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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  April 7, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> ahead this morning ahe a-virginia school controversych comes to a heated eoond.eated e >> it is impossible to provide a world class education with a single class mentality.enli >> after much debate, theebe, school board stands firm onoard its choice for a middle school's name change. plus, a fox5 investigationta leads to a crackdown ofckdown illegal strip clubs in maryland. and grab your umbrella andrr get ready for a soggy thursday.thursd just when will the rainheai arriving and for how long? fox5 news morning starts right >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> and good tuesday morning tooo you. i'm holly morris alongside ofde wisdom martin and maureen
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>> it may be dry right now butrt that won't be the case in a't b few hours.w hours heavy rain expected to poundtedu our region.ouregi gary will have your fulll forecast coming up at 4:35. 4:3 >> first we have breaking newsiw in the district. a child is recovering thiserg morning after he was shot overnight. >> now, this happened on footise street in northeast d.c. our melanie alnwick is just in neighborhood and she joins us ji live on the phone with thehone very latest information inor this story. melanie, what can you tell us.t >> reporter: good morning, guys. yeah, so things are aca littleit confusing here. we're trying to sawyer outr with d.c. police.with d initially there was a reporte wa that it may have been a very a v young child that was shot.sho and that it may have been inn the course of some sort of a a home break n there was areas lookout for a black male armed with a gun a gray suv.ray suv the d.c. police department isic not confirming thatin information to us. all they will confirm is that ia it is a juvenile male and that t it is a nonlife-threateningeate injury. they're not confirming the age of this they're also not
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any of the information abouthe i the armed break in.e we can tell you thatar for a f brief time overnight thistimerng happened around quarter to midnight, on foot street, that road was closed, a couple blocks closed during the police investigation.ce inv this morning as of about i i would say 4 o'clock or so, 4:15 when we drove by there, no sign of police activity anylt longer on that block or in or that neighborhood.rhood. so, looks like they were ablebl to get whatever evidence theyy needed to pretty quickly and a clear out of that o t neighborhood.nei so, we're still working to tryo to get some sort of confirmation from d.c. police p in terms of exactly whatly w happened and the age of this juvenile male that again atgain this point nonlife-threateningeg injuries. back to you >> appreciate it. ing. happening today, today twoi in the ongoing search forearc relisha rudd.lishudd. the d.c. girl vanished morehed than two years ago. ago police had continue to lookeo l for any signs of rudd at theuddt national arboretum tod she was last s
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janitor who worked in a d.c. homeless shelter. the janitor khalil tatumlat killed himself. hse police believe tatum killed kil the little girl girl and maynd have exposed of her body inod northeast d.c..c d.c. police are being tight t lipped about what led them toham search the arboretum.oret >> a year long investigation ins into illegal dirt bikes and atv's on area roads. r this news comes after a d.c. a police officer was hit and dragged by an atv over the the weekend and another incidentiden where an atv surrounded onunded ambulance on its way tolance on children's hospital.ospi a lot of residents are demanding tours take actionake t now d.c. police chief lanieroleh says officers will follow itslo no chase policy.y. developing overnightvern oklahoma officials now say aay large wildfire burningur 170 miles northwest ofles nohwes oklahoma city started whenhe high winds caused power lines l to arc sparking dry gas. that blaze has still yet to be contained.aid. it has burned more
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a massive wildfire burning b along the arizona-california border. firefighters began battling batl the brush fire in westernire ins arizona yesterday morning. mni it then jumped the coloradompedc river into california burningng through parts of a national wildlife refuge on both side border. soft flames 2rv parks in california have beenia h the cause of the blaze isblaze still unclear.lear. >> ♪ >> stars from country music musc and beyond are rememberingri legendary singer song writer merle he died yesterday on what was his 79th birthday. haggard rose from poverty andnd a short stint in prison torisont become one of the most one o celebrated can country artistsrt of all time. charlie daniels tweetedet country music has suffered onefn of its greatest losses ever. eve brad paisley said thank god sd d for his life and songs. >> 4:34 is the time right let's get a check of thecheckf t forecast with gary mcgrady mcg who is downstairs in the
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good morning.go >> good morning to you wisdom. good morning to everybody else at home getting up early witodht us. let me show you temperaturespetu because it is a lot warmer lot r this morning than where wee were yesterday morning.esterdayi we had record sengtting coldtinc yesterday morning out at out a dulles.du not the case this morning. morng check it out.eck temperatures are all in the the lower to mid-50's out there. and we are watching thehe progression of the rain shower activity which is back to thechi west of us now. all this is west owef i-81. i you can see here on storm sto tracker radar this light rain is beginning to come s this is just the last hour int i time. so, it has come on in in the iin last it will continue to work inn our direction.irection i suspect that before our our commute is really good andd and going, we're going to have to h some showers moving on acrossn r here and then later on in then n commuting time period thiserio morning it looks like it'sks l going to be mainly just rainust coming looks like some good moderate mr rain in some cases as well. w temperatures today will makeay m it up into the upper 50's,0' lower 60's.0' now, that's a point in timeim today late th
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this evening temperatures will u cool back down into the upperheu 50's as we get another chancehae of some showers coming oning across so i think the heaviestha of the rain is during the durine first part of the day and then n later on this afternoon andftera this evening we're just going js to have some showers out here. h could be a delay with the homee opener of the nats game todaye y but i still think they'll beheyl able to get this 1n i mention mi that because erin is all a donned and ready -- is that- t hard to wear a nationals jersey, erin, for a girl that t grew up in filly?n filly? >> i'll tell you what, gary, my dad grew up in pittsburgh and. and. >> i'm exposing you.'m >> he's so excited because he be loves baseball. he says i want you to find med m a game where the nats and thende phillies are playing or the nats and pirates are playingre and i'll can come to d.c. and c the head to anthe park with youu i'm excited for my first full nationals season.s opening day, increased ire pedestrian traffic, could be a t rain delay but regardless gamera set to begin r at 4:05. 4:05. if you're trying to get aroundro the ballpark you'll see a lotee of increased and traffic around south capitol and n cap street and those
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in prince george's county road work 50 east at la vista. in montgomery county more inner loop construction at clara barton parkway. paray road work continues on thees inner loop past braddock o roada little caution in fairfax.utai aside from that as you headha yh out on our interstates trafficat is quiet on 270 throughgh gaithersburg. things are looking really good on 95 northbound as you head h past dale city. none of those typicall congested areas yet but we'll w let you know when thatyou know h changes.chges. that's your traffic. traff >> all right, erin thank youht,k very much. new this morning in prince i william county after weeks of we controversy, the name willame w change after all.ll the school board is standingol i by its decision to rename ren mills e. godwin middle school.l. fox5's annie yu is live in liv i prince william county with theau very latest on this story. annie, good morning. >> reporter: hey, goodor morning to you, wisdom. certainly there was a lot of controversy leading up to thisle meetinadg surrounding the namee and as you mentioned, thetionede school board did decide tooard d move forward with its original i plan to rename thi
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behind me here mills e. godwin middle school to dr. georgee hampton middle school who washos a long time community leaderty a and army veteran.and my vet it was a packed room last rm night with dozens of people peo addressing board members for bo hours trying to convince themnce which way to vote.ote. after weeks of controversy they decided to go ahead with ad the original plan.l p the name debate arose as aaroses result of a compromise. of what north koreaa early march m the school board in an effort bn to please the community made a e compromise that it would name n one of its newest schoolschls after fallen firefighter kyleigt wilson and then rename anenam a existing school here to dr.o george hampton.amon board members thought it was a good idea because formeror governor mills godwin was a segregationist though he rose above his segregationist pastgap and became one of virginia'sirg' most effective leaders but lde that is how this controversyy began over his name.n last night many sounded off. sod many delivered passionatelivere arguments if both sides.mes if take a listen to some of th
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>> dr. hampton diversity dersi inclusion and positive changee a that is desperately needed in this county. cnt school board members need tooare honor their commitment by naming godwin to hamptonto hampt middle. >> over 45 years ago and over multiple school boards no one game a darn about governor godwin's character until therene were two groups of people whoeow wanted a name on a school and only one school to name. the whole ensuing debacle has de been made into a black-whitishci and it should not have been. b >> reporter: so, as it as i stands now, moving forward, ford this school behind me, the banner will be changed fromng godwin middle school to dr. to george hampton middle schoolch and the school board is set tors meet again on this in about in t two weeks. back to you in the studio. >> ♪ >> coming up, new team, same old altitude.ltitud rg iii taking heat for recentorc
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>> ♪ >> time now is 4:42. let's take a look at our took realtime news tracker and see what stories you're talkingou'ri about on social media this morning.rn
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a deep pool of cold air will w dive towards our region this weekend dropping temperaturespp 20 to 25 degrees below normalrel and bringing with it the potential for some wet snow on the white house takes onak gender roles. a conference on wednesdaywe looks to end can courage more girls to explore careers inxploe science, technology, engineering and math by rethinking both the products pru toy companies make for young f u girls and media children childre consume we'll have much morewe on this in just'l about 10 minutes.minutes. and your eyes could get a whole lot samsung has been grant add patent in south korea for contact lenses way displaylens that projects images direct dir into wearer's eyes.into wrer' the futuristic lenses feature fe a built in camera that snaps pictures with the blink of an eye. amazing. finally former redskinmer rn robert griffin, iii says he'sin starting his new gig as theig at quarterback of the clevelandhe browns with "a massive chip onve his so
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griffin said at his introductory news conference that he's ready to prove to pro himself and that he isn'tt hesn going to let baggageet bag presumably from his career as a redskin hold him down. dow >> is he done yet. don >> only thing that's holdingol him down is his own mouth,, right. >> robert, robert.>> robert, rob >> don't talk, just prove yourself. >> just do it. all right, we'll see how thiss plays out.plays o in honor of friday eve a e local brewery getting bigettingb honors. honors straight ahead which one was one named one of the best inof thee america.amic >> and remember this, kids may have enjoyed all those snowhoses days but now some may have toy v pay for it with a longer lon school year.hool y >> first no snow today butod definitely rain, a lot of itot o in the forecast. fec gary will have all the details i next and erin will have a look the all right roads.rese back after this. 4:44 is your time. first body wash with fragrance release pearls. touch your skin to release fragrance up to 12 hours. caress love forever.
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>> hey, good morning.
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friday eve around here. h showers coming out to the west w of us.of storm tracker radar shows youws where the rain is first offirst all, we're all dry right now. early commuters looks likecomm you'll be dry but this willt thl come on across as we look atoo the loop of the last hour,opf it's starting to move in pretty aggressively.ssel obviously there's more raine's back out to the west that'se we' going to come temperatures this morning not nearly as cold, okay., we're in the 50's this morningor instead of the 20's like wee were yesterday morning. mni milder air coming in on these t southerly winds, clouds, too.ud, reagan national is 54, dulles d 53, bwi marshall 52 degrees.dege here's where we are this morning at 5:00 at0 this looks really accurate. aur this is our futurecast model,tod in house model kind of showsel s you where the rain is back out to the west of us and it will w sweep across and by 7, 8y 7, 8 o'clock you can see how up and down i-95 a lot of rain here. h yellow represents primarilyre where there's going to be ae' little bit of moderate rs ain in we're not talking about heavyg t rain here. as this scoots on by we'll getol a little bit g
4:48 am
looks like late morning earlyine afternoon but i still want toant say there's a possibility that a we could have a shower in and ad around one, 2 o'clock thiss afternoon but it's just going jt to be very spot too. st too. as we get to late afternoon,ften early evening a few moreew showers around and then we getn into tonight, we dry out.ery o you see the snow back out tout the west and the colder air.rir that's where it's going state. e listen, agoing tost by saturday looks like mainlyoki rain, possibly a little bit oflt snow mixing in.g here in the city, in the metro t area we're going to be toong t warm for this to be a problemem but northwestern counties on saturday, especially saturdaysp ecafternoon could see perhaps aa little of this snow get pulled e down with the cold air and mixed in but surfaceurfa temperatures again way too w warm to be talking aboutki abo anything in the way of accumulation.mulation specifics on the weekend look t like this. 47 degrees on saturday. s it's still super cold for april 9th on saturday no, doubt about it. we'll have cold rain showersve c around here, even a littleit snow m
4:49 am
that's northwestern named windwe wilstneighborhoods, too.s, at least we have sunshine andunh the winds will not abproblemot a on sunday.onun seven-day forecast looks likefoo this. we're talking about 63 degrees r today with the rain shower activity. cooler for tomorrow.or hopefully the seven day is s going to come can up for us,s, erin. i'm supposed to just push thiss button and things happen. h there you go.u >> there you go.>> t >> sun and clouds friday, 56. 5 you can see colder temperatures coming in onures saturday and sunday.sard we get back into the 60's possibly 70 by next here she is.he you heard her voice.oi now see her face, erin como. >> 4:49. >> move your hair so you can show that -- there you go. g >> there we go. we g >> home opener today, 4:05. >> i tried my best to get this on this morning. morng >> it looks like fine. put me in coach.. >> gary, let me ask you a let question. what time do you think the y rain is going to move in? is it going to be m a wet m >> no, no, listen, there'she going to be a few showersto bfe around, there's definite
4:50 am
will it be heavy enough tot be cause a delay? i can't tell't l you that.u that. i don't know.t >> we'll play it ear by ear. e >> definitely that was they'llel play a game today guyy like th sounds that of.unds inner loop caution in fairfax. x montgomery county inner loop coe at clara barton parkway.n parkw we'll let you know when thosehee work zones clear. give yourself a few extra ext minutes this morning if the m i rain does move in grab your umbrella. it could be a potentially wetpoa ride that could cause issuessess later this morning. morni more road work 50 east at lottsford vista road.oa in prince george's 50 ise george moving along just fine towardses the beltway.the belt we're not seeing any of thosef t major slowdowns out by kenilworth just yet.lw jus metro is gearing up for service on time that's traffic. >> d.c. department of.c. transportation will be outortate checking local bridges andridges tunnels. that will happen from today t from 10:00 until 3:00. the agency will inspect thehe bridge along south capitol sou street over the anacostia river. there will not be any road any closures work on p s
4:51 am
avenue will take placela this is routine work that vdott does to ensure the safety oury o bridges. >> good news for commuters in montgomery and prince george'src county. the maryland board of public oub works approved the contract to build the new purple the light rail project willjectl run between bethesda and new more than 16 miles long it lon will create more than a dozen ad new symptoms the project is t pe expected to take several yearsol to build with hopes of ititpes being finished by the year 2022.2 montgomery county publicry school students could see an extra two days tacked ontotack their school year.eir maryland officials rejected the school district's suggestug to waive two school days lostwoo during snowstorms this past winter. the school system has yet toy make adjustments to make up make for the lost time. june 17th is the last planned pn day for students. sde montgomery county schoolgome officials say they're lookingeyr to quickly resolve thiss calendar >> toy makers, the white houseee and researchers are allrchers ae teaming up, they're tying to tyt
4:52 am
make toys more gender neutralral something they say plays a big g role in shaping children and chi that brains. b when we think of tradition noran toys for kids we think of thi dolls for girls and trucks orru legos for boys.le that impacts what careers our kids go into. int these are the numbers they'renu hoping to change.ha yonely 29 percent of jobs in stem, which is sciencewhich is s technology engineering andring math held by women. w on the flip sykes less thanp sya 25 percent of public schoolc sco teachers and only 9 percent ofeo nurses are men. retailers say toys can have aave major influence on that. tha coming up in our 5 o'clock 5 o'o hour we'll hear how some localol parents are reacting. >> interesting study 'cause i 's can't remember any toy thatmber was in my childhood that hadha any impact on what i'm doing right now.t n >> i understand it to ai certain extent.unrtain i understand toys across-the-board should behe-bos available for girls and boys aoy but i do think there is something innate. i think it's a little combination of nature andur
4:53 am
i don't think it's a hundredit percent either way. >> right.>> that's putting a lot ofot o emphasis on toys. thank you holly.olly. actor charlie sheen is the subject of a criminalect investigation by the los angeles police department.en law enforcement officials offias decline to release detailsetai about the case only sayingayin they've obtained a searchea warrant. celebrity news site radary ne online says they had beenee served a subpoena from the lapd for a 35 minute audioutud recording that allegedly haseged sheen threatening hisenins exfiancee.exfiancee. she by the way is suing sheensus for having sex with hervi sex without telling her that he is hiv positive. posit >> another major setback foretba ke$ha in her case againstgainst record producer dr. luke a newu york judge denied her bid toer o get out of her contract withac t sony music.usic the judge threw out ke$ha's ke$ case after ruling the alle
4:54 am
the judge ruled her claimsher ca were not severe enough to break her contract. >> ♪>> >> all right, the stage is setge for tonight's final episode of american idol. ido the long running singingin series will can come to an endon tonight after a winner isr chosen for season z la porscheor renee and trent harmon arearn battling it out for the final idol crown. cro last night america said goodbye to dolla dolby. dol you can watch the historicn wahh finale right here on fox5. fox >> it's going to be a good ba go one. i didn't watch it. i heard they were phenomenaly last night both of >> 4:54 is the time.he t one local brewery has a lot to celebrate this morning. frederick's flying dog
4:55 am
ranked number 37 on the 3on brewer's association top 50 flying dog is the only local l brewer on the 2015 list and lis was number 37 in lasts ranking.nking. the number of breweries operating in the united statestd grew to a total of 4,269. >> ♪ >> i was man they do one withan old bay. told it's so good.'s s here, listen here's what'ss wh happening out that now.g ou we're watching this rain backaic out to the west of thet of it's going to be moving in. and unfortunately this ishis i going to make for a wet morning commute. commu i don't see how we don't gethown wet during the morning commute t and some of this could beould b moderate rain, too. you see that coming up throughhu roanoke right now, those yellows and oranges.s that's tracking in our t direction so we'll continue tos get that closer to us and ass it gets closer to us, obviously things around herengoh are going to be wet.e t. now, later today, here's theay deal. we're going to have a chancehanc of some showers,
4:56 am
thunderstorm, even into theven e afternoon there will be a lull in theull middle of the day where we'll probably have mostly dry conditions. still a couple showerslehowe possible.poss winds today west 15 to 20. 20. we make it up to 63 briefly but later this afternoonr th temperatures will come backmeac down into the upper 50's.0' there's your forecast. foras ly here's your thursdayda morning traffic. erin como is in with that.ha hey,er are are i >> hey, gary. good thing i have my umbrella. l it is a wet ride later this latt morning as gary mentioned. menti right now dry conditions onondin the roads and just a little a le bit of work zone area thatre t needs to get cleared up on the inner loop past braddock road.rd good news no major slowdowns swd this morning in fairfax.airfax as you make your way out on out montgomery county inner loopinn at clara barton parkway, clara c barton parkway is quiet. q things are good on 270 as youasu pass from frederick past the truck scales making your wayr wy towards the spur.pur. 50
4:57 am
road, these roads should clear e by our 5 o'clock hour. h grab your umbrella and a patience. may want to get an early startt to avoid that rain before itbe i kicks in. back to you. toou. >> ♪ coming up at 5:00 breaking news in the district.n dis an overnight shooting leaving a child injured.nj >> and with just months left let in office, president obama setbt to do something he hasn't done in seven years. y >> first, though, let's get a quick check on the stockk market. asian stocks are mixedixed following a surge in oiln prices.prices. european shares are higher.harei u.s. futures are down thisth morning. 4:57 right now. we're back right after this. >> ♪ yvette: i was running for my life. he was flicking matches on me... my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated.
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news >> ahead at 5:00 leaders lea across the region comingomin together to hold illegal dirtl d bikes accountable.ountab >> controversial name changeer comes to a heated end forsi a virginia examined how exane residents are reacting to thetot board's decision this morning. m >> and a live look outside onute this home opening day for the t nats.nats unfortunately i think it'satelih going to be a soggy one.oggyne grab your umbrella, raincoat, rc rain boots. we'll talk more about allaut about what's headed our wayeadey with gary.wi gar erin will have traffic.ra those both coming up on the 5s. right off the top breakingt news of a child shot in the district.distri this happening overnigh


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