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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  April 15, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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debate. hillary clinton and bernie sanders clashing on stage inclas the empire state. this as the republicans make m their case to the party's elite. >> nobody wanted to stopnte sto talking did they. t the caps taking care ofca tk a game one of the stanley cup playoffs.of got it done. highlights from last night'sst g big win plus what another sports star did for the firstidr time in his career and put an exclamation point on that one. how about this weekend's forecast. forecast. >> sun kissed at 7:00 a.m.sed 0 giving you there live look on tl friday april 15th, 2016. 2 it'2016.20 weather and traffic on theicn th 5s. good morning, i'm allison i a seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m ste welcome to fox5 news morning. mi we're gearing up for somethingin really exciting.g really exc today is the first of orit fox5f rocks spring concert seriesers shows. shows. so, we're going to be down at dn farragut square park.utqu the stage is getting set up setu right now. d.c.'s hometown band sound ofan the city is going to be live lie performig
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their gear ready to go and youo can see it for free.or fre all you have to do is show up su farragut square park. the music gets under way at 9 o'clock this holly and maureen headed down there right now.ther we'll check in with them soon. o >> steve we had a banner andban everything. >> it's official.>> i >> the music starts again at 9:00. did you already say this part.ya >> we can repeat it as many many times as we like. >> we'll hear from the band inet the 8 o'clock hour.o'ock find more information about the band and our entirendnd concert series on now let's get you to thet' stories that are making headlines on this friday morning.s th >> developing in the district police investigating a deadlyeal incident early this morning.hisr it was a stabbing in the 4400 40 block of livingston road.ivton r happened about 1:30 a.m.:30 a.m they found a victim inside ae a residence no word yet on a suspect or motive or the have you cane u ca tim's identity. intit >> a maryland state trooper iser fighting for his life this morning after a terrible wreckbe on the beltway.on the beltw this happened yesterday afternoon on the outer loop near 450 in lanham. trooper ezra ganeshananda wasnaa injured in that accid
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he is currently fighting forigig his life listed in criticaltica condition.ion. investigators say the trooperro was parked on the shoulder in an unmarked patrol vehicleehicle investigating an accident andina that's when another car anoer cr smashed into that trooper's car sparking a chain reaction crash. cras >> when he struck the policeheol officer anyone he was in there. when everybody was around the police officer, there was wic another guy was tryinger to, ho me out i run to the stateheta trooper go to the other sidehers of the door there, the passenger side do and i toldde l him, officer, are you okay? ka is everything okay? he didn't d respond to it. so, i got on the radio and i a was like, trooper down on 495.95 >> smart thinking on his the injured trooper is just 26s years old. he's only been on the job for 15 months.ons. we wish him well.iml. >> this morning metro tryingmety to figure out what went wrongro yesterday. why did a train get stuck intuck one of the tunnels?unne >> this happened between foggy bottom and rosslyn yesterday afternoon. fox5's melanie alnwick is ats a rosslyn metro station withtaon t that story now.that s now man, the timing couldn't beould' wo
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contentious hearings weti reported on capitol hill about metro. mel, good morning. >> reporter: that's right. so, all of this comes at a comea time when metro leadership ismer trying to convince congressinces that it is getting things back on track.on now, good news here is thatere a nobody was injured but thisuthi was still a very seriouserio incident nonetheless.heless as we know, we had hundreds of people trapped in a tunnel for r more than an hour and a half hf under the river. >> we came to a halt underneath the river and we were on the upslope coming into rosslyn and the train t came to a halt and then it tn i jerked forward and backwardsacar and several times over theti course of 12 or 15 minutes and the driver kept on telling usliu that we were going to beng t moving shortly and thenn finally he said there was aeas train approaching from the t rear. >> reporter: now, that was the second rescue trainescue brought in after the
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couldn't hook up properly to the disabled train.ra stranded passengers were pnger finally able to walk throughkhr the two trains to reach the platform at rosslyn after a long distressing waitessingai underground thursdaysd afternoon. even more puzzling is thatha this blueline train was made m up of those new 7,000 series ser rail cars.ra car now, this all came one day after metro leaders were w called into a congressional hearing on metro safety andy and reliability and board chairman n jack evans told congress thecont system needs more money. m yesterday general manager paul wiedefeld said he is pushinghi hard to get the system back into shape.ha >> my focus right now again on o the current system and managing what we have as best as as i can. i can. so, that's what i'm focusingocun on now. chairman as -- as chairman ofha the board as the policy levelel person, he is pushing veryhing r hard on the funding issue andnd he has his case to make there.he i'm focused on the day to day
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operations right now andight that's what i'm focusing on.ocu. >> reporter: so wiedefeld announced yesterday he'srd he' canceling the contract for antrr pretty expensive system that would upgrade these turnstilesdt where people could use their thr smartphones to pay for theiror t fares. he says that is not really all wise use of money at thisoney ah time. we do not know right now whatoww caused that train to becomeo b disabled but i can tell you that when wiedefeld prepared pra testimony to congress he said cd he identified some systemice syt issues with power and rails rai and car maintenance. back to you guys. >> all right, melanie, thank you very much. fortunately everybody offveo that train okay yesterday.rd big news for commutersne this morning. the national park service,wsarke well, they have met a veryave mr critical deadline inn restoration of the memorial bridge. late last night they submittedsu an application for a major grant to help fund the rehabilitation. there had been big concernsbe that the applicatienon was not n going to be strong enough tonouo gain congressional support.essi that part still remains to be seen. but they he did get th
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bridge needs about abo $250 million in repairs tolion o keep it opened to vehicles. vic word yesterday that it mightt it have to close in the year 2020 if it didn't get needed repairs. >> have to ask the government for permission to get theis money for the bridsige?foe br >> makes sense to me. >> okay,. okay,. >> sure. >> yeah. >> if it works, right. >> i use that bridge. that brid >> it's a beautiful bridge,tifui too. it's one of our most scenict sc bridges. >> pretty much so. >> meanwhile sweater totallywe cooperating.cooper a little cool this morning.isnig 44 at reagan 35 at dulles and bwi marshall 37.. however, we are featuring midngm 60's around here later this afternoon.afte bright sunshine.bright high pressure overhead is going to deliver not only a not beautiful friday and aful ay a comfortable friday night but a a gorgeous saturday. a splendiferous. >> splendiferous. >> splendiferous russ sundayfe and a magnificent monday.roicena didn't go quite as smoothly asm planned but you get the idea. i. 65 this afternoon with brighton sunshine. no rain in sight here.ight h no rain until at least the at
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you the seven day in just a moment. >> i was trying to think of super cal fratch lift >> i know tucker got stuck in like two and a half extra e hours of traffic yesterday yte afternoon. >> unfortunately i got caughtnau in that beltway accident. accidn >> big beltway accidentelay accd yesterday. things are quieter thisre morning. qmo no major delays like yesterday afternoon.afrnoon. metro update.pd no longer single tracking onngle the red line. l we are still single tracking tcn from earlier work college parkep to greenbelt on yellow andenye resuch what delays right theretg so we'l we'll -- residual delayl right there. delays on thes the yellow and green line. l in prince george's right nowor crash activity five on thevi inbound side at the beltwayde a and then the inner loop downoopw to about 27 miles per hour.mileh not terrible but the inner t i loop does slow from 414 to them1 wilson bridge. suitland parkway inbound does de jam at you make your way to w douglas bridge.e. outer loop average speedsge seds about 15 miles per hour from mis 95 to georgia.
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bw parkway typical stop-and-gopo traffic northbound andaffi southbound by 197. by this situation out in out i montgomery county connecticut ct avenue southbound at jeffreyouth street between randolph roadhoa and aspen hill a car went off wf the road into a yard, kind of struck the side of a house combined to the service road area but it could cause residual delays from rubber rbe neck as well. w crash activity suitland stl parkway aped near sterlingnear g avenue. typical slowdowns in virginiani on 95 inbound as well as 66. back to you. >> ♪>> >> well, it was a rough nightwa in brooklyn for the democraticei presidential candidates.andates. hillary clinton, bernietonbern sanders facing off in the most contentious debate between thee two of them so with next week's pivotal newpivo york primary hanging in thery he balance. ba >> fox5 many politicalol reporter ronica cleary joinsonic us with more on the debate.ebat i'll like in honor of thehe debate we should let you talk and we'll talk again. aga >> reporter: we can interrupt each other be at littleea sarcastic. sarcast >> like we're doing now. >>
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could be in honor of a lot off o this race that we've seen.t we'e the democrats are maybe taking a new the republican repi debates. debates. candidates were morecand aggressive combative even sarcastic during times at last a night's democratic debate in dat new york. compared to the previoused debates we've seen at least on the democratic side. tthe the reason, well, you could youu say that it's because thesese t candidates are fighting toates take home victory in nextt week's new york primary.k p a state that was supposed to be an easy victory for clintonlt but sanders he's not goings n down without a fight. now, the moderators they did help -- they held the h candidates accountable.ountab they asked different questions.qu there were long exchanges about israeli pealstinian conditions and whether or notnd bernie sanders economic plansrs ctd policies are actually ees aa economically feasible. feasibl they were all covered in lastale night's debate but i would say d that the most memorable moment of the night it happenedig during an intense back andse b forth between the two overwo o raising the minimum wage to $15. the one liner of all oneliner le liners to end it, it didn'tt di'
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candidates.idat it came from wolf blitzer is.zei take a >> i am sure a lot of peoplef po are very surprised to learno l that you supported raising the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour. >> you know, wait a minute, wait a minute. >> that's not accurate. >> i have stood on the debats et stage with senator sanders san eight prior times.ei i've said the exact samed thing. >> senator, please. >> secretary. >> secretary,.ec >> let's do it. >> iref>> you're both screaminga each other, the viewers won'twew be able to hear either of you. >> okay. >> so, please don't talk overdoo each other.each other go >> wow.>> wow. please don't talk over each't other. t listen to that. to even with the battle that many n are expecting in new york,ctin n keep in mind that the reall clear politics polling average a of recent new york primaryri polls puts clinton ahead of sanders by almost 14 points. so, was last night's debate's db enough to change the outcomeutme in new york giving sandersanders victory? who do you think won last night's
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have your voice be heard. h. today's twitter poll right about 70 percent of you saycentu that sanders won. do you agree? you can vote, too, at ronica cleary on ron twitter. i love hearing your thoughtsr tg and chatting with you about with this race on social so there you go. go. >> lots to talk about. a >> it's a lot to talk about.t t. >> it is new york.>>t is that would -- if he wins new wiw york that would be huge.ha >> it would change everything.ay >> thanks ronica.>> much more coming up on that t later on. in the meantime while theim democrats were debating the gop donned their finest tucks attending the new yorkewor republican gala in manhattan. donald trump ted cruz john kasich took turns speaking atpek the event.even meanwhile outside the event e hundreds of protestorsor gathered to rally against donald trump. again new york holds itsrk presidential primary on tuesday.da >> capitals waking up with the momentum heading into tomorrowei night's game two against the t flyers. >> last night great game fore the cap and they shut out o philadelphia game one of theph iastanley cup playoffs. winning to-nothing. tth john karl son with that goal. g
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third period. per braden holtby stopped all 17ped7 shots. game two tomorrow night at home. puck drops at 7:00 p.m. p bryce harper yesterdayyce believe it or not his firstt fis career grand slam. s see if you can follow the you c ball. uner upper deck off the scoreboard.sceboa >> number 100. numbe >> his 100th career home run. and his first grand slam. s eighth youngest player int history to hit 100 homers,om just 23 years old.s ol nationals beat the braves six to two. awesome, still to come this morningthis we're going switch gears,tch ge, we'll get back to your news headlines this a devastating es arthquake inqun japan. we'll look at the after man asas the search continues foron survivors.survs. >> a member of the man son man cult one step closer to being free. free we'll tell you who has thell y final say on her release it's 7:12 on a friday morning.
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>> sound check going on, alleycg getting ready for the big day, big morning. mor >> how fun does this look? f >> first of all what i see he s is a lot of sunshine. sunsh >> and that grass.>> >> beautiful morning.ea >> perfect. g we're starting offspring onut oofur friday mornings now with free if you want to check it outeet e head down to farragut saregu park. it is free. they're going to start the music around 9 o'clock but'clo we'll have early festivitiesvits starting in about 15 minutes.5 u holly and maureen on their way e down there. we'll get you the details inails just a few. a >> we were talking aboutki a meriweather post. it's a good feeling. fee >> i love it.t. >> puts in you a great mood. >> lots of sunshine, beautifulsh day. beautiful weekend if you'refe out and about whatever you mayr be doing this weekend.. >> uh-huh. >> going to be absoluting to gorgeous for with temperaturesea topping out in the 70's byout ' sunday and near 80 by monday.m it is chonilly this morning. 44 in the arrows are showing you the t wind direction which continueon to be out of the north a
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bitter of a cool feeling laterof this afternoon with daytimeonh m highs in the mid 60's.0' so, today will not be the t warmest of the next seven.ext however, it will be a it wie a beautiful day and even a fewy ew degrees warmer than yesterday.ny should be a very, very nice, vec afternoon for us. there's your satellite andr radar. low humidity. high pressure. beautiful weather continues.ti i'm afraid that by the middle of next week we may be talkingal about how we need some raind soi because we don't have any on heo the horizon but my job is easy. 65 today.od near 70 saturday. 70 atur low 70's sunday. that's a perfect weekend forkeor me he. and then near 80 on monday. open the windows and enjoy theny beautiful weekend. wke >> and cools right back off again. >> but comfortable next week. w >> going to be nice.>> gng to be >> 70 next week.>> 70 ne >> very cool.>> verol thank you very much tuckerry m barnes. let's check in with erin como. n it's been a challenge to get this day started on the roads.ns >> you know it. good news to start.rt metro back to being on time. t all normal service resumedes across the lines. l let's show you what else e you're up against. we have prob
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roads as usual. as usu outer loop typical congestion 95 to georgia. georgia dips down to about 26 miles per hour and if you're headingea down from frederick or gaithersburg this morningorni along 270 southbound typicald tl stop-and-go traffic by thetraffe truck scales and then again as you pass father hurley. hur we are dealing with a few issues in montgomery countymogou this morning. connecticut avenue southboundavs and jeffrey street between thewe points of randolph road andd aspen hill road a car went off f the road into a yard struckarru the side of a house. h it is confined to the service si road area next to connecticutnet southbound but watch for someats delays there.dela t another crash right now river road at westward avenueard av dealings with wires down init that location. use caution there.he in prince george's countynce crash activity on five on fi northbound at the beltway. belay and the inner loop delays areop picking up from 414 to the414 to wilson bridge.dg once you past the springfieldgfd interchange a touch ofouch stop-and-go traffic through annandale and seven in tysonsd t getting a little heavy as hea as normal. now crash did clear suitland sun outbound near sterling. stein inbound suitland backs up asks usual and 295 on then t
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past east capitol. eas more traffic in a few. in a allison and steve. >> ♪ >> also developing north korearh tries and fails to launch ao laa missile. that's according to u.s. and a south korean officials whokorean monitored the launch at telld th me yesterday. the new missile is said tois have been capable of reachingg u.s. military bases in asia. also developing overnightopo rescuers in japan looking for fr more survivors after a magnitude quake killed at leastake nine. the rescue of an eight monthghtn old baby was caught on camera.a. look at that tremor.or she was pulled, though, the, ouh baby from underneath just one jn of the dozens of collapsed homes. homes. several aftershocks have beenrso reported. officials say 1600 soldiers soli have been deployed to helpo h with the rescue and cleanup clen effort.rt. >> former charles mansonann follower one step closer tone sr being free this morninge decades later.cades a california panel recommendedem parole for leslie van houten reopening old wounds forg
7:19 am
manson >> wisdom is in studio with us now with more.or are chances good, whiz?d, whi >> not really. r not really. reall at this point all right. leslie van houten was 19 years y old when she participated intici the murders of le. no o and rose mary la bianco.ia she's been denied parole 19e times. time he says his client was stun and numbed when she heard she might be paroled. paroled >> pfeiffer is hopeful jerry brown would b be. van houten says his clients has been denied parole so manyey times because of hermes association with manson.n wi m as for the victim's family la bianca's son says he cannot can agree with the parole ruling.ol. interesting thing herein i've been doing backgrou
7:20 am
whatever happened to the restape of the manson family, it's an fa long list,long list what i'm going to do is puto i some of this on twitter. twitt what happened to the rest of the manson family because weause don't -- obviously we don't d have enough time to go through all of these but i'll put some of the information on o so it just depends on if thee parole board approvals it andvaa jerry brown would have to sign t off on it as well. wel >> but if this -- if she gets st paroled that could be this cou week first so this could openouo the gate for others.e gateor oth >> well, there are some other members of the manson family that have been paroled beforeenp in fact one of them had gotad paroled and then had some kindom of way where it got revoked or reversed so there's a lot of stuff in here. >> 46, 47 years >> dark chapter. i'm not surprised. surpris >> i'll put this informationut t on twitter. twier. >> thanks whiz. >> still ahead scary moments s at the circus last night inlastn virginia. the accident that left one left performer injured. >> and we'll tell you why au y plane was forced to make an m emergency landing.y la we are coming back in just twouw minutes. it's 7:20 right now.
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>> ♪ >> if you could only take oned pet, which pet? the cat or dog?on? do >> the catg? you idiot.di >> millicent we can only take wy fun at the time twenty threeim or chocolate cake.e. >> fun fetti or chocolate? millicent this is important.mpta >> video came out earlier thiss week. two local brothers pranking pnk their little sister after her h wisdom teeth surgery is that the it went viral and guessguess what? >> what. >> we're on it.>>re on >> bob barnard is headed toeadet virg
7:24 am
masterminds behind this.ermi bob joins us with a sneakh a sne peek. i just feel for this poor girl. i want to hi she's okay today t when you talk to this family, bob. good morning. >> reporter: hey, goodte morning. yeah, she's on a school fieldchd trip. we're going talk to barrettar and cabot phillips.hi the brothers. broth she's doing fine.she's doing fi she's a good sport.po the pranksters pulled this offio last thursday when millicent mie phillips was on her way backay from having oral surgery.or sur the brothers had played this pls thing out pretended there was some kind of zombie apocalypsepa and she was groggy from general anesthesia. they rigged one of thoseigge emergency broadcasts saying say there was a plague and that t everybody was dying and hery w mom called, the mom was in on this and so they recorded thisdt whole thing and when they got home they're throwing gardenin r hoses into the car she'sarhe's saying we need guns. the cake mix was what we could d survive on.e she in a sense threw h
7:25 am
under the car and saying let'sae take the t it was hilarious. hilario if you haven't seen it you y should check it it out. 14 million views on youtube. you we're going to meet them and mta interview the brothers in ourheo 8 o'clock hour, guys, here in leesburg. [laughter] >> okay. >> you know the cat is happy.ap 'cause it was a definitive defie save the the cat >> that is really funny. funny i want to make sure -- i want i to hear from the brothers androh we look forward to that. bob, thank.bob, thank >> reporter: we will. w >> thank you. thank you. see you in a bit. bit. 7:25. you see sunshine. sunshin >> high level of pranksters.rast >> lot of effort. lotf ef >> they pulled it off.y lled i >> takes a lot of planning. l o not sure if fox5 would be able5l to pull off that prank. p >> we pulled off a surprise sure birthday >> did we not. >> i'm convinced you could dold it. >> absolutely thank you steve for correctingfc me. 42 is what it feels like.ike. winds east-southeast at five. af looking at a cool start but s what a beautiful fridayri afternoon.afternoon. mid 60's.d 60 lots of sunshine. sunshin the sunshine is going tooing t continue both saturday and sunday afternoon.sundayer in fact into the middle ofinto t
7:26 am
then that may become a concernm here pretty soon as we starttty to need the rain in thein springtime of course with all o of our farmers, that kind of thd think so there is your seven-day forecast.ven-da 65 today. today but a gunfire weekend. w up are 60's tomorrow.orrow. 70's or better on sunday and near 80 by monday afternoon.ftno enjoy a beautiful couple days.ey my job is he's z let' easy. how's it looking erin. >> starting you off with some good news. >> [inaudible]>> >> i can't hear you. >> okay, d.c. police trafficff letting us know for emancipation day parkingarki restrictions have been listedise today except along the streetcar route. so that's good news if you're'r in d.c. today and you'reand looking for some parking. p there is going to be a celebration tomorrow and we'lloo be dealing with some street soms closuresly i tweeted them all tl out at erin fox5 d.c. outer loop typical slowdowns slw right there 26 miles per hour on the beltway. b and then as you make your way yr out on 270 typical slowdowns slw through frederick thisderick t morning. connecticut avenue south
7:27 am
car went off-road into a yard hit the side of a house.thde o it's confined to the service road. ro watch for some claims riverclai road at westward avenue downeden wires causing traffic problemstf in bethesda ago as well.s well. crash activity as you maketivi your way out on five inboundfivd at the beltway and then the inner loop is very slow across a the wilson bridge. bri a live look outside next. back to you guys. >> still to come this morningth the president has beenesidhas confirmed as the commencementomt speaker at a local university.ou we'll tell you where and whennd he'll address the the class of o 2016. >> a live look at the fox5 fox spring concert we're kicking things off today. maureen and holly will join usns live from farragut square parkar next. >> ♪
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>> 7:30 right now.>> there's holly and maureen downan there getting ready for the big
7:30 am
we have big concert starting atg 9:00 o'clock this morning. morng hi, >> hey. >> it will be kicking off thee music at 9:00 o'ckilock thisoc t morning. getting work out in as well thit morning. morn beautiful day.beautiful >> is that break dance.s th >> looks like.>> >> i think somebody is about too bust a move.e. >> we may get music and beat boys.ys. >> okay. >> all right. we will be following the actiont down there in the meantime wee e want to get you caught up onp o headlines at 7:00. 7:0 following a developing story ou its coming out of washington whi this morning. >> police are investigate a deadly early morning stabbing. officers called to the 440040 block of living ton road aroundd 1:30 this morning. mning. they found a victim stabbedbb inside a home there. there. no word yet on a suspect nor a motive or the victim's identityt let's stay in the district now.n police are searching for a 14-year-old girl she is kehiryy rosa-huezo.zo she has been missing sips 4:30i3 yesterday afternoon. aftnoon she was last seen in the 1200 1 block of park road in northwest. she is 5-foot two, hispanic hpa woman or young woman
7:31 am
and blond hair and brown eyes. e pretty good picture you can seee how she looks right now.right n she was last seen wearing a blue sweater, burgundy shirt and tan they say she also goes by the name of stephanie. >> maryland state trial trooperp fight are for his life after a multi car pile up on the beltwaw yesterday afternoon.n the trooper was injured in theni accident. acci he is current until criticalca condition this morning. the investigators say ratheray that the trooper was parked onad the shoulder in an unmarkedd patrol vehicle when he was struck by another vehicle. the man charg charged in thu driving accident that killed kle montgomery county police officef officer kno noah leotta has agrr to plead guilty.uilty he was driving drunk when herune struck the officer on rockvillei pike last lasde he died from his injuries a week later. he can face the maximum sentencn 10 years in prison for vehicular manslaughter.laughter. fairfax county scary scene at
7:32 am
null and bailey circus last night. some may find this videoeo >> bmx performer is recoveringeg after he fell trying to land ada jump off the ramp. r he suffered a neck injury takent to the hospital that person isto expected to survive. the circus is in its last weekend of a two-week run at the eagle bank arena. happening today, a status au hearing will be held for formerr prince george's county schoolrg' aid accused of of filming andng engaging in sexual acts withs wt children.chilen 22-year-old deonte car away plead not guilty to the crimes.. federal case involves 13 charges covering 11 victims. vti if convicted he faces up to 30 t years in prison for each charge. students graduated fromed f howard university will get veryv special speaker this year. >> president barack obama willbw deliver the keynote address atds their commencement ceremony.y howarhow made the announcementon yesterday. he will receive an honorary doctor of law school degree froe how war commencement ceremony is planner for saturday,
7:33 am
today kicks off our fox5 f spring concert series.. downtown at farragut squarequ park.park sound of the city is joining usu all morning. mng. >> you just saw holly andw holld maureen down let's check in with them rightht now for foevie hi, ladies.hi >> good morning, guys.rn guy >> mo, go like this. hello, washington, d.c.!! >> we got a few fans out there.e it's a beautiful gorgeousou morning. morn >> it is. >> you can sense that somethingh really fun is going to happen he here.he. the excitement is tangible. tanl >> it is. we have one man break dancing. we have the whole dc hopping and locking before the morning isori over because, look, sun of the city. that are setting up.p. if you've never heard them hrd m before this is your chance.s is they are amazing.ey >> they really are a mazing. az everybody knows them in the dckn area.ow we're lucky enough just to geteu them live for us threwthre 11:00 o'clock this mi our own private concert in whicw you're invited. iited they perform at like the 9:30 club. cl they've been at merry weather pavilion they've done big huge e
7:34 am
>> i know. >> now they're all ours.hey're o >> they performed with very big names, we're talking raheem satisfy von, jill scott, greg, lewis i mean everywhere theyhe perform nationally,nall these guys are amazing, and as a we said your only personalerso concert getting a taste sound ou the city.thci >> this morning. >> what is more exciting aboutxo today they actually have new he song a new single that's dropping today called "run" butb they'll debut it live on goodn g day d.c. >> couple more songs they'regshe debuting. it will be so much fun.c f if you are at home wonder wagong you want to do on your way to yw work, stop >> yeah. >> stop here. >> farragut square.gut squ >> be late, join us.s if you're wondering about that poor guy that was break dancingd i think he actually >> we're having fun already. back to ya'll.back to >> we are. oh, man. >> all right, ladies, thank you. holly, i didn't see youn' before you left.befo you cute hair.te hair. >> thank you. >> see you later guys. >> aside from the music and thed event from itself beautiful b
7:35 am
great day to be outside.. >> little chilly tuck. >> gorgeous morning. morning. >> come out and say hi to thed o ladies this morning, too. too. >> in their fox5 jackets. jacke let's do numbers. definitely jacket here early by later this afternoon mid 60s. 6 with a lot of sunshine. 44 now in washington.hito 43 annapolis.nnol still doing 30s to the west andt to the north. a good morning winchester 34 degrees.eges. still 32 in culpeper, 36 in cumberland. only viewers out in cumberlandul that watch us every morning, mog yeah.ah >> good morning, cumberland.g, c >> they tweet me all the time. t there's your satellite/radar. we are looking at a just what aa nice set up for our weekend. wke today looks great. tonight will be cool. b c saturday and sunday will beil absolutely beautiful with a notable warming trend particularly bee sunday and suna monday we'll be well into theele 70s by sunday. and getting very close to 80 degrees by monday and justt sunny and mild afternoons.erno cool nights.ights low humidity.humi you can open the windows and let mother nature warm your house.oe it will be 65
7:36 am
beautiful day.iful day. winds out of the east at five te 10. i'll have the seven day in justi a minute. let's get to some friday traffia again the latest from erin. eri how is it looking. looking >> we have some crashes and somm delays.e let's start you off with a look f with look at some new incidents that youiu need to be aware awa inner loop a crash blocking thee shoulder at braddock that can tn cause delays and also 395 395 northbound just past edsall crash blocking the shoulderhor because of that look at thatok a long line of red inbound traffia slow as you make your way touror the 14th street bridge.ridg aside from that montgomery tt me county this morning, getng g something tweets from police am person hit by a car ridge road r at the intersection of valley park drive and damascus and thee wires down as well 5200 block of river road and that is actuallyl blocking the access to severalel buildings.ilding so please use caution there ifhe you're headed out in that area.. we're also seeing delays on then outer loop from 95 to georgiarg down to 26 miles per hour. taking a look at our twitter twt update d.c. police are lottingog us know that parking enforcemene has been suspended except along the streetcar route. you can check in with me onit twitter the eri
7:37 am
more details there. back to to >> thanks, erin.rin. uming up a scare in the airr what caused a plane to make anaa emergency >> also workers across therkerao country protesting for a highere minimum wage. those stories and more next. nex it is 7:37 on this friday. ♪
7:38 am
is that coffee? yea, it's nespresso. i want in. ♪ you're ready. ♪ get ready to experience a cup above. is that coffee? nespresso. what else?
7:39 am
♪ 7:39 right now.> today the city of7: boston willl mark the third anniversary ofrdr the deadly marathon bombings with special remembrances last t year the mayor declared dla
7:40 am
a new tradition meant to honor r the city's resilience and spreaa goodwill.goodwi survivors and victims familiesie will gather at the marathon maro finish line. line a wreath laying ceremony. this year's boston marathon wili be held on monday.. four soldiers recoverings r this morning aft military mil vehicle overturn on the newertu jersey turnpike. the humvee flipped over in easta brunswick yesterday afternoon. one woman suffered a severe leg injury while three other men ara in serious but stable conditioni the injured soldiers are from af the army reserve stationed ateda fort totten in queens, new york. passenger plane had to makem an emergency landing afterngft striking a bird in the this plane was flying from new e york to nashville, tennessee.ens but there you see the windshieli damage it was forced to land inn west virginia.irginia. officials say when the bird hitt the plane it just smashed thatma windshield. fortunately the pilot was ablepa to land without any incident.en 57 people on board. brd no injuries reported.. across the country today cnt workers are protesting for f higher wages it's a nationalatio
7:41 am
>> fast food workers in phoenixx were out at a mcdonald's callinl for $15 an hour. hou new york and california already passed $15 minimum wage. republicans and business leadera argue major increase in thehe minimum wage would lead to layoffs and higher costs foror consumers. the duke and duchess ofduss cambridge now waking up in abou tan. they are there for two days. arrived yesterday and they were welcomed by members of aboutf tan's royal family who hosted ad dinner for prince william andild kate last night. nig during their visit they'll trekt to the tigers nest which is an ancient buddhist monastery perched about 10,000 feet up a mountain. >> fascinating. coming up we had so much funfun celebrate this wonderful womandw yesterday.yester >> i'm telling you my eye sockets still hurt from cryingl so much yesterday.huuch yesterda >> or trying to hold back the tears. >> it takes lot of effort.kelot yesterday we were all doing it. we'll relive some of thosereli moments today if youve missed tt celebration for allison ais yesterday we have some of the h best moments from her surpriserr party that you might not have had a chance to see yesterday.
7:42 am
>> please dorks we have an hourk can we run the whole hour. h >> in real >> every moment was special for me. me. here's a live look at far gut fr square park we're gearing up for the first shoeff our springho concert series.ert come down and join us.and in holly and maureen are there.. that's enough as it is but souns of the city will perform, too. back in a moment.
7:43 am
kids: he came here from rocky married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us.
7:44 am
♪ >> our crew down there gettingri ready for the big kick off. this is the inauguralin performance for our spring sin co
7:45 am
the city is there.he maureen and holly they're theree singers warming up. u. it's going to be a big day at at farragut square park.eark. >> such a great location.h a gr >> um-hmm. um-hmm >> get some of the early crowder heading down there.heg do >> nobody will want to go to wt work when you got life musicfe going on right outside, right.,g >> i know. it's kind of nice.o n >> go out and enjoy a nice day.y it's a chilly right now, tuck.uc >> it's cool. we're in the mid 40s here in thn city. it will be just an absolutelybst beautiful afternoon. beautiful a gorgeous weekend.nd. both saturday and sunday lookoo great.great. >> lofts sunshine.>> >> near 80 by monday. nea >> all right. >> okay?y >> what are you smiling about.ot >> nothing. i think i'll get a chance to walk. that always makes me happy.s me >> oh yeah.>> oah >> we knew you had something up your sleeve. >> if you do it this will be the last walk before i turn 50. >> oh, yeah. y >> by monday we'll be well ended trenched. >> are you going to have a different walk for the next nt decade. >> probably. >> queue the music. >> we screw up your walk beforeb she turns 50.
7:46 am
>> maybe we should play bennie hill. >> ♪ >> not terribly impressed.. fantastic spring weekend. wke i have music in my head.ead. fantastic spring weekend we'reke looking at temperatures right rt now which are definitely on the cool side. in fact, we've got overnightight lows once again fallen belowleno freezing.frzing manassas 30 degrees.degrees 35 at dulles.t dule 44 here in the city.y. 43 at annapolis.. leonardtown 37. baltimore 37.7. allison and steve i've got a g whole legion of people who are e rooting for me to get the walk w down. without the music i can feel ite >> tuck you got it already.lrdy >> i don't know. i i did feel pretty good about myy last one a couple days ago.. >> smooth. smo >> satellite/radar, clear skiesk gorgeous beautiful help me describe this weekendee because it will be close to perfect with daytime highsme hig tomorrow in the upper 60s low 6 70s around here by sunday andnd bright sunshine both days. d so good looking weekend and and again we'll be great today.. high pre
7:47 am
eastern half of the countryha notice thelf weather or rain showers and storminess have toet steer up and around it. yeah, that is springtime snow s out in colorado they're debatint how much snow they might be migt getting in denver over the nexte couple of not around here.aroundere. 65 today. near 70 saturday, low 70s on sunday, near 80 degrees, yes, y 80 degrees on monday. mony >> we keep the nice weathere w going right into the middle ofif next beautiful around here. here. okay. that's a weather update. weaer t erin is back with friday mornini roads. >> i am. i'll try to do my best tuckeruc barnes walk impression.. a little munified step into thet camera. >> i like that. (laughter). >> do you know who have music. >> the spring concert series.cet >> that's right.hat' >> gearing up at 9:00. gea nine to 11:00 farragut squaret r park. park so give yourself extra time to e get down there.t do the typical morning congestion ing o the district.e distct you can always take the farraguu north metro stop to get there ie you amount to avoid the roads. s holly maureen are down there the crew setting up and could c definitely brighten up yourrin p friday morning if you stop by for life aside from that loudoun county c dealing with
7:48 am
vehicle seven east after oddly y .ane. in addition to that, that'sto tt causing some delays northerns virginia we do have a fewave a incidents you need to be aware e .f. inner loop a crash blocking theg shoulder at braddock road little bit of a slow down there as youu heads towards annandale thisanle morning. 395 northbound past edsall dealing with crash involving ini delays from the beltway towardsr the 14th street bridge. bri 95 on the northbound side jams by 610 and stafford in up through newington typical tic congestion.estion. same story through centrevilleel 66 eastbound cabin john parkwayy jammed at clara barton parkwayty and gw parkway. parkw no shock here you are slow 123w3 over to the key bridge.ridg as you make your way fromayro rosland into georgetownrg secondaries in georgetown slow.o any questions at erin fox5 d.c.d i say get out the door get youry friday started.ta it's a nice day. a nicday >> it sure is a nice day. yesterday was great day, too. erin we want you to be a part o this. we want to relive the greatre moments if you are tuning thisrt wonderful woman next to me isma turning 50 years old. (applause).(applae). >> tomorrow she's not shied aw
7:49 am
birthday is tomorrow but we knok that we cannot ever surpriseise allison with anything. athin >> did you it yesterday. it ste >> because we had to celebrate e two days before your birthday t completely catch you off guard.a >> these guys can keep a secret. tucker i'm surprised honestly il thought you might be the weak te link. . >> i am the weak link, too.k,oo i was surprised.uris >> now that you mention it tyo that's why i didn't talk to youy for like three ths. >> i was wondering what was happened. >> you were scared.ou >> if you watched yesterday at 10:00 o'clock, then awed chancew to see in t if not let's take yu back. this is allison on the right.on she thinks she coming to the studio for breaking news.ew there's her reaction when shenns walked in. what did you see first, al? did you see the balloons first. fst >> i saw on the side -- i couldd feel the room was different anda then i saw -- just everybody --y nobody was on the on c. i thought it was breaking news.n look at me trying to get it together.ogther 'cause momma got to keep a coolo head and i try and i look at a this 80 and then i get it i get together and i just to walk ovee and then it's all over again. it was just --t -- >> we have many many surprisesas for al first of all the mayor,a
7:50 am
she had a proclamation declarini yesterday allison seymour day io the city of washington, d.c.was, so we read that.adhat. and then you talked about momma, well, guess who showed up. u there's the girls. >> look at schuyler. schuyle (laughter).ghte >> here's what i love about --- the ugly cry. c >> it's a good ugly cry. i feared that.d t >> when you go in there and ifg there was ever a doubt -- doubt- >> that is true joy. t >> that is an ugly cry. cry. >> allison's relationship with her husband and her daughtershts the first thing she said why ar you not in school and first andt thing she said to mark when heoh surprised her, why aren't you at work? >> i can't even -- i can't lookc at that again today.agn t >> so you thought mark was still in new york. >> i thought he was in new york. >> they did a great job muchuc that's where would be.ould b it's the mill of the week. why would he be anywhere else. >> here's my godson.odson. i don't think many people p jackson sean's youngest is my m godson. that's my girlfriend from schooo we've known each other since wee
7:51 am
and shawn yancy who drove my d kids here. this was a whole -- i had no idea.ea >> a lot of planning. lot of pln >> which makes me feel how out o of the loop am i. am i >> i had no idea. had nde >> we probably should have toldu you earlier about the kids shess kept asking how did they getet mark, wait, the girls are here. >> aunt sean picked them up.p. if you as i said yesterday evere questioned whether what you seee is real and, you know, it's a hundred% real. rl. it's so rare and erin you're the newest member here but i mean i you're like -- it's like you'vey been here always, you know whats i mean? i >> i was so happy to be a partoa of your day.of you you were so welcoming from theno beginning. you never made me feel like ide was new or didn't belong. b you're the best.he >> have you done acting in yourn past because when you did this,i i was like, you nailed -- you y nailed it. i (laughter). >> i should have worn pants today.toda >> my name is sally o'malley i'm proud to say that i'm 50 years old.old. (l
7:52 am
>> i'm not one of those gals who likes to lie about her real agel but i like to kick, stretch and (laughter).(laugh >> sally o'malley.'m >> you sold that pretty good. >> is turning 5 all right. >> erin, you nail it that washa her impression of sally o'malley saturday night life the reason we picked and we didd this whole thing allison for how long now have we made that jokek and you said when i'm 50 -- thit is the s inform l exit.m l exi when i'm 50 ick kick andcknd stretch. >> i'm doing it. i >> i'm proud to say that i'm 505 years old. old i'm not one every those gals thg who's afraid to tell her real age.age i'll kick, (laughter).aughter) >> and kick.>> and kick >> see i didn't have so muche sm leeway in those pants and i wasw so terrified i was going tooing split my pants at your birthdaya party.rt >> it was perfect. you never wanting to all in. all do you know what i mean? did it perfectly.ect >> there's a danger zone ofzoneo splitting your pants. pts
7:53 am
it was perfect. was pct >> that's how much we love you.u what can we do.whatan w >> i talk about that 67 all thea tile. steve can tell you and i have ye been waiting to actually do that and so monday just for facebookb or something i'll do it. >> can't wait. >> wear good flexing pants andpa white sneakers isn't we'resn't r showing some of the picturesme too. there's you and mark and theand dogs we showed the girls.. allison's actual birthday because we had to celebrateadcea early to surprise her her actuaa birthday is tomorrow but you cat still send her birthday wishesta and we really hope that you do.d post them on social media using the hash tag hbd allison for f happy birthday hash tag hbd allison. all during the show we were thehe number two trending topic all ol washington, d.c.on, d >> yeah. yea >> i'll tell was, al, i havel, v just from the picture i posted over 400 comments of people of wishing you happy birthday.y. you'll have to spend your entirt time on the train this weekendkd reading through birthday wishesa >> i'm going to try to do.oing d >> a lot of people never get ont facebook or twitter but i had td go on to wish allison happy birthday.birthday. >> we saw a lot of old friends
7:54 am
just overwhelmed.helmed some of the women behind were -r some of my new friends friendsns that i've met in the past couple of since joining jack and jill ofnj america a local chapter and sons they showed up, too. up, too it was just a -- my mom and dadd were on the phone.ho it was an mazing day, and as i told our folks here, i will just never ever forget it. >> never ever. er >> allison i didn't get a chanca to talk today.k t i want you to know how much inom love you. y how much you've meant to me ovee the years.s. >> you held my hand 15 years aga when i started on the noon showo with you. >> yup. >> i can't look at >> we've grown't together. toget and i didn't think i had tearea ducts but yesterday even i was broad to tears yesterday it wasw really moving. mg >> al i want to say i like you l more than tucker. >> you guys are -- they're like brothers. >> i got you a card. g >> did you? >> yeah.>> >> you want this now? >> okay.ka >> you know what -- do you likee her more than me, >> it depends what's in he lik
7:55 am
thank you.k yo >> thank you guys. guys. thank you all.thank >> we love you al very much. alm >> we love you very very much.rm >> i'll try to do my kick, do k stretch and kick on monday matty is in high ear ep trying to convince me to do it on the air. >> you have to.>> because i'll be 50.i'll b this friday we have a prehistoric give away for youyo and this is really i've been to one of these showso it's special because it's bse i' jurassic style fun for the wholo family and because you can onlyo enter on facebook. >> you can win four tickets to see discover the dinosaurs unleashed it will be at theitile washington convention center.en you have your choice of goingng either saturday april 23rd or 2o sunday april 24th. if you'd like to win go to ouroo facebook page at d.c. betweencb now and 11:59 p.m. 11:59 five winners will be selected b random drawing on april 18,8, monday, each prize with approximate retail value of $120 provided by discover thecor the dinosaurs unleashed. unl >> i have one final thing toal i say. i know that you know how much this community loves you but whenever i go out, all i ever
7:56 am
>> that is very true. tha >> you know that. >> we always err of they >> don't take one person fore os granted.te >> steve i'm going to need a goe card later.card l. >> tucker i can't believe youi ' did that on the air.. >> if steve gives i was presentv i have a bigger present downsend tears. 47 in washington.ashi we'll be in the mid 60s later0st today.toda beautiful day.. satellite/radar featuring quiett conditions and you know whatnd allison just because it's youryo birthday weekend, i'm delivering perfect weekend, steve.d, steve let's see if you can do that. yd >> thank you. >> 68 tomorrow.>> 72 on sunday 6.. >> obviously a >> 80 on monday. >> i want tucker to >> he can come.>> >> all right. thanks tuck. >> sit at the kids table g i got $2 an banana. that's the best dike right now.n >> good enough. >> 295 jammed past edsallall earlier crash cleared. c other delays around town inbound at gw parkway inbound by 123, 13 cabin john to clara ban ton nott looking so hot. we got you covered for your morning commute and we will mak sure we get allison some extra special sparkly presents
7:57 am
tucker, don't worry, it will bel more surprises to come.o come. >> half a yogurt that's the besb i can do for now. d >> thank you.>> thank you. >> i'll make up for it.'ll ma kevin is going to revieww allison's birthday celebrationea he gives it a five out of fivefe he's live in hawaii. hai he gets a five out of five for jealousy from us on on . we'll tell you why he's theree't and three movies are opening this weekend.theeke which ones you should go see. one you definitely want too avoid.avoid. >> the brother who's pulled that prank on their sister join us si live. how they came up with this idea and how is their sister doing today. >> did you really take the $2. >> yes, i did. (laughter).
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> this is fox5 news morning. almost time right now youimn are looking live at farragutt square park. we are kicking off our springprg concert series today with d.c.'c own sound of the city. and they'll debut their new song called "run". we'll hear that a little later l this morning.this morni good friday morning everybody.ry it is april 15th, 2016. emancipation day in washington, d.c. >> i'm allison seymour. smo >> i'm steve chenevey. che get your taxes in by monday.on you get that extension this yeaa because of emancipation day. >> we begin though with developing story in the distri district. unfortunately begin with violeno story a man stabbed to deatho overnight in southeast.outh police were call to the 4400 block of livingston road arounda 1:30 this morning. that's where they found theund
8:01 am
we don't have word yet on a suspect, motive nor the victim's identity.ti a maryland state trooper whd was hurt in sa chain reaction o crash on the beltway yesterday y still in critical condition this trooper ezra, was parked on the shoulder of the outer loop neara 450 investigating another anothr accident yesterday when his carh was hit by a mercedes pinningsin him inside.. then another vehicle hit thatita mercedes further crushing the trooper.trpe he works out of the college park barracks again still in critical condition this morning. frightening moments at the ringling brothers sirius last night. night. hard to watch video want to war you bmx performer fell while w trying to land jump.ump the rider did suffer a neckr a n injury. was taken to the hospital. he is expected tl.o survive. sur no word on his condition ordion injuries right now, but the circus is in its last weekend od a run at eagle bank arena.. another issue metro isissuei dealing with this morning, then, agency trying to figure out whao caused a train to get stuck in n tunnel yesterday.teay >> this happened between fogged
8:02 am
afternoon.te fox5's melanie an were ick ise k live now with more on the story. mel? >> reporter: good morning,or yeah, nobody was injured, but, t imagine, a really seriouser incident nonetheless. nonhele we know how this can go terribly wrong, and you add hundreds ofso passengers who were stuck in that tunnel under the river, and the time cog not have been wor worse. this all comes as metro is going to congress and trying toryg t reassure members that they are doing everything they can to get metro back on track. now, yesterday stranded passengers walked through twogh trains to finally reach thehe platform after a long distressing wait undergroundg iu thursday afternoon.noon their train with the new 7,000,0 series rail cars suddenlydey stopped. it was going under the potomac m river between foggy bottom and d rosland. they told fox5 it lurched a fewf times and went dark.. the first rescued train broughtb in couldn't hook up properly too the disabled train.rain so a second train had to be off
8:03 am
loaded then brought in from the front. this morning riders told uss safety is on their minds but they're not obsessed with it. >> it's not a good thing, i suppose. to have the train break downreak especial al new one doesn't give you a lot of confidence, doeson, it? >> we get a lot of stops but not quite that so it is scary.ry i wish i had another option butn right now that's it for me. >> reporter: so, again, this t all came one day after metro leadership went to congress and said basically we need more neem money in order to get this t situation back up to its former glory.glor also asked those rider what isss they thought about new general manager paul wiedefeld.defe they did tell me they thought t he's putting the right priorities up front and they feel that he needs to be given g some time in order to fix the problems in this system.ys live at rosland, melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. l n >> let's go right now from theom rails to the roads.s national park service met aark c critical deadline thee t restoration of the memorialemor
8:04 am
late last night summiting anummn application for a major grant tt help fun the rehabilitation.ion. there have been concerns thecers application was not going to be strong enough to gainh to gn congressional support. that still remains to be here's the bottom line.e. the bridge needs about $250 million in repairs to keepe it open to vehicles over theor next deck kay. kay well, the capitals flyingal high this morning after game one of the stanley cup playoffs.s. >> they beat the flyers lastlyes night got to great start. two-zero win. win john carlson scores the first tf goal right there it justjust trickles in. then jay beagle would score at s the end of the game foror washington.. brayden stopped 17 shots.ho defense only allowed 17 shots.. here's beagles goal in the thire period. game two will be tomorrow nighti at verizon center another homeom puck drops at 7:00 p.m. newborns are benefiting frof all this post season hype.son h. look at that little tiny baby. take look. okay these babies rocking theroe red we told you about thisuthis yesterday. they're ro
8:05 am
star washington hospital centere in med star georgetown georget university hospital.typita they were born yesterday, aww a look at that little face. >> cute. >> that's how i feel most days.. so during the capitals playoff run all babies born at those two hospitals -- hey twi twins. okay. sorry. this baby video catching me off garr. garr. all babies born at these twoorno hospitals will receive a freee caps ones see, cap and a bib tht whole outfit. >> it is adorable.>>t is >> it is so cute. cute. those hospitals only but all the newborns getting that cool capss gear. they're rocking the red early. >> love it. >> see those twins and littleit caps gear, that's awesome. >> welcome.elco >> we have like cutenesse cutene overload today.erload today tuck. >> i know. feel like an adult version foror steve.steve >> little ones see.>> l >> if you would like to get oneo since you're being generous with your gifts today apparently.ppal >> thank you, tucker. tucr. i have yet to look inside.e is there actually something ineg there in here.there in her >> there's no money in there.
8:06 am
>> thanks any ways. >> steve -- feature at reagan national.onal. dulles 44. don't try to give me your banann steve.e >> 44 at bwi marshall.l. satellite/radar hey gorgeous gou day.y. mid 60s.d. lots and lots of sunshine.e very pleasant afternoon aer beautiful tonight if you'ret ify going out, and we are all set for fabulous 50th birthdayda weekend.end. a lot birthdays this weekend.. >> let's do math. d april 15th, may, june, july, ju, you guys are like -- october --- >> summer babies.>>umme >> summer loving babies.ummer li >> summer loving babies.lovi there you go. 65 sunshine winds oust north and east about five to 10. t i'll have the seven day in just a minute. >> let's check in with erin and get look at the roads.n at we are dealing with some throw slow-moving traffic.raff right now 66 on the westboundou side there's a crash blocking the shoulder and the eastboundhe side is heavy out by 234.y34 so just be prepared i would says eastbound commute is just ad co little bit more backed up than the westbound side despite thepe
8:07 am
again that's out by 234. 2 things are clearing up fromro centreville on into the beltwayy you're jam. let's switch it over for a lookr at our maps. maps. earlier overturned vehicle didld clear seven east once again bacc to normal at oddly l this is in allow don't of donllo county i would say watch forch some residual delays that's your traffic. back to you steve and allison. >> err ring thanks. ringnk two brother who's pulled thats t ultimate prank on their sister you probably have seen it it'sti been trending online for new f n days now.days >> who hasn't scene it? wheretw they got this idea plus what w their little sister really rll thinks about all this.ll t we're back in just 30 seconds. >> and what about the cat? >> ♪
8:08 am
♪ eight past the hour now.t we just showed before you we went to break the viral zombie prank it's been dominating social media this week. two brothers local here inpa th d.c. area pranking their little sister after her wisdom teethm h surgery. here's a quick refresher. >> we can only take one which pet, the cat are on the on dog. >> the cat you idiot. >> melissa we can only take funn fet fee or chocolate cake. >> funfetti.. funfetti or chock? which? >> that's the moment they toldeo her it was a prank.nk. >> okay.>> okay. guess what our own bob barnardwa has caught up with those tho pranksters to see how viral famf is treating them.m. hey, bob? >> reporter: hey, guys., g if you have older siblings youig
8:09 am
whose 17 and on a field trip to chicago today. but cab bot and barrett are herh the phillips brothers and werow have the funfetti and thend chocolate cake mix and we alsona if you watched the video we've got the pantry pronger guys, tell me about the falloutl from this.s. it's been pretty mazing. 14 million hits on youtube.outu you were out at the ellen showls in california this week.a this e tell me about it.t. >> well, when we found out myy sister was getting her wisdom ws teeth out we wanted to doand to something crazy.incraz everyone has done the normal wisdom teeth thing let's add let zombies. we had no idea it was going tooi snowball into this huge thing.hi mill sent is getting recognized on the street and people aret ae seeming to love it what peopletv are missing out one , the big brothers she'll get her, our mom was in on it too. she shares the culpability forby this just as much as anywhereere else. else. >> you don't see on the video't your mom is running around hered in the yard this is the car by r the way that this all happenednd in. in so mill sent is
8:10 am
window and seeing not only hearing the call for mom sayings the world is coming to an endg o but then seeing that and what ia found fascinating was and let's -- i want to show another quick clip here you're loading h up your other weapons iern the r here to fight the zombies. >> cab bot, a garden hoe isn'thi what we want. w we have guns. g wee are you putting garden equipment -- >> we'll get the guns. >> in the car? c >> you're going need to defended yourself. >> okay.>> you had guns. she went to the garden hoe andnh you guys went to the garden hoeh what i found fascinating even e though she was believing theelie zombie thing she was pretty wast sharp. shar what are you bringing gardengar hoes for and this thing for,, right? she was going along witt it in a smart way in a sense. se >> on youtube mainly a lot of videos comments are derogatory g kind of mean there's beenre universal couldn't suss in thiss video mill sent is who you wantw on your team in zombiee apocalypse she proved herself te be rationale and strong and s
8:11 am
whatever she had to defend d ourselves and our family.elveanu we're proud of her to be honestn >> as big brothers we did oure d job preparing her to take onakeo this world and to survive invi i this world. so she can handle herself. her she can beat up any guy thatanuy gets in her way. >> we've been walking thehe walking dead. she's scared to watch she's been the fact we've beenve watching it so much she's beenhs absorbing all the knowledge thad we have about how to defend den yourself if things did go downid in that manner. >> obviously a lot of love in on this family. the planning, i mean you put out in case people couldn't uppedld' what she was saying and thehe editing that was quite ante evident, barrett.iden >> it was really all cab bot het knows exactly what he's doingex with video stuff and planning pa all of this. t >> oh, stop, please.le come on.comen. >> no, but that was one of was o things we liked everyone would u see it. se it wasn't to mess with -- it waw to mess with mill sent but st laughing with her. we're a really close family andl mill sent is such an amazingin young woman, and so we just thought, she'd give us somethind fun to work with mainly
8:12 am
nothing else for the family tosf look back on i thought if we'ree going to do this we messed with her.her she deserves for to us do itseef right so we thought, we'll edite it the right way and get the out l it's been amazing to see how a she's handled the whole thing. totally in stride and i thinkndt her friends were more excitedndm for all the attention she'stions getting she's such a humbleum young woman. >> that's awesome.>> cab bot, barrett phillips i will tell you napolean and herculescu the cat and dag are inside botht fine. fine dog is to the going anywhere.nyh and the cat is getting a lot off love. love >> the dog healthy, too.ea, t he's not dying much he's justyic old. >> don't tell the dog.g. thanks, guys., guys. phillips brothers here in leesburg. if you haven't seen it, guys,'tu what would you search on youtube? >> just zombie prank.e p little sister. >> apocalypse.poca >> zombie apocalypse on youtube, 14 million hits and growing andg these are the guys alluy a responsible for it.onsiblr >> hey, bob, so as mom, i thinki originally i was like, oh -- i felt for that teenager but now b seeing you talk to the brothersh please let them know you can
8:13 am
wish i had two older brothersro like them really. r it's amazing. >> reporter: exactly.ter: e you know what she was safe.t shs she was right here ridinge rin she wasn't going any r they r t weren't taking hereaway and shea had the funfetti so life waso fe good. >> and the cat.>>nd t please inn vat them to come in.m we would love to get some ofe o their i'd like to know how to prank t some of the guys around here hee myself.lf >> thanks, bobby.>> thank >> i'd like to know how to throt a surprise for somebody.or someb >> you got that.ou gott. >> we did that yesterday. yestey >> happy birthday allison.pythd >> so down in new in big night for the democratic dei debate last night. las got a little ugly at times. tes needed little bet stronger of aa moderator at times maybe like aa referee to go in there and keepa them from talking each other. oh he did a great job that was one of his focal points trying to get those thoughts through. we'll chat with fox's chris wallace next. ♪
8:15 am
8:16 am
♪ >> ya'll make some noise. m n >> make noise for everybody ineb sun of the city they'll behe cit jamming for you coming up ining just a little bit.ittl they're going through rungoroug throughs right now so you can gs down and listen to them, but the real show starts in about 45ut 4 minutes.mi 9:00 o'clock this morning a free concert down at farragut squares park. there you go.there lots of folks down there takingk we want everybody to show up. fill up the park for fox5 fanso5 and get yourself a free show onn friday.frid. >> love it. 17th and k farragut squareare park. pa >> great day for it too, tuck.,c >> little cool out there this te morning. 40s in the city.heity.
8:17 am
mid 60s, sunshine, that will bei the rule saturday, sunday,un monday all the way into the inte middle of next week we'ref neee looking so may have to water the gardeng this weekend.theekend. 13 now in man nass. in ma n 37 here in the theit 50 up to 50 in quantico. quaic still a little cool in spotsnpo frederick is 37 and 45 in it's all about sunshine. high pressure and big sprawlingw area of high pressure is nots n going to budge any time soon.oo that means for us gorgeousorgeou conditions around here.der 65 today. 68 72 sunday.72 sun we top it off with an 80 onn monday.ay get outside enjoy.. >> yes. all righty.alrigh >> great couple of day >> thanks, tuck. >> erin como has look at the >> i. to there's some breaking newse a earlier vehicle fire did clear.r this is on 70 eastbound out inin frederick but we still have verv heavy delays approaching 48.8. walking like a zombie for? >> too much coffee. coffee. >> too much coffee. too all right. you may want to grab your cup of coffee to go in if you're waking up in frederick. morning comm
8:18 am
springfield to gallows jammed aj little bit. 395 north duke street totree seminary heavy traffic and whenw you get into arlington crossing the 14th street bridge heavy. ha more on your inbound delays inn just a few.just a that's your look at traffic.t tf back to you guys. well, we are one week oro less than a week i should say s away from that pivotal new yorko primary. last night major republicanepli event was held in manhattan andn in brooklyn a showdown between b the democrats.octs fox's chris wallace joins us nos live with more. withor good friday morning to to quite a debate. date >> thank you allison.on >> quiet debate with thee with democrats.decrat >> well, it was. i have to admit i fell asleepfel aft the first hour i guess i'm m about american or something.omeg you kind of got the point whichw is they just plane don't leakea each other and what started off as kind of plight affair sixix months ago they have rubbedhavee relations with each other raw.. basically sander social securitd saying that clinton a sell out who, you know, is tied to thehe money interests, and hillarynd h clinton says sanders talks a tas good game but he
8:19 am
possibly accomplish and doesn'tn know how to accomplish what he's promising, and it was pretty raucous crowd in brooklyn. brook i'm not sure any minds werein w changed but it was kind of enter taken at least for the firstea r hour.. >> well at one point secretary clinton booed and the moderatort trying to get them to not talk l over each other. it was different than what what you're right than we we saw in i the early debates it's comings n down to the wire now.the >> it is, and i think what'snk ' interesting the fact that although clinton still has huge lead and the way that the delegates are purchase portioned allocated proportionately it'sny hard to cut into the lead.he l you forget the super delegateseg she has the lead over 200 pledges delegates. but on the other hand he's got h momentum. he has won seven straightt contests.. he's out raised her by $15 million in march. so he's stick aig round and youd can tell she's desperate to tryy to pivot to the general election and go after the republicans but she can't at this point
8:20 am
sanding. >> and last question on this, what happens if s oenator sandes wins new york? what would thatt mean for him. >> that would be -- to quote q donald trump huge.e. not necessarily because he coulh pick up so many delegates just the statement that he could beat her in the state that shet s represented as a senator for eight years.ei i mean that would begin to raisi serious questions about her viability in the presidential election. el but having said thatec, even iff happened let's say he beat her 55-45, he might pick up 10 moree delegates than she and as i says he's trailing her by 200g by 2 delegates and if you add the yoe super delegates he's trailingai her by about 600 delegates, but of course the super delegateseg are not bound so conceivablyoncv they could sit there and look ak new york and look at the seven s previous contests and they coul flip. i don't think that's going tok happen but it could. >> all righty. we want to give some ethqual tim to the republicans were doing ii a whole other part of new york k and fancy tucks. tks quite a different affair.ff >> yeah.
8:21 am
republican party, big protest outside, and donald trump takink advantage of the fact that tedth cruz attacked him for new yorkk values. valu that work well in iowa. worwell not working so well in new yorky and so trump was kind of hittint him for that and it looks againa by the polls that trump is going to sweep to a very big victoryic he's leading by 30 points overvr kasich. cruz back in third place in thet polls.. >> trump's campaign managern m making little bit of newstle t f himself this week and he'snd sitting down with you.g downh >> that's right.right. corey lewandowski the very ver controversial campaign managerag for donald trump, the news hee made i guess good news for him. he should never have gotten intn this in the first place. the palm beach district attornee is not going file chargesrges against him for battery. not going to prosecute the casec that of course was when hen grabbed a reporter at a trump event. but we'll talk about that.l lk a we'll also talk about the fact c that in the inner working in the
8:22 am
delegates because they're only o bound to vote fort person that t won that state for the firstst ballot and if this goes tos goeo second ballot it matter who'sr w that person is sitting in the t seat, and cruz is outsmartingng trump, is trumping trump and iff it does go to second ballot aloa lot of those people are goingpli vote it looks like for cruz noto for trump.rump. so we'll be talking to corey lewandowski and also talking to dr. annal knee to you chi theyoe government's point man on m o infectious disease and obviouslo summer approaches a lot ofaca concern and we'll get a lot off facts about the zika virus.. >> scary stuff. sff chris kalas thank you very muchh had a have a super weekend.eeke >> we'll sue you on sun today.od thanks allison. allon >> we'll see kevin coming upin much he's not here.much he' he's still in the country butouy he's as far away as you can get he's live in the aloha state sta this m why did he go to hawaii? why w did go wattages we'll get hiswet thoughts on the movies hittingst theaters this weekend as well. w >> and mcdonald's is considerin making one of its most popular items all you can eat. e
8:23 am
it, steve.te those details though coming up much hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it ♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers.
8:24 am
♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i could rise above
8:25 am
♪ welcome back. happy friday morning.y absolutely beautiful start to the day. traffic is flowing smoothly.fruo the sun is out.. temperature right now 47 degrees.47 degrees. i'll let you erin tell you about the traffic. winds are calm.areal it will be beautiful friday.ri mid 60 force daytime highs andnd just a
8:26 am
word. >> splen differ russ weekend.eee >> yes. >> high pressure -- >> super photograph licioushicio sixty three al attorneys. >> there's your word for the you day. word for the weekend. >> check it out. 65or today. near 70 tomorrow.omro low 70s sunday.n maybe we do 80 degrees on monday absolutely couldn't ask for askf nicer conditions. look at monday. we're actually going to be onlo the warm side maybe mid 80s in manassas and fredericksburg by monday my job is easy. let's fndmyind out about roadway with erin.. >> 8:26 right now and we are seeing some delays right now asw we take look at our camera.era 66 eastbound earlier crash by 0 50. very slow-moving traffic intoffo the district because of that ass you head out in manassas and and centreville from 234 on throughg you're going to hit that slow s zone. be prepared for that one. okay. we'll switch it over again thata crash by 50 did clear between 50 and 123 to the right s a look at our maps right now.s . id
8:27 am
commute inner loop springfieldie to gallows typical slow-movingmo traffic. it's yellow zone to averageove speeds about 30 miles an hour. 395 north duke to seminary roada it down to 15 miles per hour ata some points.nt slow across your bridges, 14thdg street, key bridge, douglas. dgl we'll keep you posted. pos back to you guys. >> thanks much. thank 8:27 right now.8:ig still to come this morning --ori >> why thousands of cradles ares being recalled this morning pluo which airline is dumping on onee of its most hated fees.ated >> getting rid of it take live look at the spring concert cce series this morning. >> ♪ >> sound of the city getting of they are rocking rolling at a 9:00 o'clock this morning. mni maureen and holly are downy a there. stop down.stop go say hi to maureen and hollynh and stick around for a free a fe show. it's all live from farragut frau square park and it's all free.lf we'll have more coming up next.. ♪ ♪
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> it is 8:30 right 8 i'll tell was a couple thingsa e put in you a good mood. moo fridays.s. >> check. >> sunshine. >> check. >> great music.usic >> >> free.>> bonus i through in the today kicks off our fox5 spring concert series down at farragutr square park. park. great easy access for everybody. evero >> sound of the city alsothty a perfect joining us all morning.. they will debut their new singll called "run" you'll hear itr i right here on the mighty fox5.5. let's check in with holly and maureen. what's up, ladies?
8:31 am
this is what's up. is you see what this says? >> yes. >> fox5 is my morning fix. fix and we are getting a big dose of this morning thanks to sound off the city!ity! (applause).us >> they are kicking off ourur spring concert series and in a n big way. way. >> indeed it is.its. we've got so many people whoe w have come out to help us ushers in this fox5 rock series. ser we even have people looking loo outside their windows opening oe their windows because they wantn to hear the sound of the city. c that's right. want to hear these sounds.ou we want to hear about this ban. you guys are nationallyy internationally a claimed playea with humongous names. nes let's start here.t here. your name is precious. >> pressures juabre. >> she's the lead singer yourr u voice is marvelous. marvelous. >> thank you.>> >> tell us about the ban.bout tn how long have you guys beenuys n together how would you described your sound. >> it's kind of crazy. o i would say in '99 i met biscuit and vaughn and we just kind ofuo measured together musically juss so well over the years we'v
8:32 am
built relationships met kenny k and a lot of these musiciansusic that we've met along the way collectively individually so weo said, you know what, we know ata lot of amazing musicians.icia let's come together and justthea make a sound.nd. >> make beautiful music. >> absolutely. >> soulful music how we describe it. soulful. >> time less. >> you go to the make sure it's something that you can play now and 30 years from now. >> biscuit keeps chiming in. chi holly you've got biscuit over oe here. >> yes. >> i've got precious, biscuits,t and kenny.. >> we'll work on kitty's name a little later. he has a name.he h we'll be revealing that in a i minute but first let's check inn with biscuit. you guys talk about the sound ou the city and precious i hear you say over and over one word, one sound, i mean, in one word, how would you describe it, and whatw is the vibe of the music in this city? >> the vibe of the new sick in c this city is definitely likey l persicus seive driven so me and kitty we make up like the back b bone and the rhythm of sound ofo the the city.. so that's kind of what it is.
8:33 am
>> yeah.>> yh. definitely. definitely.definitely. >> you know -->> y >> maybe your nickname is dittot >> no, no, no.o. but, you know, being from d.c.,c you know, there's a heavyea influence of go-go shout out to everybody.ody. go-go.-go. >> yup. >> but what we do -- what we wt doing is, um, you know, we takek that a little bit and we rock ii out to r and b grooves and hiphop grooves but it's go the o that same percussive go-go feele that we try to put under there,, and, but you know it's notot necessarily go hiv go but we gog a of percussion that we like toe infuse in our music and, youou know --ow - >> you got a huge following forr >> yes. >> this concert series provingsv it we have people coming like ii said stopping by to hear theea t sound they are just energized az are we. you guys are kicking off thisngi series the way it should beld b proper is the way i'm using thet this morning.ning >> kickinkicking it off with nen >> that's right.>> thari >> that's right.has ri new song called "run" debutingen it on fox5 live. liv >> not only that you guys are gs dropping a new album today asody well, right. >> the single is being droppedid today.
8:34 am
weeks. look out for that.ut tha >> do you need extras in the the video. maureen even are available. >> i would love that.ou >> how can they get it?ld >> actually 12 midnight it camem out on amazon, i tunes, google, tidal, anywhere online, band camp, you can reach us. >> told you they're hot.d yothey that's how hot they are. how hhr okay. so we're hoping you guys cans cn give us a little taste, a littll sound. sound. you've been doing it all mornini long.long. >> wait. what's your name. >> kenny ku inform ga martin. >> pressure biscuit and kunga. >> head back -- >> what song are we doing. doi >> let's do come go with m >> as they get ready let me saye if you're up there in those t office buildings we do see you u come get your morning fix get it in farragut square parkak we'll be life just getting thini started here now really going tg kick it up in good day d
8:35 am
between 9:00 much license coachh we've already got a small crowdo gathering went hope for it tor o keep on getting bigger and come feel, oh, yeah,.eah, >> precious and biscuit.. don't worry you it.woy yo feeling real good.. >> come here the sound of thend city. >> that's right. tha >> we will be a part of the bann before the morning is over.sve we got till 11:00 to sell themhe on us, right? rht >> feel this song.g. >> ♪ >> sounds good.s good. sounds good, ladies.d, lads. the band sounds mazing.azin >> we'll check in back withacit holly and maureen down at at farragut square park sound ofnd the city come down and joinnd them. we'll be down there all morning >> look at that sunshine tuckerr barnes. looking beautiful out there.. >> absolutely going to beely beautiful afternoon a nicenoon e couple of nights tonight.nights wait until you see the weekendnd forecast.. 47 in washington.ashingto 44 up in baltimore.. 44 at fredericksburg.ricksbur 41 in martinsburg and 45 in hagerstown. what a beautiful start to ouro r weekend.d here in the mid atlantic reallya much like yesterday not even non clouds to speak of
8:36 am
and we'll be in nor mostly sunny afternoon.rn mid 60s even a little warmere we than yesterday, and then upper r 60s near 70 for our saturday and by sunday and monday well intolt the 70s maybe even 80 by mondaym i'll show you the seven day in y just a moment. momt. there's your planner for today.n enjoy beautiful sunshine. had a perfect for happy hour ifu you're going out tonight.onht. perhaps you can even dinen di outdoors, erin.oors, >> ooh, or open up your patiotio doors and -- >> yes.. >> watch next flicks on theext couch friday night.fridight big night planned ahead of me. >> i'm not going say anything -- >> watching a vi that's all i was saying. say i meant -- that's all i was i w getting out. outer loop delays 95 to georgia, 14 miles per hour.erour. aside from that incidents rightg now crash reported on the innern loop so please watch out foratuf that one as you make your wayouy towards 29. 2 pedestrian struck by a car ridgd road and valley park iny park in montgomery county and then inouh frederick this morning, earlier vehicle fire cleared delays approaching 48 so watch for thaa one in northern
8:37 am
morning commute is slow innerloe loop springfield to gallows 3953 north delays linger dog todog to seminary end as you make your y way to the 14th street bridgeeet watch for that.that 95 northbound jams throughs th stafford and through newingtonet and just to clarify i'm watchinn movies tonight.ight back to you guys. >> erin -- >> have great time. have great >> you're a wonderful youngtia n woman. it's all good. important consumer warning r for parents and which airline ii ditching one of its most annoying fees, and we've got tht details on mcdonald's menu iteme that might soon be all you can eat.. >> please say fries.lefr >> i think your wish is about to come true. those stories and more next. ♪
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
♪ 8:40. we're back with important newstn for parents this morning.. fisher price recalling 34,000 o0 this popular infant swing. it's called cradle and swings.wi it's being recalled after two t reports of the seats falling tot the ground because the seat peg were not fully engaged. fortunately no babies were hurt. the cradle swing costs about 170 bucks.bu well now here's something you don't hear that often.t he airline is ditching a fee.. >> we're talking about delta tna airlines no longer charging crg customers for booking flights fh over the phone. pne now, previously there was an extra $25 fee if you wanted to call a representative and book b your flight.ght $35 to book flight at thet at te airport.rp they'll do away with those.ho that's delta. >> i di
8:41 am
thing. >> when you're at the airportrea usually when you're like in aour pinch.pinch. >> right. >> if you're booking there.u'oog >> ala carte pricing. pci good, good for dell t if you'reu an intra gram user listen up.teu >> the app is changing up itsp i explore page so the neck timee e you open instagram you'll notict a slew of new video channels. the explore page also features a personalized video as you mightm like feed that pulls videos from across the network. themed channels for companyom chill la, democratic all over the just heads up changes to youreso instagram.. here's an idea that might not bn so great for your so bottom less french fries.hes >> mcdonald's, yup. mcdonald's considering adding ag all you can eat fry option toptn its menu.itmen in an effort to get more customers in the door.oo the chain will launch the optiot at their new ultramodernltrade restaurant but nowhere around an >> not yet.>>ot yet >> show me state of missouri. >> trying to do like a toppingsl bar and custom sandwiches ands d stuff like that.ha. >> you think go back to thek to
8:42 am
just be in there and you scoopos your own fries. fries >> surely not.el n >> you have to take your littlet empty thing up and fill the up u again.n. >> can i have some more? coming up we're saying aloha to kevinen mccarthy he's live in hawaii hai this morning. find out what he's doingth on tt beautiful island of maui, plus s we'll take look at the movies is theaters this weekend.s weekend >> we are taking live look righr now at farragut square park downtown d.c.wn we're kicking off our spring sin concert series with sound of the city band. ban it's all free. f just stop down and say-to holly and maureen and enjoy the music. it's on us. u ♪ ♪
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> live music for you. liv the first of three concerts. t it's all free. right off 17th street.. >> 17th k.7t >> right in the heart of the in business district of washington, d.c. so head on down. farragut square park. sound of the city band withandi kenny martin. mar he work with us right here at ha fox5. go say hi to kenny. holly and maureen are downen ard there, too. t they're gettin getting ready tog they'll be playing for theng for folks. there's kenny.e's y just saw him on the screen.cree. >> love it.e >> i love that. t >> sounds great, right., rig >> great way to start thet the weekend. your friday. f
8:46 am
>> that and sunshine an greatnsi looking weekend.lo saturday and sunday both look better than just average. arage they look fantastic.anst >> they look great.y ok g >> they look weather wise theyie look fantastic. >> all right.ight. ♪ (laughter). >> what's this song.on >> weird science. wei scien >> we might have little talkittt with somebody back in the audiod department, right? >> tucker needs a smooth jam tom walk to. >> allison, i don't think peoplo realize -- - >> there are better walks thanrs this. >> some people in the audiole i department don't realize i't ree stepped it up and this is noss o longer a joke. ae. >> right. >> right. rig >> i feel they're mocking you assign tift. tift. >> yes.>> y >> we'll leave the weird part -r >> that's terrible. >> notice the shoes todaye th allison. >> nice. >> those are definitely some -- nice. >> much different shoes than oinger -- >> that song choice was terribll but your walk was great. gre >> thanks allison much that'sn h very sweet.
8:47 am
fantastic spring weekend.nd looking at temperatures mid 60ss but by tomorrow and into sundayn monday nice warm um nearea 80 degrees.80 i just got tweeted somebody seb asked me if they can take theire indoor plants outside.utsi getting really close.y c north and west a few more cool c mornings but any day now i thint that we'll kind of turn thatd ot corner and the risk of frost ant freezes should be over.ld b 47 in washington. washing 46 in leonardtown. 43 in fredericksburg.cksb sunshine, beautiful weather. wer high pressure overhead.ressurov or just to our north.orth give us northeasterly breeze it will kind of drift overhead ovee the next couple of days and tost our south that will set us up for that warmer weekend.kend. watch the storminess get steeree up and around it. a aroun let me mention by the way,ay spring snowstorm in colorado iao just a picture out of steam boao springs, thank you, want to call it steam boat steams.te steam boat spring.eaboat >> uh-huh.>> uh- >> 7-inches of brand new fresh f powder.wd. >> good for the skiers.for thski >> yes. i guess they're still seeing ou there and looking at theg the potential out towards denver and
8:48 am
18-inches of snow. can you believe it?eve ? >> for us it's just sunshine,unn warm temperatures, very very pleasant couple of days.ple of y and a nice warmup in fact, we'lw be in the upper 60s low 70s sunday.unda low humidity both days.. and our pick of the week if youu like the warmer temperatures 80 or better by monday afternoon.fn look at that. maybe 84 degrees in manassas mas maybe warm here by mondayon afternoon a great lookingeatoo weekend. all right. right. if you're looking for me i'llr i walk right back into the audioi department and have a talk about these songs.. >> back to the '80s. '80 >> the song in my head now.. >> it's very catchy.chy. no doubt about it. dou it still lives on wisdom martinm has what's coming up in few in f minutes on good day d.c. >> wis, we'll come join you. >> ♪ all by myself f ♪ >> i would love nothing more tot share this time with the two off you. >> we'll be right there.ll >> that would make my friday.. that's all i'm saying.ay >> anything for you are wis.r ys >> i appreciate it much that's t all i'm saying.all i'm sa i'm here to talk about what's coming up yesterday a surprise r birthday fort one and onlyonnd
8:49 am
concert series kicks off.icksff all this on the next two hourse of good day d.c.of gooday fox5 rocks! also ahead at 9:00, viral video stars just back fro the ellen show.ho you know they pranked theirra sister about that whole zombiee apocalypse thing they only spoke to one local tv this morning and it's fox5. also on good day at 10a, talk about a flashback friday. live in the lot of '80s pop star tiffany.tiy we'll tell you why she's in dc'd this oh, and here's a little something something we may haveh another surprise up our sleeveue for allison seymour.ur. i'm just saying. sin >> i can't take it. ian't >> we might. >> don't play with somebodywith whose almost 50, wisdom. at this point and elder senioren to you. to >> we adore you.or y it won't be bad.ead it's all good.lloo >> okay.>> oka good. we'll see in you couple of minutes.mis. >> you better dish in theter dhn commercial. >> i know nothing.>> i >> this friday we have a special prehistoric give away because ii is a jurassic style fun day ford the whole family. you can
8:50 am
facebook page that's the onlys o way to enter.nter >> you can win four tickets tokt see discover the dinosaurs unleashed at the washingtonas convention center on your choico of either april 23rd, next saturday, or april 24th nextex sunday to enter for chance to win go to dcxd between now and 11:59 p.m.1: p five winners select besidet side random drawing on april 18th. each prize has approximateppxi retail value of $120 and is provided by discover the dinosaurs unleash. unlea >> all righty. 8:50.8:50. let's head to ooh guyablely oneo of the most beautiful states ins these united states.ese ited st. kevin mccarthy is live in hawaii this morning. >> kev, allison and i were justj reviewing your life and we givev you five out of five. >> that's right.s right. >> allison and steve, i willon s take that, and i have this lifei because of you guys. g thank you very much for thatve fox5 has been amazing to me andd allison again happy earlypyarly birthday to you. evening you're turning 50 tomorrow.
8:51 am
>> thanks, love. >> you really real do. ry re >> thank you.nk. >> really really do. really >> thank you. t >> by the way, lots of movies m opening up this week mends w theaters including the junglegle book as well as criminal finally barbershop the next cut. cut. great weekend for movies the jungle book honestly one of thet best movies i've seen in a longl time. it's a visual and emotional masterpiece. john photograph will he didh wi brilliant job with this movie we'll all seen the 1967 man man animated classic this is reallyl updated obviously and the effects are photo realistic and this young kid kneel steady atey first time feature actor on thii set with this big blue screensee acting with puppets that arepett then turned into these big cgi characters like christopher wall kin, sir bense kingly. kin bill murray playing ballou. amazing experience. lie say this. not for the young kids.ou there are some very very intense you might be asking yourself why would jungle book movie not beie
8:52 am
maybe nine and under be aware ba it's very very intense at timesm i gave that movie a 4.5 out ofut the best 3d i've seen in thehe movie since martin scorcese hugo highly recommend seeing the 3dme for sure.ure >> wow.ow. okay. i can't wait to see that one. also,o let's do another -- letl do the stinker and then we'll do the other winner at the box office.fice >> i can't believe this movievem was bad allison. all i'm like shocked by it it's it' called criminal.rimina amazing cast. ct. kevin costner as well as gal gal gadot, ryan reynolds tommy lee jones, gary old man. problem the script. it was actually shot over --ve almost two years ago.go and i now finally coming out.gut the idea is that a death row inmate kevin costner's charactet gets the memories um planned inn his brain of chrism. a agent he has to figure it ande complete his mission it's a verv very cool concept, very great ge cast, horrible, horrible in in
8:53 am
it's really bad from an editing standpoint f script stand point it's confusing.onsing it's over the convoluted die noe like this film whatsoever. there are some -- one or twor good action scenes and gary oldd man is that's about's aut i i love this but tommy lee jones phone thisnt performance in.orma it was was i gave a one out of five. fiv skip it altogether. >> we know you and tommy lee toy jones have a little history kevin. kevin. >> we do. gary old man will be on the show at 9:40 this morning.s morni we'll have my interview with him for this movie. barbershop the next cut this movie is so timely. so important and a really wellll made movie. i loved the barbershop franchi franchise. this is the best one so far. sor ice cube is an amazing actor ini this. i loved him in the film and imnd think the idea the film barbershop has a 48 hour cease c fire in chicago to stop the violence ands it's a veryy topical film, very timely moviee but also has comedic qualities i and dramatic qualities and iatic think the cast is great.
8:54 am
nicky minaj is great in the fill as well and i gave that a fourtf out of five and speaking of the barbershop cast, obviously,bvusy yesterday you guys did amazingme job with allison's 50th0th birthday surprise my favoritemyt moment of the whole show wase wh your husband showing up on thewn phone and then being there inhei studio. st so cool. but i had some celebrities givee you a quick little birthday bth shout out check this out.. >> hey, allison, happy 50th birthday.birthday >> happy birthday.. >> what water are you drinking?n that's what i want to k that does not look 50. 5 >> you looking real good. real o >> yes. you got a man? >> you got a man? (laughter).(lau >> i mean look. >> look at this right here. >> happy birthday allison you're turning 50, girl.l you know, i'm 61. i you're a little young for me. (laughter).ghte >> yo allison, happy birthday.iy >> what's up allison, happy h 50th. girl you don't look a day over 50.. (laughter).. >> happy birthday allison.llon
8:55 am
>> happy birthday allison. i hope that this is the bestthis year yet. >> happy birthday. >> allison, happy 50 is the new five. (laughter). >> i tell you something funny.. anthony anderson was 100% serious. when i was leaving the room, heo was like he wanted to see your y picture again.. >> what? wt >> he was all about you, allis allison. he was legitimately i want to t date allison seymour.eymo >> i love that.eha >> i love that.>> lov >> he was serious.erio >> i love everything about kevin, i said it before, youefoy know, i know it's a pain you'rer cutting into your time when timw you're on those junkets asking celebrities to do that, so i'm i just sending i was huge kiss ans hug all the way from d.c. for doing t i just love it thank you sonkou much.much. >> allison when they saw theon w photo of you there was nohere wn question at all they were -- they all complimented howplim beautiful you looked and how she's 50 years old? how is thaa even possible?en possibl >> so everyone was like --eryone everyone was very happy to do ii especially you saw anthony
8:56 am
kevin costner saw your photo sa everyone was very excited aboutt it. >> kev, i'm glad that you got td practice run in.prce r in a decade when tucker turns 5s you'll have a lot more work cutw out for you.or y >> isn't tucker already 75, though? >> depends on what advertisemene morning it is.rning it is. (laughter).augh. >> exactly.. >> thank you so much.hank you see you >> have fun. >> it is believe it or not it'si like not even 3:00 o'clock inclk the morning. >> i know. >> in the middle of the night. 2:00 vick a.m. in hawaii. >> kev is playing along he'splan been up all >> it's so dark behind him. behd is he outside. oside. >> he's in hawaii.s haw we can vouch for that you'll sel proof of that coming up later ut when the sun actually comes up.m >> tucker is nowhere near 75. >> right, guys. guy steve, i'm ton your theory. youe i think he's in hotel in green g reagan national 51. dulles --lles -- >> that's green belt. tha >> big wardrobe. big wardrob kev got a big wardrobe and willw ill back drop he slips in theree 49 at bwi marshall. marshal all right. we're looking absolutely absolul beautiful around here sunny andd bright not quite as warm as w hawaii but very pleasant pas afternoon.
8:57 am
get right to the weekendee forecast. a little cool again tonight butt look at your weekend. 68 72 sunday maybe 80 on monday.on that's what you call a nicel n birthday weekend, right, erin. >> right. we'll have to do something fordo your 30th coming up this year, kev. moving over for look at our cameras. seeing delays on 270 southboundh that is because of a crash.rash right near the through lanes approaching montrose stillos sti jammed there give yourself extrt time. also in the district northri nor capitol at r street we're alsoes dealing with a watch for that.tcfor that any questions at erin fox5 d.c.d and epp keep it to fox5. f good day at 9a great show cominn right up.right up. ♪
8:58 am
9:00 am
♪ straight ahead unstuck metrt another bad day for the transita agency after a packed train getg stuck inside a tunnel.un we'll have a life report. >> wait a minute. m wait a minute. wait, wait, come on. on. >> it was a race zest term andm everybody knew it was racist itc term.rm >> brooklyn brawl. brooklyn bra. hillary clinton and berniecl sanders face off in anotherther debate before the big apple vote. they gave new meaning to the term mean streets of new york. r we'll have some of thehaveome of highlights. >> deflected.>>le score! >> rock the red.ock the caps request for a stanleytl cup off to hot start.ta thanks in part to another big game from brayden. >> ♪


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