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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  April 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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photos that they got from the deanwood metro station. as you mentioned, the second murder in just over two weeks here. initially police were telling us there didn't seem to be any altercation on the platform. they didn't get any witnesses that said anything about an altercation other than when the two were coming down the escalator at around 11:00 this morning for some reason a suspect pulled out a sharp object and stabbed this young man in the neck. we're hearing that he may be as young as 15 years old. i'll show you these photographs that we got just a little while ago. >> just after 4:00 this afternoon, dc police released these two photographs of what they're keeling a person of interest in today's murder at the deanwood station. police described this person as 14 to 20 years old with dreadlocks and braces and was last seen wearing blue jeans
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a black jacket. a train had just pulled floo the station and passengers were heading down the street when passengers and witnesses say he pulled a sharp op and stabbed the teen in the neck. there didn't seem to be an altercation or a fight or even a robbery. >> we have our detectives right now going through the video. as everybody knows we have a lot of video in the metro stations. the lookout that we have right now is for a male that looks like also in their teens, maybe early 20s, with twists in their hair, wearing a black, puffy jacket, black jeans and black shoes. >> reporter: assistant chief says the assault happened very fast and then the suspect ran from the station. >> you know, it's very troubling. folks who travel on the metro all the time want to feel safe. the good news, if there is any good news from this, is that in all likelihood we're going to be able to close this case because of the security systems that metro has here. the badne
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young person in our city to violence. >> reporter: as word spread that another teenager had been murdered at the station, politicians, activists and people running for office converged on the scene. ward 7 council member says she was campaigning here this morning and was dismayed to see no patrolling police officers. >> i don't know what to make of the people committing these crimes. i really can't tell you about that. there's something much deeper to that. but what i do know is that it's an indicator that metro police really should have more increased presence here. they said after the first tragic incident they would, and i was actually out here this morning and i didn't see any additional presence. >> reporter: at one point a young man showed up at the station and asked if anyone knew the victim's name. when a reporter mentioned a name, he became inconsolable and
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started screaming what sounded like the victim's nickname. as you can imagine, this is extremely troubling for so many. for metro, for dc police, for the people who live in this community, for the people who represent these people in the community. the dc city council and oversees public safety came here to the scene and met with a number of activists. he didn't want to go on camera but he told me he's so troubled by what's going on, he wanted to talk to the people who were on the ground here, the boots on the ground in this neighborhood, to see what they can do. not only do you have two murders here at deanwood metro station within two weeks, but this is the third murder on the metro system since last july. so extremely troubling. yvette alexander told me that she was told that they need another 200 officers just to handle what they need to do. the metro transit police officer is very small.
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officers on the force. when she got here this morning and she didn't see any police officers patrolling, she was very troubled. live in northeast, paul wagner, fox 5 local news. >> they've certainly got to do something. thanks. this is the third act of violence against the teen at or near a metro stop in recent weeks. today it was a deadly stabbing that killed a teenaged boy. at that same station a 15-year-old was shot to death last month. his funeral was just held last week. police arrested and charged a 17-year-old in his death and still have a motive between the suspect. and last friday a teen was stabbed. this happened after a fight broke out among a large group of teens. the victim in that stabbing suffered nonlife threatening injuries. many of you were quick to comment about safety. i used to enjoy riding the metro. sad. another comment read wo
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so this is number two in what, a month? metro needs to step up security in a major way now. volunteer safety group, the guardian angel said intellectual be meeting tonight at the deanwood metro stop. jim? >> new tonight breaking developments in the shooting of a 7-year-old girl in southeast. police have just announced an arrest has been made in the case. alexandra limon is live with the latest. >> two pieces of good news to report. one is that the 7-year-old has now been upgraded to fair and stable condition. also police say they arrested 27-year-old michael wiggins of southwest dc. that arrest was made today and police say that was possible thanks to two things. the security cameras that are here in this area, and also the outout pouring of tips they got. >> i ran for the phone and
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for the child. she's saying compress it. >> reporter: after a 7-year-old girl was shot in the stomach by gunfire intended for somebody else, witnesses say her father picked her up and ran to the building next door. >> so i'm asking them where did she get shot, they not knowing. so he actually lift her shirt and saw a shoel. >> reporter: you can still see the blood stains on the floor where the girl's father and neighbors gave the girl first aid. >> you can imagine, and i know we all hate to imagine that any of us that have children, to be in that situation, for him to act the way that he did under that type of pressure is, like i said, it's amazing. it's remarkable, and it's very heroic and in all likelihood he saved her life. >> the victim was with her family when the gunshots erupted including her younger brother who witnessed the shooting and the chaos that followed. >> he was like my sister, my sister, he was frantic. he was like my sar go
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fireworks so i sat him down and turned the tv on. >> i was blown away that individuals right here in this community start immediately going into action and tell you i think i believe that because of their -- how they reacted to the situation is what partially sheed save this young lady's life. >> reporter: people like this neighbor who helped save her say the sound of gunshots isn't unusual. but this time a child's life was on the line. >> we are pretty confident that there are some folks out there that have additional information regarding this case. and you know even for the offender in this case, i can't imagine someone like that not turning themselves in knowing that they're responsible for causing this injury to such a young little girl. >> it's no life for them. they can't go outside and play. even if they're in the house sthef 'got
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>> again police did make an arrest today in the shooting and they say 27-year-old michael wiggins is the only person they were looking for. alexandra lim, fox 5 local news. >> a burglary in prince george's county leads to a police-involved shooting and now we are learning the officer didn't mean to fire his gun. last night officers responded to an alarm that went off. officers say they entered the store with guns drawn. this is how city officials describe what happened next. >> the first officer opened a back door, he transferred the gun from one hand to the other. now as the officer looked ahead, he sees movement in the dark. there is a drop-down just inside the door, a few feet from the opening of the door. the officer is startled, he jumps back a little bit and his weapon discharges striking a 20-year-old man. >> the
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unintentional. the suspect is in stable condition right now. they also caught a second suspect a 15-year-old boy who was tased by officers. he was released to his mother. meanwhile the officer sho fired the shot is on paid administrative leave pending the outcome ofs investigation. developing in the district, police need your help to track down a hungry thief. >> a lot of people talking about this one. surveillance video captured the guy breaking into a five guys in columbia heights. this all happened while the restaurant was closed. he fired up the grill, cooked up some burgers, made a couple of phone calls and took off. no cash or valuables were taken. police think he may have followed a delivery man inside and waited until he left. if you recognize the man, you're asked to call police. >> just a late-night snack. >> we're laughing about it, but a little creeped out about it. >> yeah, five guys is good and all. up ahead, is infant
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safe. >> and revenge killing. police now eyeing a possible plot in ex-nfl player's death. >> and starbucks stirring up controversy tonight after a man says his drink was served with a side of insults. >> the on-demand for relationship road bumps. promises to make your boyfriend better for just $70 a month. he should be doing it for free. >> where do we order? hey, sarah and jim, after a weekend filled with strong winds, okay we still have the strong winds, snow flakes and freeze warnings, what a fantastic afternoon and evening it is. it is a little bit on the breezy side, but it looks like it will be a fantastic evening. great night to play ball too. we'll have a forecast and what to expect for your tuesday morning. we'll be right back.
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narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews.
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rnalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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>> in tonight's health watch, a new study is questioning the safety of swad ling an infant. it's commonly used so they're ivrn able to move. it could lead to
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in life. babies should be able to move their legs freely. >> nobody goes to starbucks to get snarky comments about their sugar intake. but one man in florida says that's exactly what he got. want to show you the cup. it says diabetes here i come. the customer says he got it on his grande white mocha. starbucks says it's working with customers to apologize. >> i can't believe somebody would do that. >> sometimes you sit at the bar they'll use your name, man with hat, red shirt. sometimes it gets a little out of control. >> money may not buy you happiness, right? but it could buy you more time to find it. new research shows you life expectancies vary based on income.
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lower income people geography matters. low income people live longer in cityings like new york in san francisco than they do in places like tulsa and detroit. they believe public health efforts could be the reason why. >> it's all about quality of life. one contributing factor a lot of people say quality of life is all about the weather. and beautiful outside. >> yes. this makes you want to live, that's for sure. 72 degrees, pretty nice. as you were showing us a little bit og. >> it is breezy. probably gusting over 30 miles per hour. we will check the gusts in just a moment. the temperatures feel fantastic. we've been a little bit deprived and today we're making up for lost ground and i love seeing all the trees and the grass everything turning green before our very eyes even after a very cold weekend. nice to see everything greening up in the spring. let's check the temperatures now
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to 72 here in the district, 73 according to our latest update. most places very uniform here in the temperature department. even as we look out towards cumberland, 75 degrees. annapolis always a little bit cooler because of that proximity to water. but our winds are definitely gusty and noticeable. our light pole fell over even with sand bags on it. you know they had to postpone the nats game on saturday because of the wind. we're getting a good one in tonight though as the braves are rolling into town and our temperature ought to be phenomenal at 68 degrees. after the sun goes down the winds will be a little bit better. 64 degrees by the time we get to the halfway point in the 7th inning. clouds are going to slowly increase overnight. right now we're still getting a tremendous amount of
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out here. but some changes ahead for our tuesday morning. there is a front that's going to be on the move. it's got some rain with it and that approaching cold front is going to water your garden for you tomorrow so get ready to enjoy another round of showers. we don't think any thunder with this, just some showers. heads up for the kids, tuesday morning will be a little soggy at the bus stop. nice and mild but by after school we think this rain is going to rush out of town by late morning and by after school it's a little cooler, 57 to 62. cooler than it will be today. but the sunshine will be back and the rain gear will be in the backpack. looking good as we head through this evening. enjoy the game if you're out there and be ready to deal with a little bit of rain tomorrow morning. good news is it helps to washout some of the pollen that likely got blown around today. we'll have the 7-day forecast coming p in just a bit. meanwhile, if i'm mia, don't call me, i'll call you. i think i'm going stay out here a while. there's that phone thing i do. nobody does this anymore.
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>> that's okay. you're old school. thanks, sue. coming up, networks moving away from reality tv as shows become more scripted. >> plus why kevin spacey thinks the 2016 elections are even krasier than what we see on house of cards. >> joe biden hasn't endorsed a candidate but he makes an admission. >> a push to pass noah's law is coming down to the wire. >> reporter: they've got until midnight tonight and we just talked to governor larry hogan about what has been a very interesting 24 hours in the life of this important bill. we'll tell you what he had to say coming up as fox 5 news at 5 continues.
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take control of your health at cigna dot com slash take control. those reality tv starting to run its course? networks that were once fueled by reality shows are
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shift gears now. tlc announced it will launch its first scripted shows this summer. one executive suggested it may be because real people are harder to control. some experts believe viewers have also become more skeptical about reality shows and how real they actually are. i know. thank goodness we're getting back to storytelling. >> like this one. which is a great show, "house of cards." he says the election is crazier. speaking in paris sometimes he says the rife-life race makes him think the political thriller doesn't go far enough. when asked about you how his character matches up with the actual candidates, spacey says quote we need to remember he's a fictional character and some of the characters appear to be fictional too. >> and here to bring us up to date on sometimes stranger than fictio
5:23 pm
cleary. the new york primary is just over a week away. in order to vote in that primary, it is a closed race. you had to register last year october 9th. two people who missed the deadline, two of donald trump's children. ivanka and eric. donald spoke about this on "fox and friends" this morning. take a listen. >> they didn't register in time. so they feel very, very guilty. but it's fine. i understand that. i think they have to register a year in advance and they didn't. so eric and ivanka i guess won't be voting. >> are you cutting off their allowance? yes. >> they're also in their mid 20s. and ivanka is doing pretty well for herself these days. >> you have to think for yourself. you can't sign up at the
5:24 pm
minute and i read that that might actually hurt donald in new york. even though they're supporting him, they can't vote in the primary. maybe he did decide very close to the deadline to get on the ballot in the first place. >> i'm not going to read too far into it, but those two are in trouble. so both the president and the vice president, they have said they will not endorse a candidate in this race. that is actually fairly standard practice. but in an exclusive interview, joe biden said he would like to see a woman elected. some might read into that and says does that mean hillary clinton then his staff they actually tried to stop the interview. >> would you like to see. >> i would like to see a woman elected. >> that's it. >> no, that's all right. i don't mind -- i'm not getting into that -- >> i'd like to ask one more question. >> the president and i are not going to endorse because we
5:25 pm
when we ran said let the party decide. >> so you there go with that. that's the one thing at least there is's that factor he may go off the rails, may go off the tracks and he says i'm going to keep on going. >> i think he could say that without necessarily endorsing a candidate. >> it's not a big surprise even if he is in that camp. >> exactly. >> the last story we've got is about bernie sanders. he is working hard to give hillary clinton a run for her money. they just released an advertisement that is produced by spike lee. you might recall spike lee endorsed bernie sanders, but he has been a big proponent of the candidate in this race. take a little look at this advertisement that he put together for us. >> people of color have a deeply invested interest in what bernie sanders brings to us. >> he sees us as a whole people,
5:26 pm
that's why i'm voting for bernie sanders. >> i'm bernie sanders and i approved this message. >> so that was definitely taking aim at the fact that they say hillary clinton appeals more to black voters and that's an effort for bernie sanders to appeal to black voters and also voters of color in this advertisement to get them excited about him as a candidate and maybe appeal to them in new york. we'll see if it works. >> up ahead, hundreds of protesters arrested today at the u.s. cap tol attempting to take a stand. >> and could last minute amendments to noah's law jeopardize the bill? >> plus a royal meeting, the viral campaign that helped a 93-year-old cafe owner meet prince william and duchess kate in india. >> a new service promising to make your boyfriend better and bring back the element of surprise. can't wait.
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just a short time ago, a deal was struck that appears to have put noah's law back on track. that bill was named for montgomery county police officer noah leotta who was killed by an alleged repeat drunk driver. >> a political tug of war in annapolis had supporters worrying that time was running out. >> tom fitzgerald is live at the state house with the latest. >> reporter: we are down to the wire in annapolis.
5:31 pm
[ audio difficulties ] >> we'll check in with fits a little later with that story. obviously a story with a lot of interest. noah's law. hopefully we will see it come to a resolution. meanwhile we have other news to get to. >> spring marchers arrived in washington sunday night. they would reduce the influence of politics. hundreds were arrested today. it's scheduled to last through april 18th. >> anne arundel sheriff is on leave after he's accused of assaulting his wife. baitman's service weapons and personal weapons were removed from his home.
5:32 pm
he will be on leave while the case is investigated. he has been the county sheriff for ten years. >> was the shooting death of a former nfl player part of a revenge plot. that's the question police are trying to answer. will smith was shot and killed late saturday night. police say he was shot by a man who rear-ended the vehicle smith and his wife were in. police have learned smith had diner with a man. >> nearly 70 years since jackie robinson broke the color barrier in major league baseball. the film is expected to cover robinson's contributions to baseball and society. the documentary debuts tonight. >> in sports tonight the
5:33 pm
capitals finish out, their all-time best season by one single point. they take on the flyers in round one of the stanley cup playoffs. the first two shoem games at the verizon center thursday and saturday and the series heads to philly next monday and wednesday. last time the caps won the president's trophy they lost in the first round of the playoffs but don't tell that to larry king. today he tweeted, quote, the nfl playoffs start this week. i think my washington caps will finally take the stanley cup. in the past he's used twitter to share his love for the team. he said vitamin c is good for you and there's no finer actress than pia zadora. long-time team
5:34 pm
died today. he paid medical bills and college tuition for players back in the days when hockey players needed second jobs to make it. and caps owner released a statement in party appreciate ed's wisdom and insight, and growing the gam is a standard for all of us. he'll be missed but never forgeten. he's created an ever lasting legacy. it was a big day for keenan reynolds. today he won the sullivan award which goes way beyond football. a big honor him in maryland. >> we want to move back out now to tom fitzgerald. he is live at the state house with the latest on that law
5:35 pm
death. >> reporter: back with you now. the deal is this. they have been negotiating all day long. noah's law was passed in the house and passed in the senate but these were two different versions of this bill and that has been the hangup. what we've been told is negotiators reached a deal. who has been here every single moment in every single hearing? that would have been the father of officer noah leotta. his father told us today that he is gratified it's moving forward but it does not replace the loss in his family. >> this can't fill the devastation of the hole in my heart. it can't fill what i'm missing for the rest of my life. but it can give me some solace that his
5:36 pm
vain. >> reporter: now here in maryland, breathalyzer ignition locks are only required if you blow a .15. the legal limit is .08. this law woman date you would have to put a breath lieser on your car and it would not start if you are drunk. this still allows people to drive their cars, they just can't drive those cars if they're intoxicated. officer leotta was killed last year, it's been alleged a repeat drunk driver struck and killed him while officer leotta was actually on a drunk driving stask force. the agreement now ensures it is likely that will happen tonight. >> both the house and senate are moving towards passing
5:37 pm
strongest interlock program. hopefully anybody arrested for drunk driving will have the interlock device imposed on their car. >> the concern of the last 48 hours is that amendments that were ended to the senate version weakened the bill and lessened the chance of being past. however at this point it appears all of that has been ironed out. we are told by the head of the senate judiciary committee right now they expect to move this to the floor this evening. remember, time is working against this right now. they only have until midnight until this general assembly session ends. we're live in annapolis tonight, tom fitzgerald, fox 5 local news. >> coming up, japan may be ditching credit cards and cash for a new way to pay. >> we're going to tell you how the country plans to personalize with their fingerprints. >> meet the oldest person to get a tattoo for the first time. what this grandpa got inked
5:38 pm
his upper arm. >> by that age. >> why not? >> i'm all in. outside right now the warmest it's been all day and who knew starting off on such a dreary morning we would hit 73 degrees. the very changeable forecast as we've got more on the way for tuesday morning. we will have more coming up for you next as fox 5 news at 5:00 returns right after this.
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in annapolis, she battled republicans joseline peña-melnyk for congress... yes! and the nra to pass the toughest gun safety legislation in the country. i'll take on the tough fights to expand social security and keep the doors open to planned parenthood. my mom is so tough she's willing to fight anyone who's going to pay him more than us for doing the same job. i'm joseline peña-melnyk, and i approve this message. a great grand father celebrating his
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the oldest person to get a tattoo. he was the oldest person to do the ice bucket challenge when he was 102. he wanted to go a step further. he had his nickname jacko and his birthday tattooed. >> i love that. he looks great. >> age ain't nothing but a number. that is true. >> good for him. i have no die seer to go through that. >> you don't have a tattoo? >> i don't. >> i don't either. >> i don't but if i get to 104, i'm definitely getting one because there will be no regrets. i love his spirit too. why not. >> the weather is awesome too. >> definitely. considering how the day started. we really turned things around made it into the 70s
5:43 pm
were you guys cold enough this weekend? >> yeah. >> it was a nice little break. >> it really was. i have had a lot of people say what is with the weather in general. it's been such a rocky transition to spring. and coming off of a weekend that featured snow showers t freezing temperatures and very gusty winds we've kept the wind unfortunately. can't seem to shake that. but as we take a live look outside it is a beautiful evening with plenty of sunshine that came out this afternoon and that helped temperatures jump into the 70s. hard to believe we're going to do the rain thing yet again. soggy tuesday morning is expected. the warm front in during the overnight hours. more rain, however it looks like it will clear out just like it did today but it will be cooler tomorrow afternoon. satellite and radar right now, the showers are moving through central pennsylvania. clouds have basically cleared as we're in the warm sector hear in washington. cold front is back towards our west and you can see it drapd across the
5:44 pm
as that sweeps through tonight we could have some briefly heavy rain just in time for the morning commute tomorrow. i know there were some traffic issues this morning. i mean, when are there not. but the rain certainly does not help. check out these high temperatures. we made it to 73 the past hour at reagan, 74 at dulles and 73 at bwi. after so many days where our high temperatures were below normal, which is the mid 60s, we have now soared above normal. really nice evening out there. we're seeing 70s along the map with the exception of near the water. and 73 out at dulles. nice night for baseball. and they've come a long way since opening day with the delays and with the postponement on saturday. so really nice evening weather. but we do still have the wind unfortunately. gusting up to 30 miles per hour at times here in dc. over 20 miles per hour just about everywhere and it is going to stay pretty breezy tonight
5:45 pm
out ahead of that cold front. here's what to expect as we put future cast in motion. by early tomorrow 5:00 a.m. we've got rain and plenty of it moving through. i expect it to cause some slowdowns just about everywhere tomorrow the heaviest rain falls from 5:00 to 7:00 a.m. then from 7:00 to 9:00 the showers push off towards the south and east. by noon i think most of the rain has cleared, just some clouds. those clouds will hang on off towards our south and east. but sunshine moving in quickly tomorrow afternoon. like i said, it will be a lot like today only difference is we're behind the cold front so cooler air coming through and it will be much more of a jacket needed afternoon. how much rain through tomorrow afternoon? not much. probably only .5 to maybe closer to an inch if you are in some higher downpours. following that rain we are in a much quieter pattern through the of the week. dry weather settles in tomorrow afternoon and it will stay that way.
5:46 pm
the way through the 7-day forecast. cool overnight temperatures actually considering we were in a freeze warning we've made some good progress by tomorrow morning. high temperature of just 60. so you see our temperatures don't go very far because of that cooler air moving in. beautiful sunrise picture, our very own melanie almwick. thanks, mel. temperature 55 at 6:35 a.m. look at these temperatures on that roller coaster ride as things begin to level off. 60 degrees sunny and cool on wednesday 63 and 64 as we head towards friday. some really nice weather into the weekend. the weekend looks fantastic especially that warm-up. 72 on sunday, 76 on monday. what a difference a week makes in april. and that is your very good-looking 7-day forecast. >> we know there are several prerequisites to being a good
5:47 pm
royal. waiving, smiling, smaking many hands. the royal couple wasted no time in taking part of one of india's most beloved sports, cricket. she's not too bad. >> not at all. and prince william and kate made time for their biggest fan. >> he owns a restaurant in mumbai. travel magazine interviewed the cafe owner and launched an online campaign to invite the royal couple to his cafe during their visit. >> the video immediately went viral and
5:48 pm
received an invite to meet the couple at their hotel yesterday. >> that's a great little invite. >> let's head over to tony and shawn for a look at what's next. >> coming up, an incredible rescue caught on camera. a group of men was stranded on a remote island just like the tv show "gilligan's island." we'll have the latest on who came to their rescue. >> a heads up all you fans of "house of cards." have you gotten in on the latest craze? it's all ahead tonight on fox 5 local news at 6:00.
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>> your binge watching habits could cost you more. customers who were grandfathered in will see their bills go up by 2 bucks in may. >> it's not that much to begin with. forget the credit cards, mobile payment is gaining popularity. services like apple pay and samsung pay are becoming more widely used and in a few years you may not even need your phone for mobile pay. japan is testing out a system to pay via fingerprint. the hope is a system will attract more tourists to the country. >> so people are shelling out cash on kick starter. they tend to do when they see something they really like but this time it's just for the possibility of what they're calling a smart wine dispenser. it learns what you like, it promises to
5:53 pm
pour. the company hopes to have its first models out by christmas. >> what do they consider the perfect pour? >> a new service wants to help bad boyfriends step up their game with gifts. he got the idea from his own
5:54 pm
behavior. >> up ahead, miss america was in montgomery county today giving some elementary school kids haircuts. >> the reason why after the break. 
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wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way. but not with democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks. and when washington insiders wrote a loophole to let the nra spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards, the special interests aren't special. we are.
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>> more than a dozen kids got a haircut at school today for a good cause. they're donating their hair to make wigs for cancer patients. miss america, who donated her hair after she was crowned, was also on hand to kick things off. the donated hair will be used to make free real hair wigs for the american cancer society wig banks. >> so this friday fox 5 rocking
5:58 pm
out farragut square park. 17th and k streets on friday as fox 5 rocks the sound of the city. we're going to kick things off early and if you can't make it out, you can watch us streaming at fox 5 >> that's such a great location for it. >> oh, yeah it's right in the middle. it a great way to start the day. >> it's going to be a lot of fun. >> i think so. >> we should go down, if they'll let us. possibly not. >> it's early on, right? >> thanks for joining us tonight at 5:00. >> fox 5 local news at 6:00 starts right now. right now at 6:00, metro mayhem. police investigate the third murder on a metro line in less than a year.
5:59 pm
then, a local sheriff finds himself on the other side of the law. he's under arrest tonight and faces some serious charges. plus, it's a cult favorite in washington, but you'll never believe what viewers love the most about "house of cards." and we thank you for joining us tonight. i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm shawn yancy. right off the top tonight, take a good look at this picture. a short time ago police released these surveillance images of a person of interest suspected of stabbing a teen sager to death this morning. the victim is the second teenager murdered at that metro station in two weeks. paul wagner starts off our coverage tonight from the deanwood metro station. paul? >> reporter: tony and shawn, this murder has absolutely stunned this community. the second murder here at deanwood in just over two weeks but it's the third murder on a metro line since july. we did find a witness to some of what happened. she did not w
6:00 pm
identified and she came upon the scene here at the station after getting off the train. she says that the victim, who may have been as young as 15 years old, had his brother with him. here's what she had to say. >> she said that it was a guy, he was coming down the escalator and he heard someone else say "go ahead." and when the guy said "go ahead," she seen a dude walk up behind the guy and punch him two times in the neck and his body right there. the guy trag to pump him i don't know if it was brother, i asked him. when i seen him there was a girl holding the phone towards his mouth because i guess he was on the phone with an ambulance. and there was another guy on the phone he was still pumping him but there wasn't no metro transit at the time. >> reporter: we know that when medics arrived they did try cpr here on the scene for quite some time before taking the victi


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