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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  April 6, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> right now at 10. cracking down on illegal strip clubs. prince george county is taking action following a "fox5" investigation. >> plus being a d.c. police officer shoots and kills a pit bull that was attacking a woma woman. no freeze warning tonight but there may be enough rain to bog down your morning commute. i'll have the timing. >> and the music of empire. we're in the studio for a behind the scenes look at a song features in tonight's sho show. and the news at 10 starts right now. >> thanks for joining us i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm tone sglon off the top tonight the illegal strip club crackdown. prince george count jury taking action against establishments operating outside the law. >> it's a problem first exposed in a "fox5" investigation last year. marina morocco is live outside one of the businesses tonight
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marina. >> yeah, shawn, we're actually at the ebony ininn and this is one of the establishments to cease and desist all operations related to adult entertainment. just behind me you'll see this establishment served as many things other than just adult entertainmentment there's a restaurant here and several other businesses also under the title of ebony. and under these papers, they will allow those businesses to continue as long as the strip club shuts down. >> i really think this is the first step. >> reporter: prince george county ordered twelve establishments to stop all adult entertainment activities. >> they don't have to close at all if operating as a banquet hall or restaurant or lounge and uno allows them do it they can continue to operate as banquet or lounge. >> reporter: for some kloubz that club ecstasy and others
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soul adult convenient use they have to on it up elsewhere. >> the thought is to take it away from the community and residential areas and schools and put them into an area isolated. we told them if are you not operating within one of those areas you're illegal. >> tina front is sex trafficking survivor and runs courtney house a safe haven for weming that want to weigh out and 2015 a "fox5" investigation along with courtney house uncovered elicit activities inside several clubs being forced to shut down. front says clubs like these are breeding grounds for sex traffickers. back in 2015 fox went inside irving and club flego and cameras captured fully nude dancers and girls that appeared to be under age stripping and performing lap dances and even a woman passed out and surrounded by men in a back room. >> we get a lot from prince
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it shut down hoping nobody else gets involved or hurt in any type of way. >> reporter: the country satisfies for every day the establishments operate past this deadline they will issue violations and if they continue to do so, they'll come out and will padlock the establishment establishments. all twelve of these establishments now have until 5:00 on friday afternoon to finally shut down. live tonight in prince george county maryland ina morocco "fox5 local news". >> an officer shot and killed a pit bull that charged at him. he got a call about annie yu mall bite and the dog was one of two pit bulls that attacked a woman. tisha lewis is live in northwest with the story, tish a. >> reporter: shawn, it is quiet and calm outside police headquarters and what i can tell you that was not the case in the northwest neighborhood. now police say the victim is expected to survive and no doubt very scary moments
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victim who we're told was simply riding by on a bicyclech the dog's owner could face charges including having your dog off a leash and allowing your animal essentially to attack the public. now, police don't know ft. dog had an owner or if this was simply a couple of stray dogs roaming through the neighborhood. now, this was the scene here on the 200 block of galanton street northwest d.c. and crime scene tape and scores of police and upset residents an a dead pit bull laying in the middle of the street. we're told the victim in this case tawld police as being attacked by the pit bull and another dog. now when police arrived here, they say the pit bull charged towards the officer and that's what the officer fired one round striking the dog, even so, investigators stay was actually second dog not the pit bull that bit the victim and that second dog was caught and taken away
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>> i happened to see the dog running up the street. he was washing barking at somebody on a bike. the dog came back. i didn't see what happened. all i heards with a shot. i didn't think it was a dog. it was a dog. they shot him. >> who is they? > >> the police. >> now, back out here live outside police haid quarters we did a quick search on youtube for pit bull attacked and results are endless. that goes to tell us how much this happens. now, here's the deal, police say that pit bulls are not illegal here in the district. but they also say that pit bulls like every other dog, must be on a leash. it appears in this case that was not the case. now, owners who failed to prevent their dog from essentially roaming the streets could face some serious penalties. residents here tell me that their biggest concern nothing
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officer who fired this around placed the people in the neighborhood, including children n. danger. i did ask d.c. police about that. and they say this incident is under investigation. tisha lewis, "fox5 local news". >> well the search for d.c. girl that vapished more than two years ago will continue for a second day tomorrow. today d.c. police renewed search for-year-old relisha rudd at the national arboretum. he was seen with the janitor where she and her family were living. the janitor killed himself. they believe he killed her and disposed of her body in that section of the city. >> we have a combination of k-9 dolingz and personnel about 60 personnel and partners from national centers for missing and exploited children and fbi and nbd members that will also be doing a search with our harbor branch. and this
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full days of searching and we'll let you know the results when we finish. >> chief linear said information led them to the arboretum but would not elaborate. time to look live after record cold this morning we warmed up this afternoon a little. now rain is expected tomorrow. could it affect the morning commute. could it affect the baseball game? let's academic with sue palka in the warm center with more. hey, sue. >> hey, tony. >> the answer to your question is yes, and yes and i think the rain will have a big impact on the morning commute taken may be moderate at times and showers spiping through the area and second wave in the afternoon maybe even a rumble of thunder. so the good news is we're not under a freeze warning and not going to be seeing record lows like last night and dulles dropped to 24 dying their record. it will be seasonal in terms of records. wet start for us tomorrow morning. here's the
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and you can see it's already beginning to push through central west virginia. look at the snow through canada and northern portions of new england. we'll see the rain getting in here right around 5 a.m. in the western suburbs. this is future cast. let me show what you you can expect for the morning rush hour taking to you 7 a.m. and it's not terribly wet yet and starting to push through to the district. if you need to walk your dog early make it around 6, 6:30 because the rain continues to build and we'll have a watch is of moderate rain move through 9 and noon and second piece of energy will create a few more showers i'm pausing this 4:00 for the nats game here that first pitch 4:05 there could be enough train cause delays and maybe they get it started and have to wait for another shower to pass through. showers in the afternoon would be briefer and dho still be moderate downpour here and there. we'll get it all out tomorrow night. but, we will be dodging raindrops. you know who is not unhappy about rain, though, anybo w
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suffers from allergies and it will wash the pollen out and that's good news or the way we'll frame it for now. tony. >> thank you, sue, very much. >> hopefully the rain holes for for the national's homeowner. they plan to pay tribute to those that died in the line of duty since the beginning of the year including prince william police officer ashley guindon. the two officers hurt in that shooting jessie hemton and david mc que inwill throe out the ceremonial first sglich and illegal dirt bikes in the district and they're about to take action. embarassing situation for a local law school. we'll tell you awe all about that. tony what are you working on? . >> federal inspectors launch aid safety blitz of metro train tracks. do you tax on one of the most trouble spots we'll it will you coming up, sarah. >> plus the gender divide in the toy industry. how the white house is looking to
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to fill jobs by addressing long-standing stereotypes in the toy world. shawn. >> and a little later we'll take you guys behind the scenes like you're seeing us behind the sdreepz right now but we're taking you behind the sceepz of "empire" we'll talk about a song and see what it's all about. news will be back in about 3 minutes you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. we're back with gr news for commuteers in mother montgomery and prince george county and today the maryland board of public works unanimous lay proved a contract to build a brand new purple line the 5.6 light rail project will run between bethesda and new carlton and will excrete dozen new stops and project is expected to be finished by year 2022. >> federal inspectors launch aid safety blitz of train tracks. they identified specific concerns on all six transit lines. metro new gm weighed in on that. jennifer davis joined us with what he had to say
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>> reporter: hi there, guys, the federal transit administration is doing an overall safety blitz of metro. this part they launched today is specifically looking at the integrity of train tracks. and they say as part of that they have identified ten trouble spots that will get extra attention and that includes tracks around this station here at friendship heights. take a look that graphic. they will inspect numerous locations through the metro rail system including walking inspections of 10 specific track segments and special concern and those are purple shaded areas you see on this map. the agency says it identified these trouble spots because of difficulty to access their history of defense and incidents and inspeingt tore recommendations. these include very, very commonly used stretchs in core of system and medical sent to friendship heights and rosland land to mc farton and navy front to navy yard and it
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inspect all 27 locations that needed emergency repairs during the systemwide shut down in march. metro manager attend aid meeting tonight of riders advisory council. he field aid lot of questions from them and then afterwards he talked to reporters and he welcomes the fda safety and as for the plan he is working on to overhaul the troubled system he reiterate today could be ready in 4 to 6 weeks and while didn't admit he is dialing back the dire option floated last week of shutting down entire lines for long periods like 6 months he did say right now he does not see that as a necessary option. >> i have not seen anything that leads me to that length of shut down. we'll do it systematically and hole is tkly and we'll come one a plan to reflect that. >> reporter: again you'll have multiple examinations going on here. the plan he's working on and one fta is working on
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will continue several more weeks and they hope to have a report with their findings by early summer. back to you guys. >> thank you very much. the white house is taking on gender stereotypes in the toy world. toy makers and parents are monday mopping some of the people putting heads together to breakdown barriers. in fact new numbers show stereotypes are shipping our children's futures. sarah simmons is here with more on this. >> tony, think of traditional toys for kids, dolls for girls, trucks or legos for boys color pink girls and blue boys. white house is saying we need to change tat line of thinking and it starts with the adults. here's how administration is taking this on. let's look at numbers they want to change. only 29% of jobs in stem short of course for science, technology, engineering and math are held by women and on flip side less than 25% of public school teachers are men and only 9% of nurses are men. these ar
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most demand and consequently there are many unfilled jobs. retailers say toys can have a major influence on this not only marketing to children in certain way and parents and educate verz to be more mindfu mindful. we caught up with mom at toy store today thinking twice about choices they is making for her daughter. >> it's exciting to see that especially as a mother i figured may be doing the story on this to let your daughter up spire you even. because i said something about the color blue i was going to pick outcome ors for birthday balloons i asked what colors wow like i said blue i said really blue, she said yeah mommy love blue. >> that's great the white house says it already has some media and toy companies on board with all of this. netflix will renew a young teen oriented show featuring four science go girls recruited
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spies and magazine family fun and parents will consider whether toys they review perpetuate the gender stereotype. a lot of talk about this and people getting on bored and thinking about it. >> it sets the stage. >> i think it's important. i have three boys. so i always wanted to buy girl toys deposit what i did i made sure my boys had a kitchen like little girls had kitchens we had kitchen and what do you call tool set. >> i deposit have the kitchen. >> we tried to make sure they had both. and the toy hammer and --. >> and clearly i only have the tichen. >> my son when younger want aid kitchen and we got him one. >> i think it's great. >> and it's progressive of you. i feel like my brother will thank me because i made him play with barbies with me. so you know helping him out. >> why not. >> in
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>> and i think it's great. >> the way i look at it. >> i look at it that way too. >> thank you. >> sure. >> coming up next tonight a kind of bizarre and creepy discovery and what college students found in their basement. >> and as we head to break a look at what is trending right now. d.c. police continue to search for relisha rudd and embarassing nickname for george mason law school we'll have that in a moment and chloe kardsahian show cancelled less than three months into production. cocktails with chloe. that's that one. rg3 has a chip on his shoulder in cleveland and no this is not photo shopped. look closely at that an actual alligator cattle eating call gator,. >> sure it is. >> september that crazy that's coming up.
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>> jorming mason school of law learns the hard way. it's an acronym of first letters of antonin scalia school, think about it. the world it spells out three letter word if letter to alumni the dean acknowledged mistake and said university instead decided to go to name antonin scalia law sglool if you were hiring a lawyer to respectyou wouldn't you want a certified -- no, seriously, i won't say. it but, yes, obviously it's something we deposit think through. we thought the nickname would be scalia school of law and didn't plan it all out ahead of time. >> yeah, because it's not just first three letters it would be antonin scalia school of law when you think about five letters and pronouncing them out then you have a real problem. the new name won't be made
10:25 pm
virginia state council on higher education is expected to approve. it. >> all those acronyms. >> check the acronyms before you go with it. >> indeed. all right. a new york high school students has 8 reasons to be proud. she was accepted to all eight ivy league schools augusta uemanzua her parents taught herself copfy dense and hugh tillty and there's no secret or short doubt academic success. >> trouble with numerous classes in the past but i guess what you know allowed me to be successful ultimately in those classes at the end is persistence and toe nasty. >> you go girl. >> no surprise she's valedictorian and passion for science earned her invitation to attend white house science fair. she's not sure which one of those 8 ivy league schools she will attend this fall. how cool is that. another interesting note there there was another student same high school o
10:26 pm
district that also got accepted to all eight ivy schools. >> this sgleer last year. >> i think i remember reporting on that last year. >> that school district is doing something right or parents are awesome. way to go. >> still to come putting brakes on illegal dirt bikes in d.c.. leaders say they're about to take action. janet jackson takes to twitter to cancel her tour. the reason that she gave "fox 5 news" at 10 continues
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jv recapping top stories, prince george county is cracking down on illegal strip clubs. businesses licensed restaurants to operate a strip club. twelve businesses were targeted and clubs v until friday
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decide permanently close or remove their adult entertainment. >> i'm tisha lewis at d.c. police headquarters a investigation is underway after a police officer shot a pit bull in northwest neighborhood the dog was ataing a woman one of two attacking a woman and that woman did get minor injuries and is expected to survive. >> and grab your rain gear for thursday morning and you may need extra time because it looks like moderate to potentially heavy rain coming through between about 7 in the morning and noon and we're not off the hook in the afternoon. i'll have your forecast in minutes. >> well tonight law enforcement leaders from around the dmv will join forces tomorrow to announce a yearlong investigation on area roads. >> this comes after atv hit and dragged d.c. police officer over the weekend in south east and another incident where atv surrounded ambulance on its way to
10:31 pm
"fox5" matt aklin has more tonight. >> how do you stop illegal motor bikes and atvs. just this weekend this video was shot right down the middle of florida avenue. then this video on pennsylvania avenue blocks from the capitol. >> there's about 7 different jurisdictions we all work together and been working together since last year. >> we'll talk about all those cases tomorrow. >> it's not issue specific to district. we have issues around the region and we are exploring new ways to deal with. it we hope to be able to announce symptoms. >> many residents are demanding action now and over the weekend in southeast a d.c. police officer motorcycle was hit and dragged by atv and this police report says the officer sustained an injury to his right leg. and here at north capitol in michigan "fox5" obtained email from the d.c. department of health saying ambulance was boxed in and forced to stop and
10:32 pm
ambulance had lights and sirens activated. >> knuckle heads, nitwits, clowns any of those descriptions is appropriate. >> to north in new york city mayor and police chief mean business. already confiscating more than 300 illegal bikes and wanting residents to tell them where illegal bikes are stored. mayor deblaseo saying they crush the bikes on live television. >> report when you see them and particularly help us if you know where they're storedch the best way to protect public safety is to get them before they go out on road. >> matt ackland, "fox5 local news". >> chief linear and other agency officials will hold a press conference tomorrow morning at 10:15 metropolitan police headquarters northwest. >> d.c. police need help tracking down the person who shot three women last night. it happened around 11 p.m. green street southeast and officers went door to door in neighborhood this morning looking for clues. all
10:33 pm
were taken to the hospital. we're told they were all expected to recover and if you have any information call d.c. police. >> and officers also need your help tonight identifying a person of interest wanted in connection with a sexual assault. and it happened last month along the 2 600 block of martin luther king jr. inciden incident. he was wearing a hat backwards inside this restaurant. if you recognize him and recognize his clothing or anything about him d.c. police want to hear from you. >> for the first time since last month terrorist attack in brussels plane coming from the belgium capitol landed at dulles international airport and flight received a water cannon salute after it touched down. one passenger that lived in u.s. says he didn't see much difference in the security process he wept through before he got on the plane. >> it was just usual but extra check was done and tying to make sure everything was safe. >> and in the wake of attacks
10:34 pm
virginia senators mark warner and time kaine are trying to atax attach a new proposal to faa reoriginalization bill and proposal would strengthen security at virginia airports. >> tonight questions are being raised about the way the tsa is pending some of your taxpayer dollars and documents show the agency spent 47,000 to have app developed. when the app all it did was point left or right. tech experts say the app could have been designed by novice coder in one day. it was to make it hard to detect pat erpsz. there's no reason taxpayers should pay so much for so little and that app no longner service. >> wait a minute. it's a pad with arrow that the person standing there has to tap and then she was pointing anyway. >> i don't -- yeah something like that. >> okay. >> yeah. >> they're just saying okay. >> coming up next tonight something else that might make you go
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that was snacking on cattle was caught. wait until you hear how big this monster was. >> and "fox5" is in recording studio checking out what went into the music on tonight's episode of empire. bosses may not want to hear this one. workers would not recommend their company looking for work and employees would like organization bet fer their job was more challenging and gave them more opportunity to learn new things. meanwhile report showing average worker can expect about 3% raise this year and if you're computer engineer more like 8% bump and electrical mechanical technicians 9% jump in pay and move over walmart because there's a new king of retail world. china based online retailer alabata sold more misdemeanor worldwide than walmart last
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may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. >> has to pictures are not photo shopped hunters killed this massive alligator at a farm florida they believe the gator was snocking on the farm's cattle. look how huge he is and belly area. you can see the gator was so
10:40 pm
tractor to pull it out of the water. images this gigantic alligator dangling from a tractor went viral and hunters say they plan to donate meat and have gator stuffed and put on display. >> ew. >> i don't want to see that. >> first when you see picture with little boy to looks just massive. it looks big guys there two. >> craze. >> i crazy. >> coming face to face with that monster. >> i hope they confirm was ea eating cattle. >> yeah. >> okay. >> all right. >> yeah. >> okay. >> and unusual discovery was made in the basement of a college student's home in massachusetts. >> derrek kruk and roommate found grave stone of a veteran that fought in war of 1812 the student called town's clerk about discovery and they found his actual burial plot at nearby cemetery and his son's grave that fought in civil war. >> they cleaned it off a little bit and found it and w
10:41 pm
find out who he was or what's the deal with it and here we are. >> grave stones travel you'll find grave stones as part of people's water spouts or walkways because they're still good stones and expensive. >> bridgewater officials ntsd grays hard end and not received medal don'ts they added medal and american flag. >> that's good. >> tonight on "fox5"local news at 11 montgomery county public school students could get a late start to summer vacation this year and school district was just told it needs to add several dies academic calendar and reason why at 11. >> and federal government says it will reconsider classification of marijuana as group of senators push for more medical testing what it could mean for you tonight at 11
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>> the loss of a legend tonigh tonight. meryl haggard died on his birthday. he recorded more than 40 years releasing dozens of albums and number one songs and best known for hits like oaky from miscogy and sing me back home. he died of pneumonia in calipari and was 79 years old. >> if you're looking forward to seeing janet jackson son tour you have to wait a while longe longer. jackson took to twitter saying she's delaying her unbreakable tour indefinitely to spend time with her family. some are speculate ago rifle of a child is what jackson really meant. she did not say she is pregnant she only said "my husband and i are planning our family and so i'm going to have to delay the tour" she says her doctor ordered her to rest. >> hm, beyonce
10:46 pm
company in texas for selling misdemeanor that she says infringes on copyrighted name the lawsuit was filed against feoynce incorporated like beyonce with an f and sells a line of misdemeanor that says feyonce put a ring on it. it seeks sales of feyonce misdemeanor. >> it was on "empire" and the music was important part of the show. >> producers makes sure it tells a story and insirz us to dance. behind the jeans scenes of the sound track episode she plays soriah brown and sings look but don't touch. she when she's not filming scenes she's singing. she listen to rhianna and drake.
10:47 pm
with soriah and her producer jim beans. >> yeah i think we can do that cooler like a little you know put you in it. >> right, okay, okay, okay. all right. . >> i just came in here to danc dance. i'm not looking for a man♪ . >> look but don't touch is a song done for her and i wanted to make sure she had a song that was club friendly and also simple. my ultimate view point on look but don't tich wanted to give steve hershorn drift route if that makes sense. >> look but don't touch, don't touch, don't touch. >> lgbt. >> look but don't touch, don't touch, don't touch♪ look but don't touch, don't touch, don't touch♪ . >> i love how he produces
10:48 pm
i've watched him actually make like a fwreet scratch and he'll use like anything in the room and he's just amazing talented person and vocal producing gets me in a mood. >> she's like my little sister every time we get in the studio she's top ideas and always try make sure she has song she can dance to. i think you know whenever i think of soria i think of overall entertainer. >>. >> she's good. >> shee us proofing. >> if you want more on tonigh tonight's episode head over to dox and we have more on the episode, fashion, music, drama so much to that show. you can't deny the songs are good. >> omg empie. >> ome. >> o
10:49 pm
>> thank you caityln. >> lot going on in the weather department as well. >> oh, yeah i'm going to bring you drama. >> some drama. >> yes, we have drama too. >> and weather drama heavy rain possible for the morning rush hour right we always struggle that on the beltway. time to look at that 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. we'll see showers potentially lingering into the afternoon. and just wanted to show you because we know many of you may be thinking about heading out to nats park 40:05 and second front comes through and heavier rain will number the morning and there will be scattered showers in the afternoon and take the rain gear if you head out to the park and hope for just delays which is what it is looking like at this point and maybe they get missed too. we will stay eternally optimistic. friday, school, breezy, dry, some shun shine and some clouds and it will feeley little colder as the breeze rolls back into town. and could saturday bring some spring snow? wow believe we forgot yet a clippe
10:50 pm
saturday. it will be a fast moving system moving on through and it may be cold enough to produce snow showers and maybe even in some spots a small accumulation and we're keeping really close eye on that and that would be quite something to see. snow on the weather map as you can see satellite weather and motion up to new england and canada and of course the rain that is moving in our directio direction. and slated to get in here right around 6:00 in the morning for western suburbs. let's check future cast if you need a little extra time in morning tomorrow is the day you want to plan for that. by:00 in the morning we're seeing moderate rain approach the beltway and can't rule out a rumble of upped thunder as this moves on through. by the time we get to noon hour most on the eastern shore headed to beaches and starting to clear the i 95 corridor and then we'll have a few hours in which maybe not a lot goes on. but the second piece of energy start to develop and months only and right around 4:00. we know that first pitch is 4:05 and you may have to watch for showers passing on through and there will be fewer
10:51 pm
by 7:00 check out the snow in mountains and then by the time we goat 8:00 i think we're all out of that moisture and we'll continue to see a small amount of snow for the mountains overnight tomorrow so it's one front coming through in the morning and second reinforcing front in the afternoon that could bring us another around of showers that will be watching. friday afternoon, then we're cool, breezy, little sunshine back through tomorrow we're thinking this could ends up being in general about half inch to maybe three-quarters taken toch of rain and this junes around a little bit and you can see future cast is giving us a few inches and washing out pollen and giving us lawn and flowers and poll ep and everything a drink it's not exactly what we wanted to see for opening day for nats as they take on miami marlins first pitch 63 chance of shower in the forecast and clearly with future cast you have to take that into consideration. can't eliminate them at the 7th inning and 61 degrees at 7 and by the time everything is done 58 degrees. we think that rain
10:52 pm
of town by then and definitely will have to keep the rain gear with you. we're down to 48 degrees in gaithersburg that's warmer than it was at this 24 hours ago and 51 degrees for district and we will not be as cold tonight and clouds and showers starting to move in from west to east and closer to five or six in the morning and tonight, 49, breezy, not as cold as it has been and during the day tomorrow, again, watch for a little bit of rain and maybe even a rumble of thunder even in the afternoon round and sunny breaks cause see here for a little bit in the afternoon. and up fortunately for us that energy seems to be coming right back into the picture as we gets closer to game time. 64 for d.c. and okay let's talk a little more about what we're seeing for the weekend because saturday, possibility of some snow showers and we talked about that clipper coming through with a temperature of 47 we're hopeing a lot of that would headlight and could there be accumulation on grass stay tuned for that and see. sunday, cold, 57 degrees and chilly and little back to where we should be monday and tuesday and temperature-wise mid
10:53 pm
with a chance of rumble of thunder and by the time we goat wednesday about 62 degrees. we see one more cold shot after the saturday sunday cold shot next week and after that we think, we'll bring on the warm stuff again. >> bring on the warmth that we like that. >> mid april a chill and after that good stuff. >> i like that. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, sue. . it's hard to believe but there's one episode left of "american idol". dalton raptony was eliminated this evening and couping a new champion will be a small part of tomorrow's star-filled finale. season 7 winner david cook says "american idol" changed his life. >> i'm hop order to geto
10:54 pm
here and celebrate the end. but i am sod to see the platform go away what it meant for me and others is incalculable. >> the two hour show will air live 8 p.m. on "fox5". >> stick around we'll be
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. >> no matter what you do reminders age is nothing but a number and robert griffin iii meets media in chief sglapd before we goat number 25 he's 25th quarterback let's run down 24 people quarterback for land cleveland browns. , 24 quarterbacks employed by cleveland browns and number 25 on second chance. >> i want to play ball, man,
10:58 pm
i'm excited to be here last year and didn't is an opportunity to play football. to have that opportunity here and compete and grow it's truly a blessing. i'm not trying to let any baggage hold me down from past but i have a massive chip on my shoulder and this team has a massive chip on its shoulder. >> well let's talk golf now. par 3 contest on eave of first round of masters jordan spieth with autograft in high demand and best part of day, sons, daughters, grand sons and grand-daughters of players wearing caddie overalls and having a blast and record for holes in one in this event was five. today record was shattered nine players with aces including back-to-back by justin thomas and fouler and they all head in comparison so gary player. he's 80, 08 years old and his ball finally found the cup and set two records oldest to do it and that's his first at the he vend. watch it, watch it, watch it, watch
10:59 pm
amazing 80 years old made it happen. but, gary player is a whipper snapper when you compare him to 105-year-old texas ranger span sullivan this afternoon she threw out the first pitch and she drinks three doctor peppers every day and they told her too much shruger and her reply they're all dead and i'm still alive. >> you go grand maxt you go. >> you know what it's not too bad or shabby on the distance. >> it's not. >> she's second person that we've heard that was close to that aim that said they drink dr. pepper. >> what are they suggesting something. >> interesting. >> cheap endorsement deal. >> i would give her a deal. >> i would give it to her. >> absolutely. >> news at 11 starts right now. >> right now 11 prince george county closed a loophole on an
11:00 pm
it shut down permanently will help that nobody else gets involved in anything or hurt in anything. >> why it's taken so long for the crackdown. >> temperatures are warming up. but it comes at a price. we're attracting heavy rain in the thursday forecast. >> and plus a local school district could have extra days added to this year's calendar. fipt out why on "fox5"local news at 11. >> thanks for joining us tonight i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm tony perkins. >> party is over for a dozen clubs in prince george county ordered to shut down their adult entertainment activities or face county action. "fox5" told you about the concerns neighbors had about the clubs during undercover investigation more than one year ago. >> marina morocco was on the story from the beginning and joins us from fairmont heights maryland. >> this establishment behind me here is ebony inn one of the twelve establish.s ordered cease and desist by prince george co


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