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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  April 12, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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to the movement named a national monument now. fire beware. >> you're faiing paying extra for a phone you signed up for. >> your cellphone may call you extra. pay attention to the fine from me. time you upgrade. "fox 5 news morning" starts rite now. all right. good morning to you time 4:30. we're glad you're with us. airport airport is here. maureen umeh is here. >> got my coffee ready to make this happen. >> gary mcgrady is downstairs. quick word on the weather. >> mild this morning. not cold at all. showers will be coming through. if had you to deal with the morning commute yesterday morning same this morning. showers will cause a few more issues. erin has you covered on that, right, erin. >> that's right, gary, it's xw xwiet now. get an early start. once that rain moves in you know we don't want monday part two you. >> know how that goes. rain drama. >> gary, thank you. see you
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>> new this morning it went down to the wire and noah's law was passed last night a bill named for a montgomery county police officer taken goyl to the governor today. it will require ignition interlock devices for anyone convicted of drunk driving in maryland. supporters were worry time would run out before the deadline. >> they are looking for this man us is inspectioned after murdering a teen aimer. >> this is the second teen killed in two weeks at the dean wood melt row station. >> "fox5" mel smell joining us live with more on the story. melanie, good morning. >> good morning, this other -- this second callous act of violence here involveing a teenager it brought out the guardian angels, community activists and city leaders trying to find ways to keep the peace. sources close to the investigation do confirm that metro surveillance
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captured some kind of altercation between the two young anyone on escalators at the deanwood metro station and stabbing was fast and fatal and witnesses say 15-year-old john roof us evans the iii johnny was cut twice in the neck around 11 a.m. and they confirm evans was on his way to a court hearing in d.c.. the suspect was also clearly captured on surveillance video a young man police say is anywhere from 14 to 20 years old. we do know we are told that police know who they're looking for. so they have not put out any names related though to that suspect. so far. but the second murder in two weeks here as we mentioned. police commanders were out here and city leaders and city councilwoman what represents ward 7 was out there dismade saying the metro transit place told her there would be increased security after the murder two weeks ago she came out here and did not see that and also noting she was told
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additional 200 police officers in order to fulfill that mission and also out here was former mayor vincent gray running forward 7 council seat. he said maybe it's time for metro to consider metal detect detectstors. i'm melanie alnwick, "fox 5 news". >> did the victim and suspect think the victim and suspect knew each other? i know you set altercation but did they know each other. >> it is not clear if they knew each other or it was a flash altercation. it is possible, maureen, that's under investigation. >> either way so disturbing another teen airming killed. mel, thanks for the report. we'll see you throughout the morning. >> 4:33 the time now. yesterday's deadly stabbing at the dean yn wood metro station marks third violent attack on other near metro stops in three weeks.
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17-year-old in a case and they don't have motive or connection between the two and last friday someone stabbed a teenager near rhode island brentwood station after a fight between a large group of teens. the victim is expected tory cover. police have arrested a map for shooting of a 7-year-old girl in south east d.c. last friday night. 7 years old. 27-year-old michael wiggins of southwest d.c. is achargeed with assault of a dangerous weapon and unlawful possession of a firearm. the mayor joychbd many a community walk down where the girl was shot. she was walking home with her parents when caught in the cross fire. the prince george county now. a follow up on police-involved shooting we've been covering. it happened sunday night when officers responded to alarm that went off at the international market on 4th street in laurel the shooting is called unintentional. an officer's gun went off
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bullet hit rashjuan kishy. he is in stable condition that point and they caught a 15-year-old boy released to mother. the officer that fired the shot is on administrative leave pending outcome of the investigation. 4:35 a check on today's forecast with gary mcgrady. showers coming down as i headed in at least. >> yes, you notice how mild it was. >> it was beautiful. >> temperatures interested tricky because we start off mild and then the front linge lingering to the west of us will start to come through. how much sunshine do we get and how much do we cool off in the afternoon with cooler air sliding on in. delays lot to deal with right now. it's very mild. 65 degrees out there. and dulles 64. and along i 81 hagerstown, martinsburg, winchester, lower to mid 60s there. ahead of the frontal system temperatures with the clouds and showers prettyty mild. pretty comfortable actually out there. now, look here's where we're dealing with the rain. by no means is any of this heavy. it's enough to come down. it's enough to be a problem
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the morning commute. you know what we're talking about. so give yourself extra time here. it does look like there will be more showers gathering back out to the west. later today, temperatures will get up to 65 degrees. and briefly i know we're already there this morning we'll cool off more. we'll warm up again today and wool off in the afternoon. it's always tricky when the frontal systems come in in the afternoon. late morning like this how much will they cool things off. that's the deal. beautiful weather. okay? after today. and today is not that bad. rest of the week, beautiful. how about 70s coming in this weekend, erin cuomo, what do you think about that. >> 70s sound delightful. 4:36 good news after today normal morning commute weathe weather-wise as the rain moves in 2 could cause more problems as it did yesterday. tip cool overnight roadwork. prince george county allentown road both directions between off road and sutland road caution there and moving to a look in montgomery
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blocked right now inner loop between clara barton pork way and river road. ongoing area of construction should be wrapped up by 5:00 hour. aside from that plenty of green opt map. all inbound bridges moving along long type. let's look live outside at so. bridges. volume not pick up on the key bridge roz land to georgetown. that trend continues through the third street tunnel 11 street bridge ep wooxt let you know if that changes. back to you maureen. >> president obama designating historic home central to the women's right movement as a national monument. the sewell belmont house and museum will become the women's equality national monument. ava belmont and paul were prominent leaders in the suffer range movement. 4:37 is the time. still ahead. mother nature wreaking havoc in parts of the united states including golf ball size hail. we'll take a look at incredible damage it did to one home.
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. >> and i'm holly morris i'll have a look at top trending stories in the region this morning including a bribe for the real live hamburglar that everyone is talking about. 4:38 is the time right hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it ♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us,
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we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i could rise above
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>> we're back at
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latest on the cam pain trail. hillary clinton and trump loo looking to regain from their losses. and gop officials were accused of rigging the process by candidate and time now is 4:41. let's get a check of the other stories we're talking about this morning xing holly morris is keeping a close eye on that using our realtime news tracke tracker. >> good morning, everybody, out there. beginning in northern virginia. we'll start with a very tough story to tell. a young mother is behind bars accused of stabbing her 3-month-old daughter. prince william county police say leah arington claims she stabbed the infant because she would not stop crying. the injuries are indeed life-threatening. in the district now more than 400
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in sit in in a capitol hill were arrested. the sit ins are expected to remain all week. they are demanding they take action to reduce money in politics. >> for folks visiting d.c. metro board is considering whether to include national mall as part of the station's name. a decision must be made by end of month. and timely, you might call it a burger bribe for the man in the video that of course everyone is talking about. broke into the five gaze in columbia heights and talked about this a lot yesterday. he broke in last month. remember he fired up the grill and cooked up the hamburgers and help late night stack. the chain wants to help catch him. it's offering him freeburgers for entire year if he turns himself in. >> butle he'll number jail. how will he getburgers for a year. >> we'll see.
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loves thoseburgers wiz. you know he loved them enough to break n will he love them enough to come forward. >> maybe they'll deliver to the jail he will. >> or maybe hold off when he gets out the year will start when he gets out. >> that's better. holly. thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> all right. coming up if you're thinking about upgrading your cellphone don't forget to read the fine from. additional costs you may not realize you're paying. but, first. >> you're stealing those hov lanes from us. >> frustrated drivers signing off on a plan to help traffic congestion i 95 in virginia why they say the solution makes the issue worse before it gets better. gary and erin have a check of today's commute and forecast. the morning ride could be an issue for a lot of people thanks to mother nature. we'll explain what it's all
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>> lawmakers passed noah's law. he was killed by a suspected drunk driver and now it goes to larry hogan who is expected to pass it today. it requires ignition devices for anyone convicted of drunk driving in maryland. more on this story at 5. first we're talking about raindrops keep falling on my head. >> that's right you have some coming in. >> i didn't have a drop not a drop. >>. ly left before you. >> it's still there just not raining. >> he was going so fast. he was staying ahead of the rain. >> some of us not so lucky. >> more coming in. nothing hea
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more of a nuisance for the next couple hours and i think as the front comes through just before the front comes through it may get heavier in places. we're not talking anything more than a quarter inch in spots all right? which is not much and i most places will not get that much. reagan national 65. dulles 64. bwi 66. listen later in the week it really looks like things set up nice. we would call it boring in the weather world. for your point of view it looks like it will be real nice. this high is critical. because if it will stay just to the north of us maybe a little to the north east of us we'll be in for really, really nice weather. if it shifts a little further than we're projecting here it could bring in clouds. we kind of get this northeasterly flow that comes down in and that creates ugly conditions. so, we're hoping this stays to the north of us. that keeps it real, real nice. sunny, and cool actually the next couple days. as we get to latter part of the week it looks like it will stay dry. 60s for us and
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south later in the week. as we get to sunday we're projecting that we may have a 70 degree plus reading here. so, it does look like the trend at least is in the right direction. all the rain ahead of the fron frontal system front lurking back out west. with temperatures this morning in the mid 6 0s. lower to mid 60s across the region we'll watch that and once the front come through and we get into sunshine and drier conditions the temperatures will go up. i think about 8 a.m. we'll have showers. right around 60 or so temperatures should continue to drop a little and then 64 for lunchtime today it will be breezy and the winds gusty behind the front this afternoon and as we progress later into the day more and more sunshine obviously before it sets. cooler tomorrow, 60 for a high. beautiful. cool on thursday, 63. but beautiful. friday, 64. beautiful. and then we get to saturday and sunday, a few clouds perhaps on saturday. then
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on sunday. next monday maybe 76. here's your forecast. you like that you? like that? that's good. two thumbs up. here's erin aaron you have two thumbs up on that. >> absolutely i like the way you said beautiful for it. >> that means you need to get through tuesday morning commute. >> yes. >> and then we have several dry morning sgluts i'll take. it well, yesterday morning the rain caused big problems and this morning now we're quiet. inner loop between 50 and 202 in problems this and you can see oyrt loop cutioning a long. as the rain moves in it slows you down most likely. i can guarantee that. early start. grab your up brel aif you head to the meto row. no reported delays. the entire stretch of the beltway now keep in mind some overnight roadwork waiting to clear. allentown road both directions off road to sutland road and prince george county in montgomery country inner loops and lanes blocked between clara barton and river road and traffic is
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covered if that changes back to you. all right. erin, thank you very much. speaking of the roads d.c. police say there will be street closures in downtown d.c. because the tv show sdwrep di is in town. question is, what is traffic. you get it? >> sure. >> jeopardy? >> all right. >> this show is taping several episodes today. c street northwest from 17 to 18 street northwest closed from 9 to 7. if you travel in the area you'll likely see delays. so police say it's probably a good idea to avoid the area altogether. and we have a school closing today that just came into our newsroom. seratzville high school is closed today because of water main break. seratsville high school is closed today. >> interstate 395 virginia con guested outside of rush hour but it will get worse before it gets better. vdot is expanding toll lanes on 395 second phase of hot lanes
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stretch ending near pentagon. current hov you can drive on without paying anything. that goes away making it all tolls all the time. well, that's not really sitting well with drivers. some drivers are already upset about the conditions there. >> you can drive on the hov lanes until or after 10:00 and then until 3 p.m. and now, that's going to be stolen from us. we already paid for those hov lanes. >> vdot still has to work out the cost and figure out perhaps for the project and construction is set to start next spring and finish summer of 20 19. >> all right. 4:51 the time and now is a time to get a check of other top story this morning. the sheriff is on lead accused of assaulting his wife. ronald baitman was arrested sunday night and police respon responded to his home where baitman's wife told officers he attacked her and service weapons and
4:52 am
were removed from the home and he's been county sheriff for the last ten years. >> belgium authorities charge twod more anyone brussels bombing and officials say the suspects were involved in representing an apartment in the area and they say it served as hideout for a bomber that attacked a subway and accomplice. 16 victims died in that attack. the same day a pair of sued side bombers killed 16 victim at brussels airport. they are charged with participating in the activities in a terrorist group among other things. >> zika virus is scarier than they thought. mosquitoes that carry the virus present in 30 states up from 12 state the virus is linked to birth defects and cdc recommends all women returning from areas where the zika virus is spreading get tested and congress yet to act on president obama request for zika funding and in the meantime they're redirecting other money to combat the viru virus. >> part of texas cleaning up after happenederd
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storm. check this out hail size of bais baseballs and golf balls belted in whilely. and many will have to replace broken windows that were blown out from high wind and hail. >> happening today. members of the 4 h youth organization will rally in washington d.c. to protest rising cost of college. they plan to gather this morning as part of 4 h national conference this week. hundreds are expected to attend the event. later tonight the group will celebrate 7 annual legacy awards downtown. ceremony celebrates national impact of 4 h you. >> may want to look at the fine print the next time you upgrade your phone. there's a slew of fees you're not aware of. on your receipt you may see device upgrade fee. sprint and verizon says it helps cover support costs in transitioning to new devices it only applies to phones you buy from the provider.
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verizon launched that upgrade free april 4 and later at&t raised theirs from 15 to 20. print remains steadfast and sticks with this charge of 30. >> in today's sports breakfast nationals beat braves 6-4. the braves lost six stlaiingt time the fist time nearly 30 years braves started season 0-6. >> nats daniel murphy kept momentum up two hits in the first. wilson ramos drove in four singles and two rbi to cover up matt scherzer. coming up 5:20 we'll tell you more than what happened on the field why it was a special night for nationals youngest fans as well. stay tuned for that. >> nba basketball now wizards need aid strong run in the fourth quart to knock off the nets 120 to 111 and wizard blew a 20-0 lead. >> wow. >>
4:55 am
points and 20 assists, double, double for washington. so far wizards won two straight. problem is they won two straight since eliminated from the playoffs. they can finish the season 500 by beating atlanta on season finale wednesday. >> all right. reminder, this friday, "fox5" is rocking out at the park as we kickoff spring concert series and we have three fantastic local bands set to perform this friday and sounds of the city will kick things off. again that's sound of is they kicking things off this friday april 22. secret society will perform and muddy crows will be finale friday, april 29. >> so come on down and join us at fargat square park 17 and k street and "fox5" rocks sound of the city. kicking things off early good day d.c.. if you can make it outcome out. and if not, just watch as you stream a
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>> it will be fun precursor to -- maybe. >> you counting how many concerts you get to see for free. >> how many days away until -- i'm making sure it will be goo good. that's my job is the weather. >> you're so --. >> you don't want me to be sting singing we'll have to do that. >> i may play the bongos. >> oh, well. >> showers moving through this morning. radar shows not for everyone. let's see headcount maureen had showers i had showers wisdom did not have showers coming in this morning. we don't know about erin. most of this is crossing over 81 now. winchester wet. hagerstown wet. eventry all of montgomery county, loudoun country, showers coming out across. i think the showers last until, 9:00 this morning just in time to make sure morning commute is wet. breezy this afternoon. cooler too. temperatures today lower to mid 6 0s. here's erin cuomo did you get sprinkles coming in. >> i deposit i took wisdom martin and everything was quiet and that doesn't mean rain will be moving in
4:57 am
take the same route. they say spotty showers for sure in the area. >> enjoy that coffee maureen. >> i'm not there. just throw a little shade my way. it's still dark outside. >> well, grab that umbrella you might need it and patience, northbound to the beltway traffic is moving along long fine as you make your way stafford on through. we're not seeing any problems just yet. watch for slick spots and congestion top develop. wisdom and maureen. >> thank you very much. 4:57 is the time and coming up at 5 tragedy on metro. a 15-year-old stabbed and killed and broad daylight. melanie alnwick is live with the latest in that story and how the teen is being remembered this morning. >> plus late night vote puts noah's law one step closer to being a law in maryland
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>> ahead at 5 one step closer the late night vote in maryland puts the vote one step closer to reality. >> and growing concerns over safety of metro for second time in less than a month a teen is killed at the same metro station. we're live with the latest. >> new this morning results from latest highway safety crash test.


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