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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  April 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mr >> all right.ig good morning to you. thank you for waking up with us. us i'm wisdom martin. mar >> i'm maureen umeh. mauen erin como joining us withh traffic.c. mike thomas standing by ever bye so patiently.atient we have a big day ahead of us. . what's the weather looking like. >> looking fantastic.oo big concert this morning, fox5 f rocks during the good daydud hour. should be a little chilly butttl lots of sunshine so bring a bng jacket to the concert but head h down and enjoy. and enj no rain to worry about notbout n just today but through thehr weekend as well. wl. temperatures later this afternoon return to those 60's and 70's and even some 80's 8 come back by next week. w i'll have full details in your u full forecast coming up ininp just a bit. all right, back upstairs. uta >> i know it's 's e what's going on traffic-wise.raf >> it is friday can we just wt say that and enjoy it. i >> say it >> roads are quiet right now rin little bit of overnight b of construction. traffic so light not causing any big problems.big problems. >> thank you. >> i hope the good newse the go
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morning. >> thank you erin. we'll begin our check ofbegi the headlines with breaking bakn news this from the district at man stabbed to death earlyeath e this morning. police were called to the 4400 block of livingston road l around 1:30. that's where he found thend t victim stabbed inside abbns residence.resi no word yet on a suspect or ar a motive or victim's identity. int also breaking overnight invi the district d.c. policeriic searching for a 14-year-old-o girl. her picture is right there on your screen. kery rosa has been missing since 4:30 afternoon last seenae in the 1200 block of park roadar in northwest.orthst. she's described as 5-foot two,ot hispanic female with black and brown harry and brown eyes.s. they say she also goes by the name stephanie.tean >> a maryland state trooper istr fighting for his life this morning after a terrible wreckrr on the beltway. it happened yesterdayrday afternoon on the outer loop near 450 in lanham. trooper ezra she nada was was injured in that accident.that an he's currently listed in
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critical condition. cdition the trooper was parked on theare shoulder in an unmarked patrolpa car investigating an accident. d that's when another carth smashed into the trooper's car causing a chain reaction crash. the tow truck driver assisting i the trooper witnessed the the entire accident. a >> struck the police officer. oc i didn't know he was in when everybody was around thew police officer there was another guy trying to help me out i run tody w the stayitete trooper, go to the other sidethe of the door, the passengerse side door and i told him, officer, are you okay? is i everything okay? he didn't did respond to it so i got on theott radar and i was like trooper down on 495.n 495 >> he's only been on the job for 15 months.onth in fairfax county now scary scene at the ringlinge ri brothers barnum and bailey baiy circus last night. night we have a warning for you. a war some of this video may be disturbing.distur here's what happened abmx a performer fell while trying tofe land a jump off all ramp. we're told the acrobat aob suffered a neck injury and was a taken to the hospital.
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survive.iv circus is in the last weekendint of a two week run at the eagle e bank arena. >> ♪ >> happening today, a status ta hearing will be held for a former prince george's county school aide accused of filmingcu and engaging in sexual acts sexc with children.ldn. 22-year-old deonte carraway car has pled not guilty.s ed not this federal case includes 13nce charges covering 11 of carraway's victims. v if convicted he faces up to 30o years in prison for each ofh o those charges. c also today metro trying toat figure out what caused a rain ar to get stuck in the tunnel.tuck happened between foggy bottom bo and rosslyn yesterdayd lyn ye afternoon. about 200 riders were on board a the blueline train.ra no one was hurt but the t incident had an impact on service. the disabled train was a brand new 7,000 series model. >> ♪ >> now to the campaign trail.e hillary clinton and bernie sanders squared off iners brooklyn last night just five days before the new york primary. it was one of the mostni of e mo contentious democratic debates just yet and the first sinceirss
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qualified to be president.rede >> does secretary clinton havenh the experience and thehe intelligence to be a president? of course she but i do question her judgment. i question a judgment whichent c voted for the war in iraq.inra >> well, the people of newple york voted for me twice to be their senator from new york and president obama trusted myed judgment enough to ask me tosk be secretary of state.te. >> in a new fox poll americansma were asked who has the integrity to be president and 70 percent says sanderserce doesn't only 48 percent said 4 the same of hillary clinton. clt good news for john he picked up a key endorsement ahead of the new york primary. former new york governor gerno george pataki announced he's throwing his support behindrteh kasich. he says he's the only onl candidate who can easily beat eb hillary clinton this november. e not so great news from f donald trump. hundreds of anti-trump protestors rallied in manhattan. the protests came as ted
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and john kasich were there to speak at a gop gala. g the new york primary is primary tuesday april 1 >> all right, 4:35 is our timeut on this friday morning. m let's get a check of today's tod forecast with mike thomas.e tma mike, can't say it enough.noh. friday. that's one. looking forward to goodd weather.weat that is two. >> right. and you know what we're goinge'e get both of those things.hi friday nothing better thanotng e that and nothing better thanettr this weather as far as this as i time of the year is concerned.rn cold start to the day.o the day. we're getting used to thoseho now. but by the time we get to the afternoon, lots of sunshine,shin temperatures return to theat r 60's maybe even a 70-degree 7de reading or two south of town. but i want to mention thereon te are areas under a frost uer a advicer to this morning. we kind of expected this yesterday and for the gardeners out there especiallyou those that live to the west t oo 95 be aware that probably pba another frost advisory tonighton so maybe don't get out there t and plant just yet.ant this is remains in effectec until 9:00 a.m. today. today. temperatures right now againes r on the chilly side, 36 manassas, 33 at culpeper, 34 frederick.
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45 degrees and out towards the bay in annapolis 44 degrees.4 g. satellite and radar much likeik yesterday clear skies all night long, clear skies all day long today and we're we' expecting plenty of sunshine ssh throughout the afternoon. aftno 45 by 8:00 a.m., chilly.hi jacket weather this morning. thm 57 by the noon hour and 64 beautiful degrees by 4 o'clock c this afternoon.this aft more details on that weekend coming your way in just a bit.ij erin como has got a check of traffic.trc. hey, erin.n. >> 4:36 right now.ow taking a look at what's goingt's on around town. emergency road work 295 wk southbound as you approach 50. the right lane is blocked soloed watch for that slowing down. d montgomery county inner loop ongoing construction workiw at clara barton.n two right lanes closed butt traffic light no major slowdowns.c aj inner loopor s out by little rir turnpike.pi quiet out there.he knowers between the 14ther street bridgs e and the beltwayy ongoing project there.ect there i'll let you know if it causes c any slowdowns later. ler right now crash free arounde aun the
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more updates to come. c i'm hoping for a quiet and beautiful friday morningfridni commute. co back to you tyou >> 4:36 is the time. theime. the national park serviceer meets a critical dead 39 could u impact your future commute. come late last night it submittedsubt an application for a major m grant to help fund the rehabilitation of the memorialti bronidge. brid there had been concern thed en c application was not going to goo be strong enough to gain to g congressional that still remains to be the bridge needs about abo $250 million in repairs ton irs keep it opened to visitors. vis. >> a different d.c. landmarkar will begin renovations. cranes will be removed from the national cathedral. the second round will cost around $2 million. $ it will focus on repairs toai t the exterior. full restoration of the cathedral could take a decade. d >> still ahead, shocked and shod disbelief because one ofelie charles man son's cult memberslm is one steplo
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a free woman. wan we've got details next.ails nex >> good morning to you. i'm holly morris tracking theint other big stories trendinges trn this morning including alung dramatic escape of chimpanzee from a zoo. 4:38 is our time. we'll be right back. kids: he came here from rocky mount, north carolina. married 27 years. raised 6 kids.
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he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us.
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>> rescue operations in japane p after a mag
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quake killed at least ninek people. pe this rescue of eight month old h baby was caught on camera. cam she was pulled from underneathme one of the dozens of collapsed homes. homes. several aftershocks have beentes reported. deputy o fficials say 1600 s soldiers have been deployed tobo help with the rescue and a cleanup efforts there. a former charles man son m s follower is a step closer tosero being a free woman thise wom morning. a california panel recommendedee parole for leslie van how the vw 10 more than four decades dec after she was convicted of the killing of lino low bianco and his wife rose mary. my. the governor will have the wil final say. fina >> time now is 4:41. 4 let's take a look at our o realtime news tracker to seeer o what stories you're talkinge t about on social media thist morning and for that we sayon good morning to holly hey, holly.ol >> hey, whiz, good morning toiz you and everyone out there.ev first up oner this friday morning, a chimpanzee's daringsa escape from a japanese zoo.
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cha-cha the chimp was missing for two hours before zooefe keepers spotted him atop a residential power line.owerin luckily they were able toe sedate him and return himetn him safely. back here in the u.s. for first time in its history the te citadel is considering makingidn a change to their longstandingin uniform requirement.iform re this after a request from an incoming muslim student that stt she be allowed to wear a a hijab. a new innovation for foreignor travel a t-shirt imprinteded with symbols for basic necessities like foods like foo transportation and accommodation meant to make communication easier foric people in countries where they he do not speak the the icon speak t-shirt now n available online just in timen e for your next trip. tp. now, the problem is that ist you have to wear that shirt tha every day. ever >> every day. >> i was going say you might d have to buy a couple s go you'ru not officer fending in other ways. >> does it have a logo fromit h when a monkey escapes from anywhere.yw >> alert authorities. >> right.
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>> chimpanzee on the loose.e l >> capitals not the onlys not o sports headlines this morning.dl it was a bigin night for bryce b harper at nats park.harpert na we'll tell you what he did for h the first time in his >> a live look outside as weoksi head to break on this friday tsi morning. weather and traffic on theic 5s coming up next.
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hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it ♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love
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>> special treat for students te graduating from howardting fm h university this spring.s president obama will deliverve the keynote address. address the university made thersy ma announcement yesterday.unnt the president will receive an honorary doctor of law degree lg from howard.oward. the commencement ceremony is cei planned for saturday, may seventh.venth. >> ♪ >> should be fun. >> yes, pretty cool. coo >> nice to have the president t showing up. >> i don't even remember who my commencement speaker >> mine was my principal at myia high school. s
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college one was. >> and yet we turned out okay.rt >> we'll be all right.e l r will we be okay weather-wise.erw >> we're going to be g fantastic.fantasti >> yes. >> we're running out of thingsng to say and we will run out ofunt things to say because the t weather not just today but jt to over the next several days is ds pretty much rinse and repeatpe without the rinse, no rinsingo r of anything.nythin it's just repeat.t repea just repeat and, you know, ano little warmer each day. d. temperatures yesterday reagantea national 64 degrees, dulless, de 63, bwi 61. today a degree or two warmer. 65, 66 degrees so not bad at b a all. not until, say, sunday, monday n will we really seeea temperatures start to makeates s that jump into maybe a lillilyli summer time feel. feel. 45 degrees your current numberee here in washington.n we do once again havewa 30'se 3 just off to the north and west t so chilly start to the dayo they here but once we get the sunun up we'll warm things up rather quickly. 47 pittsburgh, 34 for 34 f binghamton and new york,ew yor 38 degrees for richmond thisond hour. as the kids get off to the bus b stop definitely bundle themdle e up. 36 to 46 degrees out theret depending on where you live.ive. cooler off to the north andor here in the city mid 40's.0's. after school maybe
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the jacket not needed so much.uc 62 to 67 degrees, a very mild m and sunny afternoon coming our way. way. satellite and radar will showraw you why. w clear skies anywhere fromere washington to boston backton b towards toronto, chicago, all dealing with this highh this hi pressure system which is s keeping the clouds away and itys's kcleeping the storms awas as well. wel later this weekend high pressure will sink to the south. it will act like a shield and sn all of this will stay avenue to the here's rainfall over the next n seven days. the model are pointing it allpog way out to the west here so weh are going to be on the drye on t side of things. 65 degrees, lots of sunshine, sn mild temperatures later on this afternoon.thisfter a beautiful day.ulay a beautiful evening as well as though it will get chilly once o the sun goes down so if you'refu headed out late tonight do bee aware you'll probably need once again here's your fox5e's 5 n-ven-day forecast.seve don't forget fox5 rocks everyroe day of the week but especiallysl day 9:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. down at farragut square come out and see us.come o and 68 degrees on satur
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70's return by sunday and look d at that we've got an 80-degree e day to look forward to onrd t monday. monday all right, that's the weather. h erin has your traffic. traff 80 on monday, erin. e >> good news.oo n most of our overnight orn construction cleared. c one construction zone 295 zon southbound blocking the rightg t lane as you approach 50. 5 the outer loop looking so good g right now. now. plenty of green as you make youk your way from 95 through 270.. our secondaries in bethesda bhe looking good. problem free he in newnew carrolton. if you have an early morningan e flight to catch bw parkwayarkway northbound at 95 northbound n quiet. on the way to bwi things thi looking good on the way to way t reagan national as well as dulles. inner loop right now as youop r head out in fairfax, problem same story 66 inbound through centreville and manassas this morning.rnin inbound bridges in arlingtonges are cruising along at speed.peed got you covered if and whenerede that metro starts its service atvice 5:00 and so far they are onare o time. back to you wisdom and maureen.maureen. >> in prince george's countyco the family an 80-year-old man80n who went missing and later l died during an outing with autih nursing home is
4:49 am
facility. luben fitz who suffered from dementia what happened awaitne during a senior citizens cit picnic sponsored by woodmore wom house assisted living.d living his body was found 22 days later in watkins park in up are marlboro.arlboro. >> my father was a very lovinglg kind person.. every day i think about him him suffering, being out there alone. it just haunts me every day.ay >> the lawyer for the fitzitz family is also calling on the state's attorney's officeat investigate this case as aate ts crime. >> now we want to talk about a mysterious case of mistaken misa den t child and familyt ild services removed a 10-year-old0e from a school for a report of rr child abuse and turns out they o had the wrong child.g this happened at c.w. harris elementary in southeast.
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family members say the childberi was removed without the principal's knowledge.s >> how did he get past the principal not even being notified that a student was stus taken out of her school byl child and family services? svi >> child and family services and had the right name but thehe wrong child. that's what happened here.t the agency officials say theyiat are now re-examing some ofmef their protocols to make sures a it doesn't happen again. again >> that is crazy.hat cra my goodness. okay. wounded veterans from acrossters the country back on the road thd today from the eighth annual t soldier ride. today the cyclists will meetl m in annapolis for a seven-mileevl ride then they're off toey're ot northern virginia.nort this ride is respond soared byob the wounded warrior project to raise awayness for oure awayness nation's heroes battling to overcome physical andco psychological affects ofgical af combat. before they left they got ale prftesidential sendo president obama having ade little funnt before the >> and that's what's soo remarkable about this ride. some of my best ideas haveas hav
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>> [laughter] you, too, hm? but this isus one of those ideas that thet next day actually was still wass good. [laughter] >> the soldier ride began in 2004 when chris kearny cycledea more than 5,000 miles coast to coast.cot. his support of the woundedounded warriors project.wa in the following year he wasea joined by dozens who served inve iraq and afghanistan and thisnit year 55 veterans are takingaking part in the ride around the aro nation's capitol.ap >> the capitals waking up withnw a lot of momentum heading intono tomorrow night's game againstst the philadelphia they took care of business at the verizon center last night. g let's go to the second period.e. no score caps on a power play marcus johan sen out to johno karl son for the score.on for ts and then later in the thirdrd johan sen with a steal skates up the right side, he finds he d jay beagle who finds the net. te final seconds of the game g braden holtby with anotherno
4:52 am
then the buzzer goes off. go it's all over. caps win two to zip.oip >> sacrificing as much as they can and holt center city right where he needed to be. excited. playoff. it's a meaningful hockey game. m we played these games to getames in this position and we earnednd home ice and we want to trye way and keep it.d ke >> round one of the stanleytanly cup playoffs continuesoffs contu tomorrow night at the verizonon center.ceer the puck drops at 7:00 p.m. at p >> the nationals got theot brooms out sweeping the sweepint winless braves during a a matinee yesterday. yesterday. bryce harper sitting on 99er clear home runs but not for n f long. bottom third with the baseshird loaded grand slam to the upper deck. now that's how you get yourr 100th home run. r and if you can belief thisa the first grand slam of hisand o oh, my goodness, the nats win six to two. t. okay, looking legit more mor and more every day. >> 99 homers then you add one. >> how long did ita
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come up with that one. >> just like that.d >> jt. >> quick on his os baseball and hockey not h the only sports getting a lotng of buzz. redskins 2016 schedule is out. t >> that's when people start looking at schedules an. week one september 12th home2th opener against the steelers. that's on monday. monda following sunday they host the cowboys.wb october 2nd rg iii and thend browns. >> now that i want to watch. >> october 30th the bengals at wembley stadium in london 9:30dn in the morning is the time forer that one.. november 20th sunday night ath g home against the packers. thanksgiving in dallas december 19th.9th. their second home monday nightot game against the carolina panthers and the season finale n new year's day against the new w york giants. giant >> all right. how do,,.w >> i have no idea. i >> i'm looking forward to therdo game against rg iii and i think he's going to be like
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>> if he's playing. i he's got to be on the field.thee >> let me move on.>> l this friday we have a special prehistoric give away special si because it's jurassic stylec s fun for the whole family ande you can only enter onwhn facebook. >> you could win four ticketsin to see discover the dinosaursinu unleashed at the washingtond at convention center on youron choice of saturda cy april 23rdr or sunday april 24th.pril4 the to enter for a chance to ch win go to our facebook page at fox5 d.c. between f nooxw and 11:59. 159 five winners will be selectede e by random drawing on april 18th. each prize has an approximatepri retail value of $120 provided by discover the dinosaurs unleashed.unle >> ♪ >> we've got a really exciting amorning here at fox5. a it is the kickoff to our fox5 f rocks spring concert series.ertr you're listening to d.c.'s hometown band sound of the city. they're performing their brand a new song run. r you can catch them live in le person for free in just a
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square park. >> music starts at 9:00 but but maureen and holly they're going to be down there at 7:00 0 to set the scene.ce >> bring coffee. coffe >> warm things up. warm ings we'll also hear from the bandr b in the 8 o'clock h you can find more informationman about the band our concert series on >> ♪ >> all right. with that in mind let's talkinl about that concert first.cert fr one of the events going onng this weekend.. we, of courses, hope to see toee everybody down there, hollyre, l and maureen do. coffee and doughnuts, why not. fox5 springs concert seriesgs cs first of threere we're going have here and this morning actually a beautiful day foray f it but a little bit on the bit cool side. sid 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.:00 a temperatures around 53 degreesgs so maybe a light to mediumed jacket out there as you head yoa down but lots of sunshine. sshin it will be a great morning forng the concert.the conc sound of the city he is going g to be fantastic.fa please do head down and see us. us. mostly sunny skies today,un 65 degrees. temperatures head through thenye 60's and into the 70's b
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end of the weekend and we get an 80-degree day in there onay n monday. we have a cold front comecold through dry later on monday knocking temperatures back into the 60's by wednesday but then right back any other midac 70's we go for next thursday. t all right, that's a check of the forecast.ort. erin has a check of the roads. >> 4:56 right now and we'rend w going to start you off with a yh look at our airport travel.ra plenty of green on the map on o the way to bwi. no problems on the way toay to reagan or dulles. dul 66 looking good problem freeblee in tysons. 95 moving very nicely as youelas make your way to theo springfield interchange and 50 d inbound is also cruising alongia as we take a closer look therere moving welly from three to thero beltway. once you get to the beltway, inside you're moving alongov a just past kenilworth withouth wo any issues.ue new york avenue inbound.nbou same story by florida.lo like what i'm seeing on our o o secondaries in the district.he . heading out in annapolis aap notice all the green as you flow through 50, you're not're n going to hit those usual congested zones.este same story on the outer loop o this morning. metro service starts in just a fen w minutes. they don't have any reportedavye delays yet for this fridayri
4:57 am
doesn't seem like it will bet wb an impact for our morning 270 as you head from frederick down to the spur cruising c along and our secondaries indaes new carrolton bowie this t morning silver spring bethesda all looking really good. g i have you covered if and whennd any of that changes but so farur i think i need another cup off coffee. back to you guys. >> ♪>> >> 4:57 is the time.>> 4 still ahead, stuck on metro on o a train for an hour. hou we're going to tell you whatelly the transit agency says wentay wrong in a live report afterortf the >> but first a quick check on ck the stock market. mke asian stocks lower today whileks european stocks are mixed. ltock u.s. futures are down this morning. we're back after this.
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kids: he came here from rocky married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do.
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kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> ahead at 5:00 a young maryland state troop5 erer fighting for his life thisis he was lit in a chain reaction o crash. reaction from a witness who stayed on the scene to help. >> plus, another headache for metro. a train gets stuck in a tunnelck while all passengers wereers w evacuated still a lot of questions remain this morning. morning >> it is 5 o'clock, people. ppl good morning to you. t y it is friday and it's a goodd looking friday.gri >> yes, it is.>> yes, it i going to feel good, too. t >> that's right.harigh >> that's your cue, mikee, me thomas.


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