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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  April 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.wsr >> straight ahead at 6:00 a 60 young child is shot in thehoin district overnight.rnht police say this happened hpene during a break in at a house h in northeast.theast we're live with the verye with v latest. >> also a heated debate ina ed d prince william county over thevt renaming of a middle school. but this morning the school board is standing firm on its decision. >> and a live look at nats a park on this thursday. thu we were hoping for a dry day today but it's rain in the forecast. it's april 7th.> it the team's home opening todaynid but will it be a washout? who weather and task on the 5sr an at -- traffic on the 5's at 6:05. good morning, i'm allisonni, seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. cnev. we will can um twelcome to fox5g breaking news in the district. d word of a child shot. s this was overnight on footn street in northeast d.c..c >> our melanie alnwick isanie as gathering details.gaing she's live at the sixthixth district police
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mel. >> reporter: good morning,r: steve and allison.ison. certainly must have been somemut very frightening moments forni this young boy and his mother.oe we are hearing that thisrihat happened around 11:45 last night, that the boy is as as young as five or six years old. fortunately nonlife-threatening injuries inr and sounds like he was not the untended this may be a domesticomi situation but not confirmed, a domestic situation with an wh a ex-boyfriend who broke intoo the mother's home because he was angry about another --noth - some sort of situation.itti and so again, the boy not the intended target.arge he was taken to the hospital, nonlife-threatening that area was shut down for a a little while last night.ig that scene has since been cleared, but they're still work on getting some of thettin details in terms
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suspect and also details in terms of what the lookout maykom initially we had heard thateard may have been a lookout for aora gray suv. and we also are hearing, again,a also not confirmed but sourcesus did tell me that two policetwo i officers had to carry the boyoy down the stairs and it'sirand possible they may have been slightly injured coming downingd those stairs trying to carryrs the boy. t still trying to work on thatnha information as well.l. but, a lot of details stilltill here unfolding and we'll a we'll continue to keep you guysou guys updated with anything new thatgt we get on this. t live at sixth district, i'mistrm melanie alnwick, fox5 localal news. >> thanks, mel. d.c. police will canvasolic the national arboretum in northeast today for the day todt two in the ongoing search forrc little relisha r the d.c. girl vanished moreisd than two years ago now.go n she was last seen with a janitor who worked at a d.c..c homeless shelter where she washt staying. the janitor, khalil tatum, tat killed himself.imlf police believe tatum killed
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disposed of her body.ody. >> today police agencies fromeno across the dmv expected too announce a year longea long investigation into the illegaltl dirt bikes and atv's on areare roads. ro this news comes after a d.c. a d police officer was hit andas h dragged by an atv over the weekend and another incident where atv's surrounded anunded ambulance on its way tolance ons children's hospital.chen's h many residents are demanding den officers to take action now to get the illegal dirt bikes off the well, hopefully it will bewb a big day at nationals parknalsp today. it is home opener today. tanner roark gets the start. ths >> fans are encouraged to use public transportation. >> bob barnard is live at nats a park with all the information we need except what we can do about the forecast.oue fo bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning,r: guys. yeah, so far so good. there's no rain. rai fingers crossed doesn't lookcros like that's going to do it anyoi g the sign says it.t. opening day here at nationals park. pa very few people here, just ae ,t few nats officials and some ands other
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soon this stadium is going tongo be lit up hopefully not tooot t soaking wet but it looks like le that's out of our control. of ot but, yeah, a big day here her guys, opening day and we want wn to tell you a few things thatw n you'll need to' first of all, anyone coming to the stadium will have to goe t g through metal detectors to get inside the ballpark today.kod also the fires 25,000 fans are a going get a pair of sunglassesus courtesy nats and the geico t gi here so 25,000 fans will come ce away with sunglasses.ungl not that you'll necessarily neca need them today and also the ao washington nationals are expecting their 25 millionth fan will enter the ballpark balr today and that fan will get ailg pair of opening day ticketsay tc for the next 25 years, a, a jacket, a jersey, some othere or things as want to tell you that theou that first pitch will be thrown byby those two prince williamil county police officers whoolicef survived the fatal shooting of officer ashley guindon. guind they'll be throwing out theowint first pitch against thegain marlins here at 4:05 is the:05 first pitch of the ball game.e l
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highlights quickly from last q night.ui e nats swept the bravesraves winning at turner field last fie night three to one and thend hero of the game was a reserve outfielder matt denecker.enr. he spent most of the day in syracuse, the nats aaa ball ball club up in syracuse. yracus he grabbed a 5:30 p.m. flightm.h got down to atlanta suited upui and ended up being the hero ofer the game so the nats come homeeh with a two-nothing record. again, an afternoon pitch at 4:05 the start against the miami marlins. mar fingers crossed, guys, it's supposed to be an awful a awful morning weather-wise but we're-u going to hold out hope thatha perhaps somehow tucker andhow td everybody else got it wrongrong and it won't rain. r it hasn't started butas we'll have to see and we'lln' be here all morning. morni >> bob, we'll keep an eye onl ky you hopefully you'll beou'll b staying dry most of theg drmost morning, too.moing, tucker has the answer to that question. >> morning hours he will not hou remain dry unless he gets inetsn the dugout.e i highly reco
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nationals it's very nice down there. tre >> but what about theut afternoon. >> you mean as far as rain? yeah, rain showers in the fo srecast. forecast. in fact let's get to it.get to i start with milderstar temperatures. first thing you notice whenyo you step out this morning,u hisi you're like ohng, yeah, feelseas better. >> it did feel five.eliv >> 20 degrees warmer thanmer tha yesterday morning, 25 in manyn n cases. cases. 54 up in frederick, 55 dulles55l and all right, rain showers movingrn in from the south and west.soan you can see them there not tooot far away. so, it won'ting lon i think another hour or sor much of the area will start tol break out in rain. rn. a viewer out to the westhe w you're already dealing withealit rain along 81. winchester front royalhe thinking of you guys upf you u towards hagerstown nowagn no starting to get showerting activity. so, what's going to happen isngp we're going have a front comeroe through this morning.roug we'll get a bit of a breakof b between probably about 11:00ut 1 and 2:00 and then some rainome showers, see them back into ohio, redevelop this afternoonis so it will be kind off scattered rain showers for theif late afternoon and early evening. enough to cause some delays likely. won't be a beautiful afternoonfo
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either. kind of a tough call for thefore nationals this afternoon.ft breezy with showers,eezyith temperatures in the low 60's. bring an umbrella. urell we'll have showers on and off throughout the day. >> thank you. y >> sometimes you just need n team spirit erin.pirit in. >> so pretty.retty. >> beautiful.eaut >> i enjoy wearing sneakers snek and sweat pants to work.swea it's a win for everyone.ryon >> you wear it well. i w >> thank you. 95 northbound volume is pretty e heavy from dale city to woodbridge.od give yourself exare a time. live look outside 66 in virginia, inbound traffic fromir manassas into centreville cen prince william parkway as youkw make your way towards theway wad beltway into centreville centrev you're going to have that wallhw of slow moving traffic andic a congestion. also in arlington we're dealing with slow provinglo traffic by sycamore on 66n 66 eastbound.eastbou look back at our maps andaps we'll see what else you're up against.nst. 270 south from 70 to the truck scales you dip down to about a 30 miles per hour. h lost stop-and-go traffic. tff gets a little heavier towardserr the bottom of the beltway as well n prince george's county c crash activity ma
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northbound at pine field road.ti 50 on the in fbound side alsoe a dealing with typical day by kenilworth.kenilworth. as you make your way out ine yo the district volume increasing on our secondaries, northwest nh section, massachusetts and masss wisconsin just a little bitittlt and opening day traffic increased pedestrian trafficd pe as well around the ballpark solk give yourself extra time. that you can always take metroem to avoid getting stuck in any i of those delays. del hope tom lamainhopefully it wona rainout.t. back to you allison and >> the prince william countyrinc school board standing by its s decision to rename a middle school.ol. >> this action comes afterti heated arguments. fox5's annie yu is live in i woodbridge with the story.ry annie, good morning.d >> reporter: hey, good morning, allison and steve. sve well, after weeks of controversy the school board made its final decision thatal it's sticking with its original plan to rename the the school near woodbridge, virginia. so, soon, this sign mills e.ills godwin middle school will be
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changed to dr. george hampton d. middle school and it was aoo packed room last night withst nt dozens of people about 50 or so addressing board membersin for hours trying to convinceyint them which way to vote anday tod this name debate arose as ae ara result of a compromise.a co back in early march the school l board made a compromise thatpro it would name one of its newest schools after fallenaln firefighter kyle wilson and rename an existing school to dr. george hampton who is a is long time educator, community cu leader and army veteran. van a board member at the timeat the wought it was good idea toit replace the name because the former governor, mills e.ills godwin was known as a segregationist but rose above bs his past and became one of virginia's most effectivetive leaders.leer he served two terms and gainedng broad support but to somesuppor community members his pastit still hitsy a nerve to this day and opponents of the name nam change felt as though their voices weren't heard andes w that's why the board held thises meeting last night to hear both it got heated and passionatee arguments were made from bothomh sides. take a listen. >> over multl
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no one gave a darn about governor's character untiler unt their two groups of people want add name on a school and only one school to name of the ensuing debacle lab made intoadn a black might have whitish andg it should not have been.d >> do the right thing. t you spoke in a united voiceniteo and unanimously voted to rename godwin middle schoolech after dr. hampton so i urge torg you keep your word. >> association ththe board votee three to change the name.e th n. moving forward the name will na be changed from godwin middle school to dr. george hampton middle school.mi that's the latest here inesre woodbridge virginia, annie yuiey fox5 local news. >> the war of words. wor hillary clinton and donald trump. >> we're back in just 30 seconds.
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>> a teen driver was killedee when shen crashed her civic her into a car causing the booing tg explode an flying piece of metal is the cause of her death. death. the tenth known death in the united state
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recall repairs were neverepai wr made. so far 14 automakers have recalled 24 million vehicles in the united states. the the largest auto recall in in oklahoma a state statete of emergency in 10 countiesen now as fire crews continue tooni battle a massive wildfire wildf there being fueled by windy and dry conditions while outwhil west a suspicious fire burning b along the arizona-californiaal border. there was no lightning in the area and skies were l clear whee flames started prompting pro evacuations including two rv parks. frontrunner donald trump and hillary clinton moving on from defeat in wisclconsin focusing on new york and on w yd pennsylvania. last night in new york, 15,000k0 people attended a trump event on long island. the first rally of his newrallys york campaign swing. he's currently ahead of the polls in his hntome state.ta senator ted cruz meantime didntd not stop -- well, his stop in so the bronx went forward but not n exactly as planned. pla he was heckled by two protestors accusing cruz ofgru being anti-immigrant. as for ohio governor johnnor jo kasich he took a brief break ari from the campaign trial return t
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deliver the state of the stateoe address last 90 on thet 90 on te democratic snator bernie sid sanders questioning whetheron hillariny clinton is qualifiedsa to be president.rede in response, clinton's clint campaign called his attacks onsc her a new low. both candidates were in were in pennsylvania yesterday aheadania of that state's primary april 26th. clinton spent most of the time unleashing new attacks on sander's criticizing his record. >> meantime president barackntim obama is headed to chicago heado today to push his pick for the u.s. supreme court merrickrt m garland. the president will speak atidens the university of chicago lawsi school where he once taught oe a constitutional law.tuonal he wants garland have a fullarll hearing on capitol hill. h garland by the way is aay suburban chicago native.higo nat a major milestone for the t secretary of state john kerry. k he is now the most traveled secretary of state in united states he broke the record previously set by condoleezza rise whenis he arrived in bahrainn b yesterday. since taking the position in 2013, he has spent more
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2300 hours in the air. air double billed and annoyed.ny ahead at 6:00 some angry hondaoa customers this morning after realizing that were chargedg th twice for one car payment.aymen. >> not good.>> not there's a look outside rightsidr now. it is still dry at the moment. m but we're expecting rainng it's 6:14. tucker is next.
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>> we'll get periods of rain get moving through starting withgh the next hour or two. headed out to the bus stop this morning, if you firstlyou t are headed out your own bus too catch to work rain showersho will be here in the next hour i or so.oro. temperatures right now -- - here's the good news. the gne the temperatures in the 50's,atr we'll look at that.'ll look so much warmer than yesterdayese but rain showers for the first
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half of the day. day we'll get a break midday and showers redevelop after school. 3, 4, 3, 4, 5 o'clock showers wl redevelop as we get a secondary front. southerly breeze. 55 in washington. leonardtown 54.dtow we had record lows yesterdays ys at dulles. currently 55 degrees. 53 in hagerstown.stown. a lot of cloud cover out thereud southerly winds and here comes s your rain shower activity.n maybe there will be a rumble of thunder here as this coitsherial cold front comesl through but this is expected to bring us some pretty widespread intermediate rainsatr here for the next couple for hours, maybe a half inch to aho couple inches of rain in a few a spots between now and about 11 o'clock. then we'll get a bit of a a break again midday.n mid we'll watch the showersl watch redevelop this afternoon as a secondary front back intoy indiana and ohio moves n it won't abgreat looking day.ay. 8 o'clock you can see the the widespread rain showers acrossrs the area maybe even someben so embedded heavy rain for a rn fo tme
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it wants to lift out here with r just a couple sprinkles andinkls light showers midday and thenmi the showers kind of redevelop rv this afternoon but notice b n they're kind of scattered socato as far as whether or not thes wh game will go on as planned or os on time, it's going to be justos kind of hit and miss here. h can't guarantee where thesere t showers are going to pop up to p this afternoon but we'refternore confident we'll have someent wel scattered showers aroundl herer through the evening hours.the e. i think by 9, 10 o'clock itck it will start to shut off and off we'll be in for nicer ir nic the big home opener againstrin the marlins, bring an an umbrella.umbrella showers will be in thes wi forecast. would not be at all surprised if it starts on time, if therefh aren't a few delays along thehe way with some rain showersin s moving through andhrou and temperatures -- at leastat temperatures are going to be a mild, upper 50's and low 60's. 6 all tomorrow looks a lot better. bee sun and clouds 56.ud56 mid to upper 40's on saturday. r might be some snow showers ssnow mixed in north and west andt and then we'll keep a cool sunday.un all right.l ri apparently i've talked my time y out, erin. love the shirt. the shi how's it looking. >> 6:18.>> slow traffic everywhere andwhere the rain has
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just yet. we have an update if marc forar you right now. train 505 it was set for a 4:40 departure from perryville.perryville. operating about 15 minutesg ab late approaching the bowie station. be prepared for that if you're u waiting to catch a trainch tra bowie. metro no alerts across all rails. rails. that's great news for ours foour early friday eve commute.y ev 95 on the northbound side s pretty big delays picking upicki as you make your way. we have volume from dale cityolm to woodbridge and then in newington things getgs get congested. inbound traffic right now 66ow east slows down significantlyigi through fairfax because of of congestion.ti 95 north congestion lorton to 644.644. that's an area i was talkingki about additional congestion. 395 inbound dealing whipng whip stop-and-gdealing withstop-and-f beltway traffic is picking up as usual. u taillights will be on the wil outer loop side so let's see if we can take a look atoo skyfox right now and show youou as you can see volumeee vol increasing b
6:20 am
terrible. terr top side in montgomery.on more traffic in a few. f >> it is a go for the purpleur line. the maryland board of publicfub works approved the contract to start construction.n. the rail project will runill between bethesda and new carrolton creating more than ara dozen new stops.zen new the project is expected to t take several years with hopesitp of it being all done by 2022. >> honda customers not happy nop this morning after learning lea they were double billed for ad r car payment. the processing error causedorau many to overdraw from theirrom t accounts n a facebook post last night honda said the affected customers will begin bn receiving refunds dan anyan overdraft fees will be waived wl or reimbursed.d. >> do you have student loans? o are you behind on a payment orao two? coming up next what theate education department is doing d to figure out why 40 percent0 of students are just notus n paying. >> all right.>> we're getting you ready fordy opening day at nats park this p morning. might be a little rain outra there this morning.ere nothing right now, though.t w, t bob barnard is down there.n the we'll check in with him aim little bit later find
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some of the excitement you'll e find at the park this year, xcpamaybe be able to take home with you, too. >> ♪ uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it ♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i could rise above narrator: all that political ♪ mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health researc kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward."
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>> time for the fox businessfor beat. when it comes to summer travel a lot of people have plans to visit europe despite terrorismti scares. joining us from the fox bithe fx business network lauren simonetti. >> reporter: we had a nice triple digit jump for the dowr h a big rally in healthcare andnd bio tech energy stocks were up. we had comments in the fedhe saying that april interestest rate hike might not happen.e mi so, we ran with it.ith i unfortunately the this morninght we're running in the other direction. i'll still trying to figure out eryxactly why stock futuress are down. e do it looks like there were somee s comments from the central bankek in europe that could havedav spooked some investors buts b nonetheless we might have aght v down market when the market mar opens in three hours from >> you know what's not downeewht trips to europe right now. you would think withyo everything that's happened asu n far as terrorism and attackssm s
6:24 am
>> reporter: yeah, you b know, k i think it's weary sill cents ss to the threats of terrorism. we've seen this script playsc out before.befo we might be worried but we'rere not gorget let those worries stop us from taking a vacation c even if that vacation to i eurof pe.euro there are travel agencies iniesn europe saying high end luxuryy resorts in places like the amalfi coast et cetera, that et they're up and one of thene of t reasons that we are going to gnt spend our sumner europe isousumr because the dollopar isdollr is stronger. you can get a lot more forlot re your money and airfare isirfare cheaper so folks are sayingay whatever, we're going to go. you know, france and turkey tourism that has suffered ad little bit.. those areas may be consideredoni hot spots right now but if you look at portugal and irelandir and some of those peripheralripe nations their tourist numbersrim are up in a big way.igay >> i kind of get distracted after amalfi coast and thenfista the mind started day dreaming dm a little bit and thinking about a wonderful vacation. vato >> reporter: sounds so nice, casinos, capri.ri
6:25 am
big problems peeing peopleg paying back student loans.l i don't get this. t if i don't pay my car loan, my mortgage you better believer someone is going to leto meteorologist, david murphyis know about it asap.t a >> reporter: and the education department does.ion some of these borrowers thate bw owe money for their educations n they're getting called two, 300 times but still not paying. yi these are the numbers that youer need know. know. 22 million americans havens hav student debt.uden of that, 43 percent have notot made a payment or have fallen behind on their payment. payment so what the education education department is now doing and is this is your taxpayer money atet work, they've created a cated behavioral sciences unit to uni look into the psychology ofo tho why these borrowers are are falling so far behind and in most cases for this unit looking into why they're just wy not paying at all.t >> i'm not an expert here but he wouldn't it be better to spendre the money to just go after after them and recover the money mon that is already owed, not od, spend more money to figure out t why they're not paying it.'r >> reporter: yes.>> >> okay, that would be oka correct.
6:26 am
correct. us i just needed that validation of my thoughts. tug >> reporter: more task me t forces, right.ig >> exact.k >> reporter: that's what wer: would like to do. >> we'll dream of vacation because it's kind of a rainy day here in d.c. tanks lauren. we'll seule you tomorrow.or >> reporter: same here. >> bye-bye. >> it seems sillily.illi >> yeah. >> come on now. >> we ow why people don't c peoo pay their bills. bil >> right, exactly. >> so we're going to spendg more money to make that at fact. fact. >> steve there can never bereann enough studies. stu >> there are not, you're >> i've like college costs are unrealistic. >> it's a complicated >> yes it is. yes i >> you know what's complicated, rain showerca activity moving in because we got a game today andteg we're w keeping our fingers crossed we're able to pull it off.le t 55. it's much milder.uch mde 55 reagan, dulles, bwi here come the rain showers. shos they'll be here shortly if youly have not already seen themeadye arrive they're here out to theoo they'll overspread the hour in h the next hour.the next good steady rain until about 11:00 or noon. n we'll get a bit of a break andrk then rain showers
6:27 am
this afternoon with that game g kind of a tossup.f tos i'm not sure if they'll try to t pull it off and we'll have h some rain delays. d >> it was inn it was a nightinnt game a-7:05 game would there be a better chance of gettingch itan in. in. >> that will be showers brs between about 4 o'clock and nine or 10 o'clock tonight butht they'll be on and off.onnd we'll talk more about in it a it minute. >> they don't like to play an inning at a >> tough. oils pulled it off so maybe offs the nationals can, too.oo >> i hate that it's the home ith opener though.en >> i you want it to be fun and festive everybody can wearanear their jersey to work today.od. >> erin is fun and festive. fesi >> this is my first nationalsata season and i'm excited. get i just wish that it wasn't so w' again. >> i agree with you we have plenty of games to go o to in may and june. j >> that's right. >> and then in july when we're j sweating in our seats we'll miss theou cold. c >> exactly. >> right now inbound traffic inb in fairfax 66 east slowt slo through fairfax. 95 north congestion
6:28 am
644. 64 typical delays picking up.deick. get an early start before that rain moves in. that could cause big delays in n the next hour. crash mattawoman-beantown road a and pine field road in charles a county. more traffic in a few. f >> all right.ig thank you. we'll side chatter. chatter coming up next the sports srt junkies join us live. liv >> not the only ones talkingesal about opening day at nationalt i
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>> ♪ >> yeah, they are. y that will get you hyped.yp it's the nats home opener. one the boys are are back in townn rocking those red caps and iapsn just saw somebody walk by, wasn't sure who that was butthas our bob barnard is therehere today. we have a crew. c we're covering this.'r it is big news. spring is here. let's go nats.e itspt's go nat hos.pefully we get a couple cpl innings today. welcome back to fox5 newsck to morning on a thursday we will have weather andnd traffic on the 5's at 6:35. 6:3 first though at 6:30, police0, c looking for a gunman who opened fire inside a home inideo the district overnight.veht police say one of those bullets hit a little boy. it happened just beforeore midnight along foot street inoot northeast.northe we're told the child thankfully is expected to fully recover. today police agencies fromce across the dmv have expected exc to announce a year long lon investigation into those illegal dirt bikes and a
6:32 am
this news comes after a d.c. d police officer was hit and dragged by an atv over thehe weekend and another incidenter i where atv's surrounded anded a ambulance on its way to children's hospital. h in prince william county cou the school board stands firmol on its decision b to renameen mills e. godwin middle school to dr. george hampton middleon l school. scho this after heatedol debate and emotional testimony fromna residents during a scheduledri meeting last night. steve, over to you. >> time for the morning liner th right now. big day in sports. sport the nats home opener. masters getting under wayting u let's check in with the sportsho junkies from 106.7 f.m. the t fan. what's up, guys. >> hello steve. ste >> masters. >> let's get this baseballet stuff out of the way and then we can talk golf. home openeher c today. tod here's the great news for people who do not have ticketsns to the game today. today the secondary market has m plummeted now.d no those $50 standing roomingm tickets are now like eight bucks online.bucks so, if you want to take ae a chance and
6:33 am
can find cheap tickets andp t head down to the ballpark.owar >> i don't know what tucker iswh saying this morning but whathis we're looking at it looks l pretty good.etty i think they'll get in it. >> what's tucker saying fortuck 4 o'clock. >> there's a chance of rain a c any time between 4:00 and 9:00, it just depends when it comes through. >> all right, a little rain,a come on, we can handle this.dle >> you can stomach. you can stoa that let's be honest, steve,te what's better working until 4 o'clock or ditching work atora about 1:00, hitting an early e happy hour and going down andnd watching the nats home opener.o. >> which is kind of like uss ki ditching work at 8:00 in the0 ie i guess i would get it if it it was a early start.ta >> nice shot for the nationals. scherzer pitches well in theitch opener and then strasburgn sasbu pitches well. w two saves from nice to see the nationals oveff to a two and zero start. s now they bring it we're going to be there mondayy night, it's sports junkiess jki night believe it or not, section 106, sit with the s wit junkies.nkie >> here's the thing, steve. s a lot
6:34 am
are -- they still feel this need to boo papelbon. t i'm pleading with our nats fans, there's no need for harper is over it, the team is m over it.over they've all embraced each other.othe he's got -- he's two for twoor on savers, he's a competitorompr on the mound. t let's get away from this idea fe that we have to boo papelbon pbo it's insane.ns mom neeno need for it. embrace it. >> winning cures all. >> i'm not a constant bookeran but i'm a selective booker. booe you got to put your hand up to your mouth. boo.. >> you can't set a bad example a for that people now. >> i'm saying for the small tma segment of bookers out . >> believe me we've been booedoe plenty. we know what it feels like.. >> if we hear a lot of boosoo from seconds
6:35 am
is responsible.ponsib >> in the masters who do you doo have. >> all of the top players arere playing well. adam scott, jason day, number nm one player in the world. wld phil is always a great pickre p because he plays so well there w and he's got three of them. but i could tell you this. this. on sunday you're going have probably it to 10 top players, probably 10 of the top 25 in to2 the world all in the mix. in t m it's going to be a fantastic fac weekend. >> hard to count out jordan jora spieth at this point. he's got two appearances inwo the masters, a a tie for secondc and he has a green so, i have to think even though he's not put together a great year leading up to the masters, can't count out cnt spieth at this point.ieth >> it's also great the way the field is put together.ohe they always bring back theays i past champions, right, and, these are guys, horses for courses that do very well we there at augusta. augus you always see the familiar famr names and that's a big reasonigr why the tournament is sont exciting particularly the back c nine the way
6:36 am
out, the eaglable, is thatlabl t even a word, the eaglable 1313 and 15.and5. there's so much drama there on the back nine on sunday, it isut just a beautiful event forr fans. fans. those of us just to watch ito wi on tv let alone to be there.e te >> you got to look at our producers. they're dressed up as masterssea caddies by the way. w >> let's see it.>> l's s >> masters coverage.over >> come on >> they're really sold out for the bit today.oday >> look. >> we're going to see youroing t >> critical for a radio showl r to actually have visual stuff su like caddies.dies >> certainly is. certainly >> here you go, lurch. go, lurch >> come on, you need have a brush on that club kadee caddie. go back to caddie school.ech >> i went justin rose.ustise. we'll see.'ll see. i like how you have the wholehe setup in the studio. stu that's sharp guys.'s sha >> yeah, man. >> even got the range bowl.anow >> we even got mastersas cookies, steve, come on.ome
6:37 am
maybe we'll stop down on ourn or way to the ballpark today.k >> yeah, you should.>> y >> enjoy the game, enjoy the masters. we'll talk tomorrow. torro the junkies 106.7 f.m. the fan. fan. >> why don't we have that. don >> we should.>> we should. >> we should have thought thatha up. >> not too late.>>ot t >> still got five hours in the r show. let's go to the rain.gothe rain moving in from the south and it will be here shortly.l be we'll have a good steady rainadr for several hours. we'll get a break midday and a then everybody wants to knowanto about the late afternoon.late a. showers are going to redeveloptl around here between about 3:00 and 5:00 and it will be kindilli of hit and miss. m i can't guarantee things will t be dry out attenuates parkuas pk later this afternoon.fterno i'd bring an umbrella and be prepared for rain delays. 56 degrees.56 degrees. noticeably warmer than yesterday at this hour when we had record-low temperatures. we'll be in the low 60's later today. at least temperatures will berel mild out that.
6:38 am
again, rain this morning. bit of a break and then rain r redevelops this afternoon withts our secondary front.nt. we'll take another look attanotr radar in just a minute. >> thank you. you a lot of people hoping foring light spotty showers.otty showe >> i know. maybe it had happen. >> okay. >> let's check in with erin see what's happening on the roads this mornickapng. morni good morning. >> 38 right now and we definitely have a lot of lot o volume and congestion. cio inbound traffic in fairfax 66ai eastbound you're slow from f manassas through centreville thr and into fairfax.anto right now then once again in arlington.ngto also 95 northbound heavier5 no congestion picking up lorton to 644. south of that point we also a have some congestion ingestio stafford as usual. as usu 630 to 610. 610 crash activity in charles i county, mattawoman-beantownn-beo road northbound at pine fieldatl road should be cleared s keep in mind we're seeing are sn lot of slow moving traffic all c over as you head into the district.di top of the beltway the outereltw loop is slow 95 throughhrou georgia and then 295 out byy pennsylvania slows as usual. asu 50 inbound by kenilworth a lotr of jammed conditions.ontions. keep in mind because rain isausr moving into our area askingr ark you to reduce your
6:39 am
watch out for the cars aroundun you, put your windshieldinel wipers and your headlights on when the rain can kicks if you're taking metron and avoiding the roads gab yourds gy umbrella. you're going need g because of a train malfunctionfi at foggy bottom delays on thehe orange line through carletongh and blueline through largo. factor that in for extra timextm this steve and allison. >> thanks. why dozens of current andf r former nfl players are headed h to capitol hill today. capitill. >> we'll head back to natsd bact park and check in with bob. bob tarp is on the field right nowlr hoping to get the game in. first pitch set for 4:05. it's now 6:39.
6:40 am
6:42 am
>> ♪ >> virginia's two big airports dulles international and int reagan national could soon seens some security changes. senators tim kaine and markim kd warner want to attach a new a nw proposal to the faa reauthorization bill.izat it would strengthen securityn st in the check in and baggage b claim areas by increasing thein presence of federal agents.nts. with bomb sniffing dogs.omb find the senate proposal followsposaw the recent attacks in brussels belgium.lg coming up in the 8 o'clock hour senator tim kaine will join to us talk more aboutus tmo this >> on capitol hill today,pil hi dozens of current and former f nfl players will be on hande onh for the kickoff of a new initiative that is called team tackle.ta the idea is to draw attentionteo to america's fastest growing gro chronic disease diabetes.ase abe team tackle members will meetbee with members of congress too discuss the importance ofs
6:43 am
departmentreatmentand research.c diabetes cases have nearly quadrupled worldwide to more than 400 million in a littlen a more than three decades.e decad coming up next a workout warning. warnin just how much bacteria is on that treadmill and other gym oth equipment you're using. >> that's just nasty. tha >> it is. >> and a reminder were we take tout break if you have a newsyoa tip share sit with us. call (202) 895-3000 or e-mail e your tip to fox5 tips at we're back in a moment. life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event.
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life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event.
6:46 am
>> ♪ >> reminds me of our baseballof careers. >> yeah, how it passed us o by.s >> yeah.>> y >> tucker, did you play baseball.seball >> yeahly i played every day until i was 12.s 12. >> stick ball back on theal streetsl .reet >> i couldn't hit the fastt t tt ball. could only handle a 30 miles a e per hour fast ball.. >> i got you. >> anything more than that wasrt too much. rain moving in here to e it's going to be a good steady rain for the next couple hoursto as you can see that nice swath h of moisture moving through.ough that's our initial cold frontold that will be moving in and rain heavy at times for theor t next couple we get a bitter of a backache aa and then we'll see secondary area of i wasn't develop thissnt afternoon. that's what we're concernedonced about as far as the nationalss h game, this pockets of rain developing back into ohio and indiana. lot of clouds in the forecast with showers kind of on and of a
6:47 am
off throughout our thursday.ut here's the good news.oonew remember yesterday we hade record-low temperatures? notot this morning.this morning. feels so much better out muc there. 56 in baltimore is checking in atg i 55. 53 in hagerstown.erstown. 48 in winchester.incheste 50 in culpeper.pepe good morning frederick for you y 55 degrees. nice southerly push of air.. here's our setup for today. tod getting that warmer air in here on that southwesterlyt so breeze. cold front coming through thisth morning, heavy rain around here until about probably 10, 11 o'clock this morning. this m we get a break and then a secondary front will be responsible for the shower activity this afternoon befores we clear it out tonight.aft outi we'll be much more comfortableoe tomorrow as far as sunshines r s dry conditions expected tomorrow. futurecast put in it motion for you there. we are at w 9 o'clock.k. good heavy band of rain movingin right across the viewing area here right up and down 95.ow 9 maybe even embedded rumble ofruo thunder. we'll get a bit of a break. brek here we are at 1 o'clock. 1 o'c. don't be fooled by the break.e . you might even see a littleen se sunshine and then we'll watchn c the rain showers redevelop this afternoon. there we are at 5 o' oo notice not everybody is getting rain so as far aso asara calling that game, it's goingt'o
6:48 am
guarantee that we're not going'o to get any rain showers duringsh the there we are at 9 o'clock o'cck tonight. i think by 9, 10 o'clock, tonight things will start to t wrap up pretty quick. up definitely be prepared for showers. shers. perhaps some rain delays ifs the game goes off at 4:05 on 4: time the there we go at 7 o'clock,'clock temperatures in the upper 50'sns with breezy conditions.condition quick look at the seven day.vend much better tomorrow. tomw. weekend looks cool.oo but should be plenty oflef sunshine by sunday.nshine by su. maybe a shower or two on saturday.ay maybe a snow shower or two north and west on saturday.atda. nothing like april ing washington, right?sh >> right. >> you're looking cute in your shirt. >> thank you. >> did he get the win last night strasburg. >> i think so.>> >> i think he got the >> he pitched well.e >> right now unfortunatelypi unf breaking news, skyfox is oveorre the outer loop past the mergehem with the 270 spur there takingin out the left lane.te. big crash.big cra one of the vehicles slammed into the guardrail t another one flipped around.roun. ambulance is at that locationt right now.
6:49 am
time.. traffic is slowing past thatt scene. inner loop however is lookingev just fineer right now. now we'll switch it over and showhow you a look at some of ourme o o cameras and maps.ap gw parkway right now a big crash northbound it's after memorial parkway approaching 123. this is starting to cause some m big delays so please beleas b prepared for that one.ha as you make your way outletsy os see if we can forward our maps m n charles county stillount tracking this crash on mattawoman-beantown roadom-b northbound at pine field road.ti we have a lot of slow movingovig rain is going to be moving in. gab your umbrella andrea a drive carefully today.y tod. reminding folks to reduce youreu speeds, use your headlightsheadh and put those windshieldthe wi wipers on to stay safe thise morning. the inner loop bottom of theloop beltway across the wilsonross to bridge really show.lly s if you want to avoid the roadshr and take metro earlier train malfunction at foggy bottom. boo delays to new carrolton on the h orange line and delays tos t largo on the blueline.he no delays for the red yellow yel or silver. bigger delays 95 northbound. crash reported on the shoulderon by the occ toquahe
6:50 am
more traffic in a few. back to you. >> ♪ >> yes, he did get the win the last night steven strasburg.rasr hours away from the homerom theh opener though. tho >> let's check back in withack n our bob barnard live at nats park.rk bob is gearing up for the bigig day. da bob was baseball your sport growing up as well?in >> reporter: asg a fan more me football but i love baseball. bl >> all right. >> reporter: got to loveter: baseball, got to love opening l day guys. first 25,000 fans coming inans g today get a pair of free sunglasses. may not necessary -- you won'ton need them now.ow won't need them later on.n. rain has started to fall. fal spirits are still up and we'rene being joined by valerie camillo chief marketing officer.r. valerie good morning. morning >> good morning. gd morning. >> reporter: ho do you.or >> teddy roosevelt window cling for your car windowurar w being given away april t he came to join us for thiss morning. >> reporter: this bryce harper bobble head solid woodold pretty significant.etfi when is this being given away.en m
6:51 am
m.v.p. award. award. >> reporter: a lot of funr: a give a ways, a lot of thingsf tg for people to do. to d what's going to be differentngfe this year, the fan experienceerc for folks coming to games. >> we have a lot of new things i in the park. anheuser bush coming to the the park, seven new restaurant andta bars they helped us renovate, rt we have some new concessionsssio concepts, everything from hotngo mini doughnuts to chinese chi dumplings to barbecue ribs so a lot of great stuff in theat park. s >> reporter: and happy hour. >> yeah. >> reporter: tell us about t that. >> happy hour, five-dollar beer. that's the lowest priced beer in a long a >> reporter: really cool.oo gates open at 1:30 today, 1:35 roughly. tell me there's someoneth walkinerg into this stadium is going to hit the jackpot. jackp tell me about that. >> that's right.>> tt's today we know we'll well come w our 25t 25 millionth fan into te park. we'll give them a prize pack pac which includes opening day ope d tickets for the next 25 years,es a trip, anheuser busch sending i them on a tri
6:52 am
the owner's box as well. >> reporter: the game hasn't hat been called yet.been cal the weather is going to be a b little rough. rou what do you say to fans whou sa are wondering do i go, it'st' going to be pouring today, today what do you say. >> come on down. c we think we're going get the g t game in. obviously we're very hopeful hel about that and we think it'snk ' going to be a great day at the t park. >> reporter: we saw earlierte they had military units outts here with a huge americanmeri flag.flag we have the first pitch being bi thrown out by two prince p william county police officersle who survived an ambushus shooting recently.ectl anything else about today onay o the field for the fans? fan >> the cyldesdales are in town w so fans can come down and have a a look at them up close. c it's a real great honor foror us. it's a great little fact. april 7th, so today, 83 years ya ago made their firsthe appearance, they went to theheyo white house to deliver beer in honor of the repeal ofhe repl o >> reporter: so theepor clydesdale will be here.daleillh >> yes. >> reporter: valerie camilloamil chief marketing officer forfficf the nats guys. guy it started to rain.ed to rain. it has stopped.. perhaps
6:53 am
this game will be played inwill dry conditions.e dr we'll see, guys.y l se g first pitch at 4:05 againstin the miami it's opening day here at nats park.rk >> everything is crossed here,rr bob. we're hoping the rain staysain aye what. aye thanks so much.thanks so mu well, a check now of this morning's health headlines. hea. good news as concerns growrns gw about the zika virus here inuse the states, federal money leftet over from the fight againstinst ebola will now go towardso tds fighting the threat of zikaf z here at home.e om the cdc will use most of the $589 million for research on the virus and its related relat birth defects. response teams will also be created to limit the spread ofdf the zika virus. v >> well, after you worked outket you may want to wash off.. new study about gyms may have you running for the showerwe after hopping on the treadmill. fit examined 27mi pieces of workout equipmentquip and report said an exercisen exs bike has 39 times moree bacteria than a lunch tray.ray. or the treadmill can which has h 79 times more bacteria than t app water faucet. fce
6:54 am
free weights have 362 times t more bacteria than a toilet seat. not wiping down the free d weights. >> did you enjoy staying.ying >> did not, didn't enjoy it one bit. >> he enjoyed it. he >> not at all. >> thousands of ivanka trump brand scarves recalled becauselc they could pose a burn risk to t failed to meet federalt fed flammability standards. the 20,000 rayon scarves werervr being sold between october 2014 and january off 2016. there's a look at it. it costs between $12 and $68. $. not sure why the big big difference there. are representative though for the ivanka trump brand says themp b company is working to resolveese this issue as quickly as possible. >> ♪ >> big loss in the music world.wo stars from country music and beyond remembering legendaryegen singer song writer merleong
6:55 am
the country music giant diediand yesterday on what was his 79th birthday.hday haggard rose from poverty and ft a short stint in prison to t become one of the moste most celebrated country artists of all time. >> ♪ speaking of music tonight tn is the final curtain call for fr american idol.dol. >> for many they'll be sad toadt see the show end.w end. it has been on fox for 15 seasons. last night america voted v dalton off of the show.ho fans have a tough decisionision tonight. it is down to two contestants la'porsha and trent.or you can catch the historishc finale on fox5. fox5. the fun is going to start atta a 8 o'clock and of course allf crs the contestants winning contestants from the past,as jumps from the past, everybody is coming out for the bighe b farewell party. >> exciting. bittersweet. >> more of an event tucker. >> fun toev watch. wat not fun to watch, the radar. rad rain showers moving in veryin v quickly and we're going havengav periods of heavy rain aroundarou here for the next couplet hours.
6:56 am
then showers redevelop this afternoon. take an umbrella and beland b prepared for some rain out onon those roadways the next hour. 56 now in washington, 53hingto dulles and up in baltimore 55. hey, that's the good news.ews. temperatures much milder thisths morning. here come the rain showers you u can see moving in from then t south and west. darker yellows and redsnd r heavier rain rates which willw be moving through shortly.rtly already getting reports of pretty good rains out in theins mountains out to the west.s outt so, be prepared here for rainr r over the next couple again, a break and then showers redevelop thiselop afternoon in time for the tim nationals game.onals me. sorry about that. that. temperatures in the low 60's. i more on the weather in just a we've got our very own resident national right here. h. erin is here. >> tucker, i'm excited. excited. this is my first full baseball b season in d.c..c >> i know. >> have to celebrate today. >> they're two and zero.y're >> and i'll celebrate onl saturday at the game. at the ga. >> can't wait. >> i'm so excited.'m i'll just wear a winterwe jacket. it will be great. we can stand outside as ifsf it's a right now skyfox is over akyx is crash involving injuries. car sideways into the centerys i guardrail this is the outer loop
6:57 am
after the spur so please giveeiv yourself plenty of extra timerat to get through this area. it's causing some additional backups on 270 southbound.thboun we're seeing some wet roads r around the area that could thatu cause some additional delays. dl keep it to fox5.ox5. 7 o'clock hour coming up and we have you covered. >> ♪ you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. there it is... this is where i met your grandpa. right under this tree. ♪
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they're hugging the tree. (man) that's why we got a subaru. or was it that tree? (man) the twenty-sixteen subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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7 o'clock a-child is beingri bei treated at the hospital this morning after being shotg afr be during a home invasion.nvasio the late of the on his canis can condition as police search for the shooter.the shr. >> plus, the search continuestiu for relisha rudd, an eight-year-old missing now for two years. and this morning police are intensifying their search. searc the new area where officersff will focus their efforts.ffor >> and a school controversy inlo ntvirginia comes to a heated end. why the school board issc ianding firm on its choicehoon for a middle school name change. >> first, though, a live lookgho at the ballpark on this this thursday. it's april 7th, 2016., today is the nationals' home opener, but will it be a washout? good morning, i'm, i allison seymour.mour. >> and i'm steve chenevey.he let's take another look at national park this morning. mori first pitch hours away set for 4:05 this afternoon. a lot of activity alreadycty al happening.ha bob barnard is atpp the ballpark. he'll join us in a little bit. a as you can see the tarp is on the field this morning. we are expecting a little bit ohefth a


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