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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  April 11, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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(man) some things are worth holding onto. they're hugging the tree. (man) that's why we got a subaru. or was it that tree? (man) the twenty-sixteen subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> ♪ >> thi this is fox5 news morning. >> a police-involved shootingvoo overnight in prince george's county. we're live with what led to led this chaotic scene. >> the clock is ticking. tng why time is running out to pass noah's law in maryland.aryn
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monday morning.. we're at 48 degrees.degr not a bad day on tap. maybe a little moisture headeded our way. w gary mcgrady is of courseours going to update us on that and a erin como will talk track.ra. that will happen on the 5s.on t5 thanks for joining us. u i'm holly morris. mri >> and i'm maureen let's get to that breaking news out of laurel maryland m where there has been ath police-involved shooting.ved shn happened at a story in the 900 block of fourth street. fox5's melanie alnwick liveaniea on scene with the breakinging details. >> reporter: good morning,ter: guys. we just got some informationor from the steve laurel that the two suspects involved in this break in just 20 and 15 years old. now, less tell us that they were alerted to an alarm atlarma the building here. h this is the indis international food market. it specializes in south asian food and spice and halal meat.aa when the officers got to theffic scene they said they saw twowo suspects.susp one n
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and was caught. caugh then police found the second suspect, the 20-year-old inside the business and an a officer fired one shoted o striking him. he was taken to medstar.edst we're told he's in stableble condition we don't have any detailse y de right now as to why the why the officer felt he or she needed to discharge the service weapon and why he needed too shoot at the suspect.usct all of it still under investigation.investigatio laurel tells us that this is the first police-involved shooting in the city since 2003. the officer a 17 year veteran vr of the force.of for the 15-year-old was releasedel to the custody of his parentsen because that is with thee th burglary charges, not the kind e of thing that would requireui him to be in the custody ofustoy juvenile services. however, that 15-year-old is is still facing charges and willil have to go back and appear app before a live in laurel, i'm melanie alnwick.alnwick. back to you guys.o you >> thank you mel.nk you mel. anne arrundel
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sheriff in legal trouble thisubi morning. police confirm sheriff ronald rl bateman was arrested lastesd night. he's facing a second degree dege assault charge which is liste as a misdemeanor. aisde unclear what led to that arrest.arre there are reports the incidentnc is domestic in natcher. ner >> a missing mother and sonher s from alexandria have beenri found police searched for them yesterday. they say jury chavez sufferingeg from schizophrenia.ophren her family was concernedoncerned because she left with herer nine-year-old son. son miss chavez is currently underry going a mental evaluation.lun. her son is being cared for byory family members. membe >> in the district i.r.s.r employees are back to workare bt this morning after a transformer fire forced a downtown following shut downol last week.lo employees are end can courage to call the emergd ency hotlinei to check in this morning. the the tax return process wasrw not affected by the building's closure.closure. the i.r.s. says people shoulds e continue to file their taxo returns asfi normal. >> also happening today,ap maryland lawmakers are lkers expected to settle on a final an version of noah's law.ion ofh'
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because the general assemblyssem ends its session today. i the legislation would require ri ignition interlocks for all convicted drunk drivers. the house and senate havesena hv passed different versions oferon the b noah's law is named after aft montgomery county policeme officer noah leotta.ry he was shor t by a suspected --- he was killed by a suspected sct drunk driver last year. >> a preliminary hearing will be held today for one of the suspects in connection withct the death oiof a prince george'e county elijah ford is charged withrg conspiracy and attempted murder. his brother malik is also charged with the same crime. thr police say their brotherir broth michael was the gunman in then t ambush that led to theed to friendly fire death of officer jacai officer colson was off duty dut when he was >> now to the district whereicth police are looking for a hungry thief. police say a money broke intoo the five guys restaurant in columbia heights on march 18thgs to get a bite to eat the man never went near theear cash register.ter. once inside five guys he simply fired up the grille andle made himse
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at one point he actually tookllo a phone call got himself aself drink and then went on his h way. way. >> doesn't really make a't difference. the guy wanted a burger.nted i guess he wanted to get it. >> police are asking for your fr help to bring in this "hamburglar." if you recognize him, though, hg give police a call. >> ♪ >> can you really be mad ate m the guy? >> it's a funny story.. i love it.lovet. >> exactly.. it's the kind of crime you have to chuckle at. a bless his heart. >> he knew where everythingre e was, he knew how to turn onurn n the ovens want not. >> perhaps a former employee emo just hank erring for a bite. a >> now you're thinking likein detective, aren't you.n't you >> yeah. all right, let's talk this weather. saturday stunk. yesterday was okay.tuay. today? >> it's kind of a 50-50 deal d because we start off thista o morning with showers which can o can just make people pulle their hair out on the way to work or school.r sch >> i know.w. >> then you end up with wit temperatures today mid tos tomio upper 60's, some fols
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lower 70's with some sunshine.uh >> not bad. >> i don't think it's all thatni bad today. we're at least above where weboe should be for this time of year. from that now in the city,now dulles 46. a lot of mid 40's out there soo it's definitely a chilly rain. i let me show you bus stop sto forecast for the kiddos. k 43 to 48. showers this morning. mor breezy after school but notice c the temperatures after school.c. that ain't bad. 65 to 70 degrees. we'll cool off again tomorrow,oo okay. here are showers now. now. you kind of see how they're the' passing across.passinacross. nothing too heavy but all thisti is moving from west to it's wet out there now. it had probably be wet for the next three to four hours with wt passing and then we he should starttart trending dry. dry but trending dry after the monday morning commute. sorry about that. wah-wah as they say. say here's erin como.'s eri >> on-time traffic brought to you by toyota.yo visit buy a for special offers. offers. >> it's going to be a rainyg to one. we're already dealing with problems
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in montgomery countyon overturned vehicle beach drivele at stony brook.ny brook. heads up in prince lane closures right now 95res north at 619. at 6 they have to remove some debris from the road. because of that we'll start tote see some big delays leading todt that location.ion. so please be patient. patient we'll keep you updated.u update. right now route one may be aute better bet to get around those lane closures.lo one lane getting gng b aside from that we are seeing sg quiet conditions inbound inbou in the beltway still lookingki very nice across the wilson thew bridge. plenty of green.enty o watch for those slick spots asta more rain hits the area. aside from that 295 looking good.od problem free in arlington andond we're also looking very nicey n in prince george's county. c let's go ahead and touake a livl look outside and show you howyou things are shaping up.pi u right now 395 duke street to the 14th street bridge noe complaints right there.ts in fact all of your bridgesridgs are quiet this morning. morning. things looking good across the key, roosevelt memorial and douglas. if you have an early morning flight you're looking good one o your way to the airport. back to you. >> ♪ >> new this morning, new details after the belgium
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suspects were planning a second attack on paris. par comes after a suspect in the i brussels attack was area attacka evident rested on friday. frida mohammed abrini was identified as the man in the hat. h he was also wanted in thein t paris attacks.ttacks the faster salah abdeslam is i speaking out. o he talked about how upsetps feels about his son's actions. o [speaking foreign language] >> the interpreter: i amnter very sad. s i do not know how children can be dragged into this kind of scheming.scheming. i don't understand what'sders napping their heads. >> salah abdeslam wants to be extradm ited back to france butt belgium authorities want toritio question him about the a the suspects involved in the i brussels >> secretary of state johnsestah kerry making history in japan. j during a trip to the country he visited the hiroshimairoshima memorial becoming the mostos senior american official to visit the site.e can kerry delivered a message me of peace and hope for a nuclear free world
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he and other officials walkedd forward together to layto wreaths on the memorial.emorl. about 140,000 japanese peopleeel died in the attack in thek t final days of world war ii. >> ♪ >> coming up, a major changeng for some women seeking birth control.cont ly which state they can now canw get it without a prescription. >> but first traffic accidentraf turning deadly for a formerorme football star.ball this morning his accused kill are behind bars. time now is nine past the hours. stay with us. we're back in just 30 seconds.
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>> ♪ >> now to a developing story. the sports deworld is mourning the loss of a former nfl player in new orleans.ns. 34-year-old will smith was a defensive end for the new orleans saints.lean police say he was gunned downne saturday after a trafficra accent turned violent. vle police currently have a suspect in custody.t inus >> wisdom joining us now withit more on this. wisdom good tragic story.ic sto police say 28-year-old cardellar lace is accused of killing kli will smith.mi he's charged with second cha degree murder and being heldd i on a 1 million-dollar bond.ond. the incident startereid around 11:30 saturday night. nht smith was driving with hisas dri wife in new orleans when police say hayes rear ended r the couple.the now the pair allegedly exchanged words and hayes opened fire. he say
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reaching for a gun. witnesses say they heard between six to eight shots.tho his wife was shot twice in thewt leg but she's expected to maketo a full recovery. recer hayes has pleaded not guilty gut to the crimes.he cri will smith played defensive defi end for the saints for 10r the 0 years. he was a five-time teamtime tm captain and helped bring thering new orleans saints their first super bowl win back in 2009. 2 now saints coach sean peytonto expressed his grief on twitter saying heavy hearts with senseless passing of our team tm captain will smith. smi pray for his wife's recovery rev and their children.ldren. will smith leaves behind as wife and three kids. k he was just 34 years old.. tragic story here isn't isn senseless. >> and it just brings to mindin that we don't know all thehe details of what happenedof wt h between the two during thiss accident but just think aboutusn all the times that stuff happens on the roads.on t >> well, i mean, correct me ifcm i'm wrong but basically theyg bu think right now preliminarilylia that this was just road rage.rog >> that's what they think thatht it was an ac
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escalated for some reason.meea we've all seen situations onti the roads where it could getet dangerous.da >> we've probably all been in them, too. too. >> you never know what's going t on in the other car.her you never know who you'reou dealing with when you have anthw accident. >> it's not worth it. >> and it's nots worth it.t. >> more details i'm sure will wl come out about this terrible ter story. st >> thanks, wisdom.nks,do >> scary moments in paradise. a d.c. bound flight forced toor make an emergency landing. landi we'll have those details just to ahead. >> first, though, gary and, garn erin are back with a check of your weather and traffic on traf the 5s. don't go anywhere. 512 is ou5:12 is our time right. make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $3.99, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $3.99 today.
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america runs on dunkin'.
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>> police-involved shooting inin the 900 block of fourthvo street. officials say they caught one suspect as that were running away from the0 bl th indis foodood international market. another suspect was shotr during that tpu that person was taken to medstar list in stabletar list t
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this is the first policee involved shooting in laurel since 2003. we'll bring you a live reportu i from the scene at the top of of the hour. >> ♪ >> monday morning and it's a i rainy. it's not super heavy rain or anything like that but it's just passing showers. unfortunately, guys, it's guy i' enough this morning that it's going to compound the morning commute once the volume gets tom going i think litter slow down a bit. now, we're hoping that thisg tht gets out of here by the latter part of the morning commute, cou maybe we salvage the 7, 8, 9, 9 o'clock part of the commute ifoi it dries off in time.ries i don't think it will.t but there's a chance that itthai had. showers coming on you can see a little heaviereavr shower northern sections oforth loudoun county.lo just to zoom into town here,m w nothing heavy, just passing showers across the area and it t looks like it's going tog to continue at least for the next probably three, maybe even e four hours so we'll go hell go there with morning showers.ho we're dry at noontime.oont the winds will start kickingking up. we're already mid 60's byd b lunchtime with a little ltl sunshine poking through and itra
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partly sunny late today and at least for a change aha temperatures will get to above normal.rmal. that will be nice late this afternoon.ternoo futurecast does show a lot ofw o this getting out of here afterfr the 6 o'clock hour.cloc hou still a few lingering showers, e even by 8 o'clock and we'llnd watch what's farther back outr t to the one of the because that could still possibly comeblyom through late morning but it will be very, very light.ryig as we get into the afternoon, a, notice we're drier and being bng very aggressive with movingit the clouds up to the north andnd that will bring sunshine in sun late this afternoon and helpafte to warm things up.hings u so for a high today we'reay w going go about 68 degrees.s. again, morning showers, afternoon sunshine. sunin showers come back in theack in t forecast for tomorrow.omrow. we're going to be 61 tomorrow tw so we'll be a little coolere coe and some of you tomorrow willrw only be in the upper 40's --0's upper 50's, pardon me.e. 46 degrees gaithersburg, 46sbg, baltimore and temperatures way back out to the west hereere louisville is 65. columbus is 52 so there's warm r air coming up from the southup h and the
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here showing a lot of rain coming through and again withgat the forecast cloudy skies, skies temperature today gets up too 68 degrees.68 degrees. it will be a dry afternoon.fter winds out of the southwest at st 10 to 20 miles per hour. p h seven-day forecast looks like this. 68 today. 61 tomorrow. association the nexthe next couh wet conditions.ondion wednesday, thursday, friday, fra dry but cool. cl. clouds around saturday but it looks dry.looksry. warmer on sunday. temperature back up to rightck g around 70 degrees or so. or s erin como is in. monday morning.orning how is the themu >> right now gary we've had we'e some issues. i some things clearing upss rightr now in spotsylvania a new crash.cras courthouse road westbound atse smith station road cautiond ut there. and as gary mentioned rained r moving that was this monday morning, it's going to beto be pretty grows out. grab your umbrella andour umella patience as more folks hit the t road the rain could cause aau dicey monday morning ride.nday r debris removal 95 on the northbound side by six noon.sixn a ladder fell off a truck.l f a only blocking the shoulder.he so all lanes
5:18 am
lanes blocked. just a few miles of backed upf traffic leading towards 619.ds 6 hop off and take route one to t get around that one. 395 quiet moving well from the beltway to the 14th streetto th bridgely we'll take a live l look outside and show you whatoa you're up against. ain no problems across the wilson a little bit crowded on somewd o of our roads taking a closera c look at our cameras n back to you. >> thanks erin.>> t happening today, a streettr smart campaign is launching inhg the a push to crack down on drivers, bike lifts and pedestrians who break trafficwh safety laws.fety l violators can be fined up to $500. $50 some drivers may receive rei points on their drivingng record. police will take part in the pit safety driving campaignig through may eighth. >> congress wants to know morent about metro's 29 hour 29 h emergency shutdown thattdown tht happened last month.edast mo metro's general manager and and board chairman will testify tti before a house two transportation officials will also testify. metr
5:19 am
the metr so system because he bh wasn't sure it was safe to runes those trains s. that shut down allowed inspectors to find any issues with third rail power cablesl po and also to be able to replaceto them. e>> you could see mor protests in d.c. over the next week.week starting today through nextod monday more tayhan 3,000 peoplel have pledged to sit in at then e u.s. capitol.ol. it's part avenue a mass civil disobedience protest. ptest they claim the nation is in a tt crisis because "our democracy dc isn't working for everyoneone only the wealthy and elite."te." over a hundred marchersar arrived in the district after a 10 day trek fromay t philadelphia. >> california has become the third u.s. state to make birth i control available to womenl without ava doctor's' visit.s' s >> the new state law allows a itself administered contraceptives without a prescription. women requesting birth controltg will be required to fill out a t health questionnaire andionn and discuss differentdisc contraceptive options with the w pharmacist.phar supporters say the new law makes bir c
5:20 am
accessible to women but but critics argue it sends theends e wrong message to teenaged tnage girls. >> time now is 5 let's get a check of the o t stories you're most engaging eag with on our realtime newse news tracker. first up, scary moments on board an american airlines plane. the plane had taken off from fro key west international airporter when officials say it hit anaa bird. bird. the plane turned around ande tu safely landed.lyanded. none of the 63 passengers were hurt. a u.s. naval officer facing espionage charges. edward lin accused of passing off secrets to china. china. hillary clinton making aary campaign stop in baltimore. the democratic frontrunner rallied in charm cityie yesterday. clinton picked up support frod f maryland congressman elijah eli cummings all of this ahead of ao the april 19th new york primary.primary. and finally this man's man's brazen break in going viral goi this morning. making his way into a northwest d.c. fast food f joint. but it's what he took that has t everyone talking. talng the details
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>> and speaking of somethingom that everyone is talking about, how about that dramatic sunday on the >> whew. >> highlights from this year'sfr masters show down coming up. >> but first today is national o pet day. got a pooch, got a send us your pictures of yourofu four legged friends or your y fur babies as some of us calls them. these are erin como's cute cats. this is mugs and little miss am not sure which one is mugs i or little miss. miss. mugs was adopted in philly and little miss was adopted in nashville.nash send us your pictures on on facebook or tweet them. we'll be glad to share them this morning. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us
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>> it's just crazy.>> i it's just surreal.'s words can can't really rea describe the feelings and thethe emotions.emotio so much involved in whatuch you're doing when you're on y'r the golf course and obviouslyrs you do something special and and it still doesn't sink in quite what you've achieved.chieve >> that was golf champion champo danny wi the
5:24 am
years old and only the second tc english man to ever win the masters. the tournament found in at dramatic collapse, though, forp, last year's winner jordannean spieth. he threw away a five shot lead a in less than an hour. h >> wasn't >> it was you have to watch.youe let's talk on the ice now. washington caps gearing up for c the playoffs.ap >> this weekend they closed out their regular season. last night the caps were senhute out by the anaheim ducks two to nothing. nhing the capitol resting severaltol players including ovechkin och backstrom and holtby.d hol the ducks beat the caps. c now the ducks head to the d playoffsuc to face the nashville predators. >> who is coached by the caps tc former coach -- not nashville nv anaheim ducks.uc. today at the verizonhe center they'll be painting aai logo for playoff hockey.ff hke >> that's cool. >> this is going to be theng toe year, right? rig >> every year is the th. >> better be. >> this is the year. this is >> this is a better team. br t this is a better team, okay.
5:25 am
happens.ppen >> i got get my cow bell out. o >> i was going say where is that bell. >> i know where it is. >> don't do it. here's the bus stop forecast for you out there. as thehe traffic picks up this morning, g the traffic, the commute is going to be compounded by, thect problems with that because ofh the rain.n. showers this morning.this 43 to 48.8. then this afternoon it'ss tern actually looking better. >> yeah. >> sunshine comes out. not completely sunny or anything like that. >> the fact there is a seventh on there makes me happy. hap >> you noticed.ed showers coming across this rnrning. kind of passing by.nd o nothing but enough to cause a problem ao with the commute.ommute breezy and mild later today.ated we're going to have winds southwest 15 to 20 miles per to hour, a little bit gusty butut notice upper 60's to lower 70's will prevail late thisevai afternoon. it's just one days, okay. and we're going to cool offoo o again for the next several. >> oh, man. man >> i was going say have we goi v ma
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turned that corner?or >> no, this is what i'vet've mother naturcie is i'm telling you, she is. [laughter]au >> eb >> remember guys we had aad great april. >> but we're living in april.rel >> i try to make everybodyo feel better and -- and >> i know. k >> she shoots me down.hoot >> erin is going to make us feel better. >> saturday was ideal weatherwa to try ben's chili bowl. b >> what did you think. what did >> i loved it.>> i >> welcome to d.c., erin.n. >> now i'm official. >> that you go.u g >> it was great. and i sat at the little bar,, had the whole experience.xperie >> and you're still feeling it. >> i'm wearing extra spanxxt spa courthouse road crash in spotsylvania so be prepared pre for that one.tht o as gary mentioned rain thisnhi monday have some patience it couldt cause a little bit of problem b later this morning.or we usually anticipate moreateor accidents when that happens.s wh debris removed 95 northbound at 619. a ladder fell
5:27 am
watch for that mixing in with i the morning slow along 395 the beltway lookingoog good. good if you have an early mao ely morning flight to catch to traffic on the way to bwi is shaping up nicely on bw o parkway and 95 northbound andbod possible memorial free on theor way to dulles iaand reagand re national. tweet me any questions at erinri fox5 d.c. time for another sip of coffee e on this lovely monday morning. i back to to you >> we'll have one with you,, too.o. coming up at 5:30 the very:r latest on the breaking newsg out of prince george's police opening fire overnight on following an attempted robbery. melanie alnwick live on the scene. >> a u.s. naval officer in hotna water this morning.r th what he's accused of doingf straight a stay with us. we're back in a moment.
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>> ahead this morning, a realhi life hamburglar caught on >> the guy want add burger. >> a late night thief helping himself to everything but the cash. ca the clock is ticking tok ici strike a deal on noah's law in i an effort to keep drunk keep dr drivers off the road.d. plus, here we go gas prices are are on the rise. what you can expect to pay p rider here in our region. and later doggone it.eroggoe it's national pet day and we want to celebrate your furry friend. fox5 news morning starts right now. >> this is fox5 news morning. mg >> all right, 5:30 is the0 is te time. good morning to you.goor we're up and ready. and rea gary mcgrady has got anas g update on the weather. weath give us a synopsis of what wha you're going t
5:31 am
now. >> showers this morning forrs t the commute. but temperatures today finallysf back above normal.veor how is that?ha >> you're batting .500. . >> doggone it.>> dgone >> thanks gary.s gar quick traffic word erin.rin. >> i don't want to blame gary but with the showers moving in o it could be a little bit of a l rough money.rough money i'll let you know congestion is definitely starting to kickok in. in. >> sounds good.>> thank you. we want to get back to that breaking news out of newou laurel maryland where therearyl has been a police-involved shooting. it happened at a store in the i 900 block of fourth street. >> fox5's melanie alnwic melanis live from the scene. sce good morning um good morning. forth street and montrose were s shut down for several hours h overnight here in laurel.nau they are now back opened for op laurel residents and peoplets a who need to come to the t to shopping center here. cente we're talking about the indus international food market.arket. you can kind of see the signf sg on the building here. bing here still a few police left heret h on the scene but the majority mr of the investigation is concluded. what we know is boy he 11:18 1
5:32 am
that alerted police to a breakoa n it's known in the area as an good place to go for south s asian food, spices, halal h meat. officers found two suspectswo s when 93 arrived on the one ran out of the building fled on foot and was we're told that person, 15 1 years old.yearld and then there was another a suspect that was located inside the building and that and is where there must have beenhae some kind of an altercation.of a we really don't have thet details as to what exactly went down except that we knowex that an officer did fire one fir shot striking the suspect.uspect that suspect a 20-year-old0-yeao male was taken to medstared hospital in stable condition. ci we also have been told that tolh the officer is a 17 year veteran of the force but the the investigation is still ongoingng as to what were the is circumstances that led to the to officer thinking that he or he o she needed to shoot and again,gn everything is back openedk o also the 15-year-old has been
5:33 am
released to the custody of hisfs parents.pants. we're told that that is because juvenile serviceservi ordinarily wouldn't holdri someone for aly burglary chargea but that 15-year-old is stilltil going to face charges in thishi live in laurel, i'm melanie alnwick. >> police involved shootingsvolv are always concerning butterrnin one involving a 15-year-oldye-o raises the hair on your neck.ou >> reporter: the 15-year-old 15r was the one that was caught and not shot. the 20-year-old is the one that was shot. s >> i know but a 15-year-oldar-o involved is disturbing to say the least.ea news that one of the toponef law men in anne arrundelrr county county is himself inimsef trouble with the law.e wi the the anne arrundel county cou police department confirms depen sheriff ronald bateman wasem was arrested last night. fox5 searched marylandhed arylad judicial records and found bateman is facing a second degree assault charge lived asr a misdemeanor.mi police will share more details
5:34 am
>> also happening todayo ha maryland lawmakers expected todt settle on a final version of o noah's law. the time is quickly running rni out because the jen alheen assembly ends its sessionly e today. the legislation would require rq ignition interlocks for all int convicted drunk drivers.icte the house and senate havee passed diffeanrent versions of that bill. th no what's law is named after a montgomery county policeme officer noahry leotta killed byd a suspected drunk driver last >> in the district i.r.s. employees back to work after a transformer fire forced the downtown following shut down last week. employees are are end cane end n courage to call the emergencythg hotline to check in this morning.g. the today's return process wastn not affected by the building closure. the i.r.s. says people should continue to file that tax to fia returns as normal.or >> developing overnight a u.s. . naval flight officer has been accused of passing secrets to se shine china. lieutenant commander edward lin served on some of the navy's most sensitive intelligence gathering aircrafts.fts. he faces counts of espionage.fsa he was o
5:35 am
national before his family b moved to the united states.ef te befo ure these accusations linao was also accused of violating military law by patronizingzing prostitutes and committingom adultery. >> in the district police arest looking for a hriungry police say a man broke intoke the five guys restaurant in column a ya' heights on marchei 18 to get a bitghe to eat.e to t the man never went near the nea cash regis once inside the five guys he simply fired up the grille andil made himself some burgers.gers. at one point he took a phone a o call got himself something tohi drink and then went on hisis way. police are asking for youring help to bring in this brazen burglar. if you recognize him giveim g police a call.l. >> i don't like to go backwards but saturday was miserable. we had a cancellation of ource little baseball game. >> doesn't like to b go >> but i did go back. >> we kind of did it. of diit. >> that's all right. >> we had it on sunday becauseau it was nice on sunday.e on sunda what do we have in store fortorr the future. future. >> probably no more snow.
5:36 am
this morning they call itca i rain. it makes for a tricky morning commute, slower morning commute. watch out for that. it's a littleou heavier up here in northern loudoun countyun cot coming across frederick. freder. this is the heaviest i've seenve so far this morning so most ofsf frederick is covered up wither some pretty good rain righttty o now. no coming out towards baltimorealti on 70, that's going to be tricky.ic then coming right downinrigh through, say, damascus andass a then on down to 270 eventuallyua clarksburg and germantownermaow probably gaithersburg gettingurg into the heavier rain as wellsel but here in the city, a few, a e showers but not too terribly tri bad. ba look, just keep in mind it in mt will be wet for the nexte couple of hours, maybe the t next three hours or so. i'm going to leave showers in i at 8:00 a.m. even though in tho think they'll be headed off toeo the east. breezy at lunchtime 64 degrees with some sunshine.e sunshin more sunshine late this le afternoon. high temperature upper 60's top low 70's. won't that be nice? it's beente awhile since we've hadve h temperatures this comfortable.l. here's erin como monday mda morning, rain, those two,, well, monday morning and rain ai don't go
5:37 am
>> right now we're alreadylr starting to see problems. 270 in frederick volume building the usual spotng t congestion 70 to the truckruck scales. sc you can definitely see some s light rain coming down 270 down from clarksburg to germantown. t congestion picking up towards tr the spur so just give yourself l extra time there. you know thekt drill. dr mix in monday morning with w rain and you're in for a n little bit of a headache. hda we'll switch it over back toitch our maps. crash activity in spotsylvaniana courthouse road westbound atesna smith station road.oa another area where you want torn use some caution and then inn i prince william we also have debris blocking a shoulder 95 at 619 and congestiongest building. we'll take a closer look there holly and wisdom.andisdo >> thanks erin. thank eri coming up new concerns conrs over the zika virus. the new defect it is now linked to. >> and what makes someone creepy? turns out there's a science as to why we perceive a person as creepy. we're going explain next inexplt today's health watch. wat >> first though let's go aheadge and get a quick check on theck stock markets. markets asian stocks are mixed this morning while european stockse u are lower.
5:38 am
morning. we're back right after this.
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make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $3.99, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $3.99 today. america runs on dunkin'. >> ♪ >> we're back at 5:40. i'm maureen umeh with youreen health headlines. nenew details about the zika virus. it attacks the brain in thein ih way similar to
5:41 am
sclerosis. the virus has differentrus has n effects on the brain thanin those identified in current studies. they're trying to figure out the cause for this a new study about peoplebo who give you the creeps. the c you know the ones they stand uncomfortably close or maybe spiel a little peculiarly.ttleel the study outlines what creepy e actually s here are some traits. talking too much about abo inappropriate topics.op i know that person. that pe laughing at inappropriatenappror times. not letting someone out of a conversation. displaying too much or tooying little emotion. emotion asking to take a picture of are stranger.ra the study says the problemys the with feeling uneasy around aro so-called creepy people isal trying to figure outle if they i are a threat or not a threat. t i'm like yeah. >> i think a little bit more sinister when i think creepy. c those things just weird.we >> really? what about peopley? that sit too close.lose. >> now.. >> that uncomfortable touch.foru >> it's real creepy now. [laughter][lauter] >> that's some other stuffhat's right there. >> now i'm
5:42 am
now i feel like i creeped everyone. >> my gosh. okay. coming up, the hair is up on i u the back of my neck. that's a a sign. s >> security. >> as his time in office windsfs down president obama takes aside moment to reflect. what he says his greatestis gre accomplishment and biggest regret as commander-in-chief.eri >> gary and erin back with theki weather and traffic on the 5s in just a moment. t.
5:44 am
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>> back now at 5:44. 54. developing in prince george'sngi county police areco investigating ain police-involved shooting.olot it happened last night in thesti 900 block of fourth street intre laurel. y ficials say they caught onesa suspect as they were running away from the indus foodndus international market.ationat. now another suspect washer sut actually shot during thet duri e pursuit.uit. that person was taken toson s ta medstar and is listed in lised stable condition. conditi this is the first the fir police-involved shooting in sotn laurel since 2 we're going to bring you a live report from the scene athee the top of the hour.r. >> ♪ >> oh, no, it's monday morning and it's wet out outhee showers coming on across.s. listen i want to you keep this i in mind. we're headed to the upper 60's and low 70's later on this oth afternoon with some sunshine.omh so, we get through the morningng showers. showers. bus stop forecast kiddos 43 he to 48 degrees.8 degr maybe i wasn't bell or a rain an
5:46 am
we'll start drying out arying o little bit just becomingom cloudy.cldy. then after school looks likelook sunshine breaks through.aks thgh winds will be gusty out of thelu southwest. that's going to warm us up 65, 70 degrees or so many here'sre radar this morning withes showers coming across.r ths cona a few more showers coming intoon the beltway inside the beltway l for the district here in the t next few minutes. minut the heaviest of the raine he coming across frederick countyct right now, northern sections of loudoun county, will you be botsville getting a prettytttt good shower.we brunswick across the river and v then all this will slide on across northern montgomery county you'll get some pretty'l good showers before it's all said and done, tool . i-70 out of frederick, i-270 out of frederick and northern nr montgomery county no doubt that's going to be slow. g there you go.there you go erin's always over here and she tells us it's not being creepy or anything like that and it is a little bit backede i up coming out of urbanaana through clarksburg germantown, a too. 45 degrees. i don't want this to turn into r the traffic report. rep temperatures now 47. 47. 46 dulles.ul 46 for bwi marshall and thisnd t is the
5:47 am
days. days so today we're 68 in town. lower 70's for some of you. you tuesday, wednesday, thursday, tu upper 60's. 60' showers and then we dry out. bigger picture regionallyegnall headed up towards new york andos philly it's wet this morning. tm look, still holding out withl ho some snow and some wintry mixtr for new england. that's just awful. j futurecast gets the rain out rn of here later on today. today maybe a passing shower or twohoo late morning and then we getnine into some sunshine for thehine afternoon and evening. ni should see the sunset. that's nice.'s n high temperature today makespera it up top 68 degrees sodegrs morning showers a-dry afternoon. winds out of the southwest atwet about 10 to 20 miles per hour. p seven-day forecast looks like this. next couple days we'll have h then we're drier. wednesday, thursday,owth friday, lower 60's. 6 saturday i think some clouds,omc 63. warmer with sunshine on sunday, 68.nd, 68 here's erin como. c time for your monday morningning traffic. traffic. thanks for the assistance.tanc yeah.
5:48 am
a lot of breaking news. first i want to give you aiv y heads up. taking metro today the eighthaye and d.c. street entrance atentrn l'enfant plaza stop is closed co because of a power outage.ut more on that in a moment. m behind me this is the outers the loop. loop huge crash between 50 and 450. several lanes blocked. you can see you're nearly n parked leading past that past location on the outer looptin again. ramp from visit to the outerrom loop right now getting reportsog that that is also blockedo b because of this big crashhig c scene. we're working on getting more mr information but huge delaysn bu are starting to build.are st you can see several miles ofes backed up traffic on 50 ass well. in addition to the outer loopp backup 50 is very backed most folks coming in from annapolis take 50 out to the out beltway so be prepared for we'll get you some workl arounds but as for now i wouldgw be prepared to leave early. ear we'll have more traffic in just a few minutes. back to you. to you. >> erin thank you. if you're up early this>> y morning perhaps you'repes y commuting in from virginia inir the suburbs south of d.c. o >> for some of that you meansom dropping your car off at the hoyer road commuter lot in woodbridge but are you taking t a big
5:49 am
vehicle there? thieves are targeted cars literally stealing all four tires or four breaking into vehicles to steal items. the latest big hit happenedig he back on march 31st. 3 now a virginia lawmaker wantsmae you to take take actio joining us from woodbridge is is state senator jeremy pine.erempe good morning, sir.good morni >> good morning holly andand wisdom. >> for people that aren'teople a familiar with this problem canic you give us a magnitude of thehe problem.m. this isn't like a one-time thing. this is something that'ssothin repeatedly happening and it'st' pretty egregious.ty e >> yeah, that's right.h, that'sg almost every month and a half h or so a crew comes in here and d swipes tires, radios, r navigation systems and they t take it off of dozen of cars o at a time and so this hasnd happened over the last couple years and frankly moremore intensely over this past year. a and it's frustrating.rati as you can imagine if you come c and you park your car, you car, have a long day at work andork you come back the last thing you want to see is your car upar on blocks when you get back
5:50 am
>> so you're talking about a a plan to put cameras in thishi parking lot.g lot are we talking about planbo p that's going to be funded by,und you know, you guys or is it going to be privately funded? ee how is that going to work org tr is it just conversation aton this point? >> well, a couple things. i actual had a bill this year in the general assembly in virginia to allow food trucksd s in the lot and the fees would fo go dedicated to adding security here at these lots.s. now, the food truck portionru p passed but the house strippedoue out the funding portion forortif security. we're fighting to make sureti t that we get funding back in b the picture and we want tond wet make sure that the governorhe gv and general assemblyembl understand how important thistai is to our this is largest commuter lot in virginia with over 2400r cars so it's important that weo provide some level off assurance to commuters that park here that their car israr going to be safe.g we're meeting later this week w with vdot state police as well w aspirins william county policeiu to map out ant plan on what it't going to take to secure this lot.lo >> my understanding i
5:51 am
there's been no arrests madestsd in any of these break-ins ass well. now you also are are askingalsoe residents to sign a petitionit just to give the governor anr an idea of how urgent thisrgent th problem needs to be addressed. . >> that's right. we started a petition hereetion this past friday on facebook feo at my state senator web site, facebook site, jeremy mcpike m and it's to show the magnitudeai and how important of an issueof it is. we've got to make sure thoseho in richmond understand howand important it is to us here in northern virginia. vir >> real quick. any advice to people who havehov to park their cars out therearst because it's not -- a lot ofa people don't have a choice.'tav they have to leave their carsher there. what should people do in thehe meantime until they get this all worked out. >> well, it's been anybody coming through the lotou at any point in time, if you i see something suspicious callpii it in. that's the key right now is tohn get information.nforma prince william county policey p they do have some tempoar
5:52 am
cameras at the entrances but that doesn't provide the full coverage. this is a huge lot with lotsh of different sections so if you see something, recordereco something. that's going to help someonee else >> all right, state senator sat jerry mcpike. we appreciate your time, sir.imr thank you. y >> thank you. y >> could you imagine coming imai back and your car being up on u cinder blocks. >> i've heard of peoplehearof p actually stealing cars orallyaln breaking into cars but taking tn the tires off of them at ahe commuter lot. >> in broad daylight. i >> in the daytime, that'syti, ts strange. >> crazy. here's something. somethi if you filled up for the workp r week then you probably noticedpt this. gas prices in some parts ofe the dmv are now hovering above the two dollars mark coming inrn at an average $2.10 a that's a jump from three weekses ago when prices at the tank were eight cents less anden prices are up 20 cents from this time last month and forla drivers who use diesel, the t average price is $2.17 a.17 gallon. that is up just two cents fromor three weeks ago. u.s. transit systems in sysi several cities includi
5:53 am
area are reaching out to uber ue and lyft to help with servingh r disabled passengers. they want ride hailinge ha companies to share the costs. cs transit agencies are are required under the americansmeca with disabilities act to offeri specialized services including u door to door pickup and dropro off but advocates for theesor te disabled are concerned about whether uber and lyft can can provide the proper access. props the companies say they areaniest working to improve those services. >> president obama sat downde with fox news sunday hostnt chris wallace yesterday for an exclusive. >> biggest accomplishment. >> saving the economy from a great depression. >> worst mistake? >> probably failing to plan for the day after what i think k was the right thing to do in intervening in libya
5:54 am
>> all right. rig this was president obama's's first appearance on fox news new sunday since he became president. >> ♪ >> time now for our facebookno fan of the day and today it is our man >> lance i'm jealous 'cause itea looks like you're on thelike y beach. he says he falls asleep and he wakes up to fox5.s o f and he did want to share his beach picture in hopes of warmer weather from your mouthou to god's for your chance to be tomorrow's fan leave a comment or photo below lance's photoce's on our facebook page.ebook now i already know the k answer to this but do you have a pet ways glom you alreadygl know. >> he does not. >> i do not. >> right. >> nonetheless, my parents dossd for my kids down south but ith don't have one at my o today is national pet day.y. that's what we're going on and a on about. this day is all about about celebrating the wonderful petsul in your >> we want to see your pets. p this is gary's dog,
5:55 am
his cute little son, too. s, clearly your son looks like your wife. wif tweet us or facebook us. u >> thank goodness, right.s,ight >> send us those adorablerable photos of your dogs, cats, c fish, ferrets, you name it. it. tweet us or facebook us atook u fox5 d.c. d.c we can't wait to share allhare l your photos. pho >> my kids love that dog. >> my gosh. >> they fight over her, theyfigh want to hold her. her. >> well, they're members ofy'ree your family. your >> i keep telling wisdom, come on, man. man >> gary, it's so much better mr though when they go to their thr grandparents house and theynd can run around in the wilderness with their dog. dog >> get a dog for home, too. wouldn't you agree. agr >> yeah. yeah. >> absolutely. >> pets are great.>> i had a pet.i ha had to say goodbye. goodb i haven't been able -- because c i loved so much i haven't been'b able to go there again but i will.wi >> i understand.>> i ust you will.l. listen, showers coming across. . the heaviest of the stuff stu northwestern neighborhoodses northern montgomery county now into parts of western howardtesr county. only your
5:56 am
to get wet. w those along the i70 corridorrir between mount airy close toy clo columbia and then showersnd tn h moving through the district ashu well n terms of the seven-dayhen forecast i think we're lookingoo pretty good today.d we dry out.we dryut temperatures will get into thee upper 60in's to low 70's. that's right, low 70's. 70's. didn't it just snow on saturday? satu >> it did. >> 61 tomorrow with showersho and then we get into lots of lot dry conditions wednesday,ay, thursday, friday. temperatures will still beur cool, though, lower 60's. 6 >> thank you, gary. >> uh-huh. >> let's talk traffic now withk miss erin como. >> i don't know if you want to do that. 5:56 and we have breaking b news. take a look at this camera. c we actual you will have skyfox at this location as well.s lo there's a huge crash blocking the right lanes on the outergh loop between 50 and 450.t etwe traffic right now you can see s from 50 is getting on from the shoulder so that is causings huge delays 450 as well. wel so please be prepared forpared that. annapolis road 450 dealing dea with big backups. backu that is where that crash scenece s2 lane
5:57 am
delays extends back past back landover road.oa it is a mess on the outer loop o right now. inner loop even though things are light as far as volume is vm concerned little bit of ait of a rubber neck delay. n we'll keep you updated on that n and help you get around that. we'll also check in with metro o during our 6 o'clock hour.lo keep it to fox5 news morning. >> ♪
5:58 am
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> straight ahead at 6:00 aox police involved shoot tahing in prince george's county. g it all started with a breakeo in at a
6:00 am
we're live with the latest. wit good morning. >> also, breaking trafficreakg t news. ws huge backups on the outer loopth of the beltway right now.el rig we will get you to skyfox inyf just a minute.just a crash, there it is, between b 50 and 450 annapolis road creating massive delays. traffic backed up past >> a live look outside on thissi monday morning. it's april 11th. we'll have weather and trafficnt on the 5s at 6:05.:0 good monday.on i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey.hene we will can um to fox5 news new morning. breaking news out of laurelof maryland this a police-involved shooting.tin >> police say the two peopley ew broke into a store in the 900 block of fourth street. one person is in cuso the other was shot. fox5's melanie alnwick is i live now at the scene this scene morning with the mel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning,r: steve and allison. i think perhaps the most the m surprising thing about this incident apart from the factpart that it's the first policestol involved shooting in laurel since 2003 is the ages of the a suspects. 15 and 20 years o


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