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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  April 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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approaching the station.taon the power went off on a brand new series car, the 7,000 series which was just recentlytl unveiled by metro.etro power went off and for nearlyea an hour and a half thosef tse passengers were stuck in that tunnel stuck in the train butrab everyone got out without wit having to leave the train andran i want to show you thisouhi footage that we shot insidens the platform. ptfor you'll see as passengers passens walked through two cars, t two walking through the firstou t train, the train, the disabledae blueline train and then t eventually a second trainra which has an off-loaded passengers back into thein rosslyn station and then essentially tow out that 7,0007, series car nearly 200 passengers in those cars and cs take a listen to what the the scene it was down under. uer >> we came to a haltt underneath the river and we were on the upslope coming into rosslyn and the trainin came to a halt and then itn jerked forward and backw
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several times over the course of 12 or 15 minutes and the driver kept on telling us that we were going to be moving shortly and then finally he fale said there was a train approaching from the rear andg e of course that was shocking toig me because i could imagine itt coming at 60 miles an hour andou i was on the last car. c >> it was scary just sitting sii in the tunnel with nothing, no service, can't call nobody or nothing. nothing. metro need to get their stuff together.together. >> say no to metro.ay n met >> you're not going to ride it anymore.ymor >> i haven't done it in awhile l and to do it on a brand new n car. >> reporter: will you ever ride again. ain >> i got better ways to go, so, i got 2 feet. i trust those better than i doe metro so... s >> reporter: and those tho passengers stuck for nearly an hour and a half. there were of course suspended s
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single tracking and eventuallyvt now residual delays as metro m tries to get back on with me he now is matt ackland. matt, you were here as thishis unfolded and you did catch up with the gm earlier today.lier >> reporter: people areter: pple saying here we go again. a yesterday i was on capitolday i hill and members of the househeh and senate were questioningni new metro management and a incidents that like happened hpe today are what they were really concerned about. a lot of people are saying howe much more can we take? let's take you to a little bit of video also yesterday. chairman of the board jackoaac evans asked congress aboutsbo more funding. fundi he said that he needs at least t $300 million.on. it really got heated because bau then some house members camebe c back and said listen, yearten,ea after year we've been giving you money and yet things areng still a we asked general manager paul wiedefeld today what would itt take,
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take for you to fix everything. here's what he had to say. s >> my focus right now again iss on the current system and --- and managing what we have as best as i can so that's what wha i'm focusing on now. chairman as chairman of theman board as the policy levelel person, he is pushing veryng v hard on the funding issue andnd he he has his case to make there. i'm focused on the day to day igerations right now andions r that's what i'm focusing >> reporter: so my follow-up fl- question to the general manager was do you have enoughh money as it stands to make the changes that you want and hee says that is what he is tryingg to do. he's trying to work with the t budget that he has. h he's going to leave theve the additional funding for jack forj evans to fight for but he saysay under his current budget he's bs going to do the best that he can do. live at rosslyn station mattro
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>> matt thanks very much.thanks a maryland state trooperroor is hospitalized tonight after a major accident on theen capital beltway.l btw >> the beltway has justtway j reopened between route 450 and d the bw parkway but there is thee still a traffic mess out therese for drivers. fox5's paul wagner is live i liv right now with the latest onatt that story. paul, what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, i'm looking at the beltway now. what you just said surprises me because i don't see traffic i moving on the outer loop right d now, so itou appears to me thath the outer loop is stills sti closed.ed. so, i just wanted to updatepd people on that right away. a i'm not sure exactly wherely w you're getting that getng t information, but let's talk about the accident.out the trooper is now in critical he was medevaced off thehe beltway when this accident happened just before 3 o'clock this he was taken to shock trauma tra in balti we were just told by maryland md state police that he's inn critical condition. condition. let's show you video that wasidt shot from earlier tod this is a very confusing scenefs so you really have to kind
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follow along here. what we're told is that the t maryland state trooper fromop f the college park barracks was investigating an accident onccen the outer loop on the rightig shoulder just short of of annapolis road route 450 when w another accident happened behind him also on the outer t o loop in between 50 and 450.50 now, according to maryland state police, there were threeth vehicles involved in that accident. one of the vehicles involved ved in that accident then fled theet scene. apparently and apparentlyppen because it's still undernd investigation, apparently in a n hit and run situation. that vehicle then crossed all a four lanes of the beltway andf struck the back of the trooper's car. then, according to marylandyl state police, a tow truck coming behind hit that vehicle v that had hit the trooper, troop spenspunit around and then crasa into the freezing rain's t driver's side door trappingoor g
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police say a good samaritan sar may have saved this trooper's tr life. they say that another townoth t truck coming along saw whatha happened.happed. that driver then jumped out, grabbed a chain, hooked it upooi to the striking vehicle andehled pulled it away from the t maryland state trooper's vehicle, from his cruiser soruis that ems could come into thee in scene and get that trooper out e of the car and get him into an ambulance and into a left lane n copter to go to shock trauma. t i know it's very, very ver confusing but that's whatt'st maryland state police are telling us happened at this h point. so they are investigating whether there may have been a hit and run.e ma they're also investigatingestit whether this person may have been under the influence ofnfcef something or possibly havingav some kind of medical emergency but again, this trooper now in critical condition at maryland n shock trauma and again, i'maumad looking back at the outer loop of the beltway and i don't see e traffic moving here. so, the outer loop is still s closed at this point. pnt we did see one of the marylandhr state trooper helicopte
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flying overhead a little while w ago apparently taking some pictures of the scene.ce that's what we have live here h out in prince george's paul wagner, fox5 local news. >> thanks, paul.aul. it seems impossible to seems believe. beli workers with d.c. child andch family services removed a a student from school after receiving a report of a serious case of child abuse.ld . >> turns out workers removed the wrong child. fox5's alexandria limon iss live in southeast d.c. d.c so, alex, how did this happen? >> reporter: well, d.c. d child and family services servis tells me it was a combinationoma of things including the urgency of the situation theyhes were investigating as well asels a series of unfortunate unftu coincidences that led them toto this elementary school, cw laris where they took the wrong child into custody.usdy >> how did he get past the did principal not even being e notified that a student waswas taken out of her school byl child and family services. svice >> reporter: trina adams tna a shoots off al
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running through her mind after her 10-year-old grandson was removed from his southeastou d.c. elementary school by d.c. d child and family services. the problem is he was not the child they were looking for. f >> i know that she was coming out for a -- a good cause c because she said that it wasd tt for a child's that's why i'm -- i'm kind of not too mad, but i think thatt from now on there needs to be a stricter protocol. >> reporter: her other issue i is the way she was initially iti notified of the concerningrng mixup.mixu the boy's normal bus driver busd was the one who called too alert the grandmotherndther 10-year-old michael wasn't on w the bus after school. schoo after checking with familyh fil members, she panicked realizing no one knew where he h was.was. a spokesperson with d.c. child d and family services explainss ei everything happened veryvery quickly. >> we had a real serious report about physical abuse of a young child and we were moving with great urgency
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protect a caregiver in the the home would not give us us information we needed about abo second child, an older child.ldd >> reporter: so they looked so o up the child's name in theil d.c. public schools directory do and found him or so they thought. thought. >> the right gender, the right g age and the right name at aat a d.c. public school and we wentew and picked him up. h >> reporter: once the repor interview with michael began,elg they realized their mistake mis and were able to reunitee to ret michael with his family and find the correct child. now michael's family sayss stricter protocols should beroto in place. place >> just so that this wouldn'thin happen again because iause definitely didn't think it didnn would happen to me. >> reporter: the agencyor agrees this was a serious mistake and tells fox5 theyy will revise their policies. pol >> we're going to be looking loi at our own protocols andtocols definitely sitting down with w d.c. ps and talking about what a we can do. d >> reporter: d.c. family d. f services tells me that the me at child was in their custody forus a little more t
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and that spokesperson addser that in all of the years thatofe she's been working for the agency, she's never beforeef seen another case where the wrong child was taken intoaken i custody. it just so happened that thethat two boys have the same name. n reporting live in southeast stha d.c., alexandria limon, fox5 local news. n >> coming up, too close for comfort. >> warnings russia is saying isn tonight about two of their t airplanes flying right past a u.s. navy destroyer.av >> and it was once the cardinal sin of movie lovers, texting during a film. a film. but now one theater chainater wants to change all that.t. smartphone friendly filmsdly fi could be coming to a theater a e year you. we'll tell you how soon howo straight ahead. >> another beautiful beal cool enough that you need a nee capitals jersey. we've got a frost advisory inisy effect for tonight. t i'll have a look at our chilly i
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forecast for as you head to the verizon center tonight.ig come on back as fox5 news at at 5:00 returns. rur we'll have your first look at the forecast coming up.reca >> ♪ ♪
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>> developing news tonightelop from the trump presidentialru campaign a florida prosecutormpe announced today his officer will not pursue charges against donald trump agonald campaign manager corey
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lewandowski. he was accused of grabbing the arm of a authority jupiterrityut last month. police charged lewandowskido with battery. bte while police did nothing wrong w in charging him his officeff will not pursue the chargesha because there's not enoughe evidence to prove the case. c >> are you up for a freere history ride down memory lane? ? all you have to do is head tos the national mall this week. we. >> it's a new outdoor exhibitorb with ties to the white house.. here's fox5's bob barnard to bad explain. >> reporter: if you love lov cars and presidential history, y then the national mall rightight outside air and space is the is place to be for the next few days. it's a rare treat to catch a cch glimpse of two cars once ownedwd by u.s. presidents. this one a 1962 jeep owned by ronald reagan.eagan. >> i've been driving this for quite awhile. a >> reporter: here's that tha same jeep seen in a barb
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walters special on abc. abc >> and the u. >> reporter:. >> it's a unrestored and itor it just looks glorious out hererioe today. >> reporter: mark g guessler gue organized this. the reagan jeep is still ats the california it was a gift from n >> it was a gift from nancy inni 1962 and he had it on a previous ranch and it stayedt se with him through -- up through r the sale of the ranch in 1998. 8 >> reporter: long time reagan advisor ed meese says s his boss loved getting out ofet the office and behind theehind e wheel. >> that was the only time he got to drive a car from thear fe time he became president andde even before that when he wasor governor of course somebodye elsef drove himco so the ranchr was his chance to drive.ance t >> reporter: also on display in a lar
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1909 white steam car, the the very first automobile owned byue a president, our 27th williamil howard taft.rd t there he is riding like a kingea in the back seat. >> president william howard taft popularized automobiles.oml by the end of his term he caner say coming in as a play thing t of the rich and wealthy w automobiles are here to stayhers and they're useful for all classes rich and poor. and >> reporter: taft's limo is on display right n. the reagan jeep will take itstas place starting next of course the exhibit is free.hi just walk on by. 33 say especially at nightt n when the jewel box is all litsll up here along the national mall. bob barnard, fox5 local news. >> ♪ >> what a time to take in that t exhibit.ex you saw how beautiful it was i w down there during bob's reportep and still gorgeous out theregeot right now. n >> so gorgeous. gorous. i'm so glad i missed the cold weather that we had.we >> yeah, right. yea laura evans just came backack
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and beautiful, caitlin. cai >> it was.>> >> i think we're a little lit jealous. jeal >> i brought some warm weatherew back with me.. >> you d thanks for that, tha laura. yeah, we are warming up day byy day here. wait until you see the seven-day forecast in a bit. tonight great weather and also all about racking that red. r caps game in less than twoha hours now.ho. it guns down at the verizonon center and like i said earlierar all you need is a nice jerseye r as you head out tonighton because it will be a little chilly. still not t-shirt weather allear night long and that kind ofhat f defines the forecast as we go ao forward day by day.y d really chilly nights and mornings. we have frost advisory infr effect for tonight but we alsoot get some really mildeally mild afternoons once that sun comes c out during the day. d let's check temperatures.empe very pleasant.veryas we all made it into the low 60's with the exception of right along the chesapeake.hesa. 63 in washington as well as well gaithersburg and frederick. frek low 60's and just a beautifulif early spring afternoon. afterno like i said let's take a look l
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basically anywhere north andhera west for tonight.west for ton we have the freeze warnings last night north and west but anywhere that you see in blue ib just immediately outside ofutde the district, so montgomeryo county, that includes all thes way up towards frederick freri county, hagerstown, maryland,ar loudoun in fairfax counties inin virginia and then further outthr to the west for you guys as well as off towards our our southwest.southwest. so, here in the metro notro n worried about any frost butrost for everyone else you'llse y'l probably start out in the midthm 30's early tomorrow morningw mog and that is decent jacketacket weather at the bus stop. s let's give that you forecast for this evening.for we have to factor in the caps te game, too. we know the arena inside itarend the forecast is always thelws same but as you're about toboutt head out this evening and make m your way downtown to the verizon center sunshine lightunn winds temperature at 6:00 p.m.. right around 60 degrees. beautiful weather thiseath evening. and i have to say pretty p boring headed into the nextntthn seven days, ladies, but boring n is good when it comes to weather. we have been off to such a off cold start this april, we're,e' finally seeing things warmg thiw back um and laura, close to
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temperatures by the time wees hit the second h balf of thealof weekend. all of that still ahead. ahe we'll send it back to you. y >> boring as in san diego, florida weather forecast. fecas boring is good. >> coming up to katie beie b moving into a convent. cvent a judge makes a ruling in a battle against a group of nuns. nuns. >> grammys on capitol hillmmys joining forces with lawmakers.ia >> ted cruz's daughters stealtes the show. sho hear who they say they'dayhe invite to the white house ifwhhs their dad wins it all. it a >> fit for a princess.ri the he pick party beyoncé bon threw for blue ivy's fourth birthday. >> these zombie apocalypse family tells ellen all about it on the other side.
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thank you, ping. reliably fast internet starts at $59.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. >> ♪>> >> well, belve
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to owning a former catholic convent.nv >> a judge voided the sale of the property to a los angeles ag business woman clearing thelearg way for perry to purchase it. a group of nuns tried to celt to property to someone ownereone or perry and the judge ruled that attempt was several nuns didn't want tonun' sell to perry after seeinger seg some of her music videos.eo perry has the approval of thel los angeles archbishop to buy the sale needs approval fromds a thepp vatican. vatic grammys came to capitol hill this week.hi >> with musicians artistssici pranoducers and song writerswres joining forces with lawmakersawa and it started last night with the grammys on the hill eventev and then today many of theany t musicians who were at last night's party took over dozens of meterrings with lawmakers las to talk about the legislatione a that's impacting the music industry. >> we need to ensure thate th those who help create a vision s for a song are rewarded for it.
5:24 pm
(applause).ppuse). i join my friend joed jo crowley in putting forward a bill that would make sureak s music producers and other studio professionals receiveec fair compensation for theirpenst work.wo. >> supporters of the act sayrt it would helper keep the creation of music a viable profession.on >> your favorite was that shevoi got to dress up daddy in like il this pink bowa and these like lk big goofy looking underwear. une >> and actually i don't want twant -- i want to videotapeidte the whole time and that was atas class video they're sendingy'rei out to all the parents.. >> so cute. c caroline and katherine cruzheri stole the show last night. their dad republican presidential candidate tedandate cruz spoke at a cnn town hallal but it was his girls, they'rehe the ones everybody is talkingybg about today. eight-year-old caroline andldind five-year-old katherine joinedd their parents on stage foron part of the interview.. aside from the bwa
5:25 pm
we also learned the first t f guest -- the girls would like to invite to the white house if their dad wins is tayloray swift. >> of course.>> o >> o i don't blame them. t >> proof celebrity babies haveeb the best birthday partiesparties ever. we are now getting a look atoo the setup for the -- just the setup for blue ivy's fourth frt birthday party. beyoncé and jay-z threw a fairytale princess party. par there were tents, flowers hanging from the ceilings, ceili wracks of costumes and of ferry wings for all the a the guests. i mean it looks like a wedding. >> i know. kno it's a lot.ot >> they've spent thousands ofpe dollars on that party.arty >> little princess.>> little prn >> she's going to be.'s gng to >> quite a princess she is.s shi >> coming up, taxed on yourn you taxes.xe oh, it's coming up. u how low income workers are are being targeted and overchargedva by local t
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>> and tech friendly movie theaters the new move toe t attract more millennials.lennia >> and money shot.>>nd money sho wait until you hear how much kobe bryant merchandise was sold at the staples center foreo the starter's final game. game.
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>> this is fox5 local news at 5:00. >> you know for months we have w been showing ugg how thegg how e memorial bridge is in need ofrii major repairs with some evenn suggesting it should be shut b down altogether.ltoghe but as the midnight deadline dee draws closer to get funding funi for those repairs there arers te new concerns it will be missed s which would greatly impactwoul both the safety and the future t of the bridge. fox5's tom fitzgerald joinsaloi us now with
5:30 pm
thought this was a done deal. d what happened? hpened? >> reporter: yeah, it's ate yea good question and here's thee'se deal. this is a lot like one of those old term papers had you to do. you knew it was due but maybe bm you waited until the last the ls minute to turn it in.n. the question is this. t did the national park serviceer drag its feet to the point t poi where it could miss out on an opportunity tonight to secure a big chunk of the quarter qer billion dollar price tag to repair the crumbling memorialngr bridge.idge. why is it crumbling? take amb? look for yourself.ourself. rewind back to june. j that is when fox5 secured a a look inside this bridge and a what we showed you was anyas other pretty.hepretty inside an alarming amount of rusted out steel beams, holesmse in those in some they were 2 feet long. now, park service director dec john jarvis was here at this ths spot last spring sounding thendh alarm that unless repairs wererr made on this
5:31 pm
could be closed to carsars because it would be too be to dangerous to carry the load of the 68,000 cars that cross tt cs over it each and every day.ryay so, what's the problem? turnse out there is this midnight deadline tonight to apply for fr federal funds towards the $250 million price tag. mil capitol hill sources arere telling us today the park p service never named a state sponsors for the application. aa that is required. rui they have to have either d.c.toh or virginia on it. commuters and pedestrians wed talked to, well, they told usold given the concern here, theree,e is no excuse for this deadline being missed.sed. >> tom i was concerned just was walking over it thinking aboutt this.this so, i would hope that we get weg some money there, sur. >> i don't know, i guess if it needs to be repaired and shut down, then probably it's the t best thing to do rather than have a structurally unsoundy uno bridge. >> we're going have to make do e if infrastructure has to beas to repaired.
5:32 pm
problem with local authoritiests and government authorities that they don't like spending money on maintenance. >> reporter: well, for itsr: part the national park service tonight would not agree to oureo request for an interview about t this application but they did t do this. ts. they sent us a statementteme saying that they are confident that they have put together aoga good application and in their it view it will be successful.ssfu however, just in the lastt thel couple of hours, we have, av learned that the u.s.arned thatu secretary of transportationn anthony fox has now gotten into this process and he is trying to negotiate some sortoms of solution to this orio extension to get this bridge funding repair bill secured. sec we're live in d.c. tonight, tig tom fitzgerald, fox5 local news. >> new tonight, russian defense officials say they are confused by the u.s. responsepoe after two attack planes newlane over the u.s.s. donald cook indo the baltic a spokesman
5:33 pm
defense ministry says pilotss p used measures of precaution.uti. u.s. officials claim the war planes came within 30 feet of 3t the destroyer and nato general n secretary called the incident both unsafe and unprofessional. >> electronic device that deve tricks cell phones into revealing a user's location isii becoming a big advantage inan i the fight for drug cellular site simulators are basically fake cell phone towers that use digitalse dal signals to reveal the phone's's location and other oth but many are questioning the guidelines behind police whoolih are using the technology.echn last year utah congressman jason chaifetz proposed the t sting ray privacy act.ray pry a. that bill would make the usese of cell site simulatorsimulor without a court order >> low income workers are worrsa being targeted and overcharged by tax prep chains accordingchns to a new stud deal.tud de researchers at johns hopkins looked attacks prep change in baltimore and in they found lorow income workerse were spending an average
5:34 pm
$400 to get their tacks donetacd that's as much as 22 percent 2pe of their refund. run researchers say preparing ay pri simple return should not comet with a $400 price tag.price tag. note many low income tax ince tx filers are actually eligible egi for free tax prep services serce offered by local nonprofits.onp. >> all right.>>ll r talking the nba and theand the wizards. wizards. >> yeah, lot going on. lot of course the big storythe bio tonight around here is the capitals.pitals. >> the capitals playing. >> a lot of excitement aboutf ex that rocking the red. but let'ocs talk about the t wizards. not a great season for the wizards and when the nba the playoffs open up on saturday they'll be looking on from home no, surprise there and, rpt randy wittman will be lookinge o for a new job.ob. the wizards parted ways with wa with the mapp. not unexpected news.d n the only solace was fighting fin back to finish .500. . gm erni earn will erne
5:35 pm
for a new coach.oa >> the players actually tell was to do and i thought wehought were very inconsistent thisen ti year. it was probably the onlyy consistent thing about us. i think most people picked usicd to be a very good team this year, playoff team, a team t that has the ability to have to home court advantage which wascw one of our goals and we didn't ' reach those goals. goa >> by the way wittman put out o a statement saying he believes the team is headed in then right direction.tion. kobe bryant era is> ko officially over but what a oveb finish, 50 shots, 60 points but in l.a. they're counting the money. the mo last night fans snagged snaed $1.2 million worth of kobe gear at the staples center. that's a record for any merchandise sold at any a record originally set by u2. la rams gave up theirp first and third round draftra picks this year and next and two seconds round picks this year for the top pick and two others. a lot of trading going
5:36 pm
pay back for everything they t took from the skins dan snyder could pick up rg iii a couple al years they call it karma. i they reached a deal yesterdayte but they kept it quiet so aset o not to overshadow the kobe ke news. ne there you go. >> don't want to overshadowveha kolb no and we'll get an idea ofet ae the nfl schedule. they'll release it tonight. >> perfect. perfe. >> tonight we're seeing red because it is time to rock theti red. red. >> yeah, the capitals raise the curtain on the postt season. seas brody logan is at verizoner center where fans are buzzing. brody. >> reporter: yes, fans are ready. ready. if there was ever going to bease a year for a stanley cup here ch in d.c. this would be the year. it's frankly the best capitalsls team of all set a franchise record for wins. wi braden holtby tied a recorded ac for the most wins by goaliey goi but it does seem like after multiple years when the caps thp would be up three-one in thein e series like last year and year a still loss the series there's a quiet confidence among fansfi here. but i wanted tode see after 42ft years of
5:37 pm
caps fans would celebrate with w this lord stanley's cup. >> ♪ >> reporter: you just wont the cup, you're on the ice.n thi how are you celebrating. >> we wouldn' won. >> whew! >> hoist it up real i >> reporter: yeah. r >> hoist it high and say something crazy in >> man, holding that thing um, t it would be would be >> touch it. >> i'm not going to come close c to it. >> it would be wonderful and we're going to beat philly >> my gosh, i think it wouldsh be fantastic., they deserve it. g its it bad luck touchin though. >> reporter: no, i didn't say that. n t >> shake it up like this. likehi >> we're ph
5:38 pm
>> that's right.>> well, philly has such a winning tradition. >> reporter: how would you celebrate if you had the cup. >> yeah! [laughter] >> reporter: all right. so, that's how these caps fanss would celebrate if they win 16 6 games. that's all they have to do tohea win the cup.. how were you celebrate with the cup, sir.e cu >> i'd drink beer out of it.ouf [laughter] >> reporter: some peoplete would drink beer out of it. it. fortunately this one is notthisi really a cup but some peopleeo were worried that i wasi wa jinxing the caps by bringingcapg the cup here and refused to activity. i made sure to find someur find flyers fans to kiss and touch t cup to balance things out. bala obviously it's not a silver sil chalice so i think we're okay. laura and sarah if it's going ig to happen this is the year, okay. >> i was going say. >> reporter: from the fm th
5:39 pm
>> we're getting a little bitngt ahead of ourselves but as longse as he balanced it out.ed it out >> that's right.>> ts ri >> we're okay. >> guy was looking at it like il i'd drink beer out of it, what w else do you do with the >> i saw the stanley cup yearsta ago because i didn't want tot touch it. touch i didn't want to have any curse. >> all right. >> nice work. >> up ahead, how facebook>> is cracking down on stolenn videos. videos >> plus, if you have aluf yo teenager there is a good chance they're on this app, ts a the most popular social media that's capturing teens'ee attention. we'll tell you about it. ybout >> bridging the technology techy gap. wait until you see this see ts grandmother's epic reaction rct after using the face swap s caitlin. >> probably as freaked out as i was. like, ooh, gosh, no haven't do it yet.ha a beautiful afternoon outnot there as we are in the middleid of some awesome springe weather. 63 degrees with sunshine rightit now, light winds and we are warming up day by day into the 80's before you know i at least some of us will
5:40 pm
nice spring weather and we have a frost advisory in thatdvn effect for tonight.onht. all coming up after the break.hb fox5 news at 5:00 returnsur after this. >> ♪ >> ♪ kids: he came here from rocky mount, north carolina. married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect
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he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us.
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>> ♪ >> so glad you're with us. >> surprise! (applause). >> allison seymour. [cheers and applause] >> oh, my god! >> happy birthday to you. [laughter] >> ha
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>> how did you guys get here? h >> i mean, i saw it this rnrning. i was there and i'm crying alld over her friends keep just coming com allison, oh, we will just jus never be able to top this morning's celebration on good o day at 10:00 a but we do want to wish fox5's allison seymour a happy, happy birthday.hday she turned 50 on >> looks amazing. looks >> she does not look 50. doenot she's lying through her teeth. e there's no way she's 50 buts now whatever, we'll go with the., wl this morning thel good day crew pulled off the ultimate surprise with a family full ofyl family and friends that t allison never saw coming.omin >> you could tell. that look on her face when she walked in. >> she cried all of her makeup m off and she looked moreked gorgeous than ever and she was e able to talk through everything.erythi >> yeah. >> i mean -->> i mean -- >> mark was there, everybodywa was there, whole family is there. >> i cried w
5:45 pm
it was so w >> it really was. w >> and she's the -- just the ultimate vision of grace and beauty and joy and wisdom andnda it was really -- it was reallyy neat to watch. >> so flie nice to see her famif >> viewers are part of theie family, too. >> i loved watching as well. wel how about her three daughters, e three mini allisons.ll >> they're adorable. there a >> so fun. >> glad we were able to giveereb her good weather for herod weaef birthday. >> yes and her actual birthdaylr on saturday happy birthdayy >> okay, sorry allison.kay, >> that's okay. we have great weather leadingea into her birthday, too, so t, this is finally what we'vehat w been waiting for what feels whaf like at least all april long apr and all spring long, nice very springlike weather. weather. taking a live look outsidelookut right now bright blue skies, s light winds so we finally f ditched the really gusty windssw and some comfortable cfort temperatures that have finallyvn gotten at least close tot leclos average into the mid 60's this afternoon. now very normal april weather. r we have the nice mild
5:46 pm
afternoons but the cold and chilly nights and we'll have nig another one tonight. tonig frosty start to friday northrt y and west, a frost advisory in as effect for late tonight, early e tomorrow morning so it's still s that winter jacket weatherketeah early in the morning before the sun comes up.sun mes sunny and dry days do continue. gradual warmup into theual weekend as we see those high the temperatures and low temperatures for in matter goesf up a few degrees each and every day. dever and wow what a dry i don't think we've had this t quiet weather since earlyarly fall. fa no rain chances to speak of at f least for now in the seven-day y forecast. nothing to look at here.t satellite and radar could notd r be quieter, not even a cloud a c in the sky all across thes midatlantic, the northeasttl even back to the te right under the influence ofnfee high pressure sinking air light winds and temperatureswi right around normal so cool tonl start. but we played to it 63 into i63 washington where we are right wr now. 61 in gaithersburg.thersbur 61 in baltimore. btimore 63 up in frederick and back a lined me along the water justhe a little bit cooler,a li temperatures in the upper 50's along the chesapeake annapolisch down through cambridgebr
5:47 pm
most of the northeast enjoyingeo a gorgeous day.gorgeo day pretty cool up in binghamton, bm 54. that's still cold boston. b you guys always take awhile tos warm up this time ofta year. 44 degrees but 70 in lexington, 75 in knoxville, really, really nice. nic our forecast tonight not muchot to speak of. high pressure in place, cool flow out of the northeastut oth around it.around clear skies and still chillyll l this evening with like i saidlii that frost advisory just offy jt towards our north and west. anywhere in blue outside the district so montgomery county,me headed up west of baltimorealtie down into northern virginia, vgi places like loudoun county, cou fairfax county and then back tn off towards win chester downhesn towards charlottesville allch under the frost advisoryar whery temperatures tomorrow morninges start out in the mid 30's butin with that blockin tg high inig place we've got a lot of a lot f sunshine so that will warm us w into the 40's, the 50's andsnd then into the mid 60'sd tomorrow so another beautifulut day a-great start to the t weekend for your friday. temperatures right aroundatures normal and like i saidnorm and probably a degree or twoe or warmer. we're going to up the ante ae this weekend. sunshine on saturday into the oa upper 60's.s. 70's as we led into sunday.o s
5:48 pm
low 70's into the afternoon and again one sun filled dayilld after another.afr an last weekend i was on the air talking about snow so verynow sy happy to be talking about 70'slu this coming weekend. wee low temperatures overnightpe floors in washington but checksh it out, mid 30's under thatd 30u frost advisory.fro adv that's where it will be chillyel enough to see that dusting of frost on your lawn or car tops early tomorrow morning.rrowornig sunshine tomorrow, 65. torro but upper 60's possible northor and west. sunrise forecast probably p another beautiful one. o sun rising even earlier 6:31 a a temperature of 44 degrees. by the way, fox5 spring s concert series, that is 9:00 9 to 11:00 a.m. tomorrow morning down at farragut square park. featuring sound of the city.und. i don't know them but i'll bekn watching and you should join, so too. it's a beautiful morning, morng 53 degrees, our own hollyour ow morris and maureen umeh willen e be out for that. fox5 rocks, that's the hashtag, 65 degrees.5 68 saturday. 72 on sunday. on we get close to 80 degrees ingrn fact i think some spots west th of town will hit 80. h 70 with a few more clouds onlos tuesday. and then we stay pretty mildtayr
5:49 pm
temperatures in the upper 60's r for the rest of the seven-day sn forecast. fore laura and sarah doesn't get much better than that.ter th >> no, ma'am, does not. i love it. >> looks great.>> thank you. let's head to tony and shawn for what's next on fox5 f local news at 6:00. >> hey guys. g loving this weather.eath >> awesome. >> we'll switch gears.e' donald trump says he wants to build a wall between the u.s. ss and mexico to keep out illegal immigrants. apparently the fraternity atratt one university liked the ideaert so much they built their own thr trump wall around their frat thf house but it did not sit wellel with their classmates. we'll show you what happened.ap >> also ahead at 6:00 did youd y read the fine print before you f downloaded all those apps toadet your phone? the apps may bemaye putting your privacy at risk. we'll explain how hackers are ae using them to access yourccess r personal information.rson join us for those stories and more at 6:00. >> ♪
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>> facebook is cracking downoo on stolek n videos.ideos. the social network wants to wans move faster to remove copyrighted material fromted mal posters didn't get permission'tg to use. facebook announc ed a new tool n t called rights manager. it will allow content owners own to automatically flag videos for removal that are identical to their only the feature iseare similar to the system youtubeou has in place for removing copyrighted material. >> those requests to turn yourut phone off before a movieie starts in the theater could soon be a thing of the past.ast. the ceo of one of the t country's largest movie m theater lanes want to find ala way to allowne texting duringg the head of the amc theaters considers it essential tos attracting more millennials.nnia he told variety when you telly u a 22-year-old to turn off the phone, don't ruin the movie,ie they hear please cut off your yu left arm above the elbow . >> [laughter] maybe a slight exaggera
5:54 pm
quite like it.quite li amc is trying to find a way toat allow texting withoutit disturbing other audience members. memb >> you know, i see why am theyey need to actually figure out a plan to survive, you know.w. >> that's the >> wondering what your teen is staring at on their phone.ho >> it's probably snapchat aap new survey shows snap chat isha the preferred social networkerre of teens. coming in second is instagram.n. >> hm. >> i think that's the next ones you and i need to get on.get on >> snapchat.t. >> uh-huh.>> u >> i already have so many i'mdy on. on. >> that's what i'm hearing.whatg >> can't keep up.>> >> i know. it's hard to keep up. >> teens may be pros at facee swapping on snapchat but older d generations are not quite as qua used to the technology.echn >> does that mean we're anthat older generation.der >> no, 'cause we do the face f swapping on the masqueradeade thing. >> that is pretty fun.hat one family really had thee camera rolling while their grandmother experienced facenc swap filters for the firstters time. let's check out her reaction. >> she's got my face on. [laughter]
5:55 pm
>> yeah, this makes it -- [laughter] >> oh. [laughter] >> going to give her a heartgi attack. ta >> i love her reaction. rct the local family that pulled off -- that is just >> that's pretty good.oo >> we did this with my we mother-in-law. >> oh, yeah. >> it was hilarious.ilarus local family that pulledly l off an epic zombie apocalypsepoy prank -- did you see that. shat. >> yes. >> it is so classic.t is ooh love it. they tell ellen degeneres all about it. we'll have that next.
5:56 pm
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>> if i didn't know my dog ii di would think he's awful.d no, youth say that. >> that is hilarious. hilious zombie apocalypse family on ellen degeneres. degener >> so funny. she wanted the cat. c that's what they're
5:59 pm
about. she had to choose between the dog and the cat.n >> the cat, you idiot. >> hilarious. >> thanks for joining us u tonight at 5:00 fox5 localox5 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> ♪ >> a maryland state trooper iser in critical condition tonightdig following a major accident on an the beltway.e be >> the outer loop of thehe oer l beltway is still closed c between route 450 and the bw parkway. drivers can expect major delays.lays. fox5's paul wagner is liver is l near the scene. sce paul, what's the latest that lat you can tell us. >> reporter: right, tony ir: can tell that you just aboutbo three, four minutes ago thetes o outer loop was reopened.eone traffic now moving here on theon outer loop past route 450. 450 however, the entrances here off 450 are still closed.lo the trooper, as you mentioned,en is in critical condition.ti. he's been identified tonight as 26-year-old ezra shenonda. sd he works out of the college park he was medevaced off t
6:00 pm
beltway earlier today andier toy taken to shock trauma inum baltimore city.e c i'll show you some video thateo was shot earlier today from todf skyfox and tell you how this te happened. according to maryland stateyl police it was around 2 o'clock o this afternoon that thisnoon tht 26-year-old trooper was on thenh right shoulder of the road rd just north of 450 annapolis road. he was investigating ann accident when another accidentid happened behind him. behin they described it as happening between 50 and 450 and they're t now investigating whether oneth of the vehicles that wass th involved in that accident thenhe fled the scene, crossed css several lanes of traffic,raic crashed into the back of the trooper's car and then wasn struck by a tow truck. now, let's pick up what happens next with corporal devaughn parker explaining howke the trooper was rescued.cued. >> a good samaritan wasitan driving another tow truck t behind that tow truck operatorh


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