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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  April 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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court records, is that gentleman and tai hall, who is only 18 years old, and was only and only turned 18 back last june, has since been an adult been arrested four times, two of those times he's been arrested for incidents in the metro system. once for assaulting a metro transit officer and being in possession of a knife. now, earlier today, the mayor, as well as assistant chief pete, and the chief of the metro transit police, held a news conference, over here at police headquarters. and the mayor has few things to say about people who commit crimes on metro. >> here's what had to say. >> i want to under score the fact that fortunately if i had to underscore previously that there are cameras all over our system, than any incident like this is going to be caught on tape, the person traitors of those incidents will be brought to justice. i also want to emphasize that we have worked with metro to make sure
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increased presence throughout our system, but specially where something like this has happened in our system at metro. >> reporter: now according to the affidavit filed in the case four people including what appears to be the station manager at deanwood, witnessed all or part of what happened yesterday morning at around 11:00. the document says javante hall were on the same train, separate cars as it pulled into the station. men had previously seen each other on the train, made icon tact, and called out to each other between the cars. witnesses say when the train stopped, hall got off with a woman, and evans, the victim, got off with another man. each witness saw something just a little bit different, but this much is clear, two witnesses say the man with evans, the victim, appeared to be recording with a cell phone as they all made their way down the escalator. witnesses then say there was a commotion. punches were thrown, then
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grounds. it is unclear from the witness accounts who through the first punch, but one witness indicated that it appeared javante hall the teen charged used a knife rather than his fist. he was then seen leaving and running from the deanwood station. now, year today at the news conference, as i mentioned, metro transit police chief ron was there, and he was asked about security at the deanwood station, which is where of course there has been two murders now in less than two weeks. here's what towed say about security. >> one thing we want to do is reassure our riders, we want to be in the mezzanine, the platform, but it is basically make that face-to-face contact reassuring our young riders as mentioned earlier it is a travel spot for a lot of young riders going to and from the rec center as well as schools, so we'll have around the clock presence during the peak ridership, evening rush, morning rush, see more police presence. >> now all know in court today javant
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brought up the fact that he believes that this could have been self-defense, the judge, after reading the affidavit, disagreed, said she found probable cause that a second degree murder may have occurred, and she said that she was going to hold java there. te hall until his next court date. reporting live from dc superior court, paul wagner, fox5 local news. new tonight, firefighters rush to a building near mets park to help man who became ill and was unable to get down. >> our cameras were there to capture it all as it happenedment fox5's matt ackland live in southwest with more on that. hey, matt? >> reporter: hi, jim, sarah, it all happened right here behind me. take a look at the top of that building that is under construction, we're here at the yard, to give you an idea of where we're located f we just pan this way, mike, you can see where right across the street from that stadium, some great video owing if i here from one of our photo journalists, meisha. take a look for yourself.
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firefighters first got to the top floor where they found a man who was described as feeling sick, so sick, he simply couldn't get down. so they put him in a stretcher and they actually used the construction crane above to lower him down to the street where other firefighters and paramedics on the grounds were able to transfer him into an ambulance. dc fire says he was put in that ambulance, then taken to a local hospital. he was list in the serious condition, but non-life threatening, as far as that i will necessary. back out live now, if you look mind me, you can see that this was an elevator that goes up and down that building, but the elevator doesn't go to the top. there is actually another floor, and apparently the man was on that top floor and that is why the firefighters had to tie up and use that crane to actually lower him down to the ground. live in southeast, near nats park,
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news. matt, thank you. developing tonight a surprising discovery in the casino canal in georgetown. >> body found submerged in the water. police say they got a call about the body around clock 30 this morning, investigators closed off part of 31st street in northwest to drivers. so far we don't know the identity of the victim. police say it was a man in his 40's, or 50's, and they still don't know how he ends the up in the canal. investigators say the man was wearing a back pack when his body was found. >> also developing tonight, hundreds of dogs were seized from a home. >> 200 dogs were found inch sign barn cooper road in eden, another hundred inch sounds a home on the same property. officials say it took up to 14 hours to remove all of the animals, many pomeranian's, small puppies, no charges have been filed but the local animal shelter is asking for help, they are looking for donations including monday ann dog food. to help care for those animals. and anne arundel county sheriff is speaking out days after he was charged with assaulting his wife. >> currently on
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police investigate the incident, earlier today we heard from him during news conference where he denied attacking his wife. >> i never, ever, ever assaulted. things were said to the police during high emotions, high stress, and high anger, that were just blown out of proportion, and not true. soon you will read where she has recanted everything. we are embarrased by this, but i can tell you that we are going to get through this, through counselling. >> the alleged incident happened on sunday night. charging documents say bateman and his wife started arguing after she came home from dinner. she told police bateman pushed her, held her against her will, physically assaulted her. bateman has served as the county sheriff since 2006. >> emotional john that i started in newtown, connecticut, reached its final destination here in the district. group of sigh lick cents riding at the us capitol as part of the sandy hide roo -- hook ride. back in 2012, the sandy hook
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raise awareness of the epidemic and to support stricter gun laws. rally was held with several lawmakers including dc delegates, eleanor homes north on. >> all right, let's take it outside right now where it has been a beautiful day. 63 degrees. sunny and a little windy, though, i think it is blowing some pollen around in the glare it might be blowing sioux ' hair around, outside the studio rightow, looks pretty good. >> this is really murder on my washington power helmet, guys. >> i was going to say, use super strength. >> it will take me hours to hammer this back into shape again. >> hopefully less time than it took to fix the capitol dome. >> exactly, i'll have to put the scaffolding back on, it will be so hard. so much work. you know what, it is a little chilly. i was going to come out here and rock it without a coat. then oh, no, i'm not doing. that will it is about 10 degrees cooler than yesterday, beautiful energizing day, with a lot of sunshine, and a brisk breeze. but, you will definitely feel it. so keep that in mind. we do have weather headline to tell you about. going forward, through the overnight hours,
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gardners, it is still too early to plant. because a frost advisory will be going into effect from 2:00 until 9:00 a.m. not for everybody, not for the district, but it does include western montgomery, western howard, all of lowden county, northern and western portions of faulk, and point out to the west. now it, would go farther than that, but the growing season hasn't really started as we get out toward the higher elevations. temperature overnight should drop to 40 in the district, but we will be real close to freezing in northern and western suburbs, frederick could be as colds as 33, gaithersburg, 34, so definitely hold off on the planting. i always tell people wait until mothers day weekends. >> morning rain came through pretty quickly, now seeing the last of it push off toward the norfolk area, clear skies, lighter wind overnight, means we will be getting colder as high pressure set unless right on top of us, and boy is it going to be a constant companion for the rest of this week. it is going to be clear, cold tonight, a delightful evening, but a bit brisk
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that high pressure will rule our weather for the next several days. temperature right at the moment, 63, you will recall yesterday we hit 73. so definitely feel the difference, 59 in frederick and gaithersburg, as well as winchester, down to 55, toward the cumberland area. now, they are back at it, had a win yesterday, taking on the braves for game two. it looks like it is 7:05, 56 degrees, little bit after breeze, the breeze will diminish by 9:00. we drop to 52, and by final, about 50 degrees, again, headed for low of about 40 in the district tonight. all right, your headline, going forward, after our frost advisory, it is nothing but sun in the days ahead. how about those temperatures in well, we ll check on all of that even a look toward the weekends, i realize it is early, check with the seven day forecast has to offer by all of you, you're right about the pollen count, despite the morning rain, tree pollen still quite hi, specially for oak and pine, and the rest of your forecast a bit later. back to you. >> in honor of equal payday, president obama
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who fought for women's equality bee designating historic house, as new national monument, the sea wall bellment house and museum in northeast which has housed the national woman's party since 1929, will now be called the belmont paul women's equality national monument. the president says the house proves story of america, it is a story of progress. coming up: why delay rage. >> you lied to me. i'm sitting here since 8:00. >> oh,. >> ya. one mother's public melt down goes viral after a trip to disney gets delayed. we have reaction to that rant straight ahead. but first, ronica, out to you. >> thanks, jim. what some are calling the largest civil disobedience in the history of the us capitol. we were here for the forecast, report in just a few, back to you, sarah. >> and using emojis has become a common mode of communication these days. but now experts say you could be interpreting them all
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beer. americans travel abroad. cuba lib ray? tell you what the country now plans to do about their brew shortage, fox5 local news at 5:00 continues. >> ♪
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narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been enrsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message. now on
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white house, house speaker paul ryan made it crystal clear he will not be a candidate for president if gop delegates can't choose the nominee on the first ballot. talk about brokered convention has been circulating for weeks and ryan's name has come up time and time again as possible compromise in case donald trump doesn't reach the 1237 delegates needed to clinch the nomination outright. ryan told reporters in wisconsin he believes you have to actually run for office if you want to be the presidential nominee. it came from coast-to-coast. hundreds of protesters gathered on capitol hill today. to demonstrate on a host of issues, that include, getting money out of politics and demanding that the senate takings to fill the vacancy on the supreme court. nearly 100 people were arrested today. fox5's political reporter ronica cleary joining us live from the capitol hill with all that and more. is it still pretty active down there or kind of quiet, ronica? >> well, it is
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but earlier today, democracy, took for their second day, to protesting at the us capitol what they're calling corruption and big money in politics in congress. now, each day, they're protesting what they call different issue. today's issue they called it related to elder issues. now, kind newkirk, the lead organizer, took a moment to walk me through what democracy spring will be protesting and focusing on, each day, as they protest here at the capitol. take a listen. >> tomorrow's going to be a day that is folk he is dollars on racial justice, centering black lives within this moment in this country, and the fight for democracy on thursday will be a labor worker focus day, friday, youth and students, and as well as making the connection with the struggle for equal representation in d.c. and saturday, a climate in environmental movement focus day. but all of these days are about lifting up this courtroom on struggle that we have to win a government that works for us all, not just for the biliary class, not just
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our elections work. >> now, according to newkirk, this democracy protest event, it has been the largest civil disobedience in the history of the us capitol. today's event was peaceful, with protesters explaining that removing what they call corruption and money in politics. they say it is a non-partisan issue, one that affect all of us and needs resolution, now, reports say that over 400 people were arrested here yesterday, and according to us capitol police about 85 individuals were arrested, today, for unlawful demonstration activity. i spoke with one woman who had been released after her arrest. >> our message is definitely getting out. the energy and the consciousness is building, because it has to. we cannot go this way. we can't go farther. >> now, the democracy spring protest, it will continue through april 16th. but here is my question for you. do you thinkth
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best way to affect change, if you agree that big money is a problem, and correct -- corrupt politics, is this the most effective method to get that message to congress? i would love to talk with you on social media. you can find me and ronica cleary, use the hashtag democracy spring. reporting live from the capitol for fox5 local news, i'm ronica cleary. >> a new survey shows the terror group isis has seen a sharp decline in support among arab men and women between the ages of 18 and 24. conducted by public relations firm and including 16 different countries, results found 80% ruled out any possibility of ever supporting isis. that number is a 20% increase from the same survey, one year ago. 75% of those surveyed also said they believe the terror group will fail. cuba is dealing with a beer shortage right now, and american tourists may be to blame. the surgeon american visiting cuba since the president eased
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stream of thirsty travelers, the shortages of cuba's main brewer considering whether to open up new plant, import beer from outside of the count troy keep up with the growing demand, i think the rise in tourism is also creating high demand for hotel rooms and rental cars in cuba. >> beer shortage say about all of us here in the united state, right? hey, speaking of traveling here, long delay at leguardia airport really sent one mom over the edge. >> yes, she had melt down at the ticket counter screaming and cursing in frustration to airline employees. take a look. >> you lied to me. you lied to me. i'm sitting here since 8:00. with a nine year old who is waiting for our vacation. >> she is just saying what everybody else wants to say when they've been declared like five hours. american airlines spokesperson said the flight was delayed because the inbound plane was not given clearance to land in new york. and was diverted to philadelphia due to bad weather. the flight was scheduled to take off at 9:00 p.m. it
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morning at 9:00 a.m. the woman who pros dollars p video said it was taken around 2:00 a.m., while the airline tried to figure out when the flight would take off. >> now, here is the thing about that. you know, a lot of the time people at the gate are really the messenger. >> absolutely. >> and so, yes, there is frustration, but sometimes you have to -- >> is that girl crying? >> i think she might be a little bit. >> or maybe that's her mom? >> yes, i have run into that before. run into frustrating situations, sometimes do you have realize it doesn't happen right there at the airport. >> i know, yes. >> poor mom. and child. >> yep. >> up ahead, disturbing crime caught on camera. >> a woman steels a ring right off of a corpse at a funeral home. we'll tell you what the grieving family has to say. >> and did led zeppelin steel stairway to heff nenna jury had decide. >> plus, rihanna is/site of the bead recalls for the most week spent at number one, finds out which of her hits is hot on the charge. you won't have to work hard
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>> ♪ work work work work ♪
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>> hard to believe someone would stoop this low, someone stealing the ring off a corpse at a funeral home. >> a funeral home in texas, walks un to the casket takes what she thought was diamond ring off the hands after 88 year old woman. the ring was a fake, though, it was only worth about ten bucks, but police say it is not about the value, theft from a corpse is automatic felony in texas. family members of the deceased woman say they don't know who the thief was, but they are hoping the video helps police find and arrest her. >> wow. who does that? >> low. >> my gosh. one of the most legendary bands every all time will soon trade the stage for a
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>> federal judge has ordered two members every led zeppelin to stand trial. >> according to the lawsuit filed by the bands spirit, the bands copied the opening from their song tourist and used in the intro for their classic hit stairway to heaven of the the trial is scheduled to get underway may tenth in los angeles. ♪ work work work work work ♪ >> we go from stairway to heaven to the song with lyrics you can't understanded, but nonetheless, work helped rihanna join music royalty, her song work featuring drake is number one, gives her total of 59 weeks on the top of the charts combined with her other hit, those 59 weeks tie the beatles. >> wow. >> for the second most total week spent at number one, mariah carey holding the records with 79. >> you know you're not going to get this song out of your head the rest of the day. >> nope. >> cosmetics company mack is honoring selena 21 years after she was killed. mack released new make up
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in her signature red color. it will be called cuomo lasore, known as the queen of the music, achieved international success before her death at 23. her sister was involved in kree at g the line with mack and it is expected to be available sometime in the fall. okay, so this friday, fox5 is going to be rocking rocking t in farragut square parkas we kick offspring concert series, so we have three fantastic local bands set to perform. this friday, april 15th, sounds of the city will kick thing off. >> then the following friday april 22, secret society will perform, the christ for the fine, sorry you didn't make the cut this year. join us at farragut square park, 17th and k street friday, fox5 rocks the sound of the city, we kick thing off early 9:00 to 11. , you can watch us streaming it fox5. >> maybe i should do my rendition of work work work work work. >> people would
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stop. >> they should actually, yes. all right, coming up here the d. each sounds nationwide alarms on sent nel drug dangers, coming up the department takes fox5 behind the scenes of their federal lab for a closer look at this deadly epidemic. plus, a rape investigation. this. >> concerning new information about the immigration status of two men charged in connection with the sexual assault after child. coming up, we'll tell you what the federal government now says it will do and why some immigration experts have concerns. >> and a father and daughter go on fishing trip that was anything but routine, the massive surprise that surfaced next to their kayak when they pulled that fishing line. >> state and local officials have reported high fever, nausea, death, stay in place until further notice. >> oh, now a coup
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guys fooled a woman into thinking dc was ground zero for a ' pock lips. why the prank is burning up on social media. you got to see this, coming back in just a minute.
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>> tonight federal authorities are confirming to fox5 that they're seeking to detain the two illegal imigrants that are under arrest in montgomery county in connection with a rape and kidnapping of a 12 year old girl. tom fitzgerald at immigration and customs enforcement heads quart nerves southwest dc tonight with more on that story. fits? >> good evening, jim, you know, there are a lot of instances that we describe as shocking crimes. two men under arrest in custody. they are charged with contact ago 12 year old girl
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transporting that girl to a location in wheaton, maryland, and sexually assaulting her. montgomery county police say those two men, 24 year old erica carb and gel, and victor, being held at the montgomery county jail on half million dollars bond each. now, federal governments and i am graduation and customs enforcement agency tell us both men are in the united states, they know illegally from honduras, and ice as the agency is known, placed detainer on them. spokesperson for ice tells fox5 what that means is that they, if for any reason they are released, or after they are convicted and serve full sentence they would have to be turned over to the federal government for possible deportation. now, we say deportation here, because local law enforcement have complained for years now, and loudly, that isis not sharing enough information about what it does with detained criminal aliens.
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the federal aviation for immigration reform, says that's not helped at all when local government create sanction too area friendly laws aren't tough about discouraging illegal immigration. >> there is virtually no communication. this is what happened here was a tragedy that could have been avoided but it is what happens when you allow illegal immigration to go on, to encourage it, promote it, reward it, and montgomery county has been part of a problem. >> montgomery county police tell us they believe that this 12 year old girl appears to be the only victim of these two, in these alleged charges. however, arlington county police in alexandria police are also conducting their own investigation of these two suspect, and we are told further charges are possible in this case. live at ice headquarters in southwest tonight, tom fitzgerald, fox5 local news. there has been a lot of talk about phentinol, the
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recent deadly overdoses across the country. in fact, lowden county reporting four deaths connected to fentanyl in just the last month, and the opiat suspect in the ten deadly overdoses in sacramento in recent weeks. >> yes, the problem is so bad the dea issued nationwide alert. the agency invited laura evans into their federal lab to show her what they are dealing, with and also told us since last summer had a pot problem in d.c., and how they investigate this epp death i can. >> it is terrifying, definately makes you pause, and make you're taking appropriate precautions to protect yourself. >> emily is a forensic chemist at the dea special testing and research lab in sterling, virginia, it is her job to identify new drugs off the street. the one she sees most often lately, phentinol. fifty times more powerful than heroin, and cheaper to make. >> there are 2 milligrams of fentanyl hype dough chlori
5:34 pm
lethal dose. so that's enough material to kill most people. >> carl colder, special agent in charge of the dea washington field office. >> this is dangerous. don't touch, okay, because it is deadly. and that's what we want to show the public, that that small amount is that dangerous. >> fentanyl one of the most powerful painkillers available for medical treatment. typically admitted stead to cancer patients, via patch or injection, but between 2012 and 2014 the number of seizures every e list ill fentanyl skyrocketed. >> there are no pharmacological studies, there is no data out there about how these substances affect the human body. so the users don't know what's going to happen, and me as a chemist, i don't know if i inadvertently come into contact with something what that could do to me. >> in order for the laws to keep up, the dea has to keep up. and that means acting
5:35 pm
our chemist to analyze, the better we're off in knowing what we're dealing with. >> something critical they learned during last summer's synthetic pot problem in d.c. >> we were seeing people dying on the streets of washington, d.c., on a daily basis. we had no idea what these chemicals were. >> colder admits, they were slow in getting a handle on that problem, but once they started coordinating with other agencies they could identify the chemical compound of the synthetic pot and begin the prosecution. the problem with fentanyl is the inherent danger of the substance itself. >> because of the dangers associated with the fentanyl, we can't even touch it. we have to rush it to the laboratory. >> this is one of the analysis techniques that we use. >> in this lab, they not only identify the
5:36 pm
also find out where the drugs come from. >> street gangs that are distributing, cartels, and host countries. >> say they're training local and state agencies every day on how to handle overdose east. >> point of no return on this. $30 a bag on the street. >> could be dead? >> and you could be dead with that one bag. >> in washington, laura evans, fox5 local news. in tonight's health watch, smoking may be harmful to more than just your health. it could also hurt your job prospects. new research is suggesting smokers who lose their jobs spent more time unemployed than non-smokers. non-smokers with 30% more likely to be back working after a year, and also earned an average of an extra $5 an hour compared to those who light up. >> cam newton lighting up social medi
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photo. the care line a panthers quarterback, he is apparently staying fit in the off season by playing water polo. looks pretty fit to me. the usa water polo posted this picture taken at its california training center. sorry. >> i think he's fine. >> could we put that picture back up? >> no, no, we may not, but hey you know what certainly gearing up for another run at the superbowl, that's for sure. >> working for it. >> you know, come back 40 pounds heavier, that would be fun to watch, but actually good to see he's in shape. let's talk about something else. >> sure. >> let's talk about hockey right now. you can say what you will about the lombardi trophy, now 16 teams have a shot at having their names on lord stanley, caps are one of them, barry trust did everything today to show off his excitement, except maybe sing it is the most wonderful time of the year. >> it is the best time of the year. it is the best for the fans. it is the best time for coaches and players. and, you know, i woke up this
5:38 pm
morning, and i looked at the standings, and everybody's equal today. and that's the great thing about the playoffs. is everybody's equal. what you did in the past, you know, that doesn't matter, you're equal. and you're looking at opponents straight in the eye. and they'll go at it. and that's a good feeling. >> all right, and the caps have unveiled these hats and t-shirts for the season. post-season. and these t-shirts with the phrase entitled to nothing. roman numeral 16 it, takes 16 wins of course to hoist the stanley cup. tomorrow night kobe bryant will play final nba game the lakers host the jazz, played final road game in oklahoma city and this guy, yes, made the ultimate homage. >> can we put the cam newton picture back up? >> (laughing). >> you're making him feel bad, sarah. of course that's painted image of toby on his chest. so your welcome. how is your dinner this season the nationals added
5:39 pm
hoover, of course the 31st president, in office from 1929 to 1933, he once stated baseball is the greatest every all team sports. so go by the nickname of herby, hess only season at nats park on sunday herby made his debut and won his first race. it was fixed. but, everyone's focusing on herby's eyes. >> oh, he is creeping me out. little creep. >> i yes. hoover had hazel eyes, herby's are being called demonic. >> i would agree with all of that. >> only here for the season. >> all right, up ahead, man and his young daughter go on fishing trip, they will probably never forget. >> wait for it. >> okay, well, huge shock. trust me, it is coming. >> yes, all right. and miss understanding emojis, why experts say you may be interpreting the same emoji in a completely different way
5:40 pm
it to. sue, i'm glad, i'm not the only one that gets confused by that. what's that symbol? sometimes a skeleton face. what's that? >> i don't know. >> and a j for a smile face? >> all confusing. >> hey, this is not confusing. we have your pollen count today. even though little rain this morning, probably a the love are you sneezing, want you to know the political send real hi, main culprits oak and pine. see the yellow sticky film beginning to cover things. if you are sneezing that's probably the reason y and we don't have whole lot more rain in the forecast. what do we have? a frost advisory for tonight. we'll talk about that in your seven day when we come right back. >> ♪
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he was flicking matches on me... for my life. my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated.
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i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side.
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and ordinary fishing trip anything but for one family in louisianna. >> the
5:44 pm
old daughter thought they caught a fish, but in for a big surprise. take a look. >> oh, my god. that's big. >> dad's never paddled so fast. the father says fishing noodle let him know he had a bite, but something heavy was pulling it down, that's when he pulled the noodle free, massive alligator. have you guys seen it yet? the father said the gator bigger than his 13-foot kayak. is that a fish storey? because i haven't seen this alligator yet. >> something is pulling there. there it is. do you see it here? here comes. here comes. >> oh, okay, there it is. >> yikes. >> so quick. >> i believe you now. >> yes. >> yep. >> oh, that's scary. >> oh. >> no thank you. all right. at least good sense of humor about it. >> certainly did. >> hey, check of the weather sue palka, could you believe that?
5:45 pm
that he like out take from jaws. >> and very real. amazing that the daughter had the camera going, she thought she was probably brinking in some kind of big craw dad? or bass or something? i don't know what they pull out of there, but clearly gators definitely on the line. hey, today talking about some cold temperatures overnight, sarah, and jim. you saw this earlier, but in case you're just joining us, we do have a frost advisory for some of the northern and western suburbs. rest of your headlines, remainder of this week is looking dry, so this morning rain will have to hold us for awhile, and the rest of the week looking cool. cold night for the frost advisory, what we are talking about is western montgomery, western howard, most of lowden county and then points north and west, it would certainly even include some of the areas not filled in in blue. but the growing season hasn't started out there. hey, the next few days, though, definitely on the seasonably cool side. we start with the chilly nights, and then see high pressure bring us dry afternoons, with temperatures generally in the 60s. maybe further the south to the 70s, hey spein
5:46 pm
we do have nice spring warm up that is in store, that will be coming next week, you will like what is in the forecast, fee we can get that map to pop up. for those you have feeling it just little teacherly this april. high pressure will get into the sweet spot down to the south. and yes, the 70s, and the 80s, a big run of warm days, coming, very soon, it looks like it will begin sunday, and last through most of next week. but you want to get ready for tonight. frederick, mart inches berg, winchester all down into the low 30's tonight, gaithersburg down to 34. no frost advisory issued for the district and points south and east, we should be closer to 40 degrees there. so bo do keep in mind we are going to have very chilly nights going forward. hold off little longer on the planting. this morning's rain, moved through very quickly, and we continue to see that pushing away, so that now we have the clear skies and the very dry air, the cooler temperatures, and certainly breezy evening although the breeze will get better as we go overnight and high pressure settles in right on top of us. we
5:47 pm
up ear's, in our northern and western suburbs, few spots still in the mid 60s down to the south. and winds are a little bit gusty, they'll continue to gust for another couple of hours before settling down in the overnight hours. getting a gust of 28 here, in the district, so really definitely feels a lot colder. we won't have the clouds for our sunset tonight. we got this great picture yesterday from todd mcgill. tonight's sunset at clock 43, the temperature 54. thank you, todd, for the great shot in alexandria virginia, sends us your great pictures if you get them. sue palka fox dc on twitter and facebook. what's up for the bus stop tomorrow morning? lots of sunshine kinds of chilly 33 to 42. after school on the died side for this time of year, about 55 to 62. but definitely talking about a dry day, near 60, maybe some upper 50's in the suburbs, thursday, should be little bit warmer, just little bit at 63 degrees. we wrap it up with your fox5 accuweather seven day forecast, and friday, wants you to be reminded that we have our
5:48 pm
concert, and that's going to be a lot of fun. weather will certainly cooperate. that went by really fast. let's go back to our fox5 accuweather seven day forecast, because i promised you run of some 70s, right? here we go. starts sunday, 72. even sweeter on tuesday at 78. i'm ready for a 78. it felt so chilly throughout when i was out there little while ago. and tuesday about 73, so, very quiet pattern, very little rain in that forecast, actually little on the dry side. so i wouldn't mind seeing a little bit of rain. but definitely we will keep it for the weekend the paid the price last weekends, right. >> absolutely. thank you. >> head over to tony and sean for a look at what's next fox5 local news at 6:00. >> looking forward to the 70s, too. >> great. >> bring them on. all right, we all know the book "50 shades of grey" was a best seller. the bible has also been on that list, as women. one group believes the books have a lot in common. still ahead at 6:00 tonight, why this organization says 50 shades and the bible should be
5:49 pm
category, and no, had has nothing to do with their best seller stat us. >> interesting. also, kids using pot in school? colorado just made it legal. we'll break down the new law and hear from people who think officials have taken legalizing marijuana too far. >> and before you sign up for one of those phone plans that automatically gives you a upgrade every two years, do you have hear what we found out. and why it may cost you in the longrun. the news at 6:00 is coming up oh, in about 12 minutes. stick around, we'll be right back.
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[000:51:00;00] >> all right express themselvese with, sometimes what you see mam be lost in translation. new study people can interpret the same what was moch gee inoch different ways.di
5:53 pm
take a look at these three, what do they look like to in the middle we have a big smile on the right looks like laughing blush shinning alllush three are intended to mean theo same thing this is called theal grinning face withle smiling ic. for different platforms for apple, google and system sung. >> i have the one on the left. >> that's the one i have too. >> yeah, they're all the same thing. >> if you are sending one on iphone it's different on android, researchers found whenw two people look at the same image she often interpret itt don't interpret it the same way. so, you know, words. >> that's a novel idea. i type out what we're feeling. [ laughter ]. >> good idea. jim. a knew piece of art has h people scratching their heads. take a look at this, it's a swimming pool complete with diving board standing on its side. it is titled van goa oozier, the art test chose it because it is ear shaped.hape
5:54 pm
the why. okay. up next, post surgery prank two brother trick their sister with zombie attacks after her wisdom teeth surgery. >> you won't want to miss thiss when we come back in three minutes. ♪
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
♪ >> take sorry zombies weree taking over dc there's a pair of brothers who picked the perfectp moment to send their little sister into zombie panic. >> she just had surgery and was still on pain killers when they played their prank. check it out.
5:58 pm
out we which one the cat or dog. >> the cat. >> go home you go in bed, sleep a couple hours. >> last. let's rewind couldn't feet tea c and what? >> two cane of indicate, fun feet tea or chocolate.a >> i thought it was a pet, i don't know. pick a pet to take with you. >> i thought they were talkingre about the indicate, have you had your wisdom teeth out. >> yes, i did, i said prettyai crazy things. >> so did i. >> let's leave it in the past. s good thing it wasn't socialocia media at that t thanks for joining us tonight at five. >> fox 5 local news at six
5:59 pm
starts right >> dc police quickly made anlice arrest in stabbing death of teenager at metro station.. tonight we're learning theing t suspect was a young criminal with a lengthy wrap sheet. >> i love my wife very much. m >> local sheriff made a public apology after he was a charged assaulting his wife. >> high rescue, news at six at starts right now. >> good to have you with us tonight f i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm tony perkins. the man charged with killing ana 15 year old boy at a dc metro station appeared in cost willill court. we're learning hall has a violent past. fox 5 paul wagner starts us off tonight. >> reporter: tony and shawn, len me tell you right away that hall was ordered held without bondut here in dc superior court c earlier today. also, when i went through his h
6:00 pm
arrest record, i learned thatrnd this young man who only turned 18 l four times, two of those times involved incidents on the metro system including one in whichn police said he had a 95 and assaulted a metro transit police officer. also want to tell you is that hall was arrested last night around 8:00 apparently at his girlfriends house. now, she was allegedly involved in an ongoing beef, a feud between john evans the young mag that was killed and himself, they were using social media to drive that dispute which is a is big problem, according to assistant police chief and he c told us this at a newsws conference earlier today. here's what he had to say. >> the amount of disputes that are arriving out of communication that is occurring through electronic mediums, between these kids it's huge. i know you've seen it yourself.


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