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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Saturday  FOX  April 16, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> this county is for thecoun second time in five weeks w grieving the loss of a member mm of our public safety family. >> one firefighter is dead,ea shooter fighting for his lifengl this and sunny and warm.nny d wa a weekend to get outside and enjoy as we take a live lookk outside this morning we've goto' you covered with the full wt forecast ahead and caitlintlin roth will be here to give you the full forecast. forast. good morning. i'm annie yu.u. you're watching fox5 news thise morning.morning. we're following a developinga do story this morning. we now know the name of a of prince george's county g firefighter shot and killedeootk while responding to a welfare w check last night.. officials say
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ulmschneider died last nightiedg after being shot whileho whi responding to a call. it happened on sharon road inn temple hills maryland.ylan police say ulmschneider and 19-year-old kevin swain wered ke doing a welfare check at a home. when they arrived on the scenehe the person was unresponsive.poe. they decided to enter the home to check on that individual. that's when the person shot atps the firefighters hitting them. e >> we lost another one of our o brave firefighters doing whaterh they do every day.eryay these men and women put their lives on the line andhe le and unfortunately tonight we lost one of them. t >> a third person was alsolso shot and is expected to bed b okay. police have a man in custody in this morning. morning he is cooperating with police. as for the second firefighter,et he remains in criticaltil condition at shock trauma in tun baltimore. a maryland state troopere tr is fighting for his life afterri a crash on the beltway.eltw it happened thursday afternoon o on the outer loop near 450 in police say trooper ezra
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ganeshananda is sit ins sit in critical condition.di. investigators say the trooperror was parked in the shoulder in an unmarked patrol vehicle investigating an accident when another carp smashed into thease freezing rain's the driver of that car is alsolo hospitalized.hospitaliz no charges have been >> ♪ >> taking a live look outside,oi it looks like this weekend isens actually the final weekend for the cherry blossom festival fes wrapping up after like 10 days d of fun. >> yeah. >> 10 days of beautiful treesule and supposed to be a nice day. y >> i know and unfortunately probably not very many cherry blossom left on the trees tre because of the rough weatherhe r but as we conclude the festival we've got beautifuleaut weather and this is the the weekend we've all been waiting i for for probably six months. m a gorgeous spring day ahead. ahd it is still chilly out we're in this pattern of cool c mornings and nights and mild and afternoons and we keep gettinget milder.milder. right now it's certainlyinly chilly. chil 46 out at reagan national, 35na, at dulles. dles.
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frost on the ground portionshe of northern virginia. gth bweri marshall 36 degrees so s also chilly as you head up head towards baltimore.altimore regionally here's another lookee at temperatures and definitelyil some frost out there in there i northern virginia wherea wher temperatures are in the midn e 30's to 40 degrees justs just towards our south in quantico, c 46 in washington and 45 in annapolis. so you still need that jacket jt to walk the dog, go for theth early morning run. if the kids have the earlyly soccer games or whatever sports they're playing its ayita little chilly out there on theee field but it will warm up verypr quickly as we head towards thedt noon hour so by the time wee reach the afternoon hours hou you're not going need theee jacket. satellite and radar, nothingd ra to see here. couldn't be quieter as we have h that dome of high pressureigess sitting over us so that's howsow it's going to be for the next n couple of days.s. your service pat surface pattern shows you're nice and mild. temperatures in the upper 60'snp today, definitely close toely co normal. by sunday as that highhi pressure retreats a bit rs a towards our south lower
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look likely and following thatha i think we make a chance at 80t0 on monday.on so, really getting w in the meantime, though, just js enjoy such a beautiful weekend.week today's temperaturess temperatue 63 degrees by 11:00 a.m., 66.m., by 2:00, 68 by 5:00 p.m. p. if you're going out to the cherry blossom festival a day d where you need the sunglassesune and sunblock as we're gettingret into that part of the some of us make it into the 70's today. today. out towards our west where youeu start off really cool but you're going to be a little lit bit milder today. our 68 could be low.68 c could make that 70-degree mark from gaithersburg towards towar manassas into winchester looking at temperatures in the low 70's. the rest of the seven dayen day we'll have that full forecastca still coming up. annie. >> thanks caitlin.has caitlin. police in montgomerylice county are investigating annv aresmed carjacking.jack it happened thursday nightig outside the episcopal church of our saviour on the 1700 block of powder mill road in silver the vi
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said she had just gotten intoeno her car when the suspect the spt approached her claiming he hader a gun and demande cd money. he then grabbed her arm andrm threw her to the ground before f driving off.drivin >> the car was on, running atnia that point.. he backed up the car after he ae threw me out of the car and i thought for sure he was goingasi to run over me but he didn'teid thank god.k god so then he backed up, droverove out onto green acres and went wn that way. way >> the victim suffered minor mir injuries and was treated atateda the scene. police are asking anyone withe t information to give them a call. meanwhile police ine i fairfax county made an arrestt in connection with the sexualthe assault of a 77-year-old woman.woma 28-year-old malcolm hall has ha been charged with attempted rape. the incident happened at the forest glen at sully station complex an independent livingntg complex. after his arrest hall was h w fired from his job with the t fairfax county park authority.hi d.c. police are asking for the public's help to find ad missing girl.
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14-year-old eerie rosa-huezoee has been missing sinceri thursday last seen in the 1200h1 block of park road northwest. ne she was wearing a blue sweater burgundy shirt and tan pants.ndn if you ever any information on her whereabouts call d.c. c d.c police.poli frightening momentsight yesterday in the parking lotarnl at rfk stadium.ta 22 children and two adultslt were taken to the hospitalospita after their school bus hit ausit light pole. p the students from woodbridgeoodg elementary school inchoo hyattsville were in thelle wee district attending a science fair when the accidenthen the ac occurred. occurr >> well, looks like she pulleds out and tried to swing aroundngo and for reasons unknown kindwn of clipped or more thanmore tha clipped the pole but it waspole enough to shake and rattle the bus and that was enough toug t move some kids around in thed t bus and for us to come hereme hr and make sure everyone was okay.okay >> all of the injured studentset were taken to children'schildr's hospital. they were treated and all ofd a them were expected to bee released last night. night >> ♪>> >> well, can coming up justup j these days away from the new t n york primary we have the w h latest on the leaders on b
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as i understand bernie sandersa is in rome at the vatican. vatic did he get a chance to meet c the pope or not? we'll have hav those details and much more up ahead.ahea of course kaitlyn wille have another look at today'sod forecast. stay with us. fox5 news morning on this saturday will be right back.
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>> to japan where there have been two earthquakes resultingqu in dozen of deakaths. of de 29 people are dead and thishi comes after two earthquakes have shaken the area.haken ar the first happened thursdayppend night, a 6.5 magnitude quakede e struck killing 10 people.ling then this morning another strong quake hit causing moresim deaths. this one registered at 7.3 magnitude.magnitude. it wasn't people are dead,peop thousands are injured and hundreds ofe people arere trapped.trap >> ♪ >> in days after a raucousus brooklyn debate bernie sanders s
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clinton tries to build on heruin new york lead in harlem. harle donald trump continues to pickti a fight with his own republican party.blan party >> it is immoral and togetherndr we have got to change that.eha >> reporter: at the vaticanic bernie sanders delivering ars dr speech outlining his thoughtshoh on the world economy and social justice. justi hillary clinton meanwhile dusting herself off after a fiery debate appealing for votes at a senior center in harlem just three days awayt th from the new york primary. yorkr >> i now know where to come to c when i want a good game of dominos. >> reporter: gop frontrunnerr: donald trump relentless in his l attacks against the republicanui national committee.ommitt the billionaire penning a wall street journal op-ed thursday after losing all of colorado'so' 34 delegates accusing partyrty leaders of canceling the vote. trump staying on the war path p yesterday in upstate new yorkewk widening his lead nationallyll against both ted cruz and john j kasich according to a fox newss poll. poll. >> we have a rigged system. rig the republican system is rigged, okay, i
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system you look at colorado where they're having a big'r march later ore something'shins happening but the people are angry. angr >> reporter: cruz gettingr: the cold shoulder from many in the empire state after his new n york values comment finds himself behind kasich in bothn h new york and pennsylvania andens barely ahead of the ohiohe o governor nationally.lly. >> the last three weeks there have been a total of 11 elections in four states and we have won all 11 elections. >> meanwhile bernie sanders sane says he met with pope francis fs this morning during his visitins to the vatican.. sanders describes the meetingm as a extraordinary saying happened before francis leftore for greece where he's visitingg refugees there. there are no photos of this meeting.etin he's keeping quiet about whatetw the pope said during thed dung t meeting but said it was a wonderful opportunity to talkoak to him. democracy springcry protestors planning forr demonstrations in the city t about a dozen protestors zipstor tide the
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inside the capitol rotonol today. the protests moved to the west lawn of the capitol where that hundreds were gathered there.ed. protestors have held demonstrations each weekionsh we focusing on a new issue. yesterday's focus was on youth t and students.tudent >> by being here and makingaking history here, you're making mak yourselves known and i just want to say thank you so muchanh for bringing attention to this. . we need to get the money out of politics. ps. >> that was actress and activist rosario dawson. protestors have kept policet poe busy all week.ll wee officers have arrested some s 800 demonstrators for civil disobedience. with the summer olympics sum less than four months away rio r de janeiro is working overtimevm to be ready for the openinghe ceremonies. a water system was unveiledasnvi which will keep sewage frome fro pouring into the bay, main, m concerns of olympic organizers z have been about the pollution in the bay. brazilian officials are a confide
7:13 am law enforcement personnel heldsd a news conference addressinge as some of the concerns athletesthe and fans may have about the possibility of a terrorist terro attack.tack. protests on the campus of clemson university have hit aer fever #ed pitch.p a sit in continues thises thi morning after someone hung hun bananas on the campus posterer promoting african-americanican history.or the move was ultimately denounced by university president jim clemons butim students felt that didn't go far enough.fa in responsr e the school hasoo h hired a chief diversitya officer who starts monday. m >> all right, time now 7:13. caitlin is back.ack. >> good morning.>> >> good news is we're going towg have this good stretch of nicefe weather. >> yeah, and it really kind of started earlier this week and it continues through thenues weekend into next week slowly getting warmer, too. >> good. >> everyone has been waiting for the mild temperatures. onet thing, one downside, i know we both are suffering suffe from it, the allergies. >> yes, the allergies.eres >> they're at their peak rightea now with a very high pollen
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allergy sufferers we're with w you on that.t. get the medication if you neediy it. we're in this for awhile.s r aw we don't have any rain chancesac over the next few days.ay i don't think it's maybe untilnt the end of next week that wet w see the chance for that rain. let's go over temperatures right now. it's cold off towards our westes where temperatures are only inrn the mid 30's this morning.orni patchy frost, maybe evene even widespread where it's 35 at dulles, 36 in frederick, 33 in,i martinsburg and 36 in winchester. so, despite these nice mild mil afternoons we cool it downe co w overnight and it gets pretty quickly once the sun sets.ets. 46 stevensville, 36 in baltimore. it does warm up quickly onesckle the sun does come out each eac morning and we have certainly cy moved past sunrise. sse we've got clear skies and ski we've got cool temperatureste all over the northeast. 45 new york city, 39 binghamton, 46 columbus, 42bus,2 interdetroit and chicago and a it is not just us that is enjoying the beautiful weatheruw in the stretch of it, it's it' anyone in t m
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here's why. sprawling high pressureg high sitting over those places i plae just mentioned and nothing butnb clear skies.r skies don't even get any clouds outlo there.there. so, the quietest weatherer pattern we've seen in awhile a and probably will see as we goeg through the next seven days. day that area of high pressure pur does continue to sit over us. u. it steers any storms up and around this high pressure system so the focal point fornt showers and storms through thest weekend will be the centralor plains and they could have be d severe weather there as ours our whole weather pattern isatte i blocked up but when it'she's blocked up this way with high wh pressure over us it's it' certainly very favorable.avable so the setup as we go into thehe weekend, very nice and mild.ild. looks very warm on monday,on high temperatures close to 80 degrees but then a cold a cod front comes through onugh tuesday. y. this cold front not going to bring much except a few more clouds tuesday afternoon and and behind it it doesn't actually al get too cold. 60's and 70's as our high o h temperatures remain a bit b above average even into nextnto week so we've got the warmhe w weather with
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high temperature today ofpere t 68 degrees. gorgeous weather out there andra a light north wind nothing buthb bright sunshine, beautiful day d for the cherry blossomloss conclusion that paradearad downtown beginning at 10:00 a.m.a. seven-day forecast watch thesece temperatures jump.atur jump. 68 sunny and mild on saturday, a 72 on sunday, 80 and thend warmest it's been in awhile asia we head towards monday andy and even the rest of the week wee looks really, really great,y gre mostly sunny, 67 there on wednesday. thursday mostly sunny. m you can see that sunny there at the bottom, 73 on friday. f that's our first chance ofst che some swers might need it to clear this thi pollen out.en out otherwise it's a great looking o seven-day forecast. annie. >> whoa. w >> i really do want to open t o mine.mine look, it's blue.. >> i know. >> a sweet idea takes a bitter turn parents heidi and se
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of their third child with colored cupcake filling butpce f daughters had totallyad t different reactions tot reons learning the news that a babyt b brother was on the way.. the adorable video was originally post to do youtubeou last year but it experienced aec viral resurgence this week. wee. congratulations to the family.a. and according to parentsoarn the girls' brother grant gra dominic is six months old and fortunately grace came toy terms with her newgr sibling. beautiful. all right. they've become internet andcomei hollywood sensations this isth week the phillips family of leesburg virginia brothersrother cabot and barrett recordedecor their sister coming off of anesthesia telling her the city was invaded by zombie apocalypse. >> if you have older siblings o you can sympathldize withthize h millicent who is 17 and on a a field trip to cha
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but cabot and barrett are here the phillips brothers anders d look, we have the fun fetti and chocolate cake miss.ak >> we can only take if youak know fetti or chocolate.hocola million center this isio imn portant. this will be what we're livingin off of. which one.wh >> safety is right >> if you watched the videoe v we've got the pantry pronger here. guys tell me about the fallout.ll 14 million.. 's on you town you were out at o the ellen show in californiaif this week. th tell me about it.tell >> well, when we found out my ot sister was getting her wisdom ws teeth out we wanted to doo d something crazy. crazy we thought everyone has doneon the normal wisdom tooth thing. i let's add zombies.let's ad we had no idea it wasd going tt snowball. mill sent is getting recognized on the >> we can only take one pet.e pt which pet, the cat or the >> the cat you idiot. i
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dog. >> he's the worst.ous he's already dying. d just leave him.just lea get the cat. cat >> i will tell you napoleon and hercules are inside,id they're both fine.'rth fin the dog is not going and the cat is getting a lottina of love.of le. >> the dog is melanie. melanie. the dog is not dying.yi he's just old. j >> another quick clip.ther when you're loading um yourour other weapons in the car here ch to fight the zombies. >> cabot, a garden hoe isn'te is what we want. w we have guns.we havuns. why are you putting gardende equipment in the >> okay i'll get the >> millicent is who you want yow on your team when you have aouae zombie she proved herself to beer to b strong and take weapons and do whatever to defend herself. we're pretty proud of her.roud o there was a lot invested in making sure this was a familyaml memory. we didn't anticipate this manysm people sharing in the memory. mr >> should we go to costcoo ctc first? >> no, it's going to be a blood bath in there. >> on the road in leesburg,ad virgin iia, bob
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local news.ew >> great stuff. well, a big weekend at the box office. office. jungle book opened this b weekend.oo after the break we'll sit down w with the little with who plays mogli. time now 7:20.
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>> back now here at 7:22.k w he fans of prince were holdingolng their collective breath last night after the singer wasinr rushed to a hospital inpita we're told his private plane pla made an emergency landingcy ldi
7:23 am
ill. a spokesperson says prince is p battling the flu. flu. he was taken to a hospital aso t a precaution.recaut doctors checked him out andhim a then released him after a fewew hours so good news there.he the 57-year-old is now at home m resting and prince has been onn tour since the beginning ofinng the year. yea and more entertainers areinr backing out of shows in northn h carolina in protest of thestthe state's legislation that t limits rights for members ofig the lhtgbt community. yesterday cirque de soleil announced it's canceling three months of performances acrossans the state.e sta they'll fully reimburse thosese tickets and they look forwardor to performing in norther carolina once this issue isfoe s addressed. last weekend bruce springsteen canceled a can cert in greensboro north carolina forthc the same reason. >> ♪ >> relax, no need to ge
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okay. >> where am i?here am >> this is a cave. it's my cave.av you don't remember whatem happened, do you?em >> no. >> >> i saved your life.r life yeah, i snatched you from thenac jaws of the death, the coilshe of death, if you will. wil and lucky for you, your newr n favorite hero old blue heree just happened to be passinge pag by. no big deal. just tell me this. t can you climb? >> yeah. >> let's quit wasting time andwa get on with it. >> get on with what?gen wi wha >> pay back, kid. k pay back. >> what do you mean pay back? y pay back for for >> that's a clip from the newew live action adaptation of theiof jungle book directed by john jon favreau the same guy behind movies like swingers elf ironlf man and chef and it hittit theaters last night.t night kevin mccarthy sa
7:25 am
some of the cast members. >> when you're literallyal walking on branches and i'venche seen some of the b rolll footage where the set lookset blue screen but you're walkingri on things.hing how did they make it seem likeml you could almost fall off? is the blue area thin as a thias branch? >> well, it looks like thatt ok thank you 'cause that was the acting part. par when i'm always doing stunts stu they always want me to keep mytk hands up and go like this sohis it looks like it's so thin.o they obviously thin it a little bit so it looks scaryo and they make it look like i'mo about to fall off when i raiseh my hands up and i'm like whoa, w oh my god i'm about to fall t fl but if i'm just like -- you-- y can realize sometimes if i'm if just going like up and down and like i'm not moving mye i' hands you know i know what i'm doing. but like sometimes if i'm against -- i'm like whoa. i just act like i'm fallingal but i'm not really 'cause it'sas not that hard to go like --ik i'm like 2-inches off thes f th ground so it's not that hard. tr it looks like l like it. >> you act like you'reig
7:26 am
up. >> yeah. >> that's cool.>> what grade are you in by the way. >> i'm in seventh grade.ra >> how does this work? thisoe movie is comings out? do youut still go to normal school? sch? are you just going to classes ta like a normal person.orl p >> yeah, i am. and, um, my friends treat me mye like a normandl kid still whichh is good and they still ask like if i want to go to the to t park or something and that's -- it's just normal n school. >> now, when you film a movie though obviously you're aware in los angeles shooting a -- a a way in los angeles shooting a movie do they give you your schooling through set? did a teacher do you mean set withdo you. y >> y there's a teacher onset e donee for me to b filming so we can do some school and like wheneverike wher there's a little time between the shots, she would just beulju like, okay, school, and wel, a need to get maximum of four of hours but like you have to do three hours and minimum is like one or two hours i think. >> the jungle book is inhe thea
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lookeas good.te still ahead a local womand w says she was escorted off an airplane before takeoff simplyiy because she's muslim.e's musli her story ahead this morning.ori plus caitlin back with ah a look at today's weather. weathe. stay with fox5 news morning on this on t saturday will be right back. ri.
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back. back. >> ♪ >> welcome back. time now 7:29.ti taking a live look outside onokt this beautiful morning. mning very comrt
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caitlin has some good news for r us. you're taking a look at thehe final preps for the big cherryso blossom festival that kicksl ths off in just a few hours.ou meanwhile hundreds ofwhil hn flights have been canceled at denver international airportal t this morning because of badng weather. the city is getting blasted by b a nasty storm and when all is ai said and done more than 4 feetet of snow could be coveringering denver. denv the storm moved in yesterday yes shutting down highways becausesa of accidents and poornd poo visibility and airline a officials say more than 680ha flights have been canceled cance this morning. this oh, boy.oh, b that doesn't sound like funnd l over there, hm. >> no, it doesn't and weatherea so clear so we haven't really'tr been talking about neutralut issues, annie. the weather is actually aua fantastic to be out and about at today though you saw the preps p for the cherry blossomr finally som e nice weathereea during the festival as last as l weekend with the snow and the wind and the cold was just was j awful honestly but now here ises the weather we've been waitingre for. temperatures outside right now, let's look at the airports first, 46 at reagant rg national, 35 at dulles and 36 dull a
7:31 am
of the woods we've got low to gw mid 30's so frost coating the cg lawns and the car tops and ts maybe even freezing conditions in more localized areas. let's take a look at those a loo temperatures outside rightures now. only 33 in martinsburg, 36 in frederick, 37 in gaithersburgaib so northern virginia andnd northern montgomery county uperu into northern maryland seeingn the coldest temperatures.empere 46 here in washington right now, 45 in annapolis and 46 in stevensville but with the sun rising and peaking mid morning i we'll see these temperatures jump very quickly as we head weh to the noon hour probably intobo the 60's for all of us by thesy noon hour.r satellite and radar sprawling sg high pressure system out theree so nothing t to see. see we are cloud free from maine down into kentucky andntuc tennessee out into theese midwest. any stormy weather well offell o towards our west and that'sr wed where it's going to stay. t's gg weekend surface pattern highte h pressure in place and we've a w just got one sunny day after another.another. cool mornings and nights mor sading to some very mildto afternoons. we should get into the uppergetn 60's today.60's we've
7:32 am
past couple of days and right r around actually where wey where should be for with high pressure a littlee a bit further towards our southdss tomorrow we begin more of a of a warmup, a west wind should getho us all into the lower 70's and0s then we are still on track to hit 80 by monday. mon let's look at that weekend forecast for you.fore here's the numbers.'s tumbe 68 on saturday. saturda for sunday 72.unday 7 so sunny and mild today.oday. a beautiful beautiful weekend we there on sunday.unda 72 today but 80 and that will ti be the warmest it is on is o monday. nd lots of sunshine and we see we s those mornings get a littlerning bit milder monday into tuesday. notice mid-50's there monday m morning and then into tuesday t morning so a lot of people aot o anxious to get out there and a planter and i think you'rer and good once we get towards monday. probably our suburbs only inur the 40's so just about so everyone looks all right.llig don't see any cold snaps ind snn the future. we keep those morning lows inorg the upper 40's. 67 a bit cooler on wednesday.sdy a cool front brings a few more m clouds and then temperaturespers rebound well up into the mid thm 70's, 75 on
7:33 am
friday so the seven-day seven-d forecast honestly looking really great over here. great or all right. that's a look at it. it. annie, we'll send it back to you for our top stories. >> ♪ >> time now 7:33. let's take a loo timk at some oo our top stories this morning.or police say an individual is in custody and cooperating withoori authorities after twosfter firefighters were shot whileot e making a welfare check in temple hills, maryland. one of the firefighters hasirigt died and another remains in serious condition. and the family of afamily oa maryland woman is outraged. oute they claim southwest airlines su removed her from a flight f because she's muslim. musli an advocacy group is calling for an the woman who was i wearing a wi hijab was traveling from d.c.rom to seattle on wednesday after boarding her connecting flight in chicago, she swapped seats sa with another pal passenger. pasr the woman says a flight attendgn dander took issue with herueh seat change and told her she would have to get off the plan te. a council on american-islamicca- relations says the woman was
7:34 am
humiliated.humi >> airport police arrived.rt poc they escorted miss abdullahla back to the counter at theer gate. police asked southwestedthwe airlines attendant at the gatehe whether there was any reasonwasy why she should not be allowed b to board the flight andhe ft a continue with her trip to seattle. e. the reply was no, there she the does not feel >> no word yet from southwestou airlines. and a shocking andand a racially insensitive video has d shaken a well known marylandm private school.chool. someone recorded a video of a student making racist commentst at a party last saturdayarty night. school officials became awareias of the video after it was posted on twitter. now the school released aolelea statement yesterday that says in part we have zero tolerance n for discrimination racialiora intolerance injusticece accusations and innguyen iye dough. when one individual takes itnd upon him or herselivf to express words that are demeaning toeangt some it affects all of us.fectsu the school has dismissed the student and he's a appealing.pp. the school says it will create
7:35 am
opportunities to discuss what happened in the coming spring is here.>>ring that means shedding somensddin pounds for our bathing suithingt bodies or at least watch wag wah we're eating.we we have the cook in the kitchen here at the loft.het th fox5 dishing up the details onao healthy spring eating trends. td stay with us. time now n 7:3 be right back. ack.
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>> ♪ he. >> welcome back.>> well, when spring rolls aroundgl people tend to think more about their diets as we heads wa into summer. in while we like to eat out how can we do so and stillll maintain a good diet. good diet >> same with me. joining to us talk about healthy eating trends foren spring is executive chef holmes.holm so, we are thrilled to hear he there will be a healthy eating n segment today. t >> there it will also be a delicious. this is what we do at seasons so z we pride ourselves not only on the healthy aspect but alsoua on making things that are just actually tasty and people want p to eat so that's what drives our customer base and that'snd t why we're here.wh'r >> yeah, so what are youh, s making for cause.or c >> today we're going to be we' doing our spring spinachach salad. salad. >> okay. >> we have a brand new menu a for the spring and some b thingi we're really talking abou
7:39 am
things that are going to beg toe more sunshiny in your mouth,r mh brighter flavors so we have fla things like asparagus and lemons, our fresh spring s strawberries and green p we'll take basically twoasic strawberries cut in quarters qua an ounce an half of whitehi balsamic vin get.amic tossed with our 3 ounces of 3 oe spinach and then we're go we're together plate as we do that we're trying toyit keep the strawberries on theaw top of the spinach abes we go. . >> right.>> rig >> we're being a little bit b more delicate as we can geticat this onto the plate. and then the strawberries like i said we want to cascade off the top. t >> strawberries are in season. >> they are.>> t they just came in season really sweet right now andweight they're really fantastic and they're actually a local l product so it's kind of nice ofn to play with those.ho >> yeah. >> we finish off the saladshff t with just a little bit of crumbled
7:40 am
freshly toasted pine nuts. we finish it offer with a 15 aged balsamic vinagrette.inagre >> when you go to restaurantsesr like seasons 52 you feel good fg about ordering pretty muching anything on the menu so mu s whenever restaurants do these types of things to cater to cer individual needs it makes life e easy. >> it really does.ealldo we really pride ourselves ony like i said earlier the food t f is delicious. it's not only healthy but it'sut something you enjoy another dish we're featuring for the swing is our wild caughtin alaska hal but and it'' featured over the top of a roasted corn and succotash scota topped with a sauce with a w little bit of chorizo. a lot of flavors happening, aapi lot of bright flavorst flavor happening and we're toppingre tg everything with a garnish off micro greens or in this case ar drizzle of our balsamic so it gives a twist to what we're trying to do. >> if i'm being hone
7:41 am
surprised by the portions, to too. >> this is sizable. s ve're very proud of. that again, we talk about a healthy eating but we also talk about feeding people and we want people to come in and really enjoy themselves. for us it's a matter of not not only combining the healthyea with the great food but makingag it a portion that people can enjoy and feel satiated.ia >> does the menu change every cg season.seas. >> weekly we do changes basedas off chef selections as well asla things we call what's goodhas now. >> what's in season like asparagus i know early springars very popular. pop >> this is what we like to do wa with this.wi t >> tell us where you're located. >> north and market andorth a rockville pike so please come pe see us. >> yes. >> yes. >> thank you so much.hank >> thank you for coming in.omin >> thank you so much.ouo much. >> everything looks great.inlook >> thank you very much.eryuc >> we'll dig right in chef. r ic you're watching fox5 news n at 7:00.7:0 we will be right back. back.
7:43 am
thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
7:44 am
>> ♪ >> welcome back. time now 7:44. caitlin back and she's gothe's really good news for us.d newsor >> i know.>> i know. finally the weekend we havend been waiting for. nice weather in the veryn beginning of the spring,nning of actually end of winter earlyter march and the past couple cpl weeks have been so chilly. c last week you and i were i w talking about snow at thisnow as point, april snow but now weiln have luckily seen such a nicee
7:45 am
panda maybe?? >> it's a panda. >> aww.. this is a blown up little panda maybe channeling boo-boo or bei bei. b the final day of the cherry blossom parade. what a gorgeous day for it. if you're joining in onou that a it begins at 10:00 a.m. on o constitution avenue. fantastic weather. light jacket needed right nowden but it will get warm pretty quickly and fantastic springstir weekend. that is the headline.s the headi so much going on around town today and tomorrow and we are happening to deliver some nicetl weather for everyone. ery temperature outside right nowigw though still pretty cool and probably frost in portions ofori northern virginia westernniwes maryland there.maryland the 36 in frederick, 39 gaithersburg, 35 out at dullesud and 37 in winchester. wines that's cold.ol 46 here in d.c.46 he in 45 in annapolis.nnis crisp mornings giving way to nice mild afternoons a typicalyc spring pattern and that's whatta we're seeing widespread across r the northeast and midatlantic. 39 binghamton 47 pittsburgh 44ig out in chicago and detroit. drot 45 there in ne
7:46 am
42 in boston. everyone benefiting along the ag eastern half of the countrycou from this high pressure systemgh that's brought us clear skies day after day and will p uy an continue to do so as we enjoy e this nice stretch of weather of straight through the weekend thr and into next here's the setup. s high pressure towards our south.h. day by day fair weather thatha steers the storms up towardsto our west and around the high thh pressure system not penetrating into our area so s you can seal it blocks can sealt everything up.ev severe weather possible acrosses the central plains and yes, y, even some snow moving into i parts of colorado. corad they are not done with thehe winter weather as they always ay tend to be, that snow lingersnos into april. what's ahead? well, we know w we have nice weather thiserhi weekend but then we get to seeos some real warming weather. wth beginning on sunday into theg on 70's and then i think temperatures really peek onn monday where we should see the s 80's just about everywhereverywr here in the washington area,e wa maybe a little bit coolerlitt co towards our east. e cold front slips through tuesday. all it's going to do is proboiably bring more clouds in the afternoon.rnoon. we keep things drive we keepe k
7:47 am
remain in the 60's and thed 70's. here's what we're looking at later on today. 68 in washington but we couldgt easily hit 70.0. gaithersburg quantico and quanta areas towards our left get in gi the low 70's. 73 manassas, 72sas,2 fredericksburg.edericksburg. chilly again again tt i don't think we have thet frost threat asth our overnightn low temperatures are slowly rising, too.oo 47 in washington, 43 there in culpeper. seven-day forecast, 68 for, 8 today, sunny and mild. 72 and those temperatures keepre climbing after sunday. s we hit 80 on monday.on little bit cloudier with thatr h cold front on tuesday but honestly it's going to stay stay very mild, temperatures aboves a average there into the 70'se in7 for the rest of the week. the w i mean, we don't -- we have a chance for sure by next fridayea but dry weather day after day.ed it's quiet but it's lovely.ovely >> that's dreamy. that 80's sounds really nice.ll. >> i know because it has been b very cool but we're at least ata getting a nice >> yeah. >> all right, let's get back, to some stories here at this het hour. now, most of us sing in the sinn car when we are driving if young
7:48 am
can admit that.mi tha but most of us don't get don g caught on camera doing it. >> ♪ >> a rookie police officer inicr texas forgot to turn off his body camera and he was caughtasu belting out adele's hello.el >> of all songs.>> >> sounds actually prettyactu good. he had no idea his colleaguesgu will a direct feed of himt fe singing at the top of his topf lungs.lung johnson's bosses put thessut the recordings on their facebookr page and everyone got a good goo laugh out of >> so embarrassing.mbarra he is a good singer but it's adele's hello which ishellh hilarious.hila all of his buddies areies a probably like what are you you doing singing that song. >> i know. he sounds pretty good.s oo >> he does.>> he do >> plans to allow textingo al inside an amc movie theateroviee has hit the cutting roomng r floor. earlier this week the chain told variety magazine theyarie were considering allowingrillown texting during movies in an attempt to appeal to millennials.mi after backlash on social media
7:49 am
released a statement thatment reads in part with your adviceoe at happened there will be noeil texting allowed in any of theanf auditorium at amc theaters notot today, not tomorrow and not inni the foreseeable future.utur >> i thought they were goinght to allow t that but guess not.ot and you know we talk about this like everyone's textingex any weighs and it's probably ano not a good thing but i felt thit like that discussion wouldscussi just encourage people. peo >> that's how i felt about it, too. people will do it anyway andill for parents that go toan thehe theater, i know i keep a goodp g eye on my phone just in case. >> yeah, of course. yeah, of c kids at home. home. >> but if you put texting as a formal way in a theaters, ithea, kind of allows and encouragesnce that. >> right. >> so i'm glad they made that >> d delta airlines dumpingumpi one of the most hated airline ar fees there is. >> they're getting rid for the f charge for making reservations over the phone.ho the previous fee coste pr travelers an extra $25 to callol a representative to book their r flight and $35 to book in the bn airport. phone reservation es
7:50 am
been a top complaint fromaintm travelers and so they areand so getting rid of it.of >> there's a fee for>> t everything so it's wonderfulheow to see us moving in thevg in the opposite direction with thattioa and that's kind of crazy,s kind you're just looking for someome customer service. >> i know. what's the difference. tiffe if you love to travel toto l different countries it's nott cn always easy to communicatemunice because you don't know thehe native language. lgu >> one traveler came up withvele this t-shirt that has pictures on them. the some of the images -- this iss really smart. >> it's a real good idea.aloo >> some of the images includelu things that you would reallyea need win a language barrierear it's hard. hd. pictures of a train, a tin, bathroom and a phone.ho the idea here is if you point yp to the picture on your shirt,sh someone in a foreign land willgn be able to guide you to the right place. he says he began selling theellg shirtsline last year.tst they've been a big hit. h he says he's had customers ctome from around the world buy hisuy shirt including people from sweden new guinea and the new g united states. state i can't believe this hasn'tliev been thought of before. because it is really smart. sma i mean, language barrie
7:51 am
so tough when you're inou're in foreign countries and everyonein can recognize visual.zeis >> right. now you don't have to do sharo a raids anymore.a >> i know or try to rough it through the foreign language. lg good for him. h prom season is sea >> coming up a heartwarming hean story of a local teen whose promposal brought a smile to sme his classmate's faces.'s fac we'll have that story and much a more coming up after theer break. break.
7:53 am
the nra and its campaign cash are what stands between us and gun reform. "searing tragedy struck in a place parents felt their children were safe" chris van hollen met with nra lobbyists to craft a loophole that would let the nra skirt a new campaign finance law and block gun control. but democrat donna edwards said "no" to the nra loophole
7:54 am
up to the gun lobby. and she would ban assault weapons. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> welcome back. time now 7:54a special treat for students graduating froming howard university this president obama will deliver the keynote address at theirheir commencement say. the president will alsoes receive an honoraryid doctor ofr laws degree from howard and the commencement ceremony isce planned for saturday, mamey seventh.seventh. and proposals have gottenavt very elaborate over the years. a mack grouted high schoolho student kept with recentt kepthe tradition when she asked aen ask special needs student to be t her date. >> fox5 photojournalist was w there for the special moment. >> my mom, his mom
7:55 am
>> i actually excused 23xcused people to help me put up stuff s i'm going to thank them laterer also and just so you know ino told everyone what to dom i wrote everything down.ote i was okay, you guys like this s is your position, you have toit be here, there.he >> rafael, can you come withan t me. >> well, it took us like two days to blow about 350 balloons.lloons. >> i met matthew when i was a sophomore he wasn't a freshman n and it was just a day there he e was like -- back then he used ue to have the wheelchair that heer had to like roll himself and one time you a late to my t class and he was late also and people like -- they were kind w of in the way, they weren'ter trying letter him go through, t they were like late, too, so to, they were all like running tount their class and then i just j like from nowhere i just i j started pushing him and heim tried to turn around and be a like who are you, like why areha you pushing me or he whatever. e every day i just started doingad that and he got like used to u me actually going and like
7:56 am
taking him to his class and to he's going to be the guy that i want to take to prom myo prom senior >> both of them are extremely wonderful human beings and certainly they can see the s t beauty of being able to share something very special andcial d well, matthew is -- you know, k, he's a wonderful young man. he's very courageous very strong, very kind, very carin caring. >> will you follow me?l yo >> are you shocked? told you i was going to have a big surprise. he said yes. y [cheers and applause] >> it's nice to see, you know,uk the good side of people ine there's good still being done out there. tre >> so, are you the luckiest lki girl for prom. p >> of course, of course . >> [laughter]>> [laer >> love it.ove that's so'so great. hope you guys have a great time at the prom. t >> i know.>> i k >> such an exciting
7:57 am
your school -- >> do you remember yours. >> yeah. i didn't go to any of the go dances but the senior prom i did go. i'm not going to tell you who i went with,to though.h,hough. i was escorted by somebody. >> annie, i know.iei >> parents were like no,arts w you're not going -- that does t it for us here at 7:00 but0 there's much more ahead atore at 8:00 a.m. 8: stick with us.ith u fox5 news morning will bening wl right back after this. his.
7:58 am
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> welcome back to fox5 news morning on this saturday as wed take a live look outside, itde is a beautiful, beautifulif morning and it's going toitoing stick around for awhile soile good news there. good morning, i'm annie yu., i' thanks for joining us onces on again. >> and i'm caitlin roth thankshh for joining us on this t beautiful saturday morning. the preps ongoing for theon cherry blossom festival today,t, the last day that begins at 10:00 a.m. down along alo constitution avenue and finally some nice weather forthr the cherry blossoms on their tir last day probably not many blossoms left because of theusee awful weather we had last weekr but we're making up for it soo better late than never.ever temps outside right now 49 at reagan national, hey, we just really jumped at dulles and bwi. bw that's the power of some o sunshine in april.nshin ap just last hour it was w 35 degrees at dulles, 36 at
8:01 am
look at that jump, 10 degreesp,r in an hour. hou that was a frosty start foror anyone in northern virginia upgp into northern sections oftis maryland but now we're allre rebounding very quickly with the sun coming out, we'll wll watch those temperatures continue to jump this morning. g still some 30's, though. tug 37 manassas, 35 in culpeper,ulpe 49 in annapolis, 41 in leonardtown and you need theeed jackets early but you probablyro don't later this afternoon asth we make a ruisn at 70 degrees.0r and then you will again once onc the sun sets.e sun set so, typical spring weather.eath it's really cool once that suntn goes down and during the overnight hours but then it gets nics e and warm and just j how we like it, nice and dryd d out there, no humidity yet. honestly this is just the best weather. weather. satellite and radar highe and pressure overhead so nothingver really to speak of. of. we've got clear skies for daysos out there and your setup for for this weekend more and morend moe sunshine, up are 60's today. toy we should make it into the lowhw 70's on a warmer west windt that would be for sunday. sunda showing you these temperatures real q your weekend planner for your saturday, 63 by 11:00
8:02 am
at 2:00 high of 68 later ler today.toy. your seven-day forecast still ahead. >> ♪ >> well, we are following ae fo developing story this morning.ig we now know the name of a prince george's county george' firefighter who was shot andwast killed while responding to a welfare check. cck officials say 39-year-old john ulmschneider died last night d afieter being shot at after responding to a call on sharonlh road in temple hills maryland. police say ulmschneider aschnei volunteer firefighter and 19-year-old kevin swain wereke doing a welfare check at avichea home.home when 93 arrived on scene theon e person was unresponsive so so they decided to enter the homeom to check on that individual.ivu. that's when the person shot atn the firefighters hitting them. . >> we lost another one of our brave firefighters doing whats a they do every day.ryay these men and women put theirir lives on the line andnd unfortunately tonight we lost l one of them. the >> a third person was alsolso shot and is expected to be be okay. police have a man in custody
8:03 am
he is cooperating with police pc and as for the secondhe sec firefighter, he's in criticall condition at shock trauma in baltimore.or an maryland state trooperd t is fighting for his life afterer a crash on the beltway.eltway it happened thursday afternoontr on the outer loop near 450 in lanham. police say trooper ezra beganzrg slaiganeshananda is in critical condition. he was parked in the shoulder investigating an accident when another car smashed into the trooper's vehicle.troope the driver of that car is also hospitalized.italized. no charges have been filed at this time. meanwhile d.c. police aree e asking for the public's helpubll to find a missing girl. 14-year-old kehiry rosa-huezohu has been missing since thursday. she was last seen in the 1200eet block of park road northwest.or. she was wearing a blue sweaterer burgundy t-shirt and tan if you have any information on her whereabouts you're urged're to call and police in montgomery county still investigating anng armed carjacking.arjackin it happened thursday nighthurs outside the episcopal church
8:04 am
block of powder mill road in silver the victim, a 76-year-oldye-o woman said she had just gottentt into her vehicle when the suspect approached her,ed her claiming he had a gun andunnd demanded money.ey he then grabbed her arm and threw her to the ground beforee driving off. off. >> the car was on, running at a that point.. he backed up the car after he ch threw me out of the car and iari thought for sure he was goingsu to run over me butre he didn'tt thank god. so, then he backed up, trove upe out onto green acres... drove do out onto green acres and droveno weigh that way. way. >> police are asking anyonee with infasormation to give themm a call. democracy spring> ri protestors planning for demonstrations in the city in tt today. da yesterday about a dozen protestors zip tide themselveshl to scaffolding insider capitol rotunda. on the west lawn hundreds of h people gathered th protestors have heldav h demonstrations in d.c. alld. a week long each day focusing onio a different issue. i yesterday's focus
8:05 am
and students.stu >> by being here and by perpetually being here andy bein making history here you are making yourselves known and ive just want to say thank you so sy much forou bringing attention tt this. we need to get the money outoneo of politics. politic >> that was actress ands acess n activist rosario dawson. the protests have kept policetol busy all week. wee officers have arrested somed s 800 demonstrators for civil disobedience. >> ♪ and breaking overnight inhtn japan another earthquake hit causing more deaths. this is the second quake thatak has shaken the country in 24n 24 hours.ho the last one happened on dozens of people are dead andnd hundreds injured. this was a 7.3 magnitude earthquake. the ground is still shaking there.ere. eight aftershocks haveafte happened already and are expected to continue for dayso to come can. comcan. meanwhile here locally d.c. mayor muriel bowser saysses she'll seek to put a questionuta about state hood on the h ballot.
8:06 am
require congress to take anyssoa action but is considered a way w to draw attention to the state a hood issue. in the district residents payt taxes but lackre votinging representation in congress.ongr and the nba's commissionerse says the north carolina's lgbt law is problematic.blematic. will this impact the stateimpa from hosting the all-startar game? we'll have that story and much more coming up. time right now 8:06. ♪ ♪ to the women who know what real values are, you inspire us to bring you real valuery d. 06
8:08 am
8:09 am
>> welcome back. time now 8:08. taking a live look outside at os the preparations for cherryrr blossom festival which kickshi k off in about two hours fromrs f now. tickets are still available. going to be a beautiful day.e ad might be a great way tot gre celebrate the day and the bigg events here in d.c.n you can just log onto national t cherry blossom festival.orgesti. for those tickets. meanwhile, to the campaign trail.trai republican presidentialpubl candidate donald trump held ado rally last night in hartford,na, connecticut. it's a state hit hard by joby losses and trump told the crowd that if elected easeslectd going the'sgoing to bring jobs . > >> there were hundred 7,000 7 people employed. there are now 159, 159 in other words it's been cutr wo in half. we can't we do go that wayan't folks. we're going to go the other way. if i'm elected presidetont,rede we're bringing our
8:10 am
back and we're bringing our jobs back. b >> in a new poll trump is dominating the gop field in theg the new york primary.rima trump is leading john kasich k 49 percent to 23 percent andpeen is well ahead of senator ted set cruz of texas 49 to 14 percent.14ce and democratic>>and democrac presidential candidate berniealc sanders says he met with pope h francis and sanders says theys e meeting took place before thelab pope left for his trip to greece. sanders traveled to rome tos avl attend a vatican conference on economic inequality andqu climate change. and today the national the l basketball association says it a is monitoring the situation surrounding a controversialonsi new state law in north carolina that some call discriminatory. the league is calling the law problematic but has not made a decision of moving next year's a nba all-star game this asamth another entertainment act is i following bruce springsteenuc and ringo starr cancelingce performances in the state. fox's correspondent trace gallagher >> reporter:
8:11 am
basketball associationbask commission are says the leaguere hasn't decided whether to move the 2017 all-star game out of charlotte.tte. >> there were no votes takener in the room but it was unanimous among our owners that we stand united being against any form ofagai discrimination for any group in our society.ocie but the law as it now standsow d in north carolina isis problematic for the league.c r >> reporter: this in>> r response to a question aboutio north carolina's new controversial law hb2 whichb2 sum some say discriminates bycrm limiting protections againstinst the lgbt community.omni in part, it requirest quir transgender people to use public restrooms that correspond with their genderheir at birth. supporters say the law protects privacy and womenomen from potential predators.reto on friday the performance perrm troupe cirque de soleil announced it's canceling shows c in north carolina over the lawor adding to a growing number ofum companies and entertainersins boycotting or threatening toning boycott the state. meantime the bands mumford andra
8:12 am
charlotte this week.hotte th wee the bands opposes the law but decided to donate all proceedsle to a local lgbt group ratherrour than cancel. >> didn't cancel the concert, cn didn't punish fans who might who have supportd that bill. >> reporter: north carolina's governor acknroowledging this week he'sk under pressure.der pressure. >> the people of north t carolina are entitled to both privacy and we can and we must achieve both of these goals >> reporter: and here in california the los angeles ang city council has voted to counct refrain from conductinogaiom c business with north carolina including participating in any conventions or other businessusn that requires city resources. rc in los angeles, trace gallagher, fox news. >> well, president obama andsino first lady michelle obama paid p more than $81,000 in federaln f taxes last year.ear. their incan come was more than 436,000 according to mr. obama's tax return. tax r this is his lowest annual income since becoming president.t >> ♪ >> welli
8:13 am
a beautiful forecast. >> yay! >> before we get to that let'swg look at some beautifulul pictures. >> three of them.>> >> a triple threat this morning. morn we have a triple dose ofe se listen to these names autumn, alexis and annabella.abella so pretty. prett i love the names, i love the cute faces.cute these girls are today's fox5 fox first five.rst we love this little trio. t i'm guessing sisters.. >> what does their little signeg say? i can't read it. r it's so small.'s ssmall >> oh, gosh. >> oh, promoting a big sister, something -- >> oh, my gosh. >> that is so cute.>> but you know what, let me get tg up closer and read that.hat. >> so little. >> promoting a big sister fall 2016.16. >> yes, they're going --they're there's a new baby on the way.hy >> there's another one. >> omg.>> a new baby to join the family.hl >> wow. maybe we'll get another girll ge with another a name. that is too cool. well, congratulations to allulno three of them, they're goingheme to get another siste
8:14 am
brother. the family continues toonties expand. their mom says the girls love music, they love dancing, dan being outside and of coursers watching fox5. f what an adorable little triori he. he. >> if you need another a name, >> that's always a good one. on. it really is.eall if you want your child to be c our next fox5 first five post fe their picture right below thiset one of autumn alexis and annabella.annabella. beautiful names. >> yeah. >> congratulations to them andat to the whole family.he w all right. r fantastic spring weekend,tain that's the weather forecastor for you. and then i can just stop talking because you know the knh past couple of days it's been is so beautiful outside and we'llsa continue to have that througho a the next couple of days ande of then honestly through nextghex week. week the only difference is it's ist' going to be getting a littletogn bit warmer out there. the and it was still pretty coldrety early this m if you've been up and outside ot temperatures are in the 30'sat i in northern virginia so some frost on the lawn but with theth sun coming up we're already alra seeing those temperatures jump.s 45 out at dulles, still 37 in frederick, 45 in leonardtown,
8:15 am
and temperatures will continueer to jump over the next fewex hours as we rise into the 60's. 43 binghamton, 48 columbus, 54 5 lexington.xing hey, these temperatures andpe this nice weather is not justot in washington.ashingn. all across the northeast intoeai portions of the tennessee t valley the midwest all underllnr the influence of this highhi pressure system which isessu delivering this fabulousri weather. and this one is just going sitts over us for days. day blocking attern is set uprn i across the u.s.he u.s you can see the low springs showers and storms across the southern and northern plains and where they could have severeey c weather and very heavy raind ve across portions of texas but this high pressure system isig blocking that system fromh moving tmovingastw we get tarhe nice weather. wth unfortunately out in the central plains the stormy sto weather and yes snow across a portions of colorado.o with the high pressure sinking s towards our south we're warming up to 80's, mid 80'sid towards our north and we by the middle of the week can cold front comes through fro really just brings a few more m clouds. we stay mild with temperatures in the 60's and 70's. 70' for today we should hit
8:16 am
68 degrees maybe making a rung n at 70. i think areas towards our westrw have the best chance of seeingfn that 70 degrees.that i'll step out of the way andout watch those temperatures jump.ej 72 tomorrow, 80 on monday.non 73 he and still nice onice tuesday. we stay dry straight through the week until friday.e we we may have a chance of have showers but temperatures stay mild in the 70's. annie. >> thanks, caitlin. cai well, house speaker paul ryan meets with fellow republicans trying to findican support for a bill that would help puerto rico deal with its debt crisis there. fox's news correspondent doug mcelwayt doum has more from capitol hill.capih >> reporter: houser: republicans meet to help to puerto rico meet with its house speaker paul ryan and fellow republicans convenedns ce behind closed doors trying tod t reach a compromise after aeft vote on the issue was canceledea on thursday. on thursday. members of a house committeeee debating whether this wills help get the island back ond bk its feet.feet >> it's going to be a>> i challenge. there's clearly fiscalisca problems down in puerto rico.pu. the key is we got to convinceon everybody this isn't ais isn't that was the work being donehe e in conference.onfere >> i don't tnk
8:17 am
time to be trying to makee ideological points with this wit economic relief. >> reporter: puerto rico's governor has warned a debtas wat restructuring measure needs toi be approved soon as thehe deadline for a $422 million422 o payment comes up in may.ent if it can't make that payment,tn it would mark the first timest t the island would default ont on general obligation bondsatio protected by its constitution. c obama administration officialsn warn puerto rico faces a total if this collapse if congressf c doesn't step in and while w republicans agree this is an urgent matter they battle onn whether their help is ap bailout. bail >> what we need to do is giveo g the government of puerto rico the tools and the flexibility t to build a healthy sustainableun economy. we do need to have a a supervisory board in place tolae help them to make sure thature t they are taking those steps soto that they don't end up back inpb this pn. >> if we don't do anything,th trust me, there will be a bailout and that will bet ll because it becomes a huge a h humanitarian te reporter: speaker ryanor
8:18 am
in puerto rico could have artrio ripple effect across the bondthb market in the united states. i on capitol hill, doug mcelway, fox news. n >> well, with the summer sme olympics less than four months away rejoe dietch i rio rio day. brazilian officials areian cial confident can the new systemca will make sure the bay stays safe for olympians and paralympians also law enforcement personnel held a news conference addressingsi some of the concerns athletese and fans might have aboucot thet possibility of a terroristro attack. and the duke and duchessand of cambridge took a walk on the winding paths to bhutan's tigers nest monastery.onaste prince william and kateam and strolled hand and hand through r blue pooh pine forest.ooh pi the couple followed in folwe princess diane florida'slori footsteps by visiting
8:19 am
mahal. coming up we'll tell youel about group that is fighting cancer through poetry. stay with us. fox news morning on this saturday will be right back.
8:21 am
>> welcome back. an organization is using poetry to fight cancer andt cana next week they're hosting an hog event to raise awareness andss d money for cancer research andea joining me now to talk all about it is orville the poet. tp good morning.good mor >> good morning.. the poetic rock star who
8:22 am
the brand ambassador for poet life. good morning to the both of tf you. >> good morning.>> >> thanks for can coming in. i >> very fancy names and i lookn it. so, orville let's start with you. this is a cause that's near n and dear to your heart. hea you lost your best friend lastt year, your mother. >> yes. on august 5th of last year, myy mom passed. psse she had adrenal carcinoma when we found outer it was stage four. it was a very rough time but my brother here poetic rocketicc star was real there will forth me in the hospital uper late l nights and we've grown very gror close since then and it's really taken our art to thert te next level. >> so, the both of you were already into poetry, into writing poetry and so this event really just prompted youd all to focus on it and dedicate all your energy to this. >> absolutely, absolutely.olut >> cancer research. c in one of thean big eventsig eve coming
8:23 am
know you all have been workingai very hard at pulling thishis together. tell us about it.te >> the wholell weekend is callel truth to power weekend and tpowk it's a celebration of cancer survivors and the weekendd the w including friday, saturday andyd sunday.ay. on friday it's going to be a'sog mixer, a at avery bar and loungu then on saturday it will bet llb both sides of the truth done right featuring myself and orville the poet. t p and then there's an event att busboys and poets but the but whole weekend every dollarry d that's made will be towardse tor cancer research for fighting fit cancer. >> fantastic. so, what is the experienceerie like at the show? >> so, rather than tell youathe about it, we'd like to showoho you. >> are you going to doreo something right now.mething >> we're going to do something right now.righ >> see, where i'm from, bigig cars for big houses is normal. a >> bigger picture. >>
8:24 am
we don't know his word. g'two i guess that's the reason.thea >> we tattoo scriptures. scriptu >> we live in a government. >> why they only protecting pron capitol hill.pitolil it's politics as usual.sual. because they label him a dead man all because life can getan heck thing. he wanted to play redman.yed the problem is he never had a h method. method they passed a bill in thed a i senate at three then they let l the jets they crashed one in a millionil that's aliyah's jet.s jet they put the money in their t right pocket as their left eye tell you to dislike and geto dia crucial because this is morebeca than a poem it's politics asit usual. but oh where you from.he >> i'm from seat pleasant. pleas >> what you see. >> we seldom saw pleasantries. armed with the vast knowledgee it was our only weapon in casenc we had to dance quick. people selling oils. heading back home. you followed by brokenll memories and crushed dreams.ed m hold on allow me to geto g intimate. see my mother and father are
8:25 am
jamaican immigrants they hardy for togetherness a club where ce you have to pay and past testsa in order to get your citizenship but they sinking sin our ship. citizenship because it's an it'n exclusive click but looking at g the presidential candidates asen of later you got ask yourself ys >> who you with. w >> but see a lot of people still looking at me strange. allow me to take you down gentrification lane whereon lan there's no difference between de poverty and insan in there in te here. they're all one in the same.e just off in the distance we can see beautiful struggle gardens with elementary schoolco with outdated books that'ss ventedly placed by boarded up bp departments. right on the playground where p they play when they get hungryl the only option is a mcdonald's and right in then neighborhood cul-de-sac we canoc see a community center cte surrounded by bulldozers readyes to make it into a new shoppingep plaza because in these i these neighborhoods here they buyy buy anything they're told wear anything they're shown wherehe toddlers have to grow y'up quicu and be the head of their households.ehol magnet programs for these kidshd they're deemed not w
8:26 am
no grocery store in the wholethl community because that extra mumbo sauce with chicken wingsck is perfect. pfe untrained american eye theseam neighborhoods look perfect but we know eveerntually lies comeis to the surface. the sface growing up where we grew un,e gu you learn every day your y decision making is crucial. crui but for some of thoseme o t listening it's just a poem but e for us it's politics as >> yeah yeah.>>h ye thank you.k you >> that was very good. t thank you so much guys. again, that event is nextsex saturday. i'm sure are mother is lookinghg down smiling at you. sng at you. very proud.very >> yes, yes. y. >> okay. that's next saturday.exsatu there's the information. you just saw it on the screencrn there. you can have more for you allroa at our web site we'll be right back. >> thank you.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> welcome back. today funeral services will bese held for former new orleansrlea saints player will smith.wimi smith died last week after a police say he was shot by 28-year-old cardale hayesarda during a traffic yesterday a visitation wasy a held at the saints practicents e facility. fa many fans came to pay respects t wearing black and fans of prince werens holding their o collectiveollece breath last night after thenigh singer was rushed to a rushed hospital in illinois. illinois. we're told his private plane pne made an emergency landingdi because prince was feeling was ill. a spokesperson says prince's battling the flu and he was taken to a hospital as a precaution.on. doctors checked him out and then released him after a fewaff hours. ho good news there.urgood ns th the 57-year-old is now at home t resting and prince has been onhn tour since the beginning of
8:30 am
the year. y and plans to allow texting inside amc movie theaters haveev hit the cutting room floor. for earlier this week the movie mov theater chain told variety magazine they were consideringh allowing texting during moviesgv in an attempt to appeal to millennials. after backlash on social mediaam amc quickly changed theira minds and released a statementat saying in part with yourpartyo advice at hand there will be no texting aloud in any of thean auditoriums at amc theaters thet not today not tomorrow and notrn in the foreseeable future.ut many people pleased about p that. >> yes, because you don't wantow to he know courage somethinghing that's already probably alr problem andea yes, i canes, i c understand the outrage enough texting going on. >> right. >> enough being glued to oured o phones. i will give you somelle yo inspiration to not be glued toeo your phone all weekend.ur we can get out of the house finally on a weekends. >> yay! >> i can't believe we were b talking about snow lastout sn l saturday. >> i know and high winds.w d hi remember the winds.meer t >> yes. >> so crazy last week.azy last e >> and it was just down rightsth cold. >> so, what an improvement weroe have played in a week.d in it's the spring.heing. april weather we've beenl ather waiting for.g we've
8:31 am
temperatures early thisatur morning. even some frost acrosse ost northern virginia.gini but temperatures are jump and responding to that brilliant gosh, this weather is just weat fantastic. 49 at reagan, 45 in dulles. dule 47 in bwi marshall.arshall. it's kind of like you know theyt summer meet i -- heat is comingm but enjoy this while it lasts.ts these are such pleasant ple mornings. we warm up in the afternoon,aftn we cool off yet again after aer sunset. april finally showing us whatg w it's made of across the midatlantic and that's somec really nice weather.lyice we satellite and radar shows that falling high pressure systemhi overhead, clear skies and withgh high pressure in place we've gotr nothing but sunshine andse yes light winds.ght winds. we had day after day ofay howling winds last weekend.t we. high pressure moving a bitreure further towards our south and ad with that westerly flow itster will make temperatures rise into the 70's. that's for tomorrow, sundayw, s and that warming trendng tre continues through the weekend we into next n 80 by monday looks like whatlook we'll hit. we here's your weekends 68 for today,
8:32 am
sunny and mild. mild. we call this a boring weather pattern but boring weatherut patterns are also beautiful b weather patterns.patt this is the sky you'll be be looking at today as we hitit 68 degrees on a light northight wind sunny and mild and justnd t really nice. seven-day forecast shows that st 80 on monday. that will be nice and toastye as and those overnight lowight low temperatures will be rising as well. people anxious to guilty outy and planter and start their gardens and you should be ableoa to do so on monday morning.or nice weather through the restere of the week not a chance ofa cho showers until friday. annie.annie. >> thanks, gone are the days when yousn would just simply ask someone s to go to prom with you and now d teens are coming up with moreh m elaborate ways to asks to a somebody. take a look at how a teen at magruder asked a special teen at to be her date. >> my poster will be my -- my mom, his mom and teachers, mychr team my people.eopl
8:33 am
me to put up stuff so i'm going to thank them later also and just you know like i told everyone what to to me i wrote everything down and i wasi w okay, you guys this is your position, you have to be here, rafael, can you come with me. well, it took us like two days to blow about 350 balloons. blo i met matthew when i was as sophomore and law he was a it was a day he was like --wa lk back then he used to have thethe wheelchair that he had to like e roll himself and then one timeot you a late to my class and he a was late, also, and peopleple like, they were kind of in the way, they weren't trying let try him go through, they were alsoes like late, too, so they werethew all like running to their the class and then i just liket lik from nowhere i just startedt te pushing him and he tried tori t turn around and be like whoe lih are you, why are you push meg p or whatever. wha every day i just started doingrg there and he got like used to ue me actually going and likeng a l taking him to his class and he's going to be the guy that gt i want to ta
8:34 am
senior year. >> both of them are extremely wonderful human beings and certainly they can see the see t beauty of being able to sharere something very special and,nd, well, matthew is -- you know,no he's a wonderful young man. he's very courageous, he'srage very, very strong, very kind, very caring. [cheers and applause]anapp >> will you go to prom witho prt me? are you shocked? told you i was going have a good surprise. is that a yes? he said yes. [cheers and applause]ppla >> it's nice to see, you know, k the good side of people ande and that there's good still gool being done out there.g ne o >> so, are you the luckiest l girl for prom? prom? >> of course, of course, with him, yeah.ea >> they're hanging out with a group of friends and plan to t rent a wheelchair accessible acc van so everyone can be comfortable. great story.grea
8:35 am
spring into shape to look hotoo in the summertime. fitness expert lisa cede going s going to show us exercises tois stay fit look like here even while we're at home. we'll be right back.
8:36 am
8:37 am
>> ♪ >> welcome back. it's time to spring into shapepn so you can look hot for the summer. we all want to look good.oo g >> we want to look hot. here to show us how to look hot is trainerl
8:38 am
of lisa read fitness. fitss >> you look >> you guys do,, t time to get those bodies insn gear for the swimsuit season.ea >> i want an overall toning.raln i don't want to leave any body b part untouched. >> there's combination >> okay.kay. >> have sing my favorite time m of year. i take my clients outside.y ien best time of year,ou it's refreshed instand mood booster with the weather and then myth d morning boot camp 5:30 a.m.a. watching the sunrise over the woodrow wilson bridge, the potomac, the capitol. a great time.. enjoy the d.c. scenery. >> yes. >> boot camp whether it's a whe' personal trainer workout buddyeb be accountable to someone soomee you can see consistent resultses and you really know a difference for summer.ence f >> so, sadder good time toadder work out, morning, day or evening? does it matter. >> it matters there you works out. >> right. >> seven minutes or a 30in or minute or an hour boot camp bt just fit it in. i >> what are we doing today d >> we have a shoulder
8:39 am
and a squat. s i want to demonstrate a littleat bit. we're going have --av >> these are heavy. [laughter]au >> you'll use a water bottle. bl >> i'll definitely use a water bottle.ttle >> start light. i always encourage especially ea a woman increase that weight. you'll see a bigger difference e when you have more muscle onav your body and get that tonedhaon sculpted figure.sculpt the first is a shoulder raise. s we'll start with just al shoulder raise. r arms go straight out to theghut >> okay.>> >> elbows slightly bent. abs are pulled n you'reou feeling luke you just got youus punched in your stomach. stoma >> should you always do that,yo always keep your abs tight.r s i >> yeah. don't holds them in but just j kind of brace them and know that they're the >> okay. >> next one is a curtseyur squat. you guys are perfect in yourct dresses so you can do it.s ou c >> i feel it. i fl i >> do you feel it annie.o >> oh, yes.yo >> outside.ut >> it's like working your bottom half and still -- iti - feel that in my arms and as a shoulders for sure.ers fo >> how many of these should thes you do. >> do 10. do one on a
8:40 am
>> one a side. >> and then repeat on thee other side. >> association yu any lateralnyl which is a fancy term forcy terr making one leg work while thehit other one is resting andesti a alternate sides. sid >> how soon will you seeow results with this weight s. thit >> well, if you do at least au l week, three days a week andeek a get your nutrition and youtionou have awesome cooking segmentsngs today and you'll really see asea difference.ence like six weeks to notice forotio your body to see a differenceif but you'll notice the difference immediate. ied >> sure. >> mentally, too, i think it puts in you a better place and you tweet antidepressant greatai picture of the scenery around te d.c. and it's a mood booster. >> yeah. fun to work out with. like you guys are togorether, it makes it more fun. f you're going attend boot campbot or a class or a workout, haveoro a list of friends you can call l to make yourself work out.k o >> so, you visit the client'slin home.. >> yes. >> how does the process works th if someone is interested.ntes >> in home personal training we do boot camp around the area. we cater to the clients.ater whatever your needs r you works with senior citizens,s,
8:41 am
it's a great way to get fit init your own home or in your ownouro little park outside your home. >> okay. >> all right. >> before we run out of more time, let's see mores see exercises.xe >> next one is a split squat. you guys are used to the bicep curl can. i'm going to the split squat to a curl. curl. i'll make you curl the pinkieshn to the okay.y. >> kaitlyn you have water yave bottles.bott make sure you're drinking, too. water is awesome electrolytesles minerals it helps yourls it s yo workout, helps your musclesr muc recover. >> yes. >> so it's great to always gre hydrate.drat >> feel that burn.eel that burn. >> especially as the weatherea warms. you're really getting good g posture squeezing your musclesrs down and up g you'rewn breathing, that's perfect so exaggerate your breaths.r breats this also works the harmhe har strings back of the legs. >> i feel it. >> both exercises the squat sat curtsey squat and the split thes squat work all areas of yourf y whole body. bod >> yeah. >> good workout.>> goo >> yeah. >> i got to be honest squats hoa
8:42 am
>> it's the best exercise you can do. >> that's good to know. >> it really is but not myot favorite but we love y >> thank you lisa for thea for motivation. >> all right. >> lisa reed if s where you want to go to get more information about lease.ea a rapper kendrick lamardricl facing legal trouble. >> kevin mccarthy sat down mcc with one of the stars of the jungle book. he takes us behind some of the scenes of the movie. that's coming up next.
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> welcome back. most of us sing in the car s when we're driving but most of us don't get caught on cameran while doing it. >> right. >> ♪ must have called a a thousand times ♪imes >> a rookie police officer in texas forgot to turn off his o body cam and he got caught cgh belting out adele's hello. he had no idea his colleaguesea had a direct feed of himt ed singing at the top of hisop lungs and johnson's bosses put p the recording on their o t facebook page and everyone gotoe a good laugh. >> oh, gosh. of course they d that isth d t embarrassing if you're singing adele's hello.adele' however, he actually has a pretty decent voice. voi >> he does. he d he sounds good. that song really took off.g reoo we heard it everywhere,rywhere, different renditions. rendition. >> his rendition is very good. . >> inspired lots of people toeol sing in their car.ei c top down almost in the carde today because we're going tobeca be warming up nicely. beautiful weather weekend. everyone jailbreak outside for the great weat
8:46 am
had such poor weather lastr st weekend. last weekend it was the snow,nd the wind and cold. i beautiful shot of thel shot of t washington monument rightumt there with nothing but blue b skies behind it. behd this is perfect crisp spring weather. we just fantastic.just i haven't heard too many too man complaints and hopefully therenh won't be any because i think t this is as good as it gets and we've been waiting probablyrobal six months for this type of weather. ououtside right now still cool.c 49 in washington, 45 at dulles5d and 48 in winchester where weteh started with some frost on therh lawns. satellite and radar shows highr pressure in place, clearr skies. skie wall to wall sunshine from new england all the way back into the midwest. m this falling area of higha h pressure will that sit over us h and just kind of spin throughpi the weekend into earlyth nextton week. it will move a little bitmove al further southward but thatut flow keeps showers and stormspse well off to our west. that's still snow in parts oftso colorado and wyoming.mi severe weather possible acrosss the southern and central plains as that storm system is
8:47 am
we're stuck under the high the h pressure but that means greatre weather for us.we with that warming trendng temperatures should get up to gu 80 here on monday so that willdo be well above normal andormal feeling very mild. m april itself has been so farf he below normal with our temperatures. cold front comes through fro midweek. i think it just brings a few j more clouds and we don't get d'g too chilly behind it,ind temperatures just back intous the 60's and 70's. for today 68 in washington. wasg models saying higher. h still chilly tonight as temperatures fall back intour the 40's but less 30's and i0's don't think we have any frosteny on the lawns and plannin plantin begin. on monday gorgeous day.onda 73 with a few more cloudselo tuesday. 67 a bit cooler wednesday butsdy we're back into the 70'sthe thursday and friday with just j a chance of showers. showe not until friday could help coud with the pollen.withle that is very, very high. allergy sufferers they knowsu that when they step outside but hopefully that will givee relief later next week. lat nex that's your seven-dayou forecast.
8:48 am
>> ♪ >> today's fox beat kendricken lamar hit for a lawsuit forawsu copyright infringement.emen the suit says lamar ripped off music from the bill withersl wit song don't you want to stay to a for the song i do this withoutut permission.permis according to a complaint, theple grammy award winner's track is i a complete replica of the song and adds nothing more than new n lyrics.ot the company is suing for s lamar tod want stop using that track.t tra >> i can't help but notice there's a strange odor today. t man is forbidden.ordd >> that is a clip from the new n live action adaptation of theat jungle book and in it 12-year-old neel sethi stars as mogli. m >> kevin mccarthy got a> vin mc chance to sit down with theth seventh grader for a look at lk what it was like to be thehe only
8:49 am
take a look. l >> the sequences when you'reheny like literally walking on walkin branches and i've seen some ofnd the b roll footage where likehe the set looks blue screen but st you're walking on things howngsh do they make it seem like yousee could almost fall off? is the blue area thinned as a branch? >> well, it looks like that thank you 'cause that was theas acting >> yeah. >> well, when i'm always doings stunts they always want me toaya keep my hands up and go like g l this so it looks like it's thin. they obviously thin it a little bit so it looks scary sos and they make it look like i'mik about to fall off when i raise r my hands up and i'm like whoa, ' my god i'm gonna' fall butona you can realize if i'm just'm j going like up and down and i'mnd not moving my hands you know io know what i'm doing but like l sometimes if i'm against -- -- i'm like whoa.i' i just act like i'm falling i'mg but i'm not really 'cause it'sui not that hard to go like -- lik i'm like 2-inches off thes ground so it's n
8:50 am
>> you act like you're highik y up. >> yeah. >> what grade are you >> sadeventh grade. g >> how does this work? thisis s movie is coming o do you go to normal school? malh are you just going to classes ta like a normal person.l >> yeah, i am. a and my friends treat me like a a normal kid still which is good and they still ask like if iik want to go to the park or something and that's -- it's it' just a normal school. schoo >> now when you film a movie wn though obviously you're away in los angeles shooting a movie onset and talk about --bo do they just give you yourou y schooling through the set? ugthe does a teacher come to the settt with you? with you >> yeah, so there's a teacher t onset waiting for me to be mto done filming so we can do some school and like whenevere whener there's a little time between the shots, she would just beul like, okay, school. sch and we need to get maximum of four hours but like you have hav to do three hours.ou >> hm. >> minimum is like one or two hours i think.
8:51 am
theaters right now. right n very exciting. eit can't wait.t all right. also very exciting the restaurant station four is live here in the loft thise in morning. >> yes, and they're going tooint whip up something special forsoe us and show you how to makeho w it. stay with us. fox5 news morning will be right back after this. plore. look beyond the expected. hidden among the trees. there's a special place. where getting away... brings us so much closer. spring into fun and save $50 with an all-inclusive ticket. busch gardens williamsburg. a whole other world awaits.
8:52 am
is that coffee? yet'a, is nespresso. i want in. ♪
8:53 am
♪ get ready to experience a cup above. is that coffee? nespresso. what else? >> welcome back.>> it's a place where you can get modern american cuisine with ah mediterranean twist. >> station four is located f right in the heart of thehe southwest d.c. area and here aa
8:54 am
couple items from their mission is station four's executive chef orlando amaro. >> thank you for asking us. u >> of course. welcome.welce. >> okay. today i'm going to make greens spanish. olive oil. >> start with the olive until a hotol pan. pan. >> piping hot. >> we didn't expect that, folks. >> little bit offo butter.ut >> both caitlin and i walkedwald up to you and asked what is a this here, this interestingng vegetable. >> okay, that's spring on the tape.ta it's raw broccoli. r >> i've never seen this evenseee in stores. sto where you find >> at the >> i don't believe you chef.'t b >> no, i got it from the >> okay. and do you just treat it like ik broccoli. >> yes. >> these are like the
8:55 am
broccoli florets. does it take like broccoli. >> tastes like broccoli. >> we were like what are theseaa large snappies. >> i want to do that, too. t i'm hungry >> okay. and so we got the onions going. goin >> olive oil, little bit of butter.tte >> onions sauteeing >> spanish onions. onion and then -- then >> these are really good. >> for grain, fero. f >> does that take long to cook. >> yes.>> yes like 20 minutes. >> that's the bang thing about t using rice. >> this is not a dish to make if you're starving. >> let the faro cook up. >> fava beans. >> chicken stock.en s. >> chicken stock, okay. >> all right.ig >> smells wonderful.>> s >> oh, yeah, that's beautiful.
8:56 am
>> okay and then does that come to a boil. >>co yes. >> okay.>> >> we have to stir for -- >> give it a lot of love.e. >> yes, a lot of love. >> is this similar to risotto. t >> it's like a risotto. ris >> is that what it looks liket i when it comes out.s out. >> yes. y we have an overhead shot of when it all comes together.r. >> beautiful. >> then add a little bit of fava beans, okay.ea, okay. >> and so this is just one oft o many items that you've added.dd >> add it with any proteins or vegetables.bles >> what else is on the menu. >> this is on the menu,en special menu, farote verde. >> we have rack of lamb. >> what do we have over here. h >> seafood salad. >> 25 salad every day.
8:57 am
>> minimum of 25 salads everyf 5 day. >> oh, yeah, yes. spanish >> that's a lot of salad options.op >> shrimp avocado bib lettuce. u that's beautiful.eaiful. >> just revisiting that you're t right there with arena stage. >> yes.>> yes. >> and you work closely with wos them, right, the theater. >> we do pré theater menu. thea. >> if you go to see a show you can have a dinner experience. >> wonderful experience, winencn and then go to arena stage.ta >> there you go. go. >> okay. >> o >> all right.ka so how is our faroto doing. >> faroto verde.otrd >> i have no accent. >> okay.>> just add a little bit of more --re - >> add more chick can ken stock. stoc >> we have fava beans one moreor time. >> and then how do you finish it off.ff >> okay. >> okay. >> all right, you plate that, chef. we'll enjou y it.t. >> absolutely. w
8:58 am
tow to station four and try ityi for yourself.ours >> southwest d.c. bye. >> wonderful.
8:59 am
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