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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  April 19, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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right now breaking news armed standoff end in deadly fire and officers forced to return fire of a man shoots from his balcony liver with the latest developments. >> and plus today is one of the most pivotal primaries of election seekle and new yorkers head to the poll this morning and how candidates are making final push in the empire state. >> and also caps just take care of business in ep my territory with night turning into embarrassment on and off the ice. . >> it napped florida. >> a live look outside this is good news. tuesday april 19, 2016 weather gorgeous out there and traffic not so much. erin and tucker will be along on the fives at 7:05. good tuesday morning i'mal mall. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". >> we'll start with developing story
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county and investigation now underway after deadly police involved shooting that happened during a barricade situation at home in greenbelt officers shot and killed a man after they say he started shooting at them. >> "fox5" bob barnard joins us liver from the scene with the latest, bob. >> hey guys this was nine hours ago and green belt police are here on the scene. take a look there's an officer here below the third floor window where you can see the screen is punched out here. that's where the gentleman was firing at random apparently last night around 10:30. we were here and can show you the video. this is franklin park community of green belt. it happened again around 10:30 last night and according to witnesses there was a man up there who had two guns and was firing at random green belt police in city of green belt green belt police responded and they claim they were fired at. one of their officers fired a shot, struck the man, police did not go i
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they got there and found the 2 28-year-old person had been shot and they rushed him to prince george hospital center and he was pronounced dead. we spoke it a lady that lives here with her children she has a 6-month-old and says she was frightened last night. >> i was at the window like this i came on the window when shooting like he had two guns you know he was shooting left and right like cussing and i don't know what happened. but it's dangerous. it's really dangerous. because gun shot because he was right there my biggest concern was boom. i feel we were not safe. >> that is danielleaino we don't know if buildings were truck and we know no other person was wounded by gunfire. again a greenbelt police officer firing the shot that
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killed a man for shooting at random. >> happening today a viewing will be held for prince george country firefighter that lost his life in hooting while taking a medical welfare check at home in temple hills. his funeral will be held tomorrow. coming up:30 we'll talk to prince george fire chief about the questions that remains surrounding that shooting. >> and also happening today police will resume their search for missing fairfax county woman. >> nicole mittendorf has not been heard from or seen since last thursday. mel, good morning. >> good morning, steve, alliso allison. we had two days maybe a little more that two that they've about searching. saturday night, saturday, supposed, monday no sign of he her. and at this point virginia state police say there's nothing suspicious about her disapierce and no
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app update here today from the fairfax country fire department last night however was a time for fair and tears. endorsed church family area husband and only family gathered st. paul methodist where they worshiped text message last wednesday was the last anyone heard from her. nicole 31-year-old firefighter paramedic was reported missing friday when she didn't show up to work in marysville virginia where she is assigned. her quarz located in a lot at the base of the white oak canyon trail shenandoah national park. that's 0 mips from the home she saird with her husband and liked to reduce stress after hiking and running. >> stresses of that job are really, really difficultment and sometimes she likes to gate way and run and challenge herself to get away from the stress and we're hoping
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she is just there somewhere needing our help now. and that's what we feel -- the only thing we can feel. there's no indication we know nicole was sad or needed to get away. it's a stressful job. and that's what we're hopeful for there's about app outpouring of support for him and nicole and people who want to help on the search effort. on facebook he thanked everyone in general he is overwhelmed and can't start we have links on our when site as well. today, this morning, 10:00 is when fairfax country fire and rescue will hold a press conference here and joined by fairfax country police. we are told still no word yet steve andal so ip whether virginia state police will participate. back to you. >> melanie
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>> melanie, thank you very much. >> a check on warm. 7:05 now how about it tuck. >> looking great. 85 yesterday. maybe a degree or cooler today. >> 85 yesterday. >> it was. >> yeah. >> deposit feel it. >> turn the ac on. >> no. >> no. >> me mean neitherer probably because i couldn't get it to work. didn't need it because of no humidity 50 fredericksburg. 40s in dulles and 49 and 45 culpeper. and sun is up. mix of sun sean clouds today warm up quick with a breeze out of south and west a few more hours and as we get to pass aming of weak cold front winds shift norm and west later today and we'll get cooler air later tonight and tomorrow. daytime highs upper 60s we should be this time of year. closer to that by tomorrow. dry this afternoon. again, one more day in the 80s
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thats with a great movement. you can do it one more time. >> hey. >> hey. >> i can't do it it if i have to. >> it's organic it has to happen. >> i'll do it he said 81, hey. . >> hey. . >> and i think that's the -- right now, okay, 66 eastbound jammed 234 to beltway. big line of slow moving traffic and braddock westbound near berk station road andelier crash sutland parkway and crash 11 street bridge inbound and big delays. delays on 25 south approaching eastern avenue and pennsylvania avenue. give yourself extra time to get around the district. as you make your way rosland land
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land and and straight and madwoman beantown road and crash charles and loudoun county we're also dealing with another crash it morning ash jrn burn village boulevard. here's a look headed to the airport. give yourself extra time to go towards bwi and bw northbound dealing with typical congestio congestion. slow to powder mill and as you go to reagan national battling regular traffic around the airport and dulles as well 66 five yourself extra minutes. there more traffic in a few. typical inbound routes backed up also. allison. . >> thank you developing overnight people in texas dealing with flooding and heavy rainfall and in houston area four people died from the dangerous waters. three of them died after driving into that water. one other person died in his car while in the high waters and but officials believe he may have had a medical emergency crews are out rescuing dozens of people as floodwaters fill their
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>> one of the wigest contest is voters head to the polls in new york and could determine whether democratic and republican front runners are on a path. >> and new york over the weekend folks are passionate and serious. >> huge barny sanders fans he's hoping it will be the momentum he needs to clinch nomination. it's been a long time since new york primary carried this weight. usually front runners by now are established. hillary clinton and donald trump are not just hoping for win but nassive victories that help them wrap up the nomination. all in for new york hillary clinton hoping to chalkp a win and break a bernie saners hot streak and trump hoping deep connections alive long new yor yorker will push him for massive victory carrying all 95
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rep delegates and it was not made easier when he made a verbal gasp yesterday referring to 9/11 attack. >> i wrote this out and it's clear to my heart because i was down there and i watched our police and our fire mep down on 7/11 down at the world trade center after it came down. >> still 7:11 or 9/11 trump is ahead in new york for a mile and real clear picks is up more than 30 point and john kasich who only carried one state so far something he was clearly sensitive about when asked about it during a stop at new york deli. >> i'm answering the question the awayn't want to answer. >> let me ask you. what do you think? >> i think --. >> i am hoping to do really well tomorrow. i'm hoping to wrap up the democratic nomination. >> hel hill hoping her years as new york senator bill help deve
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her fiveal s whipping eight of the nine stakes. he made the case he could score an upset if enthusiastic supporters actually show up. >> we win. which the turnout is the high and we lose when the furnish-out is low. >> after today primaries will be held tuesday throughout the northeast inclaudeing in maryland. it's getting down to the wire folks and excitement continues. >> that's for sure. >> to say the sgleeingt thank you. >> philadelphia flyers fans made a big helping of good sportsmanship this morning. >> their actions con trinted to the team's breakdown last nights and caps win and go up 3-0 and therapy flyers sfans threw dozens of glow in the dark wrist bands on ice they were giveaway promotional item fans got last night. they were upset about penalties called in the game and the wrist band fiasco employed
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penalties in fact called penalty on the fans after warned to stop theying they will on the ice some fans continue to do so and leded to more goals for the caps and ca caps win 6-1. >> i need help. they gave hem away to fans and they threw them they're like. >> we don't want them we're upset. >> oh, man. >> sportsmanship. >> hashsh word from federal transit to metro. what they uncovered about our rail system. >> and it's a race against time to find survivors after a deadly earthquake this happened in ecuador latest on the situation there coming up.
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>> beautiful. few clouds out there this morning andgreat
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59 right now after we hit 85 yesterday. >> yeah. >> i'm surprised it got that hot actually. >> are you? >> yes. >> gorgeous though. >> and humidity -- such --. >> overnight lows in 50s and later this afternoon. >> one more day. little cooler tomorrow. >> okay okay. >> still pleasant still spring like tomorrow. 45 in boston and 48 in sip na natty and 50 detroit and idea i watched boston marathon i was home sick. >> how did it go. >> the guys and women winning they basically sprint for 26 miles. >> that's exact what i they do ridiculous. >> it's incredible how fast they're running for that period of time. >> in my running prime i could not run one mile in the pace they keep up. >> yes exactly i cannot do one mile with them. >> cold air denver 3 4
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continues toy do winter and out in the -- inches of feet of know in the past week. by thursday we'll get that and up ahead of it we'll keep things on the warm side later today. 81 someday time high. should be dry afternoon if you have plans later this afternoon. and want to dine outdoors later tonight. >> oohh. >> yeah. >> it would be very, very pleasant for that. >> cooler later tonight. overnight lows 50 and daytime high tomorrow 58. dry late thursday early friday. >> thanks, tuck. >> get over to erin cumo. >> we have all week to decide outdoor lunch. no rush. >> great forecast. >> some big problems metro and taking yellow line residual delays due to earlier
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mounlt vernon square largo town center back to normal and we'll let you know if rail lines have delays. eastbound jammed 234 to beltway and long line of slow moving traffic and braddock road westbound near berk station road as well in the district now a lot of incidents and delays. crash inbound side 11 street bridge and delays on 295 south approaching eastern avenue and pennsylvania avenue. and we're dealing with earlier stall that got cleared out of way and aside from that sutland parkway long line of slow moving traffic towards the douglass bridge inbound side and earlier crash sterling cleared and we're dealing with a lot of congestion now. mad anew woman beantown driver and loud up county crash activity this morning on 7 it's right after ashburn village boulevard on eastbound side and nrs howard county person hit by a car serious crash scene and investigation 175 west closed sometime now washington boulevard and for that
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making your way from baltimore to district keep in mind bw parkway jammed 97 to powder mill back to you. >> federal transit administration says metro has a long list of safety issues that need fixed. >> fda cents a let to net row general manager highlighting the problem. wisdom martin is out and about this morning. good morning. >> good morning to you allison and steve. again so surprise here metro has lot of issues and when fda september that let to paul wheat feld it really starts to hit home. they did this september this let to the general manager after they did a safety blitz it's ongoing safety blitz started in march and they found a number of safety issues they were concerned about and this really impact the people who use metro. and i'll go over safety issues just a few of them that they discovered. now they talked about no clear escape routes. walkways blocked by construction and debris and non
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working fire skivrping wishers out of order emergency traction power shutoff switches and safety sign all of that compromises metro ability to manage fire and smoke emergency inside the tunnel and they were also concerned about the workers and they say some of the metro employees so. workers well they didn't follow basic rules when it comes to safety and speed. they were also concerned about how well the employees some of the employees were trained when it comes to saferty. metro officials did say that they're aware of -- they got this let erin so all these things are top priority and starting to address some of the issues and trying to address some of these issues and they sthed week near going to start talking to employees and having meetings with employees in regards to safety. so, again, department be surprised when it comes to safety and metro this is se
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affecting metro ability to protect people who actually use the service. let's go back to you inside. >> all right. wisdom, thank you very much. >> of course we'll keep report on that story developing and changes made. coming up how u.s. is ramping up efforts against eye significance. >> deadly attack in capital of afghanistan overnight and who is claiming responsibility this morning. time now 7 tv binge watchers binge away.
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>> the death toll on attack on security national kabul afghanistan is still rising and 28 people dead and hundreds more jirtd and officials say this was a stage coordinate assault on agency responsible for protecting senior government officials. and the attack included suicide car bombing and taliban claimed responsibility. >> and more american boots will be on the ground in i rack and yesterday defense secretary ash carter said pentagon will send 217 additional troops iraq and u.s. is also sending apache he helicopters recapture muzzle and the first time they're being deployed to fight isis in country and first significant boost since last june. >> supreme court divided over president obama use of executive action on immigratio immigration. 26 states sued over the president's executive actions and arguing his actions exceed his power and administration satisfies it was just doing what congress would not and chief
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kennedy not giving as much help as advocates helped wlon there is a right to sue the government and whether government has authorities to go around congress. >> racing against time find survivors of power fill earthquake that killed hundreds of peoplech the death toll risen above 400 and dozen republicans still missing and yesterday crews freed 8 people trapped for more than 32 hours in the rubble and of a shopping center. >> and new video dozens
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>> and new video dozens. >> and reagan national 59. not a bad start at all. 49 dulles and bwi 58. another pleasant very warm day. and win out of the south and west should help continue pum pumping warmer temperatures. it won't last. a weak cold front later and that will shiv the winds north and west with cooler temperatures on the way later tonight and for daytime hours tomorrow. one more day. 80 or better for everybody. should be nice dry afternoon and start the cool down tonigh tonight. still pleasant tomorrow. daytime highs in upper 60s and not the late springtime feel we got out there this afternoon highs expected to be again low 80s. if looking for rain which at this point most of the area could use it looks like late thursday into friday we get a chance for showers for us and thunderstorms by frida
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afternoon. more weather in a minute and traffic with erin. >> hello. >> i got excited tucker i walked into the 7 day forecast. metro yellow line residual delays huntington done to mount vernon square and 395 now backed up to 14 street bridge just heavy volume nothing else to report there. no crashes. let's see if we can forward maps and show what you else you were up against this morning and crash cleared madwoman beantown road nike drive and 66 delays and 234 to beltway braddock westbound near berk station road. let's look live and slow moving traffic as you make your way in. this is a live look as you head into the district right now and 301 at 5. heads up there if you head out in maryland, 301 inbound typical congestion five dealing with slow moving traffic 270 now looks light as you make your way past montr
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north of that point to the truck scales you're seeing a lot of slow moving traffic as you head out by prad iing on the inner loop and traffic is also slowing and little slow across the will sob bridge outer loop topside silver spring heavy as well 95 to spur and keep you updated now. just a lot of morning congestion and crashes and take a look at howard country next, steve. >> questions remain about the events that led up to a shooting that killed a prince george county firefighter. >> and the chief is joying us live to tell us what happened and how it can be prevented in the future. 7:27 now.
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♪ welcome back. it is a couple ticks away from m 7:30. 7: nice looking morning. we see more of our gorgeous capital dome as the scaffoldingn comes down now. 59 degrees.59egrees tucker says
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the 80s again today.agait in the news though at 7:30, a former fairfax county studentt teacher is in jail accused of of trying to solicit sex from a 13-year-old boy. police said that a tip why they knew about this incident it ledi to the arrest of 24-year-old kathleen cap tan know at hotelel in herndon.nd now, they say that cap tan know first met the victim at coats c elementary school last year. sct she was student teacher and thed boy was just west years old. police don't believe there areie other victims at the school. ths a former fairfax county police officer has pleadedle guilty to involuntary manslaughter in the 2000 sand shooting, 2013 shooting of johnj gear. now on that day gear's long time girlfriend called 911 during 91d advertisement he got into a 40em minuente long standoff with pole he was standing in his frontg is doorway with his hands up whenpe officer adam torres fired one round into gear's chest killingg
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torres took the plea deal fits accepted by the you've torres will spend one year behind bars. >> the viewing for fallen princ george's county firefighter johj ulmshneider is tonight.ight questions still remain about tht events leading up to thedip to shooting last friday night which took his ulmshneider and his partner were carrying out aa welfare check in temple the shooter says he was startle beside them coming through theho door and shot in self-defense.fe right now the shooter is notshoi facing charges. crg there were reports he could goer before a grand jury today.ay. joining us prince george's grg county mark bra shore.ra sho good morning, c >> good morning, steve.te >> our that's with your thas w department any time there's a t' loss. this time seems especially espia tough. how is everybody doing? >> absolutely it's tough. we're doing as well as can bes n expected right now. n i've got great team of folks that are putting everything eveg together from all over theer region helping us get through it. >> you know unfortunately whente thing like this happen there are lot of questions and i knowstnd you're dealing with a lot of wio those questions yourself. yoursl one of the questions that cameio
7:32 am
operating procedure for pcedu firefighters to break into ao bi home like this? >> yeah, you know, we don't lool at it as breaking into a homentm but absolutely.olel i mean welfare checks happen every day, and when thosehose welfare checks have informationa that lead to us believe there ie either a sick or injured person or some kind of fire, anythinge, like that, it is standardard practice for to us force our war into that home to attempt to mitigate that emergency.hamerg so this was standard practiced c thing.thin >> i guess the question that qso comes up obviously when tragedyy like this happens you would you expect perhaps this wasas different type of law enforcement agency morercent protection would be warn by by those entering as firefightersif you don't have that option right now. might some changes be madehaes b because of this either to gear g or how this is handled or iff other people are along with youy anything in the works there? >> right. i'm shore there will be changes. i'm quite confident there will
7:33 am
any tragedy we go through in thr this industry in most industriet will bring change, and that wilt be dif what that exactly looks like, l you know, what those lessonshosl learned will be, we need to finish getting through thisgh t grieving process allow thevi department to beginng to heal t while a separate team of peopleo will begin that process whichcew will include local, state andnd federal agencies as we move forward.forward but i would suspect that some pretty basic change that is you can think about as far as whatt our folks see, what they hear, potentially smell if it's a firr related thing or any extenuatine information they may have.rm those things aren't really rea ironed out in a policy or a procedure right now because weae give a lot of leeway to our officers to make decisions in crisis situations. sua that's exactly what they did here. so we'll probably give them a little brrr guidance to help h those people make bettere b informed decisions while we'll d also lookec at the bigger thingi
7:34 am
vests on order right now for our tactical program. p we just don't have them that is something that in the in industry across the country firy chiefs are looking at and firenf departments are dealing with. w so a lot of change will likelyil come out of this time will tell. >> it's definitely ant's ni interesting development.tere the bottom line always is safets but we know that just by the name nature much your job you're putting yourself in dangerous ds situations whether it be facingf the flames themselves or in thii case an individual. so it's interesting.eresting i guess with the bottom lineine always being trying to improvero on the safety aspect of things. >> right. you know, we train for justus about any situation every day.ay we never think that fire and ema folks are going to become theome target of bullets. whether it's accidental or not,n that's not something we traine for every day.ry that's typically a police act. so for our folks to be in thatt harm's way and to find f themselves right a
7:35 am
forefront with no police protection that's not somethingm we're used to and that's ands certainly not something that any fire chief, any firefighter orio any paramedic ever wants to fin themselves in a situation theyit want to find themselves in, but, we're here today and we're goini to take a lessons learned approach, move forward after wee take care of paying respects too the ulmshneider family andamil a keeping in mind while we continue to take care of the swain family who still is in the >> chief b we let you go, i do want ask you if you have any more information on the person s who fired those shots.ho there were reports he may bee my facing grand jury today. may not do you know anything about that? >> we had a press conference coe yesterday where the police pol cheech and state's attorney did announce that he had been issuei a subpoena to appear before a grand jury today. tod i don't know anything else about that process other than whathan they said yesterday. y >> okay. as far as the services tonigh
7:36 am
anything special that the countu is doing there or the fire f department to honor the life ofl the officer or the firefighteret who was lost? los >> there will be a lot of a lot ceremonial pieces that go alongg one thing important for our residents to understand is, we have equipment and people firefighters are paramedics frof all over the region that will be covering prince george's countyt both tonight and tomorrow. t so if they see fire trucks, ambulances or people withh different patches on from as fao away as baltimore city,re cit arlington county or down into charles and calvert county thoso are folks that are covering ourc stations so that our on-duty on- folks are able to go payo pay respects. >> it's good to see the team toe work come in play there.he chief, obviously it's a tough t time. we do appreciate you joining usu during this tough time.his tougt wish you the best and yourhet au department as well. >> thank you very much.hah. we appreciate it. >> 7:36 right now want to check in with tuckeruc barnes get look what's happenins outside. >> steve, mild temperatures., md 59 at reagan national. natio and we're featuring 80
7:37 am
today. one more day in the 80s little l cooler later tonight as we get a little front system moving inrot from the north and west. nor 59 now in washington.ngton. annapolis 55. got some 40s, dulles 49 degrees. 46 up in frederick. frederick 46 as well in little cooler to the west. cloud cover, yes, high, thinhin variety and will allow for aow filtered sunshine this morning.i we should be partly to mostly pl sunny this afternoon and againin enjoying the very balmy temperatures in fact temperatures let's see aboutut 15 degrees above normal latereso today. expect low 80s by 3:00 o'clock0 and then we'll start to cool ofo late this afternoon but veryut pleasant day.leasant let me mention very quickly witw dry conditions out there.ions ot we are concerned about the firer threat today.oday so just be wary of that iff tha you're working with outdoor o flames that kind of thing.t kind okay. more weather in just a minute.e erin is back with traffic. >> 7:37.>> 7:37. a little drama pause thererama t because traffic is bad, tucker.r >> yeah. >> yeah. all jammed up. we have crash that cleareded mattawoman bean town road at toa
7:38 am
as far as your metro commutero m some problems right now. now yellow line residual delays to t huntington from an earlier trail malfunction outside mount vernor square if you're take the t orange, blue or silver line delays to vienna, franconia and that could cause some big delayd this morning. mning definitely check your metro schedule before you head out.ef incidents in the district ass is well. crash on the 11th streeton bridge has all jammed up from uf beltway.beltway. 295 south approaching eastern to pennsylvania. a lot of slow-ing traffic. suitland parkway inbound earlier crash by sterling.te jammed up as you make your wayou to the douglas bridge. bridg a lot of issue bridges are jamming up aside from the 11th street bridge issue 395 has verr slow moving traffic the 270 2 south father hurley to the spur and outer loop jams 95 to j georgia. back to >> erin, thanks. still ahead a bolt effort tr show that the city of flint, michigan's drinking water is noi safe. what the state's governor iserr doing to prove the water crisisc is over
7:39 am
why did a woman jump into a a tiger exhibit and then climb thc back out? just think about it.i we're back in two minutes. kids: he came here from rocky mount, north carolina. married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids.
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ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us.
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♪ 7:41 right now. now michigan governor says he'lle' drink water from flint for an entire month to prove it's safef people living in flint stillfl s refusing to use their tap waterw after the lead water crisis csi there but state officialsic believe the water is nowthte the governor took home 5 gallons
7:42 am
home with high lead levels andnd will get refills for the next n month from homes around theundhe city.ty scary moments at a zoo inmeo canada.cada. a woman jumped into an exhibit i guess what animal it was? >> whoa! >> what is going on.t is >> really, what going on.hat goo >> take look.>> t look. woman can be seen hopping theppg fence into tiger exhibit at the toronto zoo. zoo >> why did she do this al.s >> she went in to get her hat. h >> that's a good idea, why.a, w >> the tiger lunched at theunch woman.won. lucky for her a second fenceon n separated them from each other.r really wanted that >> apparently.>> apptl visitors can be heard yelling ae the woman. th zoo officials are trying tocis identify her. h >> unless that hat was handmaded solid gold --ol >> i don't care. i don't care if you know whou kw made it by hand. ha you're not jumping into the tiger's cage to get i you know who. >> it's like they're yelling right now why did you go in the tiger thing? which is the woman that went in? it wasn't theasn' woman wearing the >> don't ever do it.we't e can i just say happy zoo news.
7:43 am
finally went to the prongene zoo. >> you did.>> you did. >> people are right it is one oh the most beautiful it looks likl a natural thing because i hate t to see animals all enclosed. elo they looked -- they wereere relaxing. >> happy, chilling. in big in the middle of b the bronx. bo >> still ahead, ever wonder what some of the creepiest jobs are? i think zookeeper tiger zoo z maybe but that's kind of too. >> the person who jumps into th tiger exhibit.ger >> the results of the cheap t c yesterday jobs study becausey jo foere's a study for everything, folks, coming up. ♪
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♪ ♪ look at the white house thi morning. temperature right now 59 degrees.egre going to be another beautifulhel day here in the nation'sn thnat capital.ta the president is heading out oft the town. th heading overseas.ov >> i>> >> but if he's watching he'll h probably be missing out onsiut o beautiful forecast.or >> you know he's watching. watch good morning, mr. president.sint >> everybody at the white housea before we get to the weather wee want to remind you about thisout friday.frid >> the fox5 rocks concert series continues with an awesome bandd called secret society. siety take listen.ken. ♪ >> i'll be out there, wisdom will be out there friday. secret society formed back in 2008 by washington area musiciaa brine mills to bring the quote live band sound back to today's highly computerized music mark.. see you on frida
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>> very cool. sounds like a lot of fun. fun >> there's more. m in 2015 they were nominatee beside a whammy by the the washington area music award. they are influenced by stevied wonder b, gencold train to namee couple. couple >> and marvin gay, too.argay, >> all great influence. >> come out and hear themout her perform some new music too alona with classics on friday again an the farragut square park.ear i'll be there, wisdom will bewil there. we're trying to get steve downge there, too.e, t >> you better get >> we will host a free show that will broadcast live during foxg morning news and good day.. >> fantastic. >> one more. before we get to weather alertte for metro riders you might get delays on the red line towardsow glenn montgomery. smoking brakes on train. taken back to the rail yard.l y more on this in just a minute with erin.wirin >> let's head over to tuckercker barnes.barn >> weather totally cooperating.g made it to 85 degrees yesterdayd warmer than you probably pba thought. we won't be quite that warmehat today. but we should eadesly do
7:48 am
maybe 81, 82 for daytime high.te nice and mild overnight.vern 59 in washington.ashingto overnight lows in the mid 50s 5 you can see off to the westest hanging in the 40s here manassas 46, 49 dulles, 46 this morning in frederick comfortably coolrtl out there to the west, and a mim of clouds and sunshine to starts your day. should be a dry afternoon.. dry tuesday afternoon.ft we'll focus on a frontal systemm kind of see the makings of thatf front right there up towards nen york and and that will fade down ourfaded region later this afternoon thao will change up the forecast inat the form of cooler temperaturese later tonight during the day tomorrow.tomorrow. just quickly want to point outoo houston which unfortunatelyornae suffered through all thatt flooding rain things are lookini a lot better down l the rain har pushed off to the north and tott the north and east.ast. so houston getting a chance to t dry out after 15-inches muchesuc rain in short period of time. for us the pump continues of unseasonably warm air for one fo more day.ay we'll do low 80s. 80s well above normal temperaturepeu wise.
7:49 am
evening hours frontal passagefnl will allow winds to shift out of the north and west here.rth that will allow cooler air inir tonight of you can open the youe windows to 90 be very comfortable it there.e t tomorrow's daytime highs in thes upper 60s. noticeably cooler tomorrow.omoro still very nice couple of daysf and at this point we could usese rain shower activity.ctity. it look like we'll get it latetl thursday and friday.rida maybe thunderstorm activity onmy friday.. fox5 rocks.ks rocking to some rain showersrs friday morning. >> bring your umbrella.. >> it may not rain. r it may hold off until friday afternoon.oon >> right now breaking news witht metro. if you are taking the yellowellw line good news. news. we'll start you with the goodu t news. news normal service resumed at mountt vernon square. sar however, glenn montgomery boundm red line passengers mays experience delays earlier elier disable train at whites land isl moving off the line. l steve and allison were able toeo tell you about that.tellou about there was some smoking brakekina problems out there. so again they need to get thatea cleared up so red linein experiencing delays as well ases orange, blue and silver linerin residual delays to vienna
7:50 am
copy ya and we'llly due to earlier train malfunction att smithsonian.smit check your metro schedule beforf you head out the door this doo morning. right now as you make your wayor the inner loop in prince george's county, five branch fia avenue to the wilson bridge dowd to 18 miles per h once you cross the springfieldpe interchange do you jam a littlel bit through annandale as well. l incidents inside the district dr there's a crash on the 11 many1 street bridge inbound you're delayed back to the beltway alsy have typical slow moving traffic on 295 south approaching easters back to pennsylvania. 395 northbound also delays tolso the 14th street bridge. bdge. suitland parkway inbound to theu douglas bridge and then as you s make your way out in frederick i you hit delays by the truckruck scales and again by father aga b hurley. more traffic in just a few minutes. back to you. >> all right. r thanks so much, erin., e it's tuesday that means thens fabulous sarah fraser joins us live in studio a with somewhat a is trending.rein >> all right. first up ever wonder what some e of creepiest jobs are out there just in case you needed to knowo somebody conduct add study about
7:51 am
it. >> let's talk about that first.b >> heyou, fras. f >> i like that intro. >> yes, this is one of the first. fi we do studies for everything,ryn right? but this is one of thenf first studies on creepiness. do you have any guesses on whatw the creepiest jobs >> ghost hunter.>> g >> there are all these shows on about like ghost hunters. >> creepy like.y li i was thinking creepy like -- l >> like people that lear at you ana look at you funny.un >> but that's not a job. >> that's not an occupation. but that is -- (laughter).(l >> people get paid for that,pait sarah. i'm saying a job where those t type of people may work. >> clown was number one, tax determine mocks was on the listt i was surprised in the 10 actora was on there. taxi driver.river. people were not big fans of that. also funeral directors.. >> creepy i'm going to stare att you people. >> a lot of sex shop owners own staring at you
7:52 am
>> >> did you know creepy janitornj anywhere.anywhere. >> creepy janitor in elementarye >> the people who do these jobss are considered by this list to o be creepy people?pl >> right. in the eyes of the generals public.blic >> okay. >> then i thought -- you knowt o what i meantu, al. meant i got it now,.. >> then they looked at rep peeep hobbies and bird watching cameah in number one. one >> you know why, because youecay have binoculars on 24/7 who knows if you're looking at birdb or not. not it's creepy. >> i like how you say binocula binoculars. >> it makes me think of kevin what's the by anka.a >> we digress. >> any way bird watcher one of the creepiest and collectors.ol. you have people in your familyra that are big collectors mylects grandmother used to collect sale and pepper shakers. shake >> it depends on what it is. i >> i collect little turtles. ttl that sounds creepy now.ow.
7:53 am
>> i'm sorry. >> you creep.>> youreep (laughter). >> if you correct binoculars.ul that is so precious much that'ss kind of cool study normally i'ma like do we need a study for thaa but that's kind of cool.'sd of c >> what doles we have. w brainstormingha.ainstog how do you feel about brainstorming meeting? veryrmin interesting article came outar through linked in businesses,se companies groups should shopulsh stop using brainstorming itt actually kills >> what do you think?do yhi >> yes. >> let's get a bunch of people e together and think about it seet if we can come up with angolansl see why that's funny. >> extroverts leave a brainstorming meeting andeeti ad prevail. who has the biggest personalityo and is outgoing there are ideas take form versus somebody elseom who might have a really goodood idea.idea. brainstorming ends up becauseg n the idea of brainstorm there's e no bad idea. i we throw out a bunch of things that is actual wal they'reactu saying is the worst things e wo because you end up having so hi many ideas very few people veryv few times actually hone them ini and flush out an idea thatan i works. >> you pick one so everybodyso o else's idea didn't work thenidn' it's a bad >> now it's being called thed t sprint that
7:54 am
the sprint. the sprint is basically blockino out a couple of days of time o t where you come up with a couplel of ideas. you have one leader.ha one so you already have a designatee theater will make the decision.c so it's not sort of a groupt ofo effort trying to figure out whaw to do. d and then over those three days y you actually have to try out tht idea, test it, work through ann actual plan and see if it willfl work. . >> how did you get to that one e idea? the leader's idea.s ide >> you have the leader who comec up with the idea. >> i don't mine brainstormingran meeting. >> i don't mind it either ifin everybody has the open attitudet like, okay, i'm not going to bet upset if you don't use my idea.e >> that's it. >> all right.>> >> you know how it is. >> you feel like they didn't take any of those.keos why did we just do this.o thi >> sometimes because i have lowe tone to my voice i'll be in al meeting and i'll say somethingai something somebody else will sal the very same thing they'll beyb like good idea.d i i'll be in the back to steve t e like i just said that. >> suggest the sprint muchgest r that's what works now.w. >> if nobody gets credit for the idea -- you know what i mean.u w >> one for all and all for one.o >> that's the big part about tht
7:55 am
nobody takes credit. t cre it's a group evident. evi >> we have to go because we have to get another leading female i this country beside yourself. hillary clinton is cast her vot in new york the all important new york primary dayise today.y so millions of people hittingiti the polls in new york and shehe just walked into cast her voteet at this particular polling place. plac did you see her? we see allee fanfare around so we know thatna this happened.. very important. importa i said earlier that when i washs in new york over the weekend --- >> yes.>> yes >> bernie sanders rally happenea around us and we were swept upwe in it like what's going on? gog should be very interesting be vi people were trying to get outntu the vote in new york state. fraser, thank you. >> you're welcome. you see you soon.on >> 7:55. let's get back to tucker barness and find out what's happening wh with the theorecast. >> all right, guys. g live shot little bit of b o cloudiness out there early we'rw looking at mild temperatures.ras right now 60 degrees inees i washington.wa. and we're featuring highs back b in the low 80s, yes, low 80sow 8 later this afternoon one morener nice warm ay
7:56 am
a cool down as we get into into tonight and during the daytime y hours tomorrow.w highs close to where they shouls be. 60 at reagan national. 56 dulles. bwi marshall 58 degrees.8 gr looking at cloudiness out theree early. we will a weak cold front you ft can see the front with lightith rain shower activity pushingyng north and east of new york up yk towards boston early thisarly t morning, and we're in greatn shape.e we're going to be once again enjoying very very warmy warm temperatures later thiser afternoon. 15 degrees or so warmer thanha normal. the rain out to the west that will get in here thursday intoyo friday that's our next chancetha for rain thursday into friday at this point the lawns could use u it as we've gone quite sometimem without any measurable rain.sur. 81 today.81 68 tomorrow with cooler airler r moving in tonight.ving itoni and then some late day rain r thursday and perhaps again onin friday.ay right now the weekend looks fantastic.. upper 60s to about 70 just a fea clouds saturday and sunday.un weekend looks great.ksre let's see if your roads lookoa l great with e >> no. no he'll i'll help you get around n
7:57 am
how is that tucker.ha tucker. >> i love it. lit >> we'll start you off with afft look at our metro updates for you.u. red line problems right now glenn montgomery bound red liner passengers experiencing delaysgy earlier disable train at white i flint they had to move that offt the line so please give yoursels extra time if you are taking ren line this morning. m aside from that, incidents ineni the district delays on 295 soutu the beltway to the 11th street r bridge we had earlier crash onra the inbound side of 11th street bridge adding to the mixe and 295 south is slow. is s we'll take look at your outer o county traffic problems as weems keep it to fox5.ep it fox back in just a few. ♪
7:58 am
thank you. ordering chinese food is a very predictable experience. i order b14. i get b14. no surprises. buying business internet, on the other hand, can be a roller coaster white knuckle thrill ride. you're promised one speed. but do you consistently get it? you do with comcast business. it's reliable. just like kung pao fish. thank you, ping. reliably fast internet starts at $59.95 a month. comcast business. built for business.
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8:00 am
♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.ox right now at 8:00, life loo8 outside. it's tuesday morning, april 19th,ue 2016.6. weather and traffic coming up oi the 5's at 8:05.5 good tuesday morning, i'mnii allison seymour.eymo >> i'm steve chenevey. i'm s welcome to fox5 news morning. mg happening right now inppen prince george's county,ty, frightened residents of green g belt apartment complex talkingmx with fox5 about a late night standoff between police an man m who was shooting from a balconyy >> this morning that man is dead and the investigation is still very much on going. fox5's bob barnard is now live e in green belt for us.reent fo bob, good morning. >> reporter: hey, allison, steve, good morning to you. y this is the franklin park subdivision here in the city of green belt.reen belt.
8:01 am
courtyard is surrounded in surrd police tape where the man waswh shooting from was that third t floor balcony. you can see the screen door is out of the frame there. frame t. neighbors say the man startedtad firing in all directions we've seen police checking out bulletl holes in the bricks around thisi complex. show you some video tape fromapo last night. night. this happened around 10:30 lasts night here.t her this is spring hill court in tht green belt area this is the cit of green belt. b they are investigating.. they got the police got callsotl from neighbors saying a man isas shooting from a balcony. people have toll us this morning they heard from it down the street even outside this neighborhood.orhoo. police responded and they sayhey they were fired upon as well.el one city of green belt policet officer fired a shot that strucc the man up in his apartment.rtme they went in eventually foundyou him took him to the hospital bub he has the only description is thaton t he's a 28-year-old man that wasw apparently in the apartment bymt
8:02 am
but a lot of people heard this,t saw this and were frightened. >> i was at the window peeping,p there was gunshots.unsh. i went at the win bow peepingowe when he was shooting he had two guns. he was shooting left and right.t he was cussing. i don't really know whatly kw wh happened. it's it's really dangerous becaus'se gunshots because he was right there. ther like boom you see -- the nexthex minute the gunshots can come toe your apartment any time any dayd so we're not safe. s >> reporter: neighbors tell uss the gunman just had a baby. another neighbor tells me thisrm is his dog just looking at us au through the window here looks l ache pitbull mix. mix neighbor says this is the gunman's they brought the dog out of thet apartment and you see him just s kind of chilling back there.llit he's now here awaiting a new n home.ho police have not told us whats w their planning to do with thish dog, but the gun money is dead.d nobody else
8:03 am
gunfire.nfir a man shot killed by green beltb police here in the city of greef belt last night, >> oh, boy, i wasn't expectingtg that dog. bob, thank you very much. happening later today alatea viewing for fallen princelerince george's county firefighter john ulmshneider.ul he was shot and killed last weee while he and his partner were performing a welfare check callc in temple hills.eills the shooter says he was startlea beside them coming through hisnh door he says he shot ins i self-defense he's not facing ana charges at this time and hase a been released from policeice custody.y the prince george's county firer department wants to make sureakr something like this never n happens again as you can imagini last hour we spoke with the fire chief about possible changes his department looks to make. >> we'll probably give them a t little more guidance to help hel those people make better bet informed decisions while we'llse also look at the bigger things of vests and -- we currently cue have vests on orde
8:04 am
for our tactical program. we just don't have them yet mucc that is something that in the in industry across the country firr chiefs are looking at and fire f departments are dealing with. dw so a lot of change will likelyll come out of this.hi time will tell. >> the other firefighter washt w shot kevin swain.wa he's still recovering in theergn but he is expected to be okay. the federal transitr administration says metro needss to act fast and fix hundreds off defects the issues found duringd the recent metro inspections.pes they found high percentage of partially or no non functioning lights on tunnel walls, trainsra not following speed restrictions and expired fire extinguishers. fta directed metro to have ae plan in mace no later than nextx friday.frid ♪ now, to the race for thehe white house. hou new york voters head to thead tt polls today. tay in one of the most critical presidential election contests of the year.of the results could determineetmie whether the democratic andc republican front runners are ono a path to lock up theirhe nominations. recent po
8:05 am
with a big lead on the gop sided while hillary clinton has a slight edge over senator bernie sanders. >> 8:00 sorry five right now.ign time for weather and traffic on the 5's. come on over, tucker barnes. bae what you got for us today? s tay besides great news much lots ofo sunshine and low humidity.idit >> anything left. anythl >> steve, you've done my job for me. >> waiting for to you get overor here. >> i have the per fact walk sona for you. >> do you?>> do >> i heard it on the radio and a i'm like perfect song for tuck tucker. >> okay.>> okay. >> will you tell me >> sure. >> okay. >> hopefully we'll play it forly you later. wte >> yeah. i'm a little under the weather.e i'm not sure i'll w be very good walk for you i'll do it.o it >> let's get it started by the black eye >> let's do it when you feelit better.tter >> we'll definitely do it byefit tomorrow. >> all right.>> 60 in washington. aronardtown 61.n on 57 in fredericksburg. 54 up in some mace to our northr and west in frederick, yes.,es 61 in gaithersburg.sburg nice mild start to the day. few clouds out there early. we're featuring a m o
8:06 am
clouds today. with breezes picking out of the north and west.des we have cooler air to to tonighg and daytime hours tomorrowly onl more day in the 80 the coolere c weather arrives tonight.s to it will still be pleasantbeas tomorrow upper 60s to about 70 7 but this early spring late spring warmth we only have one more dave it with, again, 80 ain this afternoon. >> look forward it to. f thank you tucker.uucke >> let's check in with erin getn a look at what's happening on the roads and the rails theand whole traffic deal.eal. >> we'll start you off with stat inbound activity in the distri district. delays on inbound cabin john ana clara barton parkway. we have a grab george washington parkway at heavy delays leading to that locate. lo are you moon walking over, wng o tucker.tuck >> i'm trying to.ryg to >> aww. >> he's practicing for his bigcr debut with allison's song. son as you cross into the key bridge volume steady from rosslyn intol george up to. typical delays northwest onthweo connecticut and massachusetts aa you make your way 42 friendships heights a
8:07 am
orange, blue and silver line normal service resume at smith sonya. grosvenor bound red line trainrn off loading at medical also, some leftover red line ren delays because of an earlier problem outside the glenn montgomery station so bery statb prepared for that and yelloworh line normal service resume atese mount vernon square.que. we'll take live look outside. outer loop of the beltway top t side jammed by new hampshirehi from 95 through about the spur. a lot of stop and go traffic. gc you start to open up little bite by colesville. 95 southbound jams icc to the te beltway and bw parkway south bound 197 to powder mill iswder still heavy. a little bit of northboundorthun volume as you make your way 95a9 northbound bw northbound towardt ball baltimore this morning.tim keep in mind 270 southbound is i also backed up as you make youry way out passed father hurleyy boulevard and 66 inbound remains slow as you cruise from f centreville into the beltway. by that's your look at traffic.raff back to you.. oh two famous businessus partners who you know more iceor cream than poli
8:08 am
the district on cal toll him.olh more on that next.ex >> plus not much love in thenotn city of brotherly love when itnt comes to the philadelphia flyery and their fans. they're unsportsmanlike shenanigans helping the caps tos big victory last night even thet flyers announcer appealed, tolde them to show some class.. sports junkies join us this hour to talk all about it.alall those stories and more when we're back in just 30 seconds. ♪ >>
8:09 am
live pictures from chap pa quan new york right now.. >> yes, al? yes, al? >> i was just going to say shets and former president billnt clinton have home there chap paa quan new york going back tok they're adopted home of new yoy york.rk >> here she is. >> to cast her vote.>> >> you can barely see her arouno that camera my crone phone.e ph. you'll see her emerge in just a second. se they're both together.'rth t just went to cast their vote in the new york primary a fewmary minutes ago.nuteago. entered about little beforetle r 8:00 o'clock about 7:53. 7:5 about 15 minutes ago. a >> always a powerful image i i think to seat candidatesanda actually get out there and votee themselves.themselv i always like to see that shot.a >> that's what it's all about, right.ri >> right. >> all those people that got upp early to wait in line getting a chance to meet theeoin former president and, you know, for ana lot of folks especially those te wearing the hillary opinions ops they're hope for the futuree pe president as well. >> happening right now in new york
8:10 am
hillary clinton again votinl there. big important primary in newry york state. we'll of course have the results for you after voting concludesgc today. two notable among hundredsta of protesters arrested yesblterd on capitol ben and jerry you know the t names. they're of ice cream fame benam and jerry they dem trader asrars part of the democracy awakening movement to protest thetest influence of big money in m politic. they have a long history ofe speakinspeaking out on mitt cal ben and jerry also supporters of bernie sanders and had plannednn to campaign for him today. tod >> north carolina the fallouta o from a controversial state law w in north carolina rock band pearl jam pulls out as show in that state over the anti transgender law. l they had show coming up in raleigh they have now decided td cancel. cancel. i believe that was the closesttt to d.c. on their tour by thery way. outside of philly. also, classic rock band boston n announced yesterday they'red going to cancel upcoming shows s in north carolina as well. bruce springsteen pull out asrig did a few ot
8:11 am
bill cosby's wife will bee questioned under oath once again today as part of a defamationamo lawsuit against her hub. h camille cosby did the first parf of the deposition back in in february after she lost a court battle to skip it, not testifyot against her husband. husba she went back to court to try and cancel a second round of questioning, but judge ruled shd must do it.. the lawsuit is filed by seven be women who claim cosby painted pt them as liars after they wentarh public with sexual assault allegations against him. huge settlement to help former nfl players going forward now.w they could receive benefits inef the next few m it's estimated $1 billion plann to settle thousands of concussion lawsuits filed bysi former pla those players have already beenr diagnosed with brain linked to repot the concussionso the nfl says the decision to to move forward a significant stepa in providing compensationomns fourths players. pye actor mark wahlberg att today's race dressed as policeli officer. this is in boston.this i b it would have been yesterday'sty race in boston.race i the maraon
8:12 am
he was shooting scenes fors upcoming movie called patriots i day. the movie recounts the 20133 marathon bombings. actor jake gyllenhaal also in as boston filming scenes at fenways park for the movie strongeron based on the book by bombingng survivor jeff because man and a those two throughout the first t pitch before yesterday's red socks gay.s g first pitch at the red socks res game 11 a.m. 11 so some morning baseball onn marathon day.ay. president obama and thet ame first lady will have a royal din are in date during their trip tr the uk this week. wk >> kensington palace confirming prince william his wife kate and his brother prince harry willarw host the obamas for dinnerne friday at the william and kate have met the h president and first lady severar times before.sefor the first family also scheduledd to have lunch with queenen elizabeth at windsor castle.. still ahead, a community cou holding on to hope that ahat virginia firefighter will bel b found safe.d what we know about herow abo h disappearance coming up.rance mg we're back in just two minutes..
8:13 am
the nra and its campaign cash are what stands between us and gun reform.
8:14 am
ng tragedy struck in a place parents felt their children were safe" chris van hollen met with nra lobbyists to craft a loophole that would let the nra skirt a new campaign finance law and block gun control. but democrat donna edwards said "no" to the nra loophole and stood up to the gun lobby. and she would ban assault weapons. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
8:15 am
powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $3.99 today. america runs on dunkin'. ♪ ♪ welcome back, everybody. 8:15.8:. gorgeous morning in the dmv. 59 degrees.. >> crazy winds out there thisds morning o.mornin >> nope.ope. >> flag just kind of chilling ai top the white house thisnd mowhrning. beautiful day in the nation'sat' capitol.pitol. >> it will be 80 again >> wow.>> w >> super. >> going to be nice. goi >> sal we do some >> s please. p we're on a roll right now.t n >> let's get cute. c favorite time of day.ay time for fox5 first five. >> got new shades for summer sun
8:16 am
>> what's going on. wha >> hey gorgeous.. >> we got sarya.. thank you steve.te >> looks like sarya from the t pronounce sorry. sorry i would have thought it was zaria.zari >> i see super cute.uper c that's all that really >> she's just bear al-year-old,o too.too. >> she's 13 months old. o >> okay. >> and you can tell from the sunglasses she is ready to getdt out enjoy the nice weather. >> when did one-year-olds starts being so fashionable on their ot own and posing and -- >> i think with this picture. pu >> and rocking their shades.ha >> with this picture it starteda the trend.e tre >> she gets it from other family members. catches on >> she's a bigtc girl shows chek are asking me to give them lotst of kisses. of kis >> love the >> isn't it cute? cute? >> adorable. >> pure happiness right she'll have a good desay, weathr wise, right. right >> perfect day are for the sunglasses. you'll need them.yo about 80 this afternoonu'.ftnoon >> zen us your picture.s yourre do it by facebook.yaceb >> that 80 will be a few degreee cooler than yesterday when weerw hit 85. yes, send us your ic
8:17 am
first five go to our facebookacb 60 now in washington. in 45 up in boston. let's see. see. 50 in detroit of 46 in chicago.o didn't very 33 degrees. 33 gree next week we have the potentialn for some snow in denver. >> what?>>hat? >> yes. >> is that late? is that is tt normal? how we doing?oing? >> well, what's interesting is the real snowy time of year inri denver is actually march. >> okay. o >> they transition to springtrsi there.ther >> yeah. >> so but a little unusual beinb april and talking about feet off snow in the mountains out to tho west of denver. all right. rig let's see if we can finde can anything else to talk o as we get down towards houston. it is 69 degrees.9 degr all right.all t. there's your storm trackerra radar. nice and quiet.nice we've got a few clouds out there and we got weak cold front whicw will get in here tonight.on one more day in the 80s cool itl down tonight and tomorrow in the upper 60s that's where we shoulw be by the way. w 68 degrees our daytime high thig
8:18 am
>> the red for fox5 rocks shoulo be on thursday -- on wednesday for the caps. c >> you do.ou d >> that's the caps rocking theot >> it's red and it rocks.d r you see what i mean rock the r red. we have rocks there.ave so we're kind of rocking the r red. red. >> well, we hold a concert heree on friday, >> i know. kno maybe another color, though. >> no? i'm assuming --g >> i see. >> rocking red witness caps ines don't know want them to play ony >> well, okay. i mean -- >> high degree of difficulty.fiy >> tucker is sassy today.. >> maybe another color.ther col >> i love when tucker is on o medication. >> i know. i feel like i want to give him m hot tea with lemon and a shot ot something special in it.t. >> don't get too close to him. m >> no.>> you too, steve.u too, steve. >> i'm staying away. i'm >> right now we'll move overve metro update i have good news red line normal service resume on the white flint. fnt let's take live look outside and show you how things are shapinga up. things by new hampshire jammedhe up on the outer we have a crashe reported att
8:19 am
this already congested area.sted so keep that in mine. m a look back at our maps. some other delays and accidentss around the area. area. bw parkway northbound after 197 there's a crash and delays aresa back to goddard space flightli center really heavy trafficffic north and southbound annebound arundel and bw parkway and takek look at 32 inbound heavy traffic towards bw parkway. 95 probably a better bet towardr baltimore this morning. morning aside from that inbound activity delays on inbound clara bartonlo as well as cabin john an crash gw parkway southbound at 123. 1 back to you steve and allison. >> erin, thanks. 8:19 on this tuesday19this morning. virginia firefighter is missing. nicole mittendorff's family fil hasn't heard from her sinceer s wednesday. >> friends and family membersnd held a vigil praying for f her safe return and today police may know where she has been last orl when she was last seen. fox5's melanie alnwick live at e fairfax station now with more or this mystery.yste mel, good morning. >> reporter:
8:20 am
steve and allison. allis so i was just looking at the t national park service s information for this trail that nicole mittendorff where her car was found, and it really looksll like it's very difficult hiking. they say this is according toor the national park service thatka many people underestimate thetia amount of time and energyrg necessary to visit all six watew falls and return to the correctc parking lot.g lot. there's lot of warnings aboutt w making sure that you bring food and flashlights and extra andxt clothing and make sure you cannm get back to your car before bor dark.dark now, we don't know if indeed ine that is the trail that nicoleic was planning on running but went do hope to get some sort of anf update today.od at least from her fairfax county fire department last night, however, was a timet for prayers and tears nicolee mittendorff's church family her hub and her own family gatherede at st. paul's united methodistdo in woodbridge where she wore ships. a text message pan toll family l member was the last on wednesdad that anyone heard from
8:21 am
>> as followers of christ we'rew just called to pray withoutay wo ceasing so that's what we'reha doing tonight, and we will doild that until she's found.nd. we just all love nicole deeply and remain hopeful that she will be found. >> reporter: nicole is a firefighter paramedic she's beec working with fairfax county fory three years.three ye she was reported missing fridayi when she didn't show up to her h duty station at fire station 303 in merrifield, virginia.gini her car as we mentioned wastionw located around 8:00 o'clock saturday night in lot at the l base of the white oak canyonan trail in shenandoah nationaliona park about 90 minutes from the woodbridge home that she shareda with her husband who works foror virginia state police as p sergeant there. friends do tell us that nicoleic was very athletic.tic she enjoyed reducing stress by y running and hiking and just so much outpouring from thehe community.mmunit nicole's husband did say onid s facebook a simple post, het, wanted to thank everybody for their support just saying he say
8:22 am
everybody individually so,y so, again, 10:00 o'clock this morning, we expect some kind ofi update from fairfax county firef department and fairfax countynty police we understand arestand supposed to be here too, buto bo steve and allison no word yetd y from have a have state policeol who are conducting the primary a search down in sean dope ya asdo to whether they will be here or have any comment on it as well.l back to you. >> all right. right mel, thanks very.sery new movie switching gears elvisv and nixon hits theaters on tater friday.ay. >> kevin's interview with thevih stars of that film.m kevin spacey and michael shannon. we're back in just two minutes. ♪
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
♪ all righty. welcome back.> we hey, check out ylcour mildour m temperatures. 60 now in washington.inon. 56 at at dulles. 64 degrees nice jump at bwi bwi going to be another warm be afternoon. low 80s for daytime highs. and we're featuring plenty ofleo sunshine by afternoon.y afterno got a little bit of cloudinessln out there early.ouy. a mix of sun and clouds here foe the first half of your day butot it should remain nice and dry ad this afternoon. late tonight, tomorrow, weakorrw cold front see it there pushingi through new york city.ugh new y. that will drop down into theop d region that will shift our winds out of the north and west and ww will be in for cooler air later tonight through the daytime dayi hours wednesday looking at our daytime high by wednesdayeday afternoon in the upper 60s. cooler weather on the wayern th tonight and for the day tomorr
8:26 am
all right. i've done my part. let's see about traffic with erin. >> 8:25. we have delays.we h at least we have sunshine if i we're sitting in traffic. tra outer loop jams by new hampshire we're dealing with a crash at ca university blocking the should shoulder. and per pretty heavy traffic. inner loop looking good.op loo o bottom side of the beltway innen loop slow across the wilson bridge. take look at our maps. maps slow moving traffic in the tic district 11th street bridge toro third street tunnel is down to 13 miles per hour.our. also keep in mine 295 is just js all jammed up as you pass 50. 50 inbound jams by kenilworthwoh and then new york avenue really slow by south dakota.ot branch avenue to the wilsonso bridge on the inner loop down to 18 miles per hour.r. give yourself a loft extra timea there. suitland parkway still red linel as you make your way inbound inb towards the douglas bridge. slow 395 northbound across thest 14th street bridge. things jam from george washington parkway southbound as crash by 123 and delays across the key bridge.. bw northbound a crash after 1977 delays back to the goddardod flight center and
8:27 am
very heavy. h i would say 95 north or or southbound better bet for you. u allison and steve? >> erin, thank you very much. y still ahead which localwhh l schools made the list of thet ot best high schools in the united states? st >> we know kevi kevin spacey asa president frank underwood onerwo house of cards he plays are youy char nixon in a few movie. movi. what he think as conversationatn between those might sound like. wait you may have seen the movie rosss oval office set before. it's 8:27.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ >> it is 8:29. 60 gorgeous degrees out there.ue going to climb up to 80 again today.da tucker and erin will be along shortly with your meet forecastc and a check of the roads.. meantime, there are a lot ofot f bright people who live in the dmv. dm now here's even more po >> the list of the top high t h schools in the entire country is out.t. and several schools in ourl schn region made the cut.he c keep in mine these arese a nationwide here you go. he top school in the country actuaa until texas but number five isfs in virginia out of the top 100 1 schools in the country thomas ta jefferson high school forso science and technology inn alexandria came in number five.v and number 63 we go to maryland, walt whitman high school inn bethesda. number 88 school without wallsul in washington, d.c. number 94 winston churchill higg school.ho state of maryland awarded forarf having one of the highest percentage of top performingfoig high school in the country.ry. maryland, d.c. and virginia alla making the list.he list. >> there you go.
8:31 am
only bright spot in the dmv. dmv what about our little eaglets ee today online voting begins to t name these two the public can vote on the on eaglets names by going on the friends of national arboretum facebook page and comment with t your suggestion.o few suggestions lucy and ethel.. or honor and look at them. >> they're grow up so fast, al. >> what happened? soon they'lll be flying away. >> they'll be stick aig round a br little bit.igfor little couple more months at leasthst l they'll be in the nest and we'lh get a chance to watch them thatt nest will get very crowded soon, right? >> yeah. >> that's a cool little update. >> live picker from eagle cam.rc we'll head right now to new yor city. that's where our good friendur r kevin mccarthy is this morning. >> um-hmm. um-hmm. kevin, good morning. >> hey, good morning allison and steve.. great to be on with you this morning.morng. honestly, exciting to be in newe york. i interviewed kevin spacey as se well as michael shannon yesterday incredible experiencep
8:32 am
called elvis and nixon.ixon remember doris roberts thisober morning. she passed away you havely at the age of 90 incredible actress incredible career and for me,ndr you know, one thing i loved i l about her and this is randomando role to bring up, i always lovel her in this movie called grandma's boy. b i thought she was just hilarioul in that film.inm. very under rate the comedy but b we all primarily know her as ths mother from everybody lovesery l raymond.raymon she won four emmy awards for that she was nominated for 11 emmys s in her lifetime incredible career that spanned over 60 years.years and a lot of outpouring onuring social media yesterday. yesterd ray romano released a statemente about her as well as -- there'se been so many people talkingin about how many great roles she s had and for me again it was grandma's boy.s b people mentioned specific rolese from the 80s or everybody lovesv raymond.ymd. she really touched a lot of a lf lives throughout her career and i think her career will live on
8:33 am
and i can't waiting to home whe i get home today i'm literallyir putting on grandma's boy.ndma's if you haven't seen it very underrated r rated not for kids much she's classics in that film again she will be e missed and she was 90 years oldd very sad story.ry she passed away.y >> they was so funny. >> i agree. >> yes.>> yes i agree a hundred percent. p >> you sat down witness stars oo nixon and steve and i were i w saying not a lot of publicity pb for this movie yet.. >> yeah, elvis and nixon it'sixi here tribeca film festival inesa new york a smaller studio release, this story blows my my mine. we all know the photograph fromo the december 21, 1970 and forndf people who don't know, you know, elvis requested a meeting with w president nixon. nixon he went to d.c. walk up to the entrance with this letter in hasn'ted it to the security secr guard and ended up mee meeting w president nixon that day.xothat all he wanted to do to get a federal badge. bad he wanted that be federal agent at larg
8:34 am
and inspired by a true storyeto michael shannon plays elvis, and mr. kevin spacey plays presideni nixon we know him as presidentre underwood obviously from houselm of cards. i believe we have the real the l photograph here it's the most requested photograph at thehe national archives it's currentle living in california at thea at nixon library but it's a phenomenal photograph and theh a meeting was secretive for whilee until the photograph finallyoton came out. came but i sat down with kevin spacea and michael shannon to talk to about this iconic role but what would president underwood fromnd house of cards talk about if he could have met nixon obviouslyby one is a fictional character and one is a real live pe. check this out.. >> watching you in the oval office, and i'm like, blown away by how well you're playing nixoi and i couldn't help but think tt myself, what would underwood and nixon talk about in that office together? >> you know, it's a goodnow,t's question.qu i don't know.i i mean one is obviously oious fictional and one is a real and it was interesting obviouslv wor
8:35 am
although this was the oval ova office set from west wing. win >> really. >> different oval office.fere also the movie dave. and our oval office in house off cards is our own that we built.i so there were two different rooms. but, you know, i think probablyl underwood would have a deeper conversation with johnson thanon he would with nixon. i think they might find a relationship.relati >> that's awesome.esome >> i got to bring this story upy much this is incredible.. yesterday i was on air in theirt d.c. in the morning i trained ud to new york and i was the lasths interview of the day. d they were doing press all dayrel and i was the last person to p walk in the room. in thom. and as i walk in the room kevin spacey said my full name heyy kevin mccarthy and startedta telling michael shannon all thet time we've done interviewsview together in wads at the cal e ripken event last year. last ye. it was just cool he rememberedee that and he gave me an extra an question we left the room, theyt were leaving for the day, and dy there was this big poste
8:36 am
lobby that had two faces cut ouo for the movie elvis and nixon. and they face swapped themselvee so nixon obviously played by kevin spacey michael shannon shn stood there and spacy stood in elvis' place and snapping photop like you know i'm going to get selfie of this moment. cool moment to see these two t actors just having fun.avingun that movie opens up on friday. incredible story which i didn'td really fully i knew about the photo but it'ss a really really interestingnterg story about why they met that tt day in december of 1970. i'll have more from that fro interview coming up on good dayd d.c. today in the 10am hour. ho. >> one of the cool things abouto movies, it forces to you learnsu about history, too.t stor >> that's right. i love it. >> get more into the real storyo >> i agree. steve, what's crazy these sets.t i had no idea they still kept kp the west wing oval office ande they're still using it fortor movies today and if you haven'tn seen house of cards season four, highly recommend tha the best season of house ofouseo cards yet. definitely spacy -- kevin spacey having a great year
8:37 am
>> you can best the -- rank thee best oval office sets of all time. >> that's great idea.ha thanks lot. see you at 10am.t'u at 1m. >> cool. coo see you then. have fun in new york.. >> it's nice out tuck any wayay you slice it nice day.e itice d. >> right behind you beautifulyot blue sky. 50 cease in 58 quantico. fredericksburg 68.icks 68 in leonardtown upper 50s annapolis. little cooler by the bay. bay there's storm tracker radar fewf clouds off to the north and wesa it won't be perfectly sunny dayd part toll mostly sunny day.. but shout remain dry and again n one more day in the 80s before e we get cooler weather in here ih later tonight. tonht. that will set us up for highh temps in the 60s tomorrow.orrow little cooler by tomorrow. 81 today. winds north and west 10 to 15.. increased threat for fires later today. so if you're working with open n flame outdoors, be on the lookk out. going to be breezy and low humidity out there.midity out t okay much that's weather updated erin is back with yet anothernoh loo
8:38 am
>> slow roads.. but good to us for metro.r mro metro all lines back to normal.. you may with residual delays onn the red line but other thant ot that, back to normal. southbound 16th street there'sre a stall at military road.ary so you can see heavy trafficic delays at alaska avenue.t alnu we'll go ahead and show you whaa else you're up against as tuckec mention add lot of slow roadsd f around the area. a in your opinion branch avenue tb the wilson bridge down to abouto 18 miles an hour dealing withlig typical volume on seven out in tysons and inner loop delays lop through annandale. 95 northbound from stafford byob 610 all the way up to thehe springfield interchange stop ans go traffic especially in dale i city. taking a look in the districtk t the 11th street bridge to the third street tunnel down totunnn 13 miles an hour on the freewayo really slow-moving traffic thert and here's a look at our metro o update for you like i said. sai back to normal. nor that's good news.that's good nes watch for some residual delayss to white flint aside from metroo this morning, crash on bw parkway northbound after 197. 1 delays back to goddard space spe flight center 32 inbound towardt
8:39 am
volume. keep it to fox5 news morning. m. we're back for more in just a few. ♪
8:41 am
♪ ♪ layoffs are coming tocong t nordstrom.nord the company says it plans to cuo as many as 400 jobs by the end of its fiscal second quarter. qa the changes will mean $60 million in nordstrom says it will close cse unfilled open positions first tt minimize the impact on current workers, but the cuts willut w pri
8:42 am
center and regional supportpo teams. target is rigs its minimum n wage to $10 an hour. hou the changes being done to keep in line with similar moves by mv competitors like wal*mart. its target second wage hike in n year.year they last raised minimum pay p rate in april 2016 to $9 ann hour.hou now it will be 10.l be 1 the federal minimum wage stillll sits at 7.25 per hour. i hate this thought i lovehl going into drugstores. drugs i don't know why.i but you may never need to walkdo into a cvs store again. a the company is starting a curbnc side pick up it will be call cvs excess andsd cut less be a able to order items using a mobile app. their order will be delivered w right to the car.righ they plan to roll out service te most stores bite end of the ye year. but this isn't for big cityity locations.loca you guys because parking. parki >> i was just going to say if jo you try to hit ones in mys in neighborhood you'll be blockingy traffic. so --so >> is it me. >> i love going into a drugstord and just looking around the the aisles. >> had you fun, al.>> h we should do that >> w
8:43 am
i might be. >> invite me.>> i >> still ahead hockey chaos. >> big victory last night for lr the caps but what the philadelphia fans did that has everybody talking.ybtal sports junkies will join usl joi coming up. it's's 8
8:45 am
♪ you know i love me some coll play, steve. s >> i know do you. >> yeah.>> y >> i mean -- i know do you. (laughter).(laugh >> we'll leave it at that. capitol dome could be gorgeousm y,
8:46 am
go to play without picturing the skittles thing from the superngh bowl. >> that's okay.>> >> it's fine. but the skittles thing.s tng >> remember the half time show all those bright colors.olor >> that was flower >> skittles. >> peace and love. p >> i'm easy, yeah.'m eas yea hey. hey. steve one more 80 plus degreeeg day. can you handle it?n hand >> can you handle it? steve? >> yeah, steve.teve >> can you handle it?t? >> now i don't know. k (laughter). >> i'm sorry.. >> apparently he can't.arentl >> we bullied him.e buied him. i apologize.. >> 60 in washington.ashingto 58 quantico.uao 64 very comfortable degrees inei fredericksburg. off to the north and west we'rer a little cooler in frederick att 54 degrees. lock at winchester, i just flipi the map. winchester already 70 so very quickly warming up thatt with the sun out, and it shoulds be very very pleasant day.ant d. do have a little bit more in th way of cloudiness than yesterd yesterday. not perfectly sunny afternoon. mostly sunny day with win out o the north and west.e and weak cold front. fnt won't bring us any rain but wilw bring us cooler temperatures asu it moves through late thisghe ts afternoon ton night.
8:47 am
80 today's, we'll be back in the upper 40s to about 50 byut 50 b tomorrow morning and tomorrow's daytime highs will top out onlyo in the upper 6 by the way that's where we w should be this time of year.ime all right. rain showers out to the west. oh i know you're probably wondering when is my yard going to getng g needed rain? it looks likee overnight thursday into friday morning and perhaps through thet day on friday we got a chance aa for some showers andnd thunderstorms as we finally gett some rain that's really beenealy stuck out here for the betterree part of a week to move east. e by late in the week here. h we're looking at 80s again0sga today.y. temperatures well above normalew that front i mentioned had brind us cooler weather.eaer let me also mention very dry vey conditions out there.itio we have enhanced threat forhreat fires later today.oday that's our only real concernce today. with breezy and warm conditions expected to continue. 81 today.oday 50 by tomorrow morning. morni 68 on wednesday. wednesday. next chance for rain thursdayrsa night and into friday.. right now the weekend looks fantastic.ntc. sunday and saturday perfectct spring weather. wea items near sunday
8:48 am
afternoon.afternoon. >> let's check in with holly anh wisdom fine out what's coming ug good day d.c. wis, nice out/it. o >> ex help. you couldn't ask for better dayr >> love it.t. >> perfect.>> >> perfect. you know what else is good, gooi day d.c. because at 9:00 we'rewe all over the big local stories o lot to cover.lot to cover >> that's right.s police shoot and kill a man inna maryland overnight.ry why they say they had no choice. plus the prince george's countyt fire chief speaks to fox5 missis morning about changes on the waw in the wake of a firefighter whw was killed. kille and where is the northern nh virginia woman missing now for several days? we may learn morm about the case this morning.. >> also at 9:00-a player and his pup. the washington redskins chriss s culliver is live in the loft thl with us and he's going to talkoo about the great event they hopeh you could be a part >> all right. also we'll talk about luscious u lips. >> oh, thank you.ou >> more more than people are getting injections and not just women. wo men wanting full lips, too. there are pretty big safetyafety concerns. co wel
8:49 am
>> interesting. then on good day at 10a we'veay got kevin spacey, stars from the orange is the new black and soms great uses for garlic thatc at actually do not involve cooking. >> okay. i can't wait to see >> good day d.c. just momentsten away, >> i thought wisdom lookedooked little different.iffent >> luscious lips today.oday >> i thought you were talking y about the garlic. (laughter).ghter) >> then i'd be standing overin >> you guys shortly in about 10t minutes or so. so. (laughter). >> 8:49 right now. capitals wakin waking up three s to none lead over thed ov philadelphia flyers.adelia flye. the first in franchise hit reacr serve talking about the fans inn philadelphia. no shock l let's check in withnh the sports good morning. i was going back through thek history of philadelphia fan likk greatest hits moments. mts everything from, you know, santa claus snowball fights throwingig batteries now throwing wristg is what entertains you aboutins u a philadelphia fans?s? >> well, i lived there for thref years and i went to law schoolw and they a
8:50 am
i don't know if you remember tht basketball player sean bradleydy he was 7-foot six.ix >> yeah. >> i felt bad for the guy.y. because they will terrorizeze somebody who doesn't live up tot the expectations.econs. even allen iverson was rippedip the great allen iverson thersont answer was ripped in in philadelphia. so that's what i've alwaysat enjoyed the best, even their t best players get ripped andipd often thrown out of town. town >> i mean there's so notorious t they have a jail in their inheir football stadium, right?? >> they used to at the vet. t vt >> i think they put one in thehe new -- >> they should.should >> yeah. >> if it's not there they shoule build one. build >> where do you draw the line between sports fans who are w a trash talking and doing whatoinw they can to support their teamht and then fans that are actuallya hurting their team or are they? last night two minute penaltyeel but the game was all right overe but where do you draw that linee >> what line do you want to drad good i guess between fans beingg supportive and hurting?? >> but they're from philadelph philadelphia. they're just they come out ofhe the womb just bidder.y j (laughter). >> i think -- i'll tell was, wa,
8:51 am
this like i. to aft they through the tthrouge bracelets on the ice those thret hot chicks came on the ice to io shovel them off.shov >> i didn't notice them thenotie entire rest of the game so i'm i thinking that's going to justous bait frameable month throw moret stuff on to the ice.o thece. >> yeah, i would have. >> but i think general the fansn don't affect what's going on on the ice. ice the capitals are clearly aar better team solar less of how o the fans behaved, that's nothatn going to affect the out come onn the ice. the capitals are thrashing thist team right now. ovechkin had three games in -- i two goals in three games.n e gam the caps just seem to be a superior team. >> which is a little surprisingg i'd say we even had allen may oy and he's obviously an ex capital, capitals expert endxp thought that team would get morr of a lift with dedication to edd snider yesterday. and obviously eye maybe thereayt was for the first 50 seconds orr >> but nothing sustainable thelt better team clearly up.p. up three-zero now we've got a
8:52 am
98% chance to close out this series. hopefully they do it soonerit s rather than later. >> i'd have a broom in studio. i we snead some brooms. b >> although the set --et- >> sweep.>>weep >> alarming stat.>>larmin sips 2000 sand, steve, teams that have swept opponent in the fir round are just seven and a eight in the second round. rnd >> we don't need to hear that. t >> then again the caps neverap gone up three-zero before ande they were able to get ahead of o that trend.. i find it interesting last nighg i don't know throughout this whole series i guess whether itr was the flyers losing one ofon o their best players in the firstf game and then that fluke key goal on saturday just seems --es last night their power play --ea they didn't even look like theyl were on the same page at all iti seems like this flyers team is a just like we're done. >> we're getting the breaks andk that's what you need.d. >> right.>> r to be b hopefully, if they can close cae this out soon, we get an extra t maybe eight or 10 days and guysg like brooks, or love and these guys were c get healthy and be e at full strength when we fac
8:53 am
whoever it is.oever >> i agree with you eric. e before we let you go one lasto l thing back to the fans though.. if it was caps fans who were whw throwing stuff on the ice, now,n assuming the three of you arere well behaved when you go to the games, sitting in your suite one your free comps, assuming thatt you're well behaved unsee other caps fans acting that way, do,o you like that or do you not likl that is it an embarrassment tomt the organization.izio >> you don't like that.on't lik. >> it's embarrassing.barr >> it's horrifying. i a couple of ust' are maryland ml grads i'm a proud maryland grad but it was horrifying when youwn go to games and some kids wouldu maybe throw a water bottle at the duke parents or their or bawling up the newspaper back i the day and throwing them at tht any kind of behavior like thatt is appalling and embarrassing you don't want to be -- you-- y don't want anything to do witht >> you can blame the flyers blay organization if you don't want'w them to throw things on the icee don't give them little trinketsr to throw on the ice.n the >> they can't handle it.andle i >> don't give them anything.them >> right.>> r >> all right.>> at least they're not giving away batteries themselves just givins
8:54 am
i'm assuming they were supposedd to light it up and tribute to the owner who died.e ow but that ruined that one.ha o talk to you tomorrow. tor >> thank you. >> 8:54 now. now let's switch gears do something nice say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. day today it's kattena posie.os she's rocking the red, al. >> yes. you are are >> she's a faithful fox5 viewere we love that kattena. >> she wants to wish everyone a wonderful week.l week. thank you and the same to you.ty we hope your week is a great ong for your chance to be tomorrow's fan leave a comment below hers s photo on our facebook page. p >> before we get to weather to actually want to remind yout to about this friday coming up weie have the second installment in i our great fox5 rocks concert con zeros it. >> continues with awesome band called secret society. soc take a listen. ♪ >> reminds me of one of myin meo favorite singers. sinrs. >> john maher. >> it does -- is that --hat
8:55 am
maher to me. >> do you know who michael m franks is. fran >> i've heard the name.'ve >> you know love me michaelve ml franks. fran >> i don't because -- i'm tryinn to place it. >> he's very smooth jazzy sort s of '80s, '70s.s. >> if he sounds like that he's h got my vote. v >> this is secret society iociey can't wait to be out there. the. wisdom and i will be there on te friday. the band was performed back in k 2008 i like that t-shirt, too, o by musician washington area music named brian mills hels h wanted to bring back that live band sound to what he calls a heavily computerized musicrid m market today so in 2015, they were nominatedt for a wammy by the washingtonasg area music awards for best urban contemporary group.roup. secret society sound influenced by stevie wonder, john colen c train marvin gay to name a fewe you can hear them perform newrmw original music too along with at some of their old classics orlac old classics this friday atdayt farragut square park. again i'll be out there, wisdom will be out there.he they're trying to pull you outlo will there.
8:56 am
>> that would be great.t we'll see what we can do. any way it will bewowh free.e. >> yup. >> it's a big show liveg broadcast during fox news morning and good day d.c. on friday.fray. we'll see through.we >> sounds great. s be there or be farragut square.. >> you're so funny. >> farragut square. squar >> be careful wisdom might steal that joke from you >> tucker, you know something you can throw out on the ice ana not hurt anything? hats.ats. like on ove hat trick. tri. >> sure. throw the hats on the ice.the ce >> that's what we want. >> don't they throw octopuses os out in detroit. detroit. >> i don't know if they stillw f do. nasty. >> they through the plastic rats out in -- (laughter). >> yeah.eah. >> 65 now in washington.hito 70 dulles. bwi marshall 73 jumped as wed speak it will be absolutelybsol beautiful day.ful ay. low 80s.low 8 plenty of sunshine nice quiet nu afternoon for you with a fewh fw clouds out there.ouds out there we have a cooler air on the waye moving in from the north and nth west winds will shift out of the north and west and tonight overnight lows will be back be b closer to 50 so coolerr temperatures by enjoy ay 81. actually tomorrow looks great,lt too.
8:57 am
the upper 60s. 6 next chance for rain lateain l thursday and friday.da we'll keep our fingers crossedrs we can keep it out of h cere whw we are rocking at fox5 rocks.oc and then actually need the rainn showers. i think we'll get it out of herh in time for the weekend. weend. weekend looks great.ooks gre that's a weather update.pdat erin is back with last look atoo the roads.e rds. >> 8:57.>> 8 problems, crashes let's getcras right to in anne arundel. bw parkway northbound after 1977 delays back to goddard spacerd night center and then as you make your way out in baltimorere area 97 north past ben field boulevard delays in the districs heavy volume on the secondariesi as usual. usu keep it to fox five.o f five. good day at 9a will be right back. ♪
8:58 am
kids: he came here from rocky married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect
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glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us.
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♪ straight ahead, a shoot outt with police in prince george'sn county.unty this morning, the man who barricaded himself inside an apartment is dead.ead. how it all started.ta >> i was down there and i i watched our police and our firemen down on 7eleven down atd the world trade center rightig after it came down.ow >> verbal mix up by donald trumu on the eve of the new yorkhe new but either way, the media mogul is ahead of polls by a new yorkk mile. mile. what another win could mean fora his campaign. and ugly night for philadelphia and flyers fans. f. how a tribute in light led to ld another dark moment for the citc of brotherly love. but first, skipping spring and a going


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