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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  April 11, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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friend. fox5 news morning starts righttr now. >> ♪ 5 news morning. mor >> all right, rise and shine. si woar all here trod go.ll he tr maureen has got her coffee. cof. >> i do. doggone it good morning.e goodg >> gary mcgrady is downstairs.down gary, it was a miserable miser weekend but give us some hopee for this week.s >> yesterday wasn't bad.terdad >> it was pretty good.s pretty g >> i know it was like not warm m as we should be.e. listen, this is going to be an n ugly monday morning commuternin for you. there's just no ifs ands or buts about it. we have showers and looks like they'll continue on and off for the next several wish ixt had better news. bettee >> we wish you did, too.e wi the morning is yet to ym we got a long stretch here. erin he is saying bad commute. m what are you a >> already tracking anlrea overturned car in kensington kei so starting off busy. b we'll keep you in the know and get you around that as we a continue. >> we're following breakingfo news this morning out ofllhis in laurel maryland where there'sarl been a police-involved a polinvo shooting. happened at the store in thehe 900 block
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>> melanie alnwick is liveanie with the scene this morning with the breaking detailces. melanie, what can you tell us wa about this. >> reporter: good morning, yeah, so this happened about 11:18 last night. n it's still very much an activel scene as they continue thee the investigation.stigation. now, what you're looking at is called the indis food market a popular place where people go looking for south aye asian >> reporter: police foundolic two suspects inside theects iid building. one ran from the building andom was caught. t the other appear told by somepp of our police sources that theet other was located near the t back of the now, we don't know exactly exacy what went down but one of the police officers did shoot onehot time striking the suspect. suspe the suspect was then taken to medstar hospital.os don't know enough an update atat this point on the suspect'she condition can. condition.nd we don't have any details as
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he or she needed to shoot inedeo this case. so, there's still a lot to try to sort out here and you can can see that with the crime tape t just letting folks coming inom and around laurel this morning know that parts of fourth of street are still shut down at d this hour. th we'll stay here on the scene and give you the updates as wepa have t back to you >> melanie alnwick t, reportingi thank 4:32 is the time.he t developing overnight news that s one of the top law men in anne e arrundel county is in trouble with the law.with the anne arrundel county police department confirms dep that sheriff ronald batemand was arrested last night. fox5 searched maryland maryl judicial records and found inec bait a money is facing aorey i second degree assault charge. c it is listed as a now, police say they'll sharey's more details of that arrest later today. t >> an mother and son fromson alexandria virginia who police say spent all day sundayday searching for have been foundenu safe. sa family members called policers l early yesterday after a 29-year-old jury chavez leftz l home with her nine-year-oldye son. investigators say
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suffers from schizophrenia.ophr her son is being cared for by family members. m >> montgomery county police need your help this morningor finding a missing person. 77-year-old has been missingbeem from his montgomery villageil home since saturday afternoonft he lives on roxbury lane.e he's described as hispanicpa male about 5-foot 3-inchest 3nc tall 130 pounds. pou he has dark graying hair. h he was last seen wearing a blue baseball cap, blue jacket, blue jeans and white and sneakers. police say he suffers from alzheimer's. >> the general assembly endsembs session today. the legislation would require ignition interlocks for all int convicted drunk drivers.ted druk the house and senate haveave passed different versions that of bill. noah's law is named after montgomery county policego officer noahme leotta who was ws killed by a suspected drunkctedu driver last l >> washington, d.c. the irs irs employees are back at work this morning after ais transformer fire forced
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downtown following shut down last week. employees are encouraged torage call the emergency hotline toli check in this thirn the tax return process was not affected by the exposure. expur the i.r.s. says people shouldul continue to file their tax returns as >> john kerry making history in japan. in he visited the hiroshimahe hir memorial becoming the mosthe senior american official ton visit that can kerry delivered a message ms of peace and hope for a a nuclear free world. he and other officials walkedlsw forward together to layr t wreaths on the memorial. about 140,000 japanese people po died in the attack in then atta final days of world war ii. >> i don't know if i like hamburgers this much. police looking for a very
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way. l? for real? >> yeah, for real.eaor r police are asking for your nepp bringing this hamburglarama to if you recognize him, giveim, g police a call. >> i see what you did there.dhe >> we don't know what he had on that burger what condiments e did he put on the burger? r? that's the egregious crimely. ci >> it depends.>> did you put catsup and barbecue sauce because that'sau a crime. >> is this a crime? the man a e was gary, come on, he was hungry,un right.t. >> right, if that's a crime consider us guilty. >> i'm telling you.. >> we all want to do it.e alwano >> for real. >> let me just go back thereo ce and cook my own burger.n b here's what's going on outon out there. we do have some now t-listen passing showersin through the morning.rough the m. it doesn't look like it'soesn going to be anything too heavyig but it doesn't take much to muc disrupt the morning commuteom around here.nd this is radar to kind of give o you an idea where the showers are now.e now. notice how they're just kind j of drifting across the it is not real cold out this o t morning.moing. temperatures are in the 40's to low 50 a
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continue to be that way andue ta then we'll warm up later u l today. we'll make it up into theup int 60's. here's the deal on the the dl on forecast,, ok look, this morning we gotthis showers. sh 50 degrees or so at 8:00 a.m., a little colder out in the suburbs.burb 61 or so by noontime.e. still a few showers around. aron later today, i would say afteraa about one or 2 o'clock we'clo start drying out just a littleut bit. we may dry out a little bit bpbp but i think by about 2 o'clockba we're all dry.we'rall dr it will be gusty them to windsmw today will kick up and we're talking 20 to 25 miles per m hour. high temperature at least will l warm up into the mid 60's or so. which believe it or not is or nt pretty much normal for thisr time of year even though we'rehh not going to have any sunshinesh today. there's a quick look at your rainy ugly bad commute comte forecast this morning.or erin is in with a look at yourkt traffic. hey, erin.he e >> hey, gary. 4:36 we're tracking this breaking brn news out of kensington insingto montgomery countmontgomery coun. an overturned vehicle. veh let's take a live look outsidekt we'll show you h
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roads are shaping up arounding o the dmv. d this is the top side of thee oft beltway. despite the right lane thee outer loop at new hampshiret w a cruising along at speed. at spe inner loop also looking good.okg we'll show you a look at the key bridge however as you makesy your way in from roslyn r heading into georgetown, a little bit of light rain rightin there. again, light traffic as well. we'll let you know if thatw if rain causes any big problemsanl but my best advice grab yourr umbrella and patience you. y it could turn into a rougho one. back to you. >> as his time winds down in don that office president obamaff takes a moment to look backic and reflect on whatmome he sayss his greatest accomplishmentsen and his biggest regret as rre commander in chief.commander >> i'm holly morris. mor we'll talk about the stories t s you're engaging with mostline ms including that epic win on the e green. stay with us. fox5 news morning is back in a moment.
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hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it ♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i could rise above
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>> developing overnight a naval flight officer accusedercs of passing secrets to china. cha lieutenant commander edwardnderd lynn served on some of theved navy's most sensitive intelligence gathering gathe aircraft he faces severals ve counts of espionage. espionage. lynn was originally ann w taiwanese national were his family moved to the unitedoved states. before these accusations linusao was also accused of violating military law by patronizingrozi prostitutes and committing adultery. >> 4:40.:. we head to holly.we head to hol.
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>> good morning to you.rning y first up, the sports world is i actually mourning the tragicourt loss of former nfl will smith. i smith played for the newhe n orleans saints. he was shot and killed in neww orleans over the weekendeend following a traffic accident. 28-year-old cardell hayes is has charged with second degree murder and being held on a $1 million bond.$1illion b police say hayes rear endedear e smith and then opened fire f when he thought smith wasas reaching for a gun of his own. . smith's wife was also shot. s but is expected to be okay. o hayes has pled not guilty.ui hillary clinton makes a mes campaign isn't that the democrat forty one ralliednd in charm city yesterday.rm cityt clinton picked up support ifuppi maryland congressman elijahli cummings. all this ahead that of crucialri april 19th new york primary.orka the maryland primary is one week later april meanwhile scary moments onoo board an american airlines airli flight heading for reaganorea national airport. apo the plane had just taken off
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from key west international intl airport when officials say itiai hit a bird. a b the plane turned around andd salsafely there is a new golf a new champion in town, 28-year-old-od danny willet won yesterday'srday masters what a dramatic collapsec coll though it was for last year's winner jordan spieth. he threw away a five shot lead l in less than an hour. an h and i have to tell you i don'toi know few guys watched but ited i was -- it was an epic melt epicm down.w it was hard to watch. here's a fun little storyittle about he wasn't going play in thet go masters because his wife's due date was sunday, yesterday.ested but she gave birth eight daysigs earlier so he was like i'll goei ahead and go down and play the tournament and just win it all.all. >> it was rough for jordan j spieth. >> hard to watch. h >> holly we'll see you in ae'lla bit. thanks a lot. >> ♪ >> 4:42 is the time.>> 4 straight ahead just add queendd of social media to her resume. latest online hot spot you canpn now catch up with dc.
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muriel bowser.riel bow >> first gary and erin have h another check of your morningng forecast monday morning forecast i should say and alsoaa commute.comm they've got you covered as youu head out the door and the rainy start week we're going the tell you about coming up after the break.
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narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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>> ♪ >> we're back now 4:45. we're following breaking newsre out of laurel maryland. policeing au investigating aestg police-involved shooting.olve happened last night at 11:15 1 in the 900 block of fourth ofo officials say they caught onegh suspect as he they were w running away from the indis ind food international market.alar one person was shot during the pursuit. pu that person was taken to medstar and is listed ind stable condition can. c we'll bring you a live reportivr from the scene at the top of tof the hour. >> ♪ >> meanwhile gary mcgradyle g joins us to give us an update u on the weather.on the w you said yesterday was decentasd by the afternoo
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>> yeah. >> but saturday was a pip. p we're not used to snow on a saturday in april. a >> i think a lot of peopleeo didn't believe me when i said it was going to >> i went to a wedding and it d felt so bad for the bride and be groom 'cause i thought you'c know what, this is not the dayau i'm sure they expected.s expece >> that's you're booking a wedding inng i april like almost mid april apr and it's snowing outside. >> ridiculous.icul >> there's an injustice there. e i know that is. is. showers coming across thiscross morning. this is not good for a mondayoda morning 'cause you know what wha it means. means. slowing down on the roads.down hopefully we can get this out t of here but i think the damagehd at least for the first part ofs the commute is d there's actually more showersors coming on across, okay. temperatures later today 66 in n town. look, we're going to warm up to 70's in some spots.po depending on how much sunshineuc we get. we could get a lot but i'm b i going to be conservative andse say we just get a little bit let of sunshine this afternoon.ftero reagan national 48.ional dulles 46 and
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now. so, temperature today 66 degrees. d again some sunshine later on.une the rain is only with us forh uo the first part of the day. d tomorrow we're cooler. coo we get back on the other side of the front so it means thens e upper 50's low 60's with0' wit showers again tomorrow and looks like the showerss like the tomorrow had kind of be on and n off. so we have the showers movinghov through here.throug there's also a warm fronts coming up so talhe warm frontm comes through and we break into a little sunshine lateine l today. toda now, this big batch ofig bch moisture out here coming through the ohio river valley,he that does look like it will w tend to stay north of us.rth of. showers this morning. this is 6:00 a.m..m out ahead 8:00 a.m. so we doo begin to dry out a little bititl but still some showers even 7, e 8 o'clock possible and so indo think most of the morningor commute could be affected.ted. and we're being aggressiveressiv here.. the modeling is showing a lot of sunshine this afternoon. if that's the case it's goithngg to be a gorgeous lates l afternoon because temperaturesue will go upper 60's to low 70's across the entire i'm going still keep someeep s clouds in for us this u
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afternoon. keep it a little bit on the conservative side.ttvave s maybe even a shower stillrtill around at lunchtime but noticeuc how temperatures will quicklyesl warm up.warm it will be like the first timeie we're above normal for quite awhile 'cause 66 degrees isee above normal. nma a.m. showers today, rain t showers again tomorrow,s n cooler.coer wednesday, thursday, friday itri looks sunny but still coollloo with temperatures only in thenl low 60's. low 60's right now the weekend it'st' kind of a 50-50 deal. i see some clouds on saturday,ur warmer with some sunshine on sunday.ay here's erin como, no doubt the next couple of hours you'reou going to have your hands full. y >> that's right, gary.t' 4:48 and we're already waking wn up to problems around the dmv. . heading out in kensington insinn montgomery county annty overturned car at the intersection of beach driveon o and stony brook drive so drive o caution as you head aroundea arn that intersection.seion. aside from that in princet iprin george's county right nownty ri despite the rain movinge m through the area four west is w at speed from 301 to the beltway.ltway. and five north is moving verymoy nicely from brandywine road toea the beltway.ay watch out for those wetthe w conditions and some spray. se sy grab your umbrella. umbll i'd suggest getting a littlet bit of an earlier start sgeo you
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no incidents reportedor approaching the beltway. b let's take a live look outside o and show you what you're upp against. 95 already congestion on thestin northbound side by thert triangle. again the rain isn't going to help that usual congestion there. as we move over for a cameraamer look on 395, 395 from theom beltway as you make your way towards 14th street bridge isbrs pretty quiet right now, guys. >> yeah.>> since you're talk about roadsbor how about those gas prices. >> if you filled up inn preparation for the week youfore probably noticed that gas gas prices went up a little bit.itt. average price of gas $2.10 a gallon, hovering above that tha two dollars mark.wo dol be prepared for this morning. mr that's a jump from just three weeks ago when prices at the tank were about eight centsights less and they're up 20 cents 20e from this time last movementt diesel is up to $2.17 a.1 a gallon, up from just -- up two cents from three weeks t >> funny you're saying thisou
4:50 am
friday. friday. >> did you notice theid y difference. like oh my gosh this is so much higher than it hadige been a couple weeks ago. a >> my question is do you thinkok wisdom is one of those guyshosey that will go across town too get. >> not across town but i'll goo across the street.eet. about nine, 10 years ago when w it was goes ciao toes three toee dollars and above it was insane and for then it just dropped and now all of a all ofa sudden gas prices are back up. they're creeping back up justpi in time for summer travell season so i can see that.eeha >> i'm going to invite myy friends to let me know onn twitter if you found secretecret gas prices we're happy toes we' share with your other friends. i >> if you're in d.c. iu're particularly let me l >> how about if you're in the region so when i'm drivingo around i know where to stop.w >> it's a win-win for everybody. >> we appreciate it.ap happening tonight virginia vgi department of transportationanso they're going to hold twoo public informational meetingsoni about the i395 express lanexpree northern extension project. there's a mti
4:51 am
wakefield high school schoo cafeteria in arlington andrlingd there's another meeting at francis c. hammond middle middle school in alexandria.xand both meetings start at 6:30.:3 the project would expand andxpan convert two of the hov lanes into toll or express lanes.or they expect construction toruio begin next year. year. >> congress wants to know more about metro's 29 hour m emergency shutdown thatgeshutdot happened last month.ast moh. metro's general manager andagera board chairman will testifywills before a house subcommitteemmte this wednesday. wnesday two transportation officials were will testify.l test paul wiedefeld said he shutd hes down the metro system becausetec he wasn't sure it was safe tore run the train.ra. that shut down allowed inspectors to find problems with third rail power cables and also replace them.ce >> checking our other top stories, starting today through next monday over 3,000d0 people have pledged to sit in at the u.s. capitol.. cap this is part of a civil disobedience protest.
4:52 am
crisis because "our democracyem isn't working for everyone,very only the wealthy and elite. ." >> president obama sat down oba with fox news sunday hosty h chris wallace yesterday for an exclusive interview one inrvie everything from his responses ro to the recent terror attacksteot in europe to the legacy ofegac hits time in office. off he also touched on the e-mailail scandal surrounding hillaryrodi the president says he does notss his former secretary of state jepp died national security heut also discussed what heiscu considered to be his biggestig accomplishment and failure so far. >> biggest >> saving the economy he fromro a great depression. >> worst mistake. >> probably failing to planailil for the day after what i think i was the right thing to do in intervening in libya.ya. >> well, this is presidenthis
4:53 am
fox news sunday since he took t office as president.resint strong words from the cia.ia agency director john brennan jo says the cia will not engage eng in waterboarding or other so-called enhanced interrogation techniques evench if ordered to do so by ay future president.reside president obama bannedesident ob waterboarding shortly afterhorta taking office in 2009. 2 gop candidates donald trump and ted cruz have suggested that they would continuehey obama's ban. the cia used waterboardingar after the september 11thmber attacks. >> a new investigation on taser use in maryland foundan f baltimore police excessivelyxcee used stun guns more than anymort other force in the state.rc now, te his comes just one dayod before the anniversary ofersary freddie gray's death. the baltimore sun analyzed analy data on the use of tasers from f 2012 to 2014 and it foundound baltimore police used tasersseta in nearly all cases. they cited more than a hundredud incidents where officers oic discharged their weapons forns more than 15 seconds. seconds that exceeds the limit for for
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weapons manufacturer.uf gun control activists arentc biking from connecticut tocticut washington, d.c. this morning. i more than two dozen ridersid took off from newtown thishi weekend. they're expected to reach theedt capitol by the end of the week. 20 children and six teachersan were killed in the 2012 sandy 21 hook shooting. s the riders will deliver ar petition with some 38,000 se signatures calling for a banor n on concealed weapons on college campuses. >> d.c. mayor muriel bowser on snapchat.snapch her handle is team muriel. team. she's one of the few electede of officials using the site. s we may call her mayor gyre gyr ream she uses stain gramin facebook flicker and twitter averaging about temperatureg ab tweets a day. according to develop.. council international bowseronae was named the second bestondes mayor who has mastered twitter out of 250 biggest u.s.. cities.ti the mayor says her goal is tol t reach people. >> let's talk sports now andorta it's playoff time for the washington caps.ingt today t
4:55 am
begin painting the 2016 stan016n plea cup playoff logos on thelao ice.ic the caps' first playoff gamefiry is thursday.of they're going to take on theingn philadelphia flyers in game.l g last night the caps were shuts e out by the anaheim ducks two-zip. caps rested several players including ovechkin, backstrom and holtby.d hol the ducks clinched the pacificei division by beating the caps. the.the. >> all right, don't have a a doing, don't have a cat but c today is national pet day. >> this day is all about celebrating the wonderful pets in your life. we want to see your pets asee yt well. here's a cute cat from one ofm e our fox5 viewers.iewers this is >> hi, bella.ella >> lounging in a laundryau basket. so tweet us, send us your adorable pet feet he toes. feete talking about dogs, cat, fish,ah whatever you got.ateverou g tweet it to us. it has been legal, though. tho >
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>> you can have some illegal pets. >> that's right. >> tweet us or facebook us at fox5 days. we can't wait to share your y legal pet photos. p >> do you guys have a pet. >> yes. how do y'all not have a pet. a >> i have three kids.e ki >> that's all the more reasonea not to have a pet. p >> when they learn to clean upp after themselves --els >> i'm looking this wayking because that means wisdom is wi never going to have a pet. p don't wait until the kids -- >> no.>>o. >> we're in negotiations rightht now isn't it makes your kidst it better. >> uh-huh. >> yeah, it does. 47 degrees, washington. w 46 for manassas. massa 45 for gaithersburg.g. and 45 for westminster.tminster we do have some showers coming on across this morning andnd we'll continue to have that.havt here comes showers movingho right on the across the area.hea not heavy rain or anythingr anyh like that, just enough to be age problem on the roads.on roa so, 8:00 a.m. some showers, swes breezy noontime, temperatures lower 60's at lunchtime.unti mid to upper 60's for highs higs today with some sunshine late this afternoon.this here's erin como.he she's in with a look at
4:57 am
monday morning commute. com monday all over again. ove a >> i just posted about 15ut 15 pictures of my cats onats o facebook if anyone cares toe s take a look. loo right now if you're waking up this monday worth you're mon waking up to rain as gary mentioned.mentioned. 270 south side it's stillh si moving nicely if 70 to the truck scales. i'm just worried it could be a mess of a monday morning asng a more folks hit the road andoad more rain comes through so throo give yourself a little extraxtra aside from that tracking an overturned vehicle beach drive at stonn knee brook drive nneoo prince george's county yournty inbound route looking good.rout traffic on the way to bwi bwi dulles and reagan national quiet. we'll let you know when thatt yo changes.chan back to you. you. >> breaking news out of princet george's county. anof attempt ted robbery leadina police to open fire. fir life on the scene with the latest.te. >> a thief breaking into ahi locaeflocal burger joint and man himself to a burger. we have the must see video just ahead.
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(man) some things are worth holding onto. they're hugging the tree. (man) that's why we got a subaru. or was it that tree? (man) the twenty-sixteen subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> ♪ >> thi this is fox5 news morning. >> a police-involved shootingvoo overnight in prince george's county. we're live with what led to led this chaotic scene. >> the clock is ticking. tng why time is running out to pass noah's law in maryland.aryn


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