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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  April 18, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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. right now at 10:00, what happened to this northern virginia woman? tonight her family and friends come together as we learn new details about her mysterious disappearance. >> a firefighter killed while responding to a medical emergency an another was seriously hurt. >> we lived our worst nightmare. >> will the suspected gunman face charges. >> how you can protect you and your family as the weather grows warmer. your news starts right now. and right off the top tonight, the desperate search for a missing firefighter. thank you for joining us. i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm shawn yancy. no one has seen nor heard from nicole mittendorff since last wednesday. the search for the woman has narrowed to shenandoah national park. crews will resume their search in the morning but the terrain
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there is making things difficult. marina marraco is live as friends and family pray for her safe return. >> reporter: it's been five days since anyone has seen or heard from nicole mittendorff it wasn't until last saturday that her 2009 mini cooper was found an hour and a half from her home. tonight her friends and families gathered here in hopes for her safe return. ♪ amazing grace >> reporter: mittendorff is a three-yoor veteran of the fairfax fire department assigned to fire station 30. her husband is also a public servant, he's a virginia police sergeant and attended the
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service along with his wife's family. her parents believe their 31-year-old daughter was training on a trail at the shenandoah national park and the last communication seems to have happened last wednesday morning via text message. >> the stresses of that job are really, really difficult so sometimes she would like to get away and to run and to challenge herself and get away from that stress and we're hoping that she's just there somewhere needing our help now. and that's what we feel. that's the only thing we can feel. there's no indication that we know that nicole was sad or needed to get away. it's a stressful job and that's where we're hopeful. >> as followers of christ we're called to pray without ceasing. and we all love nicole and remain hopeful she will be found. >> reporter: and tomorrow morning the search will resume.
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lead agency. about 100 federal and state agents are scouring the white oak canyon trail. that's the trail where her car was found parked at that adjacent parking lot. investigators say so far the evidence does not suggest there's anything suspicious about her disappearance and this evening the fairfax fire department echoing their prayers for a safe return. >> three people were shot in two separate shootings tonight in southeast dc. police found two victims in the 2,100 block of 16th street. police say a car pulled up, opened fire, one teenager was hurt. a man working as a mail carrier was also hurt. about the same time another young person was shot in a separate incident. that shooting happened in a different area of hartford and knox place. >> i don't know what it's going
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department. it should be an embarrassment to the 7th district that this could continue to happen one block away from the police station. this should be an aembarrassment and it needs to stop. >> reporter: all three shooting victims are expected to be okay. >> tonight the prince george's county fire department is coping with the loss of one of their own. john ulmschneider was shot to death while he responded to a welfare call at a home in temple hills. his partner was critically hurt. there's still questions surrounding the shooting and whether the gunman will face charges. fox 5's al exand ra limon has the story. >> we lived our worse nightmare. this is a situation a fire ems never expects to find himself in. we prepare for it, we train for it but we never really expect that we're going to be here. >> reporter: the prince george's county law enforcement community once again finding themselves investigating a case in which one of
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37-year-old john ulmschneider a paramedic and firefighter was killed friday night. the man used a handgun to shoot at first responders who were entering his home believing he was having a medical emergency. however 24 hours after the shooting, he was released. >> it's not that we have facts that didn't lead us to it, it's an absence of facts that will get us to where we're confident in placing that charge. >> and we're less than 72 hours into this incident. we can tell you there are any numbers of pieces of evidence that still have to be analyzed, there are ballistics tests, there are witnesses who we've not an an opportunity to interview at this point. >> what investigators would not answer outright was whether in fact the man was having a medical emergency. the shooter claims his medical state was the reason he didn't realize they were firefighters rather than intruders. police say that's all part of the investigation. >> circumstantially how this incide
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home, who was in what position, what was the position of the door, how many shots were fired to a certainty. >> reporter: two other paramedics were also injured while trying to help save the lives of the firefighters who had been shot. first responders frequently force their way into homes. when they believe there is a life-threatening emergency. prince george's county fire and ems chief says that practice absolutely saves lives. however, this shooting could change protocols. >> we're still in the grieving process in this funeral process so i'm not going to put out a knew order or directive before the funeral. very shortly after we will have a process that more clearly identifies what our folks should do during welfare checks that doesn't exist today. >> reporter: alexandra limon, fox 5 local news. >> funeral arrangements have been set for john ulmschneider. he will be laid to rest on
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in hollywood, maryland. the death of a transgender woman at a montgomery county hotel has been ruled a home side. police first identifieds victim as kenneth but they later learned the victim identified herself as a woman named kiana. investigators say there was trauma to her upper body. >> investigators believe kiana was murdered after midnight friday night and in the early morning hours on saturday april 16th. they also have information which causes them to believe that she may have been involved in prostitution at the red roof in that evening. >> if you have any information you are asked to cause police. >> a former fairfax county student teacher is in jail tonight accused of trying to solicit sex from a 13-year-old boy. a tip led police to arrest her at a hotel in herndon. jim lokay is working the story
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>> this happened over the weekend while the suspect drove over 400 miles to allegedly meet up with him for sex but police were waiting. this is the woman, she's on 24 years old on leave from her job with pay as a math teacher in north carolina. they first met here where she was a student teacher last year. that victim just 12 years old. she allegedly started some kind of physical rape with the boy and since then exposed herself online. it was at a hotel where police caught up with her on saturday. they say she was there to meet the child, but instead she was greeted by detectives. >> the parents i'm told had no idea about this relationship. they were actually stanned. it was the term that was us to tell me about it. it was somebody from miss capitano's past that
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aware of the situation and immediately did the right thing and notified authorities. >> it is important to note police don't believe there are any other victims here but they are putting out a call to parents to share any concerns they may have. as for capitano, she's being held without bond and more charges could be filed. >> internal affairs are investigating an incident at the first district police station. they want to know if an officer held an unloaded gun to the head of another officer and pulled the trigger. sources tell fox ache was told by a sergeant, leave the room, empty his gun, put it to another officer's head when he came back. sources say the sergeant used that incident as part of a situational awareness demonstration. still to come tonight, remembering an emmy award winning actress. >> a former police officer who shot an unarmed man in virginia
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>> one of the top doctors in the obama administration has an urgent message. approve the funds to fight the zika virus and why they should act now. >> and coming up, beautiful weather here but we're going to take you to houston texas where flooding has left five dead, thousands without power and thousands evacuated. a look at the situation unfolding in southeast texas plus the forecast as we go through the next coming days. all that straight ahead when fox 5 news at 10 returns after this.
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>> welcome back the obama administration's top doctor on infectious diseases is sounding the alarm about the zika virus. he told congress onson that congress has to act now. sarah simmons is here with more. >> the director of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases has an erge event message. we need more money for research now. he's trying to explain. some in congress are fighting
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there is enough federal funding already and additional money will come through this fall. so far there have been no documented zika infections in the u.s. but nearly 350 illnesses have been reported across all 50 states. each have been linked to zika-infected areas. most cases are from the caribbean or latin-america. some of the money is coming from the pot of money used to fight things like ebola. but dr. fauchi warns it will not be enough. >> if we don't get designated zika funds, we're going to have to slow down and just come to a halt because right now what we've done is we've pulled money from other areas, other things that are not zika. things like malaria and tuberculosis and things like that. >> so while congress battles over funds,
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learning more about the disease. originally the virus was thought to be a threat to pregnant women in their first trimester or those trying to get pregnant. now they're finding abnormalities that are affecting a fetus in the second and third trimester. everyone wants to know how can i prevent against the virus. for most of us it's about preventing the bites. wear long-sleeved shirts and pants. you can find treated clothing. stay indoors with air conditioning and window and door screens to keep them outside. if you're overseas or outside and not able to protect yourselves, experts are encouraging to sleep under a mosquito bed net. look for lemon uk lip tuesday
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oil, you can find on the website. zika can be sexually transmitted. so men who travel to these countries need to pay attention if they come down with a rash or fever. if they have a documented case, men should abstain from sex or use a condom up to six months after the infection. that's how long it could stay in a man's body. you have to be careful. >> it's scary. >> it's hard to prevent mosquito bites. >> we've heard of some that
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before. >> developing tonight severe weather is causing widespread flooding in parts of texas. crews had to rescue dozens of people as flood waters filled their homes. caitlin, when will this rain stop? >> unfortunately, southeast texas as a couple more days of rain chances. the storm system is just stuck over the southern plains and these are dramatic pieces of video indicating those high-water rescues that were happening earlier this morning. most of the flooding occurred late last night and through this early morning where they were talking about rain accumulating over 10 to 15 inches in some spots. so very sadly this storm system and the flooding has left five people dead in the houston area. the hardest hit county is harris county where hundreds were evacuated. close to hundreds of those of people without power at this point. the city of houston shut down today for
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schools closed, roads closed, hard for anyone to get anywhere because of the hint rain. the governor of texas has declared as state of emergency as long as these flood waters continue to rise and we've been seeing it not just in this area west of houston texas, but across a good part of southern and southeast texas as well. let's look at satellite and radar right now. you see one band moving east of houston and right now, in fact in the western portions of houston they're getting more rain moving through. emergency managers say only an additional inch of rain will aggravate the flooding. here are 24 hour rain totals estimated from doppler radar and we are talking in double digits. the accumulations of 13 to 15 inches. this is just west of houston where some of the high rescues were and some of the worst flooding occurred. this is the area that will be under
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>> the death toll in ecuador has risen again. the state department says at least one american is among the dead. the 7.8 magnitude quake is the strongest to hit ecuador in decades. aid is being flown in to the hardest-hit areas. >> we have some sad news tonight out of hollywood. veteran actress doris roberts has died. she's appeared in more than 30 films, but she is best known for her role marie barone on "everybody loves raymond." the show's star and creator ray romano
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saying she had an energy and a spirit that amazed me she did everything with a grand love for life and people. >> she was so full of life and vibrant. even when she wasn't on the show. >> she was great. >> spitfire. >> she was. coming up next, thousands of voters and celebrities did not do their homework. how they accidentally registered for the wrong political party. >> talk about a bad idea. why the woman jumped into a zoo's tiger exhibit and climbed back out.
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the nra and its campaign cash are what stands between us and gun reform. "searing tragedy struck in a place parents felt their children were safe" chris van hollen met with nra lobbyists to craft a loophole that would let the nra skirt a new campaign finance law and block gun control. but democrat donna edwards said "no" to the nra loophole and stood up to the gun lobby. and she would ban assault weapons. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> hundreds of protesters rallied outside the supreme court today in support of
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immigration. at issue here two programs shielding madams of i am grants from deportation and possibly making them eligible to work in the u.s. >> i am six years old i am american citizen. we are united by a single mission. we want the same rights for all. i ask the judges to protect us children and all immigrants. >> our efforts to stop the president's illegal immigration plan go back to a funnel principle which is one person does have the unilateral authority to make a new law. >> judge roberts could be the potential swing vote. the court is expected to make a decision by june. >> tomorrow is a critical primary for presidential candidates. donald trump is expected to win the new york primary. ted cruz campaigned in new york today but also made a stop
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maryland. cruz spoke ahead of next tuesday's maryland primary. >> if we unite, we will win this primary. if we unite we will win the general, we will beat hillary clinton and we will turn this country around. >> as for the democrats, hillary clinton is expected to win big over bernie sanders tomorrow. most polls show sanders leading clinton. >> -- demi moore and emma stone accidentally signed up as members of a small party called the american independent party. the l.a. times conducted a survey and found three out of four didn't even know. the voters were actually trying to register as independents. coming up next, courtroom drama in virginia. a former police officer who
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last-minute deal. >> also ahead, chris brown he gets emotional as he opens up about his infamous attack on singer rihanna. jim?
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welcome back. it's 10:30. time for a quick recap of tonight's top stories. >> a virginia community is now praying for the safe return of a missing woman. marina marraco is following the latest. marina? >> reporter: it's now been five days since anyone has seen or heard from nicole mittendorff a three-year veteran of the fairfax county fire department. the 31-year-old's car was found parked off the trail at shenandoah national park on saturday and roughly 100 federal and state agents have been looking for the missing firefighter. the search resumes tomorrow morning. >> no charges yet in the death of firefight
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ulmschneider. he was shot and killed while responding to a welfare call at a home on friday. his partner was also shot and kitically injured. the shooter claims his medical state was the reason he didn't realize it was firefighters and not intruders entering his home. >> a former fairfax county teacher is behind bars. police say she tried to solicit sex from a 13-year-old boy. she now works as a middle schoolteacher in north carolina. detectives say she met the victim while student teaching last year. >> fox 5 is in fairfax county where a former police officer accused of fatally shooting a man who had his hands up has pleaded guilty to involuntary man slaughter. adam torres was supposed to go on trial today but he agreed to a last-minute deal that could have him out of jail by june. fox 5's paul wagner has the story. >> reporter: adam torres stood
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in court today and said i am truly sorry for my actions. there are no words that i can say today that can adequately express my remorse. with that the short hearing was over. there will be no trial unless the judge in the case rejects the sentence of one year in jail. adam torres was facing a murder charge when the last-minute deal came together yesterday afternoon. >> given the tortured history of this case and how maura and her family were sidelined for a couple of years and how they were treated, i couldn't bring myself really to again cross them and force their daughter to testify. >> in virginia the defense has the right to bring up the character of john geer and his prior behavior which may have been difficult for the family and geer's daughter. on that august day in 2014, he was fighting with his long-time partner who had just told him she was moving out and when geer
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threw a suitcase at her, she dialed 911. after a standoff that lasted 20 minutes, adam torres fired one round into geer's chest telling investigators later geer had suddenly dropped his hands. but officers at the scene that day said it never happened. >> in a situation like that, tense, adrenaline is flowing, i don't know what a jury would decide. >> reporter: john geer's father who was on the scene that day says the plea deal has left him with mixed emotions. >> i feel that it was -- it could have been a more severe sentence, is what it amounts to. and we don't know what the sentencing will be. the judge has got to make the decision on that. >> reporter: if judge robert smith rejects the deal, the case will be given to another judge and torres will be given the opportunity to withdraw his plea. the shooting of john geer remained a mystery for well over a year with police
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silent on the true facts of the case. it took a u.s. senator, a civil suit filed by the family, and help from the feds to finally pry open the facts. information that was only made public following an order from a fairfax county judge. jeff stuart was john geer's best friend and also witnessed him being shot that day. >> he was a good guy. and he was a good guy that day. i know at the grand jury they asked was he volatile. john wasn't volatile. john was stubborn, but none of that was relevant. it came down to 40 minutes. thank you. >> reporter: paul wagner, fox 5 local news. >> there's already some controversy over a statement put out by the fairfax county police chief today. in it he says the fairfax county police department has fully cooperated in this investigation. that apparently is in dispute because the chief refused to turn over internal affairs files
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that's when the prosecutor went to the feds for help. >> the fbi needs your help finding a man they've dubbed the forever loyal bandit. investigators say he's responsible for six bang robberies in fairfax county dating back to 2014. the latest happened saturday in falls church. the suspect got his nickname from the "forever loyal" t-shirt he was wearing in two of the robberies. the fbi is offering $5,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. singer chris brown got emotional in a brand new documentary about his life. >> being kind of like america's sweetheart can be. >> that right there was just a scene from the film's trailer. it krin kals his rise to fame and his relationship with singer rihanna. he talks about the assault and he even revealed he contemplated
10:36 pm
suicide. the documentary called "welcome to my life" has yet to be released. i can see a lot of people finding interest in whatever he's talking about. coming up next tonight hollywood came to dc. we'll tell you why cast members of "orange is the new black" were in town tonight. >> one of the biggest mammals on earth. >> wow.
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take a good look at this video of a woman hopping a fence at a zoo in toronto. she hopped in to get her hat and hopped back out. the tiger lunged at her but fortunately for her the second fence
10:40 pm
zoo officials are now trying to identify the woman because they didn't even know about this incident until they saw this video. her hat? >> must be a nice hat. i hope it is. >> yeah, okay. >> a dangerously close call with a whale was caught on camera. this happened in oceanside, california. the whale comes out of the water just feet away from a paddle boarder. a woman cam toured this video of the close encounter. >> have you ever been on a paddle board before? >> no. >> i would have been all in the water right now. >> that's pretty cool. >> that's beautiful. >> coming up new at 11:00 tonight, amazon is trying to lure customers away from netflix. the new strategy that is giving users another option for video stream zblg also
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more concern about the growing heroin epidemic in our area. the warning one virginia sheriff has for his community. we'll be right back.
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the capitals held strong winning the first two games against the flares at the verizon center. >> a win to help the caps put a strangle hold on the first round series. >> i've got to tell you, this was an ugly game. the caps 0 and 7 in game twos. it turned into an embarrassment on the ice and off. the flyers find themselves on the brink. it all started to a tribute to ed snyder who died last
10:45 pm
the caps with five power play goals. they dominate the game. they take a three games to none series lead. the caps will try to close this out on wednesday at 7:00. cheap tickets in philadelphia are going for only about $58 right now. >> that's all? >> it's not bad at all. >> i don't know if i would want to be in that arena. >> i'll tell you what. we were tweeting along with the game tonight. these are people who booed santa. philadelphia fans are not nice people for the most
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>> they're not. those brace lets they through them on to the ice. they had a delay of game because they through them on the ice. >> more than 30,000 runners took part in the 120th boston marathon today. the winners of both the men's and women's races are ethiopian. the men's winning time 2:12:45, and the women 2:29:19. >> actor mark wahlberg was at the race dressed as a police officer. he was shooting scenes for the movie. it recounts the marathon bombings although some have criticized the decision to film a movie just three years after the attack. they say wounds are still fresh. wahlberg says he
10:47 pm
pressure to make a movie. >> he is a boston guy. >> speaking of doing well, this weather is going great right now. >> it's amazing we started off april so cold with snow last weekend and we totally turned it around and it feels like early summer. >> yeah, it was great. >> we will do that again tomorrow. what a gorgeous evening. clear skies, nice and dry with these warm temperatures, which you know won't last forever. that humidity creeps back in pretty quickly late spring into early summer. tonight we'll enjoy the weather where it is in the 80s during the afternoon but it cools back into the 50s at night. you can open up the windows and let the fresh air in. you might have cracked and put the air conditioning on. clear and mild ahead tonight with our fox 5accuweather forecast. warm winds on tuesdaywe
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get chilly. i think or our chilly weather is over with, i think, for the rest of the season. it has been quite some time since we've seen some rain with a high pressure overhead day after day. 85 at reagan nation, 83 at dulles, 83 at bwi. the normal high temperature is 68 but the record here for dc, 95 for april 18th. so still pretty far from the records but will above normal. satellite and radar right now showing some increasing clouds during the past couple of hours but that is all just out ahead of a front which has brought some showers across portions of new england. you can see vermont, new hampshire, they're seeing a little bit of rain. that he is i front that will move through tomorrow. stormy weather remains out towards our west at the beginning of the show we talked about the severe flooding in texas. unfortunately that continues around the houston area as long as the storm system is stuck here, the same system producing feet of snow in portions of colorado including the denver
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area. some pretty wild weather nationwide. at home here we have the opposite concern from flooding as we head into tomorrow. fire weather watch off to the northeast of the dc. it does not include the district but it does include baltimore county, even anne arundel county before you cross over to the eastern shore. the combination of strong winds with the frontal passage tomorrow and low humidity, fires can start and spread quickly. temperatures outside right now, still an incredibilitily mild night in washington. 71 here, 54 in frederick, 63 in baltimore. we'll certainly stay milder here in the city tonight. high pressure overhead, cold front remains towards our north. we've got clear skies for the most part and it's generally not that cool. mild temperatures in the 50s. warm again for tuesday. we've got 80s yet again. maybe a couple of degrees cooler and that breeze will make things feel a little bit cooler but we'll have to wait for the lower temperatures until that
10:50 pm
slips through. wednesday we're back into the 60s and we're quickly into the 70s. we cool off but it doesn't exactly get chilly. low temperatures tonight mainly in the 50s. high temperatures tomorrow especially west well into the 80s again as we're out ahead of that cold front. 81 in washington. bus stop forecast, mild you barely need a jacket in the morning. more clouds and there may be a sprinkle or two. may be an isolated shower with that front passing although i think that is going to be very isolated. for the most part warm and breezy tomorrow 81 degrees. sunny and cooler 68 there on wednesday. 70 with some late day showers on thursday. best chance of rain is going to be on friday and that could bring a thunderstorm. behind that the weekend looks great. let's have another good one. 65 on saturday, 72 on sunday looks pretty nice. so one more warm day in the 80s but overall we're not going back to that cold weather. >> thank goodness. >> i love spring. this is almost
10:51 pm
of the year. >> almost. summer is coming. >> you've got to love summer, minus the humidity but we'll still take it. celebrities hit the orange carpet tonight in the district. cast members from orange is the new black are here in dc to talk about their new show. >> right now i'm standing on the red carpet where they're honoring the series "orange is the new black." >> these are the apex awards. >> we're basically going to speak about mental illness and incarceration. >> decriminalizing the prison system
10:52 pm
>> reporter: season four heirs june 17th on netflix. >> coming up next, the man who claims his dentist made a huge mistake. >> a sneak peek at a local band that will be our concert series this friday. that is the band secret society.
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talk about a lot of fate. new reports say counterfeit goods make up 2.5% of total world trade. that is nearly half a trillion bucks a year in pirated products. everything from luxury handbags to designer shoes. some real returns on the stock market today the dow crossing back over the 18,000 level for the first time since last july. and you want to open a business and hit it big? think small. holland, michigan is the best small city to open a business this year. that is according to a study looking at things like affordable office space and local businesses. and if you are looking for a city to live in comfort, you might want to take a peek at tucson, arizona. the place americans can live comfortably with the smallest amount of income. folks there can do it with under 40 grand a year. on the bottom of the list
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francisco where you'll need 120,000 bucks to feel comfortable. that's business. i'm neil cavuto.
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make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $3.99, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $3.99 today. america runs on dunkin'.
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z1yotz imagine going to the dentist to get four teeth pulled and wake up to all of them gone. he was rushed to a hospital and when he came to h
10:58 pm
any teeth. now he's suing. his dentist claims his former patient is lying and even signed a consent form before the procedure. >> a few teeth nobody is going to notice. you wake up with no teeth? >> he claims we have got our false accusations are malicious. >> he is now on oxygen to prevent blood clotting and he can't work right now. the dentist says he agreed to have all of his teeth removed to prepare for dentures before he signed his consent form. some he said-he said going on there. >> it will be settled in court there. >> we got a little heartbreaking mistake we want to tell you about. >> last week more than 5,000 students got the news they had been hoping forment they received acceptance letters from the state university new york at buffalo. the problem? they weren't really accepted. at least
10:59 pm
letters were sent out by mistake. the students are still being considered for admission. that is tough. >> can you imagine if you're one of those students. maybe that was the only school you got into. >> that could cause a lot of heartbreak. stay with us. the news at 11:00 starts right now. right now at 11:00. concerned neighbors are hoping their prayers will help police find a missing northern virginia woman. the strange circumstances surrounding her disappearance. >> days after a maryland firefighter was shot on the job, still no charges on the gunman. why investigators think it may have been a tric
11:00 pm
misunderstanding. >> and a math teacher thought she was meeting a 13-year-old boy at a local hotel. instead police were there to read her her rights. fox 5 local news at 11:00 starts right now. >> thanks for joining us time. i'm shawn yancy. >> and i'm tony perkins. the search continues for a missing 31-year-old woman from woodbridge. nicole mittendorff's loved ones haven't heard from her in days but they hope prayer will change that. >> marina marraco spoke with members of mittendorff's church. marina is live in woodbridge with the latest. >> reporter: it's been five days since anyone has seen or heard from nicole mittendorff. her car was actually found just on saturday about an hour and a half away from her house here in woodbridge at the shenandoah national park. in a parking lot adjacent to a trail. now tonight her family and friends gathered here at st. paul's united methodist church in prayer hoping for her safe


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