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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  April 12, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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passion pass >> breaking right now at 7:00 this morning police make an arrest in deadly stabbing involveing a teen aimer in the metro district and what we know about the suspect coming up in a live report. >> and it came down to the wire and noah's law is headed to governor's desk and the bill honors montgomery county officer noah liota passed late last night and this hour we get reaction from the officer's family and plus,. >> everything we look at with this virus seems to be scarier than we initially thought. >> and alarming comments this morning about the zika virus federal health officials say it is worse than we thought as we head into the summer months. >> a live look outside tuesday morning april 12, 2015, sky fox over 95 in virginia and lots of problems as you head northboun northbound. that's what sky fox has and -- and numero
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and tracking morning frame and tell us what it's getting out of here. weather and traffic on the fiv fives at 7:05. good tuesday morning everybody i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". >> breaking in district a suspect in custody in connection with deadly stabbing at deanwood metro station. >> "fox5" melanie alnwick joins us with details. mel. >> good morning, steve, alliso allison. d.c. police would tell us only that the person arrested is 18 years old and they would not confirm whether it was indeed the young man seen in surveillance pictures that they had provided to the media yesterday and put out there as a pen of interest in the case. so that we cannot tell you whether there's a connection and whether they're one in the same. and again an 18-year-old in custody for yet another stabbing and murder of a teenager there at the dean wood metro station and violence certainly has city leaders and community activists coming out
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now, sources close to the investigation did tell us that based on surveillancees video at metro that there was some kind of the altercation between two young men on the escalators at the deanwood pet row and stabbing was fast and fatal. witnesses say 15-year-old john ruvr us avenue iii that went by johnny was struck in the neck and bled to death. he was on his way to a court hearing. vincent is gray running for city council came out to the scene and spoke with concerned residents. >> we've had two murders in less twhoon weeks we've also had people with fights and brutality and other issues in the metro station and metro has to step up. and tell people here in ward 7 exactly what they do to have people neal
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>> gray also suggested perhaps the time has come for metro to have metal detectors and not sure if other people are willing to go that far. other members of city council were out as well including current ward 7 councilwoman he vet alexander and more security at the dean wood station after the murder two weeks ago and she did not see any yesterday and counsel illman kenya mc duffy went out and said talking about increasing safety is one thing and also we need to talk about getting at the root of the problem to what is causing so many of these young people in the city it seems to act out in violent ways. live in the d.c. police headquarters i'm melanie alnwick, steve and allison. >> that stabbing marks third violent attack on a teenager at or near metro stop in a few weeks. police arrested and charged a 17-year-old in another case and they don't have a motive or connection between the two
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>> and last friday someone stabbed a teenager near rhode island avenue breptwood metro station. this happened between a large group of teenagers and the victim is expected to recover. >> 7:04 d.c. police would have people in custody in connection with an armed carjacking. the three people took tan mit bishy gal apt. it came to end in southwest d.c.. no one was injured. >> happening today maryland governor larry hogan will sign what is officially known as noah's law. it passed last night in final hours of the 2016 session and law requires internet iing anything switches for anyone convicted of drink driving in the states. we'll talk with
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ota and montgomery country police chief his boss they'll joan us live at 7:30. . >> also happening today police had u.s. capitol expected more pro tets and more than 400 demonstrators were arrested yesterday during a rally on capitol hill. protesters were dem scaiting against the role of big money in politics part of a series of events planned this week called a testimony of coursecy spring. they plan to be out of it today with a rally 11:30 and plan to march over the hill at noon where civil disobedience is planned. >> it has been one year since arrests of fretdy gray which led to his death a week later and 25-year-old from west baltimore suffered a severe spinal injury from being thrown around in back of police van and you remember inteng
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the nation spot lights and the city is trying to heal and make changes. >> whether and traffic. >> it will get better and better for her. back to sunshine. and anything do you this afternoon after school that kind of thing as nice strep of weather as you get to end of week. >> i can get a 70s this 7 day. >> absolutely. >> maybe you know what 80s. >> don't play with my emotions. >> you're not ready for it ye yet. >> nod idea. >> not sure about that. 61 washington and 69 leonardtown and mild start to day. mild temperatures and rain shower over spraet the actual rain falling from the sky will wiped down quick and we'll be left with cloud cover through late morning and clearing th
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afternoon. things will turn brooz why again north and west 10 to 20 and pleasant afternoon, mid 50s. nice spring like day. i have to mow my lawn there. . >> i surveyed it but it's ready for mowing. >> i have to rake leaves actually. >> me too. >> we have work to do. >> i'm telling you i normally have all four seasons in my backyard we're down to three. no snow. >> soon it will be 5 and miserable. >> get it done. >> i'll get it done. >> erin this doesn't seem to be the hours in the day i need do these things. >> think about it a month away to being pool side. >> slow moving traffic and congestion no don't report and top of brake lition chingt norm of that point in frederick jammed 5 to truck scales at well. give yourself extra time. traffic through gaithersburg and rockville th
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let go ahead and switch it from the naps. gw parkway southbound into georgetown to morning and volume building and staying strong on 95. few earlier crashes cleared. there was one by quantity toe nobody side and third by prince william parkway right now all lanes on but delays are heavy dale city to baelt way. upper smooth as usual. top of beltway slow. 5 northbound beltway to seminary 25 miles an hour. more delays across the 14 street bridge. freeway backs up by the third street tunnel. back to you allison. >> new developments overnight out of belgium. two more men charged with terrorism rerelated offenses related to bombings in brussels last month. authorities say the suspects were involved in representing an apartment that served as a
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hideout for the comer that attacked the subway. 32 were killed including four americans. . >> no to the campaign trial that means trump may not be able to avoid a contested convention. that's what john kasich is counting on as he claims his momentum is building in the primary states. in the meantime democrats preparing for debate on thursday in brooklyn and hillary clinton has been trying to rally new yorkers against republican candidates campaig campaigning in state and senator bernie sanders beliefs he has the best chance to beat conald trump in the general election and sarders has hig highest favorbility rating of all the candidate. . >> federal health officials look much didn't than at risky thought. joining us more in the studio with more now. whenever officials use the word
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scarier than first thought it makes you perng up. >> it does i think of the story and think what can we really believe. this is full truth. it seems like more and more keeps coming out and in fact scientists say the zika virus is no longer considered a mere nuisance the mosquito which transmits zika may live in more areas than previously thought and more money is needed to fight the virus. >> it is tiny bug with a sometimes devastating bite. but beyond that we just don't know much. everything we look at with this virus seems to be scarier than be initially thought. >> at white house briefing officials for centers from disease control and national institute of allergy and infectious diseases paint aitd dire picture. the zika virus is transmitted by the mosquito and so far there's 300 known cases in u.s. all over the country and those cases involve individuals that vavld to countries where the
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the virus most notably causes birth defects. babies born with abnormally small heads. it may also be linked to a nervous system conditions. and we may not be prepared. >> this is unusual virus we cannot pretend we know everything about it we need to know. >> already in texas blood banks are taking precautions. >> those that donated blood we have to defer even if they went to mexico for a day. >> all this will require resources and administration says. already they're tapping into leftover funds that were targe targeted at the ebola virus. >> money transfrrmd from ebola accounts helps bring us further and it's still not what we wan want. >> cdc recommend all women urn ring areas zika virus is spreading
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urging pregnant athletes to put off travel to brazil for the summer olympics and i know they're trying to ingolf ball size hail in parts of u.s. more on damage and cleanup efforts coming up 7:12 stay with us. km ba bass ba
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>> and maybe a few raindrops stick ago rouptd this morning tuck for a little bit. >> will rain a few more hours and clear it out yesterday and beautiful afternoon. lowp 0s. >> nice. >> won't be as warm today and nice spring day to look forward to. >> this is the answer you should give people. what do you want from mech the song that is playing. did you hear it. what do you want from me? they already like what's wrong with you dude. >> all right. never mind do what you do. >> let's do it. rain showers for a few more hours. temps 61. and not for off norm and west. freezing temperatures lurk. detroit 32. columbus with 3 2. pittsburgh balmy 36. >> not 36. >> 62 here. that's quite the difference. >> it's amazing. >> nice upgrade. >> that's a look cold front will do. cold fronts is coming through as we speak. rain showers for us for a few more hours. most of it is light. enough to waet
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my apologies. by afternoon sunshine at least partial sunshine and we'll get breezy again winds north and west today and will be -- won'ting cool but will feel cool out there highs in mid 60 60s. there's a bigger look. once we get rain showers from today we're in for sunny stretch and warmer regime and monday afternoon. . >> it only gets bet frer here. >> saturday, 66. did you do that for me? >>. >> yes. >> it's my birthday i was born in 66 and that happens to bek the temperature. >> beautiful day. >> you have a birthday coming up. >> uh-huh. >> 66. >> yesterday it was 64 and i thought if it was my birth year that day. >> we'll make it happen. >> i think did you. >> do we
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now. >> no. >> phew. >> airport to you. >> i know what i get you for 30th birthday. >> you're too late on that 20 years too late. >> i don't believe. it. >> no. >> but we'll talk later. >> rain, gloomy skies and let's ajust that. inbound traffic 50 and inbound columbia park to kenilworth delay there 18 miles an hour and 295 southeastern teev pennsylvania avenue 8 miles an hour and big delays. thank you tucker. water main break. miss cat way road delays there. i'll hold it up. usually i clip. it we're having malfunctions but i still have your traffic report. crash activity in prince jorming. 210 north past palmer road watch for that inner loop slee cross wilson bridge and arlington crash involving several cars gw parkway south
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approaching spout run. i'll let you know about your commute. >> today equal pay today. it is a day to raise awareness that women are paid less than men and symbolizes work done by women more than 100 years ago during the suffer range movement. >> today barack obama will honor a part that was part of that moment. good morning. >> hey good morning, allison, steve, were we're on kalamazoo capitol hill constitution avenue second street behind me is suel belmont house and museum been here since 1800 that's the heart senate office building and later this morning president obama will stliingt location and dedicate this building as national monument and it is the suel bellmont house and will become the belmont hall women's equality national mop ument named after alice and paul lde
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women's rights and suffer range movement president obama will be here and visit the house this morning observing national equal payday and that is today. it's to call attention to the pay disparity between men and women in the united states and why april 12 basically the thinking is that the average woman in the u.s. has to work previous year and this current year until april 12 to earn as much as average man earned the previous year. and this house was built in 18 1800s since 1929 it's been headquarters for national wome women's movement and it was in this pulleding that the women who worked for suffer range to get the 19th amendment passed in 1920 giving women the right to vote this is where they worked and planned strategies and they also helped in the civil rights movement of the 1960s getting gepd erie quality and it a historic place for many years it's been popular for people planning weddings and while it is turned over to the national park social security now
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national mop ument. president obama will be here 1 11:00 hour guys special day for the women's rights movement and one of the biggest privately owned buildings and homes on capitol hill. >> all right. bob what i day. thank you so much. appreciate. it coming up the search for missing mother comes to a really sad and gruesome end. who is under arrest for her murder. >> and mother nature wreaking havoc in parts of u.s. golf ball size hail hitting homes and cars and causing damage. we'll take a look at it next at 7:20.
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>> 7:23 school police officer caught on camera in in this disturbing video slamming a 6th grader, that happened last month in+ rick santorum toneo last month they fired the officer. his response was "absolutely unwarranted." >> now to latest on the shooting death of former new orleans saints player will smith. suspect car del haze appeared in court yesterday and arrangements are need appoint him a new defense attorney. his current da begins work as a temporary judge. hayes is accused of shooting and killing smith in a road rage incident. >> body parts of mother ever three are found in recycling bin in seattle, washington. that woman, iping rid lynn wa
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missing since friday when she went on a blind date to baseball game with a man she met online and that man 3 37-year-old john robert charleston was arrested and charged with her murder. friend were concerned about her whereabouts when she returned to pick up her kids. authorities are serving for her car and they did find the vehicle in different parts of seattle. since flint water crisis broke out quality of public water systems across the country came under scrutiny. department of public health announced dozen federal standards and impact of that 2,000 people. >> take cover saying everything is bigger in texas you heard that saying right. it's true in this case. check this wild storm out. hail the size of baseballs and soft balls peopled cars and homes and buildings and anything in site. damage as you can see widespread. school was cancelled for students in one town and they can stay down to deal with the mess gene news no one was
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>> tucker the car windows don't stand a chance when you're talking about frozen baseballs falling from the sky. >> frightening. >> scary. >> i never seen anything than around here. >> marble size. >> scary. >> and hey we got rain showers locally and 61 nice and mild to start the day and notice winds out of the south, southwest at 14 and cold front now completely moved through and that will take place over the next couple hours and it's good news rain showers we're getting this morning are quick movers and not going to be with us all day and in fact by late morning getting clearing. i think rain will be us with another hour or two and gradually clearing out by afternoon. it's raining at the moment. so that will likely impact your morning commute here unfortunately and but as you can see the backside of front is already making its way through western maryland and again this pushes south and east today. high pressure builds n look how nice and quiet it s cool. nice and quiet
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and builds in lightser today and after ted's rain we don't have much on horizon. much quieter forecast period. here starting tonight. it will be cool tonight. look at daytime highs gradually warming up to weekend and nice spring like weekend 66 saturday and 72 sunday and with sunshine expected both days. should be a bite full weekend. that's weather, erin is back with roads. >> 7:26 now roads are wet and roads slow and right now here's a live look 66 inbound side and you're jammed prince will dwroum fairfax country parkway because of the rainy ride you're seeing extra congestion moving slowly as you make way from center stroyl beltway. once inside the beltway you jam up as well 66 eastbound through arlington. police be reepd for that. wide view right now of maps. we're seeing slow moving traffic all over the area and taking a look light now topside of beltway all jammed up between really before 95 through georgia and 95 southbound slow roll from baltimore and d
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and bw parkway same story jammed godard space center and northbound side jammed as well if you head to bwi allow extra time infwound district if you head out for work. 50 inbound to kenilworth. slow, 20 miles an hour. worse 295 southbound eastern teev 11 street bridge. aside from that water main break now in clinton. seratville high school closed miss cat way road and the intersection shut down with the water main work. we're seeing crash activity involving several cars 210 north past palmer moved to have should erin bottom side beltway jammed across the wilson bridge and dealing with big problems gw parkway crash involving several cars approaching spout run. metro on time. maybe a better bet to avoid rainy roads. allison, steve. . >> all right. airport. thanks. late night vote puts noah's law one step close to to law in maryland. >> family of
7:28 am
family talking about the bill and what it means going forward. 7:27.
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♪ look at the airport thise morning at 7:30 this morning. mg it's a little rainy out there in some spots but tucker assures us that the rain will clear.lle the skies will clear and we'll l beautiful afternoon. proposed drunken driving lal in maryland is headed to governor hogan' desk. >> the law which requiress ignition interlock for drunk drivers is name after movementen ahw leotta. ltt >> joining us now gaithersburgsr is chief tom manger and rich rih leotta the father of noah. n >> good morning to both of you.y >> good morning.or >> good morning. >> off to the governor's desks you must be
7:31 am
>> yeah, we are very pleased. this was a very long, hard fought battle. it was a roller coaster not only for the leotta family but it was roller coaster for everybodyve that supported this bill and a this was in fact a great team effort. fo i can't say enough good thingstn about mothers against drunk drivers and all of the delegates and senator who's supported this bill as it went along. along washington regional alcoholl a program just real team of folks that led to this moment, but mon there was nobody that worked harder than rich leotta and marcy goldman noah's parents pan this a fitting honor for officer noah low yacht tan the sacrificc he made. he >> this did not happen without o few bum bumps that's process. mr. leotta i know there was aths dispute between different versions of this bill the houses version and senate version. vsi what were the key differences de and are you satisfied with theya compromis
7:32 am
y i'm very satisfied with theer compromise that was made.mihat a actually, to put it in a a nutshell, the key differencesnc the house bill essentially wasel i'll put it catch and release. if you caught somebody for drunk driving, they could just get a l suspended license. license. they could opt for that and thet essentially with suspendeded license they can still get evene though they're not supposed tore get back on the road because itc doesn't take away their keys too the car. th now, we have the senate bill which was stronger bill whichill did get passed even strengthenee some more at the recommend. rece it essentially when somebody som gets caught and is arrested for drunk driving at .08 they . t immediately will have enter locn put on their car.puon their car. it immediately is a effective.te that person does not get on the road any more without having an interlock which will preventch w them from getting on the roadge and drinking and driving and p puts us all at
7:33 am
differences between the two. t t >> we saw as you were sitting aa the state house with a picture p of your son and you're there'r today with a picture of your ofu son. tell me on a personal level doee this give any comfor to thefo th family now? >> yes, it gives muss comfort.uo both for me the sacrifice was too great.o gre it was too great no matter with this bill that does save lives,, it did help save our life, lif though, for the past 90 days. my family was able to focus on something positive rather than this tragedy that be felt ourou family. the way i see it, noah's sacrifice was not in vain and id have avoided putting thisting opinion on here for while.. it has something on it which my
7:34 am
wife -- it hurts her quite a bi bit. it says end of watch and it hast the december 10th, 2015. i know from now on that noahoa does not have sunset, his watch is just beginning with noah's law. that's what this means and's wha that's why i put this on today. >> chief, we can hear obviouslys the nation her leotta's voice v there and you can just try to t understand where he is comingomg from. for you, you have seen this onho both sides, obviously, losing an officer who worked for you, but, also you see the results ofts drunk driving all the time withe your job. j these changes now passing in p maryland, how do you think thato will affect now in the bigig picture the drunk driving as ita occurs in the state of marylandl >> well, very simply put, this t is going to safe lives. liv there were 130 people that werew n were killed last year on year maryland highways by drunk drivers.
7:35 am
the fact there were 130 peopleeo killed and what this law iss going to do is stop people froml driving drunk and that's why wew believe this law was so was important and so effective. effc the fact is, that individualsndv who can get in their car impaired and start their car ana drive on the highways are are endangering all of us. what this interlock ignitionlocn bill does is it allows peopleeol who have been convicted of drunk driving to continue to drive toe work, to continue to drive theie kids to school, to driveo d wherever they need to drive thee just can't do it drunk. do it d and that's why we believe thisvs legislation is so effective, an, i know for a fact that this ists going to safe lives, and noah leotta is the person -- is then- name it's the person it's what he did in his life as polices officer, it's what he did in his life that has really pushed thit over the edge. t we've been trying to get this t legislation passed for over five years. but it was noah's sacrifice that
7:36 am
>> we look forward to reportingi hopefully good news from the mayor's -- excuse me the-- excme governor' desk soon. chief manger thank you forhankor staying with us and rich lee ric yacht tax thank you, and our our condolences sincerely, sircereli torque your family, thank youl very much.y, >> i appreciate it.>> i appreci thank you.thanyou. >> 7:36 right now. let's switch gears right now.wic get a look what'h s happeningspe outside today.outs tucker barnes, maybe promisingro news for at least later in the r day,, t >> by afternoon, steve, lots ana lots of sunshine. ssh to have rain showers early thisr morning if you're headed outadet umbrella here for another hourer or two and mild temperatures and a nice spring like afternoon tot look forward to.look 61 now in check out your colder numbers.ue not too far north and westr nors hanging in the 30s this morning. columbus, ohio 32. 36 in pittsburgh.ittsbu 32 in detroit.roit plenty of chilly air off to our north and west tap into some of that later it won't be in the 30s tomorrowo morning. for most of our area, but coolee temperatures on the way. on thea all right. al there's storm tracker radar nicr and mild early 60s right now. n w
7:37 am
showers across much of thethe region.gion they'll trail off here pretty quick, and by late morning early afternoon start to break out ino the sunshine which will quicklyi build in on brisk northwest wind and much quieter forecast as fas as rain showers. swe nice and dry this afternoon with plane old sunshine by three,hr, 4:00 o'clock later today. there's your planner for thisur afternoon.ternoon. mid 60s for daytime highs, and,d cool tonight we'll look at thell seven day lots of sunshine onnsn the seven day. lots of warmer temperatures,empe too. you'll love it. i'll have it in just a minute. let's see if you love trafficove with erin.. >> maybe not so not muc 7:37 right now. we have big problems.em in arlington, gw parkwayar southbound earlier crash c involving several cars did cleae approaching spout run.spout but do you have those typicalset delays in that area and thennd across the key bridge fromdg f rosland into georgetown reallyer jammed up just a rainy kind ofdo damp dreary ride. r metro problems, too.blem too we had earlier malfunction at wheaton because of that residual delays to shady grove on the red line.d aside from as we pan out for aor wide view look at the
7:38 am
95 northbound those delays havey not cleared up all the wayhe through stafford as you make yok your way from dale city to thel springfield interchange and then 395 inbound from the beltway too the 14th street bridge jams. js. if you're head in tysons corner the inter loop slow out by sedgley leesburg pike and jammed through annandale and across ths wilson bridge. ls live look outside on 270. really kind of gloomy you cany n actually see the raindrops on the camera.ra southbound side completely jammed up from 121 to the beltway.y you can see traffic reducing rec their speeds and typical mornini congestion mixed together north at that point in frederick supes jammed up 85 to the truck scales. keep it to fox5. we'll be back in just a few with more news, weather and traffic. ♪
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♪ now to a consumer alert for tess will drivers. if you own a model x suv don't let anyone ride in the back bac seat. se the company issued a recall forl that model x suv it says the back row seats could collapse in an accident.ccid repairs will only take few hours. hour this recall comes on the heelsee of record pre sales for theor te company's new electric car. the insurance institute fora highway safety today releasedead new crash tests results on pickn up trucks and the ford f150 is the top rated truck. the tests look look at werek a w would happen when a vehicle runr off the road at 40 miles per mir hour. 2016f150 is the only full sizeds pickup truck to score the top rating. rival pick ups from chevy, gmc,g ram and toyota did
7:42 am
well. the ram pickup was the worst in fact researcher said that tt truck has poor structure.. a retired white house hse gardner capitaliz capitalizing p clinton pogs run for presidenti. mike lawn, true name, says he'sh selling off her 1986 oldsmobilee cutlass. cutlas >> he bought the car ine bo 2000 sand but he's been holdingh on to it for years. years he initially intended to thededt give the car to his daughter dah when she turned 16 she thought o it look so much like an old lady car. it only hacas 32,000 miles on in he's going try to make somee money off of it.f o it. >> are we surprised that hillar clinton has that -- >> extremely.. >> okay.y. >> it's a classic.>> i >> i would do research before ih bought that car.ught tt ca >> still to come sarah fraser f joining us live for today's tods tuesday talkers.. >> live look outside right now t before we take to you the breakb tucker and erin will be back waw look at the forecast and theanth roads next. ♪
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in annapolis, she battled republicans joseline peña-melnyk for congress... yes! and the nra to pass the toughest gun safety legislation in the country. i'll take on the tough fights to expand social security and keep the doors open to planned parenthood. my mom is so tough she's willing to fight anyone who's going to pay him more than us for doing the same job. i'm joseline peña-melnyk, and i approve this message. ♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight.
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[snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. ♪ we like this picture today,. >> yeah, we do.>> yh, we d >> a sign we should be going be >> get on out of town or comingm home if you're coming back homek >> coming home, it should be atb great week to be in d.c. d.c forecast looking loo we'll check in with tucker ink r just a a in the meantime reminder fridayi speak of looking good andof loog sounding good, great day to gett outside in the morning we'reninw kicking out of spring concertou series. we have three fantastic localstc bands set to perform over thetoo next few weeks. f wee first up this friday -- >> sound of the city will kickyl thing off. thing the following friday apri apl
7:46 am
perform.m. and then the might tow crowsow will be our finale band ondn friday april 29t join us down at farragut squares park at 17th and k streets on fridays fox5 rocks to sound ofdf the city. c we'll kick things off early. from good day from 9:00 tillti 11:00.11 look it's a free concert. downtown. >> why not? >> some of us will be downome there. come on out. say hi.i. >> have a good morning. m >> good way to kick off yourd yk weekend. >> awesome. >> we'll see you then. you tn. tuck, i think you're up -- one of these weeks you'll beeeky down the whole schedule is not outott yet.. >> i'll find out today.ind out >> it should be fun.>> i >> weather should totally cooperate. let's start with today.s star rain showers allison and steve s and rain for most of the regionr here for a few more hours.e then by afternoon, right back rb into the sunshine and it's really most al good newsood forecast here for next sevent days. 61 now in washington. in wa 60 in annapolis.nnapol those are mild temperaturesempea really not too bad little coolee here in the mountains hangingtas out in the t 50s 55 right now out in
7:47 am
54 for in you 46 in cumberland that cooler air is working in from the north and west. there's rain shower activity shi moving through pretty good paced here and fading off to the soute and east. notice that's the back edge ofk our precipitation.itati so it won't be with us muchh longer i think another hour or two the rain should start to sta shut off and we'll graduallyradu clear it out. clearing skies intont pennsylvania. western pennsylvania and ohio.ii and that will build in late this afternoon on a brisk northwestor win so again this is a cold cd front, and behind that front,ro the cooler temperatures arrivear tonight. not terribly cold not the bitteb cold we had around this weekende but cooler temperatures laterras tonight. future castuture cas 1:00 o'clock notice we've note ' already starting to clear clouds will linger longer for if you southern maryland and lowerl eastern shore then the whole thw thing really fades off to thes south and east late thise thi afternoon. clear tonight that will allowl l cool temperatures by early tomorrow morning and we're setnw up for very nice stretch of strt weather it will be little bitr i cool for this time of yearfea tomorrow. but by the
7:48 am
off to our south and southwesterly breeze.rlyez i'm just showing you this shongy because i know a lot of people f have been waiting and waiting wi for springtime to really arrivel and by sunday and monday, nice.. 70s and 80s return. r all right. there's your seven day. d 65 today.ay. little cool tomorrow with a a breeze. and thursday, too, but notice bt your warmup and again the 70s0s around here by sunday.da well into the 70s by mondayy m maybe a few spots hit 80 degrees erin by monday afternoon. >> yes. y >> yup. we'll have to get out the kiddih pool and fill it up. up. >> slip and slide perhaps g i pr think we have one here in thee e building.di we'll have to find it.l >> all right. car washing or maybe an outdoor party.part we'll figure something out.reomi reign right now we have stalleda vehicle but it is causing bigngb delays. this is route 1 south at the the beltway.beway. dump truck getting reports it rr was involved in a crash nowrash stall to the shoulder and sulde traffic is slowing towards theii top of the beltway coming ing from maryland.from mar aside from those delays 95 southbound jammed jams from 212o on down.. bw parkway north and southboundh very slow
7:49 am
powder mill. take look at our maps right nowo thure rainy ride is causing a lg of additional congestion you cao see all the re on the maps. delays from prince williamnceili parkway to the beltway 66 eastt6 down to 16 miles per the inner loop jams across theos wilson bridge and then againhena from the springfield interchangr through annandale slow in tysono corner as well as the inner lool past leesburg pike.g metro update for you because ofo earlier malfunction at potomac residual delays on wheellyn whe reston on the silver line. no alert to the orange, green, g blue, red getting back to normar after an earlier malfunction atc wheelly.wh watch out for that.watc in addition we'll see if we can forward our maps zone what elses you're up against delay wise.des 295 super jammed up by eastern e avenue to the 11th streettrt bridge.brid. 50 issue the beltway toayo kenilworth very slow.ery slo i would say leave early haverlyh some you'll need it. grab your umbrella.umbrela wet roads are just adding to thn issues of that typical morning g congestion.. back to you. >> erin, thank you.ha it's tuesday and that meansm our girl sarah fraser is
7:50 am
called you fras, sarah fraser ie here to talk about the hottestst topics on the web.he >> can you call yourself a feminist if you let him pay forr dinner or for dates?ores >> we do. >> we're going to.. >> sorry. i sure do.i re do. >> this is a great article thatc came out last week. basically, breaking down whatg a people think about the wholehe e dating and paying structure, ana 77% of men that were surveyed,ur steve, help us thon. >> bring it. >> after a certain point if a c woerman didn't offer to pay,'tf, they're out. that would be deal breaker fordk the relationship. is that true? do you think? du that's true? >> that's i always pay.s p but it is nice for somebody to offer.fer. >> okay. >> i don't know that i would accept that offer butpt that sometimes -- if you're serious's relationship down the road at rd some point the dating has goneoe beyond a couple of dates then,ts yeah, i don't mind if somebody,b you know, maybe i get dinner din they get a drink.rink around of drinks or something.e. >> >> but i don't have -- i mean, i just -- i us
7:51 am
i don't even think about it.ab i >> what do you think?t do you t >> it's not a deal breaker forar me if somebody doesn't pay doe't unless they take advantage ofhev it. >> a whole discussion for womenm if women if your definition of o feminism is complete equality on owl fronts women need to be womn offering from date one to half the bill. th what do you think? >> i'd say a man who says thatht you want to be a feminist isists obnoxious. >> i agree. >> and rude and give me a breakb >> i totally agree with that. >> that's a deal breaker for me. you're a feminist you want equau pay and treated like a man, then you you're not my guy.. >> so i think that's obnoxious. >> i will tell you this.ou >> i know that sort of mindset and it's ridiculous to me. >> okay. so why do you think it'so yo ridiculous? you just feel likee it's still that chivalry part.lp >> no, no, no. i feel like a man who would says that i'm talking about when youu get these, you know, you postw,u something and then the men say s you want to be equal, then you,o shall be equal -- that tow to mm is obnoxious behavior.r that's what i'm talking about. >> okay. >> tim going out with a guy it'w
7:52 am
me get it this time. te. but that's just me. i don't, you know -- >> you're not trying to do it t prove anything.anythg >> i'm not proving anything. we're going out. let me get it this time.hi >> i feel like whoever askser ak should pay. pay i think with the dating structure there's realrue th difference, right? if you even are just going -- hey, let's goo for beer i think they anybody ty can sort of half it.rtf ha >> right. >> if you're asking me, then ihe think you should bay and vise ad versa. >> if i'm asking you. i >> if you ask me i'm notf going say yes unless i really wantingy to f i really want to go i'mtoom happy to be with you and i don'u mind paying.mind >> but what about if a girl askk you out -- >> if you ask me out.. >> i'm asking steve.gteve. >> then you pay, the girl pays, what do you feel about that gire at thatel point?? >> it's a nice thing.e >> it's a nice gesture. i'd feel about myself that i tha didn't offer to pay or offer to split. >> it's a nice gesture.nicees >> it's a nice gesture.ce gestu >> all right.>> all right >> i'll tell was doesn't worktel for me.. >> what? wha >> if you go out with somebody b and they're like -- this has happened -- hey let's just grabt a quick burger next thing
7:53 am
go to the four star restaurant n instead and now my like $10 $10 burger turned into $100 dinner.r >> you're paying. p >> then it's somebody that's ths just using me to go to the nicen >> that's obnoxious as >> that's not a good one.s a god >> we dope like that ltht >> interesting >> i gotti to get to this videoo we need to talk about it. abo >> this video of a dad andad daughter dancing. danci daughter is probably 10 or 11s y years old and she's got her legr wrapped around her father wasatr posted by a mom, here you can hu see it, and the mom gave it a i sweet caption. well the internet has absolutell tour this apart over the weekend inappropriate or not?? >> oh, boy. you know what, i mean, it'ss their relationship and he's jus' holding her like that. t >> i thought it was sweet. s i didn't see the inappropriatero part of this but at the end -- >> it is sweet but you know howw the internet is going to reactct to this.hi i probably would not have up hav loaded it if that was happeningh in the house i don't see it asei being inappropriate but to opent it up to people and their mindsn and their views. >
7:54 am
not good? >> probably not. >> i don't think it'son'think inappropriate. i'm not saying it'si' m inappropriate. i might -- it might not have h been my choice to pitt on the web for the public consumption.i >> the family is okay with it and i don't know. >> but everybody has differentry view of everything these days.a. >> right.>>ight >> i would have been like,ave bl people are going to have aave a problem with this i'm going savv myself from doing it.t i don't feel like it'st fe inappropriate. i don't want to get you tt you confused. >> i don't either.>> very interesting.very >> if you're the mom and you iu' love it you're not expectireng e that negative reaction.e rctio not at all.. >> you think everybody else wil love it. love i >> it's not until after you post you get the backlash.acas >> it's no one's fault. maybe because of what we do andd we're used to like people p sharing neglect tough opinionsne when they want i just -- i don'twh see anythinh wrong with it.g wi >> i don't either.>> don't >> i'm not surprised that the tt internet reactioned that way. rw that's what i'm trying to samemr i'm not surprised. surised. >> i want our viewers to tweet t us. i'd be curious to think people think. oh, boy, people are having ag field day with that.eld
7:55 am
ay always. please, serve it up for theitfot >> all right. thank you so >> you're welcome.>> >> all right.>> a >> tucker, over to you. tucker,e >> let us know what you them tuck, back to, back to y. >> i think nothing is for free, sarah. that's what i think.t i ink >> what? >> tucker -- tker -- >> okay. >> he has one theme and goes ane back to it. to i >> i'm going half.>> i'm goi i don't want to oh you anythingy i know where this is headed. >> all right. rig 68 at reagan national.. 61 dulles, bwi marshall 61.1 all right. we're looking at storm tracker radar. rain showers across the area ane they'll be with us for few more hours. we'll clear it out by early ear afternoon.te. it will turn breezy winds out of the north and west at 10 to 20d but a very pleasant afternoon ar and you know what, a greatknowh, looking seven day forecast. fecs it only gets better from here.rh little cool tomorrow.or highs only about 60 but look atk wednesday, thursday, friday.da and into your weekend.kend we keep the sunshine intact each day, cool mornings, pleasantas afternoons, 70s around here bye sunday and monday.. and a big birthday
7:56 am
on saturday.atur right, allison?? >> that's right.t'sig and look it's 66 degrees. 66 gre thank you, tucker. tuc >> vintage >> all right. am i going to erin? is she inse the building? buildin >> beep beep. >> i am. 7:56 right now. n and i have a lot of delays d unfortunate toll get to becauseu of the rainy commute.. 66 east jams delays from princee william to the beltway look attk that delay through 95. basically us a peak your way pea from dale city all the way to te the springfield interchange youe are at a crawl with congestion. south at that point in staffordr same story there. there. the inner loop we're getting get reports of a crash out bys of ca pennsylvania. so watch for that for also, on pennsylvania avenue ate minnesota in the districtesin another accident. let's see if we can forward ourr i'll show show you what elsehow you're up against this morning.. metro earlier malfunction at a potomac residual delays to delay wheelly reston on the silver sil line. no alerts for the rest of yourer morning commute. red line residual delays fromm earlier malfunction by shady bys grove things back to normalin there. we'll forward our maps shown yoh the east side. 295 inbound very jammed up tome the 11th street brid
7:57 am
kenilworth and new york avenue a out by bladensburg really slowlo roll there.rollhere a live look outside at our rainy commute. we'll just show you some of the congestion you are dealing withu around the district right this is route 1 on theten t southbound side north of the tod side of the beltway still jams up from earlier crash.ra we got you covered.we got you cr keep it to it to f back to your 8:00 o'clock houroc in just a few. ♪
7:58 am
8:00 am
♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.nig live look outside on this on tuesday morning. 812th, 2016., 2 nice and mild start to the day just 61 degrees out there.ut the we'll have weather and trafficna coming up on the 5's at 8:05.. good tuesday morning to youu i'm allison seymour. smo >> i'm steve chenevey. i c welcome to fox5 news morning. mi first up 8:00 o'clock:00 o' breaking news in the district. c a man suspect evidence murder aa teenager at the deanwood metro station now in police custody. >> fox5's melanie an sick lifen at police headquarters this morning with more now.ow melanie, just a reall really trg story.ory another young life.othe >> that's true, steve ands truet allison but it seems even more troubling there's somethingthers going on in the city here with these young neighborhood crewsrs of teenagers and the way they ty choose to resolve their issues s with each other. o we're not saying that police are
8:01 am
point, but from what we'ree' hearing it may be one of those situations.ations. dc police not telling us a lot l so far about the person that tha they arrested except to say thaa he is 18 years old. old they also are not at this pointn confirming that it is indeed the same young man that they put pictures out, surveillance vided out of yesterday, but we will wl find a little bit more about moa that later today.ay now, sources close to these to investigation do confirm thatt metro surveillance tapesnce pe recorded a brief altercationon between two young men on the escalators at the deanwoodwood metro. the stabbing was fast and fatalt witnesses say 15-year-old john evans the third who went by went johnny was struck twice in thehe neck around 11 a.m. and plead to death.h. evans was on his way to a way court hearing. councilwoman alexander waslexa w promised more security after tht last murder at the denwood metro station.statn >> i don't know what to make ---
8:02 am
>> of the people committingpeope these crimes. c i really can't tell you about that. there's something much deeper te that, but what i do know is that it's an indicator that metro police really should have more increased presence here.eer they said after the first tragic incident that they would. wld >> they lied. >> i was actually out here this morning and i didn't see any additional presence. >> reporter: sources tell mee that the deanwood metro stationi also had a couple of armed robberies in the last few weekse as well.. councilwoman yvette alexander ad also saying that she has been hs told that metro transit policee need 200 more officers to bes able to fulfill their mission of providing more safety and set security to everyone however we haven't seen so far any f a proposals on the table to expann the metro transit police force.r >> steve and allison?ison >> melanie, thank you.u happening today meantime mnt maryland's governor will put pen to paper and signed n
8:03 am
bill named for montgomery countu police officer killed byff kil suspected drunk driver went to n the wire last night passing in n final hours of the general assembly's 2016 session.on. the law requires ignitionio interlock devices for anyone convicted of drunk driving in di the state. this morning noah's father spoke to fox fief about his son's sacrifice and how they're family is coping.opin >> for me this sacrifice was too it was too great.reat. no matter with this bill that does save lives, it did help h save our life, though, for the past 90 days my family was ablea to focus on something positive v rather than this tragedy that bt felt our family. >> noah's father went ton say wy although the button he wears too honor this son says end of watch he now believes noah's watch iss just beginning.egni police at the us capitolapit expect another busy day as morer protests are expected there.dre yesterday more than
8:04 am
demonstrators were arrestedte during a a rly the protesters demonstratingonri against the role of money and politics now this rally part oft series of events planned thishi week being called democracyem spring. spri the group plans to be back at it today again with a al aleal round -- outside union stationos around 11:30 and march to the hill at noon where the civilivil diss owed yens is planned.d ns s >> it's bun year since theyeasic arrest of the freed dee grayeeda which led to his death a weekee later.lar. the 25-year-old from west fro w baltimore suffered a severe s spinal injury from being thrownf around in the back of a police protests erupted after his deata and tensions between police and baltimore residents was in theae nation's spotlight.potlight a year later, the city is trying to heal and make changes to its police department.. today president obama willl designate historic dc home that was central to the women'som rights movement as a nationalato monument. >> the white house says theouseh sewell belmont house and museumm will become the belmont paulmonp women's equality national alba belmo
8:05 am
prominent figures in the women's rights and suffrage movements.o. nice event happening today up on capitol hill.lil >> one day steve's place will be historic monument. monum >> what will it be a monument mm to. >> i'm not sure yet, steve.te haven't written your entirent story yet.story i don't have that down, no. >> you got some time. time. >> every day is a new chapter. t >> you got some time. >> i'll tell you whose housese h will not be is mine because thee have to tear it down much it'san barely m standing. staing. >> is it a tear down,, t >> oh, yeah. y 60 in washington and annapolis. 57 frederick.rerick 55 in winchester.r guess what? w >> rain showers that are with us all morning are tapering off pretty quick and we should suld gradually see clearing skies ann a beautiful afternoon.fternoon i know it doesn't look great atg the moment.thmome but by afternoon mostly sunny conditions and nice breeze outr of the north and west little lil cool daytime highs in the midig 60s it should be very pleasantln afternoon airs of here's anothes look at it clearing skies intoki ohio and western pennsylvania.ei so we got nice looking forecasts all right. i'll give you the seven day.sevy i'm not holding back.
8:06 am
>> just do it, tuck. >> i'm just going to do it. 65 today.ay 49 tonight. cool overnight,rnigt pleasant daytime beautiful earle spring weather an nice warmupe r for the weekend.eend 70s around here by sunday, sn monday.moay. >> tucker, maybe you could easee the low on saturday up to 50 and then that will be a perfectfect looking seven day.. >> 56. it all the number add it.dd >> whatever you want. wha yes, absolutely.olely >> all right. >> we'll make it happen. happe. >> 56 and a 50 in there. >> erin, what's up?s >> how are you spending yourpenr birthday on saturday.rthday >> i'm actually -- i was olly actually born in new york. >> yes. >> i only lived there for sixver months i'm going spend the daypy in my old neighborhood.borhoo eat dinner there with my familym low key.lo >> i love that. i that's perfect way to spend youu birthday. >> just low key. >> great time. t no more time o >> i'm not taking any more time off. off. >> well, right now we do haveigo breaking news northwest section of the district.of police activity 1,000 block of o 31st street and the 3100 blocklo of south street northwest remaii closed right now. you'll need to detour aroundr ao
8:07 am
watch for increased policeolice presence in the area as well. wl we'll certainly keep updated uat thon breaking news in princee william 66 eastbound look at ala this red. red. you are super backed up from upf prince william parkway to thekw beltway. we'll take life lookout side ani show you the cameras. cer the rain is just causing cau additional congestion all over o the area. this is 270 southbound as youdsy come from gaithersburg to thesbe spur you can see the rain and ad the shine on that stretch of interstate super jammed inmed frederick as well and outer loop from 95 all the way throughough georgia it's crawling along witt congestion the inner loop much much better shape out by the sho american legion bridge.dg you can see the outer looper jammed of jams umps.s u inner loop headlights comings towards us little bit betterit dissipates slightly there.he let's switch things over anditch show you another look at one ofe our cameras.our came a lot of our bridges are backini up as well. as w this is as you make your way yr from clara barton to the chain bridge.idge. just jammed with congestion.n we'll keep update any questionsy at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. allison? >> severe storms strike thestor south. this was the scene in texas as
8:08 am
powerful winds and hail hit near dallas.. large hail causing devastatingti damage to homes and cars.s one school district cancelt can classes today because of safetyy concerns.ns. new york now the center ofot the presidential race ahead ofrd next week's primary right now donald trump and hillary clintoi polling well ahead of theirwe ae rivals. donald trump continues to complain what he calls a riggede nomination process. pross prompting fierce defense fromfif party leaders. lrs ted cruz is calling trump out for quote whining while johnnini kasich is prepping for aprng for couldn't testified conventionfid claiming his momentum is building.di. 8:08 right now. 8: health officials now say theay t zika virus is scarier than theyt first thought.thoug mosquitoes that carry the viruss is now present in about 30bout states. the virus has been lymphed toymd birth defects. defec the cdc recommends all pregnantn women returning from areas wherw the zika virus is spreading toeg get tested. teste congress has yet to act on a president obama's request forquf zika funding. fun in the meantime though the administration is redirectin reg other money to help fight the virus
8:09 am
the royal family is on daysd three of their week long trip to >> yesterday prince william andp kate middleton enjoyedri lunchol witness indian prime minister.te the royals also attended ad 90th birthday celebration foror queen elizabeth the second. son later today the couple plans to visit a wildlife park that isk t home to endangered animals. anis still to come this morning whyoh metro might change the name of m two stations. >> first, though, several star s buck in the district now servinr more than just coffee. cof where you can now order a little beer. how about some wine? we're bacc in just 30 seconds.on. 8:09 now. ♪
8:10 am
♪ some changing in the weathet today once we get this rain outi of the way should clear upuld cp nicely. we'll check in with tuckereck in barnes in five minutes.five mut. he'll join us at 8:15 and get5 a that forecast for you the next n couple of days. best buy offering same dayff delivery service here in h washington, d.c.ingt this comes a week after amazon found it was expanding its sames day service. serce when shoppers visit bet buyet by website they'll see an option to pick expedited shipping. shiin it will cost an extra 10 to $20 per order.rd but you may be able to get it ai soon as the same day. and did you say the soon as the same day? >> um-hmm. u >> happening today fivepeni starbucks in dc will start ser serving alcohol and small plat plates. plates the new evening menu will of.fer wine, craft beer and small and a plates.ples. here are the locations, d i mention small plates?all plate >> you mentioned alcohol.ed aoh and something else. >> small plates.te you can do this at starbucks ono wisconsin
8:11 am
know the exact location of thatt one but one on idaho avenue in northwest, the starbucks inuc adams morgan, the starbucks inn dupont circle, one on pennsylvania avenue in southeass and the other on h street in northwest. several >> all have the small plates.e . >> you'll get the small plates. >> small plates. and alcohol. >> and do you want tickets tot e the concert concerts in town.n. >> pretty soon all you'll have to do is log on to facebookacebo account.acunt. facebook is partnering up withpw tuck master selling tickets ones facebook.cebook. ticket master hopes the t connection will boost ticketic sales. sa facebook likes thele idea becaua you don't have to leave its pag to buy the tickets. tke you'll be able to buy ticketsic through facebook's mobile app. we can't give you any smalla plates.. >> no. >> still to come, how much basketball fans are shelling ouo for tickets to kobe's final gae game. >> buy a lot of starbucks. l of >> >> first, though, metro, th considering changing the name om a couple of popular stations. good idea
8:12 am
helpful? bob barnard will joinj us think story coming up next. ♪
8:13 am
8:14 am
♪ >> i have to admit the musicdmit game has been stepped up today. >> very nice. >> i'm liking id t v but bringig with it the promise of warmth wt and sunshine.shine >> and 70 degrees.deee >> you sound like olaf right now now. >> and summer!me >> i know you're big olaf fan.f >> he loves frozen. fzen. he's seen it like 17 times. tims >> at least that scene.ce. >> i love
8:15 am
>> that's right.>> >> else is a is cool.e >> we loveis summer. you know what else we love ---- >> and seals is cool. elsa is cool. >> we love >> time now for fox5 first five. cuteness factor. >> aww.w. >> he's cute.s cut >> the original seal is miniis mouse. >> that is so adorable.. this is claire, everybody.rybo >> hi, claire. >> allison --llison >> do you see a little posing, a little swagger there fromro claire? >> of course i do.f co >> not the only one with birthday this week.s today is claire's first birthd birthday! >> yay, claire. >> aww.ww >> do we have more about clairer >> yes. we do. it's her birthday. bda happy birthday! >> aww.w. >> she's a big fan of mini min >> the birthday letters that wah the birthday outfit it looks like. >> her personalized somebody loves you so much. >> she's adorablena y. >> um-hmm. um-hm >> cheeks for days. >> have a super day, claire., happy birthday. >> happy, happy birthday.da we love your pic
8:16 am
that's for sending it in. hope you have many more fantastic birthdays and continuc to wear that outfit as long asga you can. >> she's a love. s's a >> so cute. so cute. go to our facebook page fox5ox d.c. send in your pictures on ii and we'll try to get them on o air. r. >> cutie, cutie, cutie.ut. >> we may have to do a specialal five-zero birthday shout out. >> under five. under not five with another digit. dig >> maybe on friday.n fri maybe on monday. very special shout out.. >> birthday girl.. >> it's surreal turning 50.0. >> really surreal.urreal um-hmm.-hmm it's like, who is 50? 5 >> i'm afraid to turn 40.urn here we go.. >> 60 in washington.ngn. (laughter). >> 56 in -->> 5 -- >> mo u.s. e.. >> 38. look at the cooler air ine co plate degrees. deg 34 in columbus. there's storm tracker it's raining root now, but it's quickly moving to the east.e ea. so i think most of the rain will be out of here in another hour.h we'll have lingering clouds clos through late morning and thennd clearing this afternoon windson will pick up it will be breezy
8:17 am
afternoon at tone 20.on 2 but just a very very pleasantasn afternoon and night looking l seven day. a little cool highs about 60, and cooll overnights.t 40s low 40s for overnights theht next couple of nights but the bt warming trend into the weekend d with lots of sunshine should bee fantastic. >> that looks real knight nice.g good day to get car washed and keep it clean for few days. day >> after today, go get it washed and look good in your ride.ide. >> >> thanks, tuck. tha >> styling in your ride.yo ride. >> let's check in with erin ande get a look what's happening onse the roads this morning. >> 8:17. get good music you'll need it. . wet ride on the beltway andtw ad right now the outer loopp completely jams from allentownto road you can see very heavy traffic all the way up to bwp tb park inner loop we had earlier crasha out by pennsylvania. it's now blocking the shoulder.e look how heavy that outer loop l traffic is.traf so please give yourself a lot of extra time to get through that r area.ea. we also have a crash bw southbound on the ramp to t inbound new york. and new york avenue completelyoy jams out as you make your wayr y past florida.. 50 inbound jams out as you make
8:18 am
your way past kenilworth avenue. tons of slow-moving trafficic everywhere.ywre let's take look at our maps. you can see that 50 delay i was telling you beltway totway kenilworth and 295 southboundthn eastern avenue to the 11th street bridge.ri dealing with so much slow-movini traffic tips down to 8 miles pep hour. aside from that police activity northwest section of thectio district. keep it in mine you'll need toyo detour around the thousand block of 31st street and 3100 blocklo of south street again a lot of police presencee northwest section of theest district. moving over for a metro update, earlier malfunction at potomac c because of that residual delayss to wheelly reston on the silvere line the rest of your metro raio lines should be on time or close to more traffic in a few.ew we'll take look at those big big delays on 270 southbound througg back to you guys.ys >> thanks, erin. 8:18. could there be another namebe a change for metro stations.tion >> tomorrow they'll vote on a possible new name for theehe smithsonian stop. fox5's bob barnard is live thert with more. bob, you're normal humble humbl person. is t
8:19 am
change that you've been talkingg about? >> honestly, i think it should be the woodly park national zooo panda barnard station. sta >> okay, right. >> if you're asking me. >> reporter: yes, let's do it. no. no. let's be humble and let's leavea it the way it is.. >> okay. >> reporter: keep my name outp n of it.oft. guys, yeah.ea the proposal here for the the smithsonian station is to adddd the national mall as a secondary name here along the orange, bluu and silver lines, ton add the kennedy center to the foggy bottom gw station. so that's right up here.p so that's the foggy bottom botto station.stat we are right over here along the smithsonian mall complex here oo the national mall.nal and so basically this is a metro board committee on thursday is going to discuss this allowingon the public to speak. speak the full metro board in two i weeks actually, two weeks fromwf now, will make the final determination here. basically, metro is saying thatt they've done
8:20 am
54% of the metro riders asked dd support adding the national mall to smithsonian station but only 26% favor adding kennedy centere to the foggy bottom gwu station. metro staff is following whatloi the survey says.ays they are recommending addinging national mall as a secondaryecon name here to smithsonian but not kennedy center to foggy bottom metro station. station and basically, this is nots is something metro is doing. doi it's the jurisdictions proposedo the name changes and they arey rhee responsible for footing the bill.bill they say metro says it's about $200,000 or so because you gotat to change the names on the maps and on signage.n sge this all has to do with whenn metro added the silver line to its system back in 2012. 201 they said by the end of this ts month, april 2016, if you wantan to change any of the names add s any of the names this is theamee deadline and these are the two t are out there right now. metro did
8:21 am
character limit to the names. those that already have more h than that have been grandfathe grandfathered in, and so theseot kind of fit into what metro iss trying to do.ying but, again, the surveys showysho even though the kennedy centerde is within a half mile walkingali distance from the foggy bottomot metro station which is anotherth requirement that that one is not likely to go but even thoughn to there are six station that kindi of feed the mall they are thinking of addingddg national mall to the smithsonian station, not barnard anyone of o them thankfully. (laughter). >> though we think it wouldn'tnk be a bad a bad. bob, thank you so much.uc >> i think it makes sense for sf the tourists perspective. >> i think so, too.o, too >> that's first thank you look for. where is the mall? which one oo these stations is close.statio >> that one i agree with. kennedy sent, eh. i think the people are speakings and metro is listening.isteni >> that's good.>> tt's >> still ahead the caps firstt post season game two days awayy now, thursday night 7:00 o'clock we'll rock the red early thishis morning, though, we'll tell youl how you can get involved. ive >> first, though, the nba'sba season is
8:22 am
tickets to kobe bryant's lasts l game cost i was pretty been bee feature the price that fans aree paying to see kobe's last shots. 8:22 now. ♪
8:23 am
is that coffee? yea, it's nespresso. i want in. ♪ you're ready. ♪ get ready to experience a cup above. is that coffee? nespresso. what else?
8:24 am
♪ >> 8:24 right now. 8ri so tomorrow night will be the last game of kobe bryant'ss illustrious basketball career. >> kobe!
8:25 am
be in the arena averaging $900.0 if you want a good view, one man is paying $55,000 for two court side tickets.kets just to get in the door it willl cost you about 900 buck. b compare that by the way to sixx bucks to get into the last the l wizards game of the season. oses >> that's another story. >> detroit -- - >> come op, son.. >> other sports now baseballl detroit tigers lost their homehm game yesterday this guy was thet big winner he caught five foul balls all of them before the ent of the fifth nothing knew for him.. season ticket holder says he'srs got 200 foul balls in hisis got pretty good seats for them.t >> what did he do with them? >> there it is. >> he gave every ball away to nearby look at the smiles on their t face. >> if you're a youngster and you go homey a baseball that's great day at the look at the little girl tin thn front smiling much that's the cutest thing.hi >> you don't have to be a't havb youngster f i
8:26 am
i'd be pretty pysched. p >> i only caught one foul ball.l >> i never got one. o >> steven strausburg's firstur game. that's awesome. >> it bouncedth once. onc i didn't -- it wasn't like at le screaming line drive.lineri >> who does that? that's like k very small group of peoplepl whoever catch a foul ball excepc for that guy.. >> this guy got 200 of them. >> i remember got hit in ther h face with soccer ball once.l o >> did you get to keep >> that's cute.cut >> thank you for the courtesy fr laugh in the back. the b >> you didn't get tote keep it? >> no. no >> if you get hit in the face ic with a soccer ball you shouldyod get to keep the k >> were you in the game? >> yes, i was in the game. >> it's par for the course. cous >> you weren't a spectator. sor >> did that end your soccer sce career. career >> it did. >> do you know who kicked it. >> no. n it was just we were playingere soccer.ccer >> not miss grimes.isri >> no, it was no not alberta grimes. >> i was going call her althea.l let's go to the forecast.ect hey, 60 right now in washingtono still looking at rain they are quickly we'll clear it out here by afte
8:27 am
the mid breezes pick up out of the nortn and west but for the most partot the wet weather is out of here.h we're just going to waist wineie down over the next couple of hours. hour seven day gets bright and sunnyb from here.ri a beautiful stretch of weather.h little cool the next couple ofco days. but the warming trend is stillsi in tack for the weekend.eeke. 70s by sunday and monday. maybe 80 degrees.0 de >> would you were you!ld youere >> glorious.>> glos. >> glorious. >> for all we know alberta grimes could have been an multi sports star.ts star. >> i talk about alberta because she does not live in the area. a >> we've been looking for >> erin doesn't know the story.. when i played basketball she hes will body me in the face. >> if you make you feel fourthou grade basketball right to thealo face, my nose is a little lit crooked. >> do you know who did >> i don't remember her name but but her first name is jenn net.. >> she's probably hanging with alberta.bert >> i became a cheerleader afterr that. >> i went to student government and student paper. >> watch your nose in that, too.
8:28 am
>> right now. 270 really jammed um by clarksburg. basicly from 85 all the way dowl to the spur the roads are wetret and delays are huge.ys are h so please give yourself lot ofuo extra time. to navigate the roads. rds we'll switch it over for look on 395.39 not much better there. better te you are literally park from them parkway to the 14th street 14ths bridge. this today rah shot buy right bb the seminary road exit.dxi keep it to fox. fox we're back in just a few. we'll have help you get through this mess on the district roads.
8:29 am
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♪ lears a look outside rightlo we'll get this weather to breakt soon. tucker promises us a nice dayic this afternoon.fternoon. decent day and nice the rest of the week.the . we'll see sunshine we have notih seen for several days. we're all gathered around the an kitchen for a little morningni first up props to remember the fox5 team gwen talbot i warredar lifetime achievement fornt for community service from the white house. a opinion an letter from thean l president thanking her for herer commitment and many of you knowo she's work tirelessly on behalfh of our house a non-profit-pro residential and work trainingl o program that serves ser disadvantaged young men from the d.c. far you've watched us intcn the last decade you've seen s bennie on our show at some point. our house is located inuse is lc montgomery gwen efforts have rave tens ofvo thousands of dollars to keep tht efforts going. so big congratulations to hernso and a great honor an shout out t to everybody at our house this morning.morn >> hope they keep the momentum going. >> she's so e
8:32 am
that. that i've been out there severalouthr times. amazing work they do there.. >> hi. may i join the kitchen.. >> come on in cute hair.r. >> we'll go from saying good jog to gwen to this next story.ry. kitchen conversation about ave joke that fell flat over ther te weekend.en now here's what happened. new york mayor diblasio takingok heat about joke about cp time.i. while performing a comedy exitt with hillary clinton. that was black tie charity event. ev and while it was a stagedta scripted show, some people thint it's in poor taste.or tas you let us know what you think.k take listen.. >> i just have to say thanks foa the endorsement, bill. (applause).. >> took you long enough. >> oh, snap. (applause). >> sorry, hillary.ry i was running on cp time. t i don't like jokes like that,
8:33 am
bill. >> cautious politician time. t i've been >> all right.ight. so for those who aren't familiai the reference to cp time is colored people time. te it's a phrase that is a stereotype of black people notpe being on time.beg on time. being late to everything.. so the diblasio wife and wife children by the way are a african-americans.. but i don't know who told themoe that would be funny. i just -- i always marvel whenle people do things like that and d think they're going to get awaya it and think it's funny.. because it's not funny.. nothing good could come fromomef saying that. >> exactly.>> e >> why even go there? why w bother. >> of all the funny things youfh could say.uld s why even do it.why >> why even have that in the the >> you wonder how many peoplede saw this ahead ofr time even wn diblasio why didn't he say, hey, this may not go over well. >> here's the maybe bill i know he has his has wife is black his
8:34 am
by racial. i don't know. maybe he felt comfortable andabe thought perhaps some people says you get a i don't know.i don' i just think there's ahere's a sensitivity chip we all shouldul have even feel like you shouldyo instinctively know perhapserha that's not good.ot gd >> ran it past other people anda they said it was was >> it was a exit.>> it a e this reminds me of whoopi goldberg and ted dan son. dan they were dating and said itnd i would be funny for ted dan son s to go somewhere in black face. f >> that went over well.l >> then they broke up. up it was a problem.. >> no matter whether you'rehethr black or white we should alle s have the same sensitivity chip.p it shouldn't like it's okay fory to you say it but not okay for me to say it. i it's not okay for anybody. >> i know in years past they've' done riske segments and exit. one mayor cross dressed and they're been borderline thing done at this particular event.r yeah, this is one that you woulh have thought especially hillaryl clinton in an election year. ely >> when you're trying to be no win situation. it's not's not and i just don't -- i don't i d understand why t p
8:35 am
were in charge -- >> who wins? win >> didn't knock that down. d nope, let's not do that. >> did is bill the one gettingng the most heat for this because -- or is it -- i >> i think he is but they'reis b both equally getting zeroed but he's little bit more. m >> he said it. he sa i >> try to explain. okay. well well enough alone. alo >> stay away.>> stay away. leave it alone. >> 8:35. let's check in with tuckerk barnes. barnes. something we cannot argue with c nice forecast coming our wayinur tuck for a few days. days >> got rain showers right now,nw steve.ev hang in there by afternoon thebt sun is back and along with it i nice spring like 60 right now in washington.asng 57 in richmond look at theooat e colder air it's not too far offo to our north and a w early this morning more freezing temperatures in new york. binging ton 38. 32, 38 in pittsburgh. columbus 34. 3 won't be that cool tomorrowom morning but cooler weather onwer the way behind our front. fnt. there's our front.. last little frame here the goodt little band of rain now settingi up across howard and montgomeryg county. co that will push off to the south and east.d east. we're getting clearing out incl
8:36 am
good morning.orni thinking you guys out there.he get something clearing and byind afternoon most of our regionn should be partly to mostly sunny. su it will turn breezy with windith out of the north and west but a pleasant afternoon with highs ig the mid 60s enjoy a niceice afternoon. afternoon. stay tuned. i'll have the seven day forecasr thinking you'll love it if you f love springtime temperatures i'll have it for you coming up.c erin is back with a roadwayay update. >> thank you tucker. tha >> it's a sad one.s a sad you have sunshine on theine on t forecast.forest. and i have just slow-movinglow-g this is 270 southbound as you as make your way from 85 basicallyl all the way down to the spur. te you hit a ton of stop and go traffic. skies are really gloomy, too. 395 inbound completely jammed ue as you make your way passed thet 14th street bridge not lookingoi so hat hot from the beltway onao up. 95 from stafford through dale city as you get to thes springfield interchange samean story there out by seminary roaa on 395. literally park.ra park. okay. let's take look at our mapsook m right knowledge aside from thosd jam ups, typical inbound delayss 270 south you can see averagevee speeds
8:37 am
hour. this is actually on 370 as wellw as you pass that location. latio police activity right now in georgetown northwest section of the district.e dict. 1,000 block of 31st street andnd 3100 block of south street northwest shut down right nowign you'll need to detour aroundro that. please be prepared just north oo k street northwest which is also seeing a lot of jam a crash in closure right nowight heads up here in prince william. miniville road eastbound afteruf cardinal drive completely shuteu down you'll needy tour aroundr n that causing congestion ongen cardinal drive.rdal dri and then metro update. u no alerts for you earlier ear malfunction at potomac has has cleared and everything runninggr as it grab your umbrella as you head h to the metro stop this morning.i and also inbound delays in thenn district just continue. 295 eastern to 11th streettreet bridge. in fact all of your bridgesl really are backed b south capitol street to the douglas bridge jammed as youamme head in on suitland parkway. 50 inbound beltway to kenilwortt and new york avenue by floridalo avenue basically parking lotkinl condition because of congestionn give yourself a lot of extra ora time to get around.t ound.
8:38 am
keep it to fox5. back in just a few. ♪ thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios
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♪ welcome back everybody. eveo it is 8:40.:4 it's tuesday morning.. 660 degrees out there. t little cloudy but tucker has a pretty good forecast. forec he and erin will join us on thet 5's at 8:45.5. meantime how much you earn may e affect your life span. according to new study, the wealthiest americans live atricv least 10 years longer than the t poorest.
8:41 am
expectant cease for underor privileged people include arkansas, indiana, kansas, kentucky, michigan, ohio, oklahoma and tennessee. apparently, smokers havemoke tougher time finding work.timedg if you are a smoker your habitri might be hurring your job pross specs new stunned findsw stund f unemployed smokers are less likely to get a new job and whew they do, they earn substantialll less than non-smokers.mokers not clear why smokers are not getting hig experts say smoking is tied tood higher health care costs, down, time and sick days and that t could be unattractive too potential employers. new reason why being marrier is good for your health, though. >> researchers have found thated your marriage status play as pya major role in determininger whether you'll survive cancer.. in fact this study found thatfoa single men 24% higher mortalityy rate than those who are married. the difference between single bn and married women less of a a difference though at 17%.. still ahead get ready toeady rock the red. t r the cap
8:42 am
right around the corner.r how you can cheer the team on t even if you don't have tickets.t >> it will be great. bereat whole city can celebrate andanra let's take look outside again oa this tuesday morning. m still some clouds out there.s e they'll break eventually thoughg tucker will be back with your full forecast next. n it is now 8:42. ♪
8:43 am
8:44 am
♪ >> breaking news 8:44. 8 coming from georgetown thisow morning. >> bob barnard is live into nown at the c and o canal near 3
8:45 am
investigate possibly deadlyy discovery.di bob, what's going on? >> reporter: hey, allison.on. yeah, it is. there is a body in the this is 31st street here in i georgetown.orgetown. you see u.s. park police, d.c.. police and fire are here.ere. just where you see the railing i there in these white plants just down below there is the c and oo npd harbor patrol is taking ovee the investigation. someone called in 911 thiss morning and said there appearses to be body in the canal. can police and fire officials havefs confirmed that. they're not saying whether it's a man or woman although the officer i was talking to here on the scene was using kind of likk the male terms.erms. he, he, but they're not n confirming whether it's a man on a woman.a woman the only identifyingntyi characteristic they're saying ig this body has a backpack isac i wearing a backpack and itt appears that it's been in the canal for some time. time. what that means they're notot sure. and i'm not sure
8:46 am
there was no attempt to make ane rescue or anything. ain so that the body had been inn there for a bit wearing a a backpack not sure if it's a a woman or man or young or old. as you can see this is 31st street, m street and georgetowng up there.up tre at least this block down to k dt street is closed off right now n as mpd investigates this body discovered in the c and o canall here in georgetown.georgetown. guys.. >> bob, let us know what younowt find. stay on top of that for us. shocking discovery for somebodyy this morning right in the hearta of georgetown.rget it is 8:46 right now.ig n let's get to tucker barnes andrn get a look what's happening hap outside today.ay see bob still bundled up butp later that may change, tuck?uc >> mild temperatures to start s yao day.ay 60 degrees. not bad at all temperature wise. however, we are dealing withh lingering rain showers andin sh cooler weather just off to ouroo new york and york and w look at the temperature profilee again 60 here in d.c. d.c 60 in annapolis. 46 right now out in cumberlandbl and that cooler air will startla to work in later this afternoonn in the wake of our rain showerse a
8:47 am
here are the current winds andds they're shifting as we speak. sk south and west if you're south s of the area notice the windsin coming out of the north and wess right through d.c. that shows us our cold front is really workinw through as we speak.e speak winds gusting now 15 to 20 and we'll have breezes thisees afternoon showing you the map we'll be dealing with breezes. last of the rain showers working through. i can really see the back edgehe of the front working right w through the western side of thee city. up towards montgomery, howardy,w county, columbia, getting prettt good rain showers at the momentt all of that will continue towiln press off to the south and easts and we will see graduallyraduly clearing skies. skies we've seen the clearing out inii western maryland that will movew in this afternoon should be ver pleasant afternoon for you. y breezy but daytime highs in thee mid 60s and again after we get t rid of the rain here the next te hour or so, most of the day wily feature sunshine and very and vr pleasant conditions.di look at the clearing out intonto ohio and end end.nd e all right.all right. the pattern weather here forterf next couple of days couldn't ben better. let me just show you what's yous happening here this afternoonhio notice the front fade off byof 2:00 o'clock. should be a nice sunset tonighte chilly tonight overnight lows upper
8:48 am
freezing temperatures which is good news as we get into thein middle of the week little coolil and then the warm up starts. sta you like springtime temperatur temperatures? you'll get them this with high pressure off to our south.reuth. 70s around who are by sunday. s i think a few spots could be close to 80 degrees, yeah,yea 80 degrees by monday afternoon.. so finally signs of spring heren to stay.y. and again look at that.ain lo a seven day forecast lots of sunshine and the best part, noar snow in the forecast, not, n freezing temperatures.pera we'll taketu it. i that's what i call perfecterf hockey weather, steve and, e and allison. al back to yoliu >> as long as you're indoor ando winning it's a good day for hoch keep check in with holly wisdomo and fine out what's coming up in just a few minutes on good day.d >> good morning, steve andnd we're all over the big local loc stories this tuesday morning. mr >> new details in the deadly stabbing of a teen at metro station the same station anotheo teen was murdered last month. mn we're there live.erive. >> developing now, growingg norg concerns over the zika virus. a top doc -- doctor saying the virus seems scarier
8:49 am
thought.t >> men, list september up.teer u the foods you should be eating n that will help prevent thosese problems you're having in the he bedroom, wisdom. wisdo >> what problems would that be?t then on a good day at 10a the t mastermind behind barber shotr o shop the next cut is live withvt us in the loft. in loft. >> we go live with super starr singer jennifer nettles.ettl why she's in our area thisa t >> jam packed good day d.c.go dy minutes away. 8:49 right now. now. excitement building for the caph first round match up of the flyers thursday, 7:00 p.m. the puck drops for plenty oforlentyo festivities leading up to the ut big game. joining to us talk about some ot them the caps assistant generall manager don fishman who joins us this morning. good to see you don.. thanks for coming in this t morning. >> thanks for having me.nks i know you're a busy man withbut the playoffs approaching but fut stuff with the fans,. >> tomorrow we'll a big pepep rally downtown carnegie librarya one to 3:00.o 3:0 thursday is game day.. we're encouraging one even you wear your read, caps gear on o thursday for game one, and thent i think the most fun mow
8:50 am
>> talk about this.hi first, i can do you one better.. >> okay.>> oka >> i think than just totally toy rocking the red because there t are capitals neck ties and we'l' try to wear these for you guys on thursday for the show.he sho we can rock the red. the red. this is explain this. i have little baby gear and little cute little baby hat andd little baby once cease that says let's go caps an baby caps bib.b so what are these for? >> well, it's not give away technically it requires moresor work than that.haha we're making babies play off time.time >> hockey babies. hocba >> come thursday, every baby born at med star georgetowneorgn hospital will get one of these from thursday until we're out oo we win it all. all. >> really? >> yeah. a lot of caps babies around to town. >> that gives us several weeks v to get to the stanley cup finals hopefully a lot of babies born.b >> hope so. >> hopefully you'll give a loftl these away.the aw the big play off rally will be tomorrow and the mayor will be m there. >> the mayor will be there.oril our owner will be there. t it's right downtown get readyeay for what we hope is a long playa off season.eason.
8:51 am
the caps nor stranger to make tm the post season.n. it's just getting past that humh in the early stages. sge how we going to do it this years >> it is.>> i we finished first overall thishi year obviously we feel like we l have a really strong team.g we've got great goaltendingendig which is you know is a key fort playoffs brayden tied the inforr hl record 48 wins. and ove still ove he had 50ad 5 goals again which iswhic i unbelievable.. >> he did it with a hat trickati which is pretty amazing. amazi it is kind of nice to know that, you know, in the past it seems s like one goalie gets hot rightig before the playoffs and then you kind of leave him in.ave m this time it's just been brayden all the way through. tgh >> he's been put together two strong years,ra two years of over 40 wins in a row. and i think all caps fans we all feel confident in him going intg the post season.n >> part of don's job put this ts team together and some changesso were made in the off season asfs they are most off seasons. sea a lot of familiar faces left ana i think fans initial response rs might have been well we're we' really going to miss these guyss because we wore their jerseyshes and supported them but then newe faces came in and it seeme
8:52 am
it really gelled this year. yea what do you think was the difference?ffer >> well, i think this year in a lot of ways was continuationnu from last year. las yea we had a new coach.. we had a added to the team lasts year and this year we added to forwards up front. tj, justin williams that t complimented them, and then ourr young players really blossomed.d anyone who went to verizon zen this year and saw vinnie camenia away wowed he was amazing this t year led our team in scoring.cog so we've just been bless it wasw a great regular season and we'r' hoping for continuation here.ioe >> if you've never been to capsc game in person go. it's a different vibe it's greav to watch on tv it's a differente vibe to be there in person. ier. because it never stops. so --so -- >> it's even better during theee playoffs.playfs it's unbelievable.ble. >> the energy atmosphere isy at always so great. great which i've been doing for many y years and never get tired of it. but when you're on the ice andhi the players are on the ice andat you're putting this teamhis t together and you're prepping fo the playoffs, when you come offf a full season and you have played 80 games, legs start to t get people start to wear do
8:53 am
how do you make sure you keep that energy boost especially let's be honest the last 10 l games have not been the best 100 game stretch for the cap thisapt season. can you turn it around and putau it back on for the playoff.. >> the nice thing about finis finishing first coach gave thect team a lot of rest down the dowe stretch and during the playoffss you're right, rest and less weaw and tear on the body is key.ey i mean unfortunately in sports,t injuries are part of the deal. l so you've got to plan for them.. >> a couple other things realsea quick. if folks want to grow theirrow t beards out just like the player for theli play off beard how diw that tradition start.ta >> i hate it.>> >> do you really? io >> no. >> you're the boss. yyou don't have to.u t we see the players grow out the play off beards. fans can do it as well for aor good cause. cau >> it's through the team.s you can get, dorks social mediac you 32 the team with your playoy off beards and it's all seasonss long. obviously the fun of it is the e longer you go in the playoffsyo the longer the beards. bea >> all right. rht. it goes towards a good cause. tucker was out searching for thf letters yesterday. he was late getting to the firse two. >> cool. >> he still got to pose with
8:54 am
will fans get to do the same.o . >> we did that yesterday toat yy start off round 1f we get to the next rounds we'll do it againgan that's a fun promotion searchini for the letter all around town.. showcases the >> we wish you guys the best. b. >> thank you.ha >> ing rog the red on thursday. no doubt about it good luck luck throughout the.. >> thanks. we get to talk to you many timem during the next month or so.or s >> that would be great.uld beret >> good luck to the caps.ckthe tuck, i know you'll beou'l supporting them as well.m el >> i certainly will. cinly w can't wait. rocking the red today.d tod >> i'm ready to go. to i like those caps. caps. i want to wear one on thursday. let's get to it. cool temperatures to start youru day. upper 50's our cold front comes through. 60 at reagan 58 dulles and bwi marshall 59 degrees.59 we are looking d at the back sie of the rain shower activityivit working through as we speak. spe and that means for uss improvement in conditions arounr here. in fact we should turn gradually mostly sunny by afternoon it will be breezy day. day winds out of the north and westn about 10 to 20.out to but very pleasant afternoon.. and dry afternoon if you got yog outdoor plans get o i
8:55 am
yard that kind of thing. do last minute raking from last fall allison.ison. good day 40.ay 4 65 today.oday hey, cool tonight, chilly, chill tomorrow and nice warmup but b notice the dry stretch oftret weather. wednesday, thursday, friday,rs saturday, sunday, monday, rightg now all look dry.k dry so we got a lot of birthdaysbird coming up and it looks like aik good stretch of weather here asa we get into the that is weather update. uat erin is back with roads. >> that's right.s rig 8:55 it is still jammed up because oo this rain as we take look at loo some of our cameras right now rn with your traffic.ic first metro update though weugh have an earlier malfunction attn grosvenor because of thatse of a residual delays to shady grovedo on the red line now look outsi outside. you are just jammed up everywhere. 270 on the southbound side sloww roll this is 66 eastbound at at nutley street. s as you make your way from fro centreville inside the beltwayty you'll hit those wet roads andod very slow conditions.onon not looking much better on 95 on through newington the northbound side basically parked as youarsy make youour way from dale city the springfield interchange.. south at that point no looking b
8:56 am top side of the beltway heavierr rain here by new hampshire.pshi inner loop getting by just finen despite that rain.. the outer loop from 95 throughrh georgia is basically parked and again 270 southbound we'll takee look back at our maps shows delays are tip super heave fifty two from 85 all the way down to the spur average speeds abouts a 16 miles per hour.our 95 southbound from the icc to the beltway and then bw parkwayw north and southbound a ton ofhbt stop and go traffic.raffic right now 1,000 block of 31stf 3 street and the 3100 block of of south street northwestwest georgetown area remains shut sht down for police activity it'st' stale rough ride. i would suggest leaving early.. al soy son and steve. >> ♪ >> thanks, erin.s, eri time to say good morning to our facebook fame fan of the day.ay today it's connie gibson. she says that she has been has b tuning in every morning for the past 16 years. okay, she deserves around ofserf applause.plse (applause). >> that's fan, right? and she's celebrating her birthday today. calling it her double nickel nic birthday.birt so we wish her a w
8:57 am
for your chance to be the nexthx fan of the day please leave ae a comment an photo on the fox5 dc facebook page under connie'se's photo. >> i don't think i've been inhik one place fo ir 16 years.ea do something like that. like tha that's awesome. >> you mean watching a show, watching one -- >> lived in one place for 16e a years. >> really? i know it's amazingw right. >> that's great. tha does we thank you. w we thank everybody whose beenbon hanging with us much 8:57. 8 we still have more ahead on gooo day. a new study that might have morv men reaching for a handful of blueberries for breakfast.akfas. we'll check in with the fox f medical team for details. det >> plus couple of dc guys have a prank going viral this morning. how they fooled a woman intoan thinking dc was ground zero for a zombie a poc apocalypse.lypse how do we know it's not. good day is next. >> we may never know. >> um-um
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♪ straight ahead, marylandd passes one of the toughest drunu driving laws in the nation. nato a tribute to fallen montgomeryog county police officer know whata leotta. why it came down to the wire and how his family reactioned to the victory. >> everything we look at withweo this virus seems to be scarier a than we initially thought. new warning from the whitei house about the zika virus. virs why even more americans could bd at risk than once thought. 400 arrests during atsurin democracy protest in d.c. and active visits say they'll beits back at it again tay what they say they're fightingig and later, too close for comfort. photographer testing out newesti camera for gets to duck as a plane comes in for a


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