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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  April 6, 2016 9:00am-10:59am EDT

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♪ straight ahead, cruising too victory.. >> tonight is a turning point. t it is a rallying cry. >> texas senator ted cruz wins c the wisconsin primary deliverinr a big set back to the donaldonal trump's presidential hopes. hop and it was a night for underdogo as vermont senator bernie sanders continued his winning wi what these upsets mean for the s campaign and what comes next. breaking overnight, a tripll shooting in northeast.east. the victims all women. we're live on the scene asce police search for a suspect. what's in a name? georgeeoe mason university doing some damage control after social media spots an unfortunatetute acronym created by its law school's new name sake. and later, night two of american idol's three-night sigs off. what to expect when the final fn three singers take the stage one last time.laste.
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♪ it is 9:01. 9 it is wednesday, april 6th and d i'm wisdom martin alongside angi holly morris, steve chenevey and maureen umeh. >> college basketball baskel celebrating yet another nationaa championship. shocker.. this one wasn't quite the nail i biter, this wasn't quite thete e fail biter. villanova unc game was but b definitely one for the history books. we'll tell you why coming up.. first though cold start tod the day today i mean really cold start. subfreezing temps in the 20sn t don't let the sunshine fool youy it's still cold out there thisrt morning. the question is, two questions.. what happens later today withnsl the blue skies, will it warm up the big question tomorrown speaking of sports gary we have a big game tomorrow here in >> i know. i >> a lot o
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there's going to be rain aroundo no matter what tomorrow. tom will it be enough to postpone? ? i don't think so.t will it be enough to delay. del >> maybe. right on in if you've got plans tomorrow tow head out to the nats opener, listen, just keep it in mind that it could be delayed littlel bit much keep an eye on the on radar tomorrow afternoon.. it's 40 degrees now.ees so temperatures continue to comm on up. up. at least we're going in the rye direction for most of you. gaithersburg 37. you were like 27 this morning early.earl dulles is 38 now. n it was way down below freezing f out there as well. as a matter of fact, everybodyr was downof below freezing excepc we were a little warmer here ine town. expect this. ex mostly sunny by 11am we're 49 degrees.49 2:00 o'clock not bad a littletle breezy, 55.eezy 55. and we're going to make it up tt 56 by 5:00 o'clock or so but tht high temperature today willil briefly get up to about 58 or8 o so. some of you may be touching 60 degrees before it's all saidi and done late this afternoon.ern a lot of warm air out to the the west. jet stream is way up. up buckled with high pressure u
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there. and so what we -- what we gett g over here is we're living in thn trough and that allows the coldd air to spill in.spil so we've got the cold air now. n we got more cold air coming form the weekend it looks really chilly saturday and sunday backk 10, 15 degrees below zero -- ze blow normal.ow nmal. not below zero but below normalr see what i did there? blowhereb normal. no it will be a really chillyhiy weekend i think devil saturday t is going to be the coldest ofde the weekend. 47 or so for a high temperature. limited sunshine we'll have ae'v few showers. listen, northwestern suburbs on saturday saturday afternoon, saturday evening maybe you get a few snowflakes coming down from the north and west.and i don't think here in the city c and then sunday no snow, more sunshine, temperature gets up to about 50 degrees or so.. so maybe next week, maybe nextax week is the week, guys, that wee actually get to start feeling consistently like april. a >> you can always have hope.s vh >> and the good news, at some sm point, between now
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it is actually going warm up anp stay warm. >> we may actually touch 99 at a some point. i don't know. >> at some point. poi. >> hash tag summer. >> thank you very much, gary.y all right.ri the big story at 9:00 d.c. 9:00. police just held a press a pre conference updating us on theirr search for missing dc girl now police spent years looking forns relisha rudd. rd. foxfox5' melanie alnwick she wae there at that press conferencefc and she joins us now live.ow l melanie washington did theashin police have to say? >> reporter: well, wisdom, youou know, d.c. police chief cathy ct lanier said sometimes it takeses while for people to come forward with information in the case, and it is some kind of new information that is leading thei to this new search that is that really getting under way right r now at the national arboretum ab and the grounds there and will probably continue she said until late tomorrow. it looks like they're going toeg be searching an extensive areara she said they'll be using k9 assets about 60 definitelyde personnel from d.c. police
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and the national center for cenf missing and he can polited c children.children. also, there is a small body of water there that chief lanier le said that will be searched asrcs well they'll be using theirheir harbor patrol assets, too,oo expected at least for that bodyy of water to be what theyhahe described as somewhat difficultt searches specially given the git time that has gone by. by it has been more than two yearsy since relisha rudd disappeared.. she disappeared last seen realll in early march of 2014. 2 you may recall she was living ln with her mother and her brothers at the d.c. general homeless hol shelter. her family told fox5 that her mother shameeka young let the janitor there khalil tatum taket care of relisha and it was at wa some point where they hadn'theyd seen her for while. whi they asked khalil to bring bring relisha back and that is when he took off and they've never seene relisha since. since. khalil tatum's body was foundy u about a month later in thehe kenilworth gardens aquatic parkr in shed there you may remember m that was the sight of some early
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of relisha. there's been several sevenser s around the area.a. each time chief lanier saidrai sometimes it's because an areaie that hasn't been searched before but other time it's becauseec there is some information thattt is pointing in that direction. they are not giving up, they'ree certainly neighborhoodrtai volunteers who have never giveng up as well, so it is some kindoi of new information, though,, tho lanier did not want to elaborate on what it was that is leading a them to kenilworth -- excuse mee to the national arboretum arbor grounds and they would update u when that search back to you guys. >> mel, thank you for that. t happening right now the searchri continues for the person whoghrw shot three women late last night in the >> happened on green street inn southeast the block of thatlockt street has remained crime scenes all night long. fox5's annie yu is live therelie with the latest details. detls good morning, annie. >> reporter: hey, good morningod to all of you.ll of you. you know i spoke to one of the victims -- excuse me thee neighbor of one of the victims.i she lives directly across fromos one of the c
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apartment building straightuild ahead. the white one there and she says that the victim is a friendly fl young woman has no idea whata this was about, perhaps some beef ovary tal eighty six eighti between neighborhoods, but sheos said she was a friendly youngdly woman and she heard dozens of loud pops at 11:00 o'clock lasts night. she told her daughter to stay in bed. they were all asleep when this t happen but as you mentioned mtid they've had this block just kin of blocked off all morning long here, and police definitelyde worked overnight decks have beee processing the scene and they're just looking like it's wrappingn up here. he. detectives were going door dooro asking folks if they heard or saw anything.. there's also a sign that sayshas surveillance cameras rolling. so certainly they're hoping to n pull some of that footage toooge help them piece together whatwh exactly happened but we've beene out here since 5am this morningg and much of that foe of thishi investigation has been on that n car straight ahead the brown kia and you can see max i don't knok if you can zoom the black window has been bus
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out there. there but neighbors tell us that thes shoot diagnose occur outside one the street here and all morningm long we saw about four to five f evidence markers surrounding that car. car. what's unusual about thissu abo shooting is that all threell the victims are female. fal we don't know who the suspect se is. who the gunman is.s. here's what the scene looked like last night when mull peltul units arrived to the scene hereh after receiving that nip 11ip call. again, all three victims, womenm had non-life threateningeani injuries. they were taken to areaer hospitals and we unde erstand td they are still recovering thishi morning.mornin again, we have no information on the suspect but police certainln hoping that the surveillanceilnc video that are around thisund t neighborhood here will help thee piece together what exactlya happened last night much that's the very latest here inctghre i southeast.southeast. back to you all in the studio.tu >> thank you for that. 9:08. allison is back with a check ofk some of the other stories making headlines this morning. hey, al. >> holly good morning to you.g . we begin in the plains wherehere wildfires are causing people toe leave their homes in oklahoma oh and the largest wildfire burning ini oklahoma near the r
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kansas where wildfires last month scorched hundreds ofeds square miles.uaes. now, the national weather weathr service is warning that most ofo oklahoma is facing dry criticali even extreme fire conditionsditn being made worse by strong win winds. san francisco about toci become the first place in the nation p to require businesses o provide fully paid leave for new the measure was approved by thee city council. it will give new mothers and fathers six weeks of paid time off. of but before it becomes law, law there's another formal vote nexn week and it must be signed byigb the mayor of san francisco. small businesses say that this t requirement unfairly targets tar them. metro says long-term shut st downs will not be necessaryecsa today deal with the transit agency's backlog of repairs. metro general manager paul paul wiedefeld made this announcee many yesterday during meetinge with montgomery county council.. earlier this month, metro boardb chair and d.c. councilman jack c evans said it could b
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that some lines would have to bo closed to up to six months. now, that option is off the table.e. wiedefeld did say, though, metrm can't reduce its huge repair backlog by just doing work inn short bursts overnights and on o the weekends.eend last month, you'll remember, hee shut count entire metro systemym for one day to make much neededd repairs. and the national footballl league has won the rights tos to stream nfl games thursday nights online.. roger goodell tweeted out this t news yesterday. yesrd no idea yet on how much twittert paid for the streaming this kicks off in the fall pun intended it will be available aa through twitter's app on phoneso tablets and some internet connected tv sets. and finally, holly i thinklt you call this yesterday.ay. this morning the uconn women are celebrating their fourth straight national championship.a it's al dynasty now. huskies capped off yet anotheron perfect season by blowing outut syracuse and it was a blow out. 82-51.51
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most outstanding player for ther fourth year in a row. a last night's victory gives the u couldn't coaches 11th national o tile the most ever for men's oro women's program. go huskies. huses back to you guys.back tyou >> go indeed. >> uconn invitational now. >> exactly. >> see you next year. sou n >> right. r >> basically you're playing foru second place. >> thanks al.>>nks >> still ahead at 9:00 hollywo 9:00 hollywoods stars amyly schumerwo and curry washingtonag larking out against magazines they're featured in. 'l'll tell you why. >> what those big wins for tedor cruz and bernie sanders mean fof the state of the 201601 presidential race and what comes next? 9:11 is our time.
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♪ an now to the race for the t white house. h big wins for the underdogs in wisconsin.wi bernie sanders and ted cruz emerged victorious in theriou state's primary. prmary. they beat out frontrunnernner hillary clinton and donald trumt by more than 10% taj points.oi cruz calling the victory a turning point in the gop race. meanwhile, sanders swept nearlyl every county in wisconsin but b did lose milwaukee to hillaryla clinton.clton. wisconsin win gives cruz and crd sanders new momentum ahead ofm o new york's up coming primary. >> our
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wisconsin, we have now won seven out of eight of the last caucuses and primaries.maes. (applause).(appus >> tonight is a turning point.nt it is the rallying cry. cry it is the call from the hard-working men and women of wisconsin to the people of of america. we have a choice.ic. a real choice. >> trump and clinton moved on to campaign new york.ewor clinton did tweetwe congratulations to sanders but donald trump released a statement calling him lyi inform' ted.' t >> for more on the results and sanders daily news interview we turn to ronica clear reach cle a what's going on out there? >> what's not going on.t go it's crazy. >> is it looking ahead to new ae york, the results yesterday.esty >> the daily news interview definitely play noose new yorkla which everyone is looking at an talking about which is a bit ofa a surprise if we
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to talk about new york we canorc get back to us wis.back to us w new york is one of those statess it will be trump and hillaryla clinton as the winner.. most are saying i think trumpinu will still win but the t democratic side it's a littlee bit people are saying maybein m bernie could do this.rnieould d there's debate still to cometill it's about two weeks away. and now this daily newslews interview for all that momentumn that bernie sanders will bring into new york is is this t something could hurt him to givg people a background he sat downd with the daally news hoping tohg get the endorsement of the papep and in this interview you knoweu they really held a lot of hisf s ideas to the fire. one of the examples was if you y really want to break up the bigg banks how do you do it and thend what are the consequences of o that? and when you read some of the transcript they did releasee a transcript of the entiree interview. it didn't feel that he reallyeal got into the details of the idea and then the consequence of this idea.ea >> here's what i will submit tot you. okay.okay so he's being
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task about his plans. on the flip side donald trumpont seems to have no plans really hh hasn't really talk about them at and yet he's still very popularl i understand democratic votersct are a little different than t republican voter asks berniesksb sanders really affected by thisi in the long run? the l >> i don't know. don't know. >> given the climate. >> it's funny when you look at the republicans it's not even a contest.cont you have that whole new yorkle y values, those comments from tede cruz from while back that reallt hurt him. hurt so it is a little different fore the republicans.lins but whether or not this will thw hurt him i'm not sure. s but when you are the underdog in a place like new york you wanton every advantage that you canva get.nt eafor h not great for him. but it does help him that it's i two weeks out.eks out. that's a million years in politics.tics. >> right. >> can we talk a little bite ta about the wisconsin wins last ls night? and really what can ted cruz hope from it? he can't geg the number of delegates, right?g >> all he can --an >> extremely dill difficult. >> closer to the fact of trig tf get this contested conventiononn and saying, look, it's almost
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neck and neck can we reconsiderr it? >> right. what it really -- what it most i likely does, it makes it moret possible to keep trauma manya mn from getting that 1237 which isi that number that he has to hit t for their there to be nohere tbn questions asked about whether oe not there's couldn't testifiedct convention. and then there's still john joh kasich in this race, right? wet thought maybe he would do wld d better.better that's a state he shouldtate hsu arguably do well in.n he is an establishmentment republican if you will. and i mean his delegate count is still below marco rube bow who b is not even in the so you have two contenders innds this who are still relying onngo that contested convention to win this. but the interesting conversatioo today is that now there's talkrl of maybe a contested conventione on the democratic side as well.w i mean, what an election that we are in the middle of.e in it's really incredible. it brings forth a conversationve of the importance of voters, the importance of super delegates,et the importance of, upping, whopn really should have the most mt value in this race.s rac i heard one commentator saying,n
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wishing for super delegates ones their side because they feel thf that this race has gottenn completely out of control.. so it's just incredible to unfold, and i do think it's nicc to see this race not just bee stolen right away by anyone aon person that there is still a a contest.contt. when there is so much ang theh g and frustration in this country you feel like your vote matterse people in maryland i spoke withw larry logan yesterday at a press what do you say to your peopleto as we get ready for this thi election? when was the last thl time the people of maryland myl actually felt like their voiceii mattered in a primary? that'st' incredible.ible that's very exciting. >> ted cruz was right when hewa call this a turning we are at that pivotal pointotai right now anything can happen. . >> it's up credible. credibl >> it's good to see specialslypl with new york you have hillary clinton with her history as thes senator and donald trump homerue base for him. >> if those don't nominate int e new york that really set thingsi off for a good stretch run.etchr >> big time.e.
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coming up, well, it's noting inn you see every day in the streets of d.c. we're talking about thee budweiser clydesdales becauseals they've come to the nation'scomh we'll show you why and what thee have in store for you a little l bit later on but first, though,, our tribute to late supremere court justice got little bit awkward for george mason university. we'll be right back.
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♪ all right. have you heard about this one? a newly renamed george mason lawge school has a new name again. the school was initially renamed to the -- antonin scalia law inn honor of the late supreme courte justice but twitter was quick to point out it's an an crow nimn and well it's one we probably pa can't say here. h shouldn't say it acually we'll ' let you figure it out.ut. the official name will be thehe antonin scalia law school to avoid any unfortunate >> sometimes when you try toimes make things more professionalroa sounding it just makes it worsee >> i think no matter what you mr think of an tow if nine scalia a he was known for fierce wit i think he's laughing looking doww totally laughing at the wholet w thing.thing >> saying leave it the way itavt is. i'm good with that.od wittha (laughter). >> the no the graduates.o the ge can you imagine. where did you go?whe did >> there you go.>> y >> people at home are like whata >> i >> write it down. first letter -- you'll see. >> law school injuries can cea cease. >> oh, my gosh. those would sell out like no>> e time. >> i would want one. wan >> i might buy one. one. >> t-shirts or something
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>> 9:23. powerful message for students at walt wilt man high school inchoo bethesda.esda father avenue fallen montgomerym county police officer who wase i killed by a suspected drunk driver is speaking to students n today.y. mr. lee yacht at a is challenging students to thinkg s about the impact of drinking ana fox5's bob barnard is live inn bethesda with more on thise o story. good morning, bob. >> reporter: hey, wisdom, goodmo morning to you. we are in the auditorium at walt wilt man high school here inerei another former montgomery countu police officer is speaking now. soon rich lee yacht at aeeacht 24-year-old son noah was killed in december on a drunk driving i traffic stop killed by a suspe suspected drunk driver.. rich leotta will be speaking asa well to the students here.nt her you know, noah's law neighborhood after his son isons going through the generalener assembly in annapolis andnapolis hopefully for the family and those proponents from mothersot against driving and what haveivn you toughen dui laws here in thr
9:25 am
so rich leotta will be speakingg shortly. student produced video just jt showed to the half the student t body a here in the auditorium. this program is called today for tomorrow, and joining us iss cheryl friedman she's the sga adviser here at whitman high school. scho in the past what they have doned here is had like a mangled carac out front of the school and worked with like suburban subba hospital and first responders td get that message out there that drinking and driving smoking poi and driving impaired driving is it used to be every 15 minutesin in this country someone was ki kill. it's now every 53 minutes so tho message is getting out there. but cheryl, thanks for joiningsi us and you guys decided thisedhi year because of something thatht touched this school not to do t that awful display that has normally been done at thise school and others in the past.hs tell me about that.tee abou >> we did. so we have a very recent tragede at our school where, um, almostm an entire family was killed in i car so we decided to change thenge t program within the l
9:26 am
and a half to make it more abouo choices, positive and negativeev choices. so we took out the crash scene e we took out the simulation of death and instead we're lookingi at the focus of the negativeegav choices today. today specifically focus on impaired d driving and we're also trying tl focus on not just drinking andg driving but smoking marijuanaij and driving which we think hashk become a big problem in thishi community, too.oo tomorrow we shift the focus to s look at more positive choices c and give concrete options fornsf students other thing they can dg to move their lives forward too reach their goals and just to bb more positive person.. >> your student governmentoveren adviser for these kids here. do these teenagers realize thele dangers? are they feeling as as invincible as everyone elsels unneed to remind them every sove often.often. what does it take to actual upca pact their thinking? >> so the thought that we havegh with this program ev if one i student thinks about the choices they make when they're going oug for an evening or if they'rehe hanging out with their friendsth and we think we've madeve m difference. we know that not every studentot is going to take everything awa from this program and some willw go out this weekend and still ai make negativlle choices but if e
9:27 am
day or two, then we've done our job. >> reporter: awesome.eporter: a cheryl friedman, thanks very the much. student government adviser hereh at whitman high school thislhi program two-day program and again they're flaring retiredrei montgomery countngy police offic now, and in about 15 minutes5in from rich lee oh on the at a t a whose son n oval ah was killedal in rockville back in decemberber and has helped push tougher laws against impaired driving here ir the state of maryland. guys? gu >> all right, bob.>> a certainly hope the message hitst home tod still ahead on. good day, bigay, news for janet jackson. jks bad news though for fans thats were hoping to see her life tha is. we'll have the details in today's celebrity dish.rityis >> first though the second to th last american idol episode evere what to expect when the final f three singers take the stage foe the last what a big night it is on tv. t. >> it is a big night. bigig plus will opening day big day tomorrow.rrow. will it get rained out? gary? r will be back with a look at thet seven day coming up next. 9:27 right now. now.
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♪ 9:30 is the time. comedian john oliver, well, he'h making headlines this morning ti for giving away a pair off yankees tickets to watch theetsh game right behind home plate but like most things there's catch.h take listen. >> do you say rich peopleh couldn't bear to sit next toto people who aren't as rich whichh would be offensive if you wereye talking about the opera much less a sport
9:31 am
fashion statement is the goateee that is why the yankees makeesak sure no one gets into their moss premium seating who doesn'toe belong there. and that explains why so many oo their fancy seats are often oftn empty during the but for the first three games os this season at least there willl be riff rav in those seats. sea. and i'll tell you why. we bought two legend seats to ss the first three games this year. they are right in this areas are behind home they're right behind home platea we will sell them to you for just 25 cents a piece.ce. on one condition, you must drese like you have never sat in a premium location before. what that means is up to you. >> all right.>> r oliver's move in response to the yankees new policy of not not letting fans into games with w home printed tickets. tkets the team said it didn't wantan discount ticket holders sittingg in exclusive seats.ea >> that's stupid.tud >> a
9:32 am
two fans who scored tickets frof oliver showed up on opening day yankee stadium wearing yelloww and green to you ant ninja nut a tell outfits. outts. they got a chance to sit in thet second row of luxury seats.ea two more contestants will get a chance to sit in that samehat sm second looking like they don'tyt belong tonight. final game isna thursday >> i love everything about it.t >> i do too.oo >> do not judge people.ple. >> no. >> >> based on where they sit, whai they do, how much money theyon make, where they want to go.ey . >> it's a baseball game. game. >> first of all, you know what,w if you're going to fault anybody in new york yankees how about a your super rich wealthy potential people who paid topaip dollar for the tickets and don'n go.. >> sold them on the secondary sn market for somebody else to buyb them at a cheaper p >> don't these sports openers ir look so bad when you've got a'vg chunk of seats that are why don't you fill them withl tw kids from a school that, you know -- >> because those tickets alreadt paid for. >> i know.
9:33 am
business. they don't care. >> i know. >> nothing against the seats,ea look anybody -- any kid grows uo a baseball fan should have thehe opportunity to have great seataa to watch the ballgame.allgame. put something in it.t so don't leave it empty.. exactly.. >> even if you're the -- don't d even fault the baseball ownersws they're one level of fault but the people who bought them theye too could give those tickets. t. you know what i mean? >> in ways holly they areol t because a lot of times thoseim tickets for yankees games canes cost hundreds of hundreds of of dollars a lot of times they do o list them on secondary mark fork much less than that. lesthan tha >> don't list them.>> don't give them away l. if you have the money to affordr to buy those tickets you havetsy the ability to be charitable ana give it to some young kids thatt would never get to see baseballb >> do you realize my whole spors knowledge would have beendge entirely different if people hat been giving me free tickets. frk (laughter).(lghte >> that's what would have
9:34 am
happened.haen >> tomorrow is the homeowner fos the t nats and we'd like to sayt we're excited about that garyt r but the weather is making it tough. >> home opener you're excitederd about no matter what.t matter . it's just that kind of deal. dea >> let's not get carried away.ra >> are we really excited, gary.. >> absolute. >> are you going.>> >> no. a (laughter).r) >> i'm going to sit at home anda watch it.. >> where it's warm and dry.nd d >> and the screen is big. big >> i can never have those seats close because i'd get spoiledet and i would never want to go to back up to the nosebleed where b usually sit.y s 40 degrees here in the city noww temperatures are coming up aurrc little bit.le b we're generally in the 20s and d the 30s still out in places forr manassas, dulles come up to 38 degrees fredericksburg youg made it up to 41 high pressure is still in sti in control.rol. so it's keeping up a the rain tr and the showers and then the thn clouds at bay for while.le eventually these clouds will cld start coming on across.ross already seeing them out to western maryland high clouds itd ll
9:35 am
thicken up and come on over.e oo you see where the rain is that'' the neck system. stem. snow to the north and the coldnh air.r. we're going to be in for thatint rain and it looks like it willkw start to move in tonight and for tomorrow.rr. not today though just increasinc clouds mainly mid to high levell clouds coming on across. aos winds will be south at 10 to 202 so little bit breezy out lez out here's the set up tonight.ig we're in good shape.. tomorrow morning things changent it looks like by 4:00 a.m. earlr early we start to see some of sm these clouds and showers comingm on across.cross. this is 9am notice a line of of shoers there could be and justnj maybe one or two no more thanmoe that a little imbeddedde thunderstorm in this line as itt crosses over i-95. we'll get a little break andnd then a few showers coming onn across.across. now this is about game time here four, 5:00 o'clock so it does it not look like it's going to be t big deal at worst we're talkingl about potentially a delay here or there and that is if it rains hard enough with a couple ofple light showers they're movingthey across to actually cause aau a delay. i don't thinit
9:36 am
a problem for the game tomorrowo but again one or two delaystwo d wouldn't surprise me.t su we get into friday, still somell cold air coming through. tou it does look like this weekend things are really going get cold again as another little arctic a air mass makes a run for us. it's hard to be thinking aboutia april and talking about arcticrc air mass. 58 today. today 63 tomorrow.63 so it will be fairly mild withi the clouds and the showers.ho friday sun and clouds 56.s 5 then the bottom drops out again. that's 47 for a high on saturday with some clouds and a fewouds f showers. maybe a couple of snow showers o farther north and west.and w then we're chilly sunshine. sunday looks gorgeous.ous but it does look like it's stil' going to be chilly with highe ct temperatures only in the 40s to low 50s at best. b next week we do get a little bie better.b i mean a little bit warmer.arme. just a little bit.ittlbit back into the 60s for most ofos next week. so that's a little cherry on top of otherwise not a great gat forecast. guys?gu >> you know what will happen iti will be 90 degrees in may. iay >> here's what i think willnk w happen. happen i thin
9:37 am
it's going to be just like thata >> yup. >> it will happen.>> summer will be upon us.erl be u >> all right.>> a >> brick it. bri >> bring it on. >> there were two. w part two of american idol the thee-nighttime nailly airs tonight. it will be a chance foe the final three contestants to o make their case why they shall be the next and last americanamr idol. it will be last america's chanca to big a winner p caroline shivs system in hollywood for us thist morning with a preview. >> reporter: the remaining r three contestants battle it outt on stage tonight then we all get a chance to vote on the person p who will be the final american a idol. viewers have a choice betweenete three finalists.. whether it's dalton -- ♪ >> reporter: trent harmon. ♪ >> reporter: or la porsha renee'.. >> ♪ >> reporter: the judges willge w be just as surprised as thes viewers when the winner is tis revealed.reveed >> some people who might think t la porsha will win will say, yo know, there's no
9:38 am
or daltonic win and dalton i'mtn sure has fans who say we'll votv for >> la porsha has stood out thisd season with her powerful voice.i but it's all up the fans toso decide who their favorite singee is. >> la porsha is far out you never know with americanh idol. id it's from performance tomce performance, and trent is really really close and the support sup he's garnered. >> the competition has been hasb fierce, the three remaining rem contestants have developed aevod strong bond with each and there's one thing they can c all agree on.l agre >> it's really cool being a para of the last one because, a, you're fighting for a really big final.f the last american idol it's ari capretty good thing to put on yu twitter. >> after the performances to p night, the winner will bell announced in tomorrow night's finale. in hollywood, caroline shively,y fox news. n >> you can catch the second tood last idol episode tonight 8:00 o'clock right here on fox5. >> empire is tonight, too. >> chock full night
9:39 am
>> ome tomorrow. still ahead in the fox beat rob kardashian pops the question anu his family they're not exactly t popping champagne to celebrate.b we'll tell you why when we comec back and check in with tmz live next. time now is 9:39.:39. ♪ ♪ life's sharing a meal. ♪ ♪ and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event.
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9:41 am
life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. ♪ rob k and blach chyna making it official.ial. he pop the question over the weekend
9:42 am
um-hmm, they have stayedsted strangely silent.rangely silent. >> for details headlights turnei to tmz dax holt live in losn lo angeles.le hey, dax, good morning. >> good >> so did rob drive acrossri acr country to pop the question inni some like exotic local like l texas in a bentley?? >> or just at her house.. but, no, actually i guess kindsk of sweet.of s he got a bunch of rosesf ro delivered to her house and then her mom was there and he walk w into the room, got down on one knee, popped the question handed over $325,000 beautiful diamond rink. and she of course said yes.. they went to celebrate afterwards went to strip clubo c called ace of diamonds where the dj then congratulated them onato their engagement.t. announced it to everyone in the and everyone of course went crazy. the interesting part is that is there has not yet been a congratulations beat or snap chat or 59 or facebook post frop any of the k
9:43 am
because -- >> how is there time with theere proposal and celebration at a strip club who has time to couldn't garage people. >> they've had full day to sayys something, and they have havey h been radio silent which ist ic interesting.intesting. because they live their live ono social media and so everyone isn kind of waiting to hear what to they have to say but they were r guess left out of planning. pnn they had no they were blind sided by this engagement. they all went off a trip to veil, colorado like a ski trip,i and right where they were outero state he then popped the he en p question. so all of them are kind of goi going, what just happened? i he guess, you know, we're being wre told by our sources they don't n think the real because he poppe the question before to other otr girlfriends, and so he's justo s kind of a serial (laughter).ghte >> if you're going to pout, daxd veil is not a bad place to poutp if that's what they're doing. ti >> not at all. not the actual -- only real personlr that said anything is tiggas which is interesting he just hes saimy
9:44 am
my son and i'm happy that myha baby momma is happy. >> wow. >> dax, you know why the, kardashians aren't saying anything, because they didn't have chance to get involved inoe it, control it and make a big bg spectacle out of it. how ow could you possible dollad this to us, rob? we didn't gete to put the kardashian stamp on it. >> or they're really smart and a they have cameras in veil withn them and they're recording itng all and it will be on the show.e >> there you go.>> the >> we'll see their real reactiot is upcoming episode. >> rob looks happy in the happyn pictures.ures he looks happy.he whether it's real or not we'll w have to wait and see.. >> he absolutely looks, youoluto know, both of them they lookhey like they're really happy rightr good for them.go >> tonight we're getting partht' two of the three-part american e idol finale here on fox. we've been hearing these rumorsa that everybody will be comingdye back. at least most people will beostp coming what are you hearing as far as a guest lists? >> i'm hearing everyone isng coming back. co like this is going to be the biggest show i'm actually kindly of interested to watch justo ch becau s
9:45 am
showing up.inup. but we know randy, simon, paula, they will all be back.. william hunk will be there.. >> yes. y >> brian dunkelman which was the co-host with secret at thet beginning will be back. b back. i mean literally reaching andgnd grabbing anyone that's ever hadd like a really notable spot on so the show and bringing him in. i've heard stuff about top three contestants from each season will be there.e the so that will be interesting toei see what people look like theseo days. where they've gone. but, no, i think you'll see'lee every judge that was ever on on there.ere. >> you didn't mention sanjaya. >> he will probably be that, t too. >> whew! >> kelly clarkson will not there be because she's about pop that baby out like any time now. >> she originally she was goingi to perform. >> that's what i heard.s what id >> what about pants on thehat ground? is he going to beheng t there? >> pants on the ground. >> most likely -- i'm tellingtse you they're trying to get anyony there. i'm sure that thyou will see als of the people throughout all off the years of idol that had some kind of mention, you know, likel pants on
9:46 am
bikini girl, who >> oh, yeah.. >> six hour last show.. >> what was paula abdul's boyfriend justin guarini. >> he was a top two. t with kelly clarkson.lark >> wasn't he paula abdul's's boyfriend.. >> yes wisdom. >> he moved ondo. she has, too. too. >> it would be a good reunion.. bottom line no one will say knok if they're asked to be a part or the biggest finale he havehe he especially not >> relying on you to get us thet story behind the story. story what we're not seeing with allia that drama behind the scenes.cee we'll keep an eye out. an e good to see you. >> thank you. >> it's of course tmz's airsmz weekdays at three and 6:30 withh all that you know something will be goini on. >> you're right.>> youe ri it will be six hours long.ours >> my favorite american idoll finale moment ever i don't know if you all remember it i'mr i surprised you don't remember it' when prince came out. >> it shocked everyone.
9:47 am
it was -- there's never beener b another finale show -- sho >> what season was that. w t >> i don't remember what season. >> everybody was buzzing about.o >> it was either four or five.f. four or five i think.i think. i can remember exactly.n re but four or five. >> the last time i watched thatt >> really? there's been anothe finale as big for me as that. >> who do you think will give wv the last performance on american idol ever? >> cary underwood.rwood >> i'm going with cary.ngh ca only because to me she's thethe biggest idol.. >> good question, steve.stion, e >> it could be a group.t >> they're knownco for med lease >> maybe the newly crownedly cro american idol with the previousu winners something like that. li. it could be. it could be. >> let us know what you think. #gooddaydc. >> 9:47 is the time. 9:4 we'll be right back.we'll ♪ ♪
9:48 am
9:49 am
9:50 am
>> you need to keep your tonguee inside your mouth for this to workut
9:51 am
>> he specifically said copy tongue out. >> did you say that, claire.hata >> i said get your tongue out of the >> she's got to breathe, clairea >> i'm actually hungry.. >> you little hasn't agree,hasne >> i'm not hasn't agree tito. >> hungry and angry, you hasn't agree, claire., >> 60 seconds of no talking. >> i was waiting. >> the only one that's talkingal claire. >> you're the only one talkingng much it's hilarious much it's like classic gag.ssicag >> who is on my baseball. >> he's on my baseball. >> who's on my baseball. (laughter).. >> it's who's on first, what's,' on second.onecond. i don't know is on third. >> right? >> i don't think -- thi - >> um, no. >> i think you're on my baseba baseball. >> whose on my baseball. (laughter). >> they're on another level. >> melissa mccarthy
9:52 am
falcone he directs the film.the she stars in it.nt. she plays michelle darnell successful but savage business woman. kirsten bell co-stars as herstah assistant and she sat down withh kevin.kevi. bell's husband a director andndr kevin asks what kind of advice v he gives when she performs. pfo >> you work in an r rated environment versus a friendlyrin environment.nm is there a different element do you feel being in r rated environment? differenceent? dn approaching the person you'rethe playing obviously it's tollly tl differ of different animation.nn i'm just wondering.ring. >> yeah, because you don't every have to edit yourself.. i think no matter if it's pg or r, hard r, the joke is the same. it's just how you relay it.ay i how you say it.. and i'm a little bit more r more rated in real life. l i swear like a sailor and i don't -- i don't have any-- i dn problem with that.ob i love the flourish of language. so, um, you just didn't have toe edit yourself at all on thiss film. >> one thing that was amazing tm meet kids onseet and how much hm their cursing in the movie.rsine i know you're a mom.e mom
9:53 am
something like -- was eight wase little weird watching all theset kids say these words as a mom?? >> no, i thought it was reallyey funny.fu i for one am a believer thatievh language has the power that yout give it, and you know, it's not like i curse up a storm aroundro my kids, but if i accidentallyia say a curse word, i don't realla have that big of a problem withw it because if my daughter werear to ask me, i will say, well, non you're not allowed to say thosee words, because you can't rightar now while you're a child.e a c you also cannot vote.tot you also can't drive a car. c you can't drink alcohol. alcohol there are a variety of thingsfhs that you have to grow up to be o able to do. d >> and dax is actually a greataa director as well.s w do you have ever go to him for acting like for tips? how shals i perform in this >> he's a phenomenal film makerm >> all the time.>> all the time. i talk to my husband about every audition i have and in fact i force him to put me on tape atap home lot of times. tim >> really. >> because i don't -- for me,, that's golt gold pipe at home t have a director whoseecto perspective i trust
9:54 am
actually -- it's very specifics to see a scene as directorir versus an actor. an aor i may read something as an actoa and think i should be in tearslt at this moment, and he'll say,ay well, i know you feel that, buta for the course of the film, you, slow it down.ow i dow you don't want to do that.hat. just bulldoze that line, run lin right through it.righ he's able to give me all these t tips from director's perspective and i utilize him a lot at home. >> there she is talking withkinw kevin mccarthy the movie hitsiet theaters on friday we'll see ife we can get review out of thefhe i think we can.thin >> yeah.>> whose on my baseball? >> that line will live in infa infamy. >> 9:54 is the time.:5is t nation's capitol is welcoming wg the famous budweiser clydesdalel they're in town to celebrate anheuser-busch's new partnership with the nationals and nationaln beer day the clydesdale will be on handl for tomorr oow's home pope per t nats park they'll take the field for the national anthem and posp pictures at the stadium budweiser drew house. hse tonight catch them tonight inn southwest at cantina marina froa five
9:55 am
>> if do you, post it on socialn media because they have prettyet cool hash tag.. bud clydesdales do d.c. d if you put that hash tag onag o there there's a chance they'rehe giving away special prices allcs week long.g. >> really?eall >> yeah. so definitely include it. it >> i think my prize would berize able to get to see the tget clydesdales. >> they're fantastic.antaic. >> no, no new york city you'rene not going to mistakew them for anything other than what theyer are.e >> great opportunity. o awesome. >> all right. still ahead at 10:00, wwe super star john cena he's going tongo join us live. us l we are looking at his newew military inspired reality show. plus, why kerry washington andna amy schumer are criticizing magazines in which they arere featured.. >> first cough tee time on good day d.c. if you're been eyeingye our cool good day mug we have ae new d.c. dunkin' donuts mug tosm give away perfect cup for thator great dunkin' donuts coffee.of head on over to go our facebook page to enterpat our mug contest. ctest one lucky winner will beinne selected by random drawing b
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hurry you only have untilav unt 11:00 o'clock to time now is 9:56. 9:56.
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and drawers with many layers, to show exactly what you need. life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. >> the 10a live with the hottesh guests.ts >> wrestler, rapper, actor we we are live with john cena he has s new show on fox.ox we'll talk about that, those t moves and what is neck. nec live in the loft, comediann red grant opening for cat cat william this weekend but firstuf he sits down with us. plus we go behind the scenesthee with the lyon brothers don't miss them empire exclusive. >> janet jackson makes a major announcement.anno >> she sure did.did. three, two, one, hit it.t. 10a starts now.ow. ♪
10:00 am
you know what that means. ms >> let's see it. >> the champion is here.n i h the champion is here. her look at the guns.he guns. come on. >> more like pistol.isto >> where are they? do you see e them? >> don't get too little pock pistol. >> we'll call that engineering. >> i'm just saying. just >> illegal in several states. >> john cena has to say aboutasy that.. >> bring it on i >> you taking him on? o >> no new york city, no. cy, n >> i want to know john cena's cn neck size. >> i know, right? >> 48-inches. >> you have a height advantagead over john cena. >> i'm a killer rapper. i don't do violence.e >> here's the real advantage. he won't be in the love. >> i won't -- he probably can'tc snap me just like that.t le t >> what if we punked wisdom didn't a satellite
10:01 am
he starts trash talking there hh is. >> it won't matter i won trash a talk a guy four times my size.ys >> you say that now. >> i limit my trash talking toai in here and on the basketballkeb court. >> if you have a question for qt john cena fire it our way atay hash tag good day i'm steve alongside holly,olly maureen and wisdom. wdom. let's check what's trending nowg on this wednesday morning. morni first up check out real timeeale news tracker fine out what outh stories are trending on social c media this morning first up sanu francisco becomes the first citt in the nation to approve six weeks of fully paid leave for new parents, mothers and fathe fathers. including same sex couple who'so either bear or adopt a child.hi the city will pay 55% of the leave with business ownerss o picking up other 45%. in texas, the waz up app came under fire because ofbecauf stories involving children andin not being able to get into findf out that information of who of o people really are. a they went the opposite way expaed
10:02 am
program to protect more than a billion -- confirmed yesterdayey the encryption works with all w forms of communication for itsom app on android phones, imu phono and other devices.. in fashion special olympiann kate immediate is making serious waves aft becoming the firstir model with down syndrome to lanl her own beauty campaign. the 32-year-old has beenas b selected to be the spokes models for the new hair care linee beauty and pin ups.. and see this alligator, later.r. >> whoa! >> that is a human child next t the tale.e. >> what?>>hat? >> whoa! >> yup. it is 15 feet long. 800 pounds.0 poun >> yup. >> farmers down there believed l it was attacking their cattleate the gator is no more. images of the huge predatore pre quickly went viral. viral >> i'll say.y. >> think of the handbags you could make. >> handbag.>> han. >> make a collection.llon. >> exactly.>> exactly. >> finally bernie sanders had ai difficult interview earlie er tt week. the democratic presidentialside candidate had a tough time tougt explaining his wall streetng h l policy to the daily news in new
10:03 am
explain about how he would go ho prosecuting major wall streettr executives following the 2008 financial crisis. c there's real time news as yous u see it on social media right n now. >> that's the first time i'veth seen a general picture of him oh smiling like that.eha usually he's like -- >> kind of disheveled. >> official portrait.ff >> iicnteresting. next up two magazines are in hot water with powerful femalefu f celebrities.s this morning perpetuating whatag they view as unrealistic body b standards we're talking aboutng two separate incidents here. her the first one involves amy assume her the other one kerry washington.gton let's start with kerryry washington. she's speaking out about her adr week cover in a message posterior move to do instagramnr she says she taken a back by the image.imag while she admits she's noo stranger to photo shop she says it felt weird to see a picture u of herself that was so differene from how she actually looks. meantime, comedian amy assume mr. sla
10:04 am
magazine for including her in a plus size issue without herer consent.nsent schumer was listed alongsidelose singer adele, model ashley graham and actress melissa mccarthy in the issue's womenuem who inspire us category.ator now the actress who says she fluctuates between a size sixwes and size eight said the magazinz mislabel her and is spreading unfavor standards for young f y women who look at her body thatt is as being average.. she stress there's nothing wrono bow being plus size she's simplm not the standard for plus sizelz in the united states. sta she then shared a tweet off herself on the beach with the caption, bottom line seems to be we are done with thesese unnecessary labels which seem tt be reserved for women.en very >> yeah. >> the labels aren't necessary.. nobody should be fat shamingat s anybody. >> no. >> amy schumer's point -- poit >> they weren't fat shaming her. >> no. no. my point with amy schumer depending how you look at it
10:05 am
is he she saying she doesn't d want to be associated were itiae those women f i'm a six or eighr i don't believe in that categor then is she shaming those women by saying they're in a different category than her.han >> i think the bottom line we'rw all so sensitive about our sizez six and eight is nowhere nearown plus size. pl >> absolutely not.>> >> i can see she lives in s hollywood most peeeople are zero or negative. >> in hollywood. hollywood >> i can see her steps testifyps have the about. aut you should be careful how you categorize women without theirhe permission we're all sensitive about our stuff. you don't want to make someoneam feel bad.feel >> but i don't think that washit the intention of the >> absolutely not new york cityk i don't think so either.t >> they were saying -- >> nor do i think anyth magazinz would shy away from theway fr te publicity of us talking aboutbot it. >> these women are saying they s are beautiful good for them forr being who they are. are. amy schumer didn't want to be in that category. >> she has a to right to say label me how i want to be b labeled.. there's nothing i don't knownoth with t she's shaming people bigger that
10:06 am
i don't see it as that. as that. this is who she is. iwho six and eight is by no means no plus size. if she doesn't want to bet labeled that i know glamour witw your intend you didn't mean tote but you officer pepped someone.n >> don't talk about woman'ss weight. >> right? o>>r size, whatever.r si >> chances are even like withnik the kerry washington thing, youg know, we live in a world where w we love filters i mean lookn lok everyone of us put filters onn pictures we take all the time. m i know in general you never loor like what you think you look like. like you know what i'm saying? youm? never do.neve >> i don't like the whole oncehc they put in you label somethingt like plus size now you'ree expecting limitations to belimia around that label that's wheres it came out, some people aree saying does she fit into thisnti category or not. o n we create these categories wee get upset because we're puttingg people in >> let me put a ploy in theloin ointment.ointnt we never do this guys.this guy no offense to you we only subject women to these e type of criticisms and it's so o we relegate some comments to c some people. even it's unfair.nfai
10:07 am
>> name one actor's waste size. >> exactly.xactly see we don't talk about guysboug that way. way >> i mean i can only people forf myself. i don't care what a guy's wastew size is.. >> my point is, i'll be glade g when we get to the point weoi w don't care.n't ce because guys really for the moss don't care about this kind of silliness because it iss be silliness. put people in categories and saa label this, label, label it's just i will be glad when we get toe t the point this is not even ant a issue. we may never get there. >> i don't know that we will. wl >> i don't think you will'tnk y because and why? girls are wayw more sensitive than than guys. y >> we have glamorized hollywood since it existed. good right.go >> talking a hundred years ago.. >> yeah. >> it's what sells magazines.ats >> that's true.>> that's true. >> people see pictures.eour >> and beauty standards change.a depends on -- communities haveth different standards of beauty. y beauty standards change.ha and for me someone whose weightt fluctuated from size six tox to whatever i think lov
10:08 am
whatever you want. wan i don't know you're happy. h i don't think we need someone tt define what beauty itself.autts you into he to define it foror yourself.self >> beauty is subjective.eay is >> absolutely.>> >> moving on. >> 10:08 at the time.08 at e ti. let's talk about this thi fascinating sto nine-year-old pennsylvania girlp firing back at her critics whoeo say she's too young to be a news reporter. hilda indicate lysiak received d tip about heavy police activity in neighborhood she took her pen and paper and camera to theam scene and posted the story online.onli. >> hi, hilda lysiak orange fromo the orange street ticks sun head block a man expected to be be murder.murd i'm working on this on-going ong investigation.igation. >> um-hmm. >> it turns out that this story was about murder and sheth beatb out the local daily paper. pap her commit many to the newsy toe didn't sit well with some critic posted mean comments to thents e third grader's website saying, s
10:09 am
that her parents shouldn't shodn encourage this type of behaviorv >> first of all she might haves bigger problem fox attorneys might come down on her. >> how does chef access to the same graphic we do. >> graphic package at her scho school. >> you've been to that town. t >> i used to live in that town.n from her, you know, looking at a this young girl she has ahe h passion. this is not the first story shei this is something she's beenth doing for long time.doinfor she has that passion within her much like if your child is cld interested in anything else yous don't want to discourage that creativity.ty. following something they the absolutely love.ab the question i think that comess in in this case this was ts w terrible story, this was atoryts personal tragedy this was as waa crime story, and when she postes about it she said i really enjoy covering the crime stories. sri so for a nine-year-old to say that, i think perk up a lot of l ears. >> yeah. >> now at the same time, you know, it's good that she's thats following her passion and doingd something that she enjoys
10:10 am
much. much. she can make a career out.ut i will say this. t it actually serves a role ine this community because i livediv in that town. there is not a the -- nearest tv camera to that town is about houanhour and a half away. awa she's putting it out and there learning from very early agem ve that you'll have to balance thee good and the bad.he b hopefully she has somebodyod guiding her to let her knoweterk there's also sensitivity involved because if you're doini a story about something there's also the loss to people it'splei very personal. >> you hit the nail on the head. initially i was kudos, you'reoue wonderful.erl. there has to be a balance. b there has to be someone guidingi her saying, okay, journalism yom put the facts out there. the we do but there's also ao sensitivity. the way you come to a story. the way you expose others to tht blunt truth. i'm someone has to balance thata for her as she shapes herself af journalist.journa so let's hope that happens but t still think -- at nine years old to be so a substitute to know you want to do this good for
10:11 am
her. >> i suspected we'll see more or her right here on the couch. >> so cute. >> she's been doing this since 2014. she's got a website.a website facebook. she's posting this stuff.thistu she's covered other crimes thatt have happened in this small town she's been doing this for whilee from what i've read about her, r this is the worst story if youfo will that she's had to cover. so -- so >> you hope her parents arehepae helping guide her in all the things. >> last thing you want to do is start telling other people howoe to raise their the i can only control what goes one in my house with my kids becausu i know my kids.i i don't know her. so i don't know what she's able to handle at her age. her age you let people do what they dot with their kids. t if they're not breaking the laww let them do what they're doing. >> she's covering people who aro breaking the law. >> let them make it happen. >> i will say this.ill i spent a couple of years inleyr that town. maybe in the entire region therr were a handful of homicides. this i think was -- >> rare.>> >> this is extreme.>> t >> all right. still ahead on good day at 10a,a don't be scared because
10:12 am
live with john cena. c >> you can't see me. s >> you can see me but you can't see --see -- >> you know. you k >> he's not going to see you >> john cena. we'll talk to him coming upo next. next >> janet jackson makes a major announcement.ceme. beyonce' defends formation andon three of the biggest names in ni music come together for one one 10:12 is the time g daye d celebrity dish coming up next. ♪
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he was flicking matches on me... for my life. my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side.
10:15 am
♪ all right. it is time for good dayd day celebrity dish. d let's serve it u first up in today's celebrity cb dish, janet jackson is going tog be a >> what? >> yeah. listen to this. >> losingst control. conol what? >> she lost control. that' earlier this morning the singern addressed her fans in a twittert video announcing she and hernd husband are planning theirg the family and that she needs too delay the second leg of her unbreakable world tour. >> what? >> there's been a sudden changea i thought it was important thatp you be the first to know myy husband and i are planning our family so i'm going to have tooe delay the tour.ou please if you can try and t a und
10:16 am
that i do this now.ow i have to rest up, doctors orders.orde but, um, i have not forgotten about you.t i will continue the tour as sooo as i possibly can. um, i want to thank the dancers, the band, my entire crew you y guys were so professional, soons incredibly talented, soo supportive and loving. lov each and every night. n thank you so much.o i can't wait for to us get to ut started again. ain thank you to live nation for your loyal partnership and support.suort. >> wow! >> i think -- i think she's 49. >> she's 49.9. >> she never said exactly shect was pregnant film maybe gettingl a pup fee or (laughter).ghr). >> they're a lot of work. a loto you might want to take time off. >> wasn't the first part -- par first part of her tour wasas postponed a bit because of becau f because of a medicallnse o procedure.. >> see, so, you know maybe it'sb all coming together now.
10:17 am
gettinting start a family. apologizing.olog all this stuff about the tour. who cares? car >> you don't need to apologize.i >> you don't owe the people anya explanation. >> her work ethic.c. >> pretty much unanimous the d.c. tour date would not happenp >> i said something about thatse last year and i --r d i >> a year ago. a >> i got killed on twitter. twir >> you're such a hater.ater. >> they barbequed >> you guys said she was goingag to be horrible. be horrible not because it was going to beag family issue.. >> i said --ai >> you guys were haters, hatersr on you.. you head her new song was goingi to be bad.toe ba >> entirely possible.ntirposs >> exactly.>> e >> i also said by the time the t tour gets here she will have wlv been forgotten and now the touru isn't coming so technically ihnc was right.was r all the haters can barbecue mebe again because i love the flamese >> with that said, if she is is having a baby congratulations to her. her. >> that's exciting.s ting >> yeah, janet.h,anet. >> we love janet jackson. >> coming here next in her muchc anticipated el int
10:18 am
yesterday beyonce' spoke aboutka the meaning behind her formatioa video and clarified that she iss against police brutality and not anti police. now she told the magazine quotee anyone who perceives my message as anti police is completely mistaken.aken i have so much admiration andata respect for officers and the families of officers whoffs who sacrificed themselves to keep us safe. safe. mrs. carter went on to say she's against police brutality and injustice. >> okay.. >> yup. i think anyone would anybody isy for police brutality is kind ofo crazy.y. right? >> yeah. >> in this whole culture -- -- >> we keep hearing. >> it's been out of control wheo people are against policeic brutality there's a message thaa says you're against the police.. >> because it seems like youems have to fit into one category oo other.othe for or against.for or again if you fall into one categoryegy you believe everything associated with that.ciat >> so silly. >> it is silly. i sil >> so silly.. sometimes love hurts and and sometimes it costs. actoractors va
10:19 am
she can call you have fine toine pay a fine and res toy tying org go to core over a jess veryess which love. she carved a rock into a red r rock in sedona two months ago. o she posted a face of the carving around valentine's day.tine d brought to the attention ofen federal officials and thehe misdemeanor is punishable by si months in jail and a maximum $5,000 fine. >> did it, you own it up, you i, showed it off.t o pay a fine and make donation.ont do something like that. >> admit it was stew tid. sw t >> right. i'm sure they can use the money. >> everybody knows she's poisoni love or whatever she did.e d. >> i wonder if they're still together her and austin. >> apparently she went back and scratched out the heart.heth >> and put another name and thee another one and another one.noto the fine is up to 30 grand.rand >> let's move on to the nexthe n hollywood couple. gg had a deed and zane malik jet set
10:20 am
blown bombshell and pillow songn singer in italy and snapped thep duo in the midst of theirf tir european holiday in the sun. sun the photos and the couple are equal parts gorgeous and edgy. e and will appear in vogue's may issue. >> gorgeous and edgy.dgy. >> yeah. >> how many personal photographo did they take? >> exactly. isn't maybe it's one dude with e an i phone who just --ust >> really good iphone.od ie >> could you hold this forld you second. >> one iphone and 25 filters. fe >> there you go. >> 25 filter apps. exactly. >> all right. let's talk about rap star draker just dropped new single on i tunes. tune he's got high profile names nam helping him out on the track. ta the song is called "pop style". >> ♪ >> wait a minute. that's like a mix. >> let me just -- we just mashed up that right that so you cant n get everything in one.eryt the song pop style has guest
10:21 am
features by duo credited as the thrown.rown. also known as jay-z and kanye west. so here's the deal we can't plaa that song on air because it hash bad words in it. >> i'm listening. lisni take our word for it. >> drake, jay-z and >> that's heavy hitters right we'll be watching that tonight g so we can give you your emg tomorrow. >> ome. >> ome. >> between that and the idol tonight. >> time 10:21.0: still ahead fox5 fashion expertp paul wharton live in the loftivl and he's brought models showingo offspring swim wear.pring im w we'll get update on today's tops stories.sties. it's 10:21.'s back after this.back a this. more of the 10a is next. is nex
10:22 am
10:23 am
10:24 am
make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $3.99, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $3.99 today. america runs on dunkin'. >> get you caught up on headlines. our big story this area d.c.. police searching once again forr relisha rudd.ud the search is focused at focuset national arboretum in northeasta dc. dc. washington police chief cathy p lanier said that area is now the focus for the search for thateaf little girl. little g that's where we fine mel knowfik alnwick this morning.ning she was that the presss conference earlier and has the latest for us now.ow good morning, mel.good morni >> reporter: good morning, mni guys. guys. yeah, so d.c. police chief catht lanier did say there was someas
10:25 am
here to the national arboretum.. i can tell you we saw a large group of police officers perhaps cadets lining up in the parkingr lot here sort of behind that mobile command unit that you y see. we are standing on the new yorkw avenue side of this entrance to the national arboretum. there is a perimeter just a fewa throws back here into the park.r there is a small pond there asre well that we saw and it seems ts be that that going to be theng t focus of today's search. src the police saying that theyha t would use some 60 different personnel being assist beside mpd units but also the fbi, also, the national center for cr missing and exploited children.n there would be k9 units here ash well. the search expected to continueu today and then through tomorrowm is what d.c. police chief cathyy lanier said. sai they will also be using as theye said some harbor patrol units. some divers to go into. she
10:26 am
body of water here. h there are two very small pondsms close to what we saw was the the perimeter area, and then they'r' the larger stream as well. but we're not sure exactly wherw they're going to be searching ai far as the water part goes. as you know, this is not far from kenilworth aquatic gardense it's really just next door too it. it that is where the body of khalil tatum was found in april of 2014.2014 he is the janitor from the homeless shelter where relisha rudd was living. livin her family told fox5 that her mother gave tatum permission tot take care of relisha but then bt they sort of changed their mindd they hadn't seen her awhile. awh they wanted her back and when an she asked him to bring her home that is when he did he saye di appeared and took off and no onn had seen either of them for quite sometime. somet dc police have searched several parks, construction sites, areae where even one area where tatumt had been seen on surv
10:27 am
video with large trash bags.. still no sign of relisha.el so once again, they're hopingrep that perhaps this may be yetingn that will give them more to go on even though the community hai never given up on relisha.elis back to you guys. >> i think that's part of thes f key, because so many people juss want to have some type of answer.answer >> right. >> closure. >> right. >> it's sad that it's one unsolved case in this city of which there are, you know, moree than one. o i think just because the face of that little girl and the fact te that it is really became is he non muss for so many people whol are still missing out there.. it's just -- it's tragic.. everything about the situation s but i think the hope is that t there will be some type ofll bse closure in this case.osur >> let's hope.>> l >> all right. 10:27 is the time. tim still ahead star-studded halfudd hour on good day at 10a. coming up getting exclusivexclu behind the scenes look at empirp from the actors known as the l lyons brothers.roth >> first live in the loft,
10:28 am
he is. comedian red grant doing his -- hotline bling. bling >> we're back to talk about thiu weekend's big show next.ho n time now 10:28.0:28 ♪ ♪ give them a little dab. little dab. ♪ life's morning multitasking for a growing family, and drawers with many layers, to show exactly what you need. life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone.
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♪ >> oh, yeah. oh, >> they said work, not twerk. >> oh, my. our next guest a washington tonn yann who lives in la he got hist start as a median at
10:31 am
theater. he appeared in american hustlecs and written for tv and red grant is back in d.c. and can be seen at the verizonhe v center this saturday night forir cat williams conspiracy theory. joining us first live in therst loft to talk about what he's wht been up to.p t all right riot. >> work, work, work, work -- >> work over there.. (laughter). >> i went the wrong way.e wr maniac went that way. >> your energy is infectious.nfc welcome back home.welcome back m >> thank you so much. tnk y >> we have missed you.mied >> i missed you guys. gs >> i love d.c. much this is my home.. northwest stand up, >> you put a f in it. >> northeast.ea >> that's how you're original oi when you north and south. s >> yes, yes, yes.yes, yes thanks for having me thisinge t morning.rnin >> yeah. you're doing the tour with cathe but before we do that, i wasas just saying, i feel like i sawie you everywhere.wh >> right. >> and then stopped seeing youp for bit. were you touring?
10:32 am
happened. >> what you mean you saw me meeverywhere. >> on tv. you were doing shows.. >> i got seven show timew t special. you state at work too much.too . >> honestly i should give youou that calf cree yacht. >> i got one of the hottest dvd's in america directed by b snoop dog caused emergencyd emey broadcast system i'm touring onm the hottest tour in america conspiracy theory tour with my m man cat williams.lis >> how long have you guys knownk each other. each o >> me and cat.>> m >> yeah.>> >> probably 15 years. >> wow. >> this year has been great ye year. >> yeah. >> lots of material, man muchat, lots of things happening.apning and don't believe none of theont stuff you see or what you hear.. it's false.alse we was out there helping kids k play soccer. scer >> all right.>> allht. >> and something bad happened.. >> put it happened. >> are you talking about that sort of thing, the political cycle what are you talking abo about. >> i talk about my wildlife.e talk about my wife. wife. i talk about my kids.y k i talk about the turnip becausec that's what i do.. >> i turn all the way u
10:33 am
>> my goodness.dns >> if you're to the goingyou' through the roof why you here? f why are you here? w why are you living if you're to the goingheg you roof. roof turn up.rn i talk about that and i just i talk about live in general, manm i think, you know, people are po the funny.un i probably will leave here and e talk about one of you guys.f u g >> not me. wisdom film wisdom! >> wisdom! >> he's famous.amou talk me about me.. >> yes. >> get him to twerk. >> twerk, twerk, twerk, twerk.w. >> i can't do all of that. t you're not going that far. >> wisdom was twerking down thee monument yesterday. come on.. >> supposed to be on the lowsetb low. i'm sorry. >> my goodness i don't have been so successful you talk about the sitcoms, the shows you're doingi what is left to conquer for youf it systems like the sky is the limit.. >> writing two new movies with w snoop dog and producing
10:34 am
directing for my film company movie owes and trying to make $80 million this year.0 >> yeah.>>h. >> in film. >> remember your friends in thei loft. >> we got you guys. w >> thank you.e >>nk y >> you can be there. >> see. >> i just want to do a lot ofnto thing. take care of my family.e ofy fa i just wanted to regular stuff.f i want to bring stuff back toufb d.c. i got a new program calledl don't shoot guns, shoot camerasr helping kids out in thehe metropolitan a >> i do know that's one as specs of what you've always done.ays d you're a comedian. ced i know the social aspect of hass always been there giving back b saying young you don't have to h choose this path choose a bettee i mean i come from southeast soa washington where they say you sy can't get out of it, they say you can't achieve goals, and i'm not -- i not saying educationtin system is the best in washington d.c. but you can educateducate yourself now that we have the te internet and now that we havet v thing hike that that you canke h take your life to another level. you don't have to just be in the city doing the same thingshi trying to get in trouble. tub
10:35 am
turn up.rn u all the way. >> my eardrums. >> i'm sorry. >> it's good. i like the energy.>> i'm that's the thing we need isi more people -- the kids can seee themselves reflected in peoplee like you your success working w with huge names.e nam so they can see it can be done.d >> yes, yes, yes. yes >> you're out in la these days.y >> i'm out in la.>> i that's where i i l that's where i produce a will ia the of films but i'm bringing an lot of that back to d.c. i'm doing this hollywood towo t d.c., d.c. to hollywood thingwot right now. right now. it's going very well.l but this saturday, man, turn suu real. we'll be live at the verizon riz >> that's huge.>> t >> if you haven't got your tickets, um, you're almost latet you might want to call today. t >> we got the information therer on the screen. cat williams conspiracy theoryor saturday 8:00 o'clock verizono' center. for info verizon butm red how can people get a hold of you and get to know everything h you're doing what's your what' u website. >> give them that information. t >> if you want to come right tot my phone you go to red i got a new video
10:36 am
snoop's son called kind of.. >> okay. oka >> it's while.t's wh and he's doing very well cordelr bro diss and just call me on mym phone.on i got a number on my website. >> wow! wow >> turn up.. >> wisdom, you scared to give tg people your number. (laughter). >> that laugh. >> you put your number on your website.e. >> wisdom's number will be on mn website for the glad no, no, no. >> cryptonite.>> >> okay. me, too. cryptonite. (laughter).ghte. >> cryptonite brothers.ryptone r >> we need to get in one of your movies. >> turn up is real. tur this is the best team ever.r good day d.c..c >> amen that. that. >> thank you. >> you're the greatest.'re th >> you her it right there. >> got these people to stand up, too. don't close your gap. g gap teeth people stand up, too.a >> i'm sorry, maureen. >> it's okay.s okay. that's the laugh we were lookinn for. can i do the go out. out. >> sure. still ahead at 10:00, we'll dott
10:37 am
it could help us out with thishi one. oh, well, it's won't stop us from live swim wear show styleye guru paul wharton is here.. next with what's hot to wearear this summer.ummer. >> you didn't know you were in the swimsuit show next. n >> i saw a lot of buck naked bud dudes back there. (laughter). >> i love you.>> thank you very much for coming.m >> you're awesome.. >> ♪
10:38 am
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♪ welcome back. we all kno>>w the temps way sayy winter coats and uggs but itnd t will at some point be spring, and as you heard gary this morning, summer might evenum mig follow it.owt. when it turns warm, it will be then hot and that means bathingt suits so joining us live in then loft to talk this season hottest bathing suit trends is lifestyle expert paul wharton. >> yo, holly what's up? whas up >> are you trying to -- t >> i have this week to get thist thing right.ig all of you out there anybodyre y that sees me at restaurants now days notice i'm passing --ng- >> put the fork down.down >> i'm passing on the fries. taking the salad may 30th all the local pools lop open we want to look super hot. because this is still thee thisl morning time we can't really drop it too hot. >> we'll bring you somewhere in the mill. p we're doing to make it says ii he. >> worry doing to make it saysog is he. let's do it. all right. first of all let's say all of al these wonderful models from youu agency
10:41 am
>> they are from paul wharton model management.anagen right now check this out. >> who is our first mod >> this is adam.dam. come on out here, adam. adam is wearing these gorgeous to exist their white, simple yoo can jump in the pool much he'se' got pockets and i love the the little gold act zen on those. t. what do you think about thoseinh adam. ad >> i was looking at the act zent now, when you jump in the water -- >> everything, you know, it expands.ex it contractspa.ts and everything does what itt supposed to do.ed to do. he's got little vibration, shown them how it work.tor >> work, work, work. >> there you y i always worry about white swimsuits.sw is it see through, no, yes. >> this one will do just fine. . >> darn it. take it back.ta i'm kidding. kidding. >> thank you adam.. >> next up we have josh. j and josh is actually wearing malika with high business cusshi board shots.ard shs. josh is such an enthusiastichusi guy.
10:42 am
guys. okay. they're making us all feel --lee >> i'm supposed to look at theo bodies. >> you're supposed to be --su holly, i supposed ppto be looki. >> you missed everything on eryh teleprompter because you'reausey staring at josh and adam. adam. >> i forgot we're specify to be focusing on the swimsuits. swimi >> and very casual andy casu comfortable for the tight littll boxer brief type shorts that you wear.we >> yeah. i've seen those isn't these aree really cool and comfortable comt great with to get the summer >> they are.>> t >> what do you think about that. >> josh, sir surfboard.fboa >> let's see it.>> l see i >> there we go.. >> neck up, we have steven.. steven come on out one of my -- >> steven did you draw those abo on. come on? co >> right.>> we just had those implanted yesterday.yesterda wisdom is over there mad ya'll,l ya'll didn't realize this is also by m of malik this is the classic blue shorts. s there are lots of pockets andke it's got the draw string andtria they just look really cool and a comfortable. you can show them around little
10:43 am
>> you can show them around.. >> can somebody get a side shoto of maureen?en >> that is amazing. amazi there's lot going on at then ate couch. >> you two needed to more sit mt (laughter).(lghter). >> i've never seen such a zest z be as. >> it's not even over because i have ryan. ryan. ryan come on out. o field of rainbow, taste the t te rainbow.w. >> where is the pot of gold? i? think i know.k i knw >> all right.>> allight you have to be confident to weao those.os >> you have to be very confide confident. this is extra light lycra and very tropical colors all by d in lick tay what's the thing with d malik m casm is that the brand. is thatb >> she's a local swimmermmer we like to feature local peopleo here in d.c. you know from following myollo instagram paul wharton style i travel right around the world.or it bring me right back to d.c.ko we have a lot of talented tente
10:44 am
everybody at home what aboutbout perhaps a female suit today?od >> that's what we're going tong do. we're going to do the hottest female suits by tie la rossi r worn by tatiana.atna take the runway over. >> tatiana you walk right back t out of the this loft.his >> i know.>> ikno isn't she amazing? and this iss like i said rossi is one of thee top swimmer designers featured in mary claire mag seep and this is one of the cover ups shepshe offers. >> you know what i actually lika about this suit it's super cute, super fashionable sexy but it ii functional. >> it is totally functional.. what kind of function are youn u pulling off in this holly.g of >> you know, the functions i roll out.ut >> holly brought it today,ught d ya'll. i've been away for bit and holll brought it today. tay yes. ye these are hour models check them out at maybe when we have a spot atpota 5:00 o
10:45 am
tighter and smaller. smaller. >> we'll have a follow upw segment with tricks film withh r drinks. thank you all very much.all ry m >> thank you holly.>>hank you >> i'm ready for summer. sr don't know about ya'll. yll. >> thank you. tha you >> exactly. >> remember the competition wetw had about men. >> out the window. >> i'll hit the gym for the nexx three >> ladies, you're welcome. >> american grit john cena isgr going to join us jus l great new show coming up on foxx it actually sounds really realla cool if you were with us lasts week we had one of the teamm leaders on. on john cena is in charge of the ce whole thing. we'll chat with him wit.
10:47 am
10:48 am
♪ our next guest reall really neeo intro connection, a wwe champion, an actor and host of american grit military andy a spared competition.ared if you were with us earlier thi week we sat down with of theofhe team leaders forme
10:49 am
sergeant noah galloway who joini us here in the studio.. >> this morning we'll going we'l right to the man in charge of the show. the man in charge the star sta himself we see him now. n we can see you. john cena joins us now live.ow v your time is now. now the champ is here. >> hey, john.oh >> indeed it is. is. good morning thank you for the t introduction i think you got mee mixed up. decorated heroes like noah,, rourke, tee and nick those arehe our stars. i had the best seat in the housu for wonderful ride on americanmi grit. >> amen to that.>> a could not say it any better.etr. >> when noah was here and wee a were talking to him i joked witw him a little bit.m little i said s john as tough as hee really comes across? and hisis response was he's bigger than mm so i'll go with yes. (laughter).. >> no, being around those four leaders through the entireir journey of american grit was was truly inspirational i think thi what's the viewer when peoplepl tune no watch american gritricat that's what they'll take awaythy the inspiration that people likk
10:50 am
normal civilians i think it wili be wonderful journey for americi to watch and i think after they watch iti they'll be inspire as well. >> john, i've seen -- when you are in the wrestling ring i sees you do the salute and talk about hustle to and respect to thehe military. is that what drew to you this or was there something else thatso made you want to get involved i this show? >> no.>> when this show kind of becamefam something more than just an id idea, quite honestly i wasonesi skeptical whether it would work. because it's its back bone wasbw such a positive message and ifgf you see me on wwe television,is, yes, i do do my due diligence tt those protecting my freedom, and my code of conduct hustletle loyalty respect is a very looseo translation of honor, code andoa country.try. i admire the military resolve even admire their regimen and discipline to be able to be ao vehicle to let military heroes like these four show theirhe skills and show their ability to
10:51 am
talk so much about supportingin our troops both in deploymentym and after their lives, this show is a great statement about the t skill set that our military mil leaders and military membersbe have that they can translatera into normal life and that ist just making people achieve more. pushing people beyond limits they thought they could everheyo have and that's what you'll seel on american grit. you'll see some tough challenges.allenges physically and mentally, butll b you're going to see resolve rese tested and you're going to see o at the end whose got the mosthem american grit.t. >> are we going to see peopletop break, john? >> that's what the show ishow i design to do.gno do. it's not about voting people vop off.of it's not about manipulation it'' not about trying to get peoplege in your favor. you will ultimatel ultimately bt the test of resolve the only waw you can leave american grit ingr navy seal tradition when youadit give up and when you give up gip you'll ring that giant bell signifying your stay on american grit is >> how do you hope thispehis resonates with the viewing audience?ce >> i think they see it as a shos for inspiration.ra i don't think they're going tokh see it as a show thats una
10:52 am
i want everybody at home tobodyo watch and like you know what i can do that or you know what, if he or she can do that, i can doo something more. mor and i think the really going tot watch it haven't a sense of self worth.wort i think they're going to enjoytj seeing the competitor goss at ia in a true sense of may the best team win and once again theyhey will get so much wonderfulful knowledge from an elite level military cast that we were soe s very fortunate to have.o i think american grit is goingn to be a fun ride for everybody r that watches and a game changerr in the sense of competition.ti >> john, we go back a couple of you were actually starring instr movie called the marine and now you have a chance to actually bb inter acting with all of these e real life military heroes and veterans. what was that like for youou when -- what did you take away from them being surrounded by b them in such close company? >> well, you get to do an actioo movie call the marine that's ono thing when you get to go to to paris island or get to go to t marine training centers orr surround beside army, navy, marine, air force both activeott and veterans, it's a wonderfuldf expe
10:53 am
are dedicated to what they do. they truly love the fact thataca they can protect our freedom anm they are truly grateful whenl w they hear they have so muchuc support from people around the nation.ti this show american grit is justt another way that you can see how military skill set is functional in regular life and how the howt members of our military shouldho be put on honorable regard regar because they have just such amazing qualifications.s >> well, it sounds like they got the perfect host, john.ost, joh. you're the wonderfulonderf spokesperson. we're definitely looking forwaro to the show. before we go i just have to ask what is your collar size? >> it is not on the rack. (laughter). >> john -- j >> super quick we did haveuick w viewer that tweeted us and saidi now that you're back from injury and wwe do you set new goals for yourself or do you have goal for yourself? >> every single day.very a lot of that inspirationnspirai derived from spenting time witht noah galloway who one of the most functional human beingsuman i've ever seen.een. if someone like that can take every day of i'm going chief chi more, i can take the same same
10:54 am
>> awesome. awesome. >> john cena it is it's been ati pleasure talking to tu success with the we hope that for you and much m more.more. >> yes.>> y >> thank you.>> >> you got it. >> john cena thanks so t the show looks great premieringi next thursday a peek fromk fro thursday at 9:00 o'clock.k of course you can watch it right here on fox5. do not try those challengesa at home. >> he has such gravis toes.soe i like it. >> they were filming in likee oregon state in like the fall fl like very cold conditions asdita well so really trying to tryinto challenge people as much as they can. but he also said this is formerr u.s. army sergeant said thatthat it's one of those cases you realize that you only believe be unless you think about it you iu only think you can do little bit but you reall really are capable much more. >> all right.>> a rig look 10:54 is the time. ome fox's hit show empire ismpie back tonight with all newew episodes and the heat iss intensifying over the battle foo the empire. fox's michelle polino has more. what are you
10:55 am
your company back from hakeem.a. >> the battle for the em tiree e thrown continues as the lyon lyn personal and professional beef b with lucious heats up.ea u this week jamal takes a shot at his father with a new song, likk your daddy. daddy >> ♪ >> for each episode there's att least two songs usually for me, so, um, i'm usually recording the episode that's next. next. i'm recording that a week w before.. ♪ >> jussie smollett and brasheara gray say recording music for the show can be challenging.en >> we're onset about 20 hours day, and then we'll go to thello studio for six hours and recordr you know, real intense with timberland sweating, gettingng that music done.ic d >> all about timing becauseim we're working in television, you know, so it's very very fast. but the care, you know, is still put into every single thing thaa we do.o. ♪ >> off screen smollett has beene
10:56 am
out this summer.ummer writing music for this character is different than writing for f himself. hi >> my album will be my stories.s you know with jamal, i get to -- i get to play around and if i'mm being honest i get to kind of hide behind his -- his stories. with this album it's kind of going like being naked in frontr of everybody because it willl be -- it will be me. m you can't hide behind yourself. >> congratulations. >> thank you so much.uc >> in hollywood michelle poellep lone know, fox news. where the horses -- there--e they are.they empire airs tonight at 9:00.t 90 right here on fox. >> okay.>> okay. >> welcoming tucker back. >> i'll watching tonight.gonight >> are you chilly from beingm bg outside. >> it actually will be a nice day. sunshine upper 50s thiilss afternoon still looks like raini on and offer tomorrow really rel close call with that stay tuned for that. that and then next weekend looks cooo but sunny and bright.ri again warmer this afternoon. >> game time call tomorrow
10:57 am
>> i mean doing sooner than thaa but close call. >> all right, everybody. thanks for joining us us. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ narrator: all that political mail might be overwhelming. let's simplify. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
10:58 am
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live from new york city, "the wendy williams show." >> my girls are always turned out. i'm giving it to you straight, no chasers. >> now, here's wendy! >> wendy: thank you for watching. i want to say hello to my


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