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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  April 7, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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7 o'clock a-child is beingri bei treated at the hospital this morning after being shotg afr be during a home invasion.nvasio the late of the on his canis can condition as police search for the shooter.the shr. >> plus, the search continuestiu for relisha rudd, an eight-year-old missing now for two years. and this morning police are intensifying their search. searc the new area where officersff will focus their efforts.ffor >> and a school controversy inlo ntvirginia comes to a heated end. why the school board issc ianding firm on its choicehoon for a middle school name change. >> first, though, a live lookgho at the ballpark on this this thursday. it's april 7th, 2016., today is the nationals' home opener, but will it be a washout? good morning, i'm, i allison seymour.mour. >> and i'm steve chenevey.he let's take another look at national park this morning. mori first pitch hours away set for 4:05 this afternoon. a lot of activity alreadycty al happening.ha bob barnard is atpp the ballpark. he'll join us in a little bit. a as you can see the tarp is on the field this morning. we are expecting a little bit ohefth a
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we'll also check in with tucker for the forecast in a fa couple minutes.. a little boy recovering rec this morning after he was shoter inside of his >> this happened just beforeus midnight on foot street ineet in northeast.rthe fox5's melanie alnwick joinsck j us now with the latest. mel. mel. >> reporter: hey, goodey morning, guys, yeah, it sounds like it certainly must haveerta been a terrifying and traumatic night for a young you boy and his mother. mothe here's what we can tell you about the incident.ncident. it was reported at 11:43 lastas night. nigh the victim we're hearing wasri as young as five or six years old. he was shot twice in the arm.. fortunately he was taken toen t the hospital, conscious andnscus breathing, expected to survive i those injuries.njurie and we are hearing from fro sources that this was theat ts h result of a possible domestices situation involving anolving an ex-boyfriend who violated andhov protective order according to t sources and broke into the t home and that the boy was notoys the intended target. now, police officers we also w o understand carried the boy
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down the stairs of his home,s oh of his apartment to an awaiting ambulance.ti certainly trying to rush himsh out of that scene as soon as possible. we really don't have goodood information, either, about anyua sort of suspect lookout. early on we were told there tol was a lookout for a black male l carrying a gun driving drivi possiblpossibly a gray suv. that information then we were te told may be changing but sog b s far we haven't had any changeshs on that so i believe thatha lookout at this point is stillii good.go that is the latest here from the sixth district.isic i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. new >> mel, thanks. in the meantime the searche for a d.c. girl who vanished vas more than two years ago willgo w continue for the second day d today. d.c. police renewed their search for eight-year-oldht-yea relisha rudd at the national arboretum yesterday.esteay. relisha was last seen with a janitor who worked at the homeless shelter where relisha s and her family were living. that janitor khalil tatumlat later killed himself. himse >> also happening today, tod police agencies from across acrs the dmv expected to announce a
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year long investigation into illegal dirt bikes and atv's a on area roads. roads. this news coming after a d.c. d police officer was hit and h a dragged by an atv over the weekend and another incident i where atv's surrounded anund ambulance on its way toe onts w children's hospital. many residents demanding that officers take action now toac get the illegal dirt bikes offkf of the roads.of t roads >> d.c. police also.clice investigating an incident inc involving a pitbull shot andpits can killed bhoy a policee officer.ofcer. the officer encountered theed t dog in the northwestorwe neighborhood after getting aoder call about an animal bite.mate the dog was one of twof pitbulls that attacked at attacd woman. woma she suffered minor injuries. mi. police say the dog's owner though could face charges for having the dogs off leash. >> ♪ >> a fox5 investigation leadsve to an illegal strip club crackdown. last week prince george's county ordered 122 establishments to stop all adult entertainment at least three of those t businesses will have to permanently close down becausecs they operate solely as adult
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entertainment.rtaient. among them, fuego, upscale upsca ballroom and club >> the thought is the to take it adult entertainment away fromro the community, away from residential areas, away from f schools and put them into an tio area that's pretty muchprettyh isolated and we've told them tod that if you're not operatingperg within one of those areas areas you're illegal. >> all 12 clubs have until friday to comply with prince george's county's orders.ou the county saysnt for every dayd these establishments operate ope past the deadline inspectorsor will servil serve violations.ion if they continue to operate they'll padlock the >> front royal storms start tott move in from the west.frhe w >> that means it won't be long before it's tucker is outside our studios si in northwest now. n tuck. t >> allison, already a light a lt rain here in northwest d.c..c and the heaviest of the raint oe as you mentioned moving
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from the west so definitely umbrella weather. if you got to get on then t roadways here the next few nt f minutes be prepared for wetoret roadways because we'll beause wl looking at a soaking rainking ri between now and about 11:00, a00 bit of a break and then we'llne' talk about the nationals gamelsm coming up. up. we'll start satellite andart radar. you can see that rain shower activity, the green, yellowe gr, and red moving in very y quicklk from south and west. wes and again, we're looking at a a good batch of very moderate to heavy rain here with us u through about 10, 11 o'clock1 ok this morning. we will see a bit of a break and then this afternoon anoon a secondary frontal system willtel start to move on in.on i that will give us on again, agan off again showers between about 3:00 and 8, 9 o'clock that's why we're can't about the nationals game.nati mild temperatures this t morning.em 56 in washington.wash feels a lot more comfortableforb out here.e. 54 in leonardtown, 55 in fredericksburg, 40's in the monday tears where we're tea getting a soaking rain at this hour, 48 in martinsburg.nsburg here's your nationals planner.. keep our fingers crossed thisrs game gets started on time. t scattered showers at 4 o'clock o and bring an
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you're going to the game or ar a poncho.ponc be prepared for wet conditions out there. the we'll have on again off again aa rain showers with temperatures t falling into the upper 50's byy the end of the game. g that is the latest outside. osi i'm going to run back inside ins game. light rain here in northweste d.c., erin and i can see the windshield wipers on in theer cars. back to you.back to yo >> i'm worried that light rain t is going to cause big problems s on the roads as it builds.t bui. grab your umbrella.r umbre you'll need it today as tuckerkr mentioned.mentione volume building at the end ofg t the southbound side of the 270 e spur right now merging to the outer loop we're dealing withre a big crash on the outer loop taking o dn the it a fewhe lanes a car spun sideways after theewr spur so give yourself that exat a aime. gw parkway look at that delayt y on the northbound side. nor it's approaching 123 dealing dei with a big crash there and then southbound traffic jamsicam as usual as you make your wayoua inbound.boun we are slow across the key k bridge from roslyn into georgetown. fourteenth street bridge, s memorialtr bridge, roosevelt roe bridge we're seeing just a lots of stop-and-go traffic because of congestion and now we'ren adding rain to thean mix.ix crash activity bw parkway southbound at 410.
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that pretty heavy delay right i'd say 95 southbound couldth save you some time but you'llut hit that typical congestionge once you pass the icc gettinget to the top of the beltway.tway if you're taking metro, goodod news to t earlier train malfunction in foggy bottom has cleared.ared. service resumes as normal. grab that umbrella.mbre could be a wet walk to thek to t metro or bus stop this sp morning. if you're headed to the homeme opener today, bring a ponchoonch and watch for increased people around the stadium and a lotnd l of traffic down there. you canhc always take metro down to thetot navy yard if you want to dot d that. that's your traffic. your traffi back to you. >> speaking of baseball let'sofb talk about it right now n because the wait is over for the washington >> first pitch set for 4:05. 4:0 our bob barnard is live atet nats park. good morning.go >> reporter: hey, allison,ey, steve, good morning. morning the rain has fallen. falle we have a canopy here so we'reo' covered right now but thew but e seats are are getting wet. there's a tarp covering theover infield here.
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look good but it's all systems e go at least at this point. point a couple things to tell you iflu you're coming out to the game gm dress accordingly.ding be prepared to pass through tgh metal detectors.ecrs every fan has got to goot through a metal detected too get into the ballpark.allpark. the nats for the first 25,000irt fans are giving outut sunglasses, not that you'll y need them this afternoon but b perhaps tomorrow or in the or next couple days but 25,000 but0 fans will get the first freest f give away of the season, ason, a pair of sunglasses. also the nats are are expecting that 25 millionthllio fan to attend today's home opener and that fan will get a a pair of tickets to opening day games for the next 25 years.. so, perhaps if you're cominge ng here you could be that lucky winner. also the ceremonial firstl fi pitch today will be thrown out o by two prince william county cot police officers who survivedurve that deadly ambush thath tha claimed the life of officer ashley guindon so they will throw out the ceremonial firstl pitch 689 the first pitchthe
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for 4:05.:0 i'll tell you what, the nats nat come home with a two-nothing record. they swept the atlanta braves a and last night's gtlame atet turner field the hero was a was utility outfielder who hadderad been playing for the aaa ball club up in syracuse, matt dendecker flew from syracusefl down to atlanta lasewt evening.i he got into the game as aas a pinch hitter.h hter. hit a two run double to wine t w the game.e gam the nats won three to one. so, an awesome story to finish the two game sweep of the braves. they can come home openinghomepi day, opening afternoon in the t rain perhaps, guys, to take ono the miami marlins, 4:051st pitch. pi just be prepared guys. be prepared for the rain.he rai the team s the staff here doing whathey can but it's i mother nature on opening day. dy >> you know, bob, we all have hv our fingers crossed they'lls cr get the game in at some pointn m tonight. but if they're not able to go, g is there p
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>> reporter: yeah.eah. they'll play tomorrow guys.orro. the plan is tomorrow afternoonfn and we're not sure yet -- they e haven't actually laid outlaidut their contingency.ngency they're still hoping to givel h it a go but potentially therehee could be a double-header buter b they haven't said anything any about that for tomorrow'sorw' game. game. >> thanks, bob.>> tha >> thank you.>> tnk y >> i hate that it's not goingt to be a sunny day today but the spirit is still there.lre >> that will be plenty of sunny days for baseball. basl. >> now to the race for theo th white house.wh donald trump trying to get his s campaign back on track.ra. he rallied in long island newan york on last night setting his sights on the april 19th on th primary. he reminded supporters of tedd cruz's criticism of new yorknewy values during a debate earlier r this year hoping to put his puth disastrous last couple weekse we behind himks after losinger los wisconsin to ted cruz. speaking of cruz he wasuze s also in new york. y he was heckled by two by protestors during a meter and greet.
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his position on climate on clima change. they also accused him of being anti-immigrant.-iigrant reports say that the two werewow part of a group called the rebel diaz a-political hip hop p group. police escorted both out ofoth the event. event steve. steve. >> the attacks heating upting between bernie sanders andrs hillary clinton after his big b win in wisconsin.consin sanders is hopeful hopef philadelphia will feel the t bern. he told supporters he does not think hill hill qualified toil be president based on herl bas track record this after she criticized sanders record and questioned his preparedness and loyalty he to democratic principles.prin state of emergency in 10of e counties as fire crews arefi battling a massive wildfire wilf fueled by windy and drywi condition can farther out to the west in arizona a fire is burning burni along the arizona-california border. this one is suspicious.uspiciou there had nobody lightning inghn the area and skies were clear c when flames broke out.ut now already evacuations arecu under way.under way. still to come this morning h a heated debate in princenrinc william county over the over t renaming of a middle w t
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standing firm on its >> later we heard the ideasthe for what to do with rfk stadium but this morning m there's new questions about abot who is going pay for it. we're back in two minutes. put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'.
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even late at night, or on the weekend, if that's what you need. because you have enough to worry about. i did not see that coming. don't deal with disruptions. get better internet installed on your schedule. comcast business. built for business. >> look at nationals park. behind that bud light loft area behind it.area behin >> that's where you're goings wh to be. >> cyldesdales today they're ty' going to be up there.he >> they said the budweiserhewe deck. i don't know how you get those giant horses >> they're pretty nimble. prett. >> from what we've seen in the commercials they can doercis amazing don't count them out.m they'll be down that today for r opening day, also first 25,000s, fans get free sunglasses. sunase if you don't is tickets don'ttsn worry you can find them real thm
7:15 am
threat of rain lets be honest. ticket prices plummeted.lummed. those sunglasses right there, t because those have beenhave been touched by bob barnard they'll t probably go for a premium, yeah. hold onto those. those cyldesdales will be at nats be t park at 2 o'clock thislock thi afternoon. get down there early. ely they're pretty much as tall as t we are.were. >> i wish the weather wereere going fully cooperate.lly coope. >> i really wish that youhat could have a little input in that, though.that, though >> i wish i could, too, i really do. let's get right to our numbers.numb are you back. >> move your meat you loseyo your seatur around this joint. i >> that's a what happens.ha like the place to be. the hi. >> hi. >> i know, my player i chair iso >> continue like nothing islikeg >> looking at temperatures in a the 50's. rain showers moving through. 56 now at reagan it's not that comfortable, isabs it? >> it's okay. >> 53 dulles, bwi marshall 53. here are your rain showers. you again steady rain next couple cl hours.
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maybe even a rumble of thunder d as we're looking at conditions i which are going to kind of deteriorate here in the nexthere few hours so again you want to t make sure that you got yourr umbrella handy. be ready for showers on andrs od off throughout the day todayhout as we'll have a couplea cole different waivers of moistureiv move through. see what's happening out toni ot our west. look towards ohio and indiana. a that's the rain shower the activity we're concerned about c arriving just in time for theinm start of the nationals game eiog this afternoon.eron so, we'll get some rain this morning. good steady rain, a bit of arai break and then the rain redevelops this afternoon with t that secondaryhi real quick look at futurecast.uc good steady rain around hererour at 9:00 a.m. everybody is getting it.ting i there's your break midday andidd then notice the showers kinde th of redevelop around here by 4,y 5 o'clock this afternoon.s afteo maybe even a rumble of thunder t so delays certainly a possibility. will the game start on time? e t i can't guarantee itim.n'guar will the game happen at all? i can't guarantee that, eitherte but maybe the showers had kind k of steer around the stadium. >> sometimes you need to takeee a new perspective on things.hi >> i'd rather fancy it.hefanc >> then you see thingi
7:17 am
completely different way. dferet >> i don't know was guys arew talking about.wata >> you should have seen theseul guys. they planned it as soon as weas were into the graphic they gotho up. >> really? >> yes. >> kind of like you scooting in here just a minute ago. in. was told i could come >> okay. o >> hey erin. e >> a lot of tomfoolery. >> lieutenant tomfoolery. tomolr >> i'm in the captain's clairete over here. love it. never sat in such a prime a pri seat. >> i'm having a little fomo, f fear of missing out. o >> i'll come over there and ce v join you shortly. sholy. >> i appreciate that. i a i've lost about 4-inches since e i'm wearing sneakers insteader of heels today. h >> we'll be been.>> >> it's a good day. right now we have wbreakint'gan news out of fairfax. gw parkway tracking a crash on h the northbound side. right now for the removal ofov that crash an investigation northbound lanes are are completely closed and that is between spout run to 123. to you need to exit at spout run. r i'd say take 66 over to the or beltway to avoid that. tha one of the vehicles involved in the crash hit a tree.ra they need to get that tree cut u out of the way its a huge messem in arl
7:18 am
northbound side of gw parkway.a. again 66 to the beltway much muc better bet i want to show you a live look outside because the inner loop i by the dulles toll road is a rd wet soggy commute and it's i very backed up. backed up. delays from 123 to the end of the express lanes because wes have a crashla reported afterer dulles toll toll you need a lot of extra time.e. not looking good.g goo really backed up for a fewackedr miles.le a look back at our maps fromro those wet cameras.t cameras grab your umbrella and your patience.tience. starting to see rain causein cae additional congestion. conge volume building at the end ofin the southbound side of the 270 spur merging with the outerergi loop. we had an earlier injury crashrh that and you can see that bighat red lin north of that point in frederick, keep in mind 270 min7 southbound very slow by the b t truck scales. sles. jammed through urbana. it's just a lot of congestionono you need to worry about. a more crash activity bwity southbound at 410.t 95 southbound dealing withundeat delays as well. back to you.o you >> i really like that.ha >> feels better.>> >> better in the comfort zone.he >> uh-huh. >> prince william countync school board standing by a decision that it will rename a middle sch
7:19 am
>> this action comes afteromes t heated arguments and fox5's fox annie yu a live in woodbridgeoo now with more on this story. sry good morning. >> reporter: hey, goodor morning, allison and steve.nd se yeah, it got pretty heatedtty h last night.last nig it was very crowded.rowded dozens of people came out to o this board meeting and as you mentioned, the school board t did vote five to three to moveto forward with its original plan to rename this school here. mills e. godwin school will be called dr. george hamptone ha middle school. that sign will be changing this fall. it was a packed room dozens of people addressing board a members for hours trying tor hoi convince them which way tom wh vote.te this name debate arose as ae result of a compromise.ompr in early march the school schoo board made a compromise thatomit it would name one of its nam newest schools in the countyhe after fallen firefighter kyle kl wilson. he's a prince william county cou firefighter who died in a fire and rename also an existing estn school, this one right here h the godwin middle school to soo dr. george hampton.. georn. here's a picture of dr. hampton. he's to the left of your
7:20 am
educator, a philanthropist,ph community leader and army veteran and a board memberrd mbe proposed the idea to replace rea the name of this school s because the former governor, gov mills e. godwin was known as a a segregationist but he rose above his segregationist pastegi and he became one ofone one virginia's most effective leaders serving two terms. tms opponents say their voices v weren't heard when this idea was proposed and so the board ad held this meeting last nighting to give them a chance to it got very heated andnd passionate arguments were madeer from both sides.from both si take a listen. >> although the name changingg process was not done as artfully as it could have beenhn done, the name change was the wt right thing to do. mills godwin was an avowed racist.
7:21 am
>> make it a new school likechoe you have done for everyone else. else please restore it and honor dr. hampton with a new schoolew as you have honored everyoneveon else and show him the respect rs that you h)ave shown otherho o people. >> reporter: this meetingr:his t took about three hours andou more than 50 people came out to make their case dependingepeg on which side they fell on but b moving forward as it standsta now godwin middle school will be renamed dr. george hamptonrgm middle school starting thisooar fall. that's the very latest here inti woodbridge, virginia, annieie yu, fox5 local news. >> 7:21. >> u.s. airports getting saferti or are we falling behind? bin coming up, we're hearing fromrif some members of congress whoessw aren't happy with what they'reh' hearing. >> plus a judge will soon release files from theas investigation into former d.c.. mayor vince g what surprises may be inside. bs we'll talk about that's next. it's 7:21.
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>> ♪ >> president obama heading tode chicago today the push for hisn pick for the u.s. supreme court merrick garland.thherric the president will speakpres at the university of chicagoof c law school where he once o taught constitutional law.tion w he wants garland to have ao full hearing on capitol hill. h garland is a suburban chicago native. >> to baltimore county now.ltim scary moments for a bus fulla bs of kids after it overturned. ov. look at that picture.t thatictu it happened yesterday afternoon
7:25 am
nine students the driver rushed to the hospital.ed we still don't know what caused this cras th.his c the driver of the bus is said i to have suffered the most serious injuries. iurie no word on the age of the of students who were on that bus. >> let's check in with>> l tucktory. he's the man of the day today oh with baseball right aroundund corner. corner. >> i don't want to be but d unfortunately rain showersonrtut moving in.el weather certainly a big playerip in the forecast its rainingt iti now for just about everybody.uto you can see that sweeping in from the south and west and andd some pretty heavy rain justre off to our west thattt we're expecting to move rightpeto through the 95 corridor in the next hour or so.xt hou our friends out in theds o in mountains you guys are alreadyra getting that heavy rain.eavy let me know if it's causingsau any localized flooding it's a one-two combo today. como this initial cold front will frt wrap up its rain showers rain probably by 10, 11 o'clock 11 o' this morning as it pushes as its offer to the north and east. then we'll watch rain showersn o redevelop this afternoon in the wake of a secondaryke oa se frontal system so definitely dit poncho umbrella needed forde for that nationals game this ge afternoon and it would not be be a at all surprised if we don't t have to delay issue
7:26 am
today. sorry about that. 52 in washington.shin 54 in leonardtown.nardto 54 annapolis.54 annapolis to the west we've got some 40's.40 that's rain schooled temperatures in winchester,ures 46 degrees.46 drees 63 today.63 t get the rain out -- yeah, y looking good. good. execs, now i can't't concentrate.concen 56 tomorrow.56 tor weekend schoo looks cool. that's weather.ea erin is back and looking good.o. >> i'll tell was tucker 7:26 7 the rain came in, my hair went completely flat but luckily an appropriate day to wear a baseball cap. >> looks great. >> i love it. grabt want to grab your hat if you're headed out aroun ydou tot grab your umbrella and your patience. traffic is very, very heavyy right now as you make your wayyw out. this is the inner loop. is we have a crash by the dulles dl toll road so traffic isffic slowing towards that you can see just a mess of wet soggy roads and a lot of cars lo that are patiently waiting to get through that area.that a inner loop delays if 123 tof 12 the end of the express lanes.prs i want to take a look at our loa maps. we are tracking congestion andge
7:27 am
this is breaking news. gw parkway do not take itot takt northbound side. northbound lanes are are completely shut downdown approaching 123.g exit at spout run.ou run. that's where you have to exit.ry take 66 out to the beltway to get around it. i watch for atypical delays headed outbound on gw inbound gw parkway jams asay js usual plus you're dealing with a rubber neck delay from thatec crash. basically what happened it wasyh ahsir ious accident, a carus a into a tree. they need to cut a tree down. watch out, give yourself a lote of extra aside from that in montgomery i county right now volumeol building at the end of the southbound side of the 270he 2 spur merging with the outerthe loop. we had a crash at that location. it was blocking some lanes off g so o to the shoulder now but the b outer loop jams and then 270he very slow from rockville down through the spur.thro north of that point in urbana un heavier delays as well.layss w back to you. >> new questions about what toss do with rfk stadium who isdi w going to pay for it. it. >> plus files from the p investigation into former mayor vince gray will soon be released.le
7:28 am
what surprises might be inside next. 7:27 now.
7:30 am
time right now tech solicitight that.t arboretumdown at the as police search for the secondc day now nor relisha rudd. divers are back along withlo police inside the park right now. again the renewed search werch heard from the police chiefe chi saying yesterday they were goind to focus their efforts on searca fog the little girl missing forg more than two years now on thatn area of northeast d.c. police chief cathy lanieranie announced that yesterday crewsrd wept right in the area around and in the arboretum. they should finish their work bb the end of today the chief saids a lot of people waiting to seett what happens there for a storypt that has been going on for moren than two years now in the two district. also in d.c. new twist this morning into the inves ntigation into former dc mayor vince graya months after prosecutors closedo the inves
7:31 am
mayoral campaign withoutit pressing charges, federal judgel is now ordered that court filess related to the case must bee st opened to the public.e puc we'll get our first look at thee tomorrow. what's in there? let's fine out joining me now will sommer loosl lines columnist for theor t washington city paper g morningg will. >> what will we learn tomorrow.. >> who knows? big mystery. knog federal investigation is closedo but there's still a lot of unanswered questions. for example, why did jeff thompson the financier of vincev gray shadow campaign get such a sweetheart deal with the deal we prosecutors six house of --house months of house arrest which isc remarkable yet they never ner charged vince gray.ce so we're looking at a lot of o search warrants that will comerh out nextat week. >> so if something is found, f what can be cup about it? ou i anything? >> at this point new york city.r 'cause the guys in charge --har obviously the prosecutors knowos about it really for us the andnd the public and the media to sayo this is such a strangestra investigation it went on fort or years vince gray was nevernce gn charged now i think it willnow answer hopefully a lot of aot o questions we have about it.ons >> it sounds l
7:32 am
know what's in there and they at didn't do we're basically lookinytg to seg what their rationale was forle w making that decision. kind of seems like low of selike expectations then, doesn't it?t? >> exactly. exa. exactly. i don't think this is going toth be like real big finale we'vee been looking for. >> panama papers d.c. style. sty >> exactly right.ig prosecutors explaining why theyy wanted to certain searchin sea warrants. hopefully new informationfull certain council members andco former councilun members alsoema named as recipients of jeff thompson's help. maybe that will shed some light on that.ha we'll seem as your viewers canes see from the video vince gray ii running for the ward seven seats in two months that will be thewb there might be interesting stufr there. >> that is setting itself up top be a amazing battle here in then district. interesting enough there washington city paper doing itsi best right now underway when ite comes to politics it seems likes that seems to be one of the o o stories out there to watch thist year. m exactly much that is our marquis issue. thema best of d.c. and take brod look -- broad idea what is the best of dv. for example i have best feud and it's vince gray v alexander..
7:33 am
protegee. they're back at it over this a seat. a lot of things going on. >> how do you think it's going'i play out between those two.ho t >> it's interesting. vince gray had a poll that saidt he's afraid you have to keep inn mind those are his friends doind the poll.l. it's one to always a guessing game at city e hall.ha you're actually looking for thee best guessing game.uessing g >> that's exactly right.hat' now federal investigation is over, no council members are mes getting indicted these days mucm much to my chagrin.y chagr good news for the city.for th so, yeah, current best guessings game who run run in 218 againsta mayor bowser. carl ran scene knee, maybe m kenyan mcduffie.. d.c. politics is the craziestes thing that can happen usually u does. does probably someone i'm not i'm thinking of >> let's switch gears and talkge about something else in the city got a lot of attention thishi week. proposals for the rfk stadiumta sites. we saw a lot of big plans drawna out. i like kind of saying if you were going seventy nine your dream house throw in all thee bells and whistles drawn it upsn and it will be beautiful butbe t
7:34 am
that dream house and not a everything will come to reality and maybe you don't even knowven who all your tenants are going g to be at this point.s point what do we really make of theset plans. >> it's interesting.t' as you say, we've been waitingai for these plans to come out in e way it's sort of like there'se t still so many plans in the mix.m there's obviously talk about tak redskins stadium. stadium you know, people in the neighborhood they say they justy want fields or what have you but obviously the city has much morm ambitious plans for the >> drawing up plans doing plansg studies like this is not cheapot endeavor in itself. i do you think the city had word input from either ted leone thii for a wizards facility or danien schneider for redskins facilityl saying include me in that t process or is this something thm city does on its own to try to lure somebody moo a new >> i think it's a lot of luringo as you say. certainly the city is veryainlt interested in keeping tedpi legionnaire and the wizards in town ideally getting dan snyder in. whether there's the politicalthr will and the money to do that t kind of thing remains to bere b seen. >> that's the key.>> when it comes to money has thert ever been any talk of plans infs place to fund any of this or is this s
7:35 am
back older residents of d.c.? >> definitely come on the residents. as with so many things. obviously the city is not building the wizards practice facility.lity we bought the land for the d.c. united stadium. sdi if there's stadium coming it will be on us.wi >> thanks will. always good to talk to t you. loose lips columnist with thestt washington city paper.y p vote for the best of issue byfse the way.e way. tuck, you get my vote for thethe best. >> steve, that is so sweet oftht you. >> all right. maybe not after this forecast.oc hey, rain moving heavy at times here for the nexn couple of hours and then we're w looking at a bit of break middad but that doesn't mean we're donn with the rain.with r additional showers redevelop sho this afternoon.this anoon so sorry, soggy thursday here.yr there's your rain shower activity heavy out to the westes and the past couple of hours. front royal i'm thinking of youo somebody just tweeted me andtedm said it's not port royal. roy i knew that. i know it's not royal. is no and you can see that steady rair shower activity make its wayts w very quickly towards washingtoni and we will have periods of pers
7:36 am
initial front for the next hour or two. or two. all right.all out to the west look out into oi ohio and indiana additional rail showers redeveloping that.opin will drop down into our region r with a secondary front laterro this afternoon. that's why we're concerned weced could see see additional showern here for the nationals game.e. at least it's miter 56 now in washington.own wash much, much warmer than yesterday morning.rn it will be a mild afternoon witt shower activity. 63 degrees with winds south toot west 15 to 20. to definitely bring an umbrella.rim pack your patience on thosen tse roadways, right?ight? >> yes. you said it tucker.u it is extremely csaongested.ongt the wet roads are not helpingel our thursday morning commute.ngm updated information for you.n y. gw parkway northbound all lanesn have been completely shut downow between spout run and 123. 123 right now the left lane gets byg but you're jammed all the wayrel back to the key bridge.e and that keep in mind as well w when you head into the districtt area you jam on gw parkwayw southbound as well. w big delays north and southboundo and again one lane on theane o northbound side now getting by.b big accident there a car into ai tree they have to cut a tree out of the way avoid th
7:37 am
arlington if you can.arngto aside from that as you make youe way out heavy volume at the end of the southbound side of the 270 spur merging on the outer or loop a crash blocking the t shoulder. jammed through urbana as well as the truck just very slow roll as tucker mentioned pack that patience. pe crash activity bw southbound ata 410 delays back to 193. 1 very heavy traffic.ic 95 southbound towards thebod toe beltway backing up as well as w live look outside. outsi if you're take the inner loop wo had an earlier crash this was w out by the end of the expresshee lanes so you jam from 123 toro12 that area by the dulles tolls road and you can see traffic isf just basically parked on theard inner outer loop is just as heavy byjy new hampshire a simply because of volume.olum we are jammed up as wellsel suitland parkway to southayo capitol and all of your bridgesb are slow.e sl we got you covered. cover keep it to fox5.keept to back in just a few.
7:39 am
7:40 am
>> 7:40. virginia two big airports dulleg and reagan could see securityou changes. senators tim cane and mark warner want a attach a new proposal to the reauthorizationr bill. it would strengthen security inn the check in and baggage claimgc areas by increasing the presence of federal agents with bombh b sniffing k9.iffing9. coming up we'll talk withk w senator tim cane.tor he'll join to us talk more aboua this airport proposal.. meantime good news forood ns commuters in both montgomery and prince george's counties.eorge'n the maryland board of publicubli works unanimously approved a a contract to build a new purplee the
7:41 am
project will run betweenetween bethesda and new carrollton. more than 16 miles long.on it will create more than a dozen new stops. sps project is expected to be all to done by the year 2022. >> fighting back claims theyimst ignored warnings about securityy flaws that may have led to ae lt recent hacking. hacking official with the hospital saido hackers were not able to accessc their system through securityy holding pointed out in publicub warnings issued in 2007 and and again 2010.0. earlier this week a personson familiar with the investigationa told the associated press that med star health had ignoredgnor security warnings and neglectede to update software that could have prevented the hack.. democratic lawmakers aremaka against george masonagait ge university's plan to rename itss law school antonin scalia schooo of law.of l >> university wants to avoid ano unfortunate acronym but a groupo of state legislators want to get rid of the the new name is to honor theon t late supreme court justice. jusi the proposed name change was dud after the previous name's acronym was mocked on sociall media spelled out an unfortunate
7:42 am
>> still ahead this morning tni american idol finally reaching r the end of the road officiallyly tonight. the big finale we'll have ae a preview coming >> first, though, we are headini back out to the ballpark for nationals home opener love. l bob barnard joins us live next.x ♪ ♪ wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way. but not with democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks. and when washington insiders wrote a loophole to let the nra spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards, the special interests aren't special. we are. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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♪ there we go. ♪ >> people want to get into it. >> they do.y do. >> our erin compa s
7:45 am
>> she's rocking nats jersey. >> looking a adorable. adora sadly we might have some rain.. >> in fact it's pouring outoung right now.ght i is it. >> right now we don't care,owe o right? >> well, i mean, you know -- pa- a lot of money for your seatoura when you sit down you don't wann it to all you get the wet back.k. i safe that for july. j >> we've got eight hours to drys off.. >> more rain showers. >> i mean i know the nationalsho are doing everything they can th put off today.put f today. the sweater just not doing wholw lot to cooperate.ooperate. >> they say it will be tomorrowr in that they don't get nightthey today. >> no decision made yet. made y. they'll try to play p >> i mean they've got pass. >> if they have they have a dayy off tomorrow. >> the heaviest of the rain wilf be the first half of the day.hed we might pull it off. i off. >> it's not as cold as it has been.been >> i'm optimistic.istic 25 degrees warmer than yesterday degrees at this hour.s let's get the forecast going.. ♪ >> um-hmm. >> i'm walkin walking. i'm doing a special baseball bal walk today. >> really?>> r >> yes. the only thing would make this m better if awed walk
7:46 am
>> yeah, right.eah, rig >> let's do's can you find a walk partner. >> erin -- bravo, well done. well done. >> uh-huh.h- >> you win. >> little stroll, strut. >> let's see what you got here. >> now you're on the spot. (laughter).. >> only mildly auction war.ion r >> right. and creepy. >> forgot i was doing tv.i waing rain moving in.inoving in. thank you erin. fine performance. (laughter).ghte. >> i think that might be emmyha award winning performance. >> there's antibacterial in then green room. (laughter).te >> rain across the area heavy at times as mentioned for the nextn couple of hours that darkerarr yellow and/or ranch you see is the heft yesterday rain is and d again it will be moving rightg g through d.c. and baltimore heree in the next hour or two. t be with us for the morninghe m hours. we'll get a bit of a break, bak don't be fooled by that break t because we'll see additional'lla rain showers develop thiswers afternoon. keep an umbrella handy rain this morning first front. o
7:47 am
activity back to ohio andio indiana that will move inoven unfortunately right in time for the game late this afternoon.. those are your model mel temperatures 56 now in d.c.w inc 55 in leonardtown.rdto 56 in quantico.. rain cooled mountainouai temperatures in the 40s.e 4 48 in martinsburg and winchest winchester. so there's two fronts. t warm front there's a warmer aira the initial front the one will l bring us heavy rain and this iss this afternoon's front with that cold front moving through. throu we'll kick up the showers. swe it will be brighter and muchr am more comfortable tomorrow atw least as far as dry conditions n little breezy and cool withh temps in the 50's.0'. quickly show you future cast.urs heaviest of the rain at 9:00the a.m. and then we get the break,e there we are at 2:00 o'clock,k and the showers out to the westw redevelop and move again througr the area here just that's firstr pitch 4:00 o'clock you can seecl the scattered showers.ers so maybe we can kind of push them and steer them around natsu park there between 4:00 and 8:00 o'clock ton. at 10:00 things wind up.ngs win. quick look at the seven day. 63 today.od 56 tomorrow.omorw hey if you're going to the natse
7:48 am
erin and steve and myself. and we are going to be looking g at cool conditions.ondi 47 maybe a rain and/or snow s shower on saturday.y >> all right.>>ll erin is back with traffic. >> thank you for letting me atia part of the walk today. of th i loved every second of it. >> two thumbs up.humbup >> right now, problems.blem gw parkway on the northboundun side a crash all lanes shut doww right now the left lane iseftane getting by approaching 123 but2t delays are very heavy back toac the key bridge.the bri if you're headed inbound on gw w parkway typical delays as you ay make your way. w let me adjust that as you make m your way towards the key bridgeb very heavy into georgetown asrgw welch aside from that crash,tsh cleared on 270 side of the spuru at the outer loop.oo but delays on southbound side od the spur and you can see thean e outer loop jams all the way back to 355. 3 huge issues there.uesre take live look outside show youu some of those wet soggy unfortunately gloomy roads. roa this is 270 on the southboundund side. side. this is out by tucker man and you can see just a lot of braker lights heading towards the spurs again outer loop crash did clead but
7:49 am
heavy. this is the outer loop delay ata old georgetown and it is not easing. we'll switch it back to our mapp now. let's to get throughs unfortunately this morning.orng pack your patience. take your time this morning.meh leave early. ely again as we get back to our mapp some other areas that are very slow, 95 northbound as you makem your way up past lorton and thet 66 on the inbound side throughug centreville very slow-movinglowo traffic ally our bridges arees e backing up as as we are slow across the 14th the1 street from 395 northbound.boun and you're also dealing withlinw this crash bw southbound at 410. big delays back past 193 and unfortunately ninety three 95 southbound jammed as any questions at erin fox5 d.c.d on twitter.witter allison and steve?? >> thank you so much erin.h e >> it's a huge day nationalsatis park today as we've been mention throughout the morning it is thi home opener scheduled to have first pitch at 4:05 today. 45 t if you're headed to the gameame fans are encouraged to usedo u public transportation so there's several options for you. you. metro rail or the buses, ofes, f course, d.c. circumstance later or how about capital bike share? >> all good options. options. the question will it stay dry?
7:50 am
right now it is not.s bob barnard is l what's goingt'g on, bob. >> reporter: it is ri you can hear it on our canopy.ay we're protect.. infield is protect rain is r falling everywhere else.. and we are grateful to be joinej by mark lerner owner of thehe washington nationals and we were talking mark you're confidentcot that this game will be playedyed today?y? >> very confident.ondent what rain are you talking abou about?? >> reporter: exactly.eporte >> guy on the roof sprinklingin water on us. u no, i think the game will gete g in. we're optimistic.tic. >> reporter: you mentionedte yoi people plan for this for monthsn they make great efforts take t time off from work, pick up thee kids early from school. s so even if there's a delay, you're confident that drainage system maybe the weather forecast -- >> field drain is great and first class system, and, you ano know, lucky it's 4:00 o'clock start. star even if there's a little delaytl we can still get the game in.hee we're determined to get it ingei today. i think we will. >> reporter: you're expecting the 25thou million fan to walkol in the turn styles today. tell me we're seeing someing highlights of last nig
7:51 am
you guys are two-zero and the incredible story of matt deckere last night.lastight >> he got up, i was listening li this morning he said, the 20 degrees in syracuse.e we called him up.him up. he jumped on the plane. landed fifth inning through hiso uniform on and hit the gameam winning great story. >> reporter: very cool.te very o you guys are two-zero you come c home. . what are fans going to expectec when they come in the ballpark?? the game stays the same but b there's also something new. somg this is your baby.. >> we're always fiddling with this place.this got a lot of new food offeringsg this year.this y totally gutted and expanded the pnc diamond club much it's muc i spectacular.. always a lot of new food foo offerings. should be a lot of fun thingshi for the fans when they get hereh >> reporter: you penn six weeks down in in order for order spring training.sp the nats will be moving down 955 in florida to west palm tell me about this team. t you get to know the players. pye what can we expect from thiss year's version of the washingtow nationals? >> i think it comes down to health.t
7:52 am
our starting lineup two days the whole season.ean nobody is going to win that way. so if we can stay healthy iea think we'll have solid season. dusty i think a tremendous addition to the organization.. mike maddux, davey lopes and our coaching staff i think finest ii baseball. so the team is in great frame of mind much we're healthy now andh they're anxious to get oyut thee and >> reporter: off fabulous ful still young pitcher steven sve strausburg. what's it like having the mvp, having bryce harp perp on youror team? team >> he's an mazing young man. m sky is the limit for him. i think what you saw last year is just a touch of what he can achieve in this game, and iame,a think one day you'll be seeing e him cooperstown. but it's honor to have him as member of the nationals and juss looking for great things from to him this year and hopefully helh stays healthy and exceed hisxc stats from last year. y >> reporter: mark, we don'ton often get to speak to someone sm who owns ball cl
7:53 am
you were saying you're are saygo businessman. you go from home to what's im t like when people whl know you who recognize you say, here's -- you are the nationalsa what kind of love do you feelou from this community for thisor t team and your role in it? >> well, you know, we're very honored our family to own theilo team in our hometown.ometow it's very important.mptant one of the reasons i sit down i the crowd every game, i likeik meeting the fans. f i like hearing what they have tt say positively and negatively sl we can attack issues, and you know, luckily i can still goodll around people don't really know me.ow i love being around the fans in the ballpark.llpk. it's special and we're -- i'm- i still a fan first and i'm out'm there rooting for them just likl everybody else.lse i think of the ones near me gett a kick when i start yelling at umpires like everybody else report roar mark good luck.mark >> my pressure. >> reporter: mark lerner own of the washington nationals opening day forget this little i inconvenience here.ience h they'll play ball thisl ay b afternoon. >> ignore that. >> reporter: ignore it>>.
7:54 am
what rain? >> exactly. >> let's do that.>> >> have that positive spirit. lv >> thanks guys. let's switch sports right now. o former redskin robert griffin r the third starting his new gig g as the quarterback of the cleveland browns with quote aita massive chip on his shoulder. griffin said at his news couldn't tense he'd he's readyse to prove himself he' hs not goig let baggage from his tumultuousl career as a redskin hold him that's what the browns fans wans to hear. to h want a guy coming in wants to wt play hard. hd. >> celebrate our facebook fansen of the day.he day. good morning to sean nel brownro and her son. s she says that she has been hasee watching fox5 in the morning ever since that young man was a baby.. >> wow! >> maybe we can lose the bannere to see his >> that big smile.s >> there it is.>> i told you it was worth it.t wa thanks for watching.chin for your chance to be the nexttn fan of the day just leave a lea comment and photo on ourur facebook paging 19 sean nel andd her son's photo. pho >> very cool picture. picture. thanks for watching.anks for we do appreciate it. do appr coming up on 7:55. 7 weather and t
7:55 am
tuck, the rain like you saidou s coming in waves today.od >> yeah, it's heavy out there.he saw it at nats park, i'm gladd that mr. lerner is operate misss tech about the start of the game. ga as we've got rain showers on ann off here for the next, reallyt,a for the entire day today.ay. reagan national 55.l 51 dulles. bwi marshall 53.3. at least it's mild. m noticeably warmer. 20, 25 degrees warmer thanmer t yesterday at this hour.our. rain showers started to moveed t inform heaviest of the rain forr this morning still out to our west.we. thank thank you i'm gettingti tweets moving towards thehe washington area. are bit of a break and rain rai redevelops this afternoon with our secondary cold frontd fnt unfortunately we'll havertunatee scattered showers in the forecast just in time for that a opening pitch at 4:00 o'clock. things look a lot betteret tomorrow. weekend looks very cool.d maybe some showers on saturday.a maybe few snow showers on saturday as well.ay asl. and then a nice warmup next weee looks like we're back in theke e 60's and maybe we finally turn the corner to real spring nextpn week much that's the weatherathw update. it
7:56 am
player -- oh, no, no, it's erine >> it's just me. m >> i'm wearing a child's extrale large jersey, thank you veryu ve much. >> i'm impressed. >> right i now, metro update for you ba you of a medicaled emergency at archives the yellol line is operating between b huntington and l'efant plaza ana also single tracking the greenig line between l'efant and mount vernon square. watch for delays as you takede metro this morning.orning. grab an umbrella.grabumbrel eighths wet soggy start to youro friday eve let's take look a what you're uu against on gw parkway. at one point this morning all mg lanes on the northbound sidehe were shut down between spout run and 123. an right now the left lane is getting by. b huge accident scene a car intono the they needed to cut a tree branch out of the way to get that scenc clear. delays are very heavy back toheo the key bridge.key bridg and if you're headed gw parkwayp inbound across the key bridgeeyg you'll hit a lot of very slow-moving traffic on gwg trfi parkway as well as the keyhe bridge as you make your way froo rosland into georgetown thisowti morning.rn in montgomery county, earlier crash did it was on the 270 spur just atr the outer loop. l but huge delays rig n
7:57 am
southbound side past the spurr north of that point urbana veryy heavy from frederick on down ana delays on the outer loop back to 355. so watch for that. t that's your traffic.. allison and steve.te. >> erin, thank you.nk y >> coming at 8:00 why thousandsn of drivers are unhappy withpy w honda this morning.ndthis no one likes to pay taxes but ts according to new survey, millennials fear it the most.he what's behind the fear of filing next. ♪
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. ♪ >> you know what that music vight now at 8:00 giving you a live look at nationals parkiona today is the nats home opener.r we're at the ballpark all a morning long.g our bob barnard is there buthere there are some showers inrsn today's forecast. fec will it affect the game? the answer coming up in weather andd traffic on the 5's at 8:05.5 good morning thursdayning tu morning today is april 7th, 2016.16 i'm allison seymour.allisoymo >> i'm instead of chenevey. ited welcome to fox5 news morning. mi happening right now thoughen the search is on for the gunmann who opened fire inside a home ih the district overnight.ig police say one of those bulletsl hit a little boy. boy this happened just beforet midnight along foot street ineet northeast.ast there are reports that this wass a domestic incident we're told l here's the good news the childld is expected to fully recover. also happening right now, r, day two in the on going search s for relisha rudd.relish that d.c. girl vanished morehemo than
8:01 am
police are continuing to look lo for any signs of rudd at the national arboretum second day ii row they've been searchingng there. ther our cameras captured a van carrying equipment with divers i pulling into the park.lling intr those crews will be essentialssn ago large pond at the nationalho arboretum. relisha rudd was last seen way janitor who worked at a d.c.. homeless shelter where herer whe family lived at the time.ime the janitor khalil tatum later m killed himself. him police agencies from acrossc the area are expected toxpec announce a year long investigation into illegal dirtl bikes and atv's on area roads. this news coming after a d.c. d police officer was hit and hit dragged by an atv over the weekend, and another incident i where atv's surrounded an ambulance which was on its wayn to children's hospital. any residents demanding officerc take action now to get the g illegal dirt bikes off of the roads. ro question is, should securitt be strengthened at localhened oc airports reducing the chance ofc future terror attacks? that's ' virginia senator tim kaine andak other localla
8:02 am
pushing for in the wake of thehe attacks in brussels.sss congress continues to work on a measure to reauthorize the faa.e what changes do they want to wt see? let's find out from theutf man him senator kaine joins youi now from capitol hill.apit good morning, senator. >> hey, steve. steve. t eat to be with you.ea >> always pleasure.>> what are you looking for whichog it comes to airport securityy changes? >> well, what the attack inttk brussels showed, steve s that, a you know, airports tend to be very secure once you get througu the security perimeter the tsa gate, but the attack in brussels happened outside the gate in the baggage claim area or in the ort area where a lot of passengersae are gathering to get theiro t t tickets or even right outside o the doors of the airport as airt people are dropping off.g so what we're doing is we have a normal bill to reauthorize thezt faa and funding, and we'rere expanding the use of funds,ds security funds to encompassom security sort of outside thede security so what we would do is basically, two thing. significant additional
8:03 am
that are called viper teams butu they're the security teams that basically just scan the crowdant and they're trained to watch for anything suspicious. they sometimes use caninesse cin trained to sniff out explosivesi and so we would scan the numbern of team that is can be used notd only at airports but even att transportation like amtrak andra metro and also do significantly more training for our securityit professionals for the kinds ofah things that happened outside tht security perimeter. so this would be in addition tot the normal tsa screening we wane to give people a little moreittl sense of confidence as theire as coming into airports or train t stations that there's going tooo be eyes on the securityec situation.tu >> right. we saw in the wake of whatn th happened in brussels that thes t brussels airport them going asog far as to actually drop peoplero off away from the airport that a you would have to then be b essentially shuttled even to tht front gate of the airport. of th we're not talking about goingboi that far at this point.oi just having additional presencec correct? >> that's right. that's r we don't want -- the airport experience shouldn't be auldn't
8:04 am
that's not what we're looking for. but we do want people to feel safe traveling.raveli air travel is just like a cornerstone of the americanme economy, and also, so many of us engage in air traveling to visi family so it can't be just a superer hardened experience but just atu little more security presencee outside what is the normal tsa security zone i think will be wl very very it can reduce the risk of a of brussels like tragedy and it can also travelers more confidence.e >> when it comes to securityec issues typically those tend to have an easier time workingsi tm their way through congress.s. but did you say additional fundf much are we going to havegoing h support for this? >> i think this one is a bipartisan initiative.tiat steve, i feel real good aboutd t it. we have an faa billaa b reauthorization bill on theiz floor of the senate right this is an amendment to that but thus far we've gotten verytv good feedback on it both fromoto democrats and republicans, so ao we take this bill up likely lik today and next week, i think
8:05 am
will be added in.ll b it will be supported and head ta the president's desk. >> all right. let's talket you go about something that's not bipartisan supported rye now n that is the supreme courtthe nominee the president today inni chic shock trying to get support there for his nominee merrickerk we're not getting it fromt f republicans in congress rightons now. at least we're not hearing thath but you're on the inside. what do you think now as far asa the prospects of actually having hearings on the hill? >> steve, if you just go by the words that my colleagues are saying on the republican side, s the majority seems bound andnd determined to create a new horrible precedent that is nevev been done before and that is too say, we're in the going to taket up a nominee and either vote ye or no. remember, steve, the republicanb have the votes to vote down thit judge if they choose to.o. it takes 60 votes to getet confirmed to be a supreme courtt justice.juic and the democrats only have 46av votes so if the republicans vote against, because they don't likn the president or they
8:06 am
the nominee, judge garland won'd go on the court but they want to do is actually not vote yes orr no, which to my mind completelyt violates the advise and consentn clause of the constitution, anda it's because of a uniquee disrespect sadly for this president.pres 17 times in the past, there's te been the confirmation of aationf justice in the last year of a presidential determine but for some reason they want to treat t this president differently than the 43 presidents before.dents f we just have to keep the to ep pressure on hope they'll look i the mirror and realize they're harming all three branches ofnce government by doing this andints that they'll have a hearing as g they normally have done in the d past. pa >> senator, that was myor, thats follow-up.ow is the pressure being is the democratic leadership pushing for this and are there e any republicans on board withrdh this behind the scenes.d th s you don't have to name names. nm are you hearing some that aretht not happy with this decision orc is everybody on board? >> there are a number that arera not happy with the decision. des i think two have said senators
8:07 am
collins and senator kirk theyorh have republican senators forenar maine and illinois they said we got to do hearings and treat itg in the normal course.s normal others are telling me behind the scenes that they're really're r feeling it's interesting less pressurere from democrats here they're t feeling pressure at home.essuree high a senator republicanli senator say to me yesterday, yed it's great to be back in bk washington after a two-weekwo-w break because the two week breae involved a lot of people reallyy jamming us about this supremere court situation.. so hopefully if the americanrica public keeps speaking up with up the simple message, hey,ge senators do your job, people,eol will listen to it, and step bacc and treat this normally becausee if they don't, they're creatinge a horrible precedent for the future. fu the precedent they're creating for the first time in american history would be if you don'toud like the president, you never yr have to take up the nominee.. >> and that message to senatorss including yourself do your job j i'm sure you've heard that'v yourself many many that works on both sides of thee aisle. senator kaine always a pleasurep thanks for talking with us thisi morning.
8:08 am
>> all right. thanks senator. 8:07 right now.th8:07 r >> let's get on over to tuckerec barnes. tucker give us a little foreca forecast. >> you mean like a quick forecast. >> exactly. >> all right. because i got more than little bit of rain moving in. steady you go.yo you can see that rain showere ti activity out to the west.o thee. darker colors pretty good rainor rates that are just moving outrj of the mountains. the so the worst is yet to come as o far as rain locally here.n loll for the next couple of hours. oh notice the back side of the thit initial band of rain alreadyn a showing itself there out inheut western maryland and parts ofars west virginia.west we'll get this batch of rain through. and then we'll be deathling with secondary front and showers bacs into indiana and ohio are goingi to kind of drop down into the d region later this afternoonhis t bottom line keep the umbrellaa handy that nationals game willam be challenging with the showerss in the forecast this afternoon.. 55 now in washington. much -- this is the good news. much mde temperatures 20, 25 degreesee warmer than they were yesterdays at this hour.ats h headed out to the ballpark, poncho, umbrella, something too keeps you from getting wet.. >> maybe had a hat as
8:09 am
scattered rain showers laterwers this afternoon. aft temperatures falling into the ft upper 50s by the end of the game but, yeah, certainly theer possibility of some rain delaysl and it's going to be touch gonet for the next couple of hours.ouh i hope we get the game in thisni afternoon all right. r that is weather.thwe erin is back she's ready to pl play. >> yes. 8:09 tucker.8: let me just tell you the rain ir not doing great thing to thenghe thursday morning commute. really soggy wet slick roadwaysw and a lot of delays much this is 270 southbound. you can't see the crash becauser of the overpass but there's the crash right by falls road.alls a delays are really heavy all thel way back from frederick on downd to the spur you'll hit a lot oft stop and go traffic. traff be prepared to reduce your y speeds and factor in extra timem 45 extra minutes to make your me way down 270 stretch on then southbound side. we'll switch it over inner loopo delays continue because of an oa earlier crash. cra you can see all the spray cominn off of that section of the roadr delays from 66 to clara bartonan parkway.. earlier inner loop crash didooph clear but look at that.t that. you're basically parked at somes points as you head past thehe dulles toll road give yourself a lot of time there. the from t
8:10 am
look at our maps and show you so what else you're dealing withlig you saw all of that water on tho beltway not doing great things.s northbound crash on gw parkwayw did clear approaching 123.hing all lanes are open. o but you're still dealing with d heavy residual delays back tos the key bridge. and then as you head inbound ond gw parkway you are very jackedej up for miles as you make your my way towards the key bridge because of congestion trying ton get from rosland into georgeto georgetown. thee 95 northbound jammed from j the beltway to the 14th streethe bridge. take a closer look at all of ato that red on the map with yourh neck look at traffic.ffic back to you steve. to yoeve. still to come which car companyc is scrambling to fix a billingli error that left customers payiny double. some people over drawing their e accounts. >> that is the worst. t plus the deadline hafor fil your taxes right around thed corner now and according a new survey it is an especially scary time for millennials.. we'll tell you why next.eet. ♪ they're powerful. they usually get their way. but not with democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks.
8:11 am
a loophole to let the nra spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards, the special interests aren't special. we are. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. ♪ ♪ another person is dead aftes their air bag exploded killinglg them. th officials say a driver in fort bend texas at the end of march m was driving a honda when the air bag made by at a cad today exploded. the company said they senthe recall notices to the driver buv repairs never made. this is the 11th death dth worldwide linked to faulty airya bag. bag. honda drivers across the nationt outraged after the companyhe com double charged their monthlyir y payment. some didn't have enough money in their accounts to pay for they r charge and suffered penalties p from their banks.. honda financial blames the b charges on processing error and saysth
8:12 am
customers starting today. and paying that overdraft oe fee.fe >> supposedly.>> sdl >> okay. >> all right. let me cal>>m down now. the dreaded deadline for filingl your taxes a week away.. >> tax season is really scary for one group in particular,lar, millennials.nial this is according to a newg ew study. it found that this age group age feared preparing for their taxer more than any other generation because of lack of real worldor experience.en we're used to it i suppose.. millennials also tend to hardo h more free lance, part time andnd one-time jobs than members ofbes other generations.atn let me just say this. s t i also fear it. it so i might not be in millennial. >> engrained in us. >> yes it is. details on the hollywood actor a under investigation by policetic this morning. >> the last american idol showaw ever is tonight. we'll have a preview of the huge finale coming up. u it's 8:12. 8:12.
8:13 am
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filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $3.99 today. america runs on dunkin'. ♪ turn nice in a dance party.. >> reminisce about my club days. >> um-hmm. >> i didn't really have clubre days.da >> i certainly did.ertaly d oh, yeah, tucker was a wild man. >> uh-huh.>> uh-huh. >> look at you now.ooat y bringing joy to the dmv with adorable baby faces. f >> and i cannot wait.t let's do it. final now for my first fivest photo of the day. day. >> bring us some happiness.pine al, what are you doing over doio there?? >> trying to get my mike on.
8:16 am
me? >> we got cuteness. wt cu yes, we do. >> ♪ >> this is scaler everybody.r ey what beautiful smile.. >> hey, schuyler.schu >> great name. yes, it is. >> love love love the picture>>r >> let's see what we can findt f out about schuyler. s fox5 first five photo of the d day. schuyler she is a very cute twoc years old.yeard. and if you look carefully youuly can tell she loves mini mouse.. >> aww she is adorable. >> look at her little face.ittlf >> what else does she love,s shl tuck. tuck. >> fox5. >> look at her cool bed it's bei like a princess carriage. criag. >> that is pretty sweet.t is prt >> she's got a sweet rm. >> super >> so adorable tom send us yourr child's picture go to ouro o facebook page fox5 d.c. and a promise we'll get you on theet air. >> okay. >> we love it. >> all right, schuyler --chle >> we'll get you there. we' she's adorable. >> we love love love your love v picture. let's do some weather. weath we got lots to talk budge let'se start with milder temperatures.m 55 at reagan national. natio noticeably warmer than 24 hoursh ago. wee take that after we had thete record cold yesterday.te 51ut
8:17 am
52 at bwi rain showers.we lots of those moving in from thi south and west.soh an the heaviest of the rain for thr morning hours is still lagging g just to our west but had move in shortly.shor be on the look out here if youok got to hit the roadways we can have pretty good downpours heres the next hour or so. s we'll get break late morning.or maybe even a hell sunshine hsun midday. and then the rain showers s redevelop this afternoon as wena have a secondary front.ryront see the rain showers back into i indiana and ohio? unfortunatela those will drop down into thep area later this afternoon justnn in time for the first pitch. pit delays certainly a possibility. right now i hear it's alls systems go.s keep our fingers crossed we getg the game in this afternoon.ftern poncho, you know, rain repellinl jacket, maybe an umbrella ifre you're going down to the parkngd later today. t sixty three 60 for your daytimet 56 tomorrow.orrow. tomorrow looks cool but pleasann plenty of sunshine. saturday a few rain and/or snoww showers. that's right. snow s >> that sounds insane. >> there's a possibi
8:18 am
then 50 on sunday and that we will do honest warmup next weekt tweaked 70s by the middle anddla end of next week. >> whoo!>> who >> we may finally turn thefily t corner to this bitter blast. bla >> good. >> we've been dealing with. b >> okay >> okay. >> can i also wish 50 is important year. a daughter wants to wish her mother a happy 50. her name is messy. mes >> happy birthday. hpy b >> you're 50. >> sorry about the rain. sry a >> it won't rain on the birthd birthday. >> it won't.>>wo >> you made it to to it's fine. it's >> 50 years for this day. this in good and machine erin.ri >> good morning. i'm sorry about the trafficy ab because it is nastouy out. o. >> um-hmm. >> from this rain.>> take look behind me. we're dealing with a c it appears to have schoolbus involved. doesn't appear to have studentst on it working on thising on information breaking news rightn now. w hampshire avenue southboundth just south of lockwood befored f powder mill.po you can see police are there.ree a car is sideways really slicklc roads. it's blocking the left shouldere part of the left lane.ft l no reported injuries at thisursi time.
8:19 am
involving a schoolbus on newoole hampshire avenue let's switch it over aside frome this brand new crash that we'rew tracking, we are tracking a lota of other problems around therod area. a look at our maps for wide vied of the delays. the i wanted to show you some ofom those congested areas which isch as i get out of the way really l everywhere. we have a crash in oxon hill ono the outer loop by saint barnab barnabas. inner loop is completely jammedp as you make your way from five o across the wilson bridge intoe alexandria. 395 inbound from south of the beltway 95 northbound jams andam then all the way to the 14th th1 street bridge is basically be iy parked with congestion.ed witcog same story on the outer loop.p 95 southbound bw north andor southbound and 270 from and70 f gaithersburg 66 inbound all of your inbound routes are iound r basically parked. if you want to avoid those hugeh delays and the slick conditionsn and just kind of nasty rainy day, you can take metro but keeo in mind single tracking greeng g line l'efant to mount vernon an medical emergency archives has a only the yellow line operating between huntington and l'efant a plaza. we'll keep you posted but not at good looking thursday. trs back to
8:20 am
♪ thanks erin. e to night many of us -- ♪ >> tonight many of us will tunew in to fox5 for the very finalinl episode of american idol.l the show has been on for 15 1 seasons and it is sure to bringg emotional farewell. holly i always know what year wt the show is because sidney was s baby so that's when i started i watching i was home watchingeat american idol 15 years ago. ago >> you know, i was trying to sig here and think what kind off phenomenon that i've kind of ie lived through the entire thing. b saw from it beginning to endt >> right. >> the entire time while i wasei here at fox5 by the way.x5 be w >> you really saw it front rowtr seat. >> i did. i did. but here we are.e we you know, it's finally going too be over tonight.ght last night, viewers eliminated the final elimination, well, until tonight i guess we say dalton rap tony he went home. wh he just didn't have enough votes to make it to the final round r and tonight at 8:00 trent harmon and la porsha renee' will battle it
8:21 am
so last night trent wowed the audience with his performance of chandelier by see ya but la porsha renee' she followed up u with her rendition of rihannass diamonds. she's been the frontrunner thiss entire season but of course it'i up to the viewers to decide. ♪ >> now the final american idolri winner will be announced tonighg during the two-hour series finale but before that, the that judges will take the stage to perform one last time.last t of course, you can catch all thl action right here on fox5.5 the fun starts at 8:00 clock. 8. it's going to be a star-studded spectacular to say the least.hel you know what i mean all theowh former idols are going to beng b there. all the former judges andsnd everyone that's ever been a parb of american idol is going to beb there tonight and probably a few
8:22 am
i don't know. do we get video of when i wasi w out there? do we have that? w do have it.t so let's just stroll down memorm lane just for few minutes.ut here i am with kelly.. the very first american >> it was so there's ruben.. number two.numb you can watch my hair evolve.. my fake pony there i am with fantasia.ia she was so funny talking aboutng high energy and cary underwood.d >> wow.ow >> steve look up it's your l number one right there. o right >> hey. >> before she became her megaa super star. jordin sparks, there she is.he i super cute.. and hicks.d hicks >> taylor. >> taylor hicks. taylohick i hard time recalling his firstf name. maybe that's sign of his -- youo know.know success after.esafte nonetheless, i was that for sixx seasons. taylor was actually beforey bef jordin sparks if we were doingpf it in order because jordin wason my last american idol.asameric but we were there for theor beginning and we had a lot of great american idol memories wer shared a lot here on the show throughout the morning news and
8:23 am
chatterer. >> you remember that al. rem >> yeah.>> >> we'll have special idol chatl today on good day d.c. d.c. >> former contestants, right.ang >> love it. >> very cool.>>cool >> it was fun watching littlel bit last night you can see somes of the ones who didn't get allta the way to the end but like the top five or 10 in the audience. you're like look at you.t you >> there you go.. >> fun times.un >> sadly i'll still be at nats park waiting for the rain to rn start while you're watching tv.h >> tell you about it tomorrow.oo >> a work out warning.rn how much bacteria is actually oo that gym equipment some of ite t might flat out disgust you. disu >> it's gross. and later, a new set back foror kesha in her fight againstinst producer doctor luke.octor luk those stories and more next. it's 8:23. you can't predict the market. it's 8:23. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price.
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may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. >> welcome back. rain showers moved in about anod hour ago, and really a veryery moderate band of rain developinn just to our west.ju it will be moving through in the next hour or so.xt hour so just be prepared here fparedh you're hitting the roadways, that we're going to have pretty good swath of rain showerwer activity for the next couple ofe hours. then we'll get this first fronto through the region.. we'll quiet things down middaydy but keep an umbrella handy hereh later this afternoon we'll seele additional rain showers develop that's our secondary front whict is going to drop down into the region. unfortunately just in time fore the baseball game this afternoor and bring us some additionalitna scattered shower activity.. so the heaviest -- good news nes heaviest of the rain is thiss t
8:27 am
the forecast this afternoonftnon certainly a possibility thatli t we'll have a few delays outelayo quick look at the seven day.vend 63 today. tay at least we're going mild today. after couple very chilly days d with rain continuingin intermittently here thirty twott through nine, 10:00 o'clocknine tonight. more weather in just a minute.ut erin is back with roads. roa >> they're bad today, tucker. 8:27. 8:27. so many accidents and delaysacci because of the rain right now aa new crash outer loop by georgia. two crashes on bw parkway.aray one on the northbound side out o by powder mill and then one onhn the southbound side inside thed beltway by 410. b 4 that is causing huge delays inay both directions on bw parkway. a crash bottom side of thehe beltway the outer loop by 414. inner loop jammed across theed e wilson bridge.wils i want to show you live lookouie outside you can see how wet andd backed up those roads are.oads new hampshire avenue southbounds we have a crash it's just south of lockwood drive involving anv schoolbus and a car that'ss sideways rot now into the grassy area there.ea there the left lanes are no reported injuries but we'll w let you know.
8:28 am
we'll check in with thosek in wt beltway delays on the inner looi as we continue. ♪ ♪ ♪ is that coffee? yea, it's nespresso. i want in. ♪ you're ready. ♪ get ready to experience a cup above. is that coffee? nespresso. what else?
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ here's a look at the tarpk t right now at nationals park. par hoping to get the game in today. we spoke to the team's owner mark lerner telling our bobng ob barnard they'll do everything eg they can do get the game inam i today. to one thing you cannot control asn we all know is the weather. so wheat wait with fingerstit crossed. if for some reason the
8:31 am
play today tomorrow is an off today.da they can reschedule.they you want to enjoy opening daynid with all the fun and the t sunshine hopefully. >> i know they want to get thet game in. >> lots of plans are in place ta try to get it done today. tod >> they got 150 more50or opportunities to play games.. >> only one opening day. >> right. >> really only 80 more home games.s. not 160.. >> not 160.ot 160. do you care this, guys.are th, u >> mother nature cooperate.rate >> it's 8:31. 81. got the whole crew together. tog thing you'll want to know abouta your gym, when you'll make theae most friends in your life.r l who uses the phone more in yourr house, a burning question.n. >> today's kitchen conversationn >> let's start off talking about this work out after you workout may want to wn rush new study may have you runningun for the shower after running on that treadmill. fit rated 27 exercisee bike has 39 times more bacteriaa than a lunch tray.
8:32 am
bacteria than a water faucet. the worst offender free weights. they have 362 times more times m bacteria than toilet seat. >> eww.ww >> it makes sense because youaue think about all the people thate come over there and don't watch. >> all you got to do is pipes down the equipment. ement >> they don't do it.hey dot do >> you wipe down a bike.ou wipe not the free weights. wei >> they have plenty of wipeslens they're handy and people usendy them for the equipment but i get the point with the free weightss i've never seen anybody in myy life wipe down free waits. >> i see a lot of big dudes bud sweating over there using them. >> and the letting them go.m i don't think twice about >> you don't think twice about i it. >> i will now. >> but think about it though alh the times you've been at the gym and you didn't wipe it you were fe. >> we're all still here. >> sometimes bacteria makes you stronger. >> it's good for you.s od f >> but toilet seat bacteria. why so much bacteria on toilet seats? >> on the seat itself? >> well -- i mean al. i mean a that's not a kitchen k conversation i want to havet to right now. >> why so much on -- >> there are some people who sit
8:33 am
people that miss.peop >> it's supposed to be -- -- rightly okay. >> really -- i'm thinking like a woman i guess.woi >> i hope you're not eating youn wheaties right now as we're rs talking about this.g abouis. >> who misses? misses? >> any way. >> wis ever wonder when socialso circle will have the most most new study suggests people age 2p and under are the most socially connected. kind of makes sense, right? once big life events that come c with age like marriage and and parenthood focus on time time investing time with a few close familiar members and friends.emf the older the person the less l friendships they men make your contacts in theirt youth but lose those contactssen more quickly as they age. >> men? men >> this makes perfect sense. see >> specifically men.cally n i'm surprised about thepris specifically men part. >> they have a ton of bros andsa they got married they have kidsa you know, they don't as muchs time so the circle gets smallera >> when you get older youn yo realize who your real friends
8:34 am
e.e. who you want to invest in. >> whose the time? that's thehe other piece. p you narrow the down.ow you can spend time with a few close friends.rids. >> social media sites likea sitl facebook are so popular forpor r older people because we feele f like somehow we still maintainai those connections even though ii may not be an every day i seeona you or call you thing. tng at least you can keep tabs on your friends.ends >> acquaintances on facebook.ack >> my closest friends are my old defendant >> exactly. we shared so much more together. >> you've lived together.ether. >> best friend from high schoolh one from college.. and one from post college. colge so three of my best friends.ri >> i got to say my best friend from grade school i still maintain.main >> i have new friends and it iss something sweet about you're y'r like i didn't think i was goingg to really, you know, want to to hang out so much with some new friends.friends. >> also make -->> >> would you tell them your deed dark >> yeah. no, i would. i mean it's not awheel group ofo people a couple. >> i think you also make new m friends according where you aree in your life. lif >> in our business we move a lol
8:35 am
friends. i don't know how tight those h bonds are but because of theof e movement that happens a hot butt i think you're right when it's ' an old friend or something youot can share those things or youngu may not talk in millennium, you talk again you pick up likep l nothing went wrong. >> sometimes witness old friende you got baggage, too. t remember when you did -- okay. >> exactly. >> how long are you going toar remind of the time i did that? ime regret that tattoo.. >> yeah. yea. >> okay. >> any way. >> right. r >> we got one more, right? >> finally, the wrap this up nep study has found in yes, women do talk for longer times on the o t they're on the phone longer thae men. researchers at oxford university women rack up around 130 years3e in 30 hours more than men.. researchers say this is because of the difference in the way mey and women maintain friendships. >> why do we need an oxford study. stud >> what's interest bowing thattn study last line the difference e in how women and men maintain friendships that men tend toendt just call for a short amount ofo times so you can meet up
8:36 am
like hey, you would rather likel hang with your friends wheredshe women are okay with just kind od catching up and talking for lonn periods of time over the phone v and we don't necessarily have to get together. togher. >> what's so funny i used to beb on the phone all the time. all t now i'm just like, okay, text me. me. let's do it that with way. >> tweet.>> >> if i still have role overrolr minutes it would be mountainite right now.ght >> i know.>> i >> i'm with you.>> i'm with y i don't do that much phonemuchho >> all right. all rht. let's send thing over to tuckerr barnes much he's the man p of mo the day today not by choice bute a lot of people waiting to seene what's going to happen down atpn the ballpark. >> i can explain your last two l studies. i don't have any friends so i don't have anyone to talk on the phone.nyon >> we'll be your friend. be come on over.come o >> 55 at reagan pouring rain out there just to o the west of d.c.thwest at least the temperatures aretu mild, but look at this heavy hey rain we've got developed andeled that will be moving through herr shortly. so i'm afraid the heaviest ofeso the rain right inside theide district and inside the beltwayb here in the next hour or so. ors the good news we'll get a bit ot a break and then rain showersn s are going to redevelop thishi afternoo
8:37 am
concerned about more thened nationals game this afternoon. secondary cold front drops inn just in time for the first pitct that at 4:00 o'clock and willil likely bring us scattered rainer >> i'm your friend.>> i allison, thank you.nk you >> i'm your friend. >> sweet. >> you have another friend heree >> erin are you my friend, whod, too. >> i am so your friend. >> thank you for all the love. l >> 63 today. t rain lik likely with afternoonft showers in time for the first t pitch. i'll have the seven day in justu a minute. thank you. >> all right. ig >> erin has traffic.fic >> we made you blush and thatndt makes my day.. (laughter).ghte >> right now, look behind me. this is terrible right now for f your thursday morning drive. we have wet soggy roads.ds gloomy conditions and let's gete right to these crashes. craes 270 southbound there's a crash by westmont in the local limbsol jammed from the trucks scales through urbana as you gett through gaithersburg and roc rockville. outer loop out by georgia we'ree dealing big crash causing dela delays. 95 typical slow downto
8:38 am
two crashes bw parkway, one onoe the southbound side by 410 by inside the beltway. btw one outside the beltway northbound by powder mill. so huge delays 295 is basically parked. 50 inbound dealing with tons ofn congestion by kenilworth. new york avenue bladensburgladeg backs up all of your bridges 395 northbound to the 14th street4ts bridge is ijam gw parkway huge leftover delaysy on the northbound side by 123. 1 earlier crash and then a t southbound typical slow-movingin traffic into georgetown as youes cross the key bridge bottom ofto the beltway in oxon hill outerit loop crash on the shoulder by 414. inner loop is completely stackee across the wilson bridge inn bri now, look at some of our cameras to show you some of the wetteret ribble conditions.dion 270 look at that parking lot ana the spray coming off the road aa those cars will be moving that't what you'd be seeing but they're very much reduced. much reduced to give you some per spec you so have. this is out by falls road. roa we'll move over to the inner thr loop. we had an earlier crash by theh dulles toll road and you're still parked from 66 as yousou cross the american legionn leg bridge. keep it to fox5.t to f we want t
8:39 am
of this mess this morning. ♪ hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes!
8:40 am
move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. the twenty-sixteen subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru.
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make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $3.99, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $3.99 today. america runs on dunkin'. ♪ another major set back for singer kesha in her case against record producer doctor luke.ocr judge thrown out her claim that the alleged abuse she sufferedhe at the hands of dr. lukeuk qualified as hate crimes.e the judge also says kesha's claim dr. luke raped an bruisedi her a decade ago can't go can't forward because the allegede all inci
8:42 am
new york and beyond the legalhe time limits. other entertainment news now charlie sheen part of a criminal investigation in los angeles.ngs >> it has to do with allegeddo threats he made against his ex x fiance' rossi according to her lawyer sheen threatened to havev his client killed and so fearful -- she apparently was ss fearful she got protective orded against sheen last week.een st in december, ross so filed aos l lawsuit against sheen for havinh sex with her without disclosingg his hiv positive status. coming newspaper concernsap this morning about the health of student athletes.t etes what experts say could increases their risk of injury.ury >> live look at the ballparkok this morning. morning tarps on the field right now.hef rain is coming but we're hoping that it goest g away before 40:51 pitch. p bob barnard will join us from fo the ballpark next. life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event.
8:43 am
8:44 am
life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen
8:45 am
back at the ikea kitchen event. >> we'll look past the raindropa and try to get down to nats g park. yes, allisonet.. >> tucker was supposeed to thiss little voice over.litt >> i'm sorry.'m sor let's retract everything i justs said and queue tucker.ucke >> steve, how about if i just js meanwhile you talk?al >> nobody can see it.t. >> the whole point was, you p ws know, you're supposed to talk sk over that.overt now you can mime.can >> here's tucker at the ballparh later today. tod >> all right. >> best laid plan.laid pla >> it didn't go too smoothly. st yes indeed.ndd let me show you how to do it.o i it's absolutely pouring outringt there at the we got fingers crossed we've gog the cover on the
8:46 am
but the seats are wet went got t fingers crossed we'll get this g game in this afternoon, but nott looking great at the moment witt some very heavy rain that's nown developed just to the west. that will be strolling on intr n here in the next hour oh or so s the worst rain between now andnd 11:00 this morning as you seenie the darker yellows even red.ed we might get thunderstormndst activity it's a possibility.ty a little line of convection eass of charlottesville developing il the near term. ter later this afternoon it's notot this front we're concerned aboue a secondary front that's c got lot of moisture with it back into indiana and ohio. that will drop down into thep dn area a little later today. and unfortunately, just in timet for the first pitch looks likeoo showers redevelop.. actually midday hours we may get a peek or two of sun sheen hereh between systems.ystems 55 now in washington.ashing that's the good news.'s at least it's mild out there.. 57 in leonardtown. 54 in presidents burg.esid b little cooler in the mountains t where it's been raining prettyre march. 46 in winchester.46 i 49 thin s morning in hagerstown. two fronts first one is ones we're lookg
8:47 am
that's coming through the area. the second one arrives later ars this afternoon ton night.on n the shower activity later today will be more widely scattered we're not looking at heavy rainr like we are this morning. mni either way we look like we'll have much brighter conditions tomorrow. cool and breezy with highs iny i the 50s.. but it should be much brighter.e let's watch future casts wafutu together. there's that heavier rainth deatveloping. there we are at 10:00 o'clock00c tonight this particular modelr m i've got might be over playing p things a little a little but it gives i was sense what wa can expect.n there we are at 4:00 o'clocko'cl potential for additional rainna showers developing thiss deping afternoon.ternoo and kind of hit and miss here.. so certainly possibility of delays unfortunately for opening day.. and you'll want to be prepared e for shower activity if you're i headed out later this afternoon. whole things wraps up tomorrow much, much brighter today.ray 56 tomorrow.56omor chilly weekends with a few snoww showers saturday. snow showers saturday with windh conditions for parts of the day. and then nice warm up.arm u monday, tuesday, wednesday it will start to really feel like l spring all right, guys much that's theu latest weather.test
8:48 am
i'll toss it back to you ands it allison. >> all right. tucker, thank you very much.u 8:47 right now. let head back over to the b lot of find out what's coming uc on good day.ond day what's up ladies? l >> good morning. good day on top of a frighteninh story that broke overnight.rokeg a little boy in the districtt shot inside his home. h we'll have the latest on hisnis condition want police think ledl to this shocking violence. school name controversyer let's get heated as northernorer virginia school board stands bya a decision to make a change.. >> plus, candid in cleveland. robert griffin the third still grabbing headlines by what he has to say about himself.imlf we'll talk about that plus thele comedian that has no love for f the washington nationals big geg star. say it isn't so on home opening day?y? >> as american idol says goodbys for good, we are assembling is special panel for one last idoli chatter and of course ome! at 10a we're dishing on last nightn owe so good empire episode.pi >> here's question for to you fr think today. who is your celebrity crush? crh oh, my. oh, my. >> so many, right? who is youry first one? who is your during d college. coll we can go through the years.thro
8:49 am
some famous folks have crushesru on. . it's another jam packed good dad just minutes away.. guys? >> looking forward to thank you very much. fveryh we talked about baseballaseb season. it is the official start of ofaf the season for the home crowd co today. >> washington nationals willto take on the miamn i marlins tody at 4:05. 4:0 it will be a soggy start to theo game. but it's not putting a damper oe the excitement leading up when they say play ball! bob, good go morning. >> reporter: hey, allison andeyi steve. good morning to you guys. gs. they come into the ballpark with a two-zero record sweeping their two game series with atlanta. it's raining.aing. it's wet. we spoke to mark lerner in theeh last hour and he said, yeah,d, y there's not a game tomorrow soow if they had to cancel the game tonight they could play tomorroa but they'll do everything they can to work around this. t they are determined to play ball this afternoon or evening here h at nats park. park. joining us now is gregorygo mccarthy he's vice-president ofo community engagement here withet the washington good morning. >> good morning.>>
8:50 am
>> yes. absolutely. who cares about this? >> exactly. >> reporter: a little rain.itin. >> the rain gods there come through. >> reporter: absolutely.ut. the nats have the mvp they'veve got great t >> right. >> reporter: hoping for greatopt things this year.thin the nats do a lot in theot i community as well, and you'rendy the man. so tell us what this ball clubsl means to this community, thety,t engagement that it does have.av >> thanks for asking that.skg t as we said earlier, as an a institution it's very veryery vy important for to us give back tu the community where is our fansf live, the communities where wehe play baseball in the off seasons during the season we try to do t the very very best having greatg imprint in the community.ty. focusing on first responders ana military serving them and theirr families. k through 12 education as wellsw as youth baseball.all >> reporter: i know you have aav stem >> that's right.>> >> reporter: kids in theid school know what. kwhat. >> science, technology,hnog engineering and math.giing an we train 80 teachers last monthn from the district, maryland anda virginia how to excite kids indn science and technology,y engineering and math aboutg nd baseball.baseba teachers said to us it's hard tr get kids interested engaged
8:51 am
those subjects he is speciallyhe from communities with color. ieo so baseball is a great mechanism.mecanism. it's all about fiss sticks andss science and math any way to help kids learn be educated, and get engage in those careers we're hoping maybe in 10, 12 years2eas we'll have some scientists,, young mathematicians, maybe abe young baseball player, too.yer,o >> reporter: very cool much coom this year anything different dit that the fans will notice cominm to the ballpark, being a part of this season from your communityy engagement standpoint? >> well, day after tomorrow onoo saturday we actually dedicatingd ryan zimmerman field here in hee washington, d.c.n, d.c. and it's the first our first our field in our new initiativeni called legacy ryan contributed along withutedo under armor to the refurbishingg of a field a few blocks from the ballpark, and capitol hillit h little league will be playing bg there all summer.l it's a beautiful all turf field. we hope to do at least one yeary for the neck several y >> reporter: fantastic.antaic great stuff.tu. gregory mccarthy thank you veryy much for joining us.oroining >> thank you. >> reporter: vice-president ofps communit
8:52 am
>> it all work. >> reporter: community here inee d.c. d.c. you can hear the main rain maira hitting our canopy. can we're protected. the field is protector.roctor hopefully the fans will belly protecteprotected at some pointt this afternoon and get this game on.on. 40:00 fief supposed first pitch. >> still little more than seveno hours for things to dry out.inor stop raining and dry out.ut. >> right. >> we'll hope for the best.op >> yes, we are. meantime in today'se >> heat newses new report finds that the more teens specialize in sportso the greater their risk of knee k and hip problems. >> it's interesting.s let's check in with fox medicalc team' doctors mike who joins usi this mor hello c mike.o ik good >> hey. >> hello there, steve, allison.n how are you my dear friends?rien >> we're doing good. >> we're doing great.e're you know how we're stayingng healthy why not being weekend warriors. we're not out there hurtinghurtg ourselves like so manyke s many youngsters around the nation. no >> and we're a long way from fro being teenagers. teenage >> it's interesting this focusrn on one sport how that my affectf differently than the multi sport athlete. >> well, i brought a couple ofpl body parts with me.ith i brought a knee and i
8:53 am
shoulder here, and basically if you have a high school studenttt or any young athlete and they do their sport, one sport all yeara long without taking any breaks,e there is a dramatic increaseded risk of having injuries.urie so what this new data shows issi that, hey, if you are one of those kids that specializes, yoz only do baseball, you only doo football, you only do soccer,, you have a dramaticallyticall increased risk of having ang a injury mainly to the knees andns to the hips. h but any part of the body is at risk.. >> so is it the kind of thing t once we're aware of this, dr. mike, that we can conditionn differently to not have thesehe problems or is it just simply that much strain on a younger yr body? >> i think that if you doou something repetitively over ando over and over again and you a don't give yourself a break, bak you're going to end up havingg problems.
8:54 am
external forces i see it in myin own practice.. parents one don't know thise n' information that they can injure their young kids by having themt do that because, wait a minute,m i didn't make the nationals, bub my kid is going to be on the nationals or i love the capita capitals. man, they're rocking this year.i but the botngtom line is that yu don't want to injure one much your kids by trying to exert tot much pressure on them so thato t they keep doing the same thingat over and over again all year long without taking a break. >> okay. so that is the way then to helph out the give them break. >> right. rht. >> okay. >> you got it. >> i'm sorry, dr. mike, when you had those models all i can thint about was head, shoulder, kneesk and toes, knees and toes.neesndt remember that? >> well i like the head song is connect the to the neck bone,ecb yeah that >> you bring music to our ears e any way.ay dr.
8:55 am
we'll see you next time.. >> love you both. b love you both.ot >> love you, dr. mike. d mike. see you next time.see yoxt 8:55 right now. >> he's such a love bird today.d >> we exchange love all the ahe time. >> i know that's hard for to yor say that >> we're on roll. i love you, steve.i love you, >> i love you too, al. al. and you know i say it all the time. >> tucker -->> tuc >> let's not push things.. >> tucker, is that a creepy lovl or sweet le. >> a sweet love. >> okay.y. steve check on you.e chec we got to work on tucker. >> reagan national 55 degrees.5e 51 dulles. 54bwi rain showers, pouring downn across the area.a. and we're looking at unfortunately our heaviest rain of the morning is going to mning arrive the next hour or so sor s please be prepared for that ifha you're on the roadways could be localized flooding here.g pretty good little band ofd litd convection developing right there maybe it will be a littlel thunderstorm activity with it.ra we'll get a break and then latet this afternoon the rain rai redevelops i'm sorry just inps i time for the game.ame. we'll have some showers around.o there might be some delayse dely definitely be prepared for rainr
8:56 am
game later today. tod tomorrow looks better. saturday and sunday look very cool. maybe showers and/or a few snowo showers saturday, 47 your daytime high we'll bounce backll early next week it will start tt feel like spring by early next n week.ek all right.ig coming to the plate, the one and only, erin como. beep beep. bee >> hey, tucker traffic is traffi terrible. drops the mike.e m i'm just kidding.just kidding. traffic is really bad. b. (laughter). >> give yourself a lot of timela to get around the i couldn't help myself.p myself. i'm sorry. >> get that microphone. >> awesome, daniel. >> i thank danielle for that. ft i've been waiting for the lasthe hour to do that.hour to do t >> i can tell. >> seriously give your so fastr self a lot of time to get arou around. new crash 95 northbound by n quantico. take look at this.s. southbound side of 270 as you make your way passed westmont a crash another one cleared on tht outer loop by georgia hugeia delays linger one on theono northbound side of
8:57 am
powder mill.powder m very heavy congestion on gww parkway inbound.way boun 295 inbound. we are slow all over the beltw beltway. give yourself a lot of time.a tf earlier crash northbound side oi gw parkway did clear. c delays back to the key bridge. i we got you covered this morning, any more morning commutes atomm erin fox5 on twitter.witter. back to you steve and allison. >> did you -- she dropped therod mike. >> i did. d >> did you get it. did >> love it. l i >> we'll say goodbye to americaa idol the reality shows if youwsf until toll night.. >> the authors about celebritiei crushes.rus join us live.e. who was your first celebrityri crush. >> mine was michael jackson. >> wait until good day to fine out. >> aww man. >> i told chris. we'll share.
8:58 am
is that coffee? yea, it's nespresso.
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♪ you're ready. ♪ get ready to experience a cup above. is that coffee? nespresso. what else?
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>> straight ahead a six-year-old shot during an overnight homeano invasion. we're live on the scene. plus a bronx cheer for senator ted cruz as the race foc president takes over the bigheig apple. and later, undefeated thed e washington nationals head homelh for the first time this seasonea taking on the miami marily marls if mother nature cooperates. coa either way we're live at natst park celebrating the stars of baseball season.ea good day at 9a starts now.. ♪ it's 9:00 o' thanks for joining us for goodfd day d.c. i'm steve alongsidede maureen, holly and wisdom. of course, what we're really rll t


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