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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  April 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> likely not to face anynot charges in the case. >> also have you seen this woman? she has been missing since last week after not w showing up for woreek in fairfax county. where her car was found overwasr the weekend.the we'll tell was her husband andbd friends are saying about her disappearance.ppea >> first a live look outside out on this monday april 18thil 2016. after a beautiful weekend weful are in store for a beautiful week.ek. weather, traffic coming up onff the 5's atic 6:05. hey, everybody, hope you had a great weekend.we i'm maureen umeh.i'm allison has the day off. o >> i'm steve chenevey.'m s welcome to fox5 news morning.5 e let's get to our top storiesop s this morning.ning number one a prince george's p county volunteer firefighterri f out of intensive care after aft being shot on friday. this during a welfare check in temple hills maryland. mar >> very bizarre story. sto can you think as the communitymu mourns the loss of johnfohn ulmschneider many people areere honoring his life. fox5's melanie alnwick isanlnwi live this morning at a growing memorial in landover hills. h mel, what can you tell us.el >> reporter: good morning,d morn guys. yeah, continuing to lay
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candles adorning the intersection here at 68th avenue and annapo hlis road.oa you know, firefighters, they accept the risks that come with the job but this kind ofhi death is almost unimaginable.e. fire station 30 now draped in black while members of the landover hills volunteer fireter station grieve their friend and colleague, 37-year-oldgue,7o john ulmschneider who was shott to death while responding to a medical welfare check fridayck f at a home in temple hills.e lls. ulmschneider was a 13 year veteran of the fire departmente and the father of ath twe o-year-old girl.year-old gi. now friends are rememberingare e the man they knew as skillet.ll. >> funny thing is skillet had that nickname before us. u he's had that nickname forname awhile 'cause he worked on a farm and somehow they calledcae him skillet. and it sort of stuck. nicest person you would everson meet. he had the ability to make you k laugh and fix your car all at aa the same time. >> reporter: now, kevin nowev swain a 19-year-old
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from the morning side firere department was also shot four s times in that response. resns he continues to recover at baltimore shock trauma.e now, sources tell fox5 thshe gunman was suffering from some kind of a medical episodepi related to diabetes and told investigators that when heor came to, he saw thehe firefighters breaking throughghr the front door and thought tho they were the gunman's brother who had h actually called asking for theso welfare check was also shoto sht during the chaos. the cha so far the state's attorney'sor' office has not filed anyny charges. now, arrangements have beenha made for the visitation.isitat you can see them here on yourou screen. that is going to be tomorrow too night with a funeral scheduleded for wednesday afternoon in hollywood, and back out live here i wanti t to let you know that the t prince george's county firerge' department has also set up a a you caring fund to help the the family cover the funeraler expenses.ex in landover hills, i'm melanieme alnwick, fox5 local news.. >> in fairfax county murderx trial
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police officer adam torres for shooting john gere.oh he faces second degree murderd r charges.chars. torres has been held withoutd wt bond since he was indicted inwa august. au >> another big story this big morning the search is on for a missing fairfax county c firefighter who has not beens nb seen in days. nicole mitten dorf is fromrom woodbridge virgi her family last heard from hermr on wednesday and she wassday a reported missing on friday on fa when she didn't show up for work. police found her abandoned carec on saturday miles away in shenandoah national park. searchers began looking foroongf her in that park but so far s they have not found her. h some of mitten dorf's friendssen have taken to facebook toeb t spread the word about thatorabot search. anyone who has informationnfor about her whereabouts shouldts d contact virginia state police.oc a violent weekend in prince george's county withe's o two deadlyun shootings, the mosm recent attack happening aroundhu 3:00 sunday morning on rigs road in chillum.hillum one man died at the scene. sce the second man is in criticalti condition can.
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the shooter. a plan was slot and killedte in clinton. police tells this happened onhi vienna drive around 11:30und 11: saturday the victim was dead whenhen officers arrived.officers a police are stillrr looking forng the shooter and trying toter determine a motive. >> now to the district wheredist police are also investigating a murder that happenedrder saturday morning around 3:000 on 17th street investigators say that victim 35-year-old jayvon marshman of southeast.southeast. police tell us a second mand m was wounded.nd it was a shooting. shooting. that second person is expectedxp to survive.vive. the victim taken to the ten to t hospital for treatment. treat so far no arrests in the case. . >> maryland family isylfamily is displaced after a fire rippedirp through their home last night around 8 o'clock on sonoma som road in bethesda.ethesda. the first firefighters on theere scene say flames were shooting g out of the roof and the second n floor. oor. officials still don't knowstl dn what caused that fire.that f no one was wasnjur the flames were put out within about 30 minutes. >> ♪ >> coming up on 6:05 right on 6g now. weather and traffic on the 5s. 5s. it's a little game we play with
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gary and he just slides on inesn at the last minute. welcome to the party. >> i know. all this stuff going on behind n us. >> it's all good.t'all good. >> i >> we've got great weather.reat >> again, it's allin, all overshadowed by the forecastorec because there's nothing we cane do or i can do to make it anykey better or even for that matter e make it any >> we're okay with it.ith >> g-i'm glad. g temperature kind of chilly outk there this morng dulles 44. here in town we've been wve b sitting right about about 53 degrees. we may drop another degree orege so before the sun comes up but b no more than that. and we'll start to seat s brightening skies here prettyre soon.soon bwi marshall is 44 degreesgrs now. w. some places outer in thelace suburbs, culpeper i'm talking tl to you, actually made it downe o into the upper 30's this morning.morning. we're going to warm up nicely nl basement 8 o'clock, sunnyck, sun skies, that's in the city. a little cooler out in theoolere suburbs. how about that? noontime already 76 >> whew. >> highs today lower 80's, not humid.hud. today and tomorrow. tomro da
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>> alfresco dine dag for a lotde odining today for alot of peopl. >> i requested we take theuestet news outside this morning.orng i haven't heard back. heardack. >> might be extra duty for erin because we might have a hav lunch hour rush hour. everybody rushing to gety ruingg outside and enjoy it, erin. e >> that's right. fortunate unfortunately it is i already a busy monday morningng commute.ut huge breaking news for metrooret as well as the roads. r getting reports of a trackrack fire outside rosslyn.slyn. because of that we are seeing as some big issues with metro.ues t this is a picture coming inn from arlington fire. fire. they have units on the track tra at rosslyn metro. met more information to follow. to you can see that huge problempro out there and a lot of of flashing lights. light let's switch it back to our maps right you can see thpse orange blue b silver line single tracking between arlington cemetery and foggy bottom. silver line trains operating otg between wiehle reston
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ballston.llst red line residual delays toays shady grove due to an earlier ei trail mapp malfunction atfunctin wheat to. a lot of metro delays to m report this morning inhi addition to that breaking newsrn we have of the track fire out outside of the rosslyne of the l station. aside from that an earliert an r crash in arlington on 66n 66 eastbound cleared after leeee highway. delays are still extending eendi past spout run so watch outeratr for that slowing you down in in arlington this morning. morni another crash 95 on theon the northbound side.hbou it's blocking the shoulder by franconia-springfield parkway. . tlot of traffic to getof through. we'll have more in just a few. back to you.o you. >> thank you, erin. en. today is officially tax day. procrastinators had a littleato extra time.extra ti it was pushed back a few days to accommodate the district's emancipation day holiday. reward to your self for y getting your taxes donees don celebrate with a tax day deal,ea why not. not your child can eat free at f noodles and company he todayod if you purchase a regularegul entree. boston market they're offeringer a half chicken meal with twoth o sides, cornbread a drink and a cookie
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clever. same price will get you a baker's dozen and two tubs of cream cheese at bruegger'st bru bagels. at outback 15 percent off your check with a coupon from theirme web site.we a big day tomorrow in the te race for the white house.he the latest on the presidentialre hopefuls out in full swing this weekend ahead ofkehead tomorrow's new york stateew yors primary.y. >> thousands of runners in boston already probably loosey seng up getting ready forgettinr today's big race that startst in a couple hours. couple h it is marathon monday. mda we'll tell you what police areti doing to make sure this year'ssa race is safe. it's 6:08.
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>> hillary clinton still leadstl in the polls by 10 points. for republicans still looks like there will be a contested convention as senator cruzic believes he'll keep donald a trump from securing thes hfr sc nomination. nomi donald trump hoping thatna will not happen. h >> we have a very, very big big vote coming up on tuesday. t that vote is so vital and weal a have to win by big numbersumbers because we have a system stem that's absolutely rigged. r >> new york primary is>> n yor tomorrow. now, in the meantime ted cruz c will visit maryland today. he is campaigning in the stategn ahead of next week's primary. pi he'll have an
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diner in bethesda.ner inhesd and then move ton an appearance later in towson. t >> death toll from saturday'surs earthquake in ecuador i continues to rise. officials say 270 people diedeo from the magnitude 7.8 earthquake.rthq this is its strongest quake to t hit ecuador in decades. dec the president of that countryry has declared a national emergency. aid is being flown over to japan they'rehe still reeling from last week'sks double earthquakes that left etu dozens of people dead. dea officials say 42 people diede d when the twin quakes struckakes last thursday and early saturday. damages is widespread as youis w can imagine. a quarter of a million people mo are homeless. some roads are so severely damaged that some villages are completely cut off.ely cut >> the fbi and law enforcementoe officials out in full force inoe boston it is marathon day. security has been ramped up ofa course after the deadly 2013 bombings and recent brussels and paris thousands of officers innds offc uniform and plainclothes willclw line today's marathon r
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drones are banned. spectators have been urged notrd to bring back packs. the fbi says there's no credible threat at this year's a marathon but they want peopleano to leave the worrying to them. t >> a lot of cops are out onot o the roads and it seems like le there's a lot more police p visible. >> i was talking about it withkt my friends and we feel like l they've been doing a great joboj of, you know, making us feell securely.srely >> the race kicks off at 8:50 8 this morning. mor >> all right. pregnant women living in thent w united states should not, s should not worry about the zikata virus. vir top health officials dr dr. anthony fouch spoke abouton the infection on fox news.nox he says there's been no localero transmission of the virus inissi the u.s. so there's no reason ro for women to delay pregnancygnan butter they should citiy steeris clear of countries where there's outbreaks. >> a 26-year-old uc berkeleycer student says he was kicked offd of a southwest airlines flightsf because he was
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arabic. it happened earlier on aped eare flight in the man said a fellowlo passenger heard him speaking spe arabic and reported him toted h flight attendants.fl he was removed from the plane p and questioned by the fbi.y t fi after he was cleared southwest c gave him a refunds put him on h another flight.r flit. he says he wants an apology but does not say he wants to was sue. su he says he was talking to his th uncle on the phone.he p do you sleep with yourith yu windows opened any night? n it's going to get noisy realoiea soon. which bugs are going to keep i t was wake. >> a live look outside as weutsa head to break on this monday morning. oh, what a beautiful it's getting there. t weather and traffic coming up cu on the 5s next.
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>> ♪ >> back now what's beenac happening as far as metro.k if you were trying to ride theas rails erin is going to have h more details in a few minutes.u. single tracking between arlington cemetery and foggy bottom because of problems inblm rosslyn on the silver line sver service
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reston ballston. blsto fire on the track bed at thethe rosslyn metro station.tati. arlington county fire tweetedwe this picture not too long ago. they say the fire is underire d control. we have a crew on the waya there. we'll bring you updates acrs wes get them. t heads up if you're riding theint blue orange or silver lines in i there rosslyn northern virginia area this morningia arr extends i was the way to foggyyy bottom. bott more details in a minute. >> thanks a lot steve.. it's great out this morning.s ng granted it's a little on the cool side. side. maybe you sends the kids offends with a sweatshirt, sweatert,wear something like that.some then look at the warmup today.o after school buses going tooi drop these guys off, 77 to 82 degrees. it's going to be a warm one warn late this afternoon.sfter really, really nice couple ofpl days here we're going to be inwe th're 80's.e 8 reagan national that hasn't changed. chang dulles 44 and bwi marshallshall sitting at 44 degrees.4 deee notice out in the suburbs howurs kind of cold it is.s. frederick at 43. culpeper, you guys 39 winchester is 54. martinsburg 45. 45. hagerstown 53.town3. fredericksburg is sitting att 44
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say hell hello t hello to the 8. this is why. high pressure beginning to beg shift a little bit.little bit when you get this big area of high pressure like this andnd it's at the surface and aloft ao we just got the kind of air that gets trapped in placeets here on a big scale and over o time that air just warms up.warp so, it gets warmer and warmeranr and warmer. our temps at the surface canurfe get warmer and it will start breaking down aak little bit as we get to theet middle part of the week and on wednesday it shifts justesda suddenly off to the east offfo h us, to the southeast of us andes this open the door, if youdof yo will, for a few more clouds and perhaps by wednesdayednesda evening a few late showers buthe it really doesn't look like lool much at all.t al probably we get into thursday and friday, that will be our wie best chances of getting af little bit of rain around here h this week. w here are the 80's the nexthe 8sh couple of days. 82 degrees today, 81 tomorrow.w. subtly cooler tomorrow but t reall
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temperatures generally speaking in the lower 80's fors two days a row here.ow here. here's the forecast for today. 59 degrees this morning ats mor 8:00 a.m. a little cooler out ce in the suburbs. surbs 76 we're warming up in a hurry hur under all this sunshine.e. a late afternoon, evening high g cloud, 81 at 4 o'clock, 81 at 5 o'clock.5 going to top out about 82.2. some places middle 80's today, t all right.alig next couple of days 80's.0' 68. so cooler on wednesday, lateay l shower thursday, going intont friday and we could have the hae possibility of a thunderstorm friday afternoon, friday the weekend sunshine lower 70's.70's that's that.that not bad, erin como. co. >> i like the sound of that,t, gary, but i don't like what'sik' happening for our morningg for u commute.mmute. >> it's monday morning it'sningi awful. >> monday morning breakingmo news. earlier fire reported by arlington police and fire onndir the tracks outside of rosslyn. n now this is under control right now. they said it was caused by an insulator.
6:18 am
issues. let look at our maps.s. we'll show you what you need yon to get around this morning.thori blueline single tracking thisran is just in between arlingtonrlgt cemetery and foggy bottom due d to a track problem outsidede foggy bottom.ot delays in both directions.irecon orange line single tracking trak between foggy bottom and e d line service is back toenrvc normal. we had earlier delays single tracking by ' and silver liner n currently is only operating between wiehle reston east andad use the orange or blue lineslue to and from other stations. sti check your metro schedule.chedul dealing with big delays this morning. we have a couple of accidents you need to be aware o of. debris blocking the centerhe cte lane inner loop by littleit river turnpike and 95 95 northbound a crash blockinging the shoulder byy franconia-springfield parkway. y skyfox over the outer loop bye o colesville. some volume is increasing asncrn you make your way out towards tr the spur. 270 southbound jams as youbo make your way past the trucky scales as well.el lots going on this morning.
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that's your look at traffic. trc back to you steve.te >> wegmans america's newrica's favorite food the chain overtook trader joe's.e's. trader joe's had wouldn't the te title four years in a row.ow the result of 10,000 polls. publix took the second spotond s for the fourth year in a row.. >> get ready for a noisyeady f n spring. people along the east coastng te preparing for the 17 year cicadas who will soon be heardea by all. a way a minute.ut didn't they just appear likeppee five years ago. yrs a >> maybe those were the 12he year cicadas. cicad >> last seen in 1999. in 1999. i don't believe this.n't bee the bugs usually come out in out april or may and stick aroundckn for a month or so before they te die bullet the noise theyse produce can be loud and atd anda times pretty unbearable.nbrable. >> i'm pretty sure i've hade ha cicadas every year i've beenr i in d. d.c >> i distinctly doing a 10:00tl p.m. story three yearsing.earsg. >> these are the 17 year ones. r the vintage. >> still ahead, good news to
6:20 am
drivers as oil prices continue to plunge why that's good news for anyone who drives.ho d >> and you've got an old iphone, you want to upgradeu it.e uld you? you might bed you? yo better off o we'll tell you why coming upomiu at 6:20.
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>> if you have an oldern version of the iphone you hay want to hang onto it. to first a check of the marketsar and for that we join foxox business network studio laurenre simonetti standing good morning to you lauren. >> reporter: hey, goodepor morning. happy monday.on >> happy monday to you.appy let's talk about the what areut they doing. >> reporter: okay, not much.kay, little bit lower right now. rigt we had a great week last week w ended on a down note but the dow is about a hundred pointsun away from 18,000.18,0 it would be so great to getto back to that milestone lastthat seen over the summer. summe >> all oil prices we hear that forha drivers it's good news. n >> reporter: this is a a charade because oil prices oil s down almost 7 percentwn at overnight.overni now down about 3 percent butcenb let me tell you wt'
6:23 am
happening.happenin yesterday we had this big,bi big, big widely anticipated meeting in all the big oil producers opecco they were going and they wereine expected to say we're going to freeze translation take oil off then ta market so the price of oilpriceo could go up.go u that did not happen yesterdayn s so oil prices sank like i said i about 7 percent. pernt. it's a charade because just a couple of hours later, russia says, oh, we actually mightlly i have a deal after all so theyll have this big meeting, theyng t fly all their oil ministers toie the middle east to qatar too ta talk. they don't do anything ando any then a couple of hours later they say, oh, well, we might wei do something after all. after a. now you have prices down aboutda 3 percent. in terms of gasoline, oil is refined into gasoline so it gasi all affects what you pay att the gas pump.e ga you have been paying morengor lately. la now maybe you'll pay a littlelll bit less. bi >> even though it's a charade a i guess i'm like win for us, so -- >> reporter: eh, fort consumer. for the energy company or thegy consumer invested in stocks, cto
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>> that's true, that's true.e. okay. ok let's talk about this.s ta the iphone, you know whatnow w first of all i can't even keepep up with which version of theon f iphone is out right now,ht now seven, eight, five, whatever. >> reporter: i know. >> now there's a new one that ot might be coming out. o you should hang onto your oldr one. >> reporter: get an otter box. there's an phil who says thean p iphone seven that's not going t to be a big deal.eal. the iphone eight next yeart which is also the tenth anniversary of the iphonephon that's going to be a big the reason i say otter box iserx because it's apparently all glass. which is better for reception rp wireless technology, wirelessels charging might be a a possibility on this phone and t we're hoping the glass is less breakable than the glass usedss in the iphone four.e f >> i'm already breaking thelr be one that's part plastic. plast all glass that's no bueno forno me. >> reporter: these reportsse rep are
6:25 am
sometimes wrong. we have another iphone talkothe about before the iphone eight.eight. >> lauren simonetti they'resimo wrapping me. thanks. ha ve a great monday.reat monday. >> reporter: thanks.ep >> that moment of panic were par you drop the phone and reliefnde when it doesn't shatter.'t sha >> or if it turns back on o you're likely, i can live wayivw broken screen. >> i keep mine wrapped in wrappi bubble wrap, its good. g >> if you can find one that is dropped in bubble wrap.ubbl >> i don't care ai don't carry h but i have a great phone. p >> let me show you my case. it's like a wallet case butase b it's all cracked around soun didn't quite protect the phone. phone. >> you needed a protection screen. >> bubble wrap.>> >> here's what's going on out there right now this morning with temperatures, it's kind of chilly in spots but it is's so, so gorgeous.ors. not a cloud in the sky. 53 degrees here in town. t 43 for manassas.ansa culpeper you're in the upper y' 30's now.
6:26 am
down to 50 degrees andees hagerstown little cooler 53. frederick 43.ick3. annapolis beautiful with aiful w temperature of 50 degrees.0 ee you'll stay in the 70's today 7y for annapolis but everybody --r- let me put it to you this way.hy if you're around some watere w you'll perhaps be a little bitit cooler. quantico 82. here in the city we're goingre g to go 82 degrees for a high. culpeper 86. 8 even though culpeper startedrta off this morning in the uppernih 30's, it's going to be one of tb the hot spots today at 86 degrees. winds out of thewi north-northwest at five to 10. this is day one of two days inos the 80's. 80' >> great summer timeat sr t temperatures.te >> yeah, man.>> >> all right.llig check in with erin what's going on erin. e >> we have a live look from loo the rosslyn metro.sslyn met we'll get to that in just in j assieged because of that righteu now you can see we're dealingse with a lot of delays fore youry metro lines across the orange silver and plow lines. you can see people outsidee peoi right now.t no. earlier track fire is under is u it was caused by an insulatorino so folks are waiting in fact in to take the metro at
6:27 am
looks like things are getting back to normal out there.mal oue we'll let you know if any more r delays start to pick up.p. a look back at our metro mapsetm let you know what you need to ye be aware of as you head out.. blueline single trackingcking arlington cemetery to foggy bottom. track problem outside foggy f bottom of the orange line of e r single tracking foggy bottom bot to clarendon due to a track duet problem. red line back to normal aftertor they were single tracking near n wheaton and the silver linever trains are only operating orati between wiehle reston east and t ballston, orange and bluelinee trains will have to be taken to get around that other problems inside the district.stri well get a look at your full comute as we continue. back to your 6:30 half hour.
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>> ♪ >> we are back now at 6:30 and more on the breaking news withei metro. tro. early morning track fire impacting the commute on threet lines. fox5's bob barnard just now live on the scene in rosslyn,sln virginia with the details.e deti bob, bring us up to speed. to sd >> reporter: yeah, okay, soo this fire is out. it was an arcing insulator.nsor we've will these situationss before.befo. this was here underground atgrou the rosslyn metro stationta between rosslyn and theyn a the district and what we're told wht is the fire is now out. arlingto county fire responding but there are some problems pro because of that. they are doing now single tracking on the orange andrae blue the blueline
6:31 am
cemetery and fog bothe foggy bot orange line single tracking between clarendon and foggyggy bottom. silver line trains are only running between wiehle restonn east and ballston and solsto you'll have to get off and get on one of the other lines and so metro says they're workingor to restore power. power you can see metro transit tra police are here. arlington county fire wrapping p up here so there was smoke s from this fire and also flamesoa as you can see he some photos posted by arlington county cou fire department on twitter.t ont but we're told by metro the met fire is out.s o they're working to restorees power to that second rail butaib right now single tracking and to expect delays in both directions along the orange ong and blue lines here in thee in rosslyn area this morning,ning guys. >> bob, thank very much.ob, k ve 6:31. we'll have more on tha>>t and ta your commute coming up with upih erin in a couple minute
6:32 am
first let's check sports.eck sp. we have some winning ways for the caps right now.e let's check in with the sports junkies 106 f.m. the fan.f. the >> hey, steve. >> the way these d.c. sportsse c teams are going the nats and ns caps these are like the goldenel state warriors of the east right now. you just expect them to win every game. g >> just about. we were talking about it, bryce harper is a guy entering his prime, already won anlreadyn m.v.p.m. he is kind of like steph curryep in the nba. he's just that dominant.t mi home runs in four straightfour t games now. games now. >> it is early but you wonder yn is he going to be able to topbe what he did last year.ea last year he hit .330 with 420 t bombs. this year he's already got sixot homers and he's hitting like .360. >> he's on fire.>> he's incredibly difficult to pitch to.h to. now, you got to take intoo taket consideration that they'veatio beaten up on the braves and tthe phillies. it will get a little bit a littl tougher this week steve in miami. miam they'll face jose fernandez.rnde best record in baseball. beb
6:33 am
>> if you look at their aprilira schedule compared to their may schedule it's important to getim the wins out of the way now.wayn not trying to cheapen it butut the teams they're playing in april are much weaker than wearn may. man you're right you expect e bryce harper to hit a homer tm run any time he gets to theetto plate. >> even his ground ball cans get through because he hit thegt ball so hard and if he gets g the ball in the air with hisit bat speed he's got a if chancefa of hitting the ball out and at citizens he crushes balls at bls citizens.ze that's a smaller >> beyond bryce harper they'rebr getting greayct pitching. pitin their team era is right around o two and i know papelbon blew aea save last it was the firm he had been b five for five before that.fore we were talking about that it it rivera all of a sudden hasll of become a stud so they're a sd so getting great contributionstribt from different pitchers, piter different guys in the lineup, l daniel murphy the free agent fra has been great.beenreat they did lose ben revere to t injury. he'll be back eventually.entuay. the team looks very stronger right now. >> this is the kind of
6:34 am
season. maybe we're just a year maybe we'll get it this year.ea >> you talk about the health h factor you get strauss healthysh geo healthy you're solid topsod to bottom.ot caps great game on saturday.da now they have to go on the the road. ro they haven't shown any signs't of s weakness so far. f >> looked like the better teamee and will a goalie gives up a hundred footer or hundred yardr goal i can't see that teamea i've never seen a goal like.a g. that the one that we saw on saturday, chimera looked like le he was in the middle of a line n change tips and the thing goes g the length and is a goal. goal. >> they've gone up against a a hot goal low.t you certainly can't make thatn't argument. caps are in a great positionn a and frankly jason i feel likel l they're free rolling at thislins point. go to philly just steal one.lne >> just get one. >> and you should be fine. sin >> i feel like just watching w each line steve they're just a j better team, quicker, betteret stick handlers good with thed tt puck more goal scorers the s better goalie.tter i think eric is right they get y one in philadelphia come backlpo up three-one or
6:35 am
sweep them up who gnomes it will be tougher. l it's a tough building to play in. in. they're certainly the betterai team. >> just getting that one goal has to shake your confidence for mason. we hope so.we hop s did cakes have to take off o for a facial hair injury notci alhaving the beard on his face. [laughter] [lau >> he's just hanging he's off all >> he just didn't feel like l working this week. >> if you want a cakes aak sighting go to maryland live. he'll be there all week. wee >> cakes is growing a beard., he needsthon.c,e donations. he's not in triple digits. >> cakes has over a now. i got like 80 bucks.cks >> be the underdog for now and then mount this furious campaign at the >> i'm going catch him at the end exactly. >> see you guys later. you the junks 1067 f.m. the fan. >> ♪ >> gary mcgrady, man of they,ane hour. >> yeah, it's gorgeous outh, i there this morning. you can just see it in thehe background out their window,ut n they have a window so you can see. se >> warming up lat
6:36 am
that's right. beautiful this morning.orni temperature sitting at 53. 5 it's a little cool but i promise you it's going to warmnw up today. up it's going to be so be temperatures upper 70's lower 80's. 80 some spots today will be in wil the middle 80's out there,he okay. okay so, what can we expect? sayt? s hello to the 80's am i justs js said that, right.t, r for the next couple daysle day temperatures are going to beurea right there up in the lower toow mid 80's.s. cool start this morning this m obviously. 59 degrees in the city at 8:00 : a.m. guys, i think it's going to be b a little cooler outside ofde town at 8:00 a.m. still probably a few 40's and 4 lower 50's out there.he 76 by lunchtime.chtime alfresco, that's my suggestion. and then 81 degrees att 4 o'clock but we'll get up to about 82 degrees here in thehere city. we'll touch it and then we'llitd back off a little bit late inbil the afternoon, later in the i t evening. upper -- mid 80's out in thehe suburbs. okay. ay >> okay. >> south and west, culpeper wt,l 86. >> little early taste of
6:37 am we'll see how we like it. we're like sampling.e >> i don't think i'll get anyhi complaints. >> i doubt it. >> you never know. >> and if you steve will take t care of it. >> erin is handling them. >> 6:37. updates for you. metro moving at rosslyn. earlier track fire was caused by an insulator.nsul service is moving there. moving. however a lot of delays.el on the blueline single tracking between arlingtonrl cemetery and foggy bottom b because of a track problemck outside of foggy bottom.oggyot orange line single tracking tckn between foggy bottom and silver line trains operating between wiehle reston east and boston. bo watch out for a lot of delaysf y with metro this morning. this mg red line is back to normal nor after an earlier problem weroblm were dealing with by '. ' this is a live look from theook rosslyn people moving and out of the station there but again a lotga of single tracking causinging cs delays on metro this we'll look at our maps.rap aside from the metro issuesetros dealing with problems on the roads.
6:38 am
inbound new york avenue in the northeast section of theon district tends to back upends tp anyway. dealing with a crash take out ara lane at south dakota.utda a crash third street tunnelee after new york avenue.w yo ave in annandale we were dealing dei with debris blocking itsing center lane near gallows road. r that has cleared. clear traffic dealing with typical tyl congestion there. 95 north andoh southbound very slow as you vero make your way out in virginia. earlier northbound crash by the franconia-springfield parkway blocking the shoulder.h. you're jammed on theam northbound side from a lot of heavy stop-and-go stopo traffic through newington asroug you try to get to the bottom tht of the beltway.of bel 270 south the slow zone from f 85 to the truck stand still traffic because of congestion. you jam again closer to thesetoe spur after gaithersburg. aft back to you. >> still ahead this morninghiorg protecting yourself againstou the sun. >> a new study on sunscreen,unre will it protect you fromouro getting melanoma? the th scientistsway in.tswa in. details ahead.
6:39 am
6:40 am
the nra and its campaign cash are what stands between us and gun reform. "searing tragedy struck in a place parents felt their children were safe" chris van hollen met with nra lobbyists to craft a loophole that would let the nra skirt a new campaign finance law and block gun control. but democrat donna edwards said "no" to the nra loophole and stood up to the gun lobby. and she would ban assault weapons. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> back now at 6:41 with what's trending on the web this monday morning. m these are the stories you're engaging with right now onight social media. the debate over georgetown university's controversial past is back in the this after the new york timesk m ran a story over the weekendheee on the anniversary of thery of e university selling hundreds of slaves back in 1838.838. the slave sale was organized by two jesuit priest whose served as georgetown'ss earliest presidents.eare the names of those priestsse prs were r
6:42 am
georgetown buildings last fall. next the pentagon misledgo congress with inaccurate andccun vague information about sexualal assault cases. ces an associated press investigation found theundhe pentagon portrayed civilian cil law enforcement officials ass less willing than military thany commanders to punish sex offenders. when the boston marathon mat kicks off today, a bombing bbi survivor who lost part of his leg and recovered at walter a reed will become one of thecomet first people who lost a him in m the attacks to attempt to run tr the full race.ull rac best of luck to patrick downsri today known as boston's blade >> far-fetched but this is notcd fiction. find out why a missing dr.issi d seuss book could lands a michigan couple lined bars.ouple and a reminder before we led tobruk if you have a news tipu share it with us. call (202) 895-3000.9500 or e-mail us your tip at fox5 f tips at wg. back in a minute.ocole, p it is 6:42. weather is next. they're the snack patrol.
6:43 am
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>> a live picture from wheree pi some of the trains are not moving at the rosslyn station. . track fire in that area.n that . fire department tweeted outtmen pictures of flames coming up u through the grating in the the street. the fire has been detained butdt delays couldn't. coun't. this is orange blue silver line in rosslyn.ossl. this extends back to thek silver line into ballston andto into the city on the orange ora and blue lines to foggyines tggy bottom. so heads up h we'll get all of the details dei from erin in a few mut
6:46 am
remember this fire is out but b the trains right now notightow n moving as firefighters as yous o can see are still in thereln the trying to get some of the work done. >> all right, meantime garygary mcgrady updating us on thes on weather. not much to say besides it'sidei going to be beautiful. >> keep going and going. going >> ground hog at any in a goodh way. >> not going to stay in theo st 80's all week but it's goingt'sg to be pretty darn nice for most of the days this week,ee just not quite as nice as today and tomorrow out there.t it's gorgeous to start thingsrti off. lots of sunshine, too.hi t temperatures this morning,mor we're starting in the -- well, w some of the suburbs believe ite or not starting in the upper t 30's and low 40's but here in i town it's 43 degrees.3 gr basically it's been 53 for the5f last several hours. little colder for dulles at 44. . bwi marshall 44 degrees, too. listen, here's the deal.eal. we've kind of been under this ui pattern for the last severalt sl days right on through the weekend as high pressure is pre building for the east coast back out into the ohio
6:47 am
midwesn t.midwest. not quite the central plains. pa you know you had that big that snowstorm if you've beenstor following the weather at alle this weekend, you had a big snowstorm out for most ofm ou colorado, the higher elevations and even down intoow the lower elevations there of te the rocky mountains, too.oo you get that big storm outtorm o there and the jet stream ontrea the other side of it stays totts their north. rt we stay warm and protectedwa p from all that nonsense back out to the west of us and a looks like we'll stay good for o the next few days around 82 degrees today. t obviously warm.ously warm. warm the next couple of days ofd with loads of sunshine. it will be a smidge cooler coole tomorrow but we'll still have a lot of 80's out there asre a .ell. even today we'll talk aboutal mid 80's. 85, 86 places like out towardsur the southwestern regions, culpeper, manassas middleer, 80's. lots of clear skies. this is high pressure that igh just talked about doing theout g trick and it's keeping evenpinge the clouds coming across thecrot northern areas at bay because bu that ridge is going all theng ae way up into canada.canada sunny, warm today, even some evo mid 80's. 8 winds out
6:48 am
north-northwest at five to 10.0. temperature of 82 81 tomorrow so that's nice.soha' a little cooler wednesday but it still looks nice with good amounts of sunshine. ssh late shower possible thursday hopefully during the day daylight hours on thursday werso should stay that's the way it looks now. now four days away.four ds awa things could change.nge. still dealing with timing timg there. showers and thunderstorms possible friday afternoon intodn friday evening. eveni the weekend right now looks nice. sunshine, temperatures lowererus 70's. not a bad looking seven-day sevd forecast. i mean, erin, we can't can stay in the 80's forever. fev >> i mean, i would like that. wl that sounds very pleasant, gary. gary >> we'd have to move. we'd >> fair enough. right now some big problems pro with metro as steve just toldd you. dealing with a lot of single sil tracking and delays.lays. earlier fire at rosslyn.ossl still dealing with a lot oflot f leftover slow moving trainsovina this morni this is a live look from inside the rosslyn station. earlier insulator fire.tor let's take a loo
6:49 am
maps. maps i want to show you what lineses are being affected. onueline seconding arlingtonec cemetery to foggy bottom. orange line single tracking between foggy bottom and clarendon. let's go ahead and take a look a inside the district. earlier third street tunnelrel crash after new york avenuer nea cleared but still dealing with residual delays new york d avenue inbound very slowlo because of a crash at southsht s today. southso dakota. 95 northbound jammed. j >> some of you may have gottenat a sunburn this weekend if you were outdoors. now there's proof thatro sunscreen can protect you against skin cancer.nst skin can research at ohio state have s hv completed the first test ofst t its ability to protect against melanoma. study used mice with skindic similar to humans andand scientists protected them withit several spf30 sun screens. scree the spf30 sun screens werecreenr able to protect the
6:50 am
getting melanoma proving to scientists that sunscreen does d do the same for people. >> michigan couple facingga possible jail time for notai returning library books on bks time. kathy and melvin duran admit a they were delinquent and paid the $35 late fee for returningrr the rome prophecy months afterst it was borrowed.rowe the couple paid $55 in fees in f for a dr. seuss book that they lost. st but the durans say they he ty will not pay a $105 additional o fee that the library wants to wn slap on them.slap m. the couple said the so-calleded diversion fee is excessive. exci >> i can't imagine going tone go jail over it but i certainly cey will fight these chargesha because i'm not guilty.y. >> the couple hopes they canhe c resolve it. they said they'll never set nev into the a library again. again. >> i know. >> not the reaction we weren w hoping for.or >> i commend them for reading but good lord return the book.o. okay. so the internet has spoken. spoe more than 124,000 people
6:51 am
to name a british research ship boaty mcboat face.e. voting ended. ended. more than 7,000 names were submitted to the naturalat environment research council which was looking for a flame forin its $300 million state ofe the art research ship. shi this say they'll get the finalhe say on the ship's name and i'm m betting -- >> it's been the leading vote getter. >> if you look at the front ofho the boat it looks like aatlooksa smile. >> it would be the one ship i would remember the n tame. the n boaty mcboat >> huge week at the box officers.officers jungle book came out on top. t >> kevin mccarthy joining us with the latest. latt. >> kevin mcsmile lee face. fac >> did you see the movie m jungle book.jung >> i have the yet. have e >> did you see it steve. >> no. >> john favreau from swingersea directed the movie.u . massive box office. $103 million
6:52 am
$290 million wor the second highest openingp ever for an april releasese behind furious seven.ev massive numbers for that film. l another jungle book moviejungleo coming out next year as well a w so we'll see how that one tt turns out director by andy by sore k that young boy kneel set neel si the only live actor.ct everything else around him is basically blue screen andcr they're cgi animals. animals i spoke to him about how they ht did that.d one of the most incredible incre scenes if you saw the movie heuh is floating down the river on r top of ballou while they'rey're doing bear necessities.ecsiti listen to how they pulled this p scene off. it's phenomenal.he this kid is 12 years old by oldb the way. w watch this. >> what are you really on asalns that is happening? how do d they film that.m tha >> yes, that was actually a acta very fun scene because name a n water tank and it's thet's realest scene i did because it e was real water and so
6:53 am
lump of styrofoam with a brown b carpet on top and i'm justnd i'm laying on that and then johnhe j favreau gets into the pool andti he's the head, the director, dic he's the head of that big lump l and it -- and he is like is slashing me and hosing me withnw water and it's so much fun. f >> what's even crazier is that john favreau had a hose and hend squirt the kid with water to wer surprise him so the kid, lurksiu watch the film and you see him h being surprised by the water the that's a legit reaction.ction. very, very cool because againsea the bear not really therell t clearly and bill murray says s the kid singing bear necessities in bill murray'sray' voice and lyrics are in the kid's >> this is this kid's firstkid't movie. movie. >> first >> wow.>> wow. >> auditioned and got theitned role. barbershop $20 million forshop that movie. loved barbershop.arbersho definitely check that outer. batman versus superman superman 10 million and criminals one a c of the worst movies i've everi'e seen i
6:54 am
5.8 million.5.8 horrible film.horr f >> not surprising there.ot >> really bad.>> and real quick over the qck o weekend i tweeted mr. dwayner. the rock johnson 'cause we allll know that allison is a massiveas fan and allison is not here he today but she has the bestest birthday show ever lastw ever l thursday. her birthday was saturday. s i tweeted mr. johnson thisnsonhs tweet saying hey, allison is is turning 50 years old, sheld, loves you any chance you canha givenc her a b day shout-out. so he responded. respo >> what. >> with this amazing tweetis a right here. he. saying that got you nerd y n tears. te happy birthday allison, 50.on, no way i say 32. 32. please hope you're having aou'ri blast with your family. she responds, oh my god, i'm i owe you one for the next the t year. i'm taking up up on that allison.alli i'll have chipotle every day.ay then the rock responded again. n and any time saying nerd tearsne were you ever my favorites. favt happy b day.y he has 10 million >> i know it's for allison butot
6:55 am
my god, the rock. r >> give her a happy birthdayr a inb >> more importantly allisonison owes me lunch every day. day. >> my gosh.>> >> i'll take chipotle.l ta >> she's not even here today. [laughter] >> she's a smart lady.he's a >> taco bell tomorrow allisonrrn if you're watching.'rhi bye guys. thank you so much.o m >> the glock i know. k two tweets. >> very cool. >> 6:55. hey gary.hey gary >> gary is jealous.>> garis jeas gary wants a rock tweet.weet >> i love the rock, man. you'll laugh but i loved sanan andreas.dr i thought it was fun movie. >> reminded me of the old o disaster films back in the fil day. >> yeah. clearly unrealistic butlistic sometimes you intoed that. >> exactly. >> escapism.>>scapism. sorry guys. >> supposed to be a morningd to show here, h come on, let's's >> i'm just trying to make up te ways to fill up my time atimat this point, kevin. listen, temperatures today aresy so, so good. it's 53 out here this morning. i manassas you have dropped backac to 39 and check this out.
6:56 am
later on this afternoon it'snoon going to be back in the 80's.0'. we got a couple of days heres h where we get to talk aboutalk temperatures in the 80's. so, if perhaps today you'reay y not able to be outside much,sidm try to plan a little timeittle tomorrow to be out thereou t because we'll be right back in the 80's again. 59 degrees this morning at this 8:00 a.m. a loads of sunshine.unin sunny at noon. noon. sunny at four -- well, let'sl,et say sunny all day long. temperatures will be mid 70'sid7 to lower 80's. there was my phone, maureen. mrn somebody tweeting or somethingre like that. so, anyway, you there go,ou there's your forecast.s yo now it's time to get over to geo erin. she's got, well, your monday mda morning is not quite as q fabulous as my monday morning.yr >> not at all. you can see with skyfox behindin me in virginia over 66 inbound6i this is out by 50 and track is basically parked as you makepa your way from manassas tryingrkt to get into arlington. arlgt dealing with a lot of heavyheav traffic. no accidents to report. to repor keep it to fox5 news morning. m. we are back in just a few anda d we're going to take a look ate k all those metro delays if an earlier fire
6:57 am
rosslyn station. we'll be back in just a few. >> ♪ make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $3.99, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles.
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mg >> right off the top at 7:00 7:0 this morning we're followingninw breaking news involving metro. o an early morning track fire impacting the commute on threehe lines. c all the details in a live liv >> plus, remembering prince p george's county firefighterty fr shot and killed whi
7:00 am
responding to a call. c a coworker opens up butut tragedy for the first timefothei plus why the shooter likelyik won't be charged.t harg >> also a big case of the th supreme court today.suprem in fact it might be theht b biggest case of the term and ter it has to do with how this could affect the fatet of millions of illegal immigrants as hundreds gather outside the court to protest. pe >> let's take a live lookoo outside on this monday april 18th. it is already 53 degrees.ready r but it's going to get a wholeeto lot warmer than in. in fact it's shaping up to be an absolutely gorgeous day. d gary is going to talk morealk m about that. erin will update us onatu traffic. both of those coming up on the 5s. first we say good morning tomo you. i'm holly morris in for i allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. s at 7:00 we're following flo breaking news from metro.etro. empty trains the result of thee fire on the tracks. >> fire though now out. now that's the good news.ew delays and concerns, however, hw definitely remain. fox5's bob barnard joiningng us live from the rosslyn ros station in arlington with thehe late


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