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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  April 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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tunnel. it was a frightening realityli for dozens of metro passengers g but this morning does theg do te transit agency know whatat happened? >> also the fireworks fly atlyt tie democratic presidentialra debate last night. night they squared off in new york. of we'll take a look at thek the heated exchanges ahead of the oe crucial primary.cruc >> first, though, how about a live look outsi, de? it is i is friday morning.friday morni it's april 15th, weather andth a traffic coming up on the 5s up e at 6:05.:0 good friday up to i'm fri allison seymour.daliso >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m ste welcome to fox5 news c morning.g it will be a great weekend. wee. we'll check in with tucker.uc first >> we begin with breaking newsas out of the district. t distr a man unfortunately startingtaig with this news stabbed to t death in the distribute earlyis this morning. police called to the 4400 block of livingston roadin around 1:30 this morning.orng that's where they found thefoun victim stabbed and side of abb no word on a suspect nor a n motive nor the victim'sictim' identity.identi >> other news a maryland statene trooper still fighting for hisis life this morning after an an accident on the beltway.e belty this happened on the outer the loop near 450 in lanham.
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trooper ezra ganeshananda washaa injured in that accident. accid. he's currently listed in critical condition.dition investigators say the trooperthp was parked on the shoulder in i an unmarked patrol vehiclepa investigating another accidentgn when a car smashed into thee trooper's car sparking a chainga reaction crash involv involvingt other vehicles. the man charged in the drunk driving accident that killed officer leotta. reluzco he could face theace t maximum sentence of 10 years10 s in prison for vehicular manslaughter. >> happening today, a statusta hearing will be held for a former prince george's countyge school aide in the schoolide system accused of filming and engaging in sexual acts with 22-year-old deonte carrawayarraa has plead not guilty to these t crimes. the federal case includes 13ncl3 charges covering1
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carraway's victims. if convicted, he faces up to 30 years in prison for each eac charge.arge. also today, another issueots for metro.etro the agency trying to figure fige out what caused a train to get stuck in the >> happened between foggy bottom and rosslyn yesterday.rd melanie alnwick live with thisit story. good morning.good the good thing is nobody was w as you mentionedju certainly a a very serious incident the kind of thing you just hope never ner happens when you're ridingre rid metro and i'm sure metro he hopes never would happenap again. and as we know the timing heregr just absolutely could not have been worse as metro is going to congress asking for more so, stranded passengers endederd up having to walk through twohrh trains to finally reach the platform after a long and a distressing wait undergroundergr thursday afternoon, their, their train with the new 7,000 series rail cars suddenly stopped as it was going under ud the potomac river.otomiver now, passengers told fox5 t
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it lurched a few times and fewis then the train just went dark. the first rescue train boughtouh in apparently couldn't hook up properly to the disabled traindr so then a second train had to t be offloaded and then moved into the theront. some passengers saying they'rey' starting to lose faith infaith metro. metr >> it was scary just sitting sit under a tunnel with nothing,othg no service, can't call nobody n or nothing.othing. metro need to get their stuffff together. >> say no to metro. >> reporter: you're notou going to ride any?ny >> no. i haven't done it in awhile awhl and that was -- to be on ae o brand new car. >> reporter: this came as wee know one day after metro leadership was called into a c congressional oversight overs hearing regarding metro's safety and reliability and and board chairman jack evans told l the congress that the systemss t needs more money.s moon now, as for yesterday'sesterdays incident we do not know yetw ye what caused that bluelineel train to lose power but we do do know that new general
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paul wiedefeld said that theree are systemic issues with track k and power problems throughout metro, something that they'rengt trying to diagnose and fix. fix live in rosslyn, i'm melanie mee alnwick, fox5 local news. new >> mel, thanks very much.ry let's get to the campaign mc trail.ampa big night in new york.t hillary clinton and berniernie sanders squaring off in brooklyn five days before thedaf primary in new york, one of new, the most contentious democratic debates so far. and their first since sandersine said clinton was not qualifiedud to be b >> does secretary clinton havech the experience and intelligence to be president,ret of course she does that but ie t do question her judgment. judgm. i question a judgment whichent voted for the war in iraq.the >> well, the people of new york voted for me twice to be b their senator from new york, and president obama trusted myrd judgment enough to ask me toe be secretary of state. state >> in a new fox poll americansen were asked who has the integrity to be president. 70 percent said sanders
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48 percent said the same ofhe se hillary clinton. >> there is some good news for governor john kasich he pickedhe up a very key endorsementment ahead of new york's primary. form new york governor georgenoe pataki says he's throwing hisini support behind him he saysbehi he's the only candidate whodi w can easily beat hillaryy clinton this november. >> bad news and some good newsao for donald trump.r nald the bad hundreds of anti-trump protestors rallied in manhattan last night.tan there you can see the view from high the protests came as trump tru along with ted cruz and johnnd h kasich were there to speak at a gop gala.a go >> now for the good news. the ge charges against his campaign manager have been dropped. dropd he will not be prosecuted foror allegedly assaulting a female fl reporter last movementovem yesterday authorities in i florida concludeed there wasn't enough evidence to convictnc him.m. >> 6:05. let's get a look at weatherr and traffic on the 5's.fic man, i'll tell you what, it is i looking like it's going to g t shape up to be a beautiful weekend.end ladies and nt
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barnes. barnes. >> am i presenterrable?pres >> you are. >> good enough. >> all right, belt. yes, i'm good g r to go. making sure everything is there. hi, good morning. >> good morning. good morn do you have breaking weathere br news or something? >> yes. it's now down to 42 degrees --s 45. >> it says 46. 4 >> shall we average them? the >> now it's down to 45, steve. >> and 46: depending on whichhi part of the screen you lookn yol at. obviously the weather forecastec is an easy one.ason i'm just putting my final m fin touches on some final birthdaylh gifts for the birthday girl.y >> 66 for a high. >> exactly. that's what i'm working on. 32 culpeper.ulpepe yes, it is chilly out there. t jacket just like the last las couple mornings, little coolning to start the day. start t mihed 60's for afternoon highs.g yesterday worked out beautifully.beautifull >> worked out like a >> gorgeous afternoon.fton weekend looks fantastic.d lo still looking the the warmup. wu still looking at 80 degrees byeb monday of next week. so, today 65 into the 70's. certain
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right around 80 degrees byy monday.ay. lots of sunshine thisine afternoon. steve, happy hour, whatever --t you know, wherever life may may take you whether willl cooperate. >> wow, thats ts >> nice and a word of wisdom. >> super deep, isn't it? i'm i' going to have to think aboutnk a that. th let me pause while erin tells tl us about traffic and i'll let that sync that.c that. >> you'll have plenty to talkal about because i have a lot toot talk about. about skyfox over connecticut avenueia southbound. dealing with a car into a a cari house.nt you can see that white vehicleee that hit that outside rightouts side that of home right there.. connecticut southbound between aspen hill and randolph road.oa more police arriving at thatt location.loca pretty big scene.ty b we don't have any reportedepd injuries right now.ow but we will certainly keep you u updated.upda again, a car into a house thisou morning right off connecticutcot southbound. let's go ahead and switch itnd t over. we have some other delays this d morning as well as accidents and metro updates to get to so o we'll take a look at our mapsurp right now if we can pull those up. crash activity field cresty road west of 108 in montgomerynt county as well and then a hitn h and run crash on the outer theer loop a
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blocking the shoulder rightulde now. i'll let you know if it causestu any major slowdowns and moreor metro updates for you. unscheduled track work has us single tracking on the redhe line between van ness anden van dupont circle.dupontircl scheduled track work on theacor yellow and green line betweenwe college park and greenbelt mayet delay us as well.s wl. so please give yourself extraf t time if you're taking any ofyf those three metro lines this morning. blue and silver and orangeng still on time this morning.ornig and then we also have delays dey building eastern to pennsylvania, 295 southbound as usual. usu same story 95 northbound asnort you head through newington. back to you.oou >> erin thanks. erinnks. caps waking up with momentumtu heading into tomorrow night'som game. two against the flyers tookk care of business last nighteslat beating philly two-nothing in in game one of the stanley cup cup playoffs.playoffs. carlson and beagle scored. score braden holtby stopped 177 shots. that's key because the defensese only allowed 17 shots. game two tomorrow night atht verizon center 7 o'clock. take a live look right now n it's something else we're very excited about this morning. mori the stage is se
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>> i do.>> you are the >> it's a kickoff if our fox5 f rocks spring concert hours conct away from hearing d.c.'s hometown band sound of the city performing their brandheird new song called run.led r you can catch them live inm livn person for free.person for f just led on down, say hi top everybody at farragut square faa music starts at 9:00 thist 9:0is morning. >> holly morris, maureenmo umeh will be down starting at 7:00. 0 we'll also hear from the band b in the 8 o'clock how many youanu can find more information about the band and our concertot series in its totality on >> very cool.>> still to come here on fox5, it w cas a high profile pe murder back in the 1960's. >> so, coming up why a former fr charles man son follower is aso step closer to being a free woman.
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>> in japan rescue operationsja under way after a magnitude mag 6.5 earthquake killed flynn people. rescue of an eight month oldt mh baby caught on camera pullederap from under the dozens ofs of collapsed homes. h several aftershocks have been reported. >> north korea's attemptedea att launch of an intermediatenmediat range ballistic missile hassi failed. according to a south korean soua news ay. the failed launch appeared to ar be a missile with a range of more
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u.s. military detected and traction the missile launchissil yesterday but the defensethe fes department said the missile them did not pose a threat to northhn america. the failed launch followsh f north korea's fourth nuclearko test in januarery and a longg range rocket launch.. >> today boston will mark the wk third anniversary of thesary of marathon bombings with special remembrances. last year boston's mayorayor declared april 15th, 1 bostonos day a new tradition to honor to the city's resilience and a spread goodwill.spread later this morning survivors m and victims' families will w gather at the marathon finish line for a wreath laying wreat ceremony. the boston marathon will be onwb monday. monday. >> a former charles man sonarle follower is one step closer tosl being a free woman thise woma morning. a california panel recommended parole for lesli leslie leslie n wisdom martin joins us now inow looks like -- in the studio with more in the loft.he l go
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>> good morning to you.d mo this is a story that has a lotah of people talking.. leslie van houghton was 19 was years old when she participated in the murders of the low biancos in 1969. 1 she was convicted of firstf degree murder and sentenced tond life in prison and since theninh she's been denied parole 1919 times. ti her lawyer says his client was stunned and numb when she heard that she might be paroled.le five is lope full that i california governor jerry jer brown will be sympathetic to van houghton. >> this governor has been courageous.cour he's changed the parole systemoe before he came in office, the te parole system did not workot inmates had to be released through the courts. crt and what he's done has worked. >> if her parole is approvedpp by an advisory board governor gr brown will have just 30 days day to give his approval.pprol. meanwhile van houghton's lawyer says his client has been denied
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times because of herti association with charles manatio son but people should considerle all the good she's done during her time in prison. in as for the victim's family low bianco's son cannot agree withah the parole ruling and his ring n father will "never be paroled."pale back to you.backo >> wisdom powerful words. w >> tuition costs for one virginia university going up. gi we'll tell you which one one coming up.mi >> a live look outside as wes we take you to break. b friday morning.ning. emancipation day in the city.ti weather and traffic on the 5's next.
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>> look at that white car.not sp launch. jumped up over there near that a house and this is southboundouud connecticut avenue betweent avet aspen hill road and randolph ran road so just a heads up. partially residential area butra you could see connecticutcould t avenue there in the lower left r of the screen so at this point t we are going to keep a close cse eye see if there's any traffic'a impact. impact erin is all over this storyhis y but that car ended up notp not where it's supposed to be. supp
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impacts any of your travelour t this morning.this mor tuck is here to let us know about the weather. weather. what's going on with then with t weather. >> totally cooperating.otal it's a little cool but there'sut your big headline. hdl fantastic spring weekend.asti it's going to be absolutelybs glorious around here not onlyunt later this afternoon but bothern saturday and sunday featuringea great weather.wea cool again, cold again northin and west.d we're doing freezingwe're g temperatures or close to it.. manassas 32 degrees. 32 de 34 in frederick this morning, mr 35 martinsburg, 37 for you in winchester. 45 here in the city. we're a little warmer.'ra li 42 out in annapolis.ol 34 good morning leonardtown leoa but much of the area waking upag to numbers in the 30's and of ao course we have another frost ano advisory off to the north andthd west this morning.west getting used to those.tting uset that is a quiet weather really not much has changedhas d from yesterday.from high pressure to our north. absolutely gorgeous weather ggeu boston, new york, d.c., really y getting down into thedo carolinas looks great, out towards chicago got clears chag skies. this will be the rule for the te weekend. we so, high pressure will, hi generally remain overhead or in our neighborhood and reallyly hold back
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shower activity until sometime well into next week.ll i mean, it's a pattern herern that's very, very quiet. up are 60's by tomorrow. t this is our weekend setup. today with that northeasterlyora breeze for our friday o afternoon we'll be in the midwei 60's and then upper 60's uer tomorrow the well into the 70's around here by sunday and y i think it's certainly certain possible by monday we could do 80 degrees.80 d so, get ready for just a glorious streak of weathereak w here. don't forget about our concertur this morning, fox5 rocks. morng bring a jacket if you're headed out to it. t i upper 60's tomorrow, low 70's sunday, 80 on monday and theny d we are just fully into spring. s look at next week. w even next tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, right about a where we want to be up aree up 60's and low 70's. great time of year except force the pollen, right, erin? >> tucker, my left eye was like almost swollen shut when s i woke up this morning.woke >> oh, i'm sorry. oh, >> allergy problems.robl i need a bubble. bub right now let's take a look at o skyfox. this crash is on connecticuton t avenue
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car into a went off the road there. t this is at well erodel specifically between aspeneten p hill and randolph moredolph specific location there for you. police are on location andatn that looks like a few other othr witnesses have pulled over so oe we're working on gathering gathg more information. no reported injuries relatedesel in this crash but we'll certainly keep you updated.y keu aside from that let's switcht' things over for our maps. m crash activity field crest road west of 108 in montgomeryno county. and then a hit and run crash, c a vehicle struck by a car thatt fled the scene outer looper loo after cabin john parkway.kway not causing any major slowdowns.down scenes blocking a shoulder.ckin red line no longer singlegl tracking between van ness andwen dupont but residual delaysl d are lingering and the yellow y and green line are stillre s single tracking betweenet college park and greenbelt so that could cause someat additional delays for your c metro ride.tro re. aside from that, we have usualhu congestion 95 on theco northbound side as you head upia from stafford trying to get into newington this morning. 66 eastbound also backs up as aa you make your way int into
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of your friday morning trafficog conditions. allison. >> erin thank you. the national park serviceer meets a critical deadline thatit could impact your futuree commute. commut late last night it submitted sut an application for a major grant to help fund the rehabilitation of the ever er important to commuters aroundron here memorial bridge. there had been a concern thed bn application was not going ton be stronwag enough to gainnougho congressional support and thatio still remains to be seen.narema thein bridge needs about $250 million in repairs toepai keep it opened to vehicles. vehc >> a different d.c. landmarkren will begin renovation todayio t just a few hours from now a n crane will begin removing someon of the stones damaged in thetone 2011 earthquake from thee national cathedral.hedral the second stage of renovationio will cost about $2 million.millo it will focus on repairs to rept the exterior of the building.uid experts say a full restoration n of the capitol, though, couldap take more than a decade andit would coste th about $22 million to complete. complete. >> the cost to go to theto go university of virginia isv going up. goin
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will be raised but not by as much as previously thought. thot the university says tuitionsityu will be increased by b 1.5 percent instead off 3 percent. the university says state funds helped the priceri increase go down. >> would you like fries withth that? coming up we'll telle'llt you about a fast food restaurant that will considerl s all you can eat fries. f >> that puts you in a good mood. mo >> we heard of texting while driving.dr how about likeiv texting whileni watching a movie.. one theater companyater company considering having a space for moviegoers to text. we'll tell you about it. how do you feel about it? next.
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i don't believe that big money can buy votes -- not in our district. and i won't claim to have single handily passed just about every bill in annapolis. we can't settle for the same old politics, not when our basic rights are being threatened by trump and cruz. i'll stand up to their bigotry and be a passionate voice for maryland women and families. in tv and in business, i built relationships. as a woman in the house, i'll do the same to get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message. >> 6:22 right now.>> time for our business beat.ur text while movie b watchingg really? would you like more fries with in? would you likeno to check the markets? we have h answers to all of theseers questions for lauren simonetti joins us from f fox business network. net let's start with the marketsar m
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yes, yes and yes. yes and y >> i lover the thee. it's friday so it's win, win win today. to >> reporter: the market upter: t 2 percent this week, really wll strong week. the dow is 74 points shy ofy of that 18,000 levelly i want tolea see it already.e it alrea i'm sick of talking about it.g o we have a big oil meeting ontino we'll see what happens withappew oil production numbers from f some of the big energyg energ producers out there if they decide to freeze production fre that's a big's a b it could move the price of oilfo up which means gas pricesasri you're paying will go up as well. well. >> lauren i remember back ini re the day you had your hat. hat is your celebratory hat for 17,000 or 18,000. or 18,0 >> reporter: for eachorte for milestone. i have several.eval i have 12,000 a-13 a-14 a-15, a1 17 and an 18 so i have whip out the 18 hat. h >> let's talk other things.k oth texting at the movies.ov a lot of people say that's a tt' no go. most theaters say don't even do it, you watch little littl trailers and they're likey're don't talk, don't talk on the phone, don't text. d >> reporter: right.
6:24 am
>> reporter: mill len yellster: are tethered to their phones.hoe try taking a phone away from a millennial. ain't going to a the new headto of amc entertainme ant says he'h considering letting folks usese their devices during the movie.vie. okay. it will please the millennialsns maybe but most certainly annoyta everybody else sitting in the theater. i say two things. number one, separate area liketk completely take the textershe t and just put them in one sideond of the theater and put like a l wall around them so you can't c see the lights of their phones and number two, how are you a y going prevent anybody who hasboo a device that's allowed to be out in the opened not to film fm the movie and then, you know, ko pirate it. >> that's a good point for allad the bootlegging that goes onoes out there. the i may have had to accidentallyil sneak in an emergency texten t every once in awhile in ailin theater. >> reporter: of course. >> but my point is the movie -- itef the movie is good enough why would i want to betoe distracted to text? i shouldho just be watching the movieheov right. >> reporter: and the whole point of a movie is to relax
6:25 am
little >> escape. >> reporter: to unwind.r: tonwin terrible idea. but i do -- he has a good idea i this new ceo. toying with the food at the movie theater. >> what are we going do withoini the food. >> reporter: i don't knowte but --r: t >> changing it up.>> >> reporter: instead of the inso typical hot dogs pizza which piw you're lucky to find some some theaters but they're usuallyresu not that g he's toying with more exciting options.. >> maybe a restroom break halfway through the theater. tat hit a pause butter >> reporter: intermission. >> it would be nice. speaking of food, a lot of folks they still no mattero mate what you do to the menu att mcdonald's don't mess with messi the fries. leave them the way they are t manyhe people lover the fries.r. >> reporter: hands down,or hands down mckee d's has the best french they really do.they there its my opinion.y opinion. i know a lot of people will agree with me. if you disagree let me but now mcdonald's that'ss tt' about to open this is a future conceptual type of store in sren missouri will sell unlimitednl french fries, all you can eat ce french fries in addition to to coffee kiosks, build your own u
6:26 am
customizable desert menu as well. ll mickey d's changing somethingmen every day to get the people g te back in. >> you got to evolve at someatom point. po the health advocates probablydvt not going to love it but ifut you got that fixing for fries f you'll be in heaven.u' >> reporter: i would love love toppings for the fries likeor tf build your own french fry platter. >> now we're ton lauren yesterday we had a hugerd surprise birthday celebration for allison, her 50thayda her0t birthday. it was a party. we wish you would have beenav here for it but we know you it u couldn't because you were't b celebrating your own so happywny birthday to you lauren. >> reporter: i was. rep >> happy birthday. >> reporter: thank you. and to yteou, too, allison. okay, how does it feel? that's a big's >> that's a big number.s a big . >> reporter: that's a roundr: t one. >> lauren -- it's going tore come over.n i hit it tomorrow so that was the preparty.rt i'll let you know on monday. moa >> reporter: april 16th,il6t okay. happy early birthday to you.y ty >> and happy birthday -- happy belated to you. >> reporter: yay!>> i hit a number i didn't l rike,, also. [laughter] >> have a great weekend.
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>> allison you're burying theour lead. isn't today your weddingtoy yo anniversary as well.y as wl. >> today is my wedding anniversary. >> what a weekend. w >> i know. it's like really exciting.xcitg. i'm exhausted first of all.ustel >> this is big.>> 45 right now.45 right n we'll be in the mid 60's thiss h afternoon. lots of sunshine.lo forecast is a nice easy one ey throughout the week. nice warmup for the weekend as s well. there's a quick look at yourk lo satellite and radar.tellite and clear skies, gorgeous day andy >> your job is easy. >> how you doing erin. e >> right now we have a lot of delays and big problems withblm skyfox. they're over connecticutover c avenue southbound.av car off the road into a house. connecticut southbound at wellud erode. this is between aspen hill and randolph.. service road is affected but metrobus alerting riders if you're traveling intorae friendship heights you may and h counter some delays because ofei this crashel scenely big policel presence at this location as at well. working on more details. det the rest of your inboundnb routes are jam, up as well. we'll take a closer look atroo that as we continue.e cti we'll be back in just a few aew minutes.minutes. >> ♪ >>
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make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $3.99, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $3.99 today. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> welcome back. what a scene right there. i want you to look to yource tot upper left on the screen. see you see a white car that is c t actually in someone's yardd there. th skyfox giving us a bird's eyeg r view. this is a service road next toeo connecticut avenue. the area is connecticut avenueve between randolph road andph roa aspen hill road in aspen hill, sort of the aspen hill ' area. . that car went right into thattot yard.yard. fortunately it did not hit theit house. no word on any i
6:31 am
from perhaps the driver or passengers but it looks likegers the car is just sort of sitting there. the erin will have more. metrobus did let us know that it might be some delays.e somla erin will have more on thate o for you but quite the sceneite e there. exactly what you don't want to t see on a friday morning when moe you look out of your homee window. d meantime 6:31 and what a night for the caps.r th they rocked out and shut outut the flyers. fly coming up we're going to talkgot to the sports junkies about game one in the playoffs. plaff and let's get to some newsoe now. of course we'll have weatherwe and traffic coming up for here's a look at our topur top stories though this hour.sou a man stabbed to death in the i district early this morning.s mi police were called to the 4400 0 block of livingston roadgs around 1:30 this morning.orni now that's where they foundre the victim stabbed unside of aio residence there.nce tre no word yet on a suspect nor spt an identity of the victim or a motive.motive. a maryland state troopermara is fighting for his life this l morning after a terrible wreckek on the beltway. this happened yesterday
6:32 am
near 450 in lanham.anha police trooper ezra ganeshananda was injured innjur that accident. accid he is currently listed in critical condition. our well wishes are with himreit today. today metro is trying to figure out what caused a train to get stuck in the tunnel.unne. it happened between foggy bottom and rosslyn yesterdaynd afternoon. about 200 riders were on board a the blueline train.nerain no one was hurt but thetut incident had an impact on service. the disabled train was a brand d new 7,000 series model. mel steve, over to you. >> all right, let's get toight, those sports headlines witheadls the morning line.the caps knocked out the flyers inct game let's check in with ours friends thech sports junkiesun 106.7 f.m. the fan.the fan good morning,, >> 15 more wins to get thatetha stanley steve.y steve. >> got to get them one at athema time. i was watching that last night and i'm not going to lie the first period i was like man lik they're stuck in their own endwd the whole time, they're not being too aggressive, feels like they're kind of trapped.d a what a shout outto the did he te first only allowing 17 s
6:33 am
in the game. >> they were fantastic on the fo penalty you talked about that earlierutr and then they really kind ofkinf suffocated them the next twotwo periods. flyers end up zero for four on u the power play. p the caps were one for six and that was the difference.fe and we talked about it abo earlier, when you're not asnot deep and as talented as the washington capitals are, what a do you have to resort to? youto have to be chippy, you have toph be instigat instigators.tiga we saw big hit by ovie on couture. he's knocked out for the restut of the series with a sprained sd ac joint. you saw tom wilson drop the gloves against wayne simmonds when simmonds went in and hadndh an issue with a tom wilsonilso hit. both of those guys thrown offrof ice. i think it's going to beit chippy and physicalnd throughout. you'll see more of it in game mr two. >> the injury to the flyersnjurt player is huge because they'reee not very explosive as it issive and 33 lose one of their topir two or three players that's arss big loss to the flyers. f >> i think steve it was just sta important to get off on the offn right foot, righ
6:34 am
first win under your belt you particularly the way the last te month of the season went. the caps weren't playing for aei lot. i was a little nervous.tle man, maybe this first playoffrs game, that playoff atmosphere as might kind of take them bym surprise. they were ready for it. w i terhink the better team won.on as jp said 15 more. we'll take them one at a time.aa 15 more. >> i will take that trade-offe-f of losing willie every game if m he can get simmonds off thes off ice as well i think we win thine that battle just by getting simmonds off the ice. >> interestingly those guysly t worked out together in the offon season and they're just j throwing vicious punches at v each other on the ice. the ice. >> well you know what thatell means, they need to go again g a now to settle this one because -- get them both off of there. t cakes rocking the caps t gear. aaron you've got the nats hat on. i turned to the game in time and he nailed it.ed i >> this guy is just playing atit the peek of his powers right now and sometimes i thinkimes it ab
6:35 am
and a half ago we kind ofki wondered is he ever going to ise reach his potential? is he? ever going to be a guy thatoing gets injured all the time and te be one of those kind of pretty good guys that never really rea becomes that superstar we thought. bryce harper right now iss playing at a superstar level. he's picking up right where hege left off last season. s >> eighth youngest player toh ye reach a hundstred home runs in major league history. h we got to give our shout-out for dave jagler he said bryceaie has never hit a grand now would be a perfecterfect opportunity.oppo two seconds later crack of there bat, ball over the fence and tha bryce is rounding the bases. bas he missed first >> i said the same thing buttheg you couldn't hear me from my couch when i was saying it. man is he a great guy to dot guo it. >> right, right. >> nailed it. >> didn't he break a light or something. >> he broke the scorereboard. s. >> so cool. so c >> like roy hobbs did, heike broke the lights in the natural. natura >> it's amazing and when you
6:36 am
look at that, eighth fastesththa to get a hundred, hall off famers on that list in prettyre good company he if he can keep this career going.r going >> absolutely. >> enjoy the thanks as always.s alw we'll hopefully have a coupleou more cans wins to talk about t on monday.o >> hope so.op >> they play they needed that last night. nig >> i was a little nervousittle e after the first period. i know you guys just talkeds jue about it but --abou but >> good way to start.o start >> i got a good stanley cupup feeling.eling. >> hope so. >> yeah. >> one game at a time. >> that's right. >> all right, one day at a time weather-wise. we're looking chilly againchil this morning but i just wentt w out to my car. m c >> you did? >> yes. just went to the will to get a couple things i wp had forgole ttten and it's chili out there. might want a m wan jacket. ja 30's currently north and west. w 45 in the city.45the 34 in mid 60's. 60's. sunshine, beautiful friday, fri, absolutely gorgeous fridayous with winds out of the northds o and east so it will feel a lotot like yesterday, even a few e a w degrees warmer than yesterday afternoon and we are still set s up for a gorgeous beautiful,eaul have to find the right wordig w for it, weekend with
6:37 am
80 perhaps by monday. >> splendiferous comes to mind mind. >> if i could spell it.f i uld >> if it actual were a word.d. >> thanks. >> i'll have the seven day. sen >> check in with erin. e lot of stuff going out on the roads. >> skyfox over aspen hill.en h this is connecticut avenueicut e southbound. that white vehicle that is off the road actually hit that side of the house there.the hous this is right near well erode e at that service road is completelyomplet blocked by police activity andby investigation. p traffic is slowing just a bit on the southbound side oflohe s cobonnecticut so watch for metrobus delays as you head towards friendship heights this morning. we'll let you know as soon as that sceknne clears but again connecticut avenue southboundcu out by -- well erode exactly. et we'll switch it over for al swif look at our maps. crash field crest road west of o 108. outer loop jammed newr lo hampshire to georgia, 30 milesi0 per hour as you make your wayeor out in montgomery county. an overturned car. this is
6:38 am
awdl lane. lan in northeast right now 295 n 2 south typical delays eastern to pennsylvania.ennsylvani suit happened parkway outbound near first sterling avenueir right lane blocked withst a a crash causing delays. branch avenue northbound ave crash just before the back to you. >> thanks erin. it's 6:38 right now. rig the president will be headed hea to howard university soon.owar we'll tell you why coming up. >> all righty. stay with us.
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
>> ♪ >> welcome we are talking about what ist trending other web on this web n friday morning. let's take a look at theook stories that you're engaging yog with the mosint on social mediad with our realtime news tracker. does it sound fancy? uh-huh,d it is. first up, a specialfa treat forr students graduating fromg fro howard university this president barack obama willt ba deliver the keynote address at their commencement ceremony.mmen the university made theiv announcement the president will alsontiden receive an honorary doctor of laws degree from howard.m hard. at another university anothe questions about changing a uniform for the first time in nearly 175 years.ea this after a request from an incoming muslim student thattudt she be allowed to wear a hijab.hija and finally, is that tha messy? the search for the lockness monster has taken a a turn. according to the bbc an under water robot coloring the lochoch dis
6:42 am
prop from a lochness monsteresmo film. fi not a real nessy. nsy is there one. >> let's ask tucker.uc >> the script did say not they t real nessy. >> i've heard monsters but it bi could be more than >> it was a movie let the record show that the swh president has already spokensn at hampton university years ago. ago. but congratulations.coul >> because there's noause t's n competition between the two t schools whatsoever.ols >> not at all. over to you.. >> thanks, al. tha >> 6:42 right now.>>2 ri coming up we're going to say aloha to our good friend kevinvn mccarthy. we're going to say a few other o choice words that you're not you going to hear but niece hawaii i without us.wiout he's going to give us a sneaks s peek and reviews of somef movies that are about to hitaboh theaters and a reminder before we head to break if you have ae news tip share it. call (202) 895-3000 or e-mail ei address fox5 tips at . what was your me
6:43 am
kevin, al? we'll talk about it during the break.
6:44 am
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>> we're getting ready forre g some music today and here's andr what's important for everybodyoa who is watching right now. >> dish, steve.teve >> see that was green space inna front of the stage? it'sof t empty right now. >> yeah. >> great spot to fill up don'tto you think, like a lot of people, some fox5 fans, fans of the band sound of the city. >> fans of good >> it's a free show.s free starts at 9 o'clock thisck
6:46 am
we'll have updates, give youesvu plenty of time to get downow there but then again it's free music.. holly and maureen are down d there. fox5 concert series. >> weather couldn't be better.o' it's a little t chilly but ity t will be fine. f temperatures in the >> ready for a great weekend.orw >> yes. >> i know you are.>> i >> she's going to have a greatng weekend no matter what.tter w >> i won't forget about you.. are you ready for a great weekend, too., t >> i need the weather not my birthday.ay. >> or anniversary.iversa >> bus stop forecast, hey,, 30's out there in fact, lowac 30's north and west with 45 here in the city. c here's what you want to see.nt e after school, bright sunshine an beautiful looking afternoonfr with temperatures in the mid 60's later today and we aree again, we're setting up fortip just what will be a great a g looking weekend. wke any outdoor plans, go for it.t. the only exception if you're a pollen sufferer, it's any it's n other going to be great forgo thatut
6:47 am
high. 45 now in washington.asngto 42 in annapolis. annapol those are our warm spots butpo t look at the 30's again off toe the west and andorth i mean, these numbers areum actually up a little bit fromttm where they were yesterday.ey w 37 out at dulles. duls. 34 in frederick.deri but still below freezing there in manassas and we're just 32ane this morning in culpeper.ulpe the satellite and radar isr s extremely quiet. love this time of year.s time y we always get a couple week inee the spring which are close tog h perfect and that's what we'red s going to get for the next the nt several days. in fact looking into theact loon mig ddle of next week thingskhi look nice and dry with a noticeable warming trendarming t around here so again, we'll be in the mid 60's today.od up are 60's tomorrow. tomor and then 70 or better as thiss area of high pressure kind of gets south of us as we get into the weekend we're goingkeeg to really be able to pumpo pump those temps up. notice in our futurecast howr fu the system is going to have toet steer up and around that area ae of high pressure so that'ses going to keep things nice andicd dry, just sort of a blocking blg mechanism here on the eastism coast and that is the result,esl you like that special effect, ef that is the result -- see -- s sorry, its friday., its frida i'm losing my
6:48 am
65 today. 68 tomorrow.orrow. 72 sunday. and 80 degrees on monday. mda 80 here on monday. let's see he if we can -- oh, bonus, okay, excellent i'mlyleni going to get oft way and let w d erin do traffic. traic house it looking >> i know i abuse the purposes e of having that little bell butl when you said 80 i felt liket l it needed a little pop of something. skyfox over 270 taking ave rolling shot. traffic looking pretty goodtty g from frederick on down.n. a little bit of congestion bystn the truck scales and as youk als head down towards the spur the r pretty opened right now as youn pass through rockville.ockville i'll keep you posted on that. t let's switch it over from thatoa beautiful shot from skyfox,ky show you a wide view of ourviewu area.area. 395 inbound from the beltway thl on up past about edsall you'rea' dealing with some a little bit of a slow zone zon across the wilson bridge onon the inner loop.the we have a crash five inboundenb just before the beltway so s watch out for that one and 295 typical slow moving traffic asnf you make your way past w pas burroughs avenue.rrs aven 95 to
6:49 am
hour. 95 southbound actually really rl nice shape as you head downyou w from the icc to the inner loop l and bw parkway just a touch ofch stop-and-go traffic on thegoraft southbound side by 197. by 1 same story as you head north towards bw -- excuse me, bwi this morning for a flight. fli crash activity we're showing you this skyfox shot earlier,foe really impressive a whitea vehicle went off the road andffa into the side of a house, connecticut avenue southbound.ue more specific location for youco is at jeffrey street betweenet aspen hill and randolph road.lpo that car that went into theent o house was blocking some of the service road. back to you. >> thanks, erin. this friday we have a special prehistoric give awaye a just because it is jurassic jurs style fun for the whole family and only because you can only o enter on facebook. facoo >> win four tickets to see discover the dinosaurser t unleashed at the washington wasi convention center on yourour choice of either saturday satda april 23rd or sundayaprird o april 24th. it will be a week froml be th w
6:50 am
to enter for your chance to chae win go to our facebook page at d.c. betweenox now and 11:59 p.m. five p.m. winners will be selected byted random drawing on april 18th.prt each prize has an approximatexie retail value of $120 and isnd is provided by the dinosaursinau unleashed.leas should be a good show. b >> should be an excellent show.ow >> now, there are days we areer super jealous of kevin oke mccarthy because, you know,se, n he gets to go to movies and hes gets to go to red carpets and c he gets to meet celebrities. >> sure. >> and they then there arey days like kevin you've goneyou'g too far. >> gets to go to the best go places. this morning kevin joins us from hawaii. hai what in the world? what are whr you doing there? and look at lo your hawaiian he's got on a hawaiian >> so he must be in >> this is part of my costumeos for true romance i did ae iid couple years ago. it's -- yeah, i'm in maui. it's 12:53 in the morning hererr right now so i'm a little out ll
6:51 am
a little stuttering in advanceie but yeah, good morning to you mi guys. allison, happy birthday toirda you. i know your birthday is y tomorrow but i got aou little l teary eyed when i saw the moment when mark called intoled the show yesterday then showed o up randomly. >> amazing. >> i was watching 'cause i wat was -- i flew all day flew yesterday it was a 12 hour 12 h flying day and in the middle of -- when i landed in l.a. in some of the videos wereeose popping up on my feed thateed video of mark may me cry. me c i love your family. family. that was a really cool thinghing to see mark actually there.y the i know he works in new york y during the week. it was cool he was there.l he >> right. d thannwas more surprise me so i'm with you on that onee kevin. thank you for all that you dou we want to know about theabout e movies we should go to this go o weekend. >> lots of great movies. movie the jungle book probably thebabt biggest one this weekend. this movie blew my mind and john favreau has become one of the best film makers workingkeri today. he did
6:52 am
and cowboys and he directioned ire man and and chef. we know the 1967 classicssic disney film. this is definitely moredefini m intense, very in your face,ou fc very dark. you have a young boy playing this role kneel sethy ann amazing actor and the ideahede here is that he's really thee'sy only leading human actor in aor the film. fm. a couple other smaller rolesll r for human actors butors b everything else is done in ais studio in downtown losown lo angeles, the animals aren't real but everything feels extremely realistic and theic ad beauty of the movie is thatt it's emotionally and visuallyisl stunning. it will blow your mind.r there is a sequence where this young boy has his handsands through the fur of a cgi character played by lupita lup nyong'o that will literally litr blow your mind from a visual via standpoint. i gave 84 and a half out ofalou five. i recommend seeping in it 3-d. 3 it's best 3-d i've seen sinceeen highly recommend recmend phenomenal movie.ovie
6:53 am
the voice characters idris idr elba christopher walken, bill b murray everybody is amazing. worth seeing.rt just a warning. warni not for very young children. cn. very intense at times. >> there's no bearo be necessities. >> it's in the movie.ovie >> okay. >> i'll tell you allison, thati scene is so beyond me. bey i don't know how they did that. but they he had this kidadhi floating down the river on top of the bear.r. the bear's voiced by bill murray and the way they did this, they had john favreaufa jump in the water and be thehe eye line of the bear and he ise splashing the the kid it is amazing the visualis effects. i give it a four and a half.and. >> can't wait to he sao it. >> kevin we'll run out of w time. what else do you have real hav quick we can get through.hrgh >> criminal with kevin costnerec gary old man. this movie absolutely stinks. stin >> oh he. >> allison i'm a big fan of aign this cast. you have kevin costner, gary, old man, tommy lee jones. the idea behind the movie is moe you have a cia a
6:54 am
ryan reynolds who dies. dies. they take his memories and implant them into a death row dh inmate played by kevinlayed k costner, try and see if theyf can finish his mission. it is a really, really poorlyear made the editing is bad. b the script is bad.ripts i don't know what this castt tha was doing in this movie butter t i gave it a one out of five. >> oh.h. >> absolutely terrible. terri skip it. i don't waste your money at all.en >> what? >> one out of five. o >> butne it's got wonder womanrw and dances with wolves in it.n >> i know. i was thinking its same thing,hg allison but it is one of theon worst movies i've seen in aen i long time. >> that's the problem when you put wonder woman with dancesan with wolves it doesn't works itt out.ou >> do we have time for lastav word on one e more.e. >> barbershop the next cut nt best movie in the i think it's a phenomenonlyhenoo timely film its a great move m eve with ice cube and cedricnd i the entertainer.erta. four out of five. outf fi speaking of that cast allisonstl you saw this yesterday appster couple of special names thatam wanted to give you
6:55 am
birthday shout-out.ut. check this out.chec >> hey, allison, happy 50th birthday.birt >> happy birthday. >> uh, what water are youat drinking that's what i' want to know.ow >> you looking really were.kinga >> yes. you got a man? [laughter] >> i mean, look, look at thisatt right here. >> happy birthday, allison.. i'm 61.i'm 61. you're a little young for me,uno though. [laughter] >> yo', allison, happyon, happy birthday. >> what's up allison? happy 50th.50th. girl, you don't look a day d over 50. [laughter] >> happy birthday allison. ais >> happy birthday allison.ll i hope that this is the bestes year yet. yet >> happy 50th.0t >> hey, allison.eylison happy birthday.y. >> allison, happy birthday. bda 50 is the new five. f >> that is that is very, very true. allison, happy birthday to youou and have a wonderful weekendul with your family and thank you y so much and you are seriouslyero onof
6:56 am
people i've ever met in mye you've been so selfless to mefle over the years and ihe yea and appreciate that and i knownd kno tucker's weather is coming up cp so i'll let you guys get back bc to. that i love you guys and i'llyo see you guys in a couple hours in the 8:00 u a.m. 8:00 .m >> kevin i know that's notin k easy to do with a you will you those people but i appreciate it so much. don't worry, tucker's weather wa is dead. dd. so, let me just tell you also a that was my kids' favoriteor part of the show yesterday.rd they're like oh my gosh, mom, did you see that person saidseeh happy birthday to you so kevin, big hawaii kiss for yousy and you put me in that aloha a spirit every day. everyay. thank you so much.uch. >> same to you and listen i'moua going to get more of those hopefully.hope i was waiting -- i was hoping idris elba would do somethingoti from jungle book, he wasn'te there. i'm doing the rock again in aagi couple weeks.uple there was some names i didn't id get in but i just didn't get them before the birthday. those are the best i could gett but thank you for everything.u i you're amazing.u're amazing. >> back at you. y >> love you guys. g >> proof that you're in la hadyo a and not a hotel in greenbelt. 6:56. we're back with more after this. [laughter]
6:57 am
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t for business. make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $3.99, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $3.99 today. america runs on dunkin'. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. f >> ahead at 7 o'clock, newox questions this morning afteris g another problem with metro. mro a train stuck in a tunnel. tunn. riders evacuated. evacu this morning has metro figuredud out what happened? plus,. >> wait a minute.>> wa minu wait. >> i have stood on the debate d stage with senator --en
7:00 am
debate. hillary clinton and bernie sanders clashing on stage inclas the empire state. this as the republicans make m their case to the party's elite. >> nobody wanted to stopnte sto talking did they. t the caps taking care ofca tk a game one of the stanley cup playoffs.of got it done. highlights from last night'sst g big win plus what another sports star did for the firstidr time in his career and put an exclamation point on that one. how about this weekend's forecast. forecast. >> sun kissed at 7:00 a.m.sed 0 giving you there live look on tl friday april 15th, 2016. 2 it'2016.20 weather and traffic on theicn th 5s. good morning, i'm allison i a seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m ste welcome to fox5 news morning. mi we're gearing up for somethingin really exciting.g really exc today is the first of orit fox5f rocks spring concert seriesers shows. shows. so, we're going to be down at dn farragut square park.utqu the stage is getting set up setu right now. d.c.'s hometown band sound ofan the city is going to be live lie performig


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