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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  April 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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significant pollen washingllena rain out of this.inut of we picked up close to an inch ai in the district, closer to rockville one point foe and that's just counting the wave that came through earlierugh eai today. we're going to pick up additional rain this afternoonfo and this evening from this entire thing and we've also we' had interesting storm reports already today.alre charles county a couple of reports down there, significant wind damage fromagem thunderstorms this morning, a tree uprootd into a home and that was in potomac heights hei and also they are checking che thunderstorm wind damage andamad maybe even a potential tornado r touched down this morning 11:09 in highland town not toono far from baltimore. baltimore. roofing materials strippedg ma from a business thrown onto a o car dealership so that will beil investigated.vestig clearly the atmosphere can support that stopping winds and some hail. we've -- some strong winds and a some hail. h snow beginning to develop in den the mountains.t a couple can waves of rain w of that will move through. through we watch for those embedded eed strong and gusty thunderstormsht that could potentially have alyh
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as we go through the evening the tonight 7 o'clock we'll keepe'lk rain in the forecast,orec 60 degrees. maybe a rumble of thunderhu still but by 9 o'clock it'sck i' over.ov by 11 o'clock, partly cloudy,tlc down to 52 so, we're going to keep ato kp close eye on radar all afternoon. if we get any severe s thunderstorm warnings we willng certainly pass those right along to you and we'll haveou aw frequent updates to keep youpd ahead of the weather. sarah. sarah. >> sue thanks. we'll check in with you in a w four people including twolug middle school students and and a fairfax county police officerpor were injured when the officer's cruiser collided cli with a school bus. b this happened this afternoon on back lit road inlit springfield. the children were returningur from a field trip while the officer was responding to aing o shoplifting call reportedlytey without her lights and sirens.ns a witness says the officer gotff out of her car and checked onndn the students. sde >> when i turned into thei turno road, i saw the officer almost s under the bus, right, so iightso just saw the bus going right across and it stopped right rig there and then the officerer came out and wa
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lady, to the bus and see he if e she was okay. >> detectives will look into ail number of other factors likeik the in-car video to determine speed, to determine what w factored into the accident andea then determine flt >> a chaperone on the bus wasro also injured in that crash. taking a stand againstnd dirt bikes and atv's. local officials are coming com together and promising to track down and prosecute offenders and destroy theirs sto bikes. this comes after an ambulanceama was boxed in by atv's and a d.c. police officer wasffer injured by a group of in the district there is aistrih push to strengthen laws and and seize illegal bikes even onkeeno private property.e ppe >> chief lanier is saying whatt many residents have beenbe saying for some now enough is enough. eugh. today law enforcement leaders le from across our area came arecae together to make it clear although theyw
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these illegal riders they haveev other tactics to take them down. matt ackland has the story. s >> reporter: a united law ud l enforcement team came armed a with new surveillance videoveil and pictures. >> we are seeing this activity t more and more in northernorther virginia.virginia. >> reporter: a year longter: yea investigation into illegalo bikes and atv's, nine separatenp incidents carried out in d.c.,ic virginia and maryland. marylan chief lanier said she wants 245 people on bikesle obike identified. >> we have had enough.ha our community has had enough. and the riders that we can identify we are going to aggressively prosecute.ely >> reporter: the pressorte the conference today comes dayses after video surfaced of groupss riding down busy d.c. streets. s an ambulance blocked by atv's on its way to the hospital and a d.c. police officer hit over r the weekend. wee >> he was surrounded by atv's av and dirt bikes and they made b a contact with his bike ande dragged him. >> reporter: chief lanier showed off some ofr: the 400 t
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bikes she says her officerse er have seized and says about 100 1 people have been arrested ineste the last year. y but d.c.'s attorney general made it clear current lawrent isn't cutting it. >> candidly i think the law needs to be strengthened. >> reporter: do you have the d power if someone calls you and says i know that three or fourhe of them are in a shed behindnd someone's house, do you have the power to go he in and takene them? them >> i would say yes, the answer a to your question is if the public gives us informationnf where these bikes are beingkes stored and we have a probablee cause to get aha search warrant we'll get a search warrant, wrat we'll seize thighs bikes and if we can we'll destroy thewe'le bikes. >> reporter: the chiefte refuses to change her chase chae policy saying it's simply too dangerous. >> they'll go up on thell go o sidewalks and strikelks and stre pedestrians. we're not going to do that. t >> that was fox5's matt5' mat ackland reporting.eporti the chief seemed tohief seeo disagree with the idea to giveha the ride players to ridee legally. lega she says they already exist exit outside d.c. she he believes riders don't ris want to be on a dirt track. they want to be on the streetonr and a park won't keep them off
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the streets. str by the way, you can check outut our web site for those 245 tho 2 pictures that is now beeneen posted. po >> and as we promised ofmi course we wanted to get back to the weather. the weath it is rolling here into the t weather. raining out there and lookingthr a little difficult to see out so there >> yeah, it really is.h, ily visibility is low and as sue sue said, this is round two rightndr now so sue, how long can weg c expect this to last?to l >> i'll tell you it's going tont move pretty quickly i think thi lauer remarks but we have amarka severe thunderstorm warningnder now as we expected might get let me show that you.mehow thaty what you're seeing in theeeinine yellow box is the area that isat warned. that includes portions ofrtionso charles county, prince pri george's county, northwesternore saint mary's, calvert county, ct a little portion of it, a small slither of southeasternout fairfax and the city of city o alexandria until 5:45 so let sle me show you that that is thet activity that we were watching. does it have some lightningve with s it. i i'll put it in motion and i wouldn't be surprised ifrise i you're get something prettyhingp gusty winds out of.sty that this is moving generally gr to the east-northeast.rtheas give it about 30 minutes or so
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any time a severe thunderstormnr is issued it means it's capable of issuing winds thathat could gust over 60 miles an hour.ur fort belvoir east of pope'svo es creek moving northeast lauer lar remarks you asked about theyou speed. flese are flying along at about 50 miles an hour, so hour, berwyn, bowie, annapolis, arnold, stevensville some ofe so the communities that are involved in that severeev thunderstorm warning and just while we were beginning to were come on the air another one anor got issued. you can see that's up to thee th north. it includes a very smallry s section of frederick -- notck- frederick county but into int carroll county and westminstertt county north of the baltimore bi county, baltimore city area sora that warning will be around a for awhile but this is the onese we'll be watching until 5:45. 5 so you may even expect an expect little bit of hail with that, ta certainly some very heavyea downpours complicating theic evening rush hour on the east he side of the beltway. of the bel we'll let you know if we get any additional warning and ifngd you can get off the roads forett a little bit you'll probabhely'b be doing yourself f
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because this can definitely def bog things down. sarah, laura, back up to you. y >> thanks sue. >> good advice.>> gd ad >> efforts resume for theume r second day at the national arboretum as dive teams sandy ty pond in hopes of finding in relisha rudd. the young girl vanished mored me than two years ago and was a last seen with khalil tatum a janitor who worked at a d.c. d homeless shelter where rudd was saying.was sa police believe he tatum whoumho was later found dead killeddil the little girl.leir chief lanier says new information in the case hasn led them to search ther. >> exciting time for thexcit prince george's county policee' department. earlier today county leaders joined with members of thers o department to officially openllo a new training and educationcati facility for officers. the new facility is in upper isn marlboro and has a lot of neat n features including state of the art equipment to helpo hel prepare officers for the challenges they will face one the streets. >> and this will be a centers lb of learning and training.rainin this will be the place by place which we begin to prepare thepat young men and women who chooseho to
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county police officers. p >> the new training facilityolii is housed in tlwo buildings.uiin it costs $22 million to build. the chief says he hopes thees t new facility will become a research center and model for md officers around the countryou tow learn best policingt poci practices. >> coming up, a towson a tso university fraternitytey suspended tonight following a disturbing incident involving cat food. >> you okay? >> and this going an officer body slamming a 12-year-old >> mayor bowser answering somerm of your viewer questions inew qe our fox5 twitter >> and how much do you need to exercise to burn off a slice to of pizza? soon new foodn new f labele
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>> ignorance is bliss sometimes. >> ♪ yvette: i was running for my life. he was flicking matches on me... my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences,
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yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side.
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>> ♪ >> a student is recovering and a fraternity at towsony at tow university is suspended afternda a suspected case of hazing.azin the al
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off campus on march 31st.1st. the fraternity involved is taw t kappa epsilon.aon a relative tells a baltimorea bi tv station's web site theit student was forced to drink d vinegar and pickle juice ande jc then eat cat food. f the student began coughing up bg blood and ended up in thed u hospital. as of yesterday that student was still hospitalized and theht university spokesman says hekeas can't confirm the relative'sel claims and says the school is conducting that ownng t investigation.inve >> a school police officer in of texas has been put on administrative leave aftereave a cell phone video showed him involved in altercation with ane we want to warn you the video may be offensive to some. >> vanessa, chill.hill. >> oh. >> you can hear the collective t gasp there. identified by the school t sch district as joshua kehm thea ke video shows him trying to restrain 12-year-oldj
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valdez. he handcuffs her pulled her to r her feet and escorted her fromem the area. the child's mother says she'll h wait until the investigation i is complete before decidingore c whether or not to take illegalll action. >> we have a consumer alert. ivanka trump is not just theushe daughter of republican republicn presidential candidate donaldalc trump. she's a business woman in her wn own right and tonight the feds f are recalling about 20,000bout , scarves produced by trump'sed bt fashion line.shione. the consumer products safetyctst commission sales the rayon r scarves could catch fire. the scarves come in twotw different styles and anyone a who owns one of the scarves o should return it to the storeur or tn he web site where they purchased it.p >> more than a scarf for this weather, though.r, we're talking umbrellas t andres all kinds of stuff.tuff. >> yeah. and it was windy out there,as wn too. yeah, you really need toally nd bundle up. u sue, what are we looking at >> we're looking it's aking i changeable weather sarah and lauer ran we'll see stronger storms moving through prettyovin rapidly. by the time we get toe get 7 o'clock or 8 o'clock i think i they're out of here.'re out of h it's just bad timing with theini rush hour as you can certainlyey
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want to get you caught up onghup the latest warnings.s. nothing additional since i last saw we have a severe thunderstormndt warning until 5:45 for thehe city of alexandria and it does t include portions of prince of pe george's county, charles crl county, a little bit of anne of arrundel, a small portionorti of -- oh, looks like -- noo
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not seeing that show up.hathow we can see lightning down tong d the golden beach area. are bowie getting a significantignii continue downpour and very d gusty winds likely.y wis li we put this in motion and youio can see that it is generallys gr moving from west to east although slightly northeast. very, very spie speedy movementf the storm. la plata getting lighter rain. waldorf to prince frederickrick lightning in that section asin well. tion, beginning bin to clear western fairfaxrf coun ns like it'sse i coming out of prince williamil county as well so that willhatil probably be one of our bigger or batches but there's anotherere'a batch that you can see dune towards charlesville. charlottesville.. notice at 7 o'clock trying to t take a lot of it out of theof picture so that by the time we m get to 8, 9 o'clock we're donere here locally but we're snowingno in the mountains. we'll keep an eye out for any additional warnings and pass
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them right along to to yu >> lebro his entertainment company won't be straying too far from the nba to for its first feature film. f >> i should be gettingd be get numbers, that's what i should s be doing.oi >> the hoax this guy played atx the nthba draft that is now the inspiration for james' first movie. >> ♪ >> wow.>> and these two were discoveredise by beyoncé on youtube and now the two teen sisters arers a dropping their own music vide video. >> great voices. maybe third try out for americanth idol but can't say that. the sho
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>> ♪ flush in you
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>> ♪ >> after a strong opening weekends box office numbers a forox o batman versus supermanse tanked and that may mean changes for future films.urfilm >> warner brothers may be b right back leasing fewer filmewm in the future. the movie studio executives exei were reportedly shocked by batman's versus superman's badu reviews and they're planning pln to scale back on the number ofco films they release in a year a to focus on their three coree franchises.ches those are the d.c. cinematicat universe which include batman b superman legos and harry h potter. >> lebron james is adding movie producer to his resume.em the basketball superstar ispersr making a movie based on aased o viral take a look. l >> going to be a star. [cheers and applause]e] >> turns out if you
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suit, act really confident anden are also 7 feet tall it's easyt' to get on the floor of the nba a draft.t. >> there you go. during the 2015 nba draft in new york he tricked peoplerk h into thinking he was the top prospect. people were stopping to taketa photos with him and it eveningng landed him some free drinks anda few phone numbers,, >> my goodness. goodn >> the video of the prank p racked up nearly 5 million views on youtube.ew you now lebron's production company has acquired to thequiro rights to the clip and plan on turning night a comedy. >> brilliant.>> brilliant. >> the writer behind the prankhp tweeted out the news it's it' about time hollywood brought a a truly inspiring under dog filmof to the big screen. >> ♪ >> talk about truly not just anyone can cover beyoncé and that's -- thesehee
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haley singing beyoncé's pretty't hurts. this youtube video of thehe sisters helped land them a a record deal with the diva herself beyoncé and now chloe nc and haley have released a music video for their own original song. s that's so cool. >> mature voices. >> ♪ >> wow.>> w. so, the sister say the best best advice they've gotten fromrom beyoncé is to always stay truee to themselves. theelve great advice.e. >> yes, certainly is.ainl i maybe she can help guide them, h you know, inel this worldorld because i can only imagine howgh crazy it is to be in the music industry.dury. so, a great mentor. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> well, it is the end of an era. can you believe it? >> i can't. i can >> such a long run. >> sad.>> >> it is. am
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style wrapping up its 15th and final season with a star sta studded two-hour goodbye. >> now, of course it's harry connick jr. keith urban and uan j-lo in the judge's chairs.'s cr back when idol was justus starting out a big part ofart what made the show so popularar were paula simon and randy. and. we're taking a look back at back some of the outrageous momentson from the original judges thatesa had you hooked on the show. sw. >> you are a good looking guy,ny you really r that's the kind thn of song though that you don't is to push -- well, no pun intended.tend >> hey, hey.ey >> i won't push.'t >> you know what i mean. m >> bear in mind this is ainis i family show. mi i'm actually going to take t over here, thank you. y i think what paula was tryingryn to say was -- w >> you don't know what i'm whati trying to say. s >> no, you don't.on't >> sometimes wondered were theoe show was w >> you take the joy out of me m having fun showing love.
5:24 pm
>> it's like antique road showen where they're describing thescri history of the piece.y the all they're thinking is how much is it worth. >> funny. fun paula and simon could neverouldn seem to stop fighting andg a picking on one another. fans thought maybe there was m t more to their love-hate love- relationship than met the eyeipt there on the screen.ther >> i know, there were evenre wee rumors the two were secretlyy dating which of course they t made fun on the show. f on i forgot how funny and entertaining they were.aini the. >> i know. >> ♪ >> thank god this season is this over. now we don't is to pretend. pte >> it's been killing me paul paa >> i love you cuddles. cudes >> association here's theocia thing. will american idol be able to top any of those moments in tonight's epic two hour grand
5:25 pm
finale? could we see the arehe return of simon paula and randy. >> i got to hope they'll beo that.ho >> you got to watch to fin dto fin out. american idol final episodefil e starts tonight at 8 o'clock'c right here on fox5.o it's going to be a lot of fun. >> come canning up, you may notice something new the nextewe time you're in a tax z how you y can now trigger a silent alarm a to police dispatchers if you feel threatened. fitz. fitz >> reporter: the faa triedte thf to fix one problem here ate a reagan national airport but inrt the process did they create aret even bigger one for people that live around here. her the story coming up. up. first, over to ronica.a. >> well, i had a chance tonc to speak with mayor muriel bowsersr we were in the same room, weoo w were on the phone.ho might just have something too do with twitter. twitt back to you, sarah. >> ronica, thanks.hank comedian does not hold back his dieses like for the nats' bryce harper.arpe jim lokay has that coming up cop in sports
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sue. >> hi, sarah.>> h continuing to follow thatlow severe thunderstorm warning.arn. good news alexandria andewalex fairfax you're dropped from the warning. you may still be get somethinghg rain. looks like the heaviest rain in the district prince george's county on over toounty charles county. we'll have another look at ather your weather and the stormst moving across our region just rg a few minutes.a we'll be right back. >> ♪ narrator: all that political mail might be overwhelming. let's simplify. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott,
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emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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>> ♪>> >> this is fox5 local news at 5:00.. >> some neighborhoods ine nehbor fairfax county say flight fli patterns around reaganroun national airport are causing cau too much noise. at issue is a new air traffic t control plan that's supposedhato to improve plane traffic in and ouvrage. >> and but residents in fairfax mount vernon are
5:30 pm
the noise is a nuisance. fox5's tom fitzgerald iserd live at reagan national withio more. hey, fitz.z. >> reporter: good evening.ter: the issue here surroundsounds something called next gen, the faa flight traffic controlffic l system put here in place at reagan two years a it's supposed to be better bettr because of instead of grounde of radar it relies on gps gps satellites.satellites in creating that system they syy have also created whathat residents will tell you is a nonstop noise problem.. now, in fairfax county, cy, neighborhoods along thehoods g potomac river near mountr mo vernon will tell you they haveoy noticed a dramatic increase inn the amount of airline noiselinee since next gen air traffic t control went into place here in 2014. the metropolitan washington airports authority, they tellut us they are aware of thesef complaints and the changes are sending more planes out overo the
5:31 pm
that means neighborhoods like mount vernon are likely seeingye this increase in noise because c of that air traffic. that traf the fairfax county board of supervisors, they're weighings, in on this as well, they are sending a letter toet both the airports authoritysho and the faa demanding that tt night patterns return to their original older path that saw pat planes rise higher in the skyhe before they headed into fairfax supervisor dan starkan s says the complaints will only c grow as the weather turns t warmer and people start toeta head outside. out >> when we know that's what wewt all live for is that littlesha bit of quality time and we're ad in the going to get it because u we're going to hear a planer a p going over every few minutes making a lot of noise and making it hard to hear.o >> reporter: well, thehe washington metropolitanropo airports authority tell usts they do a maintain an air traffic office to lodgeice to complaints and get those overtsa to the faa. they say with this arguments arg they are trying to get together the interested parties to form some sort of
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implement some change that ishag will make things a little a lit quieter in thoser in neighborhoods. live at reagan national airport, tom fitzgerald fox5erd local >> you may notice something n new the next time you're in a taxi. passenger safety buttons are bue being added to the more than tha 6,000 cabs across thebscross t district. the button triggers a silentt alarm to police dispatchers if f they're feeling threatened the e despite objections from local taxicab companies d.c. is theoma first u.s. city to require theqh devices. d.c. mayor muriel bowserayo has been named one of the of the tweet elite. marketing group dci ranked herd second on a list mayors acrossra the country have masteredtere twitter. >> mayor bowser chef showed s off her skills today in our first ever fox5 twitter view. ronica cleary was the one c tweeting the questions and sheud joins us live from the newsfromw room tonight. hey, ronica. r >> hey, ladies.ey i spunt about two and a halfab
5:33 pm
hours tweeting back and forth with mayor muriel bowser in what we call twitter view, a interview via twitter. here's a little of what we learned.lear >> i asked the mayor questionsue on a variety of issues and iues even asked her some of your of viewer questions.iest in our first ever fox5 twitter view. our fox5 news team has beenha covering concerns related toed t illegal dirt bikes here inre washington, d.c.hingn, and just before our twitter ouri view began, metropolitanetropoln police department held a presse conference on the issue. iss i tweeted mayor bowser. b presser just announced plans to destroy confiscated illegal i bikes. what is your message to illegal riders.l she tweeted i join chief chief lanier and at d.c. police.cpo department in saying enough isus enough. >> this is my school. s this is my school.s my school. >> this is my school.>> >> reporter: i then tweeted tte: the i mayor a question about aio recent video created by a a group of parents that featurestu
5:34 pm
renovations to merchch elementary many are frustrated with noo renovations in 87 years.ons inye some created a video for you. yu your response. she replied in three tweets.eet i love the young my budget invests in additional $1.3 billion inioin school modernizations toni ensure they are done right. r we have committed to spending 78mil. 78 at herch school that wouldld allow to us build a facilityacil that would provide a gateate environment for our viewers toen learn.t in today's iodns fox5 twitter view. sheer one about paid leave.paidl a lot of questions fromns viewers about #paid leave. lea please tell us your plans to create #paid leaf leave for for d.c. and show that d.c. can can #lead on leave. l she replied, we supportplied,e policies that will help give gie all of our residents a fair
5:35 pm
d.c. i will appoint are point p a task force of lead storiesd work on policies that supporthas families and businesses. busin i also asked mayor bowser aow handful of other questions. quet you can see our entire twittertr view on my twitter page att ronica cleary.y. >> well, i also got thegot the opportunity to hear some h exciting news from the mayorayor about one of the nationals natio star players. she gave her first key to the city to bryce harper.o brycar back to you, ladies, in the studio.ud >> i'm sure he will cherish itsh isn't i'm wonder what it willm o open exactly. exaly >> not much of anything.. >> that pot of golds at thee end of the rainbow. >> he's working hard for that. >> kind of cooling his heelsli s right now with the rain delay.wh >> not a whole lot going >> not a whole lot going on.n. >> it's all right here. you know one thing about brycebe harper because we talk quite aau bit about him, he's so popular, he's everywhere butereb the truth is he's the ultimate t love
5:36 pm
player. imagine being new york mets fans so used to disappointment.disa now imagine being part owner o of the mets and asked to share s your thoughts on harper. >> is it just the -- you know, k the damage that he does doe against the mets or is it athe s little bit more than that with t bryce? >> i think it's a lot about the hair gel.. >> yeah. >> >> he just -- you know, he looks like a -- a certain product that massengill makes. m >> i don't know that product. pu does that mean i'm in the goodt orme no? >> i don't want to say it, gett, in you trouble. >> well, we're recording so weds can decide later. >> he's a (bleep). he looks like a (bleep). (ee >> got that bleeper going on.oi. >> i just don't like him. >> too bad. too bad. by the way it's not hair gel, bill it's a pom
5:37 pm
>> hfootball we know whom thew t redskins will be facing going g into the preseason. the preseas. it will start with a game on the road in atlanta. atlta followed by two state home games against the jets mooje might be a quarterback by thents and then the bills and they'llus finish up the preseason withason one on the road against tampa bay many times and dates will be firmed up a little bitmeup a later on. no one saw robert griffinerr goes to cleveland and no one n thought manziel could wound upod with the broncos. b the two sides are are talkingki but won't do anything until the lead decides what to doecid about the alleged domestic violence charges manziel might a be facing. big honor for one of maryland's basketball toptbl recruits. this is kevin hearder. hea he was voter new york's yor mr. basketball. last month he committed toomtt play for the terps last year. l how much does he mean to his mea alma mater?
5:38 pm
announced it will be the school's new basketball logo. l like the michael jordan jump j man an icon already and he'snd h just getting started.ta you get ingrained in your can culture your high school and they never forget who you are. unlike >> they just moved on.y jt mo who is that lokay guy? weguy don't know him. h thanks jim. >> you got it. >> the unlikely place where you caeln now pay your taxes and get a slurpee. slurp >> wonder where that could be.wr you may consider the calories cr before indulging but do youut do know how long it would take to k burn off those calories? soon new labels could tell >> hey, >> not sure i want to see thatee label. we're continuing to label l stronger thunderstorms and theod national weather service w maintains the severemains thunderstorm warning forun portions of annede arrundelundel calvert charms and prince george's. that's the area you see in yellow. that has been shrinking theinng storm seems to be pulling ayms e what. right now we're expecting thatnt might get dropped at 5:45 but 55 we're no
5:39 pm
rain yet. i see another batch downn towards charlottesville so we'll tell you when we canhen we sound the all clear and look ahead toward thursday and thehu weekend when fox5 news at 5:00t comes back. k.
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>> ♪ >> anticipation is growingipat among catholics on what pope francis might say about the state of the family. fam the pope is set to release a major paper tomorrow. he's been working on it forrkg n the past year and half andalf a it's unclear if the pontiff will reaffirm traditional catholic beliefs and practices t or if he will make major changes that could affectldff millions of some of the issues includelu whether catholics who divorce and remarry
5:43 pm
can still receive communion.ommn >> all right. take a look behind us right rht now. >> oh, boy.>> oh, boy. >> you can see where -- looks - like it's trying to clear justls a little bit but we've got a g lot of rain that's movedat' through the area.ugthe ar >> yeah, we do lots of rain r moved through the area.d th we had lots of rain movingain mi through earlier in the day and we have round two coming two con through i think we want to toss to tony and shawn or just tony t perkins to find out what's coming outpatient on fox5 news at 6:00. 6 >> it's just me.t's ju me. shawn is on her way.her we'll be w talking about taxboux season.on as you know it's here. h this year's deadline a littlee l delayed. you have a little extra time. april 18th.ap of all the generations which w one do you think fearsnkea preparing their taxes the tes te most? we'll tell you why millennials are so concerned.ced an espn reporter is under id fire for what he wore to we'll tell you about the controversy it stirred online up online and with his bosses. bos
5:44 pm
viral video? people are outraged. outr that's a police officer bodyic b slamming a 12-year-old texasld girl. wait until you hear why he claims he had to use suchse suc physical force. it's all ahead on fox5 news at 6:00. >> ♪
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wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way. but not with democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks. and when washington insiders wrote a loophole to let the nra spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards, the special interests aren't special.
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>> ♪ >> little sunshine coming out. >> i know, look at, >> it's so pretty. >> it is pretty. >> sun coming out and the reflection on the rg aindrops,as we're looking west of in general i would say thehe storms a little bit of the sizzle is going out of them. the atmosphere stabilizing a bit. one strong storm around tappahannock and anotherno cluster should pass to thes to south. >> what a change.>> w >> nice to see a little sun.haet those storms are flying alongg a 50 miles an hour.50 m >> good, get out of here.d, g >> that's a way to get throughou town, especially since wely s w already had that f
5:48 pm
this morning that dropped anning awful lot of rain and strongon winds as well as reports ofepors damage and hail here andl he a there.e. so, a first look at radar. rad this is the batch that we have been watching move through andou it was warned for prince george's county, parts of anne arrundel and into charles county, alexandria, a lot of l those areas have been dropped. there's another batch we're watching. we think this is going to t generally move a little bit farther south ohifve the city, coming across stafford and a charles not not sure it's going to geto into the district with thatt wit next batch and our severe and ov thunderstorm warning is now confined primarily to anne pri arrundel county and that willout go again until 5:45. 5 the other counties have justav t been dropped out of it.ropp so, we look at our futurecastec to get an idea of when thehe all-clear can sound.ou certainly by 10:00 but0: probably sooner. that second batch which ison going to pass to our south mayd take the couple hours to get to the theay by 10 o'clock look at the snowno in the t mou that will eventually subsidell on friday but as we lookas woo toward friday and even eve saturday, there could bereould another round with a a disturbance coming through, a
5:49 pm
clipper type system that could bring more snow and rain and ran showers to the we'll focus on temperatures temu right now though first and foremost. we have cooled off a littleol bit as a result of those thunderstorms. 52 degrees here in theed her district, 57 in annapolis.nnis you're already down to 48 ino frederick so there is a push a of colder air coming in behindeh this system. sys and our friday is going to end e up being dry and a little bititb breezy. bree now, we also have someeom saturday showers and passingndas flakes. the weekend is definitelyd def going to be on the chillyll side. it should end on a sunnier sun note and a brief warmup early e next week. wee saturday snow showersrday possible. this is the system that'se syst going to come that was. it will drop our temperatures into the 40's and it could beulb a mix of rain and snow but b there's definitely a good chance that you could see someds snowflakes especially in some of our northern communities. don't worry, the whole weekendle isn't going to be featuring feai blustery conditions.ons. certainly saturday will have w been have to be watched and itec will be below average butvege looks like the rest of theest oe weekend will feature a bittu a more sunshine as we head hea towards monday and tuesday.uesd we can
5:50 pm
a little baseball. bit.bit. 57 degrees for f it will feel like a cold day day and rather blustery. bster the front that is comingfront t through tonight is going tooingo push well to the east in thein t next couple hours and that hadnd clear us out overnight.ig. the mountain snow willno w bottom line, overnight will behb dry but we're going to beoing chilly.chilly and we're also going to seeso go our area of low pressure tossur the north continuing to bringnub in a pretty good wind tomorrow o so a breezy day, feeling fee cooler than those 50's but weute should have a good amount of sunshine to deal with and a speaking of sunshine how abouteo this gorgeous sunrise picture pe if mark richards.ha we think tomorrow's sunrise srie temperature will be about aut 43 degrees.43 deg sun comes up at 6:41.1. thank you mark for theark for picture. pi if you get a great shot tweet te it to me or facebook it to me. . early showers and a rumble of thunder, 43 degrees overnightgre as we get chilly as our skieskis clear out and tomorrow 57 degrees. it will be partly cloudy andnd breezy a
5:51 pm
northwest 10 to 15 making that 57 degrees feel a little biteit cooler. over the weekend, yes, let meese know if you see any of those ofe snowflakes. it's a clipper that's going toha come through on saturday.hrough. temperatures in the 40's and0's keeping us a little bit on theit chilly side but the sun iss back as we head on into into sunday. here's a look at the weekendeeke forecast. on the chilly side for sure, s 47 saturday, feeling colderng c with the breeze and sunday sun about 50 degrees.t so, not all day rain for saturday but definitelyy something to take note of and ad into monday we're sunny and warmer at 68 degrees.8 de we'll value couple of thunderstorms possible tuesdayrs with a temperature of 66. nice to see the 60's back bac 'cause there has been a littlere bit of h a setback s temperature-wise for much ofe-sr this week but looks like we'llkl be able to keep those rain tho showers and thunderstormsand moving along in a nice fashionan but of course we'll havel h another update at 6:00 sarah,, laura back to you. y >> it's almost tax time and te you can now settle up your taxax bill while stopping for a
5:52 pm
how about that?ha >> they go hand in hand i guess sure why not. n >> americans have the optione oo of paying their taxs in cashs s at >> the cash payment option ispai designed to make it more it m convenient for taxpayers. taxpae they're offering it.. remember that april 18thil 18t filing deadline is coming up cig far's and the irs warns itt could take five to seven days to process cash just be mindful of that. t just because you wipe downip the machine when you're donewh at the gym, youen know, theyw,he have little wipes there, well,w it doesn't mean ethveryone elsee does unfortunately. >> so, what machines have the ht most germs? which ones do? web site fit rated gathered bacteria samples from three different national gym chainsti and they found that while that w tread mills exercise bikes and e free weights are some of the a m most popular pieces of equipment, they are also
5:53 pm
germy evident. ede free waits are the most. the mos the amount is 362 times more than what you would find on afia toilet z the take away, wipe aw, down equipment before anduipm after use.afte probably a good idea to wash t w your hands.yoands >> yeah, i >> meanwhile you may consider yy the calories before indulgingndl but do you know how long itouno would actually take to burnakeon those calories off?those >> researchers in britain are proposing new food labels thatw show how much you needfo exercise to burn off theo calories. they want the labels on sugaryug high calorie snacks like corie chocolate soda and chips. proponents say it would encourage people to be more b m mindful and be more physically l act. >> reporter: let's look atkt an example. exa there's the bottom of a showed today can showing you would have to run for 15 minutes 15 mt bike for 23 minutes or swim or s for 13 minutes to burn that t soda off. >> here's the problem i havee p with that and that's good andooa
5:54 pm
for people because they know they have to do all that ofl tho >> right. >> but some -- it's not se necessarily calories in, calories out. >> right. >> some of this stuff like theu fizz see driny drink, it has a different effect on your body. b high fructose corn syrup cansyrp do other things to your bodyto and it's not just addingt add weight and you do the exercise s and then everything is okay. oy. it's not an even in and out. a o >> and it's not the same foror everybody.ody. everybody has different dfe metabolisms but i get whatlismt they're going for but at theut end of the day if somebody somod wants that fizzy drink that we t just showed you, they're going to have the fizzy drink. >> exactly.>> e >> southwest airlines passengers turn a flight intoino a touching tribute a man's's dying >> the heartwarming story sto coming up next. ext.
5:56 pm
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he was flicking matches on me... for my life. my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy.
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approve this message, because i'm on your side. >> a very touching tribute ontoc board a flight from baltimoreht to los angeles. messages of love a ftond suppors were written out on napkinsns bypass jersey to a night a night attendant dying from cancer. cae >> this was arranged by the brother of luann alexandria. ald she was forced to abruptly retire from her job with j southwest after the diagnosis.ta >> her brother described hiscr sister and her terminal cancer n diagnosis over the pa system asking for notes of support on drink napkins. by the end of the flight he had 96 notes from passengers.s. >> wow. >> wow >> that just gives me chills.hil >> very touching. >> yeah. >> thanks for joining usus tonight at 5:00.at0. >> fox5 local news at 6:00 starts right now. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 local news at 6:00. >> yeah, that's pretty pre >>
5:59 pm
college is under fire tonight. g members accused of a hazing haz incident that sent anothert anor student to the er. then tense moments duringeng a terrifying miles long roadg rage battle. b and the the t-shirt setrtet off a firestorm on twitter. ttt why critics say this sports journalist was out of line. of l the news at 6:00 starts right rt >> ♪ >> thanks for joining us tonight at 6:00 i'm shawn s yancy.ya >> i'm tony perkins. pki >> this started outside ade t-mobile store in hyattsville.l. fox5's alexandria limon lon reports. >> reporter: after allegedlyedly robbing a t-mobile store andto leading police on a chase, theha suspects ended up here near nea 43rd and galoton jumped out of their van and turned out running. turns out that wasn't such at th smart idea because theid hyattsville police departmente o is just across the street. the two men allegedly robbed the t-mobile store
6:00 pm
east-west highway near bellear crest road just after 10:00ro this m police say they forced shey employees to fill a bag with w cell phones in a back room at gun point. poi those employees deployed ad a silent alarm and when hyattsville police officerslle arrived the suspects were w fleeing in what police say wasas a stolen silver chrysler van. v it led police on a chase thathat ended about a mile away when the suspects ditched the car.edc ironically just across the street from the police station. we spoke to witnesses who saw part of the chase.rt >> when they -- when i seen the cops running, they had had their guns out and then i seen s another cop come up with theirpr gun out and they were trying trn to get into the store. sre >> i saw a police officer sorter of run up to the door, push it p slowly as if something wasethi happening and then momentsom later ran out and got in thehe car and chased off. >> reporter: we spoke to a woman who lives in the neighborhood. she said she saw the suspectaw jump out of that van and says as


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