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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  April 19, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox5 local news at 10. right now at 10, a toddler and d an 11 1 # 1 year old child chi assaulted in an act of alleged retaliation. d.c. police link the case to the shooting of a seven year old o girl. as friends and family gather to remember a maryland firefighter shot and killed on the job, newn questions are emerging about tho moments leading up to his deathe just in time for the summer heat, p pepco wants to add a big increase for your monthly bill n much the reason for the proposed hike and when you can see it. right now at 10. 10. we begin the 10 tonight with wi breaking news in the new york pt primaries, donald trump is theps projected winner in the gop raise. fox news is also projected hillary clinton to beat bernie sanders by double digits. dig we'll have much more on the m primary coming up. we thank you for joining us, i'm tony perkins. >> and
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a d.c. community is trying to tr understand why someone would attack to innocent children indn their own home. police think it was retaliation of an attack on a seven year oldier this month. >> marina maracco is life with the details. >>reporter: ward 8 is increasing violent tone. we've spoken with neighbors whoo simply don't want to appear on n camera because they fear retaliation if they do. we're standing on alabama avenuv just across the way from the seventh police ifnt you look down that block jt last night there were shootings, as well as retaliatory events have happened tucked in this th neighborhood in recent days. yesterday three people were shoo in two separate shootings, onene on knocks place and a second on 16th street in southeast. about a week and a haling a a seven year old was critically shot from here, the seventh sev district police station. pol the little girl
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from zinner on hartford street.r police arrested 27 year old michael higgins in connection with the shooting.. today the police were confirming there is a want out for higgins' sisters' assault. only four days after the seven year old was shot the alleged shooters' sister broke into an alleged woman's apartment in in ward 8 along with her h cousin. the vic tip was attacked by onee of the women as the second suspect drags the victim's 11 year old's son out of the room beating him while she reportedly accused him of snitching toitch police and outing her brother ar the shooter wanted in connection with the hartford street ha shooting of that seven year oldl girl. according to this police report here, the victim's two year old son also walked out as he hearde the commotion. he was hit in the face four to five times and to make matters worse, police sources saying
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information and knew nothing ini connection with the arrests of that man, the alleged shooter behind that seven year old shooting which happened just a week ago. now, this morning police say that they've arrested one of those suspects in the beating. they're still looking for the fr second one. one life tonight in southeast d.c., marina maracco, fox5 local news. > it is an emotional day forth the friends and family of a prince george's countyin firefighter shot and killedshot while responding to a call. dozens of people came out this i evening toay their respects during a private viewing of firefighter john ulmschneider. he was gunned down last friday while checking on someone at a home in temple hill. his family and friends rememberi him as a selfless person.on. >> when he laid down at night, if he couldn't think of at least one person that he had helped during the course of the dayay then he was unable to sleep. i believe that is the motivation that he had to become a
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ulmschneider's funeral will be held tomorrow at st. john's parish in high school wood, maryland. now to the latest investigations intot the deadly firefighter shooting, questions still remain surrounding the sequence everver events. tonight our paul wagner revealse new details in the case. >>reporter: this is the front o door of the home on sharon roadr where firefighters arrived lastv friday night for a routine check on the welfare call. you can see it's damaged. apparently as the firefighters forced the door open. what happened next is what investigators are attempting to piece together. to a source familiar with thear investigation says there are differing accounts in the t sequence of events. we have every confidence that th the police department willent conduct the same investigationns that it conducts in every single one of these incidents and thatn is a thorough investigation. we have likewise had prosecutors who were literally on the scenec immediately following this incident who stayed therent w throughout the night and intoo the morning to ensure that our presents was there,
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able to be alongside the alo department as they were investigating this h case. the unnamed homeowner was release from custody without wit charges following the shooting. and authorities now say a grand jury will likely decide whether r to take the case.e this morning on fox5 prince george's county fire chief mackc what sure said check on the welfare calls are routine and there is set protocol. pr those things aren't really ironed out in a l policy or a procedure right now because we e give a lot of leeway to our officers to make decisions in i crisis situations. sit that's exactly what they we'll probably give them a a little more guidance to help those people make betterett informed decisions. back in 2008, the exact same scenario played out in the district when firefighter akeemk carol was shot in the arm whileh forcing open the door to t an apartment on east capital sheath. >> in each case a brother dialed 911 to ask for help
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sibling. when firefighters forced opened the doors they were met with gunfire. in the case of the d.c. firefighter, he was backs ba visiting with fellowell firefighters the very next day. paul wagner, fox5 local news. > the first time the husband of a missing fairfax countying firefighter spoke out today and he asked for the public's help. nicole mighten do has not beenen seen for a week. wee her car was found nearly a n hundred miles from her home. ho today surrounded by her co-workers her husband made an emotional plea for her return. sweetheart, i love you. you i am praying for you. i'm not sure where you are, bute know we are all looking for you. and i look forward to your safeu return. > your commitment to the search is commendable and very much appreciateed
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to the media, thank you, thank u you for helping spread the word about the the disappearance ofne my wife. > anyone with information isç urged to call police. now to the district, d.c. police arrested a man accused of shooting and killing an off duty secret service officer, charlesc syms is charged with first degree murder for shooting death of baldwin. police believe baldwin may haveb been the victim of a robbery ro when he was shot in southwest last december. the violent arrest caught on cellphone video has prompted an investigation by the baltimore police department. all right. that video shows an officer dragging an 18 year old from the doorway of his home on saturday. police say they knocked on thenk front door after seeing the 18 year old and another person entering the back of the home. and the officers wanted to know
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on the video you can hear the young man repeatedly say they live there and were not breakinb in. the young man in the green shirs was arrested for disorderlyiso conduct and charge odd a criminal citation. the charges were later droppedrp and he was release. now that video comes on the onee year anniversary of the arrest r of freddie gray which led to hio death a week later. the 25 year old from west we baltimore suffered a severe spinal injury from being thrown around in the back of a police van. protests erupted after his death and tension between police andic the baltimore residents was thrust into the national spotlight. a year later the city is tryingr to heal and make changes to its police department. > tonight the ntsb is investigating a deadly plain crash. a small plain went down in a field. both people on board were killed. they have not yet been identified. police say the plain burst intob flames after it hit the ground. we talked to a witness who trieo to safe the victims. i thought mbe
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trying to land in the field for some reason. it went blow the tree line and i didn't see it anymore. an and then a couple seconds later black smoke. i have a fire stick wisher on my truck so i grabbed it and ran over and tried to put it out but they were already dead when i we got there.e. there is no word yet tonight ono what caused that crash. > still ahead at 11, mills of people hit the polls in new york for the state's highly anticipated primary. donald trump and hillary clinton are projected winners. these are life images coming in from clinton's camp in new york. we will have much more coming um after the break. also coming up michigan's govern plans to drink water from flint just to prove it doesn't prove a safety risk.fety we have been treated to almost l early summer days. it's cooling off a little bit tonight, though and we
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ditched the breezes that we had earlier. are we done with the 80ss for aa while? i'll have a preview of your fox5 forecast when fox5 comes back.
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> well, the results are in fror the new york primary and republican candidate donald trump has won the majority ofajr votes in his home state. on the democratic side it was aa tight raise, but front runner hit beat out bernie sanders witt the majority b of votes. here's a break down of the numbers as ballots are still being counted. right now donald trump has 63 percent of the vote while governor john cusack came in ca with just over 22 percent of support. ted cruz came in a distinct third. hillary clinton in the lead with a little more than 60 percent. bernie sanders 39 percent. clinton's victory is a boost for the campaign after sanders won ate of the last nine. ni there are 247 delegates at state for the democrats.
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take it outside. another beautiful evening arouna the sue palka standing by with your morning forecast. hi, shawn. it is a glorious evening and i'm glad that that gusty wind that i we had earlier is over. if you've been outside tonightog you've probably noticed that the temperatures are dropping just s little bit. a it's certainly not go to be coldto b and we're not worried about frost or freeze in the morning but noticeably colder when you u head out on wednesday morning. a treat feeling like it's early summer as we got up into the 80s day, but now we've droppedç to 66. you can see places already down into the mid 50s. what's changed is we've had ae'e frontal boundary come on through and that front has been sagginga on down to our south and it has done so it has allow those temperatures to drop, winds area coming in more out of the northe and northeast and we'ring goingi to continue to see that front fo allow cooler air to come in overnight. so temperatures will bell b droin
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some of those overnight temperatures because there's the front that came on through and high pressure that's going to b continuing to push in that l th cooler air and breezes will be lighter tomorrow out of the north and northeast. no you can expect a clear and coolo start for your wednesday morninw and we'll just give you the t headline for tomorrow. i don't think we're headed for the 80s. it will be on the cooler side, but certainly still close to or a little bit above average for o this time of year. i think it will be close to 70-degrees and also going to beb staying dry. dry the temperatures look like they'll head down into the 40s for some areas. for the bus stop that means it'' going to be a little bit on the chilly side as we're going to be looking at temperatures that te will range from 44 to perhaps pr 55-degrees in the morning, after school it looks like it will be a little bit warmer. we'll call it mild. one thing we really do need is a little bit of rain. it's v been very dry. it was dry in march and that's a why earlier today
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flag warning for the possibility of brush fires that could be cou easily started and get out of o control quickly. i do have a little bit of rain in the seven day forecast.ay f i'll let you know when to expect that when i join you with the full report in just a littleust bit. > thank you, sue. developing tonight a brand newew twist to the flint water crisis. michigan governor promised he will drink water from drink for an entire month. he wants to prove to the world e that the water is safe. jim lokay is here with more. it's leading by a way of example. tonight he's taking the unusual step, but not everyone is impressed. the governor took home five gallons of water from a flint fi home that had high tested with high lead levels and he'll refill it from water from homese around the city. city officials think that the ta water is drinkable now and they're telling people to use their facets to get the
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water flowing. all numbers across the state saa the governor still has a long way to go. g it's encouraging to see. he's going to say focused on solutions may not be severe as a lot of people think because be people who are calling for the governor's recall right now have 90,000 signatures, but tony and shawn they need nearly 600,000,0 more within the next 60 days to make that happen. a the look of political follow l out, but it's not as extreme as a lot of people think as they as try to battle back from the disaster there. the drama continues. >> it does. i don't know that i would feel e comfortable drinking the water at.te > governor is going to see whag itoi does. > thank you, jim. still ahead tonight,
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administration is sending outut student loans forgivenessrgiv letters to thousands of people. we'll tell you who has been be exempted from paying off their debts. one week after pepco issued rebates to its customers theom power companyer asked for fo permission to issue a rate increase. when and where it can go into effect.
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welcome back, these are lifeom images of hit o just a short time ago was nameda the projected winner of the new york primary tonight. she is speaking donald trump spoke to his sporters earlier this eveningvei after claiming victory in thehe republican victory. this was a big one for clinton. bernie sanders has won the previous ate primaries and thish was a big victory for her tonight. she was expected to win because she is a resint
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> back nowç with good news wit college graduates with studentit loan debt. the obama administration has started sending out to nearly 4,000 people who are eligible for the loan forgiveness program. the letter will include an inc application they can simply sigm and return. once the loan is erased a three-year monitoring period will begin. if the eligible person's earning status changes they may have toa start making payments once again. a school is arming its staff its with semi automatic rivals. the purpose is so officers can respond in case of a shooting or other attack. they are already carrying handguns. each officer must complete off special training before using one of the new weapons. w the rivals will be kept locked in patrol cars, not in the schools themselves. > president obama is heading to saudi
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push mid east alleys to do more in the fight against isis. the also is sending apatchy helicopters to help rap tour forces from isis. the us is tightening the noose on the terror group. as we see the iraqis willing toi fight and gaining ground we must make sure we're providing themgt more support. he expects troops to provide assistance for them to fall byto the end of the year. the man accused of plotting a terror attack against the us capital is competent to stand trial. chris tore cornell was able toto participate in his defense. prosecutors filed exhibits, ex including letters present pre cornell that they say is proof r that he understands the charges against him. cornell pled not guilty to four charges including attempted murder. he is currently being held hel without bond. > he would have a warning if if you plan on traveling
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some of this is surprisinglyly specific. there are new reports that isisi is planning attack at beach resorts across europe this summer. the terrorists plan to pose as s drink vendors and plan bombs under sun beds. and gunning down tourists with i it aic rivals. they denied the reports andepor claim italy's beaches are safe. suspects i ledged against the terror plot. lawmakers just restricted wherer people can smoke pot whenot they're in h the district. we'll have the details fourils coming up. and some pepco customers coulduo be in for a 10 percent increase. when and where that could go into effect.
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in annapolis, she battled republicans joseline peña-melnyk for congress... yes! and the nra to pass the toughest gun safety legislation in the country. i'll take on the tough fights to expand social security and keep the doors open to planned parenthood. my mom is so tough she's willing to fight anyone who's going to pay him more than us for doing the same job. i'm joseline peña-melnyk, and i approve this message.
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this is fox5 local news at 10.1. recapping tonight's top storiesi
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two women broke into a southeast apartment beating an 11 year ola as well as a two year oldear claiming the 11 year old had snitched to police and outed one of the suspects' brothers as the shooter who was ultimatelyltim arrested in in connection with the seven year old critically injured a week and a haling a just around the corner from mpd seventh district in a shooting. police have made one arrest in connection with the retaliatory event and are still on the look out for the second boy. it was epa emotional day for the friends and family of a prince george's county firefighter shot and killed while responding to o hundreds came out this evening to pay their respects during a private viewing of firefighter john ulmschneider. he was begunked down last fridaa while checking on someone at a home in temple hills. the husband of a missing firefighter asked for the public's
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nicole mighten door has beenee missing for a week.eek > pepco customers listen up,p, the utility company is lookingoi to raise your rates by about 10 percent. that's right, the move is setting off alarm bells for many customers who thought the recent merger with exelon was supposed to safe them money. i know you talked to pepco leaders. why do they need this money.h >>reporter:ç they say they've done a lot of work for it. pep so says they've done a the lot of work to want this rate increase and they're prepared to make a case for they filed with the publicpubl commission.on. customers aren't too happy about it, though. i do not think their service warrants the rate increase because my power goes out for no reason constantly. some pepco
10:31 pm
just hearing the word "pepco".pc the company has said it made a huge investment to improve liability and service.ce nobody likes to pay more for their heating bill.ill. customers have seen a dramaticra decrease in the frequency and duration of outrages. pepco workers have been working on lines and trimming trees away from them as well.ell. plus, pepco as new technology allows users to monitor theiront usage online so they can usese less. they are reporting to pepco'spec recent merger with exelon. merger have better prices for ed ' think with all the improvements we'd get better raise. it dawned like that's not the case. the rate adjustment applicationt has nothing to do with the merger between pepco annex license and would have beenand filed regardless of the merger. the merger actually provides customers with some funding in
10:32 pm
order to offset the impact of any rate in crease.reas > pepco also says they have not come to customers with a rate increase since 2010. si a lot has to happen before thehe maryland public serviceland commission. they have to have publicubl hearings. then there's testimony. they pretty much go to trillion so to speak to make their case, pepco does.pepc they are expected to make a decision possibly somewhere around november, mid to lateate november. it's unclear right now but right now we're just talking aboutalki maryland thisser ' expected to file a rate increase request for d.c. customers as well. not sure when that will take place. > that's the latest here outside pepco headquarters. fox5 is in fairfax county now. a teenager is charged with a deadly stabbing in alexandria. police arrested 19 year old john mar cot oh. police were called to the 5100 block of bell
10:33 pm
in late march. after they found a man unconscious on the ground. gro mar cat oh also faces charges from a few stabbing incident a few days earlier. > lawmakers approved ars a permanent ban on the use of potf in private clubs.lub it's an issue lawmakers have gone back and forth on sincen they approved a temporary ban in clubs two months ago. possession of marijuana for personal use has been legal since early last year.ear. the bill is now headed to mayor muriel bowser for her signature. > new at 10, a baltimore man is under arrest accused of a bizarre break-in. the suspect is phillip jenkins. police say he tried to breako into a home in howard county on saturday while naked. when officers arrived they found a broken window and the suspect climbing a ladder with noith clothes objection to the formjet he's facing a long list of charges, including burglary,urgl assault
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ben and jerry were arrested inn d.c.s as part of a demonstration. they posted photos of been cohen and jerry with the headline whyd ben and jerry just got arrested. they are part of the group demsy awakening. it focuses on voting rights and the influence of big donations. they were among 300 people who were arrested and release.ease the pair are long time social actaviss. i was moving day for an army veteran who narrowly escaped afghanistan with his life. we'll take you to the ceremony e where the soldier was honored and reunited with a piece of his uniform that saved his life. feeling financially insecure. well you've got company.omp nearly a third of americans arei less comfortable with theirwith savings than a year ago. many folks aren't seeing big pay raises so they're not putting ai much
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nearly 9 percent last month. that's the biggest drop since october. an intel handing out ping slips. the chip maker saying it will cut 12,000 jobs in the next year. shopping at cvs without leavingt your car. the drugstore chain launching a free service allowing customerst to order nonprescription itemsne on a mobile app and then getet curb side pickup within an hour. yelling on someone on the road it just got easier. a new app calling clean oh allowing people to to enter anonymously. that's business. s that
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an arm he sergeant says he is is alive today all thanks to his he helmet. he
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helmet. staff sergeant lewis was joineds by friends and familism he fought back tiers as he recounted the story of how he miraculously walked away from a violent attack in afghanistan.fh during firefight one bullet p hit him on the side of his head. some officials say the only reason he survived was because of his advanced combat helmet which absorbed the shock. sergeant lewis can remember thee firefight like it was yesterday. once i was in the middle the road i just laid there. i heard a lot of gunfire.unfi some instinct told me for the meantime try to play like a possum and just be still and don't move until i get one of mf lead vehicle also up. i can say relief because i justu been waiting
10:40 pm
actually have it back in my possession. > when the sergeant was askedse what he plans to do with thehe helmet his mother cynthia said it belongs to me. she said she plans to place thee helmet which is on a black now inside her home right in the front where everyone can see it. >> i can certainly understandera her saying it belongs to me. her son, saved him. > the national arboretum twoala baby egg lets are one step closer to having names. the babies are certainly grownet up. take a look there. that's mom and dad, isn't it? >> that's one of the babies.abie > aren't you glad humans don'tt grow that fast.ast. >> wow, they're huge.huge > a campaign to name the nestlings has settled on five finalists, stars and strips, freedom and liberty, anacostia and potomac and cherry and blossom. if you wanto
10:41 pm
find the link, the online ballot at d.c. eagle cam. org. the winning names will be announced next tuesday. of the choices. let me say them again for you. >> stars and stripes, freedomred and liberty, anacostia and potomac, honor and glory and cherry and blossoms. >> i like freedom and liberty. i like cherry and blossoms.. > that sounds strict stripers.t >> i didn't think of it likeik > that's not where my head was going. just saying. freedom and liberty i like. > we'll go with that, then. coming up tonight at 11, why new research recommends a three-day workweek. >> but only for some people. plus a small change with a big impact. why d.c. leaders want to adjust one word to city license plates. and we are going back too tonight's top story, a young
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their own home. the fox5 exclusive is coming up in about 18 minutes. .
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z1yorz naives houston is bracing foron another i round of flash floodig after severe storms that leftat seven people dead. desperate scenes like this one are happening all over the region why rescue operations are underway for a second day. some areas saw nearly 18 inchesi of rainfall in 24 and there's no relief yet property stubborn weather systee that has submerged everythingryh from cars to maker highways and entire neighborhoods. n i thought maybe i could get it out and i opened the front door and it started gushing in more an
10:46 pm
out of here. moved up to the second floor once the water started coming back up. and been up on the second floorr since about probably 2:00 a.m. the houston area could see evenl more rain. they remain under a flash flood watch through tomorrow morning.o the end of the school year has been pushed back for one day foo members of of the montgomerymery county. from june 17 to monday the 20th the can blame the business legs hard of 2016. they asked for permission to p waive two of the school daysys missed due to snow. the state only missed one of the days. the request was denied becauseae montgomery didn't show any did effort to make up the snow days on a previously planned holiday or vacation day. there is a problem with that. so friday the 17th, those kidsos have to come back to school on monday and i will tell you that most camps on montgomery county starts on the 20th
10:47 pm
i pay for camp so my kid is going to camp. here's the other thing about that. i understand why they're doing it, but when you go back to school on a monday to finish. >> the school > nothing is going to happen. >> exactly. i get why they're doing it. i just don't think it's going to work. i just don't see it. > you will get one-third of the schools. >> i'm letting you know now jack won't be there. > you know it is still jaw dropping to see the snow we pushed around in january and and then turn we turnaround in april and have an 84 day. >> i love all our seasons. it's just so fun to do the weather here in this town because every day is an adventure. today was a good one. this is your kind of weather because its wasn't humid.mid. a very good hair day.. we're going to talk about howb dry it i
10:48 pm
i was surprised at how cool it has gotten.n. i couldn't ditch my fox jacket.t my photographer is come on, take the jacket off. i aid i'm cold. it feels a lot different noww because a frontal boundary hasoa gone through and it's going to drop temperatures so tomorrow morning might feel a little cooi to you. i'd say i would keep a jacketket handy just for the morning hours. it will be probably about 14 to 15-degrees cooler tomorrow thano it was today. i love this picture.ure. since we had sort of an early summer preview yesterday andster today i thought i would share this gorgeous photo i got on facebook from mere maunded elridge. i know this is the potomac. maybe if you're watching you'lll tell me where this is. >> i believe it is down on the potomac. that is absolutely sensational. if you get a good photo like that, send it to me. well above average here, butt we'll be seeing cooler temperatures
10:49 pm
and another beautiful spring day tomorrow, but not feeling likee summer tomorrow.row. we do need some rain showers arn returning to the forecast on friday. maybe we see something late on thursday. but it's not a super soaker. we could just a little bit more rain than we actually get. most of the rest of this week we're dropping out of the 80s and seeing temperatures mainlysa staying in the 70s which is closer to average. average is 68-degrees. so we were way above it yesterday and today. tomorrow only 70-degrees, butder still that's lovely for thisvely time of year. in my book we don't get enough days like we're going to get tomorrow. we were a little warmer and we spike up 2077 before another front comes through and drops us back down to 70 on that's looking like a great week. another high number is tree pollen. the pollen count very highco you're he getting the yellowish film, that is oak pollen, really coming on strong.
10:50 pm
cooler temperatures definitelyru on the way. we can see that up to our north as pittsburgh is up to 58, binghamton the north direction bringing in the north breezes.eeze so eventually we'll head for the whose. we just talked about the disastrous situation in houston with almost 18 inches of rain. there is still some rain in that area, waters continue to rise, but the heaviest of the rain looks like it's over for them but they're not off the hook because blood waters take a long time to recede. today we had a few cloudsw around. thats was some cloud cover fromm our front passing us by and skies are generally going to clear out. we have not had a lot of rain since march 1. be aware that the brush fire danger will remain that's why we had a red flag warning earlier today. tonight we cool off. gaithersburg about 42, d.c.c.
10:51 pm
was breezy through the evening, but skies have cleared out and the winds have gotten a light lighter. tomorrow getting up to about 70-degrees. we wrap it up with your sevenr day forecast. while i don't have a lot of rain on it, i do have it on fridayday which is not what we would other for our fox5 rock concert series. saturday and sunday looking fantastic. another phenomenal weekend, itt looks like it's going to be heading in our direction. monday 74-degrees and maybe a chance of showers on tuesday, but these are small chances. not huge chances. maybe the thunderstorm on friday rain will come at 11. > a lot of times it does that.h > we'll see. thank you, sue. > hello jim, hello tony, helloo shawn, hello sue.. >> i have to greet everybody when i come onto the set. we had a couple great nightseat sports wise.spor the nats are looking good. the capi
10:52 pm
people are fired up about. got to find something red tomorrow. tomorrow is going to be a good day to rock the red. the have off before they could clench a first round victory. the caps will do it after the nats or bits. this was not the nhl handing down a quick and defensive punishment to flyers forward bellmawr for his brutal hits on demight try or love. pub drops tomorrow at 7 inç philly. by the way, there's a free viewing party over the atrty verizon center. once upon a time curt shelling was one of the most dominated pitchers. he joined social media that has
10:53 pm
gotten him suspended before. tonight this is raising eyebrows. shelling weighs in on transgender laws. he took this post down, but we concealed part of the postst itself. but there are new calls for espn to address the issue. he did pull this down off off facebook, but he said that he is certainly free to express his own opinions, which i postedte this on facebook, his political views are very clear. he certainly does have a right to express em this, but here's a lot of problem, a lot of gulf for suspending him before.fore we're representing fox. we're repping our company. sometimes the company may believe that that's not the right direction.ri you you shouldn't be saying thag because you're representing us. i think that's where a lot of the problems have come. it's he a debate ranging on across the country. he makes himself a lightning rod.rod. he's very
10:54 pm
that's his goal. > still ahead, what some elementary school students have observed about the front runnert for the white house.use. the fox5 rock concert serieses continues this friday withen awesome band called society. secret society in 2008 to bringg the life bands down to today's heavily computerized. if only you could see jim lokayy grooving right now.w. >> go, jim. in 2015 the group was nominated for a whammy by the washington area music awards for the best urban contemporarily group.up. you can hear secret society perform some original music along with some cold classics this friday at farragut park. allison seymour and wisdom martin will host the free show and it will be broadcast life on good morning d.c.c. we need the long version of the song if we're going
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this. we'll be back.
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z1yotz welcome back. earlier today some young students in buffalo new york were pretty excited about today's big primary. they may be too young to vote, but they still have plenty to say about the raise for the white house. who would you want to within for the raise for the white house. >> mostly hillary because she bc wants to
10:59 pm
do you know about hit. >> she told everybody and she'sh trying to safe the world from donald trump. > what do you know about donald trump? >> donald trump is a bully. he does bad stuff to the world. some people like that, but i don't really like that. th > when i'm a president i'm going to be nice. > when she's president. i'm going to vote for you, sweetheart. in tonight's new york primary 95 republican delegates are up for grabs, 247 are at stake for the democrats. i always like to hear what say. even though most of it comes straight from their parents. > they're repeating what they hear at home. >> that was very cute. stick around, fox5 local news at # 1 begins right now. >> this is fox5 local news
11:00 pm
11. right now at # 1 a young childhl and a toddler beaten inside their ownç home. the disturbing he exclusive new details. plus why a power company is com pushing to raise your monthly bill. the one word that a d.c. leader wants to add to the city's license plates.e p fox5 news at 11 starts right now we begin tonight with disturbing details in a fox5 exclusive. two young children were attackea including a toddler and an 11 1 # year old. they were attacked t if their own home. thanks for joining us, i'm shawn yancy and i'm tony perkins. investigators say this may have been retaliation linked to the shooting of a seven year old yea girl earlier this month. marina maracco is working this h one tonight. to >> residents here of ward 8 sayr that in recent days the da situation here in this section


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