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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  April 10, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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. thanks for joining us tonight i'm jim lokay. >> and marina marraco. the question everyone keeps asking when will spring return? here's a live look outside where tonight it's going to be another chilly evening and we get ready for a wet start to the workweek. >> you know it was so deceiving today because the sun was out, but we're not going to see that sticking around, are we? >> we're not. we're going to see some wet weather. it's going to move in in the overnight hours. not quite as cold tonight as it was last night. so that's a little bit on the upside. we're keeping an eye on some rain well to the west of us but it will move in in the overnight hours. it won't be a total washout on monday but i'm telling you
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handy. not quite as cold tonight as last night, and right now our temperatures, 54 degrees at mannasas, 52 at dc, 47 at annapolis. we've got 54 at fredricksburg to south and 50 at gaithersburg. winds are not as brisk or strong either and overnight lows are expected to be in the 40s. that's a far cry from last night and those overnight lows really brought the chill on in some of our area they ended up seeing freezing in some of the areas as well. winds currently are anywhere 6 to 16 miles per hour sustained. not a lot happening in terms of wind gusts. however, once we get into tomorrow, we're going to see some gusty winds all over again. the good news is those winds will pull in some warmer air from the south. in the meantime, 41 degrees for tonight, increasing clouds, showers in the overnight hours with a light southerly windflow from 5 to 10
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the good news is the spring warmth will be returning and i'll have the details exactly when we can expect that a little bit later. back to you. >> there was some tense moments today for an american airlines flight today headed to reagan national. the plane hit a bird shortly after take off. the pilot shut down one of the engines and they headed back to key west. none of the 18 people on board were hurt. >> there's dramatic new information we're learning about the attacks in brussels. they initially planned to launch an assault in france as a fop back in november. however the suspects were surprised by shou fast authorities were moving in on them so they decided to rush an attack on brussels instead of going back to france. there had been a series of raids and arrests. >> as the race for the white house continues to heat up, candidates focusing on the next big im
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just nine days away. >> reporter: campaigning continues as the five remaining presidential candidates turn their focus to the new york state primary on april 19th. fresh off his win in wyoming, bernie sanders says he's got the moment yum to win his party's nomination. >> the polling shows we are narrowing the gap, and a victory in new york state would be an enormous boost for us. >> reporter: meanwhile hillary clinton and donald trump are playing up their home state ties. >> i will work my heart out for you. i was so honored to be your senator for eight years. so many people across this city and state. and i want the great honor of doing that again as your president. >> the american dream is dead. but i'm going to make it bigger and better and stronger than ever before. you watch. >> reporter: in the latest fox news polls among new york's
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likely democratic voters clinton tops sanders and also leads in pennsylvania. trump is dominating new york and pennsylvania with 48% in the keystone state and an overwhelming 54% in the empire state. governor kasich has been crisscrossing new york focusing not on trump but on hilary. >> who can win in the fall, i'm the only one who consistently beats hillary clinton and there is great concern in the republican party we're not just talking about the presidential race, we could use the senate. >> reporter: both parties are preparing for contention before that time continue toss dwindle. from rochester new york, molly line, fox news. >> support of noah's la gathered in bethesda today. the bill is named after noah leotta. the house and senate passed
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and now representatives from both chambers are meeting to hammer out the differences between the two bills. time is running out. the general assembly ends its session tomorrow. >> noah's law is in peril. a bill that had unanimous support in the house and the senate is now in jeopardy of dying in committee because of extra unrelated provisions that were added to the bill at the last minute. >> if passed, the bill would put ignition locks on the cars of people convicted of drunk driving. the people of maryland support tougher drunk driving laws and he is urging legislators to do the right thing. >> the child was shot just before 10:00 friday night in southeast. police say the child and her parents were coming back from dinner when gunfire broke out. that girl was taken to a hospital where she's being
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made. meantime gun control activists are biking their way from connecticut to washington, d.c. they're expected to reach the capital in four days. an emotional send-off in that town the petition is signed by some 38,000 people. >> we will continue this fight for as long as it takes and work just as these riders do to keep moving forward. mile by mile, face by face, colleague by colleague, we will continue this fight. but newtown has showed america the courage and strength to keep moving forward so we have a safer america. >> the cyclists plan to make several stops along the way. >> tonight the nfl world
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shock after a former player is shot to death in what may have been a case of road rage. will smith died after suffering multiple gun shot wounds. it started when they were rear-ended by another vehicle. smith and the driver of that other vehicle exchanged words and that's when police say the suspect pulled out a gun and shot smith and his wife. a suspect has been arrested. >> at this time we do not have any information to suggest that they knew one another or this was anything other than an accident that turned into a dispute, a disturbance that turned violence. >> smith's wife was expected to recover. smith was considered a cornerstone of the saint's team. several players took to twitter saying the news has left them sickened. >> police are looking for a hungry thief. they say a man snuck into a fast food restaurant in the middle of the night and you won't believe what he was after. alexandra
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with that story. this is one of those things you hear, really? >> reporter: yeah, it's pretty surprising and you could say he was a hungry and a brazen thief. he snuck into this five guys here and what's more surprising is he never went near a cash register or a safe. after following a delivery man into this burger joint, a brazen man caught on surveillance videos fires up a grill and whips himself up some burgers. he also takes a phone call and helps himself to a drink then he heads on his way. surprisingly they say no other cash or valuables were taken. >> maybe he felt like the beef was more quality than the money. maybe he wanted the quality grass-fed beef. >> it doesn't make a difference. the guy wanted a burger. >> he must have worked here before or something. he's got the skills to flip some
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>> reporter: dc police say this happened march 18th between 3:00 and 5:00 in the morning. anyone who recognizes the hungry thief should give them a call. people out here definitely getting a laugh, some even point can out he seems to have some burger flipping skills. i talked to some of the employees at five guys they tell me he's not a former employee and they've never seen him. while it is pretty funny, management is concerned that a delivery person may have propped the door open and that's how the thief got in. they're concerned because they say something more serious could have happened. reporting live in northwest dc, alexandra limon, fox 5 local news. >> thank you, alex. so despite the chilly temperatures, a lot of people got together today on the national mall to race money for a really great cause. >> last december dc fox 5 partnered with the wake at wish mid atlantic group. we are continuing to high
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some of the group's fund raising efforts this year. earlier we spoke with some parents whose kids have benefitted from the make-a-wish program. >> they made it possible for my son who has incredible medical conditions that he deals with every day to go to a dream trip to the turks and caicos. he's never been to the ocean, he's never been to the beach. none of my sons have. they made that dream come true for us. >> we got to go to disany world. we had an amazing opportunity to go and spend time together as a family after facing several medical issues and hard times with our little girl. she's quite the fighter. >> walkers who participated today raised money on their own for the make-a-wish foundation. they've collected nearly $1 hundred,000. really just truly remarkable the way they make these wishes come true. these kids are
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surprised and those smiles say it all. >> who could forget eden and her smile. >> that was great. >> that was a great day. >> when we come back tonight, president obama going one on one with chris wallace and what he had to say about that e-mail scandal. >> disaster strikes at a fireworks show. thousands of people were packed together when a big explosion went off leaving folks trapped. >> and starbucks, we all go there. there was a customer who was steaming over what one barista wrote on his cup of coffee.
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was trying to pass on the 2-lane road when it collided with a pickup trick. everyone inside the civic died. the people inside the truck suffered minor injuries and it's still unclear whether the passengers were wearing seat belt. >> it is a first for president obama. for the first time the president sat down with chris wallace for a wide-ranging interview and the two discussed everything from the president's response to the recent terror attacks in belgium to his legacy. kristin fisher reports. >> reporter: the biggest takeaway is probably president obama's personal guarantee that he would not exert any political influence over the justice department as it continues to investigate hillary clinton's e-mails. >> i guarantee that there is no poti
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investigation conducted by the justice department or the fbi, not just in this case, but in any case. >> reporter: in this case, president obama again said he does not believe the former secretary of state jeopardized national security with the use of a private e-mail server. but he did say that it shows a certain degree of carelessness. the other big take away from this interview is he will constant by his nominee. >> are you saying you will stick with merrick garland through the end of your term. >> yes. >> reporter: one final takeaway is the way president obama defended himself against criticism that he possibly acts too cavalier after a terror attack. the president defended his actions saying he believes it sends a clear message to
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terrorists. you have nothing to offer. that's the message of resilience, that we don't panic, we don't fear. it took chris wallace eight years to get that interview. to that president obama better late that never. >> and one u.s. lawmaker is hoping money well get people on social media to help in the fight against terror. chuck schumer a $25,000 reword to help stop a terror attack. current law does not cover tips generated through social media. the bill is expected to be introduced later this month. and u.s. secretary of state john kerry arrived in japan today for the annual g-7 meeting. on monday he's expected to visit
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the site of hiroshima. >> a starbucks customer in florida not happy with one barista who said he ordered a grande. he actually wrote that in a response on the cup for the barista and added simply "not funny." seeing it and knowing the struggles my sisters went through in third, fourth grade, it struck a nerve. >> the man said he doesn't want an apology, he doesn't want it to happen to anyone else. >> that's interesting. it's not like you ask for that when you go to starbucks. it's on the menu, right? >> it is, indeed. >> then shut your mouth. >> the newspaper putting on the this headline
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longer life. and one study says it has a lot to do wlt person you choose to marry. >> call the fox 5 tip line or send an e-mail to
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>> an unmanned cargo vessel has been bolted into place on the international space station. this is video of the space-x taking off on friday. it's the first time in five years that all six of the space station's docking ports are occupied. >> well, we had some winter weather when it's supposed to be spring. take a look at the highs today. 51 degrees at reagan national airport, 51 at bwi. we should be in the mid 60s. we are headed back in that direction. current temperatures for you now, 47 in nap plus, 50 at gaithersburg this hour, 50 at frederick and 52 at winchester. we had some gusty
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and that cold air just settled in. we're going to reverse things now. because that colder air is going to start to restreet to the north and we're going to get the benefit of a nice southerly flow. that's going to get our temperatures back to where they should be but it will be short lived because we do have cooler air that is going to once again be on the way. those gusty winds have finally died down. right now sustained winds anywhere from 8 to 12 miles per hour. so not too bad. we have a couple of gusts but nothing too significant. 20 mile per hour gusts at dc right now, 22 at dulles. winds are going to be light in the overnight hours, we're keeping an eye on this frontal system. it looks like we're going to have some rain when we start the week so be prepared and keep the umbrella handy. here is a look at your overnight lows tonight, a far cry from last night where our overnight lows were into the 30s and 20s. now we're talking overnight lows that are going to be into the 40s. we're going to have
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morning, we get a bit of a break, not a total washout, but by the afternoon you'll see some more rain again. that rain will be around for the morning commute. finally warming up to the mid 60s. i know everybody is happy. no more hate mail for gwen. >> we understand some congratulations are in order for you tonight. >> yes, they are, for gwen because she's been awarded the presidential lifetime achievement for her work with our house. >> it's called our house, a place of comfort on 140 acres that pales in comparison to where the young men who live there come from. abused, abandoned, orphaned, homeless. >> they come here for a second chance. they come re for opportunity
6:24 pm
to turn themselves around they are taught carpentry giving them a job skill. there's academic glasses. they run a garden, do beehiving, weekly community service and learn life skills. >> it was a big log and i seen how it had different unique patterns inside the wood so i picked it out and made a boat out of it. >> he is also picking out and using the best of what our house has to offer him. >> it gave me a different impression on liifr and teaching me responsibility. >> reporter: his academic scores have risen above average. >> i want to go to school for barbering and get my own shop. >> reporter: the winning attitude is easy to support. being a part of their time is what our house does best. >> i was lost in life. i could barely read. i was abused. >> i don't remember my childhd.
6:25 pm
>> i'm learning a job skill. >> we get a second chance. >> won't you help give a child a future? zbll here's some of the cool stuff that you got a nice achievement award there and a lapel pin from the white house. >> i'm so totally thrilled and our house does a lot of about good work. the one young man there that was in that psa who said i could hardly read, he graduated, he was doing extremely well, i was personally mentoring him and unfortunately he lost his life in november of 2014 and he got hit at 20 years old. i put a fundraiser together for his family. but they do great things, they change lives and one of the big things that i'm very proud of is the fact
6:26 pm
to 3wi8d build a new dorm and i raised a lot of money for that. >> excellent. you get to see it come to fruition there. >> i think it's important that you give back and you give a little of yourself, which makes a big difference in other people's lives. and with young people, sometimes they just need direction. so i'm very proud. >> it's great that the white house obviously recognized your work. >> i'm pretty proud. i happened to buy this frame at the inauguration in 2009. >> it's perfect. >> and i want to say thank you to fox 5 and all my colleagues who supported me through the entire time i was with our house and allowing me to do the psa that i did and the stories and coming out to the all the events and the fund raisers i did. so thank you to my boss and everybody else. all the colleagues. >> congratulations. when fox 5 local news at 6:00 continues, charlie le duff is back
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"the american." tonight he's headed to one part of new york state which proudly calls itself trump country. rump.
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everything you can to stop the nomination of donald trump, but as charlie le divide found out, trump still has a lot of supports. >> reporter: there is a class war among republicans, in an attempt to explain the appeal of trump, writers for elite republican magazines have been
6:31 pm
class white man named mike. this make-believe mike comes from a real-life upstate new york hamlet called garbet. instead of whining about wall street and trade deals, mike ought to put down his heroin needle and move to a place where there's work. the truth about these communities is they deserve to die. economically they are negative assets. morally they're indefensible. imagine. big talk from behind a keyboard. we decided to go to garbutt new york to find mike, since working class white people like mike are working class vote zblers do you know where garbutt is by
6:32 pm
chance. >> do you know anybody named mike. once you find the crossroads of garbutt, you quickly realize there is no mike from garbutt. >> is that a mike not that i know of. i don't know everybody, but. >> there's no mike from garbutt. there's a kevin, whose dad's name is mike but no mike. >> do you use her rin? are you miserable? >> not really. i'm a nurse myself. >> you're a nurse. you actually work? >> i used to work for general motors before that. >> you used to work for general motors. >> before they moved to next co. >> kevin works two nursing jobs but still
6:33 pm
at gm where he made windshield wiper motors like his father did and his grandfather before him. there's a lot of struggling people like kevin in new york, a state that's lost hundreds of thousands of good-paying factory jobs overseas. good thing there's cheap imports at walmart because kevin can't afford anything else. >> where was that watch made? >> it was probably made in china. >> philippines. >> nice shirt you're wearing. it's probably made in china. >> bangladesh. >> vietnam. >> where were those shoes made? probably china. >> indonesia. >> let me see the
6:34 pm
indonesia. >> when i was a did a lot of people used to hunt out here. they don't hunt anymore. >> deheight what the round shoulders write about people in their own party, kevin says world trade and wall street have done nothing to improve his life so he looks for something new, however crude and obnoxious. >> i'm probably going to end up voting for trump, you know what i mean? >> how come? >> he's hitting all the right spots, you know? except for sometimes when he screws up. it's not like he rehearses things. we need jobs, we need manufacturing back in the united states. i mean all the jobs are gone. kodak fell apart. i just know from my area. >> kevin doesn't draw a government check, doesn't do drugs and doesn't even keep beer in his fridge. he is a single partner raising a teenaged son
6:35 pm
graduate high school next year and join the army. >> why do you want to be in the military so badly? >> serve my country. not very much people plan on doing it. >> what do you think of your old man? if he wasn't sitting here, what would you tell me about your dad? >> he's a good hard worker. going for nursing coming from the factory, that was probably hard. i love you, i look up to you coming from raising me, single parent. that wasn't easy. zblz i just want what's best for you. i would rather you go to college for a year or two and if you still want military go that route. >> town, country, family. that's how it goes in places like garbutt, new york. and it would do the political establishment some good to get out of their office towers and visit a place like garbutt
6:36 pm
only exists in their imagination. >> what have republicans done for you? >> i don't really know, to be honest with you. being a republican -- really can't answer that. >> belittle a man, you lose him. you lose his son. and you lose your party. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network.
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claiming to be from the fire department telling them the business is filling up with gas. the caller convinced them to break the windows to release the pressure. no one else has been caught. >> that's great. >> after the break, gwen will tell us how the start of the workweek is looking. >> and we'll show you a new high tech device taking on the hassles of travel. stay with us.
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>> maybe this crumby weather we've had lately makes think about getting away. >> i have been. imagine a suitcase that can make travelling easier. more on some new high-tech luggage. >> reporter: 140 million passengers are expected to pass through airports this spring. that's a 3% rise compared to last year. >> 80 million baby boomers want to experience things in a different way and you have 110my len yams who are moving up and the only thing they want to move up. converging in
6:44 pm
traveller. >> all of those travellers can sometimes mean halve from the airport to long line restrictions and luggage snafus. one company has engineered a suitcase. the raden smart case utilizes embedded technology. charge your devices on the go and give updates on your flight. >> you download the app from the app story, you choose your home airport and it's providing you weather and weather delays, security wait time, public transit, or travel by car and then it links with uber and it tracks where the cases are. >> reporter: the bag's battery is tsa approved and can charge phones. the app can locate your bag and send a notification when it reaches the baggage carosel. and to avoid overweight fee, the handle doubles as a scale. the
6:45 pm
available in several colors. >> i'm sort of a threshold i don't want to spend a lot for luggage, because i break it. i always break my luggage. >> that's a hefty price tag. they can probably still lose them. >> that too. >> if i don't, the airline will. >> you might want to travel not too far in the next day or so, but then you might want to go somewhere a day after that. >> did you hear montgomery police put out an apb for spring? >> i don't know but i'm in the witness protection program. >> we know nothing. >> that's exactly what i said on friday. i'm going in the with itness protection program because i've got to talk about snow but i also said don't blame the messenger. some clouds right now, we're going to see more clouds as we move into tonight. all ahead of
6:46 pm
are heading our way. so we're going to deal with some showers and we've got a frontal system that's coming also. not as cold tonight as it was last night. we were in the 20s last night. tonight we're going to be in the 40s. monday showers but the good news it's not a washout and warmer and then cooler again. that's what we're speaking about in terms of our temperatures once we get into the extended forecast. let's take a look at what did happen over the weekend. this was in wall -- and this person says this is happening and the fishing going to be confused. i guess we're not quite have to put the fishing rod on hold for now. this is was in newmarket, so thank you for this photograph. and this one here is in prince george's county. while this speaks for itself. it's just written right on the card the date so it will definitely be remembered with this photograph and we have this one
6:47 pm
city. we thank you for sending in all these photographs. we're a far cry from that right now, thank goodness but our highs today were only in the low 50s. we should be into the mid 60s. that's where we're going to go tomorrow. 52 right now at dc, 50 at baltimore tomorrow, 51 to the west in martinsburg and 50 degrees to the north at frederick. winds have been an issue this weekend. finally getting a break if the winds. at least temporarily. sustained winds now from 6 to 16 miles per hour and a couple of gusts here and there but really not too much to be concerned with. that's going to change tomorrow. when we start to see some gusty winds move in. the good news is the winds we've had have moved in from the northwest with the colder air, the good news is these winds are going to move in from the south and bring us warmer air. this is a warm front moving through and that's going to bring us some rain. it's expected to start after midnight tonight and be around for the
6:48 pm
monday. we'll get a little bit of a break and it going to pick up again. but in the meantime ridge of high pressure moving out, low pressure system to the south moving in. that will give us the gusty winds but the warmer air tomorrow will kick in. then we're looking at showers. i can't rule out maybe a rumble of thunder or so either once these showers start to head our way so just be aware. let's take a look at future cast. here we are at 2:00 a.m. in the morning and i expect some of the rain to start probably after midnight tonight but out to the west and when we get to about 6:00, 7:00 moet of it is lingering more to the north but we will get some of it helping our way. here's 11:00 a.m. in the morning on monday and then by the time we get into monday night, tuesday it starts all over again. tuesday is the day we're going to see heavier rainfall. here's 7:00 a.m. 10:00 in the morning on tuesday and we start to see it finally clear out. 41 degrees for tonight, increasing clouds, showers in the overnight hours. winds are not going to be much of an issue. toment we will see gusty nd
6:49 pm
some rain in the early morning hours, most of it north though. i think southern pennsylvania will get hit the worst then we'll get a little bit of a break and i can't say how much sun, it depends how those clouds hang in there. we'll see more rain tomorrow night and tuesday looks like we'll see some rain as we start the day there as well. temperatures are kind of up and down a little bit. 65, 66 tomorrow. >> all right. >> marina, would you be brave enough to do this? more than a thousand bikini-clad skiers breaking the previous world record. temps expected in the 70s. >> i was going to say sochi, that's not a
6:50 pm
they had a problem getting the olympics under way because it was warm. >> that's true. after taking the day off for some cold weather, the nats are back in action today. >> the nationals game with the marlins.
6:51 pm
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so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free. >> you know jordan spieth was on top of the world. everybody thought this guy was going to defend his master's title and something happened on the way to augusta. >> something did happen. it's still going on and we're going to pretend it's not going on. >> i forget about that. >> a bigger deal locally is the caps. >> that's true. >> we d't
6:53 pm
know who and we know where. the capitals will face off against the flyers. the caps had two regulations wins this year against philly and two losses. the playoff scheduled will be released tonight. and last night the capitals, they shad a goal scoring bonanza. alex ovechkn needed a hat trick, and what he wants, he gets. third player in nhl history to have 50 goal season. the great one. notched a record of his own. his 48th win ties him for the most wins of the season. no number 49 for number 70. it's been an unseasonably cold weekend in dc and because there was a little nip in the
6:54 pm
baseball. yesterday's game will be made up on may 14th. hopefully there isn't a little chill in the air then. this week barry bonds says bryce harper says he has him in awe but he doesn't compare to me yet. how does he compare with that? just missing homer number 100 of his career. bryce went 2 for 3 with a run scored. game tied 1-1. bases full of nats, jay son werth, hair flowing in the breeze. hit it where they ain't. that he is the whole game. the nats hold on to win 4-2. there are all sorts of beards in the nats dugout. to the most famous of nats'
6:55 pm
one fan has joined them taking his beard to ridiculous lengths. >> reporter: opening day at nations park, a day whenever nats fan dreams of a world series. none more than bj. bj became a nats season ticket holder in 2012. that year he made a pact with his friend. >> i've had a nice long friday night after the game and when my friend said you probably should never shave again and sure enough i said how about this, i won't shave until the nats win the world series. >> they have been contenders since 2012. >> four years later we're still here growing, we're still going strong and a lot of people say when are you going to shave it. and not until the nationals win
6:56 pm
the world series. >> we're still growing with strict rules. >> this is all original. the only thing i trim is the moustache because if this was 9 inches long it would be tortuous to eat. >> i sit right next to a fall ball and jayson, panned in on him and he looks up and i goes. >> reporter: giving up your face in the name of fandom has its down side. >> one girl i did date when i first started growing it outside if you let it go crazy we will not date ever. we obviously are not dating an
6:57 pm
miss enjoying a good sandwich, a hot dog. i can't use anything without using a napkin. my dad hates the beard, mom she thinks it's funny but hates it. i really wish i would shave it off. >> reporter: the beard has its admirers. bj or bam bam has become a fan favorite at the park. >> the beard gets a lot of love. when, if ever, the nationals win a world series, bj will celebrate with a cold beer and a fresh-faced smile. ♪ there's nothing like a man with a good-looking beard ♪ >> i hope this is the year for his mother seas sake. >> she was painstakingly
6:58 pm
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ikea kitchen event. (screeches) ♪ ooh! ♪ ha! ♪ ooh! ♪ ha! whoa! southern narrator: each year, the hot, dry santa ana winds blow down from the mountain passes, making your lungs burn and your eyes itch. the desert howls with the dark visitor, ancient winds that leave sleepy towns on edge. (wind howling) hills burn, neighbors lock their doors, and long-dormant spirits awaken. anything can happen. (birds singing) sanchez (on tv): our top story.


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