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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  April 18, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> ahead at 5:00, heartbreakox5e in prince george's county.ou the community is mourning theit loss of a firefighter and paramedic.para fox5 spoke to one of that man's colleagues. we'll have a live reporthave coming up. comi >> plus a desperate search forer a missing prince williamnc wil county woman. she's also a localso aocal firefighter. why state police are now searching for her nearlyr nrl 100 miles away. >> ♪ >> 5 o'clock is our time right t now and we say good mondayy morning to you from maureen,ure, holly, erin and gary.ary. >> we're back. back. >> you're back and definitelyeft are the star of the show with s the weather we've been having.e. >> come on, i would say it'sd s' really not anything to talk anyo about. even though it's great, it's i so nice and temperatures today are going to be warm
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into the 80's.s. here's the headline. headl some of you closer to 90. >> what.>> what. >> i knew that would get you. >> that's a perfect too.perfect all right no, teasing with thest commute, though, erin como. hopeful it's not that bad. >> checking a a crash inner crah loop by landover road. r traffic picking up inking u i virginia. we'll have a closer look at a that next. c >> thanks a lot. thanks a lot. >> happening today virginianing state police planning tolanng resume their search for a missing woodbridge woman. 31-year-old nicole mitten dorf reported missing on fridayng when she didn't show up forshowp work at the fairfax countyax c fire department.eptm mitten dorf's car was located wc saturday night 92 in a parking i lot at shenandoah nationalh tion park. police say there's no evidence e to suggest anythingto s suspicious. some of mitten dorf's friends have taken to facebook tofacebo spread the word about theord ou search creating a page called cd find nicole that search is in the shenandoah national park. p it will pick back up this uth morning.morn inside a fairfax county cou courtroom the murder trial gets under way for police w for officer
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he's accused of shooting and and killing john gere in 2013. 2 gere was unarmed when she wased shot. torres claims gere was reaching for a gun when heor shot him.shot he faces second degree murderre charges. torres has been held without w bond since he was indictede wasc back in >> happening today, the tod supreme court will beginin hearing oral arguments onoral an president obama's immigration initiatives.ia the president's plans wouldou give legal status to millions mi of immigrants.ras. obama gave executive orders to r spare them from being deported.ed. 26 states filed suit to block that executive action. exe today thousands plan to rally tl at the steps of the supremeteps court in support of presidentpo obama'rts plan. pla >> a prince george's county firefighter and paramedic shota and killed while responding toin a welfare check will be laid b to rest this week. >> that first responder wasrespw john ulmschneider.schneider. melanie alnwick is live in landover hills maryland wherelsm the community is having aunit tough time dealing with such a big loss and it's a tough t story to try
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mel. >> reporter: that's r absolutely right, you guys. it's pretty hard to missep herir this memorial at the corner of 68th avenue and annapolis road a here in front of the landover lo hills fire department wherere d people continue to bringon flowers and light candles in support not just for the fire department here but for the entire first responderpo community in prince george'srge' county. co fire station 30 is now draped nd in black while members of the landover hills volunteer v station grieve their friendie and cveolleague, 37-year-old7- john ulmschneider shot to death while responding to a medical welfare check friday at a home in temple hills.ple ll ulmschneider was a 13 year veteran of the fire department and a father of a two-year-old-l girl. firefighters accept the risks a that come with the job but t this kind of death is almostlm unimaginable.ab >> the thing that's helping uss deal the most is each other. oer we talk about the good timesgood and just remember how great a person he was. >> reporter: 19-year-old 19-year kevin swain the morning sidemord volunteer firefighter that wasef
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to recover at baltimore shock trauma. the gun plan's brother the mantm who called asking for thatha welfare check was also shotlso o during the chaos friday.ri sources tell fox5 the gunman apparently suffering a medicalui episode related to diabetesd to and he told investigatorsesga there when he came to he saw hce the firefighters breakingre through this front door and a thought they were intruders.ntr. so far the state's attorney'stts officers says they have not n filed any charges.harg. a you caring fund has been setng up by f the prince george's county fire department to help with funeral expenses for thesee family. firefighter ulmschneider will be laid to rest inch hollywood,d maryland on wednesday.ed live in landover, i'm melanie'me alnwick, fox5 local news. >> overseas right now thersea death toll from saturday'sll fma earthquake in ecuador i continues to rise now at more than 260 people killed and another 2500 injured. injur it is being flown -- aid isid being flown into the hardestn ir hit areas. this is the strongest quake toue hit ecuador in decades. decad the president of that countyt cu
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emergency. >> ♪ ly. >> the man of the hour, gary mcgrady,er. >> i'garygarymcgrady.mcgr >> i'm here every day. d >> we have perfect weather. weah >> i know. see, this isn't good for a weather guy.r g. >> why. >> i don't take credit 'causedia i don't want blame.ant bl >> you take the credit whendit you can. you >> i don't because i don'tause t want the blame.lame >> well then i'll take thel i'm giving you perfectgiviou weather. weathe >> that's g you take the credit and then i'll send the s blame your way.ame 53 degrees here in town, it'sn,' gorgeous out there this ts it's colder out in the suburbs s as you might expect. culpeper, you're almost in theal 30's now.30's now you may get into the 30's now. w and then look what happensap later this afternoon, okay,ka for culpeper.ulpe it is going to warm up big time. sunny and warm across thes the entire area. culpeper, wow, bam, you'reyou' closer to 90 than you are 80
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86 degrees expected highd temperature for culpeper, fredericksburg 85. we have incredibling sunny skies today. the sun angle is -- the sun istn high in the sky now so it's giving us more warmth.h. winds out of theof t north-northwest at five to t 10 miles per hour and so weer ar he going to basically with this low humidity get rid ofget all the cool temperatures fromrs this morning and theis mning temperature will be able toe e b warm up nicely today.ay. upper 70's to mid to upper 80's across the region today.n d how about that? couple ofoupl days in the 80's. in more 80's on the way.ay we'll talk more about that morea coming up. here's erin talking aboutng abo traffic this morning on thisorni monday morning. mor >> that's right, it is monday morning.moing. >> visit buy a for special offers. >> 5:06 and we made it gary it g for an early morning start totat the day. let's take a look at all the l green on our map. m. problem free on 295 inbound inb from the beltway through malcolm x avenue.ol same story past east capitolt street, no issues there.ues thee we a
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in landover on the inner loopero blocking the shoulder out by by landover road. outer loop traffic is quiet q and inner loop traffic isff still cruising along without w any problems right now. right nw as you head out on 395 fromm alexandria traffic is stillics wide open to the 14th streethe4 bridge. in fact all of our bridges in great shape right now. spe r the 11th street problem free pbl and the memorial no issues onue the key bridge as you make y m your way from rosslyn into third street tunnel from thereet freeway in great shape.y reat taking metro, no reports reported across any of our rail lines. as gary mentioned it will be ade beautiful walk to the metroo e m stop this morning. thi traffic is starting to pick up 95 northbound as you make your u way through dumfries. we'll take a live look at that t portion of your commute next.ten that's your back to you. >> heads up. today is the deadline to file your tax returns.your yes, you heard right.ig the i.r.s. expects to receive more than 5 million returns today alone and thousands moream will request an extension. there's a lot of freebies f across the d.c. region find a link on still ahead
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with passengers hit by a b a drone. is this a sign of things toin t come?me >> plus, newlyweds in new yorkny didn't let a donald trump t rally disrupt their big day.srup that story is next when we're back in just 30 seconds. make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $3.99, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $3.99 today. america runs on dunkin'. >> eight past the pt th gop presidential hopeful tedesid cruz will visit maryland maryl today. he's campaigning in the stateni ea
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he'll have an event at tastynt y diner in bethesda then move on to an appearance flatteded towson.towson wedding ceremony and a trump rally in the samee location might not be a goodight idea. one couple found out the hard fu way over the weekend. yesterday donald trump protestors gather outside a hotel in new york. that's where a wedding wasng w expected to take place. p the bride and groom however says they're in good spirits. >> you know, it's like rain on e your wedding day, you just smile through it. how many people can say the secreoet service was at theirt wedding? i mean, come on, you know, this is vip access. >> very good attitude. the couple said their day was w not everyone stayed positive.osive. so, congratulations to them. the got to love it. le >> that is great.t is >> what a story they have tot or tell forever, right., all right. alg 5:09 is our time righturime now. we've got a couple of dronee ofe stories actually to tell youtuat about. about. first some tense moments inme skies in what may be a first of
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>> and later this year you'llatr be able to tune into a droneintd racing on a popular sports s channel. wisdom joining us now to tell uo us what's going on in the on in world of drones.worl >> yeah, you're going to beh, y able to watch it on tv, dronene racing.ra let me tell you about that in just a minute. st first serious stuff to get to. the first story involves somenvs very tense moments to say thens least. leas this happened yesterday so thena investigation is still underig way but policate say a britishth airways pilot reported being hit by the drone just beforetor 1:00 in the the plane was traveling from geneva switzerland to london, l heathrow. the pilot says the drone struck the front of the planerol as they were thewere 130 passengers were on board o b but no one was injured and the a plane landed safely. now, this comes -- this all comes as drone popularity isariy growing worldwide because espn is now going to start showing s drone racing later on this year. semi professional drone d leagues are starting to pop upnp around the world and now espnsp is set to carry televisedised
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this is a promo from the 2016 2 u.s. national drone racing rac you'll be able to watch thele tt race from a first personster viewing experience.xper the drone's cameras will bel b filming every move so you cane feel like a pilot driving thevig drones. drone racing has gone from an underground activity toroun something approaching aroachi professional sport.onal sport last month an english teensh t took home $250,000 at the world drone prix in dubai. the 2016 u.s. national drone hacing championships they're c going to happen in new yorkto h city between august 5th and 7th.h. >> now, i know there areow, people who might enjoy this this but honestly this is one thing i will never tune in to watch. w >> i didn't know it was anow ita thing. >> i didn't know it wasidn' league, either but apparently. >> it's professional level. >> there's's >> like i missed the whole rising. ri >> you know when you'vesi you kh arrived when you go heen fromm being underground being onrgd be national television. >> espn. >> yeah, espn, you've arrived.rv >> drone racers rock on. racersk
5:12 am
going. if you want to invest. >> hey, that $250,000 purse is nothing to laugh at.o >> you're not going to getou'r anything back. you're just going to bein be it's a long complicated >> what the what?e w >> this is the point where we pw ignore wisdom. wis all right. coming up, steph curry president obama teaming up in i a hilarious white house >> weather and traffic on the 5s coming up next.
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>> back now at 5:14. 5 >> done go back in time. >> don't want to do that do especially not on a gorgeous gor day like this.dake t gary mcgrady it's go to be b inazing. >> more of this would be ae of good thing. t more of this kind of weather.eah >> let's just keep making itingi be like ground hog day.ay >> not like
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hog day when it's cold.d. pickup time 43 to 53. cold in the suburbs.e not too bad in the city.inhe look at this afternoon. 77 degrees to 82 at drop-off.p-f sunny, dry, you know thekn drill. high pressure is still in control.control. just kind of add severalin degrees from our weekendseend temperatures onto today and and you'll have today's weather. wea reagan national 53.ional 5 dulles 44. bwi marshall 49 degrees thisgrs morning.morn again, a big spread from thehe city to the suburbs.ur. martinsburg 45.rt now, winchester you're achesr ya little higher so temperaturespea believe it or not a little bita warmer, 55 degrees and this5 den type of setup, the, the temperatures just three, four,r, 500 feet above the surface sur will actually be warmer thanarme they are at the at ta here in the city we're gettinge' the island -- heat islandan effect so we're 53. 44 degrees for fredericksburgder and again, 43 degrees up into frederick.edic look at temperatures prettyperae much area wide headed to newead york this morning? you're g g all up and down. i-95 cruising
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its 45, dry there, richmondichm 45, raleigh 43. rgh way out in saint louis it'ss 60 degrees. d here's the's jet stream stays way up to the north, pushed up there by highyh pressure.prsu not only is it high at the surface but it's high pressuress aloft so it does double dutyut keeping us protected from from where we have any threat of thr rain or even clouds. we're going to be sunny, sunny, sunny the next coupleexto of days, temperatures bothratu days in the lower 80's. 8 82 for a high today.od 81 for a high tomorrow.w. so, these two days pretty much equally nice. nic almost perfectly the same when m it comes to the weather forecast. i think tomorrow afternoonrow at maybe a few more clouds lates in the day. perfect winds out of the north-northwest at five tohw 10 miles an hour. is that knee, m warm, assumer sr nice.nice. tomorrow 81 degrees.ow1 degrees. wednesday a frontal systemda comes through but it's a dry a y front. front. temperatures on wednesday onlyny 68 but that's still good.till still above n
5:17 am
but a little bit above normal. . late shower thursday. hurs i still think thursday looksdayo pretty good. more clouds, 72. then late shower should beshou after 4 o'clock. ock maybe even later than that.n friday a chance for somee showers. thunderstorm is certainlyrty possible, temperatures stay, right, though, at 75 degrees.der a little cooler saturday butyut it looks nice. n i know it's only monday.yon things could change but right r now sunny for the weekend. wke temperatures two or 3 degrees d off of 70. that's not bad. n bad. here's erin's e how is that morning traffic? tra >> so far so good gary. so far a i don't have any major complaints right now. things are definitely starting to wakela up. an earlier crash we weree tracking in landover cleared.vee things back to normal on thel oe inner loop after landovererdover road. outer loop also in greatop a shape. sh worry free in new carrolton this morning.or heading from annapolis thisnnap morning traffic is cruisingtrafu too long get to the beltway inside the beltway you're y flowing freely as well. noshes on new york avenueyork a inbound just yet.just y. 270 southbound traffic is tra flowing 85 to the truckowg 85 t scales. congestion should start toon s kick in
5:18 am
good. same story as you passs gaithersburg heading to theng to spur this morning and alexandria, 395 inbound moving5 nicely to the 14th streetreet bridge. brid let's take a live look outsideei on 95.on south of that point at the franconia spring fieldsinfiel parkway northbound trafficway nb starting to increase as young t head from stafford making yourry way through quantico headinguana towards the beltway you'll hit l some stop and go conditions cons because of congestion but weof don't have any crashes toshes t report so that is very goods ryg news. ws. secondaries are quiet in thearir district and metro right now ant is on time. is i'll let you know -- i'mno-- hoping for a nice quiet i want to cross my fingers monday morning commute. back to you.back to >> thanks erin. 5:18 is our time. let's take a look at theoo stories you're engaging withag w the most this morning on m social media.soci we're going to do that with our realtime news tracker.s tra first up a philadelphia policeae officer recovering thisecover morning after he was shot in wa the leg while trying to stop a car theft.thef now, that was just last night before 9 p.m. the 24-year-oldar ofcer is in stablee condition. two suspects are in custody. ne
5:19 am
congress with inaccurate andccud vague information about sexualrm assault cases. an associated press p investigation found the t pentagon portrayed civilianivil law enforcement officials ass less willing than military mit commanders to punish sex s offenders.s. look for gas prices took fop stay relatively low, this after the main oil producersro cannot come up with an agreement to slow oillo production.pruction the lack of action has caused c oil prices to drop overnight.veg we'll take it anywhere we can.wc >> i'm telling you.'m telling thanks holly.than the investigatione investigi continues into a helicopters toa crash near bwi airport. three workers contracted byted baltimore gas and electricnd eci were on board that chopper too inspect power lines when it whe went down. the helicopter landed in a wooded area near aviationviat boulevard not far from the far e marc train no one was seriously hurt in h that incident. now you can pay for youryoc amazon prime service once aervie month instead of once a year.e y amazon letting sub
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for prime which offers freeers shipping and other perks month to month and it is separatingepg its prime video service, too.viv that means users can get theet t tv and movie service for $8.99 . a month.a mon rival netflix is raising itssits prices to $9.99 starting next month. netflix. >> but amazon prime still loveil you. >> still ahead a special day ahead for a local high school sh football star on the field and a in the classroom.laroom >> plus nba superstar instead is of century perfecting his game m of connect four and he's doingsd it with the we'lthank you what this is all about comingyou up next. e? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah
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comcast business. built for business. >> capitals and flyers seriesyes shifts to philadelphia. t washington has a twoo -zip leadl but they know they needea to upd their game in order to comeo back home with the momentum. mtu the series heads back to t washington on friday, that ishas if the flyers can avoid the t sweep. >> today a student athletethlete
5:23 am
recognized as a finalist for ais prestigious award. kevin petrillo is a finalist fil in the u.s. army and pro football hall of fame. f the winner of the award willwa w be flamed at the pro football fl hall of fame inductione inductin ceremony that happens this tha summer. burgundy and gold hall of famer darryl green will be at the westfield high school togh t take part in the ceremonies tois honor petrillo.etri >> steph curry teaming up with p president obama.idenama. >> the video debuted ahead ofhed the playoff against the aga rockets. it is hilarious.s ous take a look. >> ♪ >> sure you want to do that.u wt >> yeah, set me up. u >> all right.ig >> first time i saw the white house was in 1984. i just graduated from college.rl i was working as a communitycony organizer out of the harlem ther campus of the city college ofthy new york.or got to elbow he i in a little b. >> the psa wa
5:24 am
president's my brother's bth keeper initiative to make sure s young men of color reach their full potential. >> i'm really proud of youf man. >> it's a really good commercial. >> how much fun did they havefui shooting that.d >> come on. o >> for both of them.h of t >> i love that.>> iove tha >> you got watch those, too.oo >> of course.e. >> big time when you got that thing to start bubbling.ubbl >> i had myself several meanl m games of connect four, too. saturday nights, whoo-hoo! >> simple games that's all you y need. need. >> cool to play on your phone.. connect four on your phonen y have you ever done that. >> no.>> >> are we learning something. s. >> i didn't even know there was an app for that.s pp for i don't know why i'm w i surprised. >> i have no idea but there'sdee got to be.t >> you made it up.>> y >> i'm a traditionalist.tional i'm going back to old
5:25 am
>> i'm hear you can playan scrabble on your phone.bblen yo >> that you can. >> you know what you're doingwht right now, you're eating time 'cause there's nothing much to t talk about weather-wise.eathis >> that's not true at all. a >> you said this morning notd much to say. much to say. >> i don't know, maybe the higher i talk.alk. it's 80's today, 50's this0's ts morning and lower 40's i'lland i eat up some time. som when the atmosphere is dry,es lower relative humidity, less water vapor in the >> right. >> so, therefore, the sun doesrh not have to heat up and and overcome the water vapor, it just warms up the air. u t >> professor mcgrady>>or everybody. >> why that's important is because you can start off almost in the 30's andu end upu in the 80's. 8 you know the desert, that'st, ta what happens in the desert. the. it is going to be warm today. t. >> but it could be cool thisthis morning when the widows head off to the bus stop. s >> it's chilly.>> is chil temperatures out there in the ot lower 40's this morning buthini they're going to fight you. y they're going bo want to wear tw shorts. so maybe the shorts and then a jacket,
5:26 am
temperatures warming up. i can always fill my timeime maureen.ur don't have to talk about stupid games on your phone. >> more educational games. g let's not use the s word.d. young minds. let's talk about traffic.. >> there's no stupid games. no d >> family friendly language from erin >> unfortunately i have breaking news out ofof arlington.lingto 5:26 this morning.his morning let's take a live look outside.outs 66 eastbound jammed up, a crash, we're hearing reportsor that a motorcycle wascycl involved. this is after lee highway and you are very grappled spout run parkway. paray heavy traffic from that pointer as you approach 110 inh rosslyn. traffic is getting by but at byt least the left lane right nowow is blocked.lo so please give yourself a lotel of extra time. t we'll switch it back over for a look at our our map green on our district commutetom but on 395 volume starting to increase on the northboundth side. same story as you make youryomae way out on
5:27 am
south of the beltway after 50. a we'll keep you updated on your u morning commute.te right now metro is on time. tim. back to you. >> thank you erin.>>ha there is a connect fourour app. we found out and also flappy fla bird that's an app to get. with maryland presidentialar primaries a week away oneyls a k candidate making a stopate locally here today. >> as we head to break here'stoh a live look in boston. exciting. preps under way for today'sr marathon. 30,000wa runners will compete it the city's annual run. r it is the third anniversary ofey the bombings.ngs. 5,000 police officers will o line the course route. rou this year's race is also celebrating 50 years since the e first woman ran and finished fie the marathon. 5:27 is our time right now. we'll be right back.
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form. "searing tragedy struck in a place parents felt their children were safe" chris van hollen met with nra lobbyists to craft a loophole that would let the nra skirt a new campaign finance law and block gun control. but democrat donna edwards said "no" to the nra loophole and stood up to the gun lobby. and she would ban assault weapons. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> ahead this morning,head trn remembering a prince george's county firefighter shot andefig killed while responding to a a coworker opens up butnsbu tragedy for the first plus whyr the shooter likely l won't be charged.rg also ahead, a new clue inewu the disappearance of a fairfax f county firefighter.irefighter. the focus of that search now now nearly 100 miles away. and the fate of president obama's immigration reform r rests with the supreme court.eou hundreds of protests set to psto hit the steps of the high court in just a few hours. fox5 news morning startsnint right now. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.s i >> good morning to you. goorn 5:30 is our time right now. i'm holly morris
5:31 am
wisdom martin, erin como andrino gary is working hard or hardly working we never really know knw down in the weather center.te high, gary., g >> there's not a lot to talkk about other than fabulous weather that continues. sunny skies, warmsunn temperatures, some placesesso today, well -- i think alli a places today in the 80's. will anybody get close to 90? we'll talk about that. t >> in the meantime, let's talk l to erin como about what's wha happening on the roads early. ey problems or no? >> yes, along arlington 66 a big crash. >> happening today, virginia vir state police plan to resumelice their search for a missingsing woodbridge woman. wan 31-year-old nicole mitten dorfed was last seen on wednesday andna was reported missing on fridayni when she didn't show up for up work at the fairfax county c fire department.epartm mitten dorf's car was locatedsoc saturday night in a parking par lot at shenandoah nationalnaon park. pa that's some 80 miles away. som now as of
5:32 am
say there is no evidence tonc suggest anything suspicious.anys some of mitten dorf's friendss n have taken to facebook toebook t spread the word about theabout t search creating a a page called find nicole now.ole n again that search in shenandoah national park willl w pick back up this morning.orning >> inside a fairfax countyrfax y courtroom this morning, theth murder trial gets underis way for a police officer. offic officer adam torres.or he's accused of shooting andnd killing john gere in 2013. gere was unarmed when he wasn hs shot. torres claims that gere washa reaching for a gun when he w shot him.shot he faces second degree murder dm charges and torres has been bee held without bond since he was indicted in august.ugust. >> happening today, thepeng t supreme court will begin beg hearing oral arguments ong or president obama's immigration initiative.initiative the president's plan wouldla wod give legal status to millions m of illegal immigrants.mmigrant back in 2014 obama gave executive orders to spare thempa from being deported. now 26 states then filed suit to block in executive action.ct today thousands plan to rally to at the steps of the supremee court in support of pr
5:33 am
obama's plan. pla >> a community in prince george's county is mourning the loss ofnt a first respondero shot and killed whileledhi responding to a call. >> fox5's melanie alnwick5's joins us live from landover lano hills maryland with more onry w yet another senseless shootin shooting. mel. >> reporter: good morning,ter: wisdom and holly. atsd this point it certainlyt c sounds like this day has been be some kind of terrible mistakee m and you can see behind me thee growing memorial here at thel ra corner of 68th avenue anden annapolis road right in fronthtr of the landover hills fireills f department as people continue to bring flowers and support.wea fire station 30 now draped inapd black while members of the landover hills volunteer vun station grieve their friend and colleague, 37-year-oldye-o john ulmschneider shot to st t death while responding to a medical welfare check friday at a home in temple hills.e hi ulmschneider was a 13 year veteran of the prince george'she county fire department and the father of p a two-year-old girll firefighters accept the risks ts that come with the job but this is almost unimaginableunin the tragic death touching
5:34 am
entire first respondernder community.communit >> we are a family.amil and everyone here could empathize with theize with firefighters and what they're ah going through with their loss ts and, you know, i've run thatt call a hundred times. tim >> reporter: 19-year-old kevin swain, the morning sides volunteer firefighter was alsowa shot four times continues to recover at baltimore shockr al trauma. the gunman's brother the manan who called asking for thefo the welfare check was also shot also during the chaos.duri the the gunman was suffering auf medical episode related toeled diabetes and he toldd investigators that when he came to, he saw the firefighters break in throughhr his front door and thought they were the state's attorney's office has not filed any the prince george's county fire department has set upartm what's called a you caringin fund, kind of like go fund me fd but a little bit of a different site, you caringou can fund, that's to help pay for par the family's funeral expenses.xp
5:35 am
hollywood maryland onla wednesday. live in landover hills, i'mr him melanie alnwick, fox5 localnwic news. >> thanks, mel. happening today as well w gop presidential hopeful tednt cruz will visit maryland. mylan cruz is campaigning in thes ca state ahead of next week's nex e primary.ary. he'll have an event at tasty a diner in bethesda then will thew move on to an appearance later in towson. >> procrastinators your timersrm is almost up. u today is officially tax day. d it was pushed back to pusheck accommodate the district's emancipation day holiday on tax day there's always a lotth ofer giveaways to celebrate.elra here's a few. your child can eat free atre noodles and company today ifando you purchase a regular onegar tray. outback steakhouse 15 percent 1 off of your check with aour eck coupon from the restaurant's web site and how aboutut something to cool you off on co this beautiful spring day.g d in rockville, the kona icehe koe truck is going to be parked atk roy rogers aaa car insurancece and four eyes handing out free e shaved ice. ice th
5:36 am
a.m. to 2:00 p.m. check outpp a list of the other freebiesothe being offered just go to our web site >> ♪ >> in fact i think it might bemi a shaved ice kind of day.d day >> it will be. it >> right. >> anything to keep you cool. ke bep cause later this afternoonth we're talkinisg 80's. >> nice.>> >> some places closer to 90 than 80. >> bring it. >> okay. >> love it. >> you're ready. >> uh-huh. >> here we go. let me show you.t sho bus stop forecast this morningim kind of gives you an ideaan i where we're going. gn starting off cool in theool in suburbs, lower 40's, couple spots may bottom out in the upper 30's but we'll warm uparm right into the upper 70's, low 80's by after school sochool drop-off is definitely warm. isy later on today, let's check on some high temperatures, shallpe we, because we're really goingee warm up.p. we've been building this highg pressure. all the air that's kind oft'ki trapped into this highappe pressure has been getting h warmer and warmer and warmer and today we're finally going get up into theas 80'e s. 82 degrees here in the city.
5:37 am
manassas 84.ssas 8 culpeper, even though youhoh y start off in the up -- closep e to the upper 30's, you weree 40's last hour, whether or noteo you get to the 39-degree mark m it doesn't matter, you'reou going to heat up. 85 to 86 degrees there andnd fredericksburg up to up t 85 degrees. a little cooler by the water. annapolis gorgeous at 76. leonardtown great, too, at 78.t. there's your forecast. forec now let's get a look at youroo traffic. it's monday morning. monday here's erin como. com >> that's right, and it is busy in the traffic center right now. we are dealing with a big crash 66 on the eastbound side after lee highway as you head out in along to. let's go ahead and take a liveiv look outside am i want to showhw you what you're up against. agat looks like that image is temporarily unavailable.y it's a big crash taking b ca out the right lane.t e ri look at that long line of red. . you're delayed past spout runspu parkway.y. because of that keeping to it t 29 or 50 could save you someaves time this morning.tiin not looking great right there.te now aside from that there's anrn earlier train malfunction onncon the red line.d because of that you're dealing a with delays to wheaton. wat give yourself extra time to time
5:38 am
395 inbound side cruisingru along and traffic looking goodnd on 50 right now.on0 righ no problems there.s as you make your way out this morning to the airport things on the way to bwi reagan rea national and dulles are dles cruising along. a again we'll keep you updatedep d on this big crash on 66. back to you.. >> ♪ >> coming up, why healthing , wh officials are telling women telw here in the united states notnit worry about getting the zikaheik virus.virus. >> plus, a life saving lesson ls at a farmer's market in montgomery county. we'll be back with that story. time right now 5:38.
5:39 am
5:40 am
5:41 am
>> [inaudible] >> delaying pregnancy is not an issue for discussion at disst this point but they do saynt bus women who are pregnant or planpl to get pregnant should steergn clear of countries where the virus is prominent. pminent good news for those of you y trying to watch youratchou waistline.wstl some food packages will startl s offering guidance on how often you should eat what's inside.ns mars food is leading the way on the change at this they plan to produce labels prol for foods that should be consumed every day and thoseve that should be eaten onen occasion or once a week. w the new initiative would affect uncle ben's
5:42 am
seeds of change products in the united states. florida's palm zoo will reopen. the zookeeper was attacked astte she was preparing to feed and clean the tigers. t zoo officials tranquilized thend tiger following the incident thd but there is no word yet on ifn the animal will be put down. the incidents marks the first time a person has died from anan attack in the 60 year historyr h of the zoo. back to you guys.s. >> thanks mel. >> still ahead, beyoncé's big bg reveal overnight.vernig she finally announces what she's been working on forbeen w months now.ow >> and a live look outside asuta we head to break on thisak on monday morning.orni weather and traffic on the 5'snf is coming up next. >> ♪
5:43 am
5:44 am
look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
5:45 am
>> ♪ [laughter] >> i'm sorry.>> i holly has got us all laughing au this morning. shall we talk about -- hey, listen, go to facebook -- feb hole's facebook. i'll just say this.i' go toll holly's facebook page.k we just did a little live video.vide we he do it every morning and you can see what i wasat i laughing clear skies out there this we're going to get to erinet to here in just a second with ad look at traffic but please ple indulge me for a couple ofe o minutes. i know weather has been real,thr real nice and it will continue n to be nice today. 53 degrees for reagan nationa national. dulles 44. bwi marshall 49 degrees.ees. buffalo 47. 47. boston strong this morning 45g m they're going to run the race rc its beautiful up there. up the high pressure is in control. cor see this little area of green
5:46 am
through texas and up into missouri, iowa and then allhe the way up to minnesota. minsota look at minneapolis thisapolis i morning sitting at 65 degrees.5e there's a big area of highe' pressure here. pres so, this is the backside of bac the high pressure and it'ss bringing in the moisture and the heat from the gulf oft om mexico. so, that's why it's so muchs warmer back out to the west ofot us.. here's the high. the circulation around --roun circulation around it is goods d for us.for this is super great locationat l for the high pressure.r the it keeps our flow generally genr north and northwest and that's d a dry flow for us and a lot of clouds have been suppressed hav too because the ridge of highid pressure goes all the way upoes to the north so the actualhe act clouds are staying to the are north of us but again, boston, is beautiful today for the marathon. this high pressure system willrl continue to kind of sneak to the south and then off to thed t east and as it does, it willl allow the backside of it toe ofi kind of bring that moisture up, break down the ridge andown that opens the door, if you the will, for some clouds firsts fi and then maybe a little b o
5:47 am
unsettled weather as we get to t the latter part of the week.of i'll show that you coming t upon on the seven day.even next couple of days gorgeous.s g 82 today for a high a little cooler perhaps perps tomorrow.tomorrow now, look, we're probably probal going to be lower to mid 80'sto' as well tomorrow but i think but maybe a little bit cooler hereo in town a you believe can ofn a reasons. the winds will shift a littleftt bit out of the south.out of thes that will tend to keep us a to little bit cooler believe it i or not and then we may have a h cloud or two late in the late afternoon which could keep our o temperatures cool as well.erat how about today's planner? looks great. sunny skies all through theie day today.s temperatures starting in thertie upper 50's at 8:00 a.m. still a little cooler out inut the suburbs by then.he 76 at noontime. nnt sunny skies.s. sunny and warm 81 degrees at 4 o'clock. some of you will be into the lower to mid 80's today. couple of spots may be warmer w than mid 80's. 8s. 86 for culpeper, how aboutow a that? that's about the that's b warmest spot.wa 82 today.od 81 tomorrow.orw. cooler but still nice on on wednesday, sunshine and 68. a late shower possible onsie o
5:48 am
hopefully those late showers s will hold off until theil evening hours.. showers and thunderstorms certainly possible on friday. oi looks pretty widespread,es though. then we get into the weekend. we right now looks really nice. sunny skies, dry conditionsks, d cans, temperatures in the lower 70's. 70' here's erin como. last time i checked with you,i h erin, you said it wasn't too wa' watched how about thiswatc morning. >> it's a little differentif now. bad. 5:48 if you're waking up ing upi arlington look at all those a jammed up cars on thes on eastbound side as you makeou your way from just before spout run through about 1 dealing with a ton of slowth a f moving traffic because of a of getting reports a motorcycleotor was involved, one lane isne lans blocked so we're seeing asoe're significant slowdown making makn your way into the district dis this morning.thisorning. let's go ahead and take a looka at our our m i'm going to try to help you get around that slow down thisnt morning.ha your best bet your secondary sea wilson boulevard or 29.vard o you can see that long line ofine red leading up to thato accident scene.nt scene earlier malfunction at '.t because of that residual delays to shady grove on theo red line and just in for your
5:49 am
orange, blue and silver line lin commute, we're dealing with dea some single tracking outsideingi of foggy bottom. that just just won't get that added to thedd t map so be prepared forpared f slowdowns with metro this mro ts morning aside from that as weasd take a wide view of ourf o district commute things com starting to slow down 295own 5 inbound nothing out of the ordinary there. same story 50 inbound also aou you pass by 295. by we are also dealing with someh m nice moving traffic on the o southbound side of bw parkwayw p flowing freely from 197 torom 19 powder mill. watch for 95 southbound backup u starting to develop by the icc as you make your way to the t 270 southbound nothing out ofut the ordinary here but you'redina slow from 85 to the truckhe tru scales so a few extra minutesint needed. ne you can see a long line of o yellow from frederick trying t to get to the spur this morning. we'll keep you updated.ep you 95 northbound starting to back g up into da tle city with someom heavier traffic. holly. holl >> thanks erin. this might affect youright commute. road repairs begin at 9:00rs be0 a.m. today on university boulevard in langley park. l this after a water main break
5:50 am
happened yesterday. happened between piney branch road and carroll avenue.ll the eastbound and westboundd ans lanes will be closed forse repaving.repaving. today metro begins a final f phase of escalator replacementat at the columbia heightsheights station. they'll be installing two newtwn entrance escalators on thes east side.east the entrance on the northeasttha corner of 14th and irving i streets will be closed duringlo the nine month m pro customers will need to use escalators on the southwest sou corner.corn metro is investing $151 million to replace 13 escalators by 2020. 2020. >> life saving lessons were taught at the farmer's marketth in bethesda. bethe people were greeted with a cpr flash mob. got a chance to learn and practice on mannequins on how oh to save lives. >> in addition to just theo just straight kind of education and demonstrating we've had musicg s out here, we're playing thehe song staying alive by the beey t gees.gees people are learning how do cpr c to that beat. b >> there were two sessions
5:51 am
held yesterday and severalndev hundred people turned out. to participate representativesrt from montgomery county firetg and rescue montgomery county cot police and bethesda chevya ch chase rescue squad. s on nurses helped out too demonstrate the proper way toopy do cpr.r. >> hit netflix show orange isore the new black is being honoreden in the district tonight. t the american psychiatrice am association is hosting theio first ever awards ceremony foroy those who have demonstratedemond high levels of mental health h advocacy. several stars from the showars will be there inclufrding natasha leone who plays nickyic nickles, matt mccore go who go w place john bennett. the event kicks offer at 5:30 tonight at the mayflower the hotel. hote >> congratulations to twograt empire stars because theytars pulled off a secre bt wedding in the bahamas. >> really. rlly. tmz obtained this photo of co-stars tray myers and gracen gealey also known as andre and boo-boo kitty tying the knotnghe
5:52 am
the private ceremony and reception happened at a planks on grand cayman islands.ndma the limited guest list did notot include their empire co-stars.o- as i just said buyers places pla andre lion on the snow and gealey plays annika better known as boo-boo kitty. kty >> you loved you some boo-boo.ob >> boo-boo is not really on o empire that much any more.h any >> we're not sure what her sur future is on empire. >> we know what her future ishau in real life.ea >> that is one land somean couple. they are absolutely gorgeous.rgo congratulations.rala >> yeah. >> big hollywood couple celebrating the birth of a newg baby. ba john legend and chrissy teigenst welcomed a baby girl into thegii world. her name is luna simone stevens. the baby came in at 6 pounds p 11 ounces. teigen posted the baby's bab weight on her instagramnsta account and if you're wondering where stevens cameingt from, that's john legend's lege' actual last name. n luna
5:53 am
the couple announced herounc arrival on instagramnsta yesterday. so far no pictures of the t little baby yet. yet. >> john legend stevens.teve >> yeah. >> the wife of johnny depp avoided jail time after she pled guilty to providing falsedf immigration papers for a couple of dogs. d amber heard was accused of illegally smuggling her yorkshire terrier into australia. australia has strict quarantine rules to preventer r disease from entering thee dogs entunering the u.s. must have proper permits and are a required to spend 10 days ind a quarantine. the judge gave heard a one month good behavior bond.avior d if she breaks that she'll havesh to pay a $1,000 fine. the beehive, they'rehe be buzzing about beyoncé's latest project. >> she teased a special on hb hbo.
5:54 am
>> the past and the presentsent merge to meet us here. >> ♪ what are you hiding?in >> if you're not following it, i'm not necessarily either butit i'm sure it will reveal itselfls at some point.oint. some are speculating it may be a a new album, maybe a new music video.vio beyoncé has been making instagram posts with lemonsith e for months now.for months i guess we can't say we've haven't been warned. lemonade airs this saturday. >> what if after that was aer ta she's just making lemonade. lemd >> a little lemonade stand. >> hilarious.ious it was jungle fever at theu box office. jungle book with one of the biggest april debuts ever.aprile in second place barbershop thehp next cut. rounding out the top five, the v
5:55 am
superman still going strong.g. >> ♪ >> all right. time now to say hello and goodnd morning to our facebook fansebk of the day. d they call themselves the pagee group and family that wakes upak and goes to bed with fox5. fox >> the pages say they gethe right up around now and watch until it's time to head off tod school and work. they end their day with the 10 o'clock news and then it'sn i lights out for everybody. everyo they say thanks for being part g of the family routine. rne >> we love to hear that. hr tha keep on watching and that's at'a gorgeous family picture. >> ♪ >> love it, love it, love it. just as much as i love thismu weather. >> yeah, i mean it looked like e a great day when they took t that picture.. outside ride now 44 for fredericksburg. culpeper you made to it 39. it wow. wow. you're going to be a lotng tbe a warmer than today. manassas 41 degrees. 4de seven-day forecast willast wil basically show you that welly st have temperatures for the nextrh couple of days coming up in the lower 80's or so and then
5:56 am
through the week it gets aet a little cooler on wednesday butay still that's not bad. 68 degrees.8 degre it will be 72 on thursday.hursd. the possibility of a lateof a l shower thursday going intogog i friday morning. morng some thunderstorms thursdayormsu afternoon into thursday evening. weekend right now, i know it'sto just monday, weekends looks really. >> all right. we'll take it. >> i'm already on it. alrea >> all right. >> on it. >> erin como what's going on? >> 5:56 and a lot of problems already in arlington 66rlington6 eastbound we have a crashwe ha r after lee highway.hway delays back to spout run. because of that one lane isof t blocked. i would say wilson boulevard or 29 better alternates to geter you around that one. aarnd tha if you're taking metro severalrr delays right now because of anaf earlier malfunction at ' fort the red line delays back toac shady grove. for the orange and blue withge a their single trackingg arlington to foggy bottom andtoa the silver line only. o more metro and traffic updatesru in a few. holly. >> thanks erin. coming up this morning atp 6:00 an eastth coast invasion. bugs the people.e. why
5:57 am
with your window opened mightopg be coming to an end. >> looking to trade or upgradeeu your old iphone? we'll tellll l you why you might want to waitta until next year when apple celebrates their tenth tenth anniversary of the popular phone. details all new at 6:00.
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>> likely not to face anynot charges in the case. >> also have you seen this woman? she has been missing since last week after not w showing up for woreek in fairfax county. where her car was found overwasr the weekend.the we'll tell was her husband andbd friends are saying about her disappearance.ppea >> first a live look outside out on this monday april 18thil 2016. after a beautiful weekend weful are in store for a beautiful week.ek. weather, traffic coming up onff the 5's atic 6:05. hey, everybody, hope you had a great weekend.we i'm maureen umeh.i'm allison has the day off. o >> i'm steve chenevey.'m s welcome to fox5 news morning.5 e let's get to our top storiesop s this morning.ning number one a prince george's p county volunteer firefighterri f out of intensive care after aft being shot on friday. this during a welfare check in temple hills maryland. mar >> very bizarre story. sto can you think as the communitymu mourns the loss of johnfohn ulmschneider many people areere honoring his life. fox5's melanie alnwick isanlnwi live this morning at a growing memorial in landover hills. h mel, what can you tell us.el >> reporter: good morning,d morn guys. yeah, continuing to lay


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