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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  April 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> all right. good morning to you. we're here ready to go. maureen umeh and gary mcgrady and and date on the weather. quick, gary, update on the weather. >> did you like yesterday? >> loved to. >> high temperature 85 degrees. i don't think we'll be here today but it will be as nice. one more day in the 80s. do i need to say anything else. >> not right now. >> we'll take it. >> airport airport a quick check on the commute. >> just a little bit of overnight construction. so fair like what i'm seeing dwred was a bit of headache and let hope for a better tuesday. >> developing overnight in prince george county a sman now in police custody after an armed astandoff started last night 10:30 spring hill court in green belt. police say the man was firing a grun balcony and at police officers that arrived on the veechb the shooter was taken into custody and taken to the hospital. no officers or citizens were shot. >> this morning, virginia police still looking for a missing fairfax county firefighters. nickel's family ha
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from her since wednesday. >> her husband attended a prayer vigil hoping for her safe return. melanie is live me fave parkin parking, mel. >> they search aid heavily wooded area of shenandoah national park near where her car was found. there's no evidence of foul play. but we expect an update in the case here at fire station 32 later today. last night was a time for prayer and tiers as nicole mittendorf church family and her own family gathered at st. paul's where the couple woreships and it's been nearly a week the 31-year-old was heard from she was reported missing when she deposit show up at work in marys field. her car was located saturday evening in the lot at the base of white oak canyon trail 90 minute from the woodbridge home she shares with her husband. neighbors recall nicole as friendly face in a neighborhood where people don't often talk to
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>> it's very shocking. she striked me as a good person. she was very nice. i would come out. she would be with her dogs. we would talk for a little. i would ask how she's doing. i never got a negative reaction out of her. >> shoes a really nice person and with her husband and everything, i'm very shocked. it doesn't sound like something she would do. >> now, friends tell us that nicole was very athletic and did enjoy sometimes just getting out of the congestion of the area and go running and hiking. on facebook her husband also thanked everybody. everyone remains hopeful that nicole will be found. they think maybe she went running or maybe was injured and needs help herself. that's what they -- that's the kind of outcome they tell us they're hoping for. her family has also started a web site find nicole .com. back to you guys
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4:2 is the time happening today a viewing will be held for the prince george county firefighter that lost his life in a shooting while making a medical welfare check. p john ol mssnyder funeral will be held in st. parish. the man that fired shots at him and volunteer firefighter kevin swain was released from police custody and facing no charges at the time. swain is shot and is expected to be okay. >> let's go to the campaign trail now. once again it's primary day and new yorkers head to the polls. while campaign in the state bernie sanders released his tax returns which show she in the top 5% and hillary clinton says she stantdz with chuck shumer own a bilal louing 911 families to sue audi arabia and trump stumbles while stumping he referred to 9/11 terror attacks at 7
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>> it's close to my heart ways down there and watched our police and firemen down on 7/11 down at the world trade center after it came down. >> now, des site in mix-up he holds a double digit lead over gop rivals. ted cruz moved on from the emtire state. he spent yesterday campaigning in maryland. >> and also in maryland baltimore state attorney maryland mosby is expected to endorse edwards for senate. she will announce in baltimore city. maryland primary is a week from today on april 26. >> happening now. people in texas dealing with flooding and ever hade rainfall in the houston area. four people died from the dangerous waters. three of them died after driving into high waters and their vehicle submerged. one other person died in his car while in high waters and officials believe he may i have had a medical emergency and crews are rescuing dozens of
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their home. >> coming up on 4:35 tuesday morning let's get a check now of the weather. with gary mcgrady. gary, we're look lucky not to have anything like that around heevrment gorgeous weather for us. >> unfortunately for us looks like rain for the next couple days down that way. not for us. 59 in town. now dulles 49 winchester winchester you're 61. go out and enjoy it when you get this up morning. 51 for fredericksburg and 54 leonardtown. i want to show you more clouds today high clouds across at times and it will be muted sunshine and we talked about this yesterday. how it would be a little cooler today than yesterday simply because of clouds coming out across.
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morning. it is a wave of clouds here or. there again they're high and thin and shouldn't disrupt things much. we'll go warm today. breezy as frontal system comes through. it will not cool us off though not yet not initially. we're 81 today. upper 70s north and west. so we are cooler at least around here then where we were yesterday. yesterday's high 85. those don't come around often in april. now what's going on with traffic. airport erin will catch us up to speed on that. >> 4:36 we'll look at roadwork clearing overnight. 50 west oceanic drive and alexandria rights now more roadwork. it's ongoing 395 and should be cleared by start morning rush and right now northbound between duke and seminary road caution as you head out early this morning and as we take a look right now at maintenance on 66 eastbound, it's right after nutly street in the left lanes. caution in fairfax as well. and also arlington your inbound bridges are cruising along getting word we have a disabled tractor-trailer outer loop ramp topside of the beltway. we'll keep you updated if that causes delays. back to you maureen. >> thanks, developing now dramatic rescues continue in ecuador
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earthquake there. three people were rescued from under the rubble late last night. 7.8 attitude quake is blamed more more than 400 deaths and thousands of injuries and one american is among the dead. >> another dramatic rescue in japan a woman pulled from the rubble four days after a powerful earthquake struck there. more than 40 others killed and dozens more remain missing and u.s. now second food, water and emergency supplies to japan. >> 4:37 still ahead city of flint michigan drinking water is now safer but the state governor what he is doing to prove the water cis sis over. >> holly morris other stories trending it morning as you wake up including fancy dinner date plans the president and first lady have planned for later this week. stay with us. "fox5 news morning" back in a 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family.
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it's what you do. gress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us.
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>> she allegedly solicited him online and she ways student teacher abt boy was 12 at the time. police cannot believe there are other victims at the school. >>
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check of other stories we're talking about use realtime news tracker. hey, holly morris. >> hey, wisdom martin good to so i good morning everybody these are the stories you're engaging with most on social media beginning on d.c. two note ability among hundreds of protesters arrested on monday on capitol hill and ben and jerry of ice cream fame demonstrated as part of the democracy awakening to protest big money in politics and next you do not needed to prepare for insect up vacation this year. did you hear that. you do not need to prepare for. it despite reports that sick aidas would be back sewn bug experts tell us the d.c. metro area is off the hook our next cicada invasion set for 2021. president obama traveled overseas and will dine with the royals first having lunch with queen and dinner with william and kate. >> and finally
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roberts is being remembered this morning. everybody loves raymond star died at the end of 90. she won five emmys over her long career including four for playing ray romano's mom on that sitcom. she was healthy and active recently. . >> and in my opinion she went the best possible way. she simply went to sleep and died in her sleep. >> few any she's one of those that you think will be round forever. hearing her death was shocking. >> let's go back to the bugs. >> yes. >> yesterday, all i heard on the radio how they will invade maryland, route 5. takeover maryland, a million square --. >> it's a new day and no bugs are coming i cannot tell you about tomorrow. time to prepare. >> 4:42 is the time. coming up caps face off game three against the flyers and this match-up got a little heated we have the highlights
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>> and stars of the hit series orange is the new black stopping by our nation's capitol find out why they were in town. >> gary and erin a he can khv weather and traffic on the fives. stay with us.
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developing this morning a virginia community hopeing a firefighter will be found safe. a prayer vigil was held last night. her car was found shenandoah national park. our melanie alnwick will have the latest for her coming up at 5:00. >> meanwhile, gary mcgrady is back now to talk weather excellent yesterday gary. we'll keep the streak going i'm sure right. >> in the 80s today. >> great as it was yesterday. >> clouds, legislation sunshine. >> still, what 5 degrees less
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>> 4:45 in the morning let's not do math. >> if i say so i never want to do math sorry math ma titio titionians and math teachers out there. >> you agree no 4:45 in the evening or morning. >> sgluingt general at some point a little trigonometry it good. 49 for dulles and bwi is 59. see how mild it is this mornin morning. here's the deal again today. high pressure centered to the south and south eekt of us. it's going to be warm. we'll stay in the 80s today. it really looks like some of you won't get back into the 80s today perhaps upper 70s. norm and west. still going to be nice though. frontal system comes through really today and reinforcing cooler air tonight. we're talking about 60s and 70s tomorrow as opposed to 70s and 80s today in the source repeaton for tomorrow's air mass north and northwest. warm, 81.
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more high clouds. less sunshine today. i think we'll see a good amount of new sign shine from time to time. breezy as well and sunny. cooler tomorrow. clouds comeing across. we can only hold them at bay for so long. we had several days here of nothing but sunny blue skies. rain for the most part moved out of the south eastern texas area but they will get more. setup is that they could have a chance for more rain for the next couple days. here's the deal with today's forecast. 62 this morning at 8 a.m. that's mild. 50s in suburbs. 77 degrees at lunchtime breezy conditions and warm this afternoon. we'll go lower 80s here in town and then middle 80s south and upper 70s back to the north and north west. five-day forecast -- five-day? 7 day forecast. looks better than yesterday. temperatures were a little warmer. still a chance for late showers thursday. few thunderstorms friday. weekend 6 8 saturday and 7
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that's not looking bad. i think it's dry. friday morning for "fox5" rocks that concert series down fairfax gate north. >> erin is talking already. here she is come into camera here. >> 4:48 gary teamwork there. i was chatting. >> i need help. >> well, i will not dispute that. rights now some work road 50 westbound oceanic drive and if you head to the break i would like a cup of coffee too. in alexandria this morning the roadwork cleared. 395 north between duke and seminary road. we have a tractor-trailer crash reported on the ramp to 9 a5 south. use caution around that area as you head out towards quantico this morning down 95 southbound and 95 northbound none of that kip call morning congestion ye yet. i like what i'm seeing there. upper loop, lane closure past 236 and typical construction zone there and metro gearing up for service and no report add lerts starting 5 a.m. and i'll let
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and we'll look live outside next. back to you. checking your other top stories this morning three people including mail carrier are recovering after two separate shoot ningz southeast d.c. yesterday the first happened in the 2100 block of 16 street that's where the mail carrier and another person were shot in drive by. about the same time a third person was shotsome far no word on cause of shooting and both are expected to survive. >> a death of transgender woman at montgomery country hotel is ruled a homicide. they first identified the victim as kenneth blake any and she identified herself as kiona she was at the red roof in shady drive rock little there was. >> a fair
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pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter in the 2013 shooting 6 john gear. his long time girlfriend called 911 during a fight and gear got into a standoff with police standing in his front doorway with hand up when officer torres fired one round into gear's chest killing him. torres said she is sorry for his actions and took the plea deal. he will spend one year behind bars if he accepts the plea deal. >> internal affairs is looking into allegations that an officer actually held a loaded gun to another officer's head and pulled the trigger. it happened saturday during roll call and sources tell fox5 the officer claims a superior order him to do it as part of active shooter drill. >> wow. >> michigan officials trying to prove the water in flint is now safe to drink after the lead water cis list this and embattled governor rick snyder said she will drink the city's
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residents are refusing to turn on their taps. snyder took home five gallons of water from drink from a home with high led levels and petition to recall the governor has nearly 90,000 signatures and they still need 700,000 more within 60 days to get it on the ballot. >> obama administration top doctor is sounding alarm about zika virus. he told fox news sunday congress has to act now and approve funding. director of national institute of allergy and infek shis diseases say they need more money for zika reserve. some in congress are fighting the push saying there's enough federal funding and additional money comes through this fall. so far there's been no documented zika infection from months keets owes in the united states and nearly 350 illnesses have been report add cross all 50 states. >> there are some ways to prevent yourself from getting zika virus. centers for disease control says to wear long sleeve shirts and pants and
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treated clothing to prevents mosquito bites look for that when out and about stay up doors with air conditioning and windows and door screens to keep mosquitoes outside and if overseas or outside and not able to protect yourself experts incourage sleeping under mosquito bed net and use epa registered insect repel lant. >> the fallout of norm carolina state law continues. pe the upcoming show in the tarheel state. the rock band will not perform tomorrow because of passage ever house bill two which -- in a statement pearl jam says the hb two law recently passed is despicable piece of legislation that ep kurmings discrimination against an entire group of american citizens. the rock group boston also announced it's canceling three concerts next month in north
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carolina all because of that law. >> happening today supreme court lawmakers will discuss merit garland's record specifically his role in oklahoma city bombing. today marks the 21 anniversary aft tack. many people are calling on gop law makers to stop construction of supreme court nomination and the country can have a full and functioning supreme court. >> baltimore gas and electric helping to prevent firesch the company awarded grants to the national fallen firefighter foundation to purchase smoke alarms to be districted to anne arrundel and prince george county fire departments and the two departments for firefighters will install smoke alarms in houses free of charge. >> erin cuomo hit the orange carpet last night where members of the hit show were in for apex awards. it is for those who demonstrate highest mental health advocacy and those reducing it in priso prisons and ja
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orange is the new black we're honored for that show because it opened a door with experiences of people with mental illness. >> we want to speak about mental illness and up consideration ration. >> decriminalizing the prison system essentially. >> coming up at 5 erin joins us for firsthand experience when she met the cast members of that hit show. season four of originalth is new black airs june 17 on netflix. >> 4:54 is the time. u.s. news and world reports releases latest top high schools in the country. >> top i've the school for talented and gifted in dallas. takes the top spot for fifth straight year followed by two arizona schools based in scotts dale number two and tucson north at number three and coming in fourth school of science and engineering in texas and then alexandria, virginia school thomas jefferson high school, for science and technology. that came in number five. and state of maryland awarded for having h
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of top performing high schools in the whole entire country. >> serving up sports breakfast this morning and philadelphia flyers fans they need a big old helping and big old heaping helping is that right heaping helping is that right. big old bowl of us. big old bowl of sportsmanship after the actions contributed to the team's breakdown last night and capitol's win to go up 3-owe i endplayoff series and with eight minutes left flyers fans flew glow until the dark wrist bands on the ice they were upset about penalties in the game. the wrist band fiasco led to more penalties and power plays with the calves who beat the flyers 6-1. game four ever the series is tomorrow night in philadelphia. >> that's how do you it. >> i love it 6-1. >> yes. >> flyers di
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game yesterday, right? >> that's good one maureen. >> just wondering. every once in a while. >> what do you call a sweep in hockey? is there -- i'm not a huge hockey fan. >> still a sweep. >> still aa sweep. >> i'll remember at 10:00 when they start talking sports. it's a sweep, y'all. >> all right. let's talk weather, righting. >> sure. >> there you go, 57 in town. we're still dropping off a little bit. >> win chest ser 61. hagerstown 60. and there's call person again this morning one of the chilly spots. 45. not quite as cold as yesterday morning at this time. you can see temperatures are all over the place this morning in the 50s and 40s and again you know winchester is 61. hagerstown is at 60. later today we'll be breezy and warm. temperatures get to the upper 70s. lower 80s around here down south warmer culpeper 84 and fredericksburg 85 we'll have more high clouds today and muted sunshine and again wind out of the northwest a little breezy 10 to 15 mails an hour and occasial
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is erin cuomo who is from philly, guys, we betser be nic nice. be nice to the philly flyers i guess. >> why. >> they're losing. >> i don't know she's a convert she's already a nats fan. >> are you ka a capital fan now. >> use your words carefully. >> so much to say and so little time. 270 southbound of course i love both teams gary mcgrady stirring the pot over there. >> thank you. >> 270 traffic moving type frederick down to the spur. little bit of volume increasing. so watch for that. and typical ongoing construction overnight. and let's go owe head and take a look at maps quickly and show you how things are shaping up. there inner loop and tractor-trailer crash on the ramp to 95 south springfield more in a few. remember some people throwing wrist bands i probably grew up with. back to you. >> too bad. >> okay. >> moved on. >> that is too bad. >> 4:57 is the time straight ahead at 5 as search continues for missing virginia firefighters and family and friends gather to hopefo
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return. we have the latest in the search in a live report. >> and primary day in morning and while at the could be easy one for donald trump it may not be the case for democrats. back with more
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