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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  April 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> a popular bus line in ourular region under fire. an audit found an alarming alarg number of safety issues so bad a lot of buses shouldn't evenhoe be in service. plus -- a crackdown ondo o illegal dirt bikes and atv's a in the district. distric police offering a reward forewad your help in tracking down hundreds of renegade d also ahead, a chilly startls to this friday morning but all eyes on saturday. sur could we see a little snow? fox5 news morning starts now.. >> ♪>> >> this is fox5 news morning. i >> hey, good friday morning tood everyone out there, i'mne out maureen umeh alongside holly morris and wisdom gary will have your full forecast at 4:35.
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hey, gary.y,ary. >> hey. listen, just the fact that i the have to talk about possible posi snow on april 9th -- 9 - >> don't do it. >> oh, man. i didn't want to come to work thi cs morning but i'm here.ut h i'm here. >> all right. we'll let you break the badu brh news a little bit later on. in the moon time erin como what's going on.wh >> at least i can have goodi n a news for for onc the commute is quiet butut that could change. chang we have you covered throughout u the morning it's'srida >> it is. >> never a bad day. >> an a plus for that.or >> off the top we haveop w breaking news in the district. r a pedestrian hit and killedle early this morning. mor happened in the 1400 block of massachusetts avenue northwest and that is where we find our annie yu live this morningis with the details.with the det good morning, annie. ann >> reporter: hey, goodorr: h morning to you, maureen. maure a lot of police activity outolic here early this morningni working this fatal pedestrian pa crash that happened aroundned od 1:30 this let me get out of the way sout you kind of see the scene what we know at this time iss that the pedestrian was hit byhy a car that was driving on the main access road there just past thomas circle in the 130
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block of mass avenue just pastts thomas circle and much of theucf scene is right behind those t two police police say the diver didhe der d remain on the scene and it'se ad unclear whether the driver will face any charges at thisth meantime we are hearing on scene but not confirmed byrmed b police yet that the driver ofri the vehicle was ave female hit by -- and hit a male victimicti who was not in a crosswalk. obviously that section right there not a crosswalk.a cr from what we can tell justanell from being out here theere the striking vehicle is an olders ar model toyota camry and it's just beyond those cruisers cruis there. this is going to take someeom time, guys, this investigationei so keep that in mind that theati 13 and 1400 block of mass of as are closed right now just past p thomas circle, it's closed inloi both directions and thatd tha includes the tunnel as well w while authorities investigatenvi this serious accident early ear this morning. that's the very late of thehe here in northwest. v back to you in the studio.tu >> just to reiterate annie the e person was not in a crosswalk,ra the person that was hit, itas ht was just as if they were w trying to get across the
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street. >> reporter: that is rep correct. the person was not in a crosswalk and the car wason traveling from this direction on this main access road justadj past thomas circle. cir ale crosswalk as you know issw just a few feet down, so it's i just right beyond these two tse cruisers here, holly.uisers her. >> thanks, annie.>> t appreciate it.prec we'll check back later. also new this morning, a former sailor convicted ofvied rape and further virginia moreir than three decades ago hades been released from prisonrison virginia's highest court threw r out keith harwood's conviction i after new dna tests failed to fe identify his genetic profile pro in evidence left at the crime scene. harwood has been serving a life sentence. sentenc the state has officially removed harwood's name from's the state's sex offenderen registry. in montgomery county now,omr these two men are are behind bars accused of kidnapping and rain a 12-year-old girl. 12-yeao police say enrique carbajal and victor tome were involved with kidnapping the child
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northeast d.c. and taking her tn to a home in wheaton last weekaw where the alleged assault took k place.ple. investigators in d.c. and. a alexandria, virginia, arere checking whether the two menhe o might be involved in similar assaults in their respective jurisdictions.ju >> happening today local bus t drivers speaking out aboutout at what they say are dangerous dge condition that is put ridersid at risk this after an audit of a popular bus line showed big safety problems. >> fox5's melanie alnwick ise ak live from union station withtati that story. >> reporter: we're here atr: wee union station because this isses one of the popular d.c.opul d circulator stops.or sps that's the big red bus thatus t costs just a dollar to ride. they run city routes includingus over to roslyn. rosn. it's been operating for about at 10 years now and a good chunk gh of those buses are nearing nri their useful life.l fe. so, ddot conducted an audit last summer from august of o 2015 and there's about 29 abo 2 buses that have been in bn service since the beginning,inni 2005, and 20 i
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2009. now, ddot basically contracts cc with wmata and then will mat wl at a contracts with anothertrr private company called first transit and they are responsible, first transitsi fir responsible for running thefor h service and maintaining the fleet. flee here's the big problem, the bige specifics here are with thes problems with runninghe and maintaining that fleet.tain there were an average of 22 o defects per bus, much higher rate than other fleets that are operated by first transit, a 40 of the 42 buses inspectorct had what they called critical safety defects, we're talkingal about things like fire extinguishers, headlights,ea tire treads, emergency windows e brakes and steering.brak now at the conclusion of the the audit the auditor said the sd te vast majority of the defects dec were a result of neglected nle maintenance and said thatand saa wmata has not provided provi sufficient oversight when itntig can comes to these safetyafet defects and maintaining theseni buses in a good condition.onti now, we should let youno
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hearing today and the union u that represents d.c. d circulator drivers says its will testify that things have t not gotten any better.etr. remember, that audit was done last summer and they're sayingry they did their own mini audit ad of sorts just this march andnd found still problems with bigig safety issues that aren't an' being fixed as they should we should let you know, youno however, that the union is in is wage negotiations right nows rhn with its operators. opeto back to you guys. guy >> melanie alnwick with the details. more from you as the morning progresses.ress thank you. >> ♪ >> 4:36 is our time right now.ur let's go ahead and get a check a of today's forecast. gary, from what i'm hearing i think we need to focus on today.t ee >> yeah. >> and ignore tomorrow. tomorro >> if you want me to do that, t, just say the wordily i won't w have a hard time putting thatnga snow in the back of my mind so to speak.ak here's where we are thisheree a morning. 's
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where it's not supermo cold but there's just enough wind toh wd make it a little bitlittit uncomfortable out there. look what's lurking back out b to the west of us. this is not the big deal that dt may bring us a few snowflakes ss for tomorrow. i don't want you to thinknt tomorrow's snowfall is moreal than what it is. it's not going to be a bigotoing deal for us but just the factt c we're talking about thea t potential with a little bit ofwl snow mixing in and cold rain rai tomorrow in the seconds weekdsee of april, it's not unheard of but it doesn't happen really often. in the suburbs it's really on i' the cold side this morning. it feels like freeing or so upo there in those northwesternweer neighborhoods, not quite soui bad in the south where ithere it feels like it's in the upperke i 30's. temperatures later on today we y will actually get to the mido td to upper 50' upp0' kind of a mix of clouds anduds sun today, okay. oy. so some areas get more sune sun than other areas and it willil remain breezy and we'll have h wind gusts topping 20 to 25 miles per hour later on today. so, there you go.the yo more on wh
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this weekend coming up. right now it's erin's favoriteso day of the week. thek. really i think it's most mos people's favorite day of theav week. >> well, technically saturdayura is but this is my favorite day r of the work week if we're being we have breaking news. annie has been telling uste u about a person hit by a car. c closure in the northwest n section of the district.of t 1300 block of massachusetts ofcs a watch for police activity at l that location. and give yourself that time to o detour around. that our interstates are very quiet despite some overnight construction. paving on the inner loop neare n little river turnpike bute traffic so light it's not causing any major slowdownslowdw yet. same story in montgomeryry county inner loop out i by clarc barton between that point and a river we'll let you know as soon as s that clears out of the way.s at 4:38 i like all the green i'm seeing on your majors leading into the inbound five and four problemro free in prince george's county.ty. metro gears up for service ats f 5:00. that is currently on time.rren i'll let you know if any delays kick in. so far so good on your fridaygod morning commute.morn back to y
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>> dmv police agencies joining forces determined put a stopto toil legal dirt bikes and dirt atv's. they released photos of 245f 24 bikers they want identified.denf police offering a reward ond o each of those bikers.ik so far they've made 100 arrests and seeds 400 bikes00 bs after a year longafte just days ago though video surfaced of more bikers ridingg illegally down busy d.c. d.c >> 4:39 is the time.ishe t coming up the hunt is on for a sexual assault suspect in northern virginia.rt police just released thisust re video. we've got the details comingls n up next. n >> if you've been on ann airplane recently you know allow too well the seats are a tight t squeeze. guess what? they could soonouls get smaller. we'll tell you why after break.
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>> ♪ >> back now at 4:42. police in fairfax county are releasing new surveillancein video of a man who is suspectg in there a ranob wbery and sexux a assault. asslt this happened last wednesday in springfield.pringfield. a woman was walking alones wag l behind a shopping center on carmen street when a manan grabbed her pulled her into a storage container sexualer sexua assaulted her and robbed her.r d two women arrested andesd charged with murder in a deadly stabbing in frederick.rei picture of the victim, vic 36-year-old brian graves is ondr your screen. he was stabbed on north markettr street near the old town tavern just before 2:00 a.m. a. monday. police now say the t
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were involved in a dispute with graves inside a bar andinsr later stabbed him outside. >> developing this morningop fox5 hasin learned georgetownrg university is the victim of amfa cyber to an e-mail sent out byut b university officials that hacklk happened last week.en last it was not though related toelet the cyber attack on medstar health.alth no student information ormaon or university data was compromised. that tight squeeze in your airplane seat not ending soon in recent years seat shrinkagesh has caused a reduction in legn room and the width of theth aisles making for a veryy uncomfortable ride. rid legislation had been introduced to curb theoduc practice but the amendment failed.ed. airlines strongly objected.ecte. they say lawmakers are trying to reregulate an already deregulated industry. >> uh-huh.>> uh-huh. >> ♪ >> 4:43 is our time right now. i still ahead, raising a r wearness about a serious topicer that is a big problem in ourur area, sexual ass
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trafficking. >> plus the nats home openeromee didn't go as well as it shoulds have. didn't go as planned and theynn didn't get the win but it wasu i a fun filled day nonetheless.ons that's coming up next.g up but first we want to talk to t about weather with gary mcgrady. life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. we owhat made their mystskin more radiant?nt. what?! wait! only dove has 1/4 moisturizing cream. smooth dewy skin. dove, your daily beauty treatment for radiant skin.
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america runs on dunkin'. life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. >> ♪ >> back now at 4:46 and we are showing you live pictures fromle northwest d.c.est d this is massachusetts avenue a near thomas circle.masir that's where a person was hitn w and killed by a car early thisat morning. there is a big police presenceic as you can see with accident acd reconstruction going on as we speak. again, this is in the area of
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bit.nd now, t ahe actual air air temperatures not outrage.ut reagan national is 45 degrees.5r might drop off a little bit more, maybe 23 pro-bottom out this morning. dulles 41. bwi marshall 42 degrees.2 s. let me show you the wind outhe w there because wind speed in i some areas has picked up.d up. you see 10 miles per hourmi winds which it doesn't seem'tee like a lot but when you're you'r talking about temperatures ins the lower 40's and the upper 30's it makes it feel a whole w lot colder. wind chill factors especially ea north and west are feeling a f much more like the lower 30's l' now. we start with futurecastly ias want to show you what's youha happening today. today we're in good shape.e you see all this snow outs s here, maybe a little bit ofittl light snow this morning kindw of comes across the mountains mt in the form of some flurries. fe we'll have sun and clouds. clo temperatures will be a littleurl on the cool side because theecat wind is kicking up.wis ki later on this evening all thisni holds off to the west so we'reee going to stay dry today.ry t again, the real big weather w story today is going objectng ot wind and kind of the sun andnd k clouds.ds. so, it's not g
4:48 am
mild or anything like that. it's going to feel like g generally soipeaking it's pets chilly all day long.g. here's where we get to thehe interesting stuff.g stuff tomorrow morning, 4:00 a.m.owori you see the this is the leading edge ofedge basically a clipper coming byiny so that could be some most of this would potentially accumulate here will be welle wb back out to the west and then ad up into pennsylvania.nsylva you can see some snow up here along the northern counties in maryland, frederick county,rickt maybe you see a little bit ofit snow, too.snow, too. could be with a little snowittlw burst here or there, therethere, could be a little lightt dusting in temperaturesg tonight do get down intoo freezing and below but theut ground temperatures are still sl fairly warm. warm. most of this stays as kind oftad a mixture but a few flakesew f even down in the district andhet look at 5 o'clock.look at 5 o'c this whole thing is kind of thii rotating around and throughout the day tomorrow we'll havell hv cold rain showers and maybe abe flake or two gets mixd in fromdm time to time. doesn't look like a big deem aid anything of significance with o the can accumulation is goingcu to stay well up muto the north of us for tomorrow and into
4:49 am
57 for a high today. t sun and clouds and breezy,ez some showers tomorrow maybe a m few flakes and then sundayhe s looks pretty good.look high temperature of 50perare o december with just some late afternoon, evening clouds.veninc next week we warm up a littlee bit. bit. here's erin como.ricomo >> well, right now gary 4:49 49 and our overnight constructionrt has cleared.s cl inner loop back to normal atorml little river turnpike andnpik moving along just fine at clara barton parkway.arkw if you're making your way out yy in the district we have beene he telling a person hit by a car. . act activity police p investigation and scene 1300 130 and 1400 blocks of block massachusetts avenue remainue rn shut down. large police presence that. pree i'd suggest detouring aroundetou that. give yourself some extra timerat to get through the intersection.rsec 395 on the inbound side cruising along fromng alexandria. no problems to the 14th street bridge. the rest of our area bridges, b the key bridge, 11th street,tr memorial no problems on theblem roosevelt and the douglasougl bridge but we'll let you knowetk when that usual morninguarnin congestion kicks in.cong i'm hoping for a relatively ratv smooth ride this friday morning.morng.
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>> thanks, erin.>> t taxi companies in the district the first in then th nation now to require ao requira passenger safety button.ssger the new devices will be added to the more than 6,000 cabsn 6,s across the city. the button appears on touchn screens and credit card crd machines in the back seat. it triggers a silent al silen thunderstorm police dispatchers if the passenger p feels threatened. >> if you live in prince george's county don't be'snty surprised if you see policeif y officers behind the counter ofhr your neighborhood mcdonald's.mcdonald's. >> yeah, this evening officershi are are taking part in mcofficers night a push to p raise money for high schooll 15 percent of the night'scent sales will be donated. you can catch the officers atff the mcdonald's on oldn old alexandria ferry road in clinton maryland from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. tonight.onig >> unless maryland raisingmarylr awareness about sexual assaultxu and sex trafficking. tffic people gathered at prince at george's hospital center in's h cheverly to take back theakback night. survivors told their storiesorsi and how the candle -- held a candlelight vigil to hold to h tribute to all victims oftims o sexual abuse. it's been part of a fox5rtf
4:51 am
year. last night a survivor of the t sex trade shared this messageese with us. >> finally people are identifying and referring morei survivors and realizing thatlizg it's every kid, not just a run away, not just a kid in fostern care because traffickers canecae be in a home right now when weoe have the internet and morend m kids actually in the suburbsheub are getting recruited because of talk to go online peopleeeopl that they don't know. >> she told us she talked toalkt parents all the time who say w they want to give their give t children privacy butline isne is where a lot of these offenders are luring kids in. >> howard county resident resen receiving a special honor this morning, giant foods will honor annette womack for beingki the first woman ever tofirs receive the maryland motorylanmo truck association's driver of the year award. a womack's service includes ilu 1.7 million miles and moremileso than 30 years of accident-free driving. congrats to her. >> 4:51 is the time. let's do a check of thisis morning's sports headlines.dlin
4:52 am
lost their home opener falling f to the marlins six to four butur all in all, it was a prettyas good kickoff to the start ofhe t the season at the ballpark.allp let's go to the pregame highlights.highli dusty baker got a giantot g ovation from the home crowd. c did you know that he'shat he actually been a manager in the in the big leagues for 21 years.yes. he's been in the bign in the leagues as a manager andager a player 48 years. yea i'd say he's got some experience. bryce harper received his m.v.p. trophy then the key to the city from mayor bowser. bow. jessie hempens and david mccowan shot and wounded onoundd the job they threw out theew out first pitch so kudos to them. very cool moment. game highlights now. the new guy, daniel murphy, up to the plate in the second.n thc nats down three-zero. t-zer not anymore.anymore. daniel murphy sends threends the runners game tied. but then there was a rainenre ws delay and it kind of went off o
4:53 am
miami reliever david phelps shut out washington for fourhin innings. he gets the win and nats lose their first to miami. today they got a break beforerer another game against miami on saturday.saturd >> tomorrow's off day isomorw's coming right on time. on it was a long, long game, short night and, you know,u kno we're going to enjoy hopefullyef this day off and sleep in somen and, you know, can come back strong the next day.t >> first pitch for tomorrow's ft game is set for 4:04th let's:04 talk a little hockey.key. the caps' season coming downingd to the end,, to a close righta o now with just two games to go braden holtby needs to go two g and zero to set the singlehe s record for the most winds by a last night washington welcomed l the hottest team in hockey to h the verizon center thete t pittsburgh penguins. pengu it was all pittsburgh early on. caps fought back and forcedt baf late in overtime sid th
4:54 am
sidney crosby on a break awaywa back hands it past braden holtby for the game winner. heartbreaking.tb >> dagger. >> next up a trip to saint tripo louis tomorrow t. how about a littleite football now? football season s still several months away but ay we do know who the redskinshe rn are going to face in the preseason. i know you've been clamoringla for this information,orma, preseason is so important forta the redskins.edsk the start of their preseasonre will be on the road ind atlanta.atlanta. then two straight home gamese g against the jets and bills.s an they finish up the preseasonup e on the road against tampa bay. dates and times going to beoingo confirmed a little bit >> that's sports with gusto. gus >> and also we're already w talking about having a break. b >> whew. >> first couple of games areesre tough. >> they played three gm >> i know, three games, whew., >> they're tuckered out.d >> pace you
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>> that home opener was tough.h. >> listen, this friday we haverv a special give away specialway s because it's fun for the whole e family and also because youls by can only enter on facebook.oo >> you can win four tickets too see ringling brothers androer barnum and bailey circus extreme at eagle bank area 13 at 1:00 p.m. on sunday april 17th. prize pack includes a $100 a $ american express gift card aan f coloring book a ring master hat a plush tiger, elephant,ant, oh, my a deluxe program, pro miniature circus cannonircusanno replica. replica. >> to enter for the chance tor h win go to our facebook page at d.c./fox d one winner will be selected byeb random drawing on april 11th. al the prize has an approximatema retail value of $400 and is provided by fels entertainment.t. >> ♪ >> we can't enter that, right?ht >> sorry. >> not eligible.>> n eligi >> looks like something you lik would want to win.uld here's what's going wha maybe you find something to do indoors tomorrow because theecau
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going to be kind of rainy and raw, maybe a snowflake or two. speaking of some snowflakes i'm just tracking these oninthes radar back out to the west ofo e most of this front royal fry might be a sprinkle or maybe a y wet snowflake that falls, that's's just kind of some novelty snowow potentially out there. i don't think this -- most of this -st o doesn't make it even acrossn acr the mountains.ouains we'll continue to watch. contine that we'll have more snowe snow mixed in tomorrow.orro wind chill factor out there, fth here in town feels like 40. 4 43 for manassas.ass. culpeper feels like 35.e 35. basically northwestern andern a northern neighborhoods feelingri like you're in the 30's so layer up this morning,yer up thi especially the kiddos whendos w they get outside and there's a quick look of your forecast.or chilly and breezy all dayezy a long, kind of a mix of cloudsf o and sun. and that's your forecast.orect. here's erin with a look at lookt your commute.ommute. >> person hit by a car,er there's anso investigation.estii 13 to 1400 blocks of massachusetts avenue are shutene down. so you'll need to detour d around that. you can use 13th or 14th to 14th weave your way around theur wayo
4:57 am
in alexandria we're lookingndrio good and i want to show you a y live lookou outside.utsi let's switch it over for aswit f look at one of our cameras. cam this is 270 as you make your mak way down from germantown roadntn to middlebrook you're cruising s along, very light volume. very v i like what i'm seeing fromeeinf frederick by the truck scalesrua as well. as wel we got you covered. youover that's traffic. >> erin thank you very 4:57 is the time.> 57 i coming up an update on that breaking news in northwest nth d.c. where a pedestrian wasedes hit and killed by a car.d lled a live report coming up. up. >> plus the family of relisha rudd is speaking out after theea latest attempts to find the missing d.c. girl ended without any answers.out >> first a quick check on the stock markets. markets asian stocks mixed. european stocks also higher. janet yellen saying the u.s. ths economy is on a solid course and still on track for more more interest rate hikes. we're back right after this. fte.
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know that planning for retirement can be the least of your worries. with the guidance of a pnc investments financial advisor, know you can get help staying on track for the future you've always wanted. >> ♪ ox this is fox5 news morning. f >> ahead at 5:00 breaking overnight a pedestrian hit andph killed in the district.n the tr it's still an active scene. sne that means some streetome s closures in that area. in annie yu has a live update u coming up.mi u >> plus dangerous conditionsti that put riders at risk.s a that's what a new audit found on the d.c. circuit buses. b what you need to know. to >> first look outside on thisouo friday. it's going to be a little to


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