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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  April 12, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> right now at 10 a teenager accused of killing another teenr in a dc metro staying. what we've learned about the suspects past and the victims mothers surprising reaction.ri to the killer smooch i forgive him. >> two illegal immigrants. others say not so fast. a live debate in a
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edition of fox 5. >>the list of this snobbiest small towns in america is outria not one but three of them are right here in the dc area. fox 5 local news at at that starts right n >> we thank you for joining us tonight i'm tony perkins. >> shawn yancy. new details about the 18 year old accused of killing the teenager. >> devonta hall facing second degree murder karen.gree he stabbed john evans the thirdd following a dispute an a fight yesterday. the victims mother opened up about her loss tonight as we're learning more about hall's violent past. marina morocco is live at the deanwood metro station. >> reporter: you can see metro transit police continue to stayt out here at the deanwood metro stonn they will do so for days to come. this is the ticked homicide in e just two weeks.
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mother back in january, johnny evans turned 15 and his mother tells us that just a couple c months ago she decided to move the family away from the district to richmond, virginia because she had seen an attitude change in her son. son she believed he was hanging out with the wrong crowd she wantedw to make sure her son did not end up losing his life, yesterday she says the afternoon detective knocked on her door and gave her the news, her first, i would killed just three days after she gave births to her fourth childr her husband was actually supposed to go to court to pick johnny up from that appearance but the teen instead decided to take the metro. her son allegedly murdered by a man she says had previous previ run-ins with the teenager as as well as with his 13 year old sister. >> i had heard about it a little earlier. and i had
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the street. s i had this bad feeling. just had a bad feeling. he left in the morning to go to court. he hugged and kissed me.d i was sick in the bed because ii wasn't feeling too good from fr just having a baby i guess i was doing to much the boys had jumped my daughter, some males and females a few months ago.go and so, it was just leading on to different altercations. he had approached my daughter du two weeks ago him and his friends throwing juice on her and saying how they wanted to jump him. him and his friend wanted to jump my son. >> reporter: now dc attorney general spoke to the community tonight regarding what seems toi bnge a recent up particular inn juvenile crime here in the district. >> when kids are not functionino well or being supervised well at home, not attending school, they are going to be subject to crin
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so, i think that's what's going on. that's why it's so critical for us to get services over to those kids in the areas where they need it. >> reporter: and just hourster: after the homicide here at deanwood metro station, police arrested devonta hall who turned 18 year old last summer and since legally becoming an adult he's been arrested four times including alleged assault on a metro transit officer who why a tempting to remove a knife from his possession. the victim's mother says she has to forgive this man in order ton move on. >> i forgive him, you know. >> you forgive him. >> i can't hold no hatred in mye heart for him. because i'm not going to be able to get through it if i do, so, i forgive him.. i just hope he realizes what he has done to us.
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>> reporter: he has been charge with second degree murder. being held and no bond.he live tonight in northeast fox 5 local news. >> thank you very now, new at 10 police in fairfaa county are looking for a man who sexually assaulted didn't robbed an elderly woman. it happened last week forestores glen senior independent living facility. sarah simmons is live with more. sarah? >> reporter: tony police say t this was initially reported as r someone getting into an unsecured, unlocked door. but later on it was reported that a 77 year old woman, the victim son later reported to police that his mother had been sexually assaulted.ed. this all happened as youou mentioned last week in the 14 1 thousand 400 block of wood mirror court at about 1120 in the morning. these are independent livinging apartments for seniors in centreville part of fairfax faif counties. a man got into the home throughr an unlocked
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the woman in conversation andone then sexually assaulted police say the man also took al some cash and then left.t. now, we did talk to some other snow people who live here other residents they were pretty teare surprised and shaken. one man we talked to said he was absolutely disgusted by it. another woman said she had seen issues developing here in then recent months. still at the same time ratherath surprised about these developments. the suspects described as about six feet tall a30 to 40 year old, not a lot to go on, police are expected to release a composite sketch tomorrow. and we hope to hear more information from them, a few more details on this. in the meantime fairfax countyfa police say if you know anythingw about this case, please give them a call. that's the latest here in centreville.ce >> sheriff of ann arundel county is on defensive he claims his deputies
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he says he did not attack his wife. after a reported domestic incident, today at a news conference the sheriff sharedre his side of the story. >> i never ever ever a sought ted. things were said to the police during high emotions, high treasure, high anger blown out of proportion and not argument and soon you will read she has recanted everything.very >> i can tell that you we're going to get through this through counseling. >> according to charging documents he and his wife rude after she came home from dinner. she told investigators he pushee her, held her against her will and fall sought ted her h she t waeds back on the jobbing aftere taking paid he will not be allowed to carryr a weapon until the investigations completed. com correctional officer in montgomery contac caused ofry c sexually assaulting female inmate. dna linked him to the
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it happened last septembermber county dentention center in rockville. victim claims officer came intoo her sell, touched her inappropriately, he was soon w eliseed on bond now on administrative leave without pay. >> metro general manager andager board chair will be in the hotot seat on the hill. they are set to testify before a house panel on safety concernss and rail maintenance following the emergency shutdown an march 16th. we'd felled says the shutdownhud was the only way the troubled transit system could get aget handle on the repairs.epai just a few weeks ago the agency was kicking around the idea of shutting down entire lines for extended periods to get back on track repairs. line shutdowns won't be necessary for now.cess 89 page report released by a cay you tell i goting firm found it's not yet full steam ahead when it comes to the transit system
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consulting firm ma kin see andin company laid out recommendations outlining improvements in six areas including rare car maintenance and customer murr cs servicer, they hope to win back public trust by adding more resources. put staff on platforms at busyt time at busy stations. they want to give riders,ers, feedback on what they call caree forms. focusing on safety, rail, and rider safety. >> still to come house speaker paul ryan did not leave any doubt about the whether he will run for president. two illegally immigrants ac caused of rape are illegal immigrants causing a spike inke crime in our region. some say yes, others say no. the controversial debate tonight. sue. >> shawn it was a wet start to our day complicated morning rush tomorrow it will be dry, it will be frost tea cold in some areas. might need
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the windshield. i'll have 7-day forecast later.e tony. >> not one, not two, impot three of the snobbiest small townswo n america are here in our area. at least that's what a new study is claiming. we'll take a will be at the raining kings and visit thosean towns for reaction. we're back after after this.
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>> house speaker paul ryan madep it clear today that he won't beb a candidate for president.. if republican delegates do noto choose a nominee. talk to have a broker convention has been circulating now for week.we ryans name came up a couple times. in case trump does not reach the delegates needed to win the nomination outright. >> if no candidate has majority on first ballot i believe that you should only choose from a a person who is
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participated in the primary. county me out. >> ryan said he believes the presidential nominee should come from pole of candidates running for the job and he is not one of them. major protest taking place in the district this week. so-called democracy spring protest attracted hundreds of hn people from around the country. earlier they gathered and g capitol hero to raise a numbers of issues. and urging the senate to fill supreme court vacancy. >> tomorrow is going to be focusing on black lives and democracy. thursday labor focus day. friday, making connection with struggle or equal representation in dc. saturday climate and ennd environmental movement focusocus day. >> nearly 100 people
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for staging a sit in outside the capitol people. >> day is equal payday represents extra days an average woman employed full time would have to work to make the same sa amount of a man in the same exact job.act president obama marked occasion by designating the belmont house on capitol hill as a national monument. it has served as head quarter for the national women's party since 1929.92 it will be called the national monument. the president complained why the fairness act is important to all workers.ers. >> we truly value fairness thata america should be a level playing field where everyone whe works hard gets a chance to that's good for america. a >> government statistics show for every dollar a man makes a white woman makes 79 cents that wage gap is larger for women of color. a recent report shows things stayed the same the gender pay p gap would not close until
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coming up next tonight the e wild future risk plan top find f new planets and possibly alien life in space. >> pretty wild. a mother's meltdown at an airline ticket counter goes viral maybe you've seen this of the this happens after her flight gets delayed.. reminder fox 5 will be in farragut park as we kickoff k spring concert series.ies. sound of the city april 22nd secret society with perform and muddy cross will perform.rfor we will kick things off this friday nine to eleven am. if you can't make it out you can watch right here on fox 5 or we will be streaming it on fix fivi dk .com. ♪
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>> welcome back.>> police say former nfl player will smith had a loaded gun gun inside hiscar the night he wase killed. but there's no evidence that any shots were fired. cartel heys faces second degreee murder charges in connections with the incident. it. his attorney says heys was thesh victim of a hit and run earlier that night involving smith andth was following him in answering attempt to get information. the man who landed a gee row copped outside the capital. flying a plane without a licenses. he faces up to three years in prison. the government is expecting tong ask for hughes to serve 10 months behind bars. hughes, you may recall flew his plane on the capital grounds to. >> a long flight delay pushed ad mom over the edge. she had a meltdown at
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counter screamed and cursed tak. >> you lied to me.d to m you lied to me. i sit i've been here since 8:00 with a nine year old. >> an american airlinene spokesperson told her the flight was delayed. the flight was scheduled to taks ofchf at nine p.m. but did not leave until 12 hours later at nine a.m.. a the woman who posted this videod says she record dead the outburst around two a.m.. >> tough situation.ituation. >> yeah, nobody wants to wait that long. you can't yell at the employers because it it's not their faultu you understand the frustration especially when you have children. three maryland cities made list of america's snobbiest small towns.wns. >> three in maryland, chevy chase, somerset and tiny town
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martins edition. fox 5 psychiatric low kay has the story.. >> when you think small town you think the local bakery r this is chevy chase, might be one the reasons this is the snobbiest small town in america. so we ask the people.eopl i agree. everybody walks around with their little, i don't want to, a lot of people really intont themselves i think because of the fact that there's like a lot inning come in this area. >> that's wait is. >> yeah. >> i think chevy chase is a great place to be to be honest. i would really like to see some of the resources in chevy chase through the whole city of washington. >> people that i work with are here. i wouldn't say its a hobby place. >> talking about private schoola and art gall
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that's snob bee i think that's a plus. >> yeah, you go to a private school and we. >> you seem perfectly nice i nic don't get a snob from you. >> i think it's a pretty nice neighborhood that is why we have so many people coming back into dc because they want to be near the schools, theaters, art galleries, museums and i don't a think anything is wrong with that. >> still to come hundreds off dogs rescued from a maryland house. >> two illegal immigrants ac caused of raping and kidnapping a 12 year old girl in maryland.m what does this crime say about illegal immigration problem inat our area. a debate is next in a special edition of fox 5 un filter ed.
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>> us immigration and customsgr plan tato detain two ill lymll immigrants charged with kidnapping and rape of girl. they are being held at montgomery jail. both men are in us illegal.. the crimes they are accused of committing are preventable. >> there's virtually no communicating. what happened here was a tragedy that could have been avoided bud its what happens when you allow illegal immigration to go on, to encourage it, promote it. >> spokesperson tells us theyero are convicted and serve sentences, they will be turned over to ice for possible deportation. some argue deportting illegal immigrants is not the best solution. are illegal immigrants causing spike in crime in our region. some say yes. others say no. that is the topic we are tackling in tonights
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fogs five un filleted. >> jessie jane did you have with london center of policy research and virginia state delegate mark la 15 to represents the 40 fifth district which includes alexandria and arlington. thank you. jane this is a hot button issue i want to start with you. w their people who say, listen, it is not fair every time an illegal i mean grant commits a crime to label entire group of immigrants as criminals or potential criminals and we certainly shouldn't be talking l about deportting all of them.he. >> into i don't think everybodyh is calling everyone a criminal. let's be clear about that. when we start putting words in peoples mouths it is unfair. we do have a serious illegallleg immigration problem in this country. federal sentencing for illegal immigrants is over 30% in thehe federal prisons. deportation is not occurring byt the federal government we're talking
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spent on illegal immigrants for incarcerated, guess what the states have the pick up the bulk of that tab. this impacts everybodys >> do you think because of the illegal immigration we aren we seeing a spike in crime? >> i think because we are not enforcing the laws we have on the book. if you enforce the laws we havee that you cannot higher illegalsh without proper documentation yon would solve a lot of problems. we are allowing people in cities, we are allowing peopleg to lay below the radar which is causing an impact to our cities as a whole. >> how to you argue againstu ar that. >> it is not causing impact to crime. let's be very clear. first of all my condolences to the victim anyone who committed handle awful crime raping a 12ri year old girl needs to gome to o jail for a long time. t native born citizens commit these crimes at far greater rates. look at men betwn
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for every thousand men 18 to 39, 35 have committed crimes. they in prison. seven immigrants. so it's five times the rate.ate. highs school drop outside 10% of male high school drop outside in america who are born here are in jail it's about one% of the immigrants. native once that commit crimesms at a far greater rate than un t documented. at the end of the day people are bad people we need to put bad people in jail. let's not use the horrible actor of these two men and. an any time you take one personake aren't say they did a bad thing therefore everyone of that ill h building is a bad person that's the very definition.very >> how do you respond to that. >> i don't think everybody is saying that. yob has said allba people are don't own it if it doesn't apply to you. let me finish, fitter doesn'tite apply to you, then you don't own it. illegal immigrants who chit today crimes have ca
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taxpayers, they are in federal situations over 30% of the crimes. you do is it says ticks t i'll challenge all viewers.all >> 30% of the crimes. >> let me fin nick just google n docsi illegal immigration and im crime stats and you will see crime stats. whether violent or non violent. it is illegal. don't compare illegal to peopleo who are natural born citizens and say, well they do it more so it's okay. >> are you saying that because c people are here illegally yes they are illegal that doesn't predispose them to creating a higher level. >> i never said that. this is what he is implying. >> i want people to know. >> we can agree immigrants commit crimes at a lesser rate than native born america's. now if you disagree, ever
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know tipoff people commitoff crimes. p ha is the fact that some of theste people, if we're talking about illegal immigrants the the people who are here illegally in your view does that factor into this, they are here illegally to begin with perhaps they shouldn't be here. >> when you are talking boy violent crime i think the america people have zero tolerance. when we find out someone is here illegally reported multiple times or has been overlooked thl states right now have to bear the burden of much of that federal, sentencing many of the sentencings that they have to pay is over 17 billion dollars. the federal government isn't picking up its tab. we as taxpayers when you are are talking 17 billion dollars out of my tax, yes we want >> let me ask you, she's talking about the laws and how we handle illegal immigrants in terms of the money and taxpayer money, does she have appoint here?
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locked up frankly deportting violent criminals where they are free across the border and can come back in and commit moreore crimes is the wrong answer. we need to lock up violent criminals whether immigrants orr native born b there's a cost to locking upp people. that's true. whether native born or whetheror or not they are really different issues. criminals should go to jail andd the question of whether or not think we should allow more. >> you think we should allow we more illegal. >> legal. when my great-grand parents came here you could come in here thac were no restrictions. 97% of americans are from people who came from outside where we live in and out p i've always said the only people who have a right to complain about if immigrants are native americanst the rest of us whether we came as immigrant or slave ships.
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>> these are native americans n don't say we aren't native w american the fact the matter i was born in this country and pay tax. >> your an says stores were nott born in this country. >> into my grandmother learned english -- >> you are trying to suggest that illegal versus legal leg doesn't matter it's all the same it is not all the same. >> it could change the law. you have defined them as illegal bossetting a law -- >> that's the issue. >> they always have. >> we differ on the law. nobody suggested everybody is aa criminal that's the first thing i'm going to clarify that that. you and i disagree on illegal versus. >> i think we should allow more legal immigrants.rants. >> you said a couple timesoupl nobody said they are all criminals we go back to trump, one the reasons all of this is s being talked about so forcefull
10:35 pm
statements he did seem to characterize all illegal immigrants as criminals.mina >> sny said mexicans were rapisp some of them he assumes are good people. >> if you do, i recommend everybody go look at the stats on violent crime some of the highest rates of violent crime with illegal i mean map grant in texas, california my home states >> but more native born. >> the situation. >> there's more of us. three% of the population. >> every single study for 25 years has shown. >> a greater% of people born bor here commit violent crimes thing immigrants. >> we're 97% of population. >> sure not understanding. >> and then we're talking about deportation and crime seemli
10:36 pm
we've got. >> let me be clear about statisticserborn in the united states, you are more likely to commit a violent crime than furan immigrant. >> 97% of us versus -- >> 3.5%. you justify illegal immigration because native born people commit more crimes. mor that is a false argument. >> illegal immigrants. >> i didn't you have got to stay on track here. >> who is speaking store donald trump. >> this is a hot button issue. donald trump brought up the te issue of illegal immigration, this debate is not going to end any time soon. thank you both. >> every time we do this i wishh -- thank you both very much. we'll be right right back.
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>> see if you can follow alongca on this one inter nat investor,i to create a plan to exmortar outside our solar system the goal to send thousands of tiny space craft to the star system s alpha certain tar restar system, that that is 2000 times further than any space craft has ever gone using energy from earth based, hopefully reaching always zazen tar rein 20 years. project is still in the planning stages as you can imagine north and east into well, okay.well >> all right a. we'll takee serious convincing to make most
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taking over dc. a pair of brother sent their sister into a panic. >> she happen under gone surgere tor remove wisdom teeth and pan medicines had not warn off yet when they pulled the prank. stay in place until further notice. >> we can only take one pet, which pet the cat or the dog. >> the cat. >> we can only take funfetti tea or chocolate cake.ake >> you want funfetti or chocolate. >> you want to go back home? >> you want to get in bed? >> sleep next couple of hours. zombie apocalypse. [ laughter
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>> i would be so mad at my brothers. i'm going to tell you what. >> she'll be mad now. >> because it's everywhere and d everybody can see it she was still on her pain medicines ands they have her screaming like l that. at one point they say we're dad called and said we should drive to mexico do you remember any of you're spanishnh she says i can say. >> they are from leesburg virginia if you guys recognize them that is why for those of you who live around that area. i could imagine if i was her. >> fox 5 facebook page the wholo thing is on there. >> into lindsay low lain celebration her engagement. at 11 certain pepco pepco companies see, will see a pretty generous credit on theirheir accounts why the company is i shelling out some cash. >> ahead a maryland medical
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doctor is allegations of sexual misconduct three patients haveit come forward with stories of abuse we'll have the latest tonight at 11 .
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>> welcome back. ordinary fishing trip was anything but for one family in louisiana. the father and his 11 year old o daughter thought they caught a fish but they they were in for g surprise. >> oh, my god. it's a big, that is a big. >> you see that. >> dad we're not supposed to use that language. the father said his fishing noodle let him know he had a back, a massive alligator appeared it was bigger than his kayak. >> aren't ally. keep watchingep right here it's going to come up out of the water. oh, my god.
10:47 pm
>> holy molely.>> h >> apparently someone did a little measuring not exact measuring the gator's head was like three feet long. >> wow. >> remember that picture of the alligator we showed last week. >> yeah yeah. ye >> maybe it's all in the same th area. >> 72 what's happening to our alligators. >> obviously eating well. i would be done. >> oh my goodness. >> i'm not sure i could eat fish again. >> that gets a pass. >> we're going to use the foot pedals now.. rowing away in the kayak. >> maybe some frost to the night. little bit of frost possible north and west. only thing that would change that if the breeze picks up a little bit. tony said that was excitement. >> that was fun. fun >>
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weather headline, we are fresh on frost. that's what we're talking about for the suffers cooler today. little bit breezy. this is what we're talking abouo we'll begin at 29 the morning and run till nine. a lot of people got excited and started to do planting. as the growing season has begun it might be too close to comform getting to 32 degrees in places like western montgomery all of loudoun county, those are the areas to watch, colder out here. that's because the growing th season hasn't started that. down to the south looks like it will be warmer. be as we look at the rest of weather headlines the rest ofest this week i've got to tell you looking really dry, high d pressure is going to rule allu week long. this high will be blockinglock everything out very slowly drifts over to the coast. but in that position it also it keeps us a little bit on the cool
10:49 pm
breeze comeut temperatures primn the low 60 toward the end of the week maybe we get back into thet 70. by the end of the week i'm thinking sunday ought to do it. this is for shawn a nice spring warm up is in store next week starting sunday. sun we got you 80's in the forecast. >> awesome. all next week looks like it will be way above average. a we're paying the price with high pressuring in and keeping us one the cool side. we'll be real close to the freezing mark in some of those suburban areas. is he 53 here. 43 in frederick.deri notice at the wind are gettingng lighter. calm in gaithersburg and frederick. pulling in colder temperatures overnight. we could fall to 33 or 34. that's why frost advisory goes
10:50 pm
as allocate temperature trend te with average being 66 we're still below it tomorrow. below it thursday and friday and we're starting to get closer to average by saturday next weekeek when we start to see warm up. clear tonight, cold frosty in suburbs north and west. wes 40 in the district. that will fill chilly in the the morning. sunshine on wednesday. on the cool side. winds aren't as strong as they were today. sunrise forecast tomorrow 40 degrees at 6:34 when the sun comes up.mes thank you for the picture. 7-day forecast something else ww are excited about is our friday forecast, why does fox 5 rock oo friday because concert series that's going to be going on from anyone to 11 friday at farragut square park.sq and bring on happen wonderful weekend, we deserve it. 72 degrees on sunday. 78 on monday. and it looks like tuesday will be
10:51 pm
know that rain in the forecast c either, >> yes we love it thank you, sue. >> prom proposals have gotten elaborate. a magruder high school student asked a special needs student to be her date. >> my mom, his mom and different teachers. >> i actually excused 23 people to help me. i'm going to thank them later also. just, i told everyone, i wrote everything down, this that is your position p you have to be here, there. t you come with me. >> took us like two days to to below about 350 balloons. >> i met matthew when i was a sov for more and he was a a fres
10:52 pm
to have wheelchair that he had to wheel himself and then one time i was late and he was late also people were in the way andy them weren't trying to let him go through they were late too l they were running to the class and then i just? nowhere i started pushing him he turned around who are you why are you pushing me. every day i started doing that. taking him to his class. he's going to be the guy i want to take to the prom. >> extremely wonderful human beings and certainly they can see the beauty of being able too share something very special. well, matthew is, you know he's happen wonderful young very courageous, very very strong, very kind very caring. >> follow me.w are you shocked? >> told you i was goi
10:53 pm
a surprise. he said yes. like to see you know the goodhe side of people and that there's good still being done out there. >> that is awesome. >> sure is. is. >> we certainly wish them the best. have a great time at the prom. >> stay with us. we'll be right right back.
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young and restless millennialsna are changing jobs four times inn their first decade out of o college. that is two times more job hopping than generation x did. that's business.
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>> it is stanley cup playoff as the caps. it has been eight years since they last faced the flyers in the post season. one they'd probably rather forget. let's go back to 2008. first round cavs when it cameme down to game seven didn't mean a thing. series winning goal in over time that. was then. this is this is now. >> it's the best time of the year. its the best time fort fans. its the best time for coaches c and players.d and you know i woke up this morning, and i looked at the standings and everybody's equale today. that's the great thing about the playoffs everybody is
10:59 pm
and you are looking at opponents and they are going to go at it.i that's a good feeling. >> capitals on veiled t-shirts and hats. they do it up. u t-shirts carry the face entitled to nothing. roman numeral 16 it takes 16 wins to hoist the stanley cup. see. and guess what you could probably pick those shirts up and hats right now. i'm sure it's all coincidental. >> just worked out that way, tha yeah. >> thank you. >> by the way, we'll see at 11:00. you pea. >> i thought you said loopy. >> reminds me of perkins aboutei this hour. >> we're going to continue theog news at 11. >> i told you.
11:00 pm
>> right now at 11 one her son was stabbed to death at a dc metro station this mother opened up to fox 5. >> i just hope he realizes whats he has done. >> her stunning reaction to herr son's murder and what she wantse to tell his killer. k an elderly virginia woman sexually assaulted inside her i home in a senior apartmentment complex. her attack kier is still out there. were life with details on what investigators are hoping will help them solve the case. >> won't be dealing with rain on wednesday morning commute for fr some of you it's going to be a frosty cold start i'll have for cost. fox news at 11 starts now intoas in thanks for joining us i'm shawn yancy. >> tone me perkins. this is the 18 year old under un arrest and charged with stabbing john evans the third, stabbing him to death at the deanwood t metro station.


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