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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  April 8, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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know that planning for retirement can be the least of your worries. with the guidance of a pnc investments financial advisor, know you can get help staying on track for the future you've always wanted. >> ♪ ox this is fox5 news morning. f >> ahead at 5:00 breaking overnight a pedestrian hit andph killed in the district.n the tr it's still an active scene. sne that means some streetome s closures in that area. in annie yu has a live update u coming up.mi u >> plus dangerous conditionsti that put riders at risk.s a that's what a new audit found on the d.c. circuit buses. b what you need to know. to >> first look outside on thisouo friday. it's going to be a little to
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windy today but enjoy n tomorrow not looking so good. not what we want to hear for he the weather and traffic on ther an 5s. those details ahead at 5:05. 5 want to get right to to geit serious breaking news off the no top right here at 5:00. 5 parts of massachusetts avenue in northwest shut down right don now near thomas circle. cir this after a pedestrian wasestra hit overnight.. fox5's annie yu live on theon scene now with the details.etls annie. >> reporter: hey, good morning. a lot of police activity outof p here early this morning andhirng you can see that the accident ac reconstruction team is stilltrua out here processing the scene. s police still have the 1300 and 1400 block of massachusetts ofco a closed in both directions. din it's been closed for aboutor a four hours now as police polic conduct their investigation. d.c. police tell us that theic accident happened arounde 1:301 this morning.orning a car traveling eastbound onastu this main access road just jt past thomas circle hit a pedestrian.rian. that pedestrian did notat survive. p now, much of the scene iscene right beyond the two cruiserswos here,
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from the crosswalk. crosswalk. police say the driver did dver remain on the scene but it's b unclear right now whether the wt driver will face any charges. cg meantime we are also hearinglsoa on scene but not confirmed byfid police yet that the driver of the vehicle was a female. fem the victim a male and from from what we can tell just if beingfb out here the striking vehicle is an older toyota camry which i did stay on scene.ce keep in mind as you head out hea this morning that the massachusetts avenue betweense 13 and 14 are closed. that includes tttndhe tunnel ase well and it's going to be this t way for quite some time. back to you in the studio.o. >> annie thank you very muchha for that report.that r happening today a formerenia sailor convicted of rape and ofp murder in virginia more thanmorn three decades ago is gettingcad out of prison. virginia's highest court threwew out keith harwood's conviction i after new dna tests failed toedo identify his genetic profileetio in evidence left at the crimeeft he has been serving a life life sentence since the 1982 t killing of jessie p
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the rape of his wife ine newport news. the state has officially removed harwood's name from's the state's sex offender oende registry. two women under arrest andm charged with murder after a thdeadly stabbing this week in frederick. 36-year-old brian graves wasan a stabbed on north market streeton before 2:00 a.m. on monday. on a investigators say the twoors sao women got into an argument a with graves inside the bar andse later stabbed him outside. o >> over to montgomery county. cu these two men are behind bars ba accused of kidnapping and raping a 12-year-old girl.yearlg police say henrik company carbajal and victor tome wereice involved with kidnapping theidne child from northeast d.c. theyon took her to a home in wheatonn w where the alleged assault took place. investigators in d.c. and also a, virginia are checking toa ar see ifch the two men might also be involved in other >> a recent two day search for missing eight-year-old hasea come tr-o an unsuccessful end. relisha rudd originallynally disappeared about two yearsbouto ago. the most recent search focusedh on the
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fox5 spoke exclusively with relisha rudd's grandmother.ramoh she says she was encouraged eou there was another search buteabu she's unaware of why policehyol would search the national arboretum.. >> i haven't talked to theketo e detective or the authoritiesho period in two years. y i haven't talked to them sincehm it first started. srt from my understanding theyhe first -- the first time -- tim from my understanding they had h already searched it so i'm noten understanding why they evenhey e went back to, you know, what wt led them back to that section oveover >> d.c. police will not sayilot what led investigators back torc the arboretum.thbo >> friends and family willds anl gather to say their finalth to goodbyes to a d.c. teen killed k over easter weekend.nd 15-year-old devon at anyevon aty washington was with his family w when he was shot and killed at deanwood metro station. he was just a freshman atresh largo high school.largo washington's funeral will behion held at first baptist church of services start at 11:00.
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>> gary mcgrady here now toy talk about weather.mctalk abouta we have some snow hether in ouro future. >> not really a lot of slo a lo. >> sometimes it snows inws i april. apri gary, go >> talking about the artistt formerly known aspirins whenin he was prince. not only was it opening daypeni for the nationals but it's but opening day for a lot ofor a little league teams. league teas >> that's right. ts ri >> this weekend. >> wisdom martin's angels.s ang >> that's right, that's right.ts you've heard of charlie's angels, this is wisdom's wis angels. now we'll is to hear about that for the next three months m this mning cold rain and snowflakes mixed in tom 45 degrees right now here ines w town. you get out and you get going g this is what's going to hitwhat you in the face.yo the wind this morning makingni it feel like it's in the 30'sn t out that. out gaithersburg, you feel like lik 34. some sun and clouds today.ay we do have a little bit ofve a cloud cover coming across thisch morning and way out west aes little bit of light snow s activity is trying to comeing te over te
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not surprise me to have anav errant sprinkle here or therer this morning as well as a snowflake back out to the weste and to the northwest oe f us, aa errant snowflake. sla not an erin snowflake but itaket could be anker are ringre snowflake, right, erin? she likes that.likes 57 degrees for a high57 degre temperature today.mper it will be breezy and chilly. cl again kind of a mixture ofixre clouds and sun.clou we're talking some rain and r some snow this weekend. all the deet tails on that ins a a bit. right now let's get toow let's erin is patiently waiting. wai >> on-time traffic brought to bt you by toyota. t visit buy a form special offers.ff >> we're still dealing with a massive accident investigation.instig 13 to 1400 blocks of o massachusetts avenue northwesttv remain shut down for thienst do deadly crash investigation.tigan give yourself extra time toextrm get around that area in the t district.ct. aside from that this earlier eer road work in montgomery countyy inner loop by clara bartona b looking g problem free on gw parkway. inbound traffic in prince george's county looking goodou on four and five.r and ve.
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freely and 50 is problem free. heading in from annapolismnn you're not going to hit that usual congestion just yet thisn morning. morn same story in frederick.reri a live look from the truck t t scales down to the spur we're su doing just fine right now.usfinr we're not seeing any problem ano areas.eas. aside from that in frederickrede this morning 66 is looking l great from visit to the connector. same story in virginia on 95 northbound through stafford and dale city. i'll let you know when thatw wht typical friday morning congestion does pick up buton d for right now enjoy the quietet conditions on he our interstate. >> fox5 has learned georgetownrg university is the victim of atif cyber attack. att that's according to an e-mailn e sent out by university officials.ficial the hack happened last w it was not related to theed to cyber attack on medstar health. no students information, normat university data was compromised. happening today, local bustc drivers will be speaking outspek about what they say are dangerous conditions to putondin riders at risk. r this after an audit of a
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popular bus line shows bige shos safety problems. fox5's melanie alnwick livee ic from union station with this wh story and mel, i have toed a toe mitt, makes me a little a l reticent to want to step on step one of those buses.hose b >> reporter: yeah, you know,orte good question, though and iio to haven't been able to fighting fn out yet as to exactly how manyly people actually ride that d.c.hc circulator those are those big t red buses with the yellow y stripes on them. there's only six routes thenutes run in the main d.c. corridorsro over to roslyn. to costs just a dollar to ride sord it really is a good kind ofood f shortcut for some of the majorar walking areas around the city. e now, it's been in operation ora for about 10 years and some of the buses are approaching the end of that useful life.e. so, ddot conducted an audit aud last august taking a look at the upkeep of the buses and and really was not happy with thethe results.resu so, it said that there are 29 ae buses that have been inve bn service since 2005 and 20 in i service since 2009. since they're getting kind of old and they're very worn.y're veryo they said they were dirty andy d
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maintained so let's talko let'sk specifics here. there was an average of 22 o defects found per bus and that a is a much higher rate than t other fleets that are run byeetr first transit.nsit first transit is the privatete operator that is contracted bytr wmata to run the circulatorr service.service. 40 of the 42 buses2 bu inspectorred had criticalriti safety defects.efects. things like fire extinguishers headlights tire treads,li emergency windows that don't work, brakes and steeringing problems. now, the can conclusion of the audit was that most of the defects were the result oft o neglected maintenance andtemain pointed the finger at wmatafinga saying it has not provided provi sufficient oversight of its o contractor first tras so, that is this ddot hearingeai today and i think the question t a lot of us had guys is thats it this audit was done in august of 2015. it's almost a year later. l you would think that most of tht those issues especially the critical ones would have beenne taken care of. but the union that represents the drivers for the circulator said they did their own sort of i
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march and found that some off these problems remain. rem they're still not up to speed as far as the maintenance that they would like to see so thatdt is what they will be testifying about in front of ddot this afternoon. aer back to you guys. >> and mel, i'm just curiousus has anyone been injured on injed these buses to warrant thisrrant audit or is it because theyau needed to see how safe they safh were? >> reporter: yeah, no, aseporte, far as w ae can tell, the auditd itself does not mentionon anything about any actualctua injuries. it's just talking about that t there is a big problem, problem there's something very serious s could happen and they alsohe wanted to see if they needed the to retire any of those buses sooner than they ordinarily would. they planned for them to stay to in the fleet for about 12 f2 years and they're getting pet'r close to that now.ha >> i see. thanks mel. >> very disturbing that theistu list of problems with those wit buses, that's huge.buses, that'h it's not like there's a flatre's tire. >> right. >> we're talking about majorki mechanical issues on a lot oft buses.buses. >> on 40 out of 42 buses, o42 b yeah. yeah
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it will be interesting to seetit what happens at this hearing today and how they talk about that.w >> we'll follow it of course. 55:10 is our time t what a new a poll has to say about howll popular donald trump is withld s voters.o not so he good. >> a high speed police chasee ending with the suspects taking selfies, yeah, selfiesel in the middle of this mess.fhism we're back in 30 seconds with sw the details on that d, that and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side.
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>> ♪ >> back now at 5:12 and now to the race for the white house.ort bernie sanders, hillary clinton flexing their campaignin muscles before their nextle contest.s the two are courting voters ing pennsylvania now.pesylv 189 delegates are up for grabsor in that state on april 26th. 2 now despite their negative waraw of words both clinton andli sanders said they will supportpp each other if they get the nomination.nominati meanwhile the gopmeanwhile candidates are making the makin rounds in new york.rounds in ne ted cruz visited a jewish bakery while touring brooklyn.oo he tried making some mat is as a and as for john kasich he wasase in the bronx.inhe he met with supporters ath supp mike's deli near the bronxthe zoo. kasich's campaign has carriedar onri despite calls from cruz and trump for him to drop out.ut and speaking of donald odo trump, he is leading his home h state by 32 points. poi but in a new associated press p poll trump isn't so popular.opul it reveals he's
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can owe unfavorably by seven in 10 americans.rica. >> an illegal california califor joyride turns into a policee chase and ends with selfies.elfi two robbery suspects sped downsd a hollywood freeway in a i a stolen convertible. at one point, they did doughnuts as you just saws asouj there on hollywood boulevard. ba they even actually ran into a tmz bus. they ran red lights, drove onhto the wrong side of the road. r they d-however, slow down forw pedestrians. pe wasn't that courteous of them? they even high-fived some of the pedestrians. the chase lasted about 90bout0 minutes.te the suspects finally surrendered tomes whiledere onlookers took pick -- surrendered to police while onlookers took pictures. >> why not take a couplee selfies before you go to >> another day in hollywood. hoy >> brilliant idea. bryce harper already onyce fire this coming up he continues to makeae baseball fun
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we'll talk about the makee baseball fun again campaignn that's debuting and he'sebutin talking about his new cleats n s as well at yesterday's homerday opener. >> first though let's check inug with gary. >> look at temperatures out tem there this morning. 30's and low 40'se but it feelf colder than that with the tt wit winds. i hate to say it but i'm b talking snow coming stay with us. full forecast coming up, more news and traffic. stick around. cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good,
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comcast business. built for business. >> back now at 5:16.>> back nowt we're showing you liveou liv pictures from northwest d.c.thwt this is mass of a near thomas t circle.rc this is where a person was hit s and killed by a car early thiss as you can see a-big police pol presence there. they're working to obviously clear that scene. accident reconstruction going on.g again, this is its area off 13th and mass northwest.orthwe you might want to avoid that area for now. >> ♪>> >> we progress into spring butsg alas not the case. c >> remember last time thisime t happened we were like no, we wwl cannot have more snow.e re s thers
5:17 am
have snow he in oh, well, famous last words. 45 degrees in town. t manassas you're 39.'re it's colder 'cause the wind is n gusty this morning so it feelsos like it's in the 30's and the0'd low 40's out that for justor j about everybody.vedy big regional temperatures, news, york city is 45 now, bostonosn 45. binghamton 30. 3 pittsburgh 31 degrees andees a columbus her to.lumb h so, there's nothing outrageously cold here and as aa we bring this clipper acrosser r the area for tomorrow, now, n look i want to give a little disclaimor here.imor her it is april, okay, so a lot oflt times it's hard to get accumulation of snow down herewn this way.isay just simply because it's juste s going to be too terribly so, here's the deal.he dea as i take you into tomorrow,o t, the snow begins to accumulateuml but i really think we're going g get some flakes here mixing inke with the rains early tomorrowom and then probably later ony lat tomorrow afternoon andnoon tomorrow evening. eveng the significant snow is out to o the west. the now, this will be real deal d out here for west virginia, viri higher elevations of virginia vi and western sections of
5:18 am
winter weather advisory w already in place out that. they may get threeea to 6 inchee of snow and a little bit moree m than that at higher elevation ei and then you go way up intopnto central pennsylvania, theynia, could have as much as two toas t fourwo, maybe three in spots of very wet snow. s i put in one to two because beginning to see a consensus css now that it's going to be fairly cold up here throughhrouh northern maryland.yl this is probably northern nth baltimore county, over towards t belair places like that ands lid then up to philadelphia where there could be on grassy areass many rooftops, cars, placess, pa like i don't think it's a problem p on the road f you're traveling a that way tomorrow i don't think you'll have to worry about it other than there will be big fat snowflakes falling places but maybe one to two.ay could we get a dusting heretingh across northern counties? ies? yeah, we could.ou maybe a little bit of white temporarily from time to time with a snow burst on the grassy other than that it's not going t to be a big deal other than that say the fact that it's april's and it's going to snow.o sno 47 degrees for a high tomorrow but keep in mind northern and
5:19 am
you're only going to be lowergob 40's.e it will be a little bit gusty, s too so it's just going to kindoi of be a cold rainy snowy mix m of a day tomorrow. tor it gets better on sunday butundy it's still chilly. clly. high temperature ofempeture of 50 degrees. and just a few high clouds h clo come in late in the afternoon ao on sunday. on we're going to have what lookshk like a lot of sunshine on sunday. this is one little area moving through here. the clipper is cominge from -- see right there, that's as a little clip they are will come c along and start moving inovin through the night and the day td tomorrow. here's the deal in terms ofeal what we're going to expectt coming up. don't worry about this.worry t i i'm trying get to thetre seven-day forecast but ity b doesn't want to go.esn' that we w 57 degrees today. today. it will be breezy and chilly,hil sun and clouds all day.s l some showers tomorrow and somewm of those may be snow showers. se any accumulation will be north n counties of maryland, up into pennsylvania. late clouds coming in sundayday afternoon, sunday evening andevd then more showers possibleossibl monday, thunderstorms onay tuesday and generally, speakine next week we'll stay in the 60's. erin como, a look at traffict ta on this friday morning.or >> friday morning right nowg gary and wre are still dealingta
5:20 am
involving a person hit by a car. ca 13 and 1400 blocks of mass avenue northwest.. look at the red on the map.e d n it's causing a little bit of ang de alay in that area so pleasese leave a bit early if that'sft' your normal route.l route 395 northbound still quiet sll from the beltway to the 14tho tt street bridge. bdg we're problem free on the eastot and westbound side of theside oe freeway and we're looking good g across the 11th street bridge. 295 out out by pennsylvania noe typical congestion. inbound traffic on five andfic v four in prince george'sn looking good.lo same story on 50 as you head hea in from annapolis and maybe andy you have an early morning morni flight to today. today let's see how 95 is shaping upwi with a live look just north oftr the beltway.eltw between the beltway and 212twaya you can see traffic is light isl and flowing freely. f same story on bw parkway sokw s things on the way to bwi are are moving along just fine. same story if you have headinghi out for an early morning flight on the way to dulles on e reagan national. nat i'll let you know when that normal morning congestion or any other crashes do pick upr this
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>> thanks erin.. famous ponies ofies assateague are being honoredon with that very own postage stamp. photograph of two wild ponies pn grazing in a salt water marsh se will be used to create ae starch image had been released b this summer.ummer. the stamp is one of 16 foreverer stamp images meant toea celebrate the national parkthe l service's centennial.l. son those postage stampsosts will cost you less money. mon for the first time in nearly n 100 years, the price of af stamp is actually dropping from 49 cents to 47 cents. cts the price reduction marks theed end of a specialuc program meanr to make up for revenue lost in the 2008 the 2009 recession.. >> in california uber shelling out $10 million in a$1mill settlement with los angelessng and san francisco.rancisco those cities accusing the ride e share company of misleading customers about the strengths ab of its driver backgroundriver checks and for charging some for airport pickups.ickups. uber says they'll no longerr use advertising language likeg a
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if they do they'll have to pay p out another $15 million. mil >> all right. a talk about an out of thishi world science experiment. exper you get -- you see how this is t clever writing. wri just listen to this.his. students at an elementarylentar school in england sent sam the stuffed dog soaring into the stats fear this week.s fe the kids were learning aboutbout space travel and launchedaunched their stuffed pup from a hotel.l. sam reached a height of about hf 15 miles. his journey was documented foren the students on a go pro. p so they got video of the whole e thing. >> the problem is thehe equipment fell back to pt fellak grounder and he did not. >> right. >> he's missing.>> >> that's a part of the story. o >> is that right. >> aliens might have gottenght him. i'm just saying. >> possible. >> listen, that is a wrap. last night's american idoll finale was filled with starithta studded performances and aces ad whole lot more. mor >> weren'more. and we're going to chat about thatnd
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winner after the break. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event.
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life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event.
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>> the winner of american idol season 15 is trent >> ♪ [cheers and applause] applaus >> that was a shocker. sho >> yeah, it was. >> after 15 seasons thatt featured countless auditions ait and incredibly performancesforme and memorable moments americatsi has chosen their final f american idol. ido trent harmon defeated defea la'porsha renae to take home the idol crown.l cwn the series finale was riddled rl with idol stars including inclu carry underwood jordin sparksorp jennifer hudson.erud of course idol fans also got al the chance to say goodbye toooye the show's original path of hdges and i have the say i i don't know if you saw it but the word was that simon was not >> i thought he was coming.wasom >> no, he was not coming so it was randy paula and ryan and rya then he walked out. hlked o they were generally suris
5:26 am
>> he did it on purpose.n purpo. >> i thought that was one of w the more fun moments. moments. >> how many people had theiry t money on la'porsha only for trent to win but congrats -- cot in idol are you ever really a loser.ser. >> no. doesn't matter where you can come on. >> she'll be >> jennifer hudson was number nm seven in her season. sso >> gary i'm sorry no one isis can cheering for you today.ringu >> hey, i'm just a messenger mse sneer but you see how thishi works. >> i'm trying to keep it real.e. >> that's all you can do. >> fake it. >> 45 here in town, 45 gaithersburg is 41.hers 39 manassas.anas that doesn't tell the wholeho story though because the winds n blowing a bit this morning andnd that's making it feel -- i fl went right that here we go.thatere 40 this morning here in termse i of the wind chill it feelsit fls like 36 for gaithersburg andurg 37 for dulles so not outrageously cold but stillolt i it's pretty chilly out thaty ch this morning. we do have some snow showerssnwe north and west of us. this is struggling to comeg to c across the mountains.ntns that could be a rain shower, a really light rain shower andig i there's a few snowflakes higher elevations back out tobak the
5:27 am
front royal maybe you see aou s snowflake and then you end upenu with a little bit of rainit r drop, too.drop, so breezy today, a little onodt the chilly side.y side. temperatures will make it upes a to the mid to upper 50' 5 gusty winds out of the west 15ts to 20.0. >> no, we won't blame the messenger. >> don't plame me, too. >> we'll give you the evil eye. >> the side eye. >> think about it's friday.ri >> erin como and let's see what she has to talk >> miss friday. miss >> love friday.ov right now we have good newswe h for you. massachusetts avenue in thesettv district reopened. r person hit by a car at thattha location, there was an active av investigation but right nowbu traffic is once again moving.ovn just watch for a little bit ofto a residual delay. 395 cruising up fromg up f alexandria we are problem free e through stafford. dale city woodbridge thisy wo morning. and we're not seeing any seeg a issues as you make your wayr out on any of your secondaries.seco you can see that red line red we're picking up other up other southbound side from earlier ser construction but that is out of the way and hack assure youse traffic on the southbound sidehh of 395 is moving just fine. f
5:28 am
george's county looking good.d we'll keep you updated. keep it to fox5 news morning.ntr we have your 5:30 half hour coming right up.
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put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. he was flicking matches on me... for my life. my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated.
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i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side. >> ahead this morning ahead popular bus line in our regionne under if i remember an audit r found an alarming number ofemnuf safety issues so bad a lot of lo buses shouldn't even be in service. plus, a crackdown onckwn illegal dirt bikes and atv's a in the district. dtr police offering a reward forewd your help in tracking down hundreds
5:31 am
also ahead, a can chilly c start to this friday morningyor but all eyes on saturday. surda could we see a little snow? fox5 news morning starts now. nw >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> hey. >> 5:31 is your time.:31 >> i want to say good >> we're just so happy you'reapy here joining us on this fridayhy for fox5 news morning.x5 news mo we hope you had a great thanks for waking up with us. w. >> let's get right to gary. rig we're talking snow,, g >> it should be a rule no snowno talk in april but of coursef coe this hasn't been that type ofbe season with a nice march and mca now we're talking about snowbo this weekend.this wee that's right we'll have someigh' flakes and that may be aha a little bit of accumulation i'll tell you where we'rel going to get some ofyo thatha coming up.ming u >> enough of you gary.ugh you g >> i'm leaving.v >> no. n >> move on to erin. mov what you go the in trafficn northwest section of the of t district massachusetts avenuecha reopened 1300 block after a deadly pedestrian crash andedes we're starting to see thatti congestion pick up so i gotic you covered with your nextour n traffic look.fic look. >> you just mentioned that.usmet
5:32 am
far as that's concerned. conce a few blocks of mass avenueasave near thomas circle now back b opened after a pedestrian wasesa hit and killed by a car.y aar it happened in the 1300 block of massachusetts avenueet that's were we find fox5's fin ' annie yu with the very latestt developments in that story. annie, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning. yeah, the accident acc reconstruction team just leftio the scene.n ene. they also towed away the striking vehicle that struck str the pedestrian early this morning. so, we have some video of theeof scene from early this morning. g police tell us that around tel 1:30 today, a car traveling tve eastbound on this access roadaca just past thomas circle fatally hit a pedestrian.edesia the incident happened right beyond -- just a few feet awayta i should say from they om crosswalk here at the 1300 block of mass avenue.s police say the driver did remain on the unclear right now whether thetht driver will face any charges crg and we don't have any more m information about the driver or the victim in this case. cas but as you mentioned, the 1300 e block as well as the
5:33 am
block of massachusetts avenuets now reopened in both directions just past thomas back to you in the studio. >> annie yu with a live reportir this morning.thisorni happening today, a former fr sailor convicted of rape andap murder in virginia more than three decades ago will beoil released from prison. virginia's highest court threw out keith harwood's conviction o after new dna tests failed to fe demented if i his genetic pope e francis profile in evidencevinc left at that crime soon.t thatre he's been serving a lifeife sentence since the 1982 the 1 killing of jessie peron andro the raping of his wife in wife newport news.rt the state has officially removed harwood's name fromod the state's sex offender offende registry. new this morning two womenoi under arrest for the murder ofdr a man. 36-year-old brian graves stabbed on north market streetth in frederick just before 2:00use a.m. on monday and later died.ed police now say the two women argued with graves inside theh s old town tavern and then laternt attacked him outside the bar bar police a
5:34 am
determined to put a stop too illegal dirt bikes and atv'stv on our roads.oads yesterday they released photos of 245 bikers they wantth w identified. police are offering a $250250 reward for information on each person. over the past year they'veve made 100 arrests and seized sei 400 bikes. just days ago video surfaced of more bikers ridingkers illegally down busy d.c. streets. happening today, local busgc drivers will be speaking outpeak about what they say arere dangerous conditions that put riders at at r this afternoon an audit of a popular bus line shows big big safety problems i problems. >> fox5's melanie alnwick is we were surprised with how badiw these buses are and how longow g this has been going on. h >> reporter: repand i think that's the big question because this audit aud was done by the d.c.he d department of transportationporo last august and there are 67 a 6 buses in the d.c. circulator ciu fleet all told but the auditold was really looking at the oldt t of the buses, t
5:35 am
have been in service since s 2005 and 2009. initially just to see, you know, whether they would needd to be replaced sooner than what that normal life spant would be. they probably haveno about twobo years left in what federalt fera rules say are their usefulhe u life but what they found was w pretty take a looket here. h there were 42 buses of the 67 te that were inspected.nspected. first they found in they were fu dirty inside and out. o 22 defects per bus on average ae and that's a much higher ratee than other fleets that are runlt by this private company first transit that is contracted by wmata to run the service. s 40 of the 42 buses inspected ipe had critical safety defects. des these are things that shouldha have pulled those buses out ofs service. we're talking about fire extinguishers, headlights,ea tire treads, emergency windowsse that don't work and brakes and steering. now, the conclusion of the audit was that the vast majority of the defects wereefes the result of neglected nlect maintenance, also pointing
5:36 am
finger somewhat at wmata and ddot saying there really hasn't been sufficient oversight of the maintenancet records and of the contractoft that they are required tod provide a safe now, again, we should say wed sy assumed that from last yearast those defects would have been taken care of but the unionni that represents circulatorcircur drivers found out about thisut t report, did its own audit and said that it continues to have h problems with those what they ty call level a critical safetyafey defects.cts. back to you guys.uys. >> melanie, you also saidal s earlier though there is some is wage negotiations going onnens right now, right? rig >> reporter: that is right,ter: yes. so, this union is in labor is negotiations right now with nowt first they are a private company he,n, so they pay their driversrivers lower wages than what city wt ct drivers make, what metrobus drivers make. m they are asking for wageor wag increases, so he that is so hat probably something that will thl come up as well when they are addressing the ddot hearing heai today.toy. >> interesting to see how it how plays out.s ou
5:37 am
>> thanks, mel. >> all right.>> let's head on over to the boys: roll that footage. fta roll that beautiful beanif b footage. >> footage that will see a few snowflakes on saturday. sur >> no joke. we're going to get some snowto around here falling.ound h i mean, greater chance of thee snow and anything accumulatingut will be north of the city,noof t okay, north of the metro actually, probably up intobl i northern maryland, southern marl and central pennsylvania,ntl pev that's the best chance. >> okay. >> let's start with the canta kiddos this morning.rt it's colds out that. that. temperatures 36 to 44, winds w up just a little bit too. so, it is noticeable.oticbl once the sun does come up we'll have sun and clouds.nd clo there could be a sprinkle or spe two this morning but itis mornit shouldn't be a big deal.t be aid after school a little warmer. we we'll go 53 he to 57 degrees.gre it will still be baez. be b good sunshine but cloudsin c mixing in as well.el temperatures out this morning, t 45 here in town, 39 for gaithersburg, baltimore is 42. but when you factor in arn little bit of wind, a hot of places out this morning feel
5:38 am
like it's in the 30's. 38 baltimore. feels like 35 up in frederick. e we'll have your weekendl ha forecast coming up but rightut r now let's get a check on your traffic. hey, erin como. >> 5:38 and taking a live live look, this is 95 northbound in virginia. things like prince william parkway still flowing freelyngrl but you can see congestionsee co started to develop.ard to develp watch for those slowdowns toe lt can kick in in stafford by 63060 through 610 and then oncehe again prince william towardsillw the springfield interchange.ntee i'll let you know when it starts to cause any major m delays this morning.or we'll check in with our maps. aside from that d.c. police letting you know that streetstr have reopened 13 and 1400nd 1 blocks of massachusetts avenue. the investigation from a deadly pedestrian car accidentt has cleared out of the way.aed o still some residual delays.l d you can see the red on ournur map. traffic is getting back tong bkt normal right now. aside from that metro is on i o time this morning and thes morn outer loop is problem freeblem f through silver spring and bethesda.thes same story in frederick as youcy make your way down 270 all thele way to the spur as you head yea down, no problems. pbl that our seconda
5:39 am
looking good.logood north of that pointer if you have an early morning flightorni to catch, things on the way to bwi reagan national and dullesln are are quiet at the moment. back to you.o y >> ♪ >> okay, here's a question forer you. is your job making you fat? ou t new survey says for a lot of l people the answer is yes. y we're going to have detailsetais after the >> muss bryce harper off to ayc great start as far as baseball s is concerned and he's also got some new shoes, some new some cleats. it's got to be his shoes, to right? we'll take a look at them when we come back.
5:41 am
5:42 am
>> maryland could become theanme first state in the country that take pesticides that harm h bees off of to are shelves. shes governor hogan is reviewing aieg bill that would limitould l pesticides that containicidesha chemicals that harm thes th nervous systems of bees in 2018. 2018. maryland bee keepers lostee los nearly 61 percent of that-sperc lasthathives last year. y >> are you stressed at work?ork? es yes. >> new study found your nine yoi to five could be making you fat. career builder found 44 percent of workers gained gne weight at that present job andth of that more than halfat admitna they had sitting at their deskhd for most of the day contributed to weight gain. gai 36 percent blamed
5:43 am
career builder found job f j stress levels impact weight gains. they consider themselves fat.he >> we just did a facebookid aook mention on this. if you want to check it out on o my facebook page because wee give you some good exercises so that you can fight the fat, right. >> sure. >> we might give you a littletle entertainment, too. too. >> more entertainment thanmeha exercise.ex >> erin was working. eri >> still ahead it has alreadyea been a big week in d.c. for the famous cyldesdales andsdales guess what? they are not done e yet. >> after the break, where you can catch them this weekend.
5:44 am
5:45 am
make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $3.99, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $3.99 today. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> ♪ >> i think you're going to need a jacket this morning.ket temperatures are starting off a little bit ofre wind. w et cetera feels like it's ina the 30's most locations.feti later on we're going to warm t up mid to upper 50's.0' couple of spots more like the lh lower 50's so if you're alongoue the i-81 corridor, winchester, martinsburg, hagerstown, you're talking lower 50's and0' it is going to be a little bitit breezy on and off today. oand o so, tomorrow here's the deal. d clip are comes to the north ofer us. we get some showers.omshower we get some temperatures are going to bees a in the 40's. it's going to kind of be a chilly rai be a chilly the weekend, the second part ser of the weekend looks pretty good. good. high pressure builds in sore sunday we're talking aboute'reai sunshine. a few late clouds but all things considered sunday looks like definitely the better day of the weekend 'cause tomorrow chilly rain, snowflakes mixed s
5:47 am
of snow up to the north. the n i'll show that you here iny her just a second.ond. futurecast shows that that tomorrow -- this morning we'reth g a little bit of lightis snowhw activity well back out to the wt west of us. we end up with lots of witof sunshine today, a little bita ll breezy. tomorrow morning, though, wetho, begin to feel the effects of efs the clipper here.pper notice a little bit of a snow burst north and west.north wes this may put down a little lit coating in places. shouldn't be any more thanorthan that. that temperatures will be flirtingesw with freezing. there is a freeze warning by the way in place out there tonight and then tomorrowomor we'll watch this little area lia of snow, too, for northern north sections of maryland, up into pennsylvania. this is primarily north ofpr baltimore and then the whole thing kind of pivots around o late tomorrow afternoon and that's why i think we could why get a little bit of an accumulation of snow northern nh regions. most of this will be north of 70. any chance of a really an accumulation of snow and then at again up into pennsylvania.nto v here's how the snow cast seest it. now, look, this is not much for us at all.
5:48 am
go flakes here through thes district. do not expect even a dusting h we're just going to be toost g warm. to the north though, you headugu out of baltimore up towardsp philly by the end of this of t thing maybe you get 1 inchet 1 i grassy areas, up to 2-inches 2-i the farther north you go upo into northern sections ofections delaware and over towardsr philly and then up throughgh pennsylvania, that's where ilv think there could be two tocoulo four and then way out west it's legit, man, three tore 6 inches of snow before it'sefos all said and done.all d that's right, erin como, thatoma got her attention. a that's way back out to theact to west, even west of 81, higherr elevations for west virginia. v here's our forecast for today. . i don't know why that one tot to 2 inches just popped up likep le that. th that is odd. 44 degrees. i didn't do it. 51 degrees for lunchtimeun today. it will be breezy all dayezy l long. and then you end up with this situation where 47 with someh se showers tomorrow, little snow,it mixed in.d i beautiful on sunday but stillut a little cool. a li showers come back in thes comea forecast on monday.on thunderstorms next tuesday. tsd there's your how about some traffic on this t friday morning?ayning >
5:49 am
gary i was expecting to wear atr t-shirt to tomorrow's natsrow's game, not a winter jacket butket we'll make do. mak >> no, that's right, you are tha going to the nats game the nga tomorrow. >> 4 o'clock.>> >> wow. >> winter jacket, gloves. >> dress for it. d winter jacket, umbrella, somee ways to stay warm and dry. dry >> yes, bundle up for the game e if you're going as well.s >> and don't wear your phillies shirt. pardon me. >> i like nats, phillies, pirates but we can get into my t baseball preferences later. breaking news out of stafford. f just after 610, 95 northboundorh we have reports of a crashs of a blocking a shoulder andulde congestion building there.tiui also in frederick by the tuck scales 270 south is getting athi bit crowded.wded 95 on the northbound side you s can see north of that crashha scene you are still moving mov very nicely dale city intoy int woodbridge.brid none of that typical yellow ore red zone just yet.just yet if you're taking metro, metro mo is on time right now and n you're moving nicely to they 14th street bridge from 395rom northbound all of our inbounduri bridges are still quiet.s are s
5:50 am
if you have an early morningly m night we're moving on bw parkway northbound towards bw bwi. dulles looking fine and none of that usual congestion byl coi reaganly i'll let you knowet yoo when that changes.en t that's your >> after a busy day at nats park the budweiser cyldesdales are getting a day off but they're not leaving town yet.len on saturday the budweiser budwer cyldesdales will spend the dayay interacting with fans on steinn knee's on p street northwest noh from 1 o'clock until o'clock 3 o'clock.3 on sunday they'll end thatd t tore at the verizon center for the caps game. fans can can hang out and take d p pictures with the horses if hs four phenomenon 7:00 p.m.7:00 p >> nats star bryce harper, you y know him. >> sure. >> you should because he's hitb a lot of home runs he hit his 99th career homer. hom he also received his m.v.p. trophy from nats general manager mike d.c. mayor muriel bowser she boh gave him the key to the city. harper is also pushing his h make baseball fun again a
5:51 am
enough, he debuted his slick new black and gold under armornr cleats during yesterday'sts d game.s harper called the one''s. >> hm. how do you feel about them? f do you like them. >> love >> really. >> love them. >> wisdom sporting the happyhe h one's next big day for villanovag fans. about 75,000 people expected pep to turn out for a victory parade for the men's the basketball tea the wildcats won the nationalhel championship after hitting a thrilling buzzer beating shotbuz to top off top needed north carolina.carolina. it marks that first title inks more than 30 years so you knowoo the celebrations are fierce upai there. all classes are canceled at at villanova today so studentsdaso can attend the that event kicking off at 1:00 p.m. >> ♪ >> all right. 5:51 right now. let's take a look at ourk atur realtime news tracker to see tos what stories you are talkingking about on social media thised morning. first up, d.c. rapper fater trel in legal trouble again.roua this just two weeks after being arrestedor
5:52 am
exchange counterfeit moneyfeit m chips at a local casino.ips at l fat trel iocs facing charges for dwi and drugs. d in politics, looks like loos hillary clinton is trying to prove she is more new yorkshe thanis her opponent berniepp sanders.s. she's trying to do it bytrying riding the subway. swa the presidential candidateen told reporters thursday thatda this was her first time on theee subway in two years. y all right. next, you might have a few missed messages to check on chek facebook today.faceoday. it turns out your messages inge box has a tab that some peopleop don't even know about. the message request optionspt lets you see messages sent if st people that aren't yourt friends but who have tried toavt get in touch with you. and finally, some real drama in a high school production of the gory musicaluc seen tea todd.en todd. two new zealand students weretue really cut on the neck as theyy acted out the story of the twisted murderous barber. luckily, both boys
5:53 am
okay. >> ♪ >> it is a show he that changed the landscape ofancape f reality television for aalit generation of fans and now after 15 seasons american idolri is saying goodbye. gdb the show produced super stars who racked up 13 grammys and up an oscar and many performedy per last night. >> trent harmon. tnt >> trent harmon becomes the haro last american idol champ everl at the end of an epic finale event. >> they wanted to go out with wh a bang and i think they and thik certainly have. >> out of more than 1 million1 l people who auditioned overd years the best of the bestt of t performed in the finale. the divas. >> ♪ the country stars. >> ♪ >> and the rockers.
5:54 am
we heard from the show's biggest super stars. >> ♪ and several former winnersrw joined in on a david bowie tribute. tribute. >> ♪ many former contestantsny f say the show changed their t lives. >> it was a platform. it gives us a chance to make music every day.c y day. >> thankful to american idol.i >> reporter: they sayor the watching it enter feels f bittersweet. >> this feels like a communitys that brought people togetherro and i think that'sug the legacy it leaves behind. b the show's creator andat many former contestants sayan they're not ruling out that o idol may be back in some form, f some fashion in the future. fur. >> in fact when ryan seacrest sr signed off last night.sied o >> what did he say.>> what >> he was emotional and hend he said goodbye and you see it kind of fade down and he says
5:55 am
that does it, goodbye for now.or that was his last words.t w >> leaving the door opened. o >> who is your favorite idole i real quick. doesn't matter if they won or not. >> carrie underwood.underwoo >> i think fantasia. i think fa. >> this friday we have a ts frid special give away you want theat know about. abo it's special because it's funau' for the whole family and also ao because you can only enter on et facebook. >> you can win four tickets to t see ringling brothers andths barnum and bailey circus extreme at eagle bank arenaatagr 1:00 p.m. on sunday april 17th. the prize pack includes a $100 american express gift cardre coloring book a ring master hat, a plush tiring and elephant, a deluxe program and d a miniature circus cannonan replica. >> to enter for a chance to win just go to ourr facebookk page at d.c. between now and 11:59.1:59 one winner will be selected by c random drawing on april 11th. prize has an approximateroxi retail value of $400. of and is provided by feld f e
5:56 am
and gary joins us now. joino >> gary's over here playinge foot'sy with me.foot stop it. we're on >> what? >> i know, right. >> really. >> not. >> no clue.e >> divulge.>> div >> in studio romance. >> below the desk stays below the desk. >> just keeps getting worse. wor >> did i say that? t still breezy even atl brzy e 5 o'clock today temperaturesempe will be into the upper 50's 5 for lives. that wahigh temperatures.emtu that was only a joke. j >> go ahead. a >> 57 for a high today. tomorrow wet snowflakes in the metro m accumulation possiblee northern suburbs along 70 maybe even north of that inen n northern maryland up into pennsylvania. april snow, folks. >> uh-huh. >> you're burying the lead.e did you hear under her breath he maureen said she's his significant
5:57 am
>> let's go to erin's it's getting reall really uncomfortable.comf >> right now 95 northbound a noo crash by 610 blocking yourou shoulder.shoulder right now it's heading upea u towards stafford. watch for that huge slow soap.oa once you get north of that point you hit morally mor stop-and-go traffic as you gettf closer to dale city.ale aside from that problem let's tr take a live look right now inigw the this is constitution were traffic is still very s keep it to we got you covered for yourou 6 o'clock hour in just a few.
5:58 am
5:59 am
narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
6:00 am
>> ♪ >> new at 6:00 traffic moving again on one of d.c.'s busiest00 roadways after af deadlye overnight crash. c we are live on that scene withcw an update.pdat >> unsafe for service? the d.c. circulator buses b crumbling apparently.g aparen details from an audit showing s several safety issues. >> and it is a chilly day as we cheer the weekend. wee come on saturday and sunday. sd. a live look outside on this o ti march -- oh, my goodness, helpes me with the wit i forget what day it is. >> april. apr >> it's april, right.t'apri oh, goodness. gdnes >> get the right month firstontf then we'll worry about thebo day. >> it's so cold i forgot.ort. april 8 is your date.r dat weather and traffic on the 5'sd at 6:05. man, if you start off the o morning like that, where do wre you go? hopefully up. good morning, i'm maureen umehie in for allison this morning.sori >> and i'm steve chenevey. i we will can um to fox5 newsca t morning. right overnight developing aeven man hit and killed by a car.y ac it happened in northwest d.c. d early this morning about 1:30 a1 a.m. this was on


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