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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  April 9, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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this is fox5 local news at 6. hi, everyone, thank for joining us tonight, i'm matt ackland.lad let's sea, it's april 9, the cherry trees have blossoms andls then we got a little snow today. what is going on in let's begin tonight with a look at the weather and here is a life lookk outside at the national cathedral. how long will this cold weatherl stick around? let's say hello to gwen with a look at the forecast. what happened to spring? >> i think spring got a littlete stressed out with all thel pressure and decided it needed to take a little time would you have it come back soon. >> trust me, it will be backck sooner than you t in the meantime we are still talking ati few of the snow flurries. let's begin with a look the at maps. here's a pick picture.ture we've had a clipper system that's been moving
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through. and you can see the wrap around a lot happening here and some of you seeing some flurries rightht now you have a line from hagerstown and then south, southeast we have actually a few mixed conditions, a little bit of a wintry mix and then rain that's moving its way across thw pavement so there you have it. as we move into tonight we willw believe it or not start to see some clearing. the winds were gusty. hang onto your hat.t. i'm tellingç you, 38-mile perme hour wind gusts right now in city. we've got 41, 32 at gaithersburg and 38-mile per hour wind gusts right now at dulles.lles i wanted to tell you that our highs today were only into theth 50s and the 40s in am of our locations and we really should be about 65-degrees.degr didn't see it.didn and with a freeze warning for tonight, our overnight lowe'sur are going to shoot down, also. this is
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until 10:00 a.m. on sunday.nday if you have any kind of plants or vegetation that's sensitive outside, make sure you get it inside. the wind advisory in effect i until 10:00 tonight. wind gusts up to 50 miles an 50 hour in some of our neighborhoods and already some of those winds have reached that.that 29 degrees your overnight low.. you saw the a little bit of white no that you see that is coming from north to south. that will continue with someome snow showers and then it will be cold and wind definitely it wilf bein a cool sunday is what we he ahead four. the big chill does continue. but trust me, the warmup is right around the corner.rner i'll have the details a little later when i come upstairs, matt. > looking forward to it.orwa see you in a about it. tonight, d.c. police continue to look for the shooter who left a 7 year old little girl injured.. residents say they have had it. that's where we
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limon with more tonight reporten roar that's right, that little girl was simply walk hope. in fact, she was in this courtyard when she was shot just after 9:30:00 p.m. last night. today you can see d.c. policec. officers have spent all day canvassing this neighborhood and they're also handing out these tip cards.rds. they're hoping for somer information about this shooting because at this point d.c. police say they don't have any information about a possible suspect. they also don't have a motivee for this shooting that left that seven year old girl in criticala now, what we do know is just after 9:30:00 p.m. last night, they detected the sounds of four gun shots and when officersicer arrived they found the little girl whod that been shot in the abdomen. she was air lifted to a hospital and today the d.c. police department says she is listed in critical, but stable condition. now we did spend the
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to people who live in this neighborhood as well as the amc commissioner for the district fr and they all echoed the sameme sentiment saying they are simply tired of this type of violence in their neighborhoods especially because its affecting children.ildr what more can be done, what more cannot be done to help these people that are in this community live the way they're supposed to.. they're subjected to gun violence. a seven year old. everybody in this particular area and our leadership, get out here. > again, d.c. police departmenl is hoping for some informationfm that will help them solve this crime. and they say that they offer a $10,000 reward for anyward information that leads to an arrest n and conviction of any person that commits an assault with a dangerous weapon.on. reporting life in southeast d.c., alexandra limon, fox5 lo
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> all right, alex, let's hopes they solve it. developing tonight more arrests have been made connected to the bombing in brussels. authorities say one of the men they caught has been the so-called man in the hat. and ham me escorted two bombers through the airport before the explosions. he and three others were arrested. to maryland where the general assembly has expand the equal pay bill. the house approved the law today. it strengthens the law whichic prohibits discrimination basedsc onri gender. it also based on gender identity. law makers could face civil action if they violate the law. type is running out as lawmakers right to iron out a plan that could crack down on drunk driver, noaa's law which is a bill proposed af
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montgomery county police officep knee a lee oat a. he was killed by a drunk driver. the law would include ignition locks for drunk drivers. the hope is a stronger law willo follow inng in the house and congress in the next few days.s. if we could get a stronger lawnr we recognize it would stop these drunk drivers from being on the road, it would protect our citizens, but two, more importantly, protect other officers so there's not anothert event like what happened to noaa happen in the state of maryland. the general assembly is expected to wrap up its business onines monday so lawmakers only have a couple of more days to get the bill passed.ssed now to the raise for the white hours, democratic voters in wyoming caucused today. fox news projects bernie sanders will win over hillary client object. colorado is holding a state gop
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convention to host ted cruz isuz expected to do well there. we get the latest from fox's bryan llenas. senator ted cruz is campaigning n giving the keynote address.drs we're here today for something t lot more than politics.poli we're here today because our crisis country is in crisis.isis cruz is expected to come awayme with the majority of the votes. donald trump is hitting the turf in his hometown of new yorkrk along with john kay okay. the primary on april 19 is the next big contest in a raise that's becoming increasinglyreas tight. we don't have to worry about the rich, the connected and thee powerful, but for all of us who spend trying to play by the rules and get somewhere we just want to believe the system istem fair. on the democratic side, hillaryr clinton and bernie sanders are also campaigning in new york. sanders is crisscrossing the nes york area, including a stop atop the historic apollo
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hear l if you just look at this, thee issues objectively what you'll find is that we are the strongest democratic campaign to defeat some rightwing republicans.repu sanders is trying to harness the recent. it might not put much a dent in the democratic raise where hit retains a strong lead. i can either looking forward to debating either trump or cruz. r new york will be the focus for the final five candidates remaining, especially oning, thursday night where thee democratic candidates will havel their debate in brooklyn. in new york, bryan llenas, fox news. > and back here at home, the bad weather in our area has affected everything including the nats. today the game against the mar lance had to postponed and willl be made up on may 146789 but it didn't stop one nats player from giving back. brody is here with the latheste onwi
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every time i go out to nats park i see this baseball field being made and then today finally they had the dedication and unvailedd it. the kids actually got to play a game. eleven years agoç from their mr from montreal the first everrs draft pick for the washington national was ryan skim. since being fourth overall he has beenen dr. parisianed in the washington lineup and in thee community. today he cemented that with thee opening of the ryan zimmerman field at randall recreational center in southwest d.c. the new feed is just a long homerun away from nats park and will be the new home for the 550 youngsters that play capitalpita hill little league. dusty baker was on hand with a jerry gonzales. mayor muriel bowser part for the ribbon cutting for youthth baseball in d.c.n i do remember when i was playinn little league baseball and wasas in t
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here. i didn't have a field this nice to play on. i think that was the purpose ofe this field is to give thesese kids, any kid in this area, aea, place to come out and have fun. > it is a fantastic weathereath event and a beautiful field. it's great to have ryan here. we could hear all of the accomplishments that he has mada as a professional baseballebal player you can tell how much the children really admire him. > it's a great spot. it's right by the freeway. it's a beautiful new turf field. he stayed late, took picturestue with all the kids. if you're a kid -- it's easy to go play basketball because there's courts all over thets place. there's the not that am ballat a fields in d.c., especially aecia brand new one. they also have soccer fields and other fields the kids can use. can anybody use it. >> i saw kids actually opening day out there playing on it. as long
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little league game you can gon out and play. > thank you. > the former navy seal creditei with taking down osam bin laden is now in trouble with the law. we're going to tell you what w he's accused of. also we're hearing from the man who was rescued and then arrested trying to pull off, well, an unusual wedding proposal. and are you thinking about taking in a movie tonight? kevin mccarthy is here with a look at what's new at the box office. stay with us. back in a moment. .
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rstands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families that have supported them, we offer o best service in return. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. > mexican authorities say theyo have arrested ria suspect on the fbi's most wanted list. delicate oh was taken into custody late last night. she's charged in the death of kendra hatcher in the death back in they believe
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to carry out the crime. delegator was jealous because hatcher was dating her ex-boyfriend. the suspected gunman has already been ared. the former navy seal credited with taking down osama bin laden. police arrested roberto neil for dwi early yesterday o'neill has been release afterr posting bond. he rhys lease a statementatem denying that he was intoxicated and says he took a sleeping pill. this iso neal's first time beinb ared. the us government has never officially confirmed who hired the shot that killed osam bin laden. one week after the statestat department said it would suspend it's resue of hillary clinton'so e-mail server we're seeing a major document dump. this time leading up to the attack attacks in will b
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these are documents that werere credit qed by the bin benghazi committee almost a year and a half ago. the chairman said it is deplorable that it took over a year for these to be produced. the state department disagrees writing in a statement, quote, we believe we've made a good faith effort to get the committee the information andma documents they've requested. the statement goes onto say thay the e-mails provided to thehe committee yesterday, quote, do not change the essential facts, or our understanding of thee events, during or after the attacks. the 2012 terror attacks in which the us em pastor to will i ber o yeah and three other americans were killed. we still don't know what exactly was in the 1100 pages releaseles yesterday. all we know is that theyat included e-mails from several of then secretary of state hillary clinton's top aides. as well as us ambassador susan rice.
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committee with 48 witnesses and nearly 100,000 pages of documents. tray gouty says he's stillll missing some records and stillns waiting to interview some witnesses. as for when the committee's report will finally be release. gouty which say is as soon as possible. in washington, christine fisher, fox news. security is being stepped up in japan ahead of the g2g7 summitit leaders from britain, fence, br italy and the us will join japan for talks on the second day the dim mats are expected to visit the park to lay flowers andrs a honor the victims from the atomic bombing more than 70 years ago. japan hopes the meeting here seem a city will provide efforts to stop the use of nuclear weapons. tomorrow president obama will dl something he hasn't doneç in mç than seven years. he'll appear on fox news
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he saturday down with christh c wallace for the first time since he was elected. our shawn yancy spoke with chrih to get a preview of what was discussed. we talk about hillary clinton's private e-mail server. back in october said he did t not believe she jeep dazed she national security. but since then we found there were 2,000 pieces of classified information on her e-mail, 22 top secret e-mails that containn top secret information. so we asked him does he still give her a clean bill of healthf and what about the fbi the investigation into all of this and he assured h the american public will he direct the justice department that thishat will be a legal decision, not a political decision. i can tell you, shawn, that you guys will be covering his answer on monday. there's a tease four. president obama's exclusive interview airs on this weekend's edition of fox news sunday withy chris wallace at
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tomorrow. when we come back, a story thaty is sure to warm your heart. it's about a local school rallying around a student in me when will the weather warm up? i'm looking at you gwen, she's back here with the forecast inat just a moment. stay with us. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can.
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now to an inspiration at storyir about a beloved student at whatw the instance middle high school. he
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wheelchair to get around, but needed a new one. so his classmates and community rallied and raised more than $40,000 to get him a new customized power chair. fox5's photo journalist stievest williams was there when hehen showed off his new wheels. so you used to have to get p pushed down to an event likei this. now you can drive yourself.ri >> yes, > how does that make you feel. >> pretty good. > sometimes you take life forfr you're having a bad day and you come in and you realize what heh has gone through and what he's going through and for him to get this machine that gives him his independent, it's everything:hih other chair was just like sitting on wood almost. every day he tells me how appreciative he is, how much better he feels. it's
6:22 pm
i think the people -- he washe born with what's called after tid cerebral palsy and that effects his arms, his legs, his torso. it gives him a completely newnew level of independent that he never even knew existed. he can move it with his own head. he has control of it. it's like being behind the wheel for the first time
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it couldn't have happened without the student body. the kids obviously with social w media and everything, it's been such a huge help spreading thete word. there's a whole new sense of confidence about him. he's in control of where he'se's going. the at lunchtime the kids wouldi hang out and talk and showing each other and have a good time listening to music and right noo he's right there in the missic. he's greatful to everybody that has helped out and everybodyvery that's contributed.trib > i love when people come together to help out. >> isn't that great? everybody coming together.oge >> it's really great. > are you going to help me ine need because i'm tired of the spring weather?ther >> spring. where are you? i've beenn looking every where.ery i do know that it's going to make an appearance before too long. we don't have too much longer to go. > what are you saying a coupleg of a days. >> maybe a couple of days. we have to
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and tomorrow, folks. a life look outside look at how the camera is moving that's because the winds are gusting out there. it is chilly. those really cool westerly winds and they are gusty for sure.ure. really kicking up a lot especially over the higher elevations where they've really seen some snow shower axis. i mentioned over the higher elevations, that's actually where they started seeing somese of the snow showers last nightlt from that clipper that moved through, but today there's a couple of things.le o we have a surface low and then we have the clipper.ave we're getting a lot of the wrap around coming throughbujut for today right now. this is moving north to south st some of our neighbors are seeing of this. if you have anything that you're seeing that you can send me a photograph of, please do.o. i'm on twitter at gwen fox5 d.c. take a look.take you can see moving through right along the i70 corridor here. but once this is out of the waye we're going to get clearing behind it. but unfortunately our neighbors
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have to deal with that before it is all said and done. we have some rain to the eastast and this is once again movingov all the way to the southeast. the winds are going to eventually start to die downwn tonight, too.o. overall we're going to start to get some rel. 38-mile per hour - at d.c., 32 at gaithersburg. 35 at within winchester, it is windy out there. wind advisory in neck until h 10:00 tonight. gusting up to 50 in some areas, especially to the west.he as i said, we will see this all improve into tonight. temperatures today, talk about a well blow seasonal. look at these highs today.toda we're supposed to be 65-degrees- we are a far cry from that witht temperatures into the 40s and into the 50s, aren't we.e. we will once again start to warm up the beginning of the week. 43-degrees in d.c., 40 at baltimore, 40 at dulles, 37 at frederick, 39 at martinsburg, 4m at fredericksburg to the southhe and we do have a freeze warning in effect
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make sure you protect any off your sensitive vegetation. temperatures really taking a dip winter weather advisory only ou to the far northwest here wheree they've seen anywhere from threr to six inches of snowfallsnow looking at another one to at treatment of here's a look for the overnight hours. it is going to be chilly. cold weather.ther we're only talking 20s and it's almost the middle of april. you know what, old man winter, hashtag unwanted house guest. we're over this.s. hashtag over woolies. i don't want to hear you sayou that for at least another six sx months. > i'll have some good news inew my seven day. > you promise. >> i promise.>> i > let's move on, then. the price of a stamp it is about to drop.p. what did you say drop? tomorror a stamp will cost 47 cents. that's actually two cents lessct than it currently costs. this is the first time in 97 years, the united states poststt office has cut stamps. it is meant to make
6:27 pm
revenue in 2008 and in 2009. still to come tonight, a marriage proposal that ended inn arrest. tonight we're hearing from theea man who attempted -- who made an attempt at romance, but it turned illegal. .
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> when come back at 6:30. congress wants to know more about metro 29-hour shut town.-h you'll remember it a few weeks ago. metro's general manager is being called to testify about a house subcommittee next week. a public safety and violence issues could also be raised fori the troubled transit system. fox5's jennifer davis has the latest. >>reporter: guardian an also have been patrolling metro for a while now following a seriesseri incidents in and around the system and thursday they decontained someone. the main thing that we're trying to do is just be assistance to the police and just detain, make sure no one gets hurt. i'm wasn't sure whether he had d gun or a knife. guardian angle commander aaron thompson said it started when he noticed the young man trying toi serve a train. >> i observed an individual that was in a very dangerous
6:31 pm
holding onto a train that was about to begin to move and could have brought a lot of dangers te himself as well as to ours. when he asked the man to stop, the teen rider threatened him. >> the guy said to me, you knoww what, you get on this train i'm going to stab you. at that point i said, okay, youo know, it's time to get involved. > the guardian angels decontained the young man until metro transit police arrived and took him away. they were busy again friday just after 1 when a large fight started up the rhode island station and moved up the streets where a juvenile was safety is certainly a who the a topic right now. the young people get on that probably need some supervision,, need some rules, some points on how to behalf out in public. they're representing their family and if their families knew that they were behaving in that manner away from homei'
6:32 pm
sure am families would not let them out.. it would help if there are more police officers on it. it. hasn't been awful. metro's gm speaking to reporters on wednesday say there is muche for the system to work on, but also said it still has strength, too. 4úp>> we have 1.2 million passengers a disclosure that's d pretty strong if you're movingif that am people.ople i think maybe we've lost a little about it of sense ofens pride through some issue we're facing, but we can regain that. no word about any arrest in either case. police say the victim in the rhode island incident is expected to be okay. in fairfax county police arelice still investigating reports of a suspicion man outside thomasuts jefferson elementary school. the principal sent a letter toee parents on friday alerting themr that a man was seen taking pictures near the school playground. school security approached the man and the man ran away.wa the principal is asking parents to remind their
6:33 pm
always walk in groups and be aware of their surroundings. protestors are once again calling on president obama to reclassify marijuana and remove it from the list of dangerous controlled substances. it's important we keep the pressure up on president obamat because our protests are havinge an impact. protestors handed out hundreds of edible pot treats to veterans. this happened outside the veterans affairs medical center in northwest. organizers say providing can bass to others should be embraced. this week it was announced whether it was considering to reclassify marijuana was a dangerous substance.s su now to a story that has a lot ot people talking this week.k. a california man gets stuck on a cliff trying to pull off a dramatic marriage proposal making things worse what he did, well, it was illegal and it landed him in jail. now the man is talking about thh
6:34 pm
fox's keith carls has the story. report report a lot of puppiesui are cute.ute. holding his german shepherd puppy mosts michael banks said he decided to climb morrow rock so he could record a cellphone e marriage proposal to hisis girlfriend. you see this rock, this rock is the rocky would love to put on your finger. if i could buy a diamond this size i would because that's whah you're worth to me. ultimately i'll never let that go. so will you mary me if i feel that way at least. >> did she say yes. >> she said yes. the way she said yes was the emotional part. she said of course i'll mary yor you are a crazy and sob and she goes off telling me i can't yout either going to die or get arrested. banks says he did not know it was illegal to climb morrow rock and was stunned at the emergencg rescue response he found himseln in
6:35 pm
i was shouted out to the firemen. i said is there a problem because you guys are rolling in by the numbers right now. i don't understand what's going on. the helicopter eventually lifted banks down to the ground whereth he was checked off and issued a misdemeanor citation fortress passing. hours after the rescue banks says he was arrested by morrow bay police for being under thee methamphetamine which he says is medication he takes after being an army veteran.eter he's now having to pay a finefie fortress passing and thousands for the helicopter rescue off re the wrong. if i made it all the way to thet top of that rock without ropes and that far down, what makes anybody think i would the not have made it the last 100 feet. banks says he has no regrets. i would do it again similarly for the fact that she deservedsh so
6:36 pm
done that in a proposal, no man ever will again. all right. when we come back our movie man, kevin mccarthy looks at what's new at the box office thisffic weekend. stay with us.
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> and r-rated comedy, an action movie shot almost entirely on gn pro and a new drama dealing with grieve. fox5's kevin mccarthy has histh review of what's new at the box office this weekend.kend >> it's kevin mccarthy.t's i'm here with this week's brand new movie releases.el the new film the boss is written by been falcon.alco he's married to melissa mccartha in real bride and he's also the air marshal from bridesmaids. he plays a self made millionaire
6:39 pm
america. she gets out of jail and wantsan to proof herself again.erse the film deals with great comedd in regards to melissa mack art think's character.ract she is hilarious. this is an amazing scene whenscn she sits on a bed and getsgets thrown back.back that scene was very well overall the film has a problem finding a consistent comedic tone. there are a lot of jokes thatoke fall flat. i found that a problem. there are critics one minute. he is a great director from arom visual standpoint. i think the film is better thann tamm any, better than the heat,, but nowhere near as good as spyg or the film bridesmaids. br the overall if i am many is is nowhere as good as melissa mccarthyç
6:40 pm
i gave the movie a two and a a half out of five. not worth seeing in theaters. wait forth rental. the next stop is hardcore henry. it was shot entirely with g pro cameras. it feels like a life action version of the game grand theftf auto. it's very well done from a visual standpoint. the director, it's his first feature film and a bunch of different actors play henry from the camera. you're dealing with a character who died trying to safe his wife. it also stars sars copely. st the problem is the movie doesmoi gets a little redundant. just know going in it does get a little repetitive. the next starring jay jill halll he loses his wife in a car crash. he's actually in the car with ca her. but the problem is he doesn't miss her when she's gone andand he's
6:41 pm
this, why does he feel so number. he's trying to pull himself together. great stars. directed by the guy who directorate film down buyers club and wild. jake jones also one of the bestt actor working today. i loved him in prisoners. i loved him in enemy and also in a film called zodiac. i gave it a three and a half out of five. it's worth seeing for jake's performances as well.ell. chris cooper is phenomenal as well. i many kevin mccarthy, fox news. > kevin, thank you. now how some people are making big bucks from playing videovide games. that's all coming up after the break.
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electronic sports are growing io popular. in fact, athletes who play so-called e sports are beginnin to earn the same type of salaries as the reel life lif players they e-mail serverers ultimate on the scene. fox's will car has that story. >>reporter: there are bats, balls or bass et cetera, but make no mistake about it, heit, games have major parallels to traditional, profession l alssio sports. we filled out an olympic soccer stadium in korea a couple of o years ago.
6:45 pm
the same. sa they compete in front of life audience and extreme to millions online. the best can make seven figuress a year. we've seen the cost of players double, triple ever every everye six months because of the amount of revenue that's being unlockeb into the industry. t to get the most out of his investment, stieve air son requires that his players live and practice together, not only online, but also outdoors where former nfl players hell them with physical training.hy if yousi have a healthy body and mind it makes you play better and have a better attitude. i lamb is one of the most talented e sports athletes ins the world.the a lot of people get 20,000, 30,000, 40,000 people watching them the every night. it's paying off. e sports revenues could hit pasa a build this year. this is the type of content where people watch it online.nli
6:46 pm
advertisers love that. some international players are receiving athlete advise as too come to the united states and an now even colleges are getting co into the mix, uc irvine recently annoyanced its intent to a scholarship for an e team and billed an e sports arena. in los angeles, will car, foxox news. > did you hear that seven figure salary. wow, for doing that. th better get going on that one, oe matt. by the way, lauren as you know o is not here. she's still on maternity here m and she sent us this picture of little baby bryce. she's on the couch and i told her, lauren nascar is on tonight. you don't have to be up really late because we're not going too be on until really late. we miss you, lauren of the. we hope you're doing well. i guess lauren is probably staying out of the cold today. you were teasing to someom possible warmer weather around the corner. >> we do in the seven dayn forecast i'm
6:47 pm
before we get there we could be talking some record low temperatures. it is going to be cold out there and the winds are going to be brisk. they're already pretty brisk and very, very ambiguous time you can see the camera moving thereh and the beautiful shot of ourou national cathedral. our winds have been pretty p strong pete my much most of thet day and we'll been dealing withe some of our neighbors seeing see some of those snow showers thath we talked across yesterday and y take a look. we've had a clipper system that moved through, a surface low pressure system. it's kind of really brought us that a little bit of winter that nobody wanted to hear b. over the higher elevations they've dealt with some ofç it. they still actually have atu winter weather advisory inal effect. as we take a look here, we can see this is all moving its way from north to involvement here o we've got a little bit of mix. t there have been reports of somes sleet mixed in with some of of this, also.lso it's going to be very short s lived. right now it's just a pain so we have to just deal with it,
6:48 pm
it is going to of month its wayy out and behind it we're going tt get some clearing skies not n before it leaves its mark. this time in april knowing thatt we've had to deal with winter. there's rain over here towardsrn areas of the southeast butt b here's where we're seeing the th mix. we have some light snow here ane towards the mason dixon line there's a lot more snow sn happening. we're going to get rid of it, trust me. it's just here temporarily. the winds pretty gusty. right now sustained winds anywhere from 16 to even 30 miles an hour. ho that's sustained, we do have a a wind advisory in effect, but they are currently gusting up to 38, 41 miles per hour here andnd they're moving in from the west, northwest. these are pretty chilly winds. n you're probably feeling it out there a little bit. very much on the brisk side as a result of that. of and here's a look at that wind advisory. this is in effect until 10:00 tonight. those winds will start to to subside tonight so we will havea a lot of improvement in the win department for tomorrow. we don't have to deal with
6:49 pm
our highs today well blow seasonal average some 15-degreee or more.ra we should really be about 65-degrees. look at these temperatures foror today, into the 40s and the 50se didn't get a break there at alll and your current temperatures tm we've got 37 at gaithersburg, 40 at baltimore, 43 at d.c., 4 h at quantico and only 37 degrees at winchester. overnight tonight temperaturesni are going to zip into the 20s. to the north and the northwest the low 20s. it is going to be a pretty coldo night. we could see some record so temperatures before it's alle it said and done especially in thee early morning hours. ho freeze warning in effect until 10:00 a.m. sunday. any plants that you have that t are sensitive make sure that yoh take care of them. there is eat winter weather eat advisory well out to the northwest. it is going to be a cold night i tonight. ridge of high pressure builds i to your knowledge sunny.prowle we'll see some clouds moving ing a little bit later in the day od sunday because we have another v system that's going to bring us a about it of wet weather in tha beginning of the week. wee it's going to be chilly at
6:50 pm
morning. 29 for your overnight lowt lo tonight. once we get rid of the snow th showers and the rain we will have some clearing skies.kies for tomorrow, only 51-degrees. the spring eather is coming that i'm promising because we'rw going to be 66-degrees by the time when get to monday. you'll forget all about the 40s, 50 at that point. temperatures in the 40s and 50s for your overnight lowe's. i understand there's some congratulations for you, a special award that you receivedh from the white house. w >> very exciting. > tell us a little bit about that. >> i actually received the re presidential lifetime achievement award for community service. this has to do with my ten yeare for volunteering with our houseu which is an organization that takes in disadvantaged male d youth and i worked with them wit helping with a the look of their various activities and put in programs for them. but i also worked ve
6:51 pm
raising money to build a new to dorm that they wanted.. that new dorm is three-quarterss of the way completed.d. i received a certificate, this beautiful lapel opinion which ih absolutely gorgeous and a really nice letter. so i'm very proud and very ve humbled. i'm a big community serviceervi person. we don't see you sometimes during the week and i know yourn other job, full-time job is volunteering -- >> always doing something for fo somebody. > i know you wear your emotionm because you've had some sad som points as you volunteer with people you've helped. so you really take it to are the that. very sad for me. me. one of the young men was hit byi a truck and lost his life. he was only in his early twenties once he graduated from the program. i take that to heart because i mentor them as well. as i did a lot of good work with them and i'm happy they're in thhee state they are now with th dorm. > thank you so. the
6:52 pm
take on the blues. that means the sad fan we introduced you to last year, well she'll finally get to see her favorite player again. aga brody logan has that story. stay with us. us. sunday marks 100 years since the world's large et sports organization was formed. the professional golfpr association was founded on april 10, 1916. today nearly 30,000 men and women are members of the pga of america. the group ames to promote the th game and business of boss. monday time to get in touch with your softer side and show you sh care about the animals in your i life much it's national pet day. it's a time to celebrate the joy that pets bring to our lives founded by the animal miracleirc foundation, the motto of the holiday is don't shop, adopt. call for action helping animals. wednesday is national scrabble da
6:53 pm
this celebrates the birthday of the popular game's inventor. own one-third of the homes own w the popular word day. da thursday is the big day for the 2016 candidates. all eyes will be on new york aso bernie sanders and hillary clinton face off in a debate. d both candidates have strong ties to the empire state it's where h sanders was born and where clinton spent eight years in the senate before becoming secretary of state. that's a look ahead. i'm terrible at golf. he is. people say i'm getting better. no one's ever said that. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. he's just happier when he's playing. but he's terrible. for the strength and energy to keep doing what you love, try new ensure enlive.
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ted ensure enlive has hmb, plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. and its clinically proven formula helps you stay you. oh. nice shot. new ensure enlive. always be you.
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we've got some clarity on first round. >> we know the first round finally after some results todao and it seems like it's been a foregone conclusion that theyus would be there, even the player have talked about it. it it's been all about getting ready for the play office at this point. the playoffs are almost here for the capitols. it seems like monthsing a we started planning for the th eventual playoff run and today d we know who the caps will play in the first round. the bruins
6:56 pm
lost. the flyers will be the capitols first round opponents. the caps play the bruise tonight in what will be an emotionalmot home coming for tj other than she. he left this off season after seven seasons with the team giving one little girl the blues. tj oh she left the team. he's going to be on a new team e and he'll still come back and visit. but then we won't want them to win. > well, today five-year old libby you lieu got to meet her e favorite player before the game and yes, libby is wearing a wea capitols jersey. she drew a picture for tj and made a sign that she will be waiving at the game. it's save to say now she will want oh she to win even if he's no longer on her favorite team. >> it's cool.ool
6:57 pm
i think i got four big huss. huss. it's great that they're able tob support me through the move. it just show how good the hockey community here is in st. louis. wizards fans are shaking their h heads in frustration after theyt were eliminated from the play pl office. it guarantees the wizards will miss the playoffs from the 2012-2013 season. it's been a disappointing yeari with injuries.. the team knows. they did come with big expectations and then early onn they lost some key games. actually up next, the duck commander, kyle edwards on the pole for that raise.aise we'll be on of afterwards. > a quick check
6:58 pm
are we going to have a few coldw weather tonight, a few snow showers and then clearing. > see you after nascar.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
they say everything is bigger in texas, and today these cowboys came to square dance. but something tells me it's going to be more like a rodeo, but this rodeo ain't got no cows. give me another take. texas, the no-nonsense grab the bull by the horns -- hold on. bull the by the horns. really, you're better than that. let's start the music over. texas, where feelings get hurt because nobody knows how to play nice. this place ain't no rodeo. it's a battlefield. things get so hot around here they race at night so the place


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