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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  April 7, 2016 10:06pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox5 local news at 10. 0 right now at 10, a desperate search for a missing d.c. girlng has come up with empty handed again. it's been two years too long, stressful years for grandma, yes, it has. tonight, the family of relisha rudd opens up about the investigation. prince george's county is takin back the night on the middle of a crack down on illegal strip sr clubs and human trafficking.. it takes two, baby. and the end of american idol. id we're on the red carpet following the incredible series finale. your news starts right now. > and we thank you for joiningr us tonight, i'm tony perkins and i'm shawn yancy. tonight the family of relishaa rudd is speaking out after the latest attempt to find the girl ended without any
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relisha rudd vanished more thann two years ago. ago she was last seen with khalil tatum, a janitor who worked at a homeless shelter where rude was staying. police believe he killed the little girl before killing himself. marina maracco spoke to the girl's family tonight and has hs more. >>reporter: relisha rudd's grandmother says that she was excited that mpd resumed a a search for her granddaughter. she still holds out hope that hp she is somewhere out there alive. reestablish a's mother said shee has no idea why detectives chost to search the national arboretum. she said she has no idea, also, and she's unaware khalil tatum ever spent any amount of time with re establish a rude at the ash read up. up. in the two years and one month n since relisha rudd
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disappearance, grandma claimsrac the family has been kept in then dark as to the investigation. i haven't talked to the detective -- the authoritiesive period in two years. i haven't talked to them sincehm it first started. > this week's two-day searcheac was the first search for relisho rudd in 2016. d.c. police would not say what exactly brought investigatorsou back to the area of the national arboretum. a total of 60 searchers,s, including the fbi as well as members for the national centere for missing and exploited center searched the park. they k can 9s were along for the search. this afternoon concluded afterfr turning up empty. why do you think they went backa to the national arboretum.atio >> from my understanding, the un first time -- from my understanding they had already a searched it. i'm not understanding why they even went back to -- know, what led them back to that section over there. when we was hollering aboutg search over there again, it was --
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we got to look other places. why did you want them to go back? >> because i felt they didn't dd a good enough job with the search. that's my feeling. > these two years have beenave difficult for the family. fam >> a tough gurney. a t we had to go through two birthdays without it's been tough. since the child's dice persons,p reestablish a's mother andnd grandmother have made amends. ae together they've also realized, reestablish a may never come back. >> it's a possibility that sheil could be dead. at first i wouldn't accept it. i wasn't trying to hear that. now i got to understand i haveni to come to realization that they might find her deceased or theyr might find her now, on the heels of this search, two d.c. council members have proposed a bill dubbed the relisha rudd law and under this proposal it would require req parents to notify police if their
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their child goes missing.issi now, parents of missing children under the age of 12 would have 24 hours to notify police and parents of children between the ages of 13 and 18 would have 48 hours following the disappearance to call police. and this proposal is in an in effort to avoid what happened back in 2014 when police were notified once a school counselor called them that was three weeks after relisha rudd was last scene. life tonight in northwest, marina maracco, fox5 local news. > two men are jail in> t montgomery county tonightme accused ofry kidnapping and rani a 12 year olddn girl. police sayen wreaking a gash haul and victor tome were to involved with kidnapping theidna child from northeast d.c. and.c. taking her to a home in wheaton last week. investigators say the men then sexually assaulted her. both men are being held on half a million dollars bond.n do police in d.c. and alexandria, virginia are checking whetherheh the two men might be involved in similar assaul
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jurisdictions. from coast to coast people are r trying to raise awareness about sexual assault and sex trafficking. just last night we told youni about agh crack down on adult cb in prince george's county.rinc it's a story that fox5 has beens following now for nearly a year. tonight, people gathered at prince george's county hospitala center in cheverly to take back the night. sarah simmons is now there with the latest.ates sarah. >>reporter: it's really moving to hear the survival stories of those who endued sexual aabusivd any kind. as you mentioned, take back thee night is to raise awarenessware about this problem that iss really prevalent in our neighborhoods. tonight, victims of sexually abuse within families as well told their stories as those who survived the underground so few are aware of, but are becoming aware of, sex trafficking. t they held a candle light vigil to pay tribute to the victims oç sexual
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women that are bought and soldnd for sex. it's been a part of an of investigation over the past the year. tonight, a survivor of the sex e trade and founder of courtneys, an organization that works with sex trafficking victims talks tl with us. finally people are identifyingdt and referring as survivors and realizing itself every kid, not just a runaway, not just a kid in foster. more kids in the suburbs are getting recruited because of talking to online people that they don't know. and tin a front you saw there, the founder of courtneys, she talks to parents all the time and she said part of the concer she hears from them is that they want to give their children privacy. the privacy is a lot of these offenders are online and you y really have to keep an eye on it. you may remember we have mentioned it many times.y it seems to be very popular with kids right now, but it is very e
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well. just how big of a problem is sex trafficking? she was saying it's really hard to know right o now because there isn't any a funding for research because this is something that is really very new and it is has just really been coming to light ovet the past couple of years. ye that's the latest here at princh george's county hospitaler cente sarah simmons, fox5 hospital news. a few areas. the rain is out of here tonight and we're going to see our skies clearing. i also wanted to show you that it's not quite clearing in the mountains. they've got some snow and a few winter weather advisories haveth been posted for two to four fo inches for snow in places like western pendelton and western we highland county. c that will go into nine in the morning. a little bit of snow in wester
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pennsylvania, as tomorrow will be a dry day. d it will be a cooler mri we're only going to hit the 50s and a little bit of a breeze out there. at this hour temperatures about 52-degrees in the district, buts as cold as 44 in hagerstown, 49 at cumberland, 46 in winchesterh overnight we head forth upper 30s to low whose. i just wanted to show you whatht we're thinking about for the kids at the bus stop, 37 to 45.. but it will feel better after school with a temperature of 54 to 60-degrees. we have some snow showers in the forecast this weekend.eek we'll time those out with you ot coming up with the forecast afoe bit later. > thank you, sue. >> still to come tonight a wild robbery and police chase, turns out the bad guys made a bad decision that ended p up leadin to their arrest. we'll have the story coming upg next. also ahead, have you seen this?i boy, that's tough to watch. wa that's a police officer body bo slamming a 12 year old girl. gir the story behind this viral
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video coming up. jay low, what an ending toing american idol t tonight. coming up later we are on the on red carpet in los angeles. an tony, i don't think this is the shot where she's going to extinguish. keep it right here.. fox5 news at 10 will be backe b here in -- is it coming? no, that's not it. it's coming.
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> welcome back, it was a wild morning in hyattsville after two suspect ted robers held up a cellphone store and then drove a off. but the men did not get far. workers in the store alerted police and officers chased after the suspect. the men ditched their van onditc california ton street.rn turns out that was a bad decision that's because theyy ended up right across the street from a police station. officers arrested the men.. earlier we spoke with neighbors who watched some
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when i seen the cops running,run they had their guns up and then i seen another cop come up withp their gun out and they were trying to get in the store. i saw a police officer run up tp the store, approach it slowly al if something was happening andni then moments later ran out. police tell us the van the men used in their brief get away was the d.c. medical examiner's office is now full aaccreditted and that's a big deal. the reason now, the department has been dealing with accreditation problems. today reporters were even invited inside the facility toac take a closer look at how things are happening now. fox5's jennifer davis joins á] with the story. >>reporter: folks at thet t medical examiner's office agency it's a new era and they invited reporters in.n. it is an boric laid in its own rights but am say it's even more
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d.c. given how far the officehe has had to come to earn it. when someone dies in the the district, this is where theirir body comes. this is a basic autopsy sweat. and the d.c. medical examiner'si office performs an autopsy touto determine how and when that police died.po where we do our work, where wewr start the service of our family that are seeing some of the worst times in their life ourlie main goal here at the chief officer medical examiner toxa serve those families. the department says it is better equipped to do that now than ever before, given the national designation it just received. for the first time in then history of this city we are fully accredited by the national association of medical examiners, which shows that theh office in the past has been working towards the standard. and so now it shows that we aree meeting annex ceding. the chief medical examiner invid
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for the first time to show it off. that is the board that we perform surgical dissections. we weigh every single organ because there's particularicul weights that can tell you about disease. the me's office has faced mountains of complaints in recent years. i was stripped of a partial accreditation because the formeh medical examiner wasn't boardas' certified in pathology. they often raised this. and backlogs of cases and deep delays in autopsy reports were known to repeatedly slow downdon investigations and criminal cases. dr. mitchell says the office has been over hauled these last twol years. there is no backlog. when he took over in 2014 he says just 38 percent of autopsy reports were completed in 90 days. now, 90 to 95 percent are done in that same time. on top of that for the first for time, he says, the office has a full staff of
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forensic pathologists. now we have a national standard, a stamp that shows that we are part of a small group of offices in the country that arere operating at this national standard. > it was a really interesting peak behind the scenes. dr. mitchell says of the 300 medical examiner offices in the country, only 73 are fully accredited. d.c. is now one of them. > thank you, jen.en still to come tonight, the suspected case of hazing that left a local college student in the hospital. later, high speed road rage. the play by play between this dangerous biker and a driver.
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a bit graphic. take a look. you can actually see that officer body slam the girl. friends ask -- they saw her fach on the ground. 12 year old gentleman knees a recall december has not beenecem back to the school since this incident. she says she hit the ground so hard she doesn't even know what happened.. the officer said he did this because he was afraid jessica was going to kick him.. a student remains hospitalizedop at a fraternity in towsontows university is suspected after a suspected case ofation. the incident happened off campus last week. w the fraternity involved is tool kappa epsilom. the student was forced to drink vinegar and pickle juice and then eat cat food. the student started cuffing upui blood and then ended up into the hospital. >> it's scary. we go to school with people that
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life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. this is fox5 local news at 10. recapping tonight's stories. the search for relisha rudd came to an end with no findings this afternoon. the grandmother of the childchil says she's excited for more searches and believes investigators could haveors searched more thoroughly when they initially looked in the area of
10:32 pm
objection to the form whento relisha rudd was first missing. > i'm sue palka. several rounds of rain today, but i'm happy to tell you theu rain is out here. did you catch one of these mag nice sent rainbows.ainb i'll have the details and look a look the at the weekend in just a few minutes. police across the dmv are banding together to put a stoptp to illegal dirt bikes on area roads. matt ackland has more on the push to strengthen law and ceass those illegal bikes. >>reporter: what the ex blahtive.. d.c. police do something about these guys.uys. that was the written message on twitter from jeff johnston as he shot this video from the side of pennsylvania avenue sundayund evening. we showed you this video last night at sixth and florida northwest as a group of riders, some popping wiehles roared through the intersection. we that can that vide
10:33 pm
council member who represents the area, bring and den dough. >> i would say that images like that certainly concern me. council member brandon todd isdn more than concerned. he wants chief cathy lanier toai take action. what do you think should be done. >> i think mpd has to enforceeno it. i know it's tough because the chief said she doesn't like to chase them with police cars. it can be a public safety issue. i think enforcement of our of current law is what's going toon have to occur. council member may who represents ward 8 says she's worried about her constituents and she's been searching for a way to fix the problem, even searching d.c. parks for finding a way for the riders to operate. the fact of the matter is they're illegal. even if we get a location foror them to go? how are they going to them there.m if we are able to provide a pr site, that the site had storage on site so that they don't haveo to bring the
10:34 pm
council member may says one sa problem is liability for the she's hoping maybe a private company might step in to help h run the site. matt ackland, fox5 local news. > chief lanier seemed to disagree with the idea of giving bikers a place to ride legalegal limit she said those places already exist outside of the district. riders don't want to be a dirt track. they actually prefer to be one n the streets. terrifying video shows a driver trying to ride a motor vehicleec cyclist off the road in floridaa ronnie gonzales, the man on them motorcycle was heading to work when he says the other driverver cut him off causing him to loseo his cool.hi that driver identified as a christian rosa went to the local police station and filed a report claiming gonzales caused damage to his vehicle. both now face reckless driving charges while rosa also face
10:35 pm
> now to the raise for the white hours, a new ap poll shows 70 percent of americans have an unfavorable view of front runner donald trump. it's also having an effect onn the republican party. 67 percent of americans view th gop in a negative light.ight bernie sanders attacked hillary clinton on the campaign trail. he told a labor group that she is not qualified to be president. still to come tonight, the natse ohm opener that went much longer than and it is the end of an era. we are life in los angeles for the finale of american idol. as we head to break tonight, just a reminder. guess what today is? throw back tweet us your best tbt using the hashtag tbt. this one is from kirk bear. kirk says that's him back in 1973. kirk, thanks for sharing your picture. we appreciate it.t. is he a member of the eagles. tony perkins has a question for
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> it is the opening day for the washington nats.on one can't ignore the fact going into day, they are four and seven in homeowners since movins to d.c. good they turned the tied. dusty baker getting a huge oh investigation before the home ho crowd. the fans, as you could see also on board with the skipper. also the fans welcoming in bryce harper. and what's an opening day without the collides tails.olli they were there probably as part of budweiser's new deal at
10:41 pm
park. during the ceremonies you have the giant flag and then bryce harper officially receiving his mvp trophy from mike rizzo. the most emotional moments, yes, sir think hem ton and david mack go and shot and wounded on the o job threw out the first pitch. t there you have it. now to the game itself. the new guy, sedan yell murphy, ease at the plate. pl the nats down 3-1 and over the head, it almost looked a fewew feet higher and it would have been out.ut. murphy gets a three bagger. the game tied up at three appears. the you for yeah of opening day would not last long because of a guy named david phillips. ph he's a pitcher. pit pitchers are not supposed to hit. he was on relief 6789 he helpsee the cause. he gets the win:nats lose the first to miami. tomorrow a brake for dusty baker on a day where the rain rained
10:42 pm
tomorrow's off day is coming com right in time. ti it was a long game, short nighth we're going to hopefully enjoyy this day off, sleep in some and come back strong the next day. > if if you're wondering why he had that tone to his voice, thee nats didn't get in from arizonar until 2:00 a.m. and then resituate yourself and then the start. > that's okay. > another 170 some games. after tomorrow they're back out on saturday. > at home. >> at home. > still ahead at 11, the safety of the d.c. circulator bus has been called into question. que is your well-being at risk when you board the buses? what we've learned. also coming up at 11 1 # new video has emerged of a sex assault suspect in fairfax in county. we'll have those stories and much more coming up tonight at 11.
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hi, everybody, sue palka is hers with us tonight. the rain is over? >> the whole forecast panned oue the way we thought it was going to, which was a round in the the morning, which was pretty significant. and then another round in the afternoon with some thunderstorms.thun we had severe storms with hailih and gusts over 50.0. >> there you go. we were time lapsing this, watching it come in from then west. a lot of you were tweeting us and facebooking us. saying you can see something was coming. watch the rain start to hit the camera and then it's on us. we had a good 145 minutes of pretty moderate rain inoder northwest and then it moved on out. these storms were moving really fast from west to east at about 50 miles an hour.n reports of some hail and some tree damage and very strong str gusts especially where thehere storms really got severe across prince george's county.s afterward they were moving so quickly we started seeing the su
10:47 pm
rainbows in the calm after thehe storm. thank you, laura easter. l here are a couple of other ones. i love that.hat. this is from lake bridge. beautiful rainbow there. let me get you in a little bit closer so you can see how vivid this is. mark sent us this one of the national cathedral with that beautiful rain right on top of it. that looks like it would be good for the cathedral's calendar. i hope mark will share it withwh them. not expecting anymore precipitation.atio although that doesn't include some mountains.ntai for a few spots you can get a couple of inches of snow, a winter weather advisory in effect until 9 in the morning. on saturday, some passing showers and yes, passing snow showers are also possible as wes look towards saturday.ds our weekend is going to endto sunny and chilly and then we'll have a believe warmup. we'll show you that as well.
10:48 pm
satellite radar shows you theou storms leaving us. as i widen out the picture you can see it's cold enough to produce some snow in earn ohio, down in western pennsylvania.ens we'll see it in the high spots, too, in the mountains. meanwhile we did get up to 75-degrees today. bwi63 and our temperatures now t are still in the 50s. but we're dropping into the 40se north and west. so the 50s are primarily east of the city and we'll all get a little bit chilly tonightight heading down in the 30ss to the low 40s. so gorgeous sunrise expectednris tomorrow morning and you will not read your rain gearment the sun comes up at 6:43. thank you mark richards for the beautiful picture. if you get a picture like that,a sue palka on fox5.5. it will be a little cooler tomorrow than it should be. you won't have to worry aboutut dodging any thunderstorms or strong winds, but we only willoy top out in the 50s feeling juste a little bit cooler because ofoe the breeze. you got to see this.s.
10:49 pm
friday night when we'll see some snow in the mountains. we're going to see a clipper moving on through. it will be rain and snow showers in the morning. m a bet per chance of snow showers north. by the noon hours, 1:00 that's h trying to pivot one more time through and more snow showers possible. by the time we get to 7:00 that's all exiting the area. that ought to be interesting to make sure you send me a picture if you get some coverage.erag that's going to be the clipper that runs on through.hrou when do we get warm again? notn this weekend. it's going to be a little bit ot a setback. but monday sunny and warmer, 68-degrees. we'll have a chance of thunderstorms, tuesday, 66, and, then a little l cooler, but att least a lot more like april. wednesday, thursday, hints of the 60s. > shawn and tony, back to you. the winner of american idol
10:50 pm
he wins tonight. > after s15 seasons that feature countless auditions, performances, memorable moments, america has chosen their final american idol, trent hair monday defeated la porsche renee to l take homa e the idol crown. it's hard to be believe it's been almost 14 years since we were first introduced to american idol. that's right and tonight theonig show ended with a huge bank. adam housley is life on the red carpet. adam, did you have any favoritet moments from tonight's show. t >>reporter: it's hard to pick.c i'm not trying to not give you an answer.nswe inside it was amazing. it's pretty cool when you see jay low perform or harry conic. but when you actually have the chance
10:51 pm
for me probably seeing simon walk out just for the moment and then have william hung take uss to break, kind of appropriate when you think about idol over the years. terry underwood's voices wasas unbelievable in person.erso it was just one moment after another. olivia, i know you are one of the newer i dolls.olls >> yeah. what's it like to be back stagee when you see crystal try walk by orphan tas yeah. >> it's an honor they treat yout the same as they would a super amazingç you walk up and it's hey, how are you guys? we're talking to washington, d.c. right now. we're talking about the energynr inside. what was that like? it was very real. i don't think there were anyere fake emotions. i was up there and we're like wholly crap.rap. everyone is jumping around and
10:52 pm
all happy feelings. what's it like when guys walk by like crystal try. >> it's like a mountain moves by you. >> these people are pillars of entertainment in the thenmen industry. i couldn't believe it. olivia, you guys are just starting a loft the i dolls that were on stage tonight are still having amazing careers, you guys are starting that pros. it's really cool because you could see what your career could become just through their eyes. they're all amazing. it's cool to be one of the newer i dolls coming into this realm. > ' okay, you know what you can sing. i can't sing.. well, you all can sing. thanks for coming. we appreciate you guys coming out. congratulations, good luck withh everything. just three of the amazing
10:53 pm
in there. the i'll give it back to you in d.c. ryan see crest with a little comment at the end, goodbye forr now. maybe it comes back in a few years. > that seemed very intentional. >> thank you, adam have fun outn there > it takes a pretty special chemistry to be a great newsews anchor and i'd say that chemistry comings from us being real friends. >> i would say that that's true. > like all friends we sometimeo have our minor spats.r put the phone down, shawn. it happens all the time, someone walks into a bar and asks if they can charge their mobile t phone in an outlet behind the bar. one d.c. establishment is tired of being mistaken as a charging system so they're asking their patrons with their pride. maybe i had a little tone andand the camera caught me catchingat shawn with her phone. h >> i didn't appreciate it.
10:54 pm
> i was inspired by the american idol final any andinal decided to al poll apologize in finale style. shawn, i was just trying to sayo hi and be nice. >> i understand that.erst do you remember what you did? no, he don't.he d that's the problem, you don't remember. it's not a big deal. > enough.h. that will happen we'll see you later on the news at 10. thank you. i thought that was very good. shawn. shawn
10:55 pm
thank you so much. sorry. maybe this will make ae a difference, a dramatic readingdg of justin bieber's sorry.sorr because i just need one more shot of forgiveness. i know you know that i made those mistakes maybe once or twice. by once or twice i mean maybe a
10:56 pm
couple of hundred times. so let me -- let me redeem -- oh redeem myself tonight because i just need one more shot at second chances.hanc is it too late now to say sorry you know what tony, it's not. sorry. it's okay. i accept. i accept your apology. >> i'm so happy. >> i accept. acc boy, you're tough. > that's the right way to makea up with someone. make a video. > stay with us. ill we'll be right back.
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> this is fox5 local news at 11.
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unsuccessful search for relishaa rudd. tonight, the chilled's familyeds shares what the last two years have been like without theirthei missing child.chil we had to go through two birthdays without it's been tough. where they go from here. and new video was release of a sexual predator who attacked a t woman while she was on hern morning walk. do you recognize this man? plus a young woman is killed when her car's airbag explode following p fender bender. how to learn if your car is ats risk for disaster.aste right now at 11. and it is good to have you with us, i'm tony perkins. and i'm shawn yancy. ya we begin tonight with the searcg for relisha the mostfor recent search for e missing ate year old girl hasir come to an unsuccessful end. fox5 marina maracco spoke exclusively with


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