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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  April 10, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> ahead this morning a live look outside. a cold start to sunday as we continue to brave these chilly and windy conditions. hard to believe some parts of the dmv actually saw snow flurries this weekend. i think i was one of them. >> we'll hit the campaign trail this morning. ted cruz taking to the road. he has a victory in coleen harry as bernie sanders cleans up in wyoming and all eyes now set on new york. >> plus the 7-year-old girl in d.c. is in critical condition after she was shot in the ches chest. police continue to search for her shooter we have the latest on the investigation and the calls to stop the violence. >> good morning, everyone, welcome to "fox5 news morning" sunday i'm melanie alnwick in for annie yu who fortunately has a nice break this week a
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little vacation. >> she does i'm tom fitzgerald and caityln roth joins us as calls and it's been really cold and really windy and we really want to know it's going to arrive. >> it looks like tomorrow will be better. actually today it's very cold. less wind, beautiful, sunny morning to start you off. it's crisp if you head outdoor outdoors. you need the winter jacket. i need my gloves driving in. it's cold out there. you want the heat in the car to get started early on eye sunday morning. let's get to the maps and show you the forecast as it pans out today. we had incredible amount of wind f we go to max 2 that would be great, guys. and the wind luckily diminished overnight and with the diminis diminishing wind we have seen very, very cold temperatures. let's take a look at temperatures outside now. 31 washington. below freezing we had a hard freeze warning out for areas southwest. freeze warning for us. you can see y 25 gaithersburg and 25
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and 25 dulles and 23 winchester. really cold temperatures. it could be a january or february morning out there honestly. wind speeds out of the northwest. generally calm to 10 miles an hour. that was gusty winds we saw yesterday. gusted over 40 miles an hour at times. and that kept the wind chill values low, too. as you step outside this morning, feels like 23 washington and 25 gaithersburg and 19 frederick. setup for today high pressure overhead and lots of sunshine. few late clouds today ahead of the next system. it's chilly. and those high temperatures though at least into the 50s. so 52 in wash tone and 55 coand 56 fredericksburg and this is below normal but not as chilly as yesterday. tonight will not be as cold. we'll fall back to 41 washington and temperatures return to normal as we head into the workweek. i'll have the full 7 day forecast coming up in a bit. first let's get back t
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and tom. >> now, to the road to the white house. ted cruz getting a jolt to his campaign sweeping coleen harry and increasing the odds of a contested cop tension this summer. >> and bernie sanders as well keeps winning than time he takes the state of wyoming. that is doing little to help him gain ground on hillary clinton and now it's all eyes on new york senator bernie sanders picksp a small majority of delegates at the wyoming caucus taking home 7 to hillary's 6th. this is second cop sicktive victory in the race for the nomination. now they turn their full focus to the primary on the 19th. >> people are concluding than is secretary clinton's problem is that it is just too late for ta
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economics. >> hillary clinton still leads delegate count with 2 47 delegates and 44 super delegates up for grab in new york the pressure is heating up. >> lots of people talk about running for office and they tell you what they're against and what they're going to stop. but i'm interested in telling you what we're going to build together. >> on the republican side of the aisle donald trump is only candidate that did not hold public events yesterday and made a surprise visit to the september 11 museum donating $100,000 and john kasich the governor of ohio chris crossed state of new york where 95 delegates are. >> we had ten contested republican conventions and only three times did the front runner get picked. >> ted cruz was the one candidate not in new york yesterday, setting his sights on colorado primary. >> if we continue to stand uni united we'll win this republican nomination. >> now, even with a
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the coleen harry delegates ted cruz has a long way to go as trump maintains a very wide lead this morning in the delegate count. >> always fun to watch, though. >> and also happening today, president obama whim do something he has not done in more than seven years. he'll appear on "fox" news sunday. i know chris wallace is excited about this. the president sat down with the host for the first time since elected. shawn yancy spoke to chris about it. >> we talk about hillary clinton's private email server back in october the president said he did not believe she jeopardized national security. since then we found out there were 2,000 pieces of classified information on her email. 22 top secret emails that contain top secret information. we asked if he still gives her a clean bill of health and what about the fbi investigation into this.
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can he assure they will have the justice department make a legal decision i can till shawn, you guys will be covering his answer on monday. >> president obama exclusive interview with chris wallace airs today at 9 a.m.. >> and we want to remind you "fox5" is teamed up with the for indepth look at the white house starting 8:30 i'll john bob cue sack and veronica cleary for the latest. we're streaming on and "fox 5 news" on the hill airs before fox news sunday>> and developing overnight a head on crash in northern calipari kills five people. three women and two young children. and the crash happened on state route 12 rio investigatea 40 miles southwest of
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honda civic crashed a vehicle. all the occupants of the civic died and peopled in the silverado suffered minor injuries. it was raining in the area saturday but we don't know if slick roads caused the crash. >> a 7-year-old girl remains in critical condition this morning after she was shot outside her home in southeast on friday night. police are still on the hunt for the suspect and they say they need your help in finding the gunman. "fox5" alexander limone said they spoke to residents who had enough of the violence. >> reporter: neighbors told us the 7-year-old girl, her parents and brother were walking home about to enter the building they live when gunfire erupted striking the little girl. >> we'd do what any parent would do she was in panic mode. she was screaming and hollering they shot my chilth
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baby. >> neighbors give horrific account of what happened friday night 9:30 p.m. on 2900 block of knox place in southeast. one man that doesn't want to be identified said he went outside when he heard the familiar any trouble and saw the 7-year-old ghoyrl had been shot in the stomach. now, she's left fighting for her life. >> you know, telling her hang on, hold on, keep your eyes on, look at me, stay calm. >> and while the aftermath of the shooting is incredibly tragic, frustrated people who live in the southeast d.c. neighborhood say this type of gun violence and crime is not uncommon and some hear gunfire on nearly nightly basis right outside their homes. >> what more can be done, what more cannot be done to help these people in this community live the way they're
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to. every day they're subjected to violence. they come out with their 7-year-old and everybody in this particular area and all our leadership should be out here right now this morning. >> at this time police say they have no information about a suspect or possible motive. and they're asking for the public's help. anyone with information should contact the d.c. police department. reporting in southeast d.c. alexander limone, "fox5 local news". >> belgium authorities got their man after three weeks of searching the man in the hat has been captured identified as mohamad abrini and he confessed to being the man in the hants seen in the video before last month's deadly explosion. he is last suspect at large from the paris attacks last november. belgium prosecutors say they were planning a second attack on france but rushed the march 22 attack
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and they arrested another over the weekend and investigators say he was present at the attack on the brussels subway station. we're learning new details about friday's deadly shooting at a texas military base. a former fbi agent who was enlisted in the air force is identified as the man that shot and killed his commander before taking his own life. a federal office said tech sergeant steven balino killed william employeder. it is the home of u.s. air force basic training and it says the base is in mourning. >> taking on trump? this is crazy, right? boston globe printed a fake satirical front page for their sunday edition expressing their uneasiness of trump as president in 2016. >> and a fire in a hindu temple kills more than 100 people.
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"fox 5 news" sunday continues in a moment. >> and caityln has another look at today's weather. stay with us. we'll be right back
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>> it's snow for the bird literally. this was the scene in harrisburg, pennsylvania, under a winter weather advisory ther there. it will not stick. the average temperature this time of year there would be 60. i used to work in harrisburg my first tv market. >> di weather but i was not good at it. >> that's amazing. >> you did the weather. >> di. >> well weekend weather. >> we learn all kind ever things. >> do you ever miss it? >> no. >> you can do go right now? >> no. >> that's a good answer. >> i feel bett w
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going to tell us after seeing that. you're still not off the hook. everyone wants to know what it will end. >> it will be better this afternoon. we had flurries yesterday morning. not far up in pennsylvania, philadelphia area saw a few inches of snow and including harrisburg that video we saw. nothing does really stick when april 9 but it has been crazy weather. we started off the month of march really mild. had a lot of warm days and it's almost like we're making up for that here in early april with cold weather. and we have snowy weather as of yesterday. outside now we cleared out. we're seeing sunshine to start out surprised. there's snow showers still moving across portions of midwest into yes, ohio, another spot there so saw accumulating snow and a testament to how cold it is across the northeast and mid atlantic and into the midwest that snow is falling at this hour. breeze remains in effect. temperatures freezing or below from washington, just off to
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actually everyone is at least at that freezing mark. 32 annapolis and 37 baltimore and 25 gaithersburg and 25 dulles and 25 winchester and planting patience out there because we can't plant yet with cold mornings we had. but as we go through the next couple weeks getting close erin closer and i don't think we have any cold mornings in the next 7 days. calm winds out. there at least the winds decreased since yesterday and andry at times. winds gusts over 40 miles an hour and enough of a wind to make it feel colder than freezing temperatures. feels like 23 washington and 22 baltimore and just 19 in frederick. really, really chilly. here's fox tut tour cast as we go through today. a lot of sunshine out there and the nats game in no problem and postponed for the cold and wind and i know some people were skeptical of that myself included as i was supposed to go and grateful i didn't have to be out in the wind. today less wind. shrug nice out there nats park. you need a
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be brisk. early morning tomorrow cloud increased and waiting on showers moving through. probably morning rain sprinkles to start you off as you head into work and best chance to the north. not a lot of rain. and but you know it never takes much to cause delays on a monday morning. we clear out by monday afternoon and tuesday, looks like a pretty rainy one. april showers moving in by morning and this is slow-moving cold front which will bring rain heavy at times which is possible. most of the day on tuesday. i think that is the washout day. just morning showers for tomorrow. here's forecasts again for today. sunshine out there with just high cloud increasing later this afternoon. and 52 degrees. light winds out of south. 10 to 15 miles an hour. not nearly as gusty. 7 day forecast. 52 and sunny today and notice temperatures jump back up to the 6 0s. we're back to normal on monday. morning showers giving way to afternoon sunshine and rain is likely on tuesday. and we keep those low temperatures in the 40s all week long. s
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freezing cold mornings. temperature e turz not too mil mild. cool wednesday. 61 thursday. temperatures back to 60s as we head to next week. there's a chance we could be seeing more of the cloudy, drizzly weather. depend how the models shake out the rest of the week. for now, dry, wednesday through saturday and temperatures closer to normal. that's a look at the 7 day forecast. tom back to you. >> thank you, caityln. >> and 17 minutes after the hour now. new this morning. the boston globe is taking on donald truthp. editorial board of the globe is using satire on front page to suggest what life would be like under president donald trump. the newspaper printed front page for sunday's idea section. the page is dated april 9, 2017 features a headline reading de pourtations begin and another article showing a mrun ming stock market and yellowstone national park mocked
7:18 am
globe would be renamed for donald trump. >> this is a scene straight out of hollywood three men rescued after standed on a remote island three days. u.s. navy aircraft came to the rescue after spotting the world help spelled out in palm trees on a beach in the remote pacific. they were traveling and their boat was tipped over by a large wave. luckily all three men stwoom shore and they were all wearing life jackets. right now they're in the hospital. we don't know their current companies but we learned they were not injured. >> why didn't gilligan think of that. >> right out of gilligan's island i was thinking that but the professor never could fix the radio. >> must not have been a good proves sore. >> nat was smart thinking. >> that show is kind of old. >> i don't know if a lot of people remember to do that. there's low tech solutions to the problems you find yourself in. >> somebody may have tried to draw it out
7:19 am
>> penmanship was easy to read. >> a fire killed dozens at a indian temple pl. >> how that celebration lead to a deadly horror there. >> and u.s. doing something they have not done in 25 years in the fight against isis. we'll update that story after the break. stay with us. it's 7:19.
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sgrvr a massive fire at an indian hindu temple injured and killed some. it started when a fireworks display ignited a batch of fireworks stored at the temple. thousands of people were inside when the explosion grok broing explosion broke out. >> an american photographer is at home after being held for four years. kevin patrick daas was abducted 2012 when working overseas. u.s. state department says the syrian government released the 33-year-old to authorities from russia. the u.s. remains committed to safe return of other americans captured in the war-torn nation. meanwhile, u.s. is stepping up fire powner ongoing fight against isis. for the first time since gulf war began more than 25 years ago b 5 2 bombers are being deployed to middle east. >> long range bombers will be stationed in cutter as they begin to
7:23 am
and iran. >> these b 52s from barksdale air force base operating out of cut rear long-range heavy bombers that the air force says will help anti-isis coalition apply constant pressure on islamic state or isis. they pulled b 1 bombers out to bring them home for maintenance. after that bombing operations against isis fell to 8 month flow february. pentagon said b 5 2 bombers would be sent to middle east in april the first stationed there in 26 years. for operations against isis in iraq and syria. and the air force says b 52 can perform strategic attacks and close air support and ain't interest diction which impart will support iraqi forces as they f
7:24 am
controlled city of mosil in northern iraq. they arrived one day after secretary of state john kery was in iraq. >> we will not be complacent at any point in this campaign. and in the coming weeks and months the coalition will work with iraq to turn up the pressure even further. >> earlier this week a senior military officer said the u.s. may add extra out posts in northern iraq and u.s. military leaders do not think mosil will be retain this year. in washington, fox news. >> senator chuck shuber says anti-terrorism slogan see something, say something, should add something, get something. shum ser backing a bill adding 25,000 of award from information that comes from social media to help stop a terror attack. the current awards do not specifically cover tips that come from sites like twitter, facebook and snap chat. >> that seems like a good idea. >> it does. especially in this age where we find out so many operations are
7:25 am
through social media it makes a lot of sense to start adding this. >> plus young people don't pick up the phone anymore. >> that's true. that's true. well we have a test for you coming up. do you think this will be funny or not funny. i'll tell you right now it's not so funny. >> i'm nervous a prank at a fast food chain causes work others to break the restaurant windows what the prankster told them, that made them do that, when we come back
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>> it's just look it's funny out there you know. couple versus flying. >> it feels like a late fall morning where the trees are all changing over and not just blooming as we're here in april now. yes, very unusually cold temperatures. >> you said you were going to go to the national's game. >> what did you think about the postponement. >> i thought they could have played the game what did you think. >> i think so too. >> and i thought maybe a rain delay. rain showers never materialize materialized. it was windy but it's baseball right? >> they dent want to hit the braekdz. baseballs are still so hard when it's cold out. >> there's that but plenty of games were played with snow flakes coming in. >> i think they could have gotten it
7:29 am
>> no excuses today. plenty of sunshine. not nearly as windy but it's cold out there now. live picture here satellite and radar. we have high pressure overhead, clear skies, it's a very cold morning and cold enough for snow in parts of midwest. we have snow showers moving from lake michigan to chicago and down through the ohio valley and central sections getting snow showers and rain showers further south into the step ten valley and we'll see rain showers ourselves by early tomorrow morning. and but the big story surprised as you go out and walk the dog or go for morning run. cold temperatures. feels like a february morning. 21 baltimore and 25 frederick as well as out in dulles and coming close to some morning record low temperatures. reagan, it was 29. it didn't exactly get there. but we came awfully close, which is tough to do in april. and temperatures all across the midwest. very cold no matter where you go. 32 boston
7:30 am
in fact a lot of central sections of pennsylvania i saw earlier this morning starting out in the teens. you can see why. coating of snow on the ground from the mountains out there. nationals baseball today with miami marlins. have not had best luck with the weather. rain delay thursday home-opener postponement wednesday and should get the game in no problems today. crisp 47. 50 by 6th inning and 52 by final 4:30 p.m.. besides for someone your eyes and you might need suncreen if sitting in the sunshine. we should not have problems although you need a jacket still to be out there in in this type of weather. sunshine expected later today. 52 in washington and 55 mannasas and 54 dulles and 55 call pepper. we'll get to mid 50s to the west. tonight, low temperatures not nearly as cold as this morning. 41 washington and low whos no freeze sdpektsed
7:31 am
morning. let's check the 7 day forecast for you. sunny and cool today 5 2. morning showers and sunshine in the afternoon. 65. we're right back up to average with the temperatures back into the 60s. tuesday looks like washout. rain coming through and there's a front that crosses the area it won't be quick mover but hung up and showers all day long. sun and clouds cooler wednesday and we look dry, calm as we head to next weekend with temperatures right around normal. that's 7 day forecast. melanie, back to you. >> caityln. . >> and well at the maryland state house time is running out as lawmakers try to iron out a plan cracking down on drunk drivers we're talking about noah's law a bill proposed after death of noah liota killed by a suspected drunk driver. it would expand ignition locks for drunk drives. some are pushing for the senate version of the bill because they believe it is stronger. >> if we c
7:32 am
interlock law we realize it was stop the drunk drivers from being on the road which would protect the citizens and protect other officers there's not another event of what happened to noah happening again in the state of maryland. >> and law makers in working against the deadline for many bills. >> protesters are again calling on president obama to reclassify marnl marming and remove from list of dangerous controlled substances. >> it's important we keep the pressure on president obama because protests are having an impact. >> as you heard there protest rerz handi out hundreds of edible pot treats to veterans outside the veteran as fairs medical center in northwest. organizers say providing cannabis to veterans and other people suffering from chronic pain should be embraced. still ahead,
7:33 am
financial litcy month. and who doesn't need help saving just a few extra bucks and navigating finances. >> it always helps and on top of that starting a new life as married couple. how do you make it work when two become one. >> hand over the wallet. >> exactly. >> that is the key there. >> that tip coming straight ahead here on 7
7:35 am
7:36 am
>> welcome back, 36 minutes after the hour. you know, april is national financial litcy month and for a very good reason. we americans are carrying a lot of debt. >> it can get heavy too. >> and spring is wedding seaso season. how do newly weds navigate and manage finances better. joining us is gregory smith head of financial planning at the wise financial group. what a timely topic. >> great topic. thrilled to be here. >> a lot of times i'll tell newly engaged couples pay as much attention on marriage as you are on wedding day because a lot of stress and frustration goes into planning that one da day. but how do you start this conversation if you're a couple about to get married and about these you know not so romantic issues of financial planning. >> hopefully
7:37 am
have started. it's such a joyous, momentous occasion. but it is ripe with difficulty. it's a transition. it really s and you think about corporate mergers for example. so two companies merminging together and the companies won't tell you specifically but the people on the inside will. it's difficult as companies are merminging their people and their cultures and their systems and their processes. and the same is true for two individuals who are also merminging two household that had been operating separately into one. >> do you have any advice as far as the two ways to go are separate accounts or joint accounts. >> it's a great topic of conversation that there's no one size fits all solution. but, to get to the point of the altar hopefully people have been talking about this right? are you the marrying type. yes, i'm the marrying type, do you want kid? yes, i do and no,
7:38 am
do we pay bills, his, hers,our hers,ours? mine and ours? >> how do you do that noe though? how do you say give me the checkbook and let me see the bank statements. do you have to set a side a day and meet with a financial planner and go through this stuff. because you know how do you broach that conversation. >> i would recommend meeting with a certified financial planner that in my practice at the wise investor group in rest tin i will immediate these discussions because people have very different attitudes towards money. if you get to the altar chances are you're there because you feel like you're at your best and you're your best version of yourself with this person. it's okay to be vulnerable and bring up issues that you have around money. >> and money can be we know like biggest source of stress. not only in new family but sometimes even in families that have been together for quite sometime. >> it can be stres
7:39 am
joyous and stressful. money is the medium through which we are able to express our preferences. and when you put two people together who have different background and different upbringings and different attitudes and reactions towards money that you can see there could be difficulty along the way. >> so i guess you really should not be afraid to ask the hard questions. >> no, it's okay to ask the hard questions. and it should be one of topics that is up for conversation. if you're -- if you're looking to take the plunge in getting married. i mean, you want to have a vision. a shared vision of what it you fwhant your future and you want to be working towards that shared vision. so ultimately it's about what do we want as a couple? and how do we then make it happen? >> all right. well, so glad we have the wise investor group here to help us with that. >> it's an important conversation for not only people that are married for a short period of time but for a
7:40 am
couple married a long period of time. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> we all know this does not feel like spring. but would you be brave enough to hit the slopes on something a little less than maybe your best ski outfit. >> well it could be someone's best ski outfit. this is crazy. where these brave souls strapped on their skis. where is it that cold? >> that must be skiing version of polar plunge go out in as little as clothing as possible. we want a lot of kloming. we have not seen snow flurries today but cold temperatures for just about everyone. we'll show you temperatures and give you workweek preview. i promised you warmer temperatures when "fox5 news morning" returns after this
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>> how is this for a prank, funny or not? i prankster claiming to be a fire official called employees at burger king and told them to smash windows to avoid a gas leak. the police were called to investigate and employees told police they busted windows because they got a call that the restaurant was filling up with gas. this is not the first time burger king as around the country were targeted and i would say that's not funny. >> no, definitely not funny i agree with you on that. >> would you be brave enough to do this ice cold temperatures
7:44 am
and bare exposed skin to break a world record. more than 1,000 bikini clad skiers converged in russia home of the 2014 olympics all skiers going down at once to break the previous as if there was one, a guinness book of world record, for this kind of thing the record was snet serbia. temperatures today are expected to be in the 7 0s. it's not that cold out. >> i remember the sochi olympics some days there were 70s as bell, too. >> looking beautiful out there this morning. that's a live picture of northwest d.c.. caityln roth is with us now. that's good to see. calling that crisp this mornin morning. >> it is coming but more like skiing weather here. all the resorts got a few inches of snow
7:45 am
april skiing you can do it around here. satellite and radar shows you clear skies. back off to the west snow showers moving through the ohio valley and rain showers in the tennessee valley and across lake michigan snow. it's cold enough to snow in portions of mid west and actually it would be cold enough to snow here and even to stick here. luckily, though, we're not seeing anything but sunshine. freeze warning remains in effect until 10 a.m. today and all of us are at freezing or below. that runs until temperatures nudge above the 32 degree mark. 31 washington. 27 baltimore. really chilly there. 25 frederick and 27 winchester avenue 27 culpeper. winds came down substantially compared to yesterday evening. still out of northwest, calm 10 miles an hour an we should see a lot less wind as we go through today. that being said there's enough wind for wind chill values to be in the 20s this m
7:46 am
when you get a decent breeze feels like 19 in frederick and 27 winchester. still really, really cold and amazing and showing wind chill this point in the year. fox future cast. subshine. great for the nats out there. 1:30 game shouldn't see any weather related problems. by 5bg few high clouds increas increasing and overnight tonight showers move in. this is 3 a.m. and we are just talking about very light rain. it really is just sprinkles that move through during the morning hours and best chance of rain is off north. so, you know that could slow you down for morning drive. 8 a.m. we're seeing rain showers and it's at least just rain showers. we briefly clear out late in the day monday and we see sunshine. by tuesday cold front approaches 9 a.m. more rain for drive in and heavy out west. that will cause slow downs. that front gets hung up as it crossed the area which means we have rain in the forecast all day tuesday. and
7:47 am
washout type of day. april showers arriving something arriving on time and by late tuesday evening we'll start to see rain showers and the cloud clear out too. so to recap here's forecast again today. 52 degrees. that's still a good 10 below normal. sunshine and less wind out of south, 10 to 15 miles an hour. 7 day forecast sunny and cool today. 52. morning showers leaky showed you monday. temperatures jump back up to normal. 65 for a high temperature. rain likely tuesday and we dry out wednesday and temperatures in the low 60s rest of the week. tom and melanie back to you. >> thank you very much, indicate lip. nationals friends like to show love for the nats in different ways. >> some do it by cheering or buying tickets or wearing a bryce harper jersey. one goes to new lengths to support his team. brody has that story
7:48 am
♪ standing at the crossroads snoet. roads♪ . >> opening day at national par park. when they dream of a national world series. none more than this man. he became a nats ticket holdner 2012. that year he made a pact with friend. >> a nice long friday night after the game and one of my friends said you probably will never shave again i said i won't shave until the nats win the world series. >> easy enough they have been perennial contenders since 2 2012. >> four years later we're growing and going strong an a lot of people say, when will you shave it. and not until the nationals win the wworld serie
7:49 am
>> go danny. . >> yes. . >> yes. . >> we're still growing with strict rules. >> this is all original. the only thing i trim is mustache because if this was" long it would be absolutely torture us to eat. >> beards are part of nat's culture. there are bearded fans of all shapes and styles. and even the most prominent of national beard appreciate the facial hair came. >> i sit next to a foul ball and he looked up and goes --. >> giving up your face in the name of fandome has down sides. >> one girl i dated said if you let it go crazy we will not date ever. we are not dating anymore i miss enjoying ice cream an a good sandwich, hamburger, hot dog. i
7:50 am
beingself conscious or use 20 napkins my dad hates it des pies it's wish it's was gone. mom thinks it's few any and hates it. >> i wish he would shave it off. >> it has admirerers, b.j. or alabama as known to section 108 has become a fan favorite at the park. >> the beard definitely gets a lot of love. >> win, if ever, the nationals win a world series he will celebrate with a cold fear and fresh face smile. ♪ there's nothing like a man with a good looking beard♪ . >> all right. here's the thing. you know it's a great beard. love the beard. but the
7:51 am
the world series will not be played at least for another what six, seven months so at minimum b.j. has another seven months of beard growing it will be down to his knees he will look like zz top. >> win please. >> not a man. >> you are not a fan. >> not a fan. >> all right. >> i love the hats though. >> you have to root for them to win so he can shave. >> that's what i'm doing. >> if you are a small business owner or thinking about becoming a small business owner stick around. we have tips from guests. >> on the other side of the break we'll sit down with nicole who will tell us how to use social media to grow your small
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7:53 am
7:54 am
>> welcome back, 7:54 we're joined by nicole to talk about small businesses and how social media can grow that. >> hi thanks for being with us, nicole. >> it's impossible to number business without a social media presence. how challenging does it become when there's so many outlets to choose and figure out what is best. >> what i want you to do is focus on a couple you feel comfortable with. linked in is obviously one more professional and small businesses can do the most. i started with facebook. i transitioned from my personal to professional page as a result. and i love, love, love, there's app organization and lady by the name of angela pitter of live wire collaborative and she
7:55 am
helps give tips about social media and she helped me personally and i wanted to get it out to the public. >> what are sort of quick tips people should do. it's not about posting but what you were posting and how and when. >> engagement, absolutely. the first thing you need to do is knowing that video content in addition to just words and articles it's a strong way to get people hooked. for example, now i'm about to be promoteing a back shameless plug ceo of soul and one of the tips angela gave me is doing video and letting people know about you. i posted a small video and got 4,000 views within a 24 hour period. unheard of. that type of things will catch people's eye. >> this week we saw facebook roll out facebook live allowing people --. >> we've actually been doing this on a lot of "fox5" d.c. pages have the ability to do this as well. how you can make one of these videos
7:56 am
what you have to offer, but do this engagement you're talking about? >> so in addition to the video think about your clients. think about your followers. what kind of content are you nope for right? so you guys are current and you guys are relevant with news events and those types of things people know hey if i dom melanie's site she'll give me good content. the video that is the new and they're trying to compete with youtube and having facebook have its own genre of video content. using theirs. they're going to show you your content more relevant to follo followers and their news streams. great point. >> i know we also know that you said there's linked in and facebook and then there's so many others. should people try to do all of them or focus on the main ones first. >> i think if you do cross over genres like instagram and twitter and hoot sweet
7:57 am
place you can get them altogether and do one you know type of post or picture and then you can time them going out so you're not overwhelmed and be organizeded in beginning of week. >> nicole we're running out of time say happy birthday to your son. >> happy birthday yogi bear i love you you are my world. >> that does it for us at 7. >> you have a post for him too. >> i know he has a following. he will get liked today. >> good we appreciate that. come join us for another hour of "fox5 news morning" sunday continues at 8:00. this is a vanilla bean. i see vanilla specks. a little crushed vanilla bean.
7:58 am
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>> good morning and welcome. starting out vacation today melanie alnwick is. >> i'm tom too many long side caitlin roth. he's she's been hard at work trying to calm fears and --. >> serving. >> at some point in the near future spring will arrive. >> we're hopeful tom appsing all the negative feedback. i swear i'm with you. that's a beautiful view early this sunday morning april 10 and cold temperatures and wind chills. don't let that sunshine fool you. no snow flurries in the
8:01 am
plenty of them yesterday. maybe it hit your neighborhood too. most of the area saw a brief period of snow flurries. high pressure in place and we're seeing sunshine out there right now. temperatures very, very cold. freeze warning has been in place overnight and we jumped thanks tots sin shine above 32. 33 in wash to be and still widespread 20s north and west and chilly and 28 frederick and 30 dulles and close to morning lows and it doesn't look like any were broken. 34 annapolis and 31 baltimore. winds calmed down substantially compared to yesterday evening when we were gusting over 40 miles an hour. mainly light out of the northwest. 9 to 10 miles an hour in d.c.. that being said still wind chills out there this morning. i cannot really believe i'm showing you april 10 i thought i retired it a month ago it keeps coming back. 23 baltimore and 25 washington and 23 dulles feels like temperatures. and that's the set up today. high pressure overhe
8:02 am
sunshine. cool, high temperatures running 10 to 15 below normal and nationals trying to get the game in today. most pond yesterday and they were delayed opening day on thursday so i don't think the weather will cause problems. we have to get a full game in without any issues. and we should. 47 by first pitch. middle of the game we should hit 50. and 52 should be in lalter half half of the afternoon. all across the area low to mid 50s. cool with sunshine and temperatures fall back to low 40s. 41 in washington and back to normal tomorrow and april showers in the 7 day forecast i'll have that ated. melanie and tom. >> thanks so much. and now to the road to the white house. ted cruz getting a jolt jolt to his campaign sweeping coleen harry increasing odds of contested rep convention. >> bernie sanders he's
8:03 am
>> bernie sanders keeps winning as he takes wyoming last night. this does little to help him gain ground and now it's all eyes on new york. >> all right. news bulletin we just won wyoming. >> good news for the sanders campaigns. senator bernie sanders picksp a small majority of delegates at the wyoming caucus yesterday taking home to hillary clinto clinton's sixth. this marks consecutive victory for sanders in the presidential nomination. they turn their full focus to new york primary. >> people are concluded and this is secretary clinton's real problem, is that it is just too late for establishment politics and establishment economics. >> hillary clinton lead the delegate count but with 24 7 delegates and super delegate fwrabz in new york pressure is heating up. >> when people talk about running for office they tell what you
8:04 am
what they will stop. i'm interested in telling you what we'll build together. >> on republican side of the aisle donald trump is only candidate that did not hold any public events yesterday and but made a surprise visit to september 11 museum donating 100,000. and john kasich governor of ohio chris crossed state of new york where important 95 delegates are at stake. >> we had ten contested conventions and only three times did front runner get picked. >> ted cruz was one can white in no new york setting sites on colorado primary. >> it's about all of us together if we continue to stand united we're going to win this republy can nomination. >> even with the delegates they picked up ted cruz has a lead in the delegate count. we have to continue week to week to monitor this. >> kasich
8:05 am
around for hope. >> yes. happening today. >> president obama will do something he has not done in more than 7 years. he will appear on "fox" news sunday. president sat down with host chris wallace for the first time since elected and fox news invited him time after time after time. "fox5" shawn yancy spoke to chris about. it. >> we talk about hillary clinton's private email server back in october the president said that he did not believe she jeopardized national security and since then we found out there were 2,000 pieces of classified information on email and 22 top secret emails that contained top secret information and we asked them does he still give her a clean bill of health and what about the fbi investigation into all of this. can he assure the american public and will he adjust the justice department this will be a legal decision not a political decision. so i can tell you
8:06 am
you guys will be covering his answer monday. >> that's a tease right. there president owe bam exclusive interview airs today on fox news sunday at 9 a.m. . >> also want to remind you "fox5" is teamed up now with the for in depth look at the race for white house starting 8:30 i'll join the editor in chief john cue sack and veronica clearly for the latest on the election. remember yoyp us here live on "fox5"or streaming on and "fox 5 news" on the hill airs before fox news surprised. developing overnight a deadly head on crash in northern calipari kills five people, three women and two young children. the crash happened on state route 12 near rio vista 45 miles south of sacramento
8:07 am
honda civic collided with a silverado while trying to pass on a two lane pie hey. all of the occupants died. five women and two children. people inside the silverado suffered minor injuries. it was raining in the area sunday and right now we don't know if the slick roads were cause of the crash. also developing this morning a 7-year-old girl remains in critical condition this morning after she was shot outside her house in southeast friday night. police are still looking for the suspect and law enforcement officials say they need help. "fox5" alexander limone tell residence they had enough of the violence. >> a 7-year-old girl, parents and brother were walking home about to enter the building where they live when gunfire erupted striking the little girl. >> they did what any parent would do.
8:08 am
she was in panic mode. she was screaming and hollering they shot my child they shot my baby. >> neighbors give a horrific account of what happened friday night 9:30 p.m. on 2900 block of knox place southeast one man that doesn't want to be identified tells "fox5" he wept outside you when he heard the family in trouble and saw the 7-year-old girl who had been shot in the stomach. and now she's left fighting for her life. you know telling their daughter to hang on, hang on, keep eyes on, look at me. . >> while the aftermath of shooting is incredibly tragic, frustrated people who live in southeast d.c. neighborhood say this type of gun violence and crime is not uncommon. some even say they hear gunfire on nearly nightly basis right outside their home. what more can be done to help the people living here to help the 4
8:09 am
gun violence every day naturally comes down with 7-year-old -- this c'monty -- everybody in this particular area and all our leadership should be out here right now this morning. >> at this time police say they have no information about a suspect or possible motive and they're asking for the public's help. anyone with information should contact the d.c. police department. reporting in south east d.c. alexander limone, "fox 5 news". >> taking on boston globe becoming like "mad magazine." >> they present aid fake sat erical front payment. they're expressing uneasiness of what the future would look like being in 2017. "fox5 news morning" continues.
8:11 am
8:12 am
>> well developing this morning a massive fire at indian hindu temple killed more than 100 people and injured more than 2 200 others than fire broke out after fireworks ignited a batch of other fireworks stored at the temple. thousands of people were inside that building when the explosion broke out causing the fire to quickly spread trapping people inside an american photographer is home after being he
8:13 am
the syrian government. he was abducted while working overseas and the syrian government released him to authority from russia. state department says u.s. remains committed to safe return of other americans captured in the war-torn natio nation. >> belgium authorities got their man after nearly three weeks of frantic searching elusive man in the hat was captured. he's been identified as mohamad abrini he confessed to being the man in the hat. he was also the last suspect at large in the terror attacks in november. abrini and cohorts were planing a second attack on france and rushed and got scared and went ahead and trushd the march 22 attack on brussel when's authorities were closing in and police arrested osama crian and said he was present for the attack on the brutionlees subway
8:14 am
>> and they were not named in island getaways. >> details. >> that doesn't look real. >> it looks like something out of a movie. >> this remote island in pacific is scene of a dramatic res okay. we'll tell you all about it coming up.
8:15 am
8:16 am
>> 16 minute after the hour no now. caityln only is back with us this morning. >> good morning. >> you ha b
8:17 am
of at least assure us throughout the morning that spring is coming. but we keep seeing ohio and that makes me nervous. because i see ohio in the corner of my eye with snow. >> snow. >> i don't like that in april. >> yes, because it's still cold enough to snow. it's cold enough to snow here but it's chilly outside. it's been an unusual april and honestly i think most people are like what's happening we have nice spring like fwhaerj march and all of a sudden back to winter. so yes wintry weather here this weekend. we saw snow flurries yesterday. hopefully you enjoyed that and we have snow flurries showing up satellite and radar right now. for the most part we totally cleared out. sunshine. yes it's still cold enough to snow across portions of midwes midwest. those are snow showers coming off lake michigan into parts of michigan and into northern ohio and central sessions of ohio and rain showers back in the step ten valley. more showers tomorrow
8:18 am
variety and snow out of the forecast for g at least as we go through the next couple months right. temperatures outside now chill chilly. no record lows. 33 washington and we got down to 31 here at reagan. 28 gaithersburg and 28 frederick and 30 dulles and 28 winchester and winds gone light but enough for wind chill valu values in the teens and 20s early this morning. that's the case all across the northeast. 32 new york city and 28 binghamton and 22 pittsburgh and across central parts of pennsylvania several inches of snow yesterday and starting out in low teens. a wibtry weekend and bizarre. 21 in detroit. warm-up will begin late tonight early tomorrow morning. fox future cast shows a lot of sun. nats game no problem alternates park. it will be cool. not so much wind and i don't think weather will put any issues this afternoon. by about 5:00 clouds increasing out ahead of the next syste
8:19 am
early tomorrow morning and it looks like fairly light rain. it does look to be quick moving as goes by early monday morning and but you know monday morning light rain out there makes it hard to get going. and we'll see showers through probably morning hours before we start to clear out into the afternoon. and now by tuesday a cold front comes through and this looks like better chance for widespread steady rain. i stop the clock 9 a.m. early tuesday morning and slower communicate for just about everyone as that front push through and most of the day it's raining. umbrellas needed and that's more of a washout compared to early showers tomorrow morning and steadier rain tuesday and shoulding done wednesday. forecast for today, 52. cool, sunny and less wind. i'll step out of the way and show you that 7 day forecast. 65 with morning showers giving way to sunday monday. temps back to normal after that rain on tuesday we dry out and it stays a little cool wednesday temperatures back to normal as we head to next weekend. >> all right that's7
8:20 am
to you guys. >> new this morning the boston globe is taking on donald trump the editorial board of globe is using satire on its front page to suggest what life might look like under president donald trump. the newspaper presented front page of sunday edition ideas section and this page is dated april 9, 2017. it features a fake headline reading de pourtations begin and another article featured mrunthing stock market and still another suggested yellowstone national park would be renamed for donald trump. >> and this is no fake. scene that really sound like something straight out of hollywood. three men rescued after stranded on remote island three days. a u.s. navy aircraft dime rescue after spotting word help spelled in and out palm trees on beach in remote pacific. they
8:21 am
skiv they were in tipped over by a large wave and luckily all three men stwoom shore and all wearing life jackets. right now they're in the hospital and no word on their current kun but we learned they were not injured. very smart though. maybe they were old enough to see gilligan's island. >> and spelled it correctly. >> what a pleasure it has been to spend this time together. >> it was nice. >> we don't get to see each other it's nice to reconnect with melanie alnwick on occasion. >> i have enjoyed being back on "fox" sunday morning this morning. >> you didn't like the alarm clock that much this morning. >> got to sleep in. >> all right. . >> we'll be right back. stick with us
8:22 am
8:23 am
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welcome back a big gheek politics. cruz getting a boost to cam pane and sweeping colorado. and sanders keeps winning and all eyes on new york. chris wall is joins us with a preview of today's program and it's a big one, chris. you sat down with president obama let's start with this campaign. he's been on the sidelines on this does he weigh in on tone on republican and democratic sglid indirectly. he talks a lot about and takes shots at republicans i didn't fe l
8:25 am
about that he does that on own. he takes veiled shots of trump and cruz and fighting war on terror and it's clear he doesn't have much regard for them while he doesn't take sides between hillary clinton and bernie sanders his regard for hillary clin stone also obvious. one thing i focus on more is the anger that we have seen in this campaign both from trump supporters and sanders supporters on democratic side and he talks about the fact that people still feel even -- he takes some responsibility for this the fact that eight years later a lot of people still feel cut out that the same is still triggered and there are people in washington and wall street making decisions that affect all our lives. >> chris we heard you tell shawn yancy the other night we'll be talking about what the president says monday with what we're about to
8:26 am
9:00. this nagging drum beat about benghazi dogged hillary clinton how -- will she escape what is learned about the emails. >> not bep gaze but private emails we talked at length and have to watch at 9:00. i can't tell i. but people will talk about this monday. i talked to him about the fact that back in october he basically gave hillary clinton a clean bill of health when it kaimz to private email scandal and receivers and private emails since then we learned lots of email receivers had top secret information i said can you still give her clean bill of health and fbi investigation seems to be coming to a head can he assure the american people will he direct the people in fbi and justice department the people will be made on legal basis and not political
8:27 am
interesting comments to him in about 23 minute. all of us like to think fox news sunday is appointment television this surprised that is certainly the case you will not want to miss fox news sunday with chris wallace coming up as president of the united states right after "fox 5 news" on the hill. thanks so much, chris. . >> thank you. >> you're watching "fox 5 news" at 8. don't go anywhere we're about to kickoff "fox 5 news" on the hill. editor in cheer john cue sack all standing by with latest on the election coming up in seconds
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> good morning, sunday april 10. >> this is "fox 5 news" on the hill. >> this is "fox 5 news" on the hill. >> well good morning to you we have a lot to get to. it's about a busy 24 hours just since we last talked to each other about what we were going to discuss this morning. we will start off as we always do the national poll this morning and they have been changing and some of the events this week have really thrown into question day-to-day, hour to hour, how this is shaking out. and we'll start on the republican side. >> trump hangs on to that lead which he managed to do with this entire
8:31 am
ted cruz trailing not far behind at 32% and for democrats despite a loss in wyoming yesterday hillary clinton she still leads bernie sanders 48 to 4%. >> of course, we will get to new york in just a couple minutes. but we want to start out by talking about the race in the process that we put together with this program every night. and we, three of us, are not in close proximity to each other all the time so one of the ways we talk about this is email back and forth and we shoot ideas and we brain storm with each other and last tuesday night our executive producer started emailing the group and the instruction was this, first thoughts go. we wanted to at least get your first impressions of exactly what we saw last tuesday and so the first thing you responded bob was what? >> i thought listen the chances of contested republican convention are on the rise and i think it's more than 50%
8:32 am
number two sanders has a lot of momentum right now and three, is testify london is he gone? now he's bleeding. >> and another conversation that started making rounds is maybe contested convention on democratic side and bernie continues to win these races. and then this love for heidi cruz and ted's victory speech stood out to me when she was introduced by ted saying, wouldn't she mack a great first lady and audience shouted heid heidi, hiderye, heidi. that felt like tremendous amount of love for a woman that had a tough two weeks in the media spotlight because of exchange between trump and cruz and that really was resounding piece take away. >> you were out of the gate on that one before bob and i were. we agreed with what you said. what does that do for ted cruz. is that
8:33 am
it make him more amean yabl people see him as a conservative figure. >> it makes him more likable. that's something ted cruz struggled with in the race and his wife is likable woman because of what happened to he her. what did you say? >> i said two things the big winner in my mind out of of wisconsin was never trump. this thing out there this never trump he's not got a name. she's not got a name. we don't know who never trump is or could be but i think never trump this feel in the republican establishment they have to do something whether convention or rangle delegate to get unnamed candidate in there i think that comes out as big winner that night. never trump. on the dem catic side i think what happens this week puts new york endplay mopping ingt democrats you know? we talked about how hillary clinton had
8:34 am
advantage going into the state of new york. i don't know that that maintains now after what we've seen bernie sanders been able to roll with these victories even in the last couple hours. >> yeah and doesn't is seem bernie saners is more optimistic he can win new york. remember hillary clinton won new york against obama big time doubling dimmingit and he said in his speech i'm feeling good about new york. >> his narrative has been one that can be victorious and that is most important thing you can do. the thing they all see winers in so many times when we watch these races you know we'll even -- he is saying he won't leave it but he will and bernie sanders is convincing at this point that he believes it and has a dog in the streets or whatever is the reason he still has a reason to be here. that gives him tremendous amount of momentum. >> behind the scenes though the clinton campaign has
8:35 am
wondering when this get dangerous for him. even if hillary clinton winds up with the nomination. are they concerned about sanders voters not coming on board i think we were raltled sanders had moment up. he has 7 of the last 8 if you count delegates abroad. he has momentum and in politics it's dangerous. however they have a hold on minority voters and that's what why they're copfy department and they have super delegates that's a huge advantage. hillary clinton has 2 0 0 members of coming gress and sanders has five. without a doubt are they rattl rattled yes and worried about new york, yes, no doubt about it. >> let's talk about new york it's more than a week away. a crucial vote for candidates' especially democrats more than 240 democrat and 40 super delegates up for grabs. right now clinton hold the lead 54% compared t
8:36 am
as for republicans donald trump maintains that strong lead over kasich and cruz at 54% and one of the things that we heard so many times we've leave with the sound everybody is talking about comments from ted cruz earlier in the race about new york values and we have a little bit of donald trump responding to them. let's listen to that first. >> i've got this guy standing over there looking at me talking about new york values with hatred of new york. so folks, i think you can forget about him. >> interesting thing when i watched donald trump respond to new york values he really seems that he will win this race the prog him for trum in this race, bob you and i were talking about is the way the
8:37 am
congressional divide up the delegates. because kasich is still here this is going hurt trump. he is probably not going to hit 50% in those congressional disstrict and that's something that is probably making him a little uncomfortable because new york is a point for donald trum top seal out this nomination on first ballot at the cop veption and if he doesn't do well in new york we're looking at contested convention. >> without a doubt. even if he wins them all we could be looking at the contestant. however that's why ted cruz is in new york. he knows he will not bin win. he probably will finish third he want to pick off a few delegates in the race where one or two could make the difference. >> i was imagining this as if we actually looked at this as foot race you okay? ted cruz is in a mode he's trying to step on
8:38 am
trying to step on donald trump's sneakers. he may not trip him up enough trump falls nature on face on track but slow heels to get to the pace. at the end of the day i was not great in math and school but i can count. and it's all -- this is all right now about slowing donald trump's pace. if they can slow him down as they get over to cleveland and get to that convention in the que center where will he be ron james works magic neighbor republican establishment can work emergencyic and get to the point they can start brimming in never trump candidates they've been talking so much about. >> i think that's key and that movement is picking up and his poll numbers are struggling and he's very fortunate i think to be heading to the northeast right now. because if he were heat heading anywhere else we would be thinking well, is this the beginning of end? but i think he will get a big boost of momentum.
8:39 am
democrats as well and something taken a lot of the thunder this week. away from hillary clinton and bernie sanders is it's been bill clinton back in the spotlight in going back and forthwith those black lives matters protesters. and at an event he was supposed to be helping hillary out but did he hurt her. let's listen to some of that sound. >> i don't know how you would characterize the gang leaders who got 13-year-old kids up on crack and sent them out on the street to murder other african-american children maybe you thought they were good citizens. she didn't. she didn't. you are pending the people you say lives matter tell the trut truth. >> we all have
8:40 am
trail long enough to see protesters interfere but it felt very personal and it is personal for bill. that 1994 crime bill is something he had a lot of heat for. what do you make of it. does it hurt hillary clinton? >> bill clinton has to be careful a lot of this echoed what we saw, bob, in the 2008 campaign he somewhat mocked candidacy of barack obama and offend aid lot of people. if you have the extreme left of your party all holed one bernie sanders now and you start picking fights with black lives matter doesn't that put hillary clinton in a compromised position as she try to un few the party. >> this is her strength. african-american vote bill clinton is jeep nizing that van jones a big democrat on cnn went after bill clinton and heeds a huge fan. it's a big problem. as far as trump despite a large leak in new york right now a reason associated with press poll many have an unfavorable view in donald trump. more than half americans see him negatively this is real problem for donald trump he loves talking about
8:41 am
not talking about this pole is he. >> leave that up for a second. put it back up on the screen if you can for a second. 31% of people will not vote for donald trump. those are astronomical unfavorables we saw in associated press. as a result will not vote tovr for trump. and we looked at the same numbers when it came to hillary clinton in same poll. hillary clinton comes in with 55% negative as well too. but when you look at hoe many people republicans saying they won't vote for donald trump it makes you understand why down on south capitol street r & c headquarters they are nervous. they don't think he can be elected in the general. >> i'll go to trump towers and interview him this week an
8:42 am
it's a telling point and i think possibly turning point that's what ted cruz said when he won wisconsin can he pick up the pieces and recover from this blow. it's the first time i think he's been pleading. >> can he overcome this veronica. >> have we forgot ep none likes ted cruz i'm are i look at numbers and it makes me laugh. ted cruz has gotten three endorsements from senate. he's unlikable guy and he's getting walk away with new reputation of being a more level headed person because of this unlikebility trump is facing and this is problem for the republican party. because now really nobody likes anybody who could win the race for republicans that's a problem for gop. >> it's not going away. >> it's astronomical number coming in. >> we want to remind
8:43 am
right after we wrap up here today you're going to want to stay with "fox5" all morning long. that is because fox news sunday chris wallace is sitting down with president obama this morning for exclusive interview this is first time the interview the president has been on "fox" news sunday in 7 years. they'll discuss the legacy and campaign and hillary emails and here's a sneak peek of what is to come. >> what i think we can't have is a situation in which the republican senate simply says because it's a democratic president we're not going to do our job and have heeringz an a vote because if that happens, chris, then it is almost impossible to expect the democrats let say republican president won that democrats wouldn't say the exact same things.
8:44 am
years and take chances on the next president. you know the press going on "fox" news he's speaking to republicans that are blocking this nomination. veronica do you feel it will start ground swell for merit garland and senate represents to get this nomination going. >> give it to the president he's handling this well and runing a twitter account where he's trying to engage with people and show them it's supreme court twitter account to engage people on why they should -- the senate should vote on merit garland. i think he's engaging in a practical way when the american public feels frustrated with the way this country is run. search a divided system. and i don't know if it's enough to get back to the people making the vote. >> it's a pr issue because president obama has to stay in the news how does he do that? talk about the 2016 bottom line. >> coming up is two party system still relevant and what did maryland governor -- what is larry -- what are larry hogas
8:45 am
election so far. "fox 5 news" on the hill is back after this
8:46 am
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8:48 am
handful total and you talked to a lot drn i taikd to a lot of my friends they're frustrated with what is going on and they don't know who they will vote for at the beginning of this race a lot of people were talking about we have great choices and now, i taught to a lot of people sick of the race. there's fatigue fit setting in i think. >> we have to ask ourselves we look at other countries around the world that have many, many political parties is it time we maybe acknowledge republican and democrat is not cutting it for voters of america. you know, we soo see in this race this year we have a democratic party but we also have a progressive party we have a republican party but yet we have a conservative/tea party you know four, maybe five parties would cover what we're seeing here they year and i'm not sure that's not a low number. so, is the reality of where politics are fitting what our political praerts veronica? >> it's going to be a tough transition to make happen
8:49 am
connected to the two party system and they feel it worked best for them and like you said we saw that initially with that tea party movement and now fracturing with the fact bernie sanders andself proclaimed sociallist is giving hill hel a run for money. the idea that people feel frustrated and people feel there are not a candidate when we had so many to start with, 17 to start with. how can you not feel connected to a candidate. >> there was not a lack of candidates. >> the problem the two party system does not allow your cap date to rise to the top. >> yes. >> that is the problem. >> and i think there would be a lot of support if you had another party basically but what do you need? you need money. and michael bloomburg, donald trump. that's when we're talking about third parties it's all about money, ross perot had money unless had you money you can't start the movement. that's where frustration is there voters don't know where to go. >> as we've seen in recent history
8:50 am
perot, that tends to tip the election one way or another to one of the traditional party candidates we have not seen any of them be successful in modern times. >> this week hi the opportunity to ask govrn nor larry hogan about this the governor of maryland feels frustrated with this race and he's not endorsing a candidate now that chris christie is out that he initiallien dorsed i said what is your advice to the people of maryland that have a primary voice coming up where their voice matters and what if they feel like you. take a listen. >> governor, just i know you probably don't want to talk about this today you said you're not engaged in this election process and not sure who you will vote for but people of maryland have a primary coming up what would you encourage people to do who maybe feel the way you do. >> i encouraged them -- i have done this multiple times i don't like talking about it because i'
8:51 am
process i tell people vote conscious i'm not taking a position and getting involved a lot of people feel the same wa way. >> question though idea of voting with conscious i took to twitter to ask you is there a candidate out there who you feel you can vote for your conscious with? and the problem? 60% of you said no this even more sfoz idea of feeling disconnected and feel parties do not represent the way you do and i read something that swhod are the primary voters because so many people that vote in the general do not connect with the primary voters or candidates. >> who think are traditionally are most died in the wall supporters of those two political party and great last year have not spoken yet are most of voters general election
8:52 am
are we moving to a period. we see a different elector rat after conventions we dealt with at this point. >> it's completely different elector rat and you see the trump trying to vote to the elector rat a little bit. i love how you asked that program. nobody likes walking about it unless you have a candidate. paul ryan doesn't like to talk about the speaker in the house he asks about it repeatedly because they talk about him being the nominee if there's contested convention it's amazing. >> paul ryan interestingly enough releases video talking about un any party for some reason he's doing this not quite clear why if he's -- >> i challenge you could he be trying to be a voice connecting party is it possible he's telling the truth. >> i remember walking seeing paul ryan walking into the capitol saying i'm not going to be speaker of the house. . >> i know you. >> know whose name sont door. >> absolutely. >> another wild week of course top picks for theot
8:53 am
top of the hillhilling up as "fox 5 news" on the hill continues on this sunday morning. stick with we invited women to a spa to dish soap. body wash. you may not feel it,
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>> welcome back time for top and bottom of the hill. >> it's picks for who had the best and worst week
8:56 am
hill in honor of bob. >> let's start on top this week it goes to senator ted cruz, wisdom martin was a must win and he won it just like iowa and came through and he's got the momentum and he's top. great week. >> if trump has a face now it's ted cruz he maintains momentum and keeps being the viable alternative right now to donald trump. >> and that's true he's doing it well with ease and grace and i also think he is as i said earlier reinventing his reputation and becoming more likable candidate if you can believe it. ted cruz is taking that on which is pretty impressive. >> and as we get it we take it away as well to bottom of the hill this week and we're putting bernie sanders at the bottom of the hill. who had a worse week than bernie sanders sure he won wyoming but got into a sticky situation talking about hillary clinton not being qualified for president and also had a lot of trouble explaining center piece
8:57 am
break up the big banks. sanders didn't have a clearance for that. >> he had bad answer on that and was attacked by barny and mixed week because that interview was so bad at the bottom. >> that attack from the daily news didn't come from hillary clinton. that helps hillary clinton as well. >> that's what she call self innringted wound. >> that does it for "fox 5 news" on the hill we'll be back next sunday. >> stay with "fox5" for all political news. >> and "fox 5 news" sunday is next with president barack obama we'll see you next week
8:58 am
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i'm chris wallace, barack obama sits down with "fox news sunday" for the first time since he became president. are you saying you'll stipulate with garland throughout the end of your term? he makes his nomination for supreme court. we asked about criticism he underreacts to attacks by isis. some people wonder if you worry about threatism and fear terrorism the way they do. >> and hillary clinton's private e-mail server. >> can you say flatly she did not jeopardize american secrets? >> president obama one-on-one. it's a "fox news sunday" exclusive. then, new fox polls on the race in both parties. has the campaign gets down right


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