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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  April 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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we're live with the latest. wit good morning. >> also, breaking trafficreakg t news. ws huge backups on the outer loopth of the beltway right now.el rig we will get you to skyfox inyf just a minute.just a crash, there it is, between b 50 and 450 annapolis road creating massive delays. traffic backed up past >> a live look outside on thissi monday morning. it's april 11th. we'll have weather and trafficnt on the 5s at 6:05.:0 good monday.on i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey.hene we will can um to fox5 news new morning. breaking news out of laurelof maryland this a police-involved shooting.tin >> police say the two peopley ew broke into a store in the 900 block of fourth street. one person is in cuso the other was shot. fox5's melanie alnwick is i live now at the scene this scene morning with the mel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning,r: steve and allison. i think perhaps the most the m surprising thing about this incident apart from the factpart that it's the first policestol involved shooting in laurel since 2003 is the ages of the a suspects. 15 and 20 years o
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now, police say this happened around 11:18. 11: there was an alarm at the a t building, the indus ius international food market herete at fourth and montrose inos laurel. la it's near the laurel plaza shopping center. and basically the alarm went off. the police came and they found the two suspects. spect one ran and was caught. caugh that is the 15-year-old. and then inside the business,e e that is where police locateded the second suspect, the 20-year-old male.d the officer fired one shot, striking him.. the 20-year-old was taken too medstar hospital we're told inn stable condition.onti now, we don't have any details d at this point as to why thewhyhe officer felt the need to shoot. that is all still under investigation. we are told the officer is a 17 year veteran of the force f here in laurel and again, the first shooting in this cityhis since 2000 -- first0 first police-involved shooting inol
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also, the 15-year-old, steveld,s and allison, was released tosed the custody of his parents andaa that is because we're toldol juvenile services wouldn't ordinarily detain a juvenilely d for a burglary charge but he will still be facing chargesg and will have to appear inn court.cour live in laurel, i'm melaniel,'m alnwick, steve and allison,llon back to you. t. >> mel, thanks.>> melth 6:02.>>02. developing overnight annengrnigt arrundel county sheriff inri legal trouble this morning.s mog police confirm sheriff ronald rn bateman was arrested last night. he's facing a second degree dre assault charge.harg it is listed as a misdemeanor.. it's unclear exactly what ledhat to that arrest.rr there are reports the incidenthd is domestic in nature. nat >> also new, a fairfax county mother who went missing with her nine-year-old son is in custody this morningthis mng undergoing a mental evaluation. the family of 29-year-old jury-j chavez reportd that her son --r- she and her son were missing that was what was reported. chavez suffers fromavezuffe schizophrenia. her son is in the care of ce family members.
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>> lawmakers in annapolisolis expected to settle on a final fn version of what's calledof whate noah's law before the generalen assembly ends its sessionly e today. the legislation would require rq ignition interlocks for all convicted drunk drivers. drive noah's law named after nam a montgomery county policegome officer noah low yet at ano killed by a suspected drunkahsup dreciver last year. >> today a preliminary hearing will be held for one of thefhe suspect in connection with the death of a prince george'se geor county detective. elijah ford charged with conspiracy and attempted mr.ptem his brother malik also charged r with same same crim police say their brother tir michael was the gunman in theuna ambush that led to the led t friendly fire death of officerfo jacai colson.ol and as d.c. police.c. pol continue to search for theo seat gunman who shot and criticallyra injured a seven-year-old girl, r the mayor had visit that vis t neighborhood today.orod t the child was shot on friday fra night in the 2900 block of block knox place southeast.outheast. police say that young girl andin her parents were coming back from dinner when gunfire broke
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>> ♪ >> turn nothing politics atcs at 6:04, just eight days until the big contest, the primarymary in new york and this morningnd s there's a new poll out askingoug voter who's they want to bes th president and it finds that americans trust hillaryan clinton more than republican t leaderrer donald trump to tmp handle important issues butorta not by much. 20 percent say clintonli represents their viewsesents thv compared to 15 percent for trump so the difference about a 5 percent in hillary clinton'slt favor. she picked up a key endorsement from elijah eli cummings even though he madeth it clear he's putting hi full support behind her he advisededv her to embrace some of the changes senator bernie sandersan has been pushing pusng f >> to ensure that every american --ic -- >> 6:04 back here in the district now it's back to work w for i.r.s. workers. a transformer fire in thee in te basement forced the downtown dot building to close last week. w employees were encouraged tora t call the emergency hotline tooti check in this morning. morning the tax return process was not t affected by the
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closure nor was the deadline ien suppose for you to get yourfor taxs in. >> that's not going to >> that's friday.s >> waiting for a little sound a to set off tucker.uc no sound.ou we'll go straight to tucker. tke time for weather and traffic on the 5s. how we looking out there,he tuck. tuck. >> there it is. >> there it is. >> ask and we shall receive.shac >> so beautiful.>> so good morning.good morning. >> good morning. >> you guys look very nice.ce. >> thank you. you >> in your colors this in morning. i'm not matching. >> that'sno okay.ka >> there will be another >> waer temperatures movinger in >> thank you. y >> how did you like to d weekend? >> it was a weirdness. weirdness >> wasn't it. >> it felt -- it looked sunnyun but it was a little cold. >> i thought it was a littlee much when bryce harper wasycrp wearing the full mask.l m >> it was chillily. >> it was cold, i agre agree. ar back in the 60's today.60'sod mild temperatures although welth do is some local rain showers.ns most of it is pretty light.tty g winds out of the south and south and west here at 10 to10 20 to start your day. y day warmer temperature on the there's you were rain sho
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most of this is very light and it will get out of here in the next couple houwers so morningo rain showers. by afternoon we should starthodt to clear cle out. and warmer temperatures willer m set in and we'll be in for more -- much more comfortableomt conditions this week with ts we daytime highs at least 60 or better most of each day the t next several. there you go. breezy, upper 60's, maybe low 70's with some sunshine byunine afternoon.afteoon. again, morning showers. sho this is warmer air moving inovg as we speak. >> awesome.>> aweso >> thanks tuck. >> pretty nice day. >> let's check in with erin e get a look at traffic. traff >> good morning. goo we have rain coming down, alsooa delays and problems.robls. 270 delays typical because ofau that rain and also getting ang a little more congested thaned tha usual 70 to the truck scales.trk let's take a look outside at oui skyfox right now. aside from that the outer loop l good news all lanes have reopened, the outer loop athe ot 50. you can see the ramp fromamp visit to the outer loop isthoute still very slow. on 50 you're backed up from're d martin luther king jr. highway . to the beltway and look atk those beltway delays. del they actually extend all thehe way ba
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right now for several you need a lot of extra timera t to get through that congestion can. can. i would like to see thingslike start to move a little betterlit because all lanes are opened. oe but because of a damp commuteamt we're not seeing that ease att a all. tide from that we'll take aom look at our cameras and show ans you how things are shaping up. this is a ground view of thatiet crash. average speeds the outer loopdsl about 10 miles per and then p again that 50 delay.l we'll switch back to our maps.a. also seeing very slow movinglowv traffic picking up because ofcae volume in virginia 95a 95 northbound 630 to 610 so watch s out for that in stafford. as you good neat princeatri william we had earlier debris, a ladder fell off a truck byoffc 619 and because of that somet se more stop-and-go traffic atd-gof that loction.ocat 66 eastbound through manassas ms also backs up and then inboundn traffic is looking pretty goodd in prince george's county onorge five and four.five and i'll let you know when thaten t changes and if you're takingd meiftro this morning we'reis dealing with a power outageut problem closing the entrance enc to l'enfant plaza from eighth fh
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know that has reopened, then t trance is not dealing witht it problems and all rains on rain time. i'll let you know when thatnow changes. that's your traffic.'s back to you to you >> all right erin thanks.ightn h well, this is a modern day story of a hamburglar. d.c. police say a man broke into five guys fired up theirp grille hadn't a little snack. sk the guy didn't go close to the register, just seems wanted to w take care of his empty tummy. t this unfolded on march 18 mar police believe the hungrye the h thief got in through a door that was propped open.roppedpen. there's the space;, this hishihi face. face if you recognize his face, fac give police a this would be breaking and entering. >> yeah if you're not supposed'r to be there. >> are you ready to rock thehe red. >> nhl playoffs kick off and there's
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released.ed. each fan who finds the lettersee will get two free tickets. u.s. navy sailor in bigy sab trouble accused of sharingha u.s. secrets to a foreign to a i government. >> john kerry making 94 japanmai this morning. we're back in just 30 seconds.
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>> 10 past the hour n new0 pa orleans the investigations continues into the shooting death of former nfl and newthine orleans saint player willansain smith. smith was killed saturdays k night in a road rage now, the suspect, 28-year-old cardell hayes is behind police say he rear endedreaen smith's car saturday nightat leading to an altercation aercan between the two. t t hayes then is accused ofthens ac opening fire on smith and hisn d wife.wi. smith died at the scene.ited his wife was shot in the leg. she's recovering. recover just hours before the incidentnc smith had dinner with a police p officer who had once been sued s by hayes whose father was shot t and killed by police in 2005.n00 a lot going on in that story.t o at this point they don't know k if those connections are related.. >> overseas now a criminalw a case is now open following a a deadly fireworks blast at at hindu tell me nell southern me u india.di it was packed for religiousor rl festival at the time.fest more than a hundred people peopl were killed when sparks from a
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bigger stockpile of thetockpi o explosives.os police are searching for 15eahig members of the temple boardeme who fled after that accident.en. in the fight against terror now new details after attacks in belgium reveal the t suspects were planning alann second attack on paris. p this comes after a suspect in st the brussels attack wase br arrested on friday identifieddef as the man in that hat that t we've showed that you video at o the airport. 32 people were killed in those bombings.bomb that suspect was also wantedlson in connection to the parisaris attacks back in november that killed 130 people. peo the french prime minister sayscp the threat level remains highemh in the wake of both as we continue the fighthe f against terror right here at home senator chuck schumer is backing a bill that would give a $25,000 reward for social for media tips that help stopa ti ta potential terror attacks. aac the new york lawmaker says ss current reward rules don'tes d directly cover tips that come cm if sites like twitter facebook o and snapchat.and apc >> new this morning an activeive duty.s
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of giving u.s. secrets to ats foreign government possibly china. court documents say lieutenant commander edward c. lindwar successfully committed commi espionage twice and attemptedtt espionage on three other occasions. now, according to u.s. ni newsi lin served on some of therved o navy's most sensitive intelligence gathering gat aircraft. he was born in taiwan and taiwan became a naturalized u.s. citizen. hours ago secretary ofuro se state john kerry visited the memorial site where the u.s.eree dropped the first of two atomic bombs during world war ii more than 70 years ago. years he's the most senior u.s. official to visit the hiroshima site and delivered a message of peace and hope for pp a nuclear free world.eor kerry he is in japan for the annual g-7 summit meeting. foreign ministers respect scheduled to discuss a rangele of topicsd including northdi n korea and europe's migrante's gn crisis. >> a safety campaign to helpmp better protect pedestrian anded bikers through the thr region. >> let's head outside right hea now as we head to break onad ton
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there's a quick look outside.uti temperature hanging in at 47 degrees. weather and traffic is next. make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $3.99, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $3.99 today. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> ♪ >> delays out there on 50 right now.ay around 50 and 450 and you canan see how backed up it is fromfr the colorful lights on the farit left side of your screen when s it comes to the comes we'll check in wither flynn ar couple minutes and get youou your update. uate. >> not a great way to start aatw your monday morning.or but how about a good forecast.or >> we're priced to perfectionce around here. if anything goes wrong on the roads it causes majors it problems. stating the obvious.stat here's your bus stop forked. st. all good news forecast in fec we'll have warmer temps.mer we do have showers early thisari morning and the first half of hl the day we'll have some rainhavs showers around but by afternoon should be partlyld sunny turning breezy but notice the warmernoti temperatures.temperatures. yes, they're back i promisere b with temperatures in the midtu 60's. i think a few spots, centralal virginia you may hit the lowhe 70's later this afternoon so ifs promise
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this afternoontu. aerno should feel a lot moree springlike than yesterday andted saturday night and saturdayightt when we had snow showersno sho across the area. a 48 now washington, 48 in annapolis, 46 in leonardtown,wn working into the mid 40's. the 4 not as cold this morning as itng ors yesterday morning when weaym were in the 20's. in e 20 45ly in hagerstown and winchester.ncst southwest winds and this isest d warmer air working in aloft brinbringing us light rainain the rain gauge is not going to g be terribly full from this. light rain for the next coupleif hours. things taper off quickly and qcy we start to break off intoff int some sunshine by afternoon,ine o off to our south and west we w got some clearing.arin this cold front will be ourco fo rain maker for tomorrow. tomor the next couple days a little al bit unsettled.t unsettled. we should get back into ack int quiet pattern by the middlehe m and end of the week. w here is a look at futurecast. fc just want to show you quicklyui notice the showers out ofhewers here. there we are at 3 o'clock.t 'clo steve was asking me about thee t game tonight at nats park. it will be fst
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the 60's and then rain returns r overnight.ov this is your morning commuteng m tomorrow.morr unfortunately we got rainrtn showers back in the forecastback for the day tomorrow. tor some of that could be heavy during the morning hours ashe well and then we'll get m it out of here by late in the day.ay tomorrow doesn't look fantastic until late in thec un afternoon. there's your seven day.e's 68 today. 61 tomorrow.or little cool for this time of tie year wednesday, thursdaysday, friday. after this weekend with snowee showers and freezing temperatures, it won't feel in't bad. it will just feel like early spring for the end of the week.e that is a weather update. y --a yes, ing ver like the glasses this morning. >> thank you. i had contacts in and then myanm eyes were so puffy from allergies, glasses seemed likes, a good change. g you might be battling allergies if you're waking upmir ae round the dmv. the d i don't know if the rain made m it worse for me. >> suppose to make it >> i know. i go figure.. metro malfunction. delays to largo on thela blueline. want to show you a look from l skyfox and our earlier crash we're dealingwe'ri with on the beltway outer lop
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by 50 cleared to the shoulder. but because there's stillhere'ss police activity average speedscv under 10 miles per p h those delays extending past arena drive down to 214 t central avenue.l ave you need a lot of extra time.rat leave the house about 45bo minutes early because becau everything is at a crawl on cwlo the outer loop.thoute inner loop touch of a rubberf r neck delay past that scene.cene also because it's so close tolo the on-ramp from 50 you'reon-ra backed ufrp on 50 inbound from f martin luther king jr. highway g 704 to the the bel let's take a look at our camera. camera we'll show was you're dealing'r with there. this is a camera shot of thatt a crash and the 50 delay.el it's just really heavy.y h it's raining out.'s rning o get an early start. s you'll need the time.ll nd th we'll take a look at our maps. m other slowdowns around the arout area as usual.s usual. frederick dealing with aic little bit more rain than other areas anitd typical voluml 70 to the truck scales.o thuck e on the southbound side and soubi then volume delays on 95 between 630 and 610, that 610, t northbound side in stafford in f they continue in princeey c william and on 66 eastbound easd through manassas.h more traffic in a few.w. back to you, steve.te >> street sm
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spring campaign in the d.c. region.. police cracking down writingrack tickets to drivers bike lifts and pedestrians who break traffic laws.affi violators can be fined up to t $500. this safety campaign runs through may eighth. speaking of safety metro's m new general manager headed to ha capital beltway hill this weekyt to answer questions about his decision to shut down the railhr system for a day to make m emergency repairs.epr paul wiedefeld set to testify tt wednesday along with twogh two federal transportationl trsportt officials. the shutdown last month found 27 places that needed nee immediate repairs.meate >> happening today, outside ofae the u.s. capitol, thousands of people will be there for a sit t in over the next seven days.ay the group calls themselves the democracy spring movement andy g claims the nation is in an is ia crisis because "our democracy dc isn't working for every he eve one, only the wealthy and elite."ele." over 150 marchers arrived in ard the district over the weekend te after a 10-day trek from philadelphia.philadelphia. with the wine business t
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wine dispenser to sell youpe t about.out. next a new product that's getting a lot of attention onn kickstarter. >> what japan is doing ton doig attract more tourists a hester s summer olympics four yearsou omom now. we'll head to the fox business network in new york coming up after the break. it's 6:20.
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>> welcome back. no more cash, no more credit.t. the new way japan wants tourists to pay.. first let's check in withn wit lauren simonetti.uren simonetti. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. g how was your weekend. >> it was okay.yo. a little cold here but wele survived. c >> reporter: i know. rep what's going on. >> i know. >> reporter: better today b t than last week. w last week was a bummer. aumme everything down 1.2 percent exce oil, up about 8 percent 8et on the week.he and that's why you did havee green on friday.ri like i said down for the week te but guess what, green again today. to dow futures are certainlydature higher as are tharee nasdaq and & p futures.ur seeing oil bumble around a
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earning season kicks offerckffer with alcoa. a big banks like city group andnd jp morgan chase report ror starting on wednesday. wednesda. investors get a little bitlitl nervous yet excited ahead ofcito what is expected to be a pretty dismal earning seasonmala but if it's a good one oron o steve you know if these expectations and these resultsss beat that low, that hoe bar,, then we'll have up arrows and a higher stock market.ocma >> sometimes low bars are low okay. . real quick janet >> reporter: not when you're noy >> janet yellen meeting with the president here inpr washington today.eswa anything that we expect tosht we come out of thatxp meeting? mtig >> reporter: well, anything ath that she says on the -- well, w two things.twng the health of the u.s. economy.c but how is china doing, how how are they related to each other, what clues are are they watching, her feelings on thehee labor you know, some people arere getting frustrated that ratesra have just been too low for tooot long. savers especially gettinggeng frustrated. you're not earning anything onaa the money you're making sore mas we'll look for clues about thehe health of the economy. economy.
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and wine. let's start with vacation in i japan. japa >> reporter: so, tokyo, 2020 olympics and so many touristsyou are going to flood into japanodo to see the big games. so, what -- and japan is i already testing this and they'll do a bigger test this summer. when you fly there you register your fingerprints andoa then you can use a scanningse sa system called the fingerprintge and literally pay for anything h just by using two fingers. similar to apple pay, they sayys it cuts down on fraud and andnd it improves efficiency andy eliminates the travel worry. t you know how you always hehavese that conversation with con yourself, okay, should id convert my money, should i do, d it at the airport, should i do l it near the hotel, at the hotel, which credit card. card. >> right. >> reporter: just pay with your two fingers. >> and they have yourav fingerprints so securityy concerns might be a double dou dose for the japaneseapanes government.governme let's talk wine.le the dispenser of the future.heur >> reporter: smart wine is arti big thing.g ing. the the
6:25 am
dispenser called the somm, s-o-m-m. s- it will be out in time for the holidays. it uses too long regulate theree temperature as well as the aeration of wine. so popular they wanted tont to raise $100,000. $100, they did that in half a day and the prediction is thatn is t they'll raise a millionraa mi dollars by next month. mon >> can you imagine raising aaisi hundred thousand dollars in asad few hours for anything? that's amazing. ama a lot of good wine lovers oute t there. >> reporter: yeah, there is. and a the competition in thishi market i'm seeing a lot of tech companies dealing withpa w wine. >> for me $200 buys about 20 bottles of wine.s so it's probably not for me. i'm sure that obviously is aiouy need out see you tomorrow, lauren.w, l >> reporter: bye. >> bye. >> not a wine snob. i said tax day was april 15th. >> that's in d.c.>> t >> it is april 18th. a
6:26 am
>> so. >> d.c. -- d.c >> emancipation day you get aato little bonus time.ttonus >> okay. >> oka >> but maryland, virginia,nia, tucker.tu >> still on the regular. on >> get your taxes done onta time. >> fifteenth. i'm always on time isn'tys o that's my weddinn g anniversaryy you know. >> is it?>> >> it's a bad day is it. >> so far so good. >> right. >> maybe it's a good day. i >> all right, what's going on. >> good weather. it's raining this morning but thatt' is ihindicating the warmr temperatures moving in and ind i know having seen one or two o people out on the streets this weekend, that the colder weather was not terribly popular. >> uh-uh. >> 48 now in washington reagan national. 46 dulles. bwi marshall 47.shl mid to upper 60's today. a few spots will hit 70. we'll get some afternoon sunshine s we're dealing withlit rain showers.ra warmer air moving n you have to be patient. pie by afternoon the rain will be out of here and at least partial sunshine.un don't get terribly used to it. . we have more rain showers inain the forecast for the day t d tuesday. we'll talk more about that butot tomorrow looks wet.owks wet. 68 today.68 tod. 61 tomorrow. tor notice the temperur
6:27 am
general are warmer than lastn la week with overnight lows inight the 40's and daytime highs atigs least around 60 degrees soees we're trending in the right direction. direction. >> awesome. >> keep going up. >> yeah. >> thank you. >> erin you got your work cuteer out for yoku c today. >> i do. right now 6:27 and we have big problems.ob. look at this crab crash scene.rh outer loop is nasty right delays from ritchie marlboro mar road to past 50.ast this crash blocking the rightg r shoulder just past the on-rampmp if 50 so as skyfox takes afox ta zoom out you can see just how slow moving traffic is.ff i leave about 45 minutes earlyin if you go between richieweenic marlboro and 50 this morning. mi 50 inbound in also jamming as as you join that delay on theayn outer loop from martin lutherhe king jr. highway 704 to the to beltway.belt big problem area there.oblem let's goar ahead and switch it over for a look at our maps. aside from the other day therea i was telling you about 95 northbound 630 to 610, sluggish independent inbound i all over thend dmv. dmv more flak a few. >> thank you so much erin.ou coming up next an update upe on
6:28 am
shooting in laurel overnight.n a >> what a masters it was,a unfortunatmaely not what jordan spieth had in mind but it was checkinchecking in with the spos junkies. we'll tell you how you can hang out with them at nats park. it's 6:28.
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narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
6:30 am
>> all righty. looking at a backup. 7:30 -- excuse me, 6:30 in theie morning. mo that is the outer loop from f ritchie marlboro road pastd p u.s. 50. take your time. tim erin will be along on the 5's t5 along with
6:31 am
and traffic to help you get you around this mess on a monday mon morning. welcome back to fox5 newsba morning. back in the news now we'ree' following breaking news out oft laurel maryland. police investigating ang police-involved shooting.olved o now, this happened last nightigt at 11:15 in the 900 block of blk fourth street. officials say that they caught a 15-year-old boy as he was was running away from the indus food international market. mke a 20-year-old man was shot was during the pursuitly he was he taken to medstar and is listed s in stable condition thisditi t morning. this is the firsthe f police-involved shooting in sho laurel since 2003. the. developing overnight anneloi arrundel county sheriff inndel trouble this morning, legalng trouble himself. police confirm that sheriffff ronald bateman was arrested arr last night.last he's currently facing a second a degree assault charge which is listed as a misdemeanor. misde it's unclear exactly what ledha to the arrest. a that are reports the incident,id though, is domestic in nature.ur gun control activists oniv bicycles
6:32 am
from newtown, connecticut tout the nation's capitol.apit they'll arrive in the next t couple of days. d their plan is to deliver a petition with some 38,000om38,0 signatures calling for a ban on concealed weapons on college campuses: steve overse: to you. >> time for the morning linee tn right shocking collapse at theng c masters down the stretch. stret let's check in with the sports junkies 106.7 f.m. the fan.e what's up guys? good morning. r >> we had a debate whether whe jordan spieth is boring oran not.or >> yeah, a little bit. little b. but i don't know, depends what you want. do you want character or doant you want somebody who is usually pretty solid and and boring.bong. >> isn't golf jen alley isn't gy boring. >> there you go.>> >> that's the bigger point. >> it'e s okay.>> it' o it's okay for him to kind of fade into the background. i don't have a problem withve po jordan seth. maybe a little bit with the with pace of play but golf is kindol of slow anyway.of slow an >> if you have somebody like ahb john daly type that maybe -- may is a little more entertainingta but if they don't win then what good is that? would you l like to have somebody who youy h like and canwi
6:33 am
character that's kind of inth'sk the middle somewhere. sewhe >> jordan spieth is amazing.spig i'm a casual golf fan at best.tb he didn't have his a game and he dunked two in the water and r he still finished in second. ins that's how good he is.d he >> we're in the middle of watching gateness. he made the turn way five shote lead and some people wereop actually upset and turning offni because they claimed it was i boring. they wanted well, now you've got drama. dra unfortunately it's the negative kind i feel like. i would much rather have dean danny willett who played greatp got a 67 and deserves the deser green jacket but you'd muchou'dm rather see somebody chase himebe if behind, you know, eagle birdie, eagle, that kind ofea finish than to see a guy haven o a total col i thought it was actually verylr hard to watch. wat >> it was very difficult toveryi watch and it was an epic epi collapse and it's somethingnd i that will stick with jordanith j spieth for the rest of hisfothet career and we just don't know dw how he's going to bounce backnc from that. i think he'll win more majorsajs and i still think he'll wine'll more masters but we don't
6:34 am
know. that may haunt him for theay h rest of his career.eer. >> he's 22.>> he's 2 he's going bounce back. bouncac. he's proven he has then he t toughness to win.ughness to w i look at it more like thisik ti shows just how difficult it isli for anybody who has ever triedve to play a round of golf when goh you got pros that are take taking a four over, dunking itr in the water theater it shows that you have to behave on every hole of thery hol t tournament in order to winname something like this.something >> i mean, steve, for me a quadruple bogey that's justple another day of golf.r dayf g >> right. >> for jordan spieth and guys of his ilk that's a horrifyingfg score. sc >> that's why tiger was soger w amazing because if he had the hd lead, he didn't do that. t he never did that. >> right. >> i agree. >> he would never cl >> i kind of agree eric with you a little bit. like leading into yesterday ing didn't want to see somebodyan witht five or six stroke lead.k i wanted to see somethingee som closer but look it all flipped around. that's in the past.that tonight everybody gets a chance to hang with you guys at nats i checked with tucker.ecd with says it should be a great dayat for you guys. g >> we'll be in sec
6:35 am
i think you can still getti tickets for 106. we're throwing out the firstrowi pitch. >> like everybody is throwingers out the first pitch.firstitch >> all four of us at the same s time. >> my arm is good to get.d to gt >> is there a wager on who hasno the best pitch and bestnd location. >> here's the thing. her we actually contemplated, andd, don't worry nationals wels we aren't, we actuallyctuay contemplated botching it onatotn purpose. >> yeah, going the other >> to get the story. sto >> lead sports center or something.some >> throwing bad pitches inowin throw them into the dugout. >> you know what would get youwh on sports center? if your? if turned and threw them at eachm a other and hit each other with wt your first pitches. >> then we'd never be invitedwed back. >> that is also true. tha >> ruin our relationship withios the nats so we're going to do go it state. i know i'm personally lobbing it in there. i don't want any drama.sowant aa i think the boys are going toth do the same thing. the same thig we can't wait. can looking forward to it.orward it's a huge mon nor.e mo >> playing it straight is kinds of boring because we're alluse just going sail it right inng there and we're just going walk off. >> cakes will you be the johnil daly of first pitch throwers tow tonight isn't what's your yessna evident? i will k
6:36 am
>> just make it interesting.ntes like one of you guys have touyse has to be a collapsing jordanino spieth with a baseball in yourh hand. somebody has to do it. >> maybe turn around and throwuw it into the outfield as hard as as i can. can i don't know. we'll see. s >> take video in case we can'tec make it tonight guys and if we f don't have a great time andat we'll see you next time.xt t thanks guys.thanks guys. >> thank you buddy.>> t >> you got it. it's the junks at 106.7 f.m.7.m the fan. >> four of themhem simultaneously. >> is that true? is that aat joke isn't apparent tly not. we'll find out together. toget >> video of it. o it's farther away than itth looks. yesterday i decide i'm going watch golf. i'm not really a golfer. a g i don't appreciate it as much as i should. >> but you appreciateutou a competition. co >> i do. fell asleep once on the couch. c woke up and then fell asleepella >> itai was still going on. o >> very long night perhaps that had something toadt do with it. >> i'm just saying.tay >> that sounds more exciting than the golf game. >> two nba naps in one g
6:37 am
that's a lot. aboute to talk saturday.rd >> let's go to the weather. wea once the game got canceledle then trouble ensued. >> you were already dressedere and out. >> right.>> right the nationals had a game itame would have been an early night.y >> i get it. >> 48 in 48 in annapolis. annapolis we'll be warmer today, muchh warmer, mid to upper 60's.s. few spots hit 70. 7 i know we got some rain we om showers early. e if your kids are running toids the bus stop or walking too school, that kind of thing you'll want the rain bootsthe ro early. by afternoon we should cleard c out and be noticeably more comfortable.e. i'm sorry for the cool weatherrr this weekend. it was not a terribly big hit. neither were the snow showersre on saturday.on sday. 67. breezy this afternoon but notice the warmerar temperatures. >> weird. >> it was a little weird, i agree. >> okay. >> yeah. >> all right, let's check in with erin get a look at what's happening out on the roadsen this it has been a bit of a challenge out of the gatesleng this morning. >> that's right and that's exactly why i'm still walking through the hallway gettingm in into into the studio because there are a ton of accidentse a and delays that we weret we w working hard to get mapped ford you. an earlie
6:38 am
the outer loop after 50 buter0 delays are still really heavyy all the way back to richiek trih marlboro road so please give plv yourself extra time for youre f outer loop commute. 50 inbound is still backing upag from before 704 to the beltwayhb as w rain in the area. in th a gab your umbrella and your y patience this morning.hisorni inbound traffic right now slowos as well.l. five inbound has volume from 301 to surratts road. that's out in prince george's county. and four west light volume vol building towards dower housear d road he as you make your wayur out in virginia 66 inbound inoud manassas a lot of congestion cot this morning. you can see he from the beltway to sycamore street once you get into thece arlington area down to 18 miles per hour as well.el heavy traffic 95 on then northbound side. 395 northbound once you hitnceoh the springfield interchangent those delays continue.ti edsall road to seminary roadinar dips down to 29 miles perto 2 hour. you're very slow across the acrs 14th street bridge. suitland parkway inbound jamsam as well as you get to the south capitol area and we'recapi seeing heavy traffic new yorkicw avenue inbound out by florida. i we'll keep you updated but itati is definitely a slow
6:39 am
we're also tracking a crash 95 h northbound up by 216.p y 2 we'll take a look there if the you're heading towardsng tow baltimore.ltim back to you. >> real quick correction forl tax day. we got it figured out now.t fir >> because emancipation day ismc in the district and because b district holidays affectays affe federal workers.rk >> okay. >> everybody gets an extension until the 18th this year. >> all right. >> okay. so, emancipation day here in in d.c. but now we areow we are controlling the nation.nt >> get your taxes in onro april 18th, not the 15th. the 1 >> there you go. >> next a scare for people on a a flight s from key west headedh to d.c. >> plus kevin mccarthy lives vi in los angeles this morning.orni another busy weekend for him. he we'll check in with him coming up. it is 6:39.
6:40 am
6:42 am
>> ♪ >> it is 6:42. let's get a check on thea chec t stories that are most engagingng with our realtime news tracker. tracke first up scary moments onen on board an american airlines airl flight on sunday. suny. that plane had just taken off from key west international wes headed to reagan national whenle officials say it hit a bird. b that plane turned around andd landed thank goodness none of the 63 passengers on board, none was hurt. a u.s. naval officer based in norfolk faces espionage f charges this morning.s is m lieutenant commander edward lin is accused of passing off secrets to china. c we'll
6:43 am
coming up in our 7 o'clock hour. hour. hillary clinton makes ay campaiclgn stop in baltimore. the democratic frontrunnerrorunr rallied in charm citylld yesterday. miss clinton also picked up support from maryland myl congressman elijah cummings. cug all this ahead of the crucialuca april 19th new york primary.mary maryland's primary is a week later on april 26th.pril 26t steve. >> thank you al.>> kevin is going to join us gt live from los angeles afternges his sit down with captain cta america's chris evans and ansnd reminder as we head to breakd tk right now if you have a news n tip share it with us by eitherit calling us at two or 28,953,000 o(202)
6:46 am
>> ♪ >> i'll tell you what, we haveou problems on 50 before. o now skyfox over heavy volumeoxv southbound 95. this is down at 95 and 32.2. so, jus just a couple troublele spots.sp erin como will help us out. us >> tucker barnes in thes meantime the temperature out tem there is 48.ere is we're doing better >> warming up. warmi >> all right. r. >> yeah, round of applause there you go after a very aer chilly weekend the spring sprin warmth is back.wa we'll be in the uner 60's,0's maybe a few 70's by afternoon ar and i know we got some early e morning rain showers but i promise that later this t afternoon we'll have dry conditions. you should feel pretty good f out there, nice andeeth springlike. 48 now in washington.ashito leonardtown good morning,ng 46 degrees.46 degrees 48 in fredericksburg, 45 in in
6:47 am
well so, yeah, it's cool but we are certainly much coolerertr yesterday at this hour whenat t our overnight lows were lowwere generally below freezing freg across the area. there's your light rain showerts activity. if you want warmerou temperatures this is good news 'cause this is the warmer airhei moving in aloft and it will work down to the surface over or the next couple hours. hours we'll get winds today. t the winds will be out of theil south and west gusting atng at times 15 to 20 but most ofof your day or much of your day yo should be dry. rain showers for a few more mor hours and then we should beshe drier this afternoon as wenoon w kind of are between systems s here. so it's a warm front thiswarm ft morning. this is a cold front out toronto the west which will bring us some rain showers tomorrow.ers the first half of tomorrow asroa well with cooler temperatureseme by tomorrow afternoon.row afoo setup again warmer air moving in. that's responsible for the rain showers we'll be breezy s and much m milder this afternoon, midon, m 60's and then we've got theot rain showers in the forecastn tf tomorrow with that cold frontro which will linger for someor s time so i think much of theucof day will be kind of cloudylo with showers tuesday. tuesd 68 today. i know it's not quite where
6:48 am
want to be as far as 70's and 7s 80's. however, it will be at will b noticeably warmer week thanee what we had last week and id lan promise we have no snow in the forecast here for the next n seven days nonfreezingeeng temperatures for the next seven days. we're trending in the right theg direction erin.di >> that's exciting since wes cii missed the nats game >> because of the cold.ecause ol >> it was windy, too, way too windy for baseball. basebal so i'm looking forward to ard much warmer baseball season.ea skyfox over a huge delayver a d between 216 and 32. this is on the southbound side s actual that you're seeing thet o delays coming down from 175 on through. through. northbound side we had earlieri crash activity that clearedared between 216 and 32.nd 3 you are jammed on thed the northbound side as well butnd the southbound side is muche isc heavier right now. again 175 down past 32 you'reou going to hit that. t if you have friends or familyndy heading down to d.c. from to d.o baltimore let them know 95 onno5 the southbound side is not i n looking so hot. h. and bw parkway keep in mind min dealing with typical delays southbound by powder mill and northbound bw parkway backingac up in laurel.n laul. so let's take a look at ourok at maps show you wha
6:49 am
up against. against rain coming down in areas around the dmv earlier outerli t loop crash after 50 did clear0 c but delays are still holding hdi strong all the way back to ritchie marlboro road. roa 50 inbound jams as well from f 704 to the beltway. the btw aside from that in prince in george's county five is backedni up with some volume to t surratts road and four has volume building towards dower d house. we'll take a closer look at 95 northbound in stafford.ta huge delays there as well. allison. >> today miss america will amecw make a special appearance atppra the academy of holy cross inrosi kensington part of theon pt of school's annual hair donation drive.dre. about 20 students will donatelle 8-inches of hair to make wigsakg for cancer patients.r er pat miss america betty cantrellanel will talk to students aboutnt a her experience donating heratin hair back in december. dem the hair donated today will be given to pan teen beautiful but lengths. way to go.way royalty arrives overseas ors in bowl wood. the duke and duchess of cambridge capped off that furs night in india dining with the e
6:50 am
indian entertainment.tainnt. kate and william will be ine i independent ya' for a week andt plan to travel to new del new dd tomorrow. >> the bar is closing a years. there's anline auction taking place wednesday.plac the bar was established in 1963.. closed its doors for good lastlt week. we items up for grabs includebs inc barstools tables refrigeratorsga and all the stuff, the signs,hes the bottle coolers all thellhe stuff hanging on the walls for decades. >> bittersweet but cool way to have spokes remember. >> what's up guys. w >> it is national pet day andl a this day is all about celebrating the wonderful wonde little furry friends in youryour life. life actually doesn't have to beave b fur. they could have >> pet day. >> one of our fox5 viewersf our5 shared this photo of her
6:51 am anne says her dogs watch fox5r everydo morning. send us your photos onto on facebook and twitter with the #pets. friday fox5 is going to beog rocking out in farragut squaret park as we kick off our spring g concert series. ser we have three fantastic localstl bands set to perform. to >> here we go.>> we'll start, it's one perer friday on friday april 15th aprl sound of the city will kickll k things off friday april 22nd secret society performs andform then on the 29th it will bee the muddy crows. cws that's all on friday mornings.og sound of the city dropping a d brand new single on friday fri called run. they describe themselves asibthe timeless soul full and classic.clasc. here's a quick sample. >> ♪ >> that handsome man in the red tie one of our coworkers kenny. farragut square park 17th and a k on friday. fri we'll king kick
6:52 am
early in the morning and get ant going during good day d.c. day from 9:00 until 11:00. 1 if you cannot make it watch us u on tv and we'll stream the sea whole thing on today our fox beat takesatak us all the way to the westest coast the city of angels, los angeles.le >> that's where we find ourere kevin mccarthy live after aiv busy weekend with the stars ofrs course.urse. kevin good morning.kevi >> allison and steve i don't know if you can hear me it'sn 3:47. i'm in the middle of thedlof t random lobby of this hotel. hot i don't know if you guys can ifs see or hear me okay.r me good to see you this morning. mi >> we got you, yeah. we gou, y >> cool. by the way, it's national pet na today. i don't know if i have akn problem but when i travel i trae face time with my dog.y d is that normal? >> yes. >> i have lauren put the dogur on face time and i talk too him. him. >> not normal if oscar calls you first. f >> yeah, yeah. yea all right, yeah, i had a crazy weekend.weekend. i saw five films, ims interviewed over 15 actors andd directors
6:53 am
of captain america and i sat ans down with chris evans onn saturday who plays captainap america and i asked him aa an question that has become like lk a meme on the internet nown because he got really excited r about the question for some reason because it wasn't aause standard workout question that he normally gets.y g check this out.. >> before we go you made the last -- this cast after heast directed it. it. how have you changed as actor since he became the >> that's a great question. quet >> thanks dude. >> thanks man for not justma asking me how i work out. [laughter][l >> and i wish i had a good wis answer for for you i will say there's nothingothi more eye opening than being in g the editing room editingti yourself as an actor and realizing what you do. your gimmicks, your hiccupsic your weaknesses.nesses they're abundant. going into this one be, especially coming off ofly directing you really try and shed as many -- what i found f as an actor what i did is you yu p
6:54 am
you real dollar a lot of things -- you know, you use asks many takes as you can doingan d what you think is the most mos safe interpretation of the dialogue as opposed to taking tk risks and saying you knowyou kn what -- 'cause -- we're on the n we only have a certain amountt of time but taking those risksss inbeing more adventurous withit your performance is where thes e best stuff comes from. f in this one i tried to be ariedt little more free in terms hown h i was going to approach thethe character.ter. >> and chris evans is talkingva about a movie he directedeec called before we go he in 201420 how that changed him as an actor and that changed this captain america civil war which opens may six i'm spokes i to jennifer an so aniston and jj sedaikis can. c i asked them what was theiras first job interview.ntervi jennifer gave me a really r great story before she beca
6:55 am
famous. famo >> do you remember your firstme job interview, just jobmb in general could be audition butitn just in general, your firstoufi job interview. >> i don't remember. i d i just remember working at an ice cream store. store >> i didn't know that.t kn i don't know where it is.t is. >> what did you do serve ice ice cream day. >> served ice cream off.amff so chubby. chu eyelii would make a shake and te there would be a little left. >> amazing.>> a >> i'm losing the shot.t. >> kevin we're with you.h y >> okay. >> okay. >> all right, kevin we'll seewee you later this morning. morning. >> i'll see you guys at 7:47.:4. >> cool. >> all right. thanks buddy. >> 6:55. let's check in with tucker >> i'm working on the theoryki that kevin isng actually aa terminator he never sleeps.n >> super dangerous terminator. >> kevin never sles. amazing.
6:56 am
little bit.little let's go to the forecast. fecas 47 in washington.asng much milder day.der mid to upper 60's with a w breeze out of the south and rain showers s this is warmer air workingorki into the region. r hang in there. i think by late morning theng te rain will be out.ra we'll get partial sunshine forue monday afternoon and again nice urgent temperatures withesh daytime highs in the upper highh 60's. if you're in central virginia,a, fredericksburg, that part ofksbu the world, you may be in the bin low 70's by eight afternoon. so, a much nicer forecast, a much wormer forecast to, warmer forecast to lookoook forward to. erin how arear the roads this morning. >> you always know when i'ms knm late to the party and thethe pan studio that things are badgs are because traffic is backed upackd pretty much everywhere we'reee' seeing huge delays tucker sor s let's get right to it at 6:56. we'll look at some of ourlot so cameras and maps around the area. ea 395 on the inbound side edsalldl to seminary down to 18 miles per hour. let's take a look at our camera because those delays day now extendi
6:57 am
street bridge. this is a look at the --he that's a look at that backup lo right there what you just sawout was the key bridge where w heavier rain is coming down. cig we're dealing with congestion c all over the area including 95 the. let's show you a look atoo skyfox. as you make your way on the way southbound side from baltimore s trying to get towards theid beltway we're seeing really heavy traffic out by 32o gee in maryland.ryla we'll keep you posted on thatn one. keep it to fox5.t ox5. 7 o'clock hour coming up on this monday morning.
6:58 am
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> right now at 7 o'clock o'c police shoot a suspect in a late night break-in in n break maryland a second suspect in sut the crime just 15 years old. o how did this go down? fox5 fox live on the scene.ce >> also developing overnight,vet a local sheriff finds himself he on the other side of the law. lw the wrong side of the law.he he is under arrest thisest is morning. the charges he's facing straight aad >> also the final push to pass p noah's law in maryland. myl the clock ticking for ticki lawmakers to crack down onn repeat drunk drivers. dri what's standing in the way? inhw we'll tell you coming up.ou comg >> first though a live look outside on this mondayn this morning. it's april 11, 2016.1,01 weather and traffic on the 5's. good monday to you, i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. i'm we're following developingelop news out of laurel maryland. l a police-involved shootingce-inv happened there. >> police say that two peoplethp broke into a store in the 900


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