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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  April 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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hill. a police say the day care was operating under the name little giving gels and it's located in oks son hills. we've also learned that at theen day care was not licensed. now 43 year old bee attrition ie behind bars facing first degree murder charges as well as child a bus -- abuse chancer. a nine month old savanna wright w was taken to the hospital from the day care after she called 911 back in december to reporter the little girl was throwing up leg that are psychiatric and unresponsive. chargeingdocuments show the, has ruled the death caused by not accidental trauma to the head and was ruled a homicide. neighbors who though her tell uo they can't believe this news. >> she probably failed oror something, i'm sure, i'm pretty sure that
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disturbed, shocked.d, don't believe it. i >> she going to get them from te school and all that, i don't believe it. i think it was an accident. >> reporter: now this all now happened back in december. police say that manning wasas immediately served a seize and dissift order because shawnwn arrested until earlier this month just a few days ago. ag because it took time for that investigation and for thehe results from the dc medical examiner's office that ruled this a homicide. reporting live in oxon hill alexandria limon. lim >> knew tonight wootton high school football star pleadedad guilty today to two counts of vehicular manslaughter. sam ellis and three friends hadd just left an under age drinking party last june when the crash occurred. he was due to go on trial this
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the blay. paul. >> reporter: sam ellis was dueas to go on trial on monday, but after conferring with teens thii week he decided to come into the courthouse iron rockville earlyy this morning and plead guilty ti two counts. he now faces up top 10 years in prison on each count when he's sentenced in june. >> reporter: when he got behind the wheel of his car and took off, prosecutors say he wase w under the influence of drugs and alcohol. court records show he had a blood alcohol level of seven and point a zero nine above legal limit.le when he hit the gas the speedometer topped a hundred miles an hour before he lost control of the car crashing into a fence and overturning into a yard. two of his passengers, friends, were killed. >> ed today is adul
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only for the families but also for the ellis family. there's no jumping for joy. there are no winners in this situation. it was a tragic incident thatt happened and it certainly is reflected in what seemed to bemo the remorse of this young man coming forward and taking responsibility for his actions. >> reporter: prosecutor sayr: p ellis and his friends had been at the home of kenneth a parent who allowed the under agege drinking to go on. he pled guilty and charged five thousand dollars. dol ellis and the two friends killed who just graduated from woottonw high a fourth person in the car survived. just a few minutes ago we did receive a statement from the family of alex, they said today's guilty employee is bitter sweet. swe this is a long statement i'm just going to read a small part of it. all the while we continue to wonder why sam ellis did not do the ri
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and spare his victim's familiesl some i owed da of ranks the by admitting guilt. he will have to live forever with the knowledge that draging out this case so long only served a pour salt into our still fresh wounds of sorrow. sr we'll place that whole statement on our website. live in rockville paul wagner fox 5 local news. >> recently released police report revealed new informationf leading up to that crash that killed montgomery police officer noah. the man accused of hitting him with his vehicle told police he started drinking hours earlier at a another and rockville pike. the restaurant says the bartender who served him has h since been letting. and all employees are now required to undergo training on responsible alcohol service.ce. he had a blood alcohol
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that was nearly three times the legal limit. and also admitted smoking a joint and takesing xanax. >> dc woman under arrest a deadly pedestrian accident overnight. this happened around 1:30 in the morning on massachusetts avenuee northwest. a man was hit and killed after he stepped off of the curve. they say the victim was not in the crosswalk when he was hit.i. today, police arrested 24 year old miss joseph. charged with driving under the influence. police have not identified the victim at this time. trouble use about the district circulator buses, they had safety problems that shoulds remove the vehicle from theic f street. the union that represents drivers say many of its members flagged dozens of safety defects to the department of transportation but the buseses remain in circulation. c a spokesperson
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the agency he monitoring for performance. all safety issues with the circulator buses are currently being addressed and vehicles are being pulled from service. up ahead, a dozen adult entertainment clubs in prince george's county ordered to shut doors tonight. >> city officials uncovered which caused mandatory close down. accomplish known as man inmn the hat has been arrested. we'll have the breaking details tonight. >> an app that logs mutualutua consent to sex in less than 25 5 second partners can pull out a smart phone and flash through a series of one touch agreements. we'll tell you more about that.. we got winter weather coming our way this c weekend. w it just doesn't want to leave. we're going to let you know whao to expect. we'll be back after the the break.
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wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way. but not with democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks. and when washington insiders wrote a loophole to let the nra spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards, the special interests aren't special.
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working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> we have news of a major arrest related to terrorists attacks. french official tell associatedd police they have nabbed, last remaining suspect police were seeking from the paris attacks. authorities in belgium say it is still unclear if he is the same man seen here on surveillancervi video wearing a hat before thehe
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last month.onth catholic church is reacting to a major paper pope francis has released on family life. the document is 256 pages joy of love and the pontiff worked onti that document for nearly two t years. to have a more compassionate and merciful approach to rules concerning issues such as sex, marriage and family life. it may pave the way for catholics, it does little to soth the church's views on gayay marriage, abortion and couldn't september shun. >> snoop international space int stations going to get nor uncomfortable. a one man rocket was set to launch carrying supplies including inflatable womb b into outer space. once attached to the station the soft side compartment will be inflated to the size of a small bedroom. it will remain in place for twot years of the part of an experiment for future moon basis
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>> going to be great. after awhile we'll be able to ae live up there. >> go have your birthday party r pa in space. >> sny know how much that wouldh cost into the into look.o t >> look at this view. >> it looks so warm out there. >> not so. >> chilly gwen. gwe going to get chillier. wonder if it's warmer in space. i'm sure they are not going too be dealing with what we're goine to be dealing with which is unbelievable i'm talking about winter weather again this time of year when we've already gotey through spring and the plantingp and cherry blossoms.r what is going on? >> legitimates take a look ates maps and t show you what's happening here.ere. because, really really makes me discouraged to have to tell youu about winter weather advisories and freeze watches. here's a wt look at satellite radar you can see over to the west just aust little hint of some of the white stuff moving its way across. that is going to become more widespread.wi look at the big picture you canc see plenty of precipitation.
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moving in nature. it will leave snow showers on doorsteps before it is all saidi and done. we're going to be talking winten conditions and very very cold as well. current temperatures right now into the upper 40s and low 50s. pretty much everywhere. we have a couple mid level 50s there, other than that, we've got air that is going to start to move in. a freeze warning that kicks kin at midnight till nine a.m. onm. saturday and we are talkingng those temperatures really going to be subfreezing temperatures are expected. any vegetation is sensitive yous have to protect it.rotect we have a freeze watch that's going to kick in for tomorrow. and we're going to be talking about that winter weather advisories as well. in the meantime winds anywhere from five to 17 miles per hour p winds right now. hwi we're going to see combust tea winds over the weekend also. t they arehe going to be pretty ce and chilly we will have winde chills to talk about. abo so for tonight talking 36 degrees. winds will be light. lig increasing
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more details later. get ready. winter has made a return. backs to you. >> thanks, gwen. we are learning more detailingsr about a metro station, this, t happened near the road island avenue station. the fight broke up among a group that appeared to be juveniles, matt ackland is life tell usell what's going on. >> reporter: yeah, ladies, the situations still limited when it comes to the information that happened. it happened this afternoon. near the road island metro station officials are telling us making it clear it didn't happen inside the station. what we're being told by several witnesses is that basically a group of young men women too, some females, all got together,t they went behind this area to the parking garage there, behint apartments there, that was somes kind of big fight that happened. we're told probably between 15 and
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police swarmed the seen.. they started breaking up the you had crowd. but one person was stabbed. tonight we talk to dc police they told us that the stabingng victim did not have life threatening injuries but they are asking tonight anyone that may have seen something hereng h this afternoon f they saw thehe fighter take place, if they know someone who may have beene involved in that fight, police would like to talk to them. at this point, they have no suspect in custody just recap again, one person was stabbed but it was not a life threatening jr. live rhode island metro station matt ackland fox 5 local news. >> marrying a smart woman could make you healthier. >> why experts say brain knee partners act as buffer to disease. >> a relationship off to a rocky
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helicopter rescue. first started as april fool joke a new dating app can help you find true love. compatible. >> heard it all now. [ laughter ]. .
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>> tonight's health watch thislt may not come as a completes prize. if a man wants to live a long life he should marie an intelligent woman.oman comes after a series of studies. they found intellectual stimulation helps keep the brain active and having an intelligent partner can act as a buffer.fer. >> absolutely. got to keep the mind moving. >> exactly, i'll have to reminde my husband.
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congratulations. you are going to have a longg healthy life. >> going to spark all kind of conversations. >> speaking of marriage. one man's unique proposal led to helicopter rescue. >> he climb end a cliff in california, then he face timed his girlfriend, shawn with him,t then he asked her to marry him, she said yes, thank goodness for that that's one bright spot fort this story. the problem is he got stuck on his way down, and had to be rescued by a police helicopter.p now to make matters worse it's illegal to crime b that rock. he was citied for trespassing. under influence and getting a bill for that chopper ride. r >> i hope his wife is really
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really smart. make him a healthy man, he is really trying.g. i wonder if he was still face timeing with her on the way down. >> given everything he did and the legality of it all, he's going into the marriage with debt. he owes the police. >> well if you are looking for your soul mate they could be as close as nearest taco bell. >> a new dateing app can helpg c you find true love. the beer receipt barritto, it started as an april fool's prank appears to be catching on. not the first dating app top find a match. an app tried to match bacon
5:21 pm coming up, strip clubs cracking down. a dozens clubs ordered to close tonight in prince george's county. and another new app this one looking to prevent sexual assault created by a mother of three, we're we're going to howt works coming up. hey brody. we all made business guidedi bets overfavorite sports teams i'll introduce to you one fan who changed his entire look lo because of nat's pack he made four years ago four years ago .
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narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott,
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emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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5 investigation. i at this hour three businesses in prince george's county are supposed to close because they feature adult entertainment. >> the businesses are up scale ballroom and club ecstasy. they were among a dozen establishments providing adult entertainment.en the remaining can stay open for now because they are restaurants or bake wet hauls. police plan to monitor them tom make sure they are no longer providing adult entertainment. e help them track down a man in a robbery and sexual assault. this happened last wednesday in springfield.sp a woman told police she was walking alone behind a shopping center just after six am when an man grabbed her. he pulled her into a storage container and sexually assaulted and robbed her. suspect got away in a red car with a gray patch on the driver's side door. anyone with information is asked to call
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calling on americang on university to do more to deal with sexual assault on campus is really gaining some steam. so far more than 75 thousand people have signed the petitionp it calls for the university to resolve disputes regarding sexual harassment win two months. ban students convicted of sexual assault from participating in extracurricular activities. to receive at least two hours of sexual assault response training. fed fellow alumni are helping to get the word out. university has in invited alumni to tackle the issue of sexualual assault on campus. jew. when it comes to sex, men and women aren't always on the same page when it comes to consent a new app is hoping to change all that, it is called yes to sex. available on ios and android.nd here's how it works, the couple will be asked a series of questions to determin
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they agree to have intercourse. if the agreement is reached, a quote safe word will be generated and then if both parties agree to stop having ses one partner just has to say that mutually agreed upon word. it is interesting. i think it does, you know peoplw can be critical about it, i think what it does it makes you stop and think about what you w are about to do and you know itk makes you have a moment to think. >> right. >>sted of just, you know. >> i know. >> that's, were both on the same page here. so there's no question. >> yeah. >> all right. tyeler the son of basketball coach reply signed as head coach of louisiana particular after pa admitting to inappropriatenapp relationship with a player. he says quote, i am profoundly disappointed in myself for engaging in a relationship that negatively after ted the peoplet
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the more. >> back to that story it's a responsible approach too. all right being a baseball fan takes a lot of dead station, doesn't it? >> never ending season fromin february to november. nov fans so dedication with ticket, hats or jersey. j one nat's fan doesn't just wear it on his sleeve, he wears it on his face. i thought that was strange we were looking at a dog while talking about this story s i apologize, this is not the right story here. i think it's this one laura, from baseball to hockey there's the doggies as the capitals cap prepare foreplay offs they may want to add two more players, is that not the store. s hit the pavement with a game the cot son has facebook followers. would you. nine hundred thousand facebook foll
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followers on instagram. amazing. his owner is very busy. >> featuring the two dogs has gone viral, 20 million times. >> that's a popular dog. the car company that wants to put visual butler inside their new ride. and a stuffed animal makes journey to the edge of space in this amazing video. v we'll be right right back.
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>> students at an elementaryat school in england part of an out of this word science experiment
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they sent sam the stuffed dog d into the, reaching height of 15 miles. sam's journey was documented on go pro boy does it look like hee had fun or what. >> wow. >> his fur barely moved at all, okay. i see. got a good hair spray. >> something.omet >> he's going to stay warm right. >> he'll need it. he weather talking by a tal serious temperature plunge.nge. and, yeah, i got to say the f word, i cannot believe that. >> you can't believe it imagine how i feel. i feel i'm the bearer of baf news here. you know what i always say hashtag unwanted house guess. look at that beautiful shot. spectacular. let's take it all in while we can. because, beautiful blue exercisf and really nice conditions outot there short-lived once we get g into the rest of this
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things are really going to go starting to downhill, folks. i hope this is the last time that i really view mirror tolly talk about this for this weekend. we have a freeze for some of you and the overnight hours, that's because those temperatures are e really going to take a plunge. so, we have a freeze watch in in the whole area here shaded blue. another weekend where you've got to make sure you take care of all the sensitive plants. better them protect them. cover them up whatever you haveu to do. periods of snow, yes, very possible on saturday. we're o going to taln k about that and windy saturday night as we head into sunday morning we're goingw to see really strong winds starn to kick in as we see partting low pressure system and in come high pressure. we are going to see gusts overr 40 miles an hour. hang on to your heart. h freeze likely for all, by the time we get into sunday morning, so lots to talking about here. h to begin with look at salt radar not much happening here rightgh now, it's going to be
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clear. however, also going to be prettt cold under clear exercise skies. take a look at the west, look as the rain and snow moving its way through. we got a clipper system that's going to move across, more towards mason ticks line, a surface is also. with wrap around precipitation. that's going to move it's way straight across our area in thet form of snow showers. temperatures right now, not too bad, cool fairly comfortable. 53 degrees in the nations 51 at baltimore. fredericksburg take a look at lo the cooler air to the west, we are talking into the 40 in some of o our our neighborhoods herei freezinggh temperatures in thete area shaded.hade freeze warning kicks in midnight until nine clock on saturday. we are talking pretty cold cold conditions here. then we have w happen winter weather advisory that is in effect from 11 p.m.
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over the higher elevation here. we can see three to five incheso of snow fall accumulation at acm little today continue as we move to tomorrow with the system the moving through.hrou also talking gusty winds here as well. we are talking very poor visibility. and blowing and driftedting shod in higher elevations. as the system moves across, clear to '90s tomorrow abouts dawn we're going to see a littlt bit of action here. talking some rain and then somee snow showers. move in and then move out by the afternoon hours.hour so we're going to give a littleo bit of a timeline on that so yot can see what to expect. freeze watch as we look at midnight saturday into nine a.m. sunday as a temperatures here's a lack at thse timelineie for you. here's four a.m. on saturday.tu take a look at when we start to see the mix right here snow showers by 7 a.m. saturday. we know we've got the game in the afternoon. 4:00 hour looking at rain little bit of mix to the north, same to the northwest of uses. 6:00 supposed to gradually getdu itals way out of the
5:37 pm
eight nine clock we don't have'a anything left. we are talking boy basically isolated dusting as we take a look from d dc to the south to the west the numbers start to climbed. let's look at the 7-day forecast. when we by the time we get to the beginning of the week we're going to head towards the 60, 68 degrees. not doo bad. pretty cold in between. and pretty wintery. >> we got to get through all right. thanks. couldn't -- this is just amazing, absolutely amazing, congratulations are in order fod gwen lifetime achievement awarda for out less hours of volunteer work with our house. the nonprofit organization serves disadvantage male youths gwen was very dedicateded volunteer for 10 years a big part of which was leading fun raising efforts one
5:38 pm
construction of a new do youon remember on their o property in montgomery county and thanks to all that gwen has done, that do you remember is knower nearly ko complete. so amazing. recognized by the president, thp white house. >> did you get to meet the t president? i'm very excited about it. . my passion has always been in community service, a big deal dl for me.for thanks to all my colleagues here at fox 5 who supported me alongt the way. i appreciate that. >> great organization you'veaniz done a lot for it. we appreciate it. it good job. let's head over to tony and shawn, we're going to be right back after the break.
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another disappointment for january
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fans, she is postponing now youp can't get a reply fund if you y did buy a ticket. several of the venues where she was supposed supposed to play they have not gotten official word that the tour has been tou called off. o they are treating it as a postponement, which means they a can't offer refunds. as you can imagine fans are not quite happy about this. they could have to wait up to a year to see janet in concert depending on her baby situation. fans fans aren't very happy. >> if you want to see kobe bryant play in last home game get ready for stick ticket shock. >> 650 bucks for that price you and friend can sit in section 321 and you may want to bring some bin knock ky lesser that'sk one row away from the back wall. the ticket a apparently have top be sold as a
5:43 pm
is no object and you want to spring for court side seats, well, they start at just under 2000 >> no, i also saw that the average ticket for kobe's last game is more than the average ticket for the last liquor anba final series. >> wow. >> yeah, it's pretty crazy. >> somebody will pay that too.t >> oh sure. s >> someone will because you cane say that you were there. you know sports now become such an event time you can take some pictures, oh look at me off court side at kobe's last game. but speaking of nuts, there are some pretty nuts fans out theree baseball season frankly it goes from spring training in february to fall classic in november, aoe lot of fans show dedication with
5:44 pm
17 hundred dollar kick, 20 thousand dollar ticket or maybee a jersey one nat fan doesn't just waiter on his sleeve heis wears it on his face. opening day at national's parks whenever nat's fan dreams of a a world series.. none more than bj. bj became a nat season ticket holder in 2012. 201 he made a packet with friends. >> had a nice long friday nightd after the game when my friend said you should probably never shave again sure enough i said i how about this i won't shave until the nat's win the world series. >> reporter: national's haver: n been contenders since 2012. >> four years later we are still growing, still going strong atr lot of people say when are you going to shave it?
5:45 pm
>> not until the national's win' the world series. >> reporter: this is alls is all original, only thing i trim is the mustache, if this was anyone inches long it would be storebe chorus to eat. ♪. >> reporter: beards are a part of nat's culture, bearded fans of all shapes and sizes. even the most prominent of nationals beers appreciates bj's facial hair.r. >> jason caught a ball and thend they up and down in on him and looked p -- up. >> reporter: giving up your face in the name of fan did you mean has down sides. s >> one girl i did date if you y let it go crazy we will not date
5:46 pm
ever. we obviously are not dateing ana more p i miss enjoying ice cream, a good sandwich, a ham burger a hot dog, i can't realla eat anything without being self conscious. my dad hates my beard.eard he wishes it was gone. mom, she thinks it's funny but n hates it. >> i really wish he would shave it off. >> reporter: bj has become a fan favorite at the park. par >> beard definitely gets a lot of love. ♪. >> reporter: when if ever the nationals win a world series bj will celebrate with a cold beerr and fresh face smile. n>> you date he is still -- >> the one thing he learned alla the upkeep, he
5:47 pm
conditioner, shampoo. he will never, he keeps it clean, he will never sayay anything about a woman takingg too long to get ready to go out. he knows what it is like. t ladies if you like a nice beard look up bj on twitter. >> i'm not a fan of beards. >> apparently, the lady aren'tay either the girl wouldn't keep dating him. >> there's somebody out there for him that's a beard lover. >> there are a lot of beard lovers out there. t >> anthony i do like your beer. we. >> all right. awesome story. love that story. >> i hope they win for his sake. >> love it. love it. >> one car company is envisioning what the future ofe automobiles may look like. >> according to bently the future may include your very
5:48 pm
car butler. but look at this photo. sort of like your very own, butt inside your car. while the technology is not fully developed, they see the holographic butler having several abilities including making reservations and alerting you of detours. fourth graders in montgomery visited johns hopkins universito to participate in a program andd learn about the science, science process. they were ingredients and baked two clothes of bread while taught about changing states of matter. each student kept one loaf of bend donated a second to the food pantry interfaith works, will use the bread to makeo french toast and other items for those in need. awesome. very cool. >> let's head over to tony and a shawn for what's next at six. >> all right, good to see you. here's a question for you: do y you eat breakfast every morning. >> i don't.. >> y
5:49 pm
not for you. you may want to cut some of your early morning fair to say fromay your it's another diet downer story. breakfast foods that are wreaking hask on your skin. any guesses as to why people are busing about this skirt froo jj -- j.c. penney, if anoa thef answer tony and i will give it to you comings up on fox 5 local news at six . is
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>> democrats appear to be taking pages from republican play booko the battle is getting ugly as a both prepare for important primary of the year new york. did you go lucid has the
5:53 pm
democrats thought republicans cornered the market on tactics,i that is changing with bernie sanders and hillary clinton. both hillary clinton and bernie could be in trouble. sanders thought the system still used tokens, phased out 13 years ago in favor of metro took president clinton fivelint tries to get her metro card to work yesterday. >> it was so convenient it is the best way to get around. >> reporter: above ground isve g getting ugly with democrats concerned attacks with them questioning qualifications gone too far. >> sny had been talking for mora than a year about doing things that he obviously hadn't really studied or i object stood. >> reporter: maybe the american people might wonder about your qualifications madam secretary, when you voted for the war in iraq the most
5:54 pm
policy blunted in the modern history of america. >> reporter: today cruz hoping d to win just enough to keep trump from winning all of the delegates there. >> i have no regrets about thata standing for the people of newne york. >> reporter: trump has beenn hitting cruz hard in earlier comments about liberal new york values. >> i got this guy standing rive there talking about new york values with hey treat of new york. so folks, i think you can forget about him. >> reporter: trump is well positioned to win new york primary.ary. bigger problem may be nationally. they will have a poll they view him un favorably in washington fox news. >> i don't know how you would characterize. wh
5:55 pm
crack and on the street sohe murder other african americanme children. maybe you thought they were good citizens. she didn't. she didn't. you are deep dennedder fending the people who. >> bill president clinton making headlines. he challenged protester at a rally for his wife yesterday protester's say hillary clintonh was racially insensitive back in 1994 when she called young people in gangs super presidente torse. now in february she said she regretted her language. 89 year old hole cost survivor in michigan one big wish, she s wants to sink national anthemnai the a a detroit tigers bay ball game front into first campaignei attention after relatives viewed her on facebook
5:56 pm
lost both parents. she says sing go the an them iss dear to her hard no fear of o standing in front of the crowd. they are working on giving her an opportunity to sing during a game. >> i thought we were going tong hear from her. >> off hoping so. apparently not. a big day for a student who, born with 0 brail paul see, he was presented with happen brandt new wheelchair, go fund me pagea was set up by student in i learning for independence program after thanks to several donations able to raise more than 30 thousand dollars. >> how incredible. >> not really knowing what he told me, it's everything. he's in pain constantly. in pain, his hips are out of the socket.
5:57 pm
kid is sill able to smile and be positive about life and be thankful and greater full for what he has. >> his family moved to the t united states.oed his father had to often carry him around because he never had a wheelchair. that is amazing. >> make you feel good moment ofg theo day. >> absolutely. take that with you for this weekend. >> there you go. you thanks for joining us tonight at fidget fox 5 loll news at six ne starts right now. >> write to you at six a deatht at a local day care, what policp are saying tonight about this. then t another group attack at a metro station. teenager stabbed this time in ti the middle of the afternoon. plus snow on a saturday in april. old man winter just won't go away without a fight. but there's could
5:58 pm
spring.ring >> it is is good to have you i'm tony perkins. >> i'm chain yancy.>> i rain showers took, we are talking about potential for snow showers this weekend. >> gwen starts us off with whatt we can expect 82 you'ret absolutely right.solu i hate to be the bearer of suchh bad news, winter deaf it inly making another appears. a let's take a look at maps and mp have a look at what's going on.o clear skies for tonight as we take a lookout to the west a a different story coming our wayay rain and snow showers. we're going to see temperaturese take a real dive well belowelow seasonal as a result of that wee got advisories watching andis warnings in effect and a bigoref change forfe the weekend. current temperatures 53 degrees right now dc. 48 gaithersburg, 52 culpeper, 48 winchester, dulles at 51, annapolis at 52 degrees.. tonight we're talking 36 degrees for an overnight low with w increasing clouds and it will be a cold
5:59 pm
we got freeze watches andree warnings to talk about. and also, yes, say it ain't so, some saturday snowflakes detaili coming up late. let you know the timing and exactly what we anticipateipate getting. shawn. >> thank you gwen. local day care provider is under arrest and facing charges in the death of an infant. nine month old died at a home at day care in oxon hill. hil the woman is facing first degree murder charges. alexandria limon is live with details. >> reporter: details are incredibly sad and disturbing. chargeing documents show thathat nine month old baby girl died of blunt force trauma to the headd that caused severe internal bleeding. police say it all happened hereh at this home day care oxon hill. prince george's county polices o tell me today care was operating under the name of little giving eagles located on, in oxon hilll police we also learned that this day care was not licensed.ic
6:00 pm
woman who ran the day care is behind bars facing first degreet murder child abuse and assault charges. police say this beautiful little baby girl, nine month old savanna wright was taken to thek hospital from the day care aftea manning herself called 911 to report the baby was throwing up leg that are psychiatric and unresponsive.on chargeing documents show dc medical examiner office ruled this was caused by non accidental trauma to the head. baby's brain injuries were so zero continuous she was on life support for two days before she died. death was ruled a homicide. hom now we're talking do neighbors here in the neighborhood wherehd the suspect lived and they say they just can't believe this news.. >> well, she probably fell or something. i'm sure. i'm pretty sure that she didn't get hit. i'm


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