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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  April 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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east-west highway near bellear crest road just after 10:00ro this m police say they forced shey employees to fill a bag with w cell phones in a back room at gun point. poi those employees deployed ad a silent alarm and when hyattsville police officerslle arrived the suspects were w fleeing in what police say wasas a stolen silver chrysler van. v it led police on a chase thathat ended about a mile away when the suspects ditched the car.edc ironically just across the street from the police station. we spoke to witnesses who saw part of the chase.rt >> when they -- when i seen the cops running, they had had their guns out and then i seen s another cop come up with theirpr gun out and they were trying trn to get into the store. sre >> i saw a police officer sorter of run up to the door, push it p slowly as if something wasethi happening and then momentsom later ran out and got in thehe car and chased off. >> reporter: we spoke to a woman who lives in the neighborhood. she said she saw the suspectaw jump out of that van and says as
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large trash bag filled with what looked like small boks. b police arrested the two t suspects and they're waitingnd t to be charged. reporting in hyattsvillesv alexandria limon fox5 local l news. news. >> police officers are areof standing together put a stopatop to illegal dirt bikes and atv's on area roads. fox5's matt ackland is live is e in northwest with the new pushew to strengthen laws and seize sei illegal bikes.likes. matt. >> reporter: hi, tony. chief lanier said today what wha many residents in the d.c.he.c area even outside d.c. have d. been saying for a long enough is the chief surrounded by b another law enforcementnfce officials said they are notey a going to chase these atv's, a these dirt bikes but they dort b have ways of tracking downin dow these riders and they sayhey say they'll do so, they'll make arrests and they'll destroy desr the bikes. a united law enforcement teamme came armed with new w
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can commerce. >> wpictures.pi >> we're seeing this activitys t more and more in northernthn virginia. >> reporter: nine separate incidents carried out in d.c.,., virginia and maryland.aryl chief lanier said she wants wans 245 people on bikess identified. >> we have had enough.ha our community has had and the riders that we can identify we are going to aggressively prosecute. >> reporter: the pressor conference today comes dayses d after video surfaced of groupss riding down busy d.c. streets. s an ambulance blocked by atv'sceb on its way to the hospital and a d.c. police officer hit over o the weekend. weeke >> he was surrounded by atv's a and dirt bikes and they madeik contact with eshis bike andike dragged him. >> reporter: chief lanierier showed off some of the 400 t bikes she says her officers have seized and says about 100 t people have been arrested inbeen the last year.the but d.c.'s attorney general made it clear current lawnt l isn't cutting it. >> candidly i think the law
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needs to be strengthened.hed >> reporter: do you have theter: power if someone calls you and u says i know that three or fourro of them in a shed behind someone's house, do you have the power to go in and take take them. them >> i would say yes. if the public gives usgiveus information where these bikes tb are being stored and we have aie probable cause to get a searchea warrant we'll get a searchl geta warrant and seize those bikesd e and if we can we'll destroy des those bike.e bi >> reporter: the chiefor refuses to change her chaseto c policies saying it's simply sim too dangerous.o dangerous. >> they'll go up on the go sidewalks and they'll strike str pedestrians. we're not going to do that. d t >> reporter: all right. so, what about this other ideaut we reported earlier this wee tkk from one council member whoembe wants to set up a location inatn the district where thesere t people can come and ride their t bikes the chief said she doesn'theoe think that that's going to work. work. she believes that theseliev riders, they want to go out on n the road, they want to do what a they're doing and get attention and even if they they build some kind of park, she s doesn't believe that everyonerye will go that and do it legallyeg and
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are places outside theside t district where people can canre go and ride currently andrent a that's not taking place.g pce live in northwest, mattst,t ackland, fox5 local news. n >> four people including twoludg middle school students and a fairfax county police officerntc were hurt today when the wn officers' cruiser collided colli with the school bus. t sch it happened this afternoon onftr backlick road in springfield.inf the students were returning from a field trip.ri the officer was responding topon a shoplifting call and and reportedly did not have on her h lights and siren. s a witness says the officer did r get out and check on the students. >> when i turned into thei road, i saw the officer almostto under the bus, right, so iightso just saw the bus going right across and it stopped rightt there and then the officerer came out and walked to the lady, to the bus and see if she was okay. >> investigators are nownv looking at a number of fesactorc to determine what may have caused the crash. >> efforts resume for the r second day at the nationales arboretum as dive
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searched a pond in hopes of finding relisha rudd.d. the young girl vanished moreani than two years ago and waswo yea last seen with khalil tatum a janitor who worked at aord at a homeless shelter where ruddre was staying.wastay police believe tatum killedatuml the little girl. chief lanier says news information in the case hasion ard them to search that a fraternity at towsonson university has been suspended b after allegations of hazing.azin police say members of tau t kappa epsilon are accused of hazing a student off it's rumored the fraternityte forced the student to eat cat ct food and drink a vinegar and pickle juice student's family says shortlymiy after he started vomiting anding was rushed to the hospital. hpia >> it's scary.t's y. it's scary that someone wouldoud ever do that. do that. >> kind of scary to know we go g to school with people thatple t might hurt other people intentionally. >> university officials sayit they are taking the situationy o seriously and have calledal baltimore county police forolicr assistance with the the investigation. a
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says they do not condone con hazing in any form. >> a controversial decision toio deny a permit for a mosque ina o culpeper is stirring up stirrin controversy. the proposed islamic centeric ce was set to be built inbuiltn culpeper, the area does notrea s have access to public to p utilities and the soil theres a does not support a traditionaltl septic tank so the centerhe c submitted a request to addtea re one. well, the city council deniedl e the request and some residentsis applauded the decision. dis they say they don't want the islamic center in theirmicent communities. since 1995 the council has approved 18 out of 19 septic sep permits. they say they were given fory special cases.special cases. straight ahead tonight at 6:00...6:00... >> wow. have you seen this? startling t new viral video of a school resource officer slamming alammn 12-year-old girl to thed girl t ground. we'll tell you how the schooloo is responding tonight.onight >> then a sports journalistoual riles fans up
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his response to critics who say he went too far.too f sue. >> we just got another severeeve thunderstorm warning, this onerg is for fredericksburg.ricksburg. it's the system that is goingys to pass to our south. s i don't think that's going toatg affect the district but this di will go until 6:30, 6:3 fredericksburg city, the cy, counties of culpeper, orange, spotsylvania and stafford, and also within that cone as thisneh storm continues moving awaywa and this is what we have beens h watching locally.watching that is also moving awayin a pretty quickly, just aboutstbo ready to exit anne arrundelundel county, no warnings with thenini storm in anne arrundel.unde so, we'll keep track of all oflo this and we'll have a fullave al report coming up in just a fewsf we'll be right back.l >> if you have a story idea, we want to hear from you.from give us a u the tip line is open. call 2,928,953,000.28,953,000. you can e-mail u292-8953 -- 2,00
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we want them to grow up stronger. >> sports journalist made a bold statement today with what he wore during a live newsive segment on espn.gmen >> this is the shirt he
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it mocks the cleveland indiansnd logo which many people find offensive. espn reportedly asked him too cover up his t-shirt afterhier viewers started slamming himammi on social media.l media. jim lokay joins us with more wim on the >> hits close to home with theoe controversy over the redskins. n cleveland spinning this a little bit differently thaniffee they have in ntyears past thougu can considering what we'vede seen here. so much attention has been paid to the redskins logo andoga the name the indians has gone relatively unscathed.. the shirt getting a lot oft geto attention becausfe it looks ioo awfully close to the chief what who logo the tribe has tris used since the 19 40's but as0'b you get a closer look at it you can see it says caucasian and the chief what who replaced with someone with pale skin an dollar sign poking it from where the feather would be.uld b last week they officially offica switched the team's ball cap ba to a simple
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added we have empathy fore em those who take issue with itssue going on to say we'll continueti to do what we think is appropriate. that's interesting that.nteres a obviously a lot of people areplr sounding off on this one. this n we gained the opinion on twitter quite a bit and youa biy talk about the parallelshe between the redskins and the indians obviously this debate had continue but as shawn mentioned he was told at one a point espn said cover the the shirt up, you made your point.oi we'll continue to keep an eyen e on this one.on t as mentioned very interesting. i >> did he cover the shirt up? i don't know. >> yeah, he did. >> he had a hoodie on and he zipped it up. >> the people who werehe p complaining about it, whatout were they saying? what was whs their issue. i >> the comparison was what ifpai that was a, f-that was a white radio talk show host wearing wea that search something similarngs to that. to >> i don't think there's a't thi parallel there. his point is he could haveuld worn the shirt that said thehat same thing about black peel or e any other race and he washer trying to make the point that t the word indians with thatith t logo was offve so, it didn't matter
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it on, it still would haveould e been >> people who were upset thatat it says caucasian, that's thet'e point. we shouldn't be using peoplesinl as mascots particularly namesari that may be considered considere derogatory. >> and the difference betweenfee we're talking about theinabou redskins which people find offensive and indians nativeia american has been the nomenclature but still it's ann interesting discussion. the difference here is thate ist the indians have said we understand people were offended by it. >> controversy continues.trov cn >> exactly. >> thank you jim. >> stay with us. we'll be right back. flus thank you. ordering chinese food is a very predictable experience. i order b14. i get b14. no surprises. buying business internet, on the other hand, can be a roller coaster white knuckle thrill ride.
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>> ♪ >> a texas mother is outraged after learning her daughter m was body slammed by a parniolicl officer at school. >> janessa chill. janessa, you okay? oka >> wow. the incident unfolded outside
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a san tone middle school lastid week. cell phone video captured a san antonio school resourcees officer grabbing a femaleemale student and slamming her to the ground as you saw that.nd ao he says it was out of fear thefe student was going to kick him. the officer told authorities he only approached the girlhe because she and anotherno student were yelling at eacht we other in the hallway.her the officer has been placed onee paid administrative leave.. >> and this is scary and ridiculous video showing a sho driver trying to run a motorcyclist off the road in in a. ronnie gonzalez the man on thean motorcycle was heading to workle when he says the other w driverr cut him off causing him to him t lose his cool. c that driver identified as as christian rosa went to thet to e local police station and filedcs a report claiming gonzalezing caused damage to his vehicle.ehc both face reckless driving charges while rosa also faceso a assault charges.rges.
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camera on his helmet. hel >> all right. are are u.s. airports getting safer. members of congress are notesre happy with what they'rey're fox's doug luzader has the has story now from dulles international >> reporter: the mosnat visible thing the t.s.a. doesa.e passenger screenings to thenis o tune of about 2 million peopleon a day in more than 400han airports but there is anres increasing awareness now of o another potential threat cantiaa coming from the people who work here.e. washington dulles airport with great fanfare welcoming the first direct flight from brussels since the terrorls attack there last month. s but beyond the flags andnd the banners, there are stillhere ati lingering questions.uestio and as you heard right after a those attacks rocked the world's aviation communityion cm u.s. transportation officialsn o know they are still dealingl del with a jittery travelingra public here at home. >> people can can attack us anywhere no matter how much we can try to protect ourselves.urv
6:17 pm
oppression that nothing is happening. >> reporter: the head of thed oe t.s.a. grilled yesterday by members of a senate committeeenm looking specifically at transportation security. secur facing questions, not justngues about passenger screeningcr methods and effectiveness buttie airport perimeter security and airport employee vetting andee v that is increasingly seen as a potential weak spot.ial spot. >> the best practices are you have to check the airport employees so is your testimony y today that nothing has been done? no, sir, that's not my n testimony. we've done quite a bit.e we aredo checking. che t.s.a. itself has increasedsncrd the number of inspections ofspeo employees by five fold just in j the past five months. m >> reporter: one of the real challenges for the t.s.a. the agency is required to be veryd v nimble to address the latest threats and yet it has grownt into an enormous bureaucracyracy with almost 60,000 mostly,000 sunny. at reagan national airport a just outside of washington,n, i'm doug luzader, fox news.s
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some changes.ha >> love it alert. a >> look at that. >> you know what, the rainbowswh are are filling up the feed. >> i saw, yeah. y >> they never get old and wer g love to see your pictures.ic keep sending the we're enjoying it but we haveve seen fast clearing behinding these storms because they'reecau moving 50 miles an hour.ving 50i >> wow. >> but we also at the samee a time still have a severeave a s thunderstorm warning down torsto our south around thesouth ound fredericksburg area. that is also moving to the east. but we wanted to show you a fantastic time lapse thattic ti wonder kind editor rob lynchr put together for us looking looi west. west watch those rolling clouds. clo watch the rain shaft comesh toward the camera. cam must have been -- i know a lote of you saw these dramaticbe pictures, too, as you were saws watching.watchi. surprised there's not much inth the way of lightning.erway of l i can see some flashes ine ashe there and then the rain is on io us and it has been dropping dron some heavy rain. r of course this afternoon'ser rain was round two.ou we had some damagingagin thunderstorms this morningrss ts that caused some property ppert damage up toward baltimore,alti some reports of hail and hl property damage in charles inhal county, even some reports
6:19 pm
hail today all around the region, prince frederick andfred montgomery county as well.mery here's what's going on at theone moment. this is our last severet thunderstorm warning right atto the moment.rm i'm not sure we're going tong get many more after t this is pulsed up and it's going to affect parts ofto affta culpeper spotsylvania anda a stafford as it move to theford m northeast at about 50 miles an 5 hour also, so heads up charlespa county, this is probably going to be moving in yourin y direction.di the earlier batch that caused c warnings for prince george'snce county, alexandria, anneexandr arrundel, that is just aboutus a across the bay, still on the the western shores of the bay at annapolis area and then thishen is what is going to beoi t crossing you into spotsylvania and across perhaps even king george and into charles, maybe even parts of saint mary'st county and i'll get them all out. o that's what's going on rightn at the moment. the this has been part of a of frontal boundary that's goingun to be passing onda through. touh notice that it is changing cing over to snow in the mountains. t that will linger a little biteit longer. for most of the rest of us of tt this i os going to be wrapping w
6:20 pm
or so. we mentioned the rainbows. laura jester send us thiss t beautiful arcing rainbow in raiw stafford virginia on facebookgif and twitter we love gettinget your pictures.icture there's the great shot frome grh our tower camera where the the temperature is 54 degrees4 degrs winds out of the west at 6 miles per hour. how are the those temperaturesth going to be descending. desg. looks like it will be slowly overnight.ergh by 9 o'clock we might bemit bumping up, 11 o'clock down toon 52 and 1:00 a.m. 48 degrees.dgre around the rest of the regionhen at this hour, we are finding f temperatures mainly in the the 50's. that are a couple of placesf p that are warmer than that, 58ha for fredericksburg and 57 for 5f leonardtown. no be is in the 40's just yet.'t you may see that temperaturet as you saw in our time castime t rise just a little bit before be it starts to descend laternd ler tonight. so, what should you expect for friday? it will not be a not rainy day, it will be dry butryt cooler than it was today.od so at the bus stop tomorrowp mo morning leave the rain gear at r home. ho prepare for a little bit of afo chilly start, 37 t
6:21 pm
at pickup time. after school till cool for this time of year, 54 to 60 degrees with a good amountoou of sunshine.of sunshine. we'll see our lows staying totao the north but it will promoteh a northwest breeze. b throughout the day it will dry t us out, it will keep us in the 50's and then as we lookhe at a our temperature trends we'reer going to bottom out a little bit over the weekend. 47 on satatovurday with theit te potential for some snow se showers mixed with rained showers but the snow showersw so especially north andpecialorth 50 degrees on sunday before weor spike up nicely on monday back to 68 too bad we can't get that on get the weekend.the we wait until you see this futurecast. first of all, it takes thellit t rain out of here prettyf ere quickly tonight and it keepst ks the snow going in thengn t mountains. friday is dry.friday is but watch saturday as i takedaai this forward even into the even weekend and we pivot, a clip clipper system through the region. it may produce a few more snow showers into the afternoonfternn before finally exiting thexing area. we're going to wrap it up withap your fox5 accuweather 7-day-d forecast. just talked but weekend.but wee itil
6:22 pm
we'll take the snow showerswwe out of that.of t on monday warmer aton my warm 68 degrees. chance of a thunderstorm onthuer tuesday. dry for wednesday andy thursday. back in the lowfo 60's feeling aling lot more like tony, shawn, back to you. >> ♪ >> yeah, little chuck bowne for you that. well, the dreaded deadline fore filing your taxes is right around. >> the corner.>> >> the corner. cor >> but according to a new survey tax season is really a scary time for millennials. nerd found millennials feared preparingni their taxes because of thatal lack oxefs real world experien. millennials also tend to holdnd more freelance part time and one-time jobs than members ofems other generations.ns that makes sen >> uh-huh.>>h-hu >> millennials by the way alsoth feeling the pressure of social l media and turning to plastic p surgery as a solution. aolut >> according to a new study s more americans under 30 arend 3 going under the knife to the kne change the way they look in l order to keep u
6:23 pm
peers look on social media. m experts say that that socialt media presence and perceptionset have become almost as almt important as porn interactionntn fo -- personalinteraction for md adults. adul tops are getting natural looking noses as opposed to opps the nose they naturally have, h, luscious lips, younger looking eyes, cosmetic procedures topred remain competitive in thetiven workplace and restored facialrel volume for sculptedculp cheekbones. the study reports an increase in botox injectionsnjtn for wrinkle fillers and leg l augmentation for women in their 20's.eir >> in their 20's. 20' >> in their 20's. >> not even talking aboutki abo women in their 50's and 60's. we're talking about that makes me sound old.nd i'm only 28.y >> makes me sad i have to say. >> it is. social media pressures.ed yeah, yeaeah. all right. there have been antherve b unprecedented number of ordersfd for tesla's new lower priced
6:24 pm
the company says preorders saysr have hit 325,000.00. >> wow. w >> when are you going get thatyo car? they've got huge delays.el the cars start at $35,000. customers must put down aown thousand dollars to ensure their purchase. the new tesla model 3is is 3 scheduled to go on sale latere a next year. ear.
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>> going to leave you th a to feel good story.fe nearly three years since thece boston marathon bombing. bombi one of the survivors who lostho her leg in the deadly attacksytt is getting ready to run the t course this year for the firstir time since sin the she will be wearing a prosthetic leg and running for the
6:27 pm
she says this race is a thanks t you to everyone who helped toeld get her out, get her back up bau and running again. wonderful. >> good for her.>> >> that is great.>> t >> she's a hero.>>'s >> yes. >> weather-wise. >> weather-wise rain is goingis to be out of here really soon.rl we'll have a drier dayer tomorrow and a little bitnd a chilly overnight. a bit breezy but then maybe m some snow showers on saturday.da a reason to tune in at 10:00.0:0 >> snow. sno >> final american idol tonightid at 8:00ol right here on fox5. >> that's right. we'll see you tonight.
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somebody can live off the side of the land now because rob kardashian is more than providing it. >> 148.4 -- 248.4. harvey: rob kardashian two months ago north of 300. >> i think he was 260. >> we need an expert. i need to phone a friend. mike? [laughter] >> mickey rourke leaving mr. chow. we ask him about donald trump, and then he goes into donald trump's wife. >> i think his wife is one of the biggest gold diggers around. >> anybody love somebody without being attracted to them? >> you can even be attracted to them but once they take the pill and they lay there, it kind of kills it. [laughter] >> kevin federline. he is back to doing music after a nine-year hiatus. ♪


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