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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  April 14, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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you to harmful later.> two goodbyes on the basketball s court. the wizards say so long to say coach randy wittman and the legendary kobe bryant shinesry in his final game.inis f fox5 news morning starts right now. >> this is fox5 news morning.. >> 4:30 is the time.e. hello. >> good morning.>> >> good morning to you. mo good morning, it's friday eve. >> my goodness.>> >> mike thomas is here toe grace us with his presence. pres hey, mike. >> hey, wisdom.>> i got h the easiest job in the world today because weatherayea today is very simple.ple. take yesterday's forecast addord a couple degrees to it and you d have today.oday more details in just a bit. back to you gu >> erin, headlines on this on commute this mor hopefully not bad already. >> hey, i have smiles on myesmy face. >> it's still early.s still >> a little bit of a ltl construction. i'll let you know when that k changes. i say hit the road nnoow and enjoy the quiet conditions.ondi >> good >> thank you. >> police looking for a manloin who they say sexually
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left a shopping mall inal greenbelt. the two parted ways but thenpart police say the suspect s approached her again when she ws walked across breeze wood drive to an apartment complex. c he pulled out a knife out a k threatened her took her intok ho the woods and then sexuallyuall assaulted her, that is, that is according to police.e. >> our other big story this morning, tense moments during ms a congressional hearing onring capitol hill. >> fox5's felon joining us5' live.s morning,, m >> reporter:. >> reporter: good morning. metro's new leadership isrshi serious about the work it has wh to do. they went to congress onces again asking for dedicated funding to deal withl wit maintenance and repairs but house republicans did little shutdown of that own sayingf thn metro was not going get any g more money from them.he at the subcommittee hearingring the ntsb testified
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concerning informationnformati following its investigation ofto the l'enfant plaza smoke s incident that killed a womanledm last yea the agency says the physical pha hazards that led to the accident is present systemsent wide. general manager said thatnageidt problem is being fixed.ix back to the money new board chairman jack evans asked congress to approve more money to fix the problems.em at one point he got into a heated exchange with representative mark meadowsark e from north carolina.m nocarolin. >> all i'm asking from you is $300 million which is yourwhichy fair share given the fact that we transport 50 percent of your workforce every day. d you want them to be b s you want this to be reliable.reb but you just -- we just want to leave here like we did ine li 2005 and do nothing and if wehi he do that, next time t something happens i'm blamingi'a it on you guys 'cause we need your help.el >> sir, you're the one that'shet been on the board. so, how can you blame us? mes? you're the ones making the decisions. uh now
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that he would consider --woulcon would not rule out trying to secure more federal funding fun for metro if he felt that the system was making good stridesd in becoming more safe and reliable which a lot of peoplefo have said that they do feel f that the new management isagemen doing. that also, there was a separate meeting yesterdayeste with some of the regionalnal congressional leaders. l they talked to general manager g paul wiedefeld about his plansip for the future, also asked himsh about a lot of people concerned p about riding metro they're t telling their representativesepe that they are and wiedefelde and did assure them that there areea now police officers riding the n rails. back to you guys. guy >> melanie, thank you veryie much. the wife of the anne, of arrundel county sheriff sri charged with assault isss i speaking out this morning.ning. she released a statement thatnta reads in no part at no part inar the argument did ron punch orono kick or hit me.kickr hi he did not intentionally hurtlyr me. no one is perfect or has a perfect marriage orarage relationship. i do not believe anything thatva occurred tweenesses criminalwee and was nothing more than ahingh heated a
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husband and a wife.sban i do not wish to pursue a criminal prosecution.secu >> happening today marylandng t voters can begin casting early e ballots for the state's apri april 26th primary.apri each county and the city of thet baltimore have voting sitesotins open every day through the t 21st from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. you can find a list of early voting sites on our web site. s don't be surprised if you seef u candidates on your way in ton yr work this several are planning early voting rallies at metro stops.. >> d.c. mayor muriel bowserow she's going to join the joi t service employees employees international union to supportno a $15 minimum wage inum wage in washington,, d. now, during the 2016 state of so the district address mash announced she would proposeropo legislation raising the minimum wage to $15 in d.c. by y 2020. >> prince george's kicking offgr a new initiative aimed ate aime raising a wearness about safe s childcar
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the campaign comesampaign comes aftershocking allegations of sexual abuse linked to schoolli volunteer deonte carraway.wa the campaign's folk is to t educate parents and guardiansnrd on what to look for and too provide resource informationnfoi on licensed childcare providers. >> ♪ >> let's get down to mikeoik thomas and talk weather. weather >> it's quiet.>> pretty much we don't have muchw weather to talk about and we won't for the next severalr days. that's a good thing. gettingth into a nice springg pattern with these cool c mornings and mild afternoons. right now, yes, it is one ofs oo those cold mornings.old morning. you'll need the jacket as youth head out the door. 44 degrees in washington,ashingo colder in the suburbs. sub freeze warning actually in war effect off to the north and to west.we frederick maryland,an 30 degrees. martinsburg winchester 34 as34 is dulles.s. culpeper freezing mark, 32 degrees.egre we'll warm these temperaturesset up as we get the sun in the my m a few hours satellite and radar, lots ofr,ot clear skies all are ouch. are very quiet all across the
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big ridge of high pressure inigs place will not be moving muchg over the next couple days soays we're in for several days of just sunny skies and beautiful weather. should be a beautiful sunrisetin later on this morning. 6:30 a.m., temperature of about 42 degrees. if you catch a good sunriseun photo send it into fox5 d.c. iin on facebook be twitter. twi there's your planner, 44 by44 8:00 a.m., into the low 60'sw0' we go and i got a great weekend forecast for you. erin como has got a check of a e the roads. >> four,:36 taking a look at lk road work in montgomery county. county. that's the only thing we havew h going on is overnight orn construction. no crashes to report for yourr thursday morning c inner loop a little cautiontl c between clara barton and river road. two right lanes are closed buts because volume is so light you can see all the green on the map it's not causing any major m fairfax same story stoe inner loop right out by littleit river turnpike ongoinge go construction zone. z should be cheered soon and in alexandria 395 north affected af
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through lane road work northla n of duke street but hov lanes opened to northbound trafficunra and airport travel timet tvel looking really nice on the wayle to bwi dulles and reagan back to you. >> ♪ >> 4:37 is your time. your t new this morning washed wizards looking for a newing r randy wittman has been toldman he'll not be bachak as headea coach of the wizards. wiz wittman found out when the season end #ed with a victory the hawks. haw wizards missed the playoffsmiss and finished tenth in thesh edeastern conference. >> speaking of basketball, goodbyes, kobe bryant proving why he's one of the best inof t his final game of his those highlights coming up.. >> i'm holly morris tracking tck the other big stories that are a trending this morningtr including a gathering of youngng minds at the white the stay with us. we're back in just a moment.
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>> everyone breathe a saferyon relief. donald trump's feud with fox news host megan kelly may be the two met privately at trumptt tower to clear the air.. the candidate continueses turning were the new yorkwehe n primary. ted cruz and john kasich remain hopeful that a contested gop convention willl ends in their favor.heir fav hillary clinton and bernieanbern sanders supported verizonsupp workers. the two deck indicates willec debate tonight. ton new york's primary is tuesday april 19th.l . >> 4:40 is the time. t time to get a check of theheck o other stories you're
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about this morning using oursing realtime news for that we go to hollyo hly morris. mo good morning.od morning >> good morning to you, whiz.toy good morning everyone outng evee there. we'll start with theith t so-called affluenza teen who tee will stay in jail for aboutor a another two years. a judge ordered ethan couch to remain behind bars. b the cdc confirms the mosquito borne illness does indeed cause birth from a balloon spacecraftpaf to a special vacuum for subways, young kids wow ks president obama at the whitet t house science fair.enceai but that's not all.t that not al there's some big sports news n that is also trending indeed. >> oh, yeah. y >> whiz is so excited to talkd t about it. >> oh, my gosh. g >> i love basketball. l >> i know, you love you some you kobe bryant. >> i almost wore his colors.ol i don't have a purple suit. >> it is the ends of an era. kobe bryant capping
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year career with one last magical game.l game. >> and in typical los angeles al fashion it was a show 'causew ' bryant scored 60 points in theo lakers victory over the >> anybody guarding that dude. a >> no. 'cause he took 50 shots. s 22 out of 50.f 50. >> 50 shots. sts >> he made 22 out of 50 shots.h. >> he scored 60 points wisdom. w it wildol go down in the bookshb that he scored 60 points inointi his last game. gam >> i think the last person that checked him was me and him you. it was his sixth time hee scored 60 or more points in ansn nba game. gam kobe leaves behind quite a legacy 18 time all-star, third all time in scoring, five nba titles, two olympic goldlympol after the game kobe addressed the sold out staples centeresen crowd thanking the fans for f sticking with him through thehrt ups and downs in his careerly. >> google the rings the lakehe l kerr gave his wife.rrave >> oh, yeah. y tt pretty >> meanwhile there was a reallet game going on last night. nig the golden state warriors aaror actual meaningful theme a
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one of basketball's mostall's mt storied records.storied re the warriors beat the the grizzlies 125 to 104 to becomeee the first team to win 73o w regular season games and that shatters the 1995-1996 chicagohi record of 72 wins in a season. a steph curry achieved another a milestone.le last night he hit 10 3-pointers making him the t first player to sync 400 3-pointers. >> he was part of that bums thau team that won those games.e ga >> it's all about here and now. he's the coach of the warriorshr right now. it's all good. you dance with the girl whol before you know you. k not good english.engl >> the warriors they are doing d one hell of a waltz check thatf out. they're doing some majoraj stuff.uff. >> warriors are paying him now. that's who he's rolling with. wt >> i'm glad for steph curry
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slithery escape plan. p an octopus making his way back c to the t oce no joke. >> first a warning for anyoneny who eats fast food. f why the food's packaging mayackg be putting you at risk. >> ♪
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hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it ♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i could rise above
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>> ♪ >> welcome back on thisco thursday morning. mning almost to the end of the week.nw we're getting closer.lose nice morning out there.. a little chilly.a ttle grab the jacket as you headasouh out the door.t e door. leave the umbrella behind of lots of sunshine coming ourominu way this afternoon. after. not a cloud on my satellite and radar not a rain drop either. eithe in fact i have to expand to expd things out to get any rain outo down at all in tennessee and t it will stay to theen south.ou look at how quiet things are are all up and down the east coast t here. high pressure in control.ure it's to our north so it's it' filtering in cooler airir especially during the morning dr hours and that's why temperatures are the way they ae are this morning.e thisni 44 degrees here in washington. pittsburgh is at 40.sburghat 32 in binghamton.inam however, some of our suburbs som
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frederick maryland reportingting 30 degrees this morning andhis even culpeper and virginia reporting 32 degrees. so, chilly start to the day. day give it a little time. t have your coat out for the busct stop with the kids.op wby the time you get to theet t afternoon hours up into thes upe upper 50's and 60's and withit full sunshine out there and thed light winds it will feelnds it rather comfortable.omfortab we have cool but it will feell seasonal we'll see here in mid m april. april. so, what can you expect as we yc head into the end of the work tr week? again high pressure a going to dominate the weatherga pattern.inat what that means is it keeps uss dry. y. i'll run futurecast through fut the next two days here and h it's not bringing a single singl cloud our way, keeping all the t rain off shore, all the rain thi to the west. west. we'll be a-okay in terms of ters weather conditions today andndit tomorrow and even through thevee weekend. you'll see the weekend w forecast in just a minute. ain i want to talk playoff hockey. e caps get their playoff hockey started this evening taking onnn the philadelphia flyershidelp 7 o'clock tonight at home downad at verizon center so if you're u heading downtown, say aboutay a 6 o'clock tonight if you're'r starting to journey down about 59 degre
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whatever you're going wear in'r the arena will do yoe u just y fine as you hit the metro at 6 o'clock.ock. pleasantly cool evening, coo little chilly by the time you get out of the game. hopefully capitals get that win. 63 degrees your daytime highig another sunny here's your fox5 accuweatherweat 7-day forecast. fox5 rocks every day of the week but tomorrow especially.ial concert outdoors, pleasantly pls cool in the morning. bring a jacket if you come down to see us.see us weekend looking fantastic.anst 70's come back next week. w that's the weather.eather erin has got your first checkrst of the roads.oads good morning, erin. >> good morning.>> g 4:48 right now.ow taking a look at hour maps.r m lots of green around time. aund that's what we like to see foroe an early thursday morningy mni commute.mmute. headed to bwi, bw parkway 95arky northbound looking good. same story all your routes toroo reagan national and dulles.iona not seeing any major slowdowns w yet. so, road conditions won't slowww you down on your way for an early morning flight.ght. earlier road work did clear on 395 northbound.orthbo traffic back to normal throughlr lanes have cleared just north nh of duke street.tree i'll let you know when thingshet start to back up from thefrom t
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street bridge. all of our inbound bridges arere quiet.qu as you head out in prince in ine george's county 50 westbound from the beltway throughelhrou kenilworth average speeds sed about 55 miles per hour. h none that of usual morningt congestionof yet. y before that point heading fromtm annapolis traffic flowingic freel on 50 the whole stretch. . not seeing any problems ons on your secondaries in bowie this morning.mog. metro gearing up for servicearin at 5:00 that is on time. back to you. >> ♪>> >> today marks two years sinceas more than 200 school girls in0 thsce nigerian town were w kidnapped by the terrorist tro group boko ko h lawmakers will discuss effortswi on how to findll the girls.irls that will be an update on theatt students who escaped and arere pursuing their education andtioa in nigeria hundreds of parents plan to hold a march in the nigerian capitol.rian cap >> also developing russian war planes got a little too close co for comfort for the u.s. navy.t. this i ns footage of the jetsf t flying dangerously close to t the u.s
4:50 am
officials are calling it a simulated attack profile androfa deemed it unsafe and unprofessional. no word on whether the u.s. u government will formally forll protest the fly by. german families of victimssi killed in last year on the germanwings plane are suing a the u.s. flight school thatl trained that pilot.ned th the lawsuit alleges theit aeg arizona school failed to properly screen andriy yassss lubitz's medical background.acko attorneys for the families sayf his history of mental men instability made him a suicideas time bomb. bom last year he intentionallyntenoy crashed the plane into the french alps killing all 150 all1 people on board. >> over to france where onenc sighte of paris terror attacksc is set for renovations.ns scaffolding is outside the bataclan.. the bataclan team issued a issd statement saying the face-liftet will not drastically alter the e
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ve at the same time a numbenur of o performers set to perform at pem the hall at the end of thet th year have been released.elease 130 people were killed in the attacks. more than 350 others injured.ur. >> the bad luck continues for the atlanta braves.ra this is far more serious thaniot what's happening on the oth baseball fielder outfielder outi hector olivera is in trouble iro with the law after being aft accused of assaulting a woman w at a hotel in arlington.rlgton the woman called 911 from the t ritz-carlton yesterday-car morning. the victim had bruises and wasew transported to the hospital. olivera dressed forera drd fo yesterday's game against the nats but never played.uter p the 31-year-old is facing a fing misdemeanor charge or assault a and battery. batry coming up in the 5 o'clock o hour, we'll hear reaction fromi the fans.e f >> we're learning newing n information about a shootingioni that took the life of a prince i george's county policent officer. officer jacai colson was shotcos and killed by friendly fire outside of the prince george'sne county district three station. a at the time michael ford fired several rounds at the buildingen and cars passing by all whilengb his brother's were videotaping i the ambush.mb the judge
4:52 am
probable cause to support to sut murder and attempted murder mur charges against michael, malik,l and elijah ford. elijah fo we have also learned the name tm of the officer who shot andt killed colson in the friendly fire. officer taylor krauss is still s on leave and will return tourn t work when he is ready.ea the controversial gunerun store nova firearms is closinglo its falls church location. lat this store's location has onlyhl been opened for two months.on employees of the store say it's closing for the best interests of the communities. t it will keep itshe mclean m location opened though.n open tg people have been protesting that location since it isce i close to an elementary school.c. >> low income d.c. residents can now sign up for capitol capl bikeshare memberships for justsr five dollars a year. y this is through a new ddot d programmed designed to connecttn client who use certain socialera services with the growing bikeshare network.are net some customers will enjoynjoy expanded trip time and cycling focused education. program is going funded through the national group g better bikeshare partnership. pr
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favorite fast food may beood y served up way side of chemicals. researchers studied nearlys stue 9,000 patients of all ages. age they found those who consumeho n the most fast food in an 24-hour period had high levelshv of harmful chemicals known as phalates.phalat at least 35 percent their dale calories had those chemicals.hei >> hope it raises public awareness about this problem, pm this greater problem of, you know, our society being exposed to industrialse chemicals through our foodd oufd >> the doctor says anotherther possible source of these chemicals is the gloves that are used by food preparers.repa >> attention wal-mart att customers because now you canouc order your groceries online. wal-mart expand its free pickup service. svice free curbside grocery pickupic service allows customers to order groceries online andlin ad pick them up at the localat t lc store. wal-mart says the service wille be added to
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markets.mark the locations include kansas k city austin and charleston.harl. the service has been offeredice in roughly 150 stores and and wal-mart plans to add moreore locations over the year. if you're crazy for maryland blue crabs, we're inbsn for a good season for crabs.r ca the maryland department of natural resources fishery services says that there is a 35 percent increase in crabs inc from this time last year. y now, if you're wondering whyderi this is going on, the milderil winter is being credited withteh the crab surge. surge. when you look to buy a bush b she will expect betterxpect be supplies and lower costs. >> speaking of sea life.inof sea you have to herey the wildhe w tale of ink key the octopushectp who escaped and returned homeuro to the ocean. check this out.. this escape route map from the national aquarium zoo in new zealand.zealan he busted through a smallma hole, then he crossed the cro floor of the aquarium where he h was being held slithe
4:55 am
that's how he got away.t aw. made it to the ocean. inky's escape surprised few where octopuses were known foror their strength dexterity and intelligence, too. >> i don't know what's more kno amazing the fact that an tha octopus got out and crawlednd ca through a little hole and wentl back to the ocean or the fact that kobe scored 60 shots lastts >> he is the black mumba. mumba >> talking about the octopus ocp or kobe. k >> i think he's lucky that the a drain hole -- he >> how did he know t >> weather-wise story of todaysf is very similar todayy simila yesterday and it will be theandt same story coming up over ther t next several days here. h hots of sunshine thisf afternoon but we have to getsu through the cold start to the day first.yst again there's satellite andellid radar. very clear.ry no rain in rain in just a few clouds here and there.ere. very quiet weather pattern settling in here through the
4:56 am
days. days. 63 today. it will feel nice later thishis afternoon.afternoo tomorrow 64.rrow 6 the weekend high pressure shifts to our south, thato brings in warmer air from the south and by monday weou couerll be pushing 80 degrees aroundou here. he 78 degrees for your monday andnd we'll keep the 70's going goi right through tuesday and wednesday. all right, that's a check of chf the weather.the weather. erin has got your check of thef roads. road >> good morning.mor let's start you off with at yo look at 95 northbound in dale city. traffic is flowing very nicelyic from stafford up towards theffor springfield interchange int through woodbridge and lorton this mor we don't have any of thosef thoe typical congested zones or zes slow zones yet aside from that 395 northbound once you get into alexandrialeri through lanes clear right now. road work has wrapped up froms r the beltway to the 14th street t bridge. we are problem free. p and speaking of problem free,blf take a look at our inbound iou bridges in arlington.rlington. things are quiet.thin a live look outside 270 on then southbound side at father fathe hurley boulevard when you wakele up in frederick heading dowvan towards
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flowing freely.fl a hub of volume you can ping up but nothing causing anysi a major slowdowns. slowd northbound traffic towards the c truck scales is wide opened as well. well top of the beltway intw montgomery county looking good from 95 through georgia. all of our secondaries arees quiet in bethesda and silver anl spring. back to you. y >> coming up at 5:00 in thehe hot seat under pressure toe t approve safety on metro its leaders asking congress fores more money to do so.s lawmakers say not so fast.oto ft >> the wife of the anne arrundel county sheriff accused of assault telling herlg side of the story.ry why she says it was one big misunderstanding.erst >> asian stocks are soaringcks while european stocks arerope mixed. mixe u.s. futures down this dn morning. we're back right after this.
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>> ♪ m this is fox5 news morning.oxs >> i'm asking from you is $300 million which is your wch y fair share given the fact that t we he transport 50 percent of your workforce.kfce >> ahead at 5:00 heatedea moments on capitol hill as metro's leaders ask congress cgr for help improving safety forr riders. >> plus after a tough season the wizards saying so long to s their head coach.headoa what the now former leader is saying about that decision. d >> good mo


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