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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  April 13, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> right now at 10. a woman attacked as she walked home from a maryland mall. what police want you to know. >> then is the fast food you're eating exposing you to harmful chemicals. >> people never thought something like this would be so possible and so widespread. >> stunning results from a new local study. ♪ and behind the scenes of "empire" we're in the studio checking out what into recor recording a song featured on tonight's show. the news at 10 starts right no now. we begin tonight with a warping for women in green belt maryland following a frighte frightening attack. thanks for joining us i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm tony perkins. >> police say a man attacked and sexually assaulted a woman walking a long cherrywood terrace. but it all started inside the nearby beltway plaza
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"fox5" sarah simmons is live with the frightening details, sarah. >> reporter: well, tony, it was about this time of the evening it was 9:45 monday night. we're in a busy area off greenbelt road, beltway plaza. you can see it quiet at the plaza but well lit. behind here it's much different story. an encounter between a man and woman started in the center and then things turned dangerous from there. >> i'm not coming here again by myself. >> it's not what you want to hear about neighborhood shopping center and green belt police say a woman paz was shopping inside beltway plaza when a man approached her and struckp a conversation and they went their separate ways. and then the woman left through the back entrance walking towards these apartments. it's a scenario some -- area some say is not safe at night. >> i have a cousin that lived in the apartments behind the mall and he would tell
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careful when you leave your car and visiting me, it's a known area that is not that safe. >> turns out it was not safe monday night. as victim was walking, the suspect approached her again and pulled out a knife. police say he dragged her into a wooded area along cherrywood terrace and sexually assaulted her. some residents are not surprised by the violence. >> it really doesn't surprise me that something like that happened, because i don't want to -- i think crime in this neighborhood is starting to go up a little bit. so that really doesn't surprise me at all that something like that happened. >> and of course everybody is wanting to know who this person is and what do they look like and the police are still searching for a suspect. i want to give you a description here it's fairly specific. this is what police are telling us that he is described 5 feet tall with muscular build and black tee shirt with pink emblem and dark pants and gray sneakers with gray trim. they want to y
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out for the person. also they're looking at surveillance tapes from the mall probably. that's part of the investigation. hopefully they bill be able to pull some sort of clues from there. also they want to hear from everybody else out there here around 9:45 or behind the plaza and if they know anything. call police. that's the latest, sarah simmons "fox5 local news". sarah, thank you very much. >> atlanta braves baseball player is under arrest accused of a assaulting a woman in a arlington hotel. hector oli ve ra was placed on paid administrative leave by the league. live alternates park with more on all this marina >> tope not a good days for the braves that lost alternates park and have to deal with arrest of outfielder hector olivera and here's his mug shot taken minutes following his arrest at the team's hotel ritz carlton in pentagon city and yesterday olivera dressed
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the game and never played. before 7:00 this morning a woman known to olivera called police and was assaulted about the the braves player at the hotel. the victim was transport totd hospital with visible bruises and minor injuries. and meanwhile olivera was nine custody here alternates park for braves second game of the season and fans are all on the same page. . >> are are you laughing. >> it's embarassing. >> is it. >> objection these rtd braves they're not supposed to have scandal. >> braves are classy. i hope the allegations are either proven or not provrn and that's he's not part of our org. >> dot crime and time period.. >> there should be no excuses. should he be taken off the team. >> yes, yes that's what i believe my personal
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i don't know what administrative leave it it's not good. >> what about the dodgers giving him to the braves and he's with the braves and now scandal what goes on with this man. >> i think they had a clue something like this could be in the future and it's a thought hi back then and as left fielder he has not been carr carrying weight anyway, it's been a struggle. >> are you happy to see a guy from minors come up today. >> amen. our first one one in 7 go braves. . >> and they put out this statement saying they're disappointed and troubles to learn of the allegations involving hector
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will address this matter appropriately as we determine the facts major league baseball placed him on administrative leave immediately and he posted 10,000 bond and went straight from jail to the airport where he caught a flight to hometown of miami and now facing misdemeanor charm for assault and battery. reporting live from nats park, marina morocco. "fox5" local any. >> these two men's brothers part of tree off of men in connection to a deadly attack and they appeared in court today. we also earned the name of the officer that killed detective coalson and what's been ruled a friendly fire accident. bob barnard has the details. >> in court in upper moreboro a judge determined there is probable cause to support murder and attempted murder against the three
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and in the march 13 ambush attack in the police department district three station in landover that led to death of undercover narcotics officer gentleman okay colson. he was shot by friendly fire as police mep shot back at the suspect. it was recorded as the oldest brother opened fire in what malik ford attorney said is an effort to commit suicide by co cop. >> he didn't have any intent or plan or was not conspiracy involved in shooting any officers or civilians that day. >> relatives of the ford brormingz came to the ford hearing. >> it's emotional for family and friends. we're here to support them sgle eric is thomas is ford brothe brother's aunt. >> you can believe what they're charged with doing. >> no, i cannot believe it. these are not the guys i know. >> in court today we lea
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the name of officer who fired the shot that killed jacai colson taylor krause officer krause was onlyry stoppeding officer armed with a rifle that afternoon and officer colson was killed by a rifle shot. >> i spoke to taylor and his wife today and they're doing well and they had an opportunity to prepare themselves with information coming into the public space. >> we're told officer krause remains on leave and will not come back to service until ready. the case against the ford brothers now goes to a grand jury. bob barnard, "fox5 local news". . >> tense moments during a congregational hearing on capitol hill. metro manager paul wheatfeld and jack evans were among those that testified on the recent issues with the transit system. when asking ng
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more money to help fix the problems evans got into heated exchange with mark meadows from north carolina. >> all i'm asking from you is 300 million which is your fair share given the fact we transport 50% of your workforce every day. you want them to be safe. you want this to be reliable. or do you want to leave here like we did in 2005 and do nothing and if we do that next time something happens i'm blaming it on you guys because we need your help. >> and today ntsb revealed meng anical issues that led to smoke incident in la front plaza. general manager paul wheatfeld said the problem is 65% fixed. >> if are you getting fast food chances are you know you're not getting healthyest meal in the world but you may get served harmful chemicals. what are they and where are they coming from? the new study you'll want to see results for coming up next. hey, sue. >> hey there, shawp, update from the weather center t
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advisories and we've been expanded tonight and a little while ago frost and freeze warnings tonight. i'll explain the difference and what you need to be ready for in the morning when a first look at forecast coming up in a few minutes. tony. >> and russian fighter jets go top gun on u.s. warship. take a look at this. this is how close they were as they buzzed by the destroyer. stay with us. "fox 5 news" is back in three
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>> it's overrule there's no doubt zika virus causes severe birth defect. there's enough evidence to say it causes fetal brain abnormalities and small
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signs of zika virus can be found in amniotic fluid and the disease and it is sweeping across latin america and caribbean and cdcsome warping pregnant women. >> a study by george washington university of public health says eating fast food may expose people to fall aits. this is one of the first studies to look at this link. . >> and definition of fast food in this study relied on cdc definition which is basically anything you buy not served on a plate. we're talking about tack owes and club sandwiches and anything takeout or delivery. new research says it all may be served one a side of chemical. . >> when it comes to fast food the fast part is the often the
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>> i'll go for whatever is fast and cross my fingers nothing will be bad long term. owe those that reported eating more fast food were exposed to harmful chemicals known at falates. >> one are on the suddeny has gained so much attention is people never thought something like this would be you know so possible and so widespread and a third of the population has even some type of fast food in the prior 24 hours. >> an assistant professor gw institute public health and researcher says data from 9,000 patient of all aims found those that consumed most fast food in 24 hours period. at least 35% of daily calories had 20 to 40% higher levels of
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their system compared to those that had not even fast food. >> i hope it races public awareness about this problem this greater problem of society exposed to industry chemicals for the food supply. study have examined their link to infertility and reproductive ivrn use and behavioral problems and more and congress banned them because of helm concerns there's multiple sources and flexible tubing to food packages. . >> and they measured the content of fall aits and food before or tav was packaged and found levels of falllights 100% and it can accelerate the packaging into the food.
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>> another popular source of chemicals is gloves that are used by food prepareers to ban the use of these kind of vinyl gloves from food establishments in 2001 because they contain falates here in the united states they have become more popular and going for these instead of latex because so many have havealerys. >> i can't understand why we're so far behind other countries when it comes to banning things and certain substances. >> it's a new -- this woman released a study at noon. she said reaction was instain and crazy and people have not even thought about the issue here. >> i understand growing food in backyard and taking it straight from the ground into kitchen you don't have to worry about all that. >> best thing it do there's more research needed and they have some amount of fall aits in it because it's so pear vaseive. they continue to research and the more healthy whole foods you can eat the better. >> very scary. >> take those gloves with you. >> all right. thank you, i appreciate
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check in with sue and find out what the weather will be. let's see how things will be overnight and what you can expect in the morning. >> hey there, sue. >> we had a frost add vitsry last night and just an hour ago it became apparent it may be colder. freeze warnings were issued and you can see them behind me here. we'll give you a closer look in the lighter blue that is freeze warning and essentially men's it will be colder in the area and potentially more danling to sensitive plants that can't take the cold and frost advisory in effect. and western loudoun you're in the freeze warning and fred ring, carol and out towards hagerstown and winchester and front royal and harrisonburg. it's cold there and any plants not protected could be killed in the kind of cold we'll have tonight. this is not in effect for d.c. or points east to the pay for down towards lower southern maryland and it's not terribly cold at the moment. frederick spot the coldest it
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and we believe with light winds, dry air overhead and these clear skies they're really going to tank big time tonight. there's high pressure that is keeping us on the cool side funneling in north and northeast breeze during the day and chilly if not cold overnight and has been a fairly pleasant evening and you know i even showed you frederick down to 37. we thought they would drop out and bottomed out 34. they will be colder which is now in freeze warning. here in the district 40 to 42 prepare for cold time at the bus stop tomorrow morning. sunrise temperature around 42. thank you for the gorgeous photo we'll talk about when warmer air can get in here with the 7 day forecast later. shawn and tony. >> thank you very much. sue. >> coming up next tonight the dangerous antics that russian war planes pulled earlier this week. >> and later "fox5" in the recording studio he can khing out the music that had you two stepping in on the tonight's episode of empire
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>> russian war planes this is a jet flying close to the baltic sea earlier this week. the war planes came within 30 feet of the destroyer. defense officials are calling it sim awe late add tack profile and cook's commander deemed tun safe and unprofessional and the ship did not take any action there's no word if the u.s. government will protest the fly buys. >> and maybe none bigger than fox news host megan kelly and today the two met to clear the air over lunch at trump tower in new york city and kelly said the two discussed
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of trump appearing on her show in the near future and kelly and trump may be on the same page but trump and republican national committee are not. during a town hall they say she. more than 30,000 verizon workers walked off the job including no, philadelphia and in the district. installers, customer service employees, repairmen and other service workers after verizon was not able to reach agreement with workers unions more than months after the contracts expired. >> verizon is refusing to back off demapped that we permit them to chose work center and we allow them to force our technicians out of town and months at a time. and we do not like the offer to contract out or out-source our jobs overseas. >> it's about training
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dwron employ anesthesia even hired contractors to dot work during the strike. >> coming up next a student's write ago assignment led to racial tensions in a maryland ice. >> and lost in the willederness for nine days. this grabbed mother is sharing her amazing story after survival. we'll be right back. kling kling pass ♪
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>> welcome back everyone it's 10:30 time for a quick recap of tonight's stories. >> sarah simmons is following a scary attack on a woman in green belt, sarah. >> green belt police have a warning for anyone walking a around the beltway plaza at night. a woman was sexually assaulted before 10:00 monday an a man approached her initial
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the shopper center back here and followed her and dragged her to a secluded area on cherry wood terrace where he assaulted her and police are looking to see if surveillance has helped out in that investigation. marina. >> the atlanta braves continuing their losing streak alternates park and now having to deal with arrest of outfiel outfielder hector olivera happening this morning at the team's northern virginia hotel. i woman called police claiming the pair was drinking and had dispute which led to a physical altercation. she was taken to the hospital for minor injuries and he posted bond following his arrest. for now he's taken off the team's roster. prince george county judge determined there is probable cause to support murder charges against michael, malik and elijah ford under connection with an attack at the district three police station. officer colson was killed by friendly fire during that incident. today, officer taylor krause was identified as the one that fired the shot that killed
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>> "fox5" is in anne arrundel country and upset about students resfons a assignment. and one student's essay focused on ways toe get rid of plaque americans and essay said "the solution would involve coraling black people in the sahara dezer and nuclear weapon to wipe him all. it was on school and online and many found it offensive. . >> it's a huge impact. and the suspect the student picked is insensitive and i will-advised and stokd concern anger frustration and among students and staff alike. >> school officials maintain assignment was supposed to teach satire and they're reevaluating whether the assignment should continue in the future. >> ethan couch aaffluenza teen was sentenced to two years in prison. until today c
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punishment for the crash that killed four people was probation. defense during the trial sparked outrage when a psychologist testified couch's irresponsible lifestyle was a product of afluent up bringing and couch violated it last year and was later captured in mexico. >> it is against the law in most states to text and drive and used to be hard for police to prove someone was doing it police in new york could soon have a new device that will help them catch distracted drivers it's called the tex textlizer presidential linda schmidt shows us. >> it shook us to the core. >> ben and debbie lieberman know the pain of losing a chil child. their 19-year-old son avenue juan was killed five years ago going by someone text tion and driving. >> we surprised the hope to records on our own for our own civil lawsuit took us six months to get the records and found texting throughout the drive lead together crash. >> leeberman's worked closely with state lawmakers that
10:33 pm
propose aid bill allowing police to use a device called the textlider and police can scan your phone with a device and it can tell you if you were texting at the time of the accident and moments before. >> it's about saving life. >> brooklyn state assemblyman felix ortiz is sponsoring the bill. >> we're trying to give the law enforcement opportunity, time of the accident. >> assemblyman says an israeli company is currently developing the textlizer it will only be able to defect if the driver was texting and will not be able to reed it or gain access to any other information in the phone. new york civil liberties union is not con slins vinceed. . i think there's much that needs to be done and can be done both to add distress the problem and to respect the privacy
10:34 pm
drivers. >> and now under the proposed legislation if a driver refuses to allow police to scan their phone they could lose their license. and assemblyman ortiz is hoping it passes before they break for summer on june 20. linda schmidt, "fox 5 news". >> and coming up a rumored shouting match between john wall and head coach. what the wizards star had to say tonight as season came to a disappointing end. >> and also coming up we'll go in the studio with empire jessie malett and breezy and >> you think your job stinks well newspaper report worst job and broadcasting third worse job. ouch. things like pay, stress, declining job opportunities are
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other anchors get paid. store owners may not be happy either now retail sales taking unexpected tumble in march closing department stores along with restaurant and bars all taking that hit and as folks are cutting back on eating out they could be saving money at the grocery store. wholesale braces for food dropping last month can lead to lower prices at the supermarket and stocks rising and dow and s&p 500 closing new highs for 2016 and meanwhile airline perform improving but don't tell that to flyers. government saying nearly 84% of flights arrived on time in february and there were fewer cancellations and but despite better numbers from the previous month passenger complaints are still, still headed higher that's business i'm neal caputa.
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>> a bar in montana a couple smooching there didn't see the robbery aside of them. another gunman walked past the couple before they took off. the couple barely looked up until the robbers were walking out the door. >> wow. . >> an arizona woman lost in the willederness for nine days is sharing her story of survival. >> 72-year-old anne rogers was driving to phoenix two weeks ago to see her grabbed kids when her car ran out of gas. police found the car three days later and there was no sign ever the woman or her dog. roger said
10:40 pm
during the day and then set up camp when the sun went down. she said she survived eating plants and drinking pond water. on the ninth day helicopter crews spotted the giant help sign and signal fire she made on the ground. >> i also decided when i found an elk cashing us bleached white long gone twelve point rack pulled that out opt sandy beach and point today towards a big sign that said help with an explanation point made out of stones and sticks. >> that air rescue police helicopter landed. i just sat down and bawled. >> roger says tag a survival course saved her life. she spent a few hours at a hospital and within a couple days she was back to hiking. >> now hi always heard you should not drink pond watter. >> because of bacteria or somet
10:41 pm
>> she took the class and knew what to do. i was wrong. >> nine days is a long time. you can naj inbeing out there by yourself. >> no. >> it's scary. >> she knew what to do. >> not able to tweet or anything, crazy. >> somehow i think you would enjoy that. >> coming up tonight at 11 maryland governor larry hogan still has not signed noah's la law. maryland general assembly pass the bill to crackdown on drunk drivers and why the bill was not signed and when the governor will likely put the pen to paper. >> local researchers have identified alarming levels of chemicals in people who eat fast food regularly. the source of the chemicals and impact they could have on your health at 11.
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>> there was a new story line that emerged in the wee hours of the morning
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how much they wanted to dispel rumors john wall spoke for the season finale against the hawk hawks. veteran wall says he was us is spended rest of the year after cursing out head coach randy whitman and teammates. wall said it was a sore knee that kept him out of action and swelling knee and that alone. >> it was no single cuss out of anybody. it was going back and forth in practice and i never said and cursed my whole team. practice is going in a bad direction and we want a better way of practice. you have seen guys shot back and forth and you all have been watching us playing games matc matching on the bench sometimes as players you want to go through and compete and plan and not hold grunls and move past plague basketball on the court and putting everything aside to make it win
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>> caps rallying the faithful ahead of round one series against flyers and flap shot was there and tomorrow april 14 we should rock said red. in exchange, she got herself a jersey with 51 opt back for 51 state. and the playoff run should be different. >> guys are ready and i say there is a quiet calmness about the team and they're mature and they play and want to win for the fans and excited about thursday night. >> do you see growing a playoff beard. you get in on it. >> is that what that is. >> that's what that is. that's an excuse this time of year not to shave. >> go back quick to john wall. did you believe him? >> they have been honest enough in post game and they're honest players and he was sort of telling
10:47 pm
it he had to have his knee drained and said it's feeling bert but unfortunately in this sort of situation there's so much discord. >> and disappointment you. >> figure these rumors will come out. >> i have no disappointment with the weather. it was nice and sunny. >> so sunny why you're wearing yellow and i didn't get the memo. >> all right. there you go. >> i won't be here tomorrow. >> all right. >> so yeah go caps but love all the yellow tonight and it did make me feel like everything we were feeling overnight and early today with those warm sunshine coming on through and i'll tell you headline-wise we have update if you did not see us earlier on in the newscast a freeze warning is issued for some suburb urban areas north and west as well as frost and difference being colder in the freeze warning taken may be below 32 in fact a
10:48 pm
hopefully you protected sensitive plant and i'll show you the areas in the freeze warning in just a moment as well as frost advisory. sunny and dry days will continue. boy high pressure will be dominating centered to the north the last several days which is why we have the northeast flow keeping us cooler in the 50s for high temperatures today and will continue to stay up there and block out all the rain and eventually it will move to a position that keeps us a little warmer. the weekend is looking fantastic. it's going to be one of the best weekends we had so far this 2016 in terms comfortable temperature-wise. 68 saturday and 72 sunday and sunday will begin a run of warm temperatures that will take us into next week in fact we may be able to get close to 80 monday in some areas as high pressure sinks south and warm sgrex of the wind west and southwest st
10:49 pm
temperatures rising just a little bit. they will not be rising tonigh tonight. it will be coldner many areas than last night. maybe not so much in the district and not frost advisory or points east but just about everybody west of interstate 955 is in front or freeze and these are freeze areas and into carol and frederick county and washington county and down to the south and west. western portions of loudoun you're now in the freeze warning and eastern poringz are in the frost advisory. prepare for cold start tomorrow morning and gardeners know what to do if you don't want to lose the begonias you need to cover them up. average high is 66. we'll still be below it tomorrow 63. 64 friday and then you saw the weekend and this is going to be the beginning of run that gets us into milder territory in terms of temperatures. and at the moment it is on the chilly side and frederick when we khkd a little while ago was in the 30s and bumped up to 41. light winds and clear skies and very low dewpoint drier air means we will drop tonight. district not so much. 42. points south and east are going to stay above freezing
10:50 pm
we'll be too close for comfort in some of these northern and western communities and really some temperatures may not be cold enough for what we're expecting and i would say a range of 31 to 44 at the bus stop for kids tomorrow morning they'll feel that and although not windy after school 58 to 55 still on the cool side. high pressure funnels in cooler temperatures at the surface next couple days sunny and dry and beautiful energizing crisp day tomorrow and see a degree or two warmer. we talked about rocking the red playoff hockey is beginning and tomorrow night if you head downtown i think your trip in will be about 59 around 6:00 sunny skies and light wind at the verizon center. it's indoors but while you're getting there and festivities outside you want to know what to expect. 64 friday. real happy about concert series should be in the 50s between 9 and 11 in the morning you'll hear more about that coming up and look at next week, guys, every day next week looks like it will be at or above 70 and no rain in the forecast. >> loving it. >> enjoy. >> stays li
10:51 pm
>> nice run. >> thank you. . >> all right now to another exciting episode of empire here tonight. the music is such an important part of the show. jessie smallet and breezy are taking us behind the sdreenz and share what it was like to create the empire original song shine on me. >> shorty. sign on me is a cross between 19 70s function soul mixed with like a just really, really funky inspiring track.
10:52 pm
jessie is amazing reminds me of michael jackson. outside he and terrence me and jessie have the best chemistry. >> preezy briptionz a different every energy though that fire that i feel like only a female emcee can really, really bring but there's a certain vulnerability that is in breez breezy's voice that you can feel and hear. >> i will take this and ship it back♪ you started from the bottom♪ you have to know the sun is always shining♪ the sun will always shine♪ the sun will always shine♪ . >> the song is cool because it's emotional and it's fun. it's
10:53 pm
. >> had you it going there. >> there you go. >> all right if you want more on tonight's episode go to "fox5" on facebook right now and actress tyranda joe's will take you more on the fashion and music and all the drama. coming up next good news if fachb maryland blue crabs. >> but first♪ . >> that is sound of the city performing their brand new song run. they're helping us kickoff the "fox5" rock spring concert series. catch us live for free this friday and april 22 secret society performs and our finale is the muddy crows on friday april 29. come on down to 17 and k streets friday as we kick things off early and then
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day d.c. from 9 to 11 a.m. for more information on the concert sear didn'ts head to
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re all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
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>> if you're crazy for maryland blue crabs we have good news. >> michael thomas is in annapolis with the
10:58 pm
>> crab cakes and football that's what maryland does but the district, virginia and delaware all love their crabs as well. they all of course come from the chesapeake bay here. they love the region in return. in fact it provides the region with more than 30,000 jobs and 3 billion dollars in seafood sales each year according to national oceanic and seafood administration. >> ling areing cold into springtime employed decreasing crab population and increasing in crabbing restrictions. these are restrictions that seem to have worked and paid off. according to brenda davis the blue crab program manage were maryland department of natural resources who earlier today spoke with me on the findings of their 2016 blue crab winter dredge survey. >> our numbers this year were good. they were up. our total population is up by about 35%.
10:59 pm
more crabs should lead to more crabs getting caught and safe harvest at that level and give mother nature the best opportunity to give us as many crabs as she possibly can. >> as brenda mentioned crab population is on the rise over the past couple seasons thanks in part to milder winters and especially last winter one of the warmest of all time around the region. now, that will have a positive affect on your wallets as you head out to buy crab cakes and basket of crabs later on this season and in fact early reports from crab districttors indicate them selling bushels for $80 less than last year and that will feel good on the wallet. reporting live there annapolis maryland. michael thomas, fox local news. >> this is "fox5 local news at 11". >> a man attacked a woman as she was leaving a maryland mall and details of what happened before the attac
11:00 pm
latest on the search for the suspect. >> and plus, chemicals that could pack a harmful punch have been detected in fast food meals. how toxins could transfer from the preparer's gloves to your grub. >> fox news at 11 starts right now. >> and we thank you for joining us i'm tony perkins. >> i'm shawn yancy. >> and a maryland woman is recovering tonight after a violent encounter near the beltway plaza mall. she was walking home when a man followed her and what happened next has police doing an al all-out search for the suspect. >> "fox5" sarah simmons is live in green belt tonight with more, sarah. >> tony, shawp, this happened at 9:45 monday evening this is busy area. we're just off green belt road and now the plaza center itself is pretty quiet right now. things have been shutting down. as you can see it's still well lit back here and it was encounter between a man and woman that started inside the shopping center and then things turned dangerous


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