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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  April 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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obama's immigration reformef rests with the supreme court. cu hundreds of protests set to t hit the temperatures high court in just a few hours. fox5 news morning startsta right now. >> this is fox5 news >> good monday morning to you all out hope you guys had a nice weekend.weekd. >> outstanding.>> >> so relaxing. so >> ready to start anotherth week.ek. let's do it. and we'll do it with nicex weather right i gary.righar >> did the weather cooperateoope for you. for >> oh, yeah.>> oh, y >> it was so great. listen, today we crack 80. crac8 we're going for lower 80's.er0'. the question is, guys, it's a good question,, too how longon will these lower 80's stick ack around? that's a point to point ponder this morning.nd full forecast cominger up. u >> ponder what's going on with's tr we know it's early. early it's probably calm.alm. >> yesterday my sunday wasda w i did some roof deck today the roads are calm. >> a community in princen george's county mourning theount loss of a first responder sh
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and killed while responding tong a call. cal >> that firefighter paramedic was john um night. fox5's melanie alnwick joinsoins us live with details.etls mel. >> reporter: good morning, so right here on the corner inhr front of the fire station here, you can see the people ppl are leaving wreaths andaths flowers and candles, thiscandlei growing memorial not just for jo the prince george's county g fire department but alseoo forfo the entire first responder community. fire station 30 draped in black while members of the landover hills volunteeril vol indication grieve their friendrn and colleague 37-year-old john ulmschneider shot to death while responding to a medicalmea welfare check friday at a home a in temple hills.e hills he was a 13 year veteran oferan the prince george's county g fire department and the fire of a two-year-oldeo girl. firefighters accept risks that come with the jot b but for manm this is almost unimaginable.ginl >> the thing that's helping us deal the most is each other. we talk about the good timesim
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person he was. >> reporter: 19-year-oldarld kevin swain the morning side volunteer firefighter that wasre also shot four times continuesoi to recover at baltimore shockrek trauma. the gunman's brother the man thm who called asking for theing r t welfare check was also shot sho during the t chaos. sources tell fox5 the gunmanun was suffering a medicalic episode related to diabetesbete and investigators say when he came to he saw firefightersight breaking through the front front door and thought they were intruders. state's attorney's office so o far has not filed any charges.h. back here live now a caringa car fund has been set up to help ulmschneider's family with funeral expenses. his funeral is scheduled for for wednesday in hollywood, maryland. i'm melanie back to you. >> 4:32 is the time.e. violence continued throughout the weekend in prince george'sie county. early sunday morning two wentwot shot on rigs road in chillum. cm one victim died shortly afterft he arrived at the hospital.ospi. the second is in criticalintica condition.condit police are searching for
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gunman.nm in clinton, merchandise,se, police tells a man was shot waso and killed on vienna drivea late saturday night.. the shooter is still on thelln t run this morning.ruth still no word on a motive. to washington, d.c. aton,.c murder investigation inestion northwest. it happened around 3:00 sunday a morning on 17th the victim is identified as 35-year-old jayvon marshman ofsf southeast.ut a seconds man was also injuredur in this shooting but is but i expected to survive. >> virginia state police plann to resume their search for a missing woodbridge woman. 31-year-old nicole mitten dorfen was reported missing on fridayoy when she didn't show up forp work at the fairfax countyax cou fire department. her car was located in a parking lot 80 miles away.s a police say there's no evidence e this is just anything suspicious. some of mitten dorf's friendss n have taken to facebook tok spread the word about theou search creating a page calledeal find nicole now.ow that search will pick
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this morning.or >> in fairfax county, they,he murder trial gets under way for a police officer adam torres. he's accused of shooting and killing john gere in 2015. torres claims gere was c reaching for a gun when hela shot him g.. he faces second degree furtherur torres has been held withoutitho bond since he was indied ins ed >> the steps of the supremehe se court today thousands ofdaof families are due the rally tally they are in town to support president obama's executives cue action on immigration.ration the court will be hearing oralno arguments on the issue. theue the group fight for families fas will be joined by lawmakersawke and civil rights ac they're calling on the supremeg court to lifton the blocklock against immigration initiativ initiative. the howard university choir and others will alsove perform.. gop presidential hopefulesid ted cruz will visit maryland man today. cruz is campaigning in thepa state ahead of next week's week' primary. he'll have an event at tasty tas diner in bethesda then move on o to an appearance
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towson.towson >> ♪ >> 4:35 is the time right now rw let's get a check of the forecast. gary mcgrady is back after a a very long weekend. gary we missed you last week. w >> it was nice to be away. ay. but it's good to be back, you know, it's good to be away y when it's the most perfect weather we've had all year iear think. it probably is even better t today. today. today might be the best of thehe last few especially if yoully if like the warm temperaturespe because today we're going to crack 80 and it looks liket loos we're going to have 80's forr the next couple days around arod here. look at all the rain stayingn way back into the centraltral plains and we are nothing but clear here from the midwest towe the ohio river valley into the v midatlantic and you know what, that's going to continue at least for the next couple ofalo days.. here's your it was a cool start thishi morning. morning. temperatures at 8:00 a.m. int the 50's in town8: but it will l still be maybe even a few in the 40's even at 8:00 a.m. out.. in the real chilly in the suburbs sub this morning, some lower 40's l4 can coming in out there but were have a very dry
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low relative humidity, lots off sunshine, so easily todayy we're going to get up into the t 80 to 83-degree range areare wide and again, this is just the first of two days where whe we're actually going to beoio into the 80's.inhe 8 not a bad looking week.eek. we'll have that full seven-dayvn forecast coming u right now though it's time toh t get to traffic. traff erin como is in with that. t >> good we're dealing with an earlyg wih morning crash in landover so s let's move our maps over on the inner loop at landoveranve road near arena drive. dri little bit of caution there.. we're still seeing green oneeino our map because there's not a'st whole lot of volume out thereolh but still watch for a tap of t o the brakes past that location. on 395 you're moving very nicely on the inbound sidebounds from the beltway to the 14thhe t street bridge i don't have hav anyplace that. same story 295 inbound both inbound traffic prince t george's county flowing onnt five from brandywine to the beltway.dybelt let's take awa live look outside.tsid in a
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westbound side.west looking good towards the towardt beltway at maryland 424. problem free in crofton and bowie. bowi i'll let you know if and when w anything else pops up besidepes the inner loop crash inra i landover.ov. back to you. >> procrastinators time is almost up. u today is that officially tax day. it was pushed back to t accommodate the district'strict' emancipation holiday. holiday. there are lots of giveaways to your child can eat free atat fe noodles and company today ifda f you purchase a regular onular at out back steakhouse you canoc get 15 percent off your checkhe with a coupon from the the restaurant's web site and how ad about something cool for youcoou on this beautiful spring day n rockville the kona ice truck will be parked at roy rogers aaa car insurance and fournd fr eyes handing out free shavede sv ice from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. head to our web site foxox d.c. commiphora list of giveaways. >> desperate search forrate s workers
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the latest on the situation sitn there after the >> i'm holly morris trackingin other big stories trending treng this morning including what'sngs sure to be a memorable day for one boston marathon bombing survivor. time is 4:38 right now.
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z1yotz >> ♪ >> back now 4:40. 4 death toll from saturday's earthquake
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continues to rise.cont 260 people killed and another ao 2500 injured. iur aid is being flown in. flo this is the strongest quake too hit ecuador in decades. d the president has declaredte a national emergency. political turmoil incal tuo brazil. br thousands of protestors protestr cheered when lawmakers votedwh w to impeach that that country'sns president. the measure goes to the senatee where it will decide if theecid president will go on trial. many brazilians believe sheie was involved in a corruptionptio scandal. scanda back here locally a deatherl at a montgomery county hoteleryh is being investigated asds suspicious. the body was found saturday atda the red roof inn on shadyn grove road in rockville.n rocke investigators say the victim appeared to have sufferede suff trauma. an autopsy will be done tobee determine exactly how that hha person d over to fill where a whe police officer is recovering this morning after he was shotf in the leg while trying tog t stop a car theft. the 24-year-old officer is in stable condition.on two suspects were taken into tan custody a short time later
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>> time now to see what's hothas on the web early this monday morning. holly morris in the studio too t tell us more.or holly good morning. >> good morning, whiz, good morning everyone out there. here are the stories you're already engaging with most onoso social media.ed the debate over georgetown university's controversial path back in the spotlight stl this after the new york timesewm ran a story over the weekendheee on the anniversary of the university's selling hundreds of slaves back in 1838. the slave sale was organizedgane by two jesuit priests whoesuit served as georgetown'seoetow earliest presidents.nt the names of those presidentsree were removed from two georgetown buildings last fal fall. a college student who camest to the u.s. as a refugee fromeef iraq was taken off a southwestoe airlines flight earlier thisli t month. this after a fellow passenger pe became alarmed when theme a student was speaking arabic toni his uncle on the phone and the t student says the conversation was not threatening andt instead was really just abouttho an event he attended and what he ate for dinner.or
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steps off today a bombing survivor who lost part of histf leg and recovered here at walter reed will become one ofef the first people who lost who ls limbs in the attack to attemptta to run the full of coursofi have no have doubt when he crosses thero finish ryan that will be quitetq the emotional moment.t. >> boston strong.trong. >> sure will be. >> thanks, holly.>> >> still ahead, the hit netflix show orange is the new black honored. we'll tell you why. w >> weather and traffic on the 5s coming up next.
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i don't believe that big money can buy votes -- not in our district. and i won't claim to have single handily passed just about every bill in annapolis. we can't settle for the same old politics, not when our basic rights are being threatened by trump and cruz. i'll stand up to their bigotry and be a passionate voice for maryland women and families. in tv and in business, i built relationships. as a woman in the house, i'll do the same to get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message. >> ♪ >> 4:45 is the time as we take t a live look outside on this on i monday morning, 54 degreesde outside so a pleasant start tott your day after a gorgeous, gorgeous weekend.
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better script. >> i don't know how you makew h it any better thathat. t it was a little cool ontle saturday. >> i went to an outdoor wedding. it was gorgeous i thought it would be a little cool but it was magnificent.nice >> good, okay.>> good, okay. so we warm it up a little more today. toda >> that's even better.t' >> we finally crack 80 degrees with sunshine. >> first time this year, right, 80 degrees.deees. >> no.>> n >> we did it you. >> yes. >> never mind then. >> but -- i'm talking aboutki a just a great 80 where it'she i nice and sunny and not reallyeay humid. humi you know what i mean. >> right. >> but it looks like. >> good hair weather.eath >> exactly. we had a great weekend. over the next couple datesple d will be good, too.e good this weekend is not bad actually. we can't stay sunny and 70 degrees for very long long around here.nd h reagan national 54.nal dulles is colder, 46 there, bwi marshall 48 and out in the e suburbs some spots are coming ac in in the lower 40's so it'sso cool out there with clearcl skies, light winds, lowds, humidity and all that were
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stuff. here's the deal this morning.ea high pressure is in control andl really hie gh pressure ha been in control for the last l several days and it willra continue to be in control atl least for the nexbet few days. d it will reposition itself aonf little bit here so whato what happens, high pressure willh prw start to eventually shift off to the east. e today is great.s gre tomorrow is great and thennd the once this high starts to scootot on off to the east and to thethe southeast, what happens here, and it's a subtle thing, but it will begin to break down aeaw little bit, shift to the easto s and allow for the of the of unsettled weather to kind ofo ki move on in. so, just so you know the nextex couple of days 82 today, how nice is that? 81 tomorrow. so, pretty much perfection theit next couple of days.ouplof d and then again towards the towds middle part of the week, w latter part of the week it p will get a littlear cooler,e c chance for rain, maybe thisaybes morning's, too. clear skies this morning.s th this is why we're so cold outut there. we have clear skies, again light winds, relative rat humidity is super low so we'rere cool this morning. 59 degrees. that's in the city, okay,n that's in the city. out in the suburbs at 8:00urbs
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40's.40 some places in the 40's to lows4 50's, generally cool out there but we'll have a nice warmup w today with sunshine at noontime, sunshine late this afternoon, a high cloud or twod would not surprise me but it'sei not going to overwell theell t sunshine and temperatures today will make it again into ao the low 80's area wide, maybe my a couple of spots closer to cloe the middle 80's late today. sunny and warm again tomorrow, r pretty much the same day.the d cooler by wednesday,, 68 degrees, little frontal, lilf system will sneak through withln a couple of clouds.loud late shower possible we're 72.we'r2. so, you can see here the next te four days really look real nice and then we get into some o shower and thunderstorm thuerst potential friday afternoon.on right now it looks prettyy widespread.widespread temperature there of 75 degrees.75 degrees and just looking out thisut t morning, i know it's mondays mda morning, but the weekend weeke really looks nice. n temperature of 70 degrees on saturday.saturd 72 on sunday.un this is spring, erin. e this is our spring right now, right now. >> i love what you've done d with the forecast. forecas
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>> i have frozen yogurt in myy future, a lot of good things ood happening. right now for your monday morning commute your ride foint the district is pretty quiet. 395 inbound from the beltwayhe b to the 14th street bridgeridg speeds exactly what theyhe should be, same story on 295.95. problem free in new carroltonaro and silver spring this morningtr but we're tracking a crash blocking the right smolder s landover righhere inlander dovev traffic on the outer loopc the looking good past richieie marlboro.boro. 270 on the southbound side between gaithersburg and a rockville average speeds checking in 55 miles per hour down to the spur. to north of that point we don't have any of the typicalny morning congestion by theco truck scales justng yet. y let's take a live look outside t if you're waking up in virginia between stafford allff the way through dale citye cit things are moving along justus fine but as you can see more mor volume is definitely starting sn to pick up, so i'm thinking that your usual delays thrgh stafford are going to start to i kick in soon.
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metro gearing up for serviceor i at 5 o'clock this morning that m is so far on time. s back to you. >> erin thank you. let's talk about an update a on road closures. road repairs at 9:00 a.m. today o rrsn university boulevaa in langley park after a waterare main break yesterday.esrday it happened between pineyn branch road and carrollar avenue. the eastbound and westboundnd wb lanes are going to be closed for repaving. also today, metro begins a final phase of escalator e replacement at the columbia cola heights station. they'll be installing two new entrance escalators on thealato east side much the entrance on c the northeast corner of 14th and irving streets will betr w closed during the nine month project.proj customers will need to use escalators on the southwestn th corner. metro is investing ies $151 million to replace more than 13 escalators by 2020.02 >> people living in one annapolis neighborhood woke upne to the sounds of gunfire earigle sunday morning.orng. no one was hurt but two homeses and seven cars were struck byk bullets in the area ofs in a president street and parkk avenue. tonight police will discus
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the shootings at a community cou meeting in east eas a family of homelessf homels people this morning after -- a family is homeless this morning at a fire sweptire swept through their house inroug bethesda around 8:00 last0 last night on sonoma road.oad. firefighters tell us when theyhe arrived they saw flamesaw shooting from the second floorcd of the home and the roof.d roof no one was hurt. hur right now it's unclear whatle wa started the >> a scary crash scene at an apartment complex incomplex montgomery two people were injured. the two people were injuredere j but they're expected to bed to b okay. we're told these injuries areies not serious.not sus the building has minor damage d as well. so far no word yet on whether we any charges will be filed be fi against the driver.rir. >> wow.ow >> okay, the hit netflix show s orange is the new blacklack honored in the district tonight. the american psychiatricri association is hosting then first ever award ceremony foronf those who have demonstrated demt high levels of mental healthl advocacy.advocacy. several stars from the showars are going to be there includes natasha leone who place nicky
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nickles, matt mcgory whory place john bennett and d a. sha pma naco. >> time to rock the red today. the caps and flyers, that flyert series shifts to philadelphia.s washington hasto a two-zip leadd but they know that they needno to get their game up in orderind to come back home with the momentum.nt >> we're going to go intoo philadelphia and we're goinge'ri to have to have some urgencye in our not that we didn't have any,ny not saying that at all.. what i'm saying is that, youha know, you want to get a split, t you know, any time that you'reou starting on the road, you wantdu to come out of there with a split. >> in philly if we have gamesavg like we had the last two gamesom we're not -- we're probably prol not going to come out on top o because of discipline issues. i going into philly you need toee be disciplind.isciplined you can't get worked up with -- sucked into the crowd, , sucked into their atmosphere.thi
4:53 am
mentally tough. >> all right.>> here's the schedule for the rest of the caps series with the flyers.s. game three is tonight at 7:00ig: p.m. in philly.n that's location for game fourre as well on wednesday if the flyers can avoid the sweep the series shifts back to the verizon center for game fivee fi friday night.. tough loss for the nats inst the city of brotherly love. while gio gonzalez threw a great game it was into the was good night forecloser jonathan papelbon. in the tenth inning bryceing brc harper broughtxf out the big stick again, a homer to put the nats up by one butut papelbon gives up the rbihe double giving the phillies a three to two win.. papelbon was five of fivef ve before blowing that save.. >> i just want to doing the things we can to get runs on the board, just trying to take my bats one at a time
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in a big spot and something set may happen.ppen so, just trying to... >> what do you do after ado loss? you head to miami.mi the nationals heading southng sh today to take on the marlinshear in a four-game series. serie washington has only lost two lto games so far this season, oneso of those glimpse to theli marlins at the nats homeins opener earlier this month. >> that doesn't count. c >> what do you think thehat do y opener? they all counout. >> movie night gone wrong at ara ballpark in nashville, the tennessee.tennesse the nissan stadium forgot to t turn off the sprinklers. hello. hello. >> how does that happen? >> exactly.xact >> there's no football, there's no baseball. basall. >> maybe want to cool off a wan few hot heads.ds >> it ain't that hot inait th nashville.vill >> not yet. >> that's right, not yet. yet listen, here's what's going ons for us this morning. morng we've got a cool start, it'start clear skies, super nice oute t there, all right, but n
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frederick is 43.s 4 what's going on? dulles 44 dule and then you jump over to winchester, it's 55 degrees this morning. they're a little higher sor s they're warmer, same for hagerstown, 55 degrees there. fredericksburg 45, quanticouantc 50.50 annapolis 50 degrees.s. leonardtown 45.arown near town we're down ton 53 degrees now. now we will warm up today, i promise. we're going to warm up with all this sunshine, this relatively low humidity today,it so we start off cool, yes, we 59 degrees at 8:00 a.m. 76 degrees for noontime and then 81 at 4 o'clock td i wanted to show you this, t too. i wanted to show you the the temperatures. fredericksburg, 85, how about that? manassas 84 degrees andsd culpeper coming in strong at a 86. 86. that's closer to 90 degreesdeee than it is to 80 degrees, erin como. i'm not great at math but i figured that one o out >> i figure that's exciting,e as gary. i like the
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jackets in the i'llet take at this time rightee now if you're heading out thisut monday morning and you want toyt take metro service kicking inkii at 5:00.0. no alerts reported across allcrs lines and the bus routes. bus ru inner loop at landover road a r crash blocking the rightight shoulder.shou traffic still light on theht o t beltway inner loop and outerne loop so it's nr ot causing any a major delays and as you head asa out in prince william rightli now 95 on the northbound sideorn you are moving nicely fromicelfr dale city he into woodbridge.ri. we showed you earlier camera cam by stafford, some volumefford, u picking up as you head towards quantico.qu no crashes to report howevert as you make your way inboundou and route one also in good in g shape right now.shap as we take a wide view of theofe commute if you're heading fordir an early morning flightng fli traffic on the way to dulleso de reagan national looking let's take a live look outside on 95 northbound north of the beltway in maryland.ltwa traffic as you make your wayake towards baltimore for bwiwi flight is looking good. little bit of increasedased volume.vo bw parkway be northbound andundn southbound nice and quiet.uiet we got you
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else pops up but at least we lsw have beautiful weather foreaer f this monday morning commute.dayn back to you, maureen. >> ♪ >> still ahead, the search iseac on for a missing fairfaxairf county firefighter after newft n clue in the case turns up.n th that's next. >> plus protestors expected tote storm the steps of the u.s. theu supreme court today. at issue the president's power'p over immigration.rati >> but first, a quick check on k the stock market. mke asian stocks sinking today. u.s. futures down this morning. we're back right after this.
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> ahead at 5:00, heartbreakox5e in prince george's county.ou the community is mourning theit loss of a firefighter and paramedic.para fox5 spoke to one of that man's colleagues. we'll have a live reporthave coming up. comi >> plus a desperate search forer a missing prince williamnc wil county woman. she's also a localso aocal firefighter. why state police are now searching for her nearlyr nrl 100 miles away. >> ♪ >> 5 o'clock is our time right t now and we say good mondayy morning to you from maureen,ure, holly, erin and gary.ary. >> we're back. back. >> you're back and definitelyeft are the star of the show with s the weather we've been having.e. >> come on, i would say it'sd s' really not anything to talk anyo about. even though it's great, it's i so nice and temperatures today are going to be warm


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