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river. it was scary, just sitting on the metro. what caused their train to stop plus, police are scouring a virginia neighborhood looking for a man who attacked an elderly woman at her community. the news at 11 1 # starts right now thanks for joining us tonight, i'm shawn yancy. and i am tony perkins. we begin with that violent crash on the beltway that left a maryland state trooper in critical condition. the 6 year old trooper was sitting in his patrol vehicle on the shoulder of i495 atlanta investigating another accident when a mercedes-benz crashed into his car. fox sarah simmons spoke exclusively with the good samaritan who especially hed free that trooper from his crewser. sarah is life from college park. >>reporter: it's been a rough day forth maryland state police. 26 year olds a works road patrol, but tonight he is fighting for his life after only
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as you just mentioned, tonight i spoke with the tow truck driver, tom her regard a who helped prethe trooper after that massive chain reaction crash. he saw the whole thing unfold before his eyes. listen as he described what happened earlier today. heç puts his foot on the gas. when he puts his foot on the gas he hits four to five cars. he hits the median. he goes far right. when he hit four or five cars i started following him on the far shoulder because i started seeing him already going to the far right shoulder. he started going straight. the tires looked like about they were going to fall off. that car is rear wheel drive. he's an inch away from hitting another car. he keeps going. he hits the state trooper from the back. when he struck the police officer i didn't know he was in there. everybody around the police officer, the other guy who that was trying to help me out, the
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him officer are you okay? is everything okay? he didn't respond to it. so i got on the radio and i was like trooper down on 495. the first thing i did is describe the j hook and that's the extent of the chain. i described somebody is in a ditch or something. i pulled them out. so i just grabbed that because the car was not driveable. everything was messed up on the mercedes so the only way to move that is dragging it with a tow truck and that's what i did, just dragged it. every time i saw the ambulance and everybody come i was just praying for him every time. when he passed by me, when he was going on the helicopter, i prayed for him, too. and that is the case, everybody praying for him tonight and his family at the hospital of course in baltimore shock traumas well as his brother who is also a maryland state trooper. the driver w
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this crash has been identified as 60 year old brashed yacht v.a. lli of new jersey. he also went to the hospital. right now charges are pending. it doesn't mean for sure he will be charged. they are still investigating this crash because as you can tell it was a very con fusing turn of events out there on the beltway today. that's the latest in college park, sarah simmons, fox5 local news. > in other news tonight, the man charged in a drunk driving accident that killed a montgomery county police officer is expected to plead guilty next month. the attorney for lewis a loose could he says that a plea will be entered on may 18. police say that a loose could he was driving drunk when he struck officer noaa low yacht oh last december. he died from his injuries a week later. he could face the maximum sentence of 10 years in prison for vehicular manslaughter. more than 100
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evacuated from their train stuck in a tunnel under the potomac river about an hour. fox5's marina maracco spoke to some of the passengers. >>reporter: they were pretty shaken up. to add insult to injury, the train 245 was disabled and eventually stuck in that tunnel is part of the 7,000 series trains. those trains were unvailed last year and included into the fleet just months ago. the passengers were in today's train saying it will be the last time they get on metro. all of a united states sen the lights went out and emergency power came on and it was way too quiet. for more than an hour metro says anywhere between 100 and 200 riders were stuck on a blue line train in a tunnel near the rosalyn station. the train came to a halt and then it jerked forward and backwards several times over the course of 12 or 15 minutes. first came a train that tried to push out the disabled
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another train tried to push us but we were on a curve and on the hill and the cummings didn't match up. metro tried a second rescue attempt as one train backed up into the disabled one and hauled it out of the tunnel. passengers having to walk through two trains and finally onto the platform at rosalyn. this is the first time i've ever had to leave via a rescue train. a disabled train, a brand new 7,000 series. today's incident comes just a day following a contentious congressional hearing where metro's state of affairs lay in question. and after a morning press conference where metro's general manager spoke of his priorities. my focus right now again is on the current system and managing what we have as best as i can. for many riders on this afternoon's disabled train their faith in metro is quickly running out. i can't call nobody or nothing. i got better ways to go.
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i got two feet. i trust those better than i do metro. > and tonight we reached out to metro to try and understand what caused this train to power off. they're still waiting to us back. life tonight from rosalyn, marina maracco, fox5 local news. > knew tonight a performer with the wrinkly brothers and barn number bailee circus was hurt. we do want to warn you. the acrobat fell. we're told the acrobat has suffered a neck injury and since has been transported to the hospital. we're told the injured person is expected to survive. > fairfax county police tonight are still searching for the man accused of sexually assaulting a woman in her senior apartment complex. it happened at an independent living apartment complex for seniors in centerville. the man sexually asoughted the victim and took some money and left. we're still working on that, obviously, and as so
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is ready, whether it is a sketch or not, based on the new information that has been learned, we will keep obviously the community posted on that. > police have also increased the number of officers patrolling that community in an effort to make the residents feel safe. the d.c. family is upset after workers from child and family protective services removed their child from school after receiving a report of child abuse. it turns out they had the wrong child, workers removed that child from class at cw harris elementary in southeast. family members say the young one was removed without the principle's knowledge. how did he get past the person without being notified that a person was being taken out of her school by child and family services. child and families ofs had the right name, but the wrong child. agency officials say they are now reexamining some of their protocols to make sure a similar incident doesn't happen again.
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today prince george's county officials announced a new incentive to help stop child abuse. it's called the who's watching my child program and it was created following several cases where young children were killed by their carters. the program established a hotline that parents can call or visit online to find licensed childcare providers. if you'd like to check it out, visit maryland family network. org or call 877-261-0060. howard university students, listen up. all of you graduating this spring, you will get a send off from president barrack obama. the university announced the commander h chief will deliver the keynote address at this spring's commencement ceremony. the president will also receive an honorary doctor of laws degree fromç howard. the ceremony planned for may 7. people don't always go to their commencement ceremony, i somehow think everybody will show up for this. > you know that's
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the case. still ahead the push to raise the d.c. minimum wage to $15 an hour. also a major movie theater is considering allowing texting in its theaters. is it a convenience to movie goers or just plain rude. do you want to weigh in now. >> i feel like everyone is doing it anyways. we lost all sense of rules when it comes to texting. it goes at any time. i'm probably doing it right now. beautiful weather outside. you are going to want to keep your head up and take a look at the great weather we have serve up for you. we do have a frost advisory n for tonight.
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d.c. mayor's took a stand. the service employees international union wants to see the minimum wage raised to $15 an hour. the mayor says she hopes the increase will be achieved in the next four years. we spoke with one single mother who hopes that a minimum wage increase will allow her to move back into the district. we don't want to have to move two hours away to get to work
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somewhere else is more affordable for us. some people have to travel two hours sometimes to get back and forth when they should be able to be close to home. > d.c.'s current minimum wage is 10.50 per rise and is set to rise to 11.50 per hour on july 1. it is almost midnight, the deadline for the national park service to apply for funding to fix the deteriorating memorial bridge. the bridge needs $250 million in retears to keep it open. as of this afternoon the park service has not submitted the necessary information to receive that funding. capital hill service tells fox5 that the national park service never named a state sponsor from neither d.c. nor virginia. they declined our interview. introduced controversial legislation that will make assisted suicide legal for some canadians. the
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to people who are suffering intolerable i from a serious condition. the democrats wrapped up their ninth presidential debate tonight. hillary clinton and bernie undoers went head to head in new york. the candidates hit some pretty firery exchanges over banking regulations middle east policy. at the beginning of the debate the candidates were asked to define their campaign. the reason that our campaign has done so well is because we're doing something very radical. we're telling the american people the truth. we will celebrate our diversity. we will work together bringing us back to being united setting some big bold progressive goals for america. that's what i'm offering in this campaign. recent polls show
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a big lead over sanders in new york. voters in maryland will go to the polls on april 26. donald trump's campaign manager will not be prosecuted for battery following an incident with the reporter last month. michelle fields claims corey lieu do you ski left a bruce on her arm when he yanked her backwards during a campaign event. trump backed his campaign manager and said he did nothing wrong. the new york state attorney working the case says there was probable cause to arrest lieu do you ski, but not enough evidence to prosecute him. let's head over to kate line now. she's going to be talking about beautiful weather. i'm excited about how the forecast is looking. good evening to both of you. finally we're getting a nice stretch of some weather. we've had a day or two so far this spring, but nothing where we can count on all wall to wall. fantastic spring weather. the car wash is getting the business they've been probably waiting for because we've had day after day
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it was so cold last weekend, luckily not dealing with that. however, a slow transition here. a frost advisory out north and west. we are making some progress. we had a freeze warning for this morning. this is anywhere north and west of 956789 it doesn't include the district, but all of our immediate suburbs are going to start off in the mid 30s. bus stop weather do$ the kid os it's still pretty chilly. you need a jacket. 53 in washington, 46 in gaithersburg, 45 there in frederick. already into the 40s in some of our colder spots. future temps show by 6:00 a.m. we're at 45 here in the district. but like i said that will probably be mid 30s just off our north and west where you're under that frost advisory. temperatures is really the only thing to speak of. satellite and radar shows high pressure firmly in place over the northeast in the mid atlantic. not just us but all across the area benefiting from the nice spring weather. it will allow us to have a pretty clear, but chilly night. you get the
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day and then you have the nuisance and then once the sun sets it gets chilly again and that will be the case for the next couple of days until things start to moderate this weekend. along as the high pressure system is blocking we'll have the mild days. your friday setup temperatures into the mid 60s yet again forth afternoon. it will probably feel a lot like today. tracking an even bigger warmup as we get from the second part of weekend. more of a southerly flow which is going to push the temperatures well into the 70s even i think some 80s. maybe upper 70s at reagan. dulles comes in with a mid 80s just because it looks like a warm day. 42 in washington, not as chilly as this morning, but still mid to upper 30s north and west. high temperatures 65 in d.c., 66 out of dulles and really everyoning whying to see the high temperatures right around normal, so usually what t
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usually are for this time of year. beautiful shot. keep them coming caitlyn roth fox5. you can get me on twitter or any of the group. 6:40:00 a.m. days are getting longer. temperature in the morning 42. seven day forecast literally not a rain drop in the full seven days. 68 and sunny and mild. remember fox5 rocks, our free concert series. 72 sunday, 78 on monday. mid 80s possible towards our west. we keep things nice and million dollars, 75 by next thursday finally feeling like april and finally feeling like spring out there. that's a look at your seven day forecast. the capitols have the momentum and after tonight's game at verizon center. the flyers in town for the first round of the play series. second period no score, caps on the power play,
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carlson, that is a one timer deflected and gets past mason. it's 1-0. later in the third, johansson again. past masons the caps in front 2-0. braden holostei, what a superstar. wanted 19 shots and then watch this, bringingly shin lays out carl also inner. that will not be forgetten. the caps take game one, blanks the flyers 2-0. getting in shot land a little more, sacrificing as much as they can. the guys are excited. it's playoffs. it's a meaningful game. it's what we played 84 games for to get to this position. a matinee at nats park, the home team today seeking a four-game sweep for
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bryce harper sitting on 99 career home runs and that all ended. you might see a hundred at the bottom of his bat. it doesn't matter. that is a grand slam to the upper deck. that is how you make it 100. that's the first grand slam of his major league career. really. >> the nats sweeped the brace. they're now 7 and 1. six randy whitman coached his final game with the wizards and now he's out of a job. they failed to make the playoffs and many had them as the to your four feed in the east. instead they finished with a 40 and 41 record. this afternoon whitman release a statement, one of migratest disappointments is that we were not able to bring a championship to the great city of washington d.c. through it all we built a strong foundation and this team is headed for great things. a very
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skins, week one, home opener, monday night football, the upon sunday they host the cowboys, october 2 rg3 and the browns. october 30, the been gallons in lenly stadium in london. that is a 9:30 start our time in the morning. that's crazy. >> sunday night at home against the packers, thanksgiving in dallas, december 19 it's the home monday night game against the panthers and then the season finale new year's day against the giants. i think the london games are crazy. >> i agree with you, because the nfl seems to insist that there's some legitimate possibility this they're going to put a team there and why would you do that. >> they could put a couple of teams there if they wanted to. they had a europe league and it didn't catch on. it's not fair when you lose a home game to play over there.
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i agree. > thank you, jim. >> you're welcome. > still ahead tonight, one movie theater chain is considering allowing texting during the movies. fantastic. we've got
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> can i just say kenny martin is graphing. that is d.c. hometown band sound of the city performing their brand new song run, you can catch them life in person for absolutely free tomorrow morning fair got park. it is part of our fox5 spring concert series. that's right. they're going to be happy to be out there because they all live in that apartment. can't wait to be out. holly morris and maureen umeh will be there to host the event from 9 to 11:00 a.m. you can find out more information about the band and our f
12:56 am can't wait to see it. how do you feel about this? amc movie theaters are considering letting movie goers text during films. i find that they're already texting. >> absolutely. amc's ceo is telling a 22 year old telling them to turn off their phone is telling them to cut off their left armment the movie theater chain is considering several options that include a mobile phone friendly section in the theater or setting aside auditoriums that are designed for a mobile devise use. i texted do you think it's a good idea or a bad idea. more than 275 say it is a bad idea. 25 percent of you say it is a good idea. > the debate rages on. the debate
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