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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  April 17, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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> this is fox5 local news at 6. new at 6, heart break for a hero killed in the line of duty. plus, the latest on theon condition of his partner ambushed on the job.b. then a virginia family pleas fof the safe return of a woman who mysteriously vanished two days ago. this has really taken over a big piece of life and i'm glad it's behind me. trump's campaign manager telling his sideer of the story after avoiding charges after allegingn assaulting a female reporter. the newses starts right now good evening, thanks for joining us tonight. i'm jim lokay and i'm marina maracco. off the top tonight, remembering a fallen cam rad, coping withth the. as they responded to a home in em t many hills.
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fox5's alexandra limon is in prince george's county tonightit with her honoring the memory off john also many schneider there. >>reporter: you can see there is a growing ' moral herewing outside of the landover hills fire station for john olm schneider who was shot to death friday night when he was responding to a medical welfaree check at a home in temple hills, maryland. here at the fire station his colleagues are telling me theyey were too grief stricken to talk to me on camera about their fallen colleague. but there are some things they want people to know as the man they knew as skillet. he was at 37 year old veteransen of the prince george's county fire definitely as firefightersg they know their lives can be inn danger every single day when they respond to fires. but for one of their own to be shot and killed while respondinl to a medical call they tell me it was completely unexpected and they just could
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prepared to deal with this. but they want to know thatt skillet was a stand up guyana true family man. sadly he is survived by his twos year old daughter and his wife. now a you caring account has been set up to help the family with funeral expenses. so far they've raised aboutout $7,000. you can find a link to thatat website on our website, fox5 as far as the 19 year old that wasç injured, that's the morningside firefighter that was shot friday night. prince george's county firee' departments says he continues u show signs of improvement and has moved out of the icu and into a private room the baltimore shock trauma. i think that you probably heardd anybody that falls, the fire department always hearing thearn term brotherhood and it's real. whether whether you
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this department or are in california you're feeling the'r pain of this loss because we are a family and everyone can empathize with the firefightersh i've run that call a hundred times. it just had enormous empathy for pened to them. the bigger thing is you feel helpful and firefighters are not accustomed to feeling help less because we take action and you do things and when you feel helpful it's a bad feeling. i think getting in my car and driving over here and bringing some flowers it sort of made me feel a little better. incredibly sad situation.tuat now, throughout the day people have been stopping by bringing not just flowers and candles but also their kind words and prayers not just for the fire department in prince george'sn r county, but for the entire yount look enforcement communitymmun because how can we
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just over a month ago jacai colson was killed by friendly fire during an incident outside the third district police d station here in prince george'sr so a very weekend and sad monthh indeed for this entire community. reporting life in princefe george's county, alexandra limon, fox5 local news. it was definitely a violent weekend in prince george'sin p county, at least two people are dead in two separate shootings. the most recent happened on rig road in chillum. someone shot and wounded two men p. one of the victims died shortly after he arrived at thee hospital. the second man is hospitalized in critical condition. police are still looking for the shooter. an hour before a man was shot and killed in clinton, maryland. police tell us this happened on vienna drive around 116789.nd 30 last night. when officers arrived they found the victim and he was already dead. police are still looking for the shooter and are trying to determine a motive for this attack. now to the district where police are investigating a murder.der. it happened around 3 this h
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northwest. investigators have identifiedhae the victim as 35 year old jason mar man of a second mann was also woundedn the shooting, but he is expected to survive. that victim was taken to a hospital for treatment. so far no arrests in the case. the search continues for a fairfax county firefighter whor has now been missing for daze. nicole might endo is fromis f woodbridge. her family last heard from herar five days. last police found her car abandoned in shen and dough a park. some of her friends have posted some information about her disappearance on facebook.ra if you havenc any information about her whereabouts you're asked to call virginia state police. and what a beautiful sunday it's been. look on the they have the national monument. one hoping that you spent sometime out there. maybe brunch this sunday. >> not brunch, but i did get ata chance to enjoy the sunshine ann we have been on a role, marina, the entirewe
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i don't think there's been any complaints whatsoever. today was warmer than yesterday. we hit our temperatures into the low 70s for daytime highs and we're going to keep that role going, too.goin let's take a look at our maps and we'll show you where things stand right now, 72 at reagan national airport and that's exactly our high at the airport. 60 at yap last, 74 at baltimore, 74 at fredericksburg, the same at dulles and culpeper, 73 at winchester and look at hagerstown, 76, but cumberland ringing in 81 degrees this hour. winds have been fairly light and we have plenty of sunshine out there, absolutely spectacular. winds calm and i said it is 73 degrees right now, but into the course of tonight we'll seee it get a little bit cooler, but even warmer for tomorrow. more details coming up later. back to you. > a family of an elementary school is suing the prince george's county after theou student was sexually abused innt class. the case involves
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aid howard who. he is serving 10 years in prison. the girl's family filed a federal civil rights lawsuit saying the system filled to conduct a background check on howard. he was previously charged withth assault as well as sex offenser, but the charges were later. > the disrupted activities in d.c. last week is now over. this is a sample of what happened over on capital hill. that is a look at protestors zip tieing themselves to scaffolds inside the capital row hundreds were arrested for disbead and and fined.ead some of them had issues tryingin to leave the district today. s that's because they had to pay their fines and capital police were only letting two protestors in at a time. long lines formed. the protestors, you can imagine, unhappy about that.
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wonderful other than this. they were wonderful during my arrest and the processing durinc that it's just when we're trying to pay our fines so that we can all go home or go back to wherever we came from, that's been difficult part.t. we would like that expedited that blight. all we're trying to do is pay i the penalty. some of the protestors say they showed up to pay their fine at about 8 this morning, but police didn't start to process themthem until noon. meantime the presidentialntia hopeful were in full swing. fox's bryan llenas with more. >>reporter: tensions are rising ahead of tuesday's all important new york primary. this as both democrats and republicans brace for a possible contested convention. i think we're going to make our delegates fairly easily and i think we're going to fine. i think the convention is going to be county. i've become a little bit tired of being beaen
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negativity of the clintonnton campaign and we're responding in kind. the front runner hillary clinton still unable to quell bernieni sanders momentum. he picked up 16 more delegates from colorado saturday and hopes to continue his who the streak in new york. there were more delegates up than any other raise. i need your h help on tuesday. it's not just a vote for me that i'm asking for, i'm ask for you to be part of what i do as president. as for the republicans, ted cruz remains on front runtier trump's tail. crews trying to keep trump fromu securing the nomination. trump remains confident.ns when i get the nomination, we're going to come together and we're going to win new york. still both trump and clinton have maintained strong leads in new york. new york va
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it is a beautiful thing. we're no,s, we're smart. we have new york values. tuesday's new york primary awards 95 republican and 247 democrat pledged delegates.lega in new york, bryan llenas, fox news. > the government's point man on the sick crisis warnings the us should do more to prevent a potential dike a out fault.dike it's likely we'll see additionai cases here in the united states, but there are steps that can be taken to control the outbreak from becoming widespread. he appeared on fox news sunday this it is likely we will have what's called a local outbreak. right now we have incontinent al usa. we have 350 imported cases,ses, namely people who have travelede to a renal than on, got infected and came back. the concern is once one comess back with a mosquito which you saw on that map bytes someone and then locally
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someone who has never left the country. it's up to us to make sure when it happens we contain it. it's predicted 30 states will be affected with the stick a viruse by the s summer. that's an incredibly scary thing we've seen in latin america. there's call for help from equador after a 7.2 massive earthquake. a local woman says she was escorted off an airplane beforep take off simply because she's muslim. we'll have more coming up at 6.
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> the death toll in equador tol continues to climb after the country was hit by the strongest earthquake in decades. will car has an update. >>reporter: the death toll continues to skyrocket after the earthquake struck overnight. '9 was the strongest earthquake to strike in
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it buckle highways and ravaged towns. the president declared a state of emergency. he also sent thousands of military and thousands of police to the hardest hit areas, but bt land slides are preventing first responders to get to many towns to the epicenter. please be alert for channels. there are no sue manny alert. there are no structural damns that manage water resources, so within the circumstance we arere living i ask once again all citizens to remain calm. homes were flattened by pancakes.ak they continue to hear screamingr from under the rubble, but say there is nothing they can do. they're in need of earth moving machines. they describe the aftermath aste pourmr chaos. on top of so am people missing looters are. this comes after two earthquakes hit japan in recent days and at
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least 41 people were killed in those quakes. will car, fox news. > equador's earthquake comes on the kills of two deadly earthquakes across the pacificaf and japan.japa crews are working around the clock hoping to safe more lives. so far at least 40 people have died and more than a thousand were injured. rainfall threatens to pound the area soon. > the former news reporter says corey lieu do you ski still ohs her an apology. michelle fields says she stillll believes she's owed an apology. the two of them have not spoken. i would have resolved this privately if that needs to be done. to this day i've never spoken to michelle fields. > lieu do you ski told fox new he has tried to reach out tout fields to apologize.pol she claims she received no calld from him. > a maryland woman is outraged.
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reher from a flight because sheu is an advocacy group is calling foi an investigation. the woman says she was wearing a hew jab on a flight from d.c. to seattle. after boarding from her flight she swapped seats, but a flight attendant took issue with herith seat change and told her to gett she'd have to get off the planeh the council on american islamic services say the woman was humiliated. airport police arrived. they escorted her back to the counter at the gait. police asked southwest attendant the gait whether there was any reason why miss abdul i should continue with her flight.ght. the reply was no, she doesn't feel comfortable. no word yet from southwest. > coming up tonight at 6, then and now how parentings haspare changed over the years and how am people, not us, say
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harder. we wouldn't know, jim. > the results of the latest super markets i know about.bout move over whole foods there there is a a new grocery store in to be. if you have a tip, ticket or send 202-895-3000.
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if only you could see gwen over there. she's getting down to it. the classics.lass parenting seems a lot different these day, something we know a lot about. especially with social media and the pressure to keep up with with the joneses. j it appears to be a whole different ball game than our parents' generation. talked to some parents in new i york to get their take. pressure and competition, those are the reasons why experts say parenting nowadays is so much mu more different than back then. linda phillips is raising her children in a much differentiffe society than she was brought up in. i think we do a lot more for mo kids these days. my parents were a lot more kindm of hands off. of she's faced with different challenges as a mom of a 10 year old. she claims parenting can get complicated if you let the let social media and the competition between the other moms get to you. i think things are a lot more
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birthday parties and socializing and continuously to top the anti on what's the latest thing, whoo is having what birthday. that's why this year she's taking the pressure off her son though oh and herself having hi birthday at the park. we've made it very simple for sm both ourselves and for him. last year we had sort of an elaborate laser attack party anr there were limitations. you can only invite a certain amount of kids. you had to book it so far in advance. the question is are today's parents getting the raw deal? d is it about keeping up with the gonyses and buying the most mo expensive baseball bats. >> it's up to the parents and not to get the raw deal and to t instill values in their childrel liz stern says parents need to t concentrate on what's important to them and their families.
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>> my 12 year old i'm constantly telling him get off instagram, just be happy with what you you have. parenting will never go back too what it was in 1974, but stern e says one thing will never changv and is that your family values. on the upper east side, i'm jessica forth most a, fox5 news. > and comparing yourself to other people is always such a double-edged sword. if you instill that so young so it's not going to end up well. l things so much over the generations, from 50s to the 70s to the 80s to the kids today. td the little kids today have i pads and everything. > now you're exposed to everything so early. you have everything you want at your finger tips. so it's almost like competitioni who haske the most. >> we all turned out okay. > we did. we all grocery shop from time to time. wegman's is now america's new ne
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the chain took over four year ye trader joes. customers say they like wagner's cashier courtesy, cleanliness. they are looking at some spots in the dmv. i had to say, not to endorse anybody, wegmans has been part e of my life for a long time. i lived in upstate new york, they are every where. when you go, you get why peopley love it so much. i want competition between the local stores. i want a publics.lics that's what i grew up with. it's always nice to stop at a farmers market. you got to support them. t this time of year i guess you have to plant those crops early on because now we're talking about the weather. this is a good time for farmers markets. >> it is a perfect time for for farmers markets
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really bad for the farmers in the last few weeks because we had frost warnings and freeze f advisories and all the crazy cra things unfortunately. the good news is we're now going in the opposite direction for fr our farmers.arme a thumb's up. thu take a look at the highs today,o folks. we're actually well abovebove seasonal by some six, seven degrees or more.or we should only be in on the upper 70s. the exception bwi which actuallc hit at 76-degrees. well, temperatures now very, very much on the warm side. we've got 73 degrees at d.c. d. this hour. 60 at annapolis, a little cooleo by the water. baltimore 74, 76 at martinsburg. look at cumberland to the far northwest. 81-degrees this hour. isn't that beautiful? and 74 at culpeper. now, the best p news -- i think i heard a little applause overvr there. thank you. the best news of all, though, ih we had the sunshine with itç a. how do you beat a weekend with
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beautiful sunshine? i mean, you know, unbelievable. ridge of high pressure has been in control. large and in charge giving us all the sunshine up and down the mid atlantic. it's only getting better. warmer airflowing in so the time we get to monday we will be in the low 80s every where and it'' going to be absolutely fantastic. in the meantime 54 grows. our overnight low comfortable under some pretty clear skies we are talking over all a briefrief visit by the 80s. we do have a couple of things ti talk about for later in the week that you're going to see coming up in my seven day forecasty where we're s going to get somem cooler air moving in. that's why i said brief visit. we also have a disturbance later in the week. so you'll have to keep the umbrellas handy.las in the meantime, tomorrow isis going to be another definite thumb's up day just like the rest of this weekend has been. b hopefully you'll get out and enjoy it and if you're heading to work tomorrow, tell your boss, you what, i think i need the day
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did you cuff because are ' getting sick. >> too nice. nic or at least have lunch outside.t > getting sick because you'reke going to enjoy the day out tomorrow. >> a brief visit from the 80s. > i did say brief. thanks, georgiaen with. queen bee is at it again in a series of social media post, beyonce says she will debut lemonade. it's a new album release is likely from the pop star as she prepares for her formation tour slated for an april 27 opening day in miami. s
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> taking a look at tonight's top stories it was a violent weekend in prince george's county. at least three people are dead at after two separate shootingst much the most recent attack happened on chillum. hours before a man was shot andt killed in clinton, m. in both cases police are searching for a suspectment d.c. investigators are looking for a murder in the popular adams section of northwest. a 35 year old man from southeast was killed following a shootingt on 17th street.on 1 if you know anything, givenyth police a call. there is a desperate search for a is
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county woman. nicole bitten different has not been seen from. her car was found abandoned in shen and dough a national park wednesday. experts warn the dike a virus can involve 30 states if nothing is done to stop the spread ofred the virus.irus they are looking to pour in $9.1 million and congress removed. > equador is in a state ofstat emergency after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake. almost 600 injured.ured 10,000 troops are being deployed to the south american country where buildings were torn down, highways wrenched apart. saying goodbye to a brother in uniform. an ambulance outside of the lansdale fire station has been shrouded in black paramedic john olm schneider. the gunman
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and killed him and wounded kevid swain has now been release frome custody. the man is not facing anyacin charges at this time. sources tell fox5 the gunman told fox5 # he woke up or came out of some sort of diabetic emergency and didn't know what o was going on when they tried to enter in to his home. he grabbed his gun and shotshot them. > it sounded like they were trying to get into the househous forcefully and then all of a sudden shots rang out. it was like six or seven shots. and the fire crew just scattered > olm schneider was a 30 year 0 year veteran.eran his partner only 19 years old il still hospitalized at shockhoc trauma in bought more. has moved out of the icu. services to remember olm schneider have been it will be held in hollywood maryland.
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wednesday also at st. john's pair issue. a private family burial will follow the mass. > a scare in the air withir baltimore gas and electric. they were riding in a helicopter to inspect some power lines when the copper went down near bwi airport. it landed not far from the marke train station. three people on board were not seriously they were taken toç the hospitl as a precaution.caut federal and state authoritiesst are now investigating.inve a maryland state trooper remains in critical condition afterondi being struck by a car on the beltway. the trooper was at the scene of another crash on thursday when a car careened into him. the driver also ended up in the hospital. no word yet on whether any charges will be filed. > and it's definitely been a beautiful day to be outside and in bethesda folks were enjoying the good weather and learning something very important how to perform cpr. this took place at the bethesda farm market.arke participants got a chance to learn and even practice on ma
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kins how to safe a life. in addition to just the straight kind of education and demonstrating we've had musichad out here. we're playing the song staying alive by the bee gees. > there were two sessions heldd together and several hundred a peoplend turned out. representatives from montgomery county fire and rescue as well as mount fire and please. the chevy chase rescue squad and even some nurses help how toho perform the proper way of cpr. > that's the pattern you go, staying that's how they teach it. > i took a couple classes. those are very important. im it's good to know. > many, among us, you, jim. >> i did do it. > haven't followed our taxur t returns. > there are some suggestionsuge out there on how to spend, safen or stretch that refund when youn get it. the smart way how to handle youl money when the news at 6
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monies tax day, more than 5 million procastor nateor arera expected to finish up the returns. millions of others will ask fora more than a six-month extensionm >> i've done that. i there was already a three-day delay because friday was emancipation day, a holiday inn the district. some people start early, in fact, 82 million refunds have already been issued. how about this, congress is asking the irs to make the 1040 form a little easier tosier understand. >> that would be nice. > there are top leaders who sao the agency has to be cleaned upn after saying allegations itt favored rightwing. many taxpayers have reported identity threat and fraud afterr filing their > what to do if you have already received your refund check from the
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>> foxes jerry wallace has somee smart ways if you can spend that money. >>reporter: it's money you earned so spend it wisely. if you're planning on getting a nice tax return this year, it's important to be smart about it. i'm not saying that you have to safe every single piece of it,i, but you should save some and spend some of the.the. experts recommend paying off debt with your refund. find out which credit card orcad learn deserves the mostost attention. if you're good on your debt, put your tax refund in the bank. t if you don't have an emergency fund, this is a perfect excuse to create one.. you can also put money toward a retirement fund like an ira or 4301k. and if just have to spend your refund consider replacing an old appliance with a high efficiency version which will lower your bill. it's actually much better to
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or something that will benefit your life and invest in your future instead of something maybe arbitrary like a new tv or a new car.. > watch out for tempting sales and financing. retailer, car dealerships andeal credit card companies might begt trying to take advantage of your tax refund. research any major purchases toh make sure you're getting the best in new york, gerri willis, fox business. > the smart thing to do is saff it, it's your money. it's not like you're getting extra money. it's money you paid at one point and you get it back. it's nice to get it in one lump sum and put it away. >> i get that, i don'tdon' understand spending it. > try to take her advice.dvic > we're back after this withte the one video everyone has been talking about this week.
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> so these guys have become internet and hollywood sensations and we're talking about the feld familiar liveld leesburg. they recorded their sister million sent coming off of anesthesia from surgery as they tricked her that the earth was being invaded by zombies. zo their prank went worldwide. what? >> zombies. okay, guys, if you have older siblings you can sympathize with with milli sent who is 17 and od a field
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but the phillips brothers, we look we have the fun feet i and the chocolate cake mix. fill sent we can only take fun feet i or chocolate cake. >> fun feet i. you want fun feet i or chocolate. this is important.impo this will be what we're livingin off of, which one? save these o right here.righ if you watch the video we've the got the pantry pronger here. guy, tell me about the fallout from this? it's been pretty amazing, 14 million hits on youtube. you were on the ellen show in california this week.eek. tell me about it.abou when we found out my sister was getting her wisdom teeth out we wanted to do something crazy.ra we thought everyone has done the normal wisdom teeth thing. we had no idea that it was going to snowball. we can only take one pet, which pet, the cat or the doing. the cat,
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he's already dying. just leave. in a poll and, the cat and the dog are inside. they're both the doing is not going anywhereg and the cat is getting a theg a look of love. the doing is not dying. i want to show another quick qui clip here. this is when you're loading up your other weapons in the carhe here to fight the zombies. a garden hose isn't what wee want.want why are you putting garden equipment in the car? million sent who you want on your teamtm because she proved herself to be rationale and strong and willind to take weapons and do whatevera she had to do to defense herself and her family. there was a lot invested in making sure that this was a family memory. we just anticipate this many people sharing in the memory. should we go to costco first. no it's going to be a blood bath in there. on the road in leesburg,
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local news. every time iwatch it. i disagree with the choice ofceo cake. i think you go with the chocolate. leave the fun fetti behind. > well done.> there is no apock lips coming quite soon. we have a beautiful week onon deck. we do. we have great weather i'm happy to say. a fantastic weekend. we have par razor and festivals going on.on. it was absolutely perfect.erf we'll keep on that wonderful weather role. and beautiful sunshine outside right now. you can see skies are pretty clear, too. we've had a clear night last night, a nice day yesterday and another nice day today i'm happm to s hopefully you got a chance to be outside even if it was just tojt go for a walk or sit on your balcony or whatever. at least i hope you got to enjoy we've got more sunshine ahead id you didn't.yo you will get a few more chances and we are talking temperatures that are goingki to start to ri
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we've got temperatures that are going to rise into the 80s,s, unbelievable. take a look. loo it's going to be a pretty warmam start to that week as we heads through and it's going to lastgt for at least a day or so. a cold front is coming in without any rainfall. but it will give us a little li cooler temperatures. but unsettled by the later partr of the week.week we're into the low to mid 70s at all three airports. these temperatures are above the seasonal we should really be into the upper 60s. so got a little bit of a treat today and we're still there. 73-degrees at d.c., the same at quantico and fredericksburg. 74 at baltimore, 64 annapolis. we have 74 at dulles, 73 at culpeper. culpeper is at 81-degrees todayy so imagine what they're going tg be for tomorrow. and 76 at hagerstown and veryery comfortable to still go out. our
6:46 pm
going to be fairly comfortable as well. we are talking temperatures into the mid to upper 40s. we have a few 50s as well. it is going to be clear skiesske tonight with very light winds. we have a light southerly south easterly wind so it's going to be really pleasant. ridge of high pressure keepingps the clouds at bay and any precipitation, we have nothingve to speak about at all as we go into the beginning of the week. very dry. all up and down the mid atlantin benefiting from the ridge of high pressure. this is going to start to of month its way towards the eastt annual a of the mid atlantic is going toette good the benefit of that warmer airs we move into the monday tuesday period. before we start to see thingso e cool down a little bit. that cooli down is going too come with a frontal system and that frontal system will move in on tuesday.uesd it will be dry, but on the back side of it we will see some l cooler air. our temperatures will drop as little bit. in the meantime, not tomorrow, temperatures in the low 80s,0s, going to be very sunny, low 50sw for tonight, th
6:47 pm
start the week and we're going to see the winds pick up as well ónce that frontal system moves through on tuesday. so a little bit on the windy side. 81-degrees for monday, cooling down to 78 on tuesday. not too much difference. and we've got that blockingbloc ridge of high pressure keepingi all of that precipitation well to the west. so nothing to be concerned withc at all. and also keeping everything tog the east out of the way, even the cloud coverage.the that's going to sync to the south, however. once it syncs to the south on su monday that's what's going to open the door for us to really start to warm up because it will stop blocking all the warmer aim from the west to move in. by midday tomorrow, 74-degrees, plenty of sunshine.suns by the time we hit the 5:00 hour we'll be 78-degrees, a very nice warmup. for tonight, then, 54-degrees, clear skies. winds are going to be lighte moving in from the southeast, comfortable. not bad at i remember when i was talkingali about it being 30-degrees or or less. i'm happy that i'm able to share this good news. and then for tomorrow,
6:48 pm
role, 8 # degrees, plenty of sunshine, beautiful blue skiesue and a chance to get out and enjoy it.en here's a look at your fox5ox5 accuweather seven day forecast.e let's talk about the changes. we're going to be totally spiled right up until thursday. u that's when we have a chance off seeing some showers coming and then we have a disturbance once we get into friday that i can't rule out maybe a little rumble of thunder. we could see an isolated storm. we'll watch that close limit ani then we're into the low 70s as s we move back into the weekend under very dry conditions. i don't think anybody is going to complain about this week. even we cool down with the frontal system on tuesday with 67. that's where we should be.ld so we're getting a treat just about the entire week with temperatures. i love being able to talk about this. it's like the messenger gets the blame. i'm going to take the credit when i can. the nats schedule, they're outut of town until friday, but it it would be a great
6:49 pm
baseball nights.ight > beautiful to see the sun every single day you've got that sun up.up > it's been a while. so finally. > good day to see baby baby, baoboa. i'll be hanging out at the zoo.e > can you tell the color of the hearts? another optical illusion is stomping the internet. the two hearts appear to be totally different colors, purple and then orange red, but they are actually the same, who thehe pink. the creator says itself eat placement of the gee metricetri stripes that fools our brains of seeing something that isn't there. i see two different colors. it depends what monitor you look at. that's true. we have a the look of them here. they all tell different stories. this is where you can really see the difference, depending whatee the background is.s. > right. there you have it.e yo you be the judge, yourself. they come can up with these things and everyone expense anxn hour trying to figure t
6:50 pm
color it. brody is back with sports after this.
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it what a great day yesterdaygr for hockey because weea have the caps up on the board again. >> looking good.ooki so are the nats. the nats are looking very very good. bryce harper is on his game.ame. you mention the flyers andnd phyllis connection, the last few days washington d.c. has out scored philadelphia 23-3.23-3 between the caps and the nats.a. we do it better in d.c. i say we got that one down. at this point bryce harper should be used to making history. he was already the youngest unanimous mvp in history and this week he reached 100 runs. one more today would give brycee four in a row.. that's something he's never done in his short career.reer geo gonzales on the mound, theu, nats in philly. geo pitching
6:53 pm
one mistake.mist carlos ruiz in the second, the nats trail 1-0. today they went one for nine and with runners in the scoringthe position, here was the one. anthony rendon, first rbi, the score remained until the tenthtt incorporate. bryce harper at the plate. make it six, he hits this one into the bull pen bathroom. seriously someone left the door open and it went into the bathroom. jonathan papelbon talking with pitching coach, you're not going to blow this. yeah, he blue it. single to left, jason werth coming up with the throw, not in time. that will tie the game.ame. the very next batter over werth's head that will, the nats lose 2-1 in 10. i've been on the good end of of most of them probably since i've been coming to --
6:54 pm
baseball. i've had the toughest lucku personally here, late in incorporate losses here and grand slams and weird stuffams happening here.ha we played a good game today.oday today the caps took a 2-0 series lead over the flyers thanks tons some physical play and one thehe flukest goals you've ever see. jason somehow slowly it scooted between the legs of goal i stieve mason.maso after getting a goal in game two they need to turn up the pressure as the series shifts to philadelphia. holts is always played a really good game.e. we're on our way to win. hopefully we can take the momentum into philly. i think we could be a little bii more aggressive. get on their demoness a littler bitde better.ette i think tonighti think tonight best game, but thanks to you guys, you cheer us on than a that's a big thing for us. > it was a pretty hilarious goal. not to get ahead of ourselves, but get
6:55 pm
caps are the prohibited betting favorite. i know, don't jinx it. i went out to see how caps' fans would celebrate ifif hypothetically they won the cup. just won the cup, you're on the ice, now you celebrate. we won. go caps. be hoisted up reel high. say something crazy in russian. you holding that thing up, it would be great. i'm not going to come close to it
6:56 pm
oh, my gosh, i think it would be fantastic. they deserve it. it is it bad luck touching it. shake it up like this. we're philly strong. philly has such a winning tradition. how would celebrate if you had the cup? >> i think that they're going into the playoffs with a lot of momentum, a really good chance of taking it this year. most of the fancy met were disappointed there was not anan actual bowl at the top that thet could drink out of.f. > that's important.t's the actual cup does have that.t. it's a named cup. a michigan couple is facing poss
6:57 pm
returning their library books on time. they paid the $35 late fee.fee. the couple also paid 55-dollars for a dr. seuss book they lost. but the did your and it say they won't pay 105-dollar additional fee the library wants to slap on them because they say it is excessive. i can't imagine going to jailoig over it. but i certainly will fight these charges because i'm not guilty. > the couple hopes they canpes resolve this. meantime they say they will never step food foot in a library again. can you imagine if they have to explain that to someone else inn jail. what are you in robbery, me, a library book.ook. that's right, stick it to big books. i'm done with you. that does it for the 6. we'll see you later tonight at 10 and 11. if you want to keep tabs on the awesome weather, fox5, we're always on air or online or
6:58 pm
phone. we're back at 10 for 90 minutes of knews. in the meantime, keep it life. return your books.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
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