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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  April 19, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ straight ahead, a shoot outt with police in prince george'sn county.unty this morning, the man who barricaded himself inside an apartment is dead.ead. how it all started.ta >> i was down there and i i watched our police and our firemen down on 7eleven down atd the world trade center rightig after it came down.ow >> verbal mix up by donald trumu on the eve of the new yorkhe new but either way, the media mogul is ahead of polls by a new yorkk mile. mile. what another win could mean fora his campaign. and ugly night for philadelphia and flyers fans. f. how a tribute in light led to ld another dark moment for the citc of brotherly love. but first, skipping spring and a going
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temperatures could top 80 again today.toy but more changes are on the wayw good day at 9a starts now. ♪ and we say good day d.c. on this tuesday, april 19th,, 2016. 16 just aft 9:00 o'clock in theclkn morning. i'm holly morris alongside of maureen, steve and wisdom. also ahead this morning,, actress doris roberts dies ator the age of 90is.. how her everybody loves raymondy co-stars are remembering thiseme long-time tv mom, long careerr spanned six decades in tv and movies.movi. >> definitely an icon much first though mother nature feelingeelg more like summer than spring. temperatures yesterday pushing e the mid 80s and we can see moree of the same on the way today. but changes, oh, changes are ono the way. so some relief for allergies ins the forecast? i don't know.i dw tucker barnes here with the wh details. good morning.odng >> hey,
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chance for rain kind of like thursday night into friday. so until then you'll be suffering.g >> suffering with theseith ese temperatures? >> no, suffering from allergiesi >> allergies there.ller what if you don't havef allergies? >> you're not suffering. >> you're lucky. >> i'm just saying. >> empathize. emp >> fur suffering, you'ree suffering.fferg. >> um-hmm. >> all clear now. >> right?ight >> for some of us. f >> let's do the forecast.orec let's get to it.t's to 65 now in washington.ashingto it is a very mild start to theto day. it will be another beautifulutil afternoon.ternoon. daytime highs 80 or yesterday we made it to t i'm not sure we'll be quite that warm today.rm today. but it should be very very ver y comfortable. 70 now in leonardtown.wn 63 in annapolis. annol dulles has jumped to 70. winchester 72 degrees. so very very pleasan2 t conditii out there early. storm tracker radar is showing o just a little bit of cloudinessn here locally.ocly we do have weak front that's th' going to drop down into the dn n region later this afternoon tonn night want that will do is shift our winds out of the north andor west. so we do have cool herool h temperatures on the way.erures again, about 80 today.ay. overnight tonight upper 40s to about 50 tomorrow's
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highs typical this time of yeara with highs back in the upperhs u askings we'll talk more aboutlkm that coming up much here's your forecast for today. for t. 81 winds north and west 10 toest 15. all right. guys, plenty more in the weath weather. we'll talk rain, weekend forecast, allergies, whatever, e else you want to talk about t coming back to you. >> very good. gd. thanks, tucker., tuck 9:03 right now.03 r now developing news out of prince n george's county.ount where there was a deadly officeo involved shooting.ot it happened last night during aa barricade situation in green i e belt, maryland.maryland. police say a 28-year-old man fired at police officers from aa apartment balcony and then greeg belt officer fired back. b now the male suspect was later pronounced dead. d the investigation continues thii morning. no other officers or residentsen were hurt in the shooting. also, in prince george'se g county, a community is mourningn the loss of a firefighter.. >> john ulmshneider died lastiel week while performing a welfaree check. he was shot and killed doing his job.. tonight there's going to be goi viewing for ulmshneider.eider fox5's bob barnard is live
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landover hills maryland whereyle there's a growing vigil.gring vi good morning, bob. >> reporter: hey, wisdom, gooddd morning. the funeral is tomorrowomro afternoon. we are at prince george's county fire station 30 here onen annapolis road in landover ldo hills. hi you see hyped me this ambulancee unit is become a memorial to john ulmshneider affectionatelyl known as skillet. sllet within the fire department here. yeah, we'll have more on theen viewing tonight and the funeral tomorrow. i will mention that today theode grand jury here in prince i george's county is meeting.ting whether this case is presentedse to the grand jury we're not the man who shot and killed firefighter paramedic ulmshneider has not yet beenee identified because he's not bee charged. firefighters went there tohe t perform welfare check.. the man has apparently told told investigators he thought it wasg a home invasion in temple hills. and so he's not compelled toompd testify against himself. he has been subpoenaed, howeverw torque testify bef
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jury which meets in secret oneco tuesdays and thursdays.hursys so, again, grand jury meetinging possibly to take up this case. earlier on fox5 news morning, mg the fire chief here in prince i george's county marc bashooor was on our air and asked aboutst changes coming to the fireo f department in light of whatgh wt happened last friday night.iday. >> we'll probably give them abl little more guidance to help h those people make betterake betr informed decisions.form we'll also look at the bigger things of vests and -- wee currently have vests on ordere o right now for our tactical program. we just don't have them yet. that is something that in thehat industry across the country firy chiefs are looking at and firenf departments are dealing so a lot of change will likely l come out of this time will tell. >> reporter: firefighterhter paramedic john ulmshneider,shner again, known as skillet here h within the fire department wastt from hollywood, maryland, that'' in saint mary's county. cnt
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the viewing tonight will be atl saint john's parish from fiverof kill 8:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m. the funeral tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. at saint john's parish. he was working an overtime shift in forestville.ll this is his normal duty fire fir station here in temple you see the medic unit drapedapd behind us here. h the fire engine from this fire f company will be used to take the casket from the funeral to the burial tomorrow for john ulmshneider who was killed in ke the line of duty, guys, here ine prince george's county fridayy night. >> bob barnard, thank you. y search under way for missing fii firefighter in have a rah have e a. nicole mittendorff went missingm last wednesday.sday police found her car saturday abandoned a remote area ofre o shenandoah national park. natio. they're not sure what broughtsua her at the park in the first paf place.e. fox5's melanie alnwick is live with fairfax station hopingon hn filling in some of the blanksme we've all been wondering about.o mel g morning.orng >> reporter: good morning,.
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so in just about an hour fairfax county fire and rescue serviceei is going to hold a pressre conference here and fairfax county police will join them. t i did speak with the pio here h for fair parks county fire andye she told me she doesn't know yew whether virginia state policetal are going to be joining in onn this press conference, but partr of what they hope to do today is to keep information out in fronr of the public in case there'she some people that aren't aware oe this story. sry letting them know they are stile very much hopeful that nicolee mittendorff will be foundou somewhere now, last night, at their homeom church, nicole and her husband steven's home church they held a prayer vigil there. vigil t it was really a time for prayer. also, tears as well. wel it was nicole mittendorff's church family really embracingym her husband and her own familyam as they gathered at st. paul'sls united methodist in woodbridge.. apparently a text message togeo family member last wednesday wad the last time anyone heard f
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nicole. we don't know how long it was, w how long they are car had beenab there at shenandoa sean dough w we know she was reported missing friday when she did not show upu for work here at the fairfax county station number 32 here in fairfax station area.on are this is where she work out ofe for the last three years.ea she was a firefighter, paramed paramedic. people said that she was very athletic. she enjoyated hiking and runninn one of the ways to sort of shedd the stresses the daily stressesr of the job that she did every day.da her husband is also a publicublc servant. serv he works for virginia stateata police as a sergeant and again we know that have been searches by virginia state police in thee ground and in the air of this very remote and treacherous terrain area.a though the white okay canyonkaca area we know has six waterer falls, the highest which is is 86 feet high. it's an area where people are
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told if they're going hikingikin there they need to bring bri flashlights and extra clothingig and extra food and they t according to the website it sayy if possible a lot of peopleeo sometimes end up over estimatinm or underestimating the amount of time it takes for them to walktm the trail and get back so thatkh is the kind of search area thata they are dealing with right att this point because that's all ta they have to go on.too on we'll get little bit moreit m information again in just aboutt an hou back to you guys.back t >> all right, mel. rig thank you for that update. uat in the meantime the federal trance is the administratione a says metro needs to act fast and hits defects that major concerne for public safety. fta inspection fou highec percentage of partially or non-functioning lights on tunnet walls, trains not following flo speed restrictions, fire extinguishers that don't walk dl and emergency walkways blockedko by debris.. fta directed metro to have a map in mace no later than nexter t friday. any critical safety issues that need to be addressed willss receive priority attention. 9:09 is our time. t alliso
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the other stories making had hea lines this morning.nes this mori hey, al. >> holly good morning.d mo good morning to all of you asl a well. pe> first up, people in texas, are dealing with historic hto flooding and heavy rainfall inal the houston area, four peoplee have died from dangerous watersr three of them died after drivini into the water. wer one other person died in his car while in high water but b officials believe he may haveliv had a medical emergency. emeen crews are out rescuing dozens of people as flood waters fills f their homes. the death toll in a act ton security agency in kabul kul continues to rise. re at least 28 people are dead. hundreds more hurt.eurt. officials say this was the stage coordinated assault on an agence response al for protecting senior government officials. ofa the attack include add suicidedi car the taliban claiminging responsibility. there are a lot of bright oi people who live in the dmv now n we have even more proof of thata the list of top high schools ino the nation is out.sut several schools in our area oura making the cut including thomast jeffer season high school
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science and tech it came in number five.iv that's out of the united statesh of america. ame all the high schools. schls number five. way to go. the state of maryland alsod so awarded for having one of thein highest percentage of tope o t performing high schools in the country.y also school without walls onut that list, too in washington ini the top 100. 1 you might never have to step toe foot in a cvs again.. depending on where you live. l drugstore chain is starring curr side pick up service. svi kind of think like pee pod withw giant or something like that yot pick it up and pick it up. cuts will will order items usinu a app and get their order dressed right to the car whenghe they drive up to the store.tore service had start in north carolina, georgia and californir then expand from there but in big cities they say traffic andc park sag bit of a pain so we might not get it here. her fingers crossed on that.ers cr and finally, we can take a tipep from this guy on nothingotng happened, nothing embarrassing happened. take look.. this tennis boy was getting thee balls ran right -- boom, right
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back into the wall he trippedl i and face planned right into thet wall. come on. let's see it again.s a that's what we do here on fox fx good day. d okay. here i go. got two of the balls. bal running and -- boom. any who --ho >> and stand right back up.up. >> recovery. rec it. >> happened in front of hundredr of people at the barcelona openo and thousands more on life he acted like nothing happened.e guess what, cool prop go to you, young man but just for the record, bam, let's see it oneee more tim >> there's a lesson to be to b learned here. it's not how you fall.ot how it's how you get up.owou g >> you're absolutely right. >> i would a hundred percent doo the loca run. >> i know, right. >> you know everybody saw it. >> right. >> but guess what? everybody ey seeing it now. it n we're saying how cool he is.s. >> that's right.>> t >> i wouldn't what he trippedt t over. >> i think his feet. t >> if you look at the floor, what? what? >> those little ball boys, theyt have to run so fast. f they're just running as fast ast they can.thean. looks like that clay maybe got g him look up. lk >> sometimes you run faster thau what you can.wh >> he got back up ag
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>> clay short shoes on.lashort h >> thanks al. >> still ahead one of thehe hottest trends in plastic p surgery for guys and girls and d we might have celebrities like kiley jenner thanks kiley too thank for it.t we'll go live to the fox melox team for details and the a t possible risks.po >> voting is underway not justno in brooklyn but the big appleige and all of new york.all of one of the biggest contests lefs in the presidential primary p season. we'll look at what's at stake at and how the candidates spent s their election eve.
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♪ this is a big one today weay talk about new abo one of the most critical presidential election contests of the year is today and thend results could determine whethert the democratic and republicanub front runners are on path tonat lock up the nominations.ominatis it's been a long time since the new york primary carried thisri kind of weight. fox's doug luzader has all of hl the details now. >> reporter: usually at thist t point of the election cycle weie have some firmly establishedstab front runners.unners not so much this time donald trump and hillarynd hil clinton, though, hope new yorkw today will change that. tha all in for new york. y hillary clinton hoping to finanl finally chalk up a win and break a bernie sanders hot streak andd donald trump hoping his deep d connections as a
9:17 am
yorker will push him to al pusht massive victory carrying all 955 republican delegates.elegates but it wasn't made any easierad when trump made verbal gaftba yesterday referring to the 9/119 >> i wrote this out and it'snd i very close to my heart because i was down there and i watched ouo police and our firemen down atoa 7eleven down at the world tradet center right after it came downd >> still 7eleven or 9/11 trump still ahead in new york by a mile. the real clear politics averagea polls has him up more than 30 t0 points and second place even ted cruz who represents trump pogging big get national butna john kasich who only carried ond state so far something he washia clearly sensitive when asked asd about it during a stop a new york dalely.yo >> you've only one, v can in i finish? >> i'm answering the question qt the way i want to answer it. ans you want to answer it? you holh that.that. here. let me ask you. what do you think? du th >> i think you shall answer the question. >> i am hoping to do really wely tomorrow and hoping to wrap up u the democrati
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>> reporter: hillary clintonr: hoping her years as new yorkearo senator will help deliver theivr state today.state to ending a real dry spell with her rival bernie sanders winningde eight of thers last nine statesa still sanders has new york new connections, too and last nightn he made the case he could scoree upset if his enthusiastic supporters actually show up. >> we win when the turnout is high. we lose when the turnout is low. >> reporter: that's where things get complicated for g bernie sanders. yes, he'set attracting a largege number of young people tople rallies and, yes, he'sd, y, he attracting a lot of independentn voters as well.terswel but new york is a closed prima primary. so for people that wereor re pgistered as independents thy would have had to changed theird party affiliation to democratrat back in october to vote for sanders today. t in washington, doug luzader, fox news. 9:18 time right now.ight n coming up later, more falloutlo for north carolina over that so-called bathroom bill.m b it cos
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pearl jam. l the band' message to the tar heel state still ahead.tatill a first celebration of fashion and four legged friends.ur l we're talking fashion for pawsaw with celebrity model and nfl nfl star chris cull hiver.iver that's coming up next.ext. >> his made for tv dog. t d look at that. ♪ today, lori grabs delicious jimmy dean sausage from the fridge, fully cooked and ready in seconds. it makes breakfast complete, which makes bill feel like completing the gazebo, prompting a celebration in lori's backyard. with jimmy dean, good mornings lead to great days. hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it ♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart
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o you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i could rise above ♪ bring me a higher love look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
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♪ welcome back. time now 9:21. our neck guest is going from thm football field to the runwayo ta
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washington redskins cornerbackob chris culliver will be walking i the runway with his americanca bulldog trina in the tenth tenth annual fashion for pa paws event benefiting the washington humann first though he joins us nowow with trina to talk about fashion for paws as well his foundationt and of course some football as b we. good morning to you chris. to yo good to see y welcome to the loft.of >> oh, yeah. y thank you. y >> welcome trina as well.rina >> thank you. >> tell me about how you got h g involved in this particular pti project.ojec >> you know, pretty much we didd a lot of things out in sann francisco when i was thereas t giving back to the community.omy i did a couple walks and thingsg and just involved with lot of wt good things, and, you know, mynm foundation and stuff. >> yeah. >> i'm real until dogs andl un that's my deal. dea you know -- (laughter).aughte >> and that leads to you hereyoh right here with trina.. >> yeah. in tell me about your foundati foundation. >> chris culliver foundation it pretty advocate for animals, an, also just, you know, do a lot ot things for inner city kids
9:23 am
book bag drives and certainnd things like that.thgs lik i have an event coming up this i weekend with paws. with the humane society.ty so walking the run. the r i think that will be good lockol for us -- good for her to geterg out again and to do her thing.e. >> all right. you've been practicing withing w trina how you going that walk ta the runway. you got that down.. >> oh, yeah she's showcase ofwce her own.her . >> calm right >> yeah. >> that's a good thing.t'good we don't what happened trina to be too active in here.ive iner you'll walk the runway. how long have you had had trinai >> she's four now. four now she actually turned fournefo yesterday.ster >> okay. turn four yesterday.erda big birthday party for trina.tyi we had a little get extra extra treats andats ad things hike hik extra treats.a all right.all right anything else you want say abous your foundation and yourd yr involvement in this particularta event. and with trina as well. wel >> like i said pretty much i'm out there just having a good aoo time and, you know, justw, j enjoying my time especial untilu d.c. getting out there more and just appreciating everything ann everybody accepting me andaccepe things going on.ingsoing >> all right. some of the things going on weg can't have you in here and notnt
9:24 am
successful year this year. y division champs.ha got to the playoffs. pffs that's >> oh, yeah, definitely.h, defi. we put a lot of hoard work in and, you know, nfc east is definitely hard but you know weo definitely do our thing.hi like i said we champ and we gotw to the playoffs and hole physical we hope to take thatoe farther this year.r you talk about moving it mov forward. we got the draft pumping up.ftui in the off season, are you inrey training right now, do you have down time before you get into gi training and start focusing onun next year?ear? >> yeah, you have little bit oft down you always kind of want to staya fit doing what you do best. so, you know, down time but it'' always just work for me. f >> always work.ays w >> yeah. >> you don't just pull up to thl table and just start eat thaw ta junk and stuff because it's theb off season. >> can't do that.>> got to stay healthy and keepp your regimen going. g >> all right. trina looks like she's pretty sp bored with this whole thing. she's staring at the screen over there. make teen narks,. nar >> what's up, momma, come here.
9:25 am
>> come here.. >> trina is not interested in fox5 at all. a. at all. a so look we appreciate you cominy in and spenting time with use wu this morning.orni if people want to, you know, get involved, with your foundation,t how can they do so? >> you can look at my social soc sites chris culliver like i say a lot of my social sc sites instagram and things likee that. th a lot of things being post up. just keeping involved withved things like that and, you know o lot of things going on. curlily -- cully in the house.he that's a lot of my sites and, a you know, that's can pretty mucm tell you everything.ryin >> okay. all right. one thing i'll sneak this inl s here because i asked you beforef the camera came on. you're in from filly. f >> yeah. >> we saw what happened withat your hockey last night. nht right now washington is givingng them the beat down. i'm just >> i'm here so i don't m i don't mind.t mind. (laughter).gh >> it's all good.>> i >> yeah. >> it's all good.>> washington giving them the beatm down i tn hockey.oc your basketball team didn't doa' that well either. >> nah. >> we've been like that for
9:26 am
while.wh i actually and joy the wizardsis and what they doing. d i actually came out to a coupleu games. ga i enjoy them.enjoyhe they're a good team, and, you ad know, hope to see them do bettee this year also.ear al. >> okay.kay >> what about baseball? >> i'm getting him on the spot. getting him off top pink youopin don't have to answer thoseswe t questions.esti good luck in the walk. w is it a runway walk?? >> come on, >> come on.. >> come on tree tree.. >> ready.>> rea >> aww. >> let's do it.t >> there we go.eo >> come on.>> come o little something something.. >> trina is no. n >> go, girl.>> g >> there you go.he you >> there you go. >> all right. all right. >> come on. >> come on momma.. >> chris she matches your shoeso >> that's right.. >> styling.ty fashion coordinated.n ordi >> good girl.d >> saving it for the runway, tht real runway.un >> teen narcotic thank you veryc much. chris, thank you very much. woue appreciate you coming in t morncoing.morng. >> chris real quick is thatquha trina in your foundation logo? g is that her.hat he. >> yes. that's an awesome picture. ptu the other thing some quarterbacq
9:27 am
text he had he can field thisied fall do you want to pick offo pi couple of that passes.ass >> definitely, you know that'se, going to happe >> not does he want tom he's w going to happen.goin >> it will happen.ll >> it will happen.>> iwill >> it's going happen. i we love our chris is embracingra the city. thank you so much for coming in. >> thanks >> you've done fashion for pawss before. nx osevedone it six or seve times. >> it's really a great event. >> all right. still ahead -- - >> tickets still available until friday morning. morni >> there you it's a fun event. yit's get tickets if you want.ckets iw still ahead, house of cards andd orange is the new black we'llewb sit down with the stars of somes of the shows that you love to le binge watch on netflix that is. >> first though pucker up whyp w more and more people are turnini to plastic surgery washington wn torque get the perfect lips andn we're not just talking about women. >> first though, we are talkingg about the weather changes thatnt could be on the way.ay. tucker is back with a check ofho the seven day.ay 9:27 is our time right now. now. ♪ ♪
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z1yorz ♪ >> all right. that's a limb sample of the band secret society you can see more of them this friday as wmpele kc off another edition of the fox5 rocks concert series.. secret society was formed in 2008 by washington area musiciac brian mills to bring the livehel band sound back to today's heavily computerized mu
9:31 am
n2015 nominated nor w a.m. my by the washington area music awards for best urban contemporary secret society stand isietand influenced by stevie wonder,onde john coltrane and marvin gay an just to name few.just to you can hear secret society perform some new original musicc along with some of the oldld clavicles classics as well thiss friday at far gut square park. myself -- it says wisdom martin. myself, allison seymour we'llll host the free show and it willl broadcast live on fox5 news n morning and on good day d.c. ass well. well >> it will be great.>> i >> it will be a good time. tim >> yup.>> yup philadelphia flyers fansadel apparently need big old helping of good sports of sportsmanship. they're actions contributed to the break down last night of thf team in caps win. in ca w caps unthree to nothing in theog play off series. sies they were already losing andg then about eight minutes left if the game frustrations justs boiled over.. flyers fans through dozens of glow in the dark wrist ban on ts the ice the give away wristway s bands all the fans got when thee walk in the door. in thdoo they were upset about penaltiesp
9:32 am
and that led flyers announcer ac lou nolan has been there longon time to get on the horn pleadind with fans to have some class. (inn awed dill). dl) >> here's the deal not juste telling them to have some class but also warning the fans thatsa the next time the wrist band bad would on the ice, the team woulu get a penalty. penalty. because of the fans actions.ion. guess what happened? hpe >> they did it any way.y did it. >> they kept throwing them on tr the ice. led to more penalties more powew place for the captains and forsf goals for the caps.s they piled on the goals and wonw six to one. o we love it here in washington. game four of the series tomorroe night in f it will get chippyhi tomorrow in philadelphia. >> get the brooms out ready forr sweep. >> sure are. >> ready for the warm weather part two, right tucker.ucr. >> near 80 this afternoon. steve, just reading an article c coach of the caps said theaid flyers weren't interested in't i playing hockey any m
9:33 am
the third period. perio they were just in fighting iing >> the coach says that, where de you go from that. >> down five-one soon to beso t six-one.x-e. >> exactly. 70 dulles.. 72 winchester.ches 80 or better this afternoon with, hmm, that's interesting.ei a bulls eye right over sterling, virginia. all that's trouble/it? don't quiteq why the map is doing that that's something new and exciting i'veg never seen scene.en sce crosshairs of the really activee weather will be right here todae with daytime highs expected to e be about 80 or so. okay.okay let's see, guys.see, gs this weather will be real easyas to do. we're clearly having a computerm malfunction.ncti today about 80.ut tonight we'll cool it down al iw little bit, and by tomorrow tomo daytime highs in the upper 60sh6 but again generally sunnyally s conditions, nice and dry this, a afternoon daytime highs near 80. you can see we're already toea t very comfortable start. >> tuck, i don't think we shallt put any type of bulls eye ors e spotlight on the nationall weather service when we'rervic getting such fantastic weather.
9:34 am
right. >> if anything we should put anw big part over that.ver >> maybe the bulls eye is bullss because they're doing such greag job getting these warmer warr temperatures perhaps that's it.s >> we're all hitting the jackp jackpot. >> the whole focal point isle fi there. that's very interesting. way to spin that one. o >> again no rain today. tay about 80 this afternoon.on. >> it's a big hit with the weather tucker. bulls eye -- >> the weather is a big hit.eyet >> i get it. i get it.i get t. it's clever. clever. we'll work and on it. >> where are the crickets?ricks? >> thanks for bearing with me.r. >> thanks tucker.tuck spring is in full swing andg summer is just around the corner that. means your child might be might gearing up for big sports seasoo all sports come with the risk oo injuries so this morning we'reng learning how to prevent some s common ones and for details we e turn to fox medical team's tea dr. joe whose live in tampa.. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> all right. where do we start? what is moss common injuries we see in children how about can preventoa them?? >> well the most common aren a going to be sprains and strains but you also see stress see str fractures so those are
9:35 am
fractures that can occur whent e they're playing or they'replaygr running or they're doing any kind of sporting activity and id have to tell if you you've ever done -- played sports or you have children that may sports mt you'll know that the things dohs occur and so that's why the w americaamerican academy of pedir has issued some of these newew recommendations for our kids. k >> and what are thet are recommendations? >> you know, a lot of them areha really really common sense thi thing. about strengthening muscles, mcl about stretching before and bnd after practices. about wearing the appropriateroa types of gear an lot of times om your kids if you've ever had a child play you'll know sometimes they'll buck you on this butn it certainly something that happenh to be done. but one of the things they did d mention is they say that your child should rest at least one e day per week, and in addition to that, if they're playing aying a particular sport, take at leastl one month off. now, that echoes some of thees recommendations i've heard in'v the past from others that sayt you should rotate sports.port because when you do one thinge i over and over a
9:36 am
like if you are playing basebalb f you're pitching, that's going to put your child for risk for k some of the things we see andthe have even in older amulets which is that tommy john's needings n that surgery or some of theome other affect that is go with got repetitive trauma. tra >> what about some warningme wng signs? what should you look fok that your children if they areta injured because sometimesd be they'll tell you owe i got thist little pain but you don't knowon when one to take serious, which one to ignore?? >> no, that's a great question, and they really do say that your child should not pay -- play p through pain.ugh so if there's pain there, thenh, there may be something going onn i think that when we think abouo the stretching and some of thene other things that we can do to a eliminate that and alleviateia that sometimes that will get wig better and then maybe at thatt t point they can participate.cite but really be very careful c because if they're in pain, there's couple things that maybe going on. going on. that may be at risk of tearingag further because it may represene a small tear, but in addition t that, it may shift them to utilize muscles on the oppositeo side oth
9:37 am
change the way they play andlaya then that could put them at risk for a different injury.. so definitely take it seriouslyy and check them out.m o >> real quickly i know there'swe lot of talk about the physical a injuries but there's alsoes buts discussion about the a emotionan al stress that comes along witho playing how do we make sure our kidsurid still just have fun, it's nott's all about winning?? >> you said it right te that's really what they said.yai to emphasize the positives not the negatives.e because i know there's lot ofowe ressure he is special physicalpe your child is competitive.omtive i know i had children that were. and there's so much pressure they place on themselves so they will really do emphasize talking to your child, praising them fom the good stuff, you can help cal them improve if they need the n improvement on some of the otheo stuff, but talk to them in those terms, you know, okay, let's l's let's do this, let's do that but always stays on positive note. n >> in our last minute, dr. joe, cosmetic surgery is a booming b industry. one of the fastest growingtestrg procedures for men and women for we're talking about lip april a corrections.
9:38 am
>> yeah, there's blaming themine selfies again but they said thaa one of the fastest growing is definitely lips. l and they said that lip implantst are becoming more popular. they're still not that popular about 27,000 last your but a 48% increase so what they do, they stick something in the lip likel you would do say in a breastt augmentation it's silicone, andd it's more permanent.ermane but here's the bottom line nom e matter what you do because you b can have fat injected, you can u have different types of fillerss injected and again some aregaom approved by the fda for lips, fl some are not, so be careful there, or you can have these lie implants but the bottom line ton go to someone who knows whatnowt they're doing, that are well wl versed, you know, plastic surgeon, someone whose boardeonb certified someone who's had training because the opposite os can occur. o the risks are you can be a asymmetrical, lopsided it can affect your eating, you're they can scar down and, again,co all of us have seen some of se those celebrities out there with the disastrous effects
9:39 am
having their lips done properly. >> i want to confirm this we've been talking aboute' it allt a morning. the video we see is women. we think lip injections womenec it's not just you can couldn't philadelphia international airport there's men actually wanting this procedure as welailly? >> you know, there are men wan wanting more procedures. pro we do know that. tt as far as lips, there have beene men and women both getting liptg reductions as well.el so those are happening.. but, no, i think that it's mostly women for the lip augmentations.gmen but there's a growing number of men seeking out all types off services.ices a lot of are more the chin, the eye and various other things.ngs trying to look younger maybe.. >> we're all search fog thatearc fountain of youth.untain of yout dr. joe, thank you.e, y >> sure. >> see you neck time.eeec >> i see that needle coming in.i >> i can't even watch the video. >> right. >> um-um. >> no new york city.o >> i didn't realize there was actualal silicon like strip that people are implanting. >> i thought twenty eightht t injections like a silicon injection.ctio >> if you get the implant how h
9:40 am
>> you don't feel it. >> if you're the one kissing thg person with it you feel it.ou fl still ahead at 9:00 is it okay to scold a neighbor's child? and how do you deal with alit husband who has a tendency to over share? sarah fraser isseri back with another edition ofti love and order.rd that's coming up next. 9:40 is our time. ♪
9:41 am
look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
9:42 am
mmmm, yoplait.
9:43 am
oh, why can't this be love?v we talk about it every tuesday.d when it's time for little love l and order that is that's when we share messages sent to sarah fraser and try to offer little bit of advice.bit adv first up today, tough one, howne to handle a neighbor's kid who is kind of awful. our neighbors have this thi five-year-old daughter and thete other weekend when i drove intoe our driveway the five-year-oldar came out with a super soaker and sprayed my car with a mix of water and mud.ud i was furious. and tarped yelling at the five-year-old and telling heranl that she couldn't do that but ab few minutes later, her dad camem out and told me to get over it. she's five.iv i was in total and i think they owe me ane a apology. my husband told me to let it goo but i think the little girle g needs to learn manners. manners do you think it's okay to bring this up again to the family anda ask for an apology? well, sarah
9:44 am
>> good morning film well mywell sane side would say if you s ify really feel like there's an issue, go over and just say,ay hey, look, this is how i feel. f you know, i was kind of upset your five-year-old and sprayedpy the mud water mix and if you a i don't get an apology you let itl go. you said your you whatever they say fine, right.n. that would be my sane side. then minot so sane side kind ofa says, i think i would just gold with the husband and not sayotay i feel like she's being bei ridiculous she wants an apologyy and it is someone -- the kid isk five. fi >> i thought you were going to g say when the five-year-old comem out you soak her with water and mud. >> that's what i was get to go.t but i think this kid is fives years old. ye what do you expect?t >> i feel you let it go. it's a car. aar who cares. who >> the five-year-old would be a bucket and sponge cleaning yourl car. >> i expect the five-year-old not to comefi on my property and damage my property. that's what i expect.ct. >> super soaker they can stay ii their yard.ard. no you don't come -- you don't-d damage my prer
9:45 am
you don't do that.n't i am going to go over to the neighbor's house i'm going to go say look your five-year-old didd this. you need to handle it.ed don't come in my yard. in y don't spray my if you don't handle it then i'li take the necessary means to takt care of this.caref t >> my goodness. >> what are you going to do.yo >> what's that mean. >> i'll call the cops or thes something.some >> what? >> five-year-old.>> fiv >> absolutely. >> on a >> this is how it all starts. il when you start letting kids whaa whatever they want to do it whenever they want to do it thit is what you get. w it starts with super soakerr no rules. rules. >> five-year-old in jail.ail. >> five-year-old who needs leare respect from other people's ppl property.prop >> to wisdom's argument what iff it wasn't a super soaker. s what if it was paint. paint >> that's vandalism.t's that's different. >> mud and water is vandalism am well if you spray mud and waterd on your car you can damage yourr car. i have a problem with the lackhl of respect for someone else'se's property. they need to be taught respect.e >> i agree. you into he had to talk to theea parents. pare i don't think you shall let itin go.k lethink the little kid needs tot be told this is not appropriatee behavior. gong i'd go as far as what as w wisdom is saying. i
9:46 am
talked to. the onus is on the parents totst teach their children how to behave. and so you're right, absolutelyt wisdom, you have to stop it atpa some point this is how bad h behavior escalate.scate. >> i agree. >> something that's far moreng serious than just mud and water. >> really? >> you can't pan anotherou person's child.hild. >> that child destroyed my destr property. >> you can address the otherdd parent. >> wisdom when your neighbors nbo walked out with their kids dos d they tell their kids don't lookn at mr. martin. mtin. >> they probable dollar.le d >> don't look him in the eye.k n >> they probably do. t >> do not move next to wisdom. at all costs. >> respect my stuff and think at about it like this. this. what if i took the super soakera and sprayed his car with mud anm rocks? then what? >> you're lick an add dull. >> what about i sent my kids ini retaliation over to his house tt spray his house or his car witht rocks and bricks?s? >> now you've lowered yourselfey to their level.outo their lev >> okay then.el >> you have higher standard forf yourself and you are controlling your house. >> my point exactly.y i control my prompt.y pro my things. thi don't destroy my
9:47 am
>> anybody get any credit withdw you. >> new york city you don't getty credit. respect my stuff.ect mytuff respect my area. are i don't care how old respect myy your parents need to get youuf u under control. >> i'm a little scared.tle can i sit on that couch?? (laughter). >> i don't play.>> i don't play.i >> come over holly.. >> we've got 30 seconds for -- o because these are great topics. for each one.hne two old for family >> how old is too old.ld. >> this woman is 45 years old yd she has a friend of hers he'sheh invited her on family vacation o with his entire family they alll stay at their family home. home. she and he has said come stay aa our family house. hou she's like hey, look should i really be staying with someone on vacation or do i ned to get g hotel rom? 45 too old to be onn meone's family vacation.acat >> if they're close familye cloy friend. >> depends on what the situatioh is. >> if she has her own room it'si not like she's in bed with momhm and dad. d. >> no.>> >> don't you find if you stay fn with people it end up ruining ui your relationship? i'm at the point when i go on vacation iioi need my own space. spa
9:48 am
travel with and people i can'td travel with.trav you could could offe you could say, hey, i'm happy tt get hotel room and they'll they' probably like, no, no, stay. st. that's part of the fun. theun >> speak of familiar andli a relationships what do you do ifw your significant other talks too much about you? >> this was really interestingal too this woman wrote in and says her husband over shares onn facebook including like details. every kind of detail you want tw know. >> what kind of details?t kindda >> oh, you know, sickness in tht family.fa but he gives all the details off like, you know, when he that haa blood drawn want the scab lookel like and, you know, the surgerye schenn had a dropped bladder and ---- >> yeah. >> no. >> i read it. >> no. significantigficant other from over sharing onn facebook? i don't even know how to advise them. te >> please stop and after awhilel they are who they are.ey are who i know my dad is not this bad bd but my mom is nudging him saying, dennis, stop. >> over share.ha >> my dad will give you like the bull but not medical conditionsi my dad is a doctor he will givev information. ar
9:49 am
yeah. >> if they still don't listenlln then you have to say you know io think we need to go to therapy t and talk about this because thit is that important to me that wew need to figure out how we can hc deal with this issue >> if that doesn't work call thl cops on their five-year-old.e-yr >> that will get it done.. >> go over and spray their stufs and their computer. comte >> that was the most unbelievable advice.ic >> all right.>> all rig >> it's >> you'll be back. >> 9:49. we'll keep this conversationhi going hope you do as well. well. coming up pearl jam taking ajam page from the boss' playbookoo what springsteen and pearl jam l have in common.ommo canceling a show. we'll check in with kevin forcaw all the details coming up next.. ♪
9:50 am
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♪ fox beat coming to you live from new york city today.od that's where we find our ownur kevin mccarthy. mar he joins us now and kevin it kev seems like the fallout are the entertainment fallout for northt carolina just keeps coming. >> yeah, good morningo
9:53 am
holly.lly of course, we reported obviouslo back in early -- in errly april, april 8th where bruce b springsteen cancel his show in north carolina the show was sw supposed to cap on the tenth. they post add explanation theyny would not be playing the show pa because of this new passed in pe north carolina.olina pearl jam and boston are both b now taking on the same type of boycott and they nouned via v twitter they handwritten lettert which is incredible. incdi you don't see a lot of l handwritten letters today but ty this is handwritten letter theyy cancel the show which is going g to be happening tomorrow on april 20th and the show itselff came after the city of charlotte wanted to allow trance jennce people to use public bathrooms t based on the gender theyhe gende identify with.tify in the statement i believe wetee have a full screen of this it says, pearl jam says "the hb2b2 law that was recently passe pass a despicable piece of
9:54 am
discrimination against an entirn group of citizen. boston nouns canceling three concerts next month in north carolina because of these wellaways welch this is amazingg thing i'm glad they're doingla e this this needs to be changed.hg i think bruce springsteen really set a press depth here. i believe ringo star was doing the same thing as well havingl g perm jam do this for showor sho tomorrow and obviously they t don't want to upset the fans.. they wrote nice handwritten letter explaining they're veryin upset they have to do this, butt it's really the only way theyy t can kind of get their messageese across saying this needs tothi change. so good for them for doing that. obviously bruce springsteen dide it very very well done. d >> agree. a couple what we talk aboutk a earlier it's about convictionvit and when you've been given a platform it's important to useo it to stand up for causes you believe in. i applaud all these musiciansus taking this kind of stand.nd ofd >> yeah, i think it'sea i t interesting, though, too,oo upping, hopefully this law willl be changed so that they cant eyc these concerts can henry happenp and then it could be more of a f celebration of this being fixedf that's nd
9:55 am
hope will be and i'm sureure they'll make it effort once hopefully if the law getsawet changed to go back and actually and row perform again hopefullyy >> meanwhile let's head up to the great white way the accolades just continue to pourp in for hamilton the musical. >> right.ight. yeah. holly i know you saw it. i saw it, too. i mean, in my opinion, theon,he greatest musical i've seen evere on broadway and i've been bog to broadway shows since i was little kid from phantom of thean opera till now. n i've seen lot of shows.f shows i don't know if you'll agreeu'la this show won the pulitzer prize for drama which is a huge massive award.. obviously and this is the ninth musical ever to win the pulitzer prize for drama. for dra other shows that have won thisn were next to normal, also rent r and remember this show won a grammy, also, it grossed over $60 million so far at theion broadway box office. oic and holly, i don't know if youny agree with me, i cannot stop lst
9:56 am
the beauty of it is that it's educational but also veryery entertaining.rtaini >> yeah. >> i'm curious what yourhat y thoughts were on the show.e onhe >> that hamilton were quite thee character.char i learned from that musical.ica. this musical deserves every acty company laid it gets because it is so innovative and soe and s different and there's not been b anything else like this ons broadway ever.. and so that is -- i >> tollly agree.>> tolll >> that's why it's so groundito breaking.eang >> it must have been if kevin like it better than bryan cranston's show on broadway. b bu the book of mormon but thiso is the best one i've seen. bryan krahn ton was all the way. i'll see you at 10:30 fulll interview with kevin spacey for elvis and nixon.ix stay tuned for that. f tha >> thanks very much. muc also the cast of the orange isis the new black chris brown shocking confession.onss gw naming most stylist and celebrating national garlic dayd rather bizarre. bizre first though it's coffee time. >> all
9:57 am
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z1yotz >> it might be a sunny tuesdaygh morning but the stars are out o today's good day at 10a.e >> that's right. some of the brightest of youre bingebr watching faves we've got kevin spacey and stars fromrs f orange is the new black. black >> then what's a good morningng without some eye candy? we aree dishing about gq most sale listl men. >> celebrity dish has a shocking revelation from chris brown. what he was thinking
10:01 am
his arrest involving rihanna. rn plus what it will cost to you co live comfortably here in the nation's capitol. touching.uc get good day at 10a starts now.. ♪ >> not every day we get excitede about garlic. kind of random thought but we bw are today.oday but here's the thing.hing. so this is all fresh garlic gar you'll smart to smell. it work its way over.r. >> thanks steve.s s >> can kell sell all the vampirm segments today none of themtsof would come in the loft.d co >> look at those cloves.ves. but upon closer inspectionio there's a bunch of jumbo shrimpo in the we may all benefit from this ini the end. the en >> why are we talking garlic. >> it's national garlic day. >> funny you should ask.d k >> i can't believe you don'telvu have that care she would on youn calendar.ndar. good folks from range are withme us we'll be doing cooking withog garlic and we have home like, l washington do you call them? >> remedies. remed >> thing do you care -- >> thing you can do with garlicg
10:02 am
>> and kill >> keeps mosquitoes away.osquoes >> does it. >> we'll find out. >> we'll rub garlic all overlico wisdom and we'll put him out --- >> five-year-old do it.year do >> with a super soaker. s >> good luck. gooluc >> good luck. it will be a problem if thathat happens. >> we honest vol no idea how voa this is going to work wk we'll do it along with you today. thanks for staying it us for tht 10a.a i'm steve along with holly,ithol maureen and wisdom.isdo >> it's time to check what's w trending and for that we'll turr oh real time news tracker. track first up that missingrst t m firefighter from northernom nor virginia we're due to get updatd on the case of nicolee mittendorff.mi police are going to spettak at y moment we're hearing we'll brini you the new developmentsop sometime this hour. hour over to boston where they we are celebrating a few survivors of 2013 marathon bombings. bombg at least two people who lost whl limbs in the blast ran blast r yesterday's marathon using prosthetics.os both finish the full race. two notables monday hundredu of protesters arrested monday oy cal toll hill.
10:03 am
ben and jerry demonstrated asona part of the democracy awakeninge movement to protest thetest influence of big money inn politic.. president obama travelingraveli overseas beginning tomorrow andr we've learned the first couplesu will dine with britain's royals on friday first having lunch han with the queen and dinner with william and kate and finallyly actress doris roberts being remembered this morning.mbered the everybody loves raymond stas died sunday at the age of 90. roberts won five emmys over her long career including four forr playing ray romano's veryy spirited momma row on hit hit sitcom. family spokesperson says roberts had been healthy and active recently.recent >> i said for earlier for f perspective when you think about doris roberts and how long herer career, 60 years, almost 40ost 0 years ago in 1979 in the movie the rose she played bet midler's mother almost four years old. ya >> that's amazing. >> you know how long of a careec she's been able to maintain inn hollywood and great that, you t, know, one of her best knownes roles is one she had later in life.fe. >> absolutely. >> i had no idea she wasad n
10:04 am
she's someone i thought in my head was in her 70s and e woulde around for much longer. longe sad to see her passing. pas >> she stayed in her 70s for a r couple of >> she look the same for s look decades. she went the best possible way.y she went to sleep and -- >> long storied >> rest in peace sweet >> how much money do you need tn live comfortably in the nation's capitol. according to new report yout would need $83,104 round it offf to 83,000 to live comfortably iy the nation's capitol. c if you're looking for a cityor that will be the best place tolb live without breaking the bank b you might want to head out west tucson arizona americans can can live move comfortably with the smallest income. inc you can live there for undernd $40,000 year.0 y the worst to live in comfortn ct alley miami, san francisco and new york. now, 83,000 in d.c..c dc has one of the highest mediam incomes in the entire natione nt somewhere closer to $70,000.70 >> so to live comfortably stills a head of the median income
10:05 am
>> who defines comfortably?fo >> i know. what makes comfortably?ly >> being able to pay theble pay mortgage i think. >> and get groceries. >> no car new york extras just the that's's >> all right. let's talk about philadelphia. philadelphia flyer fans they fse need a big old helping of good o sportsmanship and not just thisi morning, probably all the time.t they didn't exactly show their r best sides last night.ight. their actions contributed to tho teams break down and a capitalst win to go up three to nothing ig the play off series. eight minute left in the game g last night flyers fans throughao dozens of glow in the dark wrisr bands on to the ice.s on to the they were upset about penaltiesl being called in the game and led to announcer lou nolan, he got the horn and asked -- asked thek fans to have some class. class game four of the series is gnomo tight in philadelphia.tigh i'll bet some of those fans hads they were kids they got super soaker with mud and water wentnr over to the neighbor's house anh sprayed their cars.yethei >> the the neighbor probably dib >> the neighbor did nothingghdi about it and now they'
10:06 am
throwing wrist bands on the seiss. >> they all moved no they all mo philadelphia. >> they all move to the city ofe heotherly love. tbrot >> come full circle. >> that's hilarious. hilar >> buying in what you're sayinga wis. >> it is not just for dating ani more. now you can swipe right for a job.b. linked in has launched the tinder for graduates it's new i app to match grads withrads w employers it's called linked inn students.uden similar how tinder shows datingn profiles linked in studentstude shows different jobrentob opportunities.oppo the app is available for ies and android and only in the u.s. for now. >> that's a great idea.great ide >> yeah. >> okay. i think it's good. ironically tinder the realder th tinder we're talking aboute' tal helping one woman further herer education they offered herheof scholarship after she was w disciplined by her sorority forr wearing her letters in her i tinder profile picture. now shannon workman is a student at the university of nebraska.oa this is was her profile picture she claims sorority officialsffc call the disrespectful and requested her membershipb
10:07 am
revoked.vo workman was furious and tolds them she was never come back.e she also claimed she secretlyece recorderecorded the meeting.ed i tinder was so impressed with her boldness they offered herered h scholarship and a paid internship with the company.ny >> good for her. >> over reaction. reactio >> all right.>> all look here's a story we want toet pay attention to.. want fong your lover is cheatinv on you? there's a mattress for >> what?>> w >> thank you holly.>> tnk you h >> it's called a smart tress itt comes with a lover detectioner c system. sy so here's how it works. wor if you're wondering how thisrint works. when you're not home, you cane,c get alerts sent to your phone yr that's going to let you know ifi your bed is being used. >> stop it!to >> that's why use the floor. >> go ahead wisdom. >> what? >> what in -- >> tan nation did she just say.y back to my story.bao my if the beds start bouncing thehe user's cell phone will be aler alerted.d. the mattress costs a
10:08 am
the bed is still in production.t >> for about 50 bucks you canan get a nanny cam and have that. e >> you could did that. t you can get the nanny cam. nan c >> most majority don't cheat ata home.home. >> >> unless you're like maureen m and do it on the it on >> if you think about how ridiculous this is. why even use the bed.why even ue >> okay. now how does that conversationve go down when you're at theen're mattress store? honey why don'd we get this mattress because yob know one of the perks of this ii can -- >> or you can sneak and buy itut while she's not there and havee it delivered and put it in. >> you got a new mattress. >> exactly. >> i think she'd know. i >> if you're going t to cheat ga yourself a hundred pound dog and it must be the dog jumping on jg the bed. >> they'reville versed in thatha whole cheating thing.ghi >> one is on the floor. the f one has got dog.go i see what's going on. goin. >> we're thinking ahead. ting come on. come >> probably people who had super soak kearse at five. kearse at >> probably so, steve.roba
10:09 am
from e you be the (laughter).aur) >> finally, may issue of gq celebrating most stylish men inn the world with five covers. cov first up 39-year-old actor ryanr reynolds who dubbed the double d taker by the magazine.ine he's pretty stylish. next drake who is name the cozyc yesterday baller.alle >> he looks weird to me.oks >> he does. >> especially recently, >> he's got good hair.gogood >> i think he looks pretty goodo and the misleading man, tom hardy, yes. i don't think that's particularr al good picture of him but i b think he's handsome.dse future who the mag dubbed thed t mag dubbed the lord of the brim. >> no. >> okay. >> also making the list the genetic sweepstakes winner luckl blue >> who the heck is that. heck i. >> i don't know. i think he kind of -- he's male- model but he looks like he could also be like -- what was angelsa and demons the guy from open pu day or the danc
10:10 am
>> the guy on the mate tricks.e >> wait. you know what, they actuall acta just an addition to the list. >> now we're talking. >> mr. wisdom martin.. >> sixth cover is always thelwst best. >> you can only get in it verynl few locations.ns. >> very few locations. >> exactly. the only one.e on >> i said it it was collector'st item. >> you take one good picture we'll keep recycling that.ycli a >> you what that like a decade e ago? >> i actually think it was.lly n i think it was >> look at that. >> now it's back on the screen s again. >> we can't get enough of it.t >> where did that come from? m? what was that for.t f >> darrell brown took thatwnk t picture.cture one of the former co-workers.ers he took that picture when he was staking still pictures andre doctored it all up and did allia that stuff. let's talk about this model go o back to the model with the white hair. >> are you saying you're coverie photo was photo shopped. spp
10:11 am
model. >> did you have lip injections.s >> cheek injections much that'su what he had. >> if you guys aren't careful c i'll be waiting outside at youry cars with a supposer soakerroake filled with water and mud.nd >> we've been convince we shoulo take your advice and call thend police on you. >> exactly. (laughter). >> mud and water might actuallym make my car look better.. >> say it sister i know.iste >> still ahead at 10:00 we're0:' sitting down witness stars of ss your favorite netflix birches b kevin spacey and the stars ofrs orange is the new black. >> first though joe manganiello rush to the hospital.e os olivia wild adorable pregnancygy announcement and chris brown's shocking confession we got it wi all in today's good day celebrity dish. dish.
10:12 am
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10:14 am
♪ >> time for good day celebrityod dish. let's serve it on up. first up on tsehis tuesdaysd edition, some scary news for joe manganiello.manganiello. tmz is reporting the actor was admitted into the hospital latet last week to have his appendix remove but surgery began doctorc discovered that it had actuallyy already burst. bur joe is still in the hospitalta recovering so we say good well l soon, joe. j that's scary stuff. scary s. >> that is scary.ha >> up next,
10:15 am
news out of hollywood. singer chris brown consideredron suicide after his arrest forrrtf beating up rihanna back in of 2009.09 he made a comment in newlyewly released trailer for his upcoming documentary titleditle welcome to my life. my he went from being on to the ont world and being like america'srs sweetheart public end kneendnee number one much his mother h m appears in that trailer and says she felt like she was going too lose her child. no release dates on theates on e documentary has been given. no celebrity dish would behd complete without kanye westut kw news, right. >> of course.. >> hmm. >> well now he and the streaming sa service title are actually being sued by a fan the fan says westt promised his album the life of l pablo would be exclusive too tidal.dal he claims kanye broke the promise he earlier tweetedwe saying my album will never be oe apple and never be for sale. s you can only get it on tidal. live of pablo has since beenince released for free on apple musim and spotify and
10:16 am
it on his website. websi >> that's interesting.nteres >> ut-oh.. >> interesting to see how that t turns out. >> actress olivia wild issslivi becoming a new mother again onn instagram she announce announcec is pregnant with her second herc child with fiance' jason sudeikis.deis. the cute photos shows herselfsel and one-year-old son otis holding their stomachs while sms smiling at each other with a caption, matching baby bumps. >> aww.>> >> that's sweet.>> >> pretty cool.>> p >> that's sweet.hat's sweet up next arnold sweats swes schwarzenegger work out with soh joe the spitting image of him. tmz napped these exclusivexcsi pictures of arnold showing joseph the ropes at gold's gym.m now joseph as you can see is clearly jacked but not for a m mr. universe competition.tion 18-year-old is a business major at pepper dime university.ity. >> wow! >> now, is this a crazy question but is that his son with the t nanny?nay? >> yes. y >> okay.
10:17 am
not one of the sons with maria. >> he's got some muscles. >> marie 82 should have had that mattress. mattress >> there you go.>> there y >> there you go. go. >> or some kind of app or a something.some mattress or super soaker with mud or ---- >> the obvious, the nanny cam. >> the nanny there you go. >> steve, why were we able to ae figure all that out.t o. okay.ay actress jessica biehl dissed on 12 month old son over the or weekend.ek her son isen following in dad dd justin timberlake's footsteps fs he's a ham. aam he's a total ham. h biehl added that their little boy is crawling locate maniacat the first time parents also gott candid when asked about whatever she -- whether she ever feelsee mom guilt? she answered youred mean like a minute ago. about 10 seconds ago and now. biehl said she feels it all the time and still trying to fine te the balance between working andg feeling like an independent ind person and a woman the duo keeps their little mantm off social media so this is nott a rec
10:18 am
>> that was when he was firste a >> yeah. >> good for them.em finally, it is probablyrobl unlikely that angelina jolie jol would ever agree to help promote kiley jenner's lip glosses butls what about her dop pell gang wel are? check out this picture.. okay.ok >> all right.ight >> what's going on here? >> second from the left is 21-year-old march rah tee againt some say a dead ringer for mrs. pitt.mrs. pitt. >> okay. she was cast by kiley jenner for one of her lip gloss promotionan videos and has been inundated with comparisons to the 40 year old actress and humanitarian.. so what do you think? >> wait, is this -- ts >> so that's actually angelinaa jolie on the right there of youu screen and this is march rah onr the left. >> they look alike.hey look alie >> you think so.>> >> oh yeah absolutely. oh ye >> i can totally tell them apa apart. >> i think she's beautiful but i don't think they look alike. maybe sisters but not, you know, doppelganger. >> exactly. much young >> if you hadn't said anything n would have thought it was twot s different pic
10:19 am
>> of the same person.f the samp >> of angelina jolie. >> you think it's a compliment m to the 20-year-old to beo compared to the 40-year-old. >> i think so.. angelina joel system like an a icon.icon >> she's beautiful.utif >> but she's twice her age. >> i look at it the compliment t of her being the lips, the hairi i don't know.i know >> she's getting paid by kileyey jennifer.nnif >> it's all good.>> for both of the im. t >> they're both winning. >> yeah. yh >> no tears for any of them. time now thanks guys 10:19.: coming up later the untold stors behind one of the most famousstm pictures ever. ever. we'll check in with kevin whoevw sat down with the stars of elviv and nixon. >> first update on today's top p story check with melanie alnwici next. much more coming up and it'ss starting to smell like garlic ic here. >> oh yeah. o >> for good reason.or g we're cooking with garlic today. we'll explain.. 10:19.10:1 ♪ ♪
10:20 am
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♪ 10:22. fairfax county fire and rescuese department just wrapped up antut news conference giving update oo the search for missing virginiai firefighter. her name is nicole mittendorffof she was last seen on wednesdayne emotional plea we just heardus from her family and hernd her co-workers melanie alnwick wasas there she was was listening anda joins us with the latest developments.lo mel? >> reporter: good morning, goo guys. i think the headline here is that the fire department here says that this is their 911 cal1 to the public.c. not just here in the d.c. aea
10:23 am
but really they're saying coast to coast is how much they want this information to be out thert and to be shared. shad the purpose of today's pressay conference really was not to give any information in terms oa the police investigation.tion that is being handled byed virginia state police andic a virginia state police indeed die not attend this press conference but as you saw, a very largear contingent of firefighters, not just here at the fairfax station unit 32 where nicole worked outd of for the last throw years, but also many members of the larger community and the firefighterser union as well.s we know that the fire chief richard bauer social security here interesting y sou don't normally see fire chiefs tear cf up. he definitely had a moment a mom choking up talking about why itt was so important for folks to fs get that message they really are hopeful that nicole is going to be found fnd we know they've been searching'a in very remote area of the shenandoah national park
10:24 am
her husband was here also addressed, you know, as you canu imagine really just wanting to t use a written statement toentate address the media. med the public and also his wife. wf >> i ask that you not focus onos the face of worried husband oruo family members but that you focus on broadcasting herer picture and telling her story so that someone who's not yet seene the coverage will. w as i close i have message to my wife. wif sweetheart, i love you. y i am praying for you. y i'm not sure where you are, bute know we are all looking for you. i look forward to your safe saf return. thank you. >> reporter: now one little bit of information that we werer able to get from the fire chief is that indeed there are a few,f very few fairfax county firefighters and some dog teams k9 search teams that have b
10:25 am
requested from virginia at anyat time police. p but fairfax county does have a very skilled urban search and sa rescue and remote search and src rescue team, but at this point,, virginia state police are in p charge of the investigation, bu, the fire department says says whatever resources virginia viri state police need absolutelybsut they will be given without witho question. but at this point it is justt very small group of k9 searchh teams that are assisting best ww can tell that search is going o today. i just checked. shenandoah national park websitb it mentions there the white okay canyon area remain closed todayd as they search that very roughy terrain remember that is wherem nicole's car was found friday evening.g she hadn't really been seen or e heard from since wednesday. wedd we can't tell you how long it'si been since her car was at thatht lot.. but it is definitely a very ver treacherous and remote area.e back to you guys. >> melanie, i know there are are focusing the search in theearch shenandoah area with them wh t putting this call out
10:26 am
go coast to coast is there any n talk, any -- do they think she e took off? or why would you need to broadcast such a wide area? >> reporter: well, i thinkl, t they just want to cover all thee again, because you don't know. k there really hasn't been a lotot of information coming out ofg oo virginia state police as far as whether they found anything,nyth whether there are any traces, t and it wouldn't be unimaginable it could be any number of thingt that happened here they really don't know whether indeed her id intent was to go to that hikingh area although that's what lot ot people believe because as weecus told you earlier she is an avid hiker and runner and that's one' of things they does to kind ofki shed the stress of the job whicw by the way they said here she absolutely loved her job.ed h even though it was stressful,tr she was very dedicated to it. i. loved it.d high performer here with fairfax county.un. really no indication at leastn from what we're told that she intended to go there. the. but no indication either thatr t she didn'
10:27 am
>> mystery for sure. f thanks, mel., mel. appreciate the update. 10:00 twenty seven.> 10 let's check in with tuckerec barnes. he has good news for us today.s good looking forecast.king fecas tuck. >> steve, yes indeed.yes in i was outside a minute ago.ut very very comfortable ver temperatures in the low 70s.w 7s expecting 80 or better for justt about everybody by late thisate afternoon enjoy today. t one more 80 plus degree day witw a cool down expected laterected tonight and into our daytime day hours. hour it will still be pleasantl stil tomorrow but more spring like bp with temps expected to be in tht upper 60s by item afternoon. aen all right. there are your current numbers.s 10am numbe 73 now in washington.n. annapolis 73 degrees.3 gree
10:28 am
but really all systems go hereoh for another beautiful early summer preview without a lot ofl humidity. there's larger look at rain showers out to the west ous in arkansas and missouri.ur that will get in here as we get into thursday night and friday.a up until then, we're going to enjoy more dry weather.ea 80 today's, 60s to about 700 tomorrow. quick look at that seven dayok s shows the needed rain showersn s getting in here by thursday by h night and friday maybe aidaybe thunderstorm around on fridayony before we clear it out for their weekend.ek enjoy your afternoon. 81 degrees, guys, absolutelyoluy beautiful out there.beautiful >> sounds good, thanks tuckgoodn looking forward to the after nor for sure.r su 10 cotwal is our time right nowg still ahead on good day the day stars of the orange is the newis black hit the orange carpet you can say. say to raise awareness about mentall health.alth. fox5's erin como was there andae she'll join us live with all the details. ♪
10:30 am
10:31 am
♪ >> this going to get interesti interesting. >> i don't trust any of themruso crazy bleep. >> what? >> it's just like the hamptonsen only horrible. >> great, thank you so much.
10:32 am
>> orange is the new black is t one of netflix biggest hits. h it's set to return for a fourthu season this summer but lastt night some of the stars hit the orange market in d.c. for very v special event honoring theireven work raising awareness aboutbo mental illness. fox5's erin como was there. she got a chance to talk with some of the stars. she joins us now with all of thl you look stunning.yo >> i got an hour nap in.n nap . i was ready for the orangera carpet. not the red carpet and it was a great emcee journalist cookie robertsb was able to hit the red carpetee with some of the cast at the t mayflower hotel before the bigoe event kick off. and i also had the chance toe t diss with some of the stars sucs great night.great so many people came out to support such a great issue and they got to dish with me about a their favorite characters on thn hit series.erie i tried to get us a littletl inside scoop on what i cani expect from season four. four. listen to this. >> i think that we feel reallyy
10:33 am
socially relevant and get to t bring awareness to the people p that generally don't haveon'tav voices. i'm it's something we feel shing passionately a >> i love, you know, the character crazy eyes, seize sans and -- terrible human being thet character but just a loft fun tn watch, too.watcoo. >> we can expect a lot more boom a lot of, um, more story lines a lot more new prison mateses revisiting. >> is nicky coming.s nickc >> who knows? knows? >> nobody knows.>> n >> she's too busy between somebody's -- yeah. >> honestly nobody >> john bennett left. lef >> um-hmm.>> uhmm. >> couldn't take the daddy newst >> no. >> i know.>> i can we expect a reappearancepprc from him? >> you know you can expectnow ye whatever you want butever wan unfortunately i can't divulgen'e any details of that. >> i tried.ri i tried to get us some inside i scoop but the good news s the season debuts on netflix june june 17th. so get ready to binge wat
10:34 am
lot new twists in the plot t p coming i think.ming >> you tried? you gave a goodeo effort. >> i gave good effort but i'm bt eye got the tight lip you'llt lu have to watch and >> glad to see they're helpingrh to put a spotlight owing somebody a lot of people areeope pretty shameful of sometimes.omm it's good they're bringing itt out to the forefront.orefnt they wanted to bring awareness torminal he willness issues and in the prison system better ways they can handle can a great conversation last night. >> win/win all around. aund >> thanks erin.n. >> still ahead at 10:00 the 10:0 story behind this picture. kevin mccarthy he's back withact the stars of the new movie elvis and nixon.on. >> ♪
10:35 am
kids: he came here from rocky married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do.
10:36 am
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10:37 am
♪ of all the famous imagess preserved in our nationalio archives the most requested rue photo of all time is this one. ♪ >> remember when you talkedwhene about finding an ally from nixon of the someone from thehe outsider. >> i node to get this letter tot the president. >> you'll never guess in a million yea trs who just showedp at the northwest gate asking to see him. h. >> it's elvis. >> you swear this isn't a joke j because this penmanship iship
10:38 am
>> thank you, thank you veryou, much. >> you think we should meet with him. >> yes, mr. >> during my nap hour. durin >> everybody loves elvis.bodyovs >> he can really help us with the youth vote he could like aea badge. >> i would like to go undercover as a federal ant >> i've been in 31 major motionn pictures that makes me an experp in costume and disguise. dgu i can infiltrate the communistmt and bust them am.hem let's do this thing. tng >> undercover rock and roller. >> sounds ludicrous.udro >> i can supply my own firearms. >> all right. what do we have on this guy? >> well, he's one of the mostofs famous men on the planet.. loves guns, hates the beatles. >> the beat dells. bea well i don't like that. dik >> do you have any firearms orio weapons of any kind on yourr person?? >> good thing they didn't catchc this little fella in my boot. >> mr. presley -- >> a lot of guns.>> a that's a clip from the new moviv elvis and nixon inn sparred bypb real life immediate he meetingim n tween the water gateme mastermind and the king of rock and roll which pre dude one of the most iconic pictures of
10:39 am
presidential administration andm one of the most in demand pictures at the nationalational archives.ives kevin spacey stars as the 37th h president michael shannon plays the all shook up -- ya'll like e >> no. >> let me try it again.y it ain. all shook up.l shk up. >> better. >> all shook up kevin mccarthy got chance to sie down with both of them yesterday up in new york. he joins us liveup from the bigg apple with all the details this morning. good morning, kevin.ev we just saw a clip. neither one of them -- spacy didn't look like nixon and is a and non didn't look like elvis.e i'm kind of -- you'll have selll this one. >> i mean i completely did itdi agree with you wisdom. i know the performances themselves they're incredible.rl when you're watching the movieov you completely see nixon andix a completely see elvis.. michael shannon did phenomenalnl job with the performance. to be honest when i was watchinn the film sunday night i actually forgot a i was watching actorsas and sometimes you don't have to' look like the person to become m the character.e character look at
10:40 am
steve jobs he didn't look like l steve jobs but he became steve i think difference there whenfeh you're performings -- >> kevin -->> k >> i see kevin spacey andcey a michael shannon.haon >> um-hmm.m- >> yeah. >> okay. >> have you ever seen elvis anys clips of elvis from the -- likei back in the day?? >> say that again wisdom. wisdo >> have you seen like elvis for real like clips of elvis. >> he wants to know if you knowk what elvis looks locate.ks loc >> of course i have. h of course i've seen elvis in in many many movies and seen elvisv in the photograph that's actually in the movie.tually i'm not saying he looks exactlyt like e i think he performed and sounded and talked like him.ik him what i was saying the actual act look of a person i think the the performer the actor can be so s good sometimes that you forgetor the actual look of the person. >> performance is transform ma tiff. >> he's basically saying ifsica you're good enough you could beu kevin mccarthy.cary >> if you're good enough.. >> you do kind of resemble him.. >> i do kind of look like kevink mccarthy.rt
10:41 am
they can do a whole movie, two hour movie about picture. >> yeah. more than a picture. than a the meeting itself took place in december of 1970, and elvis actually just showed up at the white house and wrote thisanwrot handwritten letter hadn't itadnt delivered to richard nixon, and thenalled up meeting that day. y he wanted to have a badge and become a federal agent at largel this is a real so the whole movie build up to p their meeting and what happens s within the office and there wass no -- this meeting was wasn'tt recorded there was photo of itti but first hand accounts jerry j schilling about the i spoke to kevin spacey andcey a michael shannon about the filmuf but also what would frank underwood spacy's house of cardr character say to are you charha nixon if they could meet.ouldee. check it out. >> one of my favorite in theitin film the moment when elvis elvis talking about when he walks intw a rom nobody ever sees him assim the person he is.n he they just see him as the objectc you know, they remember theirbet first kiss, and it's interestini because there are people whothee actually do know him as the
10:42 am
person. i'm wondering from each of youh now that you've work together i know you as kevin spacey fromn f house of cards, american beauty, i know you as michael shannonela from take shelter, man of steale michael shannon who is reallyea kevin spacey and spacy who is wi really michael shannon? >> i'll go first.irst >> go ahead.>> go ahead. >> when when he started shootin this movie, we had to start with the oval office sequence kind of the climax of the film so wee really jumped right into it.ot. i felt very at ease with kevinh from the get go, because, um, i didn't feel like, you know, it'' awkward for me to put all that a stuff on and walk into a room.oo there's a part of me like nobodd will buy this.. and i know what a great impersonator mimic that kevin kv is. is i'm sure kevin could probably do elvis right now if he wanted too >> we have to hear this.earhi >> no, no new york city i didn' mean that. >> walking into a situation siti where these two actors will beib playing these iconic, you know, er
10:43 am
caricatured figures, um,s,m, sometimes in other movies,ies, sometimes just in sort of world imitation.imit that wouldn't be our approach. c that knowing the kind of workd r he's done and also seeing theing kind of work he's obviously beey doing the last number of years on film, that we would both approach this in a way wantingan to try to fine essence of whoho these two men were and maybe reveal qualities about elvis and nixon that maybe people hadple d never seen before. >> i wanted to ask you thisd because i was thinking watchingg you in the oval office and i'm i like blown away by how well you're playing nixon and iixonnd couldn't help but think tonk t myself, what would underwood and nixon talk about in that office together? >> you know, it's a good know,t question.ques i don't know. i mean one is obviouslyio fictional and one is a real person. pe and it was interesting obviously working in the oval officel of although this was the ovals theo office set from west wing.tin >> was it really. >> different oval office -- also the movie dave, a
10:44 am
office in house of cards is ouro own that we built. bui so there were two different rooms. rooms. but, you know, i think probablya under wooder would have a a deeper conversation with johnson than he would with nixon.on i think they might find it sim s bee yacht tick relationship. >> now, yesterday morning i wasi obviously in washington d.c. anc i was doing my live shots theres then i showed up for theor interview and i was actually thy last person to interview themvim that day and they gave me anavem extra question. when i walk out of the interview room, they walk oh down the hallway i don't know if you've y ever been movie theater and seee those big posters and billboardd that you can put your face inrai that and take a picture.. they basically face swap theirir own shots and i saw this happene before my eyes i took out my out phone didn't a selfie so spacy p was in elvis' face and shannonnn was in nixon's face.'sac very very funny. fun it was cool to see that but thet movie opens up friday. fda my full review as well as the t h
10:45 am
have more on that coming up this friday. >> all right. sounds good, kev. >> thank you kevinds. cool.. >> thanks a lot.>> t guys.. >> elvis and nixon he alreadyeay said it house of cards season sn four streaming now an never a n flicks. >> he said he thinks it's thethn best season ever. >> house of cards. h >> that comes as a r for house of cards.ards. >> okay. we'll find out more kev coming up oh and friday he'll have hish reviews. coming up here we'll go into thg kitchen we're doing a little ait different today.different today. instead of celebrating a a particular like meal we'rel w celebrating garlic and what you can do with it and apparentlyppy there's more to garlic than jusj cooking with it.h but we are going to cook with ii and enlisted one of the top chefs in the area to help us u cook with garlic and we'll findd out some other uses all comingog up next.
10:46 am
10:47 am
10:48 am
♪ 10:48. today is national garlic day day which you're probably not aware of of the. of the. take our word for it.. we'll celebrate in the loft with our good friend jeremy wayne w bright the he's the executive ei chef of range. of range he's been very busy today. how you doing. >> pretty >> first time you join us as executiv
10:49 am
though you're right up the you street you've been makingou've k changes up that.up t >> yeah, we've been developing b lot of new things up there. the a lot of stuff to work with inn there and spring is finally here, and spring garlic isarc finally here.ere >> we've been smelling this form the last hour or so.o. here's my one question.e queio what is the difference between b this that we typically see andaa that right there? tre >> this is very young garlic the bulb hasn't formed on it yet. >> okay. >> it is extremely poe 10. 1 get a lot of flavor out of it. >> we can still use that foror >> absolutely. >> chop it up like it's a greene >> you treat it like leaks, lea scallions any kind of onion thaa you're going use or even treatvt it like garlic roast it hole.ol when you roast you can roast ona top of that to impart flavor. f. chicken roast it on top of it of with other aromatic vegetables.b phenomenal.enal >> all the way on the far end oe the table you gut something in g half. do you actually grill those orlt cook with them that way or ist that just for decoration?orio >> we split -- we get w
10:50 am
heads of garlic and split them when we roast things we alsoe roast garlic in there with it. >> okay.y >> just to add extra flavor int it. >> you get a lot -- when you break the cell walls in garlic you release enzymes that's whatt gets all that huge potent smell out of it. >> when you roast vegetables,etb you roast meats you roastou chickens you get impartsmpar tremendous am of flavor.f fvo >> real quick run down what wete have. ha pick one here and hold l help uu out in just a minute. min >> what do we have here. >> we have shrimp cocktail.ktl we brazed the shrimp with a lota of garlic. garc. other aromatic vegetables.. white wine and then peopleneopl always serve it with cocktailoct sauce but we like to serve itt with garlic i was roll lee.. >> that's what this is here.hish that's exactly what they are there. >> it's a garlic mayo. m so it's become a broad term but the actual definition of it is i garlic key mayo. mayo >> use for garlic on seafood. garlic in the meats here.ere. first holly i know
10:51 am
do jump and talk non traditionai use force >> on this national gargling dan steve we thought we wouldht w wu celebrate in other different dfe ways. everybody nose you can cook wity i here's a couple of other cou things you can use garlic for. f do you have persistent pimples?l >> luckily >> yes. but if you do, it is a good acne treatment. you can actually rub raw loves l on your face or you can crush uh the garlic, put the extract uset the juice like, you know, justwj some cotto cot top and rub it or face.fa also, if you're afraid zika, z guess what it's an excellentxcle mosquito repellant.elnt >> i her of. >> plant compounds are harmful r to mosquitoes the garlic plant. mosquitoes have evolved over thv years to actually avoid allid a garlic plants.las you can also set garlic loves l out where mosquitoes are ands aa that will help disburse themrshe also an excellent antibiotic fii you're hiking seriously someoneo gets a cut if you have finde fd garlic crush the raw garlic itai
10:52 am
can actually prevent staff bacteria. it fights it off.ff. >> okay. >> all right. any way, news you can use, u right?ri >> yup. yup >> also, it's good for cough syrup kind of the same lines asn antibiotic but if you boil aou b quarter pound of garlic, thearc, loves in cup of water add honeyh and sugar to make it taste ist better it will make your cough o go away. you can also just steam or -- steep clove of garlic in had the water and make garlic tea it hat help you feel better.r. no one what atlantic city to beb around you but you'll feederfeer the most wonderful side effectff of garlic it's aphrodisiacac confirmed by aristos tell and ancient indian writings muchritg this is nothing new.thg new even a collection of jewish laws ethics and customs thathat instructs husbands to eat garlir before they make love to their wives. wives. >> oh. >> steve, over to you.teve, ov >> it's funny holly you saidouai that do we want to make sure yoe cover that jeremy you said it y was the original, what,. what, >> it is t
10:53 am
>> see, exactly. e >> there you go.>> >> many many uses for garlic yoy might not even think of. of >> chef i've got a question foro you. you eat all thighs garlic.l this how did you get the scent off of you're a little amorous after an aphrodisiac.aphrod how do you make sure uri peelini the one you love. >> you can use lemon.ou c they had a study come out that men that wreak of garlic have that odor in their body not youy breath in your body they fundhef that women are more attracted tt those men. m >> just let it ride.t r >> let it ride. (laughter). >> yes, do you, steve.oue. yes, do you.. >> wisdom is on the move. me >> keep talking. >> there you go, wis. w >> keep talking. talki >> i'm just saying. >> he's going to rub the alling over himself. (laughter).(l >> wisdom is now bathing in garlic dalely. dal >> i'm coming home! >> we don't want what'sha happening on the that side of ti loft. you were busy while holly wasy h talking decorating and settingni up everything here plating thist up so pretty.uppret what other uses do we have for r garlic here. h >> one of things we do a lotthio with it
10:54 am
vegetable.geble. we brian things we roast thingsi we cure things there's mostt likely garlic in part in that, t you pick up a huge flavor out of it. it we have pork shoulder where we e roast a whole pork shoulders to about 165 cut them down toow steaks and dress it with -- roast it with garlic and carrots, celery, bay leaves ands then, um, we cut it down into dn steaks and we marinate again a with little bit of honey a lotey more garlic. gli >> double dose of garlic. gar >> we zero it in -- we see and e roast it off we hit it withh butter herbs and we baste itt with garlic cloves in there also. >> making sure you get more andm more of that flavor. what about for this. >> this is dry aged -- exact day dry aged rib eye we dot sameame thing with it. we pan 7e a. r we sear1 side, flip it over,ve whole big nobody of garlic andaa herbs and just base base base base.base -- baste baste baste.
10:55 am
>> you got the roasted cloves. e can you eat those the way theyht are or is that over kill.rill. >> it depends on how many women you want to meet. >> wisdom? guess what we got wg over here.. >> that's not enough for you.t y >> i'm good.'m g i'm good forest of the week. wk >> are you sure. >> i'm good. >> do you do anything specialin for national garlic today t besides entertaining us with all the tips and useful information. >> take this back to work andk a get busy rubbing things downs d with garlic. gar >> that's what wisdom is goingd to be doing after work.ork. rubbing things down with garlic. >> man. >> thanks. we do appreciate it.preciat. >> glad you're at range right uu street. check him out right here at it'' friendship heights, right.ts, rt >> it is actually friendshipllyi heights. >> it is friendship heights.en >> all right. >> it is indeed. ind >> it's a great place if youlace want t dill up much in many thi non garlic key. k may i sample. >> absolutely. >> lots of close friend shipss today with garlic.c. >> meanwhile as steve continuesi to indulge over there,w
10:56 am
a few tweets we want to share. e we had a lot of people tweet int today which was fun. >> wisdom martin congrats on the qq were cover.ov the fox d.c. team is so mean.. >> we kid because we love. >> brat kids i'm in agreement with wisdom respect for othersth property should be taught at ah young age. >> you had a lot of people -- w- agree it should be taught at at young age whom should do theom teaching. >> this one says wisdom what if i just washed my car taxeme te couple of hours to wash and detail it. super soak that five-year-old. >> that's what i'm talkingwh about. >> a lot of people were on yourr >> wisdom you're my man a hundred grant. g that's crazy everyone on thee on couch said let it i g i'm with you.hou >> we didn't say let it >> when i was a kid it work that way too i actually tweeted herwd back but it's a different dayift and age. same rules don't apply.
10:57 am
enjoy the beautiful weather. >> rub it down. >> does it work magic on the ladies. >> apparently.
10:58 am
kids: he came here from rocky married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message.
10:59 am
s for all of us.
11:00 am
>> live from new york city, it's the "the wendy williams show." >> how you doin'? >> the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> with all due respect. >> my girls are always turned out. >> i give it to you straight. ♪ shout it out. >> now here's wendy! [ applause ] >> that's funny. here we go again. ♪ >> wendy: yes. thank you for watching our show. [ applause ] say hello to my co-hosts, my studio audience. [ applause ]


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