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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  April 12, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> ahead at 5 one step closer the late night vote in maryland puts the vote one step closer to reality. >> and growing concerns over safety of metro for second time in less than a month a teen is killed at the same metro station. we're live with the latest. >> new this morning results from latest highway safety crash test.
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>> all right. gary mcgrady showers coming down what's going on. >> it's not a super wet commute but not enough of a wet commute to the cause problems. you'll be watching that over the morning hours and showers moving west d.c. is dry and that will change. don't worry we'll be dry this afternoon with sunshine. temperatures middle 6 0s. that won't be bad. more on the forecast coming up. >> yeah, but a wet commute erin that can be rough. >> monday part twoy call it. a lot of slow traffic yesterda yesterday. metro on time now. grab your umbrella before you make your way to the stop. >> thanks, erin, developing overnight d.c. police looking foreman suspected of murdering a teenager at the metro station. that violent attack happened yesterday morning this is the second teen killed at the station in two weeks. >> melanie alnwick is covering the story and she joins us live in northeast with more. what are the latest details, mel.
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>> well, we can tell you that it brought out so many community leaders including guardian angels and running for city office and saying they really are putting together just another callous act of violence and another teenager killed in such a terrible way. let's go to the video here. sources close to the investigation confirmed that metro surveillance tapes did record a brief altercation between two young men on the escalators at the deanwood metro and stabbing was fast and fatal and witnesses say 15-year-old john roof us evans the third was cut twice in the neck 11:00 in the morning and sources confirm evans was on his way to a court hearing and teacher at the teen's middle school ran into him at the metro earlier. . >> they said hey, how are you doing. i said represent you supposed to be in school. he didn't have -- i didn't know what was going on. i thought mayb
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going back to school. >> the suspect was also clearly captured on metro surveillance video. a young man police say is anywhere from 14 to 20 years old. police have not named the suspect and sources tell us they know exactly who they are looking for. and now, again, as we know this is now the second young man murdered that very same metro station in just two weeks. police xhapders were out here and we mentioned city leaders as well. city councilman kenyan mc duffy and city councilwoman he vet alexander who said metro police told her they need 200 officers and assured her previously he think would be more security presence out here as well as mayor vincent gray former mayor vincent gray. you'll mar from him com
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at 5:30. back to you guys. >> disturbing story to say the least. >> police arrested a man for shooting of 7-year-old girl. this time in southeast happened last friday night 27-year-old michael wiggins of southwest d.c. charged with assault of a dangerous well and unlawful possession of firearm. yesterday afternoon mayor muirial bowser joined in on community walk down the street where the little girl was shot. shooting happened on hartford street southeast girl was walking home with parents when caught in the cross fire. >> new this morning maryland governor will put pen to paper and sign noah's law. bill named for montgomery country police officer thefinal. >> they had until midnight. 11:29 the vote came down. it passed senate moments earlier and this after the bill itself was thrown down earlier in the day. there were d
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apologize for the technical problems. we're with gary mcgrady filling us in on weather conditions today as you plan the day. umbrella for sure. >> have it with you there's nothing too heavy here. after 9 a.m. trenlding out of here. that's about a better afternoon. there you go. here's showers this morning. again not everybody getting wet but increase in showers off to the west of us. anything more that moderate to late rain shower out to the east. and most of this yesterday morning coming up over fled rick county down to loudoun county and northern sections of montgomery country coming off 81 that will be the case and temperatures this morning are not bad and temperatures in the lower to mid 60s. we'll koov cool off a little and the trend will be cooler temperatures 8 a.m. and down to 60. not that it's all that cool and up to 64
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afternoon. and we trend drier through the morning okay as we get to latter morning we'll be dry. and good as of sunshine temperatures in the lowers. breezy too whipped northwest 10 to 20 and beautiful weather the next several days full forecast 7 day coming up rights to erin cuomo coming patiently by to talk about this morning's commute. sdmre and 5:06 enjoying the quiet conditions. we have roadwork. so far so good crash free the district. allentown road both directions between off road and sutland parkway we'll let you know when the clears in prince george county otherwise inbound routes in prince george 4 and 5 looking nice and many montgomery country this roadwork just cleared. lanes are all on on the inner loop between lar abarton
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parkway and river road. as you cruise out of town inbound you're looking great. no inbound problems on bridges and traffic quiet downtown on secondarys. let's look live outside showing you 395 as you make your way from beltway adding to etsell road and traffic moving along long without issues. if you happen to have an early morning flight to catch. traffic on the way to bwi and dulles cution ago long without any issues. as many of you haid out the door there's a new focus on safety. turns out ford is stop choice that's according to insurance institute for highway safety set to release front end carn results today aim insurance institute for highway safety test tested pickup trucks and front crash tests replicates what happens when a vehicle runs off the road at 40 miles an hour. big impact there. 2016 ford f-150
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truck to score a top rating. the extended cab got the hig highest safety rating. results are good for ford and company recently switched to light weight aluminum body and rival pickups from chevy, gmc and toyota did not do as well. unfortunately pickup was the worst performer. officials say the trucks had poor structure. >> know what they say. >> what's that. >> built ford tough. >> build ford tough. >> there you go. >> good results for you. >> never know if you need a new pickup truck. if you're shopping there you go you have the latest info. >> straight ahead one week until the crucial new york primary and oh, boy it's crunch time for candidates and latest on the campaign trail sglext and later frustrated drivers sound off on a plan to help traffic congestion along i 395 in virginia and we're back in 30 second
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>> i'm wisdom martin with a look at top stories we're following in the newsroom. we begin anne arrundel there's a shaveive on leave because he's in dribble with the law. ronald bait man is accused of assaulting his wife. police responded where bait man's wife told officer he attacked her. he had service weapons and personal weapons removed from his home. he's been the county sheriff
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for the last step years. >> ethan couch the teen that used aaffluenza defense after he killed four people in drunk driving crash turned 19 now his birthday automatically triggers stricter probation conditions and couch is behind bars for violating violatingbation by escaping to mexico and he face yj in adult court next week. >> we're learning more about will smith former saints playe player. at first they thought it was road waiming. now they're looking into something else. police say a driver rear ended smith car saturday night. smith got out and men skaivrpingd words. car del hayes opened fire on smith and wife. they learned smith had dinner earlier in the evening with new orleans police officer that hayes once sued and the lawsuit stemmed from a police shooting that killed hayes father. >> we're a week away fromhe
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new york primary. clinton and trump looking to rebound after a stipulating of losses. a new poll shows bernie sanders is gaping favor morning americans highest favorbility of all presidential candidates and other hand new poll shows trump's unfavorable numbers are high. last night, we sat down with fox bill o'reilly to discuss the numbers. >> it's possible it will change a little bit bill. we started off with 17 people. 166 which were shooting at me. and they're almost all gone right now. and you know, when you are hit by 16 different people that are accomplished people senators and governors and very, very smart people like ben carson who endorsed me by the way a great guy. they're all going after you. you probably don't come off look going because you come after them much harder than they wept after you. so i think so. ronald reagan had very, very hig
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annuals and favorable rating was 30 and jimmy carter was 19 or 20 points ahead of him and ended up winning by 6 points. so i think it will be very similar once we get going and can focus on hillary. i think we'll do great. >> new york primary is one week away april 19. let go back upstairs. >> never a dull moment. >> not at all. >> wiz we'll see new a second. the hamburgler and what they're offering in terms of catching him. >> back it "weather and traffic on the 5s". 5:12 is the time now.
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made an arrest from a fatal shooting of a boy at a metro station. police now confirming the suspect we believe is the one they have arrested in connection to this heinous crime. melanie alnwick will have much more on the story coming up at 5:30. >> we have a school closing today that just came into the newsroom i need to know about. sloutsville high school in prince george county closed because of a water main. it's shrapsville high school closed today. >> hey, listen a few showers out this morning coming out across. it looks like friend will be later in the morning the showers will get to the east of us. we're going to dry out. and we'll cool off a little bit this afternoon. but it does look like a dry afternoon with sunshine as well and not 7 0s like we had yesterday. okay? here's dry conditions in city now and more showers coming in north and west. frederick all covered up. loudoun county western loud con county covered up l
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eventually 66 corridor will end up with showers as well. not so bad for 95 south coming up from north as well will fay another hour, hour an a half before you get showers down there. at least that's the way it's looking now. bus stop pickup showers out there for the kids and temperatures not bad. 58 to 63 and sunshine in the afternoon. breezy. pick up temperatures will be upper 50s. lower 6 0s. again occasional gusts 10 to 20 miles an hour. 60 in town. mild. much colder temperatures. that's where it is. pittsburgh 39 and columbus 42. next couple of days showers this morning and dry this afternoon. temperature of 65 degrees for a high. temperatures are tricky today. we're starting off mild. we'll cool off a little bit and then with sunshine today we'll warm back up and cool off in the afternoon. and but tomorrow is definitely going to be cooler. upper 50s right around 60. it will be chilly tomorrow. we'll have the sunshine. here's the big area here. up and down the
5:17 am
up to pennsylvania, new york state, a lot of showers there. trailing into this all coming down virginia area and down through carolinas and sweep comes through and that dries out. few more hours bulk of rain through by 9 a.m. this morning. mrepttive sunshine. little on the cool side late this afternoon. there's no doubt about that. after the morning showers out of here they're dry, breezy, winds northwest 10 to 20 miles an hour and temperatures today we're already in middle 60s this morning. we'll warm up again middle 60s this afternoon and cool off later in the day. so kind of up and down with the temperatures like chaseing a rabbit a little bit. 63 on thursday. so it stays cool. friday a little warmer, 64. lots of sunshine. and saturday, possibly a few clouds and 66. then we get to sunday. sunshine. we're talking 72 degrees how about that? monday close to 08. see how did i that erin i made
5:18 am
76 degrees close to 8 0. because that's how we play. >> yeah. >> holly is right. >> she's exactly right. >> it's over 5. >> technically closer to 80. >> absolutely we're rounding up. >> we'll take it. >> it works to our benefit there you go. right now tuesday morning commute. with the rain coming through the area give yourself extra time to get around and watch for slick spots. debris reported in the road 295 east capitol and tree moved to the shoulder. police use caution there. right now all lanes in southeast are on on 295 northbound side and not yet seeing typical morning congestion. roadwork prince george allentown road between fos road and sutland parkway caution there. metro on time this morning all rails if you want to consider metro and cleared after clara barton upper loop. outer loop problem free. no slow down near new hampshire avenue. we'll show you how else things are flowing this morning. 395 problem free from alexandr
5:19 am
street bridge. some volume increases towards 14 street bridge not enough to cause major delays. south from stafford to springfield i interchange you hit pockets of stop and go traffic. back to you holly and maureen. >> interstate 395 virginia already congested outside of rush hour. it will get a whole lot worse before it gets better. vdot is expanding toll lanes on 395. this is second phase of hot lanes on 395. and vdot will work on 8 mile stretch ending near the pentagon. vdot still has to work out the cost and figure out plans for the project. >> and doing a study that will include noise impact of the project and air quality and number of other environmental concerns. we'll look at those impacts present them to the public and in the fall. >> right now the current hov lanes you can drive on during off beat times without paying
5:20 am
making it all toll all the time and that's not sitting well with some drivers. >> time now 5:20 let's get a check of stories you're talking about the most using realtime news tracker. young mother behind bars accused of stabbing her 3-month-old daughter. prince william county police say leah stabbed the infant because the baby would not stop crying and the baby's injuries are life-threatening. >> in the district more than 4 400 protesters taking part of sit in on capitol hill. sit ins expected to last all week. demonstrators are demanding congress take action to reduce the nrungs of money on politic politics. >> and district will have a national memorial. historic home to honor the history of women's rights and much more on that coming up in about 30 minutes. and finally an attempted bribe for the man in this video that everyone is baulk talking about. remember him he broke into five gaze last month. he period up the grill and cooked upburgers and had late
5:21 am
burger chain wants to help catch him and they're offering him freeburgers for entire year if they turns himself. >> might be tempting. >> might be tempting. >> coming up the nats enjoying another early season win following match-up against the braves highlights next. plus why the game was extra special for some extra special fans. >> plus, your luck? skill? you be the judge. you won't believe how many foul balls one fan caught in same game and heart-warming things they afterwards make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $3.99, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $3.99 today. america runs on dunkin'.
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. >> a special surprise for david ortiz for typeal home-opener fenway park. his 15-year-old daughter alexander sang the national anthem. he could barely hold back tear tears. team president said ortiz had no idea his daughter was going to sing that day. >> my gosh. >> i would be --. >> awe. >> i would be bawling if that was my daughter. >> the fact she held it together to sing in front of a crowd like that. >> good girl. >> very impressive. >> national beating braves 6-4 happeneding team sixth straight loss of the year and first time nearly 30 years braves started season 0-6. meanwhile the nats daniel murphy kept up momentum with two hits in the 1st and two rbis next up for the nats they'll host braves 7 p.m. tonight. also special night at the national ballpark for local kids battling cancer. 25 d.c. area kids, also cancer patients. got treated to a night alternate's park made possible for baseball league tour making 30 stops around the country. >> speaking of
5:25 am
opens baseball diamond detroit tiger fan turning loss noose something the fans will not forget. >> they caught five foul balls. he claims he taught more that 200 in his lifetime. the best part though about yesterday was he gave away all the balls he caught to kids that were sitting near him. what a great picture. actually saw this story somewhere else it's not about luck but nothing where to sit. clearly he knows the key if he has 2 0 0 of them. super fun. super fun. map, what a great night to go tie ball game, gary. >> it turned into a fabulous -- i watched that game because i watch a lot of games there was nobody there. it was so georgous last night and so few people were out there. >> i'm making a statement i was saying there was -- >> it was a work night, school night, early in the season yet. >> and atlanta. >> who wants top go see the braves there.
5:26 am
out. >> they have not won a game yet this season. >> showers out there this morning. not to the d.c. area yet. they'll come across. nothing too heavy. let's zoom out and put in motion to you to get an idea. more showers building west to 66. it will just enough to make forehead ache this morning with the commute. if you get up and down i 95 earlier you go the better here. 64 now. that's not bad. not cold out at all. breezy this afternoon. it will be dry this afternoon. temperatures are kind of all over the place. we'll cool down a little more then we'll warm up for the afternoon and cool down in the late afternoon. and after today we're dry and it really looks beautiful around here. so would say boring from my perspective but beautiful the next couple days. >> we'll take beautiful for sure. >> speaking of beautiful airport erin how does traffic look. >> my heart meltd love you. >> 5:26 now 9
5:27 am
problems stafford and stall tractor-trailer blocking ramp center parkway. typical morning volume picking up as you head towards the springfield interest change and aside from that 395 inbound problem free from alexandria up to the 14 street bridge we're cruising and secondarys in the district are looking nice. not a lot of congestion yet. rain moving in i'm thinking it could be sooner than later back to you. >> coming up 5:30 breaking news fatal stabbing at the deanwood metro station that left a 1 15-year-old dead. melanie alnwick live with that update. >> later concerns over the zika virus continues to grow and new warnings from health officials why they say it's worse than they originally thought.
5:30 am
sdmrvr ahead this morning outrage and fear. d.c. police investigate more violence on metro and this time a 15-year-old stabbed and killed and glorified passengers look on and down to the wire. noah's law passes fol a late night from maryland lawmakers. happening today, president obama set to honor women's rights and historic d.c. building dedicated to the movement that will be named a national monument and later, fire beware. >> you're paying extra for a phone you signed up for. >> your cellphone may cost you more than you think. why you want to pay extra attention to the fine print
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"fox5 news morning" starts now. >> all right. 5:30 the time. good morning to you holly. >> good morning to you wisdom. >> good morning, erin. >> good morning. >> ladies are here and gary is downstairs to talk rain. you getting rain? >> i got a few sprinkles but not a frog stranglerer yet her here. >> it's not going to be. showers comeing across and we're waiting on it it get into the district. we had showers through the district. now we're waiting on bulk of this to get through. once it does it will be nice. dry, breezy, cooler late this afternoon. and then we're in for a real nice stretch coming our way, guys. >> all right i don't know about a nice stretch on roads with rain headed our way, erin. >> not looking forward to. it more congestion kicks in and when the roads get wet i'll keep you updated but i would get an early start. >> all right. thank you erin. >> in the news this morning. this went down to the wire with maryland state lawmakers passed noah
5:32 am
it goes toe governor larry hogan who is expected to sign today. noah's law requires ignition devices for anyone convicted of drunk driving in maryland. >> we have confirmed police made arrest in deadly stabbing at the deanwood metro station. >> this is second teen killed at the station two weeks. "fox5" melanie alnwick is covering this story. she joins us live with the latest in that story, mel, good morning. >> good morning, now police have not released us to the name of that person who was arrested but we know yesterday sources told us they knew exactly who they were looking for. and we're talking about another teen here. and in this case you can see certainly didn't take long. but the violence here has brought out city leaders and community activist dressing metro for better safety. investigators close to the investigation confirmed that metro surveillance tapes did
5:33 am
altercation between two young men on escalators at the dean wood metro and the stabbing was fast and fatal and witnesses say 15-year-old john roof us evans the third that went by johnny was cut twice in the neck around 11 a.m. police sources confirm evan was on his way to a court hearing yesterday. former d.c. mayor vincent gray running for city council came out to the scene and spoke with concerned residents. >> we've had two murders in less than two weeks and we've also had people with fight and brute tallty and other issues that occurred in the metro station. metro has got step up and you know tell people especially here ward 7 exactly what they are going to do to make people feel safer. >> now, ward 7 council member he vet alexander was also out here. she told us that she was promised after that murder two weeks ago there would be more police presence out
5:34 am
she said she was here and didn't see it. that certainly was very troubling to her. she set metro told her they need another 200 police officers in order to really get security to where they would like it to be. also councilman kenyan mc duffy was out here as well. he was focused on trying to talk to the community activists saying yeah it's one thing to beef up safety but you have to get to the root of the problem trying to figure out what is causing young people in the city to act out in violent ways. melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> melanie with two happening there at the dean wood station is there talk at all of them being connected in any way? >> there -- we really don't know right now. we have not -- police have not made connections and they have not drawn those lines and we certainly don't know at this point, either, whether in yesterday's incident whether the victim and suspect knew each other. there seems to be an indication they may have. >> melanie i heard you say about 200
5:35 am
like to have is that a plan on the table or just kind of like a wish list. . >> and i don't think it's a plan on the table at this poin point. but i would not be surprised to see if they're trying to bring that up when they could in city council. >> mel, thank you, appreciate it. >> in the district this morning police arrested a map for the shooting of a 7-year-old girl in south east last friday night. now 27-year-old michael wiggins of southwest d.c. is charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and unlawful possession of a firearm. yesterday afternoon mayor muirial bowser joined in on community walk down the streets where the little girl was shot hartford street southeast. she was walking home with her parents when caught in the cross fire. >> and 5:35 nowment cigary i did my usual i'll go out and warm up my car and walked out and. >> come on. >> i was like i need to cool down by
5:36 am
on. >> maybe there's extra minute you didn't need. >> i deposit gape them i walked outside to turn my car on and i was like why am i out here. >> you didn't have to wait for your car to warm up. >> i turn it on and go back inside. and threat warm up. >> i prewarm. >> it's all about time management in these early hour hours. >> i know. every little second counts you know? >> let's see do i brush my teeth today. >> exactly. >> i would have only gained minutesfy deposit walk outside. >> of course we machine our teeth. >> we don't skip there. >> showers comeing across. there you go. we're waiting on these. if you're up for between frederick and hagerstown you're wet and coming down interstate 70 at least between frederick and baltimore mostly wet there. that'sen coaching upon columbia now. that's active stretch. obviously coming down 270. 66 from front royal you're getting wet now and eventually gets to 95.
5:37 am
temperatures this morning. not bad. pretty mild. holly discussed this we'll warm up a little bit and cool off in the afternoon. we'll have a dry afternoon. here's erin cuomo these are just morning showers and enough to complicate our morning commute. house it going out there, erin. >> that's right gary mannasas liberia avenue and new crash watch for that one. also we have maps for you 95 southbound up fortunately stalled tractor-trailer causing delays and blocking ramp center port parkway. caution there. nourj bound typical volume picking up and showers moving through 70 frederick and maryland. please give yourself extra time and use caution this morning as you head out. crash activity fairfax county parkway northbound after pope side road and another area giving yourself extra time in this debris clear to the shoulder 295 south after east capital watch for leftover delays there as well. back to you. >> thanks, erin. coming up honor for women's rights in the united states. and how president obama
5:38 am
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>> envelope today's health watch they say zika virus have scarier than they thought. it's been linked to bridge defects. cdc recommends all pregnant women returning from areas where it's spreading to get tested. congress yet to act on president obama request for zika funding in the meantime, the administration is redirec redirecting other money to help combat the virus. >> well, there's no question football is it a violent game and new study showing widespread toll it's taken on players and study showed evidence there was damage and impairment in the braipz of more than 40% of players it looked at and average age of player in study 36 new research plentyed tuesday at annual meeting of american academy of neurology. >> where you live and how much you earn may impact how long you live. >> apparently the more money you make the longer you live and in fact the afternoon life span for americans with high incomes is only the rise. states wi
5:42 am
states with lowest life and lowest incomes include arkansa arkansas, kentucky, ohio, oklahoma and step ten. they did better in states lik statesal calipari and new york and vermont. . >> i think i need -- does. >> you need a better job. >> i need a job like two more jobs. >> 5:42 still ahead are nut market for a new car. latest highway crash test results in. so, which vehicle performed best. we'll share the results next. and gary and erin back with weather and traffic stay with us back in a moment
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>> authorities arrested two more men in connection with the brussels bombing. >> and golf ball size hail. cars and several other structures damaged in whilely, texas last night. today school officials cancelled class so residents can stay home and cleanup. . >> and that was bigger than golf ball that was larger. golf ball does damage to the car. but it has to be a little
5:46 am
to smash windows. >> uh-huh. >> to smash windshield out. bunch of hail reports through north texas today. 29 separate hail reports to consider large hail. it would be over golf ball size hail. takes very, very active severe weather day there. rain showers increasing a little now. across 70 down 270 here's gaithersburg and it's raining there and raining from parksburg and germantown and gaithersburg and rockville and ol any all you guys there. northern and central sections of montgomery county eventually this will get into town too. still western sections of houd on country down to walk ear county. southern extent this line having a hard time creeping over. so we stayed mainly dry here in the district and up and down i 5 and most of 66. so, the commute has not been a problem yet there. but it will get there. 50 still go coming in from annapolis and buoy and up by 95 towards baltimore still good. again all this moving in our direction and will continue to
5:47 am
kid owes at the bus stop plan for rain out there. dry and breezy afternoon. showers today. temperatures starting off mild. we'll cool off more and then warm up with the afternoon sunshine and then cool off late today. so, temperatures kind of all over the place. but generally speaking today, temperatures will number the 60s. tomorrow a lot of temperatures in the 50s. we're going to just touch 60 degrees tomorrow. but a lot of sunshine. it's really going to peak gorgeous not typical trippeding day but here's the rain up and down the east coast and mid atlantic ahead of the front and once the front comes through we dry out. 9 a.m. i think after 9 a.m. all of this gets out of here. and by:00, we begin to see a lot of sunshine and by 4, 5, 6:00 it's mostly clear. it will and little on the breezy sood. so, it's a wet morning an a dry and breezy afternoon. whipped will be kicking up out of the north west at 10 to 20 miles an hour and we stay beautiful for the next several days.
5:48 am
and we would tend to warm up through the 60s and lower 7 0s by next week maybe we're talking 80s. here's erin cuomo. >> i like the sound of 80s but at 5:48 i don't like what the rain is doing to tuesday morning commute. >> it only gets worse. >> we have breaking news 95 northbound new crash taking outright center lane by fairfax center parkway that causes huge delays a tractor-trailer walking the ramp caution in stafford. let's see if we can move the maps. more problems in fairfax country right now. another crash seeing we're dealing with northbound after pope head road own fairfax country parkway and in mannasas this morning a crash of location of lib aria avenue and caution there. and also in south east debris on the road got cleared 295 south typical delays east capital street all lanes on and metro on time. it will be a lot of traffic problems going on around town. keep you covered back to you.
5:49 am
very much. new this morning how well will your pick up do in a crash. insurance institute for highway safety today released new crash test results in ford f-150 top raided truck. the test looked at what would happen whep a vehicle runs off the road 40 miles an hour and 2016 f-150 only full size pickup truck to score the top raitding rivals from toy oat and ram didn't do as well. ram pickup was worst all of all the researchers said that had poor structure. >> built ford tough. >> if you need a pickup truck you need one tough. >> that slogan happens to fit. >> now it has science thinned. >> happening today president obama will dedicate house as new national monument honoring women's equality. >> the house was locationed in d.c. and part of right movemen movement. maureen umeh is here with explain. >>
5:50 am
a national mop ument named after belmont and paul both prominent figures in women's rights and suffer range movement. he is dedicating it on national equal payday that race as wareness of how women maybe 79 cents to the dollar for every dollar men make. and the house which is near the u.s. capitol will preserve a collection that documents history, strategies, tactics and accomplishments women of the women suffer range movement have made. wisdom, holly. >> that's a good move. excellent. >> another building to go around d.c. and learn history. >> if we could only go inside the building. >> and take advantage of what is in our backyard. >> members of 4 h youth organization will rally in d.c. to protect -- to protest rising cost of college. they plan to gather as part
5:51 am
4 h national conference this week. hundreds are expected to attend the event. later tonight the group will celebrate 7 annual legacy awards downtown and the ceremony celebrates national impact of 4 h you. >> may want to look at fine print the next time you upgrade phone. according to new study there's a slew of fees you're likely not aware of. your receipt you may see a device upgrade fee on your receipt you may see a device upgrade fee both sprint and verizon said it helps cover support costs involved with transitioning customers to new devices and in most cases the fee applies to phones you buy directly from the provider. >> aggravation fee plus bill plus surcharges plus any extra bells and whistles. >> you already have a phone. to upgradety don't think they should charge. >> that's dumb you're paying extra for a phone you signed up for. >> verizon launched device upgrade fee april 4 and two days later at&t
5:52 am
from $15 to $20 print remained steadfast and stuck with charge of $30. >> it's interesting you can read the fine print but you can to interpret. >> bottom line you pay it. >> fay on turn it off. >> politicians may be divided on certain issues but one thing brings them together and we're talking about music. that's called spotify released top tunes politicians listen to on capitol hill. >> paul ryan's art rilingt the verge, darious rucker and queen and virginia representative bob gulati favorite songs are neil diamond, mir apd alambert i love me neil diamond too and johnny cash. >> pretty good list. >> music it's a lot about a person don't you think. >> it does. >> speaking of mu sake a remin reminder fox friday they will be rocking out as we kickoff the
5:53 am
three fantastic local band to perform this friday souchtd city. following friday april 22 is secret society and money curls willing our finale friday april 29. >> all right join us far gat square park 17 and k street friday "fox5" rocks to sound of city kicking thing off good day d.c. to 11. if you can make it out great come down if not you can watch it streaming here at "fox5" d.c.. >> it's going to be a whole lot of fun. i'm going friday. looking forward to good weather and better music. >> going to be a good time. >> join us. >> hey, it's time now to say good morning to the facebook pan of the day. today look at her. pretty in green. it's connie gibson. she says she's been tuning in every morning for the past 16 years. >> 16 years. >> all right she's celebrating a birthday today. >> hey, hey. >> she's calling it double nickel birthday. >> i like it. >> you like that. we wish you a
5:54 am
wonderful birthday today. hope you enjoy. it for your chance to be tomorrow's fan leave a comment on the facebook page. >> you look awesome. >> for double nickel. >> double nick. >> two abandoned otter purposes in virginia rescued. >> the otters were left behind by mama at a trailer in a fair fax area where they were livin living. list tone them. oh, my gosh my heart is melting and the trailer was moved but no one knew the baby otters were inside. and they were returned to the area and in hopes that the mommy otter would come back and retrieve them but she never di did. the pups will be taken care of by the wild life response of virginia beach until they can be released back into the wild. >> oh, my gosh. not sure i ever actually heard a baby otter before. >> that's first for me as well. >> look at those pups squeak ago way. >> right. . >> and at some point thell
5:55 am
thing in the wild. >> that's great. >> awe i'm sad their mommy department come back you. >> want to take them home. >> probably not. >> i'm thinking a day after national pet day i don't think that's the pet maybe you should be looking for. >> right. oh, boy, showers out there again this morning. complicating things. right now it seems to be northern metro thing. there are showers coming up charles koumentsy to prince george country. so if you come up that way for the most part the rain has stayed off of i 95 south of the district and give it time. it just probably over the next half hour to hour everybody will be getting showers around and the roads will be getting wetter an wetter and that's going to make shingz slower and slower out there and this all moves through with the frontal system it will be dry this afternoon. temperatures mild this morning. we'll cool off a little more over the next few hours and then the sunshine will come out this afternoon and temperatures will go right back up to the middle 60s and come down this afternoon with cooler air coming down behind the front. cooler tomorrow.
5:56 am
most ever you stay in 50s and we trend up, up and away maybe some 0s next week love it. >> great song. >> my beautiful balloon. >> let's talk traffic now. >> not beautiful now. 5:56 huge delays 95 northbound crash by fairfax country parkway because of that are you very jammed several miles leading to that location. i'll get out of the way to right hand of screen there and all lanes jammed at fairfax county parkway because of that please factor in extra time as you head out ewington to beltway this morning a side from that mess let's take a look at maps. other problems around the dmv right now including issues in fairfax and fairfax county northbound after pope head road another crash in mannasas and liberia avenue and mannasas avenue a crash. 66 inbound next. that's traffic. >> thanks, erin ahead at 6 buying concerttic sets about to get easier for facebook users.
5:57 am
plus if you use social networking site messenger app it works like paypal. >> i have to actually figure that out now. >> also in the next hour a lot of big sports headlines how much the lakers fans are paying to wooch kobe bryant play his last game. the news at 6 continues after the break
5:58 am
stroand restoring aing a newbfather's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up, we want them to grow up stronger.
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>> braking right now teenager nar rest. deadly stabbing in a metro station in the district. what police are telling "fox5" about that young man now in custody. >> also down to the wire now law makers in annapolis timely passe law that sends a strong message to drunk drivers. >> and straight up 6:00 giving you a live look outside tuesday morning april 12 and we'll have bother and traffic for you on the fives at 6:05. good tuesday everybody i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey welcome to "fox 5 news morning". we're starting with breaking news out of the district this morning. police arrests aid sis suspect of rescuing a teenager at the deanwood metro station. >> melanie alnwick is on the scene rights now with the latest on this troubling investigation, mel. . >> steve and allison police tell us that the person that was arrested for this brutal stabbing m


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