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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  April 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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latest on the search for the suspect. >> and plus, chemicals that could pack a harmful punch have been detected in fast food meals. how toxins could transfer from the preparer's gloves to your grub. >> fox news at 11 starts right now. >> and we thank you for joining us i'm tony perkins. >> i'm shawn yancy. >> and a maryland woman is recovering tonight after a violent encounter near the beltway plaza mall. she was walking home when a man followed her and what happened next has police doing an al all-out search for the suspect. >> "fox5" sarah simmons is live in green belt tonight with more, sarah. >> tony, shawp, this happened at 9:45 monday evening this is busy area. we're just off green belt road and now the plaza center itself is pretty quiet right now. things have been shutting down. as you can see it's still well lit back here and it was encounter between a man and woman that started inside the shopping center and then things turned dangerous
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they wept their separate ways antewoman left at the back entrance walking towards these apartment. it's not a safe area at night. >> i had a cuzen he used to live in apartments behind the mall he would tell me be careful when you leave your car and visit me and it's unknown area not that safe. >> turns out it was not safe monday night. as victim was walking, the suspect approached her again and pulled out a knife. police say he dragged her into a wooded area along cherry wood terrace and sexually assaulted her. some residents aren't surprised by the violence. >> it really doesn't surprise me something like that
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because i don't want to -- i think crime in this neighborhood is starting to go up a little bit. so that really doesn't surprise me at all something like that happened. >> now back here at the plaza we did see security officers that were kind of walking a round inside the center and police are tell us they're hoping there will be surveillance footage they can look at that would help them in the investigation. and now they do have a rather detailed description that i want to give you of the suspect and they say it's light complexion. five feet tall, muscular build, black tee shirt. pink empolicemen. dark did. >> if nip saw him approach this womaned in or outside police want to hear from you. that's the latest. sarah simmons "fox5 local news news". >> and atlanta braves baseball player was released from jail in arlington. police were released from a
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a 10,000 bound. officers charged hector olivera with assault after a woman called 911 from the ritz carl ton this morning. marina morocco is live alternates park with the lates latest. marina. >> shawn, definitely not a good night for atlanta braves that continue the losing streak alternates park and have to deal with arrest of outsider hector olivera. here's the mug shot minute after he was taken into custod custody. ritz carl ton in pentagon city. yesterday olivera dressed for the game and never played. just before 7 this morning a woman known to olivera called police and said she was assaulted by a braves player at the bar. shed is they were drinking prior to the dispute. she was transported to the hospital with visible bruises and minor injuries. he was taken into custody and here alternates park for the brivs second game in d.c. this season, fans seem to all be
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the same page. >> why are you laughing. >> it's embarassing. >> is it? >> of course it's embarassing. these are the braves. they're not supposed to have those kind of scandals. >> braves are a classier organization than that. allegings are porch or not porch and he's not a part of the organization. >> dot crime dot time. period.. >> so there should be no excuses should he be taken off the team. >> yes. yes that's what i believe that's me personally. >> any other regular person would be in trouble. but he is put on administrative leave. come on. >> that's happened apparently. i don't know what administrative leaf is first i header heard that in major league baseball it's not good we know that. >> what do you think dodgers giving him to the braves and 62 million contract and now he's with the braves and canned scandal what is going on with this. >> i think they had a clue something like this might number his future so he w
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to get rid of him. that's the thought i had each back then and as left fielder he has not been carrying his weight anyway, it's been a struggle. >> are you happy to see a guy from minors come up today. >> amen. our first win. 1-7 go braves. >> thank you, sir. >> all righty. >> now that fan was optimistic about tonight and ultimately braves lost to nats and atlanta team put out a statement we're trublingd to learn of the allegations involving hector olivera we'll continue top gather information and address the matter appropriately as we determine the facts. major league baseball placed him on administrative levee infective immediately. he posted 10,000 bond from jail and heated straight to the airport and caught a flight to hometown of miami and charged with misdemeanor for assault and battery. live tonight from nats park. marina morocco, "fox5 local news". >> we have new video into th
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surveillance from a robby inside a hotel on rhode island avenue northwest near 15 stree street. it happened around 11 people last night and three begunmen walked in and fold foe followed a noon his room and robbed him at gun point. take a look at this. if you recognize any of these three men please call d.c. police. . >> today we learned new information about a shoolting that took the life of a prince george country police officer. exactly one month ago officer coal sop was shot and killed by friendly fire outside a prince george county district three station and at the time michael ford fired several round at the building and cars passing by while his brothers were videotaping ambush. today a judge ruled there is probable cause to support murder and attempted murder charges against michael, malik and elijah ford. we spoke with relatives of the brothers who attended today's hearing sdmre it was emotional for family and friend. we're here to support them and show love. >> can you believe
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charged with doing? >> no, i cannot believe it these are not the guys i know. >> we've also learned the name of identify who shot and killed colson in the friendly fire incident and officer taylor krause still on leave and will return to work when he is ready. >> new at 11:00 update on maryland bill that would create victim ter punishment for convicted drunk drivers. governor larry hogan has not signed noah's law. the general assembly passed a bill at the end of monday's secession. we now know governor hogan next signing date is april 26 and it's possible it could be signed then. noah law is named from montgomery county police officer hit and killed by us inspected drink driver last december. >> senators from mar par and virginia discussed recent violence and safety of metro riders. senator mccall ski said she knows wen
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metro own. >> they said she will increase number of officers at station and trains. >> the group i want them on the flat forms and on trains and offer trains and i came back on the silver line last night and -- i saw app officer do the exact things say hello own got off. >> ntsb revealed mechanical incident at the la front plaza are present across the entire transit sim. general manager says the problem is 65% fixed. >> well, still ahead at 11 important information for people who regularly eat fast food jenny. >> a new study by a local researcher says you might be getting heavy dose of chemicals with your fast fooxtd details ahead, sue. >> that's not on sizing at all je
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temperatures you have stepping quickly tomorrow morning. it's cold enough that freeze warnings have been posted in suburban areas north and west and frost advisories elsewhere. i'll show you those temperatures overnight and what to expect thursday morning and the weekend just ahead, shawn. >> thank you, sue. as we head to break tonight important information for d.c. public school students and no it's not going to snow tomorrow. but the school district is extending this year's school year by one day to make up for this winter snow. that means the last day of school will be june 17. we'll be right back.
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>> a new study from george washington public school of health said eating fast food may expose to you harmful chemicals. >> this is one of the first studies to look at this link. this is disturbing. >> it's something to think b we're not talking about what you cook in own kitchen but when you go out and if you get something basically not on a plate. burg ers,
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chicken nuggets. everything everybody eats and this new study races serious questions which is could all this be served up with a side chemicals? >> when it comes to fast food the fast part is often the dra draw. >> we go for whatever is fast and cross my fingers nothing will be particularly bad long term. >> but a new study may give fast food eaters pause. it find those who reported consuming more fast food in national survey with sxlosed to higher levels of potentially harmful chemicals known at falates. >> i think one are on the study gained so much attention people never thought something like this would be you know so possible and so widespread i mean in our survey, a third of population had even some type of fast food in the prior 24 hours. >> app assistant professor gw milk and institute of public health and reserve
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study says data nearly 9,000 patients of all ages said those that consumed the most fast food in 24 hours period. 35% of daily calories had 20 to 40% higher levels of falates in their system compared to those that had not even fast food. >> i hope it races public awar awareness about this greater problem of you know our society being exposed to industrial chemicals for the food supply. >> falates are in plastic foods and other things. and it's linked to reproductive issues and learning problems and more. coming gress panned them from children's toys because of health concerns and there's multiple sources in processing and handling of food from flexible tubing to food packaging. >> certain studies found they mesh urt content of falates and food before and after ckaged
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after packaging and if the food is hot when packaged it can accelerate migration from packaging into the food. >> here's one more thing to think about dr. zota says another possible source of chemicals is gloves like this that are used by food prepareers and she says you know that these could be something that researchers really need to look at. japan banned united states of these gloves in 2001 nor food preparation because of this issue but in united states latex gloves are actually vinyl is what we're using to replace latex because so many people have allergies to latex. >> i know we're focusing on fast broad but many food prepareers in all kichd restaurants -- september it possible this could be infiltrating those foods as well. >> absolutely and for this they looked at really anything that involved take out or delivery and you're right even in a high end restaurant you know some issues may come into
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>> scary. >> scientists say there's lots more questions and more things they need to investigate. >> hopefully they'll fwan here four too if banned some place else. >> thank you. >> thank you. . >> while we're in the kitchen if you love maryland blue crab we're in for a good crab season and maryland department of natural resources fisheries service says there is a 35% increase in crabs from this time last year. >> milder winter is credited with the crab surge. when you look to buy a bushels expect better supplies and lower costs. >> and all right let's check in with sue palka tonight. sue what is it still 50 i can't see that part. >> still 50 and lot of other places shawn and tony colder than that. that's the temperatures in the district. not warm enough to you have thinking about crabs on the patio bit we see warmer days coming we'll show you when to expect those in a moment. first things first getting you through a frosty cold night and you may scrape the whipped shields morning and west. hagerstown
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royal, frederick, all you guys are now freeze warnings which essentially means it's kohler than the frost advisory and temperatures may be falling below 32 in those areas which would damage any sensitive plants and frost advisory means it would be close to 32 degree more or maybe above it but close enough to be ready to protect. d.c. on east we're not going to see advisory tonight. temperatures stay warmer and by the way a quiet weather pattern will continue for the next several days. so we're looking forward to that. thursday's temperature 63 degrees. a lot of you want it warmer than this. this will certainly and i gradual warm-up friday's temperature 64 degrees. as we look at temperatures around the region d.c. 50 and frederick down to 37. culpeper now 39 degrees and leonard up to 43. district and quanitco coming in at 50 are exceptions. most everybody else is quite a bit colder than that and we expect it to drop maybe lolow
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31 in some areas overnight where the freeze warning is in place and 42 for district and 40 quantico and 48 fredericksburg. overnight temperatures or tomorrow's high temperatures getting back into the low and mid 60s. we'll go 63 for district. warmer than it was today and last night while we saw temperatures dropping down to the low 30s i think it could be colder than that in a few spots. he wanted to show you our area of high pressure will be blocking everything in the east for a long time. and what we're showing you here is rainfall expected for the next seven days and where it may accumulate and notice there's absolutely nothing here in the mid atlantic. maybe a little spot of southern virginia gets a bit of something. so it's that quiet that that high is really going to block everything out. as we get to saturday high should be able to slip to southern position and give us temperatures upper 60s and by sunday lower 7 0s. couple cooler days ahead and we start turning the corner this weekend. 68 saturday. 72 on
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pressure gets anchored more south it will feel more like april. if not early may as we get on into next week. we'll have a couple of nice days. mild days. dry days, 70s and maybe 0s returning to the forecast. we wrap it up with the 7 day forecast. it's a slow climb to get there. once we get there check this out. monday, 78. clouds around. tuesday, 72 and by wednesday it looks like temperature will stay close to 70. all of a suddenen a nice run of days coming not too hot and not too cold although tomorrow morning may take you by surprise because temperatures in 30s will definitely smack you in the face. jim, what's going on with sports. >> smack you in the face. jim over to you. >> thank you, sue. >> 2015-16 wizard season in the books and there's many questions headed to off season. what will happen to coach whitman will bradley beihl return and does john wall consider career surprise a wasted one. >> not a wasted
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i'm not in the playoffs. it doesn't mean -- it means i reached the all the mat goal to get myself to the playoffs. this is a twivt me and it's motivation and try to work hard this ser and come back peter to help my team get over the hump. >> along with brady beihl spectators for the season finale against the hawks. play tonight is lead pass toss garrett temple that takes it at hawks defender in dunk and wizards win 109 to 98 finished season 41 and 41 now we wait to fate of head coach randy whitman and bradley beihl want them around and many expect him to be fired. baseball tonight nats and braves bottom fourth scoreless until steven drew cavrpingz one into the sneets right field and first hopper of the season 1-0 nats and then danielle murphy, his turn to join the home run cl
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it extends the lead to 3-1. scoreless upping to get the victory and they post first shutout of the season. and home run over the braves and series tomorrow at 4 p.m. and don't want a game this season. and chris davis a hit and run on rips twoun deep field off the wall and brock holt fwim whening run and bradley junior into third orioles get first loss of season 4-2. heck of start for o's. meantime football news red skins signed craig toler. he played high school ball at northwestern in hyattsville and
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colts and buy the way everybody is talking about the schedule who do we play, we'll find out tomorrow night 8 p.m. and we'll give you highlight tomorrow night it will be interesting to see the timing of everything. we know who we'll play and face and the only game we know is london game. >> everything else put pieces into motion and page it worth our while. >> segment tomorrow night. >> and still ahead at 11 chloe kardsahian is readied to end marriage to lamb ar odom. we'll be right back
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>> we're just two days away from kickoff of "fox5" rocks concert series and this friday d.c. own sound of city will perform a free concert at fa fargate square park. >> holly morris and maureen umeh will thereby to host the event this is first of three free concerts brought to you by "fox5" fox. you can
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about the band and concert series on our web site >> it appears chloe kardsahian is done to lamar odom. she is ready to move forward with the divorce. >> she mutt it on old after lamar suffered a near fatal overdose. they're figuring out finances before refiling their paperwork to split for good. >> and sunday the reality star posted a lengthy message on instagram that wepded with "a girl wunts told me be careful trying toe fix a broken person for you may cut yourself on their shattered pieces end quote that's so profound. i'm sad for them. >> yes --. >> and he seems like his on the mend. >> we hope for that. >> that's right. >> stay tuned tmz is next. . >> see you tomorrow. bye-bye.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: there are multiple reasons why it appears iggy azalea is saying sayonara to nick young. >> what was nick's reaction when you said he would cut off his penis. >> i don't know. i didn't see his face. >> not wearing her wedding ring yesterday leaving iheart radio and when we got her out, her hand was in her pocket. >> if she's sigle, there's going to be a run on iggy azalea. harvey: no, you don't want to put your penis on a tight rope. [laughter] >> marlon wayans, he's very funny in this clip. we asked him -- >> are you going to the lakers game tomorrow? >> obviously, big game. today is sad. >> you're sad, huh? >> yeah, man, it's tough. >> harvey checked out a year ago and he's saying good-bye tonight. [laughter] >> 50 cent is never too broke for strippers.


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