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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  April 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> and back to normal. the first flight from brussels landed in dc today. the news at 6:00 starts right now. and we thank you for joining us tonight. i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm shawn yancy. >> the search is on for 8-year-old relisha rudd. she vanished more than two years ago while in the custody of a janitor who was later found dead. today dc police renewed their search for her at the national arboretium. >> reporter: this would have been the police command post behind me here we're right along new york avenue but about two hours ago dc police took that command post down and everybody left. we assume that they absolutely found nothing but they will be back tomorrow. we are here because we are just down the street from where that janitor was last seen with relisha rudd inside a hotel room. and ther
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sure many of you have seen it in the last two years. let's tell you more about the search. relisha rudd was last seen in the company of kalil tatum who worked at the homeless shelter where the family had been staying. the police have searched other areas in recent months. after relisha believed was reported missing police believe he killed his wife before taking his own wife. police also believe tatum killed relisha and disposed of her body somewhere in this section of the city. volunteers with search and rescue dogs can be seen going through the woods and police cadets can be seen conducting grid searches. divers would search a pond as well but a police spokesman said that wouldn't happen until tomorrow. >> we continue to follow up on any information that we receive, that may lead us to a different search area o
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different people that we need to talk to. and this morning we -- actually it's going to begin this morning and go through the end of the day tomorrow. we'll be searching over in the arboretum. canines, partners from national center for missing and exploited children, the fbi along with mpd members that will also be doing a search with our harbor branch in a body of water. so this will be probably two full days of searching. and we'll let you know the results when we finish. we're going to continue to follow up on any information we receive that may lead us to other search areas. >> reporter: she said they came here because of some new information, but she wouldn't say what that was. if you've been following this case for the last two years, you know that dc police have been searching many
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kenilworth park not far from here, a construction zone over in this direction. police also say when relisha first went missing, her family wasn't forthcoming with information and was even misleading the police. we also want to tell you that because of that the council member from ward 8 in the district as well as jack evans who represents ward 2 introduced a bill yesterday called the relisha rudd law. if it passes it would make it a crime for parents not to report a missing minor in 24 hours and it would also punish parents for giving misleading information. live in northeast, paul wagner, fox 5 local news. >> law enforcement leaders from across the dmv will join forces tomorrow. this comes after an atv hit and dragged a dc police officer over the weekend in southeast and another incident where atvs surrounded an ambulance on its way to children's hospital. those
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ambulance to stop even though its lights and sirens were activated. >> we're all working together and have been working together since last year. we'll talk about all those cases tomorrow. >> it's not an issue specific to the district. we have some issues around the region. we do hope to be able to announce something soon. >> the officer who was hit by that atv has minor injuries and is expected to be okay. synthetic drugs have been an issue in the district for some time and leaders have pledged a war against anyone who sells them. the city passed a bill that the chemical compounds are added to the list. it tests the ability to test for, and prosecute cases against synthetic drug sellers and
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distributors. >> the county is making moves to close a legal loophole that allows them to operate as strip clubs. they issued cease and desist letters. by friday they'll have to decide if they'll permanently shut down or get rid of the adult entertainment all together. >> take adult entertainment away from residential areas, away from schools and putd them if an area that's isolated. >> if the clubs don't close they will face citations and fines. >> it turns out med star may have been able to prevent a recent attack on hits system. there had been public warnings since 2007 that the server needed to be fixed with a simple update. the report goes on to say the hackers exploited design flaws. the breach crippled the computer records for thousands of patients and doctors. they say their ma
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almost fully restored. the fbi is not commenting on this latest report. >> a powerful message for students in bethesda. the father of a montgomery county police officer struck and killed by a suspected drunk driver is challenging students to think about the impact of drinking or smoking pot and driving. rich leotta told students it's up to them to make smart choices before getting behind the wheel. his son was hit and killed by a suspected drunk driver while on duty at a dui checkpoint. >> we know not every student is going to take everything away from this program. but if we can at least make them stop and think for a day or two, then we've done our job. >> we want to save their lives. we want to save others' lives. we don't want the same thing to happen to my son noah to happened to these young people here. >> the death
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legislation two versions are moving through the general assembly right now. a teenager is under scrutiny after he posted a picture of himself that was involved in a fatal crash. they left the scene and this picture popped up. the woman of the man who died in the crash is appalled. her husband lost control after swerving to avoid a truck that caught on fire and slammed into the car the teens were riding in. florida highway patrol is investigating. >> for the first time since last month's terrorist attacks in brussels, a plane coming from belgium landed at dulles international airport. the flight received a water canon salute. one passenger who lives here in the u.s. says he didn't see much difference in the security process he went through before he got on board the
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extra kwhek check was done. >> in the wake of the attacks, virginia senators have been trying to attach a new proposal to the faa reauthorization bill. the proposal would strengthen security at virginia's airports. >> straight ahead at 6:00, a a tribute to a late supreme court justice got a little awkward for george mason university. >> we're not going to be under a freeze warning tonight. that's the good news. clouds are coming in, but rain will be around for the second half of that morning commute. we'll time it out for you, especially with an eye toward nats park and what you can expect if you're headed out to the ball game tomorrow. we'll be right back. wall street. the nra.
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♪ say my name >> what's in a name? well, a lot if you haven't careful. it's a less an the george mason school of law is learning the hard way right now.
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announced it was renaming the law school the antonin scalia school of law. but what they weren't counting on is being the butt of several jokes. if you make an acronym of antonin scalia school it spells out -- well, you can figure it out yourself. the dean acknowledged what he called an acronym controversy and the school has decided to go with the antonin scalia law school. >> if you are hiring a lawyer to represent you, wouldn't you want a certified -- [ laughter ] obviously it was something that we didn't think through. we thought the nickname would be the scalia school of law and obviously didn't plan it all out ahead of time. >> the new name will not be made official until july 1st. >> zoo women in the navy are getting a new
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females will soon wear the same hats or covers as their male counterparts. the dixie cup style dates back to 1886 when it was first incorporated into navy uniform regulations. >> i don't know and i need to look it up. what were women wearing before then? >> it looked different. >> a discovery. >> and the debate over gender neutral toys is now in the nation's capital.
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>> today is the grand opening. iths a non-proost profit ortionization that provides community-based support for peopled with developmental disabilities and autism spectrum disorders. it's an trtion mix of rigid structure. so when you combine na you have an environment that's really, really conducive to
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skills. restaurant work is hard. it's difficult. and it takes a lot of information and a lot of practice with tactile skills and a lot of people that come here at first don't have that. and using what we teach them, they make just astounding leaps and bounds in what they can remember and what they can retain. the skills they've acquired, it really is amazing. a lot of them get a paycheck. a lot of them do work on a volunteer basis. but they're working toward a full-time position or a part-time position where they get paid. and a lot of them are really happy about
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i have one person who was working here and every opportunity he gets if he meets somebody new in the kitchen, he'll say chef adam taught me everything i know. he makes pretty much all of our wraps. he came in, he had no experience with cooking and now he makes 20 to 30 wraps in the mornings. he gets it. honestly it gets me a little emotional. >> an incredible group of people who created this place to work. >> we need to see more of that. >> congrats. kudos to you guys. it may seem like
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play but have you ever thought about the impact the toys your children with could have on their future. >> these are the numbers they're hoping to change. only 29% of jobs in stem, science technology, engineering and math are held by women. 25% of public school teachers and only 9% of nurses are men. retailers say toys can have a major influence on that. >> i think toys are very important to a child's development wree think of kids as being a blank canvas an the products that you give them are very important to how they turn out. that is how they spend their developmental time. >> the goal of today's conference is to break down gender stereotypes in toys and help children to explore and learn. >> i believe that. it's the whole thing tha
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and if you only give a child a certain toy, that's how they're going to turn out. >> a new study finds that women spend a lot more time on the phone than men. apparently women wrack up to 30 more hours chatting with their friends and family than men do. research shows women are on the phone an average two and a half hours a month or more. young men may call more people but for a shorter amount of time and it turns out we all call fewer people as we get older because our circle of friends shrinks. men drop friends more quickly than women. it turns out there is a scientific reason as to why women talk more than men. honey, are you listening right now? there's a reason behind this. it's because women have higher levels of the language protein in our brains. >> the language protein?
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>> women need more sleep because our brains are more active. women talk more because we have more language protein. what does this all come down to? women, we're superior. >> i'm surrounded. >> somebody needs to get you guys a fire starter over there. >> i know. it's cold outside. >> that's what my language protein was seeing as you guys are talking. for the fire behind you. it has been cold for the last couple of days. tonight not looking at a freeze warning it is going to be getting wet by the time the morning rolls around. below average again but better than it was yesterday and the day before. temperatures are still mainly in the 50s at this hour. so it will be slow to drop tonight and no freeze expected because the clouds are coming on
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the south still giving us some gusts right now to about 20, 25 miles per hour and that will help to keep us a little bit warmer tonight. this is where we're heading to overnight. it looks like it will be on the chilly side and temperatures close to the upper 40s, maybe some mid 40s north and west as those clouds come in. we'll keep it to 49 degrees here in the district. and just a little bit breezy out of the south at 10 to 20. you can see all of those clouds. tomorrow morning we expect to have some rain around. that will taper off to showers in the afternoon. but there could be enough shower activity around to be a little bit disruptive to our 4:05 first pitch at nats park. at least it will warm up a little bit more tomorrow. the heaviest rain will be between 9 and noon and another area of scattered showers that can also have some downpours associated with them.
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heavy rain and there's a second front that could scatter out a few more showers thursday afternoon and that will be departing our area by about 9:00 or some:00. behind it it will be breezy and on the cool side. how much rain are we talking about? and this will be great for allergy sufferers by the way. >> your p baseball planner for tomorrow. a few dry hours but by the time the first pitch rolls around at 4:05, there is a 50/50 chance you could have a shower. there could still be a few around at our 7th inning and by the time we get cse
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think most of the showers out of that region. future cast will show you what we're talking about for the morning with the heaviest rain just west of dc by 8:00. there are more showers popping up and will wind uch and get out of here by about 8:00 or 9:00. friday back doin to 57. some snow showers possible on our coldest day saturday at 47. sunday is also going to be chilly but it looks like next week we're back in the 60s, getting closer to average for this time of year maybe with a rumble of thunder on tuesday. tony and shawn, back to you. >> former redskins quarterback robert griffin iii has put his loudoun county home on the market. it will cost you a cool $2.7 million. it features four bathrooms, two half bats,
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elevator. stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up, we want them to grow up stronger.
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>> an unusual discovery was made in the basement of a college student's home. they found. he immediately called the town's clerk about the discovery who found the burial plot at a nearby cemetery along with his son's grave who fought in the civil war. >> cleaned it off a little bit and we wanted to found out who he was and what's the deal with it and here we are. >> grave stones travel. you'll find them as
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people's water spouts or walkways because they're still good stones and they're expensive. >> bridgewater officials have noticed they had not received veteran's me dalones so they added a medal and a flag. >> did you see the snow on the ground? >> thankfully it's not here. >> we'll see you guys tonight at 10:00. >> have a good night.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: when you get inside the whole kardashian family, it seems the prevailing view is he is a serial proposer. >> apparently the family does not take rob seriously. the family saying, he's told us all of this before. he goes from first date to on his knee every single time he goes out with a girl. >> problem is, he can't get back up again. aughter] >> ariel winter from "modern family." she turned 18 recently. so she decided to display her bikini body. >> first of all, she's a little young for me to go crazy. she's a little girl trying to be sexy. >> let's look at the whole set. we got the front shot. we got the back shot. >> uh-huh! [laughter] >> o.t. genasis and sincere. he s


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