays are shaping up on metro and quick look outside at camera now. you see 25 up bound side eastern avenue and light volume picking up we have a crash at that location as you can see those brake lights developing in the distance. that's a look at traffic. more for you back to you allison and steve. >> metro new general managers is a long term shut down will not be necessary to deal with the transit agency backlog of repairs. instead paul wheat feld said the maintenance work will be done by shutting down sections of track between stations temporarily. you remember last month they shut down the entire metro rail system for a day and coming weeks expect
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which parts of transit system are in most need of repairs and you'll also ano one the plan to fix the problem. . >> the newly renamed george mason law school has a new name again the school was recently named the antonin scalia school of law george mason university and twitter was quick to point out the acronym would be shall we say not safe for work. we'll let you figure it out the official name will be antonin scalia law school to avoid unfortunate gaps. >> millions of homeowners have plans to renovate over the next year and renovating outside of home. is this a good sign for housing market. we head to the fox business network in new york. >> ser iriana williams working it on camera in my amir hekmatiy. giving a laugh out loud tutorial
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>> curb appeal more homeowners have plans to renovate. and checking the markets. joining us now from the fox business network studio lauren simonetti. good morning good to see you. >> did you give me 'promotion. good morning how are you. >> if it were up to me you would be my big boss trust me. i'm doing well thank you. how are we doing on wall stree street. >> pretty good. dow down 50 point and up for first time if 50 days. never uing about a couple things and earning season coming up and may not be good. oil prices higher today and you also have minute from the feds last meaning coming out and they're possible to higher price approved ep look at that. . >> and i don't like all that red. >> hopeful think time tomorrow better
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>> folks about doing renovations i'm one of 36 million to renovated in and and this may be indicator of good news. >> yes, so bank with a survey 36 million home own rear renovating houses sprucing them newspaper time for spring buying surprise. most renovations happening on outside of house the question you ask is this good sign for economy and you put on the market and hopefully somebody else comes and buys it. >> i love the rolling real estate video looks look florida or exotic. >> and let's look ahead. another spring thing we love is baseball. that's one of the sports that you might be able to sfree laptop and what have you. because we're i
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wire thinking is it bad news for broadcast. >> and the new trend is live long stream for sports and yahoo will live stream 10 mlv games and and thanks to gentleman hoo sports this brings in lots of money for yahoo and advertisers pay non'tis on the streams. and at the same time twitter whipping rights to live stream ten thursday night and nfl game and increasingly see more sports graph stating to twob digital to streams and what does it do to cable giants and big prices they charge for to you watch sports on big screen tv. and i guess everything is going to that. and you have the
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or what have you we'll wait and see. thank you so much. >> i didn't mean to cut you off. >> it's not important. i'll see you tomorrow. >> we'll talk tomorrow. >> have a good one. >> bye-bye. >> 6:25 now. >> trying to. >> ka they say cold hands warm heart. >> is that what they say i didn't know that. that's why i have cold happened all the time. >> let's he go to the forecast. . >> ouch. >> let's go to current condition and that is actual sunrise out there and beautiful and don't be fooled by look of spring it does not feel like spring. 34 and wind south, southwest feels like 30. warmer spot. much of the region 20s to start the day with very -- this is unusual. and this dmold april.
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this is on par for typical spring. >> i deposit think so. >> i know you probably have -- and i don't think so >> sound like the conversation i have. >> lot of sunshine to look forward to. winds south and southwest and bump temperatures should be a dry wednesday for you. rain in the forecast on wednesday. and we'll talk more about tha thating up for the game. >> it's going to be a close call. i'm not saying we definitely will. >> we'll talk about. it. >> thank you tucker. >> let's check in with erin and. >> that's right it's busy and i want to admit i talk to myself sometimes. >> if you cannot talk to yourself, who can you talk to? >> precisely allison i hope you don't talk to yourself if you take the metro with a big crowd owe round. glen mopt on red line and new carlto
6:27 am
give yourself extra time if you take metro this morning. prince william now volume building 66, 234 to september areville and slow roll with congestion and average speeds 26 miles an hour and once you get into arlington same story there. parkway falls road. crash and land-over road closed keterring drive for cleanup and i investigation in upper moreboro. caution there. al nat and then 301 north between mc ken dry road and shortcut road another crash scene prince george county a lot of stop and go traffic wilson bridge
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>> and that's your traffic. steve and allison. . >> it is 6:27 now still ahead an update on the triple shoot in the district overnight. >> and also we'll talk sports junkies join us live after the break it's 6:28.
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>> welcome back it's 6:30 on wednesday
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out there. it's pretty and weather and traffic coming up on the fives 6:35. meantime happening now search is on for person who shot three women late last night and this was 2300 block of green street in southeast d.c. and all three women went to the hospital and police say injuries are not life-threatening and vettors have not released any information about possible suspects and developing overnight police are on the scene of a deadly car crash that happened on a bike path this happened 400 block of 56 street northeast before midnight. investigators say a car was found overturned on the path and sources say the driver may have been drinking. and the fbi wants to you take a good look at this pit of serial bank robber wanted in ar marx the man is wearing a neck brace and bandage to cover part of his face. it happened friday elkridge police say he targeted 8 other banks since october.
6:32 am
steve. >> warriors continue to chase history and it may be tough to do now. let's check in with sports jun junkyes 106.7 fm the fan. bundle up you're feeling 23 degree temperatures there. >> what's going on with the weather. >> i thought we were over the hump. >> july we did say i think col coldest april in ten years and it's supposed to pour tomorrow. >> it will rain tomorrow. there's a window you can get the game in or then again a total washout. what about kids lacrosse game. and what are we looking at. 4:30 tomorrow tuck. scattered showers and. >> we have to play in the rain. they'll play. and hey you know gonld state they've been on unbelievable
6:33 am
isn't minnesota the same team that beat the wizards in the over time game. >> that's the same team, expect they have talent. >> they probably have look wrist year in carl anthony tow towns and wiggins number one pick and they have tallen. folden state stumbling down the stretch and lost a couple games at home which is surprising. we made a bet on the show i think they will get the record. they have four games left. they should be okay. >> i don't think they whim. >> they're committing a lot of turnovers. >> losing to celtics and sea wolves at home and have to play spurs twice to get the record i think it's a rocky road, stevie don't think they'll go 4-0. >> i think it willen difficult taken shows you how amazing that record it 72 wins. look steph curry what was he 7 for 24. >> 7 for 25 yes. >> from the field you don't have a game every night and these guys are having tough games down the stretch and pressure it getting them. all the pun didn't wanted to crown them with 75 wins a month ago and now it
6:34 am
like it will happen and as wizards fans i have nothing left to root for i can root against warriors. >> you can do that. >> you love to be the grinch. >> yes. >> steph considery 0-8 for first mast light and couple days going he was 1-8. is he becoming tired at the end of the season. >> got be. >> looking to the playoffs or will they come back and be like lady uconn team of nba playoffs coming up. >> they're certainly favored but physically taxed and menta mentally drained too. that's all media is talking about is braeinging the bulls. >> now they play the spurs. depend what the spurs do. pop vich may say i don't care about the games and rest those guys. i think he cares about the game at least in san antonio. right now spurs are unde peteed at home i think they would love to keep golden state from breaking the record. i think they'll play that
6:35 am
. >> because they're chasing this record you see other teams resting star players right and golden state is pressing and pressing and pressing. >> right they're in a tough spot you go for record or rest guys. it's a whole new season. what will be annoying steve is if they tie the record that would stivrmingt i would hate that. >> it's like watching lacrosse in the rain. >> not going to happen. >> exactly. >> it's like you want to be happy for your son and at the same time you get drenched and know it. >> stay warm we'll talk to you soon. caps had a tough one last night. opening day tomorrow. fingers crossed. >> exactly. >> thank you buddy. >> see you guys junkyes 106.7 fm the fan. >> 6:35 that course was dominating. >> personalized forecast. >> in fact you want to impress your friend at home or work? weaver now tied a record dulles airport for lowest temperature on the date. >> ever. >> yes. >> okay. >> record go back to 1962. >> is it 2
6:36 am
>> still lower the next couple minutes. >> so we can break it. >> i'll fwlaek if it happens. >> we will. >> pallet more also is seting a record at 24. that's in baltimore beats a record of 1898. >> that sim pressive tucker. >> thank you allison for being impressd back when the airport is young. >> 34 downtown baltimore. 34 in washington. again most of the region particularly north and fwheingt 20s and as mentioned 24 now out at dulles. 30 new york city and 37 boston and 16 in binghamton and you see the pictures of satellite. you guys didn't see the satellite pictures of snow across new york and southern new england yesterday beautifu beautiful. >> really. >> yes. >> i saw a lot of pictures from people on twitter they did not use the word beautiful. they had other choice words. >> okay we're looking at sunshine today and warmer temperatures. upper 50s. hang in there. last of the cold gets out of here later this morning. we'll warm up by this afternoo afteoo
6:37 am
and there's 7 day we'll talk more about tomorrow. it's a comebly indicated forecast. heaviest of rain morning hours and showers during the afternoon. so it will be tough call for nationals tomorrow and not a complete rainout tomorrow. >> what time is the game 4:05. >> i don't know about you al because you lived in the colder climate. >> yes. >> even with when you expect the snow you want a change of season. >> i get. it i get it. >> we have flowers blooming. >> it's time. >> it will be a temporary bump. >> next week looks like 60s and 70s. >> and on good note erin. >> right now unfortunately 6:37 a lot to get to this morning. train malfunction. blue line residual delays frank coneia and malfunction lap front and blue line delays and red line delays new carl fron earlier malfunction boston lot of problems now metro and no alerts yellow or silver line. as we look inbound on
6:38 am
35 northbound side crash cleared north of duke and delays heavy back to etsell road. let's look at sky fox and show what you you're up against. all lanes on. you can see it's a sluggish commute as you make your way to 14 street bridge. average speeds 15 miles an hou hour. and towards the springfield interest change nice and quiet. looking back at maps crash activity west diamond perry parkway montgomery county and also seeing slow downs on topside of beltway outer loop 95. volume building 66 between 234 and centerville and 26 miles an hour there and look at this crash activity prince george country. landover road upper marboro eastbound closed keterring drive and 301 north mc ken dry and dealing with a crash scene at that location. 50 up bound backing up heavy traffic as you head out by 202 and bw parkway north and south bound stop and go by powder mill. if you head to bwi this morning
6:39 am
southbound backing up give you yourself usual amount of time to get to reagan national and dulles. and tie sops corner and regular cop juston in arlington. allison. >> 6:39 ahead comedian amy sho shoemer has major beef with glau glam power magazine including her in plus size issue. >> clydesdales in national capitol. where you can see them person. they'll number the remingon a couple days. well let you know m coming up next at 6:39. ♪ there it is... this is where i met your grandpa. right under this tree.
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. >> sending a powerful message a father of fallen officer will talk about making wise choices behind the wheel. his son was hit and killed by suspected drunk driver while on duty dui check point in december prompting calls for stronger legislation and his speech part of two day program called today for tomorrow about dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol and marijuana. prince william county tonight the school board set to revisit their decision to rename godwin middle school after long term leader ham tochbl the public should have the opportunity to give their input some say. >> the nation's capitol welcoming famous budweiser clydeal
6:43 am
eyeser bush new partnership with nationals and national beer day. clydesdale will be on hand at national park they'll take the field for national anthem. pose for pictures at the stadium budweiser brew house, how cool is that. and catch them in southwest d.c. canteen amarina across the river haines point 5 to 7 if you don't want to wait that long m tucker and erin will head out to meet the clydesdale and happenedler. that's coming up good day d.c. in 9:00 hour. >> how cool that what i great assignment. >> what a great honor. >> we'll go with. >> yesterday's yankee game featured two turtles signature behind home sglait a little unsglushl if you have a news tip sure waws 202-895-3000 or email toyp "fox5" tips at back
6:44 am
in a moment, 6:4. l pass
6:46 am
>> welcome back everybody it's 6:45 now. at least it's clear out there. >> it's record cold this morning. we'll show you records. but it will be warmer today than yesterday. notably warmer. 10 degrees warmer. >> if you will be cold you may as well break a record. >> is that how you feel? >> yes, have notoriety sgle be memorab
6:47 am
>> dulles now tied record, these are not overrule bit way. we'll wait for official records dulles tying and bwi marshall is that the new record it goes back to 1898 impressive stuff. 24 degrees. obviously very unusual to have this kind of cold around here and take a look at current numbers. it's really, really chilly out there and 34 here in washington. mannasas now 21. we found 27 dulles and 25 frederick and 28 this morning leonardtown and 31 annapolis and out toward the bay below freezing and pretty impressive air mass as far as cold overhead. and here's a look at satellite and radar. lot of sunshine. beautiful day. warmer day and little less wind than yesterday. winds out of south today. i'll show you why in a second and all in all not a bad looking afternoon and clouds move in a little later this afternoon and next rain maker it will be a rain make area living early tomorrow morning. tomorrow at is
6:48 am
around here with cold front and chance for additional showers tomorrow afternoon. that's cold front for tomorrow morning and this is setup for late afternoon tomorrow. obviously we're focused on national's home-opener tomorrow afternoon. there's a secondary front that brings us scattered showers during the afternoon hours. good news heaviest of rain maybe upwards to inch we get to in morning hours. by afternoon scattered showers with morning rouptd and later thursday night and early friday. future cast, clouds for us. nice and dry. more comfortable than yesterday. rain showers late tonight and morning commute tomorrow 7 a.m. we've got pretty good band of rain moving through. watch the break. midday. scattered rain showers return with secondary front during the afternoon. so, it's a little bit of tough call that hour to stay whether or not we get the game n i see them going either way. it at least' sbil
6:49 am
get in all the festivities and snow showers. there's 7 day. 58 today, 63 tomorrow and relatively mild for home-opener and we'll be very chilly here this weekend and we should be generally dry. may be a few showers or snow showers on day. yeah! baseball until the snow. . >> and they'll be ice cold all right. >> and any -- metro train malfunctions cleared. normal service resumed on blue, red and orange lines. we'll let you know if residual delays are kicking in. yellow and silver are close to schedule now. prince george county delays and closure landover road closed east keterring in crashing and upper mowboro and down to 14 times an hour a live look at sky fox now. they're 95
6:50 am
dale city. really heavy traffic inbound. you can see how slow local and through lanes are going pdz looks like police activity blocking inner right shoulder please use caution. we'll keep you updated aix ton of heavy traffic no crashes to report and then in stafford we'll be seeing heavy traffic 630 to 610 and aside from maps. 5 slow moving traffic in virginia and inbound traffic 95 north crash cleared duke street and heavy delays and you see volume increase 14 street bridge. roz tloyn georgetown packing up as usual. back to you on the desk. >> erin thanks very much. time now is 6:50 let's take a look at what is trending on social media this morning with news time tracker. >> and approving six weeks fully paid leave mothers and father this includes same sex couples that bear or adopt a child. san francisco
6:51 am
league and business owners picking up other 45%. bernie sanders difficult earlier this week the democratic presidential candidate with a tough time explaining wall street on daily news admitting he could not explain to prosecute major wall street executives after 2008 financial crisis. in tech news the app what's app expanded inscription room if protect a billion user photos, videos, group chats, voice messages they sedin sciption works with all forms of communication for android, iphones and other device these were in the news of some child cases. and timely well thisal gate ser no more. humenters in florida killed this massive -- this is the nose and tail and this is person. 15 feet 800 pound gator believed to ab tacking cattle. images of huge predator went viral. al. >> realtime
6:52 am
stevie like it. >> i think so. >> when i was gone. i like it very much. >> news back here locally now in the district, irs workers that work at downtown build having to telework rest of wee week. it's still closed that building is following a transformer fire in basement earlier this week. tax processes not impacted by closure. >> on capital hill taking action against alzheimer's disease. advocates will meet with members of congress to increase awareness offals mimeers. last night the alzheimer's association held national dinner here in the disstick. senator barbara mc call ski was honored with association lifetime achievement award for decades of public service to fight alzheimer's and the disease impacts more than 5 million americans and is the sixth leading cause of death in united states. >> well what a site at yankee stadium opening day. >> all right intentional and was ha
6:53 am
dressed as teenage mute tant ninja turtles they're in the premium seats they paid $25 cents for here's why part of a cop test xheeded by john oliver and reason why is it was in response to yankees new ticke ticketing policy that says fans can no longer print secondary market tickets bought on stubhub. yankees official expressed concern about discounted tickets saying preemious seat holder do not like to sit next to people who "have never sat in a premium location ." well that ruffle aid few fathers as you can math up and comedian bought expensive tickets and asked fans to use twitter and share what ridiculous outfits they would use in the seats and they picked ninja turtles. another will be selected today and tomorrow and in response yankees
6:54 am
welcome and we thank john oliver for buying yankee tickets. >> i bet they didn't like sitting next to those guys. >> yeah. >> come on yankees. >> thank you. >> comedian amy shumer glaming mawm or magazine for including her in a plus size issue without her consent he was listed be side addel and melissa mack army. she fluctuates between a size 6 and 8 says magazine mislabeled here and is perpetuating unfair standards who look at their pod as being average. she shared image of the mag deep on instagram account saying there is nothing wrong with being plus size but she is not standard for plus size in the united states. she then shared a tweet of herself on the beach with caption bottom line seems to be we are done with these unnecessary labels which seem to be reserved for women. >> more magazine
6:55 am
washington speaking out about you her add week cover and the actress says she was taken aback by image and while admits no straichker to photo shop she said it felt weird to see a photo of herself that was different from how she looks. they said he made minimal adjustments and minor changes to have her hair be a little -- have more volume to it that's what they said they did. >> okay. >> doesn't look like her at al all. no. . >> okay. . >> if anybody wants to put me on cover i welcome photo shopping i'm saying photo shop me away. time now for facebook fap of the day no photo shopping here laura and her dog jena what a great picture. >> jeep ais eyes on the camera. they wax "fox5" every morning and they like the note rye -- looks
6:56 am
great start this morning. >> do you ever have magazine trauma. >> not yet. >> you've been in magazines. >> yes. >> well they may want ton photo shop your clothes a little bit. >> you look good in that picture i'm jealous. current conditions all right it's cold. yes record cold dulles tie today record 24 and now 33 going down another number at reagan national and chilly start to the day. eventually with sunshine we'll boost temperatures to upper 50 50s. nicer looking afternoon. still on track for rain tomorrow though we may get the rain in. we'll talk about that next hou hour. let go fravrk with sglaerp this is what do i up stayed of photo shop stand to the side like that for skinny arm pose that's best pose there is little tricks. right now heavy traffic as you make your way out on 270 southbound we had a crash at montrose road on shoulder. also justin call delays between truck scales as you make your way through gaithersburg. steady
6:57 am
scroll through 270 camera. heavy 95 to george a. we'll show you what we're up against morning commute. slow richie marboro and landover remains shut down at keterring. keep it to "fox5 news morning" we have the 7:00 hoyer coming out.
6:58 am
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jvr developing now at the top of the hour overnight hoot shooting in the district leaves three people in the hospital. and police search for a gunman. plus. >> to thank the people of wisdom martin for their strong support. . >> how the results are changing the momentum of this race. that's coming up. >> also embarassing mistake for george mason university law school renamed one of the late justice antonin scalia had to honor him again and change the name. why the change was made. >> and it's 7 a.m. live look outside april 6, 2016 weather and traffic for you coming up at 7:05. >> good wednesday morning i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey welcome to "fox5 news morning" developing orn


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